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COMMENT: Christ goes to the human spirit and when during the fall Christ became the human spirit right? And what relationship then is the Lord Jesus Christ to the mind of Christ, or to Christ, it's very hard for me to say it, Jesus who died on the cross and the Lord Jesus Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay we'll go over that. Okay God made a creation, he called it Adam. Adam was soul, and in that soul, anything that's soul has a mind within it. Soul can have one of two minds, what are the two minds that soul can have. Okay carnal mind or death, mind that brings death, or it can bring the mind which is called carnal, or a mind that brings life which is called Christ. So God formed the man which was soul, and he put a mind in it, God put which mind in the man? He put the mind of Christ in the man, and the Scripture that describes is the Scripture that says, And God took the man and he set him upright in the garden. Because if your mind is death what position are you in? You're lying down, amen.


Okay, so God took this man which was soul, and he gave him a mind which was called Christ, and the fact that this man, which was soul had the mind of Christ in him, made him righteous. And when the man is righteous he goes, man goes by the name of the mind that is within him. So when man is righteous the mind in him is Christ, and his name is Christ. At the beginning of time the name of the creation was Christ, he was Christ in an immature stage, so we are calling him the imputed Christ or the immature Christ. The creation at the beginning was righteous, so it was called Christ but he was immature, okay.


Because the creation was righteous, but immature, what happened to him, he refused to distinguish between, he couldn't tell the difference between good and evil. So when evil approached him, he did not have the wisdom to say no thank you. He didn't know that there was a difference between good and evil. So the creation, what happened to the creation? He fell, and the name changed, and the name of the creation which is the man which is called Adam changed from Christ to death or the carnal mind. Okay it is a scriptural principle that when a person's nature changes, his name changes. We have a man, his name is Adam when his righteous, his name is Christ out of the Christ, when he fell, when he's unrighteous, his name Adam the carnally minded one, or Adam the dead one, or fallen Adam. In the same way when this mind which is called Christ which was in the man died, that mind did not completely leave the man, it shrunk, it became unusable, it's like an organ, we're told that man at the beginning of time, or man back a couple of thousands of years ago had organs in their body that today we don't use for example the appendix. The doctors say there's no use for the appendix, it's an internal organ it's in there, it must have served a function at some time in the past, maybe when man had a different diet or something like that. So what happened is the mind of Christ did not disappear but it shrunk and it turned in to a form whereby it was not being used by the man named Adam. And the name of the mind of Christ, when Christ died his name changed to the human spirit.


So in human beings that do not have an active relationship, an active union with the Lord Jesus Christ, they have a human spirit, well every man alive has a human spirit, in some people those who have an active relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that human spirit is being stimulated, it's being reactivated and when that human spirit is reactivated, another way of saying reactivated is that it's being raised from the dead, and when it's raised up again from the dead, it gets the same name that it had before it died, which is what? It becomes Christ again. This is happened in only man to date, his name was Jesus of Nazareth, he was man just like you are a man, just like we are a man, and he was born with two minds, let me take that from the beginning.


So let me put it to you this way, when the man Adam failed to tell the difference between good and evil, his righteous mind died, and he became a fallen creation which is what we are today, every man on the face of the earth is fallen. The Bible says, in Adam all died. When our ancestor died, we all died, but this is a great mystery, because we're all walking around, we're playing instruments, we're preaching, we're having babies, we're getting married, but the Scriptural definition of death is separation from God. So what we're saying is when the righteous mind of Christ which was in the man Adam died, the creation separated from God, and where did they separate from God. Did they physically separate from God, where did they separate from God? In their mind, they separated from God in their mind, they got a new mind. The righteous mind died, and the fallen mind called death took its place.


Well the Lord purposed to raise this creation from the dead. Why would God want to raise this whole creation from the dead? Does anybody know? Why are we important? You know that these bodies are just made out of dust, the Scripture says we're made out of the dust of the earth, we're clay, we're worms, we're worthless, why are we so important to God? Because his spirit is in us. He took this lump of clay, we're spiritual garbage, our bodies are made out of spiritual garbage, but he put his spirit in us, and because he put his spirit in us, we are very valuable. Every human being on the face of the earth is very valuable whether you know it or not because God's son is in you. Whether he's manifesting through you whether he's being revealed through whether you believe it or not, you would not have any life at all if his son was not in you.


Because the only place where life is found is in the son of God. There is no life outside of him, and there's different degrees of life, there's different stages of life. Now you may be walking around in a condition which isn't very lively, but you wouldn't be walking around at all if he life wasn't in you. Okay so the Lord, the father who made the creation, said my creation died, the man whose name is Adam, he died, and I'm going to raise him from the dead because my son's life is in him, and the plan of the father to raise the creation from the dead was to bring forth in the midst of all of these human beings one man in whom the righteous mind of Christ would appear, because the resurrection of dead is in a change of mind.


We died when our mind changed from righteous Christ to fallen Adam, and we shall be raised from the mind is changed from death or carnal back unto righteous Christ. So in the fullness of time the father brought forth a human being just like you and me. The Scripture said he's made after the seed of David, a flesh man just we are, only he had one thing that all the other men on the face of the earth didn't have, he had the mind of Christ, he was born with two minds. He was born with that fallen mind called death or carnal, which he inherited from his mother who was a fallen woman, but because the Holy Ghost hovered over Mary before she conceived, he was also born with the righteous mind of Christ, and those two minds waged war against one another for a season, in the man Jesus when he was a boy.


By the time he reached thirty years old, that righteous mind of his father totally overpowered the mind of death that he inherited from his mother, and that experience is called the resurrection of Christ from the dead, the Bible speaks about the dead ones, speaks about death, that which died brethren, is the mind of Christ, the righteous mind that was in Adam died at the beginning of time, that is what is being raised from the dead. This flesh that we live in is either dead or alive depending on the mind that's inside of it. The flesh has no life in itself, it's changeable. It's either in a condition of death and when it's in a condition of death it gets sick and it rots, and it gets to the point where the body completely ceases to be. When it has the righteous mind of Christ in it, this body is, does anybody know the word, what happens to the body when your mind is Christ? Well no it's corruptible, to be incorruptible means it's incapable of dying, but when it's still capable of dying what is it? It's preserved, it's preserved.


Jesus said no man taketh my life but I could lay it down if I want to. Okay the body, his body was capable of being killed, but not without his permission, his body was incapable of being sick, it was incapable of being damaged by disease, by viruses, by bacteria, by snake bites, by lightning bolts, nothing that can damage the human bodies of men could have destroyed the human body of the man Jesus. Why? Because he had a mind that was righteous, which means what? It was without sin. So our body gets sick, and our body corrupts and our body dies, and we have all kinds of torment from something as stupid as a bee bite to allergies to serious diseases that torment us in our flesh and in our mind.


The only reason this can happen to us is because our mind died to the righteousness of the father and became death. If our mind is death this body can die, if our mind is life there's nothing you could do that could kill this body and I want to declare to you this story is better than any science fiction movie you could watch, you cut this arm off, another one will grow back, you shoot me I'll stand up and walk away when my mind is Christ, it's not Christ yet, I'm waiting for my change. Job says, I'm waiting for my change to come, a change of what?


A change of mind because when your mind becomes the righteousness of God, this body which is just clay, will no longer be a vehicle for torment. I spent years being sick, I want to tell you this body is a vehicle of torment, it's an agent for Satan to torment you, only because he has legal ground to do it, couldn't do it to Jesus of Nazareth, couldn't torture his body, couldn't kill him. So as our mind is so are we, and the world knows that. A famous unsaved philosopher said that, as I think so I am, but it's not an intellectual exercise that could wake up in the morning and say, well I'm going believe that I am alive and therefore I'm alive, it doesn't work like that, it has to be the reality of the mind of Christ in you. And how do you get this? How does it happen? Well it only happens when it's given to you, if you have to work with the father it has to be given to you, there is nothing that we can do to change our mind to a righteous condition okay.


Now this is a great mystery, when the creation was righteous, the man had the power to change his mind to unrighteousness, he chose to do evil, ignorant although he may have been, he disobeyed God, he chose the evil over the good and his mind changed from righteous to death or to carnal there are several ways we could say it, and the result of it was that the bodies of men have been dying ever since, but only, we have no power to get back up there, only the Lord Jesus Christ, only the Lord himself can restore our righteous mind which will restore our bodies, and I remind you that the Scripture says when God made the man he said, you have dominion over this whole earth, you have dominion over the waters and the fishes and the trees, and the plants, you have dominion over everything. Well I want to ask you a question, how come a bee bites us, and we can get an allergic reaction that we die from?


The Bible is not coming to pass in our day and age, why? Because the creation died. So therefore there must be a resurrection from the dead, and that which is being raised from the dead is the mind that was in the man, the man is not being raised from the dead, the righteous mind that gave life to the man is being raised from the dead, can you understand that? Okay. And the name of the righteous mind is Christ. Christ died at the fall and Christ is being raised from the dead, and he's being raised from the dead a man at a time, and the first man that it happened to was called Jesus of Nazareth, he was a man just like you and me, and now that the Holy Spirit is available to us in this hour, he has nothing more than what we have except that he was born with it, we get it at a later date, we can receive the Holy Spirit who will raise Christ from the dead in us. How could that be? Because every human being alive has a human spirit, which is the remains of the righteous mind of Christ that died, when he died, his name changed to the human spirit. He's dead like our appendix, just hanging there not doing anything for us. But a spark of life comes and can stimulate him and be raised from the dead.


So the first man that this happened to was Jesus of Nazareth, and because Christ in him was raised from the dead his name changed, and they no longer called him Jesus of Nazareth, they called him Jesus the Christ.


Jesus of Nazareth was a natural man whose mind was carnal or dead or death, but he had another mind that overpowered his carnal mind and therefore his name changed, he became Jesus the enchristed one, Jesus the Christ, a human being just like you and me, who had a righteous mind which gave life to his soul and preserved his body, and not only did it give life to his soul and prevent his body from getting sick, but that mind that righteous mind was so strong that it vibrated out from his own mind and could touch other people's bodies that were dying because their mind was death, he just spoke and their bodies were healed.


There is authority in righteousness, there is life in righteousness, not only for yourself but when your mind is righteous Christ, the energy of it overflows to such a degree that it can bring healing and life to other people, but it's not just a healing from the outside, it's not just a touch to your sick body, the righteous mind of Christ has the authority to penetrate into your heart and touch your dead human spirit and raise that from the dead, so that you're healed both from the outside, and then you're healed from the inside, you're raised from the dead on the inside. So we have here at the beginning an imputed Christ or let me say immature Christ, there was an immature Christ at the beginning of time, who was capable of being deceived by evil, he couldn't recognize it when he saw it, he said how are you doing fellows and he died.


It's like someone walked up to someone on a street that had never heard of drugs and said, here I've got something for you, roll up your sleeve and give me your arm, and stuck a hypo in there arm, and overdosed them on heroin. That's what happened to Christ at the beginning of time. He died, he became the human spirit, the inactive human spirit in dead men. I guess that's another way to say it, Christ in dead men is the human spirit, okay. Then Christ was raised from the dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and he was raised from the dead in a new way, he was raised from the dead as a mature Christ. The father said, I'm not going to have the same thing happen my Christ that happened at the beginning of time, I'm going to give him experiences, and I'm going to teach him so that the next time evil comes to him, he will be able to say, I recognize that you are not good and I will not agree with you, and I will not die again. And the way the father matured his Christ was to grow him up from seed, he started him out as a young child who was a natural Jew who was trained up in the Scriptures, and the word of God, the truth of God, he was under the anointing of God since he was born, when he was an infant he was dedicated to the father in the temple, and he complied with all, with the entire old covenant, who started to be trained in the spiritual truth in the doctrines of God from the time that he was three years old.


He had a mother and a father that taught him the difference between good and evil, in accordance with God's law, not accordance with some fantasy that somebody out there made, he had a mother and father that instructed him in righteousness. So he learned from a small child to know would kill him and what would benefit him. He learned to all of the instructions of the Scripture, he learned from instruction but he also learned from experiences, as we all learn in this life time, he learned from experiences and what that did to him, what all of this instruction and experiences from a young baby, from a newborn baby, to a man thirty years old, what that did to him, we're told in the Scripture, was that it caused this mind of Christ in him to be woven together with the mind of death, that he inherited from his mother, and the two were woven together so completely, that for all intents and purposes the mind of death or the carnal mind was not functioning, and that point he became Jesus the Christ, or the first man to be a mature manifestation of the mind of Christ, okay.


COMMENT: Is there a point that we became?


PASTOR VITALE: At the baptism of Jordan, we have two tapes on it, if God lets me I'll preach the last one, I don't even know if I'm going to preach it at this point. The man Jesus of Nazareth was a person just like us. He had lived his whole life up to thirty years serving God under the old covenant, but God had spoken to him and he knew this doctrine, what I just told you, he heard in his heart from the father, and when he went to be baptized by John in the Jordan, we found out when we looked up all the words in the Greek, in the Scripture that he was praying to the father for permission for Christ in him or for his human spirit to be raised from the dead. And the Scripture says when he came up out of the water, he was not only water baptized, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and his human spirit was raised from the dead, that is the point through which the man Jesus of Nazareth became Jesus the Christ.


COMMENT: He wasn't the human spirit anymore, his name changed from the human spirit to Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: His name changed, when he was raised from the dead, see the name is human spirit when it's dead, when the mind is alive the name is Christ, okay. You can only have one mind at a time, although for a season those of us that have two minds, you might say to me, Sheila, well we have two minds, we have the mind of Christ and we have the carnal mind, but only one mind can be thinking, at any one given moment, if it's a second, either it's your carnal mind thinking or it's the mind of Christ thinking, only one can be on top at a time, they can flip back and forth frequently, but only can be thinking at a time, but we're unstable. James said a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.


That means one minute we're thinking with the mind of Christ and the next minute we're thinking with the carnal mind, but the man Jesus, he wove the two of them together and made the carnal mind which brings death totally inoperable. And at the point he became Jesus the mature Christ. Jesus the man, the human being whose mind was not carnal or death, but Christ, okay. Then three and a half years later, this man Jesus the Christ was nailed to a cross and his physical body was crucified, we're told, by wicked men. That physical body was raised from the dead by the father, who knows why? If I die, I don't really expect to be raised from the dead, okay, his mind was righteous, the mind in that man was righteous, which means what? It was without sin, and because the mind that was dwelling in that physical body was righteous, who was beyond the mind of the man, okay, raised the whole man from the dead.


Let me just clarify that, Christ is the righteous mind of the father in a man. The spirit of God is beyond man's mind, so when the physical man died, because the mind in that man was the righteousness of God, the father who is beyond mankind raised the whole man from the dead. In the mind of Christ, if Christ had not been raised from the dead in the man before his physical body was killed, the father would not have raised him from the dead. So we see man capable of killing your body, disease is capable of killing your body, Jesus clearly stated, don't fear the ones who have the power to kill your body, but fear the one who has the power to do what he will with your soul, why? Because that one that can do what he will with your soul, can let you stay dead or can raise you from the dead, can heal your body or could let you rot.


Now don't tell me I'm being hard, people rot, what do you think leprosy is, some people rot, but there is a God in heaven who has the authority to intervene in our condition, and what condition is that? The whole world fell down to hell because the mind of Christ in the creation died to righteousness and became death, and the whole creation fell down to hell, that's where we are now. People can't see the forest for the trees, this is where we are, and there are different degrees of hell, some people would say that this country is not hell, because almost everybody eats and has houses, even the poor people are on welfare, although we do have some people on the streets, but I want to tell you something, there are people right in this country, that are in deeper depths of hell, then people that are living on the streets in South America, because hell is in your mind. You can have a roof over your head, you can have food in your stomach, you could be tormented day and night in your mind.


Hell is in the mind and it is outside, it's this world that we live in and it's the condition of our mind. Okay, so when that man Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead, the father didn't raise him up in the same condition that he was before his body was crucified. The father raised him up in a higher condition, he took that body that was crucified, he took that carnal mind that was inoperable, and he joined it so completely with that righteous mind of Christ that there were no longer three separate parts, they became completely combined as if one if you combined salt and water and now you have salt water, you can't separate it again, and at that point, his name changed, he was no longer Jesus the Christ, he was the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the glorification, this is the resurrection of Christ, this is the glorification or the resurrection of the man.


So we see two resurrections, a resurrection of the mind in the man Jesus, and then the resurrection of the whole man Jesus, did I answer your question?


COMMENT: You said the resurrection of the Christ, his name was changed to the Lord Jesus Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, when Christ was resurrected, the man's name was changed from Jesus of Nazareth, the human being, to Jesus the Christ, or Jesus the Enchristed One, that was the resurrection of Christ, when Jesus the Christ was raised from the dead, it was the resurrection of the man Jesus the Christ or the man Jesus who was Enchristed, or who was the Enchristed One, and his name changed to the Lord Jesus Christ.


COMMENT: I don't' understand, what was the, you said the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what is the components of resurrection, when the resurrection take place, he had Christ already in his mind right, what did he resurrect, what would be resurrected, if Christ was his mind? But didn't you say that he had the mind of Christ, and the mind of his mother?


PASTOR VITALE: He was born with the beginnings of the mind of Christ, but grew with him, you remember this is the mature Christ that grew up from a young age, and he was born with what he needed for the mind of Christ to develop in him, it was just a seed.


COMMENT: So then how did the resurrection come about?


PASTOR VITALE: The seed, he had the seed for the mind of Christ, Jesus calls it mustard seed. For us to get that mustard seed in this hour usually we have to come among other Christians that have that, and we get prayed for, or whatever and that mustard seed can be planted in our heart, he was born with it, it was the seed of the mind of Christ, and as he was trained in the things of God, as it was presented under the old covenant, as his parents trained him, as the Rabbis trained him, that seed grew, and the Scripture says and the child grew in grace and waxed strong, I think that's what the Scripture says, he grew, Christ in him grew, and by the time he was thirty years old, apparently Christ in him was strong enough to overpower the carnal mind, and that was what happened at the baptism in Jordan. The mind of Christ overpowered the carnal mind and crushed it underneath.


COMMENT: Is that the resurrection?


PASTOR VITALE: That's the resurrection of Christ, maybe what's confusing you is that there are two resurrections, there are two resurrections, the resurrection of the mind of Christ, and the resurrection of the man, Jesus, okay. Okay you alright?


Okay and there were two crucifixions, there was a crucifixion of the body of the man Jesus, the physical body, and there was also a crucifixion of the carnal mind that Jesus inherited from his mother, the two elements of death, his physical body and his carnal mind that he inherited from his dead mother were crucified, his body was crucified by wicked men, and his carnal mind was crucified by the mind of Christ. His physical body died, and the carnal mind died, all three elements became one and they were raised from the dead as one new man, the Scripture says as one new man, the creation of God.


COMMENT: Okay, then what relationship now in that position, what relationship to us does that have? When the whole man was raised from the dead, now that relationship that he has with us, then what?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay when the man Jesus was raised from the dead we're told the Scripture tells us that he ascended unto his father, which means he became pure spirit, he left a flesh existence, and he ascended into the realm of the spirit and became one with his father, and in this hour, what's he doing in this hour anybody know? What's he doing after he ascended do you remember? He's pouring out of his spirit upon this whole creation, the Scripture says he's sprinkling on us and is likened unto a spiritual sowing of seed, and if he sprinkles on you, and one of his seeds which is he's been broken up that glorified man, the Lord Jesus Christ has been broken up into millions of pieces, he gave up that existence so that he could be sprinkling over all humanity, he's literally been chopped into billions of seeds and if one of those seeds gets on you and gets into your heart, then you've got the mustard seed, that the baby Jesus had when he was born, and you have the potential for that mind of Christ to begin to grow in you and to rise up and overpower your carnal mind, and you have the potential for Christ in you to be raised from the dead, and if at such time Christ in you is raised from the dead, he will give life to your body, any disease that you have will be healed, and he will life to your soul, and he will preserve your body, it's a healing from the inside out.


We have doctors in this society, sometimes they're successful and sometimes they're not. I've been around a lot of doctors, and they treat your body, I got sick when I was eleven years old, twelve years old, I've been to a lot of doctors, and they treat your body, and they give you all kinds of pills, sometimes they cut your arms and your legs off, sometimes they cut your organs out, sometimes they help you and sometimes they don't, but when you get healed from the inside out, you're healed every time. Why? Because the reason that your body is sick and dying in the first place, is that you have a mind inside of you that is death, and how did you get that? You inherited it from your ancestor Adam. So God has had mercy on us, we have had doctors, I'm not against doctors, I just had an operation myself a couple of years ago, I'm not against doctors, but they're limited as to what they can do for you. And I want to tell you if the Lord hasn't determined to save your life there's nothing they can do for you, if the Lord has decided you're going to live, then the doctors, whatever they do to you, you'll live, but they can, I have seen and heard of people dying from the simplest procedures, they go into the hospitals one day, and they never come out, the doctors are under the complete control of the Lord Jesus Christ. But when you get healed from the inside out, by the spiritual healing which is the resurrection of the Christ in you, there is no failure, and not only will your body be healed, but you'll never die, and that's the promise of the Scripture. We have all kinds of people out there, they have all kinds of ideas of what the promise of the Scripture is, nobody knows what they're talking about.


The promise of the Scripture is the resurrection of the dead righteous mind of Christ in you which will give life to your soul and preserve your body, and give you dominion over this whole world which is what was promised to Adam in Genesis 1, "You shall have dominion". And a bug bites me and I have Lyme Disease, what kind of dominion is this? It's wrong, either the Bible is a lie and a joke, or something happened to us that's pretty serious, and if something happened to us that's pretty serious, it's very exciting to know that there is an antidote for the poison that was injected into this creation, and that antidote came into the world 2,000 years ago in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ and right now he's in pure spirit form, sprinkling upon all mankind, he's given up that glorified life, he gave up Holy Spirit life as the man Jesus who was the Christ, he could have lived for ever, he could have lived forever in that condition in his flesh, as the man Jesus, because his righteous mind was preserving his body, he could have also lived forever as the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, who appeared on the earth after the resurrection, he appeared to more than 500 in human form, he could have lived forever, but he gave up that life too. He was broken into billions of pieces, he's been made seed out of, so that he can raise all of humanity from the dead, and that is the message, that is the Gospel, that's the true Gospel. So did I answer all your questions?


COMMENT: Is the soul the mind?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the mind is in the soul, it's like saying, just for example now this isn't true, that your physical body is the mind and your dress or your shirt is the soul, that shirt that you wear it has the form of your body. If you were to take it off and lay it on the floor, it would be just a pile of cloth okay, that's what the soul is, it's just a pile of cloth, it takes the form of that which is underneath. The soul takes the form of the mind that is in it. The body is also in the image of the mind. Now the man Jesus the Christ had a human body which was in the image of Satan but his mind was in the image of the father, but I declare to you that the human condition of the man the Lord Jesus Christ was just a temporary passing stage in the book of Hebrews we're told, it is described by the phrase the days of his flesh. The permanent form of Jesus Christ is the form that he is in today, and that is pure spirit, a glorified man who is in the form of pure spirit, okay anybody else? Okay. 


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