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I am the enemies' carnal mind, wherever they are appearing. I am the enemy of error and I am a voice in the earth for the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. I respond to Doctrine, with what I perceive to be the truth. I am against doctrine, I am against spiritual wickedness in high places. I am not against any man that is preaching the opposite of what I preach.


I have given you another thought that you might consider as an intelligent human being. I'm giving you another thought that you might take before the Lord and say, "Lord, which is true." You see the Scripture says, "No man need teach you." This does not mean that you do not need a teacher. What this means is, that the fallen man, Adam, need not teach you. That truth is in Christ. But God does have a Ministry and He does have teachers. And He is not giving revelation of His deep spiritual truth on an individual level in this hour. So the Scripture which says "No man need teach you," that does not mean that you hibernate by yourself in a corner, waiting for revelation. What it means is, you listen with your intelligence with much prayer. You listen to whoever you believe might have the truth. And then you go before the Lord and you say, "Lord, which is it." You receive your ideas from teachers and the Spirit of Truth in you witnesses to which Doctrine is the Spirit of Truth. So I am responding to a document, called - The Gospel According To Thomas, which I personally believe is not written by the Spirit of God.


I believe it's written by the spirit of the god of this world. I believe it is a document which can be identified as a gnostic document, which in fact, the author of the introduction, declares it to be. I believe Gnosticism is a doctrine of spiritual principles, which has arisen out of the mind of fallen man. I believe Gnosticism has enough truth in it to deceive some very fine believers. And it is a gift from God to be able to analyze a written work so critically that you can perceive the subtle error behind the word. Gnosticism, I believe entails a subtle error. It is not obvious. The major technique is to give glory which is given unto God in the true Scripture, to either natural fallen man or to Satan. Now they don't tell you they are giving the glory to Satan. The writer does not tell you he is giving glory to Satan. You must know the code names of Satan. Satan knows that most people will not worship him willingly, so he hides behind aliases. Satan has many aliases. Satan, as we mentioned yesterday, he is known as the lion. So if you read about a lion, be careful not to assume the Scripture is speaking about the Lion of Judah. It may be speaking about that roaring lion, who is seeking to devour you. So, we shall continue, I'll give you more specific examples so that you can have a better idea of what I am saying, and hopefully, ideally, if it's possible, I would like to stimulate in you, the beginning of an ability to do this work for yourself. I believe Christ wants you to have it. If you don't have it, that's fine too. But if the potential or the seed for this gift is in you, by all means, develop it.


We will start with an area, that I did touch on last night, but apparently I had my Scriptures a little confused, so I would like to go over it. And that was the issue with regard to being known of Christ or being known of the Father. And for those of you who have this Gospel of Thomas, we are dealing with Chapter 80, Verse 26. The Gospel of Thomas says, "But the Kingdom is within you." And we spent some time on this last night. The word, Kingdom is not modified. We do not know which Kingdom this Scripture is speaking about. The worse thing you could do is draw conclusions or make assumptions, unless they are based on some pretty established fact. I suggest to you the Kingdom mentioned here, is the Kingdom of Darkness. But the Kingdom is within you and the Kingdom is without you. And I base my opinion that this is the Kingdom of darkness, on my believe that the Kingdom of God is not yet manifested physically in this world. But that this world that we live in, is an image which is manifesting the Kingdom of Darkness. Jesus calls it Outer Darkness. This world that we live in does not reveal Christ. The corruption does not reveal Christ, the death does not reveal Christ, the violence does not reveal Christ, the thievery does not reveal Christ, the murder does not reveal Christ, the lies do not reveal Christ. If there is any goodness at all in this world, it's found in the hearts of men. Christ in this hour in the form of the Kingdom of God, is manifesting in the hearts and minds of some men, but it has not taken a physical form. Externally yet, I therefore base my conclusion that this world is the Kingdom of Darkness, on this belief, and we went into detail last night. But the Kingdom is within you and it is without you. If you will know yourselves, then you will be known.


Matthew 12:33 says, "The tree is known by his fruit." Who is the tree, anybody? Well, there's two trees. When we see a spiritual tree, what we are being told is, the spiritual tree, you will know which tree it is, by observing the fruit. And the fruit of the tree, anybody? Is the mind. The fruit that the tree produces is the mind which is in it. If the tree is the Tree of Life, the mind in that tree or in that man is Christ in it. Because men are trees. Jesus said, "I'm a green tree, if this is what they are doing to a green tree, what will they do to a dry one." Jesus called Himself a tree. Amen. So a tree is a symbol for man. So we are told that you will know what kind of a man this is, whether he is a righteous man or whether he is an unrighteous man, by the mind which is being revealed through his thinking, his words and his behavior. So, when we speak about being known, we get a hint in Matthew 12:33, that what we are trying to find out is what kind of a man this is. This concept of being known, is an attempt to find out what kind of a man we are dealing with. John 8:19 - Jesus said to the Pharisees, "Ye neither know me, nor my Father, if you had known me, if you had been intimate with me, you would have known my Father also." So, we see this concept of knowledge once again; I touched on it last night, it's not speaking about an intellectual knowledge. It's speaking about a spiritual intimacy, whereby the lesser is swallowed up into the greater. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. It's speaking about spiritual intimacy which imparts to the weaker vessel, which is fallen man, all of the righteousness and the glory of God. Knowledge not intellectual knowledge, a spiritual form of carnal knowledge. If you can hear what I'm saying.


John 10:14 - Jesus speaking, "I know my sheep and I am known of mine." This does not mean that as wooly, white haired sheep go walking by, Jesus says, "that one is mine." Jesus is saying, "Those who are truly mine, I have intimacy with them, I am inside of them, I know them like a book and not only that, but the intimacy goes both ways, they know me." And He says further on, "And another they will not follow." Brethren, the only time we fall into the error of following a wrong leader or a wrong spirit, is because our union with the Spirit of Christ is not yet intense enough to utterly eliminate any possibility of error. Because any man who intimately knows Christ, I suggest to you will not follow after the spirit of Satan. I suggest to you a man who deliberately, willfully, with a full experience that gives him a full choice of choosing Christ or Satan, no such man would follow Satan. I believe that. We are fallen, we are deceived, our eyes are blinded. The prophet, Isaiah said, "There's darkness, gross darkness within the people in our mind, and there's darkness outside." Paul said, "This whole world is covered with wickedness, it's the Kingdom of Darkness, it's the seat of the Beast, we are deceived. And we have found other Scriptures, where we looked up every word and brought forth an Alternate Translation which clearly states, "That in that hour, when the Sons of God succeed in breaking the chains of darkness off of the minds of the people, they will freely choose to follow Christ. So, we see, with several witnesses that the concept of knowledge of this word, (to be known), in the Scripture, is speaking about a spiritual intimacy which produces life or imparts life and safety to fallen man.


So what does The Gospel of Thomas have to say about this concept. The Gospel of Thomas says, "If you know yourselves, then you will be known and you will know who you are." And I suggest to you that the hidden subtly here is that you are God, without Christ being added to you. Let me review this point for you. Gnosticism and the New Age Movement today and the basic principle underlying these teachings is, that fallen man in and of himself has the potential to evolve into the righteousness of God. I declare unto you and I believe that the Scripture teaches that this is a spirit of error. For man to attain unto Godhood, something must be added to him. We are fallen brethren, we have all of the problems that we have, because we are lacking. And that which we are lacking is righteousness. The Scripture says, "When Jesus, the Christ, our righteousness comes unto us, we are complete in Him. That means, without Him, we are incomplete. We have several Scriptural types of this. In the Old Testament, we see Elisha teaching at the school of the prophets and the young disciple is making a bowl of stew or soup, I'm not sure what it was, and he mistakenly put a poison gourd in the stew. Mankind has been poisoned, brethren. We died, because we drank of the poisonous wine, which is the spirit of Satan.


You see, the Holy Scripture, as we know it, is a parable. You must, as God helps you, find out what these symbols mean. Wine in the Scripture typifies Spirit. There is the Spirit of Life, which is in Christ Jesus and there is that poisonous spirit, which is in the cup of the Harlot, that we read about. Many have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. Amen. Wine typifies Spirit. So, I believe, with all my strength, that man shall never evolve into righteousness or Godhood or any other word, that any other teacher would like to use, without having something added to him. So, we see the disciple, he threw a poison gourd into the pot, he made a mistake. What did Elisha do? Did he throw the pot away? Is God throwing us away, brethren? No, He is not. But Elisha, the prophet added something to the pot and the poison was neutralized. And I declare unto you, that when Christ is added to our pot, the poisonous spirit of the serpent, which is raging freely through us, shall be neutralized. And I further declare to you, that when that spirit which is poisonous, comes in a face to face conflict with that Spirit of Righteousness, that one spirit must bend it's knee. One spirit must swallow up the other spirit. Do we not see God sending Moses to Pharaoh, and did not the serpent that appeared when Moses threw his rod down, swallow up the serpent of the Pharaoh. Although I do not describe our God as a serpent, I do declare to you that Spirit of Christ shall swallow up the spirit of the serpent. Neither is the serpent being destroyed. As I told you last night, this creation has a positive and a negative side. God designed us to live together under the dominion of the righteous, positive aspect of the creation. His name is Christ. He shall swallow up the negative side of this creation. And the negative side of this creation, shall have an existence, radically different than his existence today. Today he exists in power as a wild, raging, destructive beast, unrestrained, un-defeatable and we read about him in Chapter 41 of the Book of Job, in the form of Leviathan. He has no fear of anybody. That's because he doesn't know the truth about Christ.


Christ is the only one who is strong enough to slay the Dragon in the sea. And when Christ slays that Dragon, he will not cease to exist, but he shall die to his existence of dominance. He shall die to his existence of power. He shall die to his existence of leadership and authority. And he will be forced back down into a position of submission to the Christ. He shall be ruled by and dominated by, and completely controlled by the Christ, just as man has taken atomic energy and harnessed it, for positive purposes. We have seen atomic energy used to destroy multitudes of people and that same atomic energy is a power source today. In some countries it provides heat in some areas, it provides water power, electricity in other areas.


Satan, the wild raging beast, shall be harnessed by a power greater than he is and he shall serve man. Brethren, Christ must be added to us. We are complete in Him. Without Him we are incomplete and I boldly say unto you, that if you are being taught that you have the ability to evolve into a God without Him, you have been told a lie, and I strongly encourage you to bring this doctrine before the Lord. However, what we are dealing with today, is no such obvious doctrine. We are dealing with subtleties. And there was a very good question asked last night. If everything that I'm telling you is true, is there any reason why one cannot resist this book, if you want to? And my answer was, and I'd like to repeat it to you, because it's important. The written word is very spiritual. The written word is powerful. There's a spirit behind everything you read. If you read the Gospel, you receive the Spirit of Christ. If you receive a false gospel, you receive a spirit which is a false spirit. You receive within yourself the spirit which is preaching the error. So, you decide, for what possible reason would you want to receive a spirit of error. Unless, of course, the Lord, and you know this for sure, has quicken you to do what I'm doing today, to read something like this with a critical mind, for the purpose of the glorification of Christ. So, you know, you take it before the Lord and you decide. Kindergarten is over, brethren. I'm not here to give you commandments and I'm not here to give you instructions. I'm here to give you information, you get before God and you walk your walk. I'm not a king over you, I'm a teacher.


I would like to take a couple of minutes to go into, what I believe to be the doctrine that this saying, really means. I've been telling you that the spiritual principle that is being brought forth here; this is no game you see, to twist a word or to give glory that is for Christ, to man, this is not a game. The ultimate end of all this, is that worship should be given unto Satan. That is the bottom line. So, for every twisting, there is a doctrine behind it. There is a false doctrine behind it. And I would like to take a few minutes to speak about this false doctrine. Let me just give you the verse again. If you, fallen man, know yourself, if you will be intimate with yourself, then you will be known and you will know that you are, if you will know yourself. What does that mean? We just said that the principle in the Scripture is speaking about spiritual intimacy. If you will be intimate with yourself; let's go back to the time of the fall, brethren. What happened at the time of the fall?


God formed a man. That man was in several parts. I see a form of one person, but you have organs, you have a heart, you have lungs, you have a liver, you look like you are one, but you are thousands, probably billions of cells. You look like you are one, but you are not one. At the beginning of time, the creation did not look like we look today. It was a spiritual creation. It was part spirit, the breath of life that God breathed into the man and it was part clay. It was heaven and it was earth. It was spirit and it was clay. It had at least two parts to it. And the spirit in the creation was the potential within that creation for the mind to be born into the man. You see, we are nothing without our mind. And the Father said to the man, "I've prepared you, I've made you spiritually fertile, I've given you what you need that a mind should be born in you." And when the Spirit of the Father joins with the man, when the Spirit of the Father joins with that part of the man which is like unto Him, which is Spirit, when the Spirit of the Father, joins with the spirit of man, there shall be an offspring. And that offspring shall be called a mind. You could call it the son if you want, the Lord said. I am the Father, pure Spirit, my Son shall be born in the man, my image, my likeness, my nature, my character, my power, my wisdom shall be imparted to the man, which is part clay in the form of a mind. And the mind shall rule the whole man. The Father said to Adam, "There is an existence in your clay side, I call him a pestilence, I call him a moral impurity." Modern psychiatrists call him, the libido, the id, the unconscious wickedness that rages through every man. The whole world knows about it. God said to Adam, "He's in there and he is not in your spirit side, but he is in your earth side. "And this moral corruption is so pervert, that it is not beyond him to rise up and act like me, take on the role of the male and join with another part of himself and bring forth his own mind, in my creation." Can you hear this?


The original incest, the intelligence in the clay side of the creation acted like the Father and Adam failed to guard his garden, his reproductive parts. And on a high spiritual level, that I don't even have the full understanding of, a form of incest took place. And the mind which was suppose to be the glorious Christ in the man, the mind that was born into the man, was the mind of the flesh, the mind of the earth, the mind of the clay. The moral corruption in the flesh brought forth his image and his nature in the man, and man became carnally minded. And Paul tells us to be carnally minded is death, and we died. Can you hear what I'm saying? This gospel is preaching the original incest. Listen, do you not seek spiritual intimacy with Christ? Do not seek spiritual intimacy with the Father? Seek spiritual intimacy with yourselves. No, yourself. Seek the God that is within you. Seek the God that you were born with. And continue your spiritual adultery with him. Reject Christ, reject the Father, reject your deliverance out of hell, stay right where you are, as the subject of Satan. If you will know yourself, if you will experience intimacy with the spirit which is in fallen man, then you will be known, you will be known. I suggest what that means to you, is that you will be known of him. Of who? Satan. He will cast you out. If you seek Satan, he will receive you. He will not tell you, you are doing sin. It's time for the regeneration.


You must reject me and turn to Christ, he will not tell you that. He will say, "Come in, you are welcome." So, he will say to you, "If you know yourselves, then you will be known and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father." Well, I suggest to you; that last phrase is an outright lie. Number 1, Satan cannot conceive sons. Satan only conceives daughters. Jesus is the only begotten Son, He is the only Son that this soul has produced every other mind. Christ, the Son of the Living God, brethren, is a mind. You are not this flesh, you are your mind. Satan cannot produce a male mind. Satan only produces female minds. So, I suggest to you that this is a lie. If you can see through the subtly of the first few phrases, then you know that this cannot be true, Satan cannot produce a son. And you will know that you are the sons of the Living Father. Well, if there is a living Father, there must be a dead father. I don't know what the word said in the original language, but what they do is; the writers of these doctrines, they start out with false premises and then they draw false conclusions. So, if you cannot find the error in the original foundation of the premise, you will receive the conclusion.


But if you do not know yourselves, if you do not commit incest with yourself, then you are in poverty and you are poverty. What does that mean; then you are in poverty? I suggest to you that this is saying, "You are without a mind, you are totally lacking, completely denying the opportunity in this hour to receive Christ as your mind." In other words, Jesus is saying to us in this hour; we are told in the Book of Romans, "Divorce your husband, reject your existing husband, who is the carnal mind, do not obey him, act as if you are already divorced from him." And Christ is standing there ready to be your mind, to help you, to deliver you, to meet your needs. But this doctrine is saying, "If you don't have this knowledge, this unholy knowledge of Satan within yourself, you will be poverty stricken, you will be without a mind."


You see, in the days gone by, God was winking at this form of spiritual incest, because the mind of Christ was not available to us. But in this hour Christ is available to us, and the commandment has gone forth to stop knowing yourselves and stop being known of yourself, but to know God, and to be known of Him, that you might be found amongst the righteous in the hour or His appearance. And the only one who is righteous is Christ. But when His mind is in you, you shall be amongst the righteous, because where He is, you shall be, if you know Him and if you are known of Him. Because he who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. So, He's in heaven, you shall be in heaven in the hour of the completion of your union with Him. But if you are joined to the one who is in Hell in your mind, you shall abide in Hell. Any questions on this particular aspect of this teaching, anybody? Okay, let's see what else we have here. Perhaps I'll make a few more comments on this lying. It didn't go over too well last night. Let me try again, if I feel that it's too difficult; I'll just go on. This is a very deep subtly. Okay, it's Chapter 81, Verse 24 through 28. And Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion which the man eats and the lion will become man. And cursed is the man whom the lion eats and the lion will become man."


This is a parable, brethren. It's a mystery. And I suggest to you, that the hidden mystery is that this Scripture is saying, "Cursed is the man, who becomes one with Christ and blessed is the man who is one with Satan." You see, if you are deceived into repeating a Scripture that is truly exalting Satan, even if you don't know it, you are reaping the recompense within yourself, because Satan rules you. You see, we have a lot of people in the Catholic Church today; they are very nice people; they worship idols, they light candles, they worship other gods, brethren, it's clearly forbidden by the Scripture. But they are in ignorance, so God loves them too, and in due season, He will bring them out of this error. But no good thing can be found in them, because of their error. Let me just give you some pointers on this and I'll see if I can find a way to make it understandable to you.


First of all we said that the lion is a symbol, which symbolizes both Christ and Satan. How could this be? Spiritual is spiritual. You must look for modifying terms or modifying verses in every symbol, which can either be positive or negative. If the word is lion, you must find out whether it is a positive or a negative lion. If the word is kingdom you must find out whether it is the positive kingdom or the negative kingdom. You read the verses before, you read the verses after and you pray and hopefully you will find the answer. So, this is my evaluation of that parable. Fallen man eats Jesus. Jesus said, "We are to eat His flesh and drink His blood," And fallen man, and Christ is conceived. I'm going to go on; for some reason I don't think I have it the way the Lord wants me to give it to you; let me see if it will just come out of my heart. Can't read my notes here. Blessed is the lion that the man eats up. Fallen man is not eating Jesus' Spirit. We are eating His soul life. We are eating His flesh. Okay. Can't do it; I'm going to go on; I don't know why, but I can't do it.


Okay, we will go on to Chapter 82, Verse 14. Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world and see, I guard it until the world is afire. Jesus said, "I have cast fire down upon the world and I guard it." Brethren, Jesus is not guarding this world. Jesus is swallowing up this world. This world is Satan's world and it's guarded by Satan. The fire that's cast upon it, is judgment. We see here, the Scripture indicating that the fire is guarding the world. And we see a false doctrine in the church about fire. Most people would think that fire is found in Hell and that fire is the weapon of Hell to torment. But fire is our God, He is an all consuming fire. Our God is an all consuming fire. He is a sun, He is heat, He is fire, He is brightness, He is light. Hell is as far as away as you can get from the sun. Hell is dark, Hell is cold. The fire in Hell is the judgment of God. Satan does not have fire. Now, we can look at it another way, we can say that spirit changes form. Spirit in it's highest form is likened unto water vapor as it begins to penetrate into this world that we live in. It begins to become more solid, or water vapor as it cools, becomes water. It's still unstable, water is unstable, it's unformed, but at least you can perceive it, you can touch it; you can feel it.


Spirit you cannot touch or feel. Most of the time you cannot even see it.


And when water finally descends to the lowest temperature it becomes ice; it becomes hard; it becomes cold; it becomes formed. Spirit can be likened unto this, any ability to burn which Satan has, can be likened unto dry ice. It's not the fire of God. The fire of God burns you and you are re-habilitated. The fire of Satan burns you and you are destroyed. There is no redeeming grace in Satan's judgment upon you. Satan's judgment can be likened to the judgment which was found in natural Israel. If sin was found in you, they killed you. Many people say, what a harsh rule. How could a loving God kill somebody for one act of adultery. Brethren, God, I told you last night, He's a General. He has one purpose, He has one goal and that goal is to deliver this creation out from Hell, and His purpose is to save humanity. The purpose of raising up Israel and giving her His law, or the ultimate purpose of it was to produce the Savior of mankind. And for Messiah to be born out of Israel, a certain measure of holiness and righteousness had to exist in the nation. If Jehovah did not adhere to this strict law, which said, if adultery is uncovered; it must stop here, if it does not stop here, it will pollute the whole nation, and Messiah will not come forth. That was His judgment. Adultery must stop here; the adulterous woman is dispensable. Messiah is not dispensable. Anything, any person, with the potential to pollute the nation to a degree that Messiah would not come forth, is executed.


In this hour, we have forgiveness of sins, because Christ is now in a form where He can be in your heart and convert your heart and cleanse you and purify you. That's why the adulterous woman was killed, so that Messiah could come forth, so that He could be in a form in this hour that's in your heart, that says, you don't have to be killed. So everyone who died under the law was sacrificed. For this generation we do not have to die because of sin. We are now rehabilitated. It's possible to rehabilitate us because those others were sacrificed for us, if you can hear it. And I'll tell you in this hour there is a similar truth. If whatever God's reason, which is His mind, is so far beyond my mind, if He should come to a decision that a man somewhere, is doing so much damage to His Kingdom, to His people, to His purposes, to His plan, to save all of humanity, if God reaches that judgment, He just might decide to destroy that man. That's how much He loves us. He has one primary goal- to get us out of Hell. If you have a human need along the way and He could help you, He will help you. But if your need conflicts with His ultimate purposes for humanity, He will not answer your prayer. And what's more, if you are called to a high calling in Christ Jesus, and you don't like the price you have to pay to get there, but He has determined that you are going to fill that role in His plan, brother, it's tough on you. And I'll tell you, this issue of marriage is hurting a lot of people. He's a righteous God. If He gives you a wife, praise God, but if He has other plans for you, you can go the easy way, or you can go the hard way, don't push against the pricks, you will just be pierced through, you cannot coerce the living God, you cannot change His mind, you cannot bribe Him, He's going to save this wife of His. And if He's decided to use you, you do best to submit. Any comments on this issue? Okay. Let's see what else we have here. And one more witness to my comments on judgment is that Christ is the Lake of Fire.


Christ is the Lake of Fire, that's one more witness that His fire is not to protect the world, but His fire is purifying the world. And when Christ is in you, the Lake of Fire is within you and it's your carnal mind that's being cast into the fire. And the beast and the false prophet and Satan are all elements of your carnal mind. And how are they being cast into the Lake of Fire? Through the crucifixion of Christ, through the joining of the Christ mind to the carnal mind. And the man, Jesus, who is Christ of the twain, of the two minds, He made one new man, the beginning of the creation of God. In every sin that you reap listed in Revelation Chapter 20, and 21, it is thrown into the Lake of Fire. All of those sins exist in the carnal mind. All of those sins exist on a spiritual level. If you, as I have done in the past, have sat there reading your Bible, saying, "I'm guilty of this sin, but I'm not guilty of that sin, yes; I'm guilty of this sin, but I'm not guilty of that one, let me tell you, every sin listed exists in a spiritual level in your mind. Everyone is guilty of everything. That is why our entire carnal mind is condemned unto the judgment of fire, which shall purify us and bring us into the righteous Kingdom of our Father's dear Son. Amen. Alleluia. Glory to God.


Okay, let's try Verse 16. Okay, this is Chapter 82, Verse 16. And Jesus said, "This heaven shall pass away and the one above it shall pass away also." I know that Paul speaks about the 3rd Heaven, but we looked up every word in the Greek, I don't believe there are 3 Heavens. I believe there is a different translation of that. But for our purposes today, I suggest to you there are 2 Heavens. A Heaven is a spiritual realm. There is a spiritual realm or spiritual place where God dwells and there is a spiritual place where Satan dwells, Satan, the god of this world. So, we can say the Heaven where God dwells or the highest Heaven or the Heaven of the soul realm, where man dwells. This is the spiritual power through which witchcraft is worked. Man has spiritual power. It is illegal to use it. God punishes the use of spiritual power, which is found in fallen man, with what, what is the punishment, anybody? - death, death. All of man is condemned to death, because everybody, at some time or another, has used the spiritual power found in fallen man, to obtain his own goals and to meet his own needs. You don't have to be a severe worker of witchcraft to be guilty of the sin of witchcraft. It's really important that you understand that. I emphasize that a lot. Witchcraft is the exercise of the spiritual power of the fallen man and that power is used to obtain power, to obtain wealth, to obtain love. You don't have to be out casting spells on somebody. If you are forcing your will on somebody, and consistently forcing your will on that person, until you break them down, this is a manifestation of witchcraft. You're not receiving that person by any Godly means, you are forcing them. Your mind is stronger than their mind, so they give in. As far as God is concerned, there is no difference between that kind of behavior and physically twisting somebodies arm. If you threaten somebody and you badger somebody and you harass somebody, and you mentally abuse somebody until they give in, it is the same spirit that is behind the kind of witchcraft that a witch doctor might use. Now Jesus clearly said, "The more serious your sin, the greater amount of stripes you will receive.


So I'm in no way suggesting to you that if in your life time you have harassed and bullied somebody to agree with you, that you are in the same position as a witch doctor who works evil on a daily basis, I'm not suggesting that to you. What I'm suggesting to you is that it is the same spirit and we must know it, that the use of the exercise of this spirit, once Christ is imparted to us, is illegal. The intensity with which you exercise this power will be recompense by a like number of stripes, when the hour of your judgment comes. Is there anybody who does not understand what I just said? Okay.


So, we see the Gospel of Thomas speaking about 2 Heavens. This Heaven shall pass away and the one above it shall pass away. The Heaven where God is shall pass away. No, brethren. The Heaven where God is, endures forever. Let me give a Scripture on that. Luke Chapter 21:33 - Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away. Jesus said in another place, "My words are Spirit and My words are life." And I suggest to you, the words of Jesus are Heaven and that Heaven shall never pass away. So, you see the subtly of this. When you receive a Scripture like this, that says, "Both Heavens shall pass away," well, what remains, when Heaven passes away? What is this all about? What does it mean? It means, a creation that will be completely manifested in the physical. You see, the end of the program of God, is that we shall all be ascended up to where Jesus is. We shall all be absorbed into the light. We shall be pure Spirit. Not pure Spirit, a spiritualized man. We are all Spirits, not an unformed Spirit, as the Father is today, but formed Spirit; I don't even know what it means myself. But there will be nothing corruptible left in us. When I say pure Spirit, I mean, there will be no weakness left in us, no flesh to get sick, no flesh to cause us pain, everything will be translated. Every part of us will be translated to a high spiritual level. But the Gospel of Thomas says, "Oh no, only the earth shall remain and you shall be completely corruptible, and subject to pain and torment forever. Here's your doctrine of eternal torment, brethren. It is not of Christ, it is Satan's doctrine. It's his desire for you, to lock you down here in Hell, in an unending cycle of births and deaths with power over your flesh to torment you continuously. As we did some studies in the Book of Genesis, we found some Scriptures which indicated very clearly, that the earth symbolizes Satan. And as I said earlier, he is the intelligence in the earth. The earth is his domain. Right now he is in the role of spirit, but it's a stolen office. He is not spirit, he is soul, he is earth, he's made himself something that he is not. So whenever you hear the symbol; the earth, you should be thinking, which earth are we talking about. Could this possibly be a symbol speaking about Satan. Now, in the United States, right now, we are having a tremendous influx of pagan religion in our nation. Our Government unfortunately has legalized witchcraft, made it an acceptable religion to be protected under the Constitution of the United States. And things which were outlawed, because at one time we were considered a Christian nation, and our entire Constitution is based upon the laws of God, but because as a nation, we are turning away from that, we see a tremendous outpouring of witchcraft arising and of ancient pagan religion.


They are very bold, they are on the TV, they are in the media and many of our intellectual community, our highly educated people, are so educated that they have become fools. And they think that this is wonderful, that they are so liberal. And I have personally heard prayers, prayed right on the TV screen by liberal people with PHD degrees and our nation idolizes this knowledge, which is in this education of man and I've heard prayers praying, exalting mother earth. And I stand there listening to my TV screen and I know who mother earth is. I don't know whether the person saying the prayer knows it or not, and I know that just about everybody listening to their TV doesn't know who it is, but I know that mother earth is Satan, using an alias. She knows nobody is going to worship her. She stands up and says, "worship Satan." People aren't that corrupt. So she uses aliases - mother earth. Oh, mother earth, bless us. Jesus, help us Lord.


And Jesus says, "This Heaven shall pass away and the one above it shall pass away too." I rebuke you. So, can you see this, the thing that's not there. This is even a wrong word, this is an absent word. If both Heavens pass away, what do you have left? The earth, and the god of the earth. This is wicked. This is wicked. This is spiritual wickedness. And as you receive it into your Spirit, because you think it's the word of God, you are receiving a spirit of error. Now, listen, brethren, fear is not of God. The truth will set you free. God is here, He sent a teacher to you, He sent the truth to you. Do not be afraid that you will not be able to discern the truth from the error. Believe God. He will make it real to you. Fear is never of God. Just don't follow blindly in this hour. You shouldn't follow me blindly, this is not an hour to follow blindly. These are the last days, brethren. Let us all hope and pray that we shall all be found in Him in the hour of His appearing. Amen.


Let me see. Well, I do have another Scripture for you. Well, I wrote it down, so I'll give it to you. Romans 6:9 - Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead, dieth no more; death has no more dominion over him. That Heaven, which is Christ, shall never be brought down again. You see at the beginning of time, when God first breathed the breath of life into the creation, He formed, what I called, for lack of a better word, unless God gives me one; an immature mind of Christ, formed in the creation. You see, everything that God does, grows. He begins with a seed, and he grows it up. At the beginning of time the creation had no experiences, whatsoever. He gave it a mind and God gave the creation a righteous mind, because the creation was good, God made it. But the creation of the man had not yet had an opportunity to exercise this mind to use it, to discern evil and overcome that evil. The creation with the righteous mind of Christ, did not have the opportunities that you are having today. And before he could have these overcoming experiences, which would establish him forever as the righteousness of God, sin arose in him and slew him. So, some might get very upset at this and say, "How could Christ be killed?" Brethren, this Christ mind that was killed, it was the Son, it was the offspring of the Father and the man. It was not Jehovah who was killed. Jehovah was not killed. God cannot be killed. God is reproducing Himself.


And He is reproducing Himself in another form; in the form of a Son; the mind of a man. And until that mind is fully formed and made permanent, it's possible for it to be pulled apart. And that was what happened at the beginning of time. We call that event, The Fall. And Christ Jesus in each of us, which is not yet permanently matured, can have the same experience. The difference between you and me and the Christ mind at the beginning of time, is this; we have a big brother, who has already overcome the world. So, if we mess up, we; the 2nd generation of Christ, the immature Christ, who's still struggling, perceiving sin, and overcoming our own sin; if we mess up, we have an advocate with the Father. I want to tell you; I believe this with all my heart, that the only thing that could make a serious believer fail in this hour, is his own pride. Stay on top of your pride, because it will separate you from God. Pray to the Lord; make a covenant with Him. When there is no trouble in your life; don't wait for the trouble; you are likely to not pray correctly. Unless you are very experienced, you are likely to panic and not pray correctly in the trouble. When everything is calm, make your covenant; Lord, do not let me be deceived by the pride of my own mind, save me from myself. Paul said, "There are those who oppose themselves." We are at enmity with God in our mind. Father, if pride arises in me, save me. If the trial overtakes me, if the flood overtakes me, if I'm blinded, I make a covenant with You, I desire You. There is nothing in this world that would turn me from You, except I'm in my wrong mind, because I've been deceived by my own pride. If that should happen to me, please intervene. Make your covenant, brethren. And nothing will snatch you from His hand. But you can walk away from His hand, if you could hear what I'm saying. Make your covenant in the hour of peace. You won't have time in the day of calamity. Now, let me clarify something. This does not mean, if you make a covenant, as I just suggested to you, this does not mean you will not have trouble. This will not mean you will not slip. You can slip, you could get your toe into the dirty water, you could get your whole foot into it, but He will get you out, before your head goes under, I assure you. If you have made such a covenant with all of your heart. So, if you find yourself in the dirty water one day, don't think that the Lord is failing to keep His covenant with you. He's only promised to not let you be totally overcome. He most likely will let you have your slip and your slide. Why? Because the bottom line of what He is doing in your life right now, is letting you experience sin, just enough for you to really get a vision of how wicked it is, so that you can hate it, with a passionate hate, that will result in an overcoming attitude toward sin in your heart. When you get a revelation of what it can do to you, and how wicked and destructive it is to your life, you will guard against that sin in a way that you would never guard against it, if you are responding merely to an instruction which said, "This is sin, if you do it, you shall surely die." And as you may have heard me say, in my opinion, Adam must have said, when God said that to him, "I wonder what this is." Have you ever been hungry, brethren? If you've been hungry, and God says to you, "If you do such and such, you shall not have food," you are not going to do it, brethren. If you've had enough food to eat from the day you were born, and you've never experienced hunger, you might be very tempted to be disobedient.


You know, one of our infamous characters in history is the Queen of France, who was reigning during the French Revolution or just before the French Revolution, and she was told that her subjects were starving. That they had no bread to eat and her intimate response was, "They have no bread, let them eat cake." And her advisors were telling her, "You foolish queen, when people have no food, sometimes they become homicidal." She could not comprehend being without bread. She could not comprehend the passion and the desperation that arises in a man who has no food. She therefore failed to perceive the danger. She did not respond to the needs of her people and she died. Her people rose up; rebelled against her. The French Revolution, I believe, was the bloodiest revolution, if not one of the bloodiest revolutions in the history of man.


So, we have an opportunity today to experience sin without it destroying us. But the Lord will let it touch you, not every sin, whatever He's doing in your life. My whole point is, if you find yourself in something dirty, don't panic, don't think the Lord has abandoned you, don't think you can't come back to him. That's all a lie. You confess your sin, you repent, you get up off the floor, you brush yourself off, and you go right back towards Christ again, because you have an advocate with the Father. But you see, Christ at the beginning of time; the immature mind of Christ, He was slain by the carnal mind and we died. But Christ raised from the dead, dieth no more. So, when the Lord Jesus Christ raises Christ from the dead in you, you shall never die again. Your Heaven shall never pass away. But the earth, it shall pass away and the pestilence within it shall go down under the feet of Christ and shall never be seen again. Do you see the reversal? It's the reversal; it's Satan using the Scripture, claiming the promises that are for Christ, for herself, but she is not even honest about what she is doing. She is doing it subtly in a hidden way, so that you will receive this word, so that she can put her spirit in you. So that if she can get away with it, she could grow up her tree in you, so she can get you turning towards untrue Scriptures. Now, look brethren, you only have so many hours in the day, if you are reading Thomas or if you are reading John. For every minute that you put into a study, where the spirit is not Christ, Christ in you is deteriorating. Don't let me frighten you, you have got to hear the truth. You have got to hear the truth. Jesus said, "Either you are for me or you are against me." Either you continue on a straight forward line unto perfection, or you are continuing on another line, away from perfection. And the line that goes towards perfection, builds Christ, and kills your carnal mind. And the line that goes away from perfection, builds your carnal mind and kills Christ. Now, if you have a bad day, don't panic, you could lose the battle and win the war; five steps forward three steps backwards. Look at your life over the past six months, over the past year, have you grown? Make an evaluation. Are you backslided. Cry out to Jesus. If you haven't grown, cry out to Jesus. There is no reason to ever panic or be fearful, but brethren lend yourself to prayer, submit yourself to the one who is able to keep you from falling and you shall arrive to the highest point that the Lord permits you to go, if you don't faint.


It's not easy. Anyone who tells you it's easy, is lying to you. And this doctrine is being preached in the church also. Just hang out and wait for it to happen. It's a lie, it's a lie. Any questions or comments on this issue? We are still in Chapter 82, Verse 16.


Well, let me comment on Jesus, the use of the word, Jesus. Jesus was the natural man. The man, Jesus was not always Jesus the Christ. If you go through the Gospels, you will see an evolution of the name, Jesus. We see Jesus used alone, we see the name, Jesus of Nazareth, we see Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ, we see The Christ, we see the word Christ without the article (The), before it, then we see The Lord Jesus Christ, then we see the Holy Child, Jesus. God is not confused, brethren. He is not confused. I would challenge anybody to show me one of these Gnostic writings, which says, Jesus The Christ. If you see it, I would like to see it, I've never seen it. They will not give Him the glory. Show me the Lord Jesus Christ in an gnostic writing. If I am gone from here, photo copy it and send it to me. I'd like to see it. They will tell you, Jesus, the man. Do you know how many Latin men have the name, Jesus? I don't know if you know it here or not. We have a lot of Hispanic people in New York. The Spanish pronunciation is Jesus, the common name. It is a common name.


In these gnostic writings, you will read about Jesus, there's at least about 10,000 Jesus' in New York City. Which Jesus is this? Maybe Jesus down on 125th Street in Manhattan. The other name you will find in these writings, is Christ, not Jesus the Christ, not the Lord Jesus Christ, but Christ. Now, Christ alone is a name that is found in the Scriptures. But I suggest to you that every time it appears in a gnostic writing, if you examine the whole sentence, or if you examine the whole writing, they are not talking about Jesus The Christ, nor are they speaking about the Christ mind which was in the man, Jesus. You see, the reason Jesus could say, "I am Jesus the Christ," or the reason the Scriptures could say, "Jesus, who was Christ," the reason that could be said, is that the natural man, born of a fallen woman, Jesus of Nazareth, the mind of Christ was found in Him. The fully mature, Godhead, the fully mature Son of God, was found as the mind of that man, who was born of a fallen woman. And it was the mind that was ruling His whole person. It wasn't ruling part of the time, it wasn't ruling some of the time, it didn't have joint custody with the carnal mind, but Christ, the Son of God, the fully mature mind of Christ, had complete control over that man, who was born of a fallen woman. And in order to have complete control over that man, He had to have complete control over the carnal mind, that, that man inherited from His fallen mother. Therefore, the Scripture says, "Jesus, who was Christ." Brethren, I have the mind of Christ. What you hear come out of me, is not coming out of the carnal mind, but I do not call myself, Sheila, The Christ. Why? Because I still have two minds. And my carnal mind has not yet come under the complete dominion of the Christ mind. So this is the meaning of Christ. Either that word is referring to the fully mature mind, which has been born in a man, as the result of the Father, begetting that Son, or begetting that mind in that man.


Or it's referring to the whole man, just as a woman takes her husband's name, when she marries him. The whole man, Jesus, who in His fallen condition, is spiritually female, took the name of the mind that He married. Christ, the Son of God, married the soul man, Jesus, which was born of a woman, and the soul man took the husband's name, Jesus, The Christ. But you read gnostic writing and when they talk about Christ, they are speaking about the Christ consciousness. They are not speaking about Christ, the Son of the living God. And they will tell you, their teaching is, their spiritual principle is, that fallen man, without Christ being added to him, has a potential to develop a Christ consciousness, just like fallen man has a potential to be good or evil to develop a conscience. Fallen man has a potential to develop spiritually and the New Age Movement; I not too sure about the gnostic, but the New Age Movement calls this spirituality, Christ Consciousness, but its spirituality which generates from Satan. It generates from the spiritual potential that the fallen man is born with. It doesn't matter whether you use it to murder somebody, or whether you use it to heal somebody who is sick, it's illegal, spiritual power.


Now, this is a big controversy, even if you heal the sick with it. It's the illegal use of spiritual power. Brethren, only God can heal. Any healing which comes forth from any other spirit, including medical doctors is temporary. You may not die from that automobile accident, that you had at 30 years, but when your life span is up, unless Christ intervenes, you shall surely die. The only one that can give life is God.


Let me give you a testimony. I was on an evangelical trip. It was pretty local to where I live in New York, and the Spirit was really flowing. I wound up in a man's house; definitely the Spirit of God brought us there. Someone that I was with, stopped by there for some reason; I can't even tell you what we were doing there. But we walked in and the man looked like death. He was either in his late 50's or his early 60's. He looked terrible. He was having some kind of intestinal problem. He had been to several doctors. This was not the first episode that he had experienced and the doctors were dumbfounded. They couldn't diagnose him and they couldn't help him. He had been vomiting all day, he couldn't eat, he couldn't drink, he had severe abdominal pains. And I took one look at him, and I knew that the Lord had brought us there; he was a believer. He had been praying and praying and praying. And the Lord, for whatever His reason, sent me, probably because I have had a lot of experience with witchcraft. You see, it's not a question of somebody being better or more valuable. Everybody has an area of expertise and God will send the most qualified person available, to help someone who has been crying out. This is the way the Kingdom of God works. If someone that you love is sick, and you have ten believers crying out for their healing, but for whatever reason there is not yet built into any of those believers a spiritual mechanism that God chooses to use in that event to heal that man, the prayers of those ten believers will go up to heaven. 


And I wound up in his house and I took one look at him and I knew it was witchcraft. So I offered to pray for him, but he didn't want me to pray for him, because he didn't think a woman should pray for a man. So I sat there and had coffee while I watched this man in agony. He was very polite, he made us coffee. I prayed the whole time, silently, "Lord what do you want me to do, can't force yourself on a man. So I spent about an hour there, and finally the Lord broke him down and he did let me pray for him. As I started to pray for him, I saw in the Spirit; it looked like a crab, it was either a crab or a scorpion, and it was in his intestines, and it was completely clamped to his intestines, and it was crushing them. And before I started, I said, brother have you dabbled in witchcraft at all. Then I saw the scorpion, I saw several other symbols and no deliverance was coming forth. I said, "brother you have had some experience with witchcraft." Now, if you do not confess this sin, the Lord's not going to help you; not through me, there is nothing I could do for you, if you will not confess this sin. And the man's pride was so strong, he wouldn't confess it, but his sister was sitting there and she said, "Joe, for crying out loud, would you please tell her." This is a fun ministry. Well, apparently he was an alcoholic at a very young age. I think 16 or 17 years old, he had become such a severe alcoholic that if he would take one drink, he wouldn't stop until he was completely passed out. And his parents came from Italy and they knew an Italian woman in the area, who she claimed she could deliver him from this alcoholism by witchcraft. An Italian witch. So one day when he was completely passed out, his mother let the woman into the house and she wouldn't even tell me what she did. But apparently she did something and he woke up out of his stupor and he hadn't had a drink, from 16 or 18 years of age, he was about 60 years old. All of these years later, he was dying from an unknown disease. Because you see, Satan doesn't heal you, without taking something back. It just looks good. It just sounds good. I'm using my witchcraft power for good. Not hurting anybody. And maybe the curse doesn't come on the person who was healed, maybe it goes on their offspring or on their grandchild. I want to tell you something, God uses doctors, I believe that. But if God doesn't say you are going to live, no doctor can save you. I've seen people go into the hospital with death pronounced upon them. I was one of them and they come out alive. And I've seen people go into the hospital with a hang nail, and they never come out. God has the last word, brethren.


So, Christ raised from the dead in a man, means that, that whole man will not die. The resurrection of the dead begins with the resurrection of your dead human spirit. And the way he is raised from the dead is that the Spirit of Jesus Christ, known as the Holy Spirit enters into your heart and touches your human spirit and quickens it, and begins to raise it from the dead. And as your human spirit, as Christ is raised from the dead in you, life is imparted to your soul, diseases are healed, demons are cast out, curses are broken, and he continues to rise from the dead until you arrive at a point called, Full Stature, which is the condition that I previously described.


That the mind of Christ has such complete control over your carnal mind and your entire behavior and your tongue; James says, "the man who never sins with his tongue is a perfect man." Brethren, we cannot help but sin with our tongue unless Christ is our only mind, and you become perfect.


Continuing in Chapter 82, going on with Verse 18, The Gospel According To Thomas. I really doubt that it was the Thomas of the Scripture, but that's what the name of the pamphlet says. And the dead are not alive and the living shall not die. And the dead are not alive; well, that's true, and the living shall not die. Who is the living, and who is the dead? To be carnally minded is death. The one who died is Christ. You know what I just told you, was an immature Christ and the carnal mind arose, because of the man's sin, and was able to kill the immature Christ. Because that immature Christ, because of a lack of experience, and a lack of a big brother, who had already overcome the world, was incapable of dealing with the violence and viciousness of the carnal mind. So the Christ died and the soul is dead. The only one who is living is Christ, when He is alive in a person. So, this is some kind of double talk here. Let's look at it again.


And the dead are not alive, of course, and the living shall not die, but we know that the living, until it's perfected, can die. Anybody having a problem with that? Christ in you, until it's perfected can die, but you have an advocate. He doesn't have to die if you cry out to Jesus, okay? So, what this Scripture says to me, if you can hear the parable, Christ is incapable of dying, once saved always saved. Do whatever you want to do, sin, fall away. Once you say, Jesus is my Lord and Savior, you cannot lose your salvation. Brethren, this is not true. We had a church on Long Island for a while, they were preaching something along these lines and God knew that we were going to fall and He knew that we had fallen into sin and He knows that we are weak, so do your thing. And they were all doing their thing. Every sin was found in that church and it was being preached; well, God put us down here to experience sin, experience it. Don't restrain yourself, don't sacrifice, don't exercise discipline, if it turns you on, do it. God shut down the whole church. It was a thriving church. You know, I see many churches, where the Lord just removed His Spirit. The church continues to stand, the pastor is still there. Much of the congregation is still there because these well meaning people have not even recognized that the Spirit of God has left the church. That's why God is educating you. One woman came to me and she said, "I cry all the time, what's wrong sister, I don't know, I cry all the time." Did you know the Spirit of God left the church, sister? No, when did that happen? You see, it registered in her emotions, but she didn't understand. She probably didn't even know it was possible, that the Spirit of God can leave the church and that the church would still be standing. And the pastor would be there and the people would be there and the band would be there, and the singers would be there, but God left. We need to know that this is possible. And I find God will do this, that the church remain or the building remain, the shell remain. He's much more likely will do that, than to utterly shut down the church, but in this other instance where sin was rampart, He shut down the whole church.


It had several hundred people, which is big for New York, well, not in the Kingdom churches, but you have in some churches, hundreds of thousands of people. In New York, several hundred people is a big church. He shut down the whole church, move the Pastor out of the State, got him into some kind of trouble that he had to leave town until put another Pastor in the church. Every Sunday, that I walked in, someone else was moving. There were going to Florida, they were going to California, they lost their job, they were going to Oregon, they were going here, they were going there. The church is gone, they sold the building, just completely shut it down. The name is gone, utterly wiped out.


Brethren, God utterly wiped out Israel. He did not utterly wipe out Judah. There is degree of sin. Israel was completely wiped out. Her captors sent other people into inhabit the land. There is no trace of her today. And the dead are not alive and the living can die. The living can die until they are brought into the completion of perfection; don't play with God. Now listen to this; now this is Jesus speaking to man, "In the days when you devoured the dead, you made it alive." Who is devouring the dead? Who is swallowing up death? Christ. Christ is swallowing up death. And when Christ eats death, He will not be poisoned, but the poison which is in death shall be neutralized. When Jesus swallows us up, we who are dead, shall receive life. But this admonition is to man, fallen man. When You consume death, in the days when You devour the dead, You made it alive. Well, we could look at it two ways. We could say, well, if what they are talking about here, if what the writer is talking about here, is the promise that Christ shall swallow up death, we could say two things. Well, they've got the persons turned around, and of course, it hasn't happened yet, unless it's speaking about Jesus of Nazareth alone. Or we could say, that the subtlety behind this, is a hidden way of saying; at the time of the fall, you, carnal; and listen, we are all in this hour; well, I'm not including those listed into moving into Christ; humanity in general, is a manifestation of the carnal mind. This Scripture is to the carnally minded man and the carnally minded man is ruled by the carnal mind.


Let's read this again. In the days, when the carnal mind devoured the dead, you made it alive. I suggest to you, the hidden message is; in the days when the carnal mind devoured Christ; in the days when the carnal mind; this is the fall; the carnal mind arose and killed the Christ. You gave the creation life, giving the glory; what it's saying is, brethren, that this creation, as we know it, came into existence when the carnal mind killed the Christ. This whole world, our physical appearance and the world that we live in, and our fallen state of mind is an expression of the mind of Satan. Jesus clearly told the Pharisees, "Your father is the devil." We are Satan's offspring, that is why we need to be adopted. God's wife, the creation that He made, bore the Serpent's offspring; that's us. And this whole world as we know it, came into existence in the day that the carnal mind devoured or cause to cease to exist, the mind of Christ. And, of course, they are calling the Christ, the dead one, which is a reverse.


You know, there is a difference between the word, alive and the word, existence. We are not alive, we have existence, but we are not alive. If we had life, if we truly had life, this body would never die. True life is spiritual. Life is inside of us; I touched on this last night. If you have Christ, if you have the Holy Spirit, life is within you. But until that life completely mixes with you, and possesses you, you are not alive. Because life is in the midst of you, you have the potential to be raised from the dead, but you are not raised from the dead, until you are raised from the dead. If you are lying down, even though you sit up and you raise your arm and you get up on your knees, you are not standing until you stand. If you are pregnant, you don't have a child until the child is born. Either you are alive or you are dead. There is a process which leads up to life, but you are not alive until you arrive at life. You have life within you, but it must fulfill itself in you, for you to be raised from the dead. So, in the days when the carnal mind devoured the Christ; I suggest to you, although this Scripture says; the dead, calling Christ the dead, you brought this creation into existence. That's what it's saying and that's true.


So, we see that some of the things in gnostic teaching are true. Sometimes the subjects are reversed; they give credit to Satan, for what Christ has done, and visa-versa. Sometimes they leave words out, sometimes they add words, it's wicked. Come out and say what you want to say; I could deal with that. I could deal with somebody standing up and saying; "I'm a Satan worshiper, come and join; I could deal with that. This kind of thing gets me mad. If anybody comes to me and says, "someone down the street just invited me to worship Satan, and I'm going, I'll see you later," I will say, "Goodbye, do you know what you are doing, you made an intelligent choice, you are an adult person, if God brings you back, if He doesn't, He doesn't, that's not my business." But when Satan comes in, in a document like this, to snare God's people, who not equipped at this time to read between the lines, that gets me mad. And I believe that it's the righteous anger of God. And I will tell you again that I believe that it is very possible; I know there are preachers pushing this stuff; it's very possible that they really believe it's God. I'm going to give them the benefit of a doubt. This is the way I live my life; unless God tells me; "See that man over there, he knows exactly what he is doing. Unless God tells me that, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt; you are deceived. So, I'll give these preachers the benefit of the doubt, they are deceived. But I'll tell you, God is not pleased. And those who teach, have a greater responsibility than those who study. It's not my job to punish, it's my job to do exactly what I am doing here. It's my job to declare openly, this is error and these men are preaching false doctrine. And if God bought one of them here right now, I would say to them; "I have nothing against you brother, and I love you in Christ, but I strongly, with all the strength I have in Christ, oppose your doctrine. And I will preach against it, and I will stand against it, every time God opens my mouth, until I drop from exhaustion, because people's lives are at stake. And in due season, God will deal with you and I pray that He deals with you through a recovering of your right mind.


I pray that He restores you and that He grants you repentance. Because for a man to preach something like this, someone who calls himself a Christian preacher, is that he was never called in the first place or if he was called, he went into something like this; because of some form of rebellion or pride against God. You don't fall into this kind of error, where you are affecting people's lives by accident. In everyone who is raised up as a teacher in Christ, has a responsibility to God, and to the people that they are teaching.


Now, I'm not condemning anybody here, but for this to happen to you, you had to take a misstep. Go back where you came from and find out where you took that wrong turn. You know, there was a time in my life before I was publicly preaching, I was a teacher very early in my walk, but I didn't have a public ministry. Someone would ask God a question and He would put me in a study; I wouldn't know why I was studying it; and the person would call me and say; "Do you by any chance know." And I would say, "How strange, I just studied that, and this is the answer." I've been teaching for a long time and I did have an experience, where God pulled me out of the church that I was raised up in, and I didn't want to leave. I rebelled for about 6 months and he threw me out.


And then I became bitter towards the Lord, because there was no other church with deep teaching in my geographical area. So, being inexperienced, and without understanding, I stopped going to church and I threw all of my efforts into making money. I went to work, I worked overtime, I was so used to be on roller skates, working 5 days a week, being in church 4 nights a week, I was running, running, running. And then when there was no church, I said, what am I going to do with my time. I started working overtime, working every minute I could, but I was miserable and my spirit was dry and I was unhappy. And I was angry at God, for hurting my spiritual life.


And one day a brother came to me; I was fellow-shipping with him and his wife, and as we sat at the table having coffee, he just turned to me and said, "Return unto me and I'll return unto you." And I said, "Lord, I, should return unto You? You are the one who abandoned me, You are the one who killed my spiritual life. You did this to me and I'm miserable. But by the Grace of God, I had the ability to say to the Lord, "I don't know what you are talking about, but I would do anything to get back into You. I repent, I don't know what I'm repenting of. I don't know what I did, but something is really wrong in my life. Please forgive me. At which point He told me that I was filled with pride, lack of understanding, ignorance, immaturity and bitterness towards God. I said, "Okay Lord." And He said, "Who do you think you are, that you can only go to a church with deep teaching, maybe I want you to teach people who don't know what you know." "Get into the carnal church on the corner and sit there and listen to them preach about the rapture and squirm in your seat." I couldn't sit still, I squirmed in my seat the whole time they were preaching. He says, "I'm going to send people to you, because I have things to say to people in that carnal church, that I can't say to the pastors.


So, for a year I did that; I went from church to church and I was a stumbling block and pastors threw me out of their church. They called me a false prophet and they rebuked me openly. Then the Lord raised up this ministry. Look, we all make mistakes, but you have to go back. You have to find out where you took the misstep and you have to go back. So, whoever is preaching this doctrine, you have to go back. God's waiting for him at the fork, where he separated from God.


In the days when you devoured the dead, really meaning the live one, Christ, you brought this creation into existence; well that's true, God help us. And when you come into light, what will you do? When you come into light, what does that mean? When you become spirit. When you become spirit, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two, but when you have become two, what will you do? We have a parable here. On the day that you become spirit, what will you do? I don't know. I don't know what they are saying. On the day when you were one, you became two. I just like to spend a little time on the doctrine which is the basis for this statement. I would like to show what they are talking about on the day that you were one and you became two. So, please turn with me to the Book of Zechariah, Chapter 5, Verse 7 and 9 - And behold there was lifted up a talent of lead and this is a woman, this is one woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. Verse 8, And he said, This woman is wickedness, and he cast her into the midst of the ephah and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. Verse 9, Then lifted I up mine eyes and looked and behold, there came out two women and the wind was in their wings; for they had the wings of a stork (an unclean bird), and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven. I'll just talk about that a little. The women in Verse 7, I suggest to you, is this soul. This soul that God formed is God's wife. She is a woman, she is the woman who has become the harlot of Revelation, the mother of abomination, the mother of every unclean spirit born into man. And Adam called his wife, Eve, the mother of all living. Eve is the mother of Christ and in her fallen condition, she is the harlot, who is the mother of every abomination, an unclean spirit born into man.


You know, I looked up the Hebrew word for woman once, and I was very upset, because in my Strong's Concordance it says; Woman, wife, adulterous. And there is a lot of prejudice against women in the world, I don't know here in Nigeria, there is a lot of prejudice against women everywhere. It seems to be something built into many societies that denigrates women, that tends to blame them for the problems of society. And it wasn't until God showed me what this meant; that I had any peace about it at all. There is a spiritual reality that happened at the time of the fall. God's wife went into adultery. She commits adultery with the Serpent, and she bore an illegitimate child; this humanity as we know it. And we, who are natural women, some to a larger degree than others, bare the reproach of our mother. And the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children unto the third and the fourth generation. However, brethren, in Christ, the sins of the fathers are erased.


In either direction that the fathers shall bite the sour grape and the children's teeth shall be on edge, this is wiped out in Christ. Can you hear what I am saying? There is a spiritual truth and the Hebrew language reveals it. The Hebrew language has the same word for wife, an adulterous. So, women across the world are under a curse, you might say. The whole creation has been cursed and the curse has effected women in one way and has effected men in another way and did not, in fact, God pronounced the curse in three different areas. Did He did not say unto the Serpent, "Thou shalt." And did He not say unto the man, "Because you have done this, that you shall labor for the rest of your days." And to the Serpent He said, "You shall crawl on your belly." When you look that up in the Hebrew, what He is saying; "You shall exist in these outer realms."


And did He not say to the woman; "You shall bring forth in sorrow." So there is a spiritual reality to some of the problems that women have, that based on our relationship with Christ, and our family heritage, curses and blessings, some women suffer more than other women. But the whole creation is cursed. God made Himself a wife, brethren and she was unfaithful to Him. And God called her wicked, because the soul which is female; when she separated from her husband, is wicked. There is a spiritual principle, okay? A spiritual principle. The negative and the positive aspect of the creation. The positive aspect is male, is spirit, the negative is female, is soul. The creation was made to be as one, to operate as one, and in that event; when the creation is operating as one, under the authority of the Spirit or under the authority of the man; the creation is positive. But the woman, the spiritual woman, she left her husband, she separated out from him. And God says, that the woman; now, listen, I hope you are all understanding me; whether you are human male or a human female, we are all women; all you men. We are all the woman. God says, "the woman separated from the man becomes wicked." He says that she is all emotions, says that she has no self control, says that she can't distinguish between good and evil. And in many societies for generations, this was a truism about the relationships between men and women. A woman separated from her husband would fall prey to a wicked life style in this world. What we see in modern society, that things are changing, because first things change in the natural and then they change in the spiritual. So we see some change as women become emancipated and educated and taught to take care of themselves, that lack of a husband no longer makes them victim. And in the hour that Christ is imparted to you, whether you be a natural woman in this world; I'm talking on 2 levels now; whether you be a natural woman in this world, who is living without a husband; because Christ is your Savior and He is within you, and because you've been prepared to live in a world without a husband, or whether you are a spiritual woman, or member of the human race, who separated from Christ; who was amongst those who was permanently separated from Christ; but now Christ is beginning to be raised from the dead in you; you are finding power and strength. Did I make it clear; let me say it again. Listen, the natural type; things change in the natural first. We have a natural example on 2 levels.


Looking at society; women, who in times past, and possibly in times present; depending on the society, would fall victim and be unable to survive in this society without a husband, in many instances are finding themselves capable of surviving without a husband, because of education and because of changing times. The way women are raised makes them dependant or independent. Education for a woman can enable her to survive in a society without a husband, without being victimized. And we see that happening all over the world; certainly in Western Europe, and in the United States, become very common. The creation as a whole; being the woman, separated from God, was victimized originally cast down into a world where nature completely prevails. Disease and pestilence ruled. While the animals ruled, man was victim, he was vulnerable; when the woman separated from Christ at the beginning of time.


But humanity, the woman, God's wife is rising up, taking dominion over our environment, defeating all the wild animals, defeating much disease, educating ourselves, learning how to build buildings, how to shelter our self from the storm. The woman has survived without the man, but imperfectly. In this hour the man and the woman are being reconciled. And the way it's happening is that Christ, our husband is appearing in the minds of men. And if the mind of Christ is appearing in you, your husband is within you. And whether you are in a male human body, or whether you are in a human female body, you are a member of Christ's wife, the church. And your husband is within you. And you are being prepared for the marriage. What marriage? He is within you but He is not married to you yet, brethren. Christ, your husband, who is your mind must marry or join to your soul. The union must be so complete that you will automatically act out His thoughts without thinking. And the thoughts of Christ are righteous. And when your every behavior is automatically the thoughts of Christ, your every thought and behavior will be automatically righteous. And when your every thought and behavior is automatically righteous, you shall cease from sin. And when you cease from sin, you shall cease from death. So, if your husband has begun to be born again, within you; and if you think you are already born again, you have received another lie; you have begun to be born again. It is a process. And the beginning of the process is the Holy Spirit joining Himself to your human spirit. It is the beginning of the life of your husband being restored unto you.


So, we see in Zechariah Chapter 5, the Lord declaring the soul that He made in a condition separated from the mind of Christ, as wicked. The separated woman is wicked by spiritual principle. And we see a second spiritual principle; that, that separated woman doesn't stay single, she multiplies. Wickedness multiplies. Evil multiplies. And have we not multiplied into many members. There is something in the Book of Numbers; it's a part of the Mosaic Law; it's called the Law of Jealousies. It's a law which God provided to Israel, to determine whether or not a man's wife had committed adultery. If a man suspected his wife of committing adultery, he could take her to the priest, and the priest would give her a pochen to drink.


And the Scripture says, "If her belly rots," I believe that's the Scripture, "If her belly rots, she is guilty of adultery." Well, the Hebrew word translated belly, is speaking about the woman's reproductive parts. So, I suspect from what I read, that the woman isn't killed. This does not involve the judgment of death, but if she loses her reproductive ability, that's my understanding of it. If this pochen causes her to lose her reproductive ability, then it's proof that she's adulterous and now the husband can either divorce her or take whatever action he wants to take. Well, we did find a place in the Scripture; I can't tell you where it is right now, but if you would like to know, I do have that information, I can find it for you, where its been proven that when you apply the Law of Jealousies, spiritually to God's soul, every sign of adultery is present in us. And the most obvious sign of adultery is that we have multiplied into many members. And I do have this on a tape. I'll try to bring you the number tomorrow, if anyone is interested.


So this, I suggest to you, is the spiritual principle behind the statement, in the Gospel According To Thomas, you were one, but you became two. But when you have become two, what will you do? When you become two what will you do? But you see, we were two and we are becoming one. They are saying that we are one now and we are becoming two. It's just total confusion. You are one and you became two, but when you have become two, what will you do? You are going to do evil. Because when you become two, the witchcraft power of Satan becomes active. When you become light, what will you do? When you become two what will you do? When you, who are separated from God becomes spirit, what will you do? And those of you, who were here last night, may recall that we went over the Alternate Translation in Matthew, of the temptation. And we found out that one of the things that Satan was tempting Jesus to do, was to use his spiritual power to perfect this creation without Christ. To bring this creation into its fullest potential for spiritual power, without the impartation of Christ. And to do that, to bring a man into his fullest potential for spiritual power, without Christ, means in every day English, to bring him to his greatest potential for evil. When you ascend into your greatest potential in Christ, you attain to your greatest potential for good, or for righteousness. So what will you do, when you become light and you are not one but you are two? You see, when you become light, when your spirit and you are one, that means you are in Christ. When you become light and you are two, that means you're spiritualized in evil. Are you following me?


And one of the things the Lord has been emphasizing very strongly in New York recently; we made several tapes on it, is that we, this humanity, this soul, this many membered soul, has entered into the spiritual season, where the individual members of us, are going to mature in one direction or the other. In the same manner as you have young children, up to 7, 8, 9, years old, and of course, younger, they may be of male bodies or of female bodies, but they are neuter. You put them together when they are young enough, you bath them together, you put them in the same bed; they are neuter, they are not functioning sexually. As far as good and evil is concerned, this creation, except for a few exceptions, the creation at large, has not yet differentiated into male or female. We are not yet fully practicing good or evil, except for a few spiritual criminals. The creation at large, every man among us, is coming to a place in the spiritual development, where he will be completely filled up, either with good, or with evil.


I never use to fully understand the Scriptures in the Old Testament, that would say to the Hebrew children, you can have that land, you can have that country, go in and wipe out those people, but wait, not yet, the wickedness is not yet fulfilled. When your wickedness is fulfilled, you can go in and kill everybody and take their country. I never understood it until now. The nations, about which God said this, were completely given over unto evil, to a man. They were so completely matured in evil, that the God of creation, made a judgment that they had become unredeemable. They had reached such a degree of evil, that the one who made them declared, they were beyond rehabilitation. And He said, "Wipe them out." This condition is coming upon the earth. It"s already beginning.


Every man amongst us shall mature, either into the righteousness of Christ, or the evil of the god of this world. And that is what this is talking about. When you become light, when you become spirit, what will you do? Will you be righteousness or will you be evil. But of course, this Scripture doesn't give you the choice. He says when you become light and when you become two, what will you do? When you become spiritualized in a condition which is separated from Christ, what will you do? You will be the full fledged slave of the god of this world. Right now you have a conscience; you know what's right, you know what's wrong. You make a choice, I will do it, I will not do it. The thoughts are in my mind, I will do it, I will not do it. Brethren, in that hour that you become light, if you mature on your evil side, you will have nothing to say about it, you will be a slave of Satan. Through his carnal mind, he will do anything he wants through you. And your only hope of escape will be death. That's what this is talking about. This is what you are reading, if you can hear it. If you don't believe me, it's okay too.


You see, the only reason, I'm so smart is that God has given me the positive side of this doctrine. If you were attending our meeting in New York, there is a good chance you could do what I'm doing here. The only reason I can do this, is that God showed me the truth before I ever saw the lie. So, you will never recognize the lie if you don't hear the truth. And as the Lord started bringing all this doctrine forth in New York, I had no idea that He intended to use it like this. I had no idea. I even use to say to Him, "Lord, this doctrine is wonderful and it's high and it's lofty and it makes you feel good, but there must be some practical aspect to it." Little did I know that He was bringing it forth as a warfare or as a preparation for a warfare against the spirit of error, which is covering the church in this hour. If it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. I don't know what they preach here, but in New York they say, "Well, that means the elect can't be deceived. Oh, really! It's the spirit of pride talking.


I knew a preacher when I was being raised up; he said something very funny, I'd like to share it with you. In New York and throughout the United States, we have a lot of Christians that believe that a Christian cannot possibly have a demon. Some people believe demons don't exist. And this preacher stood in the pulpit one day and he said; he was making a joke about a preacher. So this preacher stood in the pulpit and he said to the congregation, "A Christian cannot have a demon and the whole congregation said, "Amen." And the preacher said, "And those were all the demons in the people, saying, "Amen." Only your own pride could fool you like this. Throw your cares upon Jesus, brethren. Now, that doesn't mean you don't do anything. It means, you do what you are doing today, you listen, you ask God to give you an honest heart and then you throw your cares upon Him, believing He will burn out the lie and only the truth will remain. But if you or anyone hearing this tape has received this lie, and now pride is rising up in your heart, if you've received this lie, and confessing that it's a lie, means that you have to admit that you made a mistake, and your pride won't let you do it, you are in trouble.


If you can't admit that you were fooled, and ask Jesus to get you out, He will let you stay there. He will let you stay in the pig pen until you yell. You just pray that you will yell, otherwise you will die in the pig pen. Well, I wrote down some other Scriptures. Let's take a look at them. Romans 3:10 - Well, I guess this is my witness that Christ is the only righteous one. "As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one." Any righteousness that we have is because He is appearing in us. Romans 5:1 - Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord, Jesus Christ. He's our only connection to God. He's our peace, and He's our righteousness. And without Him, we are a fallen man, whose god is Satan. One more, 1John 2:1- My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not and if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. There's no righteousness without Him, brethren. There is no good thing in us. Because without Him, we are all earth. And you may recall, the Lord would not accept the sacrifice of the Cain's sacrifice of the earth. And if we are all earth, our god is Satan. He is the god of the earth.


PASTOR VITALE: Sister Dele, do you want to stop now? Any questions? Okay.


COMMENT: My question is not yet direct as to what was said. But just when I was reading this Thomas translation, you know, Satan was referred to us, - her. So, our thinking that, do you know why she refers to us, - her? I mean Satan, refers to us, her. And can be something to us?


PASTOR VITALE: That's a good question. I refer to her as she. Did anybody pick that up? Satan is female. God the Father, and of course, His Son are the only male Spirits, that is an immutable fact. Nothing is higher than them. And every one underneath them is female in relationship to them. Let me take a couple of minutes to talk about what I call changing spiritual sexual roles.


Now we are not talking about human beings. Human beings are locked into their sexuality, okay, by this body that we live in. But we know that when Jesus ascended, when He was raised from the dead, He was able to change His form. He appeared as a stranger on the road to Emmaus, He appeared as a ball of light to Paul. So, mature spiritual beings have the ability to change form, therefore, within our spiritual nature; well, let me say it to you this way. Spiritual sexuality has to do with authority, if you could hear it. You must separate it from your humanity. It has to do with authority. If you have a General and a Captain in the army, the one who has the greater authority, spiritually speaking, is male. Therefore the General is male to the Captain. He rules. The Captain submits to the General. For spiritual purposes, the Captain is female in his relationship of authority to the General. Is everybody okay? This is nothing to do whatsoever with your marriages or your humanity. Nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it. So, we see in this existence, our spiritual sexuality changes. The Captain is male to the Sargent. The Sargent is female to the Captain, but male to the boot soldiers. So, we are in a condition where we must continuously evaluate what our position is in every relationship and in each encounter that we enter into. Satan is female in relationship to Christ, because there is nothing higher than the Father and His Christ underneath Him. They are both male.


Satan is female in relationship to the Father and His Christ. Satan is male in relationship to this creation. He is the god of this world and he is male to the humanity which he has stolen from the Father and married, that's us. He's our husband. We are clearly told that in the Book of Romans. And we are to count ourselves divorced from him and cleave unto our new husband, Christ, by faith. So, this world called Satan, he, and that's acceptable to God, so long as he is a he to us. But as soon as Christ starts manifesting in you, he becomes a she. And I humiliate her wherever I can, and call her a she whenever I can. She is female unto me, because I am Christ unto her. And she will bend her knee and she will not prevail over me, so long as my big brother is standing behind me. And so long as my encounter with her is in righteousness, I have all the help I need. So, certainly in relationship to God, Satan is female. And she is being forced back down under the authority of Christ. This is what the tribulation is.


If you take the Greek word, translated tribulation, and you look it up, you follow through all of its roots, you will see that the root meaning of the word, is to be forced and down under into a restricted, constricted space. And that restricted, constricted space is under the authority and the guide lines and the law of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is only one problem. We are married to Satan and our feelings, and our experiences are one with her. So, when Christ in our mind begins to limit her authority over us, when Christ in us begins to restrict her and put her under the righteous law, we are experiencing all of her distress. Until the separation is complete, until our separation from Satan, which is taking place in our spirit, our spirit is joined to Satan in an adulterous union.


And until that separation takes place, we experience all of the stress that she experiences, when our husband, the Lord Jesus Christ rips her from us, so that we might be freed from her and marry our true husband. So that's why God calls her, she; it's a great mystery.


I won't say all, because I really have no way of knowing, but every pagan religion I have ever observed, has had a female deity. If this is not completely true, if there are some pagan religions that have male deities, they are in the minority. Did you ever wonder why there is so much female pagan deity. There is a big mermaid, a big statue of a mermaid in downtown Lagos. There is one in Benin too, right? Isn't she a mermaid? Why all this female deity? How come all you people are worshiping female gods? Because they are all Satan. She has many aliases. And whenever she can get away with tricking you or tricking men into worshiping her, in her true form, she does it. Very few people are willing to worship Satan as an evil looking goat or whatever, although some people do.


Well, what's so bad about a mermaid? What's so bad about a woman holding a child in her arms? If she can get you to worship her in her true female form, she'll do it. She's hungry for worship. She's insatiable for worship. And she will appear to you in any form necessary to get you to voluntarily worship her. When I say you, I mean humanity. She's female. I'm told they have a female goddess in South America, I think in Venezuela. The people come out into the streets, they don't even have a temple. Hundreds of people come out into the streets and they call on her name. Verbally, whatever they do, I don't whether they dance or play instruments, I really don't know, but they come out into the streets and they call on her name until she appears. I'm told she appears in the sky.


He's not looking for good people. He's looking for people with a high potential for spiritual power because there is a war coming. And when a nation goes to war, He goes out looking for the strongest, most intelligent warriors. And in most armies, if you are physically damaged they won't take you. If you have flat feet they won't take you in United States army. That's my opinion. It's going to be a war of the mind. Mind of Christ against the carnal mind. And there is no way you can be a soldier in this army and war against someone else's carnal mind until you have taken dominion over your own carnal mind. Because if you don't have dominion over your own carnal mind, when someone's carnal mind shoots at you, a spiritual bullet, your carnal mind is going to rise up and shoot back at him, and you can't do that. The war must be won in the righteousness and the love of God. It must be Christ apart from that man. Why? Because when it's Christ in you against the carnal mind in that man, when you kill his carnal mind, at the same time you will raise his human spirit, which is the dead Christ, from the dead. Can you hear this? If it's your carnal mind killing the man's carnal mind, you are going to kill the man. Jesus doesn't want you to kill the man. He wants you to kill his carnal mind and raise him from the dead. That's my opinion. Praise the Lord. Alleluia.


COMMENT: I was told that you will give an interpretation - taking vengeance one's carnal mind. How can one go about taking this vengeance over one's carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: Taking vengeance over one's carnal mind? So, the first thing is, you must, Christ must begin to be formed in you. When Christ is formed in you, the Lord will begin to reveal your man of sin, your carnal mind. He will begin to show you, the thoughts, you will think a thought and a light bulb will go off in your head.


From the Spirit, which is in Christ, which is saying to the carnal mind, you cannot control me anymore. I wound you and I pronounce death upon you and you shall come under the authority of the righteous Christ in me. And then you say, Lord Jesus, please back me up.


It's possible to lose and still win the war. A righteous man may be cast down 7 times but God will stand him up every time. But we have a big brother, you see. And If Christ Jesus in us, is not strong enough to defeat our carnal mind in any particular area, at any particular time, please yell for help.




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Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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