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Praise the Lord. We are back again. This is a critical review of The Gospel of Thomas. We are in Chapter 82, Verse 26, the disciple saying to Jesus, We know that thou will go away from us, who is it, who shall be great over us? When Jesus goes away, who shall be great over us? Jesus speaking, Where ever you have come, you will go to James, the righteous.


I gave you some Scriptures on the morning message which I, apparently, put in the wrong place. The Scripture which tells us clearly that Jesus Christ is the righteous is 1 John 2:1. The righteous is Jesus Christ. You see, when a false gospel like this names James, the righteous, or says that this is the gospel according to Thomas, the feeling in my heart, what I believe God is telling me, is that this is the same kind of a deception that we find used in voodoo. Hispanic voodoo in the United States, I don't know if they do it in Africa or not, but what you find in voodoo and in a form of witchcraft called santeria which is Spanish witchcraft, we find a counterfeit Roman Catholicism, counterfeit Christianity in the form of a perverse Roman Catholicism where they worship Mary, and they worship the saints, and everyone of these saints is a demon who has taken the same name. What I believe the Lord is telling me in my spirit is that the James that is named in this gospel is another alias for Satan, that the Thomas after whom this gospel is named is another alias for Satan, just another trick, someone using a name that they have no right to promote the deadly doctrines of Satan.


James, the righteous. Whoever heard of James, the righteous? Now, the well-meaning Christian reading this says, Well, James must have been righteous. He wrote a book of the Scripture, what's wrong with that? None is righteous, no not one except the Lord Jesus Christ. Now listen to me, the only reason Paul could have attained to full stature is because he attained to that height after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only righteous one. When He abides in your heart, you are righteous; therefore, before the death and resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ there was no righteous man in this earth, except the one who was righteous by what I call an imputed anointing. God said, I know it is impossible for you to be righteous so I will make a covenant with you. If you keep my sayings, I will impute righteousness to you, I will see you as righteous, you will not be realistically righteous, you will not be functioning in righteousness, but I will count you as righteous. As far as my relationship with you is concerned, I will consider you righteous.


This is what Jehovah said to the nation of Israel, Keep my law, make the animal sacrifices, do what I tell you to do, and, for the purpose of you having a relationship with me, I shall consider you righteous. Righteousness is perfection so we read in the Book of Job, And Job was perfect in the eyes of God. According to the contract that natural Israel had with Jehovah, Job was perfect in his keeping of the law. He was not spiritually perfect. How do I know? He was capable of being diseased. He was capable of the sin of pride.


So, the righteous James, there is no such thing. There is no such thing. I am of the opinion that Paul did attain to full stature because of several things that he said, mostly of which I live, but yet not I, but Christ lives through me. He said he was crucified to the world. When his time came, he clearly said he was not going to be killed or he never said he was going to be executed. He said he was going to be offered up or some similar word. What does that mean? It means that he could not have been killed unless he agreed to it.


The only other apostle that I think may have attained to full stature is John, and I base that opinion on the Scripture in the Book of Revelation where the Lord Jesus Christ said to John, to whom He was giving this revelation, Behold, I come quickly. But I am not completely convinced that John was in full stature.


So, you ask, if Paul was in full stature, how come he wasn't raised from the dead like Jesus was? Because Paul was a man out of season. He was born out of season. The resurrection, brethren, is in three stages. You are not completely raised from the dead until you ascend into the glorified condition of pure spirit in which Jesus, who was Christ, is now in. Paul ascended to the first stage of the resurrection. He was still in a fallen body, and the reason he was not permitted to go on is that God had a plan, and you and I and everybody else have to do it God's way. There is only one way, and it is God's way.


Whether you think it is right, whether you think it is wrong, whether you think it is fair, there is only one way that will work. If you want to stop dying, you have to do it God's way. That's the only way that works, and God said, This is how we are going to do it. I'm going to raise one man from the dead. I choose that man, Jesus of Nazareth, whose mind was Christ. I'm going to complete the resurrection in Him, and when He is converted into pure spirit form I'm going to have Him pour out of the realm of the spirit in a form of spiritual rain, and it is going to rain on all of humanity, and when the drop of His life gets inside of your heart and joins itself to your heart, His glorified perfected life will be reproduced in you.


Now, that is not what happened to Paul because the hour of the pouring out is coming now. Paul was ahead of his time, Paul received a special dispensation, He was in Christ's stead. I believe that Paul finished out the ministry or whatever aspect of the ministry that God planned to do in the earth at the time that Jesus of Nazareth was in His flesh. Jesus of Nazareth was cut off after 3 ½ years of ministry, and I believe that Paul took over that assignment.


What did Paul do? Paul wrote the books of the New Testament, Paul brought forth the Doctrine of Christ. Jesus did not preach the Doctrine of Christ. Jesus spoke somewhat about the cross, although He didn't give too much information about it. Jesus preached the Kingdom. He said, Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. He said, What is the Kingdom likened unto? Jesus preached the Kingdom. The Kingdom is coming, and it is coming within you, and once that Kingdom is conceived in you it needs the Doctrine of Christ for it to grow and prosper. Paul brought forth the Doctrine of Christ. You are hearing it right here. The Doctrine of Christ, who is He, what is He, how did He did, how shall He be raised from the dead, will He die again after He's raised from the dead, how will He enter into the hearts of men, how can He be a many-membered body, how will be body be reconciled unto one?


Paul brought forth all this doctrine, and for that purpose he was caught up to full stature before the appointed time for the second generation of Christ to appear. He was a man out of season, so he did his job, and when his job was completed, he gave up his soul life. Now, I tell you with all love, brethren, you who have done anything less than bringing forth the New Testament with a large portion of the New Testament that Paul has brought forth, I point out to you that Paul gave up his soul life. He gave it up because the Lord told him, It's time to give it up, that this personality that you are in, who has experienced this glory, I, Jesus Christ, say, You will not go into perfection. And Paul said, It's time for me to be offered up.


I believe that the spiritual essence of Christ which was revealed through Paul lives today. He's in Christ. He is a part of Christ Jesus, his experiences are in Christ Jesus, and as Christ Jesus comes to life in you and increases in you, you have the potential to be and do everything that Christ was and did in Paul. As Jesus said, If you can receive it, receive it, the spirit of Elijah, he's in that man called John the Baptist. He has a new name, he has a new physical body, he has a new personality, but he's the same spirit. What does that mean? He's doing the same thing that Elijah did. Elijah went after Ahab, and John went after the present king. Elijah stood for the righteousness of God, John stood for the righteousness of God. Same spirit, only Christ abides forever, only Christ abides, only Christ abides. That's one of the secrets that Jesus said, I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. It is one of the secrets of our spiritual existence.


There is no such thing as James, the righteous. To the best of my knowledge, the other apostles were not even raised to full stature. I have no reason to believe that. They were caught up higher than we are. They were caught up pretty high. They took handkerchiefs, Paul and Peter took handkerchiefs from their bodies, and the anointing, the spiritual strength of the Christ which was within them had so inundated the fabric of their clothes with spiritual power that the person touching the cloth, or the person whom the cloth touched was healed, but that doesn't mean they were in full stature.


See, everything is a condition of degree. There is a scale between the moment when Christ engrafts to your spirit, from the moment you receive the spirit of adoption, from the moment you receive the engrafted word, you are over here on my left. And over here on my right, you are in full stature, and there is a whole scale in between, and you move up the scale. Someone said to me a couple of years ago, There is no such thing as a particular gift in Christ, everybody has the Holy Spirit, everybody is equal, everybody has the same equal power to heal, everybody has the same wisdom, everybody has the same knowledge. What a lie.


The Holy Spirit is the same, but, even in the Holy Spirit, everyone does not have the same gift, and everyone does not have the same number of gifts. It is very rare to find someone who has all of the gifts, but in Christ it is even more of a lie because from the moment the seed engrafts to us, we begin to grow in grace and in wisdom and everybody is not in the same place. So therefore, brethren, if you are sick, go to the elders of the church. Go to the believers who have demonstrated that their maturity has imbued them with the spiritual power necessary to produce a healing in your life.


So, I believe the apostles were pretty high up on that scale, but aside from Paul, and, perhaps John, in my opinion, the others never attained to full stature. There is an account, I think in the Book of Galatians, I could be mistaken, where Peter has an argument with Paul because Peter was not being honest to his fellow Jews about his conversion, and he was acting like an old order Jew when no one was looking, and when Paul came into town, he started acting like a Christian or a new order Jew. He was deceitful, he was dishonest. Does that offend you? Peter was not perfect. We all know that he was a coward. Jesus said he was a coward. He said he would renounce Him, and he did, and he did it more than once, but perhaps you thought after he ascended he was perfect. No, he wasn't. He was still doing things that were unGodly, and Paul rebuked him for it.


This man with this miracle working power, who wrote two of the epistles of the New Testament, was not perfect. He also raised the dead and worked many miracles. We know he was supernaturally delivered from jail, but he was not perfect. There is a road that we must travel, and you can be experiencing an intense experience in Christ without being perfect; therefore, brethren, don't stumble when you see imperfection in the elders of the church, but look to Jesus, the righteous, because He is the only one who is perfect. And when He is perfected in that man, that man will be perfect, but until the hour of complete perfection, don't stumble.


Take everything of Christ that man has to offer you and reject everything that's of the devil. If you can't tell the difference, pray without ceasing, but, certainly, don't lose faith in God because He's perfect. His house is imperfect at this moment, but God is perfect, and He's never late, and there is no mistake that He is not able to reverse. There is no error of man, there is no failure of anyone of his servants that He cannot correct in your life.


I never used to understand that saying, Jesus is never late. What do you mean He is never late? It used to frustrate me to hear that. Look at my life, look at what's happening, what do you mean He's never late? I missed this opportunity, I missed that opportunity, and then I found out what it means. It doesn't matter what you lose, doesn't matter what you go through. Everything that you experience will be used for your good. Anything and everything that you lose, He's capable of replacing in your life. He's never late because, if He wants to, He can give it back to you. And if He wants to, He can give it back to you two- fold, and in the meantime He is building your character that you should look like Him, that you should think like Him, that you should be Him, that you may be called Christ, the Son of the Living God in the hour of your perfection, in the hour that the Son, Christ Jesus, who's growing in your heart, is perfected in you, and that perfection means completion. It means the complete and absolute joining or union between Christ who is growing in you, and your soul that He's growing in. And before this absolute and complete union can take place, the mind who is presently possessing your soul, the mind who is presently completely joined to your soul, must be severed from your soul. We have a problem, brethren, and he doesn't want to go, so we have a war on our hands. Hallelujah.


There is no James, the righteous. Have you heard the doctrine here in Lagos that there are now many begotten sons? Has that one got here? No. I heard that a while back too. "I have to throw that Scripture out," this preacher said to me. "I can no longer preach that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, am I not too a begotten Son of God? Is not Christ growing in me too? Shall I not attain to full stature also?" We will find this doctrine in the Gospel of Thomas. I will show it to you.


No, brother, you are not a begotten Son of God. The Greek word translated "begotten" means "to be sired directly by a male seed." None of us here, even at the time of our completion, shall have been sired by a male seed. We are being grafted into the Tree whose name is Jesus Christ, the Righteous. We are cuttings in the Tree. The phrase,"Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God," means that Jesus Christ is the only Son who was brought forth from the specific, direct seed of Jehovah. We have received a cutting of His life; therefore, brethren, He shall always have the preeminence. He shall always be greater than us. There are not many begotten Sons. Thank you Jesus.


James, the righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being. Who is this James, the righteous, that we could say "heaven and earth came into being for him?" I tell you, he is an alias of Satan. If you have trouble believing that, you give me a better explanation, and I will listen to you. Why would anybody say, out of all the apostles, James is the righteous one for whom this world came into being? There has to be some reason, some rational behind it. It is just an alias. Whoever is hearing this tape or anybody here out of a Roman Catholic background, you are especially susceptible to a deception such as this, having been raised in a doctrine which taught you about saints and praying to saints. You are especially susceptible to this. You may need an elder to pray for you and break those potentials within you. They are there, whether you see them or not. They need to be confessed as sin and renounced. It is the worship of other gods.


Chapter 83, Verse 4, And then Jesus said, I am not thy master because thou has drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out. Well, what in the world does that mean? I will tell you what it means. This false Jesus is saying or is teaching that you have drank from the fountain of living waters, and not only will you thirst no more, but you don't even need me any more, and that is the doctrine in the church. We don't need Jesus any more, we are Christ. It is New Age, brethren, it is infiltrating through the Kingdom church. I pray that God anoint your ears to hear it and to recognize it when you hear it.


Yes, you are Christ Jesus in imperfection, you are still under governors and tutors, you have much to learn, you are still in submission to a five-fold ministry, you are still under judgment for sins that still remain in your own heart, and you very much need your big brother, the Lord Jesus Christ. The hidden message, it is unclear, it is subtle, it is a wicked spirit. You read this gospel, the spirit gets into your heart, and, all of a sudden, someone comes along and preaches this, and you get a witness in your heart, and you say, wow the spirit of truth just witnessed to the truth. No, brethren, the spirit of error just witnessed to the spirit of error.


The gospels must be compatible. Any contradiction that you find anywhere in this Bible, between any two Scriptures in this Bible, I believe with all my heart that if you ask the Lord He will show you how to reconcile those Scriptures. Either the translation is not accurate, your understanding is inaccurate, or there is a third Scripture that will add understanding to both of the two Scriptures that are at odds with one another that will reconcile them together. There is no division in Christ. This Bible is the perfect word of God in its original language. The spirit of this Bible is the perfect word of God. You cannot have a gospel that is at odds with basic teachings of the Bible. Something is wrong, and the truth is that if the spirit which wrote the document is Christ, it will be compatible with the Bible. Now, it may not be compatible with the false doctrine that's being preached out of the Bible.


Some people say I'm not compatible with the Bible, but the problem is that a false doctrine has been squeezed out of the English translation of this Scripture, but what I preach is compatible with the Greek and the Hebrew. It is compatible with the spirit of the word. There are some things being preached in the church today that they don't even have any Scriptures for it. Everything I preach, I have Scriptures for. I've merely chosen alternate translations of the existing Hebrew and Greek word. But the spirit in this Gospel of Thomas is not compatible, brethren. It is not compatible.


So Jesus says, You drank of the spring of living waters, you don't need me any more. You don't need me any more. A lie. I need Him. I'll tell you something, brethren, there is not a doubt in my mind that if I didn't have a big brother who was fully determined to get me through this treacherous journey that I'm traveling, I would never make it. And I tell you the truth, I would never make it. Why? My sight is only in part. My understanding is only in part. My comprehension, my hearing is only in part. Satan's too smart for me for the degree of maturity that I have attained to, to date. I know it because he almost got me last year, but Jesus saved me, and He forgave me. I wouldn't make it without Him. I have not "arrived."


"I am not thy master because thou has drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out." I have measured out....I thought Jesus had the spirit without measure. And He took him, Jesus is talking to Thomas. He withdrew, and He spoke three words to him. Now when Thomas came to his companions, they asked him, What did Jesus say to you, and Thomas said to them, If I tell you one of the words, if I tell you one word which He has said to me, you will take up stones and throw them at me, and fire will come from the stones and burn you up. I want to tell you that this is a "take off" on the ministry of the two witnesses. Let's look at that.


Revelation, Chapter 11, Verse 5 - And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouths and devoured their enemies, and if any man will hurt them, he must, in this manner, be killed. So, we find this false document saying that the man whose master is not Jesus has power to stone you with stones of fire. Well, you know, that is true. The man whose master is not Jesus has spiritual power, and he can wound, and he can hurt, but he cannot kill you if Jesus has raised you from the dead. He can wound you, he can hurt you, he can wound and hurt your carnal mind, and the more he wounds and hurts your carnal mind, the greater your opportunity to respond out of Christ, and the more you respond out of Christ, the more your carnal mind shall die, and the more Christ shall increase in you.


So you see, there is nothing Satan can do to hurt you. Had they only known, they would have never crucified the Lord of Glory. Fire away. Somebody has to kill your carnal mind. You must be crucified. It is a spiritual crucifixion. Your body does not have to die, but your carnal mind must die. It is filled with sin. The heart of man is desperately wicked, who could know it? I don't care how nice you look and pretty your dress is, the heart of fallen man is desperately wicked. And Jesus is using the wickedness of fallen men to help him kill your wicked heart because the death of your carnal mind is the resurrection of Christ in you. The death of the death within you, to be carnally minded is death, is the resurrection of the dead.


So, that should be an incentive not to retaliate when your enemies hate you and blaspheme you and lie about you and condemn you. Forgive them, and let Christ be raised from the dead in you because if you can't forgive them, your pride is saying, how dare you hate me, and how dare you lie about me. I say, lie away, let this old sin filled heart die already. How much longer is this going to drag on? I will tell you there are things that used to hurt me that I don't even feel. I've had people come right up and look me in the face and say, Sister Sheila, I hate you. I say, That's nice, let me pray for you. And I'm telling you the truth, I don't feel a thing.


Now there are some things that still hurt me. I'm not dead yet, but there are a lot of things that just can't touch me. People observing the incident are amazed. I'm dead in that area; therefore, my response is not sin; therefore, there is no reason for God to judge me; therefore, Christ increases in me. My carnal mind gets weaker, and I am one step closer to glory. Hate away. Hate away. Glory to God.


So Thomas continues to speak to the disciples, and Jesus said to them, If you fast, you will beget sin for yourselves. If you fast, you will beget sin for yourselves? Maybe God will give that to me as I preach. I know there are two aspects of fasting. The Pharisees said to Jesus, Why is it that your disciples do not fast? And Jesus said, There will be plenty of time to fast from food when the bridegroom is gone. The Pharisees were speaking about food. Jesus was not speaking about food. Jesus was speaking about himself. He was saying, There is no need for them to fast when I am with them, but when I go away, they will fast from me. They will experience an absence of ....


Brethren, the true fast is abstinence from the soul realm. We are supposed to be ascending into spirit. Now you don't go giving up anything as a religious work, but as the Lord translates you into spirit certain soulish pleasures will fall away as a matter of course. When Jesus went through the temptation, the Scripture says, He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, and He hungered. We did a word study, a usage study on that expression, and we found out that 40 days and 40 nights is a symbolic way of indicating a transition from one age to another. We found that Jesus was not fasting from food for those 40 days, for 40 literal days and 40 literal nights, but the Scripture was saying that this man, Jesus, who had just ascended unto perfection, unto the first stage of resurrection known as full stature, that He had fasted from soulish pleasures, not just food. But He had fasted from the soul realm that He might enter into a higher lifestyle, and when He hungered, what He hungered for was dominion over His soul.


Let me tell you something, brethren, if you want dominion over your soul, and the mind that dwells in your soul which is Satan through His carnal mind, there is no way you are going to get dominion over the mind of the flesh while you are receiving gifts from that mind. If you can hear it, hear it. The giver of gifts has dominion over the receiver of the gift. The greater gives the gift. The lesser receives the gift. In any relationship, the giver of the gift is male, and the receiver of the gift is female. If you are receiving benefits from the carnal mind, you will never climb on top of her, least of all tread her under your feet and make her ashes there at.


The only way you will force Satan down under your rightful authority, in Christ you have a rightful authority over her, is as the Lord leads you. Please don't get into any religious works. As the Lord leads you, you deny her suggestions, you deny her mind, you deny her evil, you deny her pride, you deny her envy, you deny the criminal tendencies she tells you it is OK to do. And you petition the Lord Jesus Christ to have your need met by the power which is in the Kingdom of God.


Let me say it again, there is only way you shall free yourself from the crippling dominion the carnal mind has over you, and that is to refuse her gifts. Now, you don't refuse some life sustaining need until the Lord Jesus Christ has made it very clear to you that He is now mature enough in your life to provide that need. Walk slowly, brethren. I'm giving you a goal, I'm showing you a principle. Your ultimate goal is to need nothing of the harlot, and to take nothing of the harlot, and in that hour that you are taking nothing from the her, and that you need nothing from her because Christ is meeting your every need, in that hour, by the power of Christ which has been given to you, you shall slay her, and she shall lose her power to torment you. She shall lose her power to kill you, and you shall ascend into the beginning stages of everlasting life.


Now, in whatever, or to what ever measure Christ has brought you in this battle, to what ever measure you are resisting your carnal mind for righteousness sake, there can be no compromise. Count the cost, brethren. Make sure Christ is telling you that it is time to take that step, its time to give up lying in this area, its time to give up earning your money in this area. Wait for your personal instruction from God, and then believe that He will meet your need, and He will unless you jump the gun and run ahead of Him, and it was never Him, but, even then, He will get your back on the track. You will never take dominion over your benefactor, you will never take dominion over the one who is male to you. He's too strong.


Jesus said to them, If you fast, you will beget sin for yourselves. Well, this is some kind of perversion here. Would you turn with me please to the Book of James. James, Chapter 1, Verse 15 - Then, when lust has conceived , it brings forth sin, and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death. This is the only Scripture that I know of that speaks about spiritual conception, aside from, of course, the conception of the Son which is known as the spirit of adoption, the engrafted word.


So, we see this gospel saying, If you fast from the soulish pleasure, if you break the carnal mind's hold on you, you will beget sin in yourself. This is very hidden, but that's what it is saying. If you do what needs to be done to rise above your captor, you will bring forth sin in yourself. It is just an outright lie because we found out in James that, that which brings forth sin in us is lust. Right? Isn't that what it says? But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed, Verse 15, then when that lust has conceived, it brings forth sin. So your lust brings forth sin, brethren, but fasting from your lust, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, lust of life, lust for possessions, lust for everything, lust is everywhere in this world, lust for your son, lust for daughter, lust for your wife, lust for your mother's cooking, lust, lust, lust, lust, we want, we want, we want, never satisfied. Lust brings forth sin. How can fasting bring forth sin? Fasting from the lusts of this world system brings forth Christ in you, brethren. This is just an outright lie, an outright reversal. Can you see it?


And if you pray, you will be condemned. Now I don't know if you have heard it here, have you heard it here in Lagos that there are some people teaching that you shouldn't pray? Has that one gotten here, that you shouldn't pray? That's what some people are preaching, that you shouldn't pray. I don't even know that I will repeat their reasons that you shouldn't pray. The counsel of this doctrine is that you should sit silently in undirected meditation which is Hindu, in case you are not familiar with it, open yourself to the spirit realm, and receive instructions from your master, Satan. He will direct you into all lies and death and destruction and corruption. They are preaching it. They are calling themselves Christians. I guess they believe they are Christians. I did a whole series just like this on a pamphlet teaching, among other things, not to pray. The name of their ministry is Christian. I never met the people, I'm sure the guy is very nice, I'm sure he would smile at me, and he would offer me food to eat. Don't let this get you mad at anybody unless it is a righteous anger.


How would you ever know the truth if you didn't see a lie to contrast against it. I'm sorry for you, but thank you for the lie, look at the opportunity it is giving me. I'm sorry that you are the vessel of dishonor. "If you pray you will be condemned, and if you give alms you will do evil to your spirits." "If you give alms you will do evil to your spirits," I don't know what that means. I must be missing something there.


For your information, Luke 21:36 says that you should pray always. Direct contradiction. I have another comment for you here also. On this concept of begetting sin, if you fast you will beget sin, that's a play of words. The word "beget" is only used of the male. Satan cannot beget anything. She can only cause females to be conceived. So this again is Satan taking the role of the father. Only a father begets. A mother does not beget. A mother conceives. Satan, you are the mother. You are the soul. You are not the father, you've got to stop acting like a man, you are a woman. This is what we are up against. We found it in the Scripture too, you know. Want me to show you the Scripture? Let me show it to you in the Scripture. It is in the Old Testament. Do you have those translations that I gave you yesterday? Did you bring it back with you?


It is in Isaiah, Chapter 66. This is our Alternate Translation. Verse 1- Who is this one who is separated from his unrighteous, violent, and treacherous sin stained wife which is his flesh, this soul that he made. That woman who was pregnant because of the beast which is dwelling within the multitude of the human beings which he has generated and has had sexual intercourse with her. It is I, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is saving the living soul from death by rearranging or arranging her many members in the correct moral order. You see, when we got involved with the Serpent we fell out of the correct moral order, and we are appearing in this world system as a treacherous being, stained with sin, and we are still the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are pregnant because of the beast, and that beast is dwelling in a multitude of human beings.


Verse 2 - And why is Adam, the treacherous wife that you have been intimate with, appearing in this world system as a man? Because I am the only human being, Jesus speaking, which has brought his Adamic soul into submission to the Father by overcoming her military strength, and each and everyone of the people which are my companions is nothing in comparison to me. That means the rest of humanity, you and me, we can't do what He did. He is the only one. Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was Christ, Jesus who was Christ, is the only human being ever born into this world system strong enough to bring his Adamic soul into submission to the Father by overcoming her military strength. Please note the word "military." This is no ball game.


Verse 3 - Therefore, because of my passion for my treacherous wife, He loves us, you see, we are deadly, but He loves us anyway, I shall penetrate her and impregnate her with Christ. In our mind, He's impregnating us with Christ. This is because He loves us so much. And He shall oppress the many members of the living soul and lead them forth and purify them in the Lake of Fire, which is Christ.


Verse 4 - And when the church is ready to be penetrated by Christ in our mind, He shall separate her from Satan and she shall enter into the Kingdom, and the many members of the living soul shall be redeemed from spiritual death and from this world system which is hell, and the many members of the living soul, that's us, we shall be glorious and priestly. And if you would like to know how I got that translation, you can listen to Tape #78, Part 11. We looked up every word in the Hebrew, and every translation that I have there is found in the Hebrew lexicon as an Alternate Translation to the word "chosen" by the King James translators.


We are God's wife, brethren. We are adulterers, we are corrupt, we need to repent, we are not God, we are His flesh until He is joined to us. Then we are glorious and we are priestly.


So, if you give alms, you will do evil. I really can't at the moment see the perversion behind that, to do evil to your spirit. The only thing I can see there is that if you don't give alms, I believe you really cannot go on into the Kingdom. You must give so that you could receive. You cannot hold everything unto yourself. You must freely give that you would freely receive. If you hoard unto yourself, you close off the Kingdom of God unto you. You stop it up like a fountain. You must have bowels of mercy, brethren. This doesn't mean you let someone make a fool out of you. You must discern who has a genuine need, who is trying to take advantage of you, and who, although they might be a serious person, is immature, and continuously asking you for things because their immaturity is not directing them in the right place. Then, you show them the love of God by saying "no" and directing them, correcting their wrong thinking. Anyone who is in a position to give anything, money, counsel, wisdom, anything, you have been given authority in that area by Christ.


Listen brethren, if you are a man in this world system, no matter how young you are in the Scriptures, if you are a successful business man you have not become a successful business man by breaking every financial law in the Scripture. You must be doing something right. You must know something about business, you must know something about money, you have managed your money to the point of success, you must know something. That means that you are in a position to minister righteous judgment to some young Christian who may be misguided in that area. You are in a position to help them if it is a genuine need or to correct them if they are in financial trouble because of wrong thinking. Any blessing that you have in life, you have authority in that area to help others that don't have it. If you have it and they don't, there must be a reason why you have it, and they don't.


Let's go on. I don't have any more notes so we will just huff it. L et's see what the Lord gives me. If you give alms, you will do evil to your spirits, and if you go into any land and wander in the regions, if they receive you, eat what they set before you, heal the sick among them, for what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth, that is what will defile you.


Jesus said, When you see him who was not born of a woman, the one who was not born of a woman, prostrate yourselves upon your face and adore him. Who is not born of a woman? How about all of these aliens appearing in the earth? I have been saying for a long time that they are demons, they are coming right out of the mind of man. This is my opinion, you don't have to agree with me. They are coming right out of the mind of a man who has a rich witchcraft heritage. The man most often doesn't know what's happening. The consciousness of the man, or the personality as we know him, is a host for a spiritually mature carnal mind who has the power because of family line curses and sin on the background to over ride this man's will and consciousness, vibrate out of his mind and take form in this world.


See, Satan knows that Christ is about to appear in the many members of humanity, and He's going to appear in righteousness, and every man in whom He doesn't appear is going to live out his lifetime and die off, and that, eventually, every human being appearing on the earth will be a full expression of the righteousness of Christ. Satan is busy, very busy, trying to figure out a way to appear without these bodies, you see, because he is losing them.


You read these stories about aliens, you get them here in Nigeria? You don't? Oh, we are having all kinds of fun in the United States. People are being abducted by aliens. We have heard stories for years about aliens appearing, reports from all over the United States, and some of the victims draw pictures of the aliens, and they always look basically the same. They have large heads with no hair, big almond shaped eyes, very large pupils, and skinny little bodies. Is that a good description? They are short. You haven't heard about this? Well, they come in ships, and their ships are called UFO's, unidentified flying objects.


So, where ever these little men appear, they seem to look the same, and they seem to almost always do the same thing. They kidnap human beings, and they do medical experiments on them. And the medical experiments that they are doing on them just about always have to do with the reproductive forces of the people. This has been going on for years. Now we find out that people who have been abducted are experiencing multiple abductions. Now, had it happened to my neighbor, John, the alien doesn't come back for Joe. He comes back to John. He likes John, and some people have been abducted 10 and 15 times. I was saying years ago that these are demons coming right out of their own mind.


Now, the intellects of our society, we now have a psychiatrist out of Harvard saying, This is really happening. That now makes it legitimate because the psychiatrist from Harvard said, It is really happening, I've interviewed these people, and it is really happening, and not only is it really happening, but it is generational. Now how would we say that? It is a curse. It is happening to the grandmother, it is happening to the mother, and it is happening to the daughter. I'm making "light" of it, but this isn't funny. I'm making it funny because it is very heavy, so you have to laugh at it.


They are coming right out of the person's mind. A demon is a thought, brethren. A demon is a thought, and a manifested demon is a thought that has taken form. Brethren, what do you think we are? We are a thought which has taken form. We were a thought in the mind of God. God had an imagination. Martin Luther King said, I have a dream, I have a dream. God had a dream of an imaginary creature, and the way you say "imaginary creature" in Hebrew is "cherub." Lucifer, the anointed cherub, who covered the throne of God. Righteous Adam, the light bearer, the host in which the anointing dwelled. His righteous mind died.


So, these demons, they are thoughts that have come forth from a mind with a strong enough spiritual authority to manifest themselves in a solid form. Now why would they abduct one person and not another person? They have to have a legal ground to abduct you, and their legal ground is that they have come out of your mind. It is like saying your heart, one day, rose up and was strong enough to take you captive. This is what's coming upon the world. God has shown it to me as clearly as He could. Human beings whose carnal mind matures to such a degree in evil that, that evil will do what ever it wants through the host person, despite their opposition. This is what's coming, and, in the same manner, we see Christ arising, possessing His possession, taking men in this hour without their consent. He forgot how to be a gentlemen.


You know how the Scripture describe us, brethren? The Scripture describes the nations, the many members of humanity, He describes us as herds of cattle. In comparison unto God, we are as the herds elephants were to the men who lived in the area and captured the herds and took their tusks and sold them for ivory. He takes of His herds whoever He chooses, and God rides horseback. We are the horses, and He doesn't get on our physical back. He gets inside of us, and He rides us from an internalized position. We read in the Scripture, And He took of His herds and flocks whomsoever He would, and He sacrificed them. Whoever the Lord Jesus Christ takes unto Himself, He sacrifices unto the Father. How? He kills their carnal mind, and that man becomes a full expression of righteousness.


Game's over. Mankind is going one way or the other. This immaturity, this childishness, is at an end, and for the thousands and millions and billions of human beings who have not heard this message or who have heard it and rejected it, it is going to happen to you anyway, and I declare unto you that the Lord Jesus Christ said, If you are not for me, you are against me. If you are not fighting with all of your strength to mature in the direction of righteousness, where shall you wind up? You shall be in Satan's harem. If you do nothing, you default to evil. Why is that? Because the carnal mind already owes you. You have to fight a war to be delivered from him and become a subject of your new king, the Lord Jesus Christ.


So, just to finish out the thought, we now have self-help groups in the United States for people who have been victims of multiple kidnapings by aliens, they are traumatized, they are shattered, their manhood is gone, they can't function, they can't think, sometimes they stutter, they are fearful, they never know when it is coming again. They did a movie on it, a TV movie on it, and the TV movie was based on the lives of real people. One woman was a nominal Christian, and they showed you clearly in the movie that she sat down to dinner with her husband and her children, and he named the name of Jesus Christ. He said, Lord Jesus, protect my family. The woman got up from the table, walked down the hall, and the alien was waiting for her, and he took her.


No intellectual knowledge will save you, no verbal formation of the name will save you. Only the spiritual reality of the Son of God, growing in and attached to your soul, will save you in your day of calamity. So, if you want to fool with something like this, your choice. There is no time to fool. This is Satan's doctrine.


We are supposed to be stopping at 6:00 today, why don't I just stop here, and I'll answer any questions. Are there any questions? Would you mind coming up here and using the microphone?


COMMENT: What I want to say is, I'm not sure, you can correct me if I'm wrong. About the coming of Christ, the sound of the trumpets, and all the hosts, and that stuff, the sound of trumpets is what I'm interested in. I want to understand what the sound of the trumpets and the coming of the hosts and whatever, I don't know.


PASTOR VITALE: The sounding of the trumpet is pretty universally accepted in the Kingdom church as symbolizing a doctrine, and I want to suggest to you that what I'm preaching, this Doctrine of Christ, a trumpet is a warning. In the Scripture, every time the enemy was coming, the Israelites would blow the ram's horn, sound the trumpet. It was a warning, it was also a call to arms, it was also....do you have a trumpet in the Nigerian Army? Do they use a trumpet? OK. So it is still a sound that gathers the troops. Depending on the tune that's blown through it, it is either a gathering of the troops or arising from sleep or a command to attack. Is that correct? OK.


So, a trumpet symbolizes all these things in the Scripture, and there is a war going on here. It is a spiritual war, and the spiritual trumpet is education. It is understanding, because people don't know there is a war. So, this message that I am preaching is the trumpet. Get ready for the war because right now the trumpet that's sounding is saying, get ready. But very soon, the blast of the trumpet will change. Well, the blast or charge is already on. You are supposed to be attacking your carnal mind, and the blast will continue to change as we follow Christ, and He will lead us up into full stature. So that is what the trumpet is. It is a spiritual military signal to encourage us and instruct us as to how to wage this war against our carnal mind.


The host that He is coming with, are you referring to the Book of Revelations where it says He is coming with thousands of His saints? Jesus Christ in this hour is a spirit. He is a spirit man, and a drop of Him is abiding in everybody's heart. So, to say that He's coming with ten thousands of His saints, it is a symbolic way of saying that He is one spirit man that will be appearing in many human beings. That's what it means.


That same Scripture says that He's coming in the clouds which means, don't expect to see Him walk through the door. He's coming in the realm of the spirit. That's what it means. Clouds typify the realm of the spirit. Jesus said, if they say He is in the desert, don't go look in the desert. His coming is going to be as obvious to you as the rising of the sun in the east and the setting of the sun in the west. Why? Because He is going to be in your own mind. His glory will be in your mind. Don't accept anything less than that, than His glory in your mind. Hallelujah. Anybody else?


COMMENT: In the course of your message, you refer to Paul as a man out of season. I don't understand.


PASTOR VITALE: Paul experienced the first stage of the resurrection called full stature before the time that God's plan says that this experience is available to men. And the reason he was allowed to experience it....well, this is the time, this is the season, at any moment, we are going to see it. There is not a doubt in my mind we are doing to see it. I hope everybody here experiences it. We are going to see men begin to ascend into perfection. Now is the time. Two thousand years ago was not the time, but Paul was allowed to experience it for the purpose of bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ that we, two thousand years later, who need this doctrine to ascend, would have it. Did I answer your question? OK.


COMMENT: I have two questions to ask. First.... (comments not clear). Second, the Bible says that Enoch walked with God, and was not for God took him, what actually happened. Did he attain perfection?


PASTOR VITALE: As far as the other apocryphal books go, I would have to take it a book at a time. I would have to read the book and give you my opinion of each individual book. Anytime I have ever looked at an apocryphal book, however, and I've just glanced through several of them, I have had the same reaction that I've had to this. The Lord has let my eye fall upon something that I just knew it was an unGodly spirit. I've seen a lot of bloodiness in it. My eyes have just fallen upon a few. I can't even give you the names, but I've seen bloody sacrifice. See, we know the Old Testament talks about blood and sacrifice. The New Testament speaks about the blood of Jesus. I'm not offended by it because it is in the context of the Scripture, but the apocryphal books that I have read, the word in my spirit was "this discussion of blood is not to glorify God, but to satisfy some kind of blood lust in the person reading the book." Am I making any sense to you?


So anytime I've ever looked at a apocryphal book, I've got a negative reaction. However, there may exist one somewhere that is legitimate that I have not seen. So, we have to just walk with God, keep praying all the time. If there is something He wants you to look at, look at it. If you don't have the skills, if you feel you don't have the skills, stay away from it, but don't be afraid. If you want to investigate, investigate. OK, did I answer that question?


Enoch walked with God, and Enoch was not. Now some preachers in the carnal church will tell you that Enoch was raptured, but, of course, most of us here, I believe, do not believe in a physical rapture. So, some Kingdom preachers will not tell you "well Enoch must have attained to perfection," but my Bible says, the first man to attain to perfection, the first of the begotten, from the first to be begotten out from among the dead ones, the first one is the Lord Jesus Christ. That means this could not have happened to Enoch. He could not have ascended unto perfection because Jesus Christ was the first one to escape from death. So, what I suggest to you happened, is that in those days before the flood the descendants of Seth, and Enoch was a descendant of Seth. Seth, you may recall was a righteous seed that God gave to Eve, and her descendant, Seth, had a relationship with the Father.


I suggest to you that a form of the Mind of Christ was formed in that man because, you see, the only way that you can have a relationship with the Father is to have His Christ mind formed in you. The only mediator between God and man is the man, Christ Jesus. So, when God wants to speak to a fallen man, He sends His spirit to join with the man's spirit, and a temporary formation of the Mind of Christ is formed. This is how all the books of the prophets were written, with a temporary formation of the Mind of Christ, and as soon as the purpose of the Lord was accomplished....what is that? That the prophetic book was written, that mind dissolves. It did not go on permanently as it did in Jesus of Nazareth.


So, I believe Enoch had a relationship with Jehovah, and that a temporary manifestation of the Mind of Christ was formed in him. Now, it was not a formation of the Mind of Christ that would permit him to enter into perfection. It was a different....just like you have different kinds of yams here, it was a different strain. It had the ability to allow communication between man and the Father, but it was not constructed in the necessary pattern to allow perfection. You following me? OK.


So, Enoch had an opportunity to live out of his carnal mind or to live out of his Christ mind. He was a double-minded man, and Enoch loved God so much that all he could think about was God, and he forgot about his soulish pleasures, and he pursued God, and he pursued God, and he pursued God to such a degree that his carnal mind just shriveled up and became atrophied. It was useless, and the personality known as Enoch ceased to be because Christ was so preeminent in him that Christ was all that could be seen in him. And Enoch walked with God, he was in agreement with God to such an intense degree.


COMMENT: (Some comments unclear) It is time for the world to know that the Bible is a spiritual book, and we have gone to church and we listen to it physical. The Lord has blessed me by knowing you, I am very, very grateful.


PASTOR VITALE: God bless you. May you go all the way.


COMMENT: In addition to the question my brother asked about Enoch, I want to know what happened to people like Elijah, like those who were taken up by chariots of fire, then Moses too. Nobody really knew what happened to him, whether he actually died. The Book of Jude talks about the devil contending for the body of Moses so can you give an explanation on that?


PASTOR VITALE: As I said earlier, Jesus Christ is the first man to be delivered out of hell. So as with Enoch, I believe that Elijah could not have ascended up into a glorified state whereby he would disappear from this world system, visibly disappear from this world system as Jesus did, and I believe that the ministry of Elijah, as with Moses, was so great that the Lord felt that if he let Israel or the world observe the natural death of these men that the world would make idols out of them. And we have an example of that. Have you read that the brazen Serpent which Moses raised in the wilderness that saved the Hebrew children or many of them from the plague, that ultimately it was worship. Did you read about that further on in the Bible? Israel made an idol out of it. Israel's heart was idolatrous. The church's carnal heart is idolatrous. Fallen man is idolatrous. So I am of the opinion that those two men did cease to exist, and that the host, physical bodies, that their spiritual life dwelt in went the way of all flesh, but the Lord refused to, in any way, open the possibility of idolatry. That's my opinion.


With regard to the Book of Jude, that's a very interesting Book. I have a whole tape on it that sister xxxx has. I'll talk to you about it, if you would like to know the number of the tape. Before I leave, I will get it for you. It is one of the early tapes. I believe that this account indicates that Moses had a formation of the Mind of Christ just as I described that I believe Enoch had. It was a Mind of Christ which was not constructed in the required manner which would have enabled the man to ascend to full stature, but it was a vehicle by which the mind of God was expressed through that man, Moses.


Moses, being born of a woman also had a carnal mind. He was a double-minded man, and there was a war going on in this man, in this host vessel, which mind would rule through the man Moses. Now you are saying to me, But Sister Sheila the Scripture says they were fighting over his body. Well, you look that Greek word up in a concordance if you can get one or if you have one, and you will see that there is one Greek word for "dead body" and another Greek word for "live body," and the Greek word used in that account is, without any way to get away from it, "live body."


So, Satan the devil, was fighting with the Mind of Christ which the Scripture says is Michael, it says Michael in the Scripture, isn't that correct? OK. That's another teaching. I will comment on that, but right now I want to suggest to you that Michael typifies the Mind of Christ, just for this segment of the discussion, and that, that account in the Book of Jude is speaking about the struggle that everyone of us is going through today. It was not common for men in the hour that Moses lived, it was a rare man that has that experience.


I believe Elijah was a double-minded man. I believe David was a double-minded man. There is even a Scripture that says, I think it was Saul who had two hearts, or Saul received a new heart, something like that. Saul had two minds for a season until he lost the Mind of Christ, but, in this hour, this opportunity to have the Mind of Christ formed in us is available to all men. I believe the Book of Jude is in the Scripture as an example for all of us of the war which we are in. We are in this death struggle. Which mind will rule us? Which mind will think through us? Which mind will speak through us? Which mind will do through us? Only one mind can survive this battle. Did I answer your question?


I always ask people that because when I first started preaching, I would listen to some of my tapes, and I find out that I talk so much that I didn't answer their question.


If you are interested in why I think that Michael typifies the Mind of Christ, Michael being an angel, we will comment on that. I believe that the term "angel" is referring to the spiritual man. I believe there are Scriptures that speak about, for example, Peter's angel. When Peter was freed from jail, and he went knocking on the door where the disciples were, the servant girl that answered the door got so excited when she saw him, she left him standing at the door, and she went running inside and said, It is Peter, it must be his angel, it must be his angel. It must be his spiritual man. I believe that Christ is an angel. He's the angel of God, and when Christ appears in the flesh of a man, he's a son, and when he appears without the flesh of a man, he's an angel.


I believe that there is one spirit of God, but there are many administrations of that spirit. You may have heard me say this before, when the Lord is speaking, trying to make one point He's the Spirit of Truth, if He's in another function He's the Spirit of Christ, He's the Spirit of Righteousness, He's the Spirit of Holiness. Depending on what He's doing, His name describes His activity, and, in a similar manner, we see the Angel of God when He's operating in a warfare taking the name, Michael. He appears in the New Testament in Revelation, Chapter 12, waging war against Satan and Satan's angels. And who are Satan's angels? The carnal minds of men.


I believe that the Angel of the Lord, when He comes as a messenger, takes the name of Gabriel. You don't have to believe it. It is OK. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I want to ask questions about the (comment unclear). I only know of two books that are not included in the Bible, that the Bible makes reference to, and that is the book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch, and there is a place in Judges that said that somebody taught Israel to use the knowledge in the Book of Jasher. Then in the Book of Jude, the Bible talks about (comments unclear). So far, from what we have seen in Scripture (comments unclear). I had the opportunity to read the Book of Jasher sometime ago, and to me, it was more or less like a story book, but there are portions very similar to the account of Genesis and all the account of the children of Israel. There was no doctrine coming out of it, per se, but like making reference on other stuff. I don't know if this would be the right will for looking at that, and the Book of Enoch too, I had an opportunity to read a version of it, and it talks a lot about judgment, the last days, and what God is going to do, and about our days (comments unclear). I would like to have the tapes on the Book of Enoch to have the views about them.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, perhaps the Lord will let us make some comments on the Book of Jasher before I leave Nigeria. I had no idea that I would be preaching on this these last couple of days, but this Gospel of Thomas came into my hands at the same time as the Book of Jasher which I have not looked over yet. If the Lord lets me, and I think there is a good chance He will since this seems to be the issue of the hour, maybe we will do at least one or so messages on that. If He permits me to, I will. Do you have a copy of the Book of Enoch? Well if you would like to bring it in for me, I will take a look at it, and I will see if the Lord lets me comment on it. Anybody else before we leave?


COMMENT: You said something about Jesus Christ being our angel, and in the Book of Hebrew it says, which of the angels did the Lord say (comments unclear). Don't you think it is a contradiction of Jesus Christ being an angel or what do you think?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't think, but definitely will check it out and, hopefully, if I have time I will look at that Scripture in the Greek tomorrow, and I will see what the Lord tells me about it. Good question. Let me just say one thing. When I was here last year, somebody, and I think it was even you, asked me a question about Romans 8:20 and 8:21 because it sounded like it was contradicting something I was saying, and it turned into a whole series on Romans 8. It was wonderful.


COMMENT: I want to comment on what you were saying about Jesus Christ being an angel. (Comments unclear). Jesus Christ is a completely different person. He was a man. But Christ is a spirit of the Father, and that's what I want to really get straightened out about. That Christ is completely different from Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus was a man, but Christ is the spirit of the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: That's true. Did you think that I was saying that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is an angel? No. He's been listening to my tapes, you see. I have a whole series on that. It is called... See I know which tapes he has been listening to. It is called The Christ. I think it is Tape #186, about 10 parts to it. The basic teaching on that tape is a very important teaching. It is that Jesus was a man born of a woman like you, but the mind of God was born in Him, and that the Son of God is Christ. Not Jesus of Nazareth, but Christ, the Son of the Living God.


God is spirit, and His Son is spirit, and when the Son of God joins with the spirit of man, they have an offspring, and that offspring is a mind, and when the Mind of Christ dwells in a man with such power that He totally rules the carnal mind in every aspect of that man's life, then that man has the right to take the name Christ, just as a woman takes her husband's name. When the union between the Mind of Christ and the man is so complete that the Mind of Christ is the only mind thinking through him and acting through him, then that man can say he is Christ. And that's what happened to Jesus of Nazareth.


But the Christ, the Son of the Living God, existed before Jesus was ever born. You see, this is a mystery that enraged the Pharisees. Jesus said to them, Before Abraham was, I Am, and they were so mad that they tried to kill Him. They said, What kind of double talk is this? We were around when you were born. And He was saying to them, I'm not talking about this dirty, dirty flesh. It is made out of dirt. I'm talking about my true reality. I am spirit, and the spirit that is speaking to you through this cover, through this garment, existed before the man, Abraham, was. Because I'm not a man, I'm spirit, living inside of a human garment; therefore, I can tell you that I was with the Father for all of eternity. Did you understand what I just said?


So, that is true. I guess I didn't fully comprehend your question. I do get tired about this time. I've been teaching for about six hours. Does that satisfy your question? OK.


When I said that Gabriel and Michael are angels, I'm speaking about the spiritual man, Christ. We are told that Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus, is the only mediator between God and man. Christ Jesus is a spiritual man. He's a many-membered spiritual man, and He's in all of our minds. OK. So I don't have to look that verse up? OK. Anybody else? OK, brethren, I think we will call it quits. I'll see you back at 6:00 tomorrow night. Hope to see you. God has great things for us. God bless you all. 




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