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To date there hasn't been much spirituality in the Christian church. This is a sad reality. We find people who are born with a spiritual hunger frequently being seduced into occult organizations and that's what happened to me. When I first came to the Lord, I was deceived. I think every witch in my geographical area was out looking for me. I had some harrowing experiences because I thought they were Christian and I found out that they weren't. So we see in this hour that the more spiritual a person is and the more spiritual hunger that they have, the more likely they are to be seduced, as young Christians, into spiritual organizations. Where I come from in the United States, many of us didn't know that spiritual was not necessarily different from Christian. You may know that here, but we didn't know that. Many of us didn't know that in the United States. But everything that feels spiritual is not God. On the contrary, more likely if it feels spiritual, it's not God. So large parts of the Christian church today is not spiritual at all. The spiritual aspects of the Christian church today usually only go as far as Pentecost. We speak in tongues. We prophesy. Brethren, this is spiritual kindergarten and I'm not in any way criticizing the church, but what I'm trying to tell you is that according to the Lord's plan, the Christian church is moving into spirituality very slowly. The Lord is moving us into spirituality so slowly that most of the church and most of the world doesn't even comprehend that Christianity is a spiritual religion. Christianity is a spiritual religion.


The end of your discipleship in Christianity is suppose to be a man who is walking in the fullness of the greatest potential for spiritual authority that is available to man. That means dominion over this world and every aspect of it as God outlined it in Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis. And God said, let us create man in our image and let him have dominion. So we see in the church today, brethren, not even kindergarten, but preschool spirituality and we see a hungry people desiring to go on. We see very limited instruction and the information that the Lord is channeling into the church today about spiritual matters is little and far between and hidden and there are all kinds of forces, not only without the church but within the church, trying to keep us from the spiritual truth of God's word. The spiritual truth of God's word has the power to convert us from a carnal man with intellectual knowledge into a spiritual man who has the ability in righteousness to exercise dominion over first of all, his own life, second of all, the life of his family and third of all, the life of everyone that God sends him to for education, for righteous judgment and for protection of the innocent and the abused of this world system. Brethren, the body of Christ is the highest appeals court in the world. It's higher than your highest court in Nigeria. It's higher than the highest court that the world could erect, whether it be the United Nations, which isn't very high or anyone else that they might raise up. The body of Christ, the truly functioning body of Christ is the highest appeals court in the universe and we are called to partake of it, to participate in it and in fact, to be the vessels through which Christ shall minister the justice and the judgment which will bring righteousness to all of the earth.


But there is no way we shall enter into our inheritance with unrighteousness reigning in our hearts. So there is a procedure that we must go through which will cleanse us of our sins, a true spiritual cleansing, not lip service, not an intellectual knowledge. This doesn't happen after your body dies and you go to heaven. It's happening here in the earth and you need to know about it and Jesus wants you to know about it. But we have some problems. Satan does not want you to know about it. He was here with his twisted doctrine of spiritual principles, several thousand years before the Lord actually started to bring forth the Doctrine of Christ. Now I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, I don't believe that this hidden manna has appeared in the earth before this day. Now it may be coming forth in other parts of the world. I really don't know, but I don't believe that it has been available in the measure of understanding that it is available today. I believe the Doctrine of Christ has been available in the form that the prophesies of the Hebrew prophets have been available. It's been written down in symbolic words in parable form, but it has not been unlocked. We have not known what it meant and it's coming forth today and it's coming forth simultaneously with Satan's version of it. As I told those of you who were here yesterday to hear this, the only reason I'm so smart is that the Lord gave me the truth before I ever saw the error. Now of recent date, one of the things that the Lord is having me do is critically review several documents that the Lord has witnessed to me have come out of the Satanic mind.


Now let me just take a minute to talk to you about that. I don't want you to misunderstand me in any way. There are human beings dispensing this literature. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that they're ignorant, that they don't know that they're being used. But I do believe that they're being used; to do what? To distribute Satan's literature. These documents are so very subtle with regard to their altering of the truth of the Scripture. I personally find it hard to believe that any one man or any group of men would sit down and spend days and months and years of their life trying to figure out a duplicate gospel just to snare people. I really can't believe it. What I do believe is happening is that the various doctrines which are coming forth today and there are several of them, that they're coming forth out of the unconscious minds of men. One doctrine we mentioned yesterday is coming forth in the Christian church under the title of Kingdom Ministry. I'm not telling you that these people are not Christians, but what I am telling you is that there is false doctrine in the church. For example, they're saying, stop praying, just meditate, enter into Hindu type silent meditation, although they don't use the word Hindu. They say get in touch with your true self or with the god who is within you. I believe somewhere along the line, one or more men have done such a thing and that they have come in touch with the god within them and that he channeled these doctrines and these books through them. Their god spoke and they wrote. I don't think that they knew what they were writing anymore than the Hebrew prophets knew what they were writing.


I think that the average person dispensing this literature in this day, especially those that call themselves Christians really don't have this understanding and one of my greatest hopes is that they may hear some of my teaching and perhaps agree with me and turn around. Now we do have people in the world today involved in the New Age Movement and actual practicing witches that may very well know the truth about this. But they're really not out there pushing themselves as Christians, most of the time. So that's where we stand. This will be the third night that we're going through a book called The Gospel According To Thomas and we're critically examining the words. We're not against any man, but we want to know the truth about what spirit wrote this book. We're comparing it to the Scripture and we're comparing it to the doctrine that the Lord has given me, which I believe is the Doctrine of Christ, which sounds very much like this gnostic doctrine except they've got it backwards. Where it should be Jesus, they're telling you something that is an alias for Satan. Satan has aliases. He knows that most people wouldn't worship him if he said, this is Satan speaking, fall down and prostrate yourself and worship me. Most people won't do it, so he takes on aliases. He passes himself off as St. Thomas. He passes himself off as Mary. He passes himself off as the mermaid like the statue of your mermaid downtown. He is subtle. He has no morals and he is desperately seeking worship.


So we will continue. When I say critical study, I don't mean I'm criticizing any man. I'm doing what all kinds of scholars do. They want to find out if a scientific paper is valid and they critically study it. They read it with an honest open heart, but they read it looking for mistakes and that's what we're doing here. We're not pointing the finger at anybody. I don't know about you, but if God lets me arise into perfection, I want to enter in and I want the truth. So let us continue. For those of you who might have this book at home, The Gospel of Thomas, we are in Chapter 83 verses 28 to 30. Let me review this point for you. Throughout this whole book, the name Jesus is used. I have never seen Jesus the Christ. I have never seen the Christ. I've never seen the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus (another Jesus) is one of the aliases that Satan takes. Now Jesus was a natural man. He was born of a woman. Many people get snared over that. The Scripture says, Mary, the mother of Jesus. Then we find a large denomination changing it and saying Mary, the Mother of God. The Bible doesn't say the Mother of God. This is the typical way that agnostic teaching works. It changes one word or it leaves it out or it adds it in or it reverses it. If your ear isn't trained, you think you're hearing the same sentence, but you're not. When you receive the lie, you receive the spirit of the lie.


Mary is the mother of the man, the human baby boy, Jesus, but she's not the mother of God because God was in Jesus when that baby boy was born. But that flesh, that fallen flesh, was not God. That holy thing, that logos, was born in a human host, sinful flesh, but it wasn't corrupted by that flesh. In due season, not only was that holy thing not corrupted by the sinful flesh, but it purified the sinful flesh and when that holy thing purified the sinful flesh, the man or that little baby boy, who was born with sinful flesh, could change His name from Jesus the natural man unto Jesus the Christ. So all we read about in this gospel is Jesus, the natural man. I suggest to you the reason for that is that the underlining teaching here, if you read between the lines, is that we do not need a Savior. We do not need the Lord Jesus. Every man born is capable of evolving into godhood as a result of evolution. You don't need anything added to you. You don't need your righteousness added to you. You don't need Jesus. You are your own Savior. See, these doctrines vary from place to place. What they're saying is if you just believe it, you'll enter into it. Just believe it and it'll happen to you. It's a lie. If you continue to just believe it, what's going to happen to you? Satan is going to happen to you. I'll show it to you right now in these next few verses.


These teachings are instructions on how to get in touch with and how to be joined to Satan. That's what they are. You're being lied to. There's nothing telling you on the surface or in the introduction that it's a handbook on how to get in touch with Satan. Now there are some books like that in the area of New York where I come from. It's called Long Island and more specifically, Port Jefferson. We have heavy duty witchcraft. I'm told that Port Jefferson, Long Island, is one of the heaviest centers of witchcraft activity in the United States. I live in a very small town and some people are practicing witches and have opened up the third occult store in our area. They brazenly and boldly sell books which teach you how to cast spells and how to use fetishes. If you weren't here last night, I told you that witchcraft is now legal in America. We're very liberal in America. Witchcraft is now legal. Of course, this liberalism is equal to ignorance in this hour, but witchcraft is legal and we have demonstrations by witches parading down the streets for equal rights. We have all kinds of interesting events going on in the United States these days.


Well, I walked into this store in Port Jefferson and at the front of the store there was a display of aquamarine jewelry. If you didn't know that workers of witchcraft use that a lot, you probably wouldn't have thought twice. But if you knew what to look for, you would see in the corner of the store a fountain with an electric pump where the water was just running continuously. I said, aha, water spirits. I kept on walking and there was an image of what could have looked like an African witch doctor. Well, Port Jefferson is a big tourist area and if you're a tourist, it's just a doll and maybe they'll buy it for their child and put it on the dresser. There's much ignorance in the United States. Then you keep walking to the back and you start to smell the incense and you see the anointed oils and then the books are on the shelves. How To Cast A Spell and Satan's Chosen are names on the books. Then we walked all the way into the back and I guess you wouldn't see this in Africa, but the European kind of witchcraft have a black hooded cloak that their high priest wears. I've always read that and there was this beautiful velvet cape lined with purple satin with a hood on it. It was right in the midst of all the how to do witchcraft books. So there are people out there who know and will tell you that if you want to have communion (communicate) with Satan, if you want to be his disciple, if you want to join with him, come and we'll teach you. Well, that's fine with me if that's what you want to do. You do what your heart wants you to do and God will deal with you. But the kind of subtleties that we're dealing with here offend me because innocent people and people who are truly seeking Christ are being seduced. This gets me mad.


We're trying to uncover the truth. In case you haven't guessed it yet, I believe the Gospel of Thomas is Satanic doctrine. Just in case you didn't get it. (Laughter) We are in Chapter 83 verses 28 to 30. Jesus said (not Christ, Jesus the man, said). Of course, if Jesus, this unregenerate man could become this great master, you too can. You don't need Christ. That's what they're teaching. Jesus said, when you see him who was not born of a woman, prostrate yourselves upon your face and adore him. He is your father. See, this is very subtle because the inquiring mind might say, well, Jehovah wasn't born of a woman and He's the Father. So maybe there's a subtlety here that I don't understand. This is really okay, they're speaking about Jehovah. Well brethren, this is my comment and my answer to that line of thought. In this hour, Jehovah the Father of creation, is appearing to mankind in a form which is making our salvation possible. He has placed Himself in a form called the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ has become our Father and if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, you are the son. Can you hear this? Jehovah, the Father, who is pure Spirit, is appearing to men. He's put Himself under His own rules and regulations. Jehovah has said, in this hour, I appear to men only in the form known as the Lord Jesus Christ. Not that Jehovah is under the law. This is His decision. He's laid out a plan to save mankind.


This is where the Jehovah Witnesses mess up and this is where the natural Jew messes up and this is where everybody who preaches that there is only one God and we just call Him by different names messes up. This is where they all mess up. There's a possibility, Jehovah Witnesses, natural Jews, Moslems, maybe in your heart of hearts, you're truly seeking God and maybe you've touched Him, but if you're not touching Jesus Christ, you've touched Him in a form that cannot save your soul. Natural Israel touched Jehovah, but He was in a form that couldn't convert their soul. So Jesus Christ is the Father to the human race in this hour because Jehovah said so. So our God in His glorified condition of Spirit, in this hour, passed through His days of the flesh when He was born of a woman and He took that birth with Him into the realm of the Spirit. So as far as I'm concerned, this definition is of Satan; the one who is not born of a woman is Satan. The God who is not born of a woman is Satan. Now you have to get your definitions straight. Every time you read a word, if it says kingdom, you have to ask yourself, which kingdom, the Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness. If it says Lord, you have to ask yourself which Lord, the Lord of Light or the lord of darkness. You have to read the whole verse and the previous verses and you have to try the spirit on the whole verse.


When you see him who is not born of a woman, prostrate yourself upon your face and adore him. How will you see him, brethren? Let me remind you that the Scripture says, when you see Him, you shall be like Him. I hope I never see Satan. I suggest to you that this scripture is speaking about a meditation experience over a long period of time which puts you in connection with the god in the midst of you as a fallen man and his name is Satan. When you see him, you will be like him. Because you will be like him, you will fall on your face and prostrate yourself and adore him. You see, people that fall into this snare of Eastern type meditation think they have control. They think it's their decision to meditate. They think they can stop whenever they want to. They think they have control. I know alcoholics that think they have control. I know drug addicts that think they have control and they're all deceiving themselves. There are even Christians today who think they have control over their own life. They come into the kingdom in a condition of immaturity. They think they can tell the Lord what they want and that He'll give them everything they want. They think every prayer they pray will be answered. I'll tell you, God winks at it for a season because you're cute when you're a baby. Lots of times He answers all your prayers. If you make a mistake and pray an ungodly prayer, He forgives you. But the day comes, brethren, when you wake up one morning and your Father is not laughing anymore and you've gone so far that you have lost control.


There was probably a time in your Christian walk that you could have walked away because, in this hour, God is letting some people walk away. But you see, it was so good. You loved the music and you loved the dancing and you loved the spiritual outpouring and your soul just felt so good, but what you didn't know was that while you were singing and while you were dancing and while you were feeling good, His seed got engrafted to your heart and now you're pregnant with His life and His son is inside of you and He's not willing to let His son go. That means, if His son is inside of you and He's not willing to let His son go, you can't go anywhere. You have just lost your choice. The day you got pregnant, you lost all options. That's the truth. I'm telling you the truth. You don't hear it too often, but I'm telling you the truth.


So when you see Satan, prostrate yourselves on your face and adore him. He is your father. I guess if you see him, if you get that far, he is your father. Jesus continued to say, going through verse 30, and we're not doing every verse. We're going on now to Chapter 84, verse 4. A lot of this sounds like a take off on the Scripture. It sounds like the same thing. A house will be divided, two against three; the father against the son, the son against the father and they will stand as solitaries. This word, stand, throughout the Scripture implies spiritual maturity. These scriptures speak about two being in a bed lying down; one will be taken and one will be left. One will be taken to stand up out of that bed in full spiritual authority. The other one is going to stay down there in death. If you're at one of these meetings, there's a good chance that you're sitting up. What does that mean? Well, you've found some strength to get your back up off the bed, but your legs still aren't working. For a man to be standing, it means that he is in full battle array, but the soul realm, which is where Satan dwells, is underneath his feet. So the symbolism here of, they shall stand solitary, what it's saying is, when you stand up in full spiritual stature, you will be by yourself. But brethren, my Bible says you're going to be a member of the body. My Bible says there's a joint body and that there's one Glorious Spirit joining everybody together. There's a brain. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. But in Satan's world, if he has his way, everybody will be an individual, Satan fully manifested through that individual, everybody killing one another. The reason we have wars, the reason we have arguments amongst our family is because Satan is divided. Christ is not divided. If you have a disagreement with somebody, no matter how small it is, at least one of you is in your carnal mind. Because Christ doesn't argue. Christ is in full agreement. Now that doesn't mean that you don't have any opportunity to exercise your own reasoning facilities, but whatever you think must harmonize with whatever the other person thinks, if you're both in Christ. So we are not solitary. We are members of the same body, brethren.


Let me take a minute to review Satan's plan and where humanity is in this hour. Brethren, humanity is growing up. We are children. Actually we're still in utero. We haven't been born yet. Jesus, who was Christ, is the first cell of this whole creation which is one, which has been born. You know, I saw a movie once on TV. It was about wildlife. They had a shot of a deer who was giving birth to a foul. They had a shot of the doe and the baby's head was out and his eyes were wide open and he was looking all around and his body was still in the womb. That's us. Our head is out. He's been fully born into the spiritual realm of God. We're still in utero and we're dead and our Father is raising us from the dead in utero. We're going to be raised from the dead and fully birth into the spiritual realm of God. This world isn't God's world. This world is Satan's world. That's why he's the prince of it. So all of humanity is not yet completely born. We're not yet completely formed. We are likened unto young children who have not yet found their sexual identity. When you have five year old children in male and female bodies, they are not acting like men or women. They are neuter. That's what humanity is today.


We have two sides to us outside of Christ; good and evil. We have two potentials. But in this hour, with a few exceptions, most of us are a mixture of good and evil and each individual is either predominately good or predominately evil. But as long as we are a mixture, there is hope of rehabilitation, if we go off to the evil side. If we go off into the criminal side, as long as there's still some potential for good in you, you have the hope that Christ will have mercy on you. But I'm here today to tell you that this soul, this many-membered soul, which the Lord has formed, is growing up and as we grow up, we will mature according to our chosen spiritual sexuality. We shall either be a mature evil person or a mature good person. Once we mature fully, there's no turning back. We're not going to be a mixture anymore. We're about to outgrow our rehabilitative state. Perfection is having no potential for evil. We shall either become full manifestations of the righteousness of Christ with no potential for evil or we shall be full expressions of evil, filled up to overflowing with evil, having lost all potential for rehabilitation. We're at the doors. It's about to happen. Now some people in the church know that we're waiting for the door to open and some people will stand up in perfection. But to be honest with you, I don't know anybody else that's out there telling the Christian world, you better stop fooling around because if you don't wind up in perfection, you're headed for evil.


What does that mean? It means that the evil potential within men who we have crushed to the back of our minds, is not fully developed in the individual yet, but he is maturing. In this hour, that this soul goes up (I don't know where the line is, but it's real close) if you're not moving into the kingdom of God, if you're not moving with Christ, you are going to see Satan through his carnal mind appearing in full stature of evil. I believe that's the truth of the Scripture. I guess you don't have much trouble believing in a manifestation of evil in full stature in Africa. You see, in the United States, people have trouble believing that. What is a manifestation of evil in full stature? Is it someone who turns into an animal, bites people's necks and sucks their blood or turns into trees? There's all kinds of spiritual tricks. Maybe the Hollywood movies have gone crazy with them; I don't know. But I believe with all my heart, there's a foundational truth in it and that there are men, even in the earth today (but it's not the majority of people) who have sold their soul and are filled up with evil to a point where they are not rehabilitative right now.


I told you last night and I'll say it again because there's some new people here; I never understood how God could say to the Hebrews, go into Philistia or go into Jericho and kill every person there and take their land. I could never understand how God could say, don't go in yet because their evil is not yet fulfilled. Wait a little bit longer and then you could kill everybody. I couldn't comprehend it until God started giving me this revelation that it's possible for a human being to be so possessed of Satan that there is no chance of rehabilitation. There is nothing to do but kill them and wipe them off the face of the earth for the protection of those who still stand a chance of being rehabilitated. So the Gospel of Thomas says, when you stand. It doesn't say in full stature. When you stand in full stature in Satan, you will be solitary. I say unto you that when you stand in full stature in Christ, you shall be a member of the joint body of Christ. If you would like to find that scripture, it's Ephesians 3:6. It says body of Christ, but if you look at it in the Greek, it's joined body. Of course, we know that there are many scriptures that tell us how we're joined together like 1 Corinthians 12, if you'd like to look it up.


Verses 5 and 6. Jesus said, I will give you what eye has not seen and what ear has not heard and what hand has not touched and what has not arisen in the heart of man. Well, 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us. 1 John 3:2 says that we don't know at this time what we shall be. God hasn't given us the whole picture. I don't know what's going to happen to us after we're glorified. God has only opened my eyes to the point of full stature and by the way, the resurrection is in three stages. Full stature is the first stage of the resurrection and you are God when you are in full stature. But Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ (He was God) but He evolved to a higher place of Godhead when He ascended up to His Father. If you have a problem with that, think about it because I'm telling you the truth. Jesus said I and the Father are one, but nevertheless the Father is greater than I and Jesus has become the Father. He returned unto His Father. His river flowed into His Father's ocean and you can't tell the water of Jesus' river apart from His Father's ocean. They have become one and He's pouring out of heaven and He's now our Father. Jesus, who was Christ, has become our Father and His life is being reproduced in us. We are the son.


So we see, Thomas supposedly, alias Satan, saying, I could tell you what you're going to be. I will give you what eye has not seen and ear has not heard and what hand has not touched. What do you think he's going to give you, brethren? He's going to give you himself. Eye hasn't seen him, ear hasn't heard him, hand hasn't touched him, and what has not arisen in the heart of man? Do you hear this? I will give you what eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what hand has not touched and I will also give you what has not arisen or what has not yet arisen in the heart of man; my carnal mind in full stature working his wickedness through you without your permission. I have a flash for you, Jesus is not a gentleman and neither is the carnal mind. Christ is not a gentleman. If He's not chasing you, it's because you're a bastard. He's no gentleman and neither is the carnal mind. The carnal mind is staying away from you to the fullest extent that you are protected by the mercy of God down here in hell. There are blessings down here in hell. There are blessings to the heathen down here in hell because there is a spiritual law of God which has the potential to be written on man's heart. I don't care if you're an idol worshiper; if you honor your father and mother, there is a blessing on your family line. God said so. If you're raised up in a society that has taught you not to murder and you haven't murdered, there's a blessing on your family line. If you've been raised up in a society that helps the poor, if that's what you've been taught by your pagan family and you give alms to the poor, there are blessings on your family line. Why? Because the human race is still in its childhood and the Lord has mercy on the ignorant.


When I used to believe in the rapture in past days, there was always the question out there, what about all those people who never heard of Christ. They've died unregenerate and they're burning in hell forever. How terrible! Well, it's not true. God has mercy. Where there is no law, sin is not imputed. But when you know what's right and don't do it, what an awesome thing it is to fall into the hands of an angry God. He who has knowledge will receive many stripes. He who sins with knowledge shall receive many stripes and he who sins without knowledge for the same crime shall receive few stripes. The one receiving the many stripes is usually lifted up in pride and saying something like that's not fair. The sin of pride lacks what is wrong and what is right.


So I suggest to you that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, hand has not touched and that which has not yet arisen in the heart of any man in our day and age is Satan through his carnal mind. This false Jesus, Jesus who is not the Christ, Jesus the demon says, I will give you this. You're going to get it, alright. If you have a relationship with Christ and your relationship is right, you're probably hearing this teaching. He's come to save you from yourselves, whoever God is sending this message to. I didn't even know this stuff was in Lagos. I said to the Lord, what am I going to preach to these people? This is what He gave me. He sent me to you to save you from your own lack of education. Why? Because He loves you; you're His son. But the man who hears this and stiffens his neck and hardens his heart and says I can't make a mistake is in trouble. Who do you think you are coming all the way from the United States and why didn't God tell me? You're not only going to get it, brother, because you've already got it from Satan and you're going to keep it. Your own sin will judge you.


We've moved on to chapter 84 verses 8 thru 16 in the Gospel of Thomas. The disciples said to Jesus (the devil) tell us how our end will be. Tell us how our end will be. My end is full stature in righteousness. The end of my faith is the salvation of my soul. What do you mean by tell us what our end will be? This is the answer of Jesus (the demon). His answer is a parable. Have you then discovered the beginning so that you inquire about the end. For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning and he shall know the end and he shall not taste death. Well brethren, since Satan is a counterfeit, if you're including in your critical examination of this document, the fact that there is a negative doctrine and there is a positive doctrine, you would have to say, there must be a negative beginning and a positive beginning. There must be a beginning when God breathed the breath of life into the man and stood him up in the garden in righteousness. He was good, but he wasn't perfect. He had the potential to sin, but he was in right standing with God in the same way that Abraham was in right standing with God. Abraham believed God and because of his faith, God imputed righteousness to him. He wasn't righteous. He was a fallen man, but God gave him special dispensation. Why? Because he felt like it. So Adam, at the beginning of time was not perfect, but he was good and he was safe. But there was another beginning, you know. We call it the fall of righteousness. The fall of righteous Adam was the beginning of the reign of the god who was named Satan.


So in view of the fact that this appears to be Satan's missile, I would be inclined to say that the beginning it is speaking about is Satan's beginning. I think that's a fair conclusion. Have you then discovered the beginning (now we found out that it's Satan) so that you inquire about the end? For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. If you start with Satan, brethren, you're going to end with Satan. That's what he's saying. You started with me and you're going to end in full stature with me. If you stay with me, that's what you got. See, Jesus said, I am the beginning and I am the end. The only one that can go up to heaven is the one who came down from heaven, brethren. Satan was never up there. The carnal mind was never up there. He never came down from there and he's not going back up. See, you have to ask yourself who you started with. If you're not an animal in the jungle, if you're a man, if you have a spirit in you, you have fallen from heaven. But Satan and the carnal mind is not going back up with you. He was never up there and he won't get past the flaming swords. They won't let him in. So the only way you're going back in is to sever your relationship with him and that's what the tribulation is all about. That's what the judgment is all about. We're joined to Satan. Our spirit is so joined to Satan that the scriptural type for it is that our spirit is the salt in the salt sea. Satan is the water and our spirit is the salt. There's only one way you, who are the salt of the earth, are going to separate from the sea. Christ is boiling you for a sin offering. Another scriptural type of our condition is that our spirit is the dye and we are joined to Satan's garment, which is his mind. There's no way to reverse a dyed garment. You can't do it. Christ is doing the impossible. This salvation that is laid up in heaven for us is an impossible feat and He's doing it for us. Jesus!


(So for where the beginning is) the beginning of this world system began with Satan, that's where you're going to end up. Not me, brethren. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning. The one who stood up at the beginning is the carnal mind. The Greek word that's usually translated stands means or can be translated, to come into existence. I do read and understand some Greek, but this is a Coptic language and it's different. Jehovah is a Spirit. At the time when Jehovah took on form in the earth through His Son Christ, it's expressed in the Scripture that He stood on the earth. When a spirit stands on the earth, it means he manifests in human form. We are the feet of the spirit who's living through us. We're his feet standing on the earth. So the one who stood or came into existence at the beginning of this fallen world system, whose name is hell, is the carnal mind. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning of hell and he shall know the end. The end is full stature in evil. And he shall not taste death. Now what does that mean? Brethren, to be carnally minded is death. Christ has promised to kill death. The death of death is life. So this blessing is that you shall never experience life.


In this hour we are death and the only way we shall experience life is to taste death, the death which comes when Christ kills our carnal mind. There are different kinds of death and they each have their own name. When we experience the death called The Lake of Fire, which is Christ; when we experience the death called the crucifixion of Christ, Christ doesn't die. Paul said, I live, but yet not I. His carnal mind died. Christ lived through him because Christ was crucified to his carnal mind. I know that this is contrary to what you've been taught, but in the crucifixion of Christ, Christ doesn't die. Christ, that glorious mind which was in the man, Jesus, is different than the man Jesus, who was Christ. When the man Jesus, who was Christ, had His physical body crucified, His physical body died, but His mind didn't die. His Christ mind didn't die and neither did His soul because His Christ mind had quickened His mortal body. So while the physical man, Jesus of Nazareth, hung on the cross with nails through His limbs; in the realm of the spirit, that glorious Christ mind joined itself to the carnal mind that Jesus was born with, which was already paralyzed. It was paralyzed and incapable of sin at the time that Jesus was water baptized. He was without sin. He had a carnal mind that was brain dead. It was inoperable, but it was alive. It was in a coma. He killed it. He killed every chance of resuscitation. The crucifixion of Christ does not kill Christ. You cannot kill God, brethren. All that was killed was the physical body which was born to the woman, Mary, who was fallen. The only thing that died was the fallen dead body which is in the image of Satan.


You see, Jesus, who was Christ, could have lived on the surface of this earth forever in that fallen body. There was so much power in His Christ mind that He could have continued on this earth indefinitely with the power of His mind sustaining the life of His soul and His physical body. He didn't have to die. He did die to this existence as a soul man with the name Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, a man recognizable by this world system. They knew who His mother was. It was a matter of record. Because He died to this existence, His Father raised Him in a higher expression of the Godhead whereby He has now no father and no mother, but He is one with God. You can't kill Christ, brethren. Every time Jesus talked about His crucifixion, He said, the son of man is offered up. You check it out. He never once said the Son of God is offered up. It's not in there. His humanity was crucified. His humanity was crucified. Christ didn't die. His carnal mind died and of the two minds, the one that He received of His mother and the one that He received of His Father, of the two minds, He joined them in crucifixion and made one new man, the beginning of the creation of God.


Tell us how our end will be, Jesus said. Have you discovered Satan yet, so that you inquire about your end of full stature of evil? For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall incarnate the carnal mind at the beginning of the fall and he shall know the end of a full stature of evil and he shall never taste of the Lake of Fire which is designed to restore him from life. Verses 9 thru 17. Jesus said, blessed is he who was before he came into being. Blessed is he before he incarnated by his carnal mind. If you become disciples to me; Satan is speaking calling himself Jesus (the demon). If you become disciples to me and hear my words, these stones will minister to you. I'm going to go past that because I had some ideas that I didn't have time to research. Let's go on to verse 22; for you have five trees in Paradise which are unmoved in summer or winter and their leaves do not fall. Well, I want to suggest to you that there is only one tree in Paradise. I used to think there were two until I found out that there was only one tree in Paradise. When I looked up every word in the Hebrew in the account of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the book of Genesis (Chapter 3, I think) I found out that there's only one tree. It's the Tree of Life and there's a partial tree in the midst of it, just like there's a pit inside of a mango.


There's one tree in the garden and it's the Tree of Life and in the midst (not in the midst of the garden as the King James tells you) but in the midst of the Tree of Life is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It's a partial tree. It cannot exist apart from the Tree of Life. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil apart from the Tree of Life produces death. When the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is joined under the dominion of the Tree of Life, to the Tree of Life, the two dwell together in safety and harmony and in life. So I really don't know what this number five means as far as Satan's world is concerned, but I know it's not true. There's only one tree in the garden. Some of you may be thinking about the book of Ezekiel where it talks about the fir trees and the cedar trees and all that. I won't go into it tonight, but I will just tell you that it's a parable. On one hand the Scripture clearly states that the King of Assyria is the Great Cedar, but aside from that, on the other hand, Ezekiel speaks about many trees and many rivers. Brethren, we are a many-membered tree. When Christ appears in all of us, when Christ is appearing in every human being on the face of the earth, we shall be a many-membered Tree of Life. But there's only one Head of that Tree. Jesus Christ, the Righteous, shall always have the preeminence. Glory to God.


Okay, I wanted to comment on the only begotten Son. We touched on that last night. Let me go over it. There's only one begotten Son. It's my understanding of the Scripture that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only man and is the only man, that has been and that shall be sired directly by the seed of the Father God, Jehovah. Every one of us today, in whom Christ is being formed, is a cutting from the life of Jesus Christ. None of us has been directly sired by Jehovah. Why? Jehovah has decided that He has appointed a mediator between God and man. His name is the man, Christ Jesus. Jehovah has decided not to sire anyone else directly. If you want to enter into the Kingdom, you must go through the Glorified Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ (not the human man, Jesus) the Glorified Jesus Christ. So although the Scripture says there are many trees, it means there are many sons coming to glory, but He always has the preeminence over us. He shall always have the preeminence over us until such time that He has put every enemy under His feet, even the last enemy, which is death, and offers the Kingdom up to the Father. What does that mean? When we ascend as He ascended into glorification, when we become so one with Him and with the Father, that you can't separate our rivers from the Father's ocean, then we'll all be one with the Father. What's waiting for us in that hour? I don't know. I just know it has to be wonderful and a lot better than this.


Verse 25; He says, whoever knows these trees will not taste death. I just point out to you the plurality, whoever knows these trees, whoever knows these ascended masters, will never taste death. Whoever knows these solitary ones who are standing in full stature in evil, you will never taste the death of the Lake of Fire which is the judgment of God. The judgments of God are merciful and redemptive. You shall never taste that death. You shall abide in your present death which is eternal torment forever. You see, the doctrine of eternal torment has a potential to be a reality. It's not God's doctrine, it's Satan's doctrine. If he can have his way with us, he will cast us into eternal torment forever. Full stature of evil is a condition of being where Satan through his carnal mind within us has the strength to manifest through us without our permission in any evil way he desires, continuously, through the life of the ages. I don't believe the Lord will let him do it, but that's his plan. Eternal torment is his doctrine. We see the beginnings of it already. I touched on it last night. We have a whole community of people in the United States at this time who have gathered together for moral support because they are all experiencing multiple abductions by so called "aliens." I suggest to you that these beings are not coming from outer space, but they are manifestations of the carnal mind within these people who are amongst the first fruits of evil.


Their carnal mind is so strong because of witchcraft heritage. You see, these people are not practicing witch doctors. They're everyday people like you. They're married, they have wives, they have a husbands, they have children, they have jobs, they've gone to school, they're from all walks of life. Some of them are laborers, some of them are college graduates, some of them are blue collar workers, some of them are professionals, some are men, some are women. They're average everyday people in which evil is arising without their consent. Evil, which is within them, is vibrating to an external place and confronting them and taking authority over them and performing medical experiments upon them. It's already happening if you can believe it. The people it's happening to don't believe it. How do I know that? If they believed it, they would be on their face twenty four hours a day saying, Jesus, but they're not. They're examining it with their intellect and they're going to psychiatrists and they're forming self help groups. You know, I cannot even condemn them. Maybe the Lord is not giving them the opportunity to come to Him. I really don't know. My Bible says, no man can come unless he is drawn. All of these altar calls that you hear about is utter nonsense. Make a decision for Christ. Well, maybe He hasn't decided to take you. Maybe they can't get on their face and cry out to Jesus. Maybe they don't know about Him. I don't know.


Verse 26; The disciples said to Jesus (the demon) tell us what the kingdom of heaven is like. He said unto them, it is like a mustard seed, smaller than all seeds, but when it falls on the tilled earth, it produces a large branch and becomes shelter for the birds of heaven. I think most of you know that that's a takeoff on Matthew 13:32 and Mark 4:32. In both of those scriptures, the true scripture says that the mustard seed is greater than all of the herbs or greater than all of the plants. It grows up to be a great tree which is the Tree of Life. Both verses say, branch is plural. But this gospel says branch is singular. It produces a large branch and becomes a shelter for the birds of heaven. The birds of heaven are speaking about the spiritual aspect of our being. So the subtlety here is that the Tree of Life is denied. They forgot to put in that it became a tree. They're telling you it just became a branch, the branch which is a part of the tree. I suggest to you that's another way of saying that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a partial tree. They're not talking about the whole tree; they're just telling you about the branch. They're denying Christ, if you can hear it. Jesus!


Verse 34; We finally got around to Mary here. Mary said to Jesus, whom are thy disciples like? There's no such question in the Bible. Whom are your disciples like? Jesus (the devil) said, they are like little children. This is a takeoff on Jesus calling us the children of the kingdom. I don't know if you've heard this one in Lagos, but the children of the kingdom, brethren, can be full grown physically mature adults. I have been in several churches. I know that I seem to be in good form tonight and making a lot of jokes, but I'm really not making fun of anybody. There are some very well meaning people in the church, today, and I've been in two such services myself, with men really trying to serve God to the best of their ability where both of them heard, let the children pray. This is just to give you another example of the condition of the minds of God's people, without condemnation, a condition that we've got to come out of. Both men, two different churches, two different times, a couple of years apart, called the eleven year old children up to pray. Brethren, the children of the kingdom is the son of God. The many-membered son of God is Christ. The children of the kingdom are all those physically mature people in whom Christ is being formed.


Christ never said, let the carnal eleven year old children come up and pray. You must become like a little child and learn your A,B,C's of the realm of the Spirit. You have to study to show yourself approved. You have to learn all of these teachings about spiritual things. No natural eleven year old is up to this kind of study. There was someone present in one of those services desperately in need of prayer who was prayed for by an eleven year old child that day. It was pitiful. The pastors in both cases thought they were obeying God. So it shouldn't be any surprise to you, brethren, that in the very near future, the existing five fold ministry is coming down. It's already happening and it must come down. I have nothing against these men or women. I bless them in the name of Jesus. But Christ must be formed in them and they must yield to the true five fold ministry which is already appearing in the earth or they must come down. They have too much power, brethren. They won't enter in and they're stopping the people from entering into heaven. They've got to come down. I wish them no harm, but their authority must be stripped from them. Either they have got to go in or they have got to come down. Israel can no longer be governed by women and children. If your mind is carnal, you're a woman and you're a child. It has nothing to do with your body. Christ is the only man.


Mary said to Jesus, whom are your disciples like? He said, they're like little children who have installed themselves in a field which is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say release to us our field. They take off their clothes before them to release the field to them, saying the owner is coming to get their field back. They're going to take the very coats off their back because they want their fields. This is an evil thing. Therefore I say, if the Lord of the house knows that the thief is coming, he will stay awake before he comes and will not let him dig through into his house, of his kingdom, to carry away his goods. We're going to spend some time on this, brethren. This is horrendous. This is about three different scriptures that have been cut and pasted in the incorrect moral order and we have this severe perversion here. In case you didn't hear it, Jesus is being called the wicked one. I'll go over this slowly with you. Jesus is being called the wicked one who is coming to take back what Jesus calls the kingdoms of this world. That's us. He's coming to get us. Satan, through his carnal mind is saying, that wicked thief is coming to get what? Even Satan is admitting it rightfully belongs to him, but he doesn't care that it's the only coat that we have. We're the only coat the carnal mind has and that wicked thief is going to strip us of this coat even though he knows we have no other coats.


The carnal minds response to this is (to all who have ears to hear or who are ignorantly or willfully willing to obey, the carnal mind is saying) if the Lord of your house is the carnal mind and he knows that the thief (Jesus) is coming, he will stay awake before Christ comes and he will not let Christ dig through into his house (which is your house, brethren) of his kingdom, to carry away his goods which are you. The translation is I will not bend my knee, I will not worship Christ, I will not yield, I will not budge; this house is mine and the only way you're going to get it back is to forcefully remove me. A few verses further on, the carnal mind continues to speak. All these people who are reading this gospel in darkness need to know that there's a spiritual word on this page that is contacting your carnal mind on a subliminal level. Let me say it again. There's a spirit in this book that is entering into your mind and contacting the unconscious aspect of your carnal mind and saying to it, take arms; the enemy is coming. Stand up and fight. Further on, it goes on to say, your only hope is to get this person that you're dwelling in, in full stature in evil, before Christ gets there. It's in here. It's a few verses further down. It's your only hope or you're losing this body.


Let's try and pull this apart. Let's start with Mark 12. There are about three different scriptures mixed in there. We'll start with Mark 12. A certain man planted a vineyard and set a hedge about it and digged a place for the wine fat and built a tower and let it out to husbandmen and went into a far country. Please note that a man planted a vineyard that he owned. He owned it. Thomas the devil says, the children of the kingdom (that's the many-membered carnal minds) have installed themselves in a field which is not theirs. They're in agreement. And when the owners of the field come; well, first of all, it says they install themselves, but my bible says that a certain man planted a vineyard and set a hedge about it. I guess they installed themselves. That means the carnal mind got in there by themselves. Okay, we can agree to that. It continues, which was not theirs and when the owners of the field come they will say release to us our field. Well, that seems okay.


Verse 2; And at the season he sent to the husbandmen a servant that he might receive from the husbandmen of the fruit of his vineyard. He wanted Christ to appear in his creation and they caught him. Who caught him? I suggest to you the children of the Kingdom of Darkness that were dwelling in there, the many membered carnal mind, caught the servant of Christ and beat him and sent him away empty. Again, he sent unto them another servant and at him they cast stones. Who? The children of the Kingdom of Darkness, the many membered carnal mind. And wounded him in the head and sent him away shamefully handled. And again, he sent another and him they killed and many others beating some and killing some. Having yet therefore one son, his well beloved, he sent him also last unto them, saying they will surely reverence my son. But those husbandmen, those children of the Kingdom of Darkness, said amongst themselves, this is the heir; come, let us kill him and the inheritance shall be ours and they took him and they killed him and they cast him out of the vineyard. What shall the lord of the vineyard do? He will come and destroy the husbandmen and he will give the vineyard unto others. So we see here clearly, that the husbandmen is the righteousness of God and that those who are possessing the kingdom are the unrighteous children of the Kingdom of Darkness. I guess you don't have copies of this Gospel of Thomas, so I'll have to read to you, what Thomas the devil did.


We'll stop after verse 2. And at the season he sent to the husbandmen a servant that he might receive from the husbandmen of the fruit of the vineyard. The rest of the account shows the righteousness of God, but Thomas switches it over, over here. Release to us our field and they take off their clothes before them. They strip them of the field in order to give their field back to them. If you don't see the true scripture, you get the impression that the one wanting his field back is unrighteous because he's taking the only clothing they have. Now in the Levitical law, you can't do that. Under the Levitical law, if a man owes you money, you can't take the bed that he sleeps in and you can't take the clothes off his back. This is a very hidden way of saying Christ is unrighteous. Thomas goes off into another scripture. Please bear with me. I'm not used to working with hand written notes like I have here.


Then Thomas switches over to Matthew, Chapter 24 verses 42 to 43. Thomas the devil is here cutting and pasting scriptures together. The content of both accounts are totally opposite. This is what he continues with, verse 42; Watch now therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman...


Please note that in the context of the first scripture we see Christ coming to get His people back. In the second scripture, we see Jesus calling Himself, the son of man, a thief. But He's saying I'm coming as a thief to those of you who are not prepared. That's what He's saying. The scripture that supports that is Luke 21:34. This is Jesus speaking. And take heed to yourselves lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. Jesus said that if you're doing all these sins, that day of your calamity will come upon you unawares. So He calls Himself a thief in a parable context exhorting all of His people to be prepared for the day of His coming. But Thomas the devil takes this scripture or this concept and patches it together with another verse which talks about Jesus coming to get His property back and if you don't know what you're talking about or if you don't know the scriptures, you will get a spiritual arrow in your heart that will condemn Christ. The spirit that condemns Christ is antichrist. You don't need him in your heart. Is everybody following me?


So we see Thomas patching two scriptures together and he's not telling you about the scripture Luke 21:34 because that would explain the whole thing. Then it goes ahead and he draws a conclusion. The conclusion drawn by this mixing and matching of scriptures is that the wicked thief is not a thief that is coming to sinners, but a wicked thief coming to innocent people. He's coming to take the house away from all these poor devils saying, Jesus, why are you coming before the time? Then there's one more scripture implied here. Let me point out one more thing to you back in Matthew, Chapter 24 verse 42. It clearly says that the Lord doth come. In verse 44, it clearly says that the scripture is speaking about the son of man. In verse 43 it clearly speaks about a thief. The unschooled person is going to read this and say, that's right and it says it right there in the traditional scripture, the son of man, the thief. This is wicked, brethren. As if that's not enough, Thomas the devil (I'm sorry, Jesus the devil) finishes this off with, therefore I say, watch, because if the Lord of the house knows that the thief is coming. Now the Lord of whose house?


Listen brethren, let me read it for you again. It says here in verse 42, the hour that the Lord doth come. He's not the Lord of the house. The lord of the house is the one that has possession of the house. The Lord is coming to possess His possession because another lord is possessing His house. The lord of the house is the carnal mind. The lord of my house is the carnal mind. It's the truth. If it wasn't true I would be in perfection. That's why my soul must be beheaded; not my body, my soul must be beheaded so that Christ can sit down on the throne of my soul. The lord of our house is the carnal mind with the exception being Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ. Every man on the face of the earth, as far as I know, the lord of your house is the carnal mind. That's why you're under judgment. The fact that the lord of your house is the carnal mind means that you have a sin nature and Christ has come to kill your sin nature so that you might be raised from the dead and live again. Because when He kills your sin nature by cutting him off from your soul, He will sit down and be your true king and husband, fully and completely in reality joined to and inseparable from you. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. So we see that the Lord is Christ. But the lord of the house is the carnal mind. My Lord is Christ, but the lord of my house is the carnal mind. This Gospel of Thomas is wicked. Is this wicked or is this wicked?


Therefore I say, if the lord of the house; (if the carnal mind knows the thief is coming and he already admitted the thief is Christ) so if the carnal mind gets wind that Christ is coming, he's not going to sleep. He's going to stay awake before that thief comes, before Christ comes, and the carnal mind will not let Christ dig through into his house. What does He have to dig through to get into your house? He has to dig through your carnal mind. He's a wall; he's armour, he's a defense. Your carnal mind is in full battle array. It's a hundred times more than the glass on your walls in a lot of the buildings around here; barbed wire, glass, spears and bombs. It's a miracle for Christ to get through. He's impenetrable. He has no fear of anyone including God. He's not backing down an inch. He's going to fight to the death, but he doesn't believe he'll die.


You try fighting someone who believes that there's not the slightest chance that they'll die. They're powerful. They really believe they're undefeatable. There's power in that kind of mind control. They're without fear. So the carnal mind is going to stay awake before Christ comes, that's before Christ begins to be formed in you. Your carnal mind, if he's hearing this, if he's getting this subliminal message, is already getting ready for the attack. He's going to stay awake before the thief comes and will not let Him dig through your carnal mind into your heart where He is going to join with your human spirit and begin to form Christ in you. The defenses are up before you even receive the Holy Ghost. Do you want to know why so few are entering into the kingdom in this hour? They have an enemy and the enemy is within and he's very powerful. Most of them are out trying to convert the world. They're looking outward and they're not looking inward and they believe that they're going to be raptured and walk on streets of gold and have their own mansion. The carnal mind is without resistance and many will fall away. Many will fall away.


So he will stay awake before He comes and he will not let Christ dig through his carnal mind into his house where his wife is. His wife is a spirit, the human spirit, the spirit of man, and will not let him dig through into his house of his kingdom, the Kingdom of Darkness, to carry away his goods. You may recognize the scripture that he's taking off on there. Matthew, Chapter 12 verses 28 and 29. Or else how can one enter into a strongman's house and spoil his goods except he first bind the strongman and then he will spoil his house. I'd like to look at those verses in our Alternate Translation Bible, if you have a copy with you. You know, brethren, there are a lot of mistakes in these Alternate Translation Bibles. I had no intention of doing it in time to bring it with me, but the Lord really just woke me up one morning and told me I was going to have to do it. So there are a lot of errors, so just please bear with me and sometime in the near future I'm going to have to revise these two volumes and fix them up.


Matthew, Chapter 12. Just to give you the context of what's going on here, Jesus is speaking to the Pharisees in verses 27 and 28. He's saying, if you think I'm casting out demons by Beelzebub, you should try the spirit on your own sons. Stop looking at me and take a look at yourself. How are they casting out devils? If you think this Spirit that's in me is the devil, what do you think is in your sons? In other words, are you really saying that that is Christ in your sons? Then He goes on to tell them how to discern the Spirit of Christ. Verse 28; But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God has come unto you and this is how you discern the Spirit of Christ. He's telling them, you think I've got the devil and your sons have Christ. Well, I'm going to give you a standard. This is how you perceive whether the spirit is Christ or Satan. When I give you the standard, then you apply it to me and you apply it to your sons and we'll find out who has the Spirit of Christ.


Going on with verse 29. Now in the King James they put it forth as a question. It really shouldn't be a question, but I'll just go along with it for now. How can anyone enter into the carnal mind's house and separate him from his wife (that's the spirit of man) and seize her if he doesn't bind the carnal mind first? It really shouldn't be a question. What Jesus is saying is, this is how you're going to discern the Spirit of Christ. If it's Christ, He's going to enter into the strongman's house and He's going to take his wife away because it's not really his wife. It's really Christ's wife and he stole her and he has no right to her. He's going to spoil his goods. Now if your sons are casting out devils and they're not doing this, it's not Christ. Maybe you know it here in Africa, but they don't know it very much in the United States that you don't have to have Christ to cast out a devil. All kinds of heathen with spiritual power cast out devils. The devil is making you sick, so the witch doctor can cast it out.


But the difference between Christ casting out a devil and a worker of witchcraft casting out a devil is that when Christ cast out the devil, He rips it out by the roots and He rips out all potential for it to come back because He fills in the empty space with Himself and He apprehends that part of the human spirit which was engaged in producing that devil because everything spiritual that comes forth from a man, the human spirit has part in it. Every aspect of witchcraft, the human spirit has part in it. Why? Because the human spirit is Satan's spirituality. She is the female seed of God. She's the potential in man to join with the Father. Don't mix your seeds, the Scripture says. Spirit joins unto spirit. She's the potential within man to produce the son of God, the mind of Christ in you. So everything spiritual that Satan is doing, he's doing on stolen power, the power of God in the form of the female seed, whom he has kidnapped. So you see, when the Spirit of Christ cast out a demon, He doesn't just heal you of your illness. If He has the power to cast out the demon and heal you of your illness, He's not stopping there, brother. He wants your wife. He wants everything that you've got that belongs to Him. So if you come across a man that has the power to cast out a demon and that's as far as he goes, you know it's not the Spirit of Christ.


What about all those Christians, you say, that cast out demons and all that happens is that you get healed? They don't go any further than go in there and wreck your carnal mind and destroy his house. What about them? It's their carnal mind. It's their carnal mind casting out demons with the imputed authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. In His mercy, the Lord Jesus Christ has gone to carnal men who are in the church today and said to them, this person has a problem. He's called on my Name. I give you power over devils and diseases. Cast the thing out of him. Give the man relief until the true conversion of his heart comes to pass.


Let's just finish reading the rest of this verse. Verse 29 of Matthew, Chapter 12. So if it's truly the Spirit of Christ that's casting the demon out of you, He's going to enter into the carnal mind's house. He's going to go past the demon. He's going all the way into the midst of his house where the Spirit is and He's going to separate him from his wife, which is the human spirit, and He's going to seize her when she's free. Well, as I said, there shouldn't be any question. He's going to enter into the carnal mind's house. He's going to bind him. He's going to render him powerless. He's going to separate him from his wife and then Christ is going to seize her, the carnal mind's wife which is the human spirit, and join Himself to her. Then He'll separate the carnal mind from His many membered wife. He's going to do it for everybody else too, and He's going to seize them also. So Jesus said, if I cast out demons by the finger of God, the Kingdom of God has come unto you. This is the real thing. Get ready all you carnal minded pharisees. You've been playing games with the Holy Ghost. But you didn't know you were fooling with the Lake of Fire. The real thing is at the door. Judgment is upon the church. Hallelujah? Let her rip. Joy cometh in the morning. You could have some trying times, some painful times, but in the morning you're going to have that manchild. We shall ascend up into the heavenlies from whence you came down and you shall forever be with the Lord.


So I'll just finish up with these last few words from Jesus the devil. So this is the carnal mind's threat. He sees you walking into a church and he knows the thief is coming. He's going to stop sleeping. He's going to stay awake and do everything he can to prevent that other unholy spirit from penetrating you or from joining with your human spirit and from entering his kingdom and carrying away his goods. I didn't make it clear before, but when I researched that word, goods; what it was really saying, was the rest of humanity. He's going to carry away the rest of humanity. A second witness scripture for this is, that our spirit must be separated from our soul at the word of God or separate the spirit from the soul and the joints from the marrow. When I first came to the Lord, I said, Lord, why in the world would you want to separate my spirit from my soul? Then I found out that Satan is really soul. He's of the flesh and he's joined to my human spirit, which is of God, that part of me which fell down from heaven. God is separating me (my true reality is spirit) from the mind that the soul has brought forth in me. He's separating my spirit from Satan. Then He's going to marry my spirit and forever I shall be with the Lord, despite all the cars racing their engines. You can't stop this word from going out. I rebuke all this interference in the Name of Jesus.


Brethren, if any of you have read this kind of material in any kind of depth, you really need to go before the Lord and repent and ask Him to cleanse you. I just pray for all of you here who have partaken of this and my bible says I have power enough to forgive sins. I forgive your sins and I break any curse that has come upon you because of this error and I pray that God restores you fully and turns you back on the true path at a full rate of speed and translates you into the kingdom of His dear Son as rapidly as possible. Now remember, if there's anybody else that you know that's into this, you don't have to be arguing with them over it. You're not to be fighting with them nor strive with them if they don't agree with this teaching. Just be at peace. You're only responsible for yourself.


Are there any questions on tonight's message?


COMMENT: Would you comment on these verses, Matthew 27: 52 and 53. And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. I need you to comment on that. Another question is as you see Jesus ascend, so shall you see Him coming.


PASTOR  VITALE: Let me take the second question first because that's a shorter answer. In the same manner as you see Jesus ascend. When you read it in the Greek, what it's really saying is by the same spiritual power source that this same Jesus is ascending, He's coming back. The spiritual power source that He ascended by is the Father. That's what it's saying. I know the King James says in the same manner, so most people think He's going up like a spaceship, but that's not what it's saying. If you look at it in the Greek, it's saying that He's coming back by the same power source that He went; by the power of the Spirit of Christ. Okay, can you hear that?


Now the other question that you have is a little more complicated. That's a part of a vision that the centurion saw. I've always heard it taught and most people believe that at the hour that Jesus, who was Christ, was crucified, that these saints came forth out of the natural Jerusalem. But I don't believe that. I believe that the verses that you read were a part of the vision that the centurion was seeing. Let me just look at some key words for you here. Verse 51 says the veil of the temple was rent in twain. I do have an alternate translation on these verses and we can look at that. It says somewhere that the centurion saw it. Verse 54 says he saw the earthquake. Now how could you see an earthquake? You can't see an earthquake. As I told you, by this time of the night, I'm a little tired, but if you read it through and if you pray about it, I believe God will show you that this is an account of a prophetic vision that the centurion saw and that he had no way of knowing that the veil of the temple was rent.


I further want to suggest to you that it was not the veil of the stone temple. It was the veil of the temple which Jesus was. If you recall, Jesus said, if you tear down this temple, I'll rebuild it in three days. The temple that's being spoken of here, it was the temple of the mind and there was a veil between the carnal mind that Jesus was born with and the Christ mind that He received from His Father. That was the veil that was torn down and the two minds were joined in crucifixion and of the twain, He made one new man. You never heard that before, huh? I just don't interpret these scriptures physically. What good could it possibly do any living or existing human being if the veil of the stone building was torn down? What good could it possibly do us? Does anyone know what the veil is? The veil is His flesh. There's another witness that the veil is His flesh. When the veil of the temple, which is Jesus, was torn down, the two minds were joined. The good that it's done for you and me, is that when He became one new man, He became a spiritual man that is poured out of heaven.


He's rained on me and He's reproducing His life in my heart. That's why I have all these glorious words to tell you. But if it was the veil of a stone temple that was ripped, what good does that do you and me? This book must be discerned spiritually, brother. It has to be discerned spiritually. So let's just take a couple of words here. And the earth did quake would suggest to you the earth of His soul quaked alright and the rocks rent. Rocks in the Scripture typify spirit. Rent means to tear apart. I suggest to you the rocks which were rent was the human spirit and Satan, who I just told you earlier, is really soul, but in this world he is functioning as a spirit. That's speaking about the separation of that part of Jesus' spirit which was still captured by Satan because of the condition that He was born under. Now remember, the carnal mind was brain dead in the man Jesus of Nazareth. He was God. He was completely righteous, but He still had a carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. It's just like men today. We have an appendix. I'm told there's no known use for the appendix. It's an organ in our body that doesn't function, but it's in there. Not only is it in there, it has the potential to rupture and if it ruptures and the poison goes through our body, it could kill us. It has no known good, but it has the potential to kill us. So I suggest to you, the man Jesus had a carnal mind that He inherited from His mother. It could do Him no good, but it was in there and if it got loose, it had the potential to kill Him. So He killed it. Can you hear that?


Okay, so the rocks rent. The two spiritual aspects of the nature that He was born with separated. I just talked to you about that with regard to Jesus talking about if the kingdom of God cast out demons. When He said He was going to enter into the strongman's house means He's going to penetrate in there and He's going to grab His wife and He's going to separate her for the specific purpose of joining with her Himself. Christ is going into your heart. He's going to separate your human spirit from Satan and He's going to marry your spirit. He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit and forever you shall be with the Lord. So who would even care if some natural rocks broke apart? We've got to get spiritual. We've got to get spiritual or we're going to die in our sins, brethren. We're going to die like men if we don't get spiritual. An intellectual knowledge of this Scripture is not going to get us into the kingdom. It has to be a knowledge of the Scripture which comes forth from a living vital functioning Christ man within us. He's a spiritual man and He needs spiritual food. If He doesn't get it, He's going to die. How could God die? God can't die, brethren. Jesus can't die, but He's in the process of having children and some of these children could die. He's a many membered man. Christ could die in this man. He could die in that man. He could die in that man, but they can't kill all of His kids. He's going to stand up in full stature. He's going to appear in the earth. When He appears without measure, He'll finish off the job. He just has to appear in a couple of us. Those of us in whom He appears will bring the others through. That's what it's all about.


Verse 52; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose. What are the graves? I've seen movie pictures of earthen graves opened by lightning bolts and skeletons coming out. I'm sorry to disappoint you, if anybody here believes that. Please don't be offended by my humor. I'm just trying to lighten up a very heavy subject. If that's what you believe, I'm not laughing at you, but you need to know, it's not true and that it's childish and Jesus is calling you to grow up. These doctrines must go the way of the Easter bunny and Santa Claus because that's where they belong. You have to leave them behind in your childhood. Jesus clearly said to the Pharisees, you are walking sepulchers. That's the kind of grave He's talking about here. Sepulcher; a grave that's on top of the ground. You have that here a lot in Nigeria, don't you? I've seen it, buildings built so that people can go in and worship their ancestors and all that stuff. I've been in some of the outline villages and I see that they have the graves right in the middle of the little family conclave. There's the grandparents house and there's the son's house and there's the daughter's house and the other son's house and there's grandpa's grave right in the middle of it. I was in a big complex out in Imo State owned by a very wealthy man. He had a whole building just for his ancestor's graves. You could look in through a glass window and see it.


So Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are walking sepulchers. You are the graves in which the dead spirit of my Christ is buried. The Christ that God breathed into the man at the beginning of time was violently murdered by Satan's carnal mind. When he died, he became a skeleton. Now this may sound strange to you, brethren, but I want you to know that in our fallen condition, the way we look right now, we appear so radically different than the way glorious righteous Adam looked at the beginning of time, that our appearance to the Father is no more bizarre than if we were to look out in the street and see a bunch of skeletons walking down the street. We are what a spiritual skeleton looks like if you can hear it. Buried in each of us is one bone of the dead Christ because Christ is a many membered body. So the Lord said to the prophet, Ezekiel, can these bones live again? What bones? Soup bones? No, the bones of Christ. Can they live again? The Father said to the prophet, prophesy unto these bones; oh bones, live again. It's happening right now. Hallelujah.


So not only are the graves that were opened, not natural earthen graves, but I declare to you that I am convinced (and there's not a doubt in my mind that the Lord has told me) that this account that we're speaking about right now was a vision seen by the centurion. It was a prophetic vision to be completed at some time in the future. The dead saints coming forth were not coming forth at the same moment that the dead physical body of Jesus of Nazareth hung on the cross. How many of you know that a prophesy that is truly of the Father can come forth as much as two thousand years later? Does anybody not know that? Brethren, it's happening today. It's happening in you and it's happening in me and we're walking into the Holy Jerusalem. I think there's a witness to that here. And the graves were open and many bodies of the saints which slept, arose and came out of the graves after His resurrection. Well, it's only two thousand years after His resurrection. And they went into the Holy City and appeared unto many. Brethren, natural Jerusalem was not and is not a holy city. It was filled with corruption and is filled with corruption and every evil work. It doesn't even say Jerusalem; it says the holy city. The holy city where Mount Zion is, is the mind of Christ. We're the saints that are appearing in the holy city after the resurrection, two thousand years later. Are not many of the prophesies given to us by the Hebrew prophets coming to pass today? I'm telling you that it's true. Some prophesies given by Hebrew prophets that have not yet come to pass were given more than two thousand years ago.


I have agreed to stop teaching at nine o'clock, but I would just like to take another five minutes to go over these verses in the Alternate Translation Bible and then we'll stop. Matthew, Chapter 27: 50 thru 53. Jesus spoke again and commanded His human spirit to leave Satan in the carnal mind. That is a translation of the phrase, He gave up the ghost. Let me just tell you here that when Jesus gave up the ghost, the Greek indicates that His Spirit did not leave His body because His body died. Jesus literally breathed Himself out of His body as an act of His own free will. His Spirit separated from His physical body and lived. You can't do that. I can't do that. If we had the ability for our spirit to leave our physical body, it would not live in our present condition. Jesus spoke again and commanded His human spirit to leave Satan and the carnal mind, separation of soul from spirit.


Verse 59; And there it was, Jesus' fallen Adamic soul shook and trembled and was separated into two parts, spirit and the carnal mind. Then His human spirit was separated from Satan (that's the rocks being rent) and joined to the Christ within Him. And the holy one who went to sleep at the beginning of time (that's Christ, brethren) He arose from the dead in you and in me in the many members of the body of Christ and their human spirits entered into Christ and their souls awoke from the sleep of death. Their mortal bodies were quickened, brethren, and Christ appeared in the sons of God (Hallelujah) and the other members of humanity saw us in full stature. Here we have the reaction of the rest of humanity to the first fruits company. They remembered that they, too, were Christ and they stopped fighting the regeneration and the judgment of their souls and the tribulation and they willingly abandoned their adulterous union with Satan and the carnal mind.


You're called to glory, brethren. Stop complaining about little things. Put your eyes on heaven. You're going to partake of this. You're going to partake of this. I believe it with all my heart. If you can bear this teaching and as much of it as a lot of you have been getting, you are going to partake of this. So love one another, brethren. Stop striving, forgive one another and be pitiful and merciful toward one another such as saints in the kingdom. God bless you all.




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