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Praise the Lord, brethren. It's good to see you back. I have a couple of things to share with you that the Lord wanted me to tell you relating to the last meeting. You may recall that I said something about a subliminal message coming forth from this Gospel of Thomas that we've been teaching from and that subliminal message is speaking past your consciousness. If you're not aware of it, it's speaking into the unconscious aspects of your carnal mind saying prepare, prepare, build up the defenses against Christ. What the Lord wanted me to share with you is that everything that the carnal mind does or that Satan does, is a counterfeit of what the Lord does. So I would like to show you the equivalent of what the Lord is doing in the Scripture, where the Lord talks about that kind of principle of Him sending a message to His people saying, is Christ in there, is Christ in there? If you're in there, let's get this war going. We'll find that if you have your Old Testament Alternate Translation, in the book of Amos, Chapter 6 verse 10. And mankind's lover and closest relative. Who is that? The Lord Jesus Christ. And mankind's lover and closest relative shall burn him (whom? Man) with fire. This is the purifying fire of the redemptive judgment. He shall burn him with fire, so as to loosen him or free him from the carnal mind and Satan. And Christ Jesus shall arise in the hearts of the individuals within the members of some of mankind. This is the first fruits company we're speaking about here.


The first fruits company (the sons of God) they shall say to the other members of mankind, are you in there? And there shall be no answer. But the carnal minds of the barren ones shall say within themselves, it's pride to think that we can be like God. And that should be to those from whom there is no answer. I really have to edit these booklets. As I mentioned yesterday, I had no intention of bringing them with me, but the last minute the Lord told me He wanted it done, so they're here, but they're far from perfect. You might be interested to know that when we worked up this Alternate Translation, I found the King James Translation of Amos 6:10 so difficult. We did the whole chapter. If you're interested, we have a tape on it. This verse was so difficult to understand that I think I had to meditate on it for several hours before I even got the revelation and then it was extremely difficult working up the translation. Basically what it's saying is that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to humanity in the form of the Holy Spirit. He is going to succeed in penetrating the hearts of a first fruits company, whom He will burn with fire to purify us so that we should be qualified for the honor and the privilege of breaking the chains off of the rest of humanity.


We shall go when we're purified, when we're prepared. Now you don't have to be perfect. When God begins to send you before you're perfect, you are a member of (does anybody remember) the two witness company. When you arrive into perfection, you become a son of God. But for you to be a member of the two witness company, you must have experienced some purifying judgment yourself. You must have at least some measure of control over your own carnal mind. Because if you don't and you go to bring judgment on another man, you will have his carnal mind and your carnal mind jumping all over you and you might have the "sons of Sceva experience." They might just grip your garment and chase you naked down the street. So the Lord is not sending you unprepared. You must begin the purification process yourself and that's what we're teaching you here and how to go about it.


So as that first fruits company arises, God is sending us to people. Now of course, this is a parable saying, are you in there? But He's sending us to people with a message, a doctrine that can only be understood by Christ. It's this doctrine, I suggest to you. By people's reaction to this reaction, we can find out whether Christ is in there or Christ is not in there. I suggest to you the people who can't bear it, the people who flee from it, are not housing Christ. But the people in whom Christ is appearing, they will come unto the light. I believe that with all my heart. Now let me not in any way foster pride in you. For those people in whom Christ is not being formed, that doesn't mean that He cannot begin to be formed. God has a plan for those people as to how to penetrate their hearts and minds with the seed of God which is the Glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, that they too, might receive the engrafted word, which is the Spirit of Adoption, and begin to experience the glory of having Christ formed in them also. The pain and the glory; we're told in the book of Revelation, that it was sweet in his mouth and bitter in his belly. This doctrine is glorious, the move of the Spirit is glorious, but when it gets inside of you and it lightens you up and you begin to see your sins, you could have a few rocky moments, but we're going to make it through because Jesus is willing to bring us through. But if I told you that it was all honey, I would not be adequately preparing you. There is some bitterness that will arise in your belly because it's not pleasant to see what's in your own heart. But be brave and be valiant and be of good cheer, confess your sins and repent and the honor of setting your fellow brethren free should be yours. That's a beautiful word to me.


There's a second thing the Lord wants me to go over with you. I thought I touched on it yesterday. Either there was someone here who didn't understand or I didn't make it clear. I did comment at the beginning of the meeting that God has a people who have a hunger (well not all) for spiritual things. The spirituality which is in Christianity comes only through Christ. So that means we have to wait until we're of age to get this spiritual meat. Now some of us had a spiritual potential in us before we became Christian. Because of a combination of a spiritual hunger and a lack of understanding and a lack of the availability of a spiritual ministry or spiritual ministries in the church, many are deceived. Unfortunately, in this hour, most of the Christian ministries are pretty carnal. We have found many Christians slipping into a spiritual walk or spiritual doctrine that looks like Christ, sounds like Christ, walks like Christ, talks like Christ, but its name is antichrist. It's a phoney. I did tell you that yesterday.


The Lord just wanted me to show you that in the Scripture. So please turn with me to John Chapter 10:1. Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. The Greek word translated sheepfold is speaking about a place where the sheep feed. Jesus has clearly stated that we are His spiritual sheep and there is a safe place for us where we are safe from the wolf and safe from false doctrine, and safe from dangerous spiritual powers. The name of that place is the Kingdom of God and eventually we ascend into the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is higher than the Kingdom of God. But there is a spiritual realm that is neither the Kingdom of God nor the Kingdom of Heaven. It's the Kingdom of Darkness. So Jesus clearly tells us that there is a way into spiritual experiences that is not through Him. But He clearly tells us here in the book of John that if you enter in any other way, you are a thief and you are a robber and you've entered in by the one who is a thief and a robber and that makes you a thief and a robber.


However, we have many well meaning Christians in the church today, who have no intention of being a thief or a robber, but who are being deceived. I'm here to tell you that the Lord loves you and He's fighting for you and if you are spiritual, if you're looking for a spiritual walk in the church today, you're around at the right time because the potential for Christians to develop into spiritual maturity is available. What do I mean by that? It means doing all kinds of spiritual things. I fully intend to be traveling in the spirit. I intend to be doing all kinds of signs and wonders. I believe God is about to pour out of His Spirit very shortly. The only reason it's taking this long is that this aspect, this spiritual aspect of Christianity to be spiritual, to see in the spirit, to walk in the spirit, to talk in the spirit, to communicate in the spirit, to have mind to mind communication, one must be in Christ. I'm already experiencing a measure of it. To enter into this kind of walk, one must be in Christ. One cannot be a carnal Christian. To be in Christ, one must have Christ in the process of being formed in you. As I've been teaching you, this is a process. He has to engraft to your heart. You have to go through the whole thing. Then He has to begin to be formed in you and be of a certain age of maturity for you to start doing exciting things in the spirit. The degree of maturity that He must be in, for us to partake of this, requires a corresponding demise of our carnal mind. You see, there's a price to pay for power with God. There's a price to pay that's up front. There's a price to pay for power with Satan, but it is not up front.


In the United States, it's a practice for drug dealers to give away drugs. If you are not an addict and you find yourself in a location where drug dealers are dealing, it's very common for them to come up to you and say, here's some crack, here's some cocaine or here's some heroin. There's a big resurgence of heroin in the United States. They give it away "until" you're hooked. Then they own you, body and soul. So if you're naive, you'll say, thanks and isn't that nice of you. I have a new friend. He's giving me the ability to get high for free. He likes my face. No! No! But you see, with the Lord, it is the exact opposite. There's a price to pay right up front. He's requiring commitment. He's requiring your time, your mind and your heart. He requires that you desire Him, that you fall in line with His principles and His rules. He requires that you confess your sins, that you repent, that you begin to enter into a process which will restrain or bridle your carnal mind. We hear James speak about bridling your tongue. You don't really have to do a deep study in James to know that a man doesn't physically bridle his tongue. So what is James speaking about? He's speaking about that spiritual organ which speaks through your tongue. That's your carnal mind, brethren. You have to start bridling him. You cannot give free reign to Sin. There's a price to pay. You must be desiring righteousness. You cannot have power in Christ to do unrighteousness or for your own pleasure. Power in Christ is for the glory of Christ. So if you would like spiritual power with Christ, you have to become of one mind with His purposes, with His intentions, with His goals, and with His righteousness. So there's that price right up front. For those that are willing to pay it, I believe He'll take you. He may not take you immediately, but you labor and study to show yourself approved, you pray and He'll take you. This is the hour for it.


I have a thirst for spiritual things. When I first came to the Lord, I couldn't find spiritual teaching anywhere. They would have seminars advertising spiritual titles. I'd go running to the church and they wouldn't say one word about what the advertisement said. I didn't understand it. I was naive and I didn't understand the condition of the church. So I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I'm one of the people that God gave a spiritual ministry to. I think we'll be doing everything, brethren. We going to be walking in the high realms of the Spirit, but to do that in Christ, righteousness must be present with you. That's the major reason why it's taking so long. Number one, the mechanism to bring you into righteousness has not been available until recently. The mechanism to bring you into righteousness has been very slow coming into the church. I believe we're approaching an hour where things are going to speed up. Once they start to speed up, there's going to be no stopping it. It's going to spread like wildfire through the church. What's going to spread? The increasing accelerated formation of Christ in God's people is going to spread. It's coming very soon. I'm convinced of it. You see, God is never late. It's just that the carnal mind gets frustrated sometimes and antichrist is out there saying it's two thousand years since our fathers fell asleep and nothing is happening. But we know better. We know what's happening behind the scenes.


See, the workers of witchcraft are laughing and mocking and many of them think the church has no power. Compared to a lot of witches, we don't, but we shall. We shall, because it's happening behind the scenes. There's something called a theory of threshold. Some of you may have heard about it. It speaks about what's happening in the invisible world. (At the blackboard) If you can see that I'm drawing a line right over here, two thousand years ago something began to happen in the invisible world. A spiritual man called Christ Jesus began to work His way into this world system and when He appears in this world system, He will be appearing in the minds and the flesh of men. You can't see Him because when you look at most Christians, all you see is their sins. A lot of people stumble over us because they don't have understanding, but Christ Jesus is there on His white horse as He appears in the book of Revelation. He's charging towards this line right here. This line marks the end of the invisible realm and the other side of the line is this world that you can see. He's rapidly approaching this threshold and very soon He is going to pierce through. He's going to pierce through in many minds. I'm not really sure whether it's going to be initially one mind and that mind will bring the first crop through or whether it's going to be a group simultaneous. If it is one mind initially, I believe there will be many more coming right behind without any big time lapse. The world is going to be shocked and everyone who mocked is going to be shocked and the workers of witchcraft are going to be afraid.


The Scripture clearly tells us that as the Spirit of Life enters into the two witnesses who were lying dead in the street, a great fear shall fall upon men. Despite what you've heard preached, I would like to suggest to you that the two witnesses are not Moses and Elijah, but that they are righteousness and truth and that they appeared in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ. He was crucified and He appeared briefly in His apostles and Paul, but in righteousness and truth. In the Old Testament, we're told justice and truth. This account appears in the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah. They have laid dead in the street for two thousand years and the Spirit of Life is about to enter into the two witnesses. They're spiritual men, brethren. They're two aspects or two sides of the one spiritual man, Christ Jesus. When that Spirit of Life enters into Him, He is going to rise from the dead in you. A fear will go across the world and the judgment of the balance of the church and the judgment of the world shall follow. There have been many who have made merry and given gifts over the death of righteousness and truth in our world. Their hour shall come. Be not deceived, brethren, because the judgments of God are not immediate. God is long suffering. It can take a long time for judgment to fall. In some cases there could be a generational lapse in the falling of judgment. But God is never late. It just looks that way to carnal people. There's a big event rising on the horizon. Christ Jesus is about to appear in all of His glory and there will be no more question for anybody who is truly seeking as to who is the genuine article.


There's a big controversy in the world today as to who is Christ. Which religion is the true religion? If you're within Christianity, which doctrine is the true doctrine? Everybody is fighting with everybody. I've had Jehovah Witnesses and observing Jews say to me, how could you call yourself a religion, which I don't, by the way.


You have to take it from where it comes. How could you call yourself a religion when nobody agrees with anybody? It just looks that way, brethren, don't be deceived by the circumstances. Christ is in the realm of the Spirit. He's piercing through. He hasn't gone to the left. He hasn't gone to the right. He hasn't deviated for a second, but He has set His single eye upon His goal; His appearance in this world system and the ultimate salvation of His wife and the deliverance of humanity out from the depths of hell and out from bondage to Satan and the carnal mind. He hasn't stopped working for a second. Spiritually speaking, we have fallen into a deep pit. Actually we've fallen into a spiritual black hole, if you will, and there's water in the hole and we died. But the regeneration is on the way. Glory to God.


So we shall continue tonight as the Lord leads, exposing Satan's doctrine. As I told you last night, there's only one way you can really recognize Satan's doctrine. That is to have the true doctrine. We are blessed, for our ears hear, because we have the true doctrine. When we receive this word, we receive a responsibility with it. We receive a responsibility to not use it for our own glory, to exalt ourselves in any way, to punish our neighbors who we have a grudge against with it or to use it to puff ourselves up or convince someone that they're wrong. We are responsible to Christ to use it responsibly, to share it with anyone who would listen to it, but not in any way to try to coerce them. We're called to peace, brethren. The Lord will teach you all things. Be peace makers. Be quick to forgive and submit yourself to your God and to prayer and He has great experiences in store for you. Forgive you another because in this hour, frequently, there are things that we don't understand and our feelings get hurt.


Set your eyes on Jesus, especially if I've done something that's caused you some kind of distress. I would like to tell you that I would never knowingly do anything to cause anybody any distress. I do the best that I can to obey God. Sometimes He asks me to do things that the people who come to hear me cannot understand and their feelings get hurt. But I would never hurt any of you, so please, if I've hurt your feelings, forgive me. I believe there's someone here whose feelings I have hurt. All that I could say to you is that I'm doing the best I can to be obedient to our God. Nothing is personal. But His goals and His plans for His church are the primary thing in His mind. So if you can't understand, that's okay. You don't have to understand everything. Just know that my heart is right towards all of you and towards everybody here in Lagos, Africa. But God is doing something. What He is doing is very important. Even I don't know every aspect of it. I just do as I'm told. So let's go on. I think I told you everything He wanted me to tell you tonight.


I said some radical things yesterday. I'll say shocking things and I know that I shock people, but you know, shock has a value. Sometimes you really don't get the understanding of how serious something is until I say it to you in a shocking way. I said, Jesus the devil, yesterday. I said it several times on that tape and I know what I did and I'm going to say it again. There is Jesus the devil. Satan has many aliases because he knows that if you're a Christian, you're not going to worship him if you know he's Satan. So he has to trick you into worshiping Him. So he denies that he's a woman. If you weren't here on Sunday, we found out that Jesus Christ is one with Jehovah in this hour and that they are one Spirit. He is the only male Spirit in the universe and every spirit that is under Him is female in relationship to Him. We are talking about spiritual changing roles of authority. Sometimes you'll hear me say on some of my tapes, changing spiritual sexual roles. Now some people have a problem with this, but the truth is that the whole understanding of who we are, what we are, what happened to us, is really on a male and female level. God is our husband. Jesus Christ is marrying the church. The soul that He made is His wife. She was stolen and He wants her back. The type of what happened to her was Dinah's abduction. You can read about that in the book of Genesis. Shechem raped her and took her into his tent. That's what happened to God's wife and she bore Satan's illegitimate child; that's us.


God wants us back and one day to the Lord is as a thousand years to man. So He has been working frantically for two days to get us out of this black hole that we fell into. It seems like a long time to us because we're down here in the mess, but He's working frantically and He's never late. With all love, brethren, if it looks to you like He's late, it's because you're carnal and you don't understand. But He is going to restore all things. He's not going to do it the way your carnal mind tells Him to do it. He's not going to do it the way you think you would like Him to do it. I believe with all my heart that when all things are restored and reconciled back unto Him and all of the intelligence and the potential for spiritual knowledge that we had before the fall is restored unto us, we will know that He did it the best way and that nothing was lost. It just looks like something was lost. Well, the reason it feels and thinks and sounds like you're losing something is that we're captives in "Shechem's tent" and he thinks through us. You see, Satan is male to us because we're subject to him, but she's female in relationship to God because she is the moral corruption that exists in the earthen part of His wife's flesh. The natural example we gave was the chain of command in the army. The Lieutenant in the army is female in relationship to the General, spiritually speaking, for purposes of authority. The Lieutenant submits to the General. But the Lieutenant is male unto the Sargent; changing roles, changing roles. You have to know who you are in every encounter with everybody that you have an encounter with.


So we find scriptures where God called Satan, she. Then we find other scriptures where He calls Satan, he. He is the god of this world. He is the prince of the power of the air. He's male to us because we are subject to him "until" Christ in us ascends to a position higher than he is. Then he is ashes under our feet and we crush his head. So you see, we were higher than Satan in Eden. See, Satan hasn't moved. We fell down underneath him or underneath her. We fell down and she became the "him." Now we are ascending back up again, only she's on top of us throwing bombs and grenades down on us, saying you're not getting up past me. But we're going up anyway and when we get on top of him, he's going to be a "she" to us again and we'll have complete dominion and authority over her. If you need a natural example to help you understand, as a spiritual man, we will be as spiritually superior to her as the average man is physically superior to the average woman. Our spiritual strength will just be a natural outgrowth of the fact that we have evolved into spiritual manhood.


In case the word, evolution, is making you nervous, let me go over that. I believe there is an evolution of the Godhead. There is the Father and there is the Son. They are both God. Jesus said, the Father and I are one. Nevertheless, the Father is greater than I. So there are degrees of the Godhead. We are on a continuous ascension. If you're here, you're probably ascending and what you're headed for right now is the first stage of the three stages of resurrection, which we know as full stature or perfection. It is a condition of spiritual perfection, which is characterized by sinlessness, but where we nevertheless, dwell in a fallen body. This body will be preserved by your sinless spiritual nature, but the body that you're looking at, yourself and me, is not the body that the creation had before the fall. So it will take a period of time, a period of earth years, a period of years as measured in this world system, until the glorious Spirit which is perfected and dwelling in your mind works on this flesh to the point that it is converted into a glorious body which shall be like unto His Glorious Body. Hallelujah. I don't know how I got on that. What was I talking about? Did I have a point? Nobody knows? Okay, let's go on from here.


I remember, I was talking about my technique of shocking you by saying, Jesus the devil. You know it's one thing to hear it preached that there's "another Jesus." Did anybody here ever hear that expression? It's in the Bible that there's "another Jesus." But it's just not the same thing as hearing me say, Jesus the devil. It sort of hits it home to you. There is another Jesus. There is a spirit that calls himself by names that he's not entitled to. The name of that spirit is Satan. He calls himself Jesus; he calls himself Mark; he calls himself Matthew. Sometimes he calls himself the Holy Spirit. I talked to you about that when I was here the last time. Brethren, you don't believe everything you hear. Now, you're all adults here. If you go out to make a purchase, do you believe everything that that other guy tells you if he's offering you a business deal? Don't you hire a lawyer to check out the papers? Don't you check out the product before you turn over the money? Try the spirit, brethren. Every spirit is not of God. The spirit that is not of God lies about what his name is and you need to know that. So we found out yesterday that Satan is (busy busy busy) channeling his doctrine into the world in various documents which he is using subliminally (if he can get you to read them) to get his spirit into your mind. Why? He wants to get all that he can, to raise you up in a full stature of evil before Christ can begin to be formed in you. Mankind is growing up. We shall become either all righteousness, which is perfection in Christ (most people know about that) or we shall become all evil, beyond rehabilitation. Not many non workers of witchcraft know about that. I believe the witches know about it.


So as I told you yesterday, I believe there are many writings around written by Satan. I believe most of the hosts that brought forth these documents were just unaware; people who were unaware. So I'm going to say shocking things to you as the Lord leads me. This is my reason for doing it; the reality of what's happening has got to hit home. What's happening is that we are on the threshold of some very exciting spiritual events and God has invited us to partake of them. That's very exciting. There's going to be a whole world out there that doesn't know what's going on. I believe that God has a faithful group of Christians, that don't have Christ being formed in them, but are as faithful as He's given them the ability to be. He's going to make a way for them to get Christ formed in them and bring them to safety. Then there's a lot that I don't know about. What will happen to the multitudes out there? Are we to assume that they will all differentiate into evil? I don't know. I really don't know. There's a lot that I don't know. I just know that the Lord is bringing information forth as rapidly as we can bear it. So we will continue to labor and as He tells me, I will tell you.


So today we're dealing with the harsh reality of the fact that we have a gospel here written by Thomas the devil. There is a Thomas the Apostle and there is a Thomas the devil. The truth is going to set you free, brethren. It'll start you thinking anyway. (Laughter) Those of you who have a copy of this gospel, we're in Chapter 85:11. This comes right after what we finished yesterday, where Thomas the devil did a takeoff on binding the strongman and breaking into his house and stealing his wife. After that he says, you must watch for the world and gird up your loins with great strength and let the good find a way to come to you because they will find the advantage which you expect. This is the warning that I told you about. This scripture is really saying and is the subliminal message going through to your carnal minds; watch for the world, watch for the world. In other words, watch out for Christ. What is a world? A world is an age. Watch out for the Age of Christ, which is coming, because when the Age of Christ comes, He's going to knock out this existing age. Watch for Him and when you see Him, kill Him while you still can. This is not a new concept. This concept of killing all heirs to the throne has been around for centuries. We saw Herod do it with Christ, Himself. It's been something that's been practiced by warring nations for thousands of years. A conquered nation comes in and they wipe out the royal family. They shoot everybody down to the six month old baby boy. They're not going to allow the possibility of that six month old baby boy growing up and finding out what happened, who he is, and what happened to the royal family. He might raise up an army and come back in and take over the country.


That's what Satan is doing. He knows the rules of the game. The only problem is he can't knock us out. But he's going to try because he doesn't believe it. Does anybody know why he doesn't believe it? Why does Satan believe that he can defeat Christ? The reason that he refuses to believe that Christ is undefeatable is that he has already defeated him once. If you remember the account of the fall, Christ, at the beginning of time, was in an immature condition and was defeated. Everything God does, He grows up from seed. The Christ mind, which was in the creation at the beginning, was immature. It hadn't grown up yet. It hadn't had any overcoming experiences. God said to him, Adam, if you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall surely become mortal. Adam said, yes Father, and he walked away and he said, I wonder what mortal is in relation to immortality? I suggest to you, he had no idea, whatsoever, what it meant. When you have a two year old playing with a ball, you say son, if that ball goes in the street, you don't chase it because if you do, you could get hit by a car and die. What two year old obeys? They have no concept, whatsoever, that, that car can hurt them.


So the immature Christ and the natural example I give of the condition that Adam was in at the beginning of time is a young man like unto yourself (in his early twenties perhaps, just manifesting right in the middle of the street that this house is on with all the traffic out there) just appearing in the middle of the street. He doesn't know what a car is, doesn't know it could kill him, doesn't know how to find shelter, doesn't know how to find food, doesn't know what's good food and what's poisonous food. He is physically mature and he's on his feet. He's standing and his muscles work, but he doesn't know how to use them to go and plant a crop. He will probably die from starvation or from eating some poisonous food. That was the condition that Adam was in at the beginning of time. Even though his mind was Christ, he had not had any overcoming experiences by using it and Satan rose up and deceived him. He brought forth his carnal mind into the creation because Adam was suppose to keep the garden and that Hebrew word translated keep means to militarily guard the garden. Adam failed to do it. Why? He didn't recognize the enemy. Isn't that the problem we have in the church today? We have trouble seeing the enemy. That's the truth. Where is the enemy? He is first of all in our mind and second of all in the minds of our loved ones and third of all, in the minds of our enemies. He's in the minds of men.


We have to come to a place in Christ where we can perceive him without condemnation. We must recognize him and deal with him in the righteousness of Christ. That's what you're in training for. That's what I teach here. Because if you see sin and you deal with it in condemnation, you have killed the one for whom Christ has died and you have committed sin and now you need to repent and get right with God and nobody is moving on into the kingdom. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So we must forgive ourselves; we must forgive each other; we must go on working towards our own perfection.


So we see the carnal mind saying watch out on behalf of the world. Protect this world system. Christ has promised to bring this world system to an end. Christ has promised that the new age (there is a legitimate new age) and Christ is the new age and when He arises in you, He is the new sun in you and the sun and the moon of your old age (which is this age that you're dwelling in now) shall be swallowed up by Christ. The Bible says, the beast and the false prophet and hell and death and whoever else is there, is going to be thrown into the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire is Christ in you, the hope of glory. When all sin in you is burnt up, only righteousness shall remain and you shall be righteous. So the carnal mind knows all this and he's sending out a subliminal message, watch out, guard this world system, because the one who's bringing the new age is coming and He's looking to penetrate the hearts of men and engraft His life unto them with the Spirit of Adoption. He wants everyone He could get. My Bible says, whosoever will, come and drink of this water. This salvation is for all of creation. They're not coming in this hour because their minds are in bondage because they're bound to their jailor who doesn't want to let them go. He has covered their minds with darkness and ignorance and his own mind and his own life. But we read last night in one of our alternate translations that in the hour that the sons of God manifest, these bondages will start to be broken off the minds of men. Who is going to do that? The sons of God are going to do that. When the darkness comes off of their minds, they will understand their condition and knowingly renounce their liaison with the carnal mind and Satan and willingly turn to and follow Christ. Right now the average man has a hatred of Christ. Why? Because his or her husband is a hater of Christ. In that man's mind, the spirit that he is married to hates Christ, so he hates Christ. He thinks it's right. He thinks good is evil and evil is good.


So we see the carnal mind sounding the alarm. We have a condition in people today which exists in various degrees. It's called denial. Their unconscious minds have an ability to see spiritual truth, has an ability to understand what's going on in people's hearts and people's minds, but either they don't know how to deal with it, they're afraid to deal with it or, for whatever reason, it's too painful to deal with it. They erect a wall in their consciousness separating their consciousness from their unconscious and in some people, it's tolerable. In other people, it causes them to malfunction in their own society. How would that be? Well, the malfunction that's brought to pass by denial brings us into a condition where our motives and the true nature of what we're doing are totally out of sync with our behavior. In other words (as an extreme example just that you should know what I'm talking about) we pick up a knife and we stab somebody. But in our thought process, we think we have demonstrated an act of love. Now that's an extreme case. There are mentally deranged people who suffer from this condition. That's an extreme case. In a non-extreme case, we have people saying hurtful things to other people and denying that they hurt them. They say, oh it's just a joke. Has anyone ever given you a barb and said to you, oh it's just a joke. No, it's no joke. But the reason they tell you, oh it's just a joke, is because that way they don't have to give any reasons for hurting you. Now when that happens, sometimes the person knows what they did to you and they're hiding behind the lie and sometimes they really don't know that they hurt you.


So the one who really doesn't know that they hurt you, but who was engaged in a lifestyle of doing and saying hurtful things, but refusing to take responsibility for it is a person who is in denial. Now this is just a mild example of the extreme. Now listen to the danger, brethren. If you're hearing yourself here, cry out to God because for the people who knowingly are continuing in denial, what you're doing is giving license to your carnal mind to do whatever it wants without your conscious agreement. See, that's what it is. Your true heart says, I am angry at that person, but I can't tell them I'm angry or I'm afraid to tell them I'm angry. I'm afraid my husband will leave me. I'm afraid my wife will leave me. I'm afraid my boss will fire me. I'm afraid that that person won't like me anymore. I'm afraid if I tell them that I'm really mad at them, maybe they'll hit me. So they give you a verbal barb and they tell you that it's a joke. But what you're doing is, you're setting yourself up for your carnal mind to take authority that she has no right to have. Listen, your consciousness is your conscience. You're suppose to be controlling what comes out of your city. Your whole vessel is a city, a spiritual city, a city that houses spiritual life. Whether you know what's going on or whether you're denying what's going on, you are responsible for what your carnal mind is doing. Why? Because every sin that's acted out through your city, either in thought, word or deed, will be recompensed upon your city. You shall reap what you sow. Every sin shall have its just recompense.


So to knowingly permit denial is a self defeating and destructive condition of mind. We see people in this hour engaged in denial. Their relationships are poor. They're always offended. Someone is always hurting them. They don't see what they did to that other person. How can you communicate with somebody, how can you have a relationship, how could you have a positive relationship with your wife or your husband or with your parents or with your friends if you're not even acknowledging to yourself the negative feelings that you have towards them and dealing with them in a manner that hopefully will produce reconciliation. But instead of that, we're being subtle and jabbing them with a spiritual knife, building up hostility between the two of you. Your relationships must deteriorate. So this is the condition we find denial in, in this hour. But if you continue along this path, you are giving your carnal mind license to go further, to do all kinds of evil things, if your consciousness, which is your conscience, will not police your motives. David spoke to his soul. Brethren, our spirit man is suppose to police our soul, which is our raging passions. You cannot do whatever you want. Neither can you think whatever you want.


If your spirit man perceives sin in your heart, he must be rebuked. If not, he will surely kill you. If your spirit man does not start policing your carnal mind, your carnal mind will overtake your spirit man. If you're not for me, you're against me. Only one man can rule in this house, brethren. Only one man can rule in this house. If you're not engaged in a warfare whereby your spirit man is steadily taking dominion over your carnal mind, your carnal mind will rule your house.


I saw a woman on a TV show in New York last week before I came here. She has written a book. This is her true experience. She was in this condition of denial to a pathological degree. There was a part of her personality that was hidden from her consciousness. That part of her personality hated herself. It was self hate. She was writing herself threatening letters threatening her life, threatening to burn her house down, threatening her husband. It went on for years. She had the police department stymied. They couldn't find out who was writing these threatening letters. She was mailing them right in the post office box with her husband sitting right next to her in the car. Neither one of them knew what was going on. Do you hear this? Her carnal mind was living a life apart from her consciousness, but he was living this life out of her body. This went on for years. Now you may have heard of multiple personalities. This was not a multiple personality. In the case of multiple personalities, we have several full complete personalities. This was not the case. It was just an aspect, another aspect, another side of her one personality that was evil. She couldn't or wouldn't or refused to deal with it, so she made believe it wasn't there and it just did whatever it wanted to do.


Then one day it went too far. It sent a threatening letter to the police chief. So at that point, after five year of investigation, the chief decided to get to work on the case. He didn't like the idea of being threatened. He really made an effort to solve this case and put this woman under surveillance and he found out it was her writing the letters and mailing the letters. One time she actually stabbed herself by putting a knife in her back. When she was discovered, she was embarrassed and humiliated and went into psychiatric care and wrote this book. I'm telling you this to make a point. All the signs are in the earth if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. This is what the carnal mind intends to do to as many human beings as she can do it to. She wants to become strong enough to override whatever conscience has been imparted to that man when he was socialized in his upbringing. That's her intention. We see it happening in part in rare isolated cases. But I'm telling you the word of the Lord to me is that it's not going to be rare isolated cases much longer. Either you're going with Christ or you will be subject to a carnal mind that your conscience cannot control. Not only will it do what it wants, but as it continues to increase, it will overshadow your whole person and ruin you and you will become a slave unto it. That is Satan's plan for humanity. Praise the Lord.


Watch out for the world and protect it because Christ is coming to take it back. Gird up your loins with great strength. Gird up your loins; that's a takeoff on 1 Peter 1:13. Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. So we see that the Scripture of God says, gird up your loins for the purpose of the grace which is coming to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. If you look up that word, loins, in the Greek, it's speaking about your spiritual reproductive parts. Brethren, we have spiritual reproductive parts. They're in the mind. The spirit of man is the female seed that receives the seed of the Father and in that engrafting, Christ begins to be formed in you. So Peter is saying, gird up the loins of your mind. Don't mess with the serpent. Don't make the same mistake that your human spirit made at the time of the fall. Don't mess with the serpent. Guard yourself and wait for the seed of the Father which will produce Christ in you. That's what the Scripture is saying.


The gospel of Thomas the devil says; Gird up your loins (and please notice it doesn't say of your mind. It just says gird up your loins with great strength). All that, that means to me is it's just a confusion and a lot of men reading this will miss the whole point that this is a spiritual protection because it's Satan intention to pull every spiritual truth, every spiritual gift down into the flesh. Satan is flesh, brethren. God is Spirit. Satan, to the fullest extent that she can, will pull every spiritual truth which has been imparted to you, down into the flesh. When it comes down into the flesh, it dies, because God is Spirit. We must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. You can't pull it down into the flesh. When you pull it down into the flesh, it's no longer what God intended it to be because everything God does is Spirit. Gird up your loins with great strength lest the brigands find a way to come to you. The English word, brigand, means a thief and a robber. A brigand is a thief and a robber. Last night in the scripture just before this, we read about a thief. The implication was that Christ was a thief (singular, Jesus Christ was a thief) and in the following verse, the one we're on now, the word becomes plural. I suggest to you that it is speaking about the sons of God. That's us, brethren. This gospel of Thomas the devil is speaking about us. So when we go out to spread this gospel for Christ and we come up against somebody who has received a spirit of error such as this and their carnal mind perceives Christ in us coming to them to give them the truth, you can expect their reaction to be, this person is a thief and a robber, a brigand, and they're out to hurt me. They want to steal what I have and you can expect, at the very least, a rejection and at the very most a spiritual arrow going into your heart.


What do you do when a spiritual arrow goes into your heart? You pull it out. Don't get mad at the person. They usually don't even know that they did it. It comes out of their mind and more likely than not, they're smiling at you as they shoot it into your heart. They might be shaking your hand. They might be saying nice things to you. They might know that they shot you, but most likely they don't know that they shot you because their carnal mind is hiding behind a wall. Their carnal mind knows that Christ in you has just spoken the truth that could possibly set that person on a right path and the carnal mind has risen up behind that wall and shot an arrow in your heart. How do you know that you're shot? You usually feel it in your emotions. Everybody is different. Some people become anxious. Some people become moody. Some people feel like they're hurt. Some people feel like they're rejected. But the overall way you know you've been shot, if I can put it in one word, you feel discomfort. You feel discomforted in your person. You are happy and now you're not happy. You were joyous and now you're sad. You were at peace and content and something is irritating you and you have no idea what. I suggest to you, brethren, a thorn has entered into your heart. What if this isn't true for you? If it isn't true and you pull it out, you will not have lost anything. How do you pull it out? Spiritual warfare is waged with the spoken word. First you need to acknowledge that you've been hit. Then you say, in the Name of Jesus, I pull this missile out, thorn, dart, arrow, spear; it doesn't matter. Get out of my soul. Then you say, in the Name of Jesus, let my soul be healed. Now you've got to forgive the person. You've got to bless them and you've got to pray for reconciliation and that God be glorified in this. It's an invisible war, brethren, it's an invisible war.


Gird up your loins with great strength lest the brigands (sons of God) find a way to come to you (not physically come to you, but find a way to penetrate your heart). With what? With the Spirit of Truth that's in Christ which is in them. Don't let them near you. Find a reason to be mad at them. Find a reason to fight with them. Find a reason to break that friendship. Find a reason. Get away from them. Flee. Don't be around that person. That's how it registers in their mind. The reasoning of the carnal mind, the reason you should defend yourself against them is because they will find the advantage which you expect. Even Thomas the devil is admitting that there is an advantage that the sons of God can find in every human being. What does that mean; an advantage? It means that there's a possibility that when a son of God comes to you, he could penetrate your heart with his word. This is an acknowledgment that in every man there is a potential to receive Christ. That potential is the spirit of man; the spirit of man, the spirit of man. That potential is the garden which God told Adam to keep at the beginning of time.


You see, our human spirit is a harlot. She's the harlot that we read about in the book of Revelation. She's a girl who can't say no. This is God's story. It's not mine. She can't say no. If the guardian of the garden is not protecting her and another man gets in there, she's going to bear his child. If you have Christ being formed in you, that is what has happened to you. Your human spirit is a harlot and she has two husbands and she has two children. She's married to Satan and she has born his daughter, the carnal mind, who is possessing your soul and she has also been engaged with the Lord Jesus Christ and she's bearing His son. What's going to happen is that Christ is going to grow up and kill the carnal mind. But the carnal mind is saying right here in the gospel of Thomas the devil (all you carnal minds that can hear this now, hear this) you had better keep that garden because when the Lord Jesus Christ comes in the form of the Holy Spirit, the human spirit of the man that you're in is not going to say no. Christ has an advantage. All He has to do is get past the armor of the carnal mind and she's pregnant with Christ. So put up the armor (that's the message) and get the person you're dwelling in away from that son of God at any cost.


Let there be among you a man of understanding. This is a takeoff on Revelation, Chapter 13:18. Let's take a look at that. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. So we see in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Christ telling whoever has ears (in a parable form) that the beast is a man, that his enemy is the beast nature of the man that he is; the carnal mind, the hidden enemy within. We see in The Gospel of Thomas the devil saying in verse 16, let there be among you a man of understanding when the fruit ripened he came quickly with his sickle in his hand and he reaped it. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. So it's a parable. If you have the wisdom of God, you will be able to understand that the beast is your beast nature, the carnal mind. If you have wisdom to understand, the gospel of Thomas the devil says, if there's a man of understanding amongst you, when the fruit ripened, he came quickly with his sickle in his hand and he reaped it. I want to suggest to you that this is a hidden way of saying, your only hope of overcoming Christ is to get this individual fully matured towards the evil side before Christ gets there.


He says, when the fruit comes (he's talking about a negative harvest, brethren.) Have you heard about the harvest? There's a harvest that we read about in the Book of Revelation. Most Christian teachers will tell you that the harvest is going out and reaping all these unregenerated people and bringing them into the Pentecostal and Baptist churches and having them say I receive Jesus and giving them a Bible. That's a lie. It's not true. Just open up your dictionary. The harvest is the separation of the fruit from the vine. The harvest is the separation of the fruit from the vine. In a natural harvest, the fruit is reaped and the vine or the plant stands in the field, drys up and dies and the farmer rips it out by its roots. In many cases he traps it up for mulch and turns it back into the soil as a fertilizer. The harvest is the separation of the fruit from the vine. In Christ, the harvest is the maturation of Christ in us to such a degree that He no longer needs this body to live in. The only one that I know of that has experienced separation of the fruit of Christ from the host vine that He was growing in, is Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ.


This is the third stage of the resurrection, brethren. We read about it in Daniel Chapter 7 where the one who no longer needs a host body to live in is called the Ancient of Days. That's what He is. The Son of God, the product, the new creature, which was born when the seed of the Father joined with the female seed that was in the soul that the Father made. A Son was born. A Son that is the mind of the soul which God made. The Son of God is a mind. The Son of God is a mind. The Father's wife is a soul. God made a living soul, amen. The Father's wife is a soul. The Son of God, the product of the seed of the Father and the seed of His wife is a mind. Christ, the Son of the Living God. When that mind is fully manifested in a man to the degree that He is in full control of that man's every thought, word and deed, the whole man, well then we could say that mind is married to that soul and the wife (the whole man) takes the name of her husband. So the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of a woman, had a mind which was begotten of the Father and it married His soul. He took His husband's name and He stopped calling Himself Jesus of Nazareth and He started calling Himself Jesus, the Christ.


But He wasn't harvested yet. The Christ mind that was in the man Jesus abode in the physical fallen body of the man Jesus, in the stage of regeneration, which is called full stature. We're still in a fallen body. There is room for maturation of the Christ mind after it ascends to a condition of Godhood. That maturation is in the form of being elevated to a position where He no longer needs this host body to survive in. When a man ascends to that condition where the Christ mind in him is so mature that he no longer needs this host body to dwell in, He has the power to break this body down into its basic atoms and incorporate those atoms in His glorified spiritual body. It's called transmutation of matter. I'm not talking about taking this table and breaking it up and reforming the wood into something else. It's still wood.


I'm talking about taking this body with a power source presently unknown to man. I've been told that scientists know of this potential. I was told this by an engineer and I don't know whether it's true or not. I'm just repeating it to you. He said that the power source necessary for the transmutation of matter is not known to man, but the theory is known to man. I'm talking about taking this table and applying a power source to it that can break it down into its atoms and then reform those atoms into a cow by extreme example; a totally different product. That's what happened to Jesus' body. The Scripture says, in that day I shall beat you small as dust. I shall beat you small as dust. Everybody is saying, oh God is going to beat me up. No brethren, He's going to zap you with His power and He's going to get you out of these jail houses that your spirit is dwelling in. These bodies are jail houses. They're potentially torture chambers to everyone that walks in one. He's going to reform it into a glorious body.


That's the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Thomas the devil says, all you carnally minded people, when you see Christ coming to you, put up your defenses. If you can hear the message behind this parable, as soon as your evil fruit is ripened, as soon as the carnal mind is strong enough to do what it would do without the restraints of the conscience of the man which is hosting you, (all you carnal minds out there) as soon as you're powerful enough to rebel against and overwhelm your host, harvest the fruit. Take them, take their soul, take their body and possess it. Now remember, Satan is soul. Everything he does is in the flesh. Everything he does is physical. Everything God does is spiritual. So we see that the spiritual harvest of Christ transmutes these bodies into a spiritual body. But I suggest to you that the harvest of Satan leaves you in these physical bodies, completely possessed of, by all intentions considered, an alien host, with us trapped in there. We don't need to read science fiction books. Just get the mind of Christ and find out what's really going on in this world.


And when the fruit ripened, he came quickly with his sickle in his hand and he reaped it. That's the man that has wisdom in Satan. He grabbed the vessel. We're called spiritual cities. He grabbed the city. He harvested the fruit and he brought the person to such a high manifestation of evil, that that man is unredeemable and I suggest to you, in a condition of eternal torment. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. Verse 20; Jesus saw children who were being suckled. He said to His disciples, these children who are being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom. Well, when I look at that sentence, what it says to me, the qualification for entering into the kingdom is being suckled. Also let me remind you that we're not told what kingdom it is. The word kingdom is not modified, so therefore you are free to decide whether Thomas the devil is speaking about the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. Since his name is Thomas the devil, I would think he's speaking about the Kingdom of Darkness.


The corresponding scripture is Matthew 18 verse 1, 2 and 3. At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus saying, who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto Him and set him in the midst of them and said, verily I say unto you, except you be converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It has nothing to do with being suckled, brethren. You have to become converted and when you become converted, you shall be as a little child in the kingdom. Conversion, despite what you may or may not have heard, is speaking about a true conversion of heart, not a transference from being a fallen man who is inclined towards evil unto being a fallen man who is inclined towards good (which is nice and better than nothing). But the conversion that the Scripture is speaking about is being a man with a fallen carnal mind who is converted into a man with a mind which is of Christ. Before you can be converted into Christ, He has to begin to be formed in you. Now also, the fact that Jesus is saying you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except you be converted is very significant because there is a difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God is Christ in you; Christ being formed in you. It is a mind.


I looked up the Kingdom of Heaven in the Interlinear Text. I didn't do an exhaustive study, but I spent a lot of time on it. I could not find one reference to the Kingdom of Heaven where that word in the Greek was not plural. It is the Kingdom of the Heavens; the Kingdom of the two heavens. I suggest to you that the Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God having captured your carnal mind, having bound the two of them together so that they're now operating as one mind under the dominion and military rule of the Kingdom of God, which is the Christ mind. When the Kingdom of God, which is the mind of Christ in you, is formed to a point of maturity where He is powerful enough to capture that carnal mind, force her under His feet, bind her up and paralyze her; the name of that condition is full stature or perfection. The mind of that man is called the Kingdom of the two Heavens. So Jesus is saying, unless you are converted, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Now you can enter into the Kingdom of God without being converted. You could have the mind of Christ being formed in you and all of us that have the mind of Christ being formed in us go back and forth. One minute we're carnal, the next minute we're spiritual, one minute we're loving, the next minute we're hating, one minute we're faithful, the next minute we're unfaithful. James says we're double minded. The reason we're double minded is because we have two minds that are fighting for dominion over us. They both want to be our mind. So you can have the Kingdom of God within you and be a double minded man because, by definition, a double minded man is a man with the two minds which are at war with one another.


So let's spell out the progression here. We start out as a carnal man. We have one mind, a carnal mind. Somewhere along the line, the word of God, the seed of God engrafts to us. We receive the Spirit of Adoption and Christ begins to be formed in us. He is the Kingdom of God. He is the second mind and we go from being a carnally minded man who in many instances is stable. There are many carnally minded men who are very stable and functioning very well in this world system based on everything they've learned in their carnality. Then we become a double minded man and some of us aren't too stable during that transition period, mostly because we're not really sure what's happening to us because the education really isn't what it should be. Sometimes we have periods and moments of instability in our emotions because we're just being torn back and forth as the two minds war over us. Then as the evolution continues, we see Christ who abides and rules over the Kingdom of God taking a permanent victory over the Kingdom of Darkness, which is the carnal mind (penetrating him, we're told) and that penetration paralyzes him just like a spider will paralyze an insect and wrap him up in his web and leave him there for some future date. The Kingdom of Heaven paralyzes the carnal mind. The Kingdom of Darkness binds him up to himself so that there is no longer a lack of compatibility between the negative aspect and the positive aspect of the creation.


But the positive aspect or the positive pole or the spiritual side of the creation has captured the negative side and brought it under its authority so that the full spiritual power that was placed in the creation is under the single direction of Christ. That's the evolution of the mind of fallen man. That's what God has in store for us. Then as we continue on unto the third stage of resurrection, I'm not sure whether our physical body would have to die at that point. Well it has to die for it to be transmuted. I don't believe that we have to be crucified. What exactly is going to happen to it, I don't know, but it will cease to be in this form. So for all intents and purposes, it has to die. At that point, the Father, who is the only one who has the authority to give us permission to ascend unto a glorified or pure Spirit state will look at our mind. He will see that our carnal mind is paralyzed and all bound up and under the authority of the Christ mind. He will see that the only mind operating in us is righteousness and He will raise our soul from the dead and we shall be one with the glorious body of Christ. Glory to God.


So again, I point out to you the subtlety of the error of the gospel according to Thomas the devil. The fact that you're a suckling child does not bring you into the kingdom and not only does it not bring you into the kingdom, but to say that the fact that the child was suckling made him eligible to come into the kingdom is bringing the whole doctrine down to the physical again. I don't know how a spiritual child suckles to tell you the truth. To me, that brings it right down to the physical. What it's saying to somebody reading this book is that suckling children, one month old, two months old (in some parts of the world they suckle their children to three, four and five years old) suckling children, physical and mental babies, are qualified to enter into the Kingdom of Darkness. Well, I believe that, but I don't know any two, three or four year old qualified to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to be full grown on every level to be in the Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps at some time in the future, we might reach a stage where young children are entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. I don't even think it's going to happen. I don't think it's going to happen, but I wouldn't get hung up on that. I really don't know. Let's go on.


These children who are being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom. And they said to him, shall we then, being children, enter the kingdom? I don't like the sound of that, but to tell you the truth, I really don't have any revelation on it, so I'll just go past it. And Jesus said to them (He answered them with a riddle) when you make the two one and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below and when you make the male and the female into a single one so that the male will not be male and the female not be female, when you make eyes in the place of an eye and a hand in the place of a hand and a foot in the place of a foot and an image in the place of an image; that's when you're going to enter into the Kingdom of Darkness. I want to suggest to you that what Thomas the devil is saying here is that when you so totally corrupt this creation that you have completely reversed God's order, you shall be a full fledge manifestation of the Kingdom of Darkness completely differentiated into an individual of pure evil. You have to reverse everything that God did. I'll go over each aspect with you.


Let's take the first one. When you make the two one. I want to suggest to you that this is a technique that we find in the Scripture. The first phrase, when you make the two one, is an introduction. This isn't the best English translation, but I'm just going on what I've learned from the true Scripture. When you make the two one, this is how it's going to be done. First, you have to make the inner as the outer and the below as the above, etc. etc. etc. So that first phrase, you will enter into the kingdom when you make the two one; everything following after that is how you're going to make the two one. Now we had some talk on a prior meeting about how one became two. Oh, that was what the Lord wanted me to tell you. Those of you who were here a few nights ago, I showed you in Zechariah, either Chapter 4 or 5 how the one became two. It's probably for somebody here that was curious about that and we have a whole tape on that Chapter if you would like to borrow it from the library that Sister Deli administers here. It's tape #8 and it's called The Latter End. The whole tape is an exhortation on that Chapter of Zechariah. Thank you, Jesus.


Okay, so we spoke a few nights ago about how the creation was one and how it became two. It was one tree. The creation was one tree. It was called the Tree of Life and in the midst of it was a partial tree. A natural example could be the pit inside of a mango. The Tree of Life was and is edible. It produces life. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is in the midst of the tree, not in the midst of the garden like the King James translators tell you. It's a poor translation. The Tree of Life has the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the midst of it. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a partial tree. When she separated out from the Tree of Life, the whole creation died because the Tree of Life is the negative pole or the soul or the flesh aspect of the creation and she cannot live apart from the Tree of Life. She cannot live apart from God. You see, God can live without her, but she cannot live without God. So we found that at the beginning of time, God put the creation together and it had a negative and a positive pole. It was flesh and it was spirit; spirit positive and flesh negative (flesh made out of the earth). He put them together. The Scripture says He breathed the breath of life into the creation and He set the man up in the garden.


That means He gave the spiritual side of the creation, the positive side, dominion over the negative flesh side and the creation was alive. But because of the man's inexperience, the partial tree had power over him. I don't like to say spiritual power because the negative aspect was soulish. It was spiritual power on the soul realm; a spiritual power on a lesser level than the power of God. She is a power. She was and she is a power; the pestilence in the earth. There was an existence. There was an intelligence in the earth of the soul because God is so great that when He made this creation there was power in every aspect of it. We don't even know what it looked like at the beginning of time. But it was so great and there was so much power in every aspect of it because of the life of God that had been breathed into it. There was intelligence in the earth. We found that the intelligence took on a form of existence when it came in contact with the power of God. The power of God was so powerful that by way of a natural example we would go outside and run an electric current through the earth outside your house. The power of God was so great that something inside that clay came into being. It was sleeping in the earth and it came awake. It came alive. Even Paul talks about sin coming alive. He's speaking about something like that. So Satan took a look at the Christ and we found scriptures that indicate she became envious. We talk about this in our book, Mind, Hell and Death. If you have a copy, you'll find it in there. I have this Alternate Translation and it's in one of the footnotes. If you don't have one, you can have a copy of it before you leave.


So Satan who was female in relationship to the Christ mind, which was in the creation, became envious of the fact that Christ was the ruler. She said, I could rule this creation just as well as he can. What could that man do that I can't do just as well? She rose up and she proceeded to take his authority away from him. She did it and when she did it, she separated out and we're told in Chapter 4 or 5 in Zechariah that she set up a base of her own and she began an existence apart from the Tree of Life and the one became two. Now we see in the gospel of Thomas the devil where he says if you want to enter into the Kingdom of Darkness, the two has got to become one. I want to suggest to you that what's being said here is that even the devil doesn't want this creation to stay separate. The devil wants this creation reconciled unto one also, but with the carnal mind in authority over the Lord's Christ. It's not enough that Satan separated out. She now wants to get on top. She wants to completely reverse God's order. She wants a negative kingdom of heaven with the carnal mind having the Christ bound under her, completely paralyzed, so that the creation is functioning as a single mind under the authority of the carnal mind. The man who is in that condition is in a condition of fully manifested evil at which point he can no longer be rehabilitated. That's Satan's plan for this creation and it has a name. The name of the world that we would be living in or the condition that we would be in under those circumstances is called eternal torment or hell.


The doctrine of eternal torment is Satan's doctrine, not only his doctrine, but his plan for humanity. But brethren, I don't believe that our Lord and Savior is going to let her do it. She shall surely fail. So that's what this riddle is about. The carnal mind speaking through Thomas the devil says, you shall enter into the kingdom and once again the word kingdom is not modified. I suggest to you if you have assumed it's the Kingdom of God, you have drawn the exact assumption the carnal mind wanted you to draw, but it is not a reasonable assumption. I suggest to you we're speaking here about the Kingdom of Darkness. This is how you get into the Kingdom of Darkness. This is how you become a full manifestation of evil. You have to make the two power sources of the creation one. You have to climb on top of the Christ mind, paralyze Him and bring Him into total submission. That's how you enter into the Kingdom of Darkness. This is how you do it. First you make the inner as the outer. So who's the inner? The inner tree. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is the partial tree. You make the partial tree the tree with the full strength and you make the tree that has the full strength that was on the outside, on the inside. How do you do that? You have to steal the spiritual substance of the Tree of Life. You see, Satan has no authority to incarnate in and of himself. He has no authority to form this world or to form the bodies that we live in. The reason he was able to do it is that he stole God's wife and he stole her spiritual substance. When he kidnaped her, he received the use of her spiritual substance.


You need spirit to form a world. Satan is soul. He is functioning as a spirit. He's illegally acting like a spirit, but he has no spiritual authority in and of himself. That which he has is the stolen spiritual substance of God's wife. He has laid hold of her potential to bear forth a mind to take over the creation and make the two one. Now he wants to add to his storehouse the spiritual authority which is in Christ. He wants your spiritual life, brethren. He wants Christ in you under his authority. He wants your power. So your carnal mind is in there tempting you to misuse your spiritual authority. He wants to snare you and bind you up in his web and lay hold of whatever you have received in Christ and take it unto himself so that he has enough spiritual authority to be the independent one and that Christ has become so weakened that He becomes the dependent one. He wants complete role reversal. You know, brethren, we see this happening in the world today: first the natural and then the spiritual. I really don't know what's happening over here in Africa in Nigeria, but over in the United States, we have a real problem with role reversal. I certainly am not in any way against women. I am an independent woman. In Christ, spiritually speaking, I am a spiritual man because there's no male or female in Christ. Physically, I lead a very independent life and I'm certainly for women being educated and receiving equal pay for equal work. I'm against abuse. I'm for every righteous issue that women are fighting for, but there is a wrong element in the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States.


I really don't know about women in any other country that are as radical, that are as fanatical and they're preceding forth with their agenda. For the first ten or more years of the women's lib movement, you couldn't really see this hidden agenda. But if you observed social trends in our country today, you will see that this radical group wants more than equal pay for equal work. They want more than equal educational opportunities. What they want is dominion. Now it's not everybody. It's a radical group, but they have political power. They have political power and they're organized and they have a lot of money behind them and they're doing a lot of damage, a lot of spiritual and social damage to our country because the people are sleeping. They're busy just doing the things of life, taking care of their families, working, trying to survive. That's how radicals always take over while everybody else is just busy trying to survive.


I've been preaching this for years. People that hear me in the United States know I've been sounding the trumpet for years. Women's liberation cannot be affecting the scriptural guidelines of your marital relationship. The husband is the head of the wife and it cannot be any other way because it doesn't work any other way. If the husband and the wife are equal, it's only for a season and as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the next time you blink and open your eyes, the wife is the head of the husband. We have a real social crisis in the United States. It's very serious. I honestly don' t know what's going to happen. We've been in a spiritual war in the United States for a long time. I look around me and it's awesome. I remember there was a time in the United States that when a married couple were out together, the man drove the car, the woman held the baby, and everybody had assigned roles when the family was together. You go out in the middle of the streets of New York now and in nine out of ten couples, you will see the woman driving the car and the man holding the baby in the seat next to her. Now if you don't have spiritual ears, I'm telling you we're in trouble. Maybe you think I'm weird, but I'm not weird. The family and the institution of marriage in the United States is in trouble. We need prayer over there.


So what I'm trying to tell you is this spiritual principle that's appearing in this gospel is already appearing in our world in the natural. The role reversal has already started. Of course, if the Lord permits this spiritual and social downward spiral in our nation, the next step is an even greater manifestation of homosexuality which is really serious now. The rate at which homosexuality is increasing is alarming. It's being taught in the schools. It's being taught as an alternative lifestyle; try it, you'll like it. It's very serious. We have a plague of young teenagers, twelve, thirteen, fourteen year old boys and girls, finding themselves homosexual and not knowing how to deal with it. I declare to you and I'm telling you all this because I believe that it's Satan exalting herself saying, I'm doing it in the natural and I'm going to do it in the spiritual. But I'm here today to say, you're a liar, Satan, because you may be getting away with it in certain areas, but you shall not succeed. You certainly won't succeed spiritually. Exactly what's going to happen to us over there, I don't know. We have some painful days ahead of us because when we fall spiritually, it's very hard to get back up. It's just like dropping a rock off of a mountain; it just falls down to the bottom. To try to get that rock back up, it requires much more energy to get it back up than it took to go down.


So we've got some really rough days ahead of us. It shows how far Satan has gone with her plan to make that which was in her outer and that which was outer, inner. That which is below is the carnal mind and that which is above is the mind of Christ. So the first phrase made that which is inner, outer, and outer, inner. It's speaking about Satan reversing Satan's role. The second phrase, make that which was above, underneath, and that which was underneath, above, is now speaking about the carnal mind. A negative manifestation of the kingdom of the two heavens with the carnal mind on top. The second thing you have to do if you're interested in the coming full manifestation of evil and spending the rest of eternity in torment; this is how you do it. You see, this instruction is not to you. It's not to your consciousness, but it's to the carnal mind that's in you. So if anybody hearing this tape or anybody here is lax in any way in policing their carnal mind, if your conscience is weak in any way, I suggest to you with all my strength, that you begin crying out to God because your carnal mind is a dangerous wild beast. If you can't control her now, you're going to be lost when she takes her growth spurt. If you can't run with the footmen, how are you going to run with the horsemen? If you can't cut it now, you just won't cut it.


The third thing that you have to do is make the male and the female into a single one. Make the male and the female into a single one. What does that mean? It means no more distinction. The United States Army in this hour is what they call androgynous. There is no recognition of any difference between male and female. Our military and our police forces have become androgynous. There's no distinction under the rules of military law and conduct, as far as I know, as to who can be in the ground forces and who can fly a plane. You cannot take a person's physical sex into consideration when they're considered for any kind of promotion. The barracks are mixed, the schools are mixed, the trenches and the foxholes are mixed. It's just a complete denial of any difference between men and women. We're running into trouble because you can deny it all you want, but there's a difference between men and women. Talk about denial. We are under an attack. Pray for us over there. We have a society of antichrist people that have risen up that do not acknowledge God. They not only do not have a fear of Him, they do not acknowledge Him. The riches of this world have utterly corrupted them. Those of us who aren't that way were busy trying to survive while these people got in there and sneaked into our government and passed laws that are really messing us up. Once the government sanctions all this stuff, God starts judging the whole nation. So if we pass your mind, please pray for us. We need a lot of help. The Christians over there are fighting a valiant battle and we're winning, but it's vicious. The fight is absolutely vicious. We have one organization that the Lord has raised up to take a lot of this into court and to the best of my knowledge, they've won every case they've taken into court. But the spiritual warfare is fierce. We're hated. We're blasphemed and called fanatics. It's really severe. But I believe God will prevail.


So when you make the person totally neuter and they're neither male nor female, then the next thing you have to do is make the male and the female into a single one so that the male will not be male. See, they know exactly what they're doing. They're not saying if you make the male and female one, that the two together will be functioning like a male. That's not what they're saying. When you put the male and female together, they're going to function like a female. We're talking about the utter destruction of any form of natural manhood. That's what they're talking about. Let me read it to you. When you make the male and female into a single one so that the male will not be male. It says here, and the female be female, so that the male will not be male, but the female, female. So you have no distinguishable manhood, but you have distinguishable female-hood. After you do that, you make the eyes in the place of an eye. Well, this study is going to take awhile on these next few verses. I've given my word to stop at nine o'clock. So I think we're going to break here and we'll take some questions and we'll pick up and finish this verse tomorrow. Anybody have any questions?


COMMENT: Praise the Lord. My question is based on the last thing you said in connection with the rules. From my reading of the Bible, I've discovered that initially the Scripture says that they were made male and female and they were called Adam. But after the fall, it was like it was now revised that the female shall be unto the husband. Are you suggesting to us that the physical will change because I'm aware of what they call transsexual lines in civilized countries? Are you trying to say that if I have some hormones injected into me and have all these female attributes that people will actually see me as a female?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't think so. Who knows what kind of perversion the demonized mind of Satan would have ultimately. But as far as I could see right now, the way the spiritual plot is going, it is spiritual. There is such a thing as spiritual manhood in the natural man. Now I'm not talking about becoming a spiritual man because you have the mind of Christ. I'm talking about average people. Being a man is much more than your physical attributes. Being a man is the way you think and the way you deal with problems. To be a man in humanity, God has ordained that the man has an office. To be a man is an office. To be a husband is a spiritual office. You're the head of the wife. If you're in an extended family and the husband is not present, then the brother helps, the uncle helps, the father helps. Families need men. Natural families need men. Children need men. A lot of women (if not most women, if not all women) they need the emotional and the spiritual qualities that God has placed in a man, unless your man becomes the mind of Christ. So we're talking about natural people now.


So what I see happening and how I see this working out, is that there's a spiritual gravity pulling the men down in their mind. We have large numbers of men that have male bodies. They don't think like men. They don't act like men. They think and act like women. We have many women that don't think and act like women, but they think and act like men. So at this point, I don't see it happening in the flesh. But we have a lot of trouble in our society and a lot of trouble in marriage because this women's lib movement has devastated a large percentage of our male population because of the rebellion of so many women against their authority. Whichever women are engaged in this, for all intents and purposes, have done what Satan, through her carnal mind, did to righteous Adam at the beginning of time. A large segment of the male population in America have completely forgotten how to be a man. They're in physical bodies and they don't know how to rule their families with love. They don't know how to lead. They don't know how to nurture. That's it in a nutshell. We're in a crisis. In many instances where the women have become very independent, we see them married to men who are in the female role. They're dependent, they can't make decisions, they can't manage their money; they can't do anything. Their wife does the whole thing. She manages the money, she makes the purchases, she makes the decisions, she writes the checks, she pays the bills and the man just goes along with it. So it's a spiritual thing.


Then we have a large segment of the population where the women are now discontent with it and they're complaining what kind of a man are you. All you're doing is sitting on the couch and watch TV all day. Some of the men don't even work. So the women go out and they work and they do the housework and they take care of the kids and they pay the bills and they do the banking and they make the purchases. They deal with every problem with the children and the man doesn't do anything. There's a rage amongst a segment of the women in the country and there seems to be no understanding at all (all you women that find yourself in a marriage like this). Without even knowing you, I would have reason to believe that you, in your mind (this is what I would say to somebody) have taken on a male role and therefore from an unconscious level, you've married a man who's a woman. So why are you mad? If you're doing all the work, why are you complaining that he's not doing it? If you're shoveling the snow, if you're fixing the roof, if you're putting up the cabinets, if you're doing the carpentry work, if you're doing the heavy work, if you're doing the labor, if you're doing everything that a man usually does, why are you complaining that he's not doing it? Why are you doing it? So we have an identity crisis in the United States. Anybody that comes to me, my counsel to them is start acting like a woman. There's going to be a transitional period where there won't be anybody doing what a man does, but the only man in the house would be Jesus. But the only way that man is going to stand up and be a man again, even with Jesus there helping you, is for you to start acting like a woman. For this to happen, you've got to stop being the man because you've killed him and he's so weak there's no way he's going to fight you for his manhood. He's going to say, you want it, you've got it. Did I answer your question? Anybody else?


COMMENT: You were talking about the separation between the fruit and the vine. Can you explain what is going to happen to the fruits?


PASTOR VITALE: The separation of the fruit from the vine; the fruit is spiritual. The fruit that is being produced by the Lord Jesus Christ is Christ. It's His son, Christ Jesus. He is a spiritual man and He's being caught up to a high place in the realm of the Spirit and He's going to be joined with the Glorified Jesus Christ, who at this time is pure Spirit. This is called the glorification of the creation. The whole creation is going to be translated from this flesh condition into a spiritual condition. I don't have much information about it. All that I know is that we will no longer be in a condition where we can be sick or in any way tormented by this fallen flesh. We will be incorruptible. We will be incapable of dying. Of course, to be in this condition we will be incapable of sin. We will be full expressions of the righteousness of Christ and we're going to be joined in one, the Scripture says. We're going to be reconciled into one. But nevertheless, we will have individuality and the symbol in the Scripture is in the book of Revelation that tells about the crystal sea. In Ezekiel also, the glorified creation is described as a crystal, one large object with many planes, many facets, many sides. So although we'll be one, there will still be room for individuality. To be honest with you, I don't really understand it. I just know that it has to be good and that some people experience anxiety when they hear me say this. They think it's a total loss of identity.


So all that I could tell you is that it is a loss of our identity as we know it now, but it's a translation into a higher life form in which we will have more liberty than we could ever hope to attain to in this flesh under the most optimum circumstances. It's going to be positive. Each of us will be a full expression of the creativity of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is going to be living through us and it will be glorious. Paul said, eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us. So I don't have anymore information than that, except this whole world will be the last thing that will be converted. This is also is in our book, Mind, Hell and Death. This whole world will be the last thing that will be converted. After our bodies are converted into pure spirit, this whole world that we live in and everything that's physical is going to be broken down into its basic atoms and the whole world is going to be converted into a spiritual creation. Our bodies in this world right now are visible and physical. We are going to be converted into a visible spiritual creation. We will have a visible spiritual body and this world will be visible and spiritual. What that means is that we will no longer be restricted to one form. You will not be restricted to appear the way you appear. You will be able to take whatever form your mind wants to take. Of course, your mind will be Christ.


If you want to travel (if the United States still exists which it won't, but just by way of example) all you would have to do is think of where you want to be and you would appear there. There will be a cessation of labor. This whole world is a manifestation of God's curse upon the creation. He said to Adam, you shall labor for your bread. We have to labor for everything we do. I even labor for this doctrine. I'm not getting this right out of the Scripture. We're told that Jesus expounded on every scripture that told about Him. I think about that and I say, my goodness, He had a full working knowledge of every word of the original Scripture. That's incredible. I labor for everything I get. I spend hours in study. None of this would be necessary. We will have all knowledge. There will be no more division of language. There will be no more division of race. There will be no more male and female as we know it now because in heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage. Why? Because the creation is being made permanent. The reason that we have marriage and bear children now is to propagate the species so that we're not wiped out because people die. But in the day that people stop dying, there will no longer be any reason to have children as we have them now. Now people who are very content with their condition of life, of marriage and having children, may experience some anxiety when they hear this. But all that I could tell you is that God is very merciful. Don't worry about it. What we're headed for is superior to what we have now. The change will be gradual. The change will be tolerable.


God has everything under control. Your kids are probably going to be five hundred years old by the time it happens. So don't worry about it. Everything is fine. Jesus has everything under control. So personally, I believe this is going to take at least fifteen hundred years. I expect the sons of God to appear very shortly, certainly within my lifetime. Once the sons of God appear and they start converting the whole creation, we will see men beginning to arise to full stature. But other men who have not yet received the ministry of the sons of God, will just live out their lifetimes and pass off the earth. I believe it's going to take about fifteen hundred years for us to get to the point where every human being on the face of the earth will be in full stature, at which point, together as one man, the creation will be glorified or translated into spirit. The scripture is, after He has put every enemy under His feet, even the last enemy which is death, He shall offer up the kingdom unto the Father. What that means is we will not need a mediator anymore. We will be so purified and so sinless that we too, just like Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, shall be translated into a condition where we can be one with the Father without a mediator. After that, only God knows what wonderful exciting experiences are waiting for us because that is the full birth. That is the end of the harvest, the full separation of the spiritual son of God from this host flesh. We're not born yet, we're in the womb. So glory is waiting for us. I hope I answered your question. I really don't have any more information than that.


COMMENT: My question is really about the statement you made when you were talking about the false prophet being cast into the Lake of Fire, which is Christ. Now I really want to understand because towards the end of Revelations Chapter 19 it said that the false prophet and the beast were cast into the lake of fire, but that Satan in the following Chapter 20 was bound and sealed in the bottomless pit for a thousand years until he is released. From what you've been saying, Satan is the carnal mind, the devil. So what I really want to understand since the false prophet and the beast will be cast into the lake of fire, for them to go through the process of purification (I suppose) and then Satan is suppose to be the carnal mind, is now sealed in the bottomless pit only to be released after the thousand years. Is it saying (from what you're saying) that after the carnal mind is subdued, that there is a time that it will have to reappear? I really want to understand this, please.


PASTOR VITALE: That's a good question. Okay, first of all, let me tell you that because of our spiritual infirmity, God has broken our spiritual being down into very small parts and given each part a different name to help us to understand. The example we have is that the study of psychology or psychiatry will tell you that your mind is in three parts. Are you familiar with this, the id, the ego, and the super ego? Yet not only do you have one mind, you're one person with a mind, a heart, and all different organs. Our spiritual being has been broken down into different parts by the Lord to help us understand, but nevertheless, it's just one spiritual being. Satan is the unconscious mind of fallen man. The carnal mind is the conscious mind of fallen man.


The psychiatrists would say Satan is the id and that the carnal mind is the ego. Two parts of our mind, unconscious mind and conscious mind. So the throwing of the carnal mind into the lake of fire is what I talked about tonight; the mind of Christ binding up the carnal mind and paralyzing it. It's the kingdom of heaven, the two forces operating underneath the authority of Christ. Although Satan will still exist until the creation is glorified, so long as we are in these physical bodies, Satan will be bound, but not dead. The bottomless pit that he's in is the place that he is forced to under the authority of Christ. Now that's the unconscious mind. The carnal mind is being purified. He's in the fire, but Satan is down in the pit. He's not dead yet. The King James says for one thousand years. I do not believe it is a literal one thousand years. We've done some work in numerology and the Lord has shown us that the number one thousand is speaking about the perfection of the human spirit. I believe what that scripture is saying is that in the hour that the human spirit is perfected, Satan will be forced down into that place where he could do no harm. How is the human spirit perfected? She's joined to Christ. We're complete in Him, right? There's a lack in us. Fallen man is lacking something. We've got an empty hole in us and when Jesus comes and fills up that hole, we're completed or we're perfected and our spiritual number becomes one thousand.


So what I believe that scripture is saying is that when our spirit is completed, when Christ becomes the mind of the creation, Satan will be forced down to a place where he is paralyzed. That's the word I use: paralyzed. His getting out after a thousand years; what that's talking about is part of the trials that we will go through as sons. I have begun to experience it, where you walk in so much victory that your Christ mind is really ruling and you have Satan bound up and then something happens and he gets out and he causes you to sin and fire comes down from heaven from the mind of Christ in you and bombs him and you get him right back under the authority of the Christ in you. Am I making any sense at all? Of course, I believe this is a parable way of putting it. I think it's a parable that describes the experience of all of humanity. Not for you, you say. Well, you're going to be there. (Pointing to the people in the congregation) This is going to be your experience and this is going to be your experience and this is going to be your experience. Humanity as a whole is going to have this experience. Every single man may not have the exact same experience. But humanity as a whole is going to experience this, of having Christ raised up in us, of having the carnal mind so close to Christ, that we say our carnal mind is cast into the lake of fire; having Satan so under the control of our Christ mind and then the guy slips out and we mess up and we have to call on the name of Jesus for lightning bolts to get him back down under. That's the practical application of that until Satan, himself, is thrown into the lake of fire and that's speaking about the glorification. Once we're out of this flesh, Satan can never bother us again. Did I answer your question? Anybody else?


COMMENT: I have two questions. The first one is about the multiple personalities. How do you relate that to the carnal mind and the way it functions and how it operates? Then the second question is about the resurrection. You said it was in three stages.


PASTOR VITALE: This concept of multiple personalities is very interesting. We have a couple of tapes on it. One of them is called Denial and Multiple Personalities. I may have a more recent one on it. We found that pretty much every fallen man has some measure of multiple personality because when man fell, this is part of the condition we fell into. Let me try again. I'm not making any sense. We all have within us and again the psychiatrist would confirm this; we have a child within us. We have a conscience which can be likened unto a righteous side and we all have what psychiatry calls an id, which is a potential for every form of evil or a potential to enter into a fully unrestrained life which could lead into destruction. If we are a functioning human being, both our child and this potential in us to be lead into destruction is controlled by the controller, our conscience or our ego. In human beings, that are not functional, we will find either their child in control or we will find their wild beast in control.


But the bottom line is that apparently when man fell, he broke down into many members as we see many members in humanity. Each individual broke down into a multiplicity. God wants to say something else. I'm having trouble getting it out. If you do a study on multiple personalities from a psychiatric point of view, you'll find out that multiple personalities are the result of a traumatic shock. The person that this happens to experiences such a severe shock, usually associated with fear, that the mind of that man differentiates into three distinct and separate personalities, each of which is designed to deal with a certain aspect of their life. Usually there's one very timid or childish personality and one very tough and sometimes vicious, sometimes criminal personality, which rises up to defend. Now that's the condition according to psychiatry. According to the Bible, what happened to Adam at the time of the fall was that he experienced a tremendous shock. You see, his Father told him if he ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he would surely die. The Hebrew word translated die means to become mortal. It doesn't mean to cease to exist. But Adam had no idea what his Father was talking about.


Brethren, what makes you immortal is your Christ mind ruling. Your Christ mind, spiritually speaking, is your manhood. For righteous Adam to have died, he had to lose his manhood. When the carnal mind arose, he was so shocked at the loss of his manhood and he fell down spiritually and he broke out into many members, each member itself a multiplicity. Did I answer your question at all? Does that satisfy you? I'm sorry, but that's all I have for you right now. But we do have a couple of tapes on it. So this condition of multiple personalities in our own minds and this condition of a many-membered creation is a perversion. It's a spiritual perversion. It's not suppose to exist and that's why the Scripture says that the Lord Jesus Christ is reconciling the entire creation back into one. We're not suppose to be in this condition. This condition of multiplicity is a part of the fallen man. What's happening in this hour is that many men in their hearts (most men, unless God has really given you this revelation, probably you too) are feeling that you're not thrilled at the thought of being reconciled back into the all, mostly because it's alien to you and you don't know what to expect. People tend to be anxious about what they don't understand.


I would like to share the following with you since we're on this subject. The way the Lord has taught me all this spiritual truth is a very unorthodox way. You see, there are no books written that I know of where this kind of truth is coming forth out of the mind of Christ in somebody. The only spiritual books that I know of are written by the carnal mind. So when the Lord made a decision to raise me up as a teacher along these lines, what He did, at least part of the time, was to direct me to certain science fiction programs. He would let me watch them and He would say, now Sheila, that's the perversion. That's the witchcraft, but this is the spiritual truth upon which it is based. I was severely criticized by some people at the time He was doing this. But I knew it was God and I went for it and I don't regret it. I still believe it was God. This hasn't happened in a couple of years, but just a couple months ago, He directed me to a science fiction program and I just found it fascinating because there was a man in this story who got cast into a parallel universe. He was cast into a parallel universe because the universe that he was living in had a tear in its spiritual wall. He, without any knowledge, passed through it (now this is pure carnal stuff) and came into a condition where he started to multiply. They showed you about ten or twenty men that looked just like him and he was having all kinds of problems in his life. I don't want to take too much time right now, but the solution to his problem was that he had to go back from where he came and it required a tremendous power source to get back where he came from. So they gave him a rocket ship and he had to get back through that tear in his universe and as he was going back, you could see all of the duplicates of himself that were screaming and yelling that they didn't want him to make it back through that tear because if he made it back through that tear, they would cease to exist. Can you hear it?


Even though we don't look exactly alike, spiritually speaking, righteous Adam has broken down into many members and spiritually speaking, we're all duplicates of him. He fell out of heaven and he has to go back to heaven because this isn't right for him to be down here in hell. Now when Adam goes back into heaven and becomes righteous again, our individual existence is going to cease to exist. We've got a lot of people down here saying, I won't go. I preached this two years ago on a tape. I watched this TV program last week and there was this guy on the TV screen screaming stop him, stop him, we don't want to go back. That's exactly what's happening in the minds of some men today. But he knew he was a hero and he knew it was the right thing to do. By the way, everybody around him in this perverse existence was dying. Death was everywhere. The writer of this science fiction story definitely knew that the condition that this man had fallen down into, this condition of multiplicity, that it was not desirable. Yet, this desirable condition had produced a temporary measure of life that has to come to an end for all things to be restored. That's the condition we're in right now. To get back up into heaven, this world has got to go. There are things we have to give up, but when we finally get back, it's going to be much better. The problem is our emotions don't believe it. I hope I answered your question. It's the best I could do right now. Is there anything else you wanted to ask me about what I just said?


Now you would like to know the three stages of the resurrection. I'll go over this again quickly. We only have five minutes before I have to call it quits. There are three stages of resurrection. I've already mentioned two to you. The third and second stage is not spoken about as much and I have the least information about that stage. But this is how the Lord has revealed it to me. The first stage, full stature, we know most about that because we're all headed for full stature now. We know that Christ has to be formed in us. You've heard me teach how the Holy Spirit penetrates you, the Spirit of Adoption engrafts to you, Christ begins to be formed in you, and He keeps ascending until He overthrows your carnal mind. Do you know that scripture that says he who endures to the end shall be saved? That Greek word translated endureth means overthrown. Your carnal mind must be overthrown. When your carnal mind is overthrown, you shall be saved. The carnal mind is not being saved. Your carnal mind has to die. When your carnal mind is overthrown and dies, your soul is being saved. But the perverse mind, which is born in your soul has to die. It's like a spiritual cancer. The third stage of the resurrection is the glorification as we see it demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ. We've talked a lot about that tonight.


I've told you that I believe that there will be men on this earth for approximately fifteen hundred years working at the work of imparting the nature of Christ to the many members of humanity. There is a scripture that I believe is in the book of Ezekiel, which says, in those days there will be men of continuous employment going throughout the earth cleansing the earth. Every time they see a man's bone, they will mark it. Well, a bone is a type of spirit. So we're going to see the sons of God going to and fro throughout the earth and every time they see someone's carnal mind, a man's bone, the spirit of man, every time a man's carnal mind appears, they're going to mark it until the judgment comes which deals with it. It's the work of the sons of God. I believe that will take approximately fifteen hundred years and the whole creation is going to be spiritualized. Now somewhere in between the second stage of the resurrection (I can tell you when Jesus experienced it. I don't know when we will experience it) it happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The King James translators have taken the account of the second stage of the resurrection and unfortunately translated it wrong. There was no way they could have known what the Greek was saying and what came out was a total perversion. We're told that Jesus was on His knees begging the Father not to be crucified. I declare to you that no God would be on His knees begging His Father and asking if there was any way to avoid this experience. I don't believe a man who was God would be so scared that He was sweating blood. I don't believe He would be whining like a baby. I don't believe it for a second. He was a perfect specimen of spiritual manhood; fearless, absolutely fearless and unquestioningly obedient to the Father's will.


To all of you out there who criticize me for believing He was imperfect for the first years of His life, I declare unto you, that if you could really preach that the Son of God was sniffling on His knees, sweating blood, that you're preaching He was imperfect after the water baptism. I think you have it backwards and I've got it straight. We looked up every word in the Greek of that account and we found out that what it is saying is that Jesus was on His knees (He wasn't even on His physical knees) He was humbled before God spiritually (in His Spirit) and He was asking the Father if the Christ mind in Him had evolved to a condition where He was strong enough to penetrate His carnal mind. Now the Christ mind is developing in us within our carnal mind. Our carnal mind is like an embryonic sac. The Holy Spirit penetrates our heart, which is our carnal mind and Christ begins to be formed within the carnal mind. The first stage of resurrection, perfection, is a perfected spirit that is still lying underneath the carnal mind. The second stage of the resurrection is the penetration of that carnal mind. The scriptural term is the circumcision without hands. Christ Jesus is circumcising Himself. He is circumcising our carnal mind from off of Him. It is the first of three penetrations that is sewing our spirit back to the Spirit of the Father. The first penetration is when the Holy Spirit pierces your heart and engrafts Himself. That's the first penetration of the carnal mind.


The second penetration known as the circumcision without hands is when the fully matured Christ cuts the carnal mind (the scriptural term is cuts the carnal mind) but actually He's piercing through its porous surface. In other words, a porous surface is something through which moisture can seep. The big drops of bloody sweat which you read about; what the scripture is really saying is that the blood of Jesus, the spiritual life of Jesus, which is symbolized by blood, was oozing through the carnal mind which was described as a porous surface. The blood of Jesus, His spiritual life, was appearing on the top side of the carnal mind in large drops of clotted blood. If you look up the word blood in the Greek, it means clotted blood, which means as the blood of Jesus appeared on the surface of the carnal mind, it wasn't running off. It was clotting and it was scabbing over and it was sealing in the carnal mind, paralyzing it even further. That's the second penetration. After it does that, the life of Jesus comes to the outside. What is the significance of it? More power. Look, if you're strong enough to rule with a three hundred pound wrestler laying on your shoulder on a wrestling mat and you get on top of the wrestler, you've got to have more power than you had when you were on your back with him laying on top of you. So it has to mean more power. The only thing that I see in the Scripture is that it brought Jesus into a condition of aggressive power.


Before the second stage of resurrection, while He was in full stature, He healed the sick, He cast out demons, He provided food, He raised the dead. He was a social worker. I see no warfare whatsoever. But as soon as He came out of the garden, having pierced through His carnal mind and ascended to the second stage of resurrection, the guard said to Him, where is Jesus of Nazareth? He just spoke the words, I Am He and they fell down; the first sign of an ability to wage aggressive warfare. Can you imagine if He said, die? They would have died on the spot.


I could go on, but I really have to stop. I have promised to leave by nine. We could talk about this a little more tomorrow if you like. But that's the second stage. I'll just say this. The third penetration is from His position, from Christ's position, on top of the carnal mind. He then crucifies the carnal mind, which is another way of saying the third stage of resurrection. That is the crucifixion of Christ. It is the permanent joining of the two minds, the carnal mind to the Christ mind and the Christ mind doesn't die, the carnal minds dies. Of the twain (of the two minds) He made one new man, the new creation of God; third penetration. God bless you, brethren. See you tomorrow.




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