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Yeah saith God, Thou dost not understand my ways, saith the Lord, and the natural minds of men tend to make me a monster when they do not understand, saith God. But I am God almighty, and I am no respecter of persons saith the Lord, and I shall bring each man in, saith God, indeed, in his own order. I shall do this thing.


There is no failure in my kingdom, saith the Lord, there are however temporary setbacks. The reason for the temporary setbacks, saith God, is that I am indeed building my house in you. And if the enemy smites you with power and the stones are torn down, saith God, there is a time sequence required to rebuild. I have not abandoned you, I have not forsaken you, but the rebuilding is necessary, and time may be lost.


The work is mine, saith the Lord. Indeed, I shall finish the work of my Father, I shall bring every man into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yeah, I shall impress my nature and my character upon you, and I shall swallow up the king of the Satanic realm, yeah, even Satan himself.


I shall swallow him up, and he shall manifests his lusts through you no more, saith the Lord. For this is the way it has been planned from before the foundations of the earth, and no demon and no false word, and no false prophet, and no false spirit can change it, saith God. For these things will come to pass in accordance with the prophecy of my prophets. Given by: Pastor Vitale.


Hallelujah. What the Lord has told me to do today is to really expose Satan. There really is a Satan. He is not what most people think he looks like, he is a spirit. He is a spirit that rules in the living soul, and he is in your minds, and he is wicked, and he is desperately evil. If you are not saved, he is your king. What I drew up here on the board, is this circle which represents the entire living soul.


Each one of us is a part of this living soul. Before Christ poured out his life on the cross, this part of us was not here. We were a city, our soul is a city. It is called Babylon, and in the midst of it is something that is called our spiritual substance, and it was put there by God. Our spirit possesses a soul which lives in a body.


What is being saved, is our spiritual substance. Our spiritual substance comes straight from God, and God wants what is His. What is His is our spirit. He wants to join Himself to it, and bring forth the fruit of His Spirit, which is Christ.


This was our condition before Jesus did the work on the cross. We lived in a city called Babylon, our king was Satan and our spiritual substance was utterly tread underfoot, ruled by king Satan, and by the soul in which we live. We are supposed to be possessing it and ruling it, but it was ruling us.


What happened was that king Satan at will would speak to us, would speak to our consciousness, and he would speak great wickedness and evil thoughts to us. If we did not have the power to resist, it would be, for all intents and purposes, spiritual fornication and we would produce the fruit of that fornication which was evil spirits.


Most of us here have been in deliverance, and we spent some wonderful years casting out these evil spirits. We had all kinds of fun, but God has said, brethren, that the hour for really heavy things is at hand.


God can continue to cast out these evil spirits, but he is after this guy, Satan. He is after this guy that is putting thoughts into your mind, that wants to do to you what he did in the beginning. He wants you to sin, then when he gets you to sin, he wants to destroy you with unforgiveness and condemnation. He wants to destroy relationships, he wants to destroy your life. He wants to force you out of the ministry that God has placed you in.


He is inside of your mind and he hates you. What has happened is that Jesus Christ has made available to all men a second soul. If you have received Christ by faith, you have two souls. James said that a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Double minded, double souled.


This is what is happening if you are in this condition. You have two kings and they both want your spiritual substance, and they are both speaking to you, and Jesus said, If you put your faith in me, I will give you strength to resist him, and to come out from his soul and move into my soul, or my city.


There is only one problem, brethren. When the Lord Jesus Christ wages war against the king of Babylon, Satan, you are in there. The bombs are falling on you, and you are a victim of war. Satan will stop short of nothing to stop you from getting into Christ. He would kill your body if he could, to stop you from being made into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Things are getting down to the nitty gritty. Satan is going to use every weakness in those of us that are moving on in God, to destroy us, and our only hope is to cry out to God, confess every wickedness in our heart that He shows us, repent and go on. You have got to go on, brethren.


You cannot say, oh I am terrible! and then lay down and die. You have got to get up on your feet, and go on. We are all in the same condition, and anybody who thinks that it cannot happen to them, had better repent right now, because I give you one year (if God takes that long), it will happen to you. It may not even take a year, I am just covering my tail. It will probably take two weeks. I am not kidding you, we are all capable of everything, and that is why God requires us to forgive each other and love one another, because if you cannot, you are next in line.


This guy has the power to make you do anything, and while you are double souled, you might be running around saying all kinds of nice things like, Jesus is my king, and He is my Lord, and He is my savior. You are double souled, you are unstable. What that means is that it is possible for Satan to continue to fornicate with you.


It is possible for Satan to seduce you, but God has said that He will use all things for your good. When Satan seduces you, God exposes it as a weakness, and He brings forth deliverance in your life. It is natural man's desire to cover up his evil, but that is exactly what God does not want us to do. He exposes it.


The carnal man says, Do not let anyone know that you have evil in your heart, hide it, bury it, do not show it. Jesus says, No, let it all hang out, I want to deal with it, I want the whole world to know about it, so that when I deliver you, they are going to know what I did.


What is happening today is that people cannot confess the evil in their mind and it is just throughout the world, and throughout the church. I will tell you something brethren. When God starts showing you what is in your life, it is not pretty. I have taken a look inside of mine, and I have cried many a bitter tear. It is ugly and it is wicked, but there is no way we are going to get from here to here without looking at it. You have to look at it, and you have got to say, There is evil in my heart, but God is going to deliver me.


What God has told me to do today is to expose the king of Babylon. We are starting on a series of messages, Lord willing, that is going to expose the king of Babylon, who is Satan. We are going to study the judgments that God has pronounced upon him. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the Church world today, but this is the Gospel of the kingdom. Brethren, this is the word that is going to bring you into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


You have two souls, and this soul of the natural man is being destroyed. This soul is being destroyed. There is a warfare going on, but it is not an equal warfare. This city is going to burn, it is going on fire. This city is going on fire, it is going to burn down, it is going to be destroyed. The Bible is filled with judgments that is happening to this city, Babylon, and it is king.


We know that in the Scripture God has more than one name for people. Satan is the king of Babylon, that is one of his names, the king of Babylon. This whole entity, this city and the king who is the ruling spirit, is going to be absorbed by the Spirit of God, and he is going to be no more.


While this is happening we are going through hell, and we are not going to make it unless we throw ourselves on the mercy of God. We are not going to make it unless we are willing to give up our pride and we are willing to give up hiding from other people. We have to look at our sins, we have to confess them, and we have to say, God, get me out of here.


I look at the Church world today, and I do not see how any of them is going to make it, because they will not admit there is anything wrong with them. But I do not even care about that today. God has given us the Gospel of the Kingdom here, and this is it. This is it.


This guy is going to be utterly destroyed. The city which is your soul, is going to be destroyed. Babylon is the soul of the natural man, and his king is Satan. They are being destroyed, and God is in the process of getting you out of there into here. If you do not get out of there into here, you are going to go down with them.


He is getting you from here to here because your life is hid in Christ, and when He appears in your mind, and in your motives, you are going to appear with Him in the realm of appearance. You are going to live. That is it,


The name of this series is Babylon is Fallen, and we are starting today in Isaiah 14, starting with verse 3, and we are going through to about verse 9. I do not know how many services we will be on this series.


Brethren, Babylon is fallen. The soul of the natural man is doomed to destruction. If you want to live, you have to get into Christ. Hallelujah.


Babylon is the capital city of Chaldea, and in the Scripture, literally or figuratively, it is used as a type of tyranny. It is used in the Bible to describe the most corrupt seat of idolatry, and the enemy of Christianity. Brethren, the soul of man is the most corrupt seat of idolatry in the universe, and it indeed is the enemy of Christianity. Your enemy is within. He is secret, he is hidden, he is dangerous, and if you finally do spot him, he is going to manifest pride to keep it quiet. Glory to God.


Thayer says that Babylon also means gate of God, and I found that very interesting. Webster says that a gate is an entrance or an exit. It also says it is the frame which shuts or stops the passage of water through a dam into a flume, or a door or a valve or other devise for controlling the passage of fluid.


We know that soul is likened to fluid. Spirit is gaseous, soul is fluid, and this natural realm of appearance is solid. What I am suggesting to you is that Babylon is the soul of the carnal man. I am suggesting to you that it is God's gateway into the realm of appearance.


Remember the whole purpose of this creation is that God wants to appear, and He wants to appear in us. For Him to appear, He has to go from the realm of the spirit into the realm of appearance, and the gateway, the in between stage, is the realm of the soul.


God is going to appear in our soul and eventually in our bodies and in our lives. He is getting into the realm of appearance, through the soul of man, which is the gateway into the realm of appearance. Hallelujah.


Soul represents speech. The gateway into the realm of appearance, back and forth, is speech. The manifestation of spiritual life in the realm of the soul is through speech. If you are pure spirit, you do not speak. When it says, And God spoke forth the creation, God did not speak language. God has to say it in a way that we can understand it. Spirits do not have language because you cannot speak if you do not have a voice box.


If you are pure spirit you do not speak. They use telepathy, and they do not have language. In the realm of the soul, we use speech. We are down here and we know that we can have power with God through the spoken word. We can bless people, and if God tells us to, we can execute judgments. The power of God is manifested in the soul realm in Babylon, through speech. Glory to God.


Babylon is the gateway either from the spiritual realm into the realm of appearance, or from the realm of appearance back into the spiritual realm. It is that in between stage. Glory to God. In the Greek, it is Strong's #897 if you want to check it. In the Hebrew the word is #894, and I will tell you the truth, I did not know this, but the Hebrew word Babylon, is Babel. I did not know it was the same word.


Most of us here know that Babel means confusion of speech. What God showed me when I was doing this study, was that when He approached mankind and confused their speech at the tower of Babel, what He did was deny them entrance into the spiritual realm of God, because speech is the way you get back and forth from one realm to the other. These people were using spiritual power for ungodly purposes.


We are told in the book of Acts that the apostles were together, and they were of one mind and one accord, and the room shook. These people on the face of the earth were of one mind and one accord, but they were using their spiritual power for ungodly purposes, and God confused their speech. What He did was to deny them access to spiritual power. That is what He did.


Look at the whole world today. It is still going on today; everybody is killing each other. They are fighting with each other, warfare on personal levels, on national levels. Everybody is crazy. We had a testimony earlier about separating out from this realm and seeing what people are really like.


God has been doing that to me for a while, and I look at things we do to each other, and I start screaming, God, get me out of here, everybody is insane. They are actually shooting each other, punching each other. That is not rational thinking. It is insanity that reigns in this realm. People throwing bombs on cities, killing babies, this is normal behavior? Something is very wrong.


This is what happened, God confused their speech, because if we were all in one mind and one accord, there would be a tremendous witchcraft onslaught against the spiritual realm of God. Not that God could not deal with it, but this is how He decided to deal with it. He said, You cannot do it, and He set us against one another.


If the human race were in one mind and one accord, we have power brethren, we have power, I do not even know to what degree, I do not know what they were doing at the tower of Babel, I do not have an understanding of it, but we have power. Glory to God.


We are starting in Isaiah 14:3:


Isaiah 14:3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve.


I will read verse 4 too.


4. That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon and say, How hast the oppressor ceased, the golden city ceased? KJV


This is a prophecy against Satan. The word sorrow is Strong's #6090 and we touched on this on an earlier message. There is more than one Hebrew word translated sorrow, and this word is a variation of the word that means earthen vessel. Eve brought forth in sorrow, she brought forth in an earthen vessel. She bore young in an earthen vessel. This word is a variation of that, and it means an idol or an image.


Some of us here know that when you fornicate with the carnal mind and you produce a demon, that, that demon is an image. When God said, Thou shalt not make graven images, the spiritual truth behind what He was saying is, You shall not form spiritual life.


We are going to be made in the image of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the image of the Father. He is the express image of the Father, not in His body, in His soul. If you produce a demon, you are producing someone who is in the express image of Satan. If you produce a demon, the father is Satan. Glory to God.


We are saying here in verse 3, And it shall come to pass in that day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow.... He is going to give us rest from producing evil fruit. He is going to help us to stop because we cannot stop, brethren, we cannot stop. The whole world is filled with people that think they are their own man. They strut around, they build themselves up.


The Lord showed me something recently. He showed me that the reason people do this is because without God on this soul realm, you would be destroyed if you did not take that attitude. This world is a jungle, and if you did not puff yourself up and build yourself up against the destruction that is reigning in other men, they would eat you alive.


What turned out to be for self preservation, is a dangerous thing to have when it comes to a relationship with God. This is why it is so common that people that have been devastated in the world find it easier to come to the Lord, because they are not all puffed up saying, I am great, I got it, I am successful, I am okay.


They have been beaten. They have beaten by the human beings who were stronger than them, so they run to God for help. If you are one of the human beings that have made it in the world, you have really got a problem submitting to God, so God has to break you. It is very painful brethren.


The word fear is Strong's #7267, and it means restlessness, disquiet, noise, rage, and trouble. We know that noise is the sound that is expressed in the realm of the soul, when men try to obtain spiritual power for themselves. We have discussed this in another message.


We know that if you have spiritual power with God (the Lord calls it speech), you can speak forth into the spiritual realm, and the molecules will rise up to do your bidding, (we have had this in another message). However, we do not have this power in the soul realm. There are, nevertheless, still men who try to obtain spiritual power and God calls it noise. He calls it noise. Glory to God.


Fear, we also learned in other messages, prevails in the soul realm. You are afraid. As soon as you are separated from God, one of the things that comes upon you is fear. Why is this so? Because you are powerless. A lot of people in this country do not have a revelation of this because our needs are met. Most of the people in this country have their needs met, but all over the world, people live in the streets, and people are dying for lack of food. They do not have clothing to wear.


In some counties, six out of seven of their newborn infants die. We have not experienced that in this generation in this country, and all we have to do is look at the people, and you can see the self confidence in them. What they are saying is peace, peace, but there is no peace, because it is a false self confidence.


God is going to put His finger on them, and all of their security is going to dissolved away, all of their blue shield, their blue cross, their job, their house, their car, their clothing, and all of their skills and their abilities are going to collapse into a pile of dust, when God says, I am going to show you your powerlessness. Glory to God.


Bondage means labor of any kind, and we have discussed in other messages that the true spiritual labor of the man in the soul realm is trying to put Satan under his feet, trying not to sin. When Satan whispers into our ears, when this guy here, when our king whispers to our spiritual substance and tries to get us to fornicate, the spiritual labor is in resisting.


A lot of us have some power to resist. We were raised with some morality, we were raised with some vestige of the ten commandments. We know certain things are right and certain things are wrong. If you are a married man, and you see a gorgeous woman, and the thought of adultery enters your mind, you say, No, get out of here. That is putting Satan under your foot. That is spiritual labor, brethren.


Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail, glory to God, but the Scripture says, if we fail, all we need to do is repent, and our sins that were scarlet are made white as snow, glory to God. I am going to read you verse 3, and then I have an alternate translation for you.


Isaiah 14:3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from thy hard bondage, wherein thou wast made to serve. KJV


Now this was God talking to Israel, I may not have said that.


Isaiah 14:3 And when the Lord enables you to stop producing demons in your mind, and delivers you from fear, powerlessness, and trouble which prevails on the soul realm, or the witchcraft through which some men try to make themselves strong, and from all of the labor required to survive in the soul realm, not the least of which is the spiritual labor required to keep Satan underfoot as much as possible. AT


God is promising Israel that the day is coming that all of the difficulty and hardship and pain and torment of life on this soul realm, is going to be defeated by Him. He goes on in verse 4:


Isaiah 14:4 That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon and say, How hath the oppressor ceased, the golden city ceased? KJV


The human race, mankind, Israel, is going to take up a proverb or a common saying, or cocktail idle chatter, and Satan is going to be a by-word. The word oppressor means ruler, tyrant, to harass or to oppress


The word cease means to sit down, to sit still. It also means to celebrate the Sabbath. We know that there is a rest that is coming to God's people. It is not a Sunday or a Saturday where you do not work, but it is a spiritual rest where you are no longer struggling with Satan.


Sometimes Satan gives you thoughts of anger and hatred, and says, You are mad with that guy, kill him, and you resist, and say, No. The day is coming, when all this will come to an end. You are going to be able to rest from that labor of having to resist the thoughts because you are not going to hear the voice anymore.


When something deep in your heart says, Take that drink, and you say, No (although sometimes you say yes), that day is coming to an end, because you are not going to hear the voice anymore. God is going to destroy the oppressor in your mind. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


The translation of golden city (it is one word), is Strong's #4062 and it means gold making, that is, exactress of gold. It is female. I find that very interesting, that it is female. Exactress of gold is from a root that means to shimmer, something gold colored such as oil.


We know that the soul realm is female in relationship to God, so what we are saying here? Webster's definition of exactress is a female who exacts or is severe in her injunctions, or to obtain from a person by force or illegal power, to wrench free.


We have a spiritual substance, it is from God, Satan wants it. Satan wants to fornicate with it, and he is exacting it from us. He is wrenching it from us forcibly, because without God, he is stronger than we are. Hallelujah. We are going to read verse 4, and I have an alternate translation. This is the proverb against the king of Babylon.


Isaiah 14:4 That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon and say, How hast the oppressor ceased, the golden city? KJV


Isaiah 14:4 The people shall talk about the king of Babylon everywhere, saying how God brought the tyrant into submission and stopped him from forcibly wrenching the life of God out of the people. AT


Glory to God. Brethren, there is hope, there is a mighty and strong one that is going to defeat the enemy deep within the recesses of our spiritual being, but you have to admit he is there. Glory to God. Verse 5:


Isaiah 14:5 The Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked and the scepter of the rulers. KJV


The word staff is used of the rod of a king, and it is the symbol of his power. Psalms 110:2 says:


Psalms 110:2 The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion, rule thou in the midst of thy enemies. KJV


That word rod is the same word translated staff and it symbolizes spiritual strength and authority. The word wicked means to have an unrighteous cause in a forensic sense. That means that your state of being is Satan. Satan is not convertible, he is not redeemable, he is, in a forensic sense, wicked.


There is no redemption for Satan. He is going to be swallowed up by Christ. There is redemption for our spiritual substance that has produced all kinds of demons, and that has sinned, continuously fornicating with the king of Babylon, with Satan. However, Satan himself is inherently evil, in his nature, and his end is to be swallowed up by the Spirit of God. Glory to God.


Wicked also means guilty of death and liable to punishment. The word rulers means those who have dominion, and I suggest to you that they are the demons that are produced. They are birthed in your spiritual substance and they dwell in you, and they take dominion over you, and they rule you if they can. Usually they can, if you do not have Christ. Sometimes if you do have Christ they can too. You have to get them cast out. Hallelujah.


The is an interesting definition to the word scepter. I have told you in these meetings before that the Lexicons that I go through have many, many translations, and when I pick out a translation, it is because I take the whole verse, and try to make some sense out of it. This is what any translator does. Usually you pick out your translation in accordance with your revelation.


That is why we have in the King James translation, a lot of verses that are not even spiritual, because the translators were scholars. They did not have any knowledge, any spiritual knowledge of God at all. They used the word scepter here, trying to make this verse 4 make sense.


What I am doing, by using a word which is another translation of the Hebrew or Greek word, is perfectly legitimate. That is why you have so many different translations of the Bible, and it is dangerous for you to use a particular translation of the Bible if you are not in accord with that person's revelation of the Scripture.


There are many Bibles out there today that are translated by men who believe in the rapture and who believe in a lot of doctrine that I personally do not believe is accurate. If you have one of those translations, when you read the Bible, whether you want to or not, you are receiving into your spirit, their doctrine. Therefore you really have to pray about what Bible you want to use.


I personally believe that the King James is the safest. However I acknowledge that if you are new in Christ and you are having trouble understanding the King James, you might want to get another translation, but you really have to pray about it, brethren.


What I am telling you is a spiritual reality, and it would not hurt you at all to use more than one translation, to at least to check one against the other. You will at least see then that this translation said that, and the other translation said that, and then you will be able to pray about it and say, Lord, what is true?


What I am doing here is perfectly Scriptural, glory to God. The translation that I took for the word scepter which is Strong's #7626 is tribe, so called from the scepter of the leader or prince of the tribe. It is called either a tribe or a family and it is used in this sense, in Exodus 28:21 which says:


Exodus 28:21 Everyone with his name, shall they be according to the twelve tribes. KJV


That word translated tribe is Strong's #7626 which is translated scepter in Isaiah 14, and it is translated tribes in other Scriptures. In Psalms 125:3, we are told, glory to God, the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous, lest the righteous put forth their hands into iniquity.


Psalms 125:3 For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous, lest the righteous put forth their hands into iniquity. KJV


We are just going to divert here to try and understand Psalms 125:3, for we know that the way to really understand words in another language, is through its usage. You really have to understand it through its usage, glory to God.


We are in Psalms 125:3, and the word wicked means doers of iniquity. It is a different word than the word wicked in Isaiah 14. The word wicked in Isaiah 14 means wicked in its basic sense of state of being. The word wicked in Psalms 125 means doers of iniquity, glory to God.


The word rest means to cast down with force to the ground. The word lot means a little stone. Here we go again. The word lot is Strong's #1486, and it means a little stone, a pebble. That is a legitimate definition in Gesenius. I would like to remind you that stones represent the spirit, the chief stone being the rock, Jesus Christ. I am going to read Psalms 125:3:


Psalms 125:3 For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous, lest the righteous put forth their hands into iniquity.


Psalms 125:3 The family of those who do iniquity shall not cast down to the ground, to a place of spiritual weakness, the spiritual life of the righteous, lest in their weakened condition the righteous become involved in spiritual fornication, and produce demons. AT


Glory to God. The family of those who do iniquity, the demons, shall not cast down to the ground to a place of spiritual weakness, the spiritual life of the righteous, because if they do, in their weakened condition, if they do, if demons within you succeed in making you spiritually weak, even temporarily, you will become involved in spiritual fornication, and you will produce more demons. Glory to God.


My whole point is the word wicked is the ruling power or Satan, and the rulers are his representatives in each man. We cannot say that the whole unit of Satan actually dwells in you, as a whole. He is in all of the vessels. The wicked is this overall spirit of Satan that exists throughout the living soul and rulers are his representatives, his demons or his person in each and every individual. The Scripture makes the separation of it.


We are back in Isaiah 14, and we are in verse 5. This Scripture seems to be a play on the two words staff and scepter.


Isaiah 14:5 The Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked and the scepter of the rulers. KJV


Isaiah 14:5 The Lord has destroyed the power of the spirit which rules in the living soul, Satan, and the power of his flesh tribe, (that is him in each and every one of us), which appears in the realm of appearance in many men, which use to have dominion over the people of the earth. AT


God is speaking it as if it already happened. The Lord has destroyed the power of the spirit who rules in the living soul, Satan, and the power of his flesh tribe. We are his flesh tribe which appears in the realm of appearance in many men, which use to have dominion over the people of the earth. This is what they are going to be saying in the coffee houses and at the cocktail parties, Remember that guy Satan, he is finished, he is finished. Glory to God. Verse 6:


Isaiah 14:6 He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger is persecuted and none hindereth. KJV


We are still talking about Satan, the word smote means to pierce into, to pierce through, and we have spoken about that word a lot in this fellowship. We have said that when you go from the realm of the spirit to the realm of appearance, it is a piercing through, and if you go from the realm of appearance to the realm of the spirit, it is a piercing through.


There is a veil that you have to pierce through, and the word in means with or by. The word wrath is an outpouring of anger, often used of the anger of God. It means pride or haughtiness, and it is from a region that means across, or on the opposite side. I think it is pretty clear that God is speaking about going from one realm to the other here.


The word stroke means a wound, it could mean pestilence and it is especially used of a plague and calamities which are inflicted by God. The word continuous means to follow one continually, one after the other. This is the first half of verse 6.


Isaiah 14:6a He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, KJV


Isaiah 14:6a He who caused the people to pierce through to the realm of appearance where they are continually subject to the judgments of God, because of haughtiness and pride. AT


We know that we pierced through to the realm of appearance when Satan caused us to sin. We were in the realm of the soul before that. Now we are here in the realm of appearance, subject continuously to the judgments of God because of haughtiness and pride. God leaves nobody out; that means every man alive is guilty of that sin. If you deny it, there is no healing or deliverance for you.


It does not matter whether you act it out or not, brethren. God is looking at your heart. Do you want to get from here to here? Then you have to confess that it is there. If you really cannot see it for yourself, if you really cannot see it in yourself, you have to ask Him to show it to you. God does not want a false confession.


You want to get from there to there because this thing is burning down, it is finished! You better get out, you better get out. Glory to God. We are on the second half of verse 6.


Isaiah 14:6b He that ruled the nations in anger is persecuted and none hindereth. KJV


The word ruled means to tread as a winepress. That is very interesting because there are many Scriptures that indicate that Jesus is going to tread the winepress of His wrath. Here again, Satan is imitating Christ, he is treading the winepress, and what does that mean? We are the grapes, he is treading us and he is getting the life juices out of us. That is what it means. It means to tread as a winepress, to rule over, to take possession of.


Anger, now this word anger really does not mean anger. What it means is, the member through which one breathes. We have touched on this before. It is in the Hebrew language. It is translated anger, and it is not even talking about your nostrils. Your whole body breathes, this whole sack that we are in breathes.


The word persecuted is an incorrect translation. I have three witnesses for you to that. Gesenius says that it is an incorrect translation and apparently the King James translators used it because they could not make any sense out of this verse. The word should be dominion, and they changed it to persecuted. I have two more witnesses for you. In the Moffet translation, in the New International Version, and in the Morden King James too, this word is, is not used. The word is, is eliminated. Verse 6 says, is persecuted, that is a totally erroneous translation, glory to God.


The word none strangely enough, is Strong's #1097, and it means failure, for lack of. The word hindereth means to restrain, and it can be reflected, and it can mean to preserve, to preserve. It is associated with Strong's #2821 which means to darken as withholding light. Glory to God. I am going to read you the whole Verse 6.


Isaiah 14:6 He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger is persecuted, and none hindereth. KJV


This is the judgment upon Satan.


Isaiah 14:6 He who caused the people to pierce through to the realm of appearance where they are continually subject to the judgments of God, because of haughtiness and pride, he that took possession of the nations after they passed over into the realm of appearance, exercised absolute ownership over them, but nevertheless failed to preserve themselves. AT


He cannot keep his soul alive. If Jesus Christ did not intervene, the human race would end, and it is ending because the Lord God is reigning down judgments upon it. Satan has got the human race to pierce through into the realm of appearance, and he gets them to sin every day of their life. He has absolute rulership and ownership over them, and it sounds like he really has it made, except that God is killing his body and his soul. God is stronger than Satan.


Satan would think that he absolutely made it. It reminds me of that parable that Jesus told, about the man who put all his money in barns and filled them up, and the Lord said, Thou fool, this night I require thy soul of thee. He wasted everything, it was wasted effort.


Satan cannot preserve himself, he cannot keep his soul and his body alive, and the human race would come to an end except for the intervention of Jesus Christ. In fact it is God that is killing us. We studied in the Old Testament that you cannot curse Israel. A lot of the Church world says that you cannot curse Israel, meaning you cannot curse a Christian.


You cannot, but Satan can get you to sin, and God will curse you. When God curses you, you are cursed, you cannot cast that demon out. Have you ever tried to cast a demon out of someone for ten months and it will not come out? Maybe it is God. When God curses you, you are cursed, and if God sends a demon on you, that thing is not coming out until God says it is coming out.


You have to repent and ask for the mercy of the Lord. Verse 7, glory to God. The whole earth is at rest and is quiet, they break forth into singing.... this is not the judgment on Satan. We are going back to the earth; we are talking about two different categories here. We are talking about Satan, and we are talking about the human race, and blessings are promised for the human race, and destruction and judgment is promised upon Satan, glory to God.


The word rest in Verse 7 means to be free from trouble and calamity, and the word quiet means to keep quiet, and the implication was to be even. I found this very interesting. We have had a lot of teaching in this ministry on the fact that the living soul is constantly up and down, and that there is no peace in the living soul. We have talked about that a lot, and that the Lord has promised to bring down the mountains and to fill in the valleys, and to make everything even.


We have discussed that this is a manifestation of the salvation of the Living God. We said that if this is your soul and if Satan is ruling in your soul, Satan operates through your emotions, and he causes your soul to look like this, and these are the mountains and these are the valleys that the Lord is speaking about.


He is going to fill up the valleys, and He is going to bring the mountains down and your soul is going to be even. Your emotions are going to be even, and there will be no torment in your soul, no fluctuation in your soul, just the peace of God, a hundred percent of the time. Glory to God, Hallelujah. That is what this word means, to be quiet, this is a promise of God, Hallelujah, Verse 7.


Isaiah 14:7 The whole earth is at rest and is quiet, they break forth with singing. KJV


Isaiah 14:7 The whole earth is free from trouble and calamity, even from the judgments of God, they have attained that peace, that place of evenness in their soul where they are free from the tyranny of their emotions. AT


Do you know that your emotions tyrannize you, brethren? If you are a person that yields to your emotions, then you might not be aware that your emotions tyrannize you because you just do everything that they tell you. If you are walking down the street and someone gets you mad and you want to punch them, and you just punch them, well then, you would not know that you are being tyrannized by your emotions.


However, if you come to a place in God, you try to lay hold of your emotions. You find out that it is wrong to want to punch someone who calls you a name. You know that, that is wrong, and you do not do it. Let me tell you something, brethren, at that point your emotions tyrannize you because you are going to be in pain.


If you choose to do the godly thing when your emotions are screaming for you to do the ungodly thing, your emotions are tyrannizing you, and sometimes you prevail, and sometimes you yield. Glory to God. Verse 8: Hallelujah.


Isaiah 14:8 Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the cedars of Lebanon saying, Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us. KJV


A fir tree is a green tree that never sheds its leaves. You never see it without leaves, and I suggest to you, that it is a type of the soul, of the incorruptible soul life. It will be green forever, green typifying the life of God.


The cedar tree has an incorruptible wood. I believe it was used in the tabernacle. It does not corrupt, even water does not rot it. Wood refers to these bodies, that is external. We are promised an incorruptible soul, and an incorruptible body, and we are going to get this incorruptible soul and this incorruptible body when the spirit in us is Jesus Christ.


So long as the ruling spirit in us is Satan, we will die. If you have two spirits in you if you are double souled, apparently to the best of my knowledge, you still die, because James said, a double souled man is unstable in all of his ways. We have to get to the place where Jesus Christ has totally swallowed up our other soul, and we are one soul in Christ.


We were one souled in Satan, and now we are two souled, and we shall be one souled in Christ. When Christ rules solely in our vessels, our soul and our body will not die, it will not be sick. Everything is as a result of the spirit that dwells within it.


I saw a very interesting TV program once. It was not spiritual at all, it was a worldly TV program and they were interviewing people that had multiple personalities. Psychiatrists had brought them in for this program, and as the personality changed or as the ruling spirit in the vessel changed, the physical conditions in the person changed.


One person for example, had two personalities. One personality, say, Mary Jane had diabetes, and when Mary Jane was up in that person, the doctors did medical tests on her that revealed diabetes. When that personality went down, and Mary Lou who did not have diabetes, rose up, the doctor did all of the test on the same body, and there was no sign of diabetes.


This is a hard thing to receive but it is a truth that the world knows about. Your body and your soul responds to the spirt that rules in your being. The world knows about this, brethren. Hallelujah. Verse 8.


Isaiah 14:8 The souls which have received the life of the ages, and incorruptible bodies say, Since the Lord Jesus Christ subdued Satan and put him underfoot, no spiritual power has dared to try to bring us down to the realm of the soul where they can rule us and live out their lusts through us. AT


When the Lord Jesus Christ rules through you, no spiritual power will dare to try to bring you down to where they overtake you. They know they are defeated. Glory to God. These are some mighty promises.


I am going to touch on Verse 9, it is a very long verse and I did not finish it, so we will just do part of it.


Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at they coming, it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all of the chief ones of the earth, it hath raised up from their thrones, all of the kings of the nations. KJV


Glory to God, we are going to take the first phrase, ...hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at they coming... Hell is Hades. It is a subterranean place in which the dead are gathered, a hollow. The whole world talks about hell but I suggest to you, brethren, that this is it.


The life is our spirit, and the spirit is dwelling in a body in this realm. He is dwelling in a hollow place below the earth. This is hell, this is hell, this is it. These bodies are a judgment of God. We cannot get out. We are supposed to be free in the realm of the spirit, but we are locked up in here. There is a good teaching on it if you want to hear it. I think it is tape #8. Glory to God.


This is hell brethren. Just look around you if you have any problem believing it. Just open up your eyes and look at how the people are suffering. Look at what they are doing to each other. They are insane. The whole world is insane. They are killing each other, bombing each other, trying to take advantage of each other, stealing from each other manipulating each other, and for what purpose?


There is only one basic motive brethren, they want release from their cravings and their needs, because life or existence in the soul realm is a place of continuous need. God calls it the bottomless pit. You feed it, and you feed it and you feed it, and it never fills up. You have to keep getting more.


You have got to keep getting another drink, you have got to keep getting another night in bed with someone that you want. You have got to keep getting another pizza pie, another shot of drugs, another piece of jewelry, another dress. You have got to keep getting, got to keep getting, got to keep getting.


A lot of us here have this revelation. My most obvious compulsive thing is food. When I have distress in my soul and want to feel good, I will go out and get something to eat. I know that I am not that heavy, but it does not matter, it is in my heart, this is one of my compulsive things.


I will go out and I will get that chocolate bar, or I will get that thing that I know is not good for my health. And oooh does it taste good, until the last bite is swallowed. Thirty seconds, thirty seconds later, and I am not satisfied anymore. Is that what cocaine is like? I cannot say I have experienced that. Thirty seconds! It is delicious while it is going down. It is the bottomless pit, brethren. No matter what your thing is, it is the bottomless pit, it is never satisfied. This is life on the soul realm.


Hallelujah, this is hell. We are in it, this is it right here. Jesus is coming to get us out, glory to God. He is not coming to save us from going there after we die. We are there already. If you do not have Christ, you are dead, you are already dead, and even if you have Christ, if you are living after the flesh, Paul says you are still dead.


Romans 8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. KJV


Even if you have Christ, if you are following after your carnal man, you are dead while you are yet alive. You have to get your definition of death straight. Death is the carnal mind. Death is thinking with thoughts that are alienated from God and then acting out your life based upon those thoughts. Hallelujah, glory to God.


Let me read the verse for you again because I was carrying on there.


Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. KJV


Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming.... Hell from beneath.... now this word from is not in the Hebrew. Sometimes when you look up a preposition, if it is the same in the Greek as it is in the Hebrew, the reference books do not repeat it in the Hebrew. In this case, if you want a definition of the word from, you have to look in a Greek Lexicon.


It is number #575, and it denotes separation, or liberation, because if two things are joined together and they are separated, there is a freedom that results from it. The two things, they were joined, and now they are separated, and they are free.


The word beneath means the lower part, to depress or humble, and the word coming means to come in, to enter into, to return, glory to God. We have a very interesting word here, I am going to divert on it a little bit. It is the word moved, and we are talking about hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming.


This word moved means to quiver, or to shake. We could say it means to vibrate, and we know that the word vibrate is a word that is used to describe the movement of spiritual beings, because that is what they do.


Spiritual beings vibrate. They do not walk, they do not have feet, they do not glide, they are not in the water like a fish. The way that they move is that they vibrate. The closest thing to it in the natural realm would be a snake, it just slithers.


Spiritual beings have no form or shape. They are air, and they just vibrate forth like light waves, or electrical waves. You know that light waves move. We have talked about the speed of light. Light travels, and it travels by vibration, it shakes itself and that momentum causes it to move. This word move means to vibrate.


Micah 7:17 They shall lick the dust like a serpent, and they shall move (or vibrate) out of their holes or hiding places like worms of the earth, they shall be afraid of the Lord our God, and shall fear because of Him. KJV


The word holes means fortified cities, borders or margins, and we have had enough teaching here that I think it should be pretty obvious that when we talk about a border or a fortified city, we are talking about this outline in which we dwell. Our spiritual substance is within this border, that is our physical body. Glory to God.


What I am saying to you is that there is spiritual life within us, and when it leaves the body or when it enters into the body, the means of locomotion that it uses, is vibration. In accordance with this Scripture, they were getting out of their bodies, they were vibrating out because the Lord God had forgiven their sins. I am going to read Micah 7:17 again.


They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move or vibrate out of their holes or hiding places like worms of the earth... You know God calls Jacob a worm, did you know that? Jacob is Israel. We are worms, brethren. We are spiritual life that dwell under the earth of these bodies. We are worms, that is how God sees us (chuckles). What does that do for your pride? (Laughing).


They shall exist very close, even within the dust of their earthen vessels, like a serpent.... very close to the ground. We are locked in here, our spiritual life is locked in here ...they shall vibrate forth from their bodies like beings who dwell under the earth, and they shall revere and honor the Lord because He has pardoned their iniquity.


Micah 7:17 They shall exist very close, even with the dust of the earthen bodies like a serpent, they shall vibrate forth from their bodies like beings who dwell under the earth, they shall revere and honor the Lord because He has pardoned their iniquities. AT


We are getting out of these bodies when our sin in pardoned, and it is not just a spiritual thing of God saying, I forgive you. The word pardon means it has to be wiped out like it never existed. For it to be wiped out like it never existed, the manifestation of your sin which is a living thing (it is a demon, or it is your spiritual substance that is still attached to Satan), has to be dealt with by God. Do you understand what I am saying?


God does not just say, I forgive you and you trot along in the same condition. It does not work like that. God says, I forgive you, and then He proceeds to deal with you, so that you become acceptable, qualified to come out of the body.


We are not coming out of our bodies with our souls in the condition that it is in. We have to change. There is this fantasy in the Church world today that we are forgiven, and they dance around singing that they are forgiven, and they think when they die, some miraculous thing is going to happen, and they are going to be perfect.


This is because they cannot comprehend getting into heaven in their present condition, and they do not want to face the reality that they have to change. Therefore, they conjured up this fantasy that when they die, some miraculous thing is going to happen, and they are going to be perfect.


No brethren, you have to change here and now in the earth. It is not easy, and it is painful, but if you really want it, God is faithful, God if faithful. Glory to God.


I have one more reference that this word move means to vibrate forth, which implies a change from one spiritual realm to the other.


Psalms 99:1 The Lord reigneth, let the people tremble, He sitteth between the cherubim, let the earth be moved. KJV


This study in the Hebrew is just so rich, it is so rich. The word reigneth means to become a king, to possess. You cannot be a king if you do not have a kingdom, and kingdom involves a piece of land and it involves subject. If you are a spirit, and you dwell in the realm of the spirit, you cannot be a king.


To be a king, you have got to get yourself a piece of land, which is our soul and our body, made of the earth. Our body is the land, and our soul is the subject. You cannot be a king without land. You could be Lord, but you cannot be a king. You have got to have land to be a king, Hallelujah.


The word move means to shake or quake, and this is the same word in Isaiah 14 that we are dealing with. Webster's says that shake means to move irregularly to and fro, and to free oneself. If you are shaking something, a separation can take place. I have a ring on my finger, and if I shake my hand hard enough, my ring could be separated from my hand.


I am going to ask you if that does not sound like childbirth to you? Now, you pray about this. Let me read you an alternate translation of this.


Psalms 99:1 The Lord reigneth, let the people tremble, He sitteth between the cherubim, let the earth be moved. KJV


Psalms 99:1 The Spirit of God possess the earth of mankind, let the people vibrate forth from the realm of the spirit, He rules from within His creation, let the earth bear the fruit of Christ for the Lord is her husband. AT


Hallelujah. Glory to God. Back to Isaiah 14:9, this is the first part of verse 9


Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: KJV


Isaiah 14:9 The place where those separated from God exist is liberated from your tyranny.... that is, from Satan, tyranny.... It vibrates forth and comes face to face with Satan as he enters into it, and becomes equal to it. AT


I just want to explain a little bit more what happened when God formed the creation. We studied that the original creation was the mind of man. He did not get a body until later on. God created the living soul which is the mind of man, and it was in three parts, glory to God. It was Adam, it was Eve, and it was Satan.


Eve was Adam's fertile parts, and Satan was that part of the earth that God joined the spiritual life of the son of God to. Remember the son of God was propelled into the earth, and he became one with the earth.


This was the earth, and the son of God was propelled into the earth and became interwoven with it, and Satan is the existence in the earth. The earth has an intelligence. The son of God had to be propelled into the earth because God wants to appear, and the earth makes him appear. However, everything in the spirit is so much greater than anything down here, and the earth that the son of God was joined to, had a mind of its own.


That is what happened. I am not going to go into the whole story of the creation right now. I hope that you remember it, but what happened was that after God formed this living soul, God joined Himself to it, and He preserved the earth.


When God joined Himself to the living soul, He subdued the land and forced Satan down to a position of weakness so that he could not harm anybody. Then the Lord said, I want this one unit to go out and multiply.


This one unit, this one unit that I called Adam, I want it to go out and I want it to multiply into many, many units, and after it multiplies into many, many units, I am going to inhabit each and every unit, and I am going to appear in the realm of appearance in a many membered body.


God is incorruptible, God is eternal. God never changes, so God is the salt of the earth. He is the preservative.


In biology, if you have a female egg, and you have a male sperm, and fertilization takes place, where there were two, you now have one unit, and it is called a zygote. It is both male and female, but the scientists acknowledge it as one cell. These two, the sperm and the egg become one, it is called a zygote. It is one cell, and the next thing that it does is that it becomes two, and then each cell becomes two, and this multiplication continues and eventually you have a baby.


It is a biological, scientific fact, and I am suggesting to you that the same thing happens in the realm of the spirit. God created Adam, he was a zygote. He was a spiritual zygote, but God wanted many more cells than that.


God was the preservative of the cell. If God was there He could not split, so God had to remove Himself. God took Himself away from the living soul, and He gave Adam His fertile parts, and He said, Do not let them be fertilized by anybody but Me, I am coming back. Occupy till I come.


Satan was there because he was part of the creation which gave it form in the realm of appearance, and when God left, Satan started impulsing thoughts up to here. He started saying, Adam, you can fertilize Eve, and you can rule in all of the cells across the face of the earth, do not wait for God. You be the ruling spirit, you be the ruling spirit, do not wait for God. And Adam said, Okay.


Then what happened? The spiritual reality of what happened was that Satan came on top, in a position of spiritual power that he was never intended to have, and he ruled this living soul, this creation of God. Glory to God. Adam and Eve came down here, they became slaves, and Satan became the powerful spirit in all of the cells of mankind, which each one of us is.


What this Scripture is talking about, when it says here in the alternate translation ...the place where those separated from God exists, is liberated from your tyranny.... is that Satan no longer has the power.


We will just do it again, in case any of you have forgotten. This is the realm of appearance. This is the mind of man. You have got Satan, Adam and Eve in there. This is mankind. Satan is constantly impulsing thoughts into this guy, and this guy in the realm of appearance is acting it out. He is a slave to everything that Satan wants him to do. This is not a popular message, but it is true.


If you are a human being today and Christ is not ruling your life, and I do not care if you dance in the spirit and talk in tongues, if Christ is not making your every decision for you, this is your spiritual reality. This is your mind, and your behavior is a result of Satan ruling in your mind, but he was not meant to be there.


He was meant to be over here. He was meant to be, not even equal with Adam and Eve, but less than equal with Adam and Eve, so the Scripture says. ....the place where those separated from God exists is liberated from Satan's tyranny.... It is going back to this.


It vibrates forth and comes face to face with you as you enter into it, and become equal with it. He is going back to this. Satan has tyrannized Adam and Eve for centuries, and now he has become an equal with them.


I did not finish the rest of the Scripture. It was just taking me such a long time to do this translation. What I am suggesting to you and what I see in the Scripture, is this. As Jesus Christ comes to possess His creation, Satan who has been up here, in a position of power over all of mankind, is coming back down to a position equal with them. He is part of the living soul and has tyrannized the living soul. It would be as if your heart could tyrannize your lungs. That is what it comes down to.


As Jesus Christ becomes king and takes back His creation, what is happening is that each one of these cells over here that he has tyrannized, is saying, Ah, here you come, you are not going to rule us anymore, you are going underfoot, because Jesus Christ is ruling.


That is what they are saying. They are saying, You rose up out of your place and you made yourself the big shot in the living soul, you were never intended to have that power, and now you are coming right back down to where you belong, and Jesus Christ is going to rule, and we are waiting for you.


That is what the other elements that exist in the living soul are saying. They are saying, Alright Satan, we are waiting for you, now you are equal with us. Glory to God. That is as far as I got today. Lord willing, we will finish on Wednesday. Are there any questions?


COMMENT: When you were saying that when the demons come out of the body, they die, I was wondering how people see them in rooms and everything. You said you were not sure how far they could survive, like they might be able to be out for a little while, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh yes, they might not die right away. I do not know how long it would take them to die. It takes a body a long time to decompose. How long does it take a body to decompose? You might know, you are a nurse,


COMMENT: I am not sure about that, it depends on the climate, whether it is cold or hot, or...


PASTOR VITALE: It does not happen overnight, right?




PASTOR VITALE: When these demons come out, they could be flying around for a while before they die, but I believe they separate into soul and spirit, and the soul goes back to the dust, and the spirit goes back to it original source.


COMMENT: When my husband died, I did not know he was dead, and that morning, I dreamt about the devil, and I heard something banging on my window. Both of my sons dreamt about the devil, and my daughter said to me, Were you playing a deliverance tape, it felt like I was getting deliverance or something was happening to me. Then later when I found he died, I said this to a certain believer, and they said, Well a lot of times when a person dies, the demons try to get into people in the family, and maybe that is what that was. What do you think about that?


PASTOR VITALE: I want you all to know that when it comes to areas like this, this is not God, this is my personal opinion. I have heard several stories along those lines, and have had a personal experience. There was this man that I had been going out with. He had a few things he wanted to get straightened out in his life so we had broken up and I had not seen him in a long time.


He had come back after about two years, and said to me, I got my business on its feet, I am going to start calling you in a couple of months, I am going to be settled. About two months later, my whole mind was invaded. It was like he was trying to get into my mind, and it was scaring me. It was so strong it was scaring me. I found out later that he had died, and that all of this happened two days after he died.


My personal feeling (and this is just for the people here) is that when your body dies, that your soul does not die right away, and that there is a period of time that it could be here in the realm of appearance before whatever happens to it happens to it, and if the soul wants to contact you badly enough, it could try, and these manifestations happen.




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