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(Speaking in Tongues)


Have I not told you saith the Lord, that indeed that day should come that all of my promises should be realized. Yeah, saith the Lord, Many have gone back to the dust not realizing the promises, but I have said it, that my word in unbreakable, saith the Lord, and you have been called to be here in the hour that the promise shall indeed be fulfilled. Yeah, saith God, the earth is covered with darkness, have I not indeed told you there would be a great falling away before the man of sin would be revealed? Look not at the circumstances, look not around you, look not at the numbers, look not at your enemies, but discern my Spirit, saith God, I am indeed in the small places, in the hiding places, in the unknowns, in the unmarked places, unmarked except by my Spirit, saith God. Only those who are moving on in the Spirit shall know Me, saith God, they shall see Me, saith God, only they shall come into all truth. For indeed I have blinded My church, saith the Lord, Have I not told you that it would be this way, have I not told you that they would blaspheme you, that they would persecute you, that they would call you names, that they would reject you, that they would cast you out of their synagogues. Have I not told you that it would be this way. Have I not told you that there would be great pain and suffering, saith the Lord, yet my church dances and it sings and it prays for Cadillacs and homes, but I have said that I would bless thee, saith the Lord, by My Spirit, that I would pour out spiritual blessings upon thee, that thou couldst not even contain. Indeed I have given you Myself, saith the Lord, the greatest of all blessings. I have given you Myself in whom is eternal life, eternal provision, eternal safety. I have given you access to the realm of My Father's Spirit. Indeed eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what is in store for you as this birth comes near, saith the Lord, for indeed thou art in the womb of the earth, and I am bringing thee forth, I am molding thee and I am forming thee, and I shall bring thee forth in to the realm of the Spirit. Indeed each man in his own order, but I shall start with a small company, saith the Lord. And when thou arrives at Zion, I shall send thee back for the rest, a small company, saith the Lord, I have called a small company into Zion.


This is the nitty gritty of the gospel of the kingdom brethren, there is no rapture, we are not flying away into the sky, God is altering our spiritual condition, and this is our spiritual condition, we are a soul, and until we are saved, we have a king and his name is Satan, and we are down here and we are in bondage to king Satan, who fornicates with us, at will, and we produce demons, the fruit of our marriage to king Satan.


The spiritual reality is that Jesus Christ has been given all authority and power in this natural realm, He is attacking king Satan, He is attacking this soul and this is the new situation, there are two souls, there is a soul over here, and the king is Jesus, and He wants us, He wants us, that part of us that is in subjection to king Satan, He is literally laying hold of us, and pulling us out into a place in the soul of king Jesus.


You know the Scripture, our life is hid in Christ? That is what it means, that part of us, that spark of life that is us is being translated from soul to another soul. If you have Christ, you have two souls, and James says, You are unstable in all of your ways, and what that means is that until you are completely, see this is in a series, we are moving slowly, step by step, into Christ, until we are completely in Christ, and this is completely done away with, both Satan and Christ can copulate with us. When Satan copulates with us, even though you have the Holy Spirit, you can still be producing demons, it is possible, you can produce a demon. When Jesus copulates with you, what do you produce? Anybody? Christ, you produce the fruit of the Spirit which is Christ.


When the Holy Spirit, well it is king Jesus by His Holy Spirit, by His Holy Spirit, and when He copulates with you, you are producing Christ, you are double souled brethren, and the stronger you get in the Holy Spirit, the more the fruit of the Spirit you are going to produce, and the less demons you are going to produce, and king Jesus, you see, the Holy Spirit is not the warrior, the purpose of the Holy Spirit, when the Holy Spirit enters into your soul, you see you are still a soul and you still have Satan as king, and the Holy Spirit enters in, and He starts dealing with that spiritual substance and Christ comes forth, just like a baby comes forth in your body, Christ comes forth right in the midst of the soul that is ruled by king Satan, and He gets bigger, and He gets bigger, and He gets bigger, and He gets bigger, and then He is the whole thing.


Hallelujah, and you are no longer two souled, but you are a soul and your king is Christ. He is birthed in you and He grows up to full stature and He does not leave you like a human baby leaves you, but He swallows up the soul of Satan and when that happens, this is in the realm of the spirit, when that happens, this is you, you become very happy, you are preserved, you cannot get sick, you body cannot die. Jesus said, No man takes my life, even though He was in a flesh body, because of the Spirit that dwelt in it, He could not die. This is what we are moving into in this hour, I really do not know how long it would be until we are glorified, it is probably going to be a long time, but I am not even dealing with that now, because this is the next step, this is our mind, and when our mind is ruled by king Christ, we are preserved.


I believe that any infirmity that you have will be healed, and I believe that you will be untouchable, and there is not a doubt in my mind for one second brethren, now you have to realize that we are moving in to this gradually, so you might have part of this now, you may have a measure of health now that you did not have before, we are moving into it gradually. I do not doubt for a second, when this is our condition, and our king is Christ, when we are attacked physically, and this is us down here in the natural realm, I believe that our sensor which is Christ can put out vibrations and raise such as Peter did, and not are only are they used, will they be used for healing, but they will be defensive, they will be defensive. I believe that if a human being approaches you to do physical harm to you, he will bounce off of you because he is going to hit these rays.


This is a reality brethren, this is not Star Trek, this is what God is promising us, He is not promising us the rapture, we have got something much better than that. This is something much better than that, because let me tell you something, when these sons of Belial, when these carnal men see the anointing on us, our lives are going to be in danger, except they are not going to be able to accomplish it, they are not going to be able to be accomplished, they are not going to be able to accomplish the intents of their hearts on us. This is going to be our condition, in Christ we will be preserved. Please do not go out and do anything silly, because you are not preserved because you say you are preserved, and you are not, you cannot heal and cast out demons because you say that you have entered into the hundred fold, when Christ has come forth in your mind in His fullness, and either He has or He has not, either you are pregnant or you are not, right? Have you ever heard that expression in the world, you cannot be a little bit pregnant, either you have got Him or you do not, and when you have got Him, right here, you are going to be sending off rays brethren, you are going to go walking down the street, and people are going to get healed, they are going to fall at your feet, they are going to repent, they are going ask for prayer, and if some son of Belial tries to hurt you, they are going to carry him out.


It is the truth, who wants the rapture? Who wants, there is only one catch, you have to be holy, you have to submit to the process that makes you holy. This is the truth, this is not Star Trek, it is happening. Everybody, you know, I do not even think that there is a handful of people in the whole world that even believe it is possible and out of all of those that believe it is possible, how many really think it is really happening in this lifetime? Very few. Brethren, it is upon us, it is upon us.


That is the gospel of the kingdom, you are not being raptured, you are being changed into a man that is holy, because you cannot get the preservation until you are holy, it is impossible, we are being converted into a holy people. You know the Scripture, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a chosen generation, you are not going to get it unless you are holy brethren. It does not mean that you are holy because you tell me that you are sanctified, that does not make you holy, and you cannot tell me that you are a son of God because you say you are a son of God, and you cannot tell me that you have got anything because you say so, I only believe it when Jesus tells me that you got it, and the way Jesus tells me that you got it, is that even if I hear an audible voice, He witnesses it by signs and wonders.


You can tell me all you want brethren, and Lord willing your mind control will not affect me, Hallelujah, you have got to be holy, and you are going to be preserved, and your enemies are going to be smitten, either they will be converted or they will be killed. We have spoken about this in other meetings, either they will be converted or they will be killed, the decision is not yours, the decision is Christ's. The reason that you are going to be holy and the reason that you are going to be preserved and the reason that your enemies are going to be either saved or smitten, is because the apostle, the chief apostle, the Lord Jesus Christ, is your mind. Every word that comes out of your mouth, and everything that you do, every piece of behavior is the direct result of His mind in you, because there will be no other mind, there will be no more conflict, conflict will have ceased.


You are not going to hear two voices saying, Do it, no do not do it, do it, do not do it, do it, do not do it, get down, get down. No, it is over, the conflict is over. You have the mind of Christ and your every enemy is going to be smitten, but there is not a chance at this point that you will be able to use it for your own glory. Hallelujah. The first group of people that is coming up that is going to experience this, now look at what we are going to be facing brethren, the world is not going to believe it. When they see the signs and wonders that witness to it, they are going to hate you, and they are going to try and kill you, but the Lord said, that after they kill you, the Spirit of life is going to enter into you and you are going to ascend in the very presence of them, and they are going to quake with fear.


Glory to God. Not that we are to use this fear to lord it over them because they are spiritual children, we are here to minister to them, we are here to raise them up to where we are, when we get there, wherever you are in Christ, if you come in contact with someone on a lower spiritual realm, your mission to them is to bring them where you are, it is not to beat them to a pulp and show how much power you have, it is not to tear them down, it is not to declare them invalid, it is to bless them and bring them to where you are.


That is your commission from the Lord, if you are doing anything other than that, your god is not Christ. I am sorry if that offends you and we all have two gods until we come into this condition.


I am sorry if that offends the church world but it is true, you all have two gods, glory to God. That is the gospel of the kingdom, and I will just keep telling it to you as often as God wants me to, it is just really important that this gets into our spirit. We have to understand it in the spirit, and we are going on today in the book of Isaiah, oh yes, I knew there was something else God wanted me to tell you.


Hell or Hades is the place of the dead, amen? You all know that, and we know that the dead are those that walk after the flesh, the carnal mind is death, it means separation from God, hell, hades is a place of separation from God.


We all know that but what we all might not know in our conscious mind is the hell/hades, the place where we are separated from God, is the fallen creation, it is the fallen creation. It is us down here in the realm of appearance, this is it, we are separated from God, where? In our minds, because we are alienated from God in our minds, everything that is spiritual takes place in the mind, and this is hell, we are locked up here separated from God, we are the living souls, we are the fallen creation, and what are we doing down here, what is happening to us down here, why did we fall?


We have a lot of stories about why we fell, and we fell, we touched on this last week, we fell because God formed a zygote, He formed a creation, He called it the living soul and it was female, the living soul was female, and God was the male element, the spiritual creation was both male and female, God wanted the living soul to multiply, and God is the preservative, the salt of the earth, so He had to remove Himself so that it could it change, so when God removed Himself there was no male element, what did God do? He made the overall living soul that He called Adam, He made him the man.


He said, Now you are the man, Adam, and I am going to take a part of you, and I am going to make it your female parts, and I am going to call it Eve, so now you are male and you are female again, only you are not stable like you were when I was your man, you are not stable, therefore you can change, and you can separate. It is interesting because God is having me teach on this, and I just turned on channel 13 the other night, and they were having a whole show on the formation of the fetus, and I found out something that I did not know, for the first ten weeks, the baby is not even a fetus, it is an embryo, and then after ten weeks it is a fetus, and then it is born and it is a baby.


This cell is going to split, it is going to become two. This is the same thing as a human egg that has been fertilized, it is one cell, it is called a zygote, and then it splits into two, and then each one splits into two, and that is how it continues, and eventually you get your embryo, and all of the organs form, and we are one body, a body that is going to be the flesh for the Lord Jesus Christ, and we separated into many members, just like in a human woman's womb, we are all one, and we are body that is being formed for the Lord to inhabit.


Who is down here in this realm of appearance? All of the sons of God, remember our study from the creation, that first the son of God was propelled into the earth to give it life, and then the sons of God followed after him, we are down here in the realm of hell, are all of the sons of God. What are we doing down here? We are separated from God, but we were with Him before the foundations of the earth, I cannot never get it straight, whether it is Job 28 or 38, the Scripture says, we sang with Him in the heavens before the foundations fo the earth, but now we are down here in the realm of appearance separated from God in hell, and what are we doing down here, is it a punishment? We are down here being formed, we are in utero, we are in the womb of the earth.


First we are an embryo, we are still a fetus, and we are about to be born, we are down here being formed into spiritual beings that are wrapped in flesh, we are going to look like what Jesus looked like after the ascension. We are in utero, it is not a judgment, well it is a judgment, do not misunderstand me, it is a judgment that God permitted to come upon us for the specific purpose of us being formed into His new creation being. Satan at this time is much stronger than we are, if we do not have Christ, he is up there and we are down here and he is oppressing us, but you see, he is not, we hear a lot about Satan getting weakened, he is not getting any weaker, we are getting stronger, we are getting stronger, because Christ has joined Himself to us and this is what we are going to look like, we are going to look like this, and Satan is going to be down here, and this is going to be us joined to Christ, and he is going to be underfoot.


He has not changed, he has not changed, first we got weak, which made him strong, and now we are getting strong which is going to make him weak. Do you understand that? He has not changed, he is just the wild venomous beast that God put there for His purposes. We were strong because God was joined to us, we were weak because God left us and we fell, so that we could multiply and become His whole body, just like a fetus in embryo, and now we are getting stronger, and pray about this, I am telling you that God has told me this, and I do not doubt it for a second, just like a baby is in an amniotic sack, I saw the full birth last night, it was very exciting, this is all fluid, right xxxx?


There is fluid inside and fluid outside, fluid inside the amniotic sack and fluid outside of the amniotic sack. When this baby is born, he comes out into a realm of air, his whole environment changes, he actually breathes water over here, they showed the baby breathing on this movie, and you could hear it, they had a machine where you could hear the sounds, he goes from a fluid environment to an air environment, organs that did not work here, have to work here.


It says, listen to this, When he is in utero, his eyes are closed but he could see, they cannot explain it, I do not know I guess they did tests on him, and he could see, but his eyes are closed. He has a full life in here, but when he comes out everything changes. Brethren, what I am suggesting to you is that we are in the womb of the earth, we are spiritual beings, we are in utero, this is us, we are the living soul, our lifeline, it showed how the placenta feeds the baby, our lifeline to the realm of the spirit is the Holy Spirit, He enters in just like the placenta enters in, and if you are moving on in God, you have been implanted to the uterus of the body that is bearing Christ, and your lifeline is set up, He is the Holy Spirit, and your anchored to the lifeline of the realm of the spirit.


There is water inside of us, our body is 90% water, 96% water, and there is water outside of us, this whole world is 96% water, and we are about to be birthed brethren into an entirely new environment, a world that we cannot even see what it looks like, and it is going to be air, which is the spirit. We are about to be birthed into the realm of the spirit. We are going to look different, well we have already talked about functioning differently, that we have to get our spiritual senses working, we do not even know what it looks like out there, and our eyes are closed but we could see here in the womb, our eyes are closed but we could see. Can you understand this? Can you receive this? Glory to God.


I do not care if the whole world thinks I am crazy, I mean I thank God for you here that you can believe this, but sometimes I am sitting down and I am doing this study for these messages and I say, Lord nobody believes it, I mean I know in our little group here, what am I knocking my brains out for, I am going to be sending out letters to our whole mailing list shortly because there is a lot of people we have not heard from and I am going to tell them that if I do not hear from them, they do not have to send any money if they do not want to, but they have to at least get up the .25 cent stamp and tell us that they want the tapes or we are going to stop sending them.


I got hit with this fear that no one was going to respond, and the Lord said, Well what do you care? I go through this, I get this attack, I say, Lord nobody believes it, they call it false doctrine, they call us names, everybody thinks we are crazy, and you want to know something, I do not care, I do not care, because I am going through, I am going to wind up over here, you see, I do not care if I am the only one, I am going through.


For years I agonized on my face before God, Is this false doctrine, how come I know it and my pastor does not, how come I know it and no one else knows it? I am only saved three years and no one else knows it, it must be a demon in my head, well it was not, it was the Holy Ghost in my head, and I am going through brethren, I am going to be born, I am going to be born, and if you are here and you are hearing this message, I do not believe that God has called you here, if He has given you understanding of this, that He does not intend to give it to you too, I do not believe that, what would be the point of all of that, God is not a tormentor, what would be the point of it?


We are going to get on with today's message, and it is very intense, somebody told me that Sunday's message was very intense, and I said, I am always glad for the feedback, because sometimes I cannot tell what I am preaching. When I heard the tape, I said, Oh, that was intense, it went right through me like a knife, anybody that is listening to that, that is not really grounded, they are just not going to be able to bear it. The truth, spiritual truth, when it comes forth, what it does is it attacks Adam's soul in you, we are two souled right? And when this truth comes forth it attacks Adam, he goes crazy. Someone that is really not prepared for this, I do not see how anybody could listen to it.


I said, Lord what are we doing here? He said, Just do it, so I am hearing Him. This is Babylon is Fallen is Fallen part 2, and we are not going to start right in Isaiah, we are starting off with 1 Samuel 10:6,9, and I want to give you another witness in the Scripture about the reality of having two souls, because I can hear the people screaming, two souls, what is she talking about, two souls? It is in the Scripture brethren, so if you are listening to this tape, put your eggs and your tomatoes away, and look at 1 Samuel 10:6,9:


Samuel is speaking to Saul here. Saul has just been anointed king of Israel by the prophet Samuel, and this is what he said to him, he says, Go to such and such a place and you are going to run into some prophets, and I want you to come in contact with them because you know in those days, possibly in today too, I do not really know but certainly in the old covenant days, for you to get the Holy Spirit, you had to come in contact with the Holy Spirit. I believe if God wants to, He will give it to you any way He wants, but usually even today, usually He will have someone lay hands on you, no one laid hands on me for it, but God did have me walk into a room full of Holy Spirit filled people. But I believe if you are on Patmos and in a cave that God could do it. This is what Samuel said to Saul.


I Samuel 10:6,9 6. And the Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and thou shalt be turned into another man.


9. And it was so, that when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, God gave him another heart. KJV


King Saul had two hearts, the word heart is Strong's #3820 and it is used widely for the feelings, will, and intellect, it is the center of anything, and it is a form of #3824 which is the most interior organ, the sensual point of the blood, and the seat of life. God gave him another heart, king Saul had two hearts. The word man is Strong's #376, it is a man, an individual male person, we touched on this in another message called And Jacob Prevailed, and the word man is #376, a man as an individual male person from an unused root meaning to be extent, that is what it says in Strong's. Webster says that extent means standing out or above, currently existing to rise to an erect position.


I am suggesting to you that the root of Christ existed in the man that was made king Saul, He was there from birth in a lying down dormant position, and when the oil was poured upon him by the prophet Samuel, and when he came in contact with the Holy Spirit through the prophets that were prophesying, it quickened the root of Christ, and He raised Himself up to a position of spiritual power, and it was He that was ruling through king Saul, it was Christ that ruled through king Saul, and if you did not know it, it was Christ that ruled through king David, and I hope that those of you that are here, that I succeeded in imparting to you the understanding that we cannot do anything, anything that is spiritual, that is of God, that is good, the comes forth from us, it is Christ in you, you are just the shell, but He is so great that He is letting us partake in it and share in it, but it is Him, everything is Him, we cannot do anything.


King Saul was a king because Christ ruled in him, and you are going to be an apostle and a son of God because Christ is ruling in you. James 1:8:


James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. KJV


The word double minded is Strong's #1374 and it is the Greek word dipsuchos. You might be familiar with the word psucho, which means soul, this Greek word is dipsuchos, and it means two spirited. It is from two words, one that means twice or again, and it is from #5590 which is psuche, the animal principle, or the soul. Strong's says it is two spirited, but it is really two souled. James says it, so we have one witness in the Old Testament, and now we have a witness in the New Testament, that it is possible to be two souled. Glory to God. The word unstable used in James 1:8 means not constant, because you are constantly changing your mind, you get thoughts from Christ and you get thoughts from Adam, and while they are both equally strong in you or even if it is forty five, fifty five, or even if it is forty, sixty, that is a lot of thoughts coming from a Satan that has forty percent of your consciousness, so one day you will be holy, and the next day you will desire to sin, you are unstable, you are not constant, you are going back and forth in your thoughts and your desires and in your emotions and in your behavior, you are not crazy, you have two souls. You have gotten drunk last week and you have not done it in six months, what happened was your other soul got a hold of you, that is what happened to you.


Usually when that happens, that can only happen, when you are under, please do not lay hold of my words, okay, it usually happens when you are under some kind of spiritual attack, that attacks Christ in you and weakens Him, and then the adamic soul in you rises up and does what you have not let him do for six months or a year. That is what happened, you have two souls, glory to God. Sometimes I think I am going crazy, yeah, you have two souls, you are not crazy. Glory to God. Thank God, we are not crazy, we just have two souls. James 4:8:


James 4:8 Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you, cleanse your hands ye sinners, and purify your hearts ye double minded. KJV


The word cleanse is from a Greek word that is pronounced katharizo, to make clean, to purge and to purify, and I found it very interesting that the word was so similar to the English word catharsis, so I looked up catharsis in Webster's, and it means to purify through evacuation of sediment or relief of trapped air. Brethren, we have sediment in our bodies, and we have trapped air, and when some demons come out, they are just air, a lot of Christians do not like to hear this, but sometimes when you get delivered you belch, it is acceptable if you just sigh, but sometimes you belch, sometimes you do something that is even less acceptable than that, but spirits are air, but there is also sediment, and sometimes you vomit. Christians really do not like that, but sometimes the demon has formed matter around it, and there is sediment. The word catharsis, is to purify through evacuation, that means upchucking, usually means vomiting of sediment or relief of trapped air or belching.


In psychology it means the elimination of a complex, an emotional, psychological complex by bringing it to consciousness and giving it expression. Is that not what deliverance is? God will reveal to you that there is a problem in your emotions and that it is a demon, and He lets it manifest as a demon, He gives it expression for the specific purpose of purging it from your soul. Glory to God. That is the word cleanse, so James is exhorting those of us that are double souled which is everybody to get deliverance, and he says, cleanse your hands ye sinners and purify your hearts..., the word purify means sanctify, to separate.


These two souls, they are joined together. We have had teachings on the separation of the soul and the spirit, and the bone from the marrow, the two souls, they are joined together, when you first get started in this process, you have to be separated. Paul tells us to sanctify our hearts, to separate our thoughts and our feelings, to separate the thoughts of God and the feelings of God from the feelings from Adam. I just want to read you these two Scriptures. In an alternate translation, but I am reading it backwards, remember how many times we go through this in the Scripture, where Paul will state the established fact first, be holy, get deliverance, love God, confess your sins, he will state it that way, the established fact first, but we have to start with the last thing that he said, you have to confess your sins first.


This is one of those instances and I am going to read the alternate translation backwards for you.


If you are experiencing contrary thoughts and behavior which cause conflict in your emotions and your life, it is because you have two souls, one is from Adam and one is from Christ, it is this two souled condition that causes your thoughts, feelings, and behavior to be inconsistent. The solution to your problem is to choose the thoughts and behavior of Christ no matter what you are feeling, learn what is right, and choose to do it no matter what your feeling, and Christ will impart the power to you to live out of His soul, and evacuate the ungodly spiritual sediment and trapped air known as demons, which would influence you to live out of your adamic soul.


We have two souls, throw your will along with what is right, and God will impart to you the power to live out of His soul, and to receive deliverance from the demons in the adamic soul that are drawing you, drawing you, drawing you.


Glory to God. I got a letter from somebody the other day that said to me, I understand that you are now preaching man does not have a will. Did anybody here ever hear me preach that? Amazing, praise the Lord. I do not believe that, I believe man has a will, I do however believe without Christ, that the satanic realm is stronger than his will, but he has a will, and when Christ comes into your life, He strengthens it, and He expects you to work with Him, to bring forth deliverance and salvation in your life.


We are going back to Isaiah 14, and I am going to read you the alternate translations from Sunday's service, and those of you that are not that familiar with my teaching, I do tend to change the translations, and what happens is that God just gives it to me deeper and deeper as I work with it, and as more understanding is imparted to the group. You are hearing correctly, I do change it, I do vary it.


Isaiah 14:3 And when the Lord enables you to stop producing demons in your adamic soul and delivers you from the fear, powerlessness and trouble which prevails on the adamic soul realm, and the witchcraft through which men ignorantly try to make themselves strong, and from all of the labor required to survive in the adamic soul realm, not the least of which is the spiritual labor required to keep Satan underfoot as much as possible.


4. When that happens, the people shall talk about Satan everywhere, saying how God brought that tyrant into submission and stopped her, the word is female in the Hebrew brethren, from forcibly wrenching the life of God out of the people, so that she could enjoy an illegal existence apart from God. Satan is the spirit that rules in the soul realm, the soul realm is female in relationship to God.


5. The Lord has destroyed the power of the spirit which rules in the living soul, Satan, and the power of his many membered body which appears in the realm of appearance through which he use to have dominion over the people of the earth. AT


This is the cocktail chatter now, this is what they are going to be saying. It has not happened yet, I do not know anyone except Jesus Christ of Nazareth that it has happened to yet. Isaiah 14:6:


Isaiah 14:6 Even he who caused the people to pierce through to the realm of appearance where they are continually subject to the judgments of God because of haughtiness and pride. He that took possession of the nations after they passed over into the realm of appearance and exercised absolute ownership over them, even though he failed to preserve their souls and body from corruption and death.


He has ruled the human race unhindered until the advent of Jesus Christ, but even though he could rule you and do pretty much what he wanted with you, he could not keep your body and soul alive, which he would have desired to for his own purposes, could not do it.


Isaiah 14:7 The whole earth is free from trouble and calamity, even from the judgments of God, they have attained to that place of evenness in their soul life where they are free from the tyranny of their emotions, which is freedom from the tyranny of the adamic soul.


8. The souls which have received the life of the ages and incorruptible bodies say, Since the Lord Jesus Christ subdued Satan, and put him underfoot, no ungodly power has dared to try to bring us down to the realm of Adam's soul, where they can rule us and live out their lusts through us.


9. The place where those separated from God exists is liberated from Satan's tyranny, it vibrates forth and meets Satan face to face, as he is reduced in power, to a place where he is one of its inhabitants. AT


That was the first third of Isaiah 14:9, and that was where we ended on Sunday. We are going on to the second third of Isaiah 14:9, which says:


Isaiah 14:9b ...which stirreth up the dead for thee, even the chief ones of the earth.


The word stirreth means to wake and in Job 3:8 it is used to arouse a serpent and call it forth from its hiding place. It means to excite according to Strong's, and Webster's says that the word excite means to arouse to feeling, to summon, to call forth, to call to activity. There is no feeling in the realm of the spirit brethren, all feeling is in the flesh, and I am suggesting to you that this is talking about incarnation, that it says that hell stirreth up, let me read it for you, ...hell stirreth up the dead for thee, causes the dead, those who are separated from God, to take on the flesh. Glory to God.


The word dead according to Strong's means lax, and Webster says that lax means loose, open, slack, lacking in completeness, finish or perfection. If you are dead, you are lacking in completeness, finish, or perfection. We are in utero brethren, we are in utero, we are not finished, we are not complete, we are not perfected, we are lacking, and the Scripture says that we are dead, however when Christ enters into our life, we are in the process of being made alive and we will not be made completely alive until we are birthed fully into the realm of the spirit. Glory to God.


This is sort of tacky subject here, but I do not really know that you have to have your body glorified to be fully alive, I believe that Jesus was fully alive, you know when He walked on the face of the earth before His glorification, but it is not important, we are all here and we are learning together, that is just my opinion, God did not tell me that, but at the very least, you have to have, be in a place where Jesus was, where He said, No man can take my life.


The only reason Jesus died on the cross, I touched on that before, I do not know if you remember it, the only reason his body died on the cross was that He by the power of His own will breathed out of that body. He did not die because there were nails put in Him, and He did not die because He lost every drop of blood that was in His body, that is not why He died, that is not why His body died, His body died because He, according to a study in the Greek, He forcefully, willfully, breathed His Spirit out of that body, and He said, Father now that it is done.


That is what happened, no one killed him, glory to God, not without his permission anyway, glory to God. You are dead if you are not complete, you are not finished or you are not perfected. We are dead brethren, we have a spark of life in us, but we are dead. Glory to God.


Isaiah 53:5 ...and with His stripes we are healed. KJV


This word dead, it is Strong's #7496, and it is from a root #7495 which means to heal by sowing up. If you are dead, you are not sown up, you are separated. Isaiah 53:5 says, ...and with His stripes we are healed, and that word #7495 it means to heal by sowing up. We are made alive again by being sown or knit together with the Spirit of God. That is what is happening to us, we have His soul and we are being rejoined to Him. If you are separated from Christ, you are dead. Separation from God is death. Glory to God.


We are working on the Scripture, ...even all of the chief ones of the earth, the word chief means to be put prepared to be full grown, to be leaders, to be the chief one, and it also means a he goat, or a ram, and throughout the Scriptures God uses this word he goat, very frequently with the Levitical sacrifices, He wanted a he goat, sometimes they will sacrifice the kid of a goat, and that is a different word, it is a young goat, this is a male goat, and this goat is a warrior, male goats have horns and they will charge and they will fight.


This word chief means he goat, ready and prompt for fighting, and in the Scripture it is used in prophecy to describe leaders of the flock, Zechariah 10:3 says:


Zechariah 10:3 Mine anger was kindled against the shepherds, and I punished the goats. KJV


He punished the leaders.


Jeremiah 51:40 I bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams with the he goats. KJV


You put a ram up against a he goat in a battle the ram does not stand a chance. It is from a root, this word, we are still talking about, we are still talking about the word chief #6260, and it is from a root #6257 which means to prepare, to make fit, to be ready to become, to be destined. Those of you that study with Ray Prinzing, he has an expression that he uses a lot, I guess it is one of his favorite, he is always talking about becoming, we are becoming, we can related to fetuses in utero, they are becoming a baby, we are becoming for thousands of years the human race is becoming.


We have problems with our carnal minds because it takes so long, but we could be likened to the nine months in utero, we are becoming and what we are becoming are sons of God in full strength and power, and until we are birthed into the spiritual realm, our organs and everything about us is only partially formed, just like a fetus.


That is what this, it is from a root that means that, to be destine to be ready to become, to be ready to be birthed, to be on the verge of being birthed. This word chief is a spiritually mature, spiritual entity that is ready on the verge of becoming, coming to the end of his becoming, he is about to be birthed. The word all means the whole. This is a very heavy verse, I am going to give you an alternate translation of the second third right now, I will read it for you in the Hebrew, in the King James, ...it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all of the chief ones of the earth.


Alternate translation:
Hell which is God's fallen creation, summons forth into the realm of appearance those spiritual sons who were separated from God at the beginning of the creation, even those spiritually mature males who are in the process of becoming God's creation. AT


I should have put that up there, we are becoming sons of God which is the creation of God. We are the creation of God, we are in the process of becoming the creation of God, that is what we are becoming, his sons. Hallelujah. The last third of verse 9, ...it has raised up from their thrones all of the kings of the nations. The word raised up means to cause to exist, it means to arise from the dead. Brethren, we are talking about incarnation again. When you are a spirit, you do not, you know, you do not exist, to exist you have to have form and substance. If you study out that word in the Greek, and in the English, to exist means to have form and substance.


That which is a spirit in the realm of the spirit, when it incarnates, it comes into existence, it enters into the realm of appearance, and we know that arising from a bed refers to standing up in spiritual power, we have had that a lot here. The word throne is a seat that is covered with a canopy or hanging. It refers to be sitting down, which is not full spiritual power, and covered over, something like that, that fetus in amniotic sack, and the nations is a Hebrew word which means foreign nations and it can mean a troop of animals, and I am going to suggest to you that the nations are the flesh man in which the spiritual man dwells.


There is a separation, you see, we are really all one, but God for purposes of understanding separates us into spirit, soul, and body, and the bodies across the face of the earth, are the nations, glory to God, and they are created in a form to be ruled by a spirit man. The Scripture teaches that there are really wild animals, they need to be subdued. I am going to read that third part to you, verse 9, ..and have raised up from their thrones, all of the kings of nations.


Isaiah 14:9 Hell hath finally incarnated the sons of God in a position of spiritual power which enables them to overcome the flesh surrounding them, vibrate forth from it, and rule it. AT


That is what we are doing here in the earth brethren, we are learning the rule the flesh. God has decided that He wants to be seen in the realm of appearance, so He took His son, and those sons of God that existed with Him before the foundations of the earth, and He has put them inside the flesh, inside the living soul which is ruled by king Satan, the wild beast, and all of the demons that exist in there, and in the middle of that, He put His son in a weak spiritual condition. He said to the sons of God, everyone of us that are in the earth, He said, Rule in the midst of your enemies. I am requiring you to stand up and overcome Satan, I am requiring you to stand up in spiritual power and put Satan down here and rule in the midst of your enemies. Who do you think your enemies are? Most people do not know, I do not mean to be sarcastic, most believers, they do not know who their enemies are. Your enemy is not out there, it is not even somebody that is praying witchcraft against you, it is not even somebody that is cursing you that if you send the curse back, they get hurt.


If there was nothing in you to receive it, they could not hurt you. Jesus said, the prince of the world cometh for me, but he has nothing in me. Our enemy brethren is our adamic soul. If we can take the victory over our own adamic soul, what we talked about earlier is going to happen. If sister so and so over here decides to pray witchcraft against me, we are not going to have to have another believer come to us and say, I break the curse and I send it back to the head of the sender, you see our shields are going to be up, it is going to go right back, we are not even going to have to think about it.


Our only enemy is our own soul. When we overtake our own soul and we have also talked about God telling us that each and every one of us is a cosmos, we know that the whole world is a cosmos, and each and every one of us is a cosmos, and it has, when it comes into its proper orderly arrangement, you see, if we are dying, our cosmos is not in its proper orderly arrangement, because when we get up here on top, standing up, joined to Christ, one with Christ, and Satan is down here, doing what he is supposed to do, with his mouth shut and in total submission, not a chance of him getting out, we will have come into our orderly arrangement, and we will be not be able to be defeated, no one could hurt you, no one can curse you, no one can hurt you brethren.


We are only vulnerable now because we are in the wrong orderly arrangement. Maybe we are starting to stand up, maybe we look like this, maybe we are starting to stand up, but you Satan is saying, Come on, get up, you think he is handing you a hand of fellowship, he is bombing you brethren, he is bombing you, you wonder why you have problems in your life? He is trying to get you to sin so that you produce demons in your own soul, that is the first thing he does, and then he also will send forth spiritual communications to other people. Do you ever recall saying, Well, you know I was doing so well, I have not had a drink in a year, and sister so and so just came by, it was just so demonic, and rang my doorbell with a bottle in her hand, saying, Come on have a drink with me. Where do you think she came from? Your own soul brethren sends out communications to her. I need reinforcements, this one has not had a drink in a year, get over here and help me to make her fall. There is no time or space in the realm of the spirit.


Satan is in everybody, he is in everybody, do you understand what I am telling you? We have to stand, this is, when we get like this brethren, this is preservation, this is preservation, so we are trying to get up, and he is not going to help you get up! You are in a battle brethren, he will kill you, do you know he will kill you before he will let you stand up? If God lets him do it, he will kill your body before he lets you stand up in spiritual power if God lets him do it.


We just gave you the alternate translation of the third part of verse 9, of Isaiah 14, ...hell has finally incarnated the sons of God in a position of spiritual power which enables them to overcome the flesh surrounded them, to vibrate forth from it, and rule over it. Let me just expound on this a little more. When you stand up in spiritual power in the midst of your enemies which is your own soul, glory to God. When you stand up like this, you are going to start radiating forth like this, the Spirit of God is going to come out and it is going to be a preservative for whatever is in here. You are going to stand up in power and you are going to vibrate out and from out here, this is going to be your city of defense, and you are going to rule.


You are not going to be in here struggling with him, you are going to spread out and take over and vibrate forth, and you are going to take over the whole vessel. Glory to God. I am just getting bolder, most of you here know that when God first raised up this ministry, I was very reluctant to preach a lot of things, but brethren, I really think the hour is short, and I really do not care what anybody says about me anymore, I just really do not care, what they say about me, or what they think about me, I am going to tell you right now, that this Scripture that I just gave an alternate translation on, which says, ...hell has finally incarnated the sons of God in a position of spiritual power which enables them to overcome the flesh surrounding them... I am suggesting to you that hell is the fallen creation, is the realm of appearance and her job is to continue to incarnate the original son of God, and he is having all of these experiences on the soul realm until finally he comes to a place where spiritually because of what God has ordained for him to experience, he is strong enough to rule in the midst of his enemies.


That is what I am suggesting to you that it means. There is one spiritual answer all of the way back here, he took on the flesh in this man, his name was Joe, and Joe had a son, his name was Jack, Joe died, this spiritual son of God is now living in Jack, and it is going on for I do not know, thousands of years, I do not know, I do not have all of the answers, and this spiritual being, this spiritual son of God is learning to rule the flesh, he is learning to rule in the midst of his enemies and not let it overtake him.


The Scripture says, ...hell has finally, the realm of appearance has finally come to the generation where she has incarnated sons of God that have matured spiritually to such a point that they can rule in the midst of their enemies without being overcome, she has finally done it. Remember, this is the cocktail chatter that is being spoken about Satan, Satan is being overtaken, why? Because hell has finally incarnated spiritual sons that are strong enough to rule the flesh, Satan is not changing, he is not getting weaker, we are getting stronger. Hell has finally incarnated sons of God in a position of spiritual power which enables them to overcome the flesh surrounding them, after all these generations, thousands of years. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


I have a couple of references here for you, Revelation 12:5:


Revelation 12:5 And she brought forth a manchild who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. KJV


Glory to God, that is what this is speaking about is what we just talked about. She, the realm of appearance, the fallen creation, the living soul, has brought forth a generation where the spiritual sons of God have attained to a state of maturity where they are going to rule with a rod of iron. The rod of iron brethren, a rod in the Scripture is your tongue, and iron refers to great strength. We know that everything in the realm of the spirit is the spoken word, amen? We have been studying that here. He is going to speak and rule with a word of strength. When he speaks it, it is going to come to pass, a rod of iron, words that have power, words that have power, glory to God.


Revelation 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron. KJV


Smite the nations, He is going to keep them in line. He is a spiritual man, His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, and He intends to rule the nations, and He is in us and He is letting us partake of His glory. The nations needs to be smitten because they are wild venomous beasts, their nature, their inherit nature is to sin, and if they can, they will bring us down, and the only way they could bring us down is if we are weak. They are not being made weaker or stronger, we are the ones that are not constant, glory to God.


Revelation 2:26-27 And he that overcometh, to him I will give power over the nations, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessel of a potter shall they be broken to shivers. KJV


He is going to rule the nations with a spoken word that is as strong as iron, and what is going to happen when he gets to that place is that they are going to be broken to shivers, glory to God. As of a potter shall they be broken to shivers. This brethren is talking about the circumcision of the flesh. Do you know that we are told I believe it is in prophet Jeremiah, that there is a spiritual circumcision that is coming to us, have you heard about that? This is our body, this is our body and inside of us is a soul, when it gets to the place that our soul is completely under king Jesus, we are still living in a body that is made out of clay, the Scripture says that our body is made out of clay, and it is going to be broken to shivers. There is going to be a season that we are going to rule from vibrations from within. There is a day coming that this body is going to be broken to shivers, and when it is broken to shivers, it is going to fall off. Broken to shivers, well just let me give you the other reference, I got ahead of myself.


Judges 7:20-21 And the three companies (now this is Gideon, this is how he won the battle) blew the trumpets and break the pitchers, pitchers made from clay and held the lamps in their left hands, and all of the hosts ran and cried and fled. KJV


When the pitchers are broken, when the clay bodies are broken, all of the hosts are going to run and flee, because you see, while we are still in this condition, we are having to constrain the nations, our flesh, any possible demons in our flesh, any impulsing coming from Satan or coming from the body itself, we have to hold it in check, but the day is coming that this is going to be broken off of us, and they are going to run and they are going to flee, and we are not going to have this battle anymore. Glory to God.


What happens, this word shivers means into many pieces. What is going to happen, is that when it breaks, is that it is going to fall off, and it is going to be rearranged. I do not know what it is going to look like, but just to make the point, I will make circles, because we are getting a new body, we are getting a glorified body, maybe it is going to be a curly cue body, I do not know, but it is going to be broken down into its constituent parts.


That is what happened to Jesus' body you know, did I ever tell you about this, that, that was what happened to Jesus' body? What happened to the body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was that, there is a physical law that says, if you have matter, anything solid is matter, air is spirit, anything solid is matter, when you have matter, and you apply to it energy, of an extreme source that at this time is not known to man, we just hear about it in science fiction programs, so that means greater than the hydrogen bomb, if you have that kind of power and you apply it to matter, it will break down the matter into parts, and reform it into another form.


I spoke to a scientist about this, and she told me that to the best of her knowledge, the scientific community acknowledges that this is possible in theory but they have not tried it because man does not have an energy source capable of performing it. What happened to Jesus' body brethren, was that it was laid in the sepulcher Hallelujah, glory to God, dead as a doornail, and that power, that glory known as the Father, Hallelujah, He sent down the energy, and He raised Him up, He laid hold of the molecules of His body, glory to God, of His vile human body, that was corruptible, that was capable of being killed, and he separated them, if His body looked like that, now you know this is just an example, He separated it, He broke it into pieces and He made Him a man that looked like that. This man was incorruptible, glory to God.


That is what He did, He broke down the carcase into its basic atoms by a power so great that man cannot even comprehend it, and He rearranged Him into a spiritual man that walked through walls. Hallelujah, that is for us too, our bodies are going to be broken into shivers, glory to God. I am going to read you Isaiah 14:9 backwards, and I have changed it a lot, so you could double check it on the tape if you want, but basically it is backwards. Let me read you it in the King James first.


Isaiah 14:9 Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at they coming, it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all of the chief ones of the earth, it hath raised up from their thrones all of the kings of the nations. KJV


Isaiah 14:9 Hell has finally summoned forth into the realm of appearance those spiritual sons who were separated from God at the beginning of the creation, even those spiritually mature males who are in the process of becoming God's creation. They are now in a position of spiritual maturity and power whereby they are strong enough to overcome the flesh surrounding them, vibrate forth from it and rule over it. The fallen creation is liberated from Satan's tyranny, it vibrates forth and meets him face to face as an equal, because its new found strength has made them equal to him, and they will shortly be strong enough to overtake him and swallow him up. AT


Glory to God, they are equal to him because they are being strengthened and raised up in Christ, Hallelujah. Glory to God. Verse 10:


Isaiah 14:10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, art thou also become weak as we? Art thou become like unto us? KJV


This word speak, it is Strong's #6030 and it is used of the shout of soldiers in battle, and it is applied to someone who pronounces something with a loud voice, or solemnly, and of someone who affirms something, it is used to describe God uttering an oracle, a judge giving a sentence, a witness giving evidence, and hence it is used to describe a testimony. Something very interesting happened here and this happens in Hebrew a lot. There are two, I do not know why they break it down into two words, but if you look in the Lexicon, there are two words, it is pronounced aw naw, it is spelled, if you look at the Hebrew letters, you could see, it is spelled exactly the same, but they call it two different words, for some reason they do not say it, it is one word with all of these different meanings, they separated out into two different words, and the translators choose which word it is. The translators have said that this word speak is what I just read to you, but there is another word with the exact same spelling and this is what it means.


It is Strong's #6031 and it means to look down upon or brow beat, and that is what we are doing to Satan, we are looking down upon her, we are putting her underfoot, it means to depress, to oppress, to bestow labor upon, to exercise oneself, we are exercising our authority over Satan, to afflict, to submit, we are causing him to be afflicted and submitting himself to us, and it means to kill the ground and bring the earth into submission, and it is the same word aw naw, and the King James translators picked the other one, because this did not mean anything sense to them, but if you listen to this over again, it sounds just like our studies in the creation, we are bringing Satan underfoot, we are killing the ground.


Remember we did the study on tilling the ground, that is what it meant, to bring Satan, he is the ground, to bring him into submission to our spiritual life, so that is what the word speak means, it means the utter overcoming, and bringing into submission of Satan.


I want to ready you that verse again to keep you with me, we are on verse 10.


Isaiah 14:10 All they shall speak and say unto thee, art thou also become weak as we? Art thou become like unto us? KJV


I have few references for you in the book of Revelation.


Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and they love not their lives unto death. KJV


You go into the church world today, and everybody seems to think, they overcame Him because they are covered with the blood, and they stood up and said that Jesus Christ gave me a new car today. That is not how you overcoming him, brethren, even if you can stand up and say, I had cancer, and Jesus Christ cured me of cancer, brethren, that is not how you are overcoming Satan.


We said earlier, that this word speak means to give evidence, and hence it means a testimony, and I should read you the rest of these Scriptures here, Revelation 19:10 says:


Revelation 19:10 And I fell at His feet to worship Him, and He said to me, See thou do it not, I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus, worship God, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. KJV


I really do not mean to be sarcastic, and I am sorry if I am, but your testimony of healing, of your life being saved, of your brother or your wife being saved, that is not going to cause you to overcome Satan. The testimony of Jesus Christ is causing you to overcome Satan, and the testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy. That is not the gift of prophecy okay, and this is what it means. You are a young Christian, and you are part of the living soul, and you have the Holy Spirit, you can have the gift of prophecy, but you know, you have said it enough, that we have fertile parts, that the Holy Spirit is fertilizing and the fruit is Christ, and Christ in you is the Spirit of Prophecy, and it means a lot more than to prophesy on the floor of the church, that is a beautiful gift, but that is not the Spirit of Prophecy, that does not make you a prophet, if you have the Spirit of Prophecy, you are a prophet.


It means that you can open up your mouth any time, any place, to any person, and Christ in you will speak out through your mouth, through your vessel, in an everyday conversation, and we talked about that in these meetings, and I suggested to you, that if your ears cannot pick it up when you are having a conversation with another believer, and you cannot tell when they stop talking and Christ starts talking, I suggest to you, I encourage you to pray to the Lord for it. It is important that you can discern this.


This is the Spirit of Prophecy, it is Christ in you. It is not your testimony that you were healed of cancer, I am sorry, and the blood of the lamb, does not mean the Holy Spirit, the blood of the lamb brethren is the soul of Jesus Christ. It means that the soul of Jesus Christ has swallowed up the soul of Adam and you are no longer double souled, so you are now single souled in Christ, and He is manifesting through you continuously by the Spirit of Prophecy, the Spirit living through you is the Spirit of Prophecy, Christ, and that is how you overcome, by Christ, the Spirit of Christ, and by the new soul that He has given you.


Glory to God. Verse 10, we are still working on verse 10.


Isaiah 14:10 And they shall speak and say unto thee, art thou become weak as we, art thou become like unto us. KJV


This word say, ...and they shall speak unto them and say..., it means bring to light, something is going to be revealed, and the word weak means to adorn with a woman's ornament, and we know throughout the Scriptures that to be weak is likened to being female, what we are talking about, spiritual things here and for many centuries, and many of thousands of years because the way God has set this up, is that things first manifest in the natural, and then in the spiritual, society has existed, in a manner that has made in the natural women weak, dependent upon men, and now we are moving into an age where women have many opportunities that they did not have before, and the Lord tells us that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, that if you are manifesting Christ, if Christ is living through you, talking through you, walking through you, you are male, and if you are walking after your carnal desires, you are female, I do not care what your body is.


All of the preachers in the land rise up in one loud shout and say, Get that woman out of the pulpit, but it is true anyway, I am sorry, I am sorry, it is true anyway, that is just the way it is, go take it up with God.


If you are weak, you are female, it means you are living on the soul realm, you are not following after Christ, but you are following after your king, your god and your husband, Satan. Glory to God. Even as we enjoy good health in the soul realm, it also means to be worn down in strength, to be sick and diseased, so even if you have good health in your soul realm, God perceives you as sick and diseased, because you are dying are you not? You might not be suffering for the first seventy years of your life, but you die, there had to be something wrong with you, if you die, spiritually you are diseased, according to God.


The word like means to be made, to resemble, and it is the same word that is translated proverb up in verse 4, that thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and we said that, that was cocktails or coffee clutch chatter, that this is what everybody is going to be saying about Satan, well this word like is that same word, translated proverb. I have an alternate translation for you:


Isaiah 14:10 And the sons of God shall speak the words of power which will subdue Satan and put him under their feet, and they shall reveal to the world that the proverb is true, Satan has become as weak as they. AT



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