340 - Part 5
(An In-Depth Study)

Part 5 of 14 Parts


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Speaking about a battle, brethren, this is the battle of the day of God Almighty.  It is a battle against the criminal mind, which is appearing in men, in this hour.  That criminal mind is appearing in every human being on the face of the earth, in this hour.  Only do not be deceived, you cannot wage war against a mind without waging war against the man in whom that mind exists.  When I first came to the Lord, I was taught you can wage war against demons without hurting the person.  It is a lie, even when you are waging war against a criminal mind, in a man who was against his own criminal mind, he is going to be wounded and whipped, but not destroyed from the warfare.  Why?  It is because that criminal mind is possessing humanity, and each individual person thereof in this hour.


My classic example, once again, is occupied France during World War 2, when we liberated France.  We bombed France.  We bombed the French people.  We bombed French families.  We bombed French businesses.  We bombed French farms.  We bombed French cows.  We bombed French chickens.  French men died during the liberation.  We are possessed, all of humanity, even the Christians.  Even all you people who speak in tongues, who think the Holy Ghost will not live in the same house with a demon.  You are not only possessed of a demon, you are possessed of a completed criminal mind.  You fools! 


If you do not start fighting, you are going down with the enemy.  I am telling you right now the liberation war is on.  The only people that are coming through this are the people who are fighting on the side of the Lord Jesus.  They are fighting their own mind.  The only one who is coming through this is the harlot that is in Jericho, people.  You have got to make your peace with the spies, and make your covenant with the Lord Jesus, because when Christ Jesus comes crashing through, if you are interested only in preserving this criminal mind that has been possessing you, and your family line for ages, your whole person will be destroyed. 


If you do not like the sound of that, I am sorry.  If you want to call it a false doctrine because it preaches against the Rapture, I am sorry too.  You believe your lie, and you live in your fantasy, and you get mowed down like the grass.  It is my job to preach this word, and to survive your carnal minds who are hating me because I am preaching it.  Everything after that is between you and the Lord Jesus. 


Let us continue with our study of Job, Chapter 41.  It is personally very very exciting for me.  I have told you there have been several chapters in the Bible that I have looked at from time to time over the years.  I have spent time looking up the words in the Hebrew, but I could never get any revelation on them.  The first one of those chapters that the Lord opened up to us here, or the first two, were in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 12 and Chapter 8.  I guess all of the Book of Daniel, 7,8, 9, and 12.  Now this Book of Job, Chapter 41, is another chapter.  I really have spent hours looking up all these Hebrew words, and could not make any sense of them at all. 


Apparently, we have received from the Lord enough of the revelation of His truth to understand the hidden manna in Job, Chapter 41.  I am also looking forward at some time in the future to doing that very mysterious chapter in the Book of Daniel, which I think is Chapter 11.  Is that chapter 11 where it talks about the king of the north and the south?  I have looked up those words more times than I can count without making any sense out of them.  Brethren, you can do all the leg work you want, if the Lord Jesus is not giving you the revelation, you are not going to know what this Bible is all about.


You may be able to be blessed by it on some surface level, but to get the true meaning of what He is saying, He has to be giving it to you.  You can plant, and you can water, but He is the only one that can give you the increase.  He is the only one that can give you the revelation of what His true communication to you is.  His true communication to you is the same as His communication to humanity.  You see, Jehovah has sent a telegram to humanity by His faithful witness, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been raised from the dead.  The Lord Jesus Christ repeats that message faithfully.  What does that mean?  It means when a carnally minded man tries to repeat that message, it comes transmitted in a totally corrupted form to humanity.


This is the message from Jehovah to the soul; I love you despite everything that has happened to you.  I love you despite your fall.  I love you despite your weakness.  I love you despite your sin.  I love you despite your adultery.  I love you despite your unfaithfulness, and your murder, and your hatred, and your rejection of me.  I am going to pick you up out of that pit that you have fallen into, and I am going to fix you so that you are going to be able to love me with the same love with which I love you.  I am going to correct every error in you, so that you will never be adulterous or unfaithful to me again.  I am doing it against your will because you are so fallen, and so corrupt, and so evil, that you do not even want my salvation. 


You want some fantasy salvation that your carnal mind has made up, but you do not want the salvation that I have for you, but I am going to give it to you anyway, because you are blind, and you are deaf, and you cannot even think straight, and you are in a condition of spiritual insanity.  I am going to save you despite yourself, no matter how much you scream and you yell.  Every man that comes against the handful of faithful people who are suffering because I am manifesting my righteous plan of salvation through them, I will make a quick work of you, saith the Lord.  Some of you who have refused to repent, shall surely die, for I will not tolerate your interference any longer.  You will repent and join my armies or you shall surely die, for the time has come, saith the Lord, for the bands to be broken on my faithful, and you will hinder no longer, saith God.  Hallelujah!


We are in Job, Chapter 41.  We are going to do a review of the first few verses, and I am going to exhort you on these first few verses.  You may recall when we did our in-depth study in the Book of Zephaniah, it was a very exciting study.  We found that the Book of Zephaniah actually was a legal document coming from Jehovah, telling his soul that He was fully aware of all of her sins, and all of her weaknesses, and promising her in a very legal format, what He was going to do to deliver her from her weaknesses.  I remind you that this soul that Jehovah formed, of which we are, is His creation.  He is the Creator, and He is not going to leave us in this condition of imperfection.  He formed us, and imperfection was found in us, but He is not finished with us yet.  He will finish the work, and we shall be perfected.  That is what is happening right now. 


The problem, especially with the Church, is that we are so filled with pride that we would like to believe that we are already in His image or that we are already perfected.  That is laughable for anyone who could actually believe that ridiculous lie, with the terrible things we think and do to each other, that we could possibly be perfected in Jehovah’s image.  You have to really have a sick mind to even think that for a second.  To stay on my point, I see here in Job, Chapter 41 a similar format to what we found in the Book of Zephaniah.  What we found in the Book of Zephaniah was a very legalistic format, not legalistic in the way that the pharisees were legalistic.  It was just a very legal format of Jehovah’s promises to us.  He made a contract with us.  You heard about the Republican’s contract with America. 


Well, this is Jehovah’s contract with the human race.  Is that foreign to you?  The Lord God make a covenant with Adam, a covenant contract.  He renewed that covenant with Noah.  We have broken it, but He has not forgotten about it.  Do not be deceived because one day to the Lord is as a thousand years to man.  Jehovah has made a covenant with the human race.  He will fulfill every obligation that He has promised to us.  Do not be deceived because it is taking so long.  There is a legal relationship between the living God and this soul, which we are. 


Job, Chapter 41 is along the same lines as what we found in the Book of Zephaniah.  It is the living God stating His position, showing and pointing out to Job the weaknesses in humanity, and Jehovah’s plan for salvation in the details of that plan.  This revelation is only unfolding as I translate the verses, so I do not know what is coming further along in the chapter, but I will point out to you, hopefully, the legalistic aspects of this conversation between Jehovah and Job.  Once again, it is not legalistic as a pharisee is legalistic, but the true principles that Jehovah has promised to deal with as He brings forth our salvation.  He clarifies what is wrong with us.  It is like a contractor’s estimate.  He says this is what you need fixed, and this is how I am going to fix it, and this is the only way that it is going to get fixed. 


I suggest to you, as we go over this, that you keep in mind that Job did not have the vaguest idea of what the Lord was talking about.  That is why Jehovah’s communication came forth as questions.  It was because Job had absolutely no idea of this great spiritual truth that is coming forth here about why man fell, and why these weaknesses, and what the plans are of God to restore us.  Job had no idea.  So when Jehovah is saying to him, can you do it, Job did not even know what the Lord was talking about.  I suggest to you this is the condition of not only the average man in the street, but the average Christian in the Church.  They do not even have a full comprehension of what our problem is.  They think they are dying and going to heaven.


Brethren, you are possessed of a criminal mind, and Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to free you.  Your true nature is spirit, and your human spirit is braided together, interwoven in this criminal mind.  Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to us, who is bringing forth Christ Jesus in your own heart to set you free, because he who the Son sets free is free indeed.


What does that mean?  He, whose human spirit is extracted from the Serpent’s mind and woven into Christ Jesus’ mind is free indeed.  Freedom is only in the mind of Christ.  I do not care how good your life is.  I do not care what kind of blessings you are experiencing.  I do not care how content you think you are.  You are not free so long as you are possessed of this criminal mind, which is also known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 


If your life is good, if your life is pleasant, for a variety of reasons in this fallen world, you are still a captive in Babylon, but you are getting some blessings for good behavior.  You are only content because you have no basis of comparison.  If you have experienced life in the spirit, you would not be content with the best that this world could offer.  We are under an illusion.  You are under a delusion.  You do not know what good is.  You just know that good is better than evil, but you have not experienced righteousness.  Once you experience righteousness, you will never even want good again.  Let us go on, brethren.


Recap of Alternate Translation of Job, Chapter 41, Verses 1 thru 3: Can Leviathan’s malignant tongue, which is the mind of that many membered band of destructive men, and the fallen soul, which has been choking since the carnal mind killed the incomplete Christ mind, be submerged underneath the mind of Christ Jesus?  This is the Lord speaking to Job.  And can your mind, Job, penetrate the Dragon?  Remember, Job’s mind is Leviathan.  He is saying kill your own mind; penetrate your own mind.  Of course not.  In the last message we did a whole study on a house divided cannot stand. 


Can your mind, Job, penetrate the Dragon and fuse with the human spirit, who is joined to him, so that she can increase into Christ Jesus, the one who is strong enough to boil Leviathan until he evaporates and releases the human spirit?  Verse 3.  Will the Serpent appoint Leviathan, her completed female mind to rule over you, or will she sacrifice her so that Christ Jesus can raise you from the dead?  Will you, Job, who are the Serpent, cut Leviathan away from your own soul so that your human spirit can overcome death by increasing into Christ Jesus.  Will you, Job, who are the Serpent, enfold your fallen dead soul into your mind, and enslave her for the life of the ages? 


To the man in the street, these verses may sound very mystical, but we did explain all of these symbols in the prior message.  I really have to pray about the extent to which I want to rewrite these verses so that people who are not aware of what the symbols mean, can understand them.  If I do that, the verses are not going to sound anything like the King James Translation.  Well, they do not sound like it now anyway.  I just really have to pray about the extent to which the Lord wants me to interpret these symbols.  We are bringing forth a paraphrased translation here.  I remind you that we are translating the Hebrew word with alternate choices of translation, and then we are taking some of those Hebrew words, which symbolize spiritual principles, and not translating but interpreting them, and replacing the particular word with what the symbols stands for.  We are getting something that sounds so radically different from the King James that a lot of people are panicking. 


You have to get it from God that this is the hidden manna, that it is the depth of His spiritual truth coming forth on a level so deep that it sounds radically different than the surface translation.  It is as if to say you look at the exterior of a man one day and the next day you could see that man without his skin, as a massive of blood vessel, and all of his internal organs.  You would never even know that it is the same man.  You have to get your witness from the Lord that this is of Him.  Praise the Lord.


Let me point out these legal principles to you now.  Verse 1 states humanities’ problem.  This is humanity’s problem.  Christ has been braided into and held captive by the Serpent’s mind, Leviathan.  Now who is Christ?  I guess we are going to review this.  Who is Christ, that He is braided into Leviathan’s mind?  Christ is Eve, the human spirit.  Christ died at the beginning of time.  Christ was the incomplete mind which appeared in the creation at the beginning of time.  He was the product of the union of Jehovah and the human spirit.  They joined as a male sperm joins with a female ovum, and produced an embryo.  Christ, not Christ Jesus, Christ alone, existed at the beginning of time as the embryonic mind which was destined to mature into the warrior mind that we see in Revelation, Chapter 19, called the Word of God. 


But Christ was killed, and that embryo was broken apart.  The male and female seed were broken apart, which resulted in the death of that embryo.  Brethren, if you are a woman and you have an ovum, which has been penetrated by a sperm, and for any reason that sperm is pulled out, the embryo dies.  That is the end of your baby, is it not?  What was left, after Jehovah was violently separated from the human spirit?  Who violently separated the human spirit from Jehovah?  The Serpent!  The Serpent violently separated the human spirit from Jehovah and that immature mind called Christ.  Christ is the name of the embryo.  Christ is the name of the embryonic mind, the embryonic son of God which existed in the creation at the beginning of time.


When that embryo was broken down, that which was left was the spirit or the breath which Jehovah had breathed into the soul, and which was a part of the soul.  That breath, which is a part of the soul, which is not joined to Jehovah, which is not in the form of Jehovah’s mind, is called the human spirit.  When the human spirit was joined to Jehovah, an embryo was formed, which is called Christ.  It is a mind, but it is an incomplete mind.  It is a mind that is made of two threads.  The breath which is in the soul and the Spirit of Jehovah; two threads.  A two thread cord is easily broken. 


The spiritual term for embryo is altar.  It is the symbolic way the Scripture expresses this condition.  What condition?  The union of Jehovah and the human spirit which has produced an embryonic mind.  The Scripture calls it an altar.  So when you read mysterious phrases in the prophets about altars being broken, now you know the secret.  The mystery that the prophets are speaking about is the separation of the union of Jehovah with this soul, which is producing life.  It is a separation, a severance of the umbilical cord.  Jesus!


Verse 1 is stating humanity’s problem, Christ, who was broken down when the human spirit was separated from Jehovah.  So now we are talking about the human spirit.  It has been braided into and held captive by the Serpent’s mind.  What does that mean?  After the Serpent succeeded in breaking down the embryo and separating the human spirit from Jehovah, the Serpent herself, joined with the breath, which is in this soul.  The name of the breath which is in this soul is the human spirit.  So we see, when the Serpent joined with the human spirit, another embryo was formed.  This one, not begotten of Jehovah, but begotten of the Serpent.


Would you like to relate this to humanities’ condition?  Let us take a natural example.  Jehovah is male.  He is a Y chromosome.  The Serpent is female.  She is the X chromosome.  I am not even sure if chromosome is the right word, the Y and the X factors which determine the sex of the ultimate offspring.  We see that Jehovah had joined with this soul and the embryo was male, but that union was broken.  When the Serpent joined with this soul, the embryo became female.  Same soul, same human spirit, which is a part of the soul, different male spirit.  The Serpent is not male, but she is acting like a male, and she is doing what a male does.  So when she acts like a male and does what a male does, in those instances we are going to call her male.  It is the same soul, same egg, different sperm, different embryo.  The embryo fathered by Jehovah is called Christ, and the embryo fathered by the Serpent is called what?  Yes, the Dragon.  Hallelujah!  You people are getting sharper and sharper.  You are going to be replacing me up here real soon.


The human spirit has now, or at least in modern man, has been braided into and held captive by the Serpent’s mind.  The Serpent’s two thread mind, or the Serpentine altar, or the embryo, or the mind formed by the union of the Serpent and the human spirit, is called the Dragon.  Then that embryo increases into what biology calls a fetus.  Exactly at what point it switches over, I am not sure.  When that union begins to multiply into additional cells, it begins to actually be a new creature. 


When the Father is Jehovah, we see that that two thread mind, when it produces the increase, is the beginning of a new life.  The embryo then becomes a fetus.  When the embryo becomes a fetus, that fetus fathered by Jehovah is called what?  What is the name of the increase?  Christ Jesus.  Christ alone is the two thread mind which is incomplete.  The three thread mind is when the embryo increases into a fetus and begins to be a whole new person.  The increased mind or the completed mind, or the three thread mind, which is fathered by Jehovah is called Christ Jesus.  The Serpent’s mind, which has begun to increase into a whole new being, is called Leviathan.  Exactly.  Excellent.


Just in case you are not confused enough yet, I will try to confuse you more.  The increased mind, the completed mind, the three thread braided together mind, which is that three fold cord which is not easily broken, is a braid.  It has its beginning stages and it has its mature stages.  The mind of Christ Jesus in its early stages, in the stage before it is totally sinless, is called the engrafted word.  It is a three fold mind that has not yet matured to its greatest potential.  Spiritual power and authority is found within it, but not unlimited spiritual authority.  Jesus had spiritual authority without measure, because the mature mind of Christ, called the Word of God, which was in the man Jesus, was filled up, or was matured to its greatest capacity.  He had the authority of the Father flowing through him without restriction because his mind was mature enough to process that authority.


Let me repeat it for you.  The early stages of the fetus, in which the authority of the Father is present, but not completely fulfilled, is called the engrafted word.  The fully mature or fully completed mind of Christ, which has authority without measure flowing through it, is called the Word of God.  The engrafted word and the Word of God; the conceived Son and the fully matured Son.  As far as the Serpent is concerned, the name of the Serpent’s completed mind in its early stages, where it is completed and is three threads, but has not yet increased to its fullest maturity, is called Behemoth.  This is the first time I am giving you this.  It is called Behemoth. 


Did you ever wonder why the Scripture talks about Behemoth in the latter stages of Job, Chapter 41?  Behemoth is the name of the negative engrafted word.  It is the three thread serpentine mind, which is not yet completely fulfilled to its greatest potential.  The name of the serpentine mind which is fulfilled and matured to its greatest potential is Leviathan.  If you have a scale of 1 to 10 and 1 on that scale is the Serpent’s three thread mind, it is called Behemoth.  10 on that scale indicates the fully mature completed three thread mind of the Serpent, called Leviathan.  


Somewhere below the five mark, in the midst of that scale, a person in whom this mind is appearing, would be more Behemoth than Leviathan. But once that person or that mind goes over the five mark, somewhere along that line, that criminal three thread mind is getting stronger and stronger and stronger.  Also, whoever the person is that the Glorious mind of Christ is appearing in, is getting stronger and stronger and stronger, until the mind growing in the man attains to a point where it has matured to its greatest potential.  These persons will either be fully completed in evil or righteousness at this point.


There is no such thing as full completion in goodness.  We are of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Good and evil is a condition of spiritual immaturity.  It is duality.  It is sweet and salt water flowing through the same fountain.  It cannot abide.  It is a perversion.  It is a mixture of seed, good and evil, black and white, darkness and light.  There can be only one!  I am laughing because that’s the cry of a program that the Lord uses to teach us some spiritual principles on.  It is a science fiction program.  There can be only one good or evil.  The duality of good and evil cannot last forever.  The ultimate maturity of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is completion in evil.  There is no such thing as completion in good.  That which opposes the man who is completed in evil is the man in whom a totally different tree is appearing, the tree of Life.


The man in whom the tree of life is appearing to its fullest potential is a man who is completed in righteousness, not completed in good.  There is no mature completion in good.  There is only evil and righteousness.  The goodness which is appearing in spiritually immature people, who are expressions of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is an immaturity that is weaker than the evil in their tree, and will surely be swallowed up and disappear.  Thank goodness.  We will either be swallowed up by evil or by righteousness.   Praise the Lord.  Hallelujah!  Glory to God.


It looks like we are having a review again.  You must need it.  The Lord has me repeating this and repeating it.  You must need it.  I was afraid I did not have enough notes for this morning, but it looks like I have more than enough notes for this morning. 


Verse 1 states humanity's problem.  #1 Christ has been killed first of all, and the resulting human spirit has been captured by and braided into the Serpent’s own mind, which in this hour has been entering into completion for several thousand years.  I believe that there are people on the earth today whose minds are still in the early stages of spiritual immaturity called Behemoth.  There are people in this world today who have gone over the 5 mark on the scale, and we have people in the earth today whose minds are now more Leviathan than they are Behemoth.  They are criminal minds. 


What is the one sign that somebody’s mind has entered into that condition called Leviathan as opposed to Behemoth?  What is the most obvious thing that would make us recognize that a man’s mind is moving rapidly into a condition known as Leviathan as opposed to the condition known as Behemoth?  Can anybody take a guess?  Do not be afraid to take a guess.  It is not so terrible to be wrong.  Again, insanity may be true, but that is not what I was looking for.  Well, a reprobate mind with manifestations of severe pride is not the overriding quality.  This is all true.  Oh, you did not hear the question.  Okay.  The question was what is the overriding quality of a man’s mind that would indicate to us that he has transferred over from being an expression of spiritual immaturity, known as Behemoth, as to being a spiritual mind known as Leviathan?  You say an expression of power.  Well, that is the closest answer so far.


This is the answer to the mind that is mature enough to be called Leviathan.  The man whose mind had entered into a position of enough maturity to be called Leviathan is a man whose mind is a weapon.  Leviathan is a weapon.  Behemoth is not a weapon.  Behemoth is female.  Leviathan is male.  Where do I get that from?  If you study Job 40:15 thru 24 you will see Behemoth as lust.  We did this study in the 18 series.  Behemoth is lust.  Behemoth is the serpentine three thread completed mind in the early stages.  The people whose mind is Behemoth, their mind is lust.  They lust for everything.  They lust for physical pleasure and satisfaction.  They lust for spiritual pleasure and satisfaction.  They are lacking.  They are looking to take in.  They are negative.  They want, they want, they want.


James says they lust and they have not.  They lust and they have not.  Why?  Because they are not lusting for the things of God.  They are negative.  Brethren, this is the description of female.  Now all you women libbers out there, I am not talking about women as we know women.  We are talking about male and female as spiritual principles.  There is no male and female human beings in Christ Jesus.  Everyone whose mind is Christ Jesus is spiritually male.  When we talk about male or female spiritually, we are talking about a mind.  The female mind and the traditional female human being, who is a type, is always being given to.  She is being taken care of, supposedly, by her husband.  The woman is suppose to be passive and receiving, and the male is suppose to be aggressive and giving.


Lust is a condition of passivity.  There is something lacking in you, and you are looking for something to complete you.  The overriding characteristic of Behemoth is lust.  The overriding characteristic of Leviathan, as mentioned earlier, is pride.  In pride we find every evil work.  We find rage, hatred, and murder.  We find that pride is a foundation which brings forth the most evil qualities, the most evil aggressive qualities in men.  These qualities are traditionally male; murder, robbery, thievery, hatred, and violence. The whole world knows that.  Go speak to any policeman, although things are changing in this society because we are having a real role reversal problem, but traditionally women are not murderers.  Women who go to jail go to jail because they have been following boyfriends or their husbands.  Any law enforcement agency will tell you that. 


Leviathan is the Serpent’s three thread mind, which has matured to a position whereby he has ceased being passive, where he has ceased from being in an incomplete condition, but has been filled up with what?  He is filled up with the nature, or we might say with the venom of the Serpent, filled up to the point where he is now giving out.  He has now been filled enough to impart to others.  He has matured from a position of passivity, which is spiritually female, to a position of aggressiveness, which is spiritually male, and that aggressiveness is malignant.  Leviathan and pride are a spiritual weapon which has the strength to damage other people’s minds.  It has the strength to damage Behemoth, and he has the strength to damage the engrafted word.  Leviathan is a weapon.


He is described as a weapon in the Scripture, sometimes with the word thorn.  We found a scripture in a study in the 78 series where he is described as a scythe, which excited me because it seems the workers of the occult know much more than God’s people.  I am sure anybody hearing this tape or reading this manuscript, at some time in your life, you have seen death portrayed as a skeleton carrying a scythe.  Well, where in the world did that come from?  I have no idea, but we found it in the Scripture.  We found it in the New Testament in Revelation, Chapter 14, that that word scythe was an alternate translation of some word used in the Greek to describe the carnal mind; which is Leviathan.  I do not mean to confuse you.  The name of the carnal mind is Leviathan.  He is a weapon. 


Listen, all you pharisees out there having a problem with what I am preaching, the Scripture teaches that the Lord has promised to make His people a keen sharp cutting instrument.  We are to become instruments that are capable of defeating every one of God’s enemies.  Brethren, everything that is happening here in this spiritual stage, known as our world, everything that is happening in the Spirit of God, is also happening in the spirit of the Serpent.  There is negative and positive.  There is a positive mind and a negative mind.  There is an old man and there is a new man.  There is a positive weapon and a negative weapon.  There are two weapons.  He who fights with the sword must die by the sword.  There are two swords in the world today.  One is called the Word of God and the other is called Leviathan.


If you think you are about to be raptured, you are mistaken.  For those of us that study here, we have been blessed by a science fiction series called The Highlander with all of its fantasy.  We know that it is witchcraft, but the principles being expressed there are very real.  We have listened to several of their episodes and rejected the witchcraft, but have been edified by the spiritual truth coming forth there.  We saw one series, which was about an immortal who was very much an immortal, but had never received a sword.  Because she had never even received her sword, she never learned how  to fight.  Brethren, you may be a believer, and you may call yourself a Christian, whatever these names mean, but if the Word of God is not being formed in you, you do not have a weapon, and you certainly are not being trained to fight if you do not even have your weapon.


There are Christians out there who have not been trained to fight.  There are Christians out there who have a weapon, but have not been trained to fight.  Then there are Christians who have not even received their weapon because they have not even received the engrafted word.  Why have they not received the engrafted word?  Most likely, because they were never taught that receiving the engrafted word is necessary.


They have been taught that they just have to dance, and sing, and grind some imaginary Satan under their physical heel.  Then they are going to go to heaven and have some Italian dinners in their very own mansion.  May God have mercy on their souls.  They are Christians without a weapon.  That is like being on the front lines without a weapon.  You are better off not being a Christian.  You are a target without a weapon.  You had better start praying for your weapon, and that that weapon should be sharpened up, and that you should learn how to use it. 


We are still expounding on verse 1 review.  Humanity’s problem is that Christ has been killed by the Serpent.  The two thread mind which Jehovah brought forth at the beginning of time, has been killed by the Serpent.  The altar, upon which Christ was formed has been broken down.  That altar has been broken into two parts, the human spirit and Jehovah.  The human spirit has been captured, and joined to by the Serpent, and braided into the mind which the Serpent is weaving, which mind is called Leviathan.


The second aspect of humanity’s problem is that the soul which Jehovah formed, which we are, which is symbolized as a garden, both in the Book of Genesis and in the Song of Solomon, this soul or this spiritual garden is being choked to death.  What chokes a garden to death in the natural?  It is weeds.  So we have both a cultivated plant growing in the garden of this soul, and we have a weed growing in the garden of our soul.  The name of the cultivated plant, which is growing in our soul is Christ Jesus.  The name of the weed, which is growing in this soul, which is determined to choke out and utterly destroy the cultivated plant, is Leviathan.


The Word of God is the mind, which is in Christ Jesus, is the cultivated plant which is the fruit of Jehovah’s Spirit.  Leviathan is the name of the mind of the Serpent’s offspring, and the name of that fruit is the Devil.  Leviathan is the Devil’s mind.  They are both growing in the same garden.  Jesus said, let the tares and the wheat grow together, until maturity, because if you try to rip out the tares before the wheat is mature, what will happen?  Actually, the human being, in which the two minds are growing, will die.  What does that mean?  It means the wheat, the cultivated plant, is not mature enough to sustain the life of a man at this time.


Believe it or not.  Oh the pharisees are screaming.  I hear them screaming.  Listen, it is the truth.  I do not care how loud you scream, the foundation for your existence in this hour, is not Christ Jesus.  If you do not like it, that is too bad.  Your foundation is the Devil.  Jesus told the pharisees, your father is the Devil.  You are a bunch of serpents, and a new foundation is being built in you.  At the exact moment that that new foundation is strong enough to sustain the life of your flesh, a transition will take place.  Your old man will be severed from your soul.  The devil is going to be cut or circumcised off of your soul, and Christ Jesus is going to be sewn on to your soul.  From that moment forward, Christ Jesus shall be the foundation upon which you exist.


That is why Jesus said, do not rip out the devil.  Do not cut Satan off of their soul, because Christ Jesus is not mature enough to keep them alive, and the individual man will die.  We find ourselves in this hour having a dual nature.  This is a principle largely rejected by the kingdom church today.  Some of the preachers of the kingdom church are very distressed at what I am preaching.  I am sorry, brethren, it is the truth.  We are a duality in this hour, and it is a necessary duality, because it is a transitional stage.


The Lord Jesus Christ has chosen to save us by forming a new mind in us, while the old one still exists.  We shall be in a condition of duality until our new mind, or our new foundation is strong enough, mature enough, and fully firmly set in place, and secured to the degree that it can sustain our existence before the Lord will cut the existing foundation away. If you do not like that, I am sorry.  I could still be friends with you.  I hope you could still be friends with me, but you are wrong.  In due season you will find out. 


So we are on the second stage of humanity’s problem.  The soul that Jehovah formed, which is symbolized as a garden, is being choked to death by that mind which is symbolized as a spiritual weed growing in the garden. 


COMMENT: What part does Behemoth and Leviathan have with the Dragon?  Is that the mind of the Dragon?  Is it the mind of the Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: (Laughter) And the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone.


The Dragon is the Serpent’s two thread mind, likened to the immature Christ, the two thread mind that is easily broken.  Behemoth is the beginning stages of the three thread mind.  We have a two thread mind made up of a male spirit and the spirit that is in the soul.  It is a two thread mind.  After that union occurs there is an increase, just as in human sexuality, the male sperm joins with the female ovum, and at some point they become the first cell of a new creature.  There is an increase from a male and a female seed into a new creature.  The new creature that is produced by the union of the Serpent and the human spirit is called Leviathan.  Leviathan in his immaturity is called Behemoth.  The Dragon is not Leviathan.  The Dragon is the name of the two thread mind.  Leviathan is the name of the three thread mind.  Behemoth is the name of the three thread mind in its infancy.


Somebody here said they thought that Behemoth was the flesh.  Behemoth is the flesh.  Everything that is begotten of the Serpent is the flesh.  That is why we are told, that which is born of the flesh is flesh.  Leviathan is the flesh.  He is the flesh mind born into the soul.  The soul has risen up and fertilized itself, bringing forth a mind in the soul, which is flesh.  But the mind in the soul is suppose to be spirit.  So we have a perversion here.  We have a spiritual homosexuality here.  Spirit is male and soul is female. 


For the soul to fertilize itself, that is the woman fertilizing the woman.  The mind that is begotten of such an incestuous fertilization is female.  The whole fallen creation is female.  Instead of having a mind which is spirit, and a soul which is flesh, the fallen creation has a mind which is flesh and a soul, which is flesh.  For all intents and purposes, brethren, this may come as a shock to you, spiritually speaking, we do not even have a mind.  We are mindless retards, spiritually speaking.  We only have a counterfeit mind that is barely functioning. 


In many of my dreams, when the Lord would like to describe a fallen man, someone who either does not have the mind of Christ, or who is no way functioning out of that mind, if he has it, the symbol in my dream is a retarded person.  People without the mind of Christ are considered retarded by the Lord.  Now remember, anybody that is seeking to misunderstand what I just said, the wisdom of God is present in fallen humanity.  You do not have to be a Pentecostal believer to have aspects of the mind of Christ.  Paul clearly said, people who do righteousness by their nature reveal that the word of God is written on their soul.  Remember, the roots of the human spirit is Jehovah.  The human spirit is the breath of Jehovah’s life that was imparted to this soul. 


Even in her fallen condition, she has some potential or some memory of righteousness.  She is the good, which is in this tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and in certain members of their soul, she rises up and reveals herself in the hearts of men.  We have human beings in this world who are not Christians, who do not know Christ, but because of the combinations of curses and blessings, and the spiritual gene pool, and factors of this world, which bring forth and produce men and women, we find fallen men and women manifesting true wisdom, true spiritual wisdom. 


The Old Testament usually translates the Hebrew word that describes this wisdom as prudence.  It is the true wisdom that comes forth from a mind, which has not been renewed in Christ.  It is in the earth, so do not be all lifted up in pride, and think that only the Pentecostals, or only the Baptists, or only the Methodists have it, because it is not true.  The gold of God, which is in the form of gold ore, is bound together with other corrupting elements, is throughout the earth of mankind.  It can be appearing anywhere that the Lord brings it forth.


We find isolated tribal societies with strong moral codes.  For all intents and purposes, they appear to be uncivilized people compared to westerners.  When their social structure is examined, it is discovered that they, in some instances, have a higher level of morality than those of us here in the west.  Many of us here in the west today are pretty immoral.  We are falling into hedonism rapidly.  Glory to God.


I am going to comment on verse 3 next, the reason being, as you may recall, it is not at all uncommon for the logical sequence of the revelation in a particular chapter, or in a particular verse, to not be in an order that would make sense to our minds.  Again, I tell you I do not know why a logical sequence, being for example; I sat down to eat dinner; I put the food on my plate; I picked up my fork and put the food in my mouth.  That is a logical sequence.  Sometimes, when we find the deep revelation in these scriptures, we find out that it comes out in an order which would sound something like this; I put the food in my mouth; I sat down at the table; I put the food out, and then I took a plate.  In logical sequence, if you take the food out before you put the plate down, how are you going to eat it? 


The revelation just comes out in an illogical sequence.  I am not going to repeat my opinions as to why.  I have that on many tapes right now.  So from that reason, we are going to deal with verse 3 next.  Verse 3 specifically states that humanities’ problem is Leviathan, the Serpent’s mind.  Every problem we have is because there is a corrupt mind, which is thinking through us.  Verse 3 goes on to say that mind is not only humanity’s problem, but the mind is the answer to humanity’s problem as well.  Now the unstated secret in verse 3 is that humanity has the potential, or this soul has the potential, to give birth to two different minds, one male and one female.  Once again, this revelation is being vehemently opposed by kingdom preachers today.  I do not know about the rest of the Church. 


There is only one soul, which soul is female, and she has the potential to give birth to a legitimate offspring or an illegitimate offspring.  A scriptural type is Abraham.  Although in the Scripture it is the male who has the potential to father both a legitimate offspring of promise, and an illegitimate  offspring, an offspring of the flesh.  Abraham and Isaac, the mind of promise, the mind of Christ, and the mind which came forth of the flesh because the soul could not wait for the fulfillment of God’s promise, the mind of the flesh.  The doctrine sounds so radical until you just consider the Scriptural type.  It is all there, if you can just put two and two together.  It is all there.  Glory to God.


The unstated secret on verse 3 is that this creation has the potential to bring forth two different minds, one male and one female, one positive, one negative, one righteous, one evil, one which gives death, and the other which gives life.  Once again, when dealing with the hidden manna, of the secret mysteries of God, it is not unusual to find revelations implied.  That is why we amplify our translations.  Let me explain that if someone is just listening to this tape for the first time.


If you heard somebody say Jesus was crucified, and He ascended into heaven, if you know anything about the Scripture, you know that He was crucified, buried, raised from the dead on the third day, and then He ascended into heaven.  You did not need to hear that He was taken down off the cross, that He was buried in a cave, and that He was raised on the third day, when I said to you Jesus was crucified and He ascended.  Your mind just click, click, click, knew that all these other events happened. 


Well, the Scripture cannot be going over the whole message of spiritual truth in every verse, so there are truths which are implied.  There are truths as you translate these scriptures, whereby the Scripture expects that you know them.  The Scripture expects that you know certain aspects of the message of humanities’ condition.  In those instances, we add those unstated, but implied, truths in.  For the people who are not as learned as we are, but who are trying to become as learned as we are, at every turn we add one of those truths in.  At least, in our printed alternations I do the best I can to refer the reader to tapes and other alternate translations, whereby we expound deeply on the implied truth, which is not being dealt with in this particular verse.  Glory to God.


Continuing with verse 3, we see Jehovah asking Job if he thinks that the Serpent will willingly remove her mind from the creation.  Now note in verse 1 there is really no question being asked, but Jehovah is stating humanities’ problem.  It may sound like a question.  Somewhere in verse 3, Jehovah begins to challenge Job.  Actually, what is happening is that Jehovah is showing Job that he is very ignorant of spiritual truth.  If you remember, Jesus did the same thing with the pharisees.  When the pharisees attacked him and tried to snare him in his words, Jesus asked them questions which would prove their spiritual ignorance.  Every time Jesus asked the pharisees such a question, which would have proved their spiritual ignorance, he shut their mouths because they had enough spiritual knowledge to realize they did not know the answer and to shut up. 


For example, Jesus challenged them with regard to David saying; And the Lord said to my Lord, sit on my right hand.  Who was the Lord?  The pharisees could not answer the question.  What Jesus was saying to the pharisees is there are mysteries in the Scripture that you do not know the answer to.  If you do not know the answer to them, you should shut your mouth when you are in the presence of someone who knows the answers.  How come you are not shutting your mouth?  Why are you trying to take authority over the teacher that God has sent to you?


This is proof, said Jesus, that your mind is not Christ, because only Leviathan would be arrogant enough to challenge a teacher sent of God. Arrogant enough and foolish enough to challenge a teacher, said the Lord. Brethren, who knows the mind of God?  Who could possibly know the mind of God or set himself high enough to counsel Him?  Only Leviathan would be fool enough to do that.  The way Jesus deals with that mind is to ask that foolish man questions that he cannot answer.  Jesus answers his challenges with questions.   


Jehovah says to Job, do you think the Serpent will willingly remove her mind from creation?  First of all this implies that Jehovah is acknowledging that the mind which is in creation in this hour is the Serpent’s mind.  Verse 3 of our Alternate Translation: Will the Serpent appoint Leviathan, her completed female mind, to rule over you?  Will she sacrifice her so that Christ Jesus can raise you from the dead?  Jehovah is asking Job, do you think the Serpent is going to sacrifice her expression in the earth for the mind known as Leviathan, so that you could live, or so that humanity could live? 


Brethren, I want to suggest to you that the Serpent wants an expression in this earth at any price.  She does not care if her mind living through you will kill your body or not.  If her mind living through you kills your body, when you die, she will have a whole world of other bodies to express herself through.  As a matter of fact, the Serpent very well knows that the expression of her mind through humanity is killing humanity.  The Serpent has a revelation that men die after a season because it is her mind that is living through them.  I believe she knows that.  I believe that she will not withdraw her mind from humanity, but that she will continue to kill men because she cares more for her own expression, and her own existence, and her own gratification, than she cares for your life.


A Star Trek episode comes to my mind.  Sometimes, we cannot see the forest for the trees.  It is very hard for men who are living to eighty, ninety, or a hundred years to realize that they are called to live forever.  The fact that we die after eighty, ninety or a hundred years is an abomination to the Lord.  Look at my father, an active vital healthy man for eighty eight years, and now confined to a wheelchair, literally waiting to die.  This is an abomination to the Lord.  What you see in this man is the result of the Serpent expressing her mind through him for eighty eight years.  She has killed his flesh.  She has killed his physical body, and she has killed his mind.  But we do not think along these terms.  We think this is normal, and that is a ripe old age, eighty eight years old, but that is not the spiritual truth, brethren.


Getting back to the Star Trek episode.  All of you carnal people out there are saying, what in the world is she talking about a Star Trek episode for?Brethren, this is one of the ways the Lord communicates with us.  He has put an image in my mind.  He has put a memory in my mind because He would like you to hear this example.  That is why I am talking about Star Trek.  I am giving you a parable that you might understand what the Lord wants you to understand.  Hear this parable.  Jesus spoke to them in parables.  Everyone that teaches by the Spirit of Jesus Christ teaches in parables. 


So now hear this parable, I say unto you, of a society which is advanced to where we are now, and engaged in space travel; hear the parable about the men of the good ship Enterprise.  They encountered some alien life forms who were superior to the crew members of the Enterprise.  These life forms were bodiless.  They were spiritually superior to earth men, and their spirit had survived a devastating war on their planet.  They had lost their bodies, but apparently their souls survived because they had personality, and their spirits survived.  They were, however, invisible.  According to this episode of Star Trek, they were pure essence.  Star Trek, being a series, in my opinion which comes out of witchcraft doctrine, believes that the soul or personality as well as the spirit is immortal. 


All you pharisees waiting to snare and trip me up, I do not believe that the soul is immortal.  This is a parable by which I hope to teach you something.  So we had three bodiless entities, which were spirit and soul.  They did not have the power to give themselves flesh bodies again, but they did have the intelligence to make false bodies for themselves.  They needed, however, the use of human bodies to work in a laboratory to produce the false bodies.  They therefore asked permission of Captain Kirk to possess the bodies of three crew members for a period of time, which would equal an amount of time just long enough to produce these false bodies; at which time, they promised to vacate the human bodies of the living people that they would be possessing.


Now in order for them to possess these bodies, the spirit of the person who owned the body, would have to be removed from that body for a season.  This is all witchcraft of course.  They received permission to possess three of the bodies of the crew of the Star Trek.  Now energy is power.  When they possessed these bodies, their energy source was so intense that they were doing damage to the bodies that they were using.  The amount of time that they could possess these bodies was limited, and if they did not get out fast enough, they would have killed the bodies, which would have resulted in the death of the person who the body belonged to. 


As we follow the episode along, we see that one of the three aliens, who was possessing a body of an Enterprise crew member, had a criminal mind.  When it came time for him to pull out, he did not want to do it.  We see the leader of the aliens saying, you have got to get out of that body.  You are killing that body.  Do you care that you are killing that body?  Do you care that maybe he will have another few months in that body and then it will die?  Not only will the person that it belongs to not have the use of it, but you will not have the use of it either.  So for three months of your experiencing the use of this body, you would take away from this other person a lifetime? 


The criminal personality said, I do not care if that person, to whom the body belongs, loses the use of it for eighty years.  I will take the three months, and then we will both lose the use of it.  Brethren, this is the Serpent’s mind, and it is what he is saying to humanity right now.  I will express myself through humanity even though such expression is causing the bodies of men to die at eighty, ninety, or a hundred years of age, when they should be living indefinitely.  Can you hear it?  Can you hear the truth in this parable? 


Eighty, ninety, a hundred years is not long enough to live.  A thousand years is not long enough to live.  When Jehovah formed us, we were to live without end.  We were to go on indefinitely, but the Serpent’s lust to have a physical expression is so great that she does not care that she kills us.  She does not care that she causes people pain because women lose husbands, and husbands lose wives, and parents lose children.  This type of loss is a perversion that Jehovah never intended for us to experience.  The Serpent does not care.  She will sacrifice any one of us for a day’s worth of the expression of her own mind.  Jesus.


Jehovah is asking Job, do you think that the Serpent will willingly remove her mind from the creation?  As I told you on Part 3 of this series, this is a rhetorical question.  Jehovah does not expect an answer from Job, because anyone with any intelligence, who has not been instructed in spiritual things does not know.  I suggest to you Job did not know the answer and should be wise enough to keep his mouth shut.  You may notice as you read through Chapter 41 that Job is not answering.


Job knows that he does not know the answer to these questions, so Jehovah asks Job rhetorical questions.  The answer being of course no, the Serpent will not willingly withdraw her mind from this creation.  She will kill you, brethren, before she withdraws her mind from you.  She will manifest through you so long as there is the slightest drop of existence in you.  When your body gives up and dies, she will express herself through the rest of humanity.   


The unstated implication here in this question is that no, the Serpent will not do it, but Jehovah’s mind will give life to the creation, therefore the Serpent’s mind must die.  All of this is implied in Jehovah’s question to Job.  No, the Serpent will not give it up.  That is why Christ Jesus must be formed in you.  That is why Christ Jesus must mature in you, so that Christ Jesus will subject the one who has subjected you as stated in the Book of Romans, Chapter 8 verses 20 and 21.  That is why my mind must be born in you, to kill the Serpent’s mind, because she will never give you up, not just you, Job, but all of humanity.  The Serpent will never give up her possession of you.  That is why the only way to get my soul free of her is to kill her mind in you and all of humanity.  The way I am going to kill the mind in you is I am going to start by un-braiding that three fold strengthened defensed mind, which is a spiritual weapon.


Did you ever hear the saying, you have got to train a child up while they are still young?  If you do not break them of ungodly habits when they are young, you may never break them of it.  Did you ever hear that?  We have some mothers here.  Did you ever hear that?  You have got to teach them while they are young.  Brethren, this creation is still in its youth.  We are still in our youth, and the Lord is going to break us of our evil ways before it is too late.


Now there are some people in this world right now who are maturing into pretty high manifestations of Leviathan.  They are very close to being completed in evil.  There are people in this society right now whose mind is so matured in the evil direction that there is nothing to do but kill them.  I believe that with all my heart.  There is a point where there is no salvation, at which point the Lord Jesus Christ will kill that vessel.  That may not sound like God to your carnal mind’s conception of God, but I am telling you it is the truth.  I am telling you that the reason the judgment of stoning unto death appears in the law of Moses is because, at the time that the law of Moses was implemented, there was no spiritual provision to heal the person of particular spiritual problems such as adultery and murder, and whatever else.


Jehovah’s judgment was to kill that person before this spiritual problem corrupted and polluted the entire society.  I tell you deliverance is by the un-braiding of the serpentine mind, and the replacement of it by the Word of God, which is the mind of Christ Jesus.  In this hour, where this miracle is available to men who are matured in evil, the Lord Jesus Christ will kill those men whom this procedure will not work for whatever reason.  If you do not believe it, you are a spiritual child and very naive; very naive.


The Lord Jesus Christ shows mercy, and He will show mercy up until the point that that mercy produces rehabilitation.  At the point where it becomes evident that that mercy has not produced rehabilitation, but that a criminal mind is reigning, at the exact proper moment, the Lord Jesus Christ will kill that vessel.  If you do not think so, you are a spiritual child because He will not sacrifice this entire soul, and all of humanity, so that a criminal can reign unpunished and unrestrained in this world.  He is a God of law and order.  The criminal will be rehabilitated or he will surely die.  Do not be deceived because the Lord is long suffering.  Do not be deceived.


He is not wiping out unrighteousness until righteousness is prepared to rule and reign in the earth.  He is not ripping out the tares until the wheat is standing strong.  We have seen it recently in Somolia.  We sent our troops in.  Men died to help people, but the Somolians themselves, for whatever reason, I am not going into that now, and I do not even know the answer, did not generate a government capable of dealing in righteousness.  So we pulled our troops out, and the situation is the same as it was before we went in, if not worse.  There were United Nation troops and American troops that died.  For what?


You do not pull out the tares until the wheat is standing tall.  You do not tear down a criminal government unless you have the mechanism of a righteous government prepared to be installed in its place.  To pull out unrighteousness without righteousness prepared to take its place is foolishness.  It is wasteful.  It is the putting of new wine in old wineskins.  The wineskin will break and everything will be destroyed, the new wine and the old wineskin.  You do not impart the new wine until the new wineskin has been installed.  Jesus.


Jehovah then goes on in verse 2 to begin to outline the specific events which would remove the Serpent’s mind from humanity.  As I was saying, Jehovah then goes on in verse 2 to begin to outline the specific events which would remove the Serpent’s mind from humanity, beginning with the Holy Spirit’s crucifixion of Christ.  This sounds quite amazing, but we find in verse 2 the crucifixion of Christ.  Listen!  Job, can your mind penetrate the Dragon?  Well what is penetration, brethren?  Whenever you hear about penetration in the Scripture, we are talking about crucifixion.  Now remember, that there are two different kinds of crucifixion.  There is spiritual crucifixion and there is physical crucifixion. 


Physical crucifixion kills, and spiritual crucifixion strengthens or gives life, or raises from the dead.  Listen!  We have had much teaching on the crucifixion of Christ.  Now just to remind you, the crucifixion of Christ is different than the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus.  Those are two completely different events.  How do I know?  The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus killed His body.  The Father raised Him from the dead, but the crucifixion killed the man’s body.  When the man was raised from the dead, He was raised in a new spiritually higher form.  Was it not?  He was raised as a ball of light. 


But Paul said, I am crucified with Christ, yet I live, but not me, but the Son of God lives through me.  So we see the crucifixion of Christ imparted life to Paul, whereas the crucifixion of the man Jesus imparted death to the man Jesus.  The fact that He was resurrected is another issue.  Christ crucified.  Paul also said all I know is Christ crucified; Christ strengthened, Christ increased unto the man Christ Jesus.  The only mediator between God and man, Christ, the immature mind begotten by Jehovah.  Christ, the two thread mind of Jehovah and the human spirit crucified, and thus strengthened and increased into the mature man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, whose mind and the Word of God, is a three thread mind, which is not easily broken, brethren.  Hallelujah!


We see if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, the crucifixion of Christ in verse 2 of Job 41, Jehovah challenging Job, is your mind powerful enough to penetrate the Dragon?  And do what?  Penetrate the Dragon and do what?  Separate the Serpent from the human spirit.  Is your mind powerful enough to break the serpentine altar?  Remember, I talked about it at the beginning of this message.  An altar is that which is as a spiritual union between a male spirit and the human spirit, which forms an immature, or incomplete, or two thread mind.                                                


Job, is your mind strong enough to break the union between the Serpent and the human spirit?  Job, there is no way this creation will be raised from the dead until the human spirit is rejoined to Jehovah, which union will produce a spiritual altar, upon which the fruit of Christ Jesus will be born. Christ Jesus, the one who was strong enough to subject the one who has subjected and brought down this soul.  You have got to circumcise Leviathan off of this soul, and break down the Serpent’s altar before you can raise up Jehovah’s altar in mankind. 


This is Jehovah’s plan for the resurrection of this dead soul, and it will be raised from the dead according to no other plan.  Brethren, you can try all you want.  You can sit at your drawing board all you want.  You can devise all the plots and all the plans that you want, but there is only one plan that will raise this dead soul back up into life.  It is the plan that is on Jehovah’s drawing board.


Now some of you might have some familiarity with computers.  Brethren, I sat in front of my computer for two hours last night, trying to perform a function that was outlined for me in a printed document.  I went through it step by step, and I could not get it to work.  When you are working with computers, you must type everything exactly as it is typed, every dot, every period, every space.  I spent two hours thinking surely I was missing a space or a period somewhere.  After two hours I drew the conclusion there was a fault in the directions.  Now maybe there was, and maybe there was not.  I will find out on Monday when I call for technical support.  I could not make that computer function in the way I wanted it to function.  Something was wrong with the characters that I typed into it.


Brethren, you shall not be raised from the dead, and this soul shall not be raised from the dead, unless every aspect of Jehovah’s instruction, every stroke, every key that you hit, every mouse click on that computer is exactly as outlined in Jehovah’s blueprint.  You can come in with your own plans all you like, but you will still be dead.  You may be taking your rebellion lightly.  That is your business, and the Lord Jesus’ business.  I am not taking it lightly.  I am not taking my potential for rebellion or pride lightly.  I am tired of being down here in hell, brethren.  I am following His instructions to the best of my ability, believing that where I fall short, the Lord Jesus will put me straight, because I want to get out of here.  There is only one way out, and that is up, and I am not talking about the rapture.  Jesus.


Verse 2 of Job, Chapter 41 speaks about the crucifixion of Christ.  Can your mind penetrate the Dragon, brethren?  The unstated mystery here is that the Dragon is joined to the human spirit so completely that you do not even know that she is there, if you do not have spiritual knowledge.  All you see is the Dragon, and the Dragon is defending her, you see.  If you think the Dragon is defending your human spirit because he loves her, you are a silly person.  The Dragon is defending your human spirit as a possession which gives him existence. 


He does not care what effect his marriage to her has on her or this soul.  Without the human spirit the Serpent has no individual existence.  The Dragon is the Serpent’s immature mind, and he is not letting go of the human spirit.  She will have to be taken from him by force.  How can you enter into a strongman’s house, brethren, unless you first bind the strongman.  When you bind him, then you will seize his wife and spoil that man’s house.  When you seize his wife, his house will collapse, because the power for him to sustain that house is in his wife.  You see, the Serpent was a poor man or a poor woman, with no title and no possessions, but he stole the rich man’s daughter and possessed her position, and used it to build himself a world and a mind to live in.  But the rich man wants his daughter back. 


The taking of that daughter back will result in the collapse and the stripping and the return to poverty of the Serpent.  The Serpent is fighting unto the death, because in fact, it is for her very life or her very existence that she fights.  One of the biggest problems that the Church has today is the witchcraft of the Serpent, the mind control, the hypnosis that blinds us to the truth of our spiritual bondage.  This blindness prevents us from fighting with the fight of a desperate person.  Brethren, when there is a fight between a desperate person and a non desperate person, the desperate person wins.  That desperation compensates for size, for spiritual strength, for mental acuity.  Desperation produces victory, brethren. 


The truth is that Jesus has told us that even in this incompleted state, we have power over all the power of the enemies, especially when the Lord Jesus comes behind us and backs us up.  But we do not have the will to fight, brethren.  We only fight until we get the Cadillac.  We only fight until we get the house that we wanted.  We only fight until we get that thing that we wanted in our life right now, that we believe will give us happiness.  It does, in fact, give us some peace and contentment at the moment, and then we stop fighting. 


The Church is not fighting to get rid of this criminal mind.  The Church is fighting against poverty, which is not a bad thing.  The Church is fighting against infirmity, which is not a bad thing, but as soon as we are healed, we stop fighting.  We will never get out of here if we do not get a revelation that we are enslaved, that we have gotten our house, that we have gotten our food, that we got the job, but that we are still slaves on the rich man’s plantation. 


Jehovah goes on in verse 2 to begin to outline the specific events which would remove the Serpent’s mind from humanity, beginning with the Holy Spirit’s crucifixion of Christ.  Please remember that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the resurrected Jesus Christ.  In this form He is a ball of light, a ball of spiritual light.  When that ball of spiritual light enters into a man’s person, the place He enters into is his mind.  His name is called the Holy Spirit.  When the resurrected Lord Jesus is appearing through a man, His name is called the Holy Spirit.  He is not a mind.  The Holy Spirit is not a mind.  What is He anybody?  He is a sperm


Oh, I hear all the pharisees screaming.  Brethren, does the Scripture say Jesus is the Word?  It does say that.  Is not the word the seed?  Did not Jesus say the word of God is the seed?  The Greek word for seed is sperma, Strong’s #4690.  The Holy Spirit is the sperm, that when joined to your human spirit, produces a mind.  A mind is the offspring, which is produced by the soul, when she has been fertilized by a male spirit or by a sperm.  A mind is the product of the union between a spiritual sperm and an egg.  A mind is the increase.  It comes in two stages, the two thread mind, which is incomplete and easily broken, and is also called an altar.  The second stage is the completed mind, which produces the fetus, the beginnings of the new man. 


When that new man or that offspring, as it begins to grow, grows in two stages, the immature, which is characterized by passivity or lust, or a spiritual condition which is negative, which needs to be filled up.  The mature stage of the development of that completed mind is characterized by maleness, a stage whereby that mind is filled up with enough of what it takes to strengthen it.  Then it is filled up with enough spirit, to produce aggression, which is the male characteristic, not of taking in, but a giving out of power.  In the case of the Serpent it is negative power which produces death.  In the case of the Son of God it is a positive power, which produces life.  Hallelujah!  Jesus.


The unstated secret here is that the dead Christ, which is the two thread mind, the Christ that died at the beginning of time, the Christ that was killed by the Serpent, is also known as the human spirit.  Remember, when Christ dies, the altar breaks.  Jehovah, the male seed, separates from the spirit in the soul.  Christ is the union of Jehovah with the spirit and the soul.  When Christ dies, he dies because the soul is ripped apart from the male seed.  The altar is broken and becomes the human spirit again.  The name changes.  The dead Christ equals the human spirit.  The living Christ is just Christ.  Hallelujah!


Listen!  There is a sperm and there is an egg.  When they join together, they become an embryo; the name embryo.  I do not know if it is possible in human physiology, but if it were possible to rip that sperm from the ovum, you would once again have an ovum and a sperm.  That ovum, which became an embryo when she was penetrated by the sperm, is once again returned to being an ovum.  When she is single she is an ovum, and when she is penetrated by the sperm she is an embryo.  There is a change of name.  Hallelujah!  Glory to God.


So the unstated secret here is that the dead Christ must first increase into the man Christ Jesus, whose mind, the Word of God, will be strong enough to boil Leviathan and sacrifice him as a sin offering.  Now listen!  Jehovah is saying to Job in verse 2; Can your mind penetrate the Dragon?  Then we amplify what the implication is with a whole hour of teaching.  The implication of Jehovah saying to Job, can your mind penetrate the Dragon is so that the human spirit can be fused with the Lord Jesus, who is joining to him, so that she can increase into Christ Jesus, so that Christ Jesus can mature and grow up into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ; who in us has a different name, Christ Jesus, because it is the second generation, the only one who is strong enoughto boil Leviathan. 


How do you boil Leviathan?  What is Leviathan’s symbol?  Leviathan is symbolized by the sea.  Why is Leviathan being boiled?  To distill the salt which is dissolved in his sea.  Why?  Because the salt signifies Eve, the human spirit, who we are trying to free up so that she can be crucified by the Lord Jesus, so that she can give birth to Christ Jesus, so that He can boil Leviathan, so that Leviathan can be offered up as a sacrifice to Jehovah.  We had all that in just this one sentence; Job, can your mind penetrate the Dragon?  Listen to what it means.


Why boil it?  Brethren, boiling is signified by the Levitical sacrifice.  Some of the sacrifices were roasted and some of them were boiled.  We are not going to get into that right now.  I remember when the Lord first brought forth that revelation.  It was when we did Daniel 7.  I was flabbergasted and I did not even know what that particular verse that we were working on meant at the time.  The Lord told me that the correct translation of that verse was to boil the beast as a sin offering; or boil him, whatever the word was being used in that verse.  I remember when I preached it, I preached it on faith because it did not make any sense to me at all. 


Brethren, Christ Jesus is going to offer up that criminal mind to Jehovah as a sacrifice.  He is going to kill it.  On the other hand, Leviathan is doing everything in his power to offer up Christ Jesus, in you, to the Serpent as a sacrifice.  He will succeed in doing it in some individuals.  Do not stop reading.  Leviathan will succeed in offering up an immature Christ Jesus in some men to the Serpent as a sacrifice.  Some battles will be lost, but not the war.  Do not be a casualty in this war.  Do not be the manifestation of Christ Jesus, which is offered up to the Serpent as a sacrifice, either by Leviathan in your own mind, or Leviathan in someone else’s mind. 


Even if you are, at the end there can be only one, and that one will be Christ Jesus, the Son of God, the only mediator between God and man.  He shall possess this creation because He has inherited us from His Father.  His Father has equipped Him with everything He needs to possess His possession, and possess us He will.  He will do whatever is necessary to accomplish the work that Jehovah has given Him to do.  I am telling you, again, this is a serious hour.  To the fullest degree possible, He will attempt to rehabilitate men, but there is a point at which He will say, inedible, inedible, inedible.  I pronounce death upon that man.  If you do not believe it, read the Book of Jude


These three events, the crucifixion of Christ, which is the beginning of the resurrection of the dead Christ, and the increase of that dead Christ who is also known as the human spirit, into the man Christ Jesus, and the sacrifice of Leviathan, are the three steps which when completed, result in a new spiritual condition called full stature.  Let me give it to you again.  These are the three events; the crucifixion of Christ, which is the beginning of the resurrection of the dead Christ; the increase of the dead Christ into the man Christ Jesus; who then turns around and sacrifices Leviathan or kills Leviathan.  These three steps when completed, when Christ Jesus has completely dominated Leviathan, will result in the spiritual condition in the man in whom this is taking place, and is called full stature.


Full stature is the first stage of the resurrection of the dead Christ.  Resurrection is in three stages.  You have heard about the first resurrection, brethren.  I think it appears in Revelation, Chapter 20.  I always thought that it meant the first group of people to be resurrected.  No, it is the first stage of resurrection spoken about in Revelation 20, and each man must experience all three stages of the resurrection for himself.  My resurrection from the dead will not raise you from the dead.  Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead will not raise you from the dead.  Do not shut off the tape.


Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead has provided for you the mechanism by which you now have the potential to be raised from the dead.  You have got to lay hold of it, brethren.  It has got to be internalized in you.  It has to be implemented in you.  It has to become functional in you.  Brethren, most women have the potential to produce a child.  You do not just go out and have a child.  There are certain things that has to happen to you for you to have a child.  You must lie with a man.  The man must be fertile, and there must be a union of the two seeds.  Even when that happens, the embryo must grow to term, and you must give birth.


Do not be silly.  It is getting to a point where the childishness in the Church is not cute anymore.  We have a world and a country here, filled with spiritually mature people, almost none of which are Christians.  They laugh at us.  This must change, and it will change.  When it does change, do not be one of those who are ashamed.  It will change!  When Christ Jesus makes His public appearance in a company of men, and it is revealed to the world that He has returned with spiritual truth leading unto life, every so called Christian who has denied Him, despite a relationship with Him in the form of the Holy Spirit, will be ashamed.                                                                      


Do not tell me I do not know what I am talking about.  My Bible says they are going to be locked out and banging on the door saying, Lord, Lord, and He is going to say, I never knew you.  I danced with you in Pentecost.  I prophesied through you in Pentecost.  I interpreted tongues and cast out demons and healed the sick through you in Pentecost, but I never knew you.  I never penetrated you.  I never impregnated you.  You never conceived or bore my child, and any measure of marriage which existed is now formally annulled. 


For those of you which do not know the difference between annulment and divorce, a legal annulment wipes your marriage from the books so totally that you have the legal right to say you have never been married.  What is the most primary grounds for an annulment?  Anybody know?  It is no consummation of the marriage, brethren; no consummation of the marriage.  I never knew you; be gone from me you workers of iniquity.  You have taken my name, and you have taken my word, and you have taken my gifts, and you have played with me, but there has been no marriage.  I have rejected you says the Lord, and I have given my Son to another.  Jesus!


Jehovah then goes on in verse 4 to speak about the second stage of the resurrection.  Listen!  Verse 4 speaks about the second stage of the resurrection and the third stage of the resurrection.  Who knows what the second stage of the resurrection is?  It is circumcision without hands.  The third stage is glorification.  Let me show it to you in case you have not seen it.  Jehovah is speaking to Job in Verse 4.  Please note that when Jehovah speaks to Job and He asks him these questions, He is really very subtly acknowledging that Job is a manifestation of the Serpent.


Listen!  He is saying, Job, will you cut Leviathan away from your own soul.  Well, that is the same question He is putting to the Serpent.  Job is a manifestation of the Serpent.  Jesus called the pharisees vipers, serpents, devils.  Brethren, we are the Serpent’s offspring.  This whole fallen humanity is the illegitimate offspring of the Serpent.  If we were truly in God’s image, we would not need to be adopted.  We are the Serpent’s brood.  We are the children of the Serpent.


Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ is adopting us, but not in our fallen condition.  We have to get this mark of the Serpent off of us.  In fallen humanity, when you adopt a child, you take him as is, with his spiritual, emotional, and physical heritage.  You receive the product of another man’s curse.  Spiritually speaking, when Jehovah adopts you, He completely changes your genetic, your spiritual, your soulish, and physical genetic heritage, as He impresses His image on your nature, as He impresses His mark on your spirit and on your soul.  Every aspect of death that you have received in your spirit or your soul from the Serpent is wiped out and replaced by the genetic spiritual and soul genetic heritage of Jehovah.  This is a miracle, which is unheard of in fallen humanity.  When Jehovah adopts you, you are completely remade in His image.  Thank God.  Jesus.


Jehovah is speaking to Job.  Will you, Job, cut Leviathan away from your own soul?  Circumcision without hands.  Circumcision, brethren.  Revelation, Chapter 20:4: And I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus Christ.  Leviathan was cut away from them so that the mind of Christ could be attached to them; Leviathan being a mind.  I saw the souls of them that were beheaded.  The head was cut off of the soul, and what is the head of the soul?  The head of the soul is the mind.


I saw those whose mind was cut away so that the mind of Christ could be added to them and joined to them, and be the head.  Yes, we have the mind of Christ, but He is not our head.  Leviathan is our head.  Christ Jesus and His mind is the evading force.  That is why we are in a warfare every day of our life.  When the mind of Christ is sewn to our soul, we will be righteous by nature.  We will no longer have to wage a warfare to be righteous. 


Will you, Job, cut Leviathan away from your own soul?  Will you circumcise your own soul?  Now I am amplifying.  What does that mean?  Now we are going to add these words.  Will you do it, Job, so that your human spirit can overcome death by increasing into Christ Jesus by all the other steps we just spoke about in the last fifteen minutes or half an hour?The second stage of the resurrection.  The second question in verse 4 is glorification. 


Jehovah says to Job; Will you Job, who are really the Serpent, will you enfold your fallen dead soul into a mind?  Job, do you have a mind which is powerful enough to mingle itself with your soul?  Remember, that is what happened to the Lord Jesus.  After He died, His body and His soul were completely broken down into their smallest component parts.  Whether or not they were atoms or subatomic particles, I do not know.  They were broken down to dust we are told, and completely mingled to form a new creation.  Jesus said, I am the beginning of the creation of God. 


Our example is the baking of a cake.  If you put raisins in a cake batter, you can still identify the raisins after the batter is mixed, and even after the cake is baked.  The raisins have been mixed with the batter.  In the forming of the cake batter, when you mix butter in, eggs and sugar, and vanilla and milk, each ofthose ingredients lose their individual properties.  Those elements are not mixed.  They are mingled so completely that we have a new substancecalled cake batter, that one would never recognize as eggs, or butter, or sugar.                    


That is what happened to the body and the soul of the Lord Jesus.  They were broken down to such minute particles and mixed with His Spirit.  Spirit in man is mind.  You see, the Spirit in the Lord Jesus, the mind of Christ, the mind of the man Christ Jesus, was powerful enough to break down the soul and the body of the man Jesus, and enfold them into His mind.  Did anybody here ever bake a cake from a recipe, and it says fold in the egg whites?  The mind of the man, Christ Jesus, enfolded or mingled that man’s soul and body so completely that He became a new creaturethe beginning of the creation of God.  Jesus.  


Job, do you have the strength, does your mind have the strength to enfold your fallen dead soul into it, and thus enslave her for the life of the ages, and by thus enfolding her into your mind, preventing her from ever rising up as her own individual person again?  You see, when the raisins are mixed with the batter, there is always the hope that the raisins will be separated from the batter and be independent raisins again.  But there is no hope of the butter, the eggs, or the sugar ever being independent bars of butter, or whole eggs, or independent cups of sugar again.  They are changed forever and ever.


Job, is your mind powerful enough to enfold, or mingle, Jehovah’s creation, the soul, with your mind so completely that there will never be the slightest chance of her expressing herself in a way separate from you again?  That is what glorification is.  So here we see Jehovah presenting humanities’ problem to Job, presenting Jehovah’s solution to the problem, and now beginning with verse 4, going into the details of that solution, telling Job this is what must be done to prevent this from ever happening again.  Hallelujah! 


Please note that there is no specific reference to full stature, which is the first stage of the resurrection.  Please note that in verse 4, in our alternate translation, there is no specific reference to the term full stature or spiritual maturity, or the first stage of the resurrection, but that this event that we know as full stature is signified by the first and the last of three events which lead up to full stature.  That is the crucifixion of Christ and the sacrifice of Leviathan, the criminal mind, which is presently possessing all fallen men. 


The second of the three events which lead to full stature, the formation of the man Christ Jesus, which is Jehovah’s secret weapon, is not stated in the first three verses of Job, Chapter 41.  At this point, we do not know whether or not we will find this secret revealed in future verses of Job, Chapter 41, because I have not worked up alternate translations for those verses yet.  All that I could tell you is that the first three, or actually the first four verses, do not in any way indicate, as I said, that condition known as full stature.  It just gives hints. If you do not know anything about full stature, if you do not have the revelation in your heart, you would never be able to pick up what the Lord Jesus is speaking about.                                     


The Scripture is a parable.  It is a jigsaw puzzle.  It is a mystery.  For you to understand the whole message, you have to study the whole Scripture, and put allthe pieces together.  The example that I have given recently, and maybe even on this very message, is if you would hear someone tell you that Jesus was crucified and ascended back unto the Father.  If you were a Bible scholar, a Bible student, or perhaps not even a very serious student, just someone familiar with the Scripture, I would expect you to know that after Jesus was crucified and before He ascended back up into the Father, that He was raised from the dead.  Most people would know that.  Sometimes, people in the street would know that.


We have scriptures that give the first and the third events in a sequence of three events.  Why is the second event left out?  It is a jigsaw puzzle.  It is a parable.  Just like you have to study all four of the gospels to get the complete picture of any specific event, just little bits of information in each gospel that may not be in the other gospel.  You have to be a detective if you really want to get the fullness of Jehovah’s message to fallen man.  You have to desire it.  You have to go after it.  It is not easy to hear Jehovah’s message to fallen man.  You have to be panting after the Lord.  There are scriptures that say, he who seeks me, I shall be found of he who seeks me.  God is hidden.  He hides Himself from the profane man.  The message of His plan of the ages is hidden in the mind of Christ.  No natural man can comprehend it from his carnal mind.  This is for His faithful.  The Word of God is for the faithful servants of the living God.  Hallelujah! 


What I have done here, I may be sorry I did it, and as a matter of fact, I think I am not going to read this to you.  I had rearranged the sequence of verses 1 thru 4, but it may not be correct, so I am not going to read it for you.  I have to work on this alternate translation.  I would rather not put it on the tape incorrectly.  Hopefully, by the time we do Part 5 I will have had a chance to look at all these verses and put them in the right sequence.  Glory to God.


We shall continue now with Job, Chapter 41:5.  Jehovah is challenging Job, and through His challenge, hopefully revealing to Job that he not only does not know the solution to fallen man’s problem, he does not really accurately know what fallen man’s problem is.  Let me tell you, brethren, it is very hard solving a problem when you do not even have the problem straight.  That was what the king wanted Daniel to do or wanted the wise men to do.  He wanted them to interpret the dream when he could not even remember his own dream.  That is very hard to do. 


Job 41:5; Jehovah challenging Job.  Wilt thou play with him?  Wilt thou play with Leviathan as with a bird?  Or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?  Well, this verse seems to make sense in English, except it does not really seem to have any spiritual significance.  Let us see what Jehovah is saying to Job.  I do not believe that one word out of Jehovah’s mouth is frivolous.  I do not believe that the God or the Creator of the universe has time to mock a fallen man about playing with a dragon like he is a bird.  There has to be some deep significant truth behind these words.  Let us find out.  In fact, there is.


Let us find out what that significant spiritual truth is.  Wilt thou play with him as with a bird?  The Hebrew word translated play is Strong’s # 7832 can also be translated to laugh, to deride, to mock, to scorn, to make sport.  I suggest to you that the correct translation in this verse is to mock or scorn.  Jehovah is asking Job will you scorn Leviathan?  In other words, will you not take him seriously?  Will you laugh at his power to hurt you in any way?  Will you stand up there on the stage and call him ashes under your feet?  Will you call him a red freak?  Will you call him a toothless wonder?  Can you hear it?  The Church is Job.


Have you ever heard a Pastor call Satan, which is the most modern expression of Leviathan, a toothless wonder?  Silly people, silly people.  The Church is being governed by women and children in this hour.  Will you play with him as with a bird?  There is a word in the Hebrew here that is not translated in the King James Translation of the Bible.  This particular word does not appear in Strong’s Concordance, and it did not even appear in Gesengus’.  By the way we are now taking some of our information from another Hebrew Lexicon, and the name of that Hebrew language Lexicon is Brown Driver Briggs, and it says that this Hebrew word has been given the number # 8700. 


I do not believe Strong’s Concordance goes up that high.  It says in the Brown Driver Briggs’ Lexicon that this word does appear in other Hebrew Lexicons, and that it can be translated when.  It is there in the Hebrew, but there is no number on it.  Exactly who gave this word this number #8700 I do not know.  I do not know if it was Brown Driver Briggs or not, but it can be translated win.  Wilt thou scorn him?  Are you going to scorn him?  When a bird, as with a bird, these words as with, they are just words added in by the King James translators, trying to make some sense out of this.  Will you scorn him?  I suggest to you when he is a bird. 


The Hebrew word translated bird, Strong’s # 6833 is referring specifically to a little bird, a sparrow that hops around close to the ground.  We have dealt with this word before.  I suggest to you that the little hopping bird signifies the early developmental stages of the completed mind.  A mind is spiritual.  Minds are signified by birds.  The fully mature completed mind is signified by an eagle or a vulture.  The mind which is being braided together from three cords, but which is not yet spiritually complete, I suggest to you is signified by a little hopping bird.  A bird, which spends still a great deal of its time on the earth using its feet, and can get off the ground, can become involved in spiritual activity somewhat, but he still is not yet fully mature.


The anointing is very heavy here.  Some of you have fallen asleep already. 


Remember, the early stage of the completed mind of Christ has its own name.  It is the engrafted word.  The mature stage of the completed mind of Christ is called the Word of God, as He appears in Revelation 19:13.  The early stage of the completed mind of the Serpent is Behemoth, and the mature stage of the completed mind of the Serpent is Leviathan.


Now I cannot prove this to you, brethren, with the Hebrew text, but the Lord tells me the tense in verse 5 is incorrect as we see it translated.  Will you play with him?  That is future.  Will you play with him as with a bird?  I could not find a conjugation of this verb in my reference books.  There was no way that I could read the Hebrew and tell you it is in the wrong tense, or even if it appears in the future tense, because there is no guarantee that the tense was not changed by some zealous translator who thought that there was an error in it.  You do not have to believe this if you do not want to, but the Lord tells me that the tense should not be in the future, but the tense should be in the imperfect tense.  The imperfect tense is a verb expressed in a form whereby the action is not definite or not yet concluded. 


Listen!  I will give you an example.  This is how we are going to translate it.  You may mock him, not will you mock him in the future, but you may mock him.  Listen to the first half of Job 41:5.  The King James says, will you play with him as with a bird?  Living Epistles Ministries says, you may mock him when he is still spiritually immature.  Can you hear the radical difference?  Will you play with him like he is a bird?  No!  You may mock him when he is still a little bird, but you are not going to be laughing when he comes out as a big dragon with his teeth showing.  Can you hear it?


Will you play with him as a little bird?  No!   Will you refuse to take him seriously when he is spiritually immature?  You may refuse to take him spiritually when he is immature, but you are not going to be laughing, brother, when he has got you in his teeth.  Can you hear it?  You may be standing up on that stage and calling him a toothless wonder now because your life is in order, but when he rises up from the pits of hell and knocks you down, and has his paw on your chest, you are not going to be calling him any toothless wonder. 


Alternate Translation of the first half of Job 41:5; You may mock him when he is still spiritually immature.  Amplified Translation of first half of Job 41:5;  You may laugh at Leviathan’s power to hurt you when he is still spiritually immature.  You may laugh at Leviathan’s power to hurt you when he is still spiritually immature, but watch out when he grows up.  You are not going to be laughing very long.  You may be laughing at David when you see him come out of the sheepfold with a slingshot and a few smooth stones, Goliath, but you are not going to be laughing when that stone hits you smack in your forehead and knocks you out cold, so that he could cut your head off when you are down on the ground.


All you prideful armies of Israel, you may be laughing when that little shepherd boy is the only one that challenges Goliath, but you are not going to be laughing when he offers that giant’s head up to Saul.  All you Philistine armies, all you Philistine soldiers, you may be laughing when you look at little David with a slingshot, but you are not going to be laughing when he kills your champion.   


Continuing with the second half of Job 41:5; Or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?  Or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?  The word or we are going to translate it but.  I guess I pretty much made my point.  My note says I suggest to you that the unstated implication here is but will you still be laughing when he shows you his teeth?  Or will you bind him for thy maidens?  The Hebrew word bind is Strong’s #7194 and it means to tie.  It can mean to tie physically.  It can mean to tie mentally.  It can tie through love, through league, through confinement.  It can mean conspiracy, treason or it can refer to any kind of a binding union. 


Wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?  The Hebrew word translated maidens is Strong’s # 5291 and it is a feminine word.  In fact it is the feminine of Strong’s # 5288 and it means a girl, anywhere from infancy to adolescence.  It can mean a female servant.  It can be used of any marriageable young woman.  It is also used of a concubine or a prostitute, a maid, a female attendant, a female servant.  You may recognize that the overriding quality of this word is female, and we are going to use it or translate it as prostitute.  It is a legitimate translation of the word. 


Alternate Translation of the second half of Job 41:5; But you will not be laughing when you find yourself bound to him as his prostitute.  All you pharisees, do not shut off the tape.  Did you hear that there is a harlot appearing in the Book of Revelation?  We are the harlot, brethren.  We were the son of God.  Our mind was the son of God.  Our soul was God’s wife.  But we, the son of God, were spirit with Christ.  Leviathan made us his harlot.  You are so confused you do not even know you are somebody’s harlot.  You think you are an independent man.  You are not.  You are owned by the Serpent. 


Alternate Translation of Job 41:5; You may laugh at Leviathan’s power to hurt you when he is still spiritually immature, but you will not be laughing when you find out that you are his prostitute.  In our final amplification, I changed Leviathan to Behemoth because we are talking about Leviathan’s immaturity, and Leviathan in his immaturity has a different name called Behemoth.  We revealed that truth for the first time in the first part of this message. 


Amplified Translation of Job 41:5; You may laugh at Behemoth’s power to hurt you now, but you will not be laughing when you find out that you are Leviathan’s prostitute.  In other wordsyou have got a carnal mind.  You are laughing at your own carnal mind because you think you have got control over it, because your carnal mind in its immaturity is manifesting as lust.  You think you have got control over the lust, but you really have not killed it.  You are just playing with it, keeping it under and the whole time Behemoth is growing and increasing and maturing.  One day Behemoth is going to blast through into maturity, which is Leviathan, and all of a sudden you are not going to just have lust on your hands.


You are just not going to have lust to deal with, but you are going to have a murderous dangerous serpent, within your very own mind, that is going to rise up and try to kill you, because you did not kill him when he was just lust.  You played with him.  One day the caterpillar turned into a butterfly, but this was a negative caterpillar, and when he blossomed, he blossomed into a monster that is now taking over your mind, and your person, and your whole life.


Have I not preached here that the day is coming, and already has begun, that our evil potential as manifestations of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is under our control in this hour because we have been socialized, that that evil potential is approaching a stage where he is going to rise up, and despite our objections, will manifest evil through our mind and through our behavior.  We will not be able to control ourselves anymore. 


All you pharisees that think I do not know what I am talking about, it is already happening to alcoholics who cannot stop drinking, to drug addicts who cannot stop drugging, to adulterers or sex addicts who cannot stop going out on their wives, to compulsive spenders who cannot stop using credit cards.  It is already happening.  You think the serial murderer is just a rarity.  We think the man who is compelled to kill because he is mentally ill is a rarity.  He is going to become more and more the norm as Leviathan matures in the human race, and finds the strength to express himself through more and more human beings who will not have the power to restrain him.


What was a rarity in this society will become the norm.  You think that is crazy?  It is not crazy.  What was sin fifty years ago is not considered sin today.  Homosexuality was a serious sin.  It was a crime in this country.  In almost every state there was a law on the books against homosexuality.  Do you know that almost every state had a law on the books against adultery?  Do you know that almost every state in the United States had a law on their books against oral sex?  Did you know that?  I do not know how they were going to catch you doing it, if you were doing it, but it was on the books.  It was a law.  Today, it is considered the norm.  Speak to the sex therapists.  So it will be with murder and theft and every other evil work. 


Our witness to this concept of Leviathan making the son of God his prostitute is Joel 3:3.  Our alternate translation of that verse is as follows.  And they have cast lots for my people, and caused Christ to die to his manhood, and become the woman, also known as the devil, who was given over to the power of the carnal mind, and Christ was dissolved in Satan’s sea and they became one flesh.  They have cast lots for my people and caused Christ to die to his manhood and become the woman who was given over to the power of Leviathan, the name of the carnal mind.  The personal name is Leviathan. 


Christ, the immature two thread Christ, was dissolved in Satan’s sea.  What does that mean?  When the Serpent came in and broke the altar, broke the union between the breath and the soul, and Jehovah; Christ dissolved.  The human spirit separated from Jehovah, and when Christ separated from Jehovah, she then was joined to the Serpent, and the Serpent’s symbol in the soul realm is the sea.  So we see that the human spirit with a dead Christ became dissolved in the Serpent’s mind.  Hallelujah!


Job, Chapter 40, Verses 14 thru 24 reveal that Behemoth’s overriding characteristic is lust, but that Leviathan’s overriding characteristic is pride.  Some of the qualities associated with pride are fear, hate, rage and murder.  Lust is a strong desire for something you are lacking.  Fear, hate, rage and murder are expressions of negative emotions, which you are already possessing.  Spiritual maturity is therefore characterized by power.  The spiritually immature person is incomplete, but the spiritually mature person is complete.  The fallen spiritually mature man is completed in evil, but the resurrected spiritually mature man is completed in righteousness.  You may find it interesting to know that some schools of psychology today, as well as some of the more spiritual eastern religions consider lust a spiritual immaturity. 


I just read you my note.  I am not going to expound any further because I went over this in detail earlier in this message.  I had jumped ahead of my notes.  I know that there are some psychologists that consider masturbation simply an immaturity.  People who are bound to masturbation, some psychologists will tell you are people who have not adequately developed their minds.  I am not saying that I agree.  I am saying this is what they will tell you, but I will tell you that if your mind is adequately developed, you would concentrate less on physical satisfaction.


If you are being satisfied mentally, and having a career or an intellectual pursuit that you are good at, can be very satisfying.  It certainly is much more productive than masturbating.  They will tell you as you pursue mental success and intellectual success, you will be less inclined towards masturbation.  There is a truth in that.  However, some people can be very bound by masturbation, and it can be a curse in their lives or a demonic possession in their life.  If your bondage to masturbation is the result of a curse or demonic possession, then intellectual pursuit will not be strong enough to set you free from it, if you can hear the difference.


You can be an immature person, whose life is just beginning, and you can concentrate on your body or you can concentrate on your education.  Find a little self discipline, concentrate on your education, and develop yourself intellectually, and you will forget about this driving force to masturbate.  There is a truth in that, but there is also a truth in the fact that you might be bound by a curse or a demon.  If you are, no intellectual pursuit will help you.  You need the power of the Son of God to set you free. 


Continuing with Job, Chapter 41:6;  Shall the companions make a banquet of him?  Shall they part him among the merchants?  It sounds like English to me, but I do not have any idea what that means.  Who are the companions?  Shall they make a banquet of Leviathan?  Are they going to roast him over the coals and eat him?  Shall they part him among the merchants?  What does that mean?  Who are the merchants?  How would they divide him?  I have no idea what that means.  Let us try to make some sense out of this.  Shall the companions make a banquet of him? 


Companions is Strong’s # 2271.  This word is from the root # 2266 which means to fascinate.  One of the legitimate translations in the root from which this word companions comes means to fascinate and it is specifically used to refer to some kind of magic which was applied to the binding of magical knots, which are applied to the incantation of serpents.  I think there is something that I did not make clear here when I talked about binding earlier.  Wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?  I did not make that clear.  Let me go back to the second half of Job 41:5.  Will you bind him for your maidens? 


This binding to Leviathan is referring to being woven into his three thread mind.  So you may be laughing at him as he begins to braid you into his mind in his immaturity, and when you experience that braiding into his mind as lust, you may be laughing at that, because we are taught in this society it is good to lust, not only is it okay, but it is good.  It makes you more of a man or more of a woman to be filled with lust.  So you may be laughing at that, but when lust matures into evil, and you find yourself bound to that evil and unable to control it as it manifests through you, you will not be laughing.  Thank you Jesus for sending me back to clarify that.


We are now back to Job 41:6.  Shall the companions make a banquet of him?  Shall they part him among the merchants?  The Hebrew word translated companions comes from a word which means to fascinate, and it is used of some kind of magic, which was applied to the binding of magical knots.  I suggest to you the indication here is soul ties, which are applied to the incantation of serpents.  We are talking about charms here.  There is a difference between curses and charms.  Charms are more along the line of seduction.  I suggest to you that this word signifies the many members of Jehovah’s creation, who are bound together, all of us, under the devil’s mind control.


Some of us are more bound than others, but just about everybody in this planet believes that this is the way things are suppose to be.  They do not realize that we are suppose to be the son of God, that we are spirit, which is suppose to be joined to Jehovah.  They do not understand that we have fallen, that we have become Leviathan’s harlot, and that he is having spiritual sex with us at will.  We are suppose to be male, and he has made us spiritually female, and he is possessing us and playing with us, and using us.  If there is anybody that has this revelation, it is most likely someone who has been very victimized in this world.  Perhaps, a drug addict, an alcoholic, someone whose life has been devastated by a power that has shown them to be powerless. 


Shall the companions make a banquet of him?  To make a banquet is Strong’s # 3738.  It can also be translated to dig, to plot, to bore open, to dig through.  Shall the companions make a banquet of him?  Of can also be translated for or through him.  This digging through is speaking about the dead Christ digging himself out, from underneath the ground.  Digging through what?  The earth of the soul.  Our human spirit is buried underneath the earth of the soulGenesis 4:10 says;  And he said, what hast thou done?  The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from underneath the ground.  The soul rose up and buried the spirit.  The spirit of man is now underneath the ground of the soul.


For us to be delivered from hell, which is underneath the ground, we have to dig our way out from under this mound of earth.  In fact, are there not scriptures which indicate that fallen man is in the form of an earth form?  We are buried in the earth.  We are living in the earth.  We are tunneling in the earth.  We have got to get back up on top.  There is only one way that we do that, and that is to be crucified by the Lord Jesus and have an altar formed between the union of our human spirit and the Lord Jesus, who is in the form of the Holy Spirit in this hour.  We need to have that altar increase into the son of God whose name is Christ Jesus, the only one who is strong enough to set us free from the power or from the jaws of that mature Leviathan, who will never let us go.


His jaw must be broken so that his teeth will release us.  See, the teeth are rooted in the jawbone.  When we break somebody’s jaw, the teeth have no strength.  The jawbone is the Dragon.  Leviathan in the minds of each of the individuals is typified by a tooth in the jaw of the spiritual man, who is in the earth and inhabiting our bodies.  The jaw of the Dragon must be broken so that our individual mature completed minds will release our human spirit so that she can join with the Lord Jesus, so that Christ Jesus can be formed in us, so that He can kill Leviathan, so that we can be raised from the dead.  Hallelujah!


Alternate Translation of the first half of Job 41:6; Will the men who are bound to Leviathan because of the Serpent’s witchcraft be able to dig through their souls?  Will the men who are bound to Leviathan because of the Serpent’s witchcraft be able to dig through their souls?  Are they going to find the strength to do it? 


Continuing with the second half of Job 41:6;  Shall they part him among the merchants?  Who?  Shall the many members of this fallen soul part Leviathan amongst the merchants?  Part is Strong’s # 2673 means to cut or split in two, to halve, to divide, to reach to or to penetrate to the midst of, part.


Shall they part him among the merchants?  Among is Strong’s # 996 can be translated among, asunder, between, or within.  The above two Hebrew words when taken together sound to me like the separation of soul from mind.  Will they part him among?  Will they cut or split him in two?  Will they split him between?  Will they divide him?  Separation of soul from spirit.  The Brown Driver Briggs Lexicon advises that Strong’s # 2673 that is translated to cut or to split means the opposite of inflated, and suggests that this word is signifying the breakdown or the removal of the increase which is the completed mind of Leviathan. 


Listen!  Leviathan has to be un-braided.  Leviathan is a mind.  Before he can be un-braided, he must be circumcised or cut away from the soul.  We found when we studied Elijah in I Kings 19 that Elijah’s complaint to the Lord was that the sons of Israel had circumcised him and broken down his altar.  They cut the Christ mind away from his soul and broke the union of his human spirit with Jehovah, and Leviathan was not dead, but held captive, arose and took over the mind, or took over as the mind of the man Elijah.  Elijah had to cry out to the Living God to rebuild his old waste places, to rebuild the altar, to send forth in spirit the Lord Jesus to join with his human spirit, to reform the altar, so that the increase, which is Christ Jesus, could come forth and that that Christ Jesus could defeat the Leviathan mind, which was now possessing Elijah, and restore him to his position of high level prophet of God. 


What I am suggesting to you is that the two Hebrew words translated they shall part him among is referring to the breakdown or the removal, the circumcision of the Leviathan completed mind from the soul, and the un-weaving of that mind.  Leviathan is the increase of the union between the Serpent and the human spirit.  We are talking about the dismantling of the increased completed mind.  Considering the richness of the Hebrew language, this word translated to cut or split in two probably signifies two things; the separation of mind from soul and the dismantling or the un-weaving or the un-braiding of the increase, which is Leviathan.


Shall they part him among the merchants?  Who are the merchants?  Strong’s # 3669 says that word means Canaanite, brethren.  The merchants are the Canaanites.  The Hebrew word translated merchants is speaking about an inhabitant of Canaan.  Who are the Canaanites?  They are types of unclean spiritual minds. 


Alternate Translation of the second half of Job 41:6;  Will they?  Will who?  Will the many members of fallen mankind be able to separate Leviathan from their own souls and free their human spirits by unraveling Leviathan’s completed mind?  Will who?  Will the Canaanites?  Brethren, we are the Canaanites.  Spiritually speaking, we are the unclean fallen members of this soul.  We, our humanity, are the Canaanites.  Jehovah is challenging Job by saying, will fallen man be able to do this work for himself?  Will the greatest man to be born into this world system, will the cream of the crop of fallen humanity be able to separate Leviathan, their own minds from their own souls, and free their human spirits by unraveling Leviathan’s completed mind? 


Brethren, the answer is no, because if man tries to do it himself, he will die.  We cannot live without a mind, you see.  Even if we were powerful enough to do it, we would just kill ourselves.  We need a Savior.  Brethren, if you have a diseased heart, and you cut your heart out, you will die unless you have a heart transplant ready to take its place.  For fallen man to cut his own mind out, it would do him no good, unless a righteous mind is standing ready to be connected in its place.  There is no way we can fabricate that righteous mind.  We must receive Him by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We need a new mind.  Cutting Leviathan out of our spiritual being by ourselves is impossible.     


1/5/12 mjs                                                                                       


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