340 - Part 9
(An In-Depth Study)

Part 9 of 14 Parts


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Recap, Alternate Amplified Translation, Job, Chapter 41, Verses 1-14


Can Leviathan's malignant tongue in the mind of that many membered band of destructive men and the fallen soul which has been choking since the weed of the carnal mind killed the incomplete Christ mind be submerged underneath the mind of Christ Jesus and the spiritual visible world which is in his image? Will the men who are bound to Leviathan because of the serpent's witchcraft be able to separate themselves from him by digging through the earth of their souls and unraveling his completed mind? Can you save this fallen dead soul by completing Leviathan, that dead militarily defensed mind which the serpent birth in her and by judging the spirit of Cane which is her unconscious mind? Can your mind penetrate the dragon and join with the human spirit who is joined to him so that she can increase into Christ Jesus, the One who is strong enough to boil Leviathan until he evaporates and releases the human spirit? Will you, Job, who are the serpent, cut Leviathan away from your soul so that your human spirit can overcome death by increasing into Christ Jesus? Will you, Job, who are the serpent, will you fold your fallen dead soul into your own mind and enslave her for the life of the ages? Obviously, you can't do this, Job. Because look at what the serpent has made out of Jehovah's creation. She is so fiercely sinful since she incarnated that there isn't a man anywhere who can survive the fiery presence of the Lord. So, you may be laughing at Behemoth's power to hurt you now, but you won't be laughing when you find out that you are Leviathan's prostitute. Nevertheless, don't worry, Job, your fallen condition won't last forever because Leviathan will be cast down when Christ Jesus appears. Therefore, be a man in the war to determine whose nature will be engraved in your soul and fashion her after the Lord Jesus Christ so that you don't conceive your enemy Leviathan, the serpent's completed mind. And now that the woman which belongs to Christ Jesus has been conquered and is under subjection to him, I should be able to make the serpent good. And this is how I will do it. I'll engrave my nature upon their human spirits and the word of God shall be born in them and they shall be highly esteemed and very valuable because their new man, Christ Jesus, shall give them mastery over their own soul. Who can clear up Adam's confusion? He is suppose to be the son of God and the undisputed ruler over Jehovah's creation, but he thinks he is a woman and is content to be Leviathan's prostitute. Or we can say, who can penetrate fallen Adam's unconscious mind and change his nature since the serpent appearing as Leviathan, the fallen dead creation's many membered evil mind, is compassing the human spirit round about on every side?


You may have noticed that I changed the alternate translation on verse 14 a little bit and please note that I made the last sentence of verse 13 which says, or we can say who can penetrate fallen Adam's unconscious mind and change his nature? I made that the first sentence in verse 14. For those of you who don't know the King James translators put all the paragraphs and all the chapters and all the punctuation into this translation of the Bible. In the Hebrew, there are no paragraphs marked off; there is no punctuation, there is no chapters; so if I tell you that I have taken the last sentence of one verse and made it the first sentence of the following verse, all that it means is that I have disagreed with the King James translators as to where the verse should end. There is no indication of a verse ending in the Hebrew.


I have a witness for you as to what Job 41:14 is really saying. I'm going to read you Job 41:14 again and then I am going to give you Matthew 12:28-29. See if you can hear the same message in both verses?


Job 41:14; Or we can say who can penetrate fallen Adam's unconscious mind and change his nature since the serpent appearing as Leviathan, the fallen dead creation's many membered evil mind is compassing the human spirit round about on every side?


Matthew 12:28; But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God is come unto you. And this is how you can discern the Spirit of God appearing in a man. Verse 29; First that man will bind the dragon (Leviathan); then he will enter into the dragon's household, separate His wife from him and seize her. Then Christ Jesus will separate the many members of the fallen dead soul, who are the devil's offspring, will separate them from the dragon and seize them also. Can you hear it?


Who can penetrate fallen Adam's unconscious mind and change his nature? Who can penetrate his mind? First you've got to bind the dragon. You can't penetrate his mind until you bind the dragon. The dragon is the strong man. Since the serpent is appearing as Leviathan, the fallen dead creation's many membered evil mind. How can you penetrate him? That mind is being defensed by the dragon in the unconscious mind and Leviathan is compassing the human spirit who is round about on every side. So we see Jesus answering that question in Matthew 12:29.


First you have to bind the dragon. You have to get into the unconscious mind and bind it up and then you enter right into his household. And what's his household? His household is the devil. What is a household? It's a place where one lives. And where does the dragon live? The dragon lives in the mind called Leviathan and that mind lives in the soul, which is Jehovah's creation. The soul and the mind together is called the devil. So if you want to get into his household, you have to bind the strongman, who is the dragon, and then you can enter into the devil, which is fallen man. More specifically, it is fallen man's mind. The next thing that you do is separate his wife from him because the dragon is married. The dragon is married to a man, you see. The dragon is really the woman and he is married to the man "Christ." But we have some perversion here. The dragon is a butch lesbian in the female role and she has made a harlot out of Christ, the son of God. She has made him her wife and her harlot. So we have some severe role reversal here; severe mental role reversal and actual experiential role reversal. I can't say physical because we are talking about spiritual elements. But spiritually speaking, the dragon has actually made a woman out of Christ and is having a form of spiritual sexual intercourse with him.


The dragon who is female in the male role and Christ who is the man in the female role. It is a spiritual reality. They have produced a child. The name of that child is Leviathan. She is female and she is a terrible monster who dwells in the sea of this spiritual world that we dwell in and together the three of them; the dragon, Christ and Leviathan are holding the whole soul that Jehovah made, captive in a perverse condition which uses us and abuses us until we are used up and then kills us. Jesus said that if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. He said, I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. What did you think that He wanted to tell you about? Aliens from outer space? He wanted to tell you about your spiritual condition. He wanted to tell us that we are spirit, but that we are living in an animal body and the animal has dominion over the spirit. He wanted to tell us that we are suppose to be the head, but we are not the head, we are the tail. He wanted to tell us that we are living an animal existence engaging in animalistic behavior and that He has better things for us than this. But humanity is so given over to our present husband, that we don't want to get out of hell. You see, we think we want to get out of hell until we find out that getting out of hell includes giving up sex. Then we don't want to get out of hell anymore.


We want to get out of hell until we find out that getting out of hell means giving up marriage. Now we don't want to get out of hell anymore. So what is man saying? Man is saying, he wants to get out of specific aspects of hell. Hell is a combination of pain and pleasure. Man wants to get out of that part of hell which is painful, but he does not want to give up the parts of hell which are pleasurable. But you see, brethren, the two are one; pain and pleasure, being afforded or given to us from the same source. If the source which gives pain is uprooted, then the source which gives the pleasure of the animal world...what does that mean? The pleasure which one feels because of physical and emotional stimulation. If you destroy the source of pain, you destroy the source of physical and emotional pleasure.


The Lord Jesus Christ gives the pleasure which comes from the spirit. The flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit lusts against the flesh. You can't have both. Compared to the Lord Jesus now, our standard, you can only have the most minor manifestations of spiritual pleasure while we are still engaging in a beastial lifestyle. This sounds like the fairy tale of the princess (human spirit) being carried off to a far away land (hell) and held prisoner in a foreboding castle (a black hole dungeon or pit-our physical bodies) fortified with high walls, water and a drawbridge which is guarded by the dragon (Leviathan). The young princess has been held captive for so long, that she resists the Prince (Jesus) when He comes to set her free. That's the horror of this real life tale.

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