348 - 1 Part

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The Lord told me to work on the books, and He would bless you this morning, so let us see what He is going to give us. I have no prepared message.


The concept of the affliction of your soul is very difficult to comprehend, both to the person that it is happening to and the people that, that person will call for help. It is hazy, it is unclear. A lot of people will think that you are just having an emotional problem, you are imagining it, that something is wrong with you, that you are being afflicted like this all the time. It is very, very real, except that the way it registers in you is that you yourself do not know what is wrong with you, and the more good days that you have, the greater the opportunity to compare, to actually examine the attack.


If the attack is continuous which I went through years where it never let up. It was my state of being, continuous emotional torment. I thought that was a way of life, but as you start coming out of it and have good more and more good moments, it is easier for you to recognize that something has changed.


If you have three good days like I had where I was happy, and I was up, and I was content with my life, and I was singing. Then all of a sudden, I am trying to watch a movie on Saturday night, and this anxiety starts to seep into my soul and becomes so intense that I could not even watch the movie, that I knew...because why could I not watch the movie?


Because I know from experience that if I did not do something to block this creeping anxiety, it would have become very severe. What do I do to block the creeping anxiety. I have to start getting into the things of God, that is my only defense.


I have been praying about this for years. There is no other defense, get your mind on the word of God, that is the only defense that I know of. Nothing else works. Talking to another believer does not work, watching a movie does not work, going for a ride does not work, no carnal thing that would comfort you works. Why?


Because you are being afflicted in your soul, so the only help for you is to ascend into Christ Jesus. It is the only help for you. Having had several good days, I was very aware that this anxiety was starting to creep into my soul. I had no reason, I had a very good day, it could not have been me, there was no reason for this to be happening at all, and I felt that the Lord spoke to me about it. It just so happened that the Lord did arrange a phone call with another believer.


Sometimes, speaking to somebody never helps unless God has said, "Come together with this person, and I will draw on the strength of Christ Jesus in both of you, and you will defeat this foe." The Lord has to be in it.


If you are calling someone else to talk to them because you want relief from your anxiety, and the Lord is not blessing it, it will not do you any good. I did wind up on the phone with another believer, and the Lord blessed it. As a matter of fact, it was the believer who had called me in the morning yesterday severely, severely afflicted, I prayed for them, and they felt a tremendous relief.


I was fine yesterday morning. I was walking on the water, I was above. I have a perception that there is heavy spiritual activity, but I was walking on the water, I was fine, I prayed for that person, and I helped them a lot. Then last night we wound up on the phone, and I was really in pain, and we both started getting deliverance, we both starting yawning, we both started belching, and by the time I got off the phone, I was feeling much better, and I went to work, back to work on the book.


I have been working long hours again. I have been up until 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. I cannot remember the last time I did that.


I used to work like that all the time. Something was really stolen from me and from everyone who partakes of what God gives me. We were really robbed, and it was a series of things that just robbed us, but there is a big spirit of restoration. This is what I felt the Lord was showing me, because I am very angry, and I have been really crying out to Him. I do not want this anymore, I am fed up, and I believe that He showed me that the distress that I was feeling, it was a pressure.


I never saw it as a pressure before. I never saw it as a pressure. Why? Because my spiritual senses could not see what was happening. All that I knew was that all of a sudden I woke up, and I was in pain.


It would be as if you were blind, and you could not see that someone was putting a cord around your neck, you did not have any sense of feeling, and someone came up and put a cord around your forehead, and you did not even know the cord was there. They started twisting it, and you had no understanding at all that there was a cord around your head or that you were tortured until the pressure from the cord started hurting your head.


Then, all of a sudden, you have this pressure on your head, but you have no understanding that there is a man standing there with a cord around your head twisting it. All that you know is that all of a sudden you are in pain, and you do not know where the pain came from.


This is what I have been going through for years, but apparently I am ascending, and this is how the Lord showed it to me last night. That it is a pressure that comes on your soul. It travels through the spiritual world, and most people do not see it coming, do not have any understanding that it is coming from another mind. They do not recognize it until they are in pain, and then lots of people do not even recognize that they are in pain.


Different people react differently to pain. Some people cry, some people become aggressive, some people scapegoat, people react very differently to pain, to emotional spiritual pain. If you see someone, if it is your husband or whatever, you see someone stomping around the house breaking things, you might say to them, "What is wrong with you?" You just think they are having a bad day. Maybe they are being afflicted with some kind of spiritual pain, and they do not even know what it is themselves. It could be coming from within themselves, it could be coming from someone else's mind.


This is a whole new area of research for me. I remember it was ten years or so ago that I used to be in pain like this all the time. I finally looked up and said, "Lord, what in the world is wrong with me?" He told me, "Your soul is bleeding." I was amazed, I was absolutely amazed, and that was the beginning of my instruction in this area. It has been going on for a good ten years. I seem to be learning very slowly.


Apparently, you have to be in a particular spiritual place to get this information, because all of these years, I was just overcome by the affliction. As I am ascending out of the affliction, the Lord is beginning to give me information which is very interesting. This was how He showed it to me last night for the first time, that it is a pressure on your soul, and what I find very interesting about that word from the Lord, that it is a pressure on my soul, is that I have a revelation from my studies that the tribulation is pressure on Leviathan.


That is what the tribulation is. The tribulation is Christ Jesus in us putting pressure on Leviathan to force him into a position that he does not want to go, and what is that position, anybody know what that position is? Under Christ Jesus. Yes, Christ Jesus.


I need a carnal example. I am very spiritual, and I am finding this not very easy to understand.


If you need a physical example, think about a man trying to wrestle another man down under him, he has got him by the shoulders, and he is just pressing him down. That is what Christ Jesus is doing to Leviathan, and I researched this word many years ago. It is called "tribulation" to be forced down under the authority of Christ Jesus.


When I feel this pressure coming from someone else's mind, for all intents and purposes, it is Leviathan in that other person's mind trying to force me down under their authority. The only problem is I do not know who it is. I have to guess. I engage in educational guessing.


What does that mean? I look at whatever facts that I have, I pray about it, and I draw conclusions. They are called educated conclusions. In the scientific world they are called hypotheses. What does that mean? It means that you come to a belief that you know may not be accurate, that you know you may have to revise your opinion of it, but for the time being that is what you believe.


Another word for it is a "theory, theories." Everybody knows a theory, it is just a theory, it is not a fact, it is not proven. It is what you believe for the moment until you get a different kind of information that will show you otherwise, and that is what I engage in. Why? Because somehow finding out where this pressure is coming from seems to give me somewhat of a relief.


Last night the Lord showed it to me very clearly that it is not just an empathetic experience. What does that mean? What is an empathetic experience? An empathetic experience would be, if somebody that you know, because usually it has to be somebody that you know, somebody that you have a soul tie with, somebody that you know is distressed and you are feeling their distress out of empathy because you have a soul tie. They are distressed, and you are feeling their distress. That would be a form of knowledge, knowledge that they are distressed. That is one thing, and I believe that, that is possible.


Xxxx had that recently, a couple of times with one of her children that they were having some kind of a problem. She did not know they were having a problem. She was here, they were there, but she was in her home, and they were away, and she just started feeling this distress. A day or two later, she found out that something was happening right at that time, and she was sharing in their experience. That is called an empathetic experience. We may call it a word of knowledge in God, but that is not the only time you find you feel affliction in your soul.


You can also feel affliction in your soul when somebody's mind that is trying to pressure you is trying to pressure your mind to think or behave in a manner that you do not want to think or behave. There is a name for it. It is called mind control, which is a form of witchcraft.


There really is a soul-to-soul communication, a soul-to-soul communication, and I am beginning to think that, although I do not know how this would fit in with xxxx's experience, I am beginning to think that if it is just a word of knowledge that the understanding should come in your mind and not in your soul. If the understanding, if the knowledge comes in your soul, it produces pain.


It is the same thing as me saying to you, "Look, I have a knife here, and if I take this knife and I run it along your face, you are going to feel pain." That is receiving knowledge in my spirit, it is information. If I never talked to you, but I took the knife, and I ran it across your cheek and you felt the pain, you would receive the same information as a soulish experience as opposed to an experience of the mind. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


This is what happened to Adam. Christ, his mind, his glorious mind, wanted to teach him everything he needed to know as righteous Adam, and he wanted to teach it to him through instruction, but because of Adam's making a wrong choice, he is now learning everything that Christ wanted to teach him, but he is learning it from the ninth point. He is learning it through his soul instead of through his mind, and it has been and shall be until we are lifted out of this condition very painful, very painful.


When we feel this pressure on our soul...I got that word last night that what happened, it was 8:00 at night, it started at 8:00, I looked at the clock because I am at a point now where I recognize it when it starts. If you are not trained this way, you do not recognize it when it starts, you do not feel it until you are baptized in it, until you are consumed in it, but I am very sensitive to it. I looked at the clock, I had been happy all day, but at 8:00 that pressure started in my soul. By 9:00 it was getting severe, and I knew I had do something.


It could be an empathetic experience where someone else is upset. I spoke to someone, and they told me that, yes at around 8:00, they were crying like a baby. I could say to myself, "You know, maybe for whatever reason I was feeling the distress. This kind of information travels in emotion, it travels in emotion.


Some people are more emotional than other people. If you happen to be a person that does not, as a matter of course, experience strong emotion, your experiences are going to be much more difficult for someone else to perceive because that which transmits...we are all receivers in our soul. We, in our soul and in our minds, are receivers. That is what is happening to us. We are becoming like radio receivers. That is how we get knowledge in the spirit, that is how we get knowledge in our emotions, we could be likened to radio receivers and also radio transmitters.


Someone said to me recently, "I thought you would know there was a terrible thing going on here and I thought you would know," and I said, "Lord, why did I not know?" The only answer that I have is that if you are a person that does not usually transmit strong emotion, your signal is not strong, because the knowledge flows in the emotion. At least, when it comes on the soulish level, it flows in the emotion.


Some people, no matter how distressed they are, they are just calm in it. Other people are screaming and yelling, and raging, and carrying on. If you are a person who is pretty level, you may not be transmitting, you may not be transmitting. What does that mean? It means that somehow as we mature spiritually, we are going to have to transmit the information with our mind, because you do not want to be excited and screaming and yelling and upset. That is not a glory unto God.


What am I saying here? I am saying there are two methods of transmission going on right now. Our mind is transmitting, Christ Jesus is transmitting, whose mind is the word of God, and our souls are transmitting.


This is just an exhortation. The Lord said, "Work on the book, I will give you a message," but I am getting slain myself here. We are talking about two different kinds of transmission. Christ Jesus, whose mind is the word of God, gives knowledge and then we receive knowledge in our soul. I get spiritual knowledge, I get words of knowledge, and it comes in the form of thoughts into my mind.


If Christ Jesus in you is not that mature or not developed in the area of transmitting thought, I believe that as in our humanity, so it is in our spiritual development. You could be mature in one area and not in another area. You could be more mature in one area than in another area. If, for whatever reason, Christ Jesus in you is not transmitting, someone else may not know what is going on.


If you are a person who is very emotional and intense, then your soul is transmitting. That is not even a good thing. Then someone else may be feeling that emotion in their soul, but ideally we are ascending to a place where the mind of Christ Jesus will be transmitting knowledge as our mind increases, as our mind becomes stronger, because communication from the mind does not cause pain. Knowledge coming from the mind of Christ Jesus does not cause pain. It is mind-to-mind communication, and it does not cause pain.


That which causes pain is the communication which is a result of strong emotion that is traveling in the soulish realm. It is painful, and distressful, and destructive. As I cry out to the Lord and say that I am sick and tired of being afflicted in my soul like this, what I am saying is that I do not want this soulish communication anymore. I do not want it, I do not want to feel your pain, I do not want it.


We are headed for mind-to-mind communication. This communication of the soul is an immaturity, and it is a pressure on your soul. It comes against you as a pressure, and the pain is as intense as if I were sticking a needle in your arm. The whole problem is that without this kind of instruction, we do not know why we are upset. Some of us are more sensitive than others.


Let me review that. This pressure on our soul, it could be empathetic, it could be sharing somebody's experience, or it could be a negative emotional transmission to us. Someone could be angry at us, and it comes as a pressure, as a punishment. Our walls have to go up. Our mind, the mind of Christ Jesus in us, has to be strong enough to block this transmission.


Brethren, we are into all kinds of science fiction here. Christ Jesus has to stand up in us and rule, rule our soul, and rule the souls or the soulish minds or Leviathan of everybody who is affecting us.


We saw a movie last week that really blessed me because as I said, I have been going through this for years, and it was a science fiction movie. There was an encounter between a spiritual woman, they called her a witch in the movie, and the little girl who was born with high spiritual power whose mind was apparently very strong. She only looked like she was six years old, and the witch who had years of spiritual experience was holding her head saying, "Get out of my mind, get out of my mind." The little girl said, "Only after you tell him what I want you to tell him."


What are we talking about? Punishment. The mind that was in the little girl was strong enough to put a pressure on this witch's mind, and she said, "I will not stop pressuring you until you do what I want you to do."


Brethren, it is coming on the world, it is coming in this country, it is coming through the computers, it is coming in through the TV. It is coming in like a title wave. We have just seen the beginning of it. People playing with all of these computers and these electronic games, they are playing with dynamite. They do not even know what they are up against, and once again I am sorry if I sound like a broken record.


The church is out there dancing, and singing, and witnessing, and laughing, and giving out tracts and concentrating on all of the people out there, and not doing anything or doing very little to build Christ Jesus in themselves, and when the plague comes across this country, this plague of mind control, they are going to find themselves lumped with the heathen. They will not have a weapon.


They will give them a tract, they will give the witch who is overtaking them with mind control, they will mail them a tract. We will see how good that will do. I remember when we were in old order deliverance I used to preach. We talked about crosses and crucifixes and things like this and, of course, in the movies when the vampire is trying to bite you, you just hold out the cross, and he goes away.


How silly, how absolutely silly. There is no power in a piece of metal, there is no power in a garlic bulb to make the vampire go away. We also related this principle to this concept of alien abductions today. It was very clear in one movie that we saw an alien abduction. This woman was being serially abducted. For people who have spiritual eyes, it is just so obvious today that alien abductions are coming from demons, because they come back for the same person time and time again.


Obviously, you have a weakness in your soul that they could get you, and the weakness is, brethren, that they are coming up from your own mind. That is the weakness, and they are drawing you into the spiritual place which is inside of you. This man's wife was being serially abducted. The movie showed the family sitting down to have dinner together, showed him saying grace, asking Jesus Christ to protect his family, and after dinner she got up and walked down the hall, and the alien took her and everybody watching the movie said, "See I knew that Jesus Christ had no power."


Brethren, Jesus Christ has no power to keep you from the aliens, that is absolutely true, but Christ Jesus in you, Christ in you the hope of glory, the Savior of your soul, He has power to keep you from aliens. Do not tell me Jesus did everything on the cross. Your mind has to ascend into the mountain of God and cover the evil angel in you, which is Satan and his carnal mind, otherwise you are not covered. Jesus.


I believe the answer to every spiritual problem is a strong mind of Christ Jesus, your mind has to be built up. If you want to give out tracts, that is wonderful. No matter what kind of work that you are doing, it is good, but if it is not building Christ Jesus in you, as far as the Lord is concerned you are wasting your time.


I see it in the spirit right now, it is a big scramble, time is short, there is a conflict coming upon the earth between the forces of righteousness and evil. There is going to be a warfare such as the world has never seen and will never see afterwards. If your weapon is not sharp enough, you could be destroyed or taken captive without even a fight.


Brethren, the people who are becoming expressions of Satan in time for this tremendous conflict, are going to be doing everything that invading armies do in the natural. They are going to be coming in bombing your homes, bombing your life, raping your women, there will be spiritual rape, they are going to be raping your women.


What does that mean? Just capturing them and bringing them into ungodly submission, raping your women and your children, bringing utter chaos into your life. The result will be occupation by the enemy, occupation of your soul. They will actually be living through you, bringing forth behavior in you that you would prefer not to do, or that you would choose not to do. Jesus.


I do not know when it is coming, but I believe it is very close. I believe that what is happening right now is that Christ Jesus is being caught up into the wilderness for a confrontation with Satan. It is happening right now. Christ Jesus is being caught up in a few people, I do not know how many, I have no idea, but I believe it is happening to me, and some other people right here.


Christ Jesus is ascending for the specific purpose of a conflict with Satan which will determine the future of this entire human race. What does that mean? Will we be engraved with the image of the Serpent, or will we be engraved with the image of the Lord Jesus Christ? There is a war going on and the winner will possess our soul and be married to the Christ which gives us existence. Christ which gives us existence, as nobody has existence without Christ. Christ appears in a variety of conditions.


The new age movement has a revelation that Christ is in everyone. That is true. Christ in humanity as she exists today is married to Satan, and appearing through the mind which they have woven together called Leviathan. In this unholy threesome, Christ has been forced into the position of a woman. All of humanity is in the image of the Serpent. Jesus. I have a Scripture.


COMMENT: You mentioned before about the tribulation and pressure on Leviathan, can that be used by the Lord even before a person comes the understanding of Christ moving in their life or the initial reconciliation?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I believe that there is always pressure in this world, and the pressure is between the forces of good and evil. I think that God is very active in the lives of humanity. The difference between the kind of pressure that you are speaking about and the kind of pressure that I call tribulation is determined by who is doing the pressuring.


If it is Christ Jesus doing the pressuring, and the name Christ Jesus implies a spiritually mature person in Christ, then it is the tribulation, but if it is Christ doing the pressuring who is not the righteous Christ Jesus but the goodness of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, can you hear this?


If it is Christ doing the pressuring, if it is the good aspect of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, then we are talking about someone who is engaged in an existence in this world system trying to do whatever they can do so that their experience here should be the good side of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


The fruit of such a conflict is just that their existence here will be good, but when the person doing the pressuring is Christ Jesus, indicating a spiritually mature person in God, the fruit of the pressuring is the death of Leviathan.


Christ has no hope of killing Leviathan, Christ's only hope is to hold Leviathan at bay so that the person in whom Christ is appearing can have a decent, good life in this world. Christ cannot kill Leviathan. He is not strong enough to do it, but hopefully especially if He has faith in Jesus Christ, He will find within Himself enough power to hold Leviathan at bay, to hold the evil at bay to have a decent existence. Although, there are always tears in this existence.


When it is Christ Jesus doing the pressure, when we are talking about a spiritually mature person here doing the pressuring, the fruit is the death of Leviathan. The stakes are much higher, the stakes are much higher. Anything else on this issue?


COMMENT: I just wanted to question whether vain imaginations have any connection in the mind of thinking which we are talking about, and in the mind of Christ, connection with the vain imaginations.


PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what you mean by vain imaginations. Would you please define that?


COMMENT: In the Scriptures, it says to cast down vain imaginations.


PASTOR VITALE: What does that mean to you? What does vain imagination mean to you?


COMMENT: I am thinking your thought pattern is about the events that happen in your life, you concentrate on those things, and you build almost like a story in your own mind as to your solution to the problem. You are making out the solution to a problem that there is in your life, and you are dealing with people instead of using the mind of Christ to deal with it. It gets carried away, and it goes deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and there were times...I mean, it has happened to me where I have screamed out, and I want to cast these things down.


I do not want to think about these things anymore because, like sometimes it took hours, and upon waking you start thinking about a person, and you are thinking of your relationship with that person, and the subject comes up, and you are thinking of how you could solve this problem that you have with that person, and it is not with the mind of Christ. It is with the carnal mind, and I could see where the Scripture says to cast down these vain imaginations, and the person that does not understand about having the mind of Christ, just can dwell on these imaginations constantly.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly what was your question? Although, that is all true what you are saying, but what was your question? It is true that this vanity can possess your mind, and that is part of the warfare. Christ Jesus wants to be the possessor of your mind and what does that mean? That may sound like a contradiction to you.


Listen, the root of a mind is Christ, the human spirit, so Christ Jesus wants the human spirit completely joined to and functioning as the word of God which is the mind of Christ Jesus, and Leviathan wants the human spirit to be completely functioning, or I should say the Devil wants the human spirit to be completely functioning as one with Leviathan, and Christ in this moment is a harlot. We are told in the book of Revelation that He is a harlot. He is joined to both Satan and the Spirit of Christ, and there is a tug of war going on for Him because should either side lose all parts of Him, that mind will die.


The death of the mind is the separation of the soulish elements from Christ, who is the human spirit, and that mind which succeeds in thinking through you is the mind which gains strength. As the mind thinks through you, it gains strength.


Jesus said, "Where your heart is, that is where your treasure will be." What He was trying to say to you, that the mind that you think with all the time, or that which you think on most of the time, that is your prevailing mind. Now we all, every human being that exists in this world, has Leviathan as their mind. We are the Devil and the Devil is...we are a many- membered Devil. All of humanity is a many-membered Devil, and the mind that we have is called Leviathan.


Christ is in there joined on two levels to Leviathan. First, Christ is joined to Satan who is the God that has woven Leviathan, and then Leviathan having arisen as a result of the union between Christ and Satan now is joined to Leviathan also. We see Christ or the human spirit joined both to Satan and Leviathan, the Devil's criminal mind and the spirit in that mind. She is joined in two places, and this warfare between the word of God and Leviathan is largely taking the form of pressure being applied on men to think with one mind or the other.


Therefore, these vain imaginations come into our mind. In old order deliverance we called, at least part of it, evil memory recall, thinking about things that are long gone that you should not even be wasting your time thinking about, or thinking about solutions to problems that are not in Christ Jesus.


The bottom line is that Leviathan wants to totally possess your human spirit, and the way he is doing it is by pressuring you into thinking with his mind. Of course, Christ Jesus is the invading force. We are all incarnated by Leviathan, Leviathan has...the God of Leviathan which is Satan has incarnated us.


We default to Leviathan which is the carnal mind. For us to think with the mind of Christ Jesus, a warfare must first ensue. For us to think with the mind of Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus has to come in. The Spirit of Christ which is the warrior in Him has to attack Satan, because, brethren, how can you enter into a strongman's house if you first do not bind the strongman.


If there is no warfare in your life, you are thinking with Leviathan. If you have any hopes at all to think with the mind of Christ, or if you are thinking with the mind of Christ on any level at all, you are under attack, and the strength of the attack, the degree of the attack is in direct proportion to the effort that you are making to the warfare that you are waging to use the mind of Christ.


What does the mind of Christ do? What does the mind of Christ speak about? What is the sign that you are using the mind of Christ? What is the sign? What are you doing, what does the mind of Christ do? Yes, but what kind of thoughts are you having that you would know that you are using the mind of Christ?


No, let us be more specific. What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about how to repair your broken table? What are you thinking about? Yes, that is one of the things that you are doing, it is spiritual activity. Yes, the sign, the fruit that the mind of Christ is the mind that is manifesting in you now is that you are doing the spiritual works of God, and two of those spiritual works are to confess your sin and repent.


What are some other spiritual works that the mind of Christ does? Seek out truth, seek out spiritual truth. Yes, spiritual truth, seek out spiritual doctrine, study the word, seeking the spiritual truth of God, and also judging it. Yes, judgment, judgment. Yes, not only judging... yes, judging our sins, but it is broader than that. It is judging righteous judgment in every situation in your life. You should be judging righteous judgment right now, and how would you in this particular situation, how would you be judging righteous judgment?


You are suppose to be making a judgment as to who is speaking through me. You are suppose to be making a judgment.


If you are making that judgment out of Leviathan, you are probably going to come to the conclusion that it is the Devil talking through me. If you are making that judgment out of your carnal mind, you will believe that anyone, anywhere who is preaching out of the mind of Christ is preaching, is the Devil himself, preaching by the mind of Leviathan.


Leviathan will never acknowledge that the mind of Christ is preaching. He will never recognize it. Why? Because the mind of the Devil which is Leviathan sees everything backwards. He is the other side of the mirror. He sees everything backwards.


What is Christ looks like the Devil to him, and what is the Devil looks like Christ to him. How does the Scripture say it? They will think good is evil and evil is good. They got it all backwards. If you are judging righteous judgment our goal should be...I know it is my goal to judge righteous judgment all the time, every second of every minute of every day, in every conflict, where is the spirit of truth, and I have been telling you this here for years, brethren.


I am going to keep on bothering you with it. If your own pride is up seeking to protect yourself from pain, seeking to protect human relationships despite the righteousness, you will be deceived. If your husband has done something wrong, and you are in denial to protect him, you are not functioning out of the mind of Christ.


The mind of Christ sees truth and error, guilt and innocence above and beyond human relationships. It is very human, brethren, to defend your husband, or your wife, or your children, or your brother. The average person in this world, if a man's brother commits a crime, he will stand right with him shoulder-to-shoulder and lie about it, "He did not do that, that is my brother, he could not have possibly done that, I will not believe it, will not even consider it, will not even ask the Lord if it is true." It is all his fault, she did not do a thing. "My son did not steal that, he would never steal that, get out of my house." That is very human to do things like that, but you are not doing that out of the mind of Christ. You are doing it out of the mind of the Devil. It is not the truth.


What is another way of saying this? Another way of saying or describing such activity is that you are responding to situations and to problems based on your own need, based on your own need. Christ Jesus does not respond to problems based on the need of the host human being in whom Christ Jesus is dwelling. Christ Jesus pronounces those who are guilty, guilty.


If it means the break up of your marriage, if it means that someone you love is going to jail, and the very worse, I hope this never happens in your life, I am just giving you a principle. Christ Jesus speaks the truth of every given situation as Christ Jesus sees it, and Christ Jesus is no respecter of persons.


The fact that this is your husband, the fact that this is your daughter should have nothing to do with your judgment of any given situation or given problem. In this country we have a statement that says "justice is blind." It is not working out too well these days, but that is what our founding fathers stated, "justice is blind."


What does that mean? It means that you cannot obtain justice or freedom from justice because of how much money you have, or because of what position you hold in the business community or in the political community. Justice is blind to whether or not you are a man or a woman, to whether or not you are black or white, justice is blind to who you know or who you do not know.


Justice which is the spirit of truth which is in Christ Jesus judges on the issues of the crime. Did you do it or did you not do it? If you did do it, were there extenuating circumstances? Did you kill somebody who was robbing you in the subway and about to kill you? Or did you premeditate murder for ungodly gain?


Who premeditated murder for ungodly gain in the Scripture? Who? David. I do not know that Cain premeditated it, I am not sure about that. Yes, if I am not mistaken the Scripture says Cain rose up in a rage of envy and murder at this brother. David planned it, David planned Uriah's death. Not only did David plan Uriah's death, but he could have never accomplished that death in the way that he did if he was not taking advantage of his authority.


What does that mean? David sent Uriah to the front lines of the war. That is even worse than just plotting somebody's death. He used the power that was given to him by Jehovah to kill Bathsheba's husband.


COMMENT: The captains that David commanded to put Uriah at the front of the battle, is he held responsible?


PASTOR VITALE: You think he knew? The Scripture indicates that he knew what David was doing?


COMMENT: I am assuming that, but I do not see where the Scripture says that.


PASTOR VITALE: I think, morally speaking, if the captain knew that David was deliberately placing Uriah in the front lines to murder him, I think he is responsible before God. I do, but I do not know that the Scripture is clear as to that. I would have to research it, I am really not sure.


I do believe that there is a higher law than even a commanding officer in an army, however. If you are in a position in an army where you believe your commanding officer is asking you to do an immoral act, you have to count the cost. If you refuse to do it, you could get killed yourself. You have to count the cost, but I do believe that you are responsible, yes.


That is why we have such a thing as a court martial, because this is a very dangerous thing to say to a man or a woman in the service, "You are supposed to test every order that your commanding officer gives you." The way the military is set up is that you are not supposed to think, you are supposed to be commanded, and you are supposed to do.


It would be a very rare circumstance in which rebellion or mutiny, I do not know what it is called in the army, it is called mutiny at sea, would be acceptable to the armed forces, otherwise the whole military would fall apart. I think just the fact that the court martial has been established in our armies is an indication that even the army acknowledges that there are certain circumstances where rebellion against an order is legitimate. Otherwise, they would not even have the court. I think as most of us know here, it is very hard to be acquitted by a court martial. It is very hard to be acquitted.


COMMENT: I guess if the captain was not convicted at first, he must have realized after the situation happened, he must have realized what David's intention was.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but I am having second thoughts to your question though. If the captain knew...it is one thing if your officer tells you to murder somebody yourself, then you say, "No, I will not do it," but if your captain really says "Transmit the order for me, put him on the front lines." Oh, it was not an order. It was the captain who was in charge of the men who could have put anyone he wanted. Yes, I would say that would be an accomplice, if he really knew what David was doing.


To make matters worse, the Scripture tells us that Uriah was a righteous man, he was a righteous man, so it was a very serious crime.


COMMENT: Is it the same in the military that, the buck stops here and that the head man is always held responsible for anything that anyone does to him, and that should in my estimation cover somebody under them, but we see that is not happening in different military courts.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a very difficult situation. I did have a Scripture that I wanted to point out to you from our Alternate Translation Bible. It is Genesis Chapter 49. This is the chapter in which Joseph is...in the King James it appears that he is blessing Jacob's...I guess this is Jacob doing the blessing, where he is blessing the twelve sons, but as we worked up the Alternate Translation, it seems to me more than blessing the sons, he was prophesying over them, prophesying what their end would be.


As we worked up Chapter 49 of Genesis, we found out that when we put all of these prophesies together, what Jacob was saying was he was prophesying over this dead soul as a whole and that each of the twelve sons, or the twelve sons corporately possessed the qualities of fallen man, and that if you took all of the prophesies together you would see all of the qualities of fallen man outlined, and you would also see the promise of resurrection back up to righteousness.


I found Verse 6 very interesting. It is speaking about Simeon and Levi. They appeared together, they appeared in the earth together, and we are told that in Verse 5, and Verse 6 says that their rage against the restraints placed upon satisfying their emotions and the lust in their mind killed the living creature.


There is lust in the emotions, and there is lust of the mind. There is not a lust of the mind of God, but Leviathan has lust, that lust will pass on to the emotions, and it eventually passes on to the body. Brethren, there would be no physical sexual lust if your mind was completely Christ Jesus. Even your body, even the cravings of your body arise or originate with the mind which generates them.


All cravings, all lusts originate in the mind. Therefore, as fallen human beings, we struggle to not yield to the lust which is being...which the satisfaction of which is being demanded by the beast mind in us. We do everything we can to not yield to it, but brethren that is not the name of the game. The name of the game is deliverance from such a mind which is putting this pressure on you, and that is why Leviathan must die.


The only answer for us is translation in to the mind of Christ Jesus, and when that transference or translation is completed we shall be saved. Saved from what? Saved from the beast mind, and the body that he has placed us in. This is the Scripture, it really touched me as I was working on it the other day.


Fallen man is in such a rage against the restraints placed upon satisfying his emotions, and the lust of the mind that they killed the living creature. That typifies Cain. He was in a rage against the restraints placed upon him. He wanted to be the man, and not only did he want to be the man, we are talking about Cain, not only did he want to be the man, he wanted to be treated like a man. He wanted Jehovah to change the whole plan. Jehovah says, "I will receive the sacrifice of the spirit, but I will not receive the sacrifice of your soul."


Cain was saying to Jehovah, "I want you to change the rules, receive my sacrifice." We see this Satanic behavior. I see this Satanic behavior in a human being all the time. They do not like it the way it is, they want the rules changed for them. We see that fallen man has a mind which lines right up with the mind of Cain, and we are told he was enraged at the restraints that were put upon him.


You cannot offer the sacrifice, you cannot do it, that is not your position, and the result of his rage, we are told, was that he killed the living creature. How did he kill the living creature? He killed the righteous mind, he killed the righteous mind that made Jehovah's creature alive. When Cain killed Christ... actually, Cain is a type of Satan. I am passing out here.


When the Serpent killed the Christ mind, the whole creature died. The Serpent birthed her mind into the creature, the Dragon, and therefore the creature continues to exist. The creature would not exist without a mind. Christ died and we, the creature, received an inferior mind, the Dragon. We are no longer alive but we do exist.


It was this rage, this rage that originates with the Serpent, the serpentine rage, it appeared in Cain, and it is appearing in fallen men across the world today. Remember, we are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The more inclined a human being towards the evil side of the tree, the more Satanic their behavior is, and Satanic behavior is rebellion.


I just hear people screaming about this. Everybody has got some rebellion. What are you talking about that it is satanic? Rebellion is satanic, brethren. Rebellion is your inheritance that you have received from the Serpent. Would you feel better if I called it serpentine? You can call it serpentine if you want, but the Serpent in this hour is appearing to us as Satan. That is why we talk about Satan more than we talk about the Serpent. The Serpent is the name of the earth which is in submission to Christ.


In this hour, the earth separated from her husband, and in her separation she took another name, Satan. Satan is the name of the Serpent in her separated condition from her husband. We found this Scripture in several places. We found it in Daniel 8 also. The Serpent was in such a rage of envy over Christ's authority over her that she rose up, and she killed her own husband. She destroyed the Christ mind, and the result of that was that the living creature died, became a dead creature, because of her own emotions and lusts.


Also, in satisfying the emotions and lusts in their mind, they plucked up Christ's manhood by the roots. What I found very interesting about this is that when I did this Alternate Translation, I had no revelation whatsoever that Leviathan has made Christ a homosexual harlot in this hour. I had no understanding of it whatsoever. We did this at least four years ago, four or five years ago, this was an early series. We did this in the number 42 series. This ministry is in its eighth year.


This alternate revelation was probably worked up as much as five years ago, four or five years ago. I had no idea that the Serpent had made Christ into a homosexual harlot, and here is that revelation. We see that Satanic rage against restraint kills your soul, and a Satanic lust to satisfy your emotions plucks up Christ's manhood, kills Christ and when Christ dies He becomes...when He dies, Leviathan brings Him into a female role, and He becomes a homosexual harlot. Jesus.


I did have it in my heart this morning to go over some of these Genesis Scriptures. Does anybody else have a question or anything else to say on any subject before we start this?






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