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We stopped in the middle of this series to do a whole series on Amos 5, and we way we got into that study was that I was trying to translate Amos 5:8 as a part of this study, and had one difficult time translating that verse. I just wasn't satisfied with it, and I think we have been on Amos 5 for at least a month if not two months. Eight parts to it, probably two months we have on Amos 5, so I am going to do a partial review of this series and I am also going to point out to you a couple of changes in the translations that we did on Part 1 and Part 2 of this series because as a result of what I have learned in the Amos 5 series, I now see the translation a little differently.


When I compare the old translation to the present one actually there is very little difference. If you look at it just on the surface there is very little difference, but I feel that we should be doing the best we can with what ever knowledge we have at the time that we are translating. What I am trying to say to you is that you are going to hear me tell you that with a couple of the words, I've either chosen another translation or what is happening to me a lot is that the parts of the scripture that need to be interpreted I am choosing Cain instead of Abel or Able instead of Cain or Adam instead of Abel. These translations are not translations. They are interpretations of the symbols. I can only interpret them to the fullest extent that I understand the symbol. I am growing every day.


Every time we do a new translation I am growing and I am learning so when I go back to a translation that I did two months ago I see something more clearly than I did before and frequently I am mixing up Cain with Abel. I am trying to make that correction in the Alt. OT right now, and I am going through the whole book trying to straighten that out to the best that I can at this time. When I look at the translation that I finally wound up with, even having certain symbols translated backwards I see when I analyze it, it is really saying the same thing so that means the spirit of God in me is just rising up and compensating for my not understanding this or not understanding that. He is just making it O.K. I hope you know what I am talking about, but nevertheless when the Lord shows it to me more clearly I want to show you in the actual choice of the translated word where I have changed it, but it is amazing how the Lord kept the substance of the scripture intact even though the actual word for word translation is not that accurate, the general idea that the verse is trying to convey comes out right because Jesus is with us, right, amen.


As a review, the purpose of this series is to declare to whoever has ears to hear that Jehovah is not into astrology nor is Jehovah into astronomy, and that the Hebrew words that have been translated into the names of certain constellations, and the word Mazzaroth which means the signs of the Zodiac, for example, that these translations were actually interpretations of the KJ translators. What am I talking about? The KJ translators look, and there is nothing wrong with it, I do the same thing, it is just that they did it with their carnal minds and they looked at a Hebrew word, they looked at a series of Hebrew words, they tried to make sense out of the verse, and for what ever their reason, what ever they were thinking at the time, they took a particular Hebrew word and instead of translating it, star, or constellation, they interpreted that word and decided which star it was, and decided which constellation it was, and they put that word in the KJ translation.


There is no Hebrew word that can be translated Orion that specifically means the constellation Orion. There is no such Hebrew word. They did what I am doing. They looked at the Hebrew word, and when they translated it the found out that it was a symbol and they translated the symbol. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? They interpreted the symbol, and we are here today to declare to the world that this interpretation of the symbol is incorrect, and that Jehovah does not sanction astrology or astronomy. The sign is for the, who is it that needs a sign? Who did Jesus say needs a sign? The unbeliever needs a sign. The stars in the sky. What is the only sign to the believer? Christ in you the hope of glory. The spiritual man does not look to an outward sign.


Brethren, we are spiritual. We don't look to the stars in the sky. That is what the heathen do. That is not what the believers of Christ Jesus do, that is not what the Sons of God do. Spiritual things are within. Our witness is in the spiritual world. Our life is in the spirit world. Our knowledge is in the spirit world. People that aren't spiritual are amazed at what spiritual people know because if you are truly spiritual you can hear other people's minds. I hear other people's minds all the time, but I don't talk about it because some people think I am crazy. Others just can't deal with it and get upset. I may tell one or two.


Not too long ago I heard somebody's mind, and I never told anybody and I came into fellowship, I heard somebody's mind and I heard something about that person, the person whose mind I heard and another person, and I came into contact with the other person, not the mind who I heard but the other person, I came into contact with that woman and her husband and what do you think her husband said in this fellowship? He said, you know this crazy thought came into my mind this week. And what do you think he told me? The same exact thought that had come into my mind, only I knew that this woman's husband was hearing the same mind that I was hearing, and the person whose mind I was hearing had an ungodly thought toward his wife. I am not using names. Do you know what I am talking about?


I heard somebody's mind that had an ungodly thought toward another man's wife and a week later when I came into fellowship with the other man and his wife the husband of the woman who was in the first man's mind said, I had this crazy thought, because he heard the mind of the man that has no business thinking about his wife. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? And I spoke to this married couple for an hour, and the next time I saw the man I said, do you realize that you heard that other person's mind, and he said, what? I spoke to him for an hour and he still did not know what I was talking about. That was not just a crazy thought in your head. You heard the ungodly thought of another man toward your wife. Isn't that amazing? And I was the second witness that Jesus put right there to tell him that wasn't a crazy thought nor was it your mind. You better start breaking curses. Spiritual people brethren do not need signs in the stars of the visible heavens.


All knowledge is in the mind of Jesus. This is the purpose for this series, to declare to the world that Jehovah does not speak to the believer through astronomy. I don't think Jehovah speaks to anybody through the stars. I was amazed when I started to do this study, and I found out that these constellations that we hear about, I don't know about you but I have always seen pictures of constellations of the mighty hunter, this one or that one, and it came to my memory a few years ago someone said to me, there it is the big dipper and the little dipper, and someone tried to show it to me in the sky when I was a little girl. I said, I don't know but there must be something wrong with me as it doesn't look like any dipper to me. I don't see any big dipper or any little dipper. What are you talking about?


There must be something wrong with me. It was when I was a little girl. These images are not in the sky. Pick up any book on these constellations. I found it in my reference books, and they are telling you that these images that are declared to be constellations in the sky, they are the imagination of men who gave into the stars and think that they see a bear or a warrior, and you tell me brethren what the difference is between that is and gazing into tea leaves. You are dealing with the witchcraft in the mind of fallen man, and it is all through the church. They are studying the constellations, and they are saying it is not astrology. It is astronomy. Jesus gave us the message of mankind in the stars, of the creation of the fall and the end of the whole thing. Lie, lie, the whole church is apostatizing.


I'll do a brief review for you. We found out that Orion typifies, and this is according to the folklore, Orion means the giant. That is not correct, I am sorry. The Hebrew word translated Orion, the meaning of it according to the Hebrew is giant, Nephilim, Goliath was a Nephilim. Means giant and also means fool. There is only one giant fool that I know in the scripture. Anybody know who the giant fool is? Cain. You silly fool. Why is Cain a fool? Because in an attempt to exalt herself what did she do? And what was the result of that? She killed herself. Every hear of cutting off you nose to spite your face? In an attempt to exalt herself she killed herself and all of her descendants, and I see that we are truly the children of Cain. Every time I look at somebody under authority trying to bring down that authority, I see it in marriages, I see in schools, I see it in churches, I see between children and parents, I see it everywhere. It is part of our nature brethren. I see people under authority trying to bring down that authority and as soon as they bring down that authority they die because they cannot live a righteous life or a prosperous life without that authority. That makes you a fool brethren.


The scripture says a wise woman build her own household. She builds her family. She doesn't tear it down because when you tear something down then you don't have it any more. It is hard to see to what degree a God-established authority is relating to the prosperity of your life or is relating to the prosperity of the church or the family or even the business that you work for. It is hard to see because you think that institution is functioning and you don't give credit to the authority that is standing in the gap for you so you attack your boss or your husband or your father and you bring him down, and the whole institution if it doesn't collapse it is severely damaged, and what good is your raise if there is no more job?


The problem is that the foolish ones, because if you are in rebellion, you are a fool, the problem is that you cannot see that that authority is contributing to your well being. You can't see it because you are a fool. It looks so easy to you until you try to do it, and then you find out just how easy it is. That is why Jesus has said unto us, because you are all fools, you are all descendants of Cain, we are all descendants of Cain and we are all fools because you are too foolish to know by instinct that a wise person builds the authority over them because your instinct is otherwise. Your instinct is to destroy and tear down; therefore, I give you a law. I don't care what you are feeling. I don't care what you think. I don't care what you believe. Obey and submit to the God given authority over you, and you shall prosper and if you are really a fool you won't believe it, and you will do your destruction and you will not prosper. Orion is the fool. He typifies Cain, and we are all born with this spirit of Cain.


Next is Pleiades, and we have a change in Pleiades. I found out that I did exactly what I told you I did at the beginning of the message. I got Pleiades mixed up with Arcturus. I looked at Pleiades, and the definition of the word Pleiades was seven stars, and I interpreted that symbol to be the body of Christ, and then I looked at Arcturus, and I interpreted that symbol to be....Pleiades I interpreted to be Abel, and Arcturus the body of Christ, and I got them backwards. Pleiades is the female church which isn't even the body of Christ, and Arcturus is Abel. Arcturus is Abel. Let me tell you how I got that. We are going to not spend any more time on Orion because Orion was correct. Cain, the fool.


Let's go on to Pleiades. Pleiades, Strong's #3598. The word means heap or cluster, and my comment from the first part is this is a feminine noun which means a heap or a cluster, and it is used especially of stars; hence, Pleiades, also known as the Seven Stars. Because this constellation is seven stars consisting of seven larger stars and other lesser ones closely grouped more fully called the bundle of Pleiades. So we see that the KJ translators found a word that means cluster of stars and they drew the conclusion that it was talking about the constellation Pleiades which has seven stars. I drew the conclusion that this typifies Abel, the many membered spirit of Abel, but when I went into Arcturus, Strong's #5906, it means the great bear and for whatever reason. I am not going to reveal how I interpreted it the way I did, but I will tell you why today I believe it is Abel. Because Gesenius says on Page 2 that this word Arcturus means, moth, and it can be translated moth or grass.


How many of you know that when you kill a moth what happens to them? They turn to dust, and who is the dust? Abel is the dust. Further meanings of this also about mid way down the page I went back I studied all the roots of this word. One of the roots means to fall away, and we know that Abel fell away. To become lean. We can say he became lean, he lost his wife. Strong says this word can also mean, it is from a root that also means to lend aid, and what does that remind you of? Doesn't it remind you of salvation? Salvation. So Abel is the root that can increase into our salvation. He is all these things. He is the negative translation of the word, and he is also the positive translation of the word, and then also the last root means a heap of ruins, and Abel is certainly a heap of ruins. I am going to reverse my position on the first part of this message and tell you that I believe Arcturus is symbolizing Abel. If that sounds strange to you, the KJ translators says it means a bear. I am just doing the same thing that they are doing only I hope I am being a little more scriptural than they are. Orion is the foolish giant. Cain, (Don't you mean Abel here?) Arcturus; meaning a moth or grass. We are not going to accept the fact that astrology says that it is a bear. We are going to say that it is Abel


Back to Pleiades now. I sort of zeroed in on this seven stars. Seeing that the KJ translators are relating this heap of cluster of stars and relating it to Pleaiades, and I tied it into something that we just heard and just found out about in Amos 5, Part 6, I learned something in that message. I hope you know that I am learning as much as you are. Most of these things that I teach I only find out when I study for the message. We found out that seven stars signify the church, and that 12 stars signify Satan's government. I used to think that 12 was the number of Jesus' government, but what I suggest to you is that 12 is the number of government in this fallen world. It is the number of government in the fallen world. The number seven is the spiritual number of completion. Twelve is the number of government in the mortal world. Yes, Jesus had 12 apostles here in the mortal world, and they were still fallen men when he appointed them Apostles, and as far as I know Paul and John were the only ones who ascended to full stature, the first stage of the resurrection. That the time that Jesus appointed the Apostles they were all mortal men. He chose the number of government in this mortal world.


So taking that information that we learned from Part 6 of Amos 5, knowing that we already have a symbol for Cain and we already have a symbol for Abel I chose to take Pleiades to symbolize the female church. Remember the word is female, and that bothered me when I interpreted it Pleiades in the other two parts of this message to mean Abel, it bothered me that the word was feminine, but I justified it by saying that, well in his mortal condition, after Cain killed him and he lost his imputed manhood he is coming up feminine. I have to tell you that I no longer agree with that symbol that I chose on the early parts of this message, and of course, seven being the number of God, the number of God being female, I am going to say that Pleiades is signifying the female church, the Bride of Christ.


Coming down to Mazzaroth, I also made a change here. It is amazing. We stopped in the middle of this series to do Amos 5, and I learned all this in Amos 5 and now that we are back in this series I am making all these changes. The Lord is amazing. Mazzaroth, Strong's #4216. I remind you that this word is translated constellation, and it only appears in the plural, and what it is talking about Strong, not the KJ translators, Strong, the author of our lexicon, that this word is talking about the 12 signs of the Zodiac. I think I had said in our earlier parts that this symbolized the whole creation, good and evil with righteousness, sustaining the balance of power. Please remember that the blocked out areas are red lined, and that is what I added in, and the words with the lines in them are struck out. So I am changing that and I am saying that Mazzaroth means Leviathan and this visible physical world which is the serpent's dark shadow, and I will you how I came to that conclusion.


Strong says that this is speaking about the 12 signs of the Zodiac and their associated constellations, and I am zeroing in on Page 3 about half way down. I gave you this information the last time. I just did not really use it. Number 2 says that Gesenius says this word, mazzarah, which is the root that Mazzaroth comes from that in the vulgate, when the Hebrew was translated into the Latin, it was translated Lucifer, and it also comes from a root that means, to dedicate one's self, to devote one's self. It is only in the plural now, and I am suggesting to you that we are going to take this translation, Lucifer, Lucifer is the Latin for light bearer, the one who used to carry the light, and died and he is the one who was separated. This word can mean separated. It doesn't mean consecrated, but it means separated. Adam is the one who separated and died, and he separated and he became Cain who is appearing in the heavenlies as the dragon, and in the world which he has incarnated.


Let me say that again. This word, this Hebrew word translated Mazzaroth is likened unto the 12 signs of the Zodiac only in the plural and Gesenius says that the root word that it comes from in the Latin, when this word was translated into Latin, was translated Lucifer, and Lucifer, we know, is the Adam who tried to exalt himself above God and died, and it was actually Adam's lower parts. Adam had to bear the bulk of the blame because it was his lower part, and you might say it was his wife, but the scripture doesn't really that. The scripture says that it was his lower parts who didn't even have a name until she incarnated, and then we found out it was Cain. So Lucifer is really Adam's lower part, Cain, who said that she would exalt herself above the stars of God, and she is the one who is separated and appearing in heaven because the Mazzaroth is appearing in heaven, and so it is Cain who is appearing in heaven as the dragon. Why? Because Cain which twisted together with the earth and became the serpent when Cain killer her head, Abel, the earth rose up and took authority over Cain and became the serpent. The serpent increased into Leviathan, and Leviathan is appearing in the heavens. We see that in Revelation 12. the dragon is in heaven. The dragon is in the mind of men and has cast the image of the serpent to form this world. Is everybody o.k? I had a little trouble getting that out.


So what have we got so far? Orion is Cain. Pleiades is the female church. Arcturus is Abel. Mazzaroth is Leviathan. Why am I saying Leviathan instead of Cain? Because it is plural. It is many membered, and in this hour Cain is appearing as Leviathan. Cain twisted with the earth, became the serpent, increased into Leviathan, and it is the dragon that is in the heavenlies right now. So, we are going to translate Mazzaroth the many membered Leviathan, the many membered mortal man. I left the rest of this in, in case you wanted to look at it.


We are now going to start going over the scriptures that we translated Job 9:9. We are going to keep that translation that we did. I will just read it for the tape. The one who bruises Cain while he is still inside of Leviathan puts him in the correct moral order, acquires Abel and establishes the Word of God which projects the image of the visible spiritual world. That one we did right, and we are keeping it.


Job 38:31. I made some changes in that. If you look at the bottom of Page 3 you will see that I had translated Pleiades as Abel, but I have now changed it to the female church, and I have also chosen a different translation of the word, to loose. I had chosen the very legitimate translation, to engrave. But in view of the way the translation of Job 38:31 is coming down I chose to keep the translation, to loose, to loose the bands. I think I put that in the wrong place. Do you see where I have in caps, to open the mouth of? I think that is the translation of, to loose. I put it after the words, the bands, instead of before it. We are going to choose for our translation of to loose, we are going to choose the words, to open, and Gesenius says to open could be used in the phrase to open the mouth, to open the door, to open the cart, but the word actually only means, to open. So I have added the words, the mouth of, in brackets because I suggest to you that that is the significance of it in this verse.


I suggest to you the verse is saying that the opening of Leviathan's mouth. It is talking about the opening of Leviathan's mouth so that Cain can be drawn out. I suggest to you the scripture talks about that. . . You know we did a whole study on Leviathan and we translated that word, to draw out with a hook. I know the Lord blessed the translation, and it is very deep and it is pretty accurate but I never really saw it this way, that we are opening Leviathan's mouth because Cain has to come out. Cain is in the belly of Leviathan which event is signified by Jonah 2:10, and the Lord spake unto the fish and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land. I suggest to you that this verse is talking about Cain who was trapped inside the belly of Leviathan and has died.


The Hebrew word translated, fish, is Strong's #1709. I've given you the translations in your notes, and this is either Strong's or Brown Driver Briggs, I took this off the computer. It says in his opinion the best translation comes from the root #1672 in the sense of squirming or moving by the vibratory action of the tail, and it is often used in the plural. Remember that Satan, the salt sea, is the unconscious mind and Cain is the fish swimming in the waters of our unconscious mind. Is not Cain swimming in Satan's waters? I want you to know this really excites me because I never really had it straight in my head who these fish were. Jesus said, you shall be fishers of men. I never really had it straight.


A couple of months ago I received the revelation that this was talking about the unconscious mind, that the sons of God would be going and capturing the unconscious minds of men and turning them from evil to good, but today the Lord showed me that the life in the sea is Cain and that which we are fishing for in Satan's sea is Cain. We are fishing for Cain swimming in Satan's sea. That's exciting. The word translated fish refers to the moving by the vibratory action of the tail. Spirit moves by vibration so that is just one more witness that this fish is spiritual, that it moves by vibration, and the Lord is telling me now as I am preaching to you, He is showing me an image of the sperm. How does a sperm propel itself? It whips its tail around. It propels itself by whipping its tail so sperm you could call fish. They come forth in the seminal fluid, and looking at it spiritually of course, they could be fish and they whip themselves with their tails. Very interesting.


The word, to draw out, #4189, Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades or loose, or open the mouth of, the bands. We are going to translate the bands as the one who is bound. So that you can draw out. I am not going to say, loose. We are going to use the translation, draw out. This is the translation of that same word which we found in Job 41:1. This is the same word that's translated, draw out, in Job 41:1, and we are going to translate it, draw out. Of Orion. We are taking our interpretation of Orion to be Cain. Can you equip for action the one who is bound. Now I've struck out Abel, and I've added in the female church. I've struck out, engraving, and I've added the translation, opening the mouth of, and I've struck out our prior choice of translation, the increase of the human spirit. I think that was what I had translated, to draw out, and we are making it Cain.


Now remember, these choices were not wrong. When I did this translation a couple of months ago, my choices were not wrong. They were legitimate, and the alternate translation that I came up with was legitimate. What is happening right now is that we are attempting to find out as exactly as possible what Jehovah is saying through the scriptures because no matter how legitimate a translation is we want to know what Jehovah is saying. That's what this is all about, and this is what we have. Can you equip the female church for action and open the fishes mouth and draw Cain out? When I put those words together it became clearer to me, and I polished it to read, Can you equip the female church to open. I changed the in to a to. Why? Because I got a revelation of what Jehovah was trying to say.


Can you equip the female church to open Leviathan's mouth and draw Cain out? I could never have come up with this translation if I didn't have the revelation in my heart that the Lord Jesus Christ was crucifying Abel, giving him his priestly authority back, and Abel is now attacking Leviathan and beating him over the head and cracking him open with the full intention of drawing Cain out so that Cain can be restored to the family of God, and that the whole family on the earth, which is us, can be restored unto heaven. And that is how I changed the and to to. I just look at the translation, and if it is possible I fit it into the revelation in my heart. I am not making this up out of the sky. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit, and part of the reason I was so late tonight was, not this verse but the next one, gave me such a difficult time. I couldn't make it fit into anything that sat right in my heart so I just had to sit there and pray until the Lord showed it to me. I am not pulling this out of the air. This is Job 38:31, our translation is, Can you equip the female church to open Leviathan's mouth and draw Cain out? Can you do that Job? Can you crucify her human spirit and give Abel his power back? You better shut your mouth because you can't. Glory to God.


The next verse we dealt with in the last parts of this message was Isaiah 13:10, and I have made some changes here too. For the stars. I told you the last time that the translation of the stars is the masculine spirits of heaven. We are going to stay with that. Who are the masculine spirits of heaven? Abel I want to suggest to you the word is plural. A many membered masculine spirit of heaven is Abel. And the constellations, Strong's #3685, that is the same Hebrew word which is translated Orion. In one place the KJ translators translated it the constellation Orion, but when it came to Isaiah 13:10 that translation and interpretation just did not fit so they gave it another translation. Now when that happens to me, and please I am going to say this until it is coming out of your ears. I am not criticizing the KJ translators. I am just pointing out the difference between us. When this happens to me, I go back into the first verse and make my adjustments, but it appears that the KJ translators didn't do this, maybe....I am just pointing out to you that when I find a translation or when I find a verse in which the translation I've chosen doesn't fit I go back to all the other occasions where I've used this word and tried to get it right. That is what we are doing here.


The Hebrew word translated constellations in Isaiah 13:10, it is the same Hebrew word translated Orion only that translation doesn't fit in here. Constellations are groups of stars. this is the same word translated Cain, no I mean Orion, but it is plural. I suggest to you that it is speaking about Cain's many membered body, Leviathan. On page 1 when we read about Orion we are told that it is a single impious giant. so this Hebrew word translated constellations, apparently it is the same word that is plural. That's what happened. It is the plural of the word translated Orion. I am going to suggest to you that when Cain became plural he became plural in the form of Leviathan. He became plural from Leviathan, right? There is not a plural Cain. He is now Leviathan. Jesus. Going on with this translation, this is a long verse and this is the one I really labored over. I didn't think I would have this message for tonight. Because the masculine spirits of heaven, because the many membered body of Abel which is the immature body of Christ, or the immature Sons of God, the word, thereof, we won't be using in that. Shall not. We are going to keep that as a negative. Once again all of my critics that think every time I see a negative I interpret Satan or Cain. We are going to keep it as a negative here.


This alternate translation that is in red line, I want you to just X that out. It is from the past message. I left it in, let me tell you why I left it in, you can do what ever you want with it. I just don't want you to think that that is something I added in for this message. You may recall that parts 1 and 2 of this series, on part 2 of this series I went over part 1, and I did what I am doing now. I struck out some words and whatever I added in and red lined so that is why this is red lined, but it is not new for this message. It was new for part 2. Do you know what I am talking about? So you can indicate that anyway you want. I intended to copy it in just to show you what our past translation was, but apparently I didn't remove the red line markings on my computer document.


This is the way we translated this verse on Part 2, Isaiah 13:10. Cain's many members are living out of Leviathan and exalting themselves in the visible physical world because of Abel's weak construction of the living soul. Cain shall be covered over by Christ Jesus when the visible spiritual world springs forth in front of Leviathan's self made visible physical world, and you will find out that the alternate translation we are coming up with today isn't much different in context. I got this because I have the heart of God so i came up with the right idea, but when I did it word by word I did not make the right choices. Let me just read you what our final translation of that will be. It is much shorter anyway. I amplified it.


On page 6, the final translation is, Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection any more because Leviathan shall be darkened when Cain goes forth and the Word of God illuminates the visible world. So maybe you want to go over this when you are along if you can try and understand what I am saying. Basically, the idea of both translations is the same. I just chosen more accurate translations of the word, and I have to tell you that I could have never come forth with this translation if we didn't do Amos 5:18. When we translated Amos 5:18 the Lord gave us the answer to that deep mystery that talks about Cain's reflection.


If you recall, Cain doesn't have any reflection. Cain is a part of Leviathan who's casting the serpent's dark shadow, and yet I looked at verse 18 of Amos 5 in every way that I could and that is what it said. Cain's reflection. Then when I prayed the Lord gave me the key. Cain will only have a reflection after he is restored to the family of God. It is deep mystery. You can only understand that verse if you can understand that Cain is going to be removed from Leviathan and when Cain is removed from Leviathan, Leviathan will be darkened. Leviathan is the sun of this world. He is the spiritual sun of this world. Remember the scripture, the sun is going to be darkened as if sackcloth went over it. How is the sun going to be darkened. The light of the sun, Cain....well who is Leviathan? Cain mixed together with the earth increased into Leviathan. Light must be spirit.


Cain, the spirit part of Leviathan, will be removed, and the sun will be darkened, and Cain will cast his reflection only, I keep calling him a he, she is a she. Cain will cast her reflection when she is rejoined to Abel, and the Lord Jesus Christ so it is a real mysterious way of exalting Jesus with Jehovah's plan, exalting Jehovah with His plan of salvation. I took this understanding of Amos 5:18, and I used it to understand Isaiah 13:10. Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection any more and what's Abel's reflection? This is a mystery too as Abel is really only going to be casting a reflection when he is raised back up into Adam. Adam is the one that casts Jehovah's reflection which reflection is the visible spiritual world so to say that Abel is going to be casting a reflection is a mysterious way of saying Adam shall be raised from the dead. Abel shall rise into Adam again because Abel is not powerful enough to cast Jehovah's reflection and form a world. How do I know that? Abel is raised from the dead in me, and I tried and it didn't work. Praise the Lord. Abel is a mortal man, and if Abel is raised from the dead in you, you are still mortal. I do not know whether or not Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ could have cast the image of a mind. I don't think so at this point. I don't think even a man in full stature could do that. You have to be the glorified spirit of Jesus Christ to do that, in my opinion. The Lord could correct me. You have to be a glorified spirit to do that.


I would like to go over with you a few changes that I made. I had a very difficult time translating and this is how it went. The stars are the male spirits of heaven, that's Abel, shall not give. . . .You might see that in the earlier messages I gave three potential translations of the Hebrew word translated give, to boast, to rage, or to glorify, and in my earlier translation I chose boast, but as the Lord is showing it to me now I find rage to be more appropriate. We shall translate the Hebrew word #1984 to give in the KJ, we are translating it rage. Their light.


There are at least two Hebrew words translated light. This is Strong's #216. It is the word light that appears in Genesis 1 where Elohim says, let there be light. It is speaking about dispersed light that is cast on the waters and forms a reflection. This has to be Jehovah's image because the serpent's image is a dark shadow. So this word light means it has to be Jehovah's image which I did not seem to perceive in the earlier messages so I've added the word Jehovah in there. The word sun on the previous message I translated it sun rising or shields because the sun is always a mind and a mind is a weapon and a shield, but I believe in view of this translation and everything that the Lord has shown me this word sun is meaning the son of this world which is Leviathan, and I have to confess to you that when I did this translation earlier it never occurred to me that the word sun could be talking about Leviathan.


To me, Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness and it really had not clicked in my mind that there is a sun of this world that's going to be covered over and that sun is Leviathan. Do you understand what Jesus did here? I really did not have what I needed to translate these verses so he put us in a two month study of Amos 5, and now I have what I needed to translate these verses. Amazing. He is just amazing. He is awesome. He is an awesome God. Shall be darkened. I had chosen the translation hidden previously, but now I know better. I know what it means that the sun is going to be darkened. I know that when Cain is extracted from Leviathan that the sun of this world will be darkened so we are going to keep that translation, darkened. In his going forth, springing forth. I believe we are keeping, goes forth.


And the moon. Now the moon reflects the sun's light, and I suggest to you it is speaking about the visible world. Also, the moon is a satellite that orbits around a planet. It is pretty dead except for the reflection of the planet's light. So we are doing to translate that visible world. Shall not. I have down there that we are translating that negative Leviathan. No, I changed that to Cain. We are going to make that shall not Cain. Cause her light. that's the same Strong's #216 which is talking about Jehovah's image again. To shine means to shine or to make one's own light. I sort of put it together, it was a very difficult translation so I have put it together a couple of times and on the top of page 6 I give you the words that we have chosen for translation and in the brackets are the words that are in the KJ just to help you see how I did this. The stars, the male stars are Abel. The word constellations is Cain or Leviathan. Cain, the many membered Cain. Shall not, we are keeping. The word give is translated rage. The image or reflection is that dispersed light. Shields are carnal minds. We are talking about the sun, Leviathan the sun of this world. Shall be hidden, is darkened. And the springing forth of the visible world, we are keeping, which is the moon, shall not the image give light. Now that didn't make any sense at all. I just wanted to try.


Now I am polishing it up and rounding it out. I am taking all those words I just gave you, and I am switching their order all around trying to make sense out of it. That's what all translators do. Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection because Leviathan, that's the sun of this world, shall be darkened when Cain goes forth out of him, and the visible world, that's the moon, Cain. . . . This is what I did. Do you see the paragraph that I am in now. In the second line there is the word Cain in brackets. Do you see that? I put it in brackets. When you see words in brackets, most of the time it means amplification. That means the word is not a translation of any Hebrew word, I just amplified, I put it in. But that is not what happened here. If you look down in the fourth line and the bottom line, where it says reflection. I'm sorry, the third line. Cain is a legitimate translation of the Hebrew word in the third line. Then it says shall not, used above. This word Cain is the translation of the words, shall not. It is a negative particle. I chose Cain, but I am moving it up to the second line where I had Cain in brackets. Do you understand what I am doing? O.K.


Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection because Leviathan, the sun of this world, shall be darkened when Cain, that's the shall not from further on, goes forth, and the dispersed light of the visible world shall illuminate. Here is what I got out of it. Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection any more because Leviathan shall be darkened (that means Cain's going to be removed), when Cain goes forth, and the Word of God illuminates the visible world. Now the Word of God is what Christ Jesus is becoming. Now remember, Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam. The Lord Jesus Christ is crucifying Abel, raising Abel from the dead but still a mortal man. When they get Cain back, when the Lord Jesus in Abel breaks Leviathan's head and get Cain back. . . .I'm sorry, its been a very difficult day. Let me try this again.


The Lord Jesus Christ is crucifying Abel, rasing him from the dead and giving him his mortal priestly authority back, and then Adam is rising from the dead. This is full stature. Able joined to the Lord Jesus, apparently there is enough power in this union, there is enough power in this altar to raise Adam from the dead in the form of a mind within a human body, but to raise Adam completely from the dead and put him back into spirit form like he was before the fall it is necessary for Cain to be included. Let me say it again.


The Lord Jesus crucifies Abel and raises him back to his mortal priestly authority. Then because of the grace that Jehovah is granting us, Abel who has been restored to his mortal priestly authority, Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, has made a way for Adam to be raised from the dead in that man who is still in a human body. How is this happening? Who is the Lord Jesus Christ? He was a flesh man in whom Abel was raised from the dead, and Cain was restored to the family. In the man Jesus, Abel was raised back to priestly authority. Jehovah was present, Elohim was present, and Cain was saved from Leviathan and Adam was completely restored to his condition before the fall. So, what we have in the man, Jesus of Nazareth in the days of his flesh, what we had was a man in whom Adam was raised from the dead sufficiently for him to be called God. There was no sin in Him, but Cain was still in Leviathan. Even in Jesus of Nazareth, Cain was not extricated from Leviathan until the glorification. so, how could Adam be raised from the dead in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, if the Cain of his mortality was still in Leviathan? Do you understand the question?


I am going to put this on the board for you. I will start out this explanation by saying this. I really don't have it clear in my head exactly what happened with the man, Jesus of Nazareth, in this respect. There was no human male seed. You see, the one difference that is obvious to me at this point between Jesus of Nazareth and his experience and what's happening to us now is that Jesus did not have any human male seed. Everybody that's receiving the Lord Jesus now and going on to be raised from the dead, we are human beings who are the product of a human male and female seed and then the seed of God comes into us also, but in Jesus of Nazareth there was no male human seed. There was just the female seed and the Holy Spirit. I've preached that the Holy Spirit fertilized the baby Jesus' human spirit while he was still an ovum, but I don't know what effect the lack of a human male seed had in him.


What I do know is that it is impossible to rise out of hell without help, and the help that Jehovah has sent us is the Lord Jesus, but apparently it is so impossible to rise out of hell that possibly the Holy Spirit hovering over the ovum that was going to be Jesus had to do something really unique for the man Jesus to go through whatever he had to go through. You see his experience. . . .Our experience is not exactly the same as his experience. There had to be something different about his person because there was no male seed, and there had to be some kind of adjustment made by Jehovah through the Holy Spirit that made it possible for him to arise out of this world because we know we can't do it without Jesus, and what I am going to show you on this board is what we have through Jesus that he didn't have. That means he had to have something that I don't know about. Let me show you what I am talking about.


O.K. This was the man, Jesus of Nazareth. He was born with a human spirit that had been crucified by the Holy Spirit, and he was born with Abel in him having his priestly authority functioning. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was born with Abel in him raised from the dead. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was mortal but he was born with Abel's priestly authority functioning. I don't have any time sequence for you, but he was born with Leviathan on the woof of the garment, he had a carnal mind, and somewhere between birth and 30 years of age Abel was a functioning priestly authority, brought Leviathan into submission, and Satan rose up, the god of Leviathan rose up challenged. I left a step out. This Abel with priestly authority increased into Adam. Abel rose from the dead and became Adam, and Satan and Leviathan challenged the newly resurrected Adam and Adam defeated Satan by the Spirit of Holiness which was in Him, and who is the Spirit of Holiness? Elohim. But as I told you there is a piece of this puzzle missing. I know there is a piece missing, and I don't understand it. Why is there a piece missing? Why doesn't Elohim come to me and why didn't He come to you? Why did this man, Jesus of Nazareth, in whom Adam was raised from the dead, who defeated Satan and Leviathan, who was so Holy that when His body was killed Jehovah, who was present in His mind, raised the whole man from the dead, why can't He do it for me and for you? There is a piece of this puzzle missing, you see.


The reason that Jehovah cannot send Elohim to do it for us is that this wouldn't work for us. So, there is something here that happened to Jesus of Nazareth that I don't know about because this would not work for us. Why? Because Abel would not even be raised from the dead if we didn't have the Holy Spirit but even so there is something I don't know that has to do with Him not having the male genes. I don't know what it is, but I am going to take this off the board, and I am going to show you what the difference is between Elohim coming to us and Jesus, the Christ coming to us. I am going to show you the difference between Elohim coming to us to crucify Abel and the Lord Jesus coming to us to crucify Abel. I'll show you what the difference is.


Let me tell you one more thing before we take this off the board. After Adam rose from the dead....see when Adam rose from the dead in the man Jesus, from the moment that Adam rose from the dead in him he was no longer Jesus of Nazareth, He was Jesus The Christ. He was more God than He was man. That is why he said when someone said your brethren are outside, He said, they are not my brethren. He wasn't Jesus of Nazareth anymore. He was the Son of God. He had ascended above His mortal connections. So after Jesus of Nazareth ascended to full stature which means Adam was raised from the dead in Him. . . .Cain was still in there with Leviathan and Satan so we know that Jesus of Nazareth was God when He was in full stature. We know that He was God, but His body wasn't God. There was a piece of Him that was missing. He was God with a piece of Him missing. What was missing? Cain was missing. How do I know Cain was missing when He was in full stature?


Brethren, if Cain had been completely absorbed into the spiritual being of Jesus The Christ His physical body would have ceased to exist. Why? Because for Cain to be completely restored to Adam Leviathan's heads have to be broken, and Leviathan is the mind which is casting the image of this body. So as long as He had a human body I know that Leviathan was intact, and if Leviathan was intact it means Cain was in there, but you see Cain is a spirit and spirits can vibrate, spirits can be in two places as once, that's how you soul travel. Your spirit stays rooted in your spiritual being and vibrates and can go to another part of the world. So, I do believe that in Jesus of Nazareth Cain was in two places. I think Cain was partially here but he was not totally here. If you can hear what I am saying. That may or may not be accurate, I am just going with what I've got. What I do know for sure is that a large part of Cain was still in Leviathan. Maybe he wasn't there at all, I'm not sure.


You see, this is the question in my mind. The man Jesus was born with an Abel who was resurrected from the dead. What happened to the man Jesus that made the priestly Abel increase into Adam? What happened to Him? Was it just maturity or did it require a part of Cain? I don't know. Do you understand what I am saying? So in the glorification when Leviathan's image was broken down, when Leviathan's heads were broken, the image broke and Cain completely came to Jesus who was Christ but there was no more body. Cain's in the body. So at the time of the glorification the heads of Leviathan were broken - well I just had a very interesting thought - the heads of Leviathan were broken, the mind, the carnal mind was broken, Cain was drawn out, and the body ceased to exist, and the man, Jesus who was of Nazareth but who became The Christ became a glorified spirit called the Word of God, a life giving spirit, the second Adam, when Cain was completely restored to his family. But this seems to be the issue here, if we didn't have the Lord Jesus, if Elohim came to us directly, this is the issue right here, restoration of Cain to the family. There is something here that I don't understand, and I am going to drop it here and I am going to erase this, and I am going to show you what the Lord Jesus is doing for us that I don't think Elohim did for Him. I don't understand how it happened.


Here is my diagram. Here's Abel who is dead. Now I am not going to write in the Lord Jesus. I am not going to write in those words. I am going to write in the Lord Jesus' parts. I am going to say, coming to Abel in you or me is Jehovah, is Elohim, and is Cain and Abel, if you can see this. In the Lord Jesus Cain was restored to Abel. In the man Jesus who was Christ was Cain , Abel, Elohim, and Jehovah. When the Lord Jesus crucifies our Abel He brings Cain with Him. He brings His Cain with Him. He brings His Cain with Him. Adam can't be raised from the dead without Cain, but our Cain is trapped in Leviathan's belly. So when the Lord Jesus crucifies Abel He's bringing Cain with Him, and the way it looks to me right now is that we cannot ascend from Abel unto Adam, we can't really rise from the dead into full stature which is sinlessness without Cain, but Abel the mortal Abel is not strong enough to break Leviathan's heads. What does Abel do? What is Abel going to do to Leviathan? He is going to put him under his feet. Abel who has been restored to his priestly authority will bring Leviathan into submission. Abel is mortal and guess what? Leviathan is mortal, mortal. Priestly Abel will bring Leviathan into submission, but he doesn't have the power to break his head. Mortal Abel must increase into the immortal Adam, the resurrected Adam is immortal. It takes an immortal to break Leviathan's head.


I am thinking of the Highlander. To take his head, you have to be an immortal. You have to be an immortal to take his head. Abel in his priestly authority is still mortal. Leviathan is still mortal. A mortal Abel can defeat a mortal Leviathan but only an immortal Adam can take Leviathan's head. But you see, we have a problem. We cannot rise from priestly Abel to immortal Adam without Cain. How could Adam rise from the dead without half of his heart? But the Lord Jesus has come and He has come with a reconciled Cain and Abel. If you can hear it, it is the best I've got for you now. I know it is not complete, but it is the best I've got for you now. The difference between Elohim crucifying Abel in the man Jesus and the glorified Jesus crucifying us is that Jesus is coming with Cain. Elohim didn't come with Cain. So Jehovah had to do it in a different way with Jesus of Nazareth. That must have been much more complicated than what He's doing for us, and this is pretty complicated. It must have been so much more complicated in the way Jehovah did it for the man Jesus that He decided to make a Savior of the to do it this really complicated way with one man, and then send that spiritual man to us. That completed man, Christ is not divided you see.


I've heard that scripture used so many ways in the church. Jesus who was Christ is not divided. Cain and Abel are restored in Him and He is engrafting Himself to us, and we apparently got enough of Cain in here from the Lord Jesus that it is feasible for us to rise from the dead. Do you know what I am talking about? I very excited. For a long time I did not understand what the difference was between Elohim and the Lord Jesus. I now know what the difference is. Any questions on this issue? Unless there is something I can't see, it is my understanding right now that when we stand up in full stature I always thought we would be in the same condition that Jesus was in. Now what do I know? I don't know anything anymore, but we still have to get Cain back from our Leviathan.


So our experience is not going to be exactly like that of Jesus, and this is the first time you have heard me say that. Our experience cannot be exactly the same. It can't be. Because the circumstances are different; therefore, I don't have any idea what to expect when we stand up in full stature. I just know we are coming to a place of power, and I have a whole slew of questions that I didn't have before. I thought it was so easy that the only thing that was different between Jesus of Nazareth and us was that He was born with the fertilized human spirit. Now I find out that is not true. He did not have the male chromosomes, and His experience had to be different, it had to be different. Why? Because how did He, how could Adam rise from the dead in Him when Cain was captured in the belly of a big fish, and I believe the questions is here, and we will have the answer. I just don't have it now. Anybody have any questions?


I think this is very exciting, the difference between Elohim and the Lord Jesus. It was Elohim who crucified the human spirit of the ovum in Mary, and it was Elohim, it was not Adam. The Lord Jesus Christ to us is Adam who is raised from the dead coming to us, but with the Lord Jesus it was Elohim so something had to happen to get Cain reconciled to Abel in the man Jesus that I don't understand at this time. Right now Jesus is standing in the gap for us. He is letting His person, his spiritual person is standing in for Cain so that we can rise from the dead. He is coming with Elohim. When Jesus comes to us He's bringing Elohim and bringing Jehovah and He's bringing the other factor that we can't get a hold of. He's coming with Cain. He's coming with a reconciled Cain and Abel that is going to stand in the gap for us and let us rise from the dead based on His resurrected Cain and Abel or His reconciled Cain and Abel until we can get our own back. If you can hear it, hear it.


We are getting more in one year than I got in all the years before. Question: In the bottom one with Jesus and Cain and Abel, that's Jesus' Cain? So now, we have to find out how we get to Cain from Leviathan up above. Sheila: We know how to get it. The question is, it takes an immortal to take Leviathan's head and we cannot rise from a priestly condition of imputed priesthood which is Abel to an immortal condition of being raised from the dead, we cannot do that without having Cain reconciled to Abel, and the mortal priestly Abel doesn't have the power to break Leviathan's heads. We have to be immortal to break his heads, but we can't be immortal until we get Cain away from him. So what do we do? The Lord Jesus is coming and standing in the gap. He's coming with an undivided spirit, and giving Himself to us so that we can rise into immortality and get Cain back.


COMMENT: So when that happens that's the last instance then before full stature?


PASTOR VITALE: Try not to say that.


COMMENT: When Jesus lends us His Cain? 




COMMENT: And gives us the strength and then when Cain is taken from Leviathan does that mean it is full stature?


PASTOR VITALE: No, we arise to full stature before we get Cain back. We rise to full stature standing on Jesus' reconciled spirit. He's given us His reconciled Cain and Abel.


COMMENT: What stage will that be?


PASTOR VITALE: What stage will that be? That's glorification, I believe it, that's where I am going from now. I think it is glorification but until that time we are standing on the Word, that's what standing on the Word really means.


COMMENT: How does crucifixion come in, does it come in there in between?


PASTOR VITALE: Crucifixion comes when Jesus crucifies. 


COMMENT: What will the crucifixion do for us?


PASTOR VITALE: There are two crucifixions, June, the first is of your human spirit which is intended to raise Abel from the dead in you, and then when you become immortal you crucify Leviathan. There are two crucifixions, two penetrations. Anybody else?


The Lord Jesus Christ crucifies our human spirit, and then when Adam is raised from the dead in us, the immortal Adam crucifies Leviathan. He breaks his head through penetration. This is a very interesting thought. I am very curious to see what the Lord is going to show me in this area. Listen, this body is an illusion. You have heard me preach it, this body is an illusion. When the resurrected Adam breaks Leviathan's head, when he breaks the carnal mind the illusion or the image which is being projected by Leviathan will cease just as if the light goes out behind the moving picture film. This body will cease to exist. It is just an image.


COMMENT: Then where does it go from there when it ceases to exist?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, what I have been preaching up until now which at this point we will see if the Lord shows me anything else. What I have been preaching up to this point is that it breaks down into its basic spiritual atomic parts, and it is mingled, completely mingled with the spirit.


Now I don't even know if it is mingled with the spirit. That is what I have been saying, that when Leviathan is destroyed the image comes down. I have been telling you that the soul, that the personality, and the physical body are broken down to their basic spiritual, the smallest spiritual parts and mingled completely with the spirit just as if you were mixing eggs and flour and butter and sugar in a cake, and we will become a whole new creature. But now that I am looking at it this way I don't know what happens to the body, if it just ceases to exists you see. I am not really sure. I am thinking of other possibilities. If at the moment that Adam is raised from the dead, and he finds enough power to break Leviathan's heads perhaps we ascend to such a high place that we ascend above this image. We ascend above the image of this world. What's coming to me right now. I am not telling you I am going to stay with this. This is how I receive this revelation from the Lord. He just talks to me and talks to me and you just have to flow with it. Now this is what I am thinking now. Oh my goodness I am starting to pass out from the anointing. This is what I am seeing now. Let me put it on the board for you.


Jesus was living in this visible world, and we are living in this visible world, and these bodies that we are in they are a part of the substance of this world. When the Father in Jesus broke the heads of Leviathan in the man Jesus who was Christ, Jesus who was Christ, who was the resurrected Adam, and Adam is a mind, and that mind is woven through the background threads of a whole man which is called Elohim's living beast. Adam woven through the background threads, the whole man of which this mind was a part, just ascended right out of this world and the illusion of the fallen body that he was in and the substance of which this illusion was made could not ascend above this point and stayed in this world. What happened to it? I am not sure right now what happens when a body dies. What happens when someone dies, what happens to the body? It turns to dust. They never found Jesus' body, you know. They did not find his body.


So, this is a little different than what I told you before. All I knew is they did not find the body. This is a little different. Wow. this is exciting. He ascended right out of this physical world, and he left everything, every part of Him that was a part of this world, he left behind. Jesus. Now I don't know which one is true. I don't know if what I was telling you before is correct, that His body broke down into spiritual dust and was completely absorbed into the glorious spiritual man that ascended into the spiritual world where Jehovah is or He left everything that was of this world here, and you have to make your own choice. My choice right now is I am going to go for this one. You pray and you get your own answer. Everything of this world He left behind. When the Jews came out of Babylon to go back to Jerusalem, everything that wasn't of God they left behind including their children. They left everything behind, everything of this world was left behind including this body because this body is of this world. Wow. I am one big chill. Brethren, you cannot love this world and go out of hell. When you leave this world you leave the apparatus that you need to engage in sexual intercourse. If you love sexual intercourse more than you love getting out of hell you are going to be stuck here.


COMMENT: Pastor Sheila, I haven't been thinking this in a long time but if Jesus went up where did He go.


PASTOR VITALE: He didn't go up, He went in, He went into the spiritual world which is within us.


COMMENT: That was the same with Elijah?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he went in, into the spiritual world. Now we don't know, that is a very interesting point that you brought up Elijah.


COMMENT: Into what spiritual world?


PASTOR VITALE: He went in. they even have it on TV. If you watch these kids cartoons they open up like they have a zipper on their chest and they open it up and they go inside themselves and they disappear. What it is, we are a physical body and there is a spiritual world inside of us. Right now our existence is in this outer world. He went into the inner world, and I don't understand it completely. I just know that it is true. There is a whole world inside of us that's greater than all of the galaxies together because there is no time or space inside of us.


COMMENT: Once you go into the invisible world you disappear?


PASTOR VITALE: You disappear to this world. Jesus disappeared. They watched him ascending until they could not see Him any more, but of course when we go into the spiritual world of God legally through resurrection from the dead we are now in a condition where we can go back and forth, but when we come into this world we will have to take on a body. If you read about the priests of Zadok in Ezekiel, every time they came out from the glory of God they had to change their garments. So to appear in this world I don't believe that the Sons of God will appear as spirits in this world. I don't believe that Jesus appears as spirits in this world. I hear from all kinds of people that people appeared in front of my bed at night. In my opinion, the Lord does not do that because He is appearing in the flesh of man today. He is appearing in the flesh of man. He is not coming to you as He came to doubting Thomas. He is sending His sons in human flesh.


Now, of course, He could do anything He wants, but this is my opinion. I don't think it is likely that it would be Jesus if you have had that experience. Now, I could be wrong. If you hearing this tape and you have had that experience please don't flip out. I could be wrong. This is my opinion. Anything is possible. Jesus could do anything that He wants. But I believe in this hour He comes to you in men, and if He has appeared to you in spirit form it is not a typical thing. It is an unusual thing. Perhaps He saw fit to do it for you in that one instance. I can't tell you if you are convinced that it happened to you and you are convinced that it happened to you, I am not going to argue with you. Maybe He did, but I'll say this. It is not likely. It is a rare thing that He does that because He is appearing in men today.


COMMENT: When He came into the world He was invisible, He came into Adam, and when He goes out He is invisible again.


PASTOR VITALE: He wasn't invisible when He came in. He was born into this world.


COMMENT: I mean He was invisible before he came into Adam.


PASTOR VITALE: Who was invisible?


COMMENT: The Elohim, I guess.


PASTOR VITALE: Elohim is invisible.


COMMENT: He was invisible and when He came into Adam He was visible.


PASTOR VITALE: No. Adam is visible. Elohim is not visible. Elohim is never visible. Adam is visible.


COMMENT: But wasn't that his reflection to Adam?


PASTOR VITALE: Adam is His reflection. His reflection is visible, but Elohim is not visible. Adam is Elohim's reflection. Adam is visible. He is the reflection, but Elohim is not visible.


COMMENT: So it would be the same now when He is in us, we would be His reflection?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we are His reflection. That's why I am telling you I can't stand here and say it is impossible that Jesus could appear to you as a spirit, but I don't think it is likely. I can't speak for Him, but I don't think it is likely. We are His reflection in this hour. When Jesus appeared to Thomas and to the other Apostles He was the only reflection of Elohim at that time.


Actually, it is Jehovah's reflection. He was the only reflection of Jehovah. It wasn't until He returned on the day of Pentecost that He gave the disciples the ability to have Abel raised from the dead in them, and to go on, that other men began to be Jehovah's, I honestly am confused. I don't know if it is Jehovah's reflection of Elohim's reflection. I really don''t want to go on with it at this time. These fine points sometimes are driving me bananas. I really have to pray about that some more, but the reflection. . . I was talking about Jesus appearing to Thomas. Jesus appearing to Thomas. He did that because in that hour when Jesus appeared to Thomas right after the resurrection, there were no human beings in whom He was appearing. Do you know what I am talking about?


He had not poured out His spirit upon them yet. That did not happen until the day of Pentecost. But once Jesus returned to. . . .Jesus has returned to the earth in the form of the Holy Spirit, and we are waiting for Him to appear through the men in whom the Holy Spirit is joining to Abel so to say that you saw a vision, that Jesus appeared to you at your bed, it doesn't sound right to me. to anybody who has this experience I suggest that you pray very strongly. If you choose to believe it maybe it happened to you. It is my opinion it is not likely. Do you see my reasoning?


COMMENT: Does it happen in certain cases because I know that Michael Michael is a Jewish man, and he claims that his life would not have come otherwise?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know. Who am I to say it is impossible? I am not saying it is impossible. I am saying in my opinion it is not likely.


COMMENT: He did not even know who it was. He sees this man with white with the hands and all and then he goes up and gets a Bible and he reads it within three or four days.


PASTOR VITALE: Here's the issue right here. Because he saw an image, that doesn't mean that was Jesus. It was an illusion, an image. It is the same thing as when people die and they see this vision of heaven and all that. It is an illusion. Now maybe Jesus made a decision that this was what this man needed and he let him see an illusion, but Jesus doesn't look like that any more. I have no problem believing that we hear Jesus' voice. I have no problem at all, I hear His voice a lot. Michael, Michael, why do you hate me? We are talking about the image that he saw, and to assume that the voice came out of that image is not a good thing to assume. It may be true, but it may not be true, and in my opinion what it sounds like to me is that Jesus spoke to this man and also gave him a picture, an illusion, because He needed to see it. Why? Because the man saying Michael, Michael, why do you hate me, and the man did not know what He was talking about so Jesus cast an image for him to see to give him an idea that He is talking about Jesus. But that doesn't mean it was Jesus.


Do you see what I am saying, but again I would not argue with anybody about this. This is my opinion. If you are convinced you saw Jesus, if you are open to an analysis of your experience such as have just analyzed of Michael's experience, if you are open to it, I don't want to upset anybody. If you aren't going to get upset about it I will analyze it for you. My opinion is it is not likely that you actually saw Jesus of Nazareth because He's not appearing like that any more. We have thousands of Christians who are expecting Jesus of Nazareth to return to the earth. He is not returning to the earth. Jesus of Nazareth doesn't exist any more. He is now spiritual man who is appearing in the flesh of the members of His body. Jesus gave up His flesh life so that He could be perfected in us. The man Jesus doesn't exist any more. So it is not at all likely but who am I to say it is impossible. It is my educated opinion. I could be wrong. Everybody all right? We will finish out this message. You look like you are holding on to that microphone for dear life. Do you have something else to say?


We got into that whole teaching, thank you Jesus, because we were translating Isaiah 13:10. Our Alt. Translation is, Cain shall not rage against Abel's reflection any more because Leviathan shall be darkened when Cain goes forth from him. Cain is Leviathan's light. Cain is the spirit in Leviathan, and Leviathan cannot exist when Cain is extracted from him so Leviathan shall be darkened when Cain goes forth, and the Word of God illuminates the visible world. Where did the Word of God come from? When Cain goes forth and joins with Abel and the Lord Jesus and Elohim and Jehovah, the resurrected Adam, who is the first Adam? The resurrection of Adam in us is the resurrection of the living soul, and when Cain is restored to the living soul then the living soul increases into the Word of God which is the name of the second Adam.


At the first, the eternal one was a living soul. At the last He was a quickening or a life giving spirit. The name of the life giving spirit is the word of God. So first Abel is being raised from the dead in us, and we are receiving mortal priestly authority and then Adam is being raised from the dead in us, and we are becoming immortal, we are becoming the immortal living soul, and then when Cain, remember Jesus is standing in the gap for the missing Cain, we could not be raised from the dead without Jesus standing in the gap with the reconciled Cain and Abel which He is, and when the immortal Adam breaks Leviathan's heads and extracts Cain out we increase from the living soul to the life giving spirit called the Word of God, and the Word of God doesn't live in a body. So this is talking about glorification, and we find this account in Daniel 7 and Daniel 7, the one who no longer needs a body to live in is called the Ancient of Days.


We have a very interesting Alt. Translation in our Old Testament. In our Alt. Translation of the OT: He is the one who is so spiritually mature that He does not need a human body to survive in. Jesus, we can't wait. What a message.


One more verse. This is the verse that got us into the Amos 5 series. It is Amos 5:8. I struck out the old translation. . . maybe not, I just carried over the old translation. The reason once again that it is in red lining is because I copied this from part two of this series in which I had redone this verse 8 from part 1. That is why it is in red lining. It should not be in red lining. Sorry to be confusing you. I copied this right out of part 2, and I also copy verse 9 right out of . . . .I took our translation for verse 8 and 9 out of the whole chapter because having done the whole chapter I now have refined these verses more than I did in this series. There isn't much difference. When I compared them there was no difference of substance. I had just refined the English a little more so I will read Amos 5:8-9 for you as I have taken them from our study on Amos 5.


Verse 8, Therefore invest Abel with priestly authority, that is, raise him from the dead so that he can over throw Leviathan and put Cain in order, summon the waters of Satan's sea, cover over the barren earth, and incarnate in the earth of Jehovah's image. That is interesting. When I was reading Jonah 2:10 back on Page 4, that hit me but I did not know what the Lord was saying, and the Lord spake unto the fish and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land, and the Lord drew my attention to that, upon the dry land, but I did not know what it meant, and here in Amos 5:8 I see it. He is going to cover the barren earth.


When it says Jonah was thrown out upon the dry land, it means Jonah, typifying Cain, is going to become a part of the Word of God which is going to cover over the barren, or the dry earth. Therefore, invest Abel with priestly authority, that is raise him from the dead, so that he can over throw Leviathan, put Cain in order, summon the waters of Satan's sea, cover over the barren earth and incarnate in the earth in Jehovah's image, incarnate the earth in Jehovah's image.


Verse 9, And loose Cain who was together with Leviathan so that she may enter in and be added to the Word of God, the defensed city. We have now translated every verse except one that has to do with either Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus or the Mazzaroth. There is just one left. It is Job 38, verse 32 in which both the words Arcturus and Mazzaroth appear, and I believe it is the only verse in which Mazzaroth appears. I did this really quick so it is a simple verse.


Let's just take a look at it. Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Now listen to this. This is very interesting. To bring forth #318, we are translating it separate. This is not a common translation, but I did find it in Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon. It is a legitimate translation, to separate, to bring forth, to separate. Mazzaroth, we are translating it Lucifer, Leviathan, we are going to choose Leviathan as the translation. Remember Lucifer is Cain. In his season, #6256, this is the Hebrew word for age, season, age, and we also know that the age is a mind. Christ Jesus is the new age, He is a mind. The new age is a new mind. Canst thou guide, Strongs #5148, this word means to lead, to transport or to govern. Our interpretation of Arcturus is Abel with his sons, so the mature Abel, I think in this case, is really referring to the Sons of God. I guess Abel and his sons would be the two witness company, the immature sons of God.


So when I put it all together this is what I got. Can Abel, now I am starting from the bottom up, and his sons separate from Leviathan and be led out of his age. I started from the bottom. Can Abel be led out, can Abel and his sons separate, from Leviathan and be led out of, I amplified, I added the word his, age, and if Jesus is the new age which is heaven, Leviathan is this age which is hell. Can Abel and his sons separate from Leviathan and be led out of hell? Is it possible that Abel and his sons can separate from Leviathan and be led out of hell? I think I would be inclined to change that Abel to Adam. Yes, because Adam is the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam and his sons separate from Leviathan and be led out of hell, is it possible? Romans 5 says to us that this is very hard, and it is almost impossible. I think I would like to read that verse.


This is Romans Chapter 5, Alt. Translation Bible, verses 6, 7, 8, and 9. Because in the age of innocence which is now passed Christ died when He failed to distinguish between good and evil, who was Christ? Adam. Adam died when he failed to distinguish between good and evil, and we were all case down to the present evil age with him and became ungodly therefore the fall has made it very difficult for anyone to die to their carnal minds so that Adam can be fully born or raised from the dead in them. Under these present circumstances then how can anyone possibly, not only slay their carnal mind, but also cross over into the resurrected Adam. But since we are sinners, because Adam's death in the past age is still over shadowing us we are still reaping the fruit of his death, we are still dead. The love of God is uniting the members of the whole living soul unto Himself through the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ which is much more preferable than the present righteousness we receive by the engrafted Word because it shall save our soul from God's judgment of destruction which presently abides upon the fallen creation.


Anybody have any questions or comments?


(Some discussion of the letter of the word).


PASTOR VITALE: It has done a lot of good, the letter of the word because Jesus is in it, but it is not His word.


COMMENT: You wouldn't call us Adam? You would just call Adam the Lord Jesus Christ? Is that right? And call us Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: The Lord Jesus Christ is the second Adam, the Word of God, He has become a life giving spirit. We are either Abel raised from the dead, if he has been raised from the dead in you. He may have been raised from the dead in you and he may not, but I think what happens is that once the Lord Jesus engrafts to you, you receive priestly authority by faith and then when you use that authority He rises from the dead in you.


It is the same old story I've told you many times. You receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you. You receive the priestly power that Jehovah has imputed unto Abel, but you have to use that power to defeat your enemies. You could be a drug addict, you could be deathly ill, you can be totally overcome by this world and when the Lord Jesus engrafts you, you receive power, but what are you going to do with the power? It is not enough to be lying on your back saying I have power. You have to take that power and overcome the powers and principalities of this world. So, I guess I could say to all of you who have sat whether you are listening to a tape or you are here or not, if you have sat through this whole tape, I am sure that you have every reason to believe that your priestly authority has been restored to you through your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, but the question is what are you going to do with it? If you want to grow you have to use that power as a weapon against your spiritual enemies.


So you receive the power, but I don't know, this is another fine point, your priestly power has been restored unto you, but to actually say that Abel is raised from the dead I don't think you could say that until you have really risen up now, walking in a large measure of victory over the problems in your life so only Jesus knows the answer. You judge yourself. I would not judge you as to whether or not Abel is raised from the dead in you, because I don't know what you were like 20 years ago, and I don't know. You will have to ask the Lord that. It will be obvious when Adam is raised from the dead because we will be in full stature and sinless, but to say whether or not Abel is raised from the dead you have to get your own answer. Did anybody not understand what I've just said?


COMMENT: I was meaning would we eventually be called, would we be Adam, also.? Like the Lord Jesus is Adam, the second Adam. Would we be a second Adam?


PASTOR VITALE: In glorification, yes.


COMMENT: So in glorification we would no longer be called Christ Jesus, it would be the second Adam?


PASTOR VITALE: Or the Word of God. Christ Jesus is the first Adam. I just got a revelation that I didn't even say. Jehovah says, your sin is not acceptable to me, your sin is not acceptable to me. In other words, Jehovah is saying, you haven't fooled me. I guess I added in the word, but I won't accept your sin, fat beasts will I regard, where did I get that word sin from?


Verse 22, Though you offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings I will not accept them, neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. I see where I got it from. It is the word regard. I won't respect, I won't accept, I see, it is the translation of fat beast. I said fat beast #4806 meaning stall fed in the sense of grossness, that your carnal mind, that's fat with sin. Jehovah is saying I will not accept your sin, cross that offering out in your notes. I am changing that to, I won't accept your sin. What Jehovah is saying is you are coming to me, it is like someone coming to you and saying, now look I am doing this for your good, here is a gift, I am going it for your good and the truth is that you could care less whether or not they do this thing for you but they are doing it for their good.


Jehovah is saying, I know what's in your heart, and in your heart you have made a league with Satan. She has accepted you. Leviathan has risen up and sacrificed Christ Jesus. You are not my son, you are a foreign woman and I will not accept your sin. Judgment. Judgment is falling. You haven't fooled me because you cry in the market places and you fast and you tithe and you look religious and give out tracts and you have a Bible study that I never called you to have or you are raising up trips or whatever you are doing you sent yourself out, I didn't send you. Your heart is filled with sin and you have not fooled me, and therefore judgment is falling on you.


Recap Amos 5:16-22, Therefore in the meanwhile, saith Jehovah, Elohim the general of my armies is causing all the sinners who have been restored to power and authority in Abel to cry out and everyone outside of Israel saying, alas, alas, Israel's visible expression of grief and loud wailing is publicly exposing his realization that they are Cain, the serpent who killed Abel, and the whole house of Israel shall be wailing when I crucify their carnal mind. Woe unto you that desire the Kingdom Age for your own selfish purposes. How can this age be for you since the earth is darkness because of Cain's reflection. The earth dissolved herself in the waters of life, twisted together with Adam's lower parts and became the serpent who revealed Adam's potential to sin and righteous Adam incarnated as Cain and Abel, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of Elohim, son, and Leviathan, the serpent's completed mind, was born when Cain yielded to the serpent's temptation, and he wove himself through the bestial background threads of Elohim's living beast changing him into a wild animal and Adam disappeared behind the woman. The day of the Lord is darkness to the earth because Cain's reflection is blurring the serpent's shadow, and there is no power left in it. I shall take away your religious parades which keep my people going in circles instead of growing up spiritually because I hate them, and I will not breathe my spirit into your dead services.


Verse 22 Indeed the serpent accepts Christ Jesus as your voluntary offering in return for her friendship and in alliance with her and Leviathan rises up to sacrifice him, but I will not accept your sin. You have not fooled me, saith the Lord and therefore judgment is falling on you. Any questions or comments?


COMMENT: On page 9, to the middle of the page, and it is saying, the day of the Lord is darkness. . . .in the church world they say, I can't wait for the rapture, we are really going to fly away, they don't know what they are saying, they are really going to go into the worst experience of their life.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. That is exactly what the scripture is talking about. Anybody else?


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