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We are going back into Genesis 1 this morning. We never did finish Genesis 1. Why is it that we jump back and forth? Well, usually the reason is that I don't have enough revelation to go on. I have stopped in several places in Genesis 1 and sometimes a whole year goes by, sometimes six months goes by. The Lord doesn't want me, and you wouldn't want me, and I wouldn't want me to be translating any of these scriptures on any level less than the Doctrine of Christ because that's what this ministry is called to. We are called to the Doctrine of Christ and the translation that we are bringing forth is the Gospel of Christ according to the Doctrine of Christ. Now we have the Gospel of Christ being preached out there according to Leviathan, but we are preaching the Doctrine of Christ according to Christ Jesus. That's what we are doing. So I feel it in my spirit when I am working. I can tell you when the revelation is not flowing into my mind, and I just walk away from it because it is death. I just know that it is death. So how I got there this morning is a very big mystery to me except to say that Jesus manifested.

            I worked yesterday on Genesis 4, and I went over the first four verses of Genesis 4 again, because I still didn't have it right and the major or the one truth that came out of all these times that we have spent doing Genesis 1 through 4 is this: that Abel is not mortal and never was mortal. Abel is immortal. Okay? The human spirit that is within us, before it is quickened, is not Abel. Now remember every change of condition calls for a change of name, and we did a whole series on the dust. We found out that the human spirit within us is the dust. But when the scent of water comes and connects with this dust which is really as the seed of the tree of life; because it tells us in Job when that tree which has been cut down, when it smells the scent of water, it will sprout again. I'm having a lot of trouble holding it in my own head. If you don't have trouble, that's wonderful. But if I'm having trouble holding it in my head, this means this is not an easy thing to understand. I'm just praying that the Lord help you and help me because sometimes I even get frustrated with myself.

            As I was praying over this message for hours, the Lord showed me that I didn't understand things that not only that He showed me in the past, but I even had exhibits on them on particular principles that He showed me. It is a little frustrating, but we are to be kind to ourselves because we know that we are just dust. We are Abel who is disconnected from the Godhead. That's why we are dust. I'm going to go into more detail. This is just my introduction. It is just a little frustrating.

            The Lord reminded me that I had an exhibit that I did three years ago with a principle that I was not applying as I tried to bring forth what He was telling me in this message. He reminded me, so that's the only thing that matters, that He reminded me just like I'm going to remind you. So if I told you something and you forgot it; it is righteous that I remind you. I hope I did it kindly, but it is righteous that I remind you that I did tell you, because He has to remind me and tell me that I told you that already. Praise the Lord. Okay, this is the one major revelation that came out of all this time that I'm flubbing and floundering and stumbling over Genesis 4.

            I wondered why I did Genesis 6 before I did Genesis 4, and I thought that it was just my own excitement that sometimes I get so excited when I see the revelation that I run out faster then I should run and then I can't deliver the goods. I go running out and then I find myself hanging. Did you ever see one of those cartoons where Bugs Bunny goes running out and all of a sudden there is no floor under him, and he doesn't know it? He doesn't fall down until he looks down, and he sees that there's no floor and then he drops. That's me. That happened to me in Genesis 7, and we are still in the middle of Genesis 7 because, obviously, I do not have what it takes to go on.  But we completed Genesis 6, and it was a wonderful series which gave us some beautiful revelation that apparently, although it doesn't make any sense to the carnal mind, the revelation that came forth in Genesis 6 was necessary to translate Genesis 4. Well why doesn't that make any sense? Because God is not linear. He doesn't go chapter 1,2,3,4,5,6. I don't know why. I can't explain it to you. The principles that were present in Genesis 6 I needed to be able to translate Genesis 4. Don't forget, Jesus is working with an ant here, trying to bring forth this doctrine. I understand certain things, some I don't, and some things are easier for me, and other things are harder for me. He has to work with me, and I have to work with you and hopefully we are all going to work together, but it is not easy, and we all have to compensate for each other's weaknesses. But that doesn't mean we don't recognize each other's weaknesses, okay?

            So I just went over Genesis 4:1 through 4 again and changed the first two verses, radically, again, and this is what came out of it, that Abel is immortal. I started working on that to see how I was going to bring that forth to you to explain to you that I now have to change my translation of Genesis 4:2 which says Abel, the mortal male prince, was born. I looked back in the Interlinear text of the Hebrew, and it doesn't say mortal. I added the word mortal in because my understanding was that Cain and Abel were mortal, and it was a big step for me and for whoever believes me, when I preach these things, to say that Cain and Abel were not equal. Isn't that what the King James implies, that Cain and Abel were equal? They are brothers.

            They were equal brothers. So to bring forth the revelation that, no, they were not equal brothers, that Abel was the priest and that Cain was the female animal and not only that, but Cain was Adam's wife, that was a big step for a carnal mind to bring forth, and I just kept on going and I didn't look back and I don't look back until Jesus takes me back. Now He takes it one step further. No, it is not enough to say that Cain and Abel were not equal, and that Cain was the female animal and Abel was the prince. No, that's not enough, Abel was immortal. Abel was immortal, and he died to his immortality just like Adam died to his immortality. When Adam died to his immortality he became Abel, and when Abel died to his immortality he became the dust. He became the dust.

            Now I went before the Lord and I said, Lord, you know I'm all confused. If our human spirit is just the dust, how can the dust be a spirit? What is our human spirit? This is what the Lord said to me, okay. The Lord said, well Sheila, as in other situations that we have discussed, Elohim is the immortal Spirit around which this whole creation is being built. If you don't know that, please note that it is really important for you to know that the spiritual substance of this creation, the spiritual root, is Elohim. Jehovah spoke it and Elohim, His right hand, went forth to bring it to pass. The way Elohim went forth to bring it to pass was that He took Himself and put Himself in the midst of it. Elohim is the breath of life that Jehovah breathed into Adam. When Adam died and separated from Jehovah a remnant of that breath remained in him because the breath was mixed with the whole of the man. So when Adam was severed from Elohim, who was joined to Jehovah, but a remnant of that breath remained, and if you remember our discussion of how the seas were formed in Genesis 1, we said that the waters of creation, as the seminal fluid, washed over the earth, and then all the waters were drawn back and the earth became dry, but the earth still wasn't the same.

            It had been in contact with the seminal fluid which was of Jehovah. It was never the same, and the waters that pulled back after they washed over the earth were never the same because the waters had a residue of earth in it, and the earth had a residue of the seminal fluid in it, and this is the morning and the evening. Okay, if you don't remember, I will remind you, that's what the morning and the evening are. The night is the waters of creation. It is the seminal fluid without Elohim, without Jehovah, it is darkness. Day is the seminal fluid, the waters of creation, in an interaction with Jehovah. That is day. Night and day, night and day are conditions of the waters of creation that came forth.

            They are conditions of the seminal fluid. The seminal fluid without an interaction with Jehovah is night, and the seminal fluid with an interaction, or involved in an interaction, with Jehovah is day. And morning and evening; morning which is mostly light is the seminal fluid with a residue of the earth in it, and the evening which is mostly light. Did I say that right? Morning which is mostly day is the seminal fluid with a residue of the earth in it, and evening which is mostly night is the earth which has a residue of the seminal fluid in it. Morning and evening are mixtures, and day and night are conditions of the seminal fluid describing interaction or no interaction with Jehovah.

            So we see that Abel in his immortality.... well let me tell you this up front so you can go through this with me. I'm going to give you a blanket statement. I'm not going to explain it now. Adam is Jehovah's reflection which was appearing on the pure seminal fluid on the surface of the pit that was filled with seminal fluid. Abel is Jehovah's image that was appearing on the surface of the seminal fluid that was in the pit after the seminal fluid was muddied. When the seminal fluid was muddied, when the earth got in there and polluted it, does anybody remember what it was called? It was called urine. So Adam is Jehovah's image appearing on the surface of the pure seminal fluid and, Abel after Adam died, and the creation was darkened, Elohim went back in, even though He went back into a cesspool. He went into the urine to be the basis of Jehovah's image in the midst of the mess. Do you at least understand what I am saying now? Adam, an image on the pure seminal fluid, the reflection on the pure seminal fluid and Abel, Jehovah's reflection on the urine.

            When Adam first appeared at the beginning of time, he was not an atonement because there was no sin. Abel, you may recall, you can read it in the Alternate Translation in Genesis 6, Thus saith Jehovah to Noah, Abel within you will be an atonement for Cain, your fallen dumb animal. Abel is the atonement for Cain. Adam was never an atonement. He had the potential for sin, but he had not sinned yet. I started sketching on pieces of paper to see how I could understand how all this came to pass. I wound up back in Genesis 1, and what I have to say to you right now has nothing to do with Abel. But I just ran out of time, and but even if I didn't run out of time I think I would have had to go back to Genesis 1 to build up to the point where I could show you how Abel is immortal and that Abel was always immortal. That's where I am. I don't know what else to tell you. I just kept on going and telling the Lord that I didn't understand, and this is where I am.

            I am in Genesis 1. We have Creation Revisited and we are back in Genesis 1 again. I did make up some exhibits. I'll just draw them on the board and pray that Jesus helps me with this. The first thing is, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void. I have a new understanding of that. As I worked this through the Lord led me to check out the word void in the English dictionary. Now remember, King James and the Brown/Drivers/Briggs dictionary, well at least the ones on my electronic computer, they are not exhaustive. They are definitions chosen by the translators to fit in with the King James translation, really. So when something doesn't set right with me, I go to Gesenius, which is much more exhaustive, although I don't think completely exhaustive. At least Gesenius will go so far as to give you some potential definitions that make no sense, that do not fit in with the King James at all.

            Sometimes I have to go into the English dictionary until I hit on what Jesus is putting in my heart. I felt to research the word void. It never really entered my mind. And the earth was without form and void. I never really pursued that very far because I just had it in my heart that particles of earth came forth and that they weren't formed into the man yet, and there was no man, and he wasn't filled with Christ Jesus, and that was what it meant, and I never looked any further. But I got this thought in my head that there really was an understanding beyond that and when I opened up my reference books on my computer; the first time that I opened that reference book; I have a dictionary encyclopedia and several atlas and several other books there. The first time I opened that program a quotation came up. I really enjoy those quotations even though it is the wisdom of the world. There is wisdom in this world. There are people who have wisdom that comes out of a mind which is on the good side of Leviathan. And who is on the good side of Leviathan?

            Our dead human spirit. But there is that remnant of Elohim in there, and that wisdom just arises out of him. The quotation that opened when I booted up the program was this: Form always follows function. It may not make any sense to you right now, but it just was a strong witness to me that I was on the right track. Form always follows function. When we have something that takes form, it is in that form because that form is agreeable to its function. What this means is, if you want to understand the form that something is in, you have to investigate its function. And if you want to change your form: I want to change my form. I don't like this form that I'm in. If for no other reason, I don't like this form because it takes hours of my life to keep it clean, to keep it smelling nice and keep it looking pretty and keeping it healthy. It takes hours and hours of my life. So I really want to get delivered from this form.

            I would be beyond the realm of time so that my entire being could be devoted to the work of God. That's my desire, but I know that the form I'm in is because of the function that I am fulfilling. And the function that I am fulfilling is death. Death has produced this form in me. So I read Genesis 1:2 again, and it said the earth was without form and it was void. So that said to me, well the earth wasn't formed because its function hadn't been determined yet. It wasn't so much not formed because it wasn't filled with Christ Jesus, but the earth had not been formed because its function had not been revealed. The function of the earth in the creation had not been revealed, didn't know what it was suppose to be. It didn't know what it was suppose to do. It was just raw basic materials.

            I want to tell you even today the function of the earth is a big secret. Very few people know what the function of the earth is in the creation. What is the function of the earth? Anybody remember? The earth is in the creation because the earth is an element which is necessary for it to become visible. The darkness is a necessary element to form an image. Jehovah wants to be seen. The earth is a necessary element to form an image. Think of a negative. There are dark parts, and there are light parts. And the light shines through the negative, and you have an image. If there were no dark parts there would be no image. It is just like saying when you look in this mirror that I have hanging here that it has silver or something painted on the back of it that stops the light from passing through it.

            That's how I get a reflection, an image of myself. If I were looking in a piece of glass that did not have something dark painted on the back, I would not see an image. Darkness is a necessary element to form an image. And the earth was without form, and it was empty. So I went into my dictionary and I looked up this word void. It was without form, and it was void. And the first definition in my dictionary, which I think is the Columbia Dictionary on my computer, is negative. The word means negative. It also means lie. It also means that which is in opposition to. I never thought of something that was void as being in opposition. To me it meant nothing. But we know that the Lord calls Satan nothing and the Serpent nothing. So spiritually speaking, this nothingness is certainly an opposition. It is an opposition. It is something that is opposite of what Jehovah is.

            So the earth had no form because its function had not yet been revealed. So that tells us by reverse inference that the earth definitely had a function. Another definition is that the essence of what we are talking about had no, now we are talking about the earth, it was void. Another definition in my dictionary says that the word void could mean that the essence of the earth, the substance, that which it was made of, and we know that the earth was material, had no outward appearance or behavior. So it doesn't necessarily mean when we say the earth had no form, it doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't clumped together. But it had no behavior. It wasn't doing anything. It was not expressing itself in any way. So this material, this earth, which we know eventually proved itself to be deadly, was not deadly at the beginning of time. It was inert. It was not expressing itself, and it was not engaging in any form of behavior. That's what Genesis 1:2 meant. The earth was without form, and it was void. And darkness was upon the face of the deep. I'll put that on the board for you.

            Something else that I did get out of this that I didn't tell you. I want to talk to you for a minute about how the creation started, and I want to remind you that Jehovah is everything. Jehovah is everything, and that this whole creation, including all of outer space and all of the universes, are within Jehovah. It is hard to imagine, but there is nothing outside of Him. He is all that there is. My carnal mind struggles with that. But I understand it enough for it to be tolerable. There is nothing outside of Him. Everything that I could see or imagine is inside of Him. That is an awesome word. And there was a time when we didn't exist, and these worlds didn't exist, and He was all that there was.

            At the beginning the Son was in the bosom of the Father. They were one, and there was no separation. When they began to separate, now remember Jehovah is Spirit and invisible, when they began to separate, this can be likened to a tear or a ripping of a piece of fabric. There was a ripping. There was a pulling apart. Now the example that the Lord told me to give you is your own mouth. You could imagine it right now, or you could try this looking in a mirror. If you have your mouth completely closed, and you begin to open it just ever so slightly; I'm going to stop for just a minute and I'm going to open my mouth ever so slightly, and I'm going to ask you what you see. You see a hole.

            That's what happened. And before a hole, it started as a pinpoint. It started as a visible pinpoint. Now remember Jehovah can't be seen, and all of a sudden in eternity, a pinpoint appeared. Elohim was pulling back from Jehovah. As He pulled back, departed, now Jehovah is down here and as Elohim pulled back, just like a boat taking out in the waters, there was a rip or a wake. Did you ever see a boat take off and the waves just push back? Eternity was just pushed back. You take a corner piece of cloth, and you start ripping at the top and you pull it apart, but you don't rip it all the way through. Doesn't it come to a V at the bottom? That's exactly what happened. There was a tear in the fabric of eternity. And eternity is Jehovah. He is eternity. So there was a rip in the fabric. And there was a surface to the hole because Jehovah is everywhere.

            The whole soul realm is within Him. As the Son pulled away, Jehovah was even on the surface of the deep. So we have the beginning creation in the form of a code because it is continually expanding, but it really wasn't strongly formed yet. It wasn't formed. That's means that these edges were really hazy. I drew them as dots, but it wasn't really formed. The only thing that we really know for sure was that it was expanding at an angle. It was expanding at an angle, and that it had borders. It had borders. This is the realm of time.

            And time has borders or edges. It is continually expanding, and it has a surface. And the hole that opened up called the deep was at the surface of the deep, and when the hole opened it was filled with water. And this sign is everywhere in our society. When the Lord was talking about this to me last night He said, Sheila, when you slice open a tomato, doesn't liquid pour out? Isn't there liquid and aren't there seeds in the midst of the liquid? Now with a tomato it is very obvious with the seeds that are in the midst of the liquid. In human seminal fluid it is not obvious. It is just liquid, but there is seed in it. The Lord said to me, Sheila, if you cut your body, doesn't liquid ooze out?

            Many plants, if you just cut the plant, doesn't liquid ooze out? There are some trees for people who live off the land, they know if they slice the bark of the tree they get water. Cactus, you slice the cactus and you get water in a desert. Well the fabric of Jehovah was ripped and fluid came out. And in that fluid was the seed of His life. There are witnesses to this in every aspect of our world. If you cleave unto the earth, if you dig deep enough, don't you get water? When you rip, when you tear, when you cut the things of this world you find liquid. The message is everywhere. The witnesses are everywhere. So let me try and follow the Scriptures now. And the earth was without form, and its function had not been revealed and it was inert. It was harmless. And darkness was upon the face of the deep. I didn't stop to look up the word darkness. Darkness was on the face of the deep. I see I did look up the word darkness. What I really didn't investigate today for an updated opinion was the difference between darkness and night. I didn't go into night. And in the exhortation when I first started I was speaking about night. At this moment I cannot distinguish between the darkness and the night for you, whatever I said at the beginning at the exhortation. This is the definition of darkness according to the English dictionary. Innocence, inexperience, and when I heard that I said wow, because we have been preaching here that Adam's biggest problem was that he was inexperienced. He was innocent, he was naive. He had never had any experience with evil at all. It is ignorance of mind. The darkness is ignorance of mind. It also means imperfection and vulnerability. Now remember darkness was upon the face of the deep, on the surface of the deep, and the deep was the seminal fluid and in the seminal fluid was the sperm, which is Elohim, who lost a lot of his strength. He lost half of his strength when He separated from his Father. And he was in an area where he had no experience. He was innocent. He had no experience with the earth that had been a by-product of his separation. He was in a situation that He had never experienced before. He was ignorant of His situation. Now the Father who knows all things understood his situation. But Elohim, who had half the strength that he had when he was in the bosom of the Father, was vulnerable. That's what the word darkness means. He was vulnerable.            

            And another word for darkness in the Hebrew Lexicon says obscurity, and I looked up obscurity.  That also means unknown. He didn't know where he was. He very well may not have known who he was. I'm not too sure of that, but he may not have known who he was. He may have had a memory loss. I'm not sure about that. Just tuck it away and we'll see what the Lord says about that eventually. But we know that the water; that when Elohim separated from Jehovah, he came out in a watery medium, and there was darkness in that water. He was innocent, he was inexperienced, he was imperfect, he didn't know who he was, but most important of all he was vulnerable. Now a lot of people stumble on how Elohim, the right hand of God, could be vulnerable. But I remind you of Jesus of Nazareth, of His relationship with the Father. He said there are things that the Father knows that I don't know. He said, without the Father I could do nothing. Christ Jesus, living through the man Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of the woman Mary, was God. And because He was living through the man Jesus and was His total source of existence, Jesus of Nazareth was Christ who was God. But He was vulnerable. Even though it was necessary to get His permission, it was possible to kill the house that He lived in. He had a house that could be destroyed. He was also living in a house where an enemy reciprocal mind dwelt, and He had to be on guard continuously to make sure that, that reciprocal enemy mind didn't rise up and kill Him. He was vulnerable. I suggest to you that Elohim who came forth from Jehovah as a sperm, as Jehovah's sperm, was vulnerable in the deep. He was vulnerable in the pit. Why was he vulnerable? He was vulnerable because he now was co-existing with the earth. Okay, what I just told you about Jesus, that He was co-existing with a criminal mind that never ceased from scheming to kill His mind, which was Christ Jesus. When Elohim was in the bosom of the Father, He had nothing to worry about. There was no one or no thing that was a danger unto Him. And this is the condition that is prophesied that we shall return to, when the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. That's the condition that we are going back to.

            But Jehovah had a dream, He had an imagination, He had a thought. He said I would like to have an image; I would like to appear; I would like an image of my nature to appear in a form of a creature. In order to bring that to pass He separated a part of Himself to go forth and begin the process, and part of that processing required darkness. So when Elohim separated from Jehovah, however it happened, I don't know, the result of it was that the darkness was present with Elohim. Jehovah said, I created the darkness and all the Pharisees say, no, no, no. Yes, He did. He created the darkness. Because without darkness there is no image. And Jehovah's intention, the function that Jehovah had established, was to produce an image. So Elohim, the sperm of Jehovah, finds himself vulnerable. The earth, although inert, and not dangerous at the outset, is a potential enemy. Have you ever come up against another human being and you just knew in your heart that they weren't doing anything wrong to you at all, but that they were a potential enemy?

            Does anybody not know what I am talking about? That you met someone who wasn't doing a thing wrong, but you knew that you really had to stay on your toes because they wanted your job or they wanted your husband or they wanted your wife or they wanted your money. If you haven't experienced that, these things are very real in our world. We are to be as wise as Serpents and harmless as doves. There are people in this world who would strip you naked and leave you to die. We live in a criminal world. And the foundation of this world, who is the arch criminal, the Serpent, is trying to convince the whole world in this hour that man's nature is basically good, and that we are evolving towards righteousness. She is a liar. She was a liar from the beginning. She is still lying. Man's basic nature in this world condition is good and evil. And evil has more weight than good when the righteousness or the righteous laws of Jehovah are not influencing our lives. So Elohim was vulnerable. He came forth as a sperm.

            We just came back from a convention last weekend where they were preaching this old message. I heard it many years ago. That we preexisted with Jehovah in full maturity and with a conscious mind with our personality which we are now living through. I've been saying this for years and I'll say it again, that's not true. If you believe it, you are naive. And not only are you naive, but you are manifesting a high measure of pride, who is putting an importance onto the personality which you are now that is not a reality. The personality that you and that I am right now is a manifestation of the beast. It is a sin personality. It is a personality generated by a sin nature which did not exist in the preexisting time. Brethren, Elohim came forth as a sperm. Elohim was an undifferentiated aspect of Jehovah. Elohim had no consciousness of his own.

            The Father thought and he did. Elohim was the agent which brought to pass Jehovah's desires. He had no thoughts of his own. He had no personality of his own. Everything he was, was Jehovah. And the only way in which he was differentiated from Jehovah was in function. See, Jehovah was one like I'm one being. But if I get hungry, my hand reaches out and gets something to eat to put it into my mouth. That's what Elohim was. There was only Jehovah and different functions of Him and He took one of those functions and separated that function from Himself and gave him a name, Elohim. You did not exist in your manhood before the world was founded. The Lord even gave me some revelation on that Scriptures last night; the lamb who was slain so that the world could be founded. I have it on old tapes. Well what do we do with that Scriptures, the lamb that was slain so the world was founded?

            Well, Jehovah took Elohim and chopped him up and put a drop of his spirit in all the human beings. I've got that on tape. No, that's not what it means. He is the lamb who was slain by Cain so that the Serpent's world could be founded. Want to hear it again? Adam, the living soul, the Old Testament name for Christ Jesus, was slain, first by Cain and then by the Serpent when he was in the form of Abel. He was slain, and he was murdered and hacked in pieces so that Cain could incarnate her own world which is this world. It was not an altruistic slaying. It was murder. So the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. That means the seminal fluid was vulnerable and inexperienced and the Spirit of Elohim, the Spirit of God; that Hebrew word translated God is Elohim, the Spirit of Elohim which is Jehovah. Jehovah is the only Spirit. Everyone else is a counterfeit. The Spirit of Jehovah moved upon the face or the surface of the waters, and Elohim said let there be light and there was light. I think we pretty much got this when we did the creation series.

            Let me just go over it with you. I want to change this word from water to seminal fluid because the Lord has shown me the difference between water and seminal fluid and the difference between water and seas. I asked that question a long time ago, what's the difference between the waters and the seas? Remember that seminal fluid has two parts to it, that is sperm and the water part. So I'm going to try to not interchange water and seminal fluid. In case you haven't noticed it, what the Lord is doing is He is just getting more and more detailed. It's the same message over and over again, and each time He gives it to us there is more detail. And something that we were only capable of thinking of in a particular way; He is breaking down for us, more and more detail, more and more understanding.

            So I'm going to try, and I'm going to say this again, I'm going to try because sometimes I slip back myself, to not interchange the words seminal fluid and waters or waters of life because there is a difference. The seminal fluid has two parts to it, the sperm which is Elohim and the waters that He came forth in. And the two are one, but they do eventually separate. The seed does separate from the seminal fluid, and then all that is left is the waters. So the waters, therefore, are the seminal fluid minus the sperm. And God said (this is Elohim translated God) and Elohim (that's the sperm) said, let there be light, and there was light. Now just before that at the end of verse two, we read: And the Spirit of God moved upon the face or the surface of the waters. Now in the King James Translation, the word waters does mean seminal fluid. The King James Translation, nor does the Hebrew at this point distinguish between the waters and the sperm. Not only that, but the King James and the Hebrew language does not even distinguish between urine and seminal fluid. This is all spiritual understanding that we are receiving by the Spirit of revelation. So the Scriptures says: And the Spirit of God (that is Jehovah) hovered over the face of the deep. Well we know (I already told you) Jehovah was already there. How could I say Jehovah was already there? Because this whole play, this whole event that is unfolding, is happening in the midst of Him. Jehovah is all there is. Jehovah is off this board. Jehovah is everything.

            There is nothing greater than Him. There is nothing outside of Him. So He may be hovering over the face of the waters, but He was there the whole time. I suggest to you what the word hovering means is that Jehovah, who was there all the time, started to interact with the waters which we are calling the seminal fluids. We did all this in Genesis, and we did it in Genesis Revisited. This part is review. Jehovah started to interact with the seminal fluid which was vulnerable. And Jehovah's interaction with the seminal fluid defensed it. What happens to us when we interact with Jehovah? We are fallen men so we need a mediator to interact with Jehovah.

            When we have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, what is the major function, what is the major effect, that a relationship or an interaction with Him has on us? What is the major benefit that it has to us? He protects us. Why? Because we were vulnerable. And union with the Lord Jesus is a protection to us. He is our walls of salvation when He matures in us. So Jehovah hovered over the surface of the seminal fluid which was darkness, which was vulnerable. And He interacted with it and light appeared. So we see the difference between darkness and light. Darkness is vulnerability, and light is vulnerability joined to Jehovah which makes one protected. Darkness is vulnerability, and light is protection. So Elohim said, let there be light. He interacted with Jehovah and there was light. He was now enlightened and protected. And Elohim saw the light. He saw that Jehovah was protecting him and that it was a good thing. He saw that Jehovah's protection was a good thing.

            We are living in a world today, brethren, where Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ's protection is a despised thing which is a fulfillment of the prophesy that in the last days they shall call good evil and evil good. Verse 4: And Elohim saw the light, that it was a good thing, and he divided the light from the darkness. He recognized the difference between vulnerability and protection. What does that mean? It's really hard for me to explain to you. All I can do is give you words so that when you have the experience the Lord might bring these words to your memory, but I know when I am vulnerable.

            I know when the Spirit of Christ is not manifesting in me. And I know when He is manifesting in me. I know when I'm protected, I know when I am covered, and I know when I am uncovered. And being uncovered makes me vulnerable, makes me weak, makes me inexperienced, makes me imperfect in that situation and liable to be tricked, and or seduced. And it's really important. It's one of the things we talk about here all the time. I tell you that if you don't have the ability you should pray for it all the time. I do not have a hundred percent ability to recognize when I am covered and when I am not. A lot of the times I can recognize it, but I know there are times that I don't recognize it. How do I know when I don't recognize it? What is my cover?

            How does my cover come to life in me? When I am obedient to what it tells me. My cover is a protection to me when I am obedient to it. And obedience is another word for worship. So if the Lord manifests in my life and tells me to do something, but He speaks to me in a subtle way that I either don't hear, don't understand, or choose consciously or unconsciously to reject, and I follow the thought of my carnal mind; in that instance I have worshiped another god. You think that's radical? You think that's extreme? You think I'm a fanatic? You think I'm off the wall? Well that's why we are dying, brethren. That's why we get sick and die. That's why whatever pain is functioning in your life, that's why you have it. Because you are not living a radical life. I'm telling you the truth.

            So those of us in this hour who are double minded, those of us who have the mind of Christ being formed in us, and of course, we have the mind that we were born with and those of us who are submitted to this mature training, we are learning to distinguish between the light and the darkness in our own mind and ultimately in other people. But brethren, if you have not even begun to be able to discern the difference between the light and the darkness in your own minds, you will never discern it in other people. You just won't. You have to discern it in yourself. If you are deceived in yourself, you'll be deceived when you are judging other people, which you shouldn't be doing unless it is the Spirit of righteousness judging them. But I didn't mean that kind of judgment.

            I mean when you look at people and you try to decide who they are and whether or not you should have them in your life and whether or not you should let them influence you. When you make decisions like that, that's not judging before the time. That's just living your life in a prudent way. If you really want to have an accurate evaluation of people and their place in your life, you need to be examining yourself first. That's the only way you can get an accurate indication of other people and their purpose in your life. So we see that those of us who are double minded today are having the same experience or a very similar experience, not the same, a similar experience to what Elohim had at the beginning of time. He was starting all over again. He is starting all over again in us. He is starting all over again in you, you see.

            We are learning to distinguish between the mind of Christ and Leviathan in our own mind and in other people's mind. We are learning to follow Christ Jesus and not Leviathan. The problem that many of us have, that everybody has when they start out, is that our automatic reaction is to follow Leviathan. For us to make our automatic reaction to follow Christ Jesus,; it takes a war. It takes a resistance of our automatic reactions. We have to start ruling over ourselves and not just doing whatever we feel like doing. It is called growing up in Christ.

            And God saw the light, that it was good, and Elohim divided the light from the darkness. He could tell the difference. Verse 5: And Elohim called the light day, and He called the darkness night. He called the darkness night, and the evening and the morning were the first day. I explained that in the exhortation. Verse 6: And Elohim said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. We have drawing number 3 on the board right now. That is for verses 6 & 7 which say, And Elohim said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters. I looked up that word firmament. I found out that it could be translated a solid foundation, a solid surface. Now remember, so far nothing is solid here. Nothing in this creation is solid because nothing has been formed yet. The reason that nothing has been formed yet is that its function has not been disclosed. It doesn't know what it's suppose to be or what it's suppose to do. Even more so, Elohim, the architect of the creation, doesn't know what it is suppose to be or what it is suppose to do. He is waiting for his instructions from Jehovah.

            The construction went underway right after Elohim had an interaction or you might say a reconciliation with Jehovah. All of a sudden he has wisdom. He knows what to do, and he is starting to build this creature just as a fetus or an embryo begins to form in a womb of a woman. Elohim, who is the seed in the seminal fluid, begins to construct the creature that Jehovah imagined. I never quite saw it like this before. I tell you all the time, it is common to all mortals that our automatic reaction seems to be to see spiritual things backwards. I'm getting to the point now when I try to get these things down on paper, that I think of what I think it should be and then I do it backwards and then it is usually right because our carnal mind sees it backwards. I've struggled many times for hours. It just didn't sit right with me, and I find out that I was seeing it inside out. So now I just do that automatically. I reverse it and save myself all that time.

            I don't know about you, but I don't believe that I've given you any exhibits that look like this in photograph 3. I never before saw the urine as more or less a bubble, a sealed bubble inside of the seminal fluid which is inside the pit, which is the black hole. Elohim draws closer to Jehovah by forcing the impurities that he's mixed with to his center, and the impurities that Elohim is mixed with is the earth. Those are the impurities. The earth is the polluting factor. Now at this point, he is separating himself from the polluting factor in stages. Urine is a liquid, and he has somehow by establishing a solid surface, although I don't see it in the Scriptures right now, I would assume he established it out of the earth. But that probably is a backward assumption. I don't know. We are not told right now what the firmament was made of. It was probably made of himself. I think I did have it backwards.

            The solid surface, he probably made it from his spiritual self, and he filtered himself. Did you ever use a filter without getting every last drop of pollution out? Of course some elements go through the filter. So Elohim made himself into a filter. He called it a firmament. He made it a solid foundation, and he forced the impurities which were polluting him behind that wall and contained them in a bubble in the midst of the seminal fluid. Now this is very interesting. I have preached something very similar with regard to us, that we are mortal men. We are fallen, we are dead, and there is life within us. The example that I have used is a bubble. The Lord Jesus Christ, if you are blessed, is in you. He is in the midst of you. If Christ Jesus is being formed in you, he is in the midst of you like a balloon.

            The examples that I've used are heroine dealers who fill balloons with heroine and swallow them. If that balloon breaks, you are a dead man. Well if the balloon that contains Christ Jesus breaks, you are a live man. You rise from the dead. If the life which is in Christ Jesus breaks in you and spreads throughout your entire body, you will rise from the dead. Now but, of course, we are already fallen. This creation is not fallen and we see the exact opposite of the case. The urine is in a balloon inside of this pit which is really the world of time and space. Is everybody okay? I have a very loose Alternate Translation of Geneses 1:7 that's on this board.

            Elohim formed a solid surface, and the waters underneath were female and I got that out of the Hebrew lexicon, that the word underneath can be translated female. Elohim formed a solid surface, and the waters underneath were female to the adjoining waters and this was righteous. The seminal fluid and the urine were separated by the firmament. I think the prior time we did these scriptures, I had it exactly reversed. I think I had the seminal fluid on the inside which is about par for the course. This relationship of the urine being forced underneath the seminal fluid was righteous. It was a right moral order, and it was in agreement with Jehovah's instructions.

            Verse 8, And God called the firmament heaven, and the evening and the morning were the second day. And God called the firmament heaven. Well if the firmament is heaven, we know there is more than one heaven. If the firmament is heaven, that which is beneath it is hell. And that which is above it is the second heaven, right? There is two levels of heaven. This firmament is a solid surface, and it is called heaven. And that which is underneath it, although it doesn't say it in Genesis, that which is underneath it is female, and female is always hell. Isn't that right? All you women libbers, don't lynch me. These are spiritual principles. Female means passive, receptive and weak in function. If you are not passive, receptive and weak in function, you are a spiritual male and that's the truth about your life. If you are passive, weak and receptive, and the Lord has given you a loving husband, well what's so bad about that as long as you are not being kept in bondage against your will. Oh my God they are trying to kill me.

            Well its the truth. Some women like being passive, weak and receptive. If they find a man that's willing to take care of them, what's so bad about that? If that's what they want. Jesus, Jesus. So the firmament is the heaven and the urine underneath it, the polluted water underneath, is hell. Brethren, the polluted water is hell. This whole world is polluted. Remember a few years ago, some perverse artist drew a picture of a crucifix in a bottle of urine. When I first looked at it, I just thought it was perverse until we came across this revelation. It must have risen right up out of his satanic mind. The urine is not suppose to overtake the seminal fluid. If the urine overtakes the seminal fluid it is going to kill the sperm in the seminal fluid. Praise the Lord.

            We have drawing #4 up here on the board and the primary point is the separation of the seed of God, of the sperm which is Elohim, from the seminal fluid rendering the water part of the seminal fluid female and the seed male. That's the significant part, and I have that related to verses 9 and 10 of Genesis l, And God said let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear and it was so. And God called the dry land earth and the gathering together of the waters, He called the seas. I'd like to make just one more comment before we end this tape. The Lord reminded me of our studies in Genesis 1 where it became evident that the firmament is not the heaven. That is the way it appears in the King James. But according to the Hebrew and according to subsequent verses, it is the firmament of the heaven, the firmament of the heaven. And the actual meaning is the firmament in the midst of the heavens. The Hebrew word which means heavens is really the word for waters.

            So it is the firmament in the midst of the waters, the waters above and the waters below. We have a heaven that is above and a heaven that is below. There are two heavens. There are not three heavens, which is an erroneous translation in the King James. There is no third heaven. We looked all those words up in the Greek, and we found out that, that Scriptures means that Paul went beyond. He went out of his carnal mind. He went into the mind of Christ. There are two heavens, the heavens below the firmament and the heavens above the firmament. There are two heavens, and I'm not going to elaborate on that anymore at this time. I probably have more information on it in Creation Revisited which is a study of Genesis 1, if you would like to review that. I'm going to end here and pick up on part 2.


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