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          We are going to continue with the study that we began last week which is part 4 of this message and we are backtracking again with regard to our diagram of the deep or the pit or the black hole. A question came into my mind. How could this be a bottomless pit? The teaching that's been coming down in view of Quantum Mechanics and in view of all physical law that's being taught in the scientific field today is that the visible world came into existence originally as a point; as a point.

            You may recall me teaching you that this point or the beginning of the point was a ripping or a tearing, actually within Jehovah. Jehovah is all there is. There is nothing greater than Him. There is nothing outside of Him. Everything that occurs, occurs within Him. For the world of time and space to come into existence, it had to come into existence within Him. The way this happened was that there was a rip within Him which created a vacuum. It started to appear as a point, you may recall, and the point started to expand on an angle and we wound up; well, let me put this on the board for you. You are all looking at me. This may sound strange to you because I have been telling you that the pit was filled with water. Sorry if I'm confusing you. Before water filled the pit, the pit was empty. First the pit appeared or the rip or the tear which opened up geometrically as a cone.

            You can see it on the board, geometrically as a cone. It was a rip in the fabric of Jehovah's existence. If you try this experiment with anything, initially when you rip it, it creates an empty space, a vacuum, a void. But there are no vacuums in this world. It doesn't take very long for the vacuum to be filled. Look brethren, if you have a glass of water and you drop a stone into the water; for an infinitesimal fraction of a second, there is a vacuum in the water. There is a hole in the middle of this hole, cup of water. The hole is not in the cup. It is in the water that's formed by the cup. But it is only for an infinite fraction of a second. Why? Because the rest of the water crashes in and fills up the hole.

            So initially after the rip or the tear appeared in Jehovah's fabric, there was a vacuum. But the vacuum was filled with water which we perceive as Jehovah's seminal fluid. This water contained the spiritual spermatozoon known as Elohim. Elohim, Jehovah's son came forth in a medium that the scripture calls water. Now, I'm sorry to disappoint all of you deep students of the deep scripture who believe that Elohim was a full grown man independent of Jehovah when he was in His bosom. But He was not. He was not. Elohim was a part of Jehovah just as your heart is a part of you or as your brain is a part of you.

            You want to get a glass of water and your legs get up and walk and your arm grabs the glass and feeds it into your mouth, but it is all you. Elohim was totally one with Jehovah. There was no division. There was no separation. When the separation occurred, Elohim was as Jehovah's right hand. Elohim was so one with Jehovah that he didn't have an individual identity. When he departed from Jehovah as Jehovah's sperm in a watery medium; that's exactly how he went forth, as a sperm. And he is still growing up. The sperm that departed from Jehovah is in the process of developing into a full grown spiritual man.

            The first part of him; why because Jehovah's son is destined to be a many membered man, a many faceted man. The first human being to arrive into the image as well as the likeness of Jehovah is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only human being who has been truly born again into the spiritual world of His Father as an adult. This is the inheritance that has been laid up for each of us, although every human being will not attain to his inheritance. But this is our inheritance, to follow in the footsteps of He, who is the first of many brethren and to end up as a spiritual man in the image and the likeness of Jehovah. So you see, Elohim was not an adult in the bosom of the Father and neither were we.

            The pride of Cain would have you think that we were fully grown spiritual men; we entered into this world for some experiences and we are going back into the spiritual world as fully grown men. This is not true. Just remember that every spiritual truth is played out for your study, somewhere, somehow in human existence. In reproduction it is very simple; it is a big thing in the human race. The male seed comes together with the female seed. Originally they are a part of the two (?) bodies. They have no consciousness, but they are a beginning, a seed with the potential to reproduce the nature of their parents. The physical nature of their parents, the emotional nature of their parents and the spiritual nature of their parents which is the serpent.

            I'm going to try and stay on the point. So in preparation or in anticipation of or as a result of Elohim departing from Jehovah; first there appeared a rip in Jehovah's fabric or the fabric of His life. Then initially there was a vacuum. The vessel that this rip produced, which appears to be a cone, geometrically a cone, was originally void and empty and then it filled with Jehovah's seminal fluid, which has two parts to it; the sperm, Elohim and the waters that he came forth in. And the waters that he came forth in were filled with many of the aspects of Jehovah's life. But nevertheless, the waters are barren without the sperm.

            The waters need the sperm and the sperm needs the waters to complete the production or the development or the birth of the son of God. Both are needed, the sperm and the waters, corporately called Jehovah's seminal fluid. If this offends you, I am very sorry. It is the truth, whether it offends you or not. Jehovah is reproducing and everything that He is doing, which is way beyond our ability to comprehend because of our mortal condition, He has created a world which displays every spiritual truth if we just have eyes to see and ears to hear. Reproduction is reproduction and Jehovah nor his son reproduce like the animals.

            Does anybody remember what the type in this world is of spiritual reproduction? If spirit doesn't reproduce like the animals, what are our other choices in this world? What other kind of life do we have in this world? Yes, plant life is a type of spiritual reproduction. Animal life is as far opposite as you can get from spiritual life. Animal life is as far opposite as you can get from spiritual life. Plant life typifies the spiritual reproduction.

            So I was sitting before the Lord today, asking Him to help me to go on with this teaching and He put some thoughts in my mind. The first thought was, how could there be an ocean bed or how could there be a bottom of this black hole that creation is being formed in if the pit is bottomless? So I couldn't go on until I checked that out. I do have just a brief study for you on this. The word deep in the Old Testament is Strong's #8415. The two lexicons I have on my computer are Strong's and Brown/Driver/Briggs. I really never make a note of which one I am talking to you about, but it is one of those two. I think it was Brown/Driver/Briggs and it says that the word deep can mean a surging mass of water.

            It does not necessarily mean a bottomless pit. It is not even talking about the borders of it. It is not even talking about a pit. It can be translated as that, but it is called, also, a surging mass of water. This word can also mean depth. Now Roche in his Thesaurus of Synonyms says that this word depth, which is really the King James translation, does not have to be translated how deep. The English word depth does not necessarily have to be speaking about how deep the pit is and therefore does not necessarily have to mean whether it is bottomless or how deep it is.

            It can also be talking about how big it is. For example, depth can mean the whole, speaking about the whole thing. When you talk about the depth of the creation at the beginning, this word depth can simply mean the whole of it; the completeness of it; the boundaries of it. It can also mean a flaw; a breach; a fault; a break; a split; a fracture; a rupture; a fissure; or a separation. I think that clearly describes what I was calling a rip in the fabric of Jehovah's being. There was a split, a fissure; an opening appeared. Jehovah prepared a womb for His son. That's what happened; within Himself. Someone in the congregation said; When you said womb, something in me just welled up within me and just jumped. Praise God, that reminds me of the fetus in Mary and in her cousin Elizabeth jumping, jumping in witness to the truth. Also, this word depth can mean interior. That's talking about that which came into existence as a result of the tear. It can also mean inexactness, which means indefinite. So my whole point here is that the pit is not bottomless. The pit has a bottom. It definitely has a bottom and the King James translation in the New Testament is inaccurate calling it the bottomless pit. Since most people read the New Testament more than the Old Testament, you find people who are teaching out of the Old Testament referring to the deep as the bottomless pit of Revelation. Is that not true?

            The New Testament word that's translated bottomless pit, Strong's #12 and Thayer says that this word can mean bottomless, but it can also mean unbounded; it can also mean of immeasurable depth. That means that we can't see the bottom, but that doesn't mean that there is no bottom. We are living in this black hole and because we can't see the bottom of it, don't think that the ground you walk on is the bottom of it because all of the universe is all of what we call outer space; all of the galaxies out there all existing in this black hole. So where is the bottom of it? I have no idea. But that doesn't mean that there's no bottom. There has to be a bottom because the world of space and time has boundaries. Jehovah is the only one who has no boundaries. So this concept of the pit means immeasurable depth.

            It can also be translated vastness, hollow, (if you can see it, there's hollow); sterility, (is barren at the beginning, if you recall. The earth was without form and void. It was sterile. It was barren. It was incapable of reproducing). Well I guess I pretty much made my point and I'd just like to read you a translation of our Alternate Translation for Amos 9:5 which says: And Jehovah, the God of battle shall injure mortal man's carnal mind and Adam shall arise and Leviathan shall be cast down and dissolved and the whole earth shall sink down (the earth is going to sink down) and become the bed of Elohim's river of life because I will command it. Now I remind you that this scripture was written after the fall. So apparently the earth had risen up and the prophecy is that it will sink down again. Therefore I challenge you to ask yourself, does it not sound like that before the fall the earth was sunk down? Let me say it again. Amos 9:5 prophesies that the earth is going to sink down and become the ocean bed of Jehovah's river of life.

            Well that means that the earth is not sunk down. Well we know that. The earth has polluted the waters of life. But before the fall, before the waters of life were polluted, the earth must have been packed down. Do you at least know what I am talking about? Are you following me? I'm going to put it on the board for you. Now for those of you listening to the tape, I'm sorry if I'm confusing you, but if you compare the diagrams that I have on the board, which you have photocopies of, compared to the diagrams for part 4, You will see that they are not the same. This is why I am apologizing to you for any confusion that you have, but this is the way the Lord is teaching us. And this is the way He manifests through my carnal mind. You see, this teaching is a result of the light of Jesus Christ shining through my carnal mind.

            My carnal mind is very inferior to the mind of Christ. Now I really do not want to get off this subject, but I have to correct what I just said. The mind of Christ is growing inside of my carnal mind. Inside the mind of Christ is the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of Christ is piercing through the mind of Christ and piercing through my carnal mind and it is a miracle that He is piercing through my carnal mind at all. But I and anyone else in my position am severely restricted in my attempt to understand spiritual things and to hear from the Lord because my carnal mind is still very active, although obviously weakened he or rather she would have done away with me a long time ago. This is the way the teaching comes forth. I get an idea. The Lord gives me an idea and I think about it and I pray about it and I teach it to you and I sit in a meeting with a corporate anointing like this and the next time I go before Him, He shows it to me a little different. And the next time I go before Him,

            He shows it to me a little different. It's what we call an unfolding revelation. Probably, if He gave us the revelation from the end, we wouldn't be able to comprehend it at all. Although, I have to tell you that I don't believe that that's true. I believe that when the time comes, the Lord will have many, many people listening to these tapes and there will be many people who will be understanding the latest tapes without laboring all of the labor that we have labored. The Lord has told me that the way this is coming forth, that the primary function or the primary fruit of this teaching coming forth in this unfolding revelation is that it is building Christ in the one who is bringing it forth. Now I'm not saying it is not building Christ in you sitting here, but He has told me that the primary fruit of what is going on in this ministry is that it is building me.

            Like I said, I'm not saying it is not building you, but this is what He has told me. That as He brings this forth in me, as He builds me, as the mind of Christ in me matures to the point that I bring more and more mature revelation, as I bring it forth, the day will come that He will anoint people to enter into my labor. But right now as far as I know, I am the only one who is preaching this, publicly anyway. This is how He is doing it through me. I couldn't teach it to you, even if He just came and gave me the whole revelation. I honestly don't know if I could understand it. Even if He could make me understand it, I wouldn't be able to give it out to you. This is the way He is doing it, a step at a time and you have to roll with the punches. I don't know what else to tell you. This is how He is doing it. I listened to a tape from two years ago the other day and I had to laugh. The principles of what I was preaching were all correct, but I had everything backwards.

            I was calling the waters, Elohim and I was calling the earth whatever. I had it all backwards. The principles were the same, but I didn't understand who was who in it. I had it backwards. So, this is the way He is doing it and all I can do is tell you I am sorry, and I hope that you can handle it and if you can't, then this ministry is not for you because we have to make changes all the time. So I have drawing two on the board for you and I'm showing the pit which was formed from a tear in the fabric of Jehovah's being. Jehovah opened up a womb within Himself. It has a bottom. It is not bottomless, but it is immense. It is so immense that we cannot see the bottom, but a bottom there is because the world of time and space has bounds. It has edges.

            The scripture calls it; well it has bounds, edges, sides, whatever; because nothing could possibly be greater than Jehovah. The Lord reminded me that I did preach something like this, probably in the Creation Revisited series. But the earth, which was a fallout; it was a by-product of the ripping (did you ever rip a piece of fabric and like a dust goes up into the air?) Did you ever rip a piece of fabric? Doesn't the dust go up into the air? Certain parts of the fibers get shattered. The earth that was a by-product of the tear was heavier than the water, therefore the earth fell down and settled down at the bottom of the pit. This is interesting because the scientists tell you at the beginning of time, all there was an ocean.

            They call it the primordial ocean. That's all that was on the earth at the beginning of time. Water covered the whole earth and earth underneath it. That's what the scientists will tell you. So we are being told how it happened. Is everybody okay? I want to talk to you for a minute about the word sides. We hear a lot about it in the Old Testament, the sides of the pit or the edges of the pit. This word sides is Strong's #3411. It basically means the rear or the recess or the back or the hidden parts. I want to suggest to you that these lines that I am drawing, I am drawing them as wavy lines because they weren't straight lines. They merely indicate a hazy, a nebulous area where the Spirit of Jehovah makes contact with the waters of His son's medium. We'll call it soul for now. It is just a hazy area where they mix. Did you ever see oil and water; it is just a hazy area where they are mixing. The reason I'm telling you this was that there was a time and I may have it on another tape where I thought that the earth formed the sides of the pit; but where I'm coming from now is that the earth is not forming the sides of the pit.

            The sides of the pit is this hazy area where spirit meets soul. The earth all fell to the bottom. Actually, the outline is the fabric of Jehovah's existence. If this is Jehovah out here and this is the seminal fluid, the waters of life which we call soul, then the sides of the pit are not earth. The sides of the pit are the fabric of Jehovah's life. Does that make any sense to you? And the earth fell to the bottom, so actually what's bounding the black hole or the pit that we are all existing in is Jehovah.

            The sides of the pit, at least coming from where we are coming from is Jehovah. The borders, the edges are Jehovah. Isn't there a scripture in the psalms; He says to the seas, you will go so far and no further. Well He says, here I am; try and get past me, sonny. So the outline of the black hole is formed by Jehovah, Himself. And the earth fell down into the bottom. Someone in the congregation said: When you said boundaries, I heard the Spirit say, my beloved is an enclosed garden. I think that's in Song of Solomon. Yes, that's correct. As a matter of fact, as I went on with these drawings earlier that scripture did come to me. So this garden is definitely within this opening that is in the midst of Jehovah, Himself. I'd like to read you my note.

            The sides or edges of the pit; that's Strong's #3411 means the rear or the recess or the back or the hidden parts. Isn't spirit in the back of our mind? Isn't spirit the hidden parts? So the hidden parts, that you can't see, that which is supporting it, is Jehovah's Spirit. And I suggest to you that this term then, the sides of the (whatever it says in the King James) is not speaking about the sides as we would think of the sides of the pit. The sides of the pit that we see as an ever expanding cone are a hazy area where Jehovah, who is Spirit, wind, infinite, meets with His creation, which is soul, water, and capable of being infinite, but as right now finite. It was infinite. It became finite and shall become infinite again. We are becoming spirit, right? Spirit is infinite. Okay? Now the surface of the pit; that's the circle that you see up there, the surface of the pit is the place where either Jehovah's reflection (Who is Jehovah's reflection? Anybody remember?) Someone answered, the Lord Jesus Christ. Well that's in the New Testament. What do we call Him in the Old Testament? Who is the Lord Jesus in the Old Testament? Abel is real close; I'll give you one more try. Adam! Okay, Adam. Praise the Lord. We rebuke that spiritual dyslexia.

            So we see the surface is where either Jehovah's reflection, Adam or Jehovah's dark shadow is appearing. Does anyone know who Jehovah's dark shadow is? If it's not Adam; what happened when Adam fell. Who is appearing? Someone answered, the serpent. Well, who's the one that's appearing? He's generated by the serpent. But who is the one that's appearing? Who is our personality in this fallen world? Someone answered Leviathan. Leviathan is the dark shadow. Adam is the reflection.

            And what's the difference? This is how we got on to this whole teaching. What's the difference? Adam is the image that's appearing on the clean waters and Leviathan is the image that's appearing on the dirty waters, when the waters became muddied. I think I said that wrong. I'm sorry. The image that is appearing on the surface of the clean waters is Adam and he is in Jehovah's image. Jehovah's dark shadow has been separated from Him, has been severed from Him and is appearing as Leviathan on the surface of that cone. That cone which represents time and space, the surface of it is the world of appearance. And there is a lot going on that is hidden.

            There is a lot going on that we don't see, just like in any machine. Just like you look at your body. You don't see your heart beating; you don't see your lungs breathing. All you see is a man or a woman or a child living their life and doing their activities in this world. Well, what we see in the visible world, whether it is this physical visible world, which is mortal or whether it is the spiritual visible world which is immortal; the one which is generated by the Lord Jesus Christ, there is much going on behind the surface that we do not see. All that we see is the image. We got into this whole study because we were trying to translate Genesis 4 and the Lord revealed that Abel always has been immortal. And Adam's name changed to Abel when the clear waters of life were satisfied with the earth and became criminal. Elohim, nevertheless, as a sacrificial offering to Jehovah, went into the muddied waters and shined His light through the muddy waters and appeared as Abel. Is everybody alright with that? Now this part 5 and part 4 of this series we have added on and if you have listened to the whole series, you may notice that we picked up a different tone. This is what happened. The Lord gave us some teachings in physics and I decided to tack it on to this series because I'm running out of names for all this stuff. Praise the Lord. One more definition and then we'll go on. Firmament; you know I have read this definition of firmament before, that it is a solid surface, but I never really dealt with it because it didn't mean anything to me. I just went right past it and I think we all do that when we can't comprehend things; we just go right past it.

            But today the Lord drew my attention to the definition of firmament; that it means a solid surface. It is Strong's #7549 and it can mean an extended solid surface; an expanse. And it says that the Hebrews considered it as solid and supporting the waters above. Now this is what the Lord told me today; that the (well let me tell you something else first). You may recall on the early parts of this series when we were talking about atoms and electrons which travel in orbitals around the nucleus; it has been discovered that that which keeps these electrons from falling, crashing into one another; that which keeps them circulating in their own orbital is a shelf. Some scientist discovered what he calls a shelf; that the electrons are actually sitting on. They cannot go past that shelf.

            That's why they don't crash into the orbital beneath them. There is a shelf. I want to suggest to you that the firmament is a shelf in the atom of creation. It is that shelf that separated the clean waters from the polluted waters. I'm going to show you this on the board. Now if you look at this drawing, if you can understand it, you will notice at some point if you study it, that it is not exactly as quantum mechanics states it. Why? Because any knowledge that is coming forth in this world is the mirror image of what is true in the spirit. So let me show you the discrepancy here. Now quantum mechanics says that the actual electrons, electron particles, are sitting on the shelf. But what we have here is the water is sitting on the shelf. You might say the wave is sitting on the shelf. And that the shelf is made up of the particles. I'm not really too sure about that, but it's what is in my heart for now. So if I have to change it later, I'm going to have to change it later.

            But this is what I've got for now since I am not a physicist. Okay, let me go over this with you now. Here we have an image of the pit. These arrows are Jehovah interacting with the waters in the pit. And what happened when Jehovah interacted with the waters in the pit? What happened? What was formed? Light! Light was formed. Elohim, alone, the sperm, was half man. He had lost half of his energy when he departed from his Father, Jehovah. But then Jehovah, the Spirit hovered over the waters and interacted with Elohim and Elohim said, let there be light. What that means is that light or energy appeared. Because light is energy. So what these arrows are is Jehovah interacting with the waters inside of the pit. Light is being formed. The earth has fallen down to the lowest parts of the pit. I drew these lines to indicate an ocean bed that was solid although saturated with water.

            If you go into the ocean, you can dig up mud from the ocean bottom. It is solid, but it is completely saturated with water. That was the condition of the earth. Then Elohim, who is now functioning as light, is operating in two different expressions of light. One of those expressions was a wave and the other expression was a particle. He formed himself into particles and he formed those particles into a shelf in the pit because he knew that the waters of life that were close to the earth were going to have particles of dust or particles of earth mixing with the waters in the areas where the water touched the earth. There had to be a mixing of the earth. Now the part of the earth that was solid although saturated with waters, we are calling earth.

            We are not mentioning the fact that it is soaking wet with water. But the section above the earth is more water than earth, but it is polluted water because the surface dust of the earth is floating in it. From other studies, we found out that that's called spiritual urine. The closer you get to the surface of the waters, the purer the waters are. So Elohim made himself into a shelf and it's particles of light called the light stream. In physics, he made himself into a light stream. He built himself into a shelf and he said the waters above the shelf will have no earth in them at all and the waters beneath this shelf will have earth in them and the two will not mix. Because if the pure seminal fluid touched the urine, what is going to be polluted? Will the urine become pure where the seminal fluid touched it? No. The urine or the waters which were saturated with earth would kill the sperm in the pure seminal fluid. Now that's a good point.

            Thank you Father, for bringing that out. The sperm was in the upper heaven. You see, beneath the firmament is the sum of the waters of the seminal fluid, but not the sperm, you see. The waters of the seminal fluid were not destroyed by the earth, but the sperm would be destroyed by the earth. So Elohim, the sperm, is above the firmament and the shelf is to preserve his life. The shelf is to preserve his life. The scripture says Elohim made a firmament out of himself. He was the sperm and the waters. There was no separation. There was just one. So when the scriptures say that he made a firmament out of himself, he made it out of the fluid part of himself so that the sperm part of himself could survive.

            These dotted lines over here that go above the words Elohim, sperm, light wave, are to indicate that the sperm part of Elohim was in the form of a light wave. Now I hope you remember that we have been talking about Quantum Mechanics, that atoms can function as particles and they can function as waves. Light can function as a particle or it can function as a wave; goes both ways.

            When I was reading up on some of the research that I did in my encyclopedia today, I found it very interesting. I have all that printed out, but I didn't make any copies, but you are welcome to look at it. The encyclopedia that was talking about light was saying that light could function as a wave or it could function as a particle. Actually it is functioning as a wave and a particle who has the potential to be a wave and a particle all the time, but sometimes it is just more like a wave and sometimes it is more than a particle. All I could think of was me telling you that human beings are good and evil. If you put them on a scale of one to ten, that if they are over the five they are good and if they are under the five, they are evil. But even the evil has good in it and even the good has evil in it. The same thing was exactly what I read out of an encyclopedia today, about light.

            It could function as a particle or it could function as a wave, but everything that it does is a mixture. So we see that the sperm is functioning as a wave amidst the waters. Any questions or comments on this section? If not we will go on to the next diagram. We are now in verse 9; And God said, (that's Elohim) and Elohim said, let the waters under the heaven (waters plural) under the heaven be gathered together into one place.

            What waters under the heaven, we might call it the lower heaven although the scripture say the waters underneath the firmament, let them be gathered together. Well we have two sections under the firmament. We have earth that was drenched in water and we have water that was heavily saturated with earth. So there must have been some kind of boiling effect. We have been talking about Satan being boiled and the seas being boiled so that the waters ascend, although there is no indication of it in these scriptures. However it was accomplished, the earth was dried out. All of the waters that were in the earth ascended into the section that was water, that was heavily saturated with earth. A lot of the dust, the surface particles of the earth that was in the section immediately under the firmament dropped down into the earth.

            So what do we have? We have a section of earth that is completely dried out and barren because the seed of the earth is only virile when she is diluted in the waters of life. So at Elohim's command the earth was made incapable of being virile seed. Remember it is only when the earth gets together with the waters (and what's the name of the waters, although this name hasn't been imputed yet)? Okay, but the name of the waters is Cain.

            Cain is the waters of life and Elohim is the sperm in the waters, but the scripture doesn't refer to the waters by name until she incarnates. Well, how can waters incarnate? She saturated herself so completely with earth that she became clay and incarnated as a female mute animal. Is everybody okay? So we see that the earth was dried out and most of the dust that was in the urine sank down to the earth, but I suggest to you that the seas which is the name the scripture gives the waters underneath the firmament, still had dust mixed in them.

            Actually, in fact, the seas are the urine. The scriptures are not as blunt as I am, calling the waters underneath the firmament urine, but if we are looking at our natural example of seas, the waters in the seas can't be used for drinking or any life sustaining function. They are polluted. So we see that the firmament which is a shelf made up of particles of light are still holding the line against the earth and the part of the waters of life in which some of the earth is dissolved. What has happened is that the earth has dried out and now the seas which doesn't have too much dust left in it are named.

            The seas are named. We are calling them urine, but the scripture is calling them seas. I hope I made that clear. I guess I jumped ahead of myself a little. In the prior diagram, when I labeled what is now called the seas, when I labeled it urine, I jumped ahead of myself a little. Now we see in verse 9 the scripture names what we call the urine, the seas. Is everybody okay? Did I confuse you totally? Okay, praise the Lord. Now please note, there are still no image on the surface yet. All this is going on internally, within the black hole, which is within the very fabric of Jehovah's existence. There's a name for it. It's called reproduction. Jehovah is reproducing himself in another form. And the purpose for the earth is because Jehovah's intention is to appear as a visible image. Jehovah, being an invisible God, needed something opposite of Himself to reveal Him. Jehovah is light and we see Jehovah interacting with Elohim as light in the black hole and the earth is darkness. Elohim and the light that he is day and the earth is night. I'm going to show you shortly how the image gets to the surface. Verse 11; And God said let the earth bring forth grass and herb yielding seeds.

            This is very interesting. I'll put it on the board for you. We are on exhibit 5 which is related to verses 11. We'll start with verse 11; And Elohim said, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding the fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself upon the earth. And it was so. Now I thought the earth was barren. Now for the earth to bring forth living things, grass and trees, a seed would have to have been planted in the earth.

            I suggest to you that somehow, by some process which I do not fully understand at the moment, the sperma of Jehovah, Elohim, was able to pass through in his wave form (remember waves can pass through things, shelves for example that particles cannot pass through). Elohim in a wave form passed through the firmament and he passed through the seas which I believe had some measure of earth in them, but apparently not enough to damage him, and he implanted himself in the barren earth. Now what I just said was what I don't fully understand is how Elohim passed through the seas without being damaged.

            I guess I answered my own question. The seas had such a minimal amount of earth dissolved in them that they were not damaging to him. As a result of the sperma of God, Elohim, implanting himself in the earth, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil sprouted and two kinds of grass grew. Now I can't reteach this; we have this in the alternate translation and these translations were all worked up on tapes in Genesis and in Creation Revisited. What is being said when you look at the Hebrew is that it is speaking about two different kinds of grass; immature grass and mature grass. From many studies that we have done over the years, we know that grass is referring to spiritual life in the earth in its early stage. In its immature stage it was called the living soul and in its mature stage (which is being revealed through only one person in this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ) we are calling the spiritual life of God growing in the earth in its mature stage, the Emancipated Slave; the one who has existence without the necessity of this body to keep him alive. The tree is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now this is very interesting because it is revealing an error in the prior teaching which tells us that the tree of life was in the garden and that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was in the midst of the tree of life as a peach pit within a peach. Once again my carnal mind got it backwards.

            At this time in the creation, the tree of life was only in seed form and it was not yet a tree. It was only grass. The tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that was more mature than the potential for life which was the living soul and the Emancipated Slave. They are depicted as grass; immature and mature grass. The tree that is spoken about, we found out when we looked up all the words in the Hebrew is speaking about the tree which produces lies, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So we see that when the seed of life entered into the barren earth, the potential life of God appeared, but because the earth was quickened, the potential life of the earth also appeared.

            The life of God was supposed to rule over the potential for the earth to produce her own life. Now I made the sperm in red to show you the path of the sperm coming down into the earth. We see two levels of grass and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil appears. Now this is in the interior of the womb that Jehovah has produced within himself. How are we going to get the image on the surface of the waters? Further on in Genesis 1, it talks about the open firmament meaning the face or the surface of the waters of the firmament. That's talking about the stage where the image is going to appear. I want to read you something that I took out of our electronic encyclopedia. It is talking about a photo-electric effect. Light is composed of discreet particles of energy called photons. So I don't know whether it is exactly accurate to tell you that photons are what we call atoms of light.

            That's probably not accurate, but I think it will give you the idea of what I am trying to say. The particles of light that stream down to abed themselves in the earth as seed (that's what we are talking about) when these photons arise with enough energy to strike the material (we are talking about the earth; the earth is the material) when the particles of light strike the material, they liberate electrons. You see, when the light struck the earth, it liberated particles of earth (now that's not really accurate for physics, but I'm going to get my point across). Electrons in the earth were freed up when the particles of light, which is the seed, the sperma of Jehovah; when the particles of light hit the earth, it freed up particles of earth, electrons in the earth and they bounced off. They refracted or they deflected. See, the sperm is red; (displayed on the board) it came down, hit the earth, freed up particles of earth and the light and the earth shot up (that's the green on the board) shot up and formed an image on the surface of the waters. Are you following me? Am I making any sense at all?

            Let me just finish reading you this notation. When the photons with enough energy strike the material they liberate electrons that have a maximal kinetic energy (well that's not important). They release the electrons that have enough energy (well I guess that pretty much all that I'm trying to say.) This is called the photo- electric effect. It's a principle that is revealed through Quantum Mechanics and I guess I said the whole thing. When the particles of light hit the earth, the light mixed with the earth and went shooting back up deflected or refracted and caused an image to appear on the surface of the waters. What's the name of the image? Adam! Adam, according to this diagram is in the image of Jehovah. Jehovah interacts with the seminal fluid, joins with Elohim, turns the sperm into light.

            The light goes shooting through the seas, hits the earth, deflects, bounces back up and produces the image of the living soul and we see that Elohim's command for grass to appear; the first stage of the command appears. Adam appears. Adam is the grass. He is the living soul. Is everybody okay? Praise the Lord. Jesus. Now you will notice on this exhibit #5, I indicate that there are lights in the firmament. I guess I really should have put another exhibit before this, but I didn't. I guess I'm going to have to do it now. I'd like to read you a couple of more statements from our encyclopedia study. Under the study for light, I also mentioned that light travels as particles. Albert Einstein suggested that light travels in tiny bundles of energy called photons.

            I already mentioned photons, but I would like to add to your knowledge that they are tiny bundles of energy. Einstein went on to say that light thus can behave as a wave when it is defracting an interfacing phenomena. What does that mean? Light is a wave when it defracts. It hit the earth and it defracted. Well, it hit the earth and interfaced with the earth. It met the earth. It contacted it and it defracted it; bounced upward to form the image. That's the function of a wave. Then Einstein went on to say that photons of light can also behave as a stream of particles. I already suggested to you that light came piercing through the firmament and through the seas and embedded himself in the earth acting as a particle; seed. When he hit the earth, remember the photo-electric effect, when the light photons (small bundles of energy acting as particles as seed) hit the earth in the photo-electric effect as a result of the impact, some of the electrons of the earth were released and together with the photons of light, the electrons of the matter, the electrons of earth defracted upward and formed an image on the open firmament, on the surface of the waters of the firmament. The other thing I would like to share with you is that under the definition of gravitation, which is one of the four forces operating in the universe, we are told that in the general theory of relativity, gravitation is explained geometrically.

            What does that mean? It means it is explained as a symbol; geometrically, a square, a cone, a triangle. The way it's explained is this. Matter; now what is the matter? Matter is the earth. Light is to define spirit. Matter or the earth in its immediate neighborhood causes the curvature of the four dimensional space time continuum. Let me explain this to you. First of all let me talk to you about the four dimensional space time continuum. We all know that there's three dimensions; height, width and depth. Science today is saying that we are a four dimensional creature or a four dimensional creation. I don't know what word they use. The fourth dimension is space. They are calling space or space time the fourth dimension. The scientists are claiming that to actually describe an object, it's not enough to know its height, its width and its depth; that you also have to know where it's appearing on the time space continuum in order to identify it.

            Where they are coming from with this, if you can think back to prior teachings on Quantum Mechanics; quantum mechanics teaches that every potential that we have not lived out is being lived out in a parallel dimension. In other words, if a man asks a young lady to marry him (I'm making this really simple) and she says yes, what would have happened to him if she said no, is being played out in another world. Are you all with me? So science now says we have four dimensions. In other words, if you are making a description to me of height, depth, and width and I want to know what you are talking about, it is not enough to say height, depth and width. I have to know which dimension the height, width and depth is in. So they are calling time and space a fourth dimension. This is the time space continuum, our cone, our pit, our black hole. That's what all these big words are talking about. This is our time space continuum. It goes round and round and round because outside of the pit is eternity. Inside of the pit is time and space.

            That physical law that I just read says, that matter in its immediate neighborhood causes the curvature of the four dimensional space time continuum. Now the space time continuum is bordered; the edge of it we said it is Jehovah. We said it is Jehovah. The edge of time and space is Jehovah. Is everybody with me? It says matter appearing within the time space continuum causes it to curve; causes it to curve. Now remember the earth was all down in the bottom and the spiritual water was at the top, but now the photons of light have penetrated into the earth, released them of the electrons of the earth and together photons of light and electrons of earth are bouncing up to the top where they were not before. They produced this curvature which is the surface of the space time continuum and there appears the image of the Spirit who's behind this whole thing, which is Jehovah.

            Remember Jehovah is interacting with Elohim with the sperm. Together they become light and it's actually Jehovah that's behind this whole thing and Adam is the image of Jehovah. I have some additional information for you on this board. The night is the seas plus the earth; is the night. The day is the upper heaven. Now including the firmament, the firmament plus the seas plus the earth is mind. And the firmament is the spirit of the mind. Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind. The firmament which is Elohim, himself, plus the seas, plus the earth is mind. The seas and the earth without the spirit is night. Brethren, those of us whose spirit is dead, ye were once darkness.

            Remember Paul said, ye were once darkness, but now ye are light. Well, all your mind consisted of was the seas and the earth. But now that your spirit has been made alive, you are not darkness, you are not night, anymore. Now you are light because you are being renewed in the spirit of your mind. I've got a lot on this board. I will go over it as many times as you need me to go over it. Now the seas, the watery part is your unconscious or your lower heaven and the earth is your conscious mind. So you see there are two parts to the lower heaven; the seas, your unconscious mind and the earth, your conscious mind. Two parts to the lower heaven; the psychiatrist will talk to you about the ego and the id and they are touching and overlapping each other. Then I told you already there is the spirit of your mind and the upper heaven, the upper heaven is that which is above the firmament. It's the light. It's day. I want to suggest to you that it's the mind of Christ. If all you new agers and all you people who think you are so sophisticated in the church talking about the super conscious, which is a secular term; all you are talking about, brethren, is the mind of Christ. What you are talking about it the mind of Christ.

            All this sophisticated chatter about the super conscious, a mind which is above the mind of man; it's the mind of Christ. It's the mind of Christ or the upper heaven. There's two heavens, brethren. Jesus. The day is the seminal fluid. I guess this upper heaven and the super conscious; it's the seminal fluid plus the firmament. You have to get the firmament in there to make it the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is the day plus the firmament, which is the spirit which is in man. Now the significance here brethren, that I would like to point out to you is that to form this image where the photons and the electrons of earth deflect and go shooting upward, they have to pass through the personality of men.

            They are passing through these minds in the individual men. The spirit which is represented by the firmament is a collective spirit. Brethren, we are all connected in the spirit. But we separate in personality. I'm going to say this again. As the photons of light mixing together with the electrons that they bombarded free, go shooting through the minds and the personalities of the sons of God and an image is formed on the part of the time space continuum that has become a curve because that's what happens when the earth comes up into that area which is edged by Jehovah, which is spirit. When the earth comes in contact with the spirit, it curves and completes the cone of the time space continuum. I found this fascinating that the tree and the grass and all that is way in the depth of the hidden part of the creature. Of course, this is not a natural tree.

            I drew it like a natural tree so that we could have some understanding. But it's not really a tree like we think of a tree, nor is it grass like we think of grass. We are talking about actually two kinds of spiritual life. The grass is in two stages of development; immature and mature and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, more mature than grass at the very beginning. So we see what Adam was up against. We see he was up against a really severe trial, but I will say it until it is coming out of your ears, if he didn't have a chance to not fall, Jehovah would be unrighteous. It had to be possible for Adam to go through to be fully matured in the image of Jehovah without experiencing the fall. And what did the fall do? The fall put Adam and all of his descendants, which we are, in a condition where we will learn to distinguish between good and evil through a knowledge, through an experiential knowledge of evil. Ooh, ooh, ow; it hurts. It had to be possible for Adam to mature to the fullest without an experiential knowledge of evil.

            Because if that is not true, Jehovah would be unrighteous. And it is impossible for Jehovah to be unrighteous. Alleluia. Any questions on this recent diagram? Verse 16: And God made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. We translated that in Creation Revisited as the two laws that Elohim made; the law of life in Christ Jesus and the law of sin and death. I would just like to point out to you that the law of sin and death is present in the mind of man that is not in submission to the law of life which is in Christ Jesus, which is the mind of Christ. See, we have the mind of Christ, which is the upper heaven together with the firmament which is the spirit ruling over the law of sin and death which is the earth, the seas and the firmament.

            We see that the firmament is present both in the law of life in Christ Jesus and in the law of sin and death. And the two are one. The law of sin and death is present, but is inactive so long as the law of life in Christ Jesus is ruling. Okay, is everybody alright on that? I'd like to make another point to you which I found very interesting. I've given you this example of the creation before. I've used a mirror and I've told you that the mirror is a piece of glass and it's painted on the back so that when I look at the mirror, the light shines on the mirror, hits the black background and bounces forward and gives me an image of myself. And that's pretty much what the creation is. I'd like to remind you that Elohim together with Jehovah came shooting through the firmament and through the seas as particles of light and the seas act as a mirror and the earth is the darkness behind the glass.

            Now remember, the scripture talks about a sea of glass and the light is penetrating the seas hitting the darkness of the earth and bouncing back to form the image. Also going all the way back in the thirty-eight series, we use the example of the rainbow with light piercing through the clouds loaded with water bring forth an image of a rainbow. It's the same principle, brethren. This is how the visible world is formed. Before it was possible for the sperma of God to pierce through the seas and plant the seed in the earth, a great deal of preparation took place. The earth had to be barren. The earth had to be dried out. But we see that even though she was dried out, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was still there. What does that mean? It means that there was a potential for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to come forth.

            Just when you weed your garden and you fertilize it and you do everything that you can do to your garden, and you plant your seed and you come out next week and you see little weeds coming up all over the place. You have to pull the weeds out. That's what this means; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was there and had a potential to come forth as well as the life of God; a fifty, fifty potential.

            I suggest to you in accordance with the law of quantum mechanics; fifty, fifty. Fifty, fifty; which way are you going to go? But it's not over yet, brethren. Okay, I just have one more point that I would like to point out to you. It is the grand finale. I have to tell you, brethren, in this hour with the way our society is going; I don't know about the rest of the world, but our society is headed in the direction of exalting man, of declaring man's potential goodness, of declaring man's potential to evolve into goodness, completely denying the fall and man's inherently evil nature because of the fall. The Lord, our God, just never ceases to amaze me as He points out how really insignificant we are.

            But we must keep this in perspective. We could be as insignificant as an amoeba, which is a one cell organism, but when the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the emissary of His Father, Jehovah, joins Himself to us, we who are insignificant as an amoeba become kings and priests in and through our relationship with Him. We have men all over the country today, exalting themselves in their separation from Jehovah, who are very offended when they hear this kind of teaching.

            What do you mean, you are just a paramecium, you are just a one cell organism, you are just a nothing? I had one woman that I met on the Internet who was born and bred and raised a Christian and she left the Christian faith because she could not deal with this statement that without Him I am nothing. She joined an eastern philosophy that makes her equal to God. So this is the last thing I have to say to you, brethren. If you are built up in your ego, this should slap you down for sure. I'm going to be talking about the surface area now, where the image is appearing and the Lord spoke this into my mind in an audible voice. He spoke the word petri dish. Does anyone know what a petri dish is? Well I know what a petri dish is. But I really didn't know what he was talking about until I looked it up in our reference workbook, so I'll start by defining petri dish for you. It is a shallow circular dish with a loose fitting cover. It is used by scientists to culture bacteria or other microorganisms. Do you know what that means brethren?

            If you have a sore throat and you go to the doctor and they take a swab and they say call me in two or three days and I'll tell you whether it is strep or not. They take that swab from your throat and they take a petri dish and they put some kind of a substance in the petri dish and they touch the swab from your throat. Then a couple of days later they go back and they see what grew there. They put some kind of a medium in the dish that will support the life of microorganisms and they take the swab from your throat.

            There is no way that they can look at that and know what it is, but they grow it; they increase it and when it appears on whatever substance they put in the petri dish, they can then put it under the microscope and tell you whether it is strep or whether it is something else. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Does anybody see where I am going? Yes, brethren, we are in a petri dish. This whole creation is Jehovah's experiment and we are being grown in a petri dish. We're being cultured and to Jehovah we are microorganisms. We are that small compared to Him. He is a scientist. He is growing us on a dish in His laboratory if you can hear this. Culture; let me give you a definition of the word culture in biology. It is the growing of microorganisms, tissue cells or other living matter in a specially prepared nutrient medium.

            What are we growing in? We are growing in the waters of life that the sperm departed from Jehovah in. The medium that the sperm came forth in is called the waters of life and the waters of life are in a petri dish which is called our universe and we are the tissues or the microorganism that Jehovah is growing here in a specially prepared nutrient medium. Then I have one more definition for you. Culture medium; a liquid or gelatinous substance (that means a substance that's like gelatin) containing nutrients. Now that's the water part of the seminal fluid. It's not dead. It has nutrients in it in which microorganisms or tissues are cultivated for scientific purposes. I can just hear our opponents saying you have just dehumanized us and all you religious folk, you are against man and you are destructive and against the evolution of mankind and I declare unto you in response; you have got it backwards. There is no way that you as a member of mankind or anyone else like you; you who are not reconciled and justified by Jesus Christ, you have got it backwards. There is no way that you will evolve into anything worthwhile outside of your connection to the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way you can have that potential to evolve into a king and priest through union with Jesus Christ is to admit who you are in relationship to Him without Him.

            Because so long as you believe that you have the potential to evolve into a superior being without Him, you are just living in a fantasy and a lie that is going to go up in a puff of smoke at His appearing. So you've got it backwards. I am not dehumanizing the human race. I am not demeaning the human race. I am telling you the truth because the truth will set you free. Set you free from what? The truth will set you free from the lie which prevents you from reconciling with Jesus Christ, that He might justify you, that you might have an opportunity to be a true king and prince of the universe. The way up brethren, is down.

            The lies will get you nowhere except a temporary exaltation. But if immortality is what you are looking for, your lies can only bring you death. Amen and amen. Any comments? Anybody offended by this discovery of our true condition. It seems to get worse and worse. I thought we were His horse. Now I find out we are a microorganism on His petri dish. But remember we are talking now about the very beginnings of creation. We started out as a microorganism on His petri dish. We've become horses. I think we are pretty far evolved. We've come a long distance.

            Praise the Lord. We have become the horse of the Lord and our rider is, Lord willing, if you are hearing this tape; if you got this far, your rider is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is riding you and remember your natural example now. The goal of every horseman is to make himself one with his horse. Does anybody not know that? That's what they teach you when you go for riding lessons. Become one with your horse. When we become one with the glorious exalted Lord Jesus Christ; He not only becomes one with us, but we become one with Him and we partake of everything that He is. And you who have exalted yourself outside of a union with Him and have hated Him and killed Him with your mind.


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