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On Part 2 of this series I said something that wasn't accurate, so I'd like to clarify that for you. Sometimes things just come out of my mouth. It's amazing how frequently we have a thought in our mind but we do not adequately express it. I did hear myself say on that tape that Jehovah is creating this world to show us examples of spiritual things. Now we all know that Jehovah did not create this world. First of all, Elohim not Jehovah, is the hand that does the creating. Jehovah is the one who thinks the thoughts that Elohim does. Elohim is His right hand. But second of all, this present world is formed by the serpent through Leviathan and not through Elohim. But of course, even though this world is formed by the serpent through Leviathan, Jehovah still has His hand on it.

            I think this came up once before. We know that He is present. He tells us clearly that if we go down to hell, He is present in hell with us. So I can't tell you exactly how it happened, but we know that the serpent stole or captured or stole the substance of God. The serpent captured Abel and is interacting with him and through that interaction is producing the image which this world is. Abel is Elohim's breath that was imparted to the creation at the beginning. But exactly how it has turned out that this world, which is formed by the serpent through Leviathan is just filled with visual examples of spiritual truths; exactly how this came to pass, at this time I can't tell you. It wouldn't surprise me if I can tell you in the future. There is just so much knowledge pouring out here. There seems to be no end to it. So we are very grateful to the Lord that He has seen fit to reveal Himself to us here to the degree that He is revealing Himself. I just wanted to make that correction.

            Okay, I was working on these diagrams. Let me verbalize what the Lord is doing with these diagrams. Let me even back up a little. We all started out with the King James Version of the scripture or any of the associated translations of the NIV. They are all outgrowths of the King James. What they all have in common is that they all are translating the holy scriptures of God on the first level which the Hebrew scholars call ignorance. Now that's not an insult. It merely means darkness. It means without understanding. The whole bible that comes forth on that level, I was told by a Hebrew scholar (not that I'm giving credence to Hebrew scholars. I'm just trying to show you how other people see this.) What I'm trying to tell you is that the Hebrew way of expressing it is that this kind of translation is in code. Now we in the Christian church would say it's a parable.

            The Hebrews say it's in code. So that means that there are two witnesses right there that the many translations of the holy scripture which is on the first level is in code. Now that does not mean you cannot be blessed by the code because everything that God's word touches in whatever form that it's in is a blessing. Of course, you can be blessed from the translations of the scripture on the first level. But there are four levels and the deeper you go, the more spiritual the blessings are. Now if you are satisfied to stay in this world; if all that you are looking for is the blessings of this world; if all that you want (and I'm not knocking you for it) but you have to face the reality of who you are and what you want out of life.

            If all you want is a husband or a wife, a job that pays a lot of money, a house, a picket fence, a car, a boat and a computer or whatever else turns you on; if you are happy with the blessings of this world, then you can stay with the translations that are on the first level and it will do very well for you. So you say to yourself, most people are happy with that. Who even has it in their head that there are blessings beyond that. Well I'll answer your questions, brethren. It's the people in this world who are the untouchables of this world. We have heard about the untouchables of Hinduism. There is a reality to untouchability. There are people in this world, right in this country, who are so severely cursed that nothing that they put their hand to prospers. There are people living in this country right now that no matter what they do cannot get their body healed and they are dying and getting worse every day and they can't work and they can't function. They are in torment every day of their life because their life is not normal.

            There are people right here in this country; some of them are Christians, that no matter how hard they try they can't shed drug addiction or alcoholism or nicotine addiction. They can't shake it. There are people right here in the church that no matter how hard they try or how hard they pray their prayers and who prays for them, they can't make it in a marriage. They cannot make it in a marriage; married two, three, four times. There are people in this world; there are people in this country; there are people in the church of Jesus Christ whose spiritual heritage is so heavily negative that the only hope of joy in this world is to depart from the things of this world and enter into the life of Jesus Christ.

            Do you know what I am talking about? For some people there is no answer or the answer is not fixing up their life in this world. They are so damaged, it is not to be done or it will take so many years to do it that they won't even be around anymore. Those are the people who are willing to go deeper into the scripture into a life in the Spirit because they have utterly failed in this life. No matter how much they are hoofing and hollering and praising God and yelling, they are miserable in their hearts. Many of them are married people and they are miserable in their hearts. There are many people who have the things of this world; husband, wife, children, job, money, car, computer, everything that you want and they are miserable. Some of them are on drugs. Some of them can't stop smoking; some of them can't stop committing adultery. There are people, brethren, in this world whom the things of this world cannot satisfy. There are people in this world whom the things of this world cannot satisfy.

            Those are the people who are willing to go through whatever is necessary, whatever sacrifice is necessary to experience a deeper revelation of spiritual truth. I'm not prophesying, but from what I have seen, it is highly unlikely to someone who is really happy in this world to go deeper. Why? Because going deeper means you have to give up the things of this world. So a life in the spirit is completely opposite of a life in this world. You can abide in the middle ground up until a certain point. So the scripture has four levels. To be honest with you, the Lord has not told me that it has four levels. A Hebrew scholar told me that it has four levels. I know that we are not on the first level. I don't know how deep we are. I honestly don't know and I don't know how to measure it. I don't know myself. I don't even know why I started talking about that except that it must have had something to do with my next comment on these notes. Oh yes, I know what I was telling you. I was relating the scripture to these drawings that have been coming forth. That's what I was doing.

            So if you examine the way the teachings of this ministry have been going; at least this is what it looks like to me, we have all come out of a place where we are abiding in the coded scripture (now that doesn't mean that you can't be blessed by the coded scripture) because every once in awhile I go into the King James and the Lord shows me something that just really blesses me. It blesses me; it ministers to me; it gives me peace. It doesn't mean you cannot enjoy that if you want to. You see, we are not linear. You can abide in two different understandings of the scripture as long as they are not contradicting one another.

            When I said being spiritual is the exact opposite of having a life in the things of this world, I was not talking about two different understandings of the scripture. I believe that if you are abiding in the coded message, it is very stressful to understand the deep truth that is coming forth. But once you are abiding in the deep truth, you can go back and taste of the coded message at the first level. There is no reason why you can't do that. But those of us in these studies, we have come out of that and we are receiving a deeper message in the scripture and we have what the Lord has given us and called the Alternate Translation or the spiritual translation of the scripture. What He seems to be doing now, from what I can see is bringing forth this spiritual truth which is the actual scientific explanation (I'm saying scientific because I don't know what else to say) about the truth of how the creation actually came to pass. Now we know that the account of creation in the bibles available today are a parable.

            They are very simple and they are fine if you are a beginner. But we know that the creation was much more complicated than that. If your faith is childish, that's okay, but you should really know where you are. We have some physical adults in this world fighting, willing to fight to the death to prove that Jehovah created this world as it now exists in six twenty-four days. So the Lord has brought forth an alternate translation of a large part of the account of the creation here. Now He has given us some small understanding of quantum mechanics, of physical laws, and He has given us a few (I'm sure very simple) drawings giving us some idea of what actually happened during the creation. The message that He gave me for today which we will probably not get to this morning is to go through the Alternate Translation of Genesis 1 and relate each of those verses to the diagrams that He has been giving us. Now when I started to do that in preparation for this next message, I hit up against something that didn't jive, you see.

            See, I don't really worry too much about making a mistake in these translations for several reasons. The first reason is that all mistakes will be corrected as we plow forward. Why? Because every aspect of these scriptures must line up with every other aspect of these scriptures. If I have made a mistake in a translation, somewhere along the line as I continue to plow forward, it will be manifest. Something will not jive and I will have to go back into an earlier translation and find out what's going on here. Everything has to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The second reason I don't worry about it too much (we've talked about this before) is that there are many valid translations of the scripture. The scripture is fluid. It's fluid. As long as you are not making evil good and good evil, which by the way the current translations have done in many of the translations that they have turned around. Well, at long as we are not changing the scriptures to glorify Leviathan, there are many different ways of expressing these Hebrew words.

            But what we are doing here is a translation in accordance with the Doctrine of Christ. So the translation that we bring forth, it has to be expressing the Doctrine of Christ and in that sense there is a right and a wrong or there is a more accurate and a less accurate translation. You can only translate in accordance with your understanding, you see. Anyone who does not believe that anyone who translates these scriptures is translating them out of their own understanding of the scripture is naive. Because this is what happened in verse 11. I had a thought in my head about what something meant and I never pursued it any further. And I translated it in accordance with that thought until I came up against these diagrams and something wasn't right. So I went back in and the Lord showed it to me. Anyone who is trying to translate these scriptures for the Lord and has a relationship with God and a Spirit of revelation is either more or less accurate. Even the translations that we are bringing forth now are not the ultimate.

            I do not believe we are capable of bringing forth the ultimate translation until the translator is in full stature. Who knows, maybe twenty or thirty years from now, someone else will be taking my books and doing them all over again. What's coming forth now is an understanding of the scripture that Jesus is now giving us (this whole generation of the church) for a specific purpose. That specific purpose is to raise us up into full stature.

            The understanding that came forth with the King James Translation was to build faith in people; faith in God and to give them a knowledge of God to have faith in Him. Right now we are supposed to be going on. So we need more information. That's why Jesus is bringing forth this translation now. The third reason that I really don't worry about making mistakes in these translations is that if anybody had a realistic idea of the full extent to the license that the King James translators have taken, you wouldn't be worried about me. The King James translators have taken tremendous license changing verbs to nouns, nouns to verbs, putting in words, taking out words. They have taken tremendous license and that's okay. They did what they had to do to get the translation which now exists which is priceless. I'm in the same position they were in when they first started. So I have no concern about telling you that the Lord has shown me a more accurate translation of Genesis 1:11 than we had in our alternate translation.

            We are going to redo that verse; I'd just like to read it to you in the alternate translation right now. See, it's not wrong. Genesis 1:11 says: And Elohim said, let young, but green grass and mature grass that can reproduce itself (and I have footnotes in there saying well that means the living soul, the first Adam and the last Adam) and let the fruit tree producing the fruit of lies (that's the serpent's sprout in the barren part). So we know that all those potentials were in the garden. And the appearance of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was witnessing that Elohim's command for the living soul to sprout in the barren earth arose out of His righteous union with Jehovah. Now, I think that when I did that, I thought that Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I was praying about that and was in a little confusion when I realized this contradiction.

            I've heard other preachers preach that Adam is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so I may have picked it up from them; or the truth of this issue just wasn't coming to my understanding until now. I did preach that Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but I now know that he is not. Who is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? The serpent is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil .Who is the personality of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Cain, Adam's evil side, is the personality of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I think that this teaching that Adam is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is just one more deception that is coming forth from the serpent in our unconscious mind right now, because the truth is that Adam is the Tree of Life.

            Every once in a while, she just speaks out right through God's people, right through God's ministers and twists it around. You have heard this happen with my preaching. I even have a fleece with you all that if you hear me say something that is really wrong, to stop me and let me correct it right on the spot because sometimes she just twists our mind around. The serpent just twists our mind around. She is the one who has incarnated us. She is our foundation. Actually as far as she is concerned, the Christ Jesus that is growing in our midst is a cancer because he is something that will eventually kill her.

            But we are more serpent than we are son of God at this time. I'm sorry if that offends you, but I am telling you the truth. It is very common; we see this time and again that the doctrine that comes forth in the scriptures and the teaching that comes forth from God's ministry is making Adam the bad guy. As far as I know and there could be others that I just don't know about them, we are the only voice today that is really speaking out about Adam's righteousness. We have a whole kingdom church world talking about killing Adam and Adam's world and the evil deeds that Adam did. No, Adam is not the evil one.

            Adam is the son of God. It is Cain who has done the evil doings and it is Cain who has become her evil side, the serpent and incarnated this world. And it is all through the church that we attribute the serpent's deeds and thoughts to Adam. Is this not true? This is true. It is all through the church. So somewhere along the line, I fell into it and I taught that Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Through this study and through finding the contradictions, trying to draw up these diagrams, at some point I came into some kind of a conflict and I said this can't be true. When I studied it through, this is what I found. Adam is not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam is the grass. Adam is the grass. So we are going to retranslate Genesis 1:11. I hope I made that clear.

            The translation in the book right now is not wrong. I translated it as best as I could out of where I was. But now I'm in a better place. So we will translate that verse more accurately. Glory to God. Let me read the verse in the King James for you, Genesis 1:11: And God said, (that's Elohim) and Elohim said, let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind whose seed is in itself upon the earth and it was so. Now in the King James, that clearly sounds like three different things; grass, herb yielding seed and the fruit tree.

            And I fell into that. I translated it the first Adam, the second Adam and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But as I studied it out today, I find that it is not speaking about three things. And Elohim said, let bring forth. That's Strong's #1876 and it means to sprout. The earth; grass. Now this first appearance of the word grass is Strong's #1877. Grass is a word that Gesenius says is speaking about herbs or vegetation that is good food for man. Now that's the way it sounds, but when I prayed it through, I realized that the good food that the scripture speaks about is not speaking about the good food that Adam needs. It is speaking about Adam, who is the good food. Adam is the good food. Remember Jesus is the bread from heaven. Jesus is our food, okay. So who is the food for if Adam is the food? Who is the good food for? Anybody want to guess? Who is Adam together with right now? He is in the earth. Adam has been put together with the earth. The whole principle here, after I prayed this through is that the earth has the potential to produce either the life of God or the lie.

            As we go further through this verse we will see that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the lie, the pretender, the one who is pretending to be the son of God. So the earth can go either way. The earth goes both ways. She can produce the life of the son or she can produce the lie. So the good food I want to suggest to you is for the earth, depending on what kind of fertilizer is put into the spiritual earth, she will produce one or the other; the truth or the lie. So Adam is the good food and that is the grass that Elohim is commanding to be brought forth. Jeremiah 24:88 says; And as the evil figs which cannot be eaten, they are so evil. I didn't copy the whole verse.

            That's just to indicate that there are good figs and there are evil figs. I remind you that the fig tree typifies the creation which is in its early stages. It can produce good figs or evil figs depending on how the earth is nourished. It will either produce Adam, the living soul or it will produce the serpent who is the imposter, the pretender or the lying son of God. The tree that will eventually inhabit the earth totally, which will be incorruptible is the olive tree, which is the tree of life. So Elohim said, let the earth sprout the good food. Then the next words are the herb, Strong's #6212 which is speaking about full grown grass in seed. Now you see, I was on the right track when I talked about the first Adam and the last Adam. I just didn't quite see it right. And the herb yielding seed. The Hebrew word translated yielding, Strong's #2232 means to expand, to be fruitful or to conceive.

            And the word seed means that which is planted. Now the words, and the, are not in the Hebrew. And tree means tree and fruit, Strong's #6529 can be translated offspring. Fruit, offspring, yielding to produce fruit. The word offspring appears in the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:11 twice and I only had it in our alternate translation once. It's necessary to put the word offspring in with regard to the pretender because the pretender is the serpent. And the offspring of the serpent is who? Who is the pretender's offspring? The pretenders offspring is Leviathan. Thank you Lord, for showing me that. So this is where we were.

            The alternate translation of the first half of Genesis 1:11; And Elohim said, let the earth sprout the good food (that's Adam) so that the whole creature will mature into seed which will conceive the tree that is planted. When I first started seeing this, I said, Lord, what's the difference between the grass and the tree? As you study, all of these issues arise. You see, the root of the problem, the reason that I could confuse Adam being the grass or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was that I really didn't have a good understanding of what the difference between the grass and the tree is. So I did a little side study on that which I hope will straighten it out for both of us. But for the time being, let's stay on the first half of verse 1:11 and I'm trying to point out to you that there are not three things mentioned there; the grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree. Elohim is not saying let these three things come forth. What he is saying is, let the earth sprout the good food (that's the grass) so that the whole creature (now remember the earth is a part of the whole creature).

            So what he is saying is, let the head, let Adam (the one who has the power to give life) let him sprout forth in the earth of the creature so that the creature can grow and prosper and mature and eventually become the seed that will be planted in the earth, which will produce the tree of life. That's what he is saying and I'm going to go into that in more detail because it is a little confusing, but not now. And Elohim said, let the earth sprout the good food so that the whole creature can mature into the seed which will conceive the tree that is planted for the purpose of producing Elohim's offspring. That's the tree of life. So we see that Elohim is not saying, let the earth bring forth grass and the herb yielding seed; but let the earth bring forth the grass which is the good food that will mature into the herb yielding seed which is the grass that has seed in it. I know it is getting a little confusing. What we are talking about here is immature grass and mature grass and we are not talking about grass like we are thinking about on our front lawn.

            We are talking about spiritual life. Grass is signifying spiritual life. Elohim is saying, let spiritual life come forth that at this time does not have the strength to impart life to the whole creation, but does have strength to feed it. Can you hear that? Let me give you an example. It took me a long time with this. It's really a difficult concept. Listen, a woman has a baby, a one month old infant. She has the power to nourish that child, to feed it and to help it to grow, but she does not have the power to make it a full grown sustaining adult overnight. Adam, the living soul, had the strength and the wherewithal to nourish the whole creation to keep life flowing through it, but he did not have the strength to root it into the eternal realm of God and make it invulnerable.

            This is just another way of saying what I have been saying for a long time. Adam, the living soul, had an imputed anointing. He did not have the imparted anointing. This is just a deeper understanding of what it is. The imputed anointing was able to keep the creation alive. It was able to keep the creation alive for so long as the living soul kept feeding it. But the living soul did not have the power to make the creation independent, independently alive. Here, let me put this sketch on the board for you. Maybe this will help you. We have here the light wave which is Elohim in the form of a stream of light called a photon, a bundle of energy because Elohim is energy. He is streaming down into the earth and implanting himself in the earth. When Elohim is implanted in the earth, we see the beginnings of Adam that is called an embryo.

            The parable or the hidden or the coded word for the embryo which will eventually be the son of God is grass. Grass is the name for the embryo which eventually will become the first Adam who is appearing on the surface of the deep. Adam, the living soul, and eventually become Adam, the last Adam, who is Elohim's fully born son.

            Let me say that again. The grass is the embryo. The first Adam is the fetus. The last Adam is the fully born son. Praise the Lord. So we are looking at diagram #1 from this tape. With everything that I have written on it, the most significant aspect of this diagram that I would like to convey to you is that there is a continuous activity going on of Jehovah hovering over the face of the deep, interacting with Elohim and that interaction produces a light wave after which Elohim streams forth as a bundle of energy, buries himself in the earth, brings forth the grass, and produces the photo-electric effect, (if you remember from part 2 of this message).

            I'll review the photo-electric effect for you. Photons, bundles of light energy, interface with the earth with an impact. They crash into the earth and two things happen. The light deflects or bends and bounces up in another direction and also the power of the impact of the light energy in the earth releases an amount of electrons from the atoms of earth. So not only does the light deflect and bounce up toward the surface of the waters, but the light takes with it some electrons from the atoms of earth and together the light and the darkness or the evening and the morning go shooting up to the surface of the deep and the image of Adam, the living soul appears and Adam the living soul is having a relationship with Jehovah and it goes round and round and round. This whole creature, not only Adam, the living soul, but the whole creature including the earth, including the heaven (which is the waters) including the image, including the grass; the whole creature is alive because of the continuous flow. I'm not going to say food.

            We could say food, but more consistent with the scripture that I'm familiar with, is water. Remember it had not watered upon the earth yet. There was no man. Let's get that scripture from the King James. Genesis 2:5; For the Lord God (that's Jehovah and Elohim) had not caused it to rain upon the earth and there was not a man to till the ground. What I am talking to you about here hadn't happened yet. The lighted waters that were streaming into the earth hadn't hit the earth yet and there was no man. Adam wasn't there yet. So you see, when the light waves which carried particles of water with it, hit the earth, entered into the photo-electric effect and deflected up to the surface of the deep and Adam appeared. Adam is Jehovah's reflection.

            In order to maintain Adam's image, this interaction has to be continuously flowing; Jehovah, Elohim, the earth, Adam, Jehovah, Elohim, the earth, Adam; a continuous circle which produces life. I want to suggest to you that it is this situation that is spoken about in terms of the seventh day. And at the end of the sixth day, the creation was completed and Jehovah rested because there was coming a time when the creature would be alive without this continuous watering or this continuous feeding of it which is originating with Jehovah. This is the labor that Jehovah is laboring. We thought He was out there cutting down trees and designing animals. No, I'm sorry, He wasn't doing anything like that at all.

            The scripture says He was hovering over the face of the deep. That's what the scripture says to me. It is this hovering over the deep that He eventually shall rest from in this seventh day. So something is going to happen to this creature that is going to do away with the necessity of this continuous watering and feeding.

            This creature is alive because the life of the Father and the Son is continuously flowing through it giving it life. But it has no life in and of itself. But the day is going to come that there will not be grass growing out of the earth of this creature, but there will be a tree growing out of the earth of this creature, a tree which produces life. And the life will no longer come from Jehovah, outside of the creature, but it will come from the tree that's growing in the creatures very own earth and that tree will put down deep roots that will be so thickly embedded in the earth that that tree will be a part of the creature. The roots will be controlling the earth because tree roots help against soil erosion. Tree roots weave themselves in the earth and it is a definite hindrance against soil erosion. What does soil erosion mean to us?

            Well if you remember the earth keeps messing with the waters of the creation. The earth keeps leaving her ocean bed and her upper particles are continuously polluting the waters. The earth is continuously eroding. She is supposed to be a solid mass of earth, the ocean bed, but she keeps leaving her place and ascending into the waters polluting the waters and then there is no ocean bed. So now if there is no ocean bed, there is no place for the tree of life to be rooted. So she is all messed up and the grass is not strong enough to stop her erosion. But the grass is just the embryo, just the beginning of the son of God, and not strong enough to hold the earth in her place nor a strong enough source of life. The embryo still needs continuous communication with Jehovah to keep the creation viable, to keep it alive.

            But this very same seed that is producing the washing, the continuous watering of the creation will mature and has already matured in the person of Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ. He was just the first of many brethren in whom this situation in whom this diagram will be made a reality that their spiritual being will not be grass at its inner most part but will be a tall tree with roots put deeply down by the waters preventing the erosion keeping the soil hard and nourishing from within so that Jehovah can rest. And who is this tree of life? It's Elohim. And we are Elohim. Our true reality is that our spirit is Elohim's breath, don't look at your body, don't look at your bestial personality.

            Your spirit is Elohim's breath. You're Jehovah's son. Elohim is Jehovah's son, Adam is Elohim's son, Jehovah is our Grandaddy. And this is our hope. Christ in you the hope of glory. The tree of life, not the grass now, thank God for the grass. Maybe you're satisfied with the grass; I'm not. I'm not satisfied with the grass. I want the whole tree of life dwelling in me. This is the promise of our latter end. I'd rather be grass than barren earth, but I'm not happy. I mean I'm content with what I've got, but I want more; I want the whole bale. I want the whole ball of wax. I want the whole thing. Let me briefly go over this diagram for you. Here is the pit, the rip in Jehovah's substance, the womb if you will, that opened up within Jehovah to form his son in the form of a visible being in a visible creation.

            This is the surface of the deep over which Jehovah is hovering and interacting with the waters and remember Elohim is dissolved in the waters. He's not a single particle sperm. He is seed scattered through the whole waters. Jehovah is interacting with Elohim who was strengthened by Jehovah and becomes light. He's in the waters known as heaven in the form of a wave. He has formed some of His self into a shelf called the firmament that the clean waters are sitting upon; so that the waters do not touch the earth; so that the earth should be barren. I thought you just said He planted His seed in the earth. Yes, the earth should be barren as far as her own seed is concerned. You may recall in our translation of Genesis 1:11 which started out this whole message today, there are two potential offspring in this creation, fifty- fifty. Remember the teaching from our other Quantum Mechanics series, fifty-fifty. Two potential offspring can come forth from this creation.

            So Elohim said, let the earth be barren. I don't want the earth to be fertile, but I'll take Elohim's fertility; let Elohim's seed come forth in the earth. Okay, I'm up to this, the stream of light particles. Elohim is penetrating the firmament as a stream of light particles (see the waters aren't going through but the light is going through). Can you think of anything that light can go through that water cannot go through? Many things, glass mostly. So Elohim streaming through the firmament implanting Himself in the earth; (the embryo which is later to be called Adam) is formed and called grass, the beginnings of spiritual life. Grass is not very strong; it's here today and gone tomorrow. But it's the beginnings of spiritual life. Then the photo-electric effect occurs when Elohim's particle stream crashes into the earth and the photons of light plus some electrons from the earth go shooting up to the surface of the deep and we see the fetus; the embryo has now become the fetus called the first Adam, the living soul.

            The whole creation is being watered because a man has now appeared in the earth and the circle is being completed. It's going round and round until the creature produces an ability to sustain it's own life, which is a condition of spiritual maturity. This is our condition right now brethren. If your relationship with the Lord Jesus was to brake for any reason could you sustain your own life? No. This is the condition we're in now. We are grass. We're not even the first Adam. Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ was the first Adam. I don't know about you, but I don't look like him yet. We're grass; that's what we are. This is our condition.

            The glorified Jesus Christ now is the tree who can sustain the life of the whole creation and let Jehovah rest. Alleluia. We are translating Genesis 1:11 and our alternate translation for Genesis 1:11 is: And Elohim said, let the earth sprout the good food so that the whole creature will mature into seed which will conceive the tree that is planted for the purpose of producing Elohim's offspring. Now this is a great mystery, brethren. The seed which will conceive the tree; we have to have the tree conceived in us and after this whole process occurs, the last Adam who is presently the tree of life; he is the only one who can sustain a human being without this continuous nourishment coming from outside of the person. So we have to get the tree of life planted in us. We have the grass planted in us, but it's not enough. We have to get the tree of life planted in us.

            That is happening through a second planting called the marriage. I have a scripture for you that indicates that the Lord Jesus Christ is marrying our earth. I guess it is the Lord Jesus Christ who conceives Christ Jesus in us and then Christ Jesus in us, when he is strong enough, marries our earth. That's when we become absolutely invulnerable. There are two joinings. The Lord Jesus Christ reconciles us to Himself. That means He has a relationship with us. Then He justifies us by engrafting Himself to our spirit. That's the first joining. It's called justification. It is His blood being put on our lamp post and that is the conception of the grass in us. Then at some point, brethren, the grass, which is the embryo has to become the fetus in us. That's full stature. Then after we ascend to full stature, Christ Jesus in us, marries our earth and we too become one of the many trees that comprise the one tree of life. Remember Ezekiel saw many trees.

            Let me read you that scripture about marrying our earth. Genesis 1, part of verses 14 and 15; Let the spiritual plants be altars in the trees in whom the mind of Christ is to grow, which will distinguish their spirit from their mind and let them show a willingness in the spirit of their mind to increase into the last Adam, the one who is marrying their earth. When we first did this translation, the words, the last, I just added in. They're not in the alternate translation. When I did this translation, I don't think I really fully understood it; let them show a willingness in the spirit of their mind to increase into Adam, the one who is marrying their earth. I couldn't really understand why someone would need to be so encouraged to increase into Adam. I thought the whole church, everyone that hears this message wants to stand up in full stature.

            But at the time I didn't realize the extent of the sacrifice that is required to stand up in full stature. You really have to give up the things of this world. You really have to give up the things of this world and not many have the strength to do that. I think there are many who would do it if they could, but they don't have the strength to do it. They don't even have the strength to think about it. They don't have the strength to think about giving up all the comforts of this world. Why? Because when you take away the comforts of this world, which comfort your soul, which comfort your emotions, that means you are left with unsatisfied emotions. We are talking about emotional pain here, brethren.

            There is a period of purification where your emotions are not satisfied before the Lord Jesus Christ marries your earth and satisfies you. Most, not even many, do not have the strength to have a willingness in the spirit of their mind to increase into the last Adam, the one who is marrying their earth. They don't have a willingness. They are not even willing to do it. It is very hard. I am not condemning anybody. It is very hard. I'm going to repeat the same message that I opened this message with. The ones who are going to find within themselves a willingness to do it are the ones who are least satisfied with this existence; the ones who are still seeking, the ones who are still searching. The more unhappy, the more unsatisfied they are, the more likely they will be to seek, to increase, or to be willing to increase into the last Adam. Of course, they have to get to be the first Adam before they are going to become the last Adam.

            But it is the last Adam who is marrying the earth. Well, I may not have that exactly right. It is Christ Jesus in you, that when he marries your earth, you become the last Adam. Maybe I didn't put that exactly right. Let me say it again. The Lord Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit engrafts to you (that is justification) and grass, Lord willing, begins to be seen in you. Some flickers of spiritual life is grass. The next stage is that this grass is Adam risen from the dead in you, the living soul, (in the New Testament he is called Christ Jesus) and when Christ Jesus marries your earth, that means he comes into your human personality and implants himself so completely that he completely dominates every aspect of you and Leviathan ceases to exist.

            Then you become married to him. He is marrying your earth. The marriage of Christ Jesus to you is the complete rooting down of Christ Jesus in you; his total possession of you, the cessation of Leviathan and the cessation of the serpent. The only aspect of the evil one who will remain will be the waters of life who won't even be known as Cain because the only time you have your own name is when you have your own existence. When the waters of life are in complete submission to the tree of life, the whole creature will be the son of God and there is no aspect of that creature that will have its own name. So there won't even be any Cain anymore. Let me back up here and try to finish off this verse 1:11.

            We'll go on to the second half of it. I'm at the top of page 2. The words in the King James, in itself, are Strong's #8700 can be translated in the same place and after his kind Strong's #4327; that's the big one. I went into this in detail when we did this verse in Creation Revisited. There is another word in Gesenius Lexicon that has the exact same spelling which means lies or pretender and we have chosen that word. The English word whose, we are translating who has. The word seed can be translated virile semen. That means semen that has the ability to cause the earth to conceive; semen that has the ability to cause the woman to conceive. That's what virile means. The word upon, Strong's #5921 can be translated together with, in the earth and it was so. I'm not going to spend too much time on that. We did that in Creation Revisited. It means this was righteous. Alternate translation, the second half of Genesis 1:1 says: in the same place that the offspring of the pretender who has virile semen is together with the earth. The whole significant point here, brethren, is that this creation is fifty-fifty. It is subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, I suggest to you, which explains spiritual laws.

            The creation can be positive or the creation can be negative and it was a fifty- fifty chance which way it was going to go. Guess what happened? It went negative. I want to tell you that there is a higher law than quantum mechanics. There is a higher law than the laws which quantum mechanics explain and that higher law is the Creator of the universe. His name is Jehovah and He sent His son, the Lord Jesus Christ to put some weight on those odds because He is not happy with the odds of fifty-fifty. When Jehovah through His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, joins Himself to this creation, which can go either way, fifty-fifty, the balance of power is now on the positive side.

            So you see, this condition that we are in, that our world and our person and our mind and our life has gone to the negative side. It is only temporary because when Jehovah conceived this creation, He made a provision that if Adam should not stand the rigorous experience that was required before He could produce the tree of life in the creature, if he was overtaken, there was a provision for him to be restored through judgment. This is not a plan A or a plan B. Jehovah knew he wouldn't make it and Jehovah told him, you try your best, but if you are overtaken, you can only die once. That was the whole plan. There was no plan A or plan B. The plan is that this creation will be in the image of Jehovah, that Adam had to be tested. Yes, Jehovah knew he would fail, but Adam didn't know he would fail. Jehovah knew Adam would fail, but Adam didn't know he would fail.

            Adam had to walk on his own two feet and either way, whether he stumbled or whether he walked through without a stumbling, he would be in the image of Jehovah. No plan A or plan B. Whichever way it goes, Adam had to be tested in his ability to distinguish between good and evil. It had to be tested. The provision was made for the fall; not because Jehovah ordained the fall or because Jehovah knew that he was going to fall even though Adam didn't know he was going to fall. Then Jehovah put His weight on the positive side of the balance of power. I hope I made that clear. The way these preachers preach it; they say well, Jehovah didn't have the power to bring Adam through, so just in case he didn't make it, He made a plan B. No, that's not true. Jehovah knew he wouldn't make it, but Adam didn't know he wouldn't make it. Adam tried his best and he didn't make it. It is such a fine line.

            Is somebody here confused about this or am I responding to somebody that's not here? It is such a fine line. Adam had to walk by himself. The key is that the way it is being preached is that Jehovah didn't have the power to bring Adam through. No, Adam had to walk on his own two feet. Jehovah did all that could be done and Adam had to walk on his own two feet. When he stumbled, that means he is learning the hard way to walk on his own two feet. Tough love, whatever. He has got to do it himself.

            Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ is providing the power to overcome, but Adam has to overcome. You see, we are all Adam. That's who we are. We are Adam trying to rise from the dead. Our potential is Adam, who is trying to rise from the dead. We must overcome. The Lord will not do it for us. He will provide the power for us, but we have got to rise up and do it. That's not the same thing as saying Jehovah didn't know for sure which way it was going to go so He made a plan A and a plan B. Such a fine line. Such a fine line. Jesus, help us Lord. Okay, alternate translation, Genesis 1:11; And Elohim said, let the earth sprout the good food so that the creature will mature into seed which will conceive the tree. So who's the seed which will conceive the tree? Did I make that clear? Okay, we said that Elohim is the seed that conceived the grass and the first Adam is the seed that will conceive the tree, which is the last Adam.

            When Christ Jesus is formed in you, he will plant himself in your earth. He will marry you and plant himself in your earth. Remember me teaching you that right now Christ Jesus is inside of you like a balloon filled with water? Life is in you, but it is not arising out of you. Life is in you, but it is a separate entity from you. There has to be a mixing, a melding of the life that is within you and you. That hasn't happened yet. We are still separate and apart. We have a carnal mind and we have a Christ mind and there's a big struggle going on. The Christ mind cannot marry us until what? He cannot marry us until he separates from the carnal mind. The struggle that's going on right now is the separation. You cannot join to something that you are already joined to. The issue is that we are joined in the wrong moral order. The carnal mind is over the Christ mind. The Christ mind has to separate from the carnal mind so that he can dominate it and crush it. So there can be no marriage to Christ Jesus until Christ Jesus completely comes out from under the domination of the carnal mind which is the earth. Is everybody okay? This is what the tribulation is all about; the separation, the coming out. How do we separate? How do we come apart?

            We must learn to distinguish between light and darkness, between good and evil, between Christ Jesus and the carnal mind within our own mind. The more they are together, the harder it is for us to tell the difference. The more they separate, the easier it is for us to tell the difference and run to the mind of Christ. There is a third factor. We discussed this when we did Balaam's Ass. We are the ass. We are the ass that has been incarnated by Leviathan, but who has the ability to leave Leviathan and cleave unto Jesus Christ. I can just hear somebody yelling, not only does she believe in duality, now she is into trilogy; three of them. Yes, we are all in pieces down here. They're saying we were single minded before Jesus came. He's the one that has caused all this trouble. He always was a trouble maker. Even the pharisees said so. Wherever He goes, He is making trouble.

            Amplified translation Genesis 1:11; And Elohim said let the earth sprout the good food whose mature seed will conceive the tree that is to produce my offspring which is planted together in the same earth with the offspring of the pretender who has virile seed. They are in the same place. They are in the same earth. They are in the same earth, but only one can be appearing at a time. Now the diagrams that I gave you from the last message, especially picture 5 and 6 where you see I've drawn a tree in the earth and the Lord has shown me that the tree is not in the earth. You see I was going according to the first translation of Genesis 1:11. I put two kinds of grass and the tree in the earth because I was reading that scripture as Elohim and Jehovah saying let the grass and the trees come forth.

            But I didn't understand that they are not all coming forth together and that in fact only the grass was coming forth. What that verse 11 is saying is, let that young grass come forth, but be careful because the seed that would produce the tree (which is the serpent) that seed is in the earth and so long as the seed is in the earth, there is a fifty-fifty chance that that tree will arise and in fact, it arose. So what I am telling you is that we are no longer drawing the picture of the tree in the earth, at least not until the fall. But this diagram that I have on the board today doesn't have the tree. It just has grass because there is either one or the other. When the tree of the knowledge of good and evil rises, she kills the grass. Does anybody not understand what I just said? The grass is the immature life of Elohim and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the serpent. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the serpent. When the serpent arises the immature life of Elohim dies. Is everybody with me?

            Now I don't know whether you can see it or not, but this is very interesting because we seem to be going full circle. The way we got into this whole study is that I was trying to fit Abel into these diagrams and the Lord had told me that Abel has always been immortal and the teaching that was coming down, that Adam died and incarnated as Cain and Abel is not accurate. It was accurate for where we were at the time. We are walking into the fullness of the truth and there's no way we could understand everything all at once.

            There has to be stages that are not exactly accurate. If you are looking at it from the pure truth, it's error, but you have to look at it from the point that we are just walking into it, that there has to be stages where it's not exactly accurate. So it's not true that Adam died and incarnated as Cain and Abel. Erroneously, I told you a couple of messages back, Adam is Elohim's image on the pure waters and Abel is Elohim's image on the dirty waters after the earth twisted together with the waters, polluting it and making the waters spiritual urine. No, Elohim stayed in the filthy waters, in the pit. He stayed in the abyss as a faithfulness to Jehovah even when the waters were polluted. He no longer was appearing as Adam upon the surface of the waters. But all the waters came down. The firmament didn't hold up the waters anymore. All the waters fell down. The earth got saturated and the image of the creation was at the lower end of the abyss and not the upper end of the abyss. This is very heavy. I guess it is just really hard to take so much of this. Let me just say that again.

            The waters fell down. You know it's funny. I had a thought this morning and you know how I am always talking about how Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Well this morning I kept hearing in my head, Chicken Little said the sky is falling, the sky is falling. So we see that in our children's fairy tales, there is some truth because that is what happened. The sky fell down. The waters of heaven fell down. The firmament which was holding them up, which is the sky, fell down where all the waters came crashing down to the earth. Elohim's seed, which was producing the embryo known as grass ceased to be and the earth put her own seed forth, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the image was no longer at the top, but it was at the bottom, under the dark muddy waters.

            This is Elohim's dark shadow because it never could come to pass without Elohim's life which was in the waters, although it wasn't his sperm. Elohim's sperm produced the grass, but the waters known as Cain had all of the nutrients of Elohim's life and gave the earth enough strength to put her virile seed in herself. She fertilized herself and brought forth the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So we see that the sky did fall down. I have some more diagrams that I'll put on the board for you later on this evening. I guess we'll have to take this pretty slow. We'll continue tonight.

            Okay, we have drawing #3 on the board. Now don't be confused because I have not done #2 yet. I just put this one up and after I put the whole drawing up I realized that I should have done something else first. So I'm going to make a few comments on this, but when you look at your sheet of all the photographs, I'm going to comment on photograph #2 after photograph #3. We see the deep or the pit or the black hole, (whatever you want to call it) the rip, the tear in Jehovah's substance, which is the womb that He has brought forth within Himself, or our home, the place where we dwell. We see that the waters that had ascended above the earth have pierced through the firmament. They've broken the shelf. Heaven and the sky have fallen down. Chicken Little lives; the sky is fallen, the sky is fallen. It really happened, the sky fell down. The waters when they incarnate are known as Cain. The waters had a mind set (now they are not a mind, but they had a thought) that was different from the thought of the head of the whole creature. The head of the whole creature is Adam.

            The waters that he was abiding in had a different thought than he did. They didn't like the way things were set up here. They didn't like Adam being the head (these waters; we'll call them Cain) so they came out of their place and they flowed down upon the earth which was barren if you recall. The virile seed of the earth was barren. The earth's ability to impregnate herself was barren, but the earth was not barren to the seed of Elohim. Elohim had buried his seed in the earth and produced the grass and the image of Adam. When the waters came down they flooded over the earth. The surface part of the earth dissolved itself in the waters giving life to the virile seed. So we see the earth in two forms; the solid earth which is the ocean bed and the surface of the earth or the dust of the earth as the King James puts it, floating in a sea above the ocean bed; a body of water which is saturated with particles of earth. The particles of earth dissolved in the water are the virile seed which buried themselves in the solid earth which is the ocean bed. We are talking about spiritual incest.

            The product of this self-fertilization is not grass, but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the serpent. I'll just read what's on the board here. If you are listening to the tapes, you should have a copy of the pictures. The place where the waters was, but no longer is, has become a desert. There is much talk about the desert in the scripture, (particularly in the prophets) became a dry waste place. When it flowed down and that which was supposed to be dry became wet and that which was supposed to be wet became dry. Brethren, I want to give you a suggestion. I believe that the legend of Atlantis, which appears all over the world in ancient societies, in ancient civilizations all over the world; I want to suggest to you that we today are living in Atlantis. We today are living in Atlantis.

            We are living under the sea. We are living in the earth. We are the earth. Are we not? Our bodies are made of earth. We are living in an earthen world and the diagram that I will draw next will show it more clearly; how the image that the creature is producing ceased from being on the surface of the waters and began to appear in the earth at the wrong end of the creation. I don't want to get into that until I've put it on the board for you. So, Jehovah's contact with Elohim's breath is broken. You see, Elohim can never be separated from Jehovah, but Elohim is the breath of life that Jehovah breathed into the creation. What is Elohim's breath? That part of Elohim that's in the womb. When that part of him was connected to Elohim, who was connected to Jehovah, there is no reason to distinguish between Elohim and Elohim's breath because there is one circle of spiritual life flowing.

            But when the waters dried up, it became impossible for the photo-electric effect to occur. What was the photo-electric effect? The bundles of light which is Elohim and Jehovah hitting the earth and reflecting or refracting back up along with electrons of earth causing the image of Adam on the surface of the deep. But you need water to produce a reflection. So when the waters dried up the connection, the vehicle that carried the image is no longer there. The connection was broken, the communication was broken, the chain was broken, whatever word you want to use. So Adam starts to deteriorate just as you would look at an image on a lake that starts to fade when someone troubles the waters, the image started to break up because the photo-electric effect could not penetrate the desert. It stopped right here.

            It stopped at the top of the waters. See, the earth is supposed to be dry, but something went wrong and now the heaven is now dry. It is not supposed to be dry, but it is now dry. The very Hebrew word which means heaven means waters, the waters above. So, Adam begins to break up because the photo-electric effect cannot occur without water and there's a big desert over here. Not only is there a big desert over here; actually there is no more surface because if the waters of the heaven dried up, there cannot be any waters on the surface either. This is the new surface down here at the bottom of the pit where the firmament used to be. This is the new surface. It's down here.

            So the image is no longer on the surface of the deep, on the top, because the surface was the surface of the waters. Are you with me? The waters up here dried up and fell down and the image is still on the waters which are laying in the bottom of the pit, which is supposed to be dry. So, the photo-electric effect is not going up to the top of the pit, whatever is still acting in it. I don't even know if it is still acting anymore. I really have to think that through. Whatever is happening is happening in the bottom of the pit because the image of the world cannot go beyond the height of the water. It can't go beyond the water. The image has to be in the water. When the water stops here, that's as far as it goes. That's where the image is, right here in the bottom of the pit; in hell. That's where we are.

            We were on the surface of the deep with Adam. When Adam was alive, we were all alive in him. The waters fell down. The circle of rain upon the earth, Jehovah connecting to Elohim and Elohim planting his seed in the earth and the photo-electric effect bouncing up to the top. The chain is broken because where there is supposed to be water, it's a desert. So the image of Adam breaks up and whatever existence is present, it is down here in the bottom of the pit because there is no image without water. There is no image without water. Either the image is on the surface, far away from the earth and that's where Elohim's image is or Jehovah's image through Elohim or the image is down at the bottom in the earth; and that's where the serpent is. The serpent came alive when the waters covered the earth and Cain appeared as the serpent.

            We found out in a recent message that what we have been calling the urine, the scripture calls the seas; polluted water, polluted water. The polluted seas is not drinking water. It is not water that produces spiritual life. It killed the grass; killed Elohim's embryo, and the earth plants her own virile seed from the seas within her own self and she conceives the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the serpent. Actually, this is Cain up here. You can call her the seas; you can call her the urine. It's the waters who has saturated herself with the earth which has now become Cain. So it's really Cain planting herself in the earth. The lines are so fine. I hope you are following me. It's really Cain planting herself in the earth instead of Elohim. Now remember Elohim came forth in a watery medium.

            There were two parts to him. He was sperm and he was water. But he was the head and he planted himself in the earth and grass appeared. But what happened here is that the water medium that he came forth in wanted to do what Elohim was doing. But she didn't have what it took to do it until she got a hold of some of these particles of dust and when she joined herself to the dust, she acted like a man and she planted her seed in the earth. The polluted waters that were covering the grass killed the grass, so the only seed left in the earth was Cain's seed, which grew up as the serpent, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Water pierces through firmament and satisfies herself with the earth. I just told you that. A question was asked: Is it correct to call Elohim's breath Adam?

            No, because Elohim's breath is spirit. It's a spiritual seed that when he is buried in the earth, produces first the embryo grass and then the fetus Adam. Elohim's breath is really Elohim, but we have to call it Elohim's breath when he is cut off from Jehovah because we found out that Elohim, himself, cannot be cut off from Jehovah. So it just a part of him that he gave to the creature and that seed; that is seed, and when the seed is planted in the earth it produces first grass and then the living soul. So it is not correct to call Elohim's breath Adam. We know that every time there's a change of condition, there's a change of name in the scripture. Question: Is it correct to say the image on the earth is the reflection of the serpent? Yes, that is correct. The image, which is the world that we live in, including the bodies that we live in and the personalities that we live in, are all in the image of the serpent. Yes, that is correct.

            We are living under water. I'll make that more clear when I do image #2b. Let me just describe #2a for the tape. We see the deep. Adam is still on the surface of the deep. I didn't go into all the details that I've gone into before because the significant thing that I am pointing out on image #2a is that there is the firmament, there are the waters above the firmament and the waters beneath the firmament. The waters beneath the firmament are the urine.

            That's the waters that has some earth dissolved in it. Actually that's not even right. Actually, the seas are covering the earth. I guess this line was the ocean bed. This line was the ocean bed, but actually the waters of the seas are not only up here. They're all down through the ocean bed because you know if you go dig up some of the sand or the earth that's at the ocean bed, it's going to be all wet and completely saturated, so the waters of the seas were completely covering the earth. The waters of the seas were prevailing underneath the firmament. Remember the initial command was, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let the waters above be separated from the waters beneath. We found out that the waters above were a pure form of the waters of the seminal fluid, of the watery part of the seminal fluid that Elohim came forth in. There was no earth in the waters above the firmament, but the waters beneath the firmament called the seas had earth dissolved all through it.

            Now I would like to read to you our alternate translation of Genesis 1:20 because that is what this diagram is describing. If you are reading an older copy there are changes that were made in view of the new information. And Elohim said, let the waters of the seas braid together with the living soul. That's the command. Let the sea, the water part that's underneath the firmament, (not the earth now) but let these waters ascend and join the waters above. And let the waters be completely segregated from the earth. Did I make that clear? The clean waters are saying to the polluted waters, come up hither, but leave all your earth behind. Just the waters are invited. Don't we hear this today? Is not the Lord Jesus Christ saying to us, come up hither. Let your spirit come up, but leave your sin behind. Leave your body behind. Leave your sin nature behind. Leave Leviathan behind, but you spirit, come up higher. That's exactly what happened at the beginning of time. Elohim said to the waters that were beneath the firmament, you are still the waters that I came forth in, but you are polluted with the earth.

            Leave your pollution behind and ascend and join the part of you that's clean. Is everybody okay? We are still in Genesis 1:20: And braid together with the living soul. Now who's the living soul? Adam is the living soul. He's the image that's appearing on the surface of the deep and he's appearing on the water, of the surface of the waters. So Elohim is saying, braid together with the waters that the living soul is a part of. They're inseparable. Adam is inseparable from the clean waters, so Elohim is commanding the waters of the seas (how can you say the waters of the seas?) because the sea is made of water and earth. Elohim is not commanding the earth.

            He is just commanding the waters; come up higher. I've always wondered about that scripture in Habakkuk 2:14; For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. But that's what it means. What are the waters of the seas? The sea is water and earth. So the waters of the sea is the pure seminal fluid of the seas. What that means is that the clean waters are going to cover the dirty waters once again. We are still on Genesis 1:20. So now Elohim has commanded two things. He has commanded the waters of the seas to ascend, to leave the earth, to braid together with the living soul and ascend above the earth and cover it (and ascend above the earth and cover it.) Now we were really talking about this earlier on tape 1 of this message, that you cannot ascend to a position of authority. Is that not a covering if you are commanded to cover somebody?

            Is that not saying ascend above them and cover them? That's what it means to cover somebody. You cannot cover somebody unless you separate from them. So you see, in order for the command to be fulfilled to cover the earth, the waters of the seas would have to separate from the earth. You cannot cover somebody that you are in bed with, spiritually or realistically for this world. You cannot cover someone that you are in bed with, if it's ungodly. Of course, if you are a husband, you can cover your wife. But when you are in sin with somebody, you can't cover them. I'm telling you from personal experience as someone whom the Lord has been training to exercise authority for years now. You cannot be an authority figure to someone for the purpose of helping them in any way if you are subject to them in any way. If you need something that they're giving you, you will never be able to adequately fulfill your job as cover to them. Because when you need something from somebody, they are covering you.

            Do you know what I am talking about? When you need something from somebody or you need somebody, they are covering you. So you can have the piece of paper that says you have the authority, but if you need them and they don't need you, you're not covering them. They're covering you. So if you find out somewhere along the line that you are in an ungodly soul tie and that you are supposd to be the cover, but you are the one who is covered, there's no way that you're going to get up into your God ordained position unless you first withdraw from the ungodly soul tie.

            You have got to separate before you can ascend. Is everybody okay? Any person with wisdom in the world knows this. Jesus. Okay, so Elohim is commanding the waters of the seas to ascend and cover the earth. In verse 21 we are told why; because Cain, your lower extremity or the part of you that's mixed with the earth (when you are mixed with the earth, that's what he is saying. It's still you, but you are mixed with the earth). The person that you are when you mix with the earth is going to twist together with the earth and become the serpent.

            What we are finding out now is that the person who you are when you mix with the earth is going to (it's virile seed) which is going to plant itself in the earth and the serpent will be born. That haughty one who will sneak up on you slowly, braid herself together with the waters of life and pollute them and become Satan and Leviathan; the god in mind which are the lying false cover of the visible physical world. So now that we have a better understanding of those verses, I'm going to have to update our translation. Is anybody not following me? We now have a deeper understanding of those scriptures, so I have to make it clearer in the Alternate Translation. Praise the Lord. We are looking at image #2b and you can see that all of the waters of the seas had responded to Elohim's command and ascended up to and joined with the waters that were above the firmament. Leaving below the shelf; the firmament is a shelf now that's holding the waters of the heavens up and beneath the firmament is the dry earth which is barren. It is a barren desert with regard to the seed that comes into existence when the earth is dissolved in the waters of life, but she is not a barren desert to the seed of Elohim. Have you read the scriptures which talks about flowers blooming in the desert. It's only Elohim's breath, Elohim's seed, that can bloom in the desert. As soon as the desert is no longer a desert, Elohim's flowers and fruit die and the flowers and the fruit of Cain, actually, appear.

            That is the serpent, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So we see that Adam is in pretty good shape. He's up at the surface of the deep. He's in an intense relationship with Jehovah and actually Adam is Elohim formed into Adam. He's having an intense relationship with Jehovah with Elohim and there is this continuous circular experience going on with the streams of light which are Jehovah and Elohim forcing themselves or charging through the waters of the creation planting themselves in the earth; the photo-electric effect sustaining Adam. I've talked to you about this many times. We found this in Ezekiel 1, that the very world that we live in can be likened unto a moving picture. It is created by a continuous stream of light that is passing through some rapidly moving frames of film.

            That's what a movie picture is and that's what the image of this world is. It's a continuous stream of light; that's Jehovah and Elohim, forcing themselves (well this is not this world. This is the world before the fall). Elohim and Jehovah are the continuous stream of light that continues to stream as the negatives of the film flick before it. The negative of the film is likened unto the earth. The stream of light is passing through the earth, coming out of the earth and taking some electrons of earth with it and the picture is appearing on the screen is the image of a world and it's a continuous circulatory, a continuous activity that is Jehovah's spiritual labor. Because without it this creation would cease to exist. Once again, the seventh day upon which Jehovah rests is the spiritual day in which the tree of life is growing out of a fully rooted down in the earth and producing life from within the creation itself. But the creation is being sustained by Jehovah's labor and now there is rain upon the earth as the stream of light comes through. As the stream of light passes through the waters, there is water upon the earth, there's life in the earth, but it is controlled; it is restrained and it is ministered in such a way that the earth seed cannot become active. And Adam is the one who's in charge of the whole mess. He is supposed to be keeping the garden safe from the serpent. The next thing we know somewhere in Genesis 3 the serpent appears. You see the serpent isn't even supposed to exist. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not even supposed to exist. How come the serpent is talking to the woman? The very fact that the serpent is talking to the woman means that Adam messed up bad. Because the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not supposed to be appearing here.

            The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the fruit of Cain's seed being planted in the earth. And who is Cain? Cain is the water part of the seminal fluid that has saturated the earth in itself and taken on a male role. Listen the seminal fluid is water and sperm and the water wanted to be a sperm. But the water didn't have enough substance to be a sperm, so he linked up with the earth and got thicker and said I'm going to act like a sperm. I'm going to do just what the sperm does. I'm going to plant myself in the earth; only that which made him thick enough to be a sperm was the earth. Incest. That's what happened.

            The water wanted to be a sperm. Does that sound ridiculous? Well it was in a high spiritual place. It is not ridiculous. I'm making a joke out of it so that you can understand it. That's what happened. The water wanted to be the sperm. It wasn't happy to be the water. What happened to the sperm? The sperm became Adam. It didn't want to be the water. It wanted to be Adam. And who is Adam? He is the king of all creation. And the water is the medium upon which he exists, so the water said, well you think you are such a big shot, but you can't exist without me. I'll show you. I can exist without you. I'm water.

            I could be a sperm too. You're a sperm, but you need me in the water. And he was right. He killed him. Then of course, the fruit of this perverse thinking is what happened to us. We all died. We are now existing in a perverse form. We are in eternal torment, living in hell. But thank God, it will only exist until the end of the age. It is age abiding torment, but it only lasts until the end of this age. As soon as you get out of this age, you are delivered from torment. The age will come to an end. Jesus is not putting us in age abiding torment. It was Cain who put us in age abiding torment. And Jesus who is the resurrected Adam has come to get us out. So you heard the message all backwards. I have one more diagram to show you what I call Atlantis and what happened to us. This is image #4. As you could see, the waters of life have fallen down beneath the firmament. Above the firmament, it has become a desert and a dry waste place. The seas have come into existence again. Remember the seas ceased to exist when the waters of the seas ascended up and joined the pure waters of life. The seas ceased to exist because the earth that was left just fell down and became the barren earth. So now that the waters have broken through the firmament and mixed with the earth and satisfied themselves with the earth, the seas have been resurrected.

            The seas is the scriptural word for what the Lord has shown us is spiritual urine, the waters underneath. In this world, in this image, in this incarnation, the seas are called Satan. She is the unconscious mind of modern man, of mortal man. We see that the seas or the spiritual urine killed the grass which was the embryo that matured into the fetus known as Adam the living soul. So not only is Adam dead because his waters disappeared, which he needs to exist on, but he was actually ripped up by his roots. He was killed at his embryo stage.

            He was ripped up by his roots. We see that the seas, which is really Cain; Cain has emerged. The waters that Elohim came forth in, satisfied with the earth, or strengthened with the earth has taken on the role of sperm and has impregnated the earth. The result is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the serpent who is thriving (the serpent thrives) in the spiritual urine. The serpent lives in the sea. But it is not a sea that supports life. You can't drink the sea water. It doesn't support the life of man. As I suggested to you, this is the truth of Atlantis. We are Atlantis right now. We are living under the sea with water underneath us. There is water above us. This is a water world. We are a water based creation. There is water in the air. Our bodies are 96% water. Our spirits are certainly under the sea. Praise the Lord. Now Elohim is not present here at all. This is before Abel came into the creation. That which gives the creation existence are the spiritual nutrients that exist in the waters of life. So they are a dead creation. It's a great mystery, but the waters have the power to give existence, but life can only come from the sperm. So this is a world of the living dead. We are a world of the living dead except for those of us in whom Christ Jesus is engrafting himself. We are looking at image #5. I'm trying to indicate to you with this image the two opposite existences. Well Adam has life and the serpent has existence and they do not exist simultaneously. This image is just intended to show you the contrast; that Adam's life was more than just the image on the surface of the waters. His life consisted of all of the waters. He was the head of the waters and the waters included the firmament which was his foundation.

            Remember it was Elohim who made himself into the foundation. Our hope is that one day our foundation will be the Lord Jesus Christ. When our foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ, we have an immovable foundation. That means we can never die. So if you are hearing this tape and you are manifesting because I am telling you that your foundation is not the Lord Jesus Christ, I rebuke your manifestation because it is the truth. If your foundation was the Lord Jesus Christ, you would not age and you would not die. If you age and if you expect to die because all of your relatives have died before you and it sure looks like you are going the same way; what it means is that your foundation is the serpent.

            So Adam, the living soul, was more than the image. He was the sperm that was formed into the image. He was the waters that the image was floating upon and he was also the firmament which was his foundation. Jehovah had a ceaseless interaction with Adam and Jehovah penetrated him from the surface of the waters and Adam was commanded to guard the garden. Adam was living above and the garden, you may recall from the other images; the garden was below. It was grass growing in the garden. Adam was told to make sure that the weed didn't grow up in the garden; that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil didn't grow up in the garden.

            There's a thought in my mind and I'm not prophesying to you and I can't tell you that this is really accurate. I just know that I'm preaching this message and there's a thought in my mind, so I'm going to share it with you. It may be right or it may be wrong. We'll hope for further witnesses from the Lord in the future. The thought that came to me is this; that Adam (we already know he was inexperienced; we already know he was naive) that it never occurred to him in a million years that Cain would pass through his bottom. I'm sorry to be gross. Look, Jehovah gave this example, not me. Adam didn't know what could happen. He didn't know it was possible. What was your first reaction the first time you heard about homosexual behavior? The thought never occurred to me in a million years. He was caught by surprise. He was watching the garden down here. He was watching the grass. He kept inspecting it to see if the weed was there and he looked and said, no, no tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It's not there. But he wasn't watching his back, you see. Do you hear me?

            He was watching his garden, but he wasn't watching his back. He never knew it was possible for Cain to pierce through his lower side. Now somehow Jehovah must have given him that information. It just didn't sink in and I want to tell you from personal experience, the Lord has told me things that have gone in one ear and out the other ear because they were so way out for me that I simply couldn't relate to them happening.

            The Lord has warned me for so many things and I couldn't relate to it. I thought it was for somebody else. I could not relate to it. But it happened to me. I suspect it was something like that that happened to Adam. Jehovah had to have warned him, but he couldn't in his wildest dreams imagine the waters which were a part of his very own life piercing through his lower side; his bottom. I would also like to point out to you that Atlantis, the world under the sea, is smaller than the world above because we know that the creation is continuously expanding. Its sides are going off at an angle. Also that a world under water slows you down. If you try to walk under water, you slow down. This is something that happened to us.

            We found other scriptures that indicated, spiritually speaking, we have slowed down. When we slowed down we became thick. That's how we got these bodies. What does that mean? Spiritually speaking, we are vibrating at a much slower speed than we were vibrating when we were in Adam living in the spirit world. We are vibrating. Our spirit is vibrating at a much lower rate of speed. Where is your spirit? It's in your mind. Your spirit is in your mind. It means your mind is vibrating at a much lower rate of speed. This carnal mind is vibrating at a much lower rate of speed than the mind of Christ. Now when the mind of Christ is formed in you and you start living out of the mind of Christ, you start vibrating at a much faster rate of speed and you know, some people can't bear to be around you. You make them all nervous. I don't know about you, but I experience all kinds of anxiety when my mind slows down. What I'm teaching you; this is how I spend as much time as I possibly can, thinking about deep things, working in the scripture, watching spiritual programs, trying to learn, thinking in the spirit, analyzing dreams. That's my whole life. When I am forced into a position because I still do have some human relationships in this world; I do have a family, but for whatever reason I am forced into a situation where my Christ mind is not working, after a short period of time I begin to experience a lot of anxiety. For the average person in the world, their experience is the exact opposite of mine because most of their life is living out of the carnal mind.

            When they come in contact with the things of God or when they come in contact with the kind of teaching that's coming forth here, they rise up and run because they experience such anxiety. You see, it's a flipping over. It's a flipping over. If you are dwelling up here, or in any measure of where Adam was, largely, that experiencing the underworld causes you anxiety. But if most of your experiences in the underworld, well experiencing the heavens causes you a lot of anxiety. The question is, which world do you call your home? I want to tell you, brethren, there are very few Christians who call the heavens their home. They are living under the water in Atlantis. This is funny. When I was preparing this message yesterday, I thought I would be doing something else and I couldn't get away from these drawings.

            I just had a few sketches and I said Lord, if this isn't you, you are going to have to break me away from these sketches because I have two messages to preach tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to get two messages out of this and I can't stop looking at these drawings and drawing these drawings. So if some other spirit has a hold of my mind, you are just going to have to help me. Not only did I preach two messages, but I didn't even get through my notes. Praise the Lord. Question: If Satan is the salt sea, how can we be the salt in the earth, the preserving power? Well there are many different salts. I don't know if you know it or not, but in chemistry there are many kinds of salt, different kinds of substances. When Jesus said we are the salt, the preservative of the earth, that is coming from a different place than the salt sea because there are all different kinds of salt. The salts that are dissolved in the sea is a pollution. That's the best I can do right now. I think I asked the Lord that same question, myself, at one time. Jesus.


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