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            The notes that you have today, if you look at the first page, they start off the same way that the notes for part 3 did. That's because we are doing Genesis 1:11 again. As I told you before and as I'll keep on telling you we'll do it a hundred times, if necessary, until Jesus says we have it right for what He's doing in this hour. In this hour He is translating these Hebrew scriptures within the framework of the Doctrine of Christ. Sometimes it's very hard for me to see it, so there's all kinds of delays and problems.

            We go over it and over it and apparently, as of last Sunday, I still didn't really see what He wanted me to see in it. So we're going to try it again. I think I got it this time because I was murdered getting this translation out. I have to tell you, I've studied during bad days before, but this is the first time I ever had this experience, that within seconds (I don't think it was a full minute) from the time I shut down the computer, my torment alleviated by at least fifty percent. Things are still pretty tough, but I'm telling you I was tortured during this whole study session today. To get up and walk away and feel the strain drain off of you to that degree within sixty seconds is quite awesome. So it must be a very important verse. It must be. The first half of the verse is pretty much the same. It's the second half of the verse that is important and I think we'll start out by me just reading you the alternate amplified translation of Genesis 1:11 which is on the top of page 3, if you would like to read it with me. Now those of you that have notes, I want you to notice there's a lot of amplification here. The words that are in brackets are words that I have added in because of my understanding of what this verse is saying.

            Okay, you heard of the Amplified Bible; that's what they do. Based on the knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ that's in my heart because Jesus put it there, I've added explanatory words to help you understand it because either it may not be in your heart or if it is in your heart, you may not be seeing it or you may not be applying it to this verse. So I have put it in for you, to help you understand what the Lord is saying in Genesis 1:11; Elohim said: Let the first Adam, the living soul, who is the good food that has the potential to conceive and expand into the last Adam, who is the offspring of Elohim, the tree of life that Jehovah planted in the earth, sprout forth. See, what this is saying is that Elohim (He's the breath of life that Jehovah breathed into the earth) and the man became a living soul.

            Okay, so we're saying that the good food is the translation of the word grass in the King James. Elohim said, let the grass, let the good food, let the first Adam (the living soul) who has the potential to conceive and expand into the last Adam, who is the offspring of Elohim (that's the Son of God) Elohim, who is the tree of life that Jehovah planted in the earth, sprout forth. So we see three generations there. We see that Elohim is the tree of life, and the first Adam is his immature offspring that comes forth, who has the power to feed and water the creature. He also has the potential to expand into the last Adam, who will be able to nourish the creature from within, so that we will never have any possibility of being hungry again. If you recall the last message, it is the whole concept of being watered or fed from without and we see this in our lives today. You can have the most delicious filet mignon dinner tonight, to the point that you cannot eat another bite, but is that going to keep you satisfied when you are hungry tomorrow night? You need to be satisfied; this is our condition in this world. No matter how good things are, we need it again. We need more food, we need more water, we need more clean clothing, we need more baths, we need shelter to be maintained or it deteriorates, we need transportation, we need gas in our car, we need affection, we need intellectual stimulation. Of course we need Jesus, we need Jesus every day, we need, we need, we need; that is the condition of Adam, the first living soul, the immature Adam. That is the condition of the creation of the creature under the head-ship of the first Adam. He needs to be fed and fed and fed and fed and fed. But there's something better than that and that is to have the actual tree of life planted within you so there is no longer any food necessary from the outside, but that you are sustained and nourished from within.

            That's what this first half of Genesis 1:11 is saying. Let me give it to you again. And Elohim said: Let the first Adam, the living soul, who is the good food that has the potential to conceive and expand into the last Adam, who is Elohim's son or who is the offspring of Elohim who is the tree of life that Jehovah planted in the earth; let him sprout forth. You see, we have three stages of nourishment to the living soul and the scripture is saying let the first stage sprout forth. We have the first Adam and we have the last Adam, who is the offspring of Elohim, who is the tree of life that Jehovah breathe into the earth. So we have a genealogy here and the scripture says let the first stage appear in the realm of appearance. Elohim said, let the first Adam, the living soul, who is the good food (grass) appear. The parable name for the good food is grass. That's what the King James says. Let that grass appear; that grass that has the potential to conceive and expand into the last Adam. Now please note that the first Adam is still in the invisible world.

            The first Adam never incarnated. He was always behind the veil of the invisible world. So Elohim is saying let the grass come forth; the first Adam who has the ability to expand into the last Adam; the branch that is going to be appearing in the visible world, which branch is the offspring or the son of Elohim, (who is the spiritual tree, that was breathed into the creature by Jehovah), who is the root and the connection to the whole creature from the spiritual world of God. The command went forth for the grass to appear. I want to make it clear in case someone doesn't understand this, that this tree that was breathed into the creature was breathed in in seed form. Elohim, the breath of life, that Jehovah breathed into the creature was not a big tree. First of all, it was a spiritual tree. Second of all, it was a tree that was in seed form. It was an acorn. It was the seed of the tree. We have to be spiritual, brethren. So in Genesis 1:11, Elohim, who is creating, who is the right hand of Jehovah; (everything that was made was made by that hand, which was a spiritual hand); and it was spoken into existence. So Elohim was speaking it into existence. He said, let the grass appear. Let the first Adam appear who is good food for the whole creature. Besides Adam, there is the waters of life and the earth.

            Adam is the good food that is going to nourish this creature, who has also the potential through this nourishment to increase into the last Adam, who is the branch and the vine that is going to appear on the earth. This branch and this vine is the son of the tree that was breathe into the earth in seed form at the beginning by Jehovah, who was the root and the anchor in the spiritual world; to the whole accompaniment, to the whole creation, to the whole imagination. Jehovah is anchored because He is the spiritual world. He is it. We are a creature that is rooted and grounded and made in the midst of the fabric of Jehovah's eternal being. I don't know about you, but that boggles my mind.

            I believe it in some childish way, but I cannot comprehend a being that is so great that there is nothing outside of Him. I cannot comprehend it. It is easier for me to comprehend that we are inside of something that is boundless, because we have boundaries. Now I jumped ahead of myself with this diagram, but just to go over it, you can see in the visible world (and the reason I grew this tree at an angle) is the visible world is an image, which is resulting from Elohim's light being deflected or refracted (it goes at an angle. The light hits the waters and bounces at an angle. That's why I drew the tree like this). It's upside down because we are upside down, okay? Well, Heaven is not really above, heaven is really within. The only way I can help you to understand that is if you think of your inner most organs, your kidneys or your heart as the spiritual world of God and you travel outward into this outer world. There is a threshold, that once you cross over that threshold, you are in the visible world. On one side of the threshold, you are in the visible world and on the other side of the threshold you are in the invisible world. The creation in Genesis 1 was invisible and not incarnated yet. It had not appeared in the visible world. So what I have on the board here, if you are listening to the tape, we are dealing with photograph #1. In the visible world we see appearing a tree.

            The Old Testament speaks a lot about a branch. The New Testament speaks about a vine. I did a word study; it's not an exhaustive word study. But I did a study on that word branch and it's really a very poor translation in the Old Testament to say that Jesus is the branch. It always confused me because the Old Testament says Jesus is the branch and what does the New Testament say? The New Testament says that Jesus is the vine and that we are the branches.

            That always confused me. You have to look it up in the original language. The word branch in the Old Testament is referring to a shoot. It is not referring to the tree. Elohim is the tree. Jesus is the branch that shoots out. He's the shoot that's appearing in the visible world. Some scriptures say; and a shoot went forth. Well, Jehovah calls Jesus the branch in relationship to Elohim because he is the shoot that comes out of Elohim. But when Jesus speaks to us in the New Testament, we are the next generation, so Jesus is speaking to us as Jehovah is speaking about Elohim. Jesus is saying I'm the one that you are shooting out of. Let me give it to you again.

            We'll go slow. Jehovah says, see my servant the branch; he's a shoot that's coming out of my son, Elohim, who I breathe into the creature. Next, we see Jesus appearing on the earth and who is Jesus on the earth? Jesus is the first Adam, right? The first Adam talking says, I Am the vine (vine meaning something with a thin base; a vine is not strong, but it's wrapped around a powerful base). Jesus, the first Adam, was saying I Am the vine. I'm standing upon the tree of Elohim, whose roots are Jehovah and I'm appearing in this visible world. I look weak, but my foundation is everlasting and you are the branches; you are the shoots that are shooting out of my weak vine.

            Now I hear (in the spirit) some pharisees screaming that I called Jesus weak. Look brethren, Jesus clearly said, I do nothing except what my Father tells me to say and to do. Jesus was weak in the days of His flesh, but what gave Him his strength was His submission and His obedience. His weakness was in His humanity. But His strength in His Godhood was in the suppression of that humanity, which enabled Christ Jesus to fully live through Him. But He was weak in the days of His flesh compared to Jehovah. Compared to Elohim, He was weak. Compared to mortal man, He was God and very strong. Everything is relative, brethren. Let me say it again, this is an important issue. In the Old Testament it is Jehovah speaking: Behold my servant, the branch. In the New Testament it is Jesus speaking. Jehovah is saying, look at my servant, the branch, (Jehovah in relationship to me) there is a shoot coming out of me, speaking about Jesus.

            Jehovah is in the invisible world. Jesus in the New Testament is saying (Jesus speaking now) I Am the vine. Even though a vine is a weak kind of weed (it is not a weed; a vine is a weak kind of a plant) Don't be deceived because I am wrapped around an everlasting dynamic base and you are the branches. You are shooting out of me. Is everybody okay? Did anybody ever question that Jesus in the Old Testament is the branch and in the New Testament, He is the vine, but we're the branches? Did that ever bother You? I remember once, I was talking to a few people about Jesus being the branch and this man, who always was in competition with me (I never could figure out why) came over and rebuked me in front of a whole group of people and said, Jesus is not the branch, we are the branches. He didn't even realize that in the Old Testament Jesus is the branch.

            Two generations of Adam, two generations of Christ. In the Old Testament, Adam in relationship to Jehovah is the branch. In the New Testament, we in relationship to Jesus are the branch. We are the growth, the next generation. Is everybody okay? Okay, you are looking at my beautiful art work; very anointed. We see we have the upper part of the board, the invisible world and the lower part of the board is the visible world. The upper part of the board we see the roots, which are Jehovah. We see the tree trunk which is Elohim and we see the grass which is coming forth in the spirit. This is all in the spirit and that's the first Adam. The first Adam has the potential to mature into the last Adam, which is the tree trunk that's appearing in the visible world.

            In that tree is the fruit which is the first Adam, who is the man, Christ Jesus or the first Adam or the mind of the many individuals in whom that first Adam is appearing. See, if you don't understand this, it sounds like a contradiction, that the last Adam is the tree trunk and the fruit is the first Adam. Can you hear the contradiction? You have to hear it. The last Adam is the tree trunk that is producing the fruit which is feeding the second generation of Adam. It is all twisted and backwards. You have to understand what I'm saying. He said that he who was last would be first. And he who is first will be last. The whole church world is preaching it wrong. I want to tell you what that scripture says. He says, he who is the last Adam is going to become the first Adam. He who is the first Adam is going to become the last Adam. That's what He said. I'm going to say it again. He who is the first Adam (right now; Me) I'm going to become the last Adam and when I become the last Adam, you're going to become the first Adam. So he who is first is going to be last. Then he who is last is going to produce the first in you. That's what He is talking about. It has nothing to do with anything else that you've heard preached anywhere. But of course there is power in that word. Humble yourself, because he who is first will be last and he who is last shall be first. There's power in this word on whatever level you hear it. But that's not what Jesus was talking about. That's not what He was saying.

            So the last Adam is the first one to appear in the visible world. He is the shoot and He will produce fruit as the second generation in the sons that He is raising up. The leaves of the tree are the individual personalities. I didn't put it on this diagram because I didn't want it to get too complicated. But of course, the personalities appearing in the invisible world are the incarnation of the lights of the firmament. If you look back on your prior drawings you'll see that I have marked that the lights of the firmament are the individual personalities in whom the mind of Christ is appearing. One more point of course, the creature that's appearing in the visible world and of course, I'm not taking the fall into account right now; the creature which is appearing in the invisible world is being fed continuously by Jehovah's labor. We talked about this and we have drawings on this from part 3. Of course, the same situation is going on in this mortal world right now except it is not Jehovah's labor; it is Jesus's labor that's feeding us continuously. But when the visible world is completed and the tree is fully rooted and grounded and Jesus has reconciled the whole world unto Himself; Jehovah will be able to rest. Actually, a very interesting thought just crossed my mind. I don't want to confuse you with it, but isn't Jehovah resting already? Isn't Jesus doing all the work right now?

            That would mean that the seventh day is present. See, more than one age can exist at a time. I would say that Jesus of Nazareth, who is Christ, is the seventh day because Jehovah is resting. Jesus has taken over the work. Isn't that interesting? The seventh day is present in the glorified Jesus Christ. The sixth day is present in those of us in whom Adam is rising from the dead; both ages existing simultaneously. Any questions or comments on this before we go on? Okay, we are still on the top of page three. I'm giving you a preview of our current translation of Genesis 1:1. The first half says, let the grass spring forth. That's going to begin the whole process that I've just shown you on the board. The second half of the verse says, let the grass come forth; because the serpent is producing Leviathan, the counterfeit offspring, since Cain satisfied herself with the earth and became virile semen. Now this is what I had all the trouble with. I had to work on this two or three times, because as you can see when you look at the brackets, I have added a lot in. Now I know I have spoken to you about this before, but let me tell you again, and let me put it on the tape.

            The deeper and the more important the revelation, the more likely it is to be abbreviated. I have found from time to time, the truth of what Jehovah is trying to say through these scriptures is so abbreviated, as in this case, that if one did not have this revelation, one would never ever be able to hear what He was saying at all. So let me read you this alternate translation without the amplification. He said, let the grass come forth. Then we have a word that means to produce and then we have two words that mean counterfeit offspring or the pretender, as we said last week.

            Then we have a Hebrew word that means the earth. Then we have the Hebrew word that means virile semen. You may recall that last week I was translating this the pretender, the counterfeit, and the true son of God are together, that both seeds are planted together in the same earth. But the Lord told me today, no Sheila, it's not that both seeds are planted together in the same earth. It's when the waters come together with the earth that the seed becomes virile. I'll say it again. As I tried to hear from God last week where I was in this translation (I tell you all the time that it was a fine translation just like this translation of he who is first will be last and he who is last will be first, was a fine translation) but it is not what Jesus is saying as He brings forth the Doctrine of Christ. What I got out of it last week was the two seeds, the true son of God and the counterfeit son were two seeds planted in the same earth (although the counterfeit is not a son, it's a daughter).

            It's true that those two seeds were planted in the same earth. Aren't we double minded? But today, the Lord said to me, no Sheila, that's not good enough for me. What I'm really saying is, not when the two seeds are in the same earth, but when the earth is together with the waters of life that the seed becomes virile. There was a Hebrew word in there that meant together with, so it's not the two seeds that are together in the earth, but when the earth is together with the waters of life, that the seed becomes virile. Are you all okay? I think that is very exciting. As soon as I got the revelation that this was what the Lord was saying, I immediately knew that I had to add in the words, the serpent and Leviathan, because who is the counterfeit? Who is the counterfeit offspring? Adam, the son of God is the true offspring. Who is the counterfeit offspring? Leviathan is the counterfeit offspring and who is producing Leviathan? The serpent is producing Leviathan. What circumstances are necessary for these events to take place? Cain, the waters of life, would have to satisfy herself with the earth in order for these two circumstances to take place.

            You see, the spiritual seminal fluid is made up of water and sperm. Cain is the waters without Elohim. Cain is the waters in rebellion against Elohim and Elohim's son, Adam, that are formed in him. So if the waters withdraw from the sperm, she can't really do anything without a sperm. The name of the waters separated from Adam is Cain. Cain (she) saturated herself or satisfied herself with the earth and made the earth her sperm. Now I know this sounds crazy in our world today, but we are talking about something that happened in the high place of the spirit. The waters of life made a league with the earth.

            She took the earth in and she saturated the earth and somehow had the ability to use those particles of earth as virile seed that had the ability to produce a counterfeit offspring. Of course, for those of you who haven't been following along carefully, I'll fill in the loose edges for you. When the waters of creation (which is the name of Cain, when she is separated from Adam) took on the earth and saturated the earth in her waters, her condition changed and therefore her name changed. Cain was no longer called the woman, but her name was now the serpent. The serpent formed the counterfeit offspring. That's the sequence of events. So as soon as I got the revelation in my mind as to what the scriptures were saying, I had to add in these words, the serpent and Leviathan. I added the word that the serpent is the one who's producing Leviathan, who is the counterfeit offspring.

            The next three words were the earth and the virile semen and I amplified in brackets saying that all this is coming to pass since Cain satisfied herself with the earth and became virile semen. I'm going to read the whole translation for you. Genesis 1:11; And Elohim said, let the first Adam, the living soul, who is the good food that has the potential to conceive and expand into the last Adam, who is the offspring of Elohim, who is the tree of life that Jehovah planted in the earth, let that grass sprout forth and start this whole process going because the serpent is producing Leviathan the counterfeit offspring since Cain satisfied herself with the earth and became virile semen. Jesus. So back to page one. I just had a witness there. I think I gave it to you last week that there is food that can be eaten and there is food which cannot be eaten. Jeremiah 24:88; And as the evil figs which cannot be eaten, they are so evil, surely thus saith the Lord. I guess we'll just skip over page two because the Lord had me jump ahead.

            I'll just read the second half onto the tape in case anyone is having a problem following this. The second half of Genesis 1:11, the words in the King James after his kind, Strong's #4327 ( I think we pointed this out when we first did the alternate translation of this verse in Creation Revisited, that there's another Hebrew word that's right next to Strong's #4327 in the lexicon which can be translated lies or pretender. The word seed, Strong's #2223 can be translated virile semen. The words, in itself, Strong's #8700 (I didn't change that. I should have changed that). I still have typed in there in the same place, but there's another translation of it that means to be the agency of; the seed, which is the agency that produced Leviathan. The English word, upon, Strong's #5921 can be translated, together with the earth. And it was so.

            I didn't translate those few words; and it was so. There's a legitimate translation of that word so, Strong's #3651, that is righteous. I didn't include it in this translation, but in our alternate translation that exists right now, I think it says; And the appearance of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was witnessing that Elohim's command for the living soul to sprout in the barren earth arose out of his righteous union with Jehovah. I'll have to pray about that, but offhand I would think that the grass appeared, not that the tree of life appeared because the command was not for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to appear. The command was for the grass to appear and the grass did appear at that time. So I will be making that change in the Alternate Translation.

            I have a little word study here for you. We are going to go through this and unless the Lord gives me something else, it is going to be a short night because there was a tremendous opposition to this translation. You know, sometimes I don't even understand how important a particular verse is. Sometimes I may never understand it. Sometimes I don't understand it for weeks or months later why I should have so much trouble with this one verse. Sometimes I go back months later and I look at it and I say, oh wow, would you look at that and I couldn't see how really important that translation was. So there was a severe opposition to this translation coming forth. I'll give you what I have and that's all I can do. Okay, I did a little word study. I'm on page 3 on the word food. Our electronic dictionary says that food is a material usually of plant or animal origin that contains or consists of essential body nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins or minerals and is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy, stimulate growth and maintain life.

            Now we see the same thing happening in the spirit. Of course, the food that was produced was not carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. It was spiritual nourishment. The spiritual nourishment is Jehovah's very life. Now the grass is the food and the grass is the first Adam and the purpose of the food is to produce something that will be assimilated by an organism and who's the organism? I'm suggesting to you that the whole creature was the organism. Adam was just the immature mind of the whole creature and he was there to give spiritual food that would produce energy, stimulate growth, and maintain life.

            I next looked up the word organism. Roche's thesaurus says that this word can also be defined as an arrangement. As soon as I heard arrangement, my antennae went up and I found that we have that word in our alternate translation in Genesis 6:20. The spiritual part of the arrangement, which is above (that's Abel) and the two sides of the whole reptilian part of the earthen arrangement, Cain the woman and the earth, the serpent and the mute wild animal of the arrangement, which is Leviathan and all three parts of the creature shall be gathered within you to sustain their lives. So we see that Adam, the living soul, was to provide the essential spiritual nutrients which imparted life to the whole arrangement. We also know that this whole arrangement is a creature.

            I think that something in our mortal mind doesn't like to hear that word creature. In the King James Translation of Romans 8:20 where it says the whole creature is standing on tip toe waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God; they say oh no, creatures is a wrong word and in the margin they put in creation. Well the creation is a creature. The creation is a creature. We are supposed to be a spiritual creature, but we became an animal. It was the job of Adam, the living soul, to provide the essential nutrients which imparted life to the whole arrangement. That arrangement includes the waters he was a part of and the earth, until he was mature enough to marry the earth. Now I've been hearing this concept for a while. I never really had it clear in my head the difference between the tree and the branches and the vines. I'm hoping to clear this up today. I already gave you a whole exhortation on the tree and the difference between the tree and the grass. I think that's really important. I have to tell you, as I do these studies I'm learning with you.

            I did not know that Elohim was the tree. You know, you hear other preachers preach something and if it sounds right to you, you just pick it up and preach it until the day comes that the Lord has you check it out and I heard that Adam was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and I've been preaching that ever since I heard it years ago. Now I'm finding out that Elohim is the tree and Adam is the grass and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is Leviathan. So here we go again. Boy, Adam is blasphemed. He is just beaten from the left to the right and up and down. Cain is just killing him. Adam is the glorious son of God. He is immortal. He is mighty. He is magnificent. He is not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Leviathan is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and his root is the serpent.

            Isn't that what we are told in Genesis 3: And the serpent said to the woman and she looked at the fruit that the serpent was offering. If the serpent was offering her fruit, he (she) had to be a tree. How could Adam be the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? That's the serpent's tree. But of course, this goes back to thinking that we were fallen Adam. We are not fallen Adam. Righteous Adam ceased to exist and this is the serpent's creation. Jesus. He ceased to exist when Cain killed him. Cain is the murderer from the beginning. He killed Adam and then he killed Abel. Praise the Lord. Okay, we are going to say a few words on the fact that the earth needs to be married. What do you mean by the earth needs to be married? Well brethren, this spiritual earth, she has a little tendency towards promiscuity here.

            Jehovah and Elohim keep telling her to stay barren, to stay in her virginity, to stay in her celibacy and she can't do it. Every time Cain comes floating by, she just starts breaking up into particles and becoming dissolved in Cain's waters and becoming virile seed. It's no simple thing because when Cain starts saturating herself with the earth she becomes very wicked, exceedingly wicked. When sin revived, she was exceedingly sinful. Cain couldn't do it without the earth. Genesis 1: 14b and 15a say let the spiritual plants be altars in the trees in whom the mind of Christ is to grow, which will distinguish their spirit from their mind. And let them show a willingness in the spirit of their mind to increase into the last Adam, the one who is marrying their earth. Now when I first did that translation, I have to tell you, I didn't have a revelation of what it involved to increase into the last Adam. I didn't really have a full revelation of what it takes to increase into the first Adam. Brethren, this war is something else. This is no easy thing to do. This is no easy thing to do, brethren.

            And many are not even willing to try because they're too busy marrying and giving in marriage or testing their oxen or making a career for themselves or doing whatever they're doing. I don't want to say nobody, but it's a very rare person that wants to give up the good things of this world to go into a life of hardship for a promise of spiritual growth that they don't even comprehend. They can't even comprehend. One might sacrifice for a prize that he could comprehend and desire but the average Christian; they can't even comprehend life in the spirit.

            They can't comprehend it and that's why they come up with this fantasy that it's going to happen when they die, because they just can't comprehend this message. They can't deal with it. I was just listening to a John Bradshaw tape Saturday. He's on every Saturday morning again, and he was talking about what fantasy arises out of. It comes out of an immaturity that simply cannot comprehend what is happening. So the childish mind makes something up. There are no vacuums in this world. There's never a vacuum. If the truth doesn't fill your mind, then the lie will. You'll believe something; you'll think something. Sometimes I hear people saying to me that they don't have an opinion. I'm sorry, I don't believe you.

            Well maybe you don't think you have an opinion, maybe it's in your unconscious mind, but everybody has an opinion about everything. Everybody has an opinion. You may put that opinion away, you may not act on it, you may recognize that it's none of your business and you're not going to think about it, but everybody has an opinion. It's impossible to not have an opinion. Jesus. You might say I'm not going to express that opinion because I don't think I have all the facts. I don't know enough about it. But right where you are, you have to be thinking something; wasn't that strange, wasn't that funny? You have to be thinking something and then it takes an act of your will to push that away because you recognize that you are not really qualified to have an opinion. But that opinion was there and you had to push it away. If you are determined to lead a righteous life, you are pushing it away. But in your carnal mind, that thought was there. So the whole creature as we see in Genesis 1 is fed or watered by the living soul. Now the living soul is Adam, the first Adam. But Elohim's son, the last Adam, marries her. He doesn't feed her; he marries her and in that union all of her needs are met.

            A spiritual marriage is a complete joining that is so complete that there is no individual left. The bride is completely absorbed by the husband. The closest account of this in our world would be a pregnant woman. She is so one with that fetus that she doesn't have to do anything to take care of the baby. She just eats and the baby gets feed. She drinks and the baby gets water. All the baby's needs are met in that womb. of course this visible world is the opposite of the spirit world. I'm saying that in the marriage in the spirit world all provision is made effortlessly.

            All provision is provided simply through the union and that's the marriage. In this world the type is in a pregnant woman and it's the same principle. So there's all this labor that's involved in feeding and taking care of ourselves, even today. Sometimes I say to the Lord, if I were to really lay hold of every single thought that goes trampling through my mind, put it before the Lord, mediate on it, and think about it's relativeness, I wouldn't have time for anything else. So many thoughts pass through my mind and the more time I spend alone, the more thoughts pass through my mind. I had a revelation of the still small voice today. Now that's the King James Translation; it's true. God speaks very softly. It's not likely you'll hear Him when you're in a fellowship with other human beings that are yakking and yakking, even if they're talking about spiritual things. Although, if the Lord is in the midst of your conversation He might speak as an input to that conversation.

            But if you really want to hear the Lord, you have to be alone. He speaks in the silence. I never understood that before. God speaks when the human mouth is quiet. Jesus. You know the scripture describes what mortal men have to say as noise. Have you ever heard me tell you that? It's noise as far as the Lord is concerned. So we are talking about Elohim's son marrying the whole creature. He removes her need for this continuous nourishment provided by Jehovah hovering over the face of the waters; strengthening Elohim to be a continuous stream of photons bombarding the earth so that the earth's electrons can be released by the photo-electric effect, which deflects them to the surface of the pit, where they form the image of the visible spiritual world. So this marriage or this joining of the fruit tree to the earth is accomplished by the tree of life putting down deep roots into the earth. Now, of course, Jehovah, Elohim and Adam are all one. Elohim is the seed of the tree. That's the breath of life. Jehovah is the root. Adam is the mind and the personality, which exhibits the nature of Jehovah, Elohim's Father. I have a little picture of roots for you here.

            Our definition of roots is that they are usually the underground portion of a plant that lacks buds. The roots do not have buds, leaves or nods and the roots serve as a support. They draw minerals and water from the surrounding soil and sometimes store food. Now we know that the roots, which are Jehovah, surround, draw minerals and draw life from Jehovah's very life. We're talking about roots now; the embedded part of an organ or structure, such as a hair, tooth, or nerve that serves as a base or support. It's an essential part or an element; it's the basic core; it's a primary source; it's an origin.

            It's a progenitor; an ancestor from which a person or a family is descended. I looked up the word origin and I found out in our electronic dictionary that this word can mean the point of attachment where a muscle remains relatively fixed during contraction. It's where a muscle is attached. It doesn't say what it is attached to; the point of attachment of a muscle, whatever muscles are attached to, that remain fixed during contraction. Contraction, an expanding and a contracting. So I looked up the word contraction and our electronic dictionary says that a contraction is the shortening and thickening of functioning muscle or muscle fiber. Now shortening and thickening; that's what is happening to spirit when it becomes visible. It is thickening.

            Remember, Adam slowed down and his vibration slowed down and he became thick and slow and he went to sleep and he died. In the visible creation formed by Elohim, we will not die, but He will slow us down. You have to slow down to become visible. But He will cease from slowing down His creation before the point of death. Adam died. So the last Adam will attach himself or marry the earth and his roots will prevent her from eroding. That means he will keep her from dissolving in Cain's waters when the creature thickens, becoming visible. This situation will come to pass on the seventh day, when Jehovah will rest from this continuous interaction with Elohim, Cain and the earth, which interaction is nourishing and preserving the whole creature. The tree will no longer be rained upon, but will be nourished from within her own self. She will be literally married to the nourishment; one with the nourishment. Labor will no longer be necessary. I have a definition of a tree branch and a vine for you. Our electronic dictionary says that a tree is a perennial woody plant with a single main stem from which branches and twigs extend. A branch is a secondary woody stem, a limb growing from the trunk or main stem. The vine is a weak stemmed plant that derives its support from climbing, twining or creeping along the surface.

            That's what Jesus said He was. He said He was creeping along the surface, but He had great strength because He was wound around the foundation of His Father. Now I didn't do an exhaustive study, but I couldn't find any incident of the English word tree, which is used in the context of the Hebrew word, Strong's #6086 that actually means tree. I think I told you this before. But all these times that you see the word branch or vine, it's not talking about a tree. Well, I gave you this whole thing before. So I suggest to you that the root of the tree of life is Jehovah. The tree is Elohim.

            The root is Jehovah; the tree is Elohim; the shoot or the branch is the last Adam. The edible food is the first Adam and in the New Testament is known as the man, Christ Jesus. The leaves are the righteous personalities of the appearing generation. You may recall they are the healing of the nations; the righteous personalities. Personalities that are formed in the image of Jehovah are the healing of the nations. What does that mean? The leaves on the tree typify human people who appear on this earth for a season and then they die.

            They die because they are sick. Okay, we have to understand that. We are spiritually sick. Even if you live to 105 years old and you die, you die because you are sick. We were not created to die. Therefore we need a healing. The healing that is coming to us that will stop us from dying is a righteous mind and a righteous personality. The leaves of righteousness on the tree of life will heal the nations. They will cease from this endless cycle of birth and death and enter into everlasting life. Any comments or questions? Question: You said the grass was the breath of Jehovah that got formed? Answer: Jehovah's breath is Elohim. Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man and that breath is Elohim. The grass is Adam, the living soul, which is what Elohim formed himself into. Question: There is nothing that scripturally means that the leaves of the tree are for physical healing, is there? Answer: Well, you can interpret it that way. As far as I'm concerned, that's a fine interpretation. I tell you all the time, these scriptures are supernatural and they are not bound; they are fluid. They could have many meanings and all of them valid. We only have to draw a line when people start using the scripture for Satanic purposes.

            But there are many meanings. I have no problem in believing that herbs are good for healing because I have used them. I've used herbs for healing. I believe in herbs for healing. I believe that that could be a witness through the scripture that herbs are good for healing, but it's not the ultimate truth that Jesus is bringing forth through the scripture. But you could use it that way if you want because it is true that there are herbs that heal. While there are medicines that heal and have side effects, the herbs are definitely preferable, no question about it.

            We just have to keep everything in prayer and ask Jesus to just help us with all of these things. When I was in deliverance, a lot of people were going around and saying that's witchcraft. I was very sick in those days. I was a very sick person. It's a miracle that I'm alive. I used a lot of herbs. Several herbs were given to me by the Spirit, directly by God. So I know that herbs can be used for healing and as far as the Lord is concerned, they are legitimate, as long as you are not praying witchcraft prayers over them. See, spiritual is spiritual. The Lord uses herbs for healing. I've had personal experiences where doctors could not help me and the Lord showed me a herb that helped me. I have no problem with herbs. We have to be very careful as we go into the deep understanding of the scriptures, not to lock out the other understanding of the scripture. There's no reason for it, you see. We can deal with the scripture on three levels or four levels, at the same time. I just did it right in this message when I quoted a King James translation in 1 Kings 19, talking about the still small voice. When we did the alternate translation on that, it didn't mean that at all. But yet, it's true. It is also true. So, there's no reason for us to lock out other levels of understanding. We should be able to use and benefit by the word of God on any level that it ministers to us at that moment. We have to be free. The word of God is free; it's not bound.


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