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Praise the Lord. We have a fairly complicated message this morning and I'm going to start by reading you verses 1 and 2 of our existing alternate translation of Genesis 1. I hope to give you an idea of how these translations are evolving. What do I mean by the translations are evolving? As I told you many times, I or anybody can only translate in accordance with their knowledge. There is no way I can translate these scriptures or anything else if I don't originally have an idea of what they're talking about. I think the example that I gave you, not too long ago, was the testimony of an evangelist who went to Chile to preach the kingdom message.

            It turned out that it was a fundamental church (I'm trying to get away from this word carnal) that called him and he was amazed because he's a kingdom preacher. So he went up on this pulpit in front of 2,000 people with one of the best translators available in that area and he preached his first sentence. The way it works is you say your sentence and you wait for them to translate and then you say your next sentence. The translator, who was an excellent translator, just stood there staring at him. He had never heard what this man said, before. He had no idea of how to translate it into Spanish. So the evangelist had to stop his message and instruct the translator in kingdom principles and explain to him what he meant before the translator could translate it. So when I talk about evolving translations, I am talking about a translation of the Hebrew and the Greek scripture that increases in mature understanding, as I the translator, increase in mature understanding. Does that make any sense to you at all? The analogy that we could draw is just as the King James and all of its' children, the NIV (New International Version) and all of the outgrowths of the King James are in a coded form. They're a parable and these scriptures are in a form that a two or three year old child could relate to, if you speak it to them on their level.

            You compare that understanding to a kingdom understanding of the King James in the same manner. The existing kingdom understanding of the King James is immature compared to the understanding according to the Doctrine of Christ that Jesus is bringing forth right now. But I'm not being naive about this. So long as the person translating is not in full spiritual maturity, we must know that the translations coming forth are still evolving. They are still maturing. The understanding of the message that is given, which to a small child talks about a serpent talking to a lady eating an apple in the garden; the same scripture is speaking to the spiritual men of the church in accordance with their ability to understand the mature meaning of this truth that's being imparted to us. The Word of God is Spirit and it's written in the scripture in a very spiritual language, Hebrew; which has many more shades of meaning than English could ever have. Any linguist will tell you that.

            So it's not the scripture that's maturing, it's not the spiritual word that's maturing. The spiritual word, the Logos of God, is and always was complete.

            But our understanding of it is very incomplete and always has been. Going all the way back to Adam, our understanding has been incomplete. So if our understanding is maturing and the people translating this word of God are fallen mortal men, we would do well to realize that no matter who has translated this scripture at any time, anywhere, in our world, it is a translation which is immature and incomplete in understanding. Why? Because a mortal man translated it. Does that make sense to you? It makes sense to me. Today, we are attempting and are in the process of doing a mature translation of the Word of God and of the Hebrew written scripture. As I mature, my understanding matures, and that's why these translations are changing. They change in accordance with my maturity. I'm sorry if that offends you. I don't know what to tell you. It's grow-up time. Any person, no matter how much you think you love Jesus, (and I say you think you love Him) it's because you can't really love Him until you are spiritually mature. You are very limited in your ability to love Him because He must be loved in spirit and He must be loved in truth. If your spirit is very immature, you are very limited in your ability to love Him.

            So no matter how much you love Him or you think you love Him, your understanding of these scriptures is very limited because of your mortality. If you can't believe that you are limited; you are very limited. Do you see? If you can believe that you are limited, you're not limited because in your confession that your ability to understand is limited; in that confession, Jesus the door, opens the whole world of the Spirit of God to you. But if you cannot confess that you're limited; you're limited. Can anybody think of the way in which Jesus gave this message to the pharisees? What I just said, how did He say it to the pharisees? He said I'm going to tell you the truth and the truth is going to set you free. They said, what do you mean by you are going to tell us the truth?

            Jesus said, I've come here to tell you the truth and the truth will set you free, but if you say that you can see when you cannot see, there's nothing I could do for you. Didn't He say that to them? That's what I just said, only I used bigger words and I expressed it on a more mature level of understanding. That's what He said to them. Okay, Genesis 1:1; this is our existing alternate translation and I'll give you the date on it. Maybe someone will be listening to this tape ten years from now. We are reading from the alternate translation of the Old Testament which is dated August 15, 1996. Genesis 1:1 says: The first thing that Elohim carved out of Himself was mind and earth. I did this translation no more than a year ago, if it was that. I look at it now and I say, no that's not right. This is what it should say. The first thing that Jehovah commanded Elohim to do (because Elohim didn't do anything that Jehovah didn't command him to do) was to carve a mind out of himself and the earth. See the earth didn't come out of Elohim. Earth is evil. Earth is a by-product. Earth is profitless. Nothing of Elohim is profitless. But it was the combination of Elohim and the earth that formed the mind. Isn't it true that Elohim and Jehovah formed Adam out of the dust of the ground, the surface earth? Then Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man, and the breath of life was Elohim, Elohim's life. So Elohim, mixed with the dust, formed Adam the living soul, which we found in other studies. Adam, the living soul is the name given to the immature mind of the whole creature. The whole creature consists of a sperm which is now formed into a mind, the waters of the seminal fluid that the sperm came forth in and the earth which was the by-product of Elohim's separation from Jehovah which opened an abyss. Let me say it again. The whole creature consists of the earth which is a by-product of Elohim's separation from Jehovah, that the sperm came forth in and the sperm which is Elohim.

            That's the whole creature. Elohim mixed himself with some dust, and made himself into a mind, a mind which is separate from the waters that the sperm came forth in and a mind which is separate from the earth. So we see now that the creature has three parts to it, mind, waters, and earth. The mind alone is called Adam the living soul and the whole creature at this point is called the creature. Later on, the creature that Jehovah imagined is called cattle or living beast because it is a beast. Jesus! Verse 2 of Genesis 1; because the earth fell in pieces underneath the seminal fluid, but was powerless and unprofitable until Elohim could form a mind. So Jehovah joined Himself to Elohim, the sperm in the seminal fluid. This is what we say now. But the earth was powerless and unprofitable because it fell underneath the waters of the seminal fluid in pieces.

            I don't know if you can see the difference. It's very subtle without having it written in front of you. You see, what I have in the translation now is that the earth fell in pieces, but it was unprofitable until Elohim formed a mind. Now I'm giving you the reason why the earth was powerless and unprofitable. It fell under the waters of the seminal fluid in pieces and that's why Jehovah joined Himself to Elohim. You see, the first commandment was that Elohim should carve a mind out of Himself and the earth. So in order to carve a mind out of Himself and the earth there had to be a union of Himself in the earth. There had to be a union of Elohim and the earth in order for Elohim to carve a mind out. It's the same words. I haven't even changed the words. I just moved them around and they're so much more understandable. So the implication is Elohim didn't have the strength to do what Jehovah told him to do. We heard this before. The earth was powerless and unprofitable because it fell underneath the waters of the seminal fluid in pieces. Elohim couldn't do it. So Jehovah joined Himself to Elohim the sperm in the seminal fluid so that Elohim could form Himself and the earth into a mind. Now I don't know if you could really hear it without looking at it in front of you. It is so subtle but there's a big difference. The only reason I can make these changes is because of my increased understanding of what was really happening. I'm getting this increased understanding from these studies in Quantum Mechanics. Verse 3 says, Elohim said let us illuminate the seminal fluid.

            It says in the King James "and God said let there be light" and we found out from our other studies that the light appeared in the waters. The light was in the waters. The second half of that phrase of verse 3 is an image of Elohim appeared. I want to tell you between the first phase of verse 3 and the second phase of verse 3 may have been a couple of billion years. A lot of what we're learning and talking about in Quantum Mechanics occurred between phase 1 and phase 2 of verse 3. Listen I'm going to give it to you again. And Elohim said let us illuminate the waters of the seminal fluid. Let there be light. Well He said that, but there's no information at all as to how He did it and the next thing we hear is that an image appeared. Well we're back to our studies in Quantum Mechanics.

            We couldn't get pass the first phase of verse 3 of Genesis without going into this intense study of physics and Quantum Mechanics to understand how He did it. I'm going to take the rest of this message to try to relate some terms of physics and Quantum Mechanics to what happened during the creation and I'm going to be jumping all over the place. You have a packet of papers. They're pretty much in alphabetical order. When I printed this off the computer a lot of these pages just had a quarter of a page printed and rather than make all those photocopies, I stapled three on a page. So sometimes I took it out of alphabetical order because there was room on the page. If you're looking for something in alphabetical order and it's not there, just look one page ahead or one page behind. It has to be there.

            Okay, now the question is how do I start? This is not going to be easy, but I can do all things in Christ. This is the only plan I have in my head. I know that when I start walking, Jesus meets me where I am. I'm going to start with these terms of physics and Quantum Mechanics and I'm going to do a combination of explaining the term to you. When I explain the term to you, I'm going to try to show you how this function is operating in the creation. That's what I'm going to try to do. The problem is that a lot of these definitions use other words that you're not going to understand. I have a lot of terms to define for you and I'm just going to go with it. I will take questions at the end of a segment.

            Please wait to the end of the segment for me to ask for questions. I'm just going to believe that Jesus is going to be in this. I'd like to say here what I told you off the tape. I asked, Lord, what would a physicist think of this teaching? He would probably find it very humorist because nobody knows physics here. The Lord said to me, no he would be amazed. Despite your lack of knowledge or lack of expertise in the actual physics that man has evolved and brought forth, your knowledge of what I have told you would amaze any physicist. This is what He told me and I believe that I heard from God. We're going to start with the very last page which is our definition of wave because we've already had a couple of messages where I tell you that Elohim was a light wave. I'd like to give you a little instruction on waves and this information comes from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia.

            This is what it says. In physics, the transfer of energy by some form of regular vibration or oscillatory (means up and down) the transfer of energy by some regular vibration. See we're in trouble already. Okay what is energy, what is energy? I know that I have something under energy for you. Let's just take it real slow. Energy is alphabetically listed and you should be able to find it. Energy in physics: the ability or capacity to do work. Forms of energy include heat, chemical energy, and according to the theory of relativity, which we deal with a lot here, it means mass forms of energy. Mass can be energy. That's what it says. So, let me define mass for you because we're going to be talking about that a lot. Jesus. Mass appears under the word light. Light is at the top of the page. Mass as far as physics is concerned is the measure of the quantity of matter that a body or an object contains.

            Now, what we're getting into here and what I want to emphasize to you is that we're dealing with mass that doesn't take up any space. Spirit doesn't take up any space. Spirit does not take up space; light does not take up space; radio waves do not take up space; but yet they can be measured. Our definition of mass is the measure of the quantity of matter that a body or an object contains. Now I use to think on these earlier tapes that matter was only speaking about the material or that which you could feel or touch. I use to think that matter was referring only to the earth, but that's not true. Somewhere in these pages of definitions (I don't have it for you right now) but it's in there. We'll hopefully come across it before this tape is over. It says that light can be considered matter also. Something that can be counted and light can be counted because according to current scientific theory it has been discovered that light is not one continuous uninterrupted stream. It looks like that to you, but it's not.

            Light is made up of a number of little bundles of energy that are called photons. Photons are the quantum of light. Quantum is from the word quantity. In other words, when you're measuring light, what you're measuring is the smallest particle of light or bundle of light. Each bundle of light is called a photon. That's what you're measuring. Photons, that is the quantum, the name of the particles of light that you're measuring. Now I just found what I was looking for. I see that we have two sheets that say mass. When I go into these electronic reference works, I get information from the encyclopedia or from the dictionary.

            So it's possible to have more than one sheet of the some name although they should be together, but they're not. So, we're looking at our definitions of mass under the page which begins with light and the page right before it which begins with gravitation down at the bottom. We have another definition or some more information about mass and at the bottom of the page that starts with gravitation it says this. Mass in physics is the quantity of matter (that means how many photons per whatever you are counting) the quantity of matter in a body regardless of its volume. This definition comes from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia and it says that it's counting the number of photons regardless of the light volume. Let's check out what volume means here.

            Okay, so we're talking about our definition of mass which I will read again to you. It is saying it is the quantity or the counting of the particles of matter of a body regardless of its volume. Our definition of volume is the amount of space occupied by a three dimensional object or region of space expressed in cubit units. So that means that mass has nothing to do with how much space what you are measuring is occupying. Okay, I'm going to say it again, mass has nothing to do with the amount of space what you are measuring is occupying. Light doesn't take up any space but a beam of light is made up of many photons. So to find out the mass or the quantity of light you can count the photons and get a reading whether that light takes up space or not. I can't find the printed definition for you right now, but as I said earlier, I found out that light is considered matter. I wonder if I have anything under matter. Matter is towards the back, just before quantum mechanics. This says something that has mass and exists as a solid, a liquid, or a gas.

            Light is closest to gas and I think I found it even in another place, even clearer, that light does have mass and that its' particles can be counted. That's what we're talking about, the counting of its' particles. Now are there any questions on this area right here? If not we're going to go back to wave because that's where we started out. We were talking about waves in the back of our packet and this is what we were reading. A wave in physics is the transfer of energy by some form of regular vibration.

            Wave in physics is the transfer of energy by some form of regular vibration and we were looking under energy. Let's get back to where we were. We were looking under energy which says the ability or the capacity to do work. Forms of energy include heat, chemical energy, and according to the theory of relativity, mass. So we see that mass is energy and mass is anything that can be counted; anything that can be counted.

            If you can count the particles it has mass and according to the theory of relativity, mass has energy. Okay, let's put that on the board. I wrote on the board mass has energy. We've just established that. Light has mass because mass is anything that can be counted. That means mass, if it has mass, it must have energy. Therefore light has energy because we know that light can be counted. It's not a steady stream, it just looks like it's a steady stream, but what you see is made up of many particles.

            This is basically the difference between classical physics and Quantum Mechanics or what they call modern physics of which Quantum Mechanics is a part. Classical physics use to believe that light was one steady stream. I don't know if they would say solid, but it was just one thing, one stream. They didn't realize it was made up of many parts and also time in space was considered to be completely separate and now in modern physic we're finding out that everything, everything, is made up of not only atoms, but subatomic particles and no matter how solid something looks, it's not solid. It's made up of particles and that these particles behave according to patterns and if we can study these patterns we can find a lot out about the world around us. So basically, classical physics has to do with the physics of large things and Quantum Mechanics and modern physics is dealing with subatomic particles, mostly electron and photons, but not always that. It has been discovered that the laws applying to the large things fail when you try to apply them to the world of smaller particles.

            This is very interesting because we have said that Quantum Mechanics is the study of spiritual activity and we know that if you apply the laws of this world to spiritual activity it doesn't work, it doesn't work. So, there are one set of physical laws towards large things, towards planets, towards whole people, towards physical laws in the universe and there is another whole set of laws that apply to small things; different laws. As we've discovered here, the laws that apply to the small things apply to the spirit world because subatomic particles are in fact, invisible.

            So we could say that Quantum Mechanics is the science that applies to the invisible and spirit is invisible and spirit is liken to light. So what I hope that I've established here, light has mass, mass has energy, and therefore light has energy. This is something that has been discovered in modern physics. Laser beams are concentrated light. Concentrated light has power, has power to cut, has power to do many things. Okay, so we're dealing with waves right now because on another message it is been revealed to us that Elohim, when He said let there be light, that He became a light wave. He became a light wave. So I want to talk to you just a little bit more about light waves and what they are and I also would like to talk to you and apply to modern physics how Jehovah is a light wave and Elohim is a light wave and how they work together to bring forth the creation.

            So we're going to go very slowly and I'm going to try to bring you this message. I have one more thing I want to tell you which is skimming the basics now. A wave is the transfer of energy, so we could say a wave transfers light because we know that light is energy. So a wave transfers light by some form of regular vibration or motion. One of the ways that it could do that is by varying the intensity of the field vectors of the electromagnetic field. Now I know you have no idea what I just said, so I want to talk to you about a electromagnetic field and that's pretty much alphabetical in your set. Electromagnetic field. Jesus. I have a definition of field and a definition of electromagnetic radiation. So let's see what electromagnetic radiation says. Now remember what we're talking about here. Electromagnetic radiation is the method by which light waves move. Isn't that what we've just said. Let me review that for you. Jesus. A wave is the transfer of energy and one of the ways that it's transferred is by vibration or by the variation of intensity. That means less intense and more intense. That means a vibration that causes the electromagnetic field to become more intense or less intense. So let's see what electromagnetic and, of course, electromagnetic radiation is what comes forth from a electromagnetic field. So let's see what we can do with this.

            Electromagnetic radiation is energy radiated in the form of a wave, energy that is radiated, that is generated in the form of a wave. We're talking about light waves now caused by an electric field interacting with a magnetic field. We will define electric field and magnetic field. Hopefully we will get to that. Jesus. I would like to start by defining field for you. The top word on your alphabetical sheet is field and we're dealing with number seven which is the definition as physics sees the word field. This says it is a region of space. Now a field had to take up space. Remember we were talking about Quantum earlier. We were talking about light and certain particles that can be counted even though they do not take up space. But a field must take up space and what does that mean? Anything that takes up space means it is in the world of time. It is in the world of time. It takes up space. Time and space go together.

            A field is a region of space characterized by a physical property such as a gravitational or an electromagnetic force or fluid pressure. Now what I'm suggesting to you here as you look at this board, drawing number one, is that we have our outline of the abyss and if you see the bottom of the abyss where the earth is, I have called it a gravitational field. So we see the area of the abyss where the earth is fits into our definition of field because it exists. It is a space. It is a region of space and it is characterized by gravity. Now the only scripture I could give you to back that up is that the earth is not righteous. It's the opposite of righteousness and it draws us. We know through many other scriptures, although I cannot give you a specific one, that the earth draws us downward. We are supposed to be abiding on the top of the waters as Jesus demonstrated. We're supposed to be walking on top of the waters and life down here or existence down here in the earth is an animal existence. The serpent is the waters of life saturated with the earth to the point that it became clay out of which this whole world plus our animal bodies was formed. I wondered several times when I looked at the early chapters of Genesis why there was nothing said about clay. It says; and Jehovah and Elohim formed a man out of the dust but it really never says anything about clay. Does it? Is the word clay in there? I always wondered about that. Well here's the answer. Jehovah's creation is not clay.

            Clay is the substance that appears when you so saturate the waters with earth that it becomes solid clay. This clay that we are in is the fallen body. This world which is made of clay is a fallen world. Jehovah's world and Jehovah's creatures are not made out of clay. Jehovah's creatures are more spirit than dust, but the world that we're in now is more earth than spirit and this is not the way He planned it at the beginning. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the existing church. At some point they're going to have to face up to the fact that we are not the creation that Jehovah made and if you have ears to hear and eyes to see, it's very clearly what Jesus told the pharisees in the New Testament. He said your father is the devil. He called them a bunch of vipers. He told them that they needed to be adopted. We are not Jehovah's creature. The substance, that which was the life which was imparted to the earth to form Jehovah's creature has been stolen and formed in the image of the serpent. This is a big stumbling block, but I believe that the Lord Jesus is definitely willing and able to convince His people that we're not His and that we must be changed. He wants us. We must be changed to be like Him, but we are not like Him. He is not an animal. He is spirit. We are in animal bodies and our mind is an animal.

            Okay, we're talking about fields right now. I want to suggest to you that the abyss as we've been drawing it, is in two parts and that the part where the earth is, is a gravitational field because the earth has gravity. It pulls down. Did it not, in fact, pull the waters of the heavens down? In our last message or the one before that we showed how all the waters fell down and gave an existence to the earth. Because there was no water between the surface where Adam was and the lower parts of the abyss, Adam ceased to exist. Water is necessary to produce Jehovah's image through Adam. To be honest with you I really can't get that straight in my mind. I guess it's Elohim's image with Jehovah's nature. That's what it is. So we see that this abyss, as we've been drawing it, is two fields. The lower field where the earth is, is the gravitational field and the upper areas where the water is, is the magnetic field. Let me just reinforce this definition of field and we'll take it from there. A field is a region of space characterized by a physical property such as a gravitational (that's the bottom) or an electromagnetic force or fluid pressure. So we have an electromagnetic force or field at the top part of the abyss and a gravitational field at the bottom part of the abyss. Okay now let me spend a few minutes to explain to you how the upper part of the abyss became an electromagnetic field. Okay, I will try to do that.

            Praise the Lord. Now everything that I'm telling you is in the notes that you have, if you want to read them when you're on your own. Now what is electric power? Electric power is a manufactured source of power. Power is energy; energy is power, same thing. Light is energy. Heat is energy. We have sources of energy in this world which exist all by themselves. You didn't make it; I didn't make it. They're in nature and these sources of energy are called mechanical energy; mechanical energy. If you see water falling down a waterfall there's energy in that water. Power is exerted or released when the water falls from a height. This is mechanical energy, energy that is found to exist in nature.

            Electric power is mechanical energy that has been captured and changed into a form that man can use. We use electric power. You plug your radio in. We plug this microphone in. In this society everything is electric power. Electric power is a manufactured source of power. Mechanical energy is in nature. Mechanical energy is captured and converted into a source of energy that is controlled by man and put into a form that man can use through the electric plug. When electric power is generated in water or through water, it's called hydroelectric power. To be honest with you I don't know what hydro means, but it's probably Latin or Greek for the word water. Hydroelectric power means electric power that is generated through water. I think it's pretty easy to understand how we got a gravitational field down by the earth, but how did the waters in the abyss get to be an magnetic field and what is a magnetic field?

            We just found out what a field is. It's an area that takes up space that's characterized by a physical quality, in this case magnetism. Two magnetized particles will be attracted to one another and eventually cling to one another to the point that you have to pull them apart. So how did these waters become magnetized? Jehovah is a source of mechanical energy. He is. Nobody made Him. Nobody formed Him. Nobody converted Him. He is the ultimate natural source of energy. He hovered over the source of the abyss and interacted with the waters. Now remember, Elohim is not a single sperm like in human reproduction, but He is a spiritual sperm that is completely distributed through the waters. There's no separation. In every atom of water, Elohim is present. The mechanical energy of Jehovah hovers over the waters and the example that I've been given in my research notes of the way that magnetism occurs is this. If you have a piece of metal coil just sitting there passively and then you put a source of energy to it, it becomes magnetized.

            There are two different kinds of magnetism. One kind of magnetism is no longer magnetized as soon as the power source is withdrawn from the object that it is touching. So we see that Jehovah's mechanical energy came into the waters and produced a form of hydroelectric power. An energy charge came into the waters and energized the waters and they became hydroelectric power. Elohim is not a metal coil and I cannot resolve that difference for you because I'm not a physicist. Somehow, in the spirit, there was an interaction that Jehovah's mechanical energy in the water became electrical energy.

            Then the waters of life were now electrified and they touched Elohim, the sperm in the waters. I'm sorry, I got ahead of myself. Let me back up. Jehovah, the mechanical energy entered into the waters. He charged the waters. A hydroelectric power was generated and the whole area where the waters were became a magnetic field, an area of space where magnetism was present. Magnetism was present. This electrified or charged water touched Elohim, the sperm. The result of this is hydroelectric power interacts with magnetic field and produces photons. It produces photons and that is how the light was formed. Elohim said, let there be light. This is how light was formed. Is everybody okay? Jesus. Jehovah in water creates electric power. Let me say this again. A photon is the quantum of light. A photon is the unit by which light is measured. So Elohim was here in the waters. He was the sperm in the waters and the way light appeared was that the waters became electrically charged because of Jehovah's mechanical energy.

            Then Jehovah interacted with the magnetic field and produced photons of light. First Jehovah charged the waters and they became electrified. Then Jehovah's mechanical energy interacted with the magnetic field and produced photons of energy and the multitude of photons produced light. Electromagnetism was formed. Electromagnetism; this is the magnetism which is produced by the interaction of mechanical energy and electrical energy. It is a physical law which explains the behavior of elementary particles. What is the behavior of elementary particles? Like particles repel one another and unlike particles attract one another. This is the physical laws of our existence. Like particles repel and unlike particles attract. These are the principles of electromagnetism. When Jehovah, the mechanical energy, interacted with the magnetic field and Elohim became light, there was a pushing away. Why? Jehovah is spirit and Elohim is spirit.

            They are like particles, therefore they repel one another. Actually, Jehovah wasn't repelled. It's just like hitting a stone wall. I'm going to be the one that's going to bounce back, not the stone wall. When Jehovah interacted with the magnetic field that produced the photons, the result of it was that because the magnetic field was of similar nature as the photons, that they pushed away. I want to tell you that this is the whole bases for space travel and for the travel of jet engines and jet planes. I know, because I saw a cartoon on channel 13 about it just a week ago. It was a cartoon with Bugs Bunny and this is the example that they gave.

            Do you believe this, that I actually saw this in time for this message? It was a children's program teaching about physics and the example that they gave was Bugs Bunny picked up a shotgun and when he shot the shotgun, he bounced back. The bullet went forward and the kick back from the gun bounced him back. Do you know what I'm talking about? A shotgun or any kind of gun has a kick. The bullet gets propelled forward and the vehicle that propelled it forward jerks back. You can break your shoulder if you're not holding that shotgun right. This is the principle that gets our spaceships off the ground. The energy shoots down to the ground, the nuclear energy, and the vehicle that's giving off the energy shoots up just like the rifle kicking back into your shoulder. Well, this is what happened over here. Jehovah, the mechanical energy, interacted with the magnetic field and the photons of light were propelled downward.

            Am I making this clear? Why would they be propelled downward? What's the scripture? Well, Jehovah and Elohim breathe the breath of life into the man. Was the man above Jehovah and Elohim? He was beneath Jehovah and Elohim. That's how they breathe the breath of life into him. As the photons, the light bundles, the particles of light, that when moving in a stream, appear as just a beam of light. They appear as one beam of light. If you look at somebody's hair, it is one head of hair, but if you get real close, it is many thousands of single hairs. The photons are the light wave that Elohim is become. As they are driven downward by the kickback of His interaction with His Father, He gets caught in the earth's gravitational pull and the earth pulls Him down the rest of the way. All this is planned because in order for Adam to appear, Elohim must have an interaction with the ashes of the earth, with the surface of the earth, with the dust of the earth.

            So Elohim was designated in His form as light, photons, to travel from the magnetic field downward and interact with the gravitational field. As we spoke about on a recent message, the photoelectric effect would take place that the photons would interact with the atoms of earth releasing some of the electrons of the earth and not only releasing the electrons of the earth, but there's also an exchange of electrons. If you remember, electrons travel in orbitals that surround the nucleus of an atom and sometimes they exchange electrons upon impact. So the photons would hit the earth and what does the exchange of electrons mean?

            I already taught you on a prior message that some of the electrons of earth went charging up to the surface and were responsible for Adam's image appearing, but also, some of the light particles were left in the earth. As long as the earth was barren it was okay. As long as the earth was not saturated with water there was no danger, even though there were light particles in the earth. The earth cannot do anything without water. But, you see, by the time Cain came along and broke through the firmament and brought her waters down to the earth, she not only gained the earth, but she also gained some of those light particles. Cain stole the substance of the creation. Was Jehovah not strong enough to prevent such a disastrously act?

            Of course He was. But the answer is the same. I'll say it until I have no breath left in me. He did not build a robot. Jehovah did not build a robot. He built a son. He was building into His creature an ability to think, to reason, to obey, to be independent, just like we're supposed to be raising our own children. Parents who try to control everything their children do, even if they think their motive is to protect them, destroy their children. All that we can do is give them all the knowledge and wisdom we have, talk to them, train them, teach them, and let them take this knowledge and go on and be their own person. That's exactly what Jehovah did. His Son tripped and fell down, but he's going to learn a lot of things and is learning many things from this fall and he will be raised to his feet again, never to fall again, a much wiser young man. Jehovah is righteous and no, He didn't plan it this way. Yes, He knew it would happen. He hoped that it didn't, but He knew that it would. There was no other way. Jesus! There are two points I wanted to make sure I got on this tape and one is this. A moving electric charge gives rise to a magnetic field.

            Jehovah was the moving electric charge which magnetized the waters, which made the waters a magnetic field. Jehovah was a mechanical source of energy. As soon as He hit the water, He became a hydroelectric charge that continued to move, thus magnetizing the field that the waters were in. That's where the magnetic field came from. This is the other thing I wanted to tell you. A photon, which is the quantum by which light is measured, is a particle composing light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. So Elohim is the light and the other form of electromagnetic radiation is Jehovah. A photon is comprised of light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

            So it's the combination. Now remember, photons are bundles of energy. They're bundles of energy that have at least two sources of energy, light and some form of electromagnetic energy. So we see that Jehovah and Elohim are in the light together. Is everybody okay? Jehovah is in there, also. Now I want to just say a few words on electromagnetic radiation. Then I want to speak to you about interference in the sense of physics. Electromagnetic radiation is energy that is radiated in the form of a wave that is caused by an electric field (that's Jehovah) interacting with the magnetic field (that's the waters that Elohim was in) and the result was photons of light. Electromagnetic radiation is the result of the acceleration of a charged particle. So that means that both Jehovah and Elohim can act like a particle or they can act like a wave.

            When He came into the waters, He charged the waters. He became a charge particle. The waters became magnetized. When that particle speeds up or that stream of particles speeds up, it causes a form of radiation that spreads the charge through the whole field. That's what happened over here. The whole area of the abyss where the waters were above the firmament became an electromagnetic field as the result of electromagnetic radiation. Although I don't have any way of getting this on the tape, this drawing here to the right is very interesting and it shows you all the different levels of light and visible light is just one thin place on the whole scale. Types of electromagnetic radiation can be in the form of radio waves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, ex-rays, and gamma radiation. These are all forms of electromagnetic radiation which comes from the acceleration of the particle. Acceleration of the charged particle can produce all these different kinds of radiation.

            It's very interesting; radio waves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation. So we see that spirit appearing in this world can either become visible or become invisible by either speeding up or slowing down portions of his spiritual being. Now I don't know how to do that, but I guess Jesus knew how to do it. This is how you disappear and reappear if you have the power to control the forces of your own body.

            Isn't that interesting. If you can cause the particles of your body to speed up or slow down you can either be visible or invisible. According to this drawing that I'm seeing, you can either be harmless or dangerous. Radio waves are harmless. When microwaves first came out we were told they weren't harmless. Now they say they are. I'm not too sure about infra-red or ultraviolet radiation, but I know ex-rays and gamma radiation can be dangerous. I just find that very interesting. What comes to my mind is Jesus after His experience in the garden with His Father. if this is the first tape you are hearing, we do not subscribe to the church world's interpretation of what happened in the garden. I do not believe that our Lord and Savior was down on His knees so scared that He was sweating blood and begging His Father to escape the cross. I don't believe it for a second. But I do believe that He was in the garden increasing in spiritual maturity in preparation for His experience on the cross.

            When He came out of the garden He demonstrated the only aggressive act that I know of in the scripture. He said to the guards, I am He and they fell backwards. I read no other place of Him doing any harm to anybody. I didn't know how He did it. I even think I have this on another tape. I said I don't know how He did it, but you want to know something, sitting here looking at this drawing, I'm saying I know how He did it. At least I think I know how He did it. He was in the garden having an interaction with His Father and His state of being speeded up the particles of His existence. Now remember brethren, spirit is light. Our spirit can be likened to light. I can't tell you that it is light because I'm no expert on any of this, so I just happen to have Christ Jesus in me that's giving me these teachings. But at least for this study, let's say our spirit is light and therefore we can expect it to behave as light behaves. If this is true then our spirit is not one solid lump. I don't know what you ever thought your spirit was. I don't know if I really thought about it, but if spirit is light then we know that our spirit consist of many particles. Okay, are you with me? Apparently following this line of thought that's coming to me as I preach under the anointing, if Jesus had the ability to either speed up or slow down the movement of His spirit, He can either appear or disappear. We know that He disappeared from the mist of them many times and what I'm hearing is that He was in the garden with His Father and that interaction with His Father strengthened Him and enabled Him to speed up the momentum of His spirit. He who was appearing as visible light when He came out of the garden was appearing, perhaps as gamma radiation. I don't know, but He was speeded up to the point that His spirit became a weapon.

            Because all He did was speak and He had said in another place my words are spirit and my words are life, but here He said my words are a weapon. He didn't say those words, but that's what His actions showed. His words which were spirit and life became words which were weapons. So He must have speeded up along this spectrum here, the electromagnetic radiation that was flowing through Him, Electromagnetic radiation is the result of the acceleration of a charged particle. He was charged. He was a charged particle. He had life in Him and He speeded up and as He speeded up His spirit became more aggressive, more of a weapon and more of the ability to kill. He didn't kill those guards, He just knocked them down. He just knocked them down.

            Well, look brethren, we have got to get out of this pharisee mind. People who ascend to full stature at some point (I don't know whether you either have it in full stature or you have to go on to glorification) but spirit has the ability to kill. Now, Lord willing, mortal man will not receive that power from God to kill. We shouldn't have that power to kill. I don't see Jesus killing. But at some point, I do believe God removes certain people. I do believe He removes them and I also want you to know that there is all kinds of ungodly spiritual power going out today doing all kinds of spiritual deeds, including murder. Now we need to know this, not while we're mortal. I mean we can have the information but the sons of God are going to stand up and if we're dealing with illegal spiritual minds or with illegal minds that are using their minds to kill, do you really think that we will not have some kind of compensating power. I was watching the TV a couple of weeks ago. Now this is the second time this has happened to me, that I saw an advertisement that I recognized the subliminal message in it and the average person just doesn't see it. In this advertisement and I don't know what advertisement it was, it was about a hockey player, I think, and He was being shaken up and the end of it was that he burnt up. He burnt up.

            He turned to powder and his whole form collapsed and I knew that it was something spiritual, but I didn't really know what it meant. You know I hardly ever watch television, but from time to time I turn on the TV. I watch it for five minutes. I hear what God wants me to hear and I shut it off. I can't even tell you where I heard this, but I turned on the TV and I was listening to somebody that was talking about spiritual power that's present in the world today.

            A lot of people that think it is okay to engage in this spiritual power are engaging in all of this stuff. They were talking about telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with your mind and telepathy, the ability to communicate with your mind and what do you think was at the bottom of the list? I never heard of the word before, telecombustion, telecombustion. I can't even remember where I heard it. It had to be on Television. Telecombustion is the ability to start fires with your mind. I knew that the Lord was talking to me and that this advertisement that I saw on TV was not a harmless advertisement. It sounded like it was a sports thing, you know win, win team, but they destroyed their opponent. They burnt them up. So there are people in our society today and it wouldn't surprise me at all if there are people that have the power. You've seem it? Put it on the tape. I saw it on television.

            I don't know what the name of the person was or anything, but he was a Chinese person and he was healing with acupuncture and then they showed how he could create a fire. He just crouched down and he had a piece of paper in front of him and he actually set that thing on fire, through the powers that he had. But he did have some sort of spiritual thing, a mantra or a ritual, something for concentration and that thing went right on fire. Thank you. I don't care to what degree the proponents of this are saying well it is only for responsible people. The problem with mortal men having spiritual power is that the day will surely come, I don't care how disciplined they are, I don't care how well meaning they are, they are mortal men. That means their mind is fallen and the day will come when the pressure will be so great that they will use that spiritual power for ungodly purposes. You cannot tell me that the Lord is going to raise up sons in the earth to deliver the world who will not have the equivalent, if not greater power.

            That means we have to have the power to kill. That doesn't mean that we're going to use it. Anyone listening to this tape that's panicking, this is not for mortal men. This is after our lower nature is defeated and we're walking as Jesus walked in the days of His flesh. You've got to get over being afraid of hearing these things because some pretty serious thing are coming on the earth and the sons of God will be the only police force that anybody can run to for help. What about God? I heard a question.

            What about God? Let me tell you something, brethren. Once the sons of God stand up, all of your prayers, at least along this line, the result of your prayers will be to direct you to the sons of God because Jesus is manifesting in the flesh. A lot of the young sons in the church don't want to hear this. They don't even want to come here and study and learn these things because they think they are going to get it straight from Jesus. You are not, unless He's raised you up as a teacher. The sons of God will be Jesus' expression and Jehovah's expression in the earth. If someone is trying to burn you up with curses or harm you through ungodly spiritual power, you can bang on heaven's door all day and all night and the only thing you going to get is an arrow pointing you to the sons of God. I'm telling you the truth and if you don't want to believe it you'll find out. You don't believe it because you're filled with pride and rebellion. It's the truth.

            Well, I think that as far as this physics goes, I have another testimony to give you and then I think that we're going to close it off until this evening. This is a Sunday morning so we may very well just pick up on the same tape. But I seemed to have wound down with the physics right now. Well, I'm not too sure about that. Lord, I just pray that you let me hear from you. It's very late, but if you want me to do one more, I will. I just feel to give you this testimony right now. I saw an episode of Star Trek the other day which was very interesting. The command team of Star Trek land on an unknown planet and there is a dark entity there who was pure evil. His testimony is that he at one time was a part of a race of beings that recognized that they had an evil side and they devised a way to force all their evil tendencies towards the surface and form it into a second skin. Then they discarded the skin and left the planet. Here was this entity which was pure evil and in a total rage because of what his good side did to him and he was totally alone and he was in a jail planet. He was there by himself, and he was pure evil. I thought that was very interesting and I would like to make some comments on it and these are my comments.

            First of all, I saw in this activity the ritual of the scapegoat in Israel. The high priest would come and lay their hands on the goat and they would then drive the goats out of the camp. Jehovah honored it. It took all their sins with them, So, it's a principle that appeared in Israel. I don't know if it appeared anywhere before that or not. Second of all, I thought it was very interesting that this entity had the ability to go back and forth between two different forms. One form was liquid. He looked like a puddle and the other form was the form of a being, sort of a humanoid type. I thought of Satan and Leviathan.

            They really are one. They are the expression of the serpent in this world and the serpent goes back and forth between appearing as Satan who is typified by liquid and Leviathan who has a form. Isn't that interesting. Also, the liquid had the ability to absorb human beings without really killing them because Commander Riker was returned. But he went down under this slick and he was completely absorbed and in torment. We were told he was in torment while he was in that slick. I think that that's some of the conditions that men in this world go down into.

            When they're in drugs, when they're really, really in bad trouble and they're in torment. But the last thing that I have to say should give you great hope, if you don't already have it in this area. The end of this movie, which is a very positive series gives great hope for mankind to be great benevolent human beings. But the end of this episode was that Captain Picard was very strong and he said to this entity "I will not set you free" because that's what the entity wanted. He wanted to leave that place where he was in torment. He was alone and enraged. Rage destroys if you can't discharge that rage and the end of the program was Jean-Luc Picard saying "I will not set you free. You will stay right where these people left you for eternity. You are in eternal torment and you will never come up off this planet." That was his judgement, was it not? Okay, in so many words, I'm elaborating on this. This is what Captain Picard said to him. You are relegated to this torment of loneliness and rage for the rest of eternity. But my bible doesn't say that, you see. My bible says that no matter how bad things look right now, that we at least in our essence, in our root being, have been created by a benevolent Creator who is not only benevolent, but He is almighty and that there is none greater than He. He is merciful on the leper. He has mercy on the most horrible and corrupt in existence and He would never leave anybody in eternal torment, not even the evil. He clearly says I have created the evil. So you see, you're wrong, all of you high minded in our society today that have all these great plans. Many of you have hatred for the true Christ of the Bible.

            You don't have the message, you see, because the end of the evil is that one stronger the he who is really a she, okay, one stronger then she will appear and is appearing. One who is strong enough to boil her, to boil the liquid part of her and bring her into submission to his mighty spiritual manhood. You see, we might shed our evil and run from it, but Jesus does not shed evil and run from it. Jesus subjects evil and makes it work for Him and in that subjection even the evil receive mercy.

            Although the evil will be subject to righteousness for the life of the ages and even though evil will not have any decision making authority for the life of the ages, she will not be in torment, she will not be lonely, and she will not be enraged. She will have been neutralized by Almighty God, the one who created her. Isn't that exciting? That excites me. I don't know how I got into that in the middle of this tape, but you never know what you are going to hear when you turn on these tapes anyway. So, I think the Lord wants me to do one more. I'm going to do one more and then perhaps He'll have me starting a new tape tonight. I don't know why I'm doing it this way. I never know why I'm doing anything. That's because He's doing it in me. Lots of people get nervous because they think I don't know what I'm doing, but I don't know what I'm doing and that's the best place to be in. Amen. It just looks like I don't know what I am doing, but I know what I'm doing.

            Okay, we're going to deal with the word interference as it's used in physics. This is our definition from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia. Interference is the effect obtained when two systems of waves... two systems of waves; now who are we talking about? We're talking about Jehovah and we're talking about Elohim. They are both waves. When two systems of waves reinforce, neutralize; that means they knock each other out. Reinforce means strengthen; neutralize means knock each other out, so that neither have any power or in other ways interfere with each other. Interference is observed in waves both in a material medium such as sound and in electromagnetic radiation. Now constructive interference occurs when two waves in the same phase combine. The waves reinforce each other and the amplitude of the resulting wave is equal to the sum of the amplitude. That means there were two separate ones and now they are equal to one wave which has two parts to it; one and one equals two. Now where does that fit in? Question: I would like to know if this same condition affected the resurrection, whether that affected Jesus.

            Answer: That sounds like a real probability to me, that that's what happened to Jesus' body in the tomb. But His spirit didn't die. Christ Jesus within the man Jesus of Nazareth didn't die. He breathed out of the body by the force of His own will, so the body lay in the tomb. I don't know whether He hovered around the body or I guess He had the ability to pierce through the rocks and enter into the cave to get back to the body. I don't have any of those details, but I think He repossessed His body and speeded up the vibration of His spirit and the whole body disappeared. That sounds like an excellent explanation to me.

            Question: Do you think that when Mary tried to touch Him and He said, no, I haven't been to my Father, that she could have gotten radiation or cancer or whatever, that His body was in a state that you couldn't touch it? Answer: I really don't know, but it sounds like a real possibility that she could have been burnt. He was vibrating at such a rapid rate of speed that she could have been burnt. That's a possibility. Very interesting.

            Question: What's interesting too, is that the clothes were there and they weren't affected. His body was just affected. How that happens, I don't know. Answer: I think that there was a message in it. First of all, I don't think spiritual man needs the clothing of a mortal man, but I think the message was that when we ascend that we're leaving our clothing behind; that this body cannot go in. See, we have to believe that if this is true that He increased the vibration of His spirit and He disappeared, that the body as it now exists, ceased to exist and became part of a greater whole. So He left His garments behind and we have to leave our garments behind. Question: Would it be that the garments were part of earth, earthly things?

            Answer: It could be, but I think more than that, it was a message. You see there are so many studies I'd like to do, but I have to have time. I really can't do them unless the Lord directs me. I started a little, while traveling in Florida, to get into that study, but I really didn't get up to the part where the clothing was lying down and I wasn't really making much progress with it. The Lord has to really anoint me to see the truth of what happened there. Praise the Lord. I would like to make a few more comments on the interference as it's defined by physics. Our definition is: Interference is the effect obtained when two systems of waves reinforce each other or interfere with each other in a variety of ways. That interference can be negative or positive and the positive form of interference is called constructive interference.

            It means when they interfere with each other, they interfere in a way that benefits the waves and we're told here, as occurs in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is what we've been talking about. It is the interaction of an electrical field and a magnetic field. Now the electrical field is Jehovah moving through the water. Remember, Jehovah is mechanical or natural energy and when He starts to move through the water, a natural substance, an electric field is created. The water becomes magnetized because of the movement of the particle in the electric field and then the magnetic and the electric field interact. They exchange some electrons and the result of this is a photon or a series of photons that form a light wave. I told you earlier that photons have both light energy and other sources of energy.

            So how does the photon get other sources of energy? It has exchanged electrons with some of the electric field. The electric field interacts with the magnetic field and there is an exchange of electrons and we see photons coming to existence. Photons, by definition, are bundles of energy of two sources or more, light energy and other such as electromagnetic energy. So we see this interaction of the electric field with the magnetic field is what physics call a constructive interference. We're looking at exhibit #2. What I have drawn here is the basic shape of the abyss and this is a demonstration of refraction. Let me read you the definition of refraction from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Refraction: The turning or bending of any wave such as a light or a sound wave when it passes from one medium into another of a different density. Now let me remind you that the bending of the light wave is essential to bring about the goal of this whole process. What is the goal of this whole process of Jehovah entering into the waters, of becoming hydroelectric power, and magnetizing the waters? What is Jehovah's goal here? What is He trying to accomplish? Answer: Making an image of Himself. Yes, exactly, His intention is to make an image of Himself. In order to make an image of Himself, darkness is necessary, just as a negative is needed in order to make a photograph. You need a negative and the negative must be darkness and light because the darkness reveals the light and that is the function of the earth. So it is Jehovah's intention to form light waves and to propel those light waves downward by electromagnetic force and electromagnetic interaction. You may recall that is what happens when like objects or like particles encounter one another.

            They repel one another. Like objects repel one another. So when Jehovah meets with Elohim, there is an interaction between the electric field and the magnetic field which produces photons of light, but they're both spirit and they repel each other. This repulsion drives Elohim, who is the light wave, downward because it is Jehovah's intention to have Elohim contact the earth.

            There has to be an exchange of particles between the photons and the earth and that light wave has to curve and it has to bend upward so that the image can appear on the surface of the waters. In that curvature, in that curving of the light wave, there are two different procedures that take place; one is refraction and the other is diffraction. Now in diagram #2 is an example of refraction. That is what I believe takes place first, if I'm understanding it correctly. As you can see the abyss narrows at the bottom and the light wave is forced to curve as the sides of the abyss narrow. It's following the side of the abyss and when it comes down into the seas, where the light wave goes from the magnetized field into the seas, that causes the light wave to bend because it is going from one density to another. The enlightened magnetized field has one density and the seas have another density.

            Let's definite density from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia. Density is the ratio of mass of a substance to its volume. Okay, let's define our terms. What is mass? Mass is the number of particles. If we're talking about light waves, the particles that are counted are photons. We're talking about the number of photons in relationship to the volume. The definition of volume out of the American Heritage Dictionary: The amount of space occupied by a three dimensional object or region of space. So this abyss is a region of space, the amount of space occupied by this three dimensional abyss in relationship to the number of particles that are in the area. Now this magnetized field is a light field. It has so many photons per cubic inch, you might say, but down here in the seas, it is waters that are saturated with earth. There's earth particles in there. So we're having particles of water and particles of earth. Look that the sides of the abyss are narrowed. So it's a smaller area and it's got many more particles because there's earth in there besides the particles of water. Up here where the abyss is wider and therefore can contain more volume, a greater volume of water, there's less density because there's no earth in there. It's just the water.

            But as the abyss narrows, even if it was just water, it would be denser down there because the area is contracting. But not only is the water more dense, but we have all these particles of earth in it because the seas are the waters with some dust or some particles of earth mixed in it. So as the light ray goes from the magnetizing light and field and penetrates into the seas, the light is curved. The light is curved and that is called refraction. The light has to begin to curve because at some point it has to start going back up. The encyclopedia says that the special theory of relativity says that the path of the light wave is determined by the curvature of the space time continuum. That's the abyss. The path is determined by the sides of the abyss.

            This light wave could go right down into the earth, but it didn't. This light wave can come from a magnetized field, pass through the seas, go right down into the earth and be planted in the earth and just stay there. But that's not what's happening. It's curving and it's going back up. That which makes it curve, according to the special theory of relativity is that when the light waves goes from the one density of the magnetizing light and field into the density of the seas, the change in density causes the light wave to bend. Are you okay? This is called refraction.

            Light bends and is refracted when it passes from one density to another. That's drawing #2. I'll put drawing #3 on the board. We are talking about diffraction. The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia defines diffraction as the bending of radiation such as light by a narrow aperture. If you look up on the board we see that the abyss narrows at the end and it is forcing the light to bend. In refraction the light bends when it goes from a less dense area magnetized field into a more dense area, the seas. That bends it. That is refraction. Diffraction bends the light because it's forced to bend as the aperture (which means opening) narrows down at the bottom. So we see, both of these functions occurring or applying to our light wave. It's the bending of radiation by a narrow aperture. Diffraction results from the interference of light waves that pass an opaque body. Opaque means a surface or a substance that light cannot penetrate. That is the earth. Light cannot penetrate it. So if you look on the board, you could see that our opaque body is the earth. As the light wave passes through the earth we see that it bends and it's coming back up.

            If you have a light wave or you have a line, once it starts to curve, it continues to curve. It continues to curve.

            Does anybody not know what I am talking about? If you have a straight line, it continues to go straight. Once you start to curve it, it continues to curve, continues to go around. So the light wave has been bent. It has been curved and it keeps on going round. So we see that once it passes through the opaque body, continues to curve, it is starting to come back up now. As it comes back up, it produces a fuzzy region between the shadow area and the lighted area. I find this very interesting. You can see it on the right side of the board where it says shadow.

            That's what we have in the scripture, Jehovah's dark shadow, His reflection and His dark shadow. This is just so exciting. As the light, now remember the light is Jehovah and Elohim. So as they pass through the earth in the form of a stream of particles of photons, they leave their mark on the earth. Actually what they've done is cut out a negative. As they pass through the earth they have cut out a negative. That's what they have done and that's what the dark shadow is. It's the negative of Jehovah's image.

            This passing through the opaque area creates a fuzzy area. You can see it, I've drawn it with red and black lines on the board. It produces a fuzzy region between the shadow area and the lighted area, that upon close examination is actually a series of light and dark lines. It's called a diffraction grating. A diffraction grating contains many fine parallel slits or scratches. I'm told about 12,000 per centimeters or 30,000 per inch. Obviously you can't see it with the naked eye. This grating, and now what is a grating? A grating is something that lets light through. But these slits are so close there cannot be much light coming through. But for it to be called a grating, some light must be coming through. It disperses light into its colors. It is functioning as a prism. It's functioning as a prism. So as the light wave passes through the earth, it continues to curve and starts back up again. Diffraction creates this fuzzy area which acts as a prism and disperses the light into its colors which appear on the surface of the deep, which is the visible world. I have a reference for you. It's the Song of Solomon, chapter 2:9; My beloved is like a roe or a young hart. Behold he standeth behind our wall; he looketh forth at the windows showing himself through the lattice. He shows himself through the lattice. The color spectrum that appears on the surface is Elohim with Jehovah's nature. He is a revelation of Jehovah. I've always known in my heart that this scripture meant something deeply spiritual. I've even had dreams of peeking through the blinds. I've had at least two dreams that I recall of peeking through the blinds.

            This is what Elohim is doing when He's in your earth. Now this is happening for our whole world as a whole and it is also happening in the individual because each of us is a cosmos. Everything that I've described to you today, the refraction and the diffraction, this is what's happening from the moment that the Holy Spirit makes contact with us. Just by way of review, as the Holy Spirit makes contact with our abyss, our spiritual being, He is charging our waters, the waters of our human spirit.

            Our human spirit is dead and when the Holy Spirit joins to it we've received a volt of life. Isn't that what we are teaching here? So our waters become electrified and magnetized. We now have active energy flowing through us, energy fields flowing through us. Sometimes when we lay hands on people, they are healed because there are energy fields flowing through us now. The Holy Spirit is continuing to flow through our spiritual being and everything that I've had up on the board this whole evening is happening in each of us. When he gets all the way down into our earth, that is the planting of his seed in us. You see, the Holy Spirit is just the seed. He can be in you without being implanted in you. The King James translation by the Apostle James calls it the engrafted word. The Holy Spirit can be in you and not be engrafted to you. He could be in your magnetic field.

            He could be floating around in your spiritual being, but he has to get down into your earth and implant himself and start to actually grow down roots in your earth. That is called justification. On many of our tapes I've told you that once the Holy Spirit, which is the seed (that is clear in the King James scripture) engrafts himself to us, he starts to mature. That process of maturation which begins with almost no experience or no knowledge of spiritual things at all and ends with a mature son of God in full stature as Jesus was. That is a long process and we have many sons in different places along that line of maturation. This is the line of maturation as he starts going back up. This diffraction causes this diffraction grating and as he continues to ascend, he begins to appear in us. He appears in our behavior. Many times you could see him in people's eyes. He can be spiritually discerned by people who have the same spirit as he is. He can be spiritually discerned just by the presence of his energy. He could be discerned by things that people do. Of course, we never know whether we are dealing with an angel of light when you are talking about works.

            Even when you are talking about miracles, there is only one way to be sure that you are dealing with the Spirit of Almighty God and what is that? What is the only way you can be sure? The only way that you can be sure is that the spirit in you witnesses that the spirit in the other person is of the same spirit. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ that is close enough for Him to tell you whether the spirit in the other person is Him or not, you have no clear way of knowing for sure what spirit it is in that other person. As I look at this diagram, this also lines up with some of the theories we drew up when we studied the Kundalini.

            We have some scriptures that the Lord gave us and there were a lot of questions. There were several things that I clearly said on the tape, that this is the way it looks to me right now, but I really don't know. One of those things was that the Holy Spirit comes in through the top of the head and He travels down through the base of the spine, at which point, somehow, at the base of the spine, is where He engrafts and Christ Jesus begins to be formed. That's Christ in you, the hope of glory. The Holy Spirit is the seed. When he engrafts to you and starts reproducing himself in you, his name is Christ Jesus and then it's Christ Jesus that starts climbing up the spine. Do you remember me teaching you that? Let me say it again.

            The Holy Spirit comes in from the top of the head, works his way down to the bottom of your spine, engrafts himself, conceives Christ Jesus, and as soon as Christ Jesus is strong enough, he starts climbing up your spine opening the knots. The King James says there are seven seals. The Kundalini teaching says there are seven knots. Let's not argue about what word we should use. They are both saying the same thing. Who's strong enough to open the seals? The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is strong enough to climb up your spine. Maybe this is what's happening on your spine. Where is it in your body? I don't know where it is in your body. Maybe this is the Lord telling us, if I'm not mistaken, this form of the abyss where it comes down, where it narrows at the bottom, could be called the matrix in mathematics. Maybe it's right over your spine. Maybe this abyss is a spiritual thing. Maybe it's an energy field that's existing right over your spine that starts at the base and can vee out and winds up either across your shoulders or even across your head. How about it?

            Maybe that's what your aura is. Maybe that's what Peter and Paul's shadow was. Maybe their magnetized field became so charged with the energy of Christ Jesus that the people walking down the street; well it doesn't say they could see it. The scripture says their shadow passed over the people and they were healed. It doesn't say that people saw the shadow. Maybe this is what we're talking about, an energy field. Everybody has an energy field. Unregenerate people have energy fields. When your energy field is Christ Jesus who has made it up out of the earth; his roots are in the earth and he starts climbing up towards your head.

            The visible world is right here in your centers; your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth; that's the visible world. Maybe you become so energized that you just pass by people and they're healed. Well let me tell you this. This just came right out of heaven because the thought never even occurred to me until just now and I dare say, that was Christ Jesus speaking to us. If we can get this off the board, I'm going to make it clearer by trying to draw you a spine, if you promise not to laugh at my attempts to draw a spine. Question: The diffraction grating, is that what you were saying in the Song of Solomon is the lattice? Yes, if you look that word up in the Hebrew, that's exactly what it means.

            This is getting exciting. This is now Thursday night and we are continuing on this tape from Sunday evening because that tape wasn't even half full. I'd like to make some comments on photograph #5. You may recall that at the end of our Sunday night message, the Lord has been giving us all of these exciting diagrams with regard to the principles of traditional physics and new physics which includes quantum mechanics. All of these wonderful comments, principles and instructions and information that the Lord is giving us through the principles of the new physics and quantum mechanics, just radically, as the Lord turned in my spirit, led us back into some of the diagrams He had given us in our study of kundalini. What has happened here is that He has combined the two teachings. I remind you that compared to the Lord we are pea brains. Even the greatest brains of our race of humanity are pea brains compared to the Lord Jesus Christ and Jehovah, His Father. The Lord has to teach us in little doses, in small doses and in small steps so that we can understand that. After He teaches us in certain areas, He puts those areas together. So without warning, Sunday night, which is only five or ten minutes back on this tape, the Lord switched me over from diagrams demonstrating how the principles of the new physics operate in the creation and He showed us how that could relate to the diagrams that He had been giving us on our studies of the kundalini, which primarily indicated that the operation of spirit in mortal man is primarily in the brain and the spinal column.

            So we took this outline of the abyss that I've been drawing. If you are listening to the tape you should have photo copies of my drawings on the board. We took this outline of the abyss which is basically a triangle and we related it and made that triangle a magnetic field which was covering the outline of a man, his brain and his spinal column. We see how the two of them fitted together. However, I remind you this is an unfolding revelation. I frequently see things with my carnal mind and have to go on and reverse them a little. I've decided to keep photograph #5 because it's an excellent photograph. I was talking about where the Holy Spirit engrafts himself.

            Maybe I didn't put it on there. If you look at photograph #5 you will see at the base of the spine are the centers for homosexuality and heterosexuality. These are areas where the people who dwell there are preoccupied with sex or if they are dwelling in their belly, they are preoccupied with the lusts of this world. I guess it's not on here. But at the time that I was drawing this diagram, I had it in my head that the Holy Spirit entered in at the top of the head, went down to the base of the spine and implanted himself in the base of the spine, conceived Christ Jesus and then Christ Jesus was the one who had to ascend up to the higher centers. I realize now that that's not exactly the way it happens.

            The place where the Holy Spirit plants himself or engrafts himself is in the brain. So I'm going to draw a photograph #6 for you and of course just to get ahead of myself, it's now looking to me like the Holy Spirit comes in from the top of the head, goes all the way down to the bottom of the spine, passes through all these areas to the lowest point at the base of the spine and works his way up and does not implant himself or conceive Christ Jesus until he comes all the way back up to the top and engrafts himself on one of the lobes of the brain. To be very frank with you right now, I have forgotten which side of the brain, the left or the right, is supposed to be the more potent side of the brain. I think it's the left side, but I'm not sure. But we have teachings on our series on kundalini where we have brought forth the theory (I believe that the Lord is in this) that one side of the brain is the garden of Eden and the other side of the brain is eastward of Eden, where Cain was driven out to.

            I believe that our scientists tell us that mortal man only uses about five percent of his brain and that there is an area between the two lobes of the brain.

            At the moment, I'm really sorry, I teach a lot of this stuff and if you know me, you know that I have a memory problem. That might sound amazing to you that I teach all these things, but I'm teaching all these things with a memory problem which has resulted from some heavy medication that I was on for years. Sometimes I have to look up my own notes and listen to my own tapes to get details. I have spiritual principles that are flowing through my mind continuously, but details I sometimes forget. The Lord just reminded me of the name. I think that He told me because of my humility, He brought it forth out of Christ Jesus and I thank God for that because my only hope for memory is Christ Jesus. My memory really has been severely damaged. The name of the area is the corpus callosum. It's an area between the left and the right side of the brain. I want to cry. He is just so good.

            This tremendous push towards spirituality that's going on in the whole world today is also going on in some kingdom circles. They're talking about immortality where their god is the serpent. They may know it or they may not know it. A lot of them know their god is the serpent. This push for spiritual maturity that we in the church world call full stature, is really the hoping and striving for and ascension to a place where we will be spiritually strong enough to control both sides of the brain. In order to do that we have to have possession of the corpus callosum. It's the same thing as when we first started sending ships into space, there was a big race between Russia and the United States to get a man on the moon.

            The belief was whoever occupied the moon or whoever had satellites in space could control the whole world because they would just sit up there in space as the world turned and just drop bombs down. Whichever spiritual man, whether it be Leviathan who is really a spiritual woman or whether it be Christ Jesus in the New Testament or Adam in the Old Testament, we are talking about the same man. In the New Testament He is called Christ Jesus. He who controls the corpus callosum controls both sides of the brain and has the ability to make that man a genius. If Leviathan should take control of the corpus callosum and control both sides of the brain we would be benevolent maniacal geniuses. That means an evil person who is a maniac type genius. I believe that that is going to happen to some people.

            Now we know that the whole root of this creation is being saved. The spiritual root of this creation is being saved, but every personality that is formed is not being saved. I believe there will be some personalities that will be formed that will ascend to a full stature of evil and they will be malevolent; they will be very evil and they will be maniacal. They will be devilishly evil. Sometimes I use big words and then I try to explain them for those people who don't understand me.

            So this is what the race is for, to get to the top or get to a place for our spiritual substance, to get to a place or a strength where it can control our entire brain. Why is only 10 percent of our brain being used? Because the spirit that's giving us existence is not powerful enough to make use of 100 percent of our brain. In order for the spirit that has incarnated us to be powerful enough to make use of our brain, he (she) must mature spiritually. Of course, Christianity has been working against such a maturation for 2000 years. Therefore Christianity has a reputation of being reactionary, old fashioned, counter-productive, non-progressive, by people who do not understand that the instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ is, do not enter into the spiritual world without me.

            You have to do it my way. The serpent, through Leviathan, has much more spiritual information available and is bringing it to the world. The spiritual instruction that she has available to the world is with impunity. It means you don't have to confess your sins; you don't have to repent. All you have to do is submit yourself to the teaching and go out and do it. It's easy, you don't have to give up anything. But to enter into spiritual power through Christ Jesus, you have to give up a great deal. You have to give up a great deal and very few find their way in. Jesus said the way is very narrow and very few there be that find it. So that was just a brief review of what we were taught in kundalini. Just to bring you up to what I was talking about, the Lord is putting these kundalini teachings, which primarily have taught us that the place that spirit is operating in mortal men is in the brain and in the spine. If you are a Christian and that offends you, I'm very sorry that the Hindu mystics got this information before you did, but that doesn't mean that it's not true. That was a very important study for me because I was having trouble relating all these spiritual teachings to my present reality. Sometimes the word goes out, well you are just too spiritual to be any good.

            I knew that somewhere, somehow, there had to be a connection between the spiritual and our present reality, our actual life, our actual existence right now and I couldn't get it together. But this teaching helped me to connect everything that we have been learning, the whole Doctrine of Christ, the whole kingdom message. It's relating to the brain and the spinal column. If you are in a Pentecostal Church, didn't someone put hands on your forehead and didn't someone lay hands on the top of your head when the Holy Spirit came in?

            When I prayed, I did that. Why? That's what my teacher taught me. That's what I did every time I've ever prayed for anyone, either to cast a demon out in deliverance or to pray healing or to pray for them to get the Holy Spirit, which I have only done twice. When I'm under the anointing I'm either laying hands on the top of their head, on their forehead or on their spine in the middle of their center back. The two times I prayed for someone to get the Holy Spirit, they got it and I had my hand on the center of their back, right on their spine. So tonight we are going to go on with a few more diagrams that really fit in well with kundalini and I am going to incorporate some of these scientific principles with what we learned in Kundalini. It is really very exciting. Okay, we are on photograph #6.

            What I have drawn here for you is a diagram which is overlaying the two aspects of the abyss. You may recall that on our earlier drawings I had just been following this black outline here, the black triangle with the surface. On one particular drawing I showed you how the now visible world shifted from the surface down into where the earth is. Do you remember that? Well I've turned this upside down now because we are not living out of the surface of the abyss anymore. We are now living out of the shadow area of the earth. So because we are carnal and we are linear, I've put that shadowy world upright because this is our world. What I've done is show you that the spiritual visible world still exists and that they are crisscrossing each other. So I've turned everything upside down. The visible spiritual world is now facing downward. The reflection or Adam is at the bottom. This is at our bottom, okay? The world that existed in the dark shadows is now standing upright for us. While I was sitting there staring at this... I'm going to tell you what the problem is because I don't know the answer. Maybe the Lord will give it to us before I finish preaching tonight or he may not. Even before I put this on the board, when I was sketching my diagrams on my pieces of scrap paper; see this area right here.

            Do you see where the red triangle protrudes into the black area? Before I did it in two colors. I had sketched in something, a triangle just that size, saying, Lord, you know there is a primitive brain. If you look at any kind of a study on the anatomy of the brain they will tell you there is a primitive brain. We really have two brains. This is where the primitive brain is, exactly by this right triangle.

            So what this says to me as I look at these two cones; they're really not triangles, they are cones. Triangles are two dimensional; cones are three dimensional geometric objects. I see the lower point of the positive energy field, the top of which Adam is appearing, when he is appearing. I see the lower point where the two sides of the energy field meet and become a point; that that point is right in the midst of the brain of the man appearing in the shadow world. I find that very interesting because the scripture says that he is entering into our heart and we have been preaching here that the Holy Spirit enters into the carnal mind and begins to form Christ Jesus within the carnal mind. I just find it very interesting, but I feel that I'm lacking information, so I'm just going to do the best I can with this message.

            When the Lord fills me in I'll come back to it. But we see the two worlds lying actually on top of each other except that they're not lined up because they're in reverse image. Do you see that? Now I remember a couple of years ago I saw a picture from a ministry. Up until that point I had been drawing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil within the tree of life. I had been drawing it completely off, the best my carnal mind could do at the time. Then I saw this image that came out of the ministry in the south somewhere and she had a picture of a tree and then another picture of a tree and they were meeting at their roots in the center.

            There was a tree growing up and a tree growing down and they were meeting at their roots. I noticed when I was in Florida recently that that's exactly what it looks like when you are looking at a still lake and there's a tree by the lake and the water is very still. It looks like the reverse tree is going down into the water. Now she must have seen an image of it like that as a child. I didn't grow up around lakes, so I never thought of imagining or envisioning the true tree and the false tree meeting at their roots in the center. Do you know what I am talking about? I never thought of it that way. When I saw this picture, I said, wow, this woman must be right and I started drawing the two trees that way. But now I see that that's not correct. What is correct is that the two are lying on top of one another. Now if you need help understanding this, imagine two human beings lying on this floor together and one is lying one way and the other is lying the other way. With you two ladies, your head would be next to Ceilie's feet and your head would be next to June's feet.

            They are lying on top of one another, but they are not lined up. They are opposite from one another in position. This is the way it looks for drawing number six; that the Holy Spirit comes out of the spiritual realm of God and rises into this world. We could look at this two ways now. We could say that the image that I have up here of a head and a backbone; it could be the image of an individual man or it could be the image of the whole mortal man that's in the earth. We see the Holy Spirit arising from underneath him. You know, I struggled with this for so long. In Revelation, chapter 9 for example, it says; and smoke came up and ascended out of the pit and it confused me.

            Then the locust came up and I believed for a long time that those locusts are the sons of God. I said why is Christ ascending? It was confusing me because I thought heaven was up there and I thought he was supposed to be descending. Is this making any sense to you at all? You look confused. But as we see our world in this diagram, we, in our carnal mind are standing upright. We're really upside-down. But we think we're standing upright and because we are upside-down, heaven is underneath us. Isn't it interesting that the practitioners of the many yoga disciplines stand on their head? Isn't that interesting, that they stand on their head? They believe that the blood flowing that way benefits them. So because we're upside down, heaven is underneath us.

            Okay now, let's look at it another way because we know that the drawing that I have on this board is a linear drawing, but we know that spiritual things are not linear. If we are going to say that the kingdom of God is within us, is that not the same thing as saying that the spirit is underneath the earth? I've been teaching this for years. The spirit is underneath the earth. Our spirit is in hell buried underneath the earth of our personality and our body. So heaven is not up there. Heaven is down there because we're upside down. If you're not confused, I'll confuse you. But I tell you that I really believe I am hearing from God. Photograph #7 is now ready. As you could see I have sketched out with a dotted line the path of the Holy Spirit. Now remember, the Holy Spirit is the Lord Jesus who is now one with Jehovah in the eternal world where Jehovah dwells. The Lord Jesus enters into the abyss and what is the abyss? The abyss is the creation and He starts vibrating upwards and He penetrates into our world which is in the serpent's image.

            I believe that he not only stays within the confines of the red energy field, but once He gets into our world, I think He flows all over. But it's interesting to see that the point of the cone of the Lord Jesus' energy field enters right into the center of the brain where the corpus callosum is. I believe that He enters right into the corpus callosum and that is where He engrafts Himself and that is where Christ Jesus is being formed. The man who rules the corpus callosum rules both sides of the brain. He is higher than every power and principality that exists in this world because He is engrafted in the corpus callosum.

            He is higher than Satan and Leviathan and the serpent, which are merely on either side or on either hemisphere. I don't have any information yet as to exactly where they are. The only thing I know is that they're only successfully manipulating 5 or 10 per cent of our brain. But the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit has entered into the human brain and engrafted Himself to the corpus callosum. He is higher than every other spirit. Isn't that interesting that he has access to both sides of the brain. He said if you're in heaven, I'll be there with you and if you're in hell, I'll be there with you. No matter which side of the brain you're coming out of, He's there. I can't say that He's ruling because I don't believe He is ruling when He first comes in.

            He comes in with the power to rule but He has to enter into a battle. I don't have any more information. Is Leviathan in the corpus callosum? Is the serpent in there? I have no idea. We are explorers and the Lord is bringing forth this information through us. I am very very excited. Now the Hindu mystics say this. Now I've read their books because I felt the Lord told me to read their books. So as long as it seems right with my spirit, I'm taking their information until the Lord Jesus corrects me. Now the Hindu mystics speak about the energy of the serpent. Of course, they're not talking about the Lord Jesus. They're talking about the energy of the serpent. They say that there's a nerve that runs down the right side of the human body and that the energy flows down there and then rises on the left side of the human body. I don't know if the Lord Jesus is flowing through a nerve or not. I have no idea, but He may not be. Maybe the serpent flows through a nerve. Maybe the Lord Jesus does. I don't know. But I know that if He's in your life He's watering your garden and that He's flowing out of the eternal realm where His Father is. He's flowing into your world. He is passing by the area where your spine is. He's in your brain.

            He is watering your garden, which is your brain and He's flowing out because He's a river and rivers are not still waters. Rivers flow and rivers flow into oceans. He is watering your garden and He's flowing down the other side of you making a complete circle back through the eternal world where Jehovah is. He is doing this continuously, if you are in right relationship with Him and if He is mature enough in you. I don't have any details right now, but I will say it is His desire to flow through you following a law of circuitry. He is going round and round watering you and refreshing you and bringing the life of God through your mind and through your brain. Isn't that interesting? Praise the Lord.

            On this photograph I did mark off the primitive brain, which is just at the base of the skull. I think it's just above the brain stem. The primitive brain is purely unconscious. We know the Holy Spirit enters in through the unconscious. He's coming up from underneath. He's ascending into your unconscious mind and then continuing to ascend into your conscious mind nourishing you. He is nourishing you. He is nourishing your body. He is nourishing your emotions and He is also nourishing and supporting the maturing Christ Jesus, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. This image, figure #8 is just fascinating. Look at what it's saying here. First of all let me tell you this.

            These vertebrae typifying spinal column, I've just put there by way of explanation to make it easy for you. I'm not in any way suggesting that Christ Jesus, our spiritual man who is the mediator between man and God, has a human vertebrae, because He is glorified now. But I'm just showing this vertebrae to indicate that there are two men in the earth today. The Lord Jesus Christ is in the earth and He's the last Adam, but He's here in seed form. The young man who's in the earth today is Christ Jesus who is Adam. The first Adam rising from the dead in the sons of God. The second man in the earth, who is not really a man, but is a woman who is acting like a man, is Leviathan. So there are two men in the earth today for all intents and purposes because Leviathan is acting like a man. Leviathan is the head of the serpent. What does head mean? The head is the part that shows. The head is the visible part or the part that catches your attention. Leviathan is the head of the serpent. The sons of God or the second generation of Christ, we are the head of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to see the Lord Jesus in a visible form, you have to look at a son of God, so we are his head. We are his face or his head, that which you can see. I've drawn these two vertebrae to indicate that there are two men in the earth. But I think this diagram clearly shows that our God and the serpent are energy matrixes.

            That's what they are. Want to know what Jesus looks like today? Well He could take the form of a man. He could take the form of a mortal man. He also appeared to Paul as a ball of light. He is an energy field. You may not have heard me call Him an energy field before, but surely you have heard me refer to Him as He is glorified; He is pure Spirit; He is light. He is an energy field. That's what He is. I hope I'm not disappointing you by telling you that the serpent is not a green snake like you see crawling in the bushes. The serpent is an energy field, too. Our Lord is a positive energy field and the serpent is a negative energy field. So we see that our world today is a perversion. It should either be in the image of Jehovah or the image of the serpent, which it shouldn't even be in at all. It's a dual world. It's not even the serpent's world, which is perverse enough, but right now that the Lord Jesus Christ is moving in the earth to take it back for His Father Jehovah, we have a complete perversion. We have two men in the earth, completely opposite to one another, and in accordance with the prophesy of Genesis 3:15 we see that the Lord Jesus Christ has come out of the eternal realm of His Father's Spirit and has penetrated into the serpent's energy matrix.

            He has penetrated into this world. On the surface of this world is appearing mortal man, the full expression of Leviathan, the mortal personalities of the serpent. We see that the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of an energy matrix has penetrated right into the mind and heart of man. I gave you a definition of heart and mind on a tape. I think it was Luke 12. I'm sorry, but I didn't have it right there. I'm going to give it to you right now. The heart of man is his unconscious mind. The heart of man is speaking about the spiritual foundation of man. Jesus said where your heart is, that's where your treasure will be. He was saying what is your treasure? It is your existence. He wasn't talking about money. Your treasure is your personality and your body and everything that you need to appear in this world. That's what your treasure is. So He was saying, depending on who your heart is, that's where your treasure is going to be. If your heart is the serpent, brethren, your treasure is a clay body. But if your heart is the Lord Jesus Christ, if He has truly founded you, your treasure is spiritual.

            Then in another place, He said, we have treasure in earthen vessels because we are double. We are living in two different worlds at the same time. So we see that the Lord Jesus Christ has penetrated right into the heart of man. He has come right into the primitive brain, the unconscious mind of man and has engrafted Himself in the corpus callosum and is reproducing Himself as Christ Jesus in the brains of men. Oh, the pharisees are screaming no, in the hearts of men. Yes, He's in the hearts of men. The heart is the spirit that founded you. He has pierced right into the foundation laid by the spirit that has founded us because the serpent has founded us. He has pierced right in and the seed of the woman, which is Christ Jesus, or the resurrected Adam, she is going to bruise or penetrate into the serpent's head.

            The serpent's head is Leviathan. The Lord Jesus has done just that in the form of the first Adam, who was resurrected in the man Jesus of Nazareth. He pierced right into the brain, the mind and the foundation of that man and completely took him over and ruled him. Who? The resurrected Adam pierced into the brain, the mind, and the very person of Jesus of Nazareth, engrafted himself in the man's corpus callosum and completely ruled both sides of his brain and put Leviathan down to such a degree that Jesus of Nazareth could call Himself Christ because He was totally incapable of sin. He had Leviathan so bound that He was incapable of sin. So we see the seed of the woman, the resurrected Adam, bruised or penetrated into and dominated the serpent's head, Leviathan. When Jesus did that, He brought heaven back into this world. I'm going to show you that in another diagram.

            At the time that Jesus did this, our world was sealed off from the spiritual realm of God. The serpent had completely cut us off from the spiritual realm of God. Now since Jesus Christ penetrated into this black hole where we were, sealed off from everything outside of us, which are all of the good things of God; now there is an opening into the spiritual realm of God. Jesus said He is the door. There is now a door back into the spiritual realm of God. Because of that door we now see the second generation of Christ, also called the sons of God, starting to appear in a multitude of men. The serpent is bruising the heel of Christ Jesus. What does that mean? In these men who are the sons of God, the second generation of Christ, in whom Christ Jesus is being formed, they're not Christ Jesus alone.

            They're also connected to the serpent who is right in the midst of them as they struggle to be Adam rising from the dead. We're in the New Testament, called Christ Jesus, as they struggle to overcome sin. They cannot do it without the Lord Jesus Christ because the serpent is their foundation. The serpent which founded them is right in the midst of them, bruising them, putting them under. The serpent is putting Christ Jesus in us under her feet every chance she gets. In fact, when we first start to rise up we are under the feet of the serpent. The warfare is in each individual. Will Christ Jesus in you be bruising the serpent under his feet or will the serpent in you be bruising Christ Jesus in you under her feet?

            This Hebrew word translated heel of Christ Jesus really means footstep. We are the image of Christ Jesus in the earth and a footstep is a negative image. It's a reverse image. It's the reverse of the shoe that you put in the sand. We're in earthen bodies. So we are the negative image of Christ Jesus that is appearing in the earth. The serpent is putting us under her feet every chance she gets. So what do we have here? We have two energy matrixes, each penetrating each other. A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Is this making any sense to you? At the risk of being severely criticized I'm going to add one more statement to this. I've been telling you for a long time that sexual intercourse is sanctified in marriage, but it has the potential to be a very dangerous thing if it is not controlled by a spirit of righteousness.

            Every sexual perversion that is in our world today is a glaring blasting statement exalting the serpent. I want to tell you that there is a perverse sex act in the world today that exactly typifies what is on this board today. The French have a name for it and I'm not going to say anything more about it, but it's the truth. This is diagram #9. It is in three parts and it is a description of the fall of man. You see, when Adam died, he didn't just die by himself, because in Adam we all died. What does that mean? Adam was the mind of Jehovah's living beast. So when the mind died, the whole living beast or the whole living creature died. The death of Adam and the death of Jehovah's living creature resulted in the formation of the space time continuum, which is what we call home. The major difference between what I preach and what a lot of spiritual preachers teach is that they completely deny the world before the existing time space continuum. They call this world that we are in, the time space continuum and all the universes; they call this the creation that is spoken about in Genesis 1: 1 and 2. But this is not the creation that is spoken about, where we live, where we abide, these bodies that we live in.

            This is not Jehovah's creature nor His creation. We are the serpent in the serpent's image and the serpent has formed this world. This world formed as a result of the destruction of the creature that Elohim was forming for His Father Jehovah at the beginning of time. We have many diagrams right in this series. This is just a microcosm of it. By way of explanation I have a triangle here representing an energy field. This is image #9. It is broken down into A B and C. I'm in A right now. It is just a reproduction of what I've talked to you about in the past. We see the earth down at the bottom of the triangle and then the seas above it and then the firmament and then the waters of life.

The waters of life were holding the abyss open. Remember when Elohim departed from Jehovah, Jehovah's fabric literally ripped open and filled up with the waters of life, which were the medium in which Elohim departed from His Father. Now what happened is that the firmament came down and all the waters that were above the firmament, the waters from heaven, fell down and mixed with the seas and the earth. In the area, this broad end of the triangle lost its waters. Remember I told you that's how Adam died because there was no waters to reflect the image. Do you remember that? What we are being told here is that the presence of the waters themselves in this broad base of the triangle was holding the rip in Jehovah's fabric apart so this base of the triangle would exist. When the waters fell down into the point or the peak of the triangle, there was no longer any force, in this case a force of waters, holding the triangle open.

            The size of the triangle which I have numbered; the base is #1 and the left leg #2 and the right leg is #3. Sides #2 and #3 of the triangle collapsed. They came together because the waters were no longer holding them apart. The laws of physics say that in this case the abyss collapsed under its own gravity. There was nothing holding it apart and the law of gravitation says it fell in; it fell down; it fell in. Drawing #2, I've marked the legs. This is the second leg of the triangle because it's really hard to follow. If you go back to drawing A, you'll see leg #2 and leg #3 and if you look in image B, you see how they both fell in and crossed over each other. Can you see that? This is leg #3. It's the same leg as over here. This is leg #2 the same leg as over here and they just fell in. They collapsed. When they collapsed, they crossed each other. Energy field collapses under its own gravity. The sides of the abyss cross over. In image #3 we see it's also according to the laws of relativity. If you are a physicist and I'm wrong, forgive me. Space becomes curved in the vicinity of matter.

            Well what's happening over here is that the clay is being formed. The waters fell down, mixed with the seas and the earth. The creation is becoming clay. The waters of the creation is becoming clay, becoming dense matter and therefore the sides of the triangle curve in the presence of matter. We see in image C that the ends of leg #2 and Leg #3 are both curving around and they meet each other as they curve around and they seal off the abyss. Now remember at the beginning of time the top of the abyss was open. Jehovah was hovering over the face of the waters. It was open, but in image C because of the gravitational collapse, the legs #2 and #3 keep bending around until they meet each other and they seal off the end of the abyss.

            Both ends become sealed off. This is the fall. It is the death of the creature because the creature is cut off from Jehovah. I'm reading here from a definition of gravitational collapse from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia. This does say that this is the general theory of relativity that says space becomes curved in the vicinity of matter. This also is the definition of a black hole. The former star, what was the abyss is now become a black hole because light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside the black hole by the enormous pull of gravitation. Now remember, the pull of gravitation is keeping the legs or the legs of the triangle curved so that it is sealed off. The gravitation keeps it sealed and that's why we were a black hole until Jesus Christ opened us up to the spiritual realm of Almighty God.

            I would also like to read you one more thing from this definition of gravitational collapse which is very interesting, the core remaining after a super nova. That's what happened over here on our board. I'm talking about a star collapsing. We're talking about the abyss collapsing. If the core remaining after a super nova is more than three times the sun's mass, however, the star can collapse without limit to an indefinitely small size. I believe that this is what has happened to us. I think that we are very very small compared to the creation before the fall. Remember the fall was in three stages. We know that there are giants spoken about in the book of Genesis and I am of the opinion that Og, who was the last of the giants, was a very small giant and that his ancestors were much greater than he, especially the giants existing in the first stage of the fall. I think the whole world was much much larger and the beings in it were much larger.

            Even our scientists claim that our modern birds are the decedents of the giant dinosaurs. So if that is true, if birds are the decedents of dinosaurs and we being so much bigger than birds, what were our predecessors like? How big were they? I think they were very, very gigantic and we have shrunk very much so. Praise the Lord. I just wanted to read you one more thing about this gravitational collapse. Not only does the star become smaller, but it increases in density. What does it mean to increase in density? It means that the ratio of earth per cubic meter of water becomes more and more intensified and this is the formation of the clay. We became smaller and more solid.

            In our reversal back into spirit form, we will not only become larger, but we will become less dense. This is already happening with our spirit. Our spirit is already becoming less dense. It's becoming rarified. It's becoming thinner. It's becoming spread out. That's how come, if you are maturing in Christ Jesus, maybe you're feeling other people's feelings and you are knowing other people's thoughts. You are becoming a spiritual person because your spirit is thinning out through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. It's becoming more spirit than earth.

            We are in a perverse condition right now. We are more earth than spirit. But we were intended to be more spirit than earth. We have shrunken down and become very dense and very slow and very impotent. We are looking at figure #10 which has three images on it which I did not mark A B and C, so use your imagination. The first image is simply our two triangles representing our two energy fields overlaying one another. The second image shows our two energy fields overlaying one another with the ends of them rounding out to surface world, the negative world and the positive world. The third image are two energy fields overlaying one another, both of them have their gravity collapsed and their sides cross over each other forming what we call the time space continuum. We see now that Jesus Christ is in our world, the time space continuum is on several levels. We have parallel universes. The Kingdom of God is a universe which is parallel to our spiritual universe in this fallen world. Of course our fallen universe is Satan's world.

            The spirit world for those of us who exist down here in hell is Satan's spiritual worl­d. The only way to get into the Kingdom of Heaven is to cross over. You see, we are traveling along this time-space continuum. We are continuously traveling this loop. What is another way of saying this? This humanity is on a journey of unending births and deaths; unending births and deaths.

            The only way to get out of this loop where we are just going round and round is to cross over to the parallel universe of the Kingdom of God. I find that very interesting because the scripture speaks about crossing over Jordan, about crossing over death and there are many such references in the scripture. I also find that very interesting because another image that I did not and will not do today is relating the four rivers coming out of Eden to these diagrams. Of course, Jordan typifies death, to cross over from death unto life.

            Symbolically we are supposed to be crossing the Jordan which would mean that this time space continuum could be the river of life that was originally in the Garden of Eden which has become the river of death, the Jordan. So hopefully I'm going to pray that through and I'll have more information for you on that the next time we meet. This has been the most extraordinary set of information that the Lord has given us these last few meetings that my own mind is boggled. I just want to praise Him and give Him all the glory and thank Him. I just bless you all and I pray that you get home safely in the Name of Jesus.

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