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  Praise the Lord!  We're going on with our study of science, basically physics and its relationship to the creation. Tonight we are going to be dealing mostly with scientific theory.  I will apply it to some elements of the creation as the Lord leads me.  I hope that you understand we have to have some ground work in here.  We have to understand the basics of physics in quantum mechanics.  Of course, quantum mechanics is a part of the new physics.  We have to have this understanding if we are going to apply it to the creation. We are going to have a lot of definitions here tonight.  I'm going to start with the term elementary particles.  I guess I should put that on the board.

            Elementary particles is the name given to the smallest particles known to man.  There was a time when the atom was considered indivisible and the smallest particle known to man.  Science has discovered, especially with the onset of quantum mechanics since the early 1900's that the atom itself is made up of many different parts or particles.  We knew that there was a nucleus to the atom as you could see on the board.  There were orbitals surrounding the atom and there were particles that were following these orbitals or these orbits around the nucleus, just as our planets circulate around our sun.  The particles circulating around the nucleus are called electrons.  That information has been around for a long time. But now since the onset of the twentieth century or early 1900's our scientists have discovered that the very nucleus itself is made up of a multitude of particles.  Those particles are neutrons and protons. They have different characteristics.  I want to suggest to you that the proton typifies the breath of life that's in the creation. Everything that we have been studying here (these diagrams I've drawn for you on the board about the creation) I believe that this is happening in every cell of our being; in every cell of our physical body and that it is also happening on a spiritual level in our emotions and in our spirit. 

            The breath of life is in every cell.  In accordance with our recent studies that breath of life has a name.  We want to personalize him.  Does anyone know what his name is?  Who is the breath of life in fallen mortal man?  The answer is Abel. Well, the truth is that the breath of life is divided and is Cain and Abel in this hour, but I'm going to call the breath of life Abel.  The proton is a single particle with a positive charge.  Today, Cain in mortal man is in the form of the serpent.  He (she) has a negative charge.  The proton, I suggest to you, typifies Abel.  Cain is typified by the electrons which have a negative charge that are circulating around the nucleus.  Very interesting. 

            Also, the proton exists in a single atom of hydrogen, which I think is the most basic element.  In its center is one particle of hydrogen.  So we see that hydrogen is the basis of water. Hydrogen is the basis of water.  So if hydrogen is in the nucleus of every atom, we see that water is in the center of every cell of everything that exists on this planet.  We know that we are a water based creation because everything that we are, except for the breath of life is made out of Cain.  She has completely saturated the earth within herself to form a spiritual clay and produce this world and the image of the serpent which we and this world are.  I'm going to go very slowly and I will take questions.  Jehovah and Elohim breathed the breath of life into Adam at the very beginning. The breath of life was in Adam.  Jesus is Adam in the Old Testament. 

            Adam had the breath of life breathed into him. So we're talking about elementary particles which are the particles that atoms are made of.  There are positive particles and there are negative particles.  The positive particles called protons is present in the nucleus of every cell of everything existing in this planet.  I'm suggesting to you that it typifies Abel who in this hour is the breath of life.  This creation is not alive and it couldn't even exist if it were not for Abel.  Cain alone could not form this creation even though she joined herself to the earth. Abel is necessary.  The positive and the negative charge are necessary to produce the image of this world.  The issue is that Abel is being forced into a role that Elohim did not design for him.  He's in the wrong role and he's in the wrong role because he's being held captive by Cain.  I'd like to read you our definitions of protons and neutrons just to get it on the tape.  These definitions come from The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia.  Protons is a sub-atomic particle having a single positive electrical charge and constituted nucleus of the ordinary hydrogen atom. 

            There is one particle in a hydrogen atom. That's all that there is.  In other more complicated elements, we have many hydrogen particles as well as neutrons.  Every atomic nucleus contains one or more protons.  The proton has a positive charge and the neutron has no charge.  A neutron is an uncharged sub- atomic particle which has a slightly greater mass than the proton.  Most atoms have the same amount of protons and neutrons.  The stable isotopes of all elements except hydrogen and helium contain within the nucleus a number of neutrons equal to or greater than the number of protons.  The preponderance of neutrons becomes more marked from very heavy nuclei.

             First of all, let me tell you that nuclei is the plural of nucleus.  So we are speaking about many atoms and the nucleus of all these atoms is called nuclei.  An isotope is an atom of a particle substance that has either a proton or neutron added.  In other words if you are talking about a substance that three protons and three neutrons and by some effort a fourth proton is added, it's still the same substance.  But instead of three protons and three neutrons, you now have four protons and three neutrons.  It's still the same substance, but it's called an isotope of that substance. I would have to give you an hypothetical example since I do not know the atomic number of any element.  I'm going to have to make this up for you.  Any chemist or scientist listening will know the number I'm giving you is wrong.  Let's say the element Freon, which is a gas, has three protons and three neutrons. 

            It is possible for one more proton to be added. Some people have an atom of freon gas that now has four protons and three neutrons.  Are you following me?  It's still freon gas, but it's heavier.  The nucleus is heavier because there is an additional proton added.  It is not exactly the same.  The isotope of freon which has four protons is not exactly the same as the atom which has three protons.  It is a little different and that variation qualifies it to be an isotope form.  Are you following me? Am I losing you?  For those people who are listening to the tape, we have just added something to photograph #1 explaining an isotope is an atom of a particular substance and when a proton is added to it, it becomes a heavy atom. Instead of calling it a heavy atom, they call it an isotope of the same substance, or of the same element.  Is everybody okay?  We were talking about neutrons and protons, elementary particles and we were saying that all protons or particles of hydrogen are present in every cell of the atom and every element known to this creation.  I suggest to you that it typifies Abel as the breath of life throughout this mortal creation.  This is a water based creation and I remind you that we are formed out of the clay that appeared when Cain joined herself to the earth. 

            Clay and earth with the proper proportions produces a clay.  We are a water based creation. This world that we are living in is Atlantis.  We have this on prior tapes in this series.  We are Atlantis.  We are the expression of the myth that has been circulating in the world for centuries.  When the waters that were above the firmament fell down and joined with the seas, the earth which were underneath the firmament formed this world and it is called the fall of man.  If you would like more information about the fall of man, listen to all of the tapes in this message. Let's go on.  I want to talk a little about nuclear energy. Those of you who were here in the meeting, I showed you a little demonstration of how nuclear energy is formed on a computer.

             I will just basically speak about it on the tape. Nuclear energy is created as the result of the division, the dividing or the breaking apart of nuclei.  When nuclei are divided and brake into two nuclei, one nucleus breaks into two nuclei and frequently isolated neutrons do not cleave to either half of the divided nucleus.  These isolated neutrons as they circulate and move, they bombard other nuclei.  This is called a chain reaction with the nuclei continuing to divide and give off heat.  If this chain reaction is controlled, the heat can be converted into electric power. If the heat that is given off is not controlled, it can turn into an atomic explosion.  Now I want to talk a little bit about a star.  That was an introduction to get to the point where we could talk about a star.  What is a star?  A star is a self nucleus. 

            That means it is lit up from elements within itself.  A self meaning a celestial body.  They are talking about planets or suns.  A self meaning a celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity. We are getting to the place where I started drawing all those diagrams on the board of the abyss.  That's where we're getting to.  The self meaning celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity.  The scripture says that the abyss was filled with water.  Science says that a star is made up of gas.

             I do not know enough about chemistry to tell you the relationship between gas and water.  So it seems to be something that is not consistent.  At the moment I don't have the information.  I'm just telling you openly the bible says the abyss was filled with water.  We know that when Elohim separated from Jehovah, that he separated as a star.  He was a luminous star.  He was alive with the life of God.  He was in the bosom of the Father.  When he separated from the Father, he began to collapse into his own gravitation.  We are looking at photograph #2 which is a diagram of a nuclear reaction. As you can see, I've drawn on the board four individual nucleus and in this substance that we are dealing with there are isolated neutrons floating around. 

            As isolated neutrons float around they can either not contact any of the nuclei or it is possible for an isolated neutron to contact a nucleus and bounce off of it.  Sometimes one of these isolated nucleus contacts an nucleus and hits it with enough of an impact to divide it.  Nuclei are not solid. They are made up of a multitude of self atomic particles called neutrons and protons.  When an isolated neutron bombards the nucleus and divides it, that nucleus breaks into two nuclei, three isolated neutrons and heat is given out. In a nuclear reaction, every time a nucleus divides, one of the three isolated neutrons immediately contacts another nucleus and divides that nucleus. 

            Once again two nuclei, three isolated neutrons and heat are given out.  When those neutrons divide this nucleus and if it keeps going, every time a nucleus is divided, one of the neutrons which is a by- product of that division, goes ahead and divides another nucleus and this is called a chain reaction.  Then the second nucleus that is divided results in two more nuclei and three isolated neutrons and one of those neutrons divides another nucleus and it just keeps on going.  This is called a chain reaction.  When this happens in a nuclear reactor or nuclear plant, precautions are taken so that the heat being given off can be converted into electric power.  In this case an atomic chain reaction is positive towards mankind.  But in an uncontrolled situation, as these chain reactions continue, if you could see it in your mind's eye, every time one of these nuclei divided, we now have twice as many nuclei and the area is getting more and more dense, more and more loaded with nuclei.  That means it's like popcorn going off. 

            Every time another nuclei is divided there are three isolated neutrons that are given up.  Each one of those three can be bombarded by another nucleus.  It just continues until the heat in it builds to the point of an atomic explosion.  Why are we studying this?  Because this is what goes on inside of a star.  Our beginning was as a spiritual star.  Elohim, when he separated from his Father, fulfilled all of the information that we know about a star, a star which is physical.  A question was asked as to how they control it. I'm not sure.  From the little bit that I know, they have escape valves or hatches or vehicles that the heat that is given off are channeled into.  What causes the atomic explosion is the buildup of the heat just like in a pressure cooker.

             If you don't have the valve to let the steam off, the whole pot can explode.  So then the heat is being built up, the gases are being built up and an escape valve to let the gas out of the steamer is essential.  If you don't have that safety valve, there's an explosion.  So it is my understanding in a nuclear reactor they have escape hatches for the heat and then they collect that heat and convert it into electric power.  Someone made the comment that they compared it to a volcano in their mind and wondered how it could be controlled.  I think it's the valves or channels that channel the heat. This is what goes on in a star.  It is this process that goes on within a star.  If you read about an active live star, there are continuous explosions going on within that star.  That's why you can't fly into the sun.  When we send out our space ships we never send them to the sun.  We would burn up because our sun can be likened to a place where nuclear explosions are continuously occurring. We would be destroyed. 

            Yet, we here on the third planet from the sun, are benefitting from all of these explosions and all the heat and gases that are being given off.  We are benefitting from the fruit of these explosions here on the third planet.  But if we get too close, we will be burnt up. All of this is a preliminary to show you the fall from yet another point of view.  Genesis 1 tells us that water filled the abyss.  You may recall that the way time came into being was that the fabric of Jehovah's being was ripped.  It was torn.  We are in the midst of Jehovah because there is nothing greater than He is.  Not only the earth and not only our universe, the Milky Way, but all of the galaxies, all of the universes known to mortal man are within Jehovah.  Isn't that quite amazing?  Jehovah is infinite.  There is nothing greater than He. Everything that is material is within Him, including the spiritual powers and principalities of this world. 

            We are all in that tear in Jehovah's fabric. Incredible, isn't it?  Okay, photograph #3.  This really was not on my program for today, but we're trying to meet the needs of the people.  It was made known to me that someone didn't comprehend that time is within the midst of Jehovah. So I have done the best I can to draw a picture of Jehovah's eternal substance.  I've typified that by wavy wiggly lines because Jehovah's substance is an invisible immaterial substance.  It's like air or gas.  That's the closest thing you can liken it to.  You cannot grab hold of it.  You cannot capture it.  You cannot contain it.  You cannot see it and it can only be spiritually discerned.  Nevertheless, it not only exists, but it is the only true life.  Everything else is a lie, a counterfeit. Now Elohim was in the midst of Jehovah's bosom.  They were one. 

            They were inseparable just as a man's heart is inseparable from him.  Elohim and Jehovah were one and Elohim went shooting out from Jehovah, just as a wake is formed in a body of water.  Ever see a motorboat take off? The motorboat goes forward and what's left behind?  If you look at the wake, the turning of the waters that are left behind, you'll see that the motorboat, is at the point (vortex) of a triangle and the wake, the turning of the waters goes out at an angle.  Do you know what I am talking about?  That's what we have here. Elohim came charging out with the power of a nuclear explosion.  He separated from Jehovah and this wake, you might say, was formed. 

            There was a tear in Jehovah's substance.  You might say a window opened up in the midst of Jehovah.  Let me give you a bizarre example.  It's as if your heart decided to leave you and your heart took on its own consciousness and went charging through your chest.  It would be a pathway, probably of blood (laughter) showing the direction that your heart went in. This is exactly what happened.  When Elohim separated from Jehovah, it ripped or tore an opening in the midst of Jehovah.  Now we know that every spiritual thing has an example of its reality in this world.  By way of example, there is a disease called Crone's Disease and other diseases too, in which fistulas appear within a person's organs, within their intestines and in many parts of the body.

             A fistula is a hole.  A hole just appears in the midst of your intestine.  That's what happened.  A hole, a window, a something, opened up in the midst of Jehovah because there is nothing besides Him.  He is all that there is.  So Elohim separated from Him and in that separation was a tearing, a separation based on a tearing and we see that what looks like a cone, geometrically speaking, opened up in the midst of Jehovah.  Scripture says that it is called the abyss and it was filled with water and that despite what the King James translation says in the New Testament, it is not bottomless. It is very, very, very large.  We did a word study on this. The Greek word translated bottomless has many other translations, some of which just means very, very large or so, so deep that you cannot see the bottom. 

            But that does not preclude the fact that there is a bottom.  So the pit is not bottomless; it has a bottom.  It is just immensely large.  As we were saying earlier, if all of the universes are inside of the abyss, it's larger than I can imagine.  I cannot imagine it.  My mind can't cope with it.  There is a reason that we say the tear in Jehovah's fabric as opposed to His substance, although both words are correct.  It's just that you don't usually speak about tearing someone's substance.  Jehovah has a fabric; a fabric means that which you are constructed from. Fabric or substance is just a choice of words.  Is everybody okay?  We are going to go on to see how a star, how nuclear reactions occur within a star and how these nuclear reactions are necessary to keep the form of the star and to keep it in existence.  Because a star is consisting of a mass of gas that is held together by its own gravity. Now I'm going to draw you a picture so that you can see what I'm talking about.  To make this clear, I may have to change the outline of the star into another color before we take the picture.

            What we have on the board is a circle typifying a star. Our definition of a star is that it is a mass of gas.  According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a star is a sub-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity.  So we see that a star is made up of gas and gas is made up of particles and particles interacting with one another create gravity.  So what's being said here is that the particles within the gas are interacting with one another and causing the particles to be attracted to one another.  The result of gravity is that the gas particles are being drawn towards the center of the star.  You can see the outline of the star, and if everything is drawn towards the center, the outline is going to collapse.  I would do that for you in another drawing, but I don't have a free board right now.  Can you hear what I'm saying?  If the gravitational pull is towards the center of this star, this outline of the star is going to come in.  We are now on drawing #4b and I've labeled it 4b because all I did to photograph #4 was erase the words on the left side of the picture.  I added in a small diagram of what happens to the star when gravity pulls its sides inward.  I wrote here that the sides of the star collapse as the nuclear energy diminishes and gravity continues to pull the particles of gas inward.  So what the physicist is saying here is that a star which is alive sustains its form by a combination of the forces of gravity pulling the particles of gas inward and this pulling inward, as you can see, is what the star would look like.  It wouldn't be a circle, it would be an oblong, if it were gravity operating alone. But gravity is not operating alone. 

            Aside from gravity, we're having nuclear reactions in the interior of the star.  The nuclear reactions are giving off heat which is energy and the energy that is given off from the nuclear reactions is flowing to the surface of the star.  So we see that we have opposing forces operating in the star and that you can see in the little drawing in the upper right hand corner of both photograph #4 and #4b.  The circle typifies the star.  The forces of gravity are pulling towards the center and the nuclear energy that's given off is flowing towards the surface.  Now look, if we didn't have both forces, if all that we had was gravity, this star would collapse because it would just fold in on itself.  If we didn't have gravity, if all we had was nuclear energy, all of the energy of the gases would just flow away and the star would cease to exist. 

            So we have opposing forces, one pulling in and one pushing out and the result is that the form of the star is sustained and not only the form, but the very star itself, is contained.  It neither collapses upon itself nor are all the gases just flowing out into the air.  Did I make that clear?  I hope so.  Praise the Lord.  I see now that my drawing should not really say that the shape of the star is sustained, it's actually the very star itself is sustained by these opposing forces.  I'm not going to take these pictures over again.  You'll have to listen to the tape.  As I told you off the tape, I'm going to wind this down tonight. I'd like to give you a definition of gravitation according to the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia. Gravitation is the attractive force existing between any two particles of matter.  This force acts throughout the universe. 

            It can be called universal gravitation.  Isaac Newton was the first one to recognize that the force holding any object to the earth is the same as the force that holds the moons and planets in their orbits.  We are bound to the earth.  We cannot fly because of gravity.  If any of you were around when the picture Destination Moon came out, space travel was a brand new thing at the time. Everybody was all excited about that movie.  We saw the astronauts floating in a space ship and floating through space because there was no gravity on the moon.  The next thing we are going to talk about as an introduction is gravitational collapse.  I gave you a little example of it on photograph 4b, but the gravitational collapse has a lot more information involved with it.  We are going to be working our way back into what we have been talking about on the earlier parts of this tape. I think the Lord is going to have some more information for us as to actually what happened when the waters (another name for the waters is Cain) pierced through the firmament and joined with the seas and the earth. 

            The place that's above the firmament became a dry place and all civilization fell down underneath the waters.  Now remember, civilization in the form of Adam was dwelling on the surface of the waters. The reflection of Jehovah was on the surface of the waters of the abyss and the waters were being held up by a firmament, by a shelf.  That was Elohim.  Cain pierced through the firmament and went down underneath the firmament, joined with the waters that were under the firmament called the seas and the earth and the areas above the firmament became a dry place.  The reflection of Jehovah ceased to exist and civilization ceased to exist on the surface and took up residence under the sea, in the earth under the sea.  This world is Atlantis and we are living under the sea.  Isn't that interesting? 

            So I'm still before the Lord trying to get some more understanding with regard to our diagrams and physics in quantum mechanics.  As to what actually happened, we are finding out that as matter becomes more dense, it bends light waves.  I have all kinds of interesting diagrams for you.  I just hope the Lord is going to help me get it together in a form that I can give you understanding.  When we finish with this study we are going to finish Genius 1 and hopefully come away with a better understanding of the creation and the fall.  I just want to put one more thing on the tape. The Lord flashed it in my mind earlier and somehow it got pass me.  This is a very interesting point. 

            The believers in Humanism and a lot of messengers of religions (If they call themselves religions or not) believe in the forces of this world and worship nature with whatever they do.  They look upon the forces of this world as non-personal. Now a lot of Christians get very nervous when they hear me preaching about energy fields and forces and nuclear energy and atomic reactions.  It sounds to their untrained mind like I'm going over to the other side, but I'm not.  I want to make it very clear on this tape that every energy field, every force that I am talking about on this tape is personal. There is a personal God. When you hear me talking about magnetic fields and energy fields, I am in no way making the powers of this world impersonal.  They are very personal. There is Jesus and there is the serpent. 

            The serpent is arising into the dragon and the devil and Satan and they are here as we are told about it in the book of Revelation.  That old serpent who is the dragon, Leviathan, and the devil in physical mankind and Satan who is the unconscious mind of mortal man.  Let me give you that again.  That old serpent who was in the garden is appearing in this world today as the dragon, Leviathan, in the personalities of the men of this world and the devil, who is physical mankind, speaking about the physical body, the physical man, the outward man and Satan, the unconscious mind of mortal man.  I am in no way preaching an impersonal energy force as the source of the existence of this world.  You see, we're right back to the same place again where the message that I am preaching is so similar to the messages of Theology and metaphysics and humanism that a lot of people panic when I say two or three things and they won't listen anymore. 

            They listen and they misunderstand what I'm saying.  All I could do is put it on the tape and I'm telling you that our God, personal as He is, is a dynamo.  He is an energy source.  He is power.  He is a magnetic field.  He is an electric field.  He is all of these things.  He is not an animal.  He is not an animal.  But He is an energy force that is personalized.  I don't mean to pick on any one group, but the metaphysics and everyone who doesn't believe that God is a personal God; pretty much what they are saying is that there are forces in this world, but we are the only ones with consciousness, that mankind, mortal man, is the only one with consciousness. 

            Then when they get into all the forms of witchcraft, what they're trying to do is harness the energy of the universe so that it will serve men.  That's what they're doing.  They're saying that the energy forces of the universe are just wild, as if you go out and pick wild berries or wild grapes.  The forces of energy in the universe are just wild and that if man could learn how to trap it or contain it so that he could channel it in a way that it could benefit him, man would be king of the realm. But the people that are believing this don't know what they are playing with.  They do not realize that they're playing with an energy force that is a person.  The Lord has had me studying in Kundalini again.  Those of you who were here this last week know that these scientific teachings flowed over and mixed with some of the Kundalini teachings on the prior tapes here.  The Lord has me reading a Kundalini book and I'm back in it again.  It clearly says in this Hindu philosophy book that the force that they're trying to stir up, which they believe will bring everlasting bliss to mankind is a serpent.  They clearly say that that force is female and they clearly say that that force is nature.  Yet when you tell people or a lot of Christians that, they panic.

             But the people who are really into this philosophy, who really know about the forces of this world; they know what they are dealing with.  God help us, the Christians have to grow up. Praise the Lord.  That is the point I wanted to make.  I worship a personal God who happens to be an energy force, who has no problem with His people thinking of Him as a human man who just happens to be invisible right now.  He is winking at our silliness because He knows how immature and childish we are.  We want to see Him as He is.  We have to see Him as He is.  We have to start recognizing Him as He is, as the ball of light that knocked Paul off of his horse.  We're dealing with a tremendous dynamo of nuclear type energy.  He is not a man.  A question just asked was is Jehovah in the stars?  Let me begin to answer that question by saying that the stars that we see are in that tear in His garment. 

            The universes, all the planets, all the galaxies, everything, is inside that tear.  To be honest with you, I don't know if Jehovah is in there or not.  I know that Elohim is in there, but I don't think we're going to have a material world like this when we're reconciled unto Jehovah.  In response to your question, I would be very interested in looking up the scripture to find out who is saying, either Jehovah or Elohim; if you are in heaven I am there with you, if you are in hell, I'm down there with you, too.  I will look up that scripture and see whether it's Jehovah speaking or Elohim speaking.  In other words I don't know the answer to your question.  Praise the Lord.

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