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   Praise the Lord. We are looking at photograph #1. I'm just going to make some brief comments on it. I would like to say it is self-explanatory, but everybody here is telling me it is not self-explanatory and that they couldn't recognize what this series of drawings is saying without it being pointed out to them.  This is photograph #1. My board is divided into six drawings. The first drawing is an incomplete copy of drawings that you have from other tapes showing the sides of the abyss. The abyss has a bottom. The earth is in the bottom.

        The seas are over it. Elohim, who has made himself into a firmament is separating the waters above the firmament from the waters beneath the firmament. The difference between these waters is that the waters above the firmament is pure and the waters beneath the firmament is impure in that dust or surface granules of earth are dissolved in her. Jehovah hovers above the surface of the abyss and interacts with Elohim who is completely dissolved in the waters. There was an interaction between the Spirit of Jehovah and the Spirit of Elohim, both of which are described as a wave. We have been doing a lot of definitions in physics. Does anybody remember how a wave moves? Waves move by vibration. Your own vocal cords vibrate. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to see my vocal cords up on a screen and it's amazing. They vibrate just like a string instrument.

            That's exactly what they do. So Jehovah is a wave who is moving by vibration. If you want a physical example of moving by vibration, we can look at the counterfeit who is trying to act like Jehovah, who is being cursed by Jehovah.  Actually it's a she and her name is the serpent. How does a snake move. He slivers forward, pulls the rear up behind her, slivers forward, flattens out, pulls up the rear behind her. Even when she is curved, she looks like a wave. If you are listening to the tape you may think this is the beginning of the meeting, but we have been in service for four hours already since 10:30 A.M.

            It has just taken me forty-five minutes to put this drawing on the board. So Jehovah is moving as a wave and He is vibrating into the waters. Elohim is already vibrating in the waters and these two waves have an interaction. In physics it's called interference.  There is a magnetic field set up. Jehovah, when He enters into the waters becomes a charged particle. I can't redo this whole thing, but waves can act like particles and particles can act like waves. I'm just going to skim over this. When Jehovah enters into the waters, He begins to act like a charged particle. He becomes charged with electricity. He interacts with Elohim and because they are alike, both are Spirit, they repel each other. They push away from each other. The result is that a magnetic field is established and the result is that Elohim in the form of a light wave is propelled downward towards the bottom of the abyss. His path is directed or influenced by the side of the pit. He is following the side of the abyss.  

            He passes through the firmament. He passes through the seas. He strikes the opaque surface of the earth. Opaque means you can't see through it. His light wave is curved. Let me back up a little. Elohim's path guided by the side of the pit is called refraction. His light wave is bent to accommodate the side of the pit. This is called refraction. Then His light wave goes through the firmament and the seas, an area which is more dense than the waters above. His light wave is curved and bent by the process called diffraction. It turns around and starts flowing or vibrating upwards through a diffraction grating which is fueled by the increased density in the seas and His connection with the earth. He flows upward to the top of the abyss where He forms His image called Adam.  Here we see the visible spiritual world appearing on the top of the waters. We see that there is a free flowing of spirit that this circuit continues. Jehovah vibrates into the waters, interacts with Elohim, the light goes down, the firmament and the seas is refracted, is diffracted, is bounced back up to the surface and Adam's existence is continually sustained through this circuitous action. Is everybody okay?

             We see a free flowing and a connection and an interaction from that which is in the abyss to and with that which is outside of the abyss, Jehovah. Now this is all review from past tapes. In our drawing 1b, I just drew the outline of the abyss. Let me just back up a little to 1a.  The abyss is filled with water, but I told you that there are waters above and there are waters beneath. Drawing 1b we see that the firmament begins to break down and that the waters from above are pulled or they start to flow with gravity when the firmament is penetrated. How that happened is another tape. The waters start to flow down into the seas and the earth and there is a gravitational field in the earth pulling them down. If you were in outer space and you spilled a cup of water, the water just floats. But a gravitational field exists, as this did before the fall, from the earth and the waters flow down.

            The clean waters mix with the seas and because there are no longer any waters in the sides of the pit, the pressure of the waters was sustaining the form of the pit or the abyss. It's the same thing, the pit or the abyss. It's just like putting water in a plastic sack or a balloon. You dump the water out and the balloon collapses. The waters flow down to the bottom and the sides of the abyss started to contract under their own gravity. There was nothing to hold them apart. Gravity started to pull them together. Drawing #1c, I drew the outline using the form of a cone to indicate the abyss. I drew the black cone with dashes because that does not exist anymore.  I'm showing you with the green lines how this black line, the right side of the abyss or the cone is now bending inward. It's being drawn in by the gravity present in the abyss.

            The left side of the cone is being drawn in and they're crossing each other. Can you see it in the drawing 1c? At the point at which they cross each other, they're sealed off. There's a sealing. Now let me remind you that in drawing 1a there is a free flowing between what is within the abyss and what is outside of the abyss. But as the sides of the abyss cross over and collapse under their own gravity, at one point they join and are sealed.  That which is no longer at the bottom of the abyss has been cut off from contact with that which is outside of the abyss. Who is outside of the abyss? Jehovah is outside of the abyss. So as the sides of the abyss collapse into their own gravity, they at some point cross over and are sealed. Everything that is from the point of that seal down to the bottom is now cut off from everything outside of the abyss. This is the definition of a black hole. Now as you all know, we are learning here together.

            I have earlier tapes saying that the abyss at the beginning of time was a black hole, but I now know that it was not. I now know that an abyss and a black hole are not the same thing.  The area in which creation is being formed is called an abyss for as long as it has free access to Jehovah. As soon as the earthen portion of it is sealed off from Jehovah, it is now called a black hole. A black hole is a prison house. It was a star at one time; science will tell us. But when a star collapses under its own gravity and curves (as the legs of this cone, which are the sides of the abyss, cross each other) they continue to curve because the earth is concentrated in this lower area. Let me read you this law. Space becomes curved in the vicinity of matter.

            The greater the concentration of matter, the greater the curvature. When the radius of a star decreases below a certain limit the extreme curvature of space seals off contact with the outside world. The former star is now a black hole because light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside a black hole by the enormous pull of gravitation. A black hole can be observed only indirectly.  Okay, we are not interested in that. So we see the abyss which was alive with the life of Elohim and Jehovah has now become a black hole and it is sealed on all sides. In drawing D we now have a drawing that looks like two cones meeting at the center like an hour glass. I have drawn the top part (which was the abyss) in dotted lines to show that that doesn't exist anymore because the water fell out of it and the sides collapsed. But I've drawn the form that we are used to seeing with a black line so that you can follow me as I talk to you.

            Underneath we see the nether world or the lower world or the black hole or hell or Atlantis, the world that was formed as the result of the death of the abyss which was alive with the life of God. They're attached at the point of sealing.  The world that was appearing through the life of God, which was an abyss is called the visible spiritual world. The world which is appearing, which world we live in, which is projected as a result of the existence of the nether world or the lower world or hell is the visible physical world.

             I suggest to you that the world that you live in is that which is the subject of the legend of Atlantis. We are the people who fell down from the surface of the waters under the sea. You don't have to believe that if you don't want to. That's my opinion. In drawing E I've turned our drawing upside down just because we are carnal and it is easier for us to look at things right side up and upside down.  Now what was right side up (where we are abiding in this abyss) what was the top of the abyss has now become the bottom for us. What was underneath has now come up and becomes the top for us. So in drawing E, I reversed it so that we could relate to it. I'm using different colors to help you to understand. So what was down at the bottom in drawing D (the lower world called Atlantis) in drawing E, I've made that facing upward. Is everybody okay?

            At the bottom in dashed lines, I've drawn an outline of the abyss which doesn't exist anymore, but what we are dealing with now is the black hole. We fell down and became a black hole. In this drawing E, I've drawn the abyss in a dashed line so that you can relate to drawing D.  In a full line I've shown you that what was the abyss has withered. Every man has a withered arm. Do you know that every mortal man has a withered arm? When Jesus healed the man's withered arm, it was just an outward sign. Our arm is our strength. Our arm is our power to get things done and to take care of ourselves. Every mortal man has a withered arm, but it's a spiritual arm. This abyss and this black hole exists in every mortal man because everything that is happening in the spiritual world is happening inside of us. Each of us is a universe unto ourselves. Use the example of outer space.  

            We live in a galaxy called the Milky Way. There are many galaxies and within each galaxy is many suns. I don't know if there are many suns, but there is many planets. To be honest with you I don't know if there is more than one sun in the galaxy. There may be. I think there are more than one sun; each sun has its planets rotating around it. Well, we are whatever planets that are rotating around the sun. I'm sorry to tell you it is called the serpent's sun. Our sun is the serpent. She's really the foundation of this world. So we are just planets in galaxy which is in something that has many galaxies in the spirit and within each of us is a microcosm, a small reproduction of what's happening on a large scale.  We are on drawing E. I've turned the whole picture around. The abyss has now become a black hole. It's in green outline facing upward. The abyss is withering and I've drawn it in dashed lines to show you that it is withering and as it withers it contracts, it becomes dry, it becomes small. Did you ever see something withered? Does it sometimes not contract and change its position as it withers? Well the abyss as it dries up is pulled upward. It's pulled upward so that it's completely underneath and within the black hole and under the dominion and domination of the black hole.

            The abyss does not disappear completely. Look brethren, let me relate this to you for things that we have been studying here for a long time.  There are two worlds; the visible spiritual world and the visible physical world. They both exist, but only one was expanded or being used at any given moment. In order for the visible spiritual world to become the major world, the visible physical world must lay down and go out like a light. That's how the scripture puts it. It's going out like a light. But the potential for each world continues to exist. There was the abyss and the potential. The abyss which was the visible spiritual world and the potential for the visible physical world existed but was not manifested.  Then we had the fall and now there exists the visible physical world, but the potential for the visible spiritual world still exists. So which one is up front in front of your eyes? Now all this will change in the glorification. In the glorification there will be no more potential for the creation to flip over to the negative side again.

            So we see in drawing E that the abyss in now without water and so withered up that it is drawn up into and under the dominion of the black hole. In drawing F is my drawing of the human brain showing the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum. Some scientists have actually called the cerebellum the little brain. There are obviously two major parts as well as many other parts. I'm not talking about the brain stem now.  The cerebellum is very small. I suggest to you it is the withered abyss. It is the physical manifestation of the withered abyss and it's in each of us because the whole creation has become solid. We have become animals. If you recall our study in Genesis 11, Jehovah gave the living thing (that part of us which gives us life) to the animals. We became animals. That part of us that was the abyss has become solid and visible and it is called the primitive brain or the little brain. If you look at your notes you have some drawings of it and you could see that the cerebellum is completely under the dominion of the cerebral cortex which is the large part or main part of the brain. It's completely under it. If you read your notes, the cerebellum, the withered abyss is called the primitive brain because it is responsible for many of the unconscious or automated functions.

            The cerebral cortex which is for those who believe in evolution, is a much newer, not nearly as old as the primitive brain. In fact that's true because the abyss existed before the black hole.  The cerebral cortex has to do with creativity. The cerebral cortex is broken down. It's divided into two hemispheres of our consciousness. It has to do with our understanding, our communication, our learning, our conscious mind. I think that it is absolutely awesome if you have eyes to see it, how that cerebellum tucked in there under the cerebral cortex, how similar it is to the drawings of the abyss and the black hole. I think it is absolutely awesome.  If this is the first tape that you are listening to I am suggesting to you that the spiritual powers who rule this world and we are a part of this world are located largely in the brain. I believe that they flow through our blood, but that the brain is the seat of control.

            It's the control seat of this super android that we are. Compared to what we are in God, that's what we are, androids, if you can hear that. I know we're human but compared to the immortal Adam, the first Adam and surely the immortal last Adam, the immortal first Adam is in a condition that he can lose his immortality. The immortal last Adam cannot lose his immortality. Surely compared to them we are as angels would be to us. Can anybody not understand what I'm saying? The brain is the control panel. There is nothing, there is no human function, physical function, emotional function or thought function that does not have a control center in the brain. Does anybody not know that this it true? Every pleasure that you experience, you can experience if the right part of your brain is manipulated.

            Every pain known to man, without anything touching your flesh, you can experience if the right center of your brain is manipulated. I suggest to you that the Powers and Principalities of this world known as that old serpent, the dragon who is the devil and Satan (that's the way they put it in the scripture) the serpent, Leviathan, Satan and the devil have full control of the brains of most of the people of this world including those who call themselves Christians and including some in whom Christ Jesus has been conceived. The only people in this world whose brain is not one hundred percent controlled and manipulated and under the authority of the powers and principalities of this world are the people in whom Christ Jesus is being formed who are using His power to resist.  The demagogic and tyrannical manipulation of their very person by the powers and principalities of this world.

            There are very few who are fighting this war. There are many who are fighting drugs. They're fighting alcoholism. They're fighting cigarettes. They're fighting infirmity. They're fighting homosexuality. They're fighting lust. But they are not fighting to think and to live out of the very mind of Christ which is so radically different to the carnal mind, whose name is Leviathan. Those living out of the mind of Christ Jesus appear to be perverse to those who are living out of their carnal mind and think that they are Christians and in fact are Christians, but very, very young Christians. They're not even aware that there is such a thing as immature Christians. Praise the Lord. We have drawing #2 on the board divided into four parts, A,B,C and D. Parts A, B and C shows a wave from a different perspective. Part A shows a wave with regard to the distance that the wave travels. Let me remind you that waves travel by vibration. The natural example that we gave was a snake or worm. If you don't understand what that means, that a wave travels by vibration, think of a worm or a snake and how they rise and they fall and they rise and they fall.  That's how they move.

            Waves are forms of energy and sound is a wave. Light moves as a wave and moves by vibration. There are several kinds of ways, but right now I'm going to stick with what's on the board. Basically we are concerned with light waves in this study. Drawing #A is dealing with wave length. First of all let me be very complete here. This horizontal line is indicating the point of which the wave goes negative. When the wave is above the line it is positive or it's appearing and when it goes below the line it's negative and it is not appearing. How can we relate this to the scripture? Mountains and valleys is the answer. So the line going through the middle doesn't exist. It's just a marker that's helping us to understand that waves rise and fall. They go up and they go down similar to the waves in the ocean. They rise up very high and then they fall down.  So drawing A indicates what a wave length is. I've only drawn two here, but a wave keeps going up and down, up and down. That's how it moves. The high points of the waves are called either crests or troughs. Just as a worm or a snake does, they leave every height that they have reached behind them. Just by way of example, if you could think of a light wave, only one foot long, it's literally inching its way through space by rising and falling and rising and falling. All the highs and lows behind it don't exist anymore.

            It's just rising and falling, rising and falling and it's moving. A wave length is the distance between the high points, the difference between the crests of the waves. It can be measured in a laboratory. In a laboratory they can measure sound and they can measure light. They can measure ex-rays and all kinds of rays with their equipment. They could tell the wave length. We know on short wave radio we tune in to a particular wave length. That's what that means, the amount of distance that can be measured between the high points is the wave length. You do have in your notes this picture under electromagnetic radiation which shows you that radio waves seem to have the longest frequencies. Microwaves seem almost as long as radio waves, but not as long.  

            Then we move into infra-red radiation in which the wave length is getting a little smaller. Next comes visible light and on this chart is very small. Light is visible for a very brief moment and then it goes into ultraviolet radiation. The wave lengths are getting smaller. Then ex-rays seem to be a little longer again and then gamma radiation. Those are the different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. The possible sources of electromagnetic radiation are directly related to wave length. Long radio waves are produced by long antennas such as those used by broadcasting stations. Much shorter visible light waves are produced by the motions of charges within atoms and the shortest waves, those of gamma radiation result from changes within the nucleus of the atom. This is information for you because we're dealing with light. God is light. That's what He is. God is light.  

            Remember Elohim said, let there be light. He became the light and He is still the light. We see drawing 2A showing a wave length as a measurement between crests and this line to the left which says displacement I am going to give you a dictionary definition. Physics says that displacement is the weight or the volume of a fluid displaced by a floating body. It means when the light wave moves, except if it's in a vacuum, it pushes everything else out of its way. If you have a glass of water and you drop a marble into the water, although it may not be obvious to your eye, but where that water is sitting at the bottom of the glass, there is no longer water. The whole size of the marble that's sitting in that glass of water has raised the level of the water, even if your eye can't see it, because that marble is taking up space. That space that the marble is taking up is called displacement. The marble has displaced the water. Now if there's a place for the water to rise to, there's no problem.  

            But if there's no place for the water to rise to, something has to give somewhere. Something is going to break. Drawing 2B shows us wave length as an indication of a time period. Time marches on. Time is going forward. Time does not go backwards. Time does not go to the left or to the right. Time goes forward and it can be looked at as a wave length. As you can see in drawing 2B, the wave length is measured again as the distance between the crests, but one time period is measured from the center of one crest to the center of another crest. Can you see that? What is a time period?  Brethren, the scripture is full of words like years, days, months and weeks. We really do not know what the scripture is talking about, other than to say it is a time period. We have to read the rest of the verses, the rest of the chapter, to try to understand what the Lord is saying to us. So time can be seen as a vibration, a wave which is vibrating in one direction; forward.

            Just for your information, the speed of a wave can be determined by dividing the wave length by one period of time. As you could see the wave length is shorter than the time period which means the speed of light is going to be a fraction. If you have one day, a wave length, and you are dividing it by two, you get the fraction 1/2. It's really not all that important, at least at this time. I'm just giving you the information.  All this is leading up to drawing C which tells us that there is such a thing as an infinite wave. Now I'm going to be very honest with you. If you've seen my desk, you've seen what kind of research I have been doing. I read this somewhere. I cannot find where I read it. But when physicists work in some area they are dealing at least with the possibility of an infinite wave length. I would like to suggest to you that the bible talks about ages and it talks about the age of ages or the everlasting age.  From a physicist's point of view, this creation is moving forward on a time line which is vibrating, which has highs and which has lows, the end of which will be a high that never comes down. That high that never comes down will be that age which never ends. It will go off into eternity. I'm going to put something on this tape. I can see this kind of a graph in the cycle of death and rebirth that goes on in this world. We teach here that there is one spiritual man in the earth.

            He died when he was separated from Jehovah and because he is spiritually dead, the bodies or the houses that he dwells in exists for a season and they die. I can see that happening on a graph like this. I can see this as a family line wave length. Grandma was born, Grandma died; Mom was born, Mom died.  I can see a genealogy being done as a wave length. Is everybody with me? Now there is something that I have heard taught from occult sources that I cannot see. Now either they're wrong or I can't see it. I'm going to put it on this tape and I'm not afraid to tell you that I don't have the answer. There is teaching in metaphysics and theosophy and other of these high lofty spiritual intellectual movements where they say that the universe is continuously rising and falling just like the life of this spiritual line that I just suggested to you. The way they see it is that our scientists tell us that there are stars out in the universes that will die, that are dying, and that there are dead asteroids and planets that used to be living stars.

            The teaching is that the whole universe is rising into existence and falling, rising into existence and falling and the belief is that it is just a matter of time until this world and this galaxy and our sun ceases to exist. Now according to their calculations it may be a couple of million years in the future.  I don't know. That may be happening. I think I'm getting the answer as I'm talking to you. This may be and probably is a truth of the physical universes out there and probably if this planet and our sun hung around long enough, that would happen. But it's not going to happen because we are about to enter into an age which is passing into infinity. Okay, I guess I got the answer. Is everybody okay with that? Did I make that clear? Then we have D on our drawing number 2.

            Amplitude refers to the height of the wave crest from the medium point up, from the medium line. The height of the positive crest let us say. Now the frequency of the wave over here in D, is the number of crests that pass a fixed point per unit of time. You pick the unit; hour, minute, week. The frequency is the number of crests that pass a fixed point per unit of time. You want to know how frequently this wave is cresting within this period of time.  This is just for your information. At this moment I don't see any use for it in our studies, but you never know. I try to be thorough and when something seems to fit in I like to complete your information to the best of my ability. Now this was all that I intended to do on waves.

            Once again we're studying waves because light acts likes waves sometimes and sometimes it acts like particles. Light seems to move or travel in a stream of a multiplicity of particles, many particles called photons that are behaving like waves.  They're moving like waves and they flow together in a stream, if that's the right word. This is a word that you will find used in physics, a particle stream. If you look at it with your eyes, it looks like it's solid. But it's trillions of photons, light particles moving together, just as birds move in a formation and it looks like a light beam. If you go outside on a sunny day and you see a sun beam glowing, it is trillions of photons there. It's not a single light beam. Now we are finding out that this is true of everything in the universe including our own bodies. 

            Everything is made up of sub particles, many, many sub particles.  Anything that you look at that appears to be one whole is made up of many, many subatomic particles. This was all I intended to tell you, but as I was sitting here, the Lord brought something into my mind. We were praying before I started preaching because we seem to be having some interference getting the message out, which is very common around here.  I recalled that one of the terms that we have been dealing with in this series is the term interference. So I ran inside to get my notes on interference and this is what interference says. I find it very interesting. This piece of information really should be in the series entitled Quantum Mechanics, the science of spiritual activity, but I'm not going to go back and do a whole tape on just this one little tidbit that the Lord gave me. He is giving us an understanding here of how this spiritual warfare really works.  

           You see the thoughts that our minds give off act like waves. They act like waves. Here's our definition of interference. In physics, interference is the effect obtained when two systems of waves reinforce or neutralize or in other ways interfere with each other. Now most of this is about constructive interference.  Constructive interference then would be a group of us sitting around here thinking along the same lines, praying along the same lines. Our thoughts would come together. This is the technicality of what's happening. I'm going to read this to you. Interference is observed in waves, both in a material medium such as sound and also in electromagnetic radiation which is speaking about photons, light. As we prayed I have no doubt believing that it's light coming out of our minds if we are praying with the mind of Christ. I have no problem with that. If that's a little off the principle is still the same. Constructive interference occurs when two waves in the same phase combine. That means that if we are all sitting here and we all are in the mind of Christ and we are all in agreement with what we are thinking, our thoughts are combining.  

            I've talked to you about a corporate experience. We all have our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We're all on our own personal program of prayer and self-improvement and every other aspect of change that's being worked in us by our Lord and Savior. But when we come together in a group like this, we have a corporate experience which is unique and it is something that we cannot experience when we are alone. We need everything that Jesus has to offer us. We need our personal experience and we need a corporate experience. Here is an explanation in physics as to what happens when we gather corporately. Our thoughts join together. Now, of course, the problem with corporate gatherings is that we are all fallen and we all have a sin nature that does not want to sit here in obedience. We all have it. We all have pride operating.  

            We all have rebellion operating all in different degrees. We all have envy operating. We have all these things operating. Some of us have a little more. Some of us have a little less. Some have more control over our sin nature than others do, but when we come together in a group like this, depending on how mature and disciplined the people are, it can be a warfare right in the group. So possibly some of the problems we have preaching could be from the very minds of the people in the group or we know for sure that it can also be from the minds of people who are not present, who are resentful or have hard feelings towards the individual members of this group. Here is the dynamics of what happens and we are talking about thought as waves.  

            Is everybody with me? Waves vibrate. They vibrate out from our mind and they fill the room, depending upon how strong they are. I don't know if they fill the room, but thoughts vibrate out from our mind and they can touch other people. If they are wicked thoughts they can wound other people. If they are Godly thoughts and you are spiritual and you are in Christ enough, they could be healing thoughts. But we need to know that when we're in a room, either in a meeting like this, in our homes or in a work place, that we are engaging in thought wave interference continuously. If we have righteous thoughts and we work in an area or are at a social family gathering where there is hatred for Jesus Christ, no matter how much you desire peace, you are in a war.

            If you cannot discern that you are in a war, if you cannot discern that constructive interference is being cast down because destructive interference is coming to pass because of someone's antagonism towards you, if you can't discern it, you can be hurt, you could be wounded.  Sometimes it surfaces and it comes out in actual words, but very frequently not. If you are a spiritual person, if you are rising up to be a son of God, if you are a member of the two witness company or desire to be so, you need to know that the enemies are as the hairs of your head; that we are to be as harmless as doves, but we need to know what is going on so that we can pray in a Godly manner to dispel or to put away any hostility as soon as we perceive it.  We may perceive it before the other person even recognizes what is in their mind. Did that not happen with you today?

            You didn't even know you were hurt. I told you that you were probably hurt and you said, you know she's right; I was hurt. You didn't even know you were hurt. This is part of being a spiritual man, to be aware of the unseen and unheard, to be aware of the world that we cannot recognize with our five senses. There is a whole world of thought of mind and it is very powerful. People who don't even know the power they have can damage you depending upon their inherited psychic power and your inherited vulnerability.  Then there are people out there who know what you are into and know what they are into and can actually be praying towards you. So the first thing that you need is your spirit legs. You've heard of sea legs. 

            You need your spirit legs. If your spiritual senses are not operating, that's what you need to pray for, that your eyes will open, that your ears will hear and that all of your spiritual senses will function. You could be the best prayer warrior in the world, but if you don't know what to pray about, what good is it? This is the physical or the laws of physics that are witnessing to our spiritual experiences fought in the form of waves. You don't even have to be around other people and their thoughts are coming towards you and are interfering with your thoughts, either constructively or destructively. Now let's find out what happens with constructive thought interference and destructive thought interference.  Is everybody with me? Constructive interference occurs when two waves in the same phase combine. That means you're thinking the same combined thoughts. The waves reinforce each other and the amplitude (that's the height of the wave now.) I'll read it to you. The amplitude of the resulting wave is equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the interfering waves. That's very interesting. Do you know what that means?

            Let's keep it simple so we'll say two people.  If there is one person thinking a particular thought (now the amplitude is the height of the crest if you remember). You're thinking a particular thought and your amplitude is up to here. Then June comes along and she's in full agreement with me, the amplitude of the crest of the thought that this wave is representing doubles and goes up twice as high. I'm going to suggest to you that amplitude is energy. Amplitude is power.  That's means if there is four of us in this room and we are truly in agreement, the power of any thought that's coming out of this room is quadrupled, particularly when those thoughts are focused. What does that mean?

            It does not mean when you are listening to this teaching, but your thought is focused when you're really concentrating. I would say prayer is focused thoughts. Prayer is a series of focused thoughts. That's why there is more power in numbers. We are all thinking out of the mind of Christ.  The amplitude of that prayer, the power behind that prayer is directly equal to the number of people praying the prayer. There is power in numbers. When the phases of two waves are shifted over one hundred and eighty degrees (that means that they are not together but that they are crossing each other) the maximum positive amplitude of one wave coincides with the maximum negative amplitude of the other wave. They hit each other. Positive and negative hit each other and destructive interference occurs. Listen to what the result of this is.

            Let me say this again. We're going to keep it simple with two people whose thoughts are not in agreement. One thought wave is positive and one is negative and they're coming at each other.  What do you think the result is? The destruction of your thought. Another way of putting it in physics is when matter collides with anti- matter there is a "big" explosion. Let me read this to you right out of the article here. Destructive interference results in the "cancelling" of the waves when they have the same amplitude. I'd like to put that on the board for you. Praise the Lord.  We have drawing #3 on the board and I have a diagram of what I believe the Lord has just told me is Jacob's ladder.

            I drew a median line and a wave showing its negative and positive crest and then I drew another wave on the opposite crest so that the entire median is filled in. If you are listening to this tape, I suggest you look at the exhibit because I really am at a loss to explain it. The drawing on the board says that we are complete in Christ Jesus. In other words, with a single wave, if the crest is in its positive phase on the negative side of the median, nothing is there.  But with Christ Jesus, He is continuously on both the positive and the negative sides of the median, I didn't do a very good job of drawing this, but there should be no spaces there at all. Christ Jesus is both in the invisible and the visible world at the same time. He fills up everything.  He fills everything. There is a scripture that says that. He is in everything. Everything is of Him. Everything is going through Him and He is filling everything. He is present even in hell which this existence is. So salvation is completeness in Christ Jesus, meaning there is no separation between positive and negative, no highs and no lows.

            He's filling everything. He's filling everything in you. He is another dimension and He will fill you to completeness so that you will never be lacking anything nor will you be desiring anything. You will be completely satisfied and another word for salvation is satisfaction. Brethren, this whole human race is suffering in one way or another from lack of satisfaction. No one is completely satisfied. Some people are in a more painful condition than others, but don't fool yourself.  There are people out there who appear to be happy and maybe they are, but nothing is perfect and there is an area in their life where they are lacking. One of the overriding characteristics of this world is incomplete satisfaction. That's why I know there can't be anybody out there that's completely satisfied.

            Does anyone here disagree with me? It's impossible in this world to be completely satisfied. In Christ Jesus, when we are completely joined to Him, we will lack nothing. We will desire nothing. We will be completely satisfied. In this world, anyone who has everything that they desire becomes a corrupt person.  It's not good for you in this mortal condition. Did anyone see the movie The Last Emperor? That little Chinese mandarin was an infant. Anything he desired he was given. It resulted in his developing into a weak human being. It was the hardship of a Communist prison for ten years that built character in him. Some people don't like this when I say it, but hardship builds character. If you have a character disorder, what you need is hardship in your life. You think your life is hard enough? If you have a character disorder, your life is not hard enough.

            The difficulties in your life have not broken the destructive tendencies of your own personality.  Okay I have one more diagram. This is drawing #4 broken down into three parts, A, B and C. Basically we're showing diagrams of constructive interference and destructive interference. Just in case you haven't noticed it, let me point it out to you, that our diagram for A of destructive interference looks very much like drawing #3 which I called Jacob's ladder. The difference is in the wave. When the wave known as the Lord Jesus Christ interferes with the wave of our mortal existence, He fills us in. He does not destroy us. He completes us. We must die to this existence, but He completes us and we are joined to Him and become immortal with Him. If this diagram of destructive interference, looks different to you, it's just because I drew it differently and I'm not the artist in this ministry.

             But it is basically the same thing when you have two waves that exist in this mortal world which interfere with each other. In the way that they are interfering with one another in diagram 4A they destroy one another.  We know that everything that happens in this world, when the Lord Jesus does it, if it's negative in this world, it becomes positive when He does it because He is a righteous Spirit and there is nothing that He could do that can result in an ungodly end. There is nothing that He could do that is unrighteous. Everything that He touches comes alive. Now you might die for a season.  You might die to your sin. You might die to the form that you're in now. You might not want to die to the form that you have now. That's because of your mortal brain and you do not understand the end that He has in store for you.

            The fact that you cannot see the end that He has in store for you does not make Him an unrighteous God. No matter what evil He does to anybody, the end of it is positive. So when the light wave known as the Lord Jesus Christ interferes with the wave of your thought, if your thought is lined up with Him (if you are thinking out of the mind of Christ) it is a constructive interference as in drawing 4C. As you could see, the red, the blue and the black line are going in the same direction and the result of a constructive interference of your thought wave and the thought wave of the Lord Jesus Christ results in a single wave with twice as much height or twice as much energy or twice as much power.  

            So when you are in agreement with the Lord Jesus Christ, you increase in a positive way. But when you are in a destructive interference with the Lord Jesus Christ there are two ways we have to look at this. Diagram 3 shows a destructive interference with the Lord Jesus Christ, but what looks like a destructive interference with the Lord Jesus Christ imparted eternal life to the person that that diagram described. However, there is a destructive interference with the Lord Jesus Christ on an individual basis. Let me say this again. Our ultimate end of the wave of this existence interfering with the wave of the Lord Jesus Christ is life. The ultimate end is life. Every time we think, we are either having a constructive interference with the Lord Jesus Christ or a destructive interference. If you are His, every thought that arises in your mind, whether you are aware of it or whether you are not aware of it, you are having an interaction with Christ Jesus in you. If what you are thinking is in agreement with Christ Jesus, you have a constructive interference and you receive power to go forth and make it real in your life.  

            What do we call a thought that is not in agreement with Christ Jesus? It is sin. If what you are thinking is not in agreement with Christ Jesus, it is called sin. Christ Jesus is the absolute righteousness and if you are in disagreement with Him, you must be in sin. Then if for that moment, for that thought, you have a destructive interaction with Him, it looks like diagram 4B. See He is bigger than you are. His righteous thought is bigger than your unrighteous thought and you're having a destructive interference with Him. Unequal amplitudes result in the annihilation of the lower weaker interfering wave. 

            Destruction will result. If you are submitted to God, that thought will disappear from your mind. If you are in rebellion against God, the thought will remain in your mind. The destruction will come in the form of experience in your life. This world is on a destruction course of interference with the Lord Jesus Christ. There has got to be an explosion. Now I'm not telling you people not to pray, but I listen to these ministries on television and they are praying and praying for revival in this country. I would be surprised if it ever comes. We are confronting the Lord Jesus Christ and the very best we could do is out of our carnal mind, for the majority of the nation.  That means there is a destructive interference coming which will result in the impartation of the seed which will produce the mind of Christ to those who survive.

            Those who do not survive will cease to exist, but the expected end of the whole human race is that we shall receive immortal eternal life with Almighty God and those who don't make it don't exist anymore. But their spirit goes on. Their spirit goes on in their descendants. It is not all that bad. If you just heard me say that and you're upset, your carnal mind is ruling your life. What I just said is not bad. It is not bad. In 4A the black equals wave #1, the blue equals wave #2. The amplitudes of wave 1 and wave 2 in 4A are equal, but we see one is negative and one is positive. The blue wave is peaking on the positive side of the median and the black wave is peaking on the negative side of the median.

            Actually they are both positive and negative.  They're just not positive and negative at the same time. That is destructive interference and equal amplitudes result in the annihilation of both interfering waves. 4B shows the amplitude of unequal waves in a destructive interference and unequal amplitudes result in the annihilation of the lower or weaker interfering waves. C is our diagram of constructive interference. The two waves are in agreement. Although I don't show it on this diagram, it would not matter if one amplitude was higher than the other amplitude. They are moving in sympathy. They are moving in the same direction. They are peaking and cresting at the same point.  The amplitude of the resulting single wave right here is the sum of the two amplitudes.

            When you are in agreement with the Lord Jesus Christ, when you are in agreement with another human being, there is power. The more agreement, the more power. This is true of good and it is true for evil. But all of the men on the face of the earth to do evil are no match for the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. All of these diagrams that I've given you and all of this information actually is an introduction to a teaching that I have with regard to the spiritual nature and the spiritual development and the spiritual future of man.  The Lord is showing us here that everything that we have studied as a spiritual principle from the beginning of time, in this hour because of Jehovah's judgment upon mankind, is appearing or is manifesting in a physical form. Everything that existed at the beginning of time is manifesting in a physical form, specifically the human body, and even more specifically the human brain. Nothing is destroyed. Matter is indestructible because at its root form it is energy. You burn anything and it looks like it disappeared, but it hasn't. It's just changed its form.

            Energy is indestructible and the root foundation or the root substance of this creation is spirit which is energy. It is indestructible. It just changes form.  This creation was given over to the animals. Every spiritual principle that appeared at the beginning of time can be found somewhere, I suggest to you, in the human body and specifically, the human brain. Mind is spirit. Brain is organic. I have some interesting studies for you along these lines and of course man is evolving. Mortal man is evolving and he is evolving in two different directions in accordance with the diagrams I've shown you on this tape and with other tapes, if you recall from the beginning teaching this morning. The abyss, which was positive if you are thinking of it as a wave. If you want to think of the creation as a wave, the abyss had a positive crest above the median line and that was closed off and the negative crest underneath the median is where this world is being formed. It's called the underworld. It's called hell. We are in hell now. Is everybody okay? 

            A lot of people in this world know that it is time for mankind to be restored to his true nature which is spirit. Unfortunately, I don't know if that's the right word or not, unfortunately, I don't think fortunately, the large majority of people who believe this are intent on accomplishing the restoration of man's spirituality through what we know is the spirit of Satan. She's not really a spirit, but she is acting like a spirit and she certainly has the use of Abel and Cain is in there too. The true spirit is Abel.

            It seems to be a great secret that the Lord Jesus Christ has the same intention as the serpent. The serpent is appearing as Satan in this world. The Lord Jesus Christ has every intention of restoring the spirituality that is mortal man's inheritance. But Jesus Christ is restoring our spirituality on a positive crest so that we can appear as His reflection in the visible spiritual world. But the serpent is preparing for the restoration of our spiritual inheritance in a form that will keep us down here in the negative visible physical world, down in the negative crest below the median, down here in hell. Is everybody okay? So we have now had two messages. We have done it on one tape. This is a Sunday.  We have a meeting in the morning and we have a meeting in the evening. There is one more issue that I would like to talk to you about before I actually go into the message that I have for you today, which I won't do until Thursday, which will be the next number. This is Quantum Mechanics In Creation, part 7, and I will be giving you the actual message that I have prepared, which these diagrams and all of these teachings was a prerequisite or a preparation for.

            I will be doing that on part 8 of this series. I would like to make some comments on the brain. I'll be reading from the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia concerning the cerebral cortex.  If you go back to one of the early diagrams that we have, the cerebral cortex is the large part of the brain. It's in the upper most portion of the skull. It has some areas concerned with muscle control and the senses and others concerned with language and anticipation of action. The cerebral cortex is split into two hemispheres, each controlling the side of the body opposite to it. In addition the right hemisphere is associated with perception of melody, non-verbal visual patterns and emotion.

            The left hemisphere is associated with verbal skills. I'm not by any means indicating that I'm talking about every part of the brain, but we seem to be concerned here with the cerebral cortex, which is the large upper section and the cerebellum which is that lower portion. If you have the notes, you can see it is clearly marked. Some scientists call it the primitive brain.  It is responsible for the regulation and co-ordination of complex voluntary muscular movement as well as the maintenance of posture and balance. It has nothing to do with our thinking, with our reasoning or with our emotions. I suggested to you earlier today that the cerebellum is directly under the cerebral cortex and that this is the physical expression of the negative two heavens. I didn't use those words this morning. But that's what I told you. We are a two minded creation. We're double minded.

            That's what James said. Only one mind can be predominating at a time. If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, you don't even have the mind of Christ. You just have a seed which is a potential for it.  The only mind you have is Leviathan, your carnal mind. If you have had an experience with Jesus Christ and His mind is being formed in you, you are double minded. Only one of the two minds can be on top at the same time. That's what Paul meant when he said be single minded. He said let the mind of Christ in you bring your carnal mind into such total submission that there is no variation, that there is no shadow of turning in your opinions and in your thought waves or thought processes. I suggest to you that this condition that we're in of double mindedness (even if the double mindedness results from the carnal mind dominating your potential for the Christ mind which is your human spirit) that this spiritual condition is demonstrated in the anatomy of the brain and more specifically in the relationship of the cerebellum to the cerebral cortex.

            We had some diagrams earlier this morning that showed the visual analogy of the construction of the anatomy of the brain and more specifically the relationship of the cerebellum to the cerebral cortex.  It showed how it lined up with the diagrams of the destruction of the abyss and the construction or the coming into existence of this particular physical world which is existing in a negative crest of the wave of time. Time can be demonstrated as a wave flowing above and below a median line. The abyss existed as a crest above the median line and this world exists in one of the crests below the median line. We are down in hell.

            We are a negative creation. We are Atlantis. We are the society that fell from the top of the waters down to the bottom of the waters. Everything that has happened to us from the beginning of time in every part of us is evident (I suggest to you) in our physical anatomy and specifically in the brain.  One more thing that I would like to speak to you about tonight before we close out is the corpus callosum. I'm not going to draw a diagram of the corpus callosum because it is really too difficult for me and we do have pictures of the corpus callosum which are attached to your note set. We are told here that the corpus callosum is a broad thick band running from side to side and consisting of millions and millions of nerve fibers.

              What it doesn't say here is that the corpus callosum is in the midst of the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. From that position the corpus callosum controls both sides of the two hemispheres of the upper part of the brain. I believe that this is a position from which the powers and principalities of this world sit in the control panel. I think the corpus callosum is the control panel that the spiritual powers and principalities ruling this world sit in when they control the individual. I believe that Satan resides and is presently possessing the corpus callosum and that she has full access to every point on our brain and as I said earlier this morning, everything that we experience, everything that we think, all pleasure, all pain, all desire, all hunger, everything has a pressure point in the brain. You can have any experience through manipulation of the brain without ever leaving your seat. There have been scientific experiments done already in a laboratory with volunteer subjects who have allowed electrodes to be placed into their head to contact their brain where they have had extensive experiences and they never left the laboratory.  

            Everything is in the mind and this world that we live in now is merely an outward expression of the mind of the god of this world. The god of this world is Satan. Satan's god is the serpent and Leviathan is the mind who has formed everything that you can see. It is a projection of her mind and we are experiencing an existence out here in the projection. But it is also possible to have experiences without the projection sitting right in our seat. With the necessary manipulation of the brain we can have any and every experience known to man. This is known by science in this hour.  Everything is in the brain. This is what drugs do. They stimulate the pleasure center of your brain.

            People who are in terrible emotional pain, sometimes physical pain, use drugs because the drugs affect the correct centers in the brain. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to take up residence in your corpus callosum. He wants to displace Satan. If you remember my definition of displacement; when He comes in, she is going to go. He is going to plant His tree of life in the brain.  This is a war for the control of humanity and the place of control is the brain, and more specifically the corpus callosum. I suggest to you without any way to prove it, that if a man in full stature would allow his brain to be viewed, we would see that the cerebral cortex had shrunken to the present size of the cerebellum and that the cerebellum had expanded to the present size of the cerebral cortex.  

            I'm suggesting to you that there would be a complete reversal. Now the cerebral cortex is the large part of the brain and it deals with all of what we would call civilized functions; language, speech and emotion. The cerebellum is what they call the primitive brain. It has nothing to do with our personality. All it seems to do is keep our physical structure moving. That which is small will become large; that which is large will become small. Everything is going to be reversed and that part of the brain, in this hour, is completely barred and banded from having any influence on our personality, on our emotions, on our thoughts, on our creativity. It is going to become the most influential part of the brain in the life of the man in full stature in Christ Jesus.

            Now this situation will not occur in the man who's in full stature of goodness or in full stature of evil.  His brain will remain the same. Maybe it will expand, but the cerebellum will certainly not enlarge because the cerebellum is the withered, the physical residue of the withered abyss. A man who's in a full stature of goodness or in a full stature of evil is still an expression of the serpent's world and he will be living out of the cerebral cortex. Now I have no way to prove it unless someone stands up in full stature in Christ Jesus and lets us look at their brain. But I'm telling you that I believe that this is the case.

            The corpus callosum is a broad thick band running from side to side and it is on the inside of the brain. Now on a prior message, I thought I was drawing the corpus callosum and I didn't draw the corpus callosum. I drew something else. I believe it's called the longitudinal fissure. That fissure or that gorge or that low place that separates the left from the right hemisphere, I believe it is called the longitudinal fissure of the brain.  I thought that that was the corpus callosum and I found out that it was not. The cerebral hemispheres are separated by a deep groove called the longitudinal cerebral fissure. At the base of this fissure lies a thick bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum, which provides a communication link between the two hemispheres.

            That's what it does, it provides a communication link between the two hemispheres and has the ability to cause the two hemispheres to function simultaneously.  Now I may not be exactly accurate with this but I do not think in the present condition of man that both hemispheres operate simultaneously. At the very least I know that we are only using five or ten percent of our brain. I suggest to you that when the Lord Jesus Christ occupies and has control of the corpus callosum that He will not only heal the withered cerebellum, but He will have the strength to activate both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. The thought just occurred to me that it may not be quite accurate that the cerebral cortex will shrink.

            Perhaps the cerebellum will increase as he is delivered from his withered condition. I'm suggesting to you that the cerebellum typifies Abel, in case you didn't hear what I was saying.  Abel is the one who is withered. He has become dust. He lost all his power. It is very possible that when the Lord Jesus Christ possesses the corpus callosum, occupies and possesses the corpus callosum that the cerebellum will increase. Maybe the cerebral cortex will stay the same size. We're going to be intellectual giants when the Lord Jesus Christ is fully possessing us.

            So maybe the cerebral cortex will not shrink. We'll have the simultaneous use of the two hemispheres plus the cerebellum. Now these are just projections. But at the very least, I do believe that the cerebellum has to increase, has to inflate and become active far more beyond what he is doing at this time. I have an interesting message for you which we will do, Lord willing, unless He changes everything around here on Thursday. I have a couple of alternate translations for you. We'll be talking about Zechariah 14 which says that when the Lord comes, He is going to be landing with His feet upon the Mount of Olives. I prayed about what that scripture meant years ago. We are also going to do a translation of John 14:26. Jehovah is doing a new thing. He is doing a new thing.  No matter how many times He put His creation back together again in the Old Testament, it fell apart. Did it not? Did the creation with the first Adam at its head fall apart?

            Did not the creation with Abel at its head fall apart? Did not the creation with Seth at its head fall apart? What do I mean fall apart? I mean it fell down out of immortality into mortality. Did not the creation with Noah at its head fall apart? We did a very quick study on the account of Lot in Genesis 19 which we did not tape that indicated that Lot had a similar experience to Noah; that he was raised up into full stature.  The account of the angels coming into Sodom and Gomorrah is a highly parable-ized account of what the Hebrew says. The whole King James and all of its associated translations are on the surface level. They're in code.

            They're parables. They're deep spiritual truths beneath everything that's encoded in the King James Translation. We found out that when Abraham prayed and said if there are ten righteous men, will you spare the city? Jehovah did not take that request from Abraham lightly and went forth into Sodom and Gomorrah, caught Lot up to a temporary full stature, had Lot preaching to all the men of Sodom and Gomorrah telling them what they needed to do to save themselves. The same message that Noah had, the whole thing was there in the alternate translation and nobody could do it, including Lot.  There weren't ten righteous men. See, Abraham said if there are ten righteous men. What is the judgment of a righteous man? What determines a righteous man? What makes you a righteous man? Your own righteousness is like filthy rags. What kind of ten righteous men would have caused Jehovah to spare that city? 

            I want to suggest to you that the message is very clear. A righteous man takes hold of Leviathan and puts her under his feet. A righteous man does not sin because he is completely controlling the negative forces of his being. Even after hearing the message, which is being preached here at least somewhat (I really don't know what the end of this message is as we keep on going) after all of the men heard it, including Lot, who was already in a temporary full stature, nobody could do it.  Nobody could do it. Even Lot with a temporary anointing could not stay in full stature. He fell down. Why? Because the Holy Spirit that was filling up Lot, that was filling up Noah, was not attached to their spiritual being. The serpent and Satan and Leviathan was attached to their spiritual being. The only way we are going to rise above sin, put it under our feet and stay up there is when the righteousness is not a gift, but when the righteousness is growing out of our very own nature.

            The tree of life must be planted in our brain. Jesus Christ has come with gifts and He is very capable of catching any and every one of you up to full stature, but it won't last.  It won't last unless His righteousness is attached to you. It's the same principle as someone being healed by the power of a minister of God. You come in, the man prays for you, your cancer is gone, you go home and ten years later you have cancer again. Why? Because you were healed by his anointing and not by an anointing that is abiding in you and rising from within you, which will purify you continuously.

            His anointing wore off. It waxed old. You have to get your own anointing. There is only so much you could do with Jesus Christ' righteousness. You have to get your own righteousness if you want to stand up in full stature and stay up there. If you want to rise above sin, you are to rise above the negative crests of the world that you're in. If you want to abide on top of the water and stay there, it has to be on a righteousness that is arising out of your own nature. The mechanism to create this condition in mortal man did not exist in Noah's day or in Lot's day. Jehovah did all that could be done. He caught him up above the sin. The man was preaching the doctrine of Christ and even he couldn't keep Leviathan under his feet. So Jehovah had a plan. Not plan B, not plan A, it was planned from the beginning. The plan is to put His righteousness in the heart of man. Jehovah's plan was to put His righteous nature in man, whether man fell or whether man didn't fall.

            Whether Adam fell or whether Adam didn't fall, the plan was for Jehovah's righteousness to be our nature. If Adam didn't fall, Jehovah would have accomplished His plan one way. Adam did fall and He is accomplishing His plan another way. If your car doesn't work, you take a cab. If a size 7 doesn't fit, you get a size 7 1/2.  Same plan, not plan A and plan B, same plan. The righteousness of Almighty God shall appear in His creation. That's His plan. Jesus. I don't even know how I got on that. How did I get on that? Okay, I'm trying to close out tonight on all of this anatomy and spiritual instruction on wavelengths.

            I know how I got into that. I was telling you that Thursday I will be doing an alternate translation of John 14:26. As I said, we will also be doing Zechariah 14:4. Then we will be talking about some spiritual revelation that the Lord gave me and I have some understanding for you on what the seven seals are and I want to tell you that that's very exciting to me.  Going back six months ago we started our studies on Kundalini. I went into our alternate translation of the book of Revelation and I read chapter 20 that talks about the seals. I read it and I read it and I read it and I couldn't fit it into this concept of the seven chakras.

            Now if this is the first tape you are hearing, we have a series during which the Lord showed me that there really are seven something or other, whether you want to call them chakras or knots or seals. He showed it to me in the scripture that there are seven, whatever you want to call them, that need to be opened; knots, seals, whatever.  I read our own alternate translation and I went back in two or three times, a month or so apart, and I couldn't see it. I couldn't see it and I had a spiritual experience with Jesus yesterday and I opened our alternate translation in Revelation and I saw it. Nothing changed. The same book, nothing changed, but I saw what the seven seals were and what they are. As a part of this study on the seven seals, I was looking in Revelation 20. Now there are several chapters in the book of Revelation that we have not done. I am convinced the reason that they are undone is because at the time that I was working on the book of Revelation or maybe right on up to today, I did not have the revelation necessary to translate those scriptures as Jesus would want them translated.  So I did a lot in chapter 20, but I just looked over it briefly. If the Lord lets me; I don't know if He will let me, we will do chapter 20 of Revelation. You may recall that I tried to do that chapter about a year ago and I got as far as verses 1,2,3 and He did not let me continue.

            So the issue now is do I have enough revelation to translate chapter 20 correctly?  If I do, will He let me take the time to do it. I don't know, but I am asking Him because I want to do the whole bible. But we have to do our translations and preach here according to His plan and His primary goal is to have the sons of God stand up. So the Lord is going to make a judgment whether the translation of chapter 20 of the book of Revelation will lend towards the spiritual maturity of the saints and toward their ascension to full stature. If He decides this is not the case, that He wants us to go in another direction because going in another direction will feed us in a manner that will help us to stand up, He won't let me do the translation. So I don't know what to tell you, but we will look at a few verses there and I expect it will be a very interesting message.  Are there any questions or comments?

            COMMENT: Every time you say corpus callosum I think of when I was in the Catholic Church. They used to say corpus Christi, the corpse of Christ.

            SHEILA: Is that what it means? Well now, isn't that interesting. Now I have to find out what callosum means. You might say that it's the corpse of Abel. Now this is the corpus callosum, the corpse of what? Now I have to find out what callosum means in Latin. Isn't that interesting? Thank you for that. 

            QUESTION: The lower part of the brain is called the cerebellum?

            SHEILA: Yes.

            QUESTION: I thought that is Abel. 

            SHEILA: That's what I thought.

            QUESTION: That would be the serpent also?

            SHEILA: No.

            QUESTION: Does the cerebellum have control of the two hemispheres?

           SHEILA: No. I'm suggesting to you that the cerebellum is very much under the domination of the cerebral cortex which is in two hemispheres. It's underneath. It's under, as in the kingdom of the two heavens.  The cerebellum is the one that is under. It has nothing to do with our creativity or our communication skills. It controls the very basic muscular activity of the body.

            QUESTION: So where does Leviathan come in with relation to the whole brain?

         SHEILA: Well, Leviathan is our mortal personality, so she is operating in the cerebral cortex which is our personality, which is our creativity, our communication.  That's where Leviathan is.

            COMMENT: Every time you say callosum, I thought of the book of Colossians. Another scripture that came to my mind was, you shall be the head and not the tail. The brain stem looks like a tail. The apostles said that the men feared that they were going to turn the world upside down. That's what this is doing. 

            SHEILA: Amen, everything is going upside down.

            QUESTION: The corpus callosum looks like the firmament also. Is that possible?

            SHEILA: Anything is possible. The Holy Spirit is not the comforter. That's what I was trying to say. Jesus said I'm going to leave you and I will send you a comforter. Everybody thinks that the comforter is the Holy Spirit, but the comforter is not the Holy Spirit. The comforter is the Spirit of Truth.  






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