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Praise the Lord, we are back in Quantum Mechanics In Creation again and we're going to do a little deeper study on black holes. I didn't feel that I was up to drawing this diagram on the board, so if reading this message you should have a picture that I actually copied out of an encyclopedia which was on my software. If you can see it, the way I usually draw the abyss is vertically, from top to bottom because that's how our carnal mind thinks, that there's a bottom of the abyss and the top of the abyss.  

            But I think I've mentioned in other messages that actually it is more accurate to draw it on its side. In the same way that we speak about outer space when a spaceship takes off, it doesn't really go up into space, it goes out into space. Because of our position on the earth it looks like it's going up, but it's really going out. So all of those drawings that I've done of the abyss, they really should be on their side. I put them vertically because I thought it would be easier for you to relate to. So what I have on the board right now, if you could see it, is a picture (of course you can go back and forth from your notes to the board, whatever is easiest for you) is a picture of the abyss.  This point down at the end to the right of your photograph would be (maybe I'll just draw you a small facsimile in the corner so that you can relate to what I'm talking to.

            In all our other messages this is how I drew it. I drew it as a cone and I said this is the abyss. This is where Adam was, up here on the top, if you recall. We had the abyss divided into parts by the firmament and underneath the firmament was the seas and the earth. Elohim, the sperm which we see in this diagram here, it appears to me at this point as the Lord leads me through this study, that Elohim, the sperm, was in the form of gas. His lower nature or his lower parts were the waters that filled the abyss. I know that there is such a thing as moisture in the air. We are going to liken air to gas so that we can understand it. We know that there can be moisture in the air.

            Well I suggest to you, that everything being backwards in the spiritual realm, that there was water and there was the gas that typified Elohim dispersed evenly through the waters. You remember that Elohim interacted with Jehovah and they interacted as waves. Both Jehovah and Elohim were acting as waves and they interacted in an activity called interference. Because they were both spirit, when they came in contact with one another, they repelled one another. That act propelled Elohim forward, down towards the bottom of the abyss in the form of light.  As the stream of light entered (well you see he originated here in the waters and he pierced through the firmament and he went into the seas and the seas were denser than the waters). Remember the waters covered the seas. The waters were pure waters and the seas were waters in which earth was dissolved.

            As the light passed through the firmament and went into the seas, the light refracted. It bent and it bent and then as it hit the earth, the solid opaque surface, it turned upwards and it diffracted and it went into all of the colors of this pure white light; it broke down into all the colors of the spectrum and produced this image up here on the surface of the waters.  We are just going to look at some other factors in the situation which produced all the events that I just spoke about. We see that this is the abyss. You remember I told you the next thing that happened (let me finish up my review) the waters that were above the firmament (they weren't named yet, but eventually their name became what?) Their name eventually became Cain and Cain broke through the firmament. Cain the pure waters broke through the pure waters and mixed with the seas. So there was no longer any waters above the seas.  The waters became just as polluted as the seas.

            All the water that was sitting (now this firmament we found was like a shelf and all the waters that were sitting on the shelf that made them the upper heavens fell down. The firmament disappeared. All the waters came down into the seas and the area above where the firmament was began to collapse under its own gravity because there was no longer any water pressure pushing the sides outwards. These two sides of the abyss came to a point where they sealed off and the whole world that was up here on top of the water wound up down here underneath the water and this is what Atlantis is.  

            I have much better drawings than this; I'm just not wasting any time. So the civilization that existed on the top of the waters was in the image of Jehovah at that point, but it was not permanent. That whole civilization or the potential for civilization which existed in Adam, the living soul, the son of God, fell down and took up an existence down here at the bottom of the abyss. I suggest to you that this is where the legend of Atlantis comes from. These sides of the abyss crossed over and they sealed at a point. This world down here, at the bottom of the abyss, became a black hole sealed off from the light that was coming in from the top of the abyss. Jehovah was continuously interacting with the waters and the gases in the abyss and Jehovah's continuous interaction was cut off right at that point.

            Also, at this point, Elohim who is joined to Jehovah, separated literally from himself because Elohim was the breath of life that was breathed into the creature. But Elohim cannot be separated from Jehovah. So when creation fell and was sealed off in a black hole, Elohim was literally split in half. Although I don't think it was equal halves, but He was broken in two because He could not be separated from Jehovah up here, but the breath of life that was in the creation was still there. As a witness to this we have many messages where we have done studies where Jesus says He came looking for himself. We are himself. We are himself. We are the part of himself that is trapped in this black hole. This is where we are today. I've drawn the abyss on its side and this is the black hole that was formed at this point of sealing. Elohim was a star. To be honest with you at this moment, I have to think about this.  I don't know who was the star, Elohim or Adam. I guess Elohim was the star. But I really have to think about that. The star collapsed. Its sides crossed over, collapsed under its own gravity with no water pressure to hold the sides out. All of civilization took up residence in this black hole. I would just like to read some definitions into this message and give you some pointers about the black hole. It is very interesting. I have a lot to tell you. I just have to see how the Lord wants me to bring it forth. Let me give you these definitions.

            Well first, let's define black hole. Black hole is an extremely small region of space time with a gravitational field so intense that nothing can escape, not even light. First of all, I'd like to point out to you that it is an extremely small region. If you look at the drawing, you can see that the black hole in relationship to the original abyss, which was the glowing star, which was the son of God, is very small. I don't know about you, but I really didn't have that awareness. I'm learning a lot in this message, too.  The black hole in relationship to the star that was coming forth in the image of Jehovah is very small. 

            I find this interesting because we already know that the creation shrunk. We know that at the beginning, mortal man was a giant. The men that were on the earth, the inhabitants of the earth were giants. We have some measurements about Og in David's day, but my personal opinion that I can't prove to you, is that the giants at the beginning of time, the giants that were trying to build the tower of Babel; Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, they were much larger than Og. I believe that the creation began to shrink from the moment of the fall; just from the moment a baby is born it begins to grow. When you look at an adult, the adult that arises out of an infant, if nobody told you that was the same person or that infant had the potential to become that big, you might think they were two different races.  

            Now remember the fall was a regression. When a baby was born, it gets bigger. During the fall we were big and we became very small, continuously progressively small.  It is therefore my opinion that Og, the last giant, was very small for a giant. He was a shrimp giant. I have no idea how big man was, but I suspect much larger than Og and here is our example. What is another word or another name for the abyss, when we existed in it? We call it the visible spiritual world of God. You see, there are two visible worlds. It's either the visible spiritual world or it's the visible physical world. The visible spiritual world is existing at the top of the abyss where Elohim's reflection is, which is in Jehovah's image. The negative world after the fall existed at the bottom of the abyss and it's Elohim's dark shadow.

            Let me give this to you again. When Elohim is revealed through the pure waters, his reflection's name is Adam and Adam is in Jehovah's image. When Elohim is revealed through the bottom of the abyss, that which is revealing him is called Elohim's dark shadow. We know her as Leviathan. I guess the word is image. Let me use different words here. These words are getting confusing. The image of Elohim is being revealed, but the nature of that image is either Jehovah or the serpent. I hope I haven't confused you all. Elohim has given his life to this creature and when the creature appears at the top of the abyss on the clear waters, it is Adam. It is Elohim's reflection and his nature is Jehovah and he is the son of God. Elohim is the one who is becoming visible.

            When the whole creation fell down to the bottom and became Atlantis, Elohim was no longer appearing as a reflection upon clear water, but he was appearing as an image that was in the bottom of the sea. For example, if you would walk along very wet sand you would leave an impression of your feet in the ground. That's a totally different appearance of you than if you would look into the waters and see your reflection. But it is both you. It's you leaving your footprints in the sand or as if you would lay down and leave your body image in the sand. It's still your image. That's your dark shadow. After you have been laying in the wet sand, that's your dark shadow that's appearing in the sand.

            But if you lean over a clear lake, you can see a reflection and they're both you. One is a reflection and one is a dark shadow. Now the reflection whose name is Adam (which appeared at the top of the abyss) when he appeared had Jehovah's righteous nature. But when the waters that were necessary for the reflection fell down and civilization took up existence at the bottom of the abyss, Elohim's appearance now became a dark shadow. Those are the best two examples I could give you; the concave image that you would leave if you laid down in the mud or the reflection that you saw in the water. The nature of Elohim's appearance which was at the bottom of the abyss is not Jehovah's nature. But it's the nature of the earth saturated in the waters and that's the serpent; the serpent's nature. So I just wanted to point out a few things to you about the black hole.

            First of all that it's very small in relationship to the star or to the top of the abyss. Second of all that it's surrounded by this gas stream. Now you may remember, that I told you Jehovah interacts with Elohim and there was a continuous stream of light going round and round, interacting with Jehovah and coming back under the waters and interacting with Jehovah and coming back under the waters. It was this continuous interaction with Jehovah that kept the creature alive. Remember that message? It was this continuous interaction with Jehovah that was cut off when the waters fell down through the firmament and civilization took up residence under the sea. So now we see what I have marked here as a gas stream. Now this may not be one hundred percent accurate. I'm taking this out of a scientific encyclopedia and applying it to spiritual things. So please don't nit pick with me. It may not jive exactly.

            So we are going to say that this gas stream is Jehovah attached to the part of Elohim that's not trapped in the black hole and it is trying to interact with the existence or the civilization that's down here at the bottom of the pit. But it can't get in because it's sealed right here. So we have a gas stream that goes around. This is much clearer on your photographs, if you would like to look at that. You could see that the gas stream goes up to the top of the abyss and it literally goes around, not the black hole, (it doesn't go around the black hole) it just circulates around the exterior of the black hole. Because in the very center of that disk like form, you see how small the black hole is. It's just a very small area.

            Around the black hole is something called an accretion disk and then around that the gas is streaming (gas typifying Jehovah and Elohim). It can't get anywhere near the black hole. In other words, whatever has the potential that is in the black hole, it is necessary for the gas stream to penetrate into the black hole and give it life and irrigate it. The parable in Genesis says; and the waters came and irrigated the garden.  Let's say that this gas stream is the waters that would irrigate the existence, Atlantis, in the black hole and give it God's life; give it Jehovah's life. It can't get in there. So it's just spinning all around it. See it is still circulating. See Jehovah has not stopped what He was doing. Remember Jehovah interacted with Elohim. The light came down, it refracted, it diffracted and it went round and round and round. Jehovah hasn't stopped doing that. He's still going round and round and round, but He's not penetrating through the place where we are. It's just as if you were starving to death and there was a delicious steak dinner sitting on this table right here and you just kept marching around the table and marching around the table.

            There's no way that you could get to that steak dinner until you pierce into the center of the circle that you were traveling on. You may recall me talking to you quite a while back, but I told you that the man of the earth is traveling on the circle of the earth and there's no way that he is going to get out of this endless cycle of birth and death until he changes his direction. Does anybody remember what direction he has to go into?  He has to get off the circumference and go in. He has to go in because the spiritual life of God is in. For those of us who are still carnal, he has to go up to heaven, if that helps you. However you need to hear it, to understand it, it's okay. I want to give you some definitions on accretion.

            Accretion is growth or increase in size by gradual external addition. If you look at your drawing you see that the whole existence of civilization under the sea is an increase. You may recall me teaching you that we found scriptures when we studied them in the Hebrew or the Greek that indicated that the serpent went beyond. I explained it to you in this form, that she put an extra orbit around the atom of creation. Do you remember me saying anything like that?  The serpent went beyond. She added something that wasn't suppose to be there. It was very nice when I told you that she added an additional orbital to the atom of creation. That was my understanding at the time. But I think this is a much more accurate understanding.

            She went and she added on a civilization under the sea. The result of her adding on that civilization under the sea was that it destroyed the civilization on top of the sea. Because the way Jehovah set up this creation, there cannot be two civilizations at the same time. Well there can be because we are in civilization, but there can be only one primary civilization at a time. For all intents and purposes if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, you're in two worlds. Jesus can go back and forth between the two worlds because He is glorified, but it's a temporary condition. It's a perversion. So we see that the serpent caused an accretion. She extended the abyss and we see around the black hole something we call an accretion disk. This is a disk of interstellar material surrounding a celestial object within an intense gravitational field such as a black hole. So we see nothing can get into that black hole and please note that it has an intense gravitational field.  Nothing can get out. 

            Everything that tries to rise to the surface to get back in connection with the gas stream cannot get off the ground. Let me take you back to our definition of black hole for a moment. An extremely small region of space time with a gravitational field so intense that nothing can escape, not even light. It's just locked in there. I want to read something from the second half of the information under gravitational collapse. More than half way down you can see the word black hole in dark letters. I'll start reading after that. Light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside a black hole by the enormous pull of gravitation. Let me stop here.

            Does anybody know the name of the source of this enormous pull of gravitation? Where is the pull coming from? The gravitational field that's pulling downward is the earth. It's around the earth. Because light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside a black hole by the enormous pull of gravitation, a black hole can be observed only indirectly. Before the firmament collapsed, when there were waters above the heavens sitting on the shelf, there was a gravitational field in the waters and the one gravitational field was pulling against the other gravitational field. But when the waters fell down completely and joined with the earth, all of the magnetic power went down to the bottom. Let me say it again.

            Remember, before the waters, now called Cain, broke through the firmament and fell down into the seas (because that's what happened).  The clean water fell down into the seas. When the Lord was first bringing this forth, we were calling it seminal fluid and urine, to get it into our spirit that part of the waters were clean and part were dirty. While there were waters above the firmament, there was a gravitational pull in the waters above the firmament. There was also a gravitational field in the earth. Then there was interference between Jehovah and Elohim and there was an electric field and there were all kinds of interactions going on in the abyss. The result of this was that everything was functioning like it was suppose to.  The abyss was holding its form and Jehovah was interacting with Elohim. Elohim, in the form of photons of light were piercing down into the firmament. They were refracting. The light was refracting and the light was diffracting and the image in Jehovah's nature was being sustained on the surface of the waters. You may recall me telling you, that to sustain Elohim's image, a process that can be likened to a projection of a movie picture is necessary.

            This continuous circuit of interaction between Jehovah and Elohim and the light and the refraction and the diffraction; it was maintaining the image of the creature that was in Jehovah's nature.  Everything was balanced. But when the waters above the firmament fell down into the seas, everything got unbalanced and there was no longer any gravitational field above. This may not be scientifically accurate, but this is how I'm seeing it at the moment; a double or a triple magnetic field was down at the bottom because the whole works fell down to the bottom. In the midst of everything that's now trapped down at the bottom in this black hole called Atlantis is that part of Elohim's spirit. It's his spirit. If it's him, it's also a part of Jehovah.

            That is our human spirit and we're trapped down here and this is why Adam has come to get us back. I did tell you, that to the best of my knowledge at this time, that some time in the future I expect the Lord to let us go into this in more detail and there may be some corrections at that time.  But Abel is Adam in the polluted waters. Adam came after us into the polluted waters. He came after his spirit because Adam is Elohim formed into the living soul. He came after that part of himself that was lost. Didn't Jesus say; I have come to seek that which was lost. He came to seek Elohim's spirit that's trapped in here. Jesus will never forget about us. Elohim will never forget about us.

            Jehovah will never forget about us because we are himself. Now our animalistic qualities are not himself, but the very foundation of our life is.  Now I don't want to confuse you. I've told you that the serpent has founded us in this condition, but the serpent could not have founded us without Elohim's breath. So if you want to take it down to the very nitty-gritty, as low as you could go, we are him, but not in the form that we are in now. For that very reason He will destroy this perverse formation of His spirit. He will roll up this world like a scroll and it will go out like a light and cease to exist and we, that part of us which is himself, shall be returned to Him and reformed into the Father's image. Something has been coming to me. I have all kinds of thoughts. Most of the time I don't know where they come from and if I try to guess, sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. But it could be one person's thoughts that's been on my mind a lot these past couple of weeks. I had spoken to a woman on the inter-net who had converted from Christianity to Taoism. She had asked me several questions and one of them was (however it came out) that the day will come that all men will be forced to worship Jesus or to live out their existence in this world and pass on into nothingness. She was really upset. She said I never heard any Christian preach or say anything like that.

            All I heard is that Jesus is a gentleman. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. Well, He is a gentleman alright and He is such a gentleman that He will not have His spirit out whoring with the serpent.  But people don't understand that. All they hear is that I'm going to be forced. For whatever reason she has been on my mind. She hasn't written to me; she hasn't contacted me in any way. But I keep hearing her shock in my mind and great fear at having one's will violated. The only reason He has not violated our will to date is that He is not yet in the form that is necessary for Him, to violate our will in such a manner that it will result in a good thing happening to us. He will not violate our will when it will result in a bad thing happening to us.  

            So the mechanism is not in place yet. But He will violate our will. You better believe He will violate your will because you are him and he is not going to allow himself to remain in this condition. That's why this message is so important. People don't understand. The hatred for Jesus Christ and Jehovah that's in this country today is really quite alarming. Okay, I'm focusing on this point, that light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside of a black hole because of this enormous pull of gravitation. There's no gravitational field above. There's like no hope. There's no hope unless that gas stream penetrates that black hole.  

            Can you see that? If that gas stream (by some miracle which Jehovah has already done) if this gas stream starts to not go round and round and round, but starts to penetrate this black hole; if this gas stream does the impossible; if it gets into the black hole and has the strength to come back out. If you remember the teaching going back several messages on this abyss, that the photons of light came down and when they struck the earth, there was an exchange of electrons.  Do you remember I told you that as the photons of light went back up to the surface to produce Elohim's image in the form of Adam, that when the photons of light hit the earth, some particles of light were left in the earth and some particles of earth hooked up with the photons of light and that it was that mixture of light and darkness that produced the image of Adam on the surface. 

            Everybody okay? Well this is the miracle that Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is doing. He has done it. He has arranged for this gas stream which typifies Jehovah and Elohim in the form of the Holy Spirit to come, penetrate this black hole and have the strength to go out. Ever since the Holy Spirit returned to this earth two thousand years ago, that is exactly what is happening.  The circular motion of the irrigation of the creature has been reinstituted and every time the Holy Spirit, as this gas stream pierces through the black hole and leaves the black hole, there is an exchange of particles. Some particles of the Holy Spirit are left in the black hole (I've got one of them) and if you are reading this message, you most likely have one of them. He is leaving something of himself and he is taking some of the negative qualities of this world out with him.

            This circular motion, this circular interaction, this circular activity, was reinstituted in this world two thousand years ago. Unfortunately for the everyday people, it's taking so long, but there is a reconciliation factor between existence in this black hole and existence up here in the abyss or in the star or in the spiritual world where Elohim is prevailing. What is one day over there is one thousand days over here. That's what's happening. There are a couple of other things I want to say. I see that I didn't talk about the ex-rays yet. I think it was on the last message, we talked about wave length and we did mention x-rays.  

            There's only one type of ray or electromagnetic radiation which is another word for light. There's only one kind of ray that is more invisible. There's a scale of the visible light. All the different wave lengths of light as it approaches visible light and then as it goes faster and faster as it goes beyond visible light. Gamma rays are the only rays that are farther away from the visible light than x-rays. So we see that this accretion disc and this stream of gas interacting with the black hole gives off x-rays. What do x-rays do? X-rays can see through almost everything. They can't see through lead, but they see through a lot of things. I'd like to suggest to you as the Holy Spirit interacts with you and leaves a part of himself with you, which is the seed of Christ Jesus, the spirit that starts to emanate from you can be likened to an x-ray. You start to get spiritual vision and you start to see through people's motives.  X-rays have penetrating power. You start to get spiritual power. But you're still not complete white light because every wave length and every type of wave that we talked about in the last meeting is only a part of white light. So we're not the whole thing. Well we know that. Not everybody knows it. I hear there's a lot of people walking around thinking they are in perfection.

            That's very sad because the whole world knows they are just fools. This may not be the best time to say it, but let me say it here. I believe our whole existence is a black hole, not only the earth, but all of the universes, every part of the world that we know to exist is all in this black hole here. Each one of us is an individual black hole. We're a black hole within a black hole. I saw a very interesting Star Trek episode that I would like to share with you. Maybe it will help you to understand this.  I have to tell you that I didn't really relate to it myself until the Lord started showing me this teaching here. This particular episode involved the holodeck. The holodeck is a room with a computer that can create anything that you tell it to and it creates it. It could recreate time periods of the past. I don't know about the future.

            Anything you like, any recreation that you like, this computer just manifests it. It appears to be as real as can be. As far as the Enterprise personal that's looking to have an experience, everything on the holodeck is very real, with only one exception. It cannot exist off the holodeck. So if you are a man looking for a woman and we saw Commander Riker was looking for a particular sultry woman and the computer created a room in a cocktail lounge with the woman of his absolute dreams. The indication was very clear that it could have gone as far as it could have gone between two human beings, as long as he stayed on the holodeck. He could go back and forth into the holodeck and back into the Enterprise, but the characters that the computer created in the holodeck could not.  

            Does that sound familiar to you? Jesus can go back and forth between the spiritual world of His Father and this black hole that we are in. We cannot. If we leave this black hole, we die. There's only one way out of here. You have to die. So now we know what the holodeck is. I think it was Data who asked the computer to conjure up a program with regard to Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes has an arch enemy called Moriarity. He is suppose to be an evil character. Data said to the computer, give me an enemy that will really be a challenge for me. The computer made Moriarity very evil and he actually learned how to use the computer and he was taking over the computer.

            It was Moriarity's intention to escape from the holodeck and have an existence with this woman that he loved who was also an image formed by the holodeck. He appeared to be doing it. He left the holodeck. He continued to exist. He blackmailed the Captain. He was more brilliant. He captured all the computers, held the Captain at a ransom, held the ship at a ransom. He shut the whole ship down and left Captain Picard no choice but to give him what he wanted. What Moriarity wanted was a shuttle craft so that he could take the lady of his life, his love, and go look for a planet where they could live happily ever after.  The Captain and all of the officers were amazed that he could live off of the holodeck. They couldn't figure out how it happened. They were speculating that a new life form had evolved. So there was no choice. He could completely outmaneuver them.

            For the safety of the ship, the greater Enterprise, they gave Moriarity a shuttle craft and he and his lady got on the shuttle craft and they took off and you could see they were as happy as could be going to make their future together. Then back on the bridge, Captain Picard was saying, how could this be? When it was discovered that Captain Picard and all of his officers themselves were still on the holodeck. Captain Picard had thought that he had left the holodeck and that Moriarity had left too.  But the deception of the program on the holodeck was so sophisticated that even Captain Picard was deceived thinking he was outside the holodeck. But he wasn't outside the holodeck, there was a holodeck within the holodeck.

            Are you following me? Captain Picard was on the holodeck with all of his officers and this whole fantasy was going on and a part of the fantasy was that there was a holodeck in the fantasy. So Moriarity got out of the holodeck and he was still alive because he was in the holodeck within the holodeck. He left and he was still in the holodeck and there was actually space. He took this lady that he loved and they went off into space. They had a whole world that was real to them. The ship, the space, the planets, time and all this was existing within the holodeck.  So why have I told you this fable. I've told you this fable to suggest to you that not only the planet earth, but all of the universes, everything known to man plus whatever is out there that we don't know, is all inside that little black hole. It's all part of this world that's going round and round and round and round.

            Our only hope is to break through this black hole and to go out just like I told you earlier. If you want to be carnal, that's okay, you've got to go up. But you've got to get out of this circular movement or we'll be in this holodeck. You'll be in this fantasy world because this world is not real. This world is not real. You will spend the rest of your existence in this world and all of humanity will spend the rest of its existence in this world if it doesn't break out of this image that we are dwelling in, that is not everlasting. Okay, light and other forms of energy and matter are permanently trapped inside a black hole by the enormous pull of gravitation.  

            Now I already told you that each of us is a black hole. We are a black hole in a black hole, just like we are one organism with trillions of cells. Each of us is a black hole within the black hole. I suggest to you that not only all of the universes, but each of us individually has energy, not necessarily light, and matter that is trapped inside of us. This is what we deal with when we talk about deliverance and casting out of evil spirits. Sometimes Jesus talks about casting spirits out. Sometimes He talks about casting demons out. Those of us who have been in deliverance have known for a long time although we may not have been using the right words, but we knew that some demons were just air and some demons were also substance if you vomited.

            Demons could come out of your body in the form of blood or any kind of emission from any part of your body. The difference between the ones that are just air and the ones that have substance to them are this. The ones that are just air are a part of Satan which is the god of this world, not really a spirit, a false spirit.  They come out of your unconscious mind and the ones that have matter associated with them, they're in the areas that have to deal with personality. These spirits that are pure spirit, that are wind, they are usually qualities that one would find in the unconscious mind. The demons, the ones with matter, represent the qualities that one would find in the personality.

            Drug addicts will frequently vomit. You don't have to. It doesn't have to be that way. That's basically the difference. Spirits coming out of Satan and material waste coming out of Leviathan, the solid part of our fallen spiritual being. They're permanently trapped inside this black hole, you see. They're permanently trapped by an enormous gravitational field.  That means the only thing that is going to get them out is an enormous gravitational field that's more enormous than the gravitational field in your black hole. Now brethren, I'm not naive. I know that there are many sources of deliverance. I know that Jesus Christ is not the only spirit that casts out demons.

            If you are a Christian and you are reading this message and you're offended, I'm sorry, but I'm telling you the truth. Santaria casts out demons. African witch doctors cast out demons. Hindu gurus cast out demons. Spirits and demons are negative energy and particles of matter that are causing havoc in your life. Anyone who has a spiritual power strong enough to counteract that gravitational pull of the demons and spirits in you can cast them out of you. But just by way of review, Jesus Christ is the only one who has the ability to heal the source that produced the demons and the spirits. For all you Christians out there who are dangerously laden with pride, the fact that your demons were cast out by the Holy Spirit does not assure you that they won't come back.

            The Holy Spirit offers you the potential or the opportunity to have the source that produced the demon sealed off. You have to start living a holy life. You have to consecrate yourself to God. You have to change the lifestyle that produced the demons.  If you don't use the Holy Spirit to do that, they could come back in you just as well as the demons cast out by the Hindu guru. Grow up time, grow up time. Brethren, the only difference between Christians and anyone else in this world with spiritual power or without is that Christians have received a free gift which gives them the potential to have the life of Almighty God reproduced within their vessel. To have the Holy Spirit is to be reconciled to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ.

            It really doesn't make you any more special than anyone else in the world, except that you have the weapon. It is very possible that if you're mocking this, you might be one who will never use it and someone who you are knocking right now, ten years from now, might receive the same free gift and do more with it than you have done or will do in your lifetime.  Don't be foolish, brethren, don't be foolish. Jesus is here to save the whole world. Everyone will not come, but neither will everyone in the church come. But the spiritual root of the creation, that which is His, will be returned unto Him with a body and a personality or without a body and a personality. In the hour of reckoning, when this world is going out like a light, only those who have a part of them in the world, which is ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ, will continue on. There's a lot of talk, especially in the book of Revelation about having a part in the lake of fire; that kind of an expression.

            Brethren, a part of you, that part of you which exists in Jesus' world, if it's there, will be the tenth that will permit your existence to continue when this world is wiped out. Your works won't get you in.

            You've got to be hooked in there. You've got to be hooked in there. You've got to be rooted in there. How do you get hooked in there? You've got to have His life growing in you, not flowing through you, not passing through you, not doing gifts through you, not prophesying through you, not casting out demons through you, but growing out of the earth of your present existence. You've got to be in two worlds, which makes you double minded, which makes you very unstable for the transitional season. But this is your only assurance of survival when this world is destroyed. It is just going to go out like a light. It is going to cease to exist. Praise the Lord. Let's see if there is anything else that I can tell you. I told you about the ex-rays. It's the gas that forms the accretion disc around the black hole and the matter within the black hole becomes compressed and heated to the extreme temperatures at which ex-rays are emitted.

            X-rays are admitted after tremendous heat. How about the lake of fire?  How about the tribulation? It's the Holy Spirit typified by the gas stream that's surrounding the black hole, surrounding, surrounding, surrounding, creating such heat that it causes the matter within you to condense and give off x-rays. I suggest to you that the x-rays typify the life of Christ Jesus being formed in you. You receive spiritual power after you are in the fiery furnace. I did give you some definition of gas, so let me read it to you. Gas; the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by relatively low density and viscosity.  

            I didn't look up that word and I don't know what it means. Density relates to how many photons of light (for example, how many particles or whatever the measurement you're using is called) is contained in a particular area. You may recall, as the light flowed down from the clean waters through the firmament into the seas, the density of the seas refracted or bent the light because the seas have much earth dissolved in them. So they were dense based on the particles of earth. The seas were much more dense than the clear waters that must have had some dust dispersed through them.  We're talking about gas now. So the state of matter distinguished from the solid and liquid states by relatively low density and viscosity relatively.

            These are its qualities now. They have great capacity to expand and contract with changes in pressure and temperature and the ability to defuse readily. What does that mean? The spontaneous tendency to become distributed uniformly throughout any container. That's why I'm suggesting to you that Elohim, the sperm, can be likened to gas and he was defused evenly through the waters. Elohim was not a single particle sperm in the primordial waters. He was likened unto gas dispersed evenly throughout the waters. I have a definition of air: a colorless odorless, tasteless gaseous mixture mainly nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon helium and other gases. It doesn't really fit in with anything we said today. I just gave you the definition of gravity and gravitation again.

            Actually, we went over this in a previous message. Well let me read it on. Gravity: the natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body such as earth upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body. Gravitational collapse: the process by which stars, star clusters and galaxies form from interstellar gas under the influence of gravity. We've been talking about gravitational collapse. What we call the abyss collapsed under its own gravity and civilization started up at the bottom instead of the top.  At the risk of being criticized (which is really mute at this time because there is so much criticism coming forth) I just point out to you, brethren, that our physical body reflects what happened to the creation at the beginning of time. Except for the orifice through which we feed, our reproductive and our elimination functions are at our bottom. 

            The more a person lives his life with human sexuality as a driving force, the more he is living at the bottom of his black hole. Now we are all black holes within a black hole and everything is relative. We can live at the top of our black hole or we can live at the bottom of our black hole. Can you see what I am talking about? Once again, I am not against sex, but I am telling you to make it the driving force of your life is very dangerous. It will destroy you. I'm also telling you that only for those who are mature enough to hear this, when the day comes that Jesus Christ presents the opportunity to you to become spiritual and really become spiritual and go on to full stature, you will have to choose between your sex life and your spiritual life. 

            Because you will arrive at a point in your spiritual ascension that you have to either go up or down. You have to either live at the top of your black hole or at the bottom of your black hole. If you have any hope of ever getting out of your black hole, if you have any hope at all of getting out of this black hole that the whole creation is in, you first have to get out of your own black hole. The way you get out of your own black hole is by ascending up from the bottom. Now that doesn't mean you have to give up sex if you are married. It's a state of mind. It's an attitude towards it. Then if the Lord takes it from you, that's fine. If He doesn't, that's strictly between you and Him. It has nothing to do with sex being bad or dangerous or anything like that. 

            The same energy (we all have a measure of energy) the same measure of energy either goes down or up. You could be lukewarm. You know you could be lukewarm; you could be mixing it together. Maybe that's all you could be. Maybe that's fine for your life, that you will have a mixture of sexuality and spirituality. But you will be limited if you continue to ascend in your spirituality. You will reach a point where you cannot go on unless you give up your sexuality. Now you don't hear the Christians talking about it very much. But it's true anyhow.

            The orthodox Jews that follow Jehovah's instructions in the law of Moses, they're only with their wives, I understand, two weeks out of the month. If they follow all of the laws religiously, they are only with their wives two weeks out of the month. That's a Jew for you. Gandhi discovered that himself. Many many people into Hindu mysticism know this. You see, you have to realize that in India where all of this Hindu mysticism arose, life is very miserable over there. They're hungry. Some of them are sleeping on the streets. Life is of a very low quality, you see. When you are physically uncomfortable, when there is disease and filth and lack of food and shelter, let me tell you something, the pleasure of sexual activity is not going to cut it. Is that not true? It will never replace food. It will never replace a house to live in. So therefore the people over in India (over the years, I don't know about right now) but over the years they have absolutely no problem saying I will give up sex for this higher consciousness. I will give up an existence at my bottom so that I can ascend to my top because when you ascend to your top, all provision is present. So you see, it is only in this country and in the western world where we have so much prosperity that this would even be a conflict over what one would choose. In this degree our prosperity is not a good thing. This is what Jesus was talking about when He spoke to the rich man and said; sell all that you have and follow me. 

            Brethren, I want to suggest to you, He was not talking about money and He was not even talking about physical possessions. It's an attitude of the mind. Be willing to give up anything to follow Him and you may lose everything, but you might not. But if you do lose everything, the scripture clearly says you will receive it back in this world with persecutions. It's only for a season, getting your heart and your mind straight. You must be willing to give up anything to follow Jesus into His world. Your attitude must be (and you can't fake this, you see) your attitude must be a willingness to give up anything and I want to tell you this is my attitude. I was in poverty for years. It is just this last year, not even two years that my whole life has turned around.

            I don't know how long it will last, but I know that no matter what I have or what I don't have, I will follow Jesus. My choice is to preach this message and to serve Him and to do whatever He tells me to do and go wherever He sends me. If I don't hold on to that attitude, I will surely lose all of the restored things that He has given me. Maybe I'll lose it anyway. I don't know. It doesn't matter, you see.  The material things that I have don't matter. The only thing that matters is that if I can't serve Him, there's no reason for me to be in this world. There is nothing in this world that I want that would cause me to lose my position and my relationship with Him. So if He gives me good things, fine, and if He doesn't give me good things, I may cry about it. I'm not telling you I'm not human.

            I just might cry about it, but there is not a choice in my mind; there's no conflict in my mind, if He takes everything that I have, if I have to go through the whole thing again, there's no conflict in my mind that I will go with Him. I hope He doesn't take it all again, but if He does, I don't have to stop and think about it. I don't want to be in this world without Him.  Okay, I do have some scripture verses for you. Are there any questions? Question: Are you equating the black hole as the different realms of hell? Sheila: I'm not really sure what you mean. Did you mean the individual black hole or the corporate black hole? Church member: I was thinking black hole. I know it can be individual, too. Sheila: Let me tell you what I think and then if I didn't answer your question, you could tell me. I believe that each of us are a black hole.

            Each individual human being can be in a different level of hell depending on what life he was born into; where he is living, what country he's in. Is he born into a country where he's sleeping on the street or he has no food, where he's dying of leprosy or is he born into this country. Of course, we have our poor here also, but many of us have very comfortable life styles compared to other parts of the world. So we could be in a variety of realms of hell depending upon what we are born into. Then each individual can be in a variety of realms of hell within himself. We hear stories all the time about people born into very bad circumstances; disease, poverty, abuse and they arise above it and they wind up having a good life. So something happened that bounced them out of it; something within their black hole overcame the condition that they entered into the world in. So then again we have people who are born into prosperity and great wealth and they are alcoholics and they are drug addicts or they are sex addicts or adulterers. They can't be happy.  They can't find happiness in a relationship.

            Is that what you were talking about as the different realms of hell? Yes. Of course, whether or not we have a positive or negative experience in this world would be an interaction between the level of hell that we were born into interacting with the level of hell within us. Then, of course, if Jesus Christ comes into our life all the rules are down. He changes all the rules. I'm on page one of the textual parts of our notes. Let me remind you that I have already preached off of the first few paragraphs here. I'm going to pick up on the fourth paragraph. It was part 7 that I preached on those first three paragraphs. We are talking about the seven seals. Let me give you a brief review over here.

            The Lord has revealed to us that the seven seals of the book of Revelation are that which Hindu mysticism, Hindu philosophy, is talking about when they speak about the seven chakras or the seven knots.  There are, in fact, seven areas which need to be released. Well let me put it this way, our spirituality is tied up in seven different areas. I believe I mentioned to you on prior messages that I would like to see these seven knots in the scripture and I hadn't been able to see them up until this time. The Lord has given me some revelation on what these seven seals are and what they mean to us. I think the book of Revelation is very clear that there are a series of experiences which will release our spirituality. First, I would like to remind you about what I spoke about a little while ago. I believe that almost everybody (I can't say everybody, I don't know) but there is a cleansing, there is a purification that we have to go through which cleanses us of negative energy before the positive energy is released into us.

            Why is this? Because based on the principles of matter and antimatter (I haven't really spoken to you about that very much) but there exists such a thing in our universe. You know what matter is, everything that's solid, pretty much, although not necessarily solid. I really don't want to give you my own definition of it. But matter as opposed to spirit, let's say that.  There's something in existence in our universe called antimatter. When matter and antimatter contact one another, they annihilate each other. So if our potential to be spiritual or our potential spiritual power is released before a proper cleansing, they will be annihilated. Can anybody think of an example in the human experience that would demonstrate what I'm talking about. The Holy Spirit comes in and gives you power. When the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you shall receive power. The persons out there casting out demons, healing the sick, prophesying, teaching and you come back five years later and they're not even in the church. What happened to them? Oh, he left his wife and ran off with another woman.

            I have a particular man in mind; a powerful man of God. What happened to him? He left his wife and ran off with another woman.  I could think of two right now; both powerful men of God, who ended up that way. Well let's apply this to physics. They receive power, but I'm going to draw the conclusion that they were not cleansed. Why? Because when they met the power of the enemy, the power that was given to them was annihilated. You have to be cleansed brethren, or you will never never stand. You have to be cleansed of your personal sin. It must be revealed in you. This is what the judgment is. It must be confessed by you and it must be destroyed. Because if it remains in you (at the time that the power of God is revealed in you) it will become evident that the worse t hing that could happen to you is that the power of God should be revealed in you. Let me say it again. If you have not been adequately cleansed of negative energy which we call sin, which is a condition of mind and attitude and the power of God is revealed in you, the power of God in you will be annihilated.  Oh no, good is stronger than evil. God is greater than the enemy. Yes, Jesus Christ is greater than the enemy, but we are a tri-part being. Oh God, heresy, heresy; she's preaching gnosticism.

            Brethren, we are a tri-part being, if Jesus Christ is in you. If not, you are a two part being. You have a spiritual person dwelling within you and then the person that you are, the outer person, the external person, is a second person. I read somewhere, but I can't remember where; I may have read it in one of the newsletters from a mailing list, that some scientist somewhere has a theory that the earth as a whole has consciousness. The whole planet is really one being.  That should come as no surprise to you, brethren. What's the name of the being who is appearing in this hour as this planet including the grass, the trees and the animals thereon. Who's our foundation? Who has incarnated us?

            The serpent. So some scientist somewhere has this revelation that the whole earth has a consciousness. He's right. Human beings, basically from a physical standpoint, we are our nervous system. We can live without both arms and both legs. We are basically our nervous system and a few other necessary organs. So does the serpent who is incarnated as the earth, have aspects of this earth that she can live without, that do not have an aspect of consciousness that are only under the control of her mind. Think of a human being. I want you to understand this. Our mind and our brain controls the whole physical body. We could be completely paralyzed. Our kidneys could not be working. We could be on kidney cleansing machines, dialysis.

            Our heart could not be working.  We could have a false heart pumping. Your lungs could not be working. They have machines that pump your lungs. What you need to be alive and I'm excluding brain death, the condition of coma right now, what you need to be alive is a mind and the mind operates through brain. So if this whole world is the serpent, please don't come to me and say what are you talking about Sheila? That tree over there is not alive. I can cut it down and rip it out. Right, you can cut off my arm and rip it out and I'm still alive.  The nervous system, the essential part of the being who is this world (and not only this world, but all of the universes associated with it) her brain exists in man. There are animals out there who are not equal to man. They may be equal to one of her systems, I really don't know; her expiatory system, I don't know. But her brain and her mind, which is essential, is manifesting out of humanity. Did I make my point? There is matter and there is antimatter. If Jesus releases the potential for spiritual power in us without the proper cleansing, we will be worse than we were before He gave us any power.

            Therefore brethren, the judgment is essential before we can receive power. When the Holy Ghost comes upon you, you shall receive power. Yes, you receive it in a series of measures.  I don't know anybody today who is filled up with the Holy Ghost. I don't know anybody that's baptized with the Holy Ghost. We have all received a measure of the Holy Ghost. I suggest to you that there really aren't even seven seals, that it's just one seal with seven parts to it. There's a tremendous reservoir of power within us waiting to be released. I've heard stories of people in Hare Krishna or other groups trying to ascend to what they call the tenth level and becoming insane.

            There must have been some conflict between the released energy and the impurities in them. Jesus will not release His energy in us unless we are ready for it. Very few are ready for it. That's why judgment is coming upon the whole church. It is already falling. It's just not recognized by the majority. It's falling very heavily and we're headed for a big crash in the next couple of years, if not sooner.  Today both the serpent and Christ Jesus are trying or would like to open the seven part seal that is covering over mortal man's spiritual potential. Jesus Christ, now in the form of the last Adam, enters into an individual man (that's an individual black hole) and focuses all of his efforts upon engrafting himself to the corpus callosum. We've had several messages on the corpus callosum. If you're following this series, you should have pictures of the corpus callosum. It is an organ, if that's the right word, that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.

            When the spirit controlling the corpus callosum is strong enough, he can fully utilize both hemispheres of the brain. If that ever happens to you, you will be a genius. I believe that's the condition of the man in full stature. We have two spirits in the earth. We know that the serpent is not truly a spirit.  Just to not complicate things, I'll say that she's a spirit. We have a male and a female spirit in humanity today, both intending to release man's spiritual potential which occurs through a series of experiences that can be broken down actually into much more than seven parts. Each of the seven parts can be broken down into many parts. When the Holy Spirit comes into your life, he enters into your physical being and he floats around your physical being, but his intention is to engraft himself to the corpus callosum.

            Because he who rules from the corpus callosum rules all of you. It is as if to say, he who sits on the moon rules the whole planet. You just sit there and wait for the earth to turn around and throw down either bombs or something good. He who rules from the high place rules the whole man. Right now there's a criminal spirit ruling from the corpus callosum. Does anybody know the name of the criminal spirit that is the god of this world? Satan is the criminal spirit who is the god of this world and Cain is her ancestor.  We're talking about different generations. In this hour, Cain is in the form of Satan and Leviathan. In this ring of the creation, if you're thinking in terms of orbitals, way out here in this extraneous place that was established down here in this black hole; Satan.

            Cain is in the form of Satan ruling in this generation. She is occupying the corpus callosum. I'm told that we only use five or ten percent of our brain. If you can think of the brain as a computer room and the spirit that's ruling it as a man who is sitting in a room which is wall to wall computers, A frames, the kind you see on Star Trek. I'm not talking about personal computers.  Depending on the ability of the man, or the extent to which these computers can manipulate and control the whole ship, if you're thinking of a star ship, is directly related to the ability of the man programming and manipulating the computers. These beings which we are, these bodies, these brains, have the potential to be geniuses. Scientists know that. They just can't figure out why we're not geniuses. I submit to you that the reason we are not geniuses is that the wrong person is sitting at the controls of our brain.

            Not only is she a criminal spirit, she is a retarded spirit, and technically not a spirit at all. The geniuses of our race are retarded in comparison to what we are suppose to be. So that means the majority of us are sub-retarded. There are different degrees of retardation, I believe. The woman sitting at the controls of your brain ensconced in the corpus callosum is not powerful enough to make you a genius. When she gets strong enough in some individuals to show some sign of ingenuity, it's usually criminal. Ingenuity that comes from Satan is criminal. Have you not heard that most criminals are brilliant? If they would just focus themselves and direct themselves towards positive pursuits, they probably would make a lot of money in the world and be very successful.  But there's something wrong inside them, in their brains. So we have someone who stole the creation, who formed it in her own image and is appearing in this world today in the form of the god of this world known as Satan, who is not equipped to get the best out of this creation. 

            Did you ever hear of someone talking about a man's business, saying, to get the best out of your employees, this is how you deal with them; this is how you talk to them. How to get the best out of your wife; how to get the best out of your husband; how to get the best out of your children; how you help people to be the best that they can be. Satan needs a Dale Carnegie Course. She doesn't know how.  If left to her own devices, she comes in with division and hatred and rage and destruction and death. She is the ultimate manifestation of the Peter Principle. Someone wrote a book once and called it the Peter Principle. He was talking about corporate America, which is a jungle; a jungle of greed and any kind of ungodly methods to get ahead. As everybody ascends up the corporate ladder; you do a good job and you get a promotion; you do a good job and you get a promotion until you arrive at the place where you are not doing a good enough job to get a promotion and you stay at that place.

            But you are not doing a good job. If you didn't get that last promotion, you were doing a supreme excellent job, but now you've been promoted and you are not doing the job. No one is going to demote you. See, everybody ascends to their highest point of incompetence and remains there. It's called the Peter Principle. That's how Satan works. So you found that funny. It's very true. Jesus Christ in the form of the last Adam enters into a man who is a black hole and focuses all of his efforts on engrafting himself to the corpus callosum because when Jesus Christ, in the form of the Holy Spirit, enters into you, he does not immediately engraft. There are some people who spend their whole life and die without the Holy Spirit ever having engrafted to them. You see, the only thing that's automatic, if you can even call it automatic, is that the Holy Spirit is a free gift. After that, you are the host, because now there's three of you.  

            There's the serpent in you, who's experiencing an existence in what you would call your unconscious mind and you're not even aware of her. Then there's you who's experiencing an existence out here in outer darkness. The serpent is aware of you, but you're not aware of her. Now if Christ Jesus is conceived in you, if the Holy Spirit engrafts to you and Christ Jesus, your new man, starts growing in you, you are a tri-part being. My goodness, my enemies flip out when I say that we're double minded. Wait until they hear this tri-part being, but it's the truth. You, the person who's living out here in outer darkness; you have the balance of power with regard to your own life.

            Choose ye this day, good or evil. Choose ye this day, a curse or a blessing. Whichever way you direct this external life that you're living, it's going to put the balance of power into your whole life.  It's going to affect all of your descendants and all of your existing relatives. But you, the host, that has two spiritual beings, your old man and your new man living within you, you can choose. In this hour, if you choose the curse, most likely Jesus is going to let you go. He can do anything. I can't tell you what He will do or won't do. But as a general rule in this hour, if you choose the curse, if you choose to walk away from Him, He's not chasing after you. He may have mercy on someone who is really ignorant and walking away not knowing what they're doing.

            But brethren, having tasted of the good things of the age to come and the powers of the age to come; having received a glimpse of the world to come, to walk away from Him; it's not likely He's going after you. Because you have made a conscious decision that you choose the evil. So be it unto you. So, when the Holy Spirit enters into you, it's a warfare to engraft to the corpus callosum. It's a warfare. Why? Because Satan is already there. What does the King James say? And as Jesus came up out of the water, He was caught up in the spirit to a high place where He had a confrontation.  A high place, into a high mountain, where He had a confrontation with Satan and Satan said, you're not going to stand here. I suggest to you, the high place was the brain and they were both standing on the corpus callosum and Jesus backed Satan down.

            Christ Jesus, the man Jesus' new mind, which had just risen in spiritual power, was not blown away by the antimatter. But He drove the negative energy away for a season. It was not time to destroy the negative energy. Why? Because Satan is a part of the whole old man which includes the physical being and it was not time for Jesus to be glorified. He had work to do on the earth in His physical body. So it's a war for the Holy Spirit to engraft. Then once he engrafts it is a war for him to stay there.  Satan is trying to get him out of there every second of every minute of every hour of every day. If you are being persecuted for righteousness sake, he's entrenching himself and establishing himself in the form of Christ Jesus, who is a tree of life growing in your brain which is the garden of Eden.

            If you're being persecuted because you are an obnoxious person and you are lying to yourself and you believe that you are being persecuted for righteousness sake when you're abusing everybody around you, you're just a fool because at the end of the day you're going to find out who's sitting in your corpus callosum and it's not going to be Jesus. I see that corpus callosum. I see it as a seat in a tremendous space ship. It's amazing. I just have this vision; it's quite awesome. Once the Holy Spirit, who is the glorified Jesus Christ, once he engrafts himself to the corpus callosum, he then implants the seedling Christ Jesus in (I suggest to you) the Mount of Olives, which is the brain.

            Now how does he plant, how does he stay in the corpus callosum and plant the tree of life in the brain? The Holy Spirit comes in the form of a particle stream. The study of physics calls it a particle stream. It's made up of many photons of light, the way we count light.  The quanta or that which we count when we're measuring light is a photon. The measuring unit is a photon. It's not a meter, it's not an inch, it's not an ounce, it's a photon. Photons travel bundled together, many of them bundled together. They're little bags of energy. When many many many of them are together traveling, just like you see birds traveling in formation; when many bundles of photons travel together, what you see is a sun beam or a stream of light.

            But it's really made up of many particles acting like a wave. When you see a sun beam, it's a wave. It's made up of many particles, many photons, acting like a wave. We've had a lot of physics here. We know that waves can act like particles and particles can act like waves under different sets of circumstances.  So if the Holy Spirit is a stream of particles and he sits himself in the corpus callosum, it's no problem for some of the photons in his particle stream to reach out to other portions of the brain and sow the seed of the tree of life. So we might put it this way. Once Christ Jesus starts to form in the person, the spirit of Christ is sitting at the controls in the corpus callosum (that's the unconscious mind) and Christ Jesus, your new man, is more forward, more in the fore brain, he's more in the consciousness that's coming forth in your new man. They're one particle stream. They're one particle stream. I want to suggest to you that the Spirit of Christ, he sits there in the corpus callosum and He sends his seeds all over your brain. He's still one particle stream. He's putting down runners for the vine that he is to grow all over your brain. 

            The end of the whole process is that there's one tree of life completely possessing your brain, but it's many trees. What does Ezekiel say? It looks like one tree, but he looked again and there were many trees on both sides of the river; many trees on both sides of the river.  Many trees growing out of your brain from the super root sitting at the controls of the corpus callosum, but when you get to the top of the brain or the personality, it's just one. We're looking at photograph marked number one. This is a picture of a human brain and you could see I have the longitudinal fissure marked. The longitudinal fissure runs from the top to the bottom of the brain and divides it into two hemispheres, left and right hemisphere. The corpus callosum is inside of the brain. If you could hold a brain in your hand you cannot see it. You have to cut the brain in half to see the corpus callosum.  

            But what it does, it connects the two hemispheres of the brain and that is where Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit in engrafting himself. Once he engrafts himself there, remember the Holy Spirit is a particle stream. He's made up of many bundles of photons, many many, many multiplicities of particles and he's streaming; he is continuously streaming. He is never standing still. So after he engrafts himself into the corpus callosum, the particles of his life are streaming over both the left and the right hemisphere. Because he who controls the corpus callosum controls both sides of the brain.  As his particle stream covers over the whole brain, I suggest to you it is as a woman who has just lain with her husband and the thousands of sperm are just flowing up her fallopian tubes to try to make contact with an egg. Now when the Holy Spirit first comes in, he doesn't necessarily remain in the brain.

            He can go into any part of the body. I don't really have a lot of information about where he goes when he first comes in at this time. But I do know that his goal is to engraft to the corpus callosum. When he engrafts there, he is just spraying his seed all over the brine. Wherever his seed roots, a tree of life begins to grow. This is what I suggest to you is what the prophet Ezekiel was talking about. Many trees, trees on the left side of the river and trees on the right side of the river, trees in the left hemisphere and trees growing out of the right hemisphere, but when you look at the brain as a whole, you have just got one tree of life.  Isn't that exciting? Isn't that exciting? I also would like to suggest to you that this particle stream is the river of life spoken about in Genesis 1.

            I do not yet have the revelation on what the four rivers, the four heads of the river would mean in this context. I don't have it yet, but I think at this time that the particle stream is coming out of the corpus callosum, which is the river of life, and two of the heads must go to the left hemisphere and two of the heads must go to the right hemisphere. I do not have any revelation on it right now, so we'll just wait until the Lord shows us that.  This is very exciting. What we're looking at is the brain of an enlightened man. The brain of an enlightened man. In our jargon we would call it full stature. Hindu philosophy calls it the brain of a cosmic man.

            New Age philosophy which is pretty much in sync with Hindu philosophy calls it the brain of a cosmic man and then in some circles of New Age philosophy, they would say this is the brain of homo Universalists. We are homo sapiens. This is the brain of the next stage of evolved man, homo universalists. If ever you hear these terms, what it means to you is full stature.  That's what they are talking about. You can call it any name you want, as long as you know what you are talking about and you understand what it is. It's talking about a brain that is infused with an enlightened mind. Your brain is organic and your mind is spiritual and they work together. The tree of life is your mind and the brain with the two hemispheres is a part of your physical body.

            The mind that possesses your brain depends upon who and what you are. It also determines how much spiritual power you will have and pretty much what your life will be. I think that is very exciting. The Holy Spirit engrafts himself to the corpus callosum. He plants the seedling Christ Jesus in the mount of Olives.  I'm calling the brain the mount of olives and although we won't do it tonight, we're going to translate that scripture Zechariah 14:4 which says; And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of olives which is before Jerusalem on the east and the mount of olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west and there shall be a very great valley and half of the mountain shall be moved toward the north and half of it toward the south. I've been fascinated with that verse for years.  I've been asking the Lord what it means for years and I suggest that the mount of olives is the brain, olives typifying olive tree. If you look up that Hebrew word translated olives, it can also be translated olive tree. It's the same word. It's the mountain where the olive tree is. We in this ministry know that the olive tree is the tree of life. The tree of live is not an apple tree, but an olive tree. The Lord showed us that secret a ways back.

            So I suggest to you the brain is the mountain where the olive tree, which is the tree of life, grows.  The last Adam, that's the Holy Spirit, and Christ Jesus, that's the embryo that he's implanting, which is the tree of life, co-exist together through the first two stages of resurrection. For the first two stages of resurrection they are independent but co-existing. The Holy Spirit which is the Lord Jesus Christ, he becomes the Spirit of Christ when Christ Jesus begins to develop in you. But they co-exist as individual, although complimentary entities, until glorification I'm so excited with this translation of Zechariah 14:4. I'd just like to add the alternate translation to this message before I end it. And in that day the eternal anointing (that's the Holy Spirit) shall break forth and the first Adam shall rise from the dead in the sons of God and the Spirit of Christ shall break forth in the midst of their brain (that's the corpus callosum in the midst of their brain) and stabilize them and he shall maintain his upright position and the vehement insolent valley of the visible physical world which leans towards the dark spirit, Satan, shall depart from the midst of their brain (that's the corpus callosum) and the visible spiritual world shall be in the midst of their brain, the corpus callosum.  

            We're going to translate that verse and I'm going to show you how I got that translation. I think this is just so very exciting. I'll just make one more offer to answer questions or comments. Question: You have the particle stream in the red and you have it pointed on the right side of the brain. Is there a reason for that? Sheila: No, the particle stream are all of these lines, both red and black. Remember that the particle stream is dispersing itself. The seed is falling everywhere. Comment: When you were talking about oil, I got a mental image of an oil well just coming up and shooting out from a black hole.  Sheila: Very exciting. Comment: You also have the particle stream in the black. Sheila: I started out drawing everything in black and then I decided that the corpus callosum was in black and that I would overwrite it in red to show that the Holy Spirit was engrafting to the corpus callosum and then I just put some of these lines in red too. That's all that it means. Okay, we've just made some revisions to our photograph #1.

            At the bottom of the drawing, we've added four names by which the man in whom this brain is appearing can be described. One of those names is scriptural, full stature. Actually, that is not technically a scriptural name. There is a scripture where Paul exhorts us to arise to the fullest of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, there's a split in the church. Some people who are being as faithful as they could be think that it's heresy and blasphemy to think that we could be as God, but I don't think so. I think it's the promise of the scripture that we should return to our original state and then go on from there.  

            Our original state, being Adam, the living soul, the first Adam, and to go on from there to be the last Adam, when we shall be glorified with him. There is a scripture that says we shall be glorified with him. The whole problem with these people in the church (and they are as faithful as they could be: I'm not against them) they think that all this happens after death. They know that the scripture says that we're going to be glorified with him, but they believe it cannot be in the flesh. So this condition of this brain with the many trees growing out of it and the many trees together and they're growing on both sides of the river, the longitudinal fissure signifying the place of the river.  

            As I told you before I don't have the revelation on the four heads of the rivers yet, but I'm sure the Lord will give it to us. So we see this man; he is enlightened. All of his spiritual energy is abiding in his brain. You see, brethren, everyone is born with a measure of spiritual energy and this energy is dispersed throughout your being depending on where you dwell. Now the first time I ever heard that scripture where two of the disciples said to Jesus, where do you dwell, Master. I never could get it out of my mind why they would ask Him that. I thought they wanted to know where He slept or where His house was. But I knew it didn't sound right. So it says to me that the disciples in Jesus' day had a revelation that we dwell at different spiritual levels. It's in the scripture, if you have ears to hear. As we are all given a measure of faith, we're all given a measure of spiritual energy and it can be dispersed throughout our whole being. It can be continuously being wasted through sexual activity. 

            I'm sorry, there's no way I'm going to get away from this reputation that I'm a dried up old prune that doesn't like sex, but it's not true. Anyone who knows anything about spiritual things will tell you this. It's just not popularly told in the church that when you use up your spiritual energy in sexuality, it cannot be used to enlighten your brain because either it goes down or it goes up. There's nothing wrong with sex.  There's nothing bad with sex. It's legal in marriage, but if you use your spiritual energy to go down, it's not going to go up. It's as simple as that fact. So the picture of this brain is a man whose measure of spiritual energy is completely dwelling in his brain. It's also a picture of the brain of a eunuch. Jesus clearly said, some people make themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of God's sake. What does that mean? It means to have a brain in this condition where your brain is the tree of life; it is impossible to be sexually active and to have a brain that is a tree of life. Why?

            Because the brain out of which the tree of life is growing is a brain which is saturated with every last drop of the spiritual energy that you're given at birth. There isn't anything left for sexual activity, you see. For so long as you are engaged in sexual activity, you can only have a partial experience of enlightenment because you are dividing the substance, all of which is needed to make you a totally enlightened man with full dominion over heaven and earth. Does anybody not know what I just said? Question: How do you compare spiritual energy to sexual energy? Sheila: The sexual and spiritual energy are all the same energy.  We are all born with this measure of spiritual energy. I don't have another board, but when you get a chance, you'll look over all the diagrams that I will have for you. If you can imagine the spinal column here, the sexual energy flows through the whole nervous system from the brain down to the bottom of the spinal column. When we're using this energy in sexual activity our spiritual energy abides in the lower part of our body and it abides there if we are actively engaged in sexual activity.

            The whole point of this enlightened brain is a man whose full measure of spiritual energy, which can go either down or up, is abiding in his brain.  Did I make it clear? It's the same energy. So just as we could fall down to the pits of hell like I believe sex addicts have in this country. I don't know if you have sex addicts in Nigeria. We have sex addicts here in this country and in New York I saw a TV show the other day with a 16 year old girl who says she works every minute she can and she spends every dollar that she makes to pay for motel rooms to go and have sex. So we have sex addicts in this country.  

            So we see that the population is polarizing. To have what is called a balanced lifestyle; a sex life and a spiritual life can be done, but humanity is polarizing and it's coming to a head in this country; people coming to the point where they will be dwelling almost totally in their lower parts. Let me put this another way. For centuries we have had the majority of humanity leading a balanced life. Many people having a healthy sexual life with their mates and some spirituality, but the time for this is coming to an end, you see. This condition, having a sexual life and a spiritual life, the scripture recognizes or the scripture likens to children who have not yet sexually differentiated. They have not yet sexually differentiated.

            They all have primary sexual characteristics of one or the other (hopefully they don't have both) but like little boys could like to play with a doll; a little girl could be a tom girl; there's a mixture. Spiritually speaking, all of these years that humanity has been mixing sexuality and spirituality, they've been as sexually undifferentiated children. Am I making myself clear? But we're told in the Song of Solomon, the time for love has arrived; the time for spiritual love has arrived. We're growing up and the creation is maturing and we're into puberty, whether we want to be or not and it's going to be on an individual basis, just as the Holy Spirit is received on an individual basis. We're going to be maturing on an individual basis. Some will be resurrected unto everlasting life with a brain in full stature in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

            Others will be resurrected unto the shame of damnation. I don't have this on the board, but there's also a full stature of evil. It's happening.  It's all over the TV. A gorgeous 16 year old girl working her fingers to the bone to pay for motel rooms to pay for sex. To me that's hell. So her energy is going all the way down. When sexuality totally preoccupies your mind, there is no room for spirituality at all. So we see it going to an extreme in this case, but it's also going to go to the other extreme. There are going to be men standing up with their full spiritual energy in their brain. It's going to go one way or the other. So I'm very sorry for that young lady, but it's a sign that humanity is polarizing.  Did I make it clear? This is what we have on the board. Out of all these names; full stature, homo universalists, cosmic man and enlightened man; all of these four names are talking about a similar condition of the brain.

            The only difference is these three names; homo universalists, cosmic man and enlightened man arrive at this condition by the serpent's power. The one who is in full stature in Christ Jesus in accordance with Zechariah 14:4 has arrived at this condition in the power of Jesus Christ. It is going to be, in my opinion, virtually impossible to tell the difference unless Jesus Christ tells you. It's going to be impossible to tell the difference between the people in a full stature of goodness and those in full stature because of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way it is going to be revealed is when this world goes out like a light and ceases to exist.

            These people in the full stature of goodness will cease to exist because the only ones who are going to continue on are the people who have a part in the other world. I don't know about you but the way I've always heard this preached is as if I have my part in the other world if I have my lot or my inheritance there. No, there has got to be a part of me dwelling in another dimension at the same time that I'm here. When this dimension ceases to exist I will continue to exist in the other dimension because a part of me is in it, you see. It's not that I have an inheritance there.  

            That part of me is there. So who is going to stand up in a full stature of goodness? Well I really cannot name names of organizations. I cannot say that everyone that is Christian is going to wind up in a full stature in Christ Jesus and everyone in the New Age or into Hindu philosophy is going to wind up in a full stature of goodness. I can't tell you that because that's probably not true. Where you wind up depends on the spirit that you're connected with. It depends upon the spirit that you are connected with. But I will give you some signs to look for. Where there is no confession of sin and repentance, it is highly unlikely that that person is enlightened in Christ Jesus. I'll tell you the major clue that you are dealing with a spirit that is not Christ Jesus is that the philosophy, the doctrine that's teaching you, denies Christ Jesus.

            They talk about Jesus Christ.  They talk about the Holy Spirit. They talk about the Kingdom of God. They talk about the Father. I just read a kingdom preacher's newsletter. He talked about sin. He talked about judgment. He talked about all these things, but he left out Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. The snare in the doctrine is that he said we are Christ, not because we had the seeds of the Holy Spirit's particle stream seed us and engraft to us; no, we're Christ because we are born that way. He is saying that the human spirit of man that is a withered arm, that is separated from Jehovah is Christ and that there is no sin, no confession and no repentance.

            Because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, every human being that is existing on the face of the earth will ascend to this condition of enlightenment. That's what he is preaching. I'm not preaching that. You have to understand this because when you hear these people talk you've got to have discernment. I get letters all the time. They say I'm preaching the same thing. I'm not; I'm preaching the exact opposite. You can't get in without Christ Jesus. On part 10 of this message, I'm going to demonstrate to you why and give you scriptures to show you men over the centuries who have stood up in full stature. In the Old Testament it wouldn't be called the Holy Spirit. I have a teaching for you on that, although I'm not going to do it tonight. In the Old Testament the scripture usually says the Angel of the Lord. In our account of Elijah falling down, the angel came back and raised him back up to full stature.

            Why didn't he stay there?  Why didn't Noah stay in full stature? Why didn't Shem, Ham and Japheth stay in full stature? Now we recently found out that Lot was caught up to full stature and he didn't stay there either. How come? Because the Angel of the Lord of the Old Testament can get you up there, but He can't keep you up there. The Holy Spirit can get you up there, but He can't keep you up there. Only Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, who is rooted and growing out of your brain can keep you there. So they're preaching a false message, you see.

            There's no way Christ Jesus is going to be growing out of your brain if you are not confessing your sin and repenting and they're denying sin. This minister even talked about the fall. He named every name that's pertinent to this message except Christ Jesus and confession and repentance. My heart breaks. I'm not knocking him. I'm just giving you the facts.  I read his newsletter and this is my opinion of his newsletter and I'm very sad to tell you this. You know, several years ago, I read a couple of messages by some well known kingdom preachers. One of them in particular was having experiences similar to mine and I didn't understand it. I said, Lord, if this is true (if what I'm thinking is wrong, I want to know) that this message cannot be coming out of Christ Jesus, how come he is having the same spiritual experiences that I'm having?

            Now we know, he is arising; he is a full stature of goodness. It looks just like the real thing. You can't tell. You can't tell.  We were at a convention recently. The Lord gave us a prophesy at dinner. There's a spirit of divination that's going to appear in this convention. It didn't come until the following night. I want to tell you that if the Lord hadn't told me I never would have discerned it. I may have discerned it later, but I don't think I would have discerned it on the spot. The major overriding characteristic of that service with signs and wonders was no call for repentance.

            I want to tell you (talk about an angel of light) it sure looked like the real thing; felt like the real thing, but was the wrong thing. I don't want to go on forever. Did I make this clear? Comment: Would you explain the particle stream? Sheila: In the studies of physics that the Lord has given us to apply to this spiritual study, we found out that a beam of light is really made up of many particles; that just about everything in the universe, no matter how solid it looks it is made up of particles.  The quanta or the name by which we count how many particles for light is called a photon.

            Photons are particles of light; not inches, not meters; they're photons. They travel bundled together in clumps, photons bundled together in clumps, little bundles of energy. They're are thousands of these bundles of energy, that when they are all bundled together, that to our mortal eye, we see a stream of light. But it's really a particle. A light beam is a series of particles acting like waves. Now quantum mechanics teaches that particles frequently act like waves and waves frequently act like particles depending upon the circumstances that they're confronting.

            So these particles of light called photons bundled together are acting like a wave in that they spread out and that they're not in any one isolated point. They're spreading out. So if the Holy Spirit is landing at the corpus callosum, he's diffusing through the whole brain.  



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