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I am not really sure where we stopped on Part 9 so there may be some repetition here at the beginning, and we were talking about both the serpent and Christ Jesus in this hour trying to open the seven part seal that is covering over mortal man's spiritual potential. Jesus Christ, in the form of the last Adam, enters into a man and the individual man is a black hole.

            We covered all of this on Part 9. He enters into the individual black hole which is a mortal man, and He focuses all of his efforts on engrafting Himself to the corpus callosum which is the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres. The indication being that the operation of the two hemispheres of the brain at the same time produces tremendous power to the individual in which this is occurring, and once the Lord Jesus Christ engrafts Himself to the corpus callosum He implants the seedling, Christ Jesus, in the Mount of Olives which I call the mountain of life which I suggest to you is the brain, and let me remind you the way Jesus Christ does this is by His very nature being a particle stream. He is in the form of the Holy Spirit in this hour. He is not a particle. This whole concept of calling Him the Holy Spirit in His present form is very useful in our understanding that Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ and who was glorified is no longer a particle. He is no longer one man. This was the whole purpose of his crucifixion, this was the sacrifice that He made, He gave up His existence as Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ in which condition He could have lived forever. He could have lived above the sin of this world. He could have had a very prosperous life, but He gave that up so that He could be glorified, and glorification is an event which changed His form.

            It changed His form, if you want to be in sync with the physics we are teaching here, from particle to wave. He is now no longer restricted to one place. He is now omnipotent, He is all powerful, He is omniscient, He is everywhere at the same time, He's spread out. So even when He engrafts Himself, let me go a little further with this. He is spread out, He is omniscient and He is now in the form of a wave or a particle stream, a series of light particles called photons which bundle together.

            There are thousands, probably millions or trillions of them. I really don't know involved in the formation of a light stream or involved in the measure of the Holy Spirit which has entered into your black hole. He has not come in as the man, Jesus of Nazareth. He has come in as a light beam, a light beam, which is made up of probably trillions of photons, of particles of light. So if He engrafts Himself to your corpus callosum that means there are still emanations coming from Him that are probably emanating over the whole brain.

            There is a lot of information I don't have yet. I am trying to think of an example to give you. O.K., how about a light bulb, if you look at a light bulb that's lit the light bulb is the main source of light, and it is the brightest area but the rays of light can go for large distances so when the Holy Spirit engrafts to your corpus callosum He is still radiating from that place and in His radiation that we have talked about, electromagnetic radiation, we have done a lot of work on this. In His radiation there are parts of Him which are still going forth covering the whole brain, perhaps the whole body, I don't even know, and in this radiation are many thousands, millions, trillions of photons which are seeds which are seeding your whole brain and in a war to take authority over your whole brain because your brain is the controller of your person. It is surely the controller of your body. It is the controller of your emotions. There is no experience, no demand that you can experience at the hands of external stimuli that you cannot experience as a results of the correct area of your brain being manipulated. So He who controls your brain controls your whole experience in this world, controls pain, controls pleasure, and controls which spirit world you are in. The real one or the lie. Somebody asked me the other day how I got into all this teaching on the brain, and I won't repeat that on this message but I will tell you this that the Lord witnessed to my heart that's what I have been preaching for a long time, but sometimes you are saying things but you don't really get it until you really get it, a light bulb goes off in your head and I have been preaching for a long time that the creation was spirit, and it became solid.

            I have been preaching that for as long as I've been preaching, nine years. Well, if that which is spirit became solid then everything that was in the spirit must now be in some solid form, and if there was a garden in the spirit there has to be a garden that's solid, and if there was a tree in the spirit there has to be a tree that's manifesting somehow in our solid form, and even the man to whom Jesus restored sight, the first thing that he said was, I see men walking as trees, and then it says that Jesus, did He pray again or did He apply more soil, I don't even remember, but He did whatever He did again. Now for a long time I thought that Jesus just didn't have His skills perfected yet and whatever He did to this man to make Him see men walking as trees He just had not done enough of it so He applied another application and the man saw men. I don't believe that any more. First, the man saw with spiritual sight and then he saw with natural sight.

            He saw spiritually speaking that men were walking as trees or they were walking under the authority of the tree or they were walking under the authority of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He saw that men were under the dominion of the tree, if you can hear it. If you can't it is o.k. And Jesus went a step further and then the man saw with his physical eyes. So a light bulb just went off in my head. I knew that the human spirit was inside of man and since we have been studying along these lines, applying the laws of physics and Quantum Mechanics to spiritual things, we have had some more revelation. I have told you in previous messages that I believe Satan is in the blood. Why? Because Satan is liquid. We found out that Satan is the sea. She is liquid. Leviathan is the animal in the sea. He is solid. Leviathan is the conscious mind. Satan is the unconscious mind. If she is liquid she must be in the fluids of the body, and who is Satan? Satan is the incarnation of the serpent in this level in which we exist so if the serpent has founded us, and I believe this is the case as Jesus clearly told the Pharisees they were vipers. They were the offspring of the serpent. That is what He was saying to them. So if the serpent has founded us and the serpent has incarnated us, she must be somewhere within us and if she is the one that has founded us a loss of connection with her must result in our ceasing to exist. So why is it when all the blood flows out of your body that you cease to exist? Now this is just where I am. I am following my nose. It sounds good right now.

            Recently, the Lord has been witnessing to me that for those of you that need a witness that Satan is the salt sea and that Satan is within us, the Lord told me this is why our tears are salty. The salt sea is within us. She is within us. Everything that we preached about, all of these abstract concepts that I put on the board for you, a light just went off in my head. Everything I taught you is going on inside of us and going on largely within the most necessary aspects of our being, our nervous system, our blood.

            Of course, the brain is a part of the nervous system and I know we can't live without lungs and a heart but I don't have any revelation on that right now. Just that I see the operation of the powers and principalities of this world which have founded us in our nervous system and in our blood. That is what I am seeing at this time, and it was a tremendous revelation for me. There was always a big gap in what I was teaching and what I believed and how I was going to relate it to our life, and for years I was asking the Lord, when is this full stature coming, how will we ascend? He told me that for years I had a rapture theory, a rapture mentality, that I was not going to wake up one morning and be in full stature, but I didn't really understand it. Then not too long ago we had a revelation that came down that we are going to walk into the Kingdom, the Kingdom being full stature.

            What does that mean? We are going to walk into the Kingdom through an ongoing experience of maturation, and that every part of us has to mature, that we could be the most spiritually mature person and we will not get into the Kingdom if the part of us that is not spiritual does not mature, and the way it came forth, I think it was either in Genesis 6 or 7 is that Cain has to mature as well as Abel, and Cain is the name we are using right now for our physical carnal person. Cain is the one who has to mature socially, has to mature intellectually, has to mature in every area. This is why we must learn to relate to one another. In this ministry this is one of the most well rounded ministry I have ever seen. We are being taught manners, we are being taught to be polite to one another, we are being taught how to communicate correctly with one another. It is not acceptable in this ministry to communicate a thought that results in the people that you are talking to not understanding what you are talking about.

            We are working on that here, how we can say things that accurately express what we are thinking or what we require from the other person. The whole man is being worked on in this ministry because that is the only way we are getting into the Kingdom. The whole man is going through, so I was teaching that but it wasn't until not too long ago, a couple of months ago, that I got this strong revelation that the powers and principalities of our world which I knew were within us are operating in our own nervous system very powerfully, and that the brain is the organ through which they are controlling us because we are carnal. When we are glorified and we ascend out of this body we won't have a brain any more so there will have to be another mechanism which I don't know about. But right now we are carnal, right now we are solid, right now we are in an animal body, right now we have a nervous system which is the controller of our very being.

            Where else would the powers and principalities of this world be? I just never thought of it before. I want to tell you Brethren that there is so much knowledge and information that we are capable of understanding right now, but we just don't think about it. We just don't think about it, and there have been so many things the Lord has told me, I said, my goodness that is so simple, why didn't I think of it? Well that is the whole point I didn't think of it. If you want to relate it to this world, something as simple as a paper clip or a zipper made a trillionaire out of the man who thought of it. It is so simple, but he was the only one or the first one who thought of it. Creativity is in the Lord.

            So here we are, Quantum Mechanics in Creation, Part 10, and I am talking about the corpus callosum and the Holy Spirit implanting Himself to it, and the Holy Spirit has the authority, has the power and the authority to manipulate both sides of the brain at once. The lying spirit which is possessing the corpus callosum right now is Satan. She has possession of it, but she doesn't have the power or the authority to manipulate or to use it or to cause it to operate to her benefit to the extent that Jesus Christ does. She just doesn't have it. Why? Because she is a counterfeit. She is a counterfeit. So Jesus Christ does forth. He inhabits the corpus callosum. His light beams or His particle stream go forth and eventually cover the entire brain, seeding the brain with the many membered Tree of Life which we found in Ezekiel 14:4, I may have the wrong scripture. It was on the last message. He then goes forth in his warrior stance to open that man's sealed spiritual potential, and I don't believe that the Holy Spirit who was not engrafted, I don't believe that man in whom Christ Jesus is not maturing is going to have His spiritual potential unleashed, and we talked about this on the last part also because we are dealing with the principles of matter and antimatter here that we are negative. Brethren as mature as I am in Christ Jesus if I were to evaluate myself honestly I would have to tell you I am still a very negative person. Why do I say that? Because my power is so limited. I am more, even though my mind is where it is, and the mind of Christ in me is very developed, but the rest of me has to catch up, and I am continuously on a course of overcoming weaknesses that exist in my human life, physical weaknesses, emotional weaknesses, and spiritual weaknesses, weaknesses that exist on the spiritual level of this world. I have had many, o.k. I am waiting for Cain to catch up to Abel in me. Abel is very advanced. I'm teaching this glorious message.

            There isn't a day that I don't have to come in the areas that Jesus reveals to me weaknesses in my life. I am not balanced you see. None of us are balanced. I'm giving you myself as an example. I am not balanced. Better off to be in my condition with your spiritual man so advanced and Cain trailing behind you. That is a better place to be than Satan to be very developed in you, and your New Man Abel, to be trailing behind you. So I am in a good place, and I don't want anyone to misunderstand what I am saying, but the whole of us, we have to enter into the Kingdom in a complete form. You see if you have someone that's intensely spiritual that could know this whole doctrine, they could be doing signs and wonders, if they are ignorant socially and they are wounding people right and left because of their ignorance, Brethren this can only arise out of the sin nature. To be wounding people socially continuously because you are ignorant of what you are doing and you have never been taught the social amenities, this condition in your life can only arise out of the sin nature and the way your spiritual man is swallowing up your sin nature is by invalidating him. What does that mean? Your New Man must teach your old man to stop hurting people because it is only the sin of pride that hurts. You may be ignorant in what you are doing. This is your condition because of your whole life, but it is not acceptable to God. If you hope to enter into the Kingdom, all darkness must go and social ignorance is darkness, and this is how our old man is being swallowed up by our New Man. She, our old man is a she, is not going to be swallowed up in the ungodly condition she is in.

            Our old man, who was called Cain, is going to be socialized, is going to be taught, is going to be healed, and is going to be changed until she is an inoffensive Seraphim. Your spiritual man is responsible for every ignorant act of your old man, and there is no such excuse as, I didn't know. Well now you know. I just told you. If you want to walk into the Kingdom you have got to take authority over your old man and stop doing that. Oh but it is not that important, but you wounded your brother. There was no reason for it. Treat each other fairly and honestly and communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate. More hurts than not or frequent hurts come from a simple lack of communication which is a lack of courtesy.

            June came into me the first thing this morning and she said, Sheila we are eating out today. Because a couple of weeks ago no one thought to tell me, and I was standing around after the meeting not knowing, I didn't have any make up on that day, and I was waiting for them to cook dinner. No one intended to hurt me. Just total lack of communication, caused me some distress, just minor distress but definitely there was a conflict there, and she came in this morning she made a change.

            She said, Sheila we are going out to dinner today. I now have it in my mind, I can schedule my life, I can plan what I have to do because I have this information. So here is a perfect example of the necessity for socialization. It is all part of entering into the Kingdom, and anyone that is reading this message and chooses not to believe it, that is your choice but I am telling you, you are not going into the Kingdom being inconsiderate of people just because you didn't know that what you did was inconsiderate. You have to be told, which is the Judgment Seat of Christ, and then you have to start changing or it is going to hold you back. I don't care if you are mister spiritual, I don't care if you see visions, I don't care if you heal the sick, I don't care if you cast out demons, I don't care if you have it way up on me in this doctrine of Christ, I am telling you that spirit man of yours is not entering into the Kingdom without Cain and Cain is not entering in as an ignorant bull in the china shop. You are responsible for your old man. I don't hear this preached anywhere but I am telling you it is the truth.

            Sometimes it is necessary to cast out negative energies and matter that is spirits and demons before the seals can be opened and channeled to the developing embryo. This is important because when the seals that are opened the energy that is released is going to be channeled to the developing embryo, Christ Jesus, and I think the lord is telling me I didn't make my point. All of these ignorant things that we do, they all come forth in the form of negative energy because no matter how subtle it may be, depending on how well adjusted you are, I wasn't really upset that they didn't tell me that we were going out to dinner, but it caused a little consternation. I wasn't prepared to do what they were planning to do. They had included in me in their plans they just had not told me. However minimal the consternation was it gives off negative energy. It is a glitch in the smooth flowing of the day. So where ever the spiritual energy of Almighty God is released and meets negative energy, that is matter interacting with antimatter, they annihilate each other.

            So no matter how much spiritual energy you are receiving in this meeting, I had some body tell me once and these were their words, they were so lit up, lit up from these meetings, she didn't come on Thursdays, she came on Sunday, she was so lit up from these meetings it lasted her all week. What does that mean? There is tremendous outflow of spiritual energy in these meetings, of the spiritual energy of God. Let's just take some simple numbers as an example. Let's say we can use the number ten to indicate the measure of spiritual energy that is flowing forth here. If you have negativity in your mind you might not perceive it, I am not saying you are a negative person, it could be very subtle, let's say you have misunderstanding in your mind or some kind of distress because something I did annoyed you and I am subject to this too, any kind of negative energy in your mind and that measures up to a five.

            When the five points of negative energy come in contact with the ten points of spiritual energy of the Lord Jesus Christ there is an annihilation of half of the spiritual energy, five points, that you have received in this meeting. It is very important. Now when I first came into the church I met a lot of Pharisees, and I don't really use that word in a bad way. Pharisees are people who are truly trying, they are trying to be Christ like and they don't have the correct information. Behavior does count but it is what is going on in your heart. Good behavior is always wonderful, it is always advisable to have good behavior, but if your good behavior does not line up with your heart, if you are hating someone behind the good behavior it is going to hinder you from getting into the Kingdom. Of course, it is better to have good behavior than to be crude and rude and hitting people over the head.

            You know we can't do that but our heart has to line up with our mouth. If our heart does not line up with our mouth we are destroying everything that we are gaining from a meeting like this or from reading spiritual messages or from our own study, from our own relationship with Jesus Christ. Now we are not the same every day, but the Lord can categorize us, He can see to what degree we are dealing with our own negative energy. What is our own negative energy? Our own negative thoughts, our own negative emotions. When Jesus said to you, pray for the one who hates you and bless those who despitefully use you He wasn't saying be good or be nice. The message is so hidden in the scripture. He is saying, look I want to stand you up in full stature.

            I want you to be like I am. I want you to walk in this measure of power, but I cannot give it to you if you are retaliating against people who hurt you. I cannot give it to you if negative energy is continuously being generated in you without any resistance. I can't give it to you because when I give it to you, you are going to destroy it. Your negative energy which is antimatter will destroy what I am giving you and it could hurt you. We had an example of this on Part 9. I have two men in mind right now.

            Glorious ministries, powerful men of God. All of a sudden they disappear off the scene. Silence. What happened to them? Both of them I found out ran off from their wives and ran off with another woman. What happened? The negative energy, the antimatter, hit the glory that was flowing forth in their ministries, and there had to be undealt with sin in their mind and in their emotions because the energy that came through God was knocked right down. It was annihilated, and they were out of the ministry. Does that mean there is no hope of them ever coming back again? Does that mean Jesus has forsaken them forever? Of course not. But Brethren if you are one foot from the top of a fifty foot mountain and you fall down to the base of the mountain you have to start climbing again and some people will make it back up to the top again and others will not. So Satan has knocked those two men out of the ministry, and whatever their personal lives are like I don't know.

            We have a large reservoir of energy coming from God. It's God's energy, and it is in a sealed condition, and He is not releasing it if He knows that we are in a category, what is being categorized, what is being measured? Our warfare. Our warfare. To what degree are you taking every thought captive? To what degree are you casting down every imagination? To what degree are you confessing that this negative in your mind is sin? I want to tell you, you will never overcome your sin nature if you cannot confess that this is sin in you and petition the Lord Jesus to let you live out of your new nature.

You have got to admit that what you thought was wrong, you have to admit that what you said was wrong, you have to admit that what you did was wrong so that you can change so that the whole of you, Cain and Abel can walk into the Kingdom because if you are trying to change without admitting it is sin, now you are not supposed to be condemning yourself. A lot of people have trouble with that.

            They cannot admit they did something wrong without condemning themselves or they equate confession with condemnation. There is such a thing as confession without condemnation, and because they are protecting themselves against condemnation they don't want to confess their sins. Well, if this is your case you need prayer, you need understanding from God because it is just a device of Leviathan to stop you from confessing your sins. He is not releasing the energy unless the empty energy is being dealt with sufficiently. You know what's happening in the church today? We heard it in Pennsylvania.

            Fellowships all over the country, I think most of the new growth is in the United States. If you are not in the United States and that offends you, I am sorry, if I am wrong I will stand corrected but most of the growth in the church today, the latest thing that God is doing seems to be in the US, and the international Kingdom preachers, the ones with international newsletters, most of them, I can't say all of them, but most of them from what I can hear, they are wondering where is this power, where is this power? We have been preaching this doctrine for all these years, but there is the power? And because, I don't know if they haven't heard the message or they haven't heard from God or because it is the pride of their own mind. I am not here to judge anybody that I can't see, but if they don't have the power, let me back up, what they are doing as a group, they've drawn the conclusion that the reason that there is no power is that the whole of humanity has to ascend as one man.

            That's what they are preaching. There is no power so we all come together as one man and descend as one man; therefore, you have to agree with my doctrine whether you like it or not because I can't go up without you.

Now I remember going back a year or so ago, as I said I lost track of time, whenever it was, I used to believe we would all be glorified as one man, but the Lord told me at least a year ago, before I heard any of this coming from the other ministries, the Lord told me, no, as you received the Holy Ghost individually, as we received reconciliation individually, we will be glorified individually, we will receive power individually, and I was stuck, you see, I couldn't understand how we would be glorified individually because I was of the opinion at the time that at the point of the glorification of the whole of humanity that this physical visible world would roll up like a scroll and the spiritual world would appear. So how could we be glorified one at a time? But I was just ignorant of spiritual things, and the Lord showed me that it is possible to be glorified individually, that Jesus Christ could be standing in the midst of right now. Didn't He say that He was in heaven while He was on the earth? Didn't He walk on the water, wasn't He in the world without being subject to this world?

            So we will be glorified individually, we will receive power individually, and this lie that is going through the church today that the reason all these preachers haven't received power is because you have to come too, and if you start reading the literature that's flooding over the country what they are saying is that everyone who doesn't believe what I say is going to come anyway because I am going to pray you in, I'll use mind control on you and I'll change your mind. Better get ready Brethren because I want to tell you that if we don't have more power than I have right now I don't know how we would stand. Right now, I am not ashamed to tell you that I am hiding from strong minds. I am hiding from them. I don't want them to know I'm here because I am not strong enough to stand against, however many people I don't know, I don't know who is praying against me now with all of our work on the internet, but I know I need Jesus every day. Jesus has not hidden us for no reason. We have got to get stronger because this scourge is coming on the earth, and the Lord has shown me, it's in the literature. This whole concept is being woven into novels which reach #1 on the New York Times best seller list. People think they are just reading stories but the seeds of it are going into their mind. Let me tell you something Brethren and don't ever forget this, your walk is with Jesus Christ. If He puts you with other Brethren your walk is with other Brethren but if every one of them fall away Jesus Christ is your anchor, and if you are the only person left He is able to save you. You do not need all of humanity to come in with you. You do not need to take on that burden yourself nor do you need anything to do with sin of mind control and witchcraft which is involved in forcing them to come with you because you cannot enter in without them. This is an abomination to the Lord.

            Well, I'm doing it again. I am still on the first paragraph. We are talking about negative energy, the necessity of negative energies being cast out of us before the spiritual reservoir that is contained in the seven fold seal can be revealed or produced. If you are looking to have energy released in you through the methods of New Age philosophy, through the stirring up of the serpent called Kundalini, you won't run into this problem because it is all the energy of the powers and principalities of this world. You will never get the power if you can't admit that you are negative. You see where the pride is in this. You will never get the power from Jesus unless you can admit that your present condition is negative, a condition of antimatter that will destroy whatever He releases in you at the moment of its release unless you are prepared to and already dealing with the negativity which you are. We are two men right now, and that is what the church is supposed to be doing. What we are doing here, finding this out, learning how to deal with sin in our own minds, learning how to deal with sin in other people so that we don't respond in a manner that is sin unto us.

            Very few out there are doing it, brethren, and they won't receive the power. Why won't they receive it? Is Jesus a respecter of persons? No. If they do receive it they could be worse off than they are now. Now at least they are in Christ. If they are reconciled to Jesus Christ hopefully they are in a church, they are in a body, they are growing, they are learning, they are doing something. If the power was released there would be a tremendous explosion of energy and anti-energy and they will be bombed out of their whole walk. So, you see the judgment must come for our own sakes or we would be trapped in this black hole for the life of the ages. This is eternal torment right here and now. It is the age of torment, but Jehovah through His son, Jesus Christ, has declared it will not be an unending age. the unending age, the age which has no end, is the age of the Kingdom of God which will arise out of the dead root of this age. This will not be the age that lasts forever. It is a temporary age. When the energies are released through the opening of the seals that energy will be channeled to Christ Jesus, although Jesus Christ who will be possessing the corpus callosum in the form of the Spirit of Christ.

            See as Christ Jesus begins to mature in the brain, I don't really have any details right now, but as Christ Jesus matures that Holy Spirit which originated the whole action Himself matures into the Spirit of Truth and then the Spirit of Christ, and it is Christ Jesus who is the resurrected Adam who is receiving all of the energies that are released because Adam who was appointed king of this world by Jehovah is supposed to be ruling over, see He will never rule over the whole world until He rules over you. So Adam is rising from the dead in you, and if He is going to rule He has to rule from the brain, and He is ruling together with the Spirit of Christ who is possessing the corpus callosum as our unconscious mind, and He's ruling in the forebrain as our consciousness. So all of the energies that are being released through the seven seals are for the specific purpose of strengthening Adam that he should rise from the dead. All this energy and all this strength and spiritual power that's being released, it is not for our personal gain.

            This power is the inheritance of the withered root which we are which has the potential to be restored into Adam, the first Adam the living soul. We are not our own Brethren, you see. I heard somebody say many years ago, people make naive remarks, I've done it too, they said, well when I get the power I'm going to travel here and go there. She meant she was going to travel in the spirit. This is the kind of idea that comes forth in a mind that is laced with witchcraft. When that kind of power is released in us through the Lord Jesus Christ we will become the bond servant, the complete bond servant of the Jehovah through the lord Jesus Christ. We will not do anything or go anywhere that He does not tell us to, and this particular woman had been raised in witchcraft. I heard from her, and she was baptized into Satanism. I do not doubt that she was reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, but a statement like that would indicate that her mind was still drenched in witchcraft concepts, and someone in that condition truly any power of God released in her would be annihilated, someone that entrenched in witchcraft, that she is ready and waiting for this power so that she could start living a life as many do and largely in Africa, I don't really know about the other parts of the world. I read a book, they fly to Saturn, they go for a meeting on Mars.

            Do you know that all of the universes as we see them, all the planets as we see them with our natural eye, that there are levels of consciousness in the spirit that ascend, that line up with the universes, that there is a whole existence within us that can be understood as levels of consciousness where if you ascend to those places you have all kinds of experiences and you travel all over this inner world, all these inner planets, don't fully understand it myself. I know there are people who claim they do it. When I first heard about it, I thought they were flying to Mars the physical planet out there and then I found out, no, all of these planets exist in a spiritual place that is approached by going in. It is a level of spiritual consciousness. It is a witchcraft mentality that you are just going to be free to go visit your family where ever they are from, to fly in the spirit whenever you feel like it.

            Brethren those ascend in righteousness will do the works of the Father and they will not move and they will not speak, they will not raise their pinkie if it is not at the urging of the Father. Our experience will not be the same as those in a full stature of goodness or full stature of evil. It won't be the same. The more knowledge a man has about what the last Adam is doing in his life and what his own part in the drama is the more likely that man will arise into his full spiritual potential. We do not ascend through doctrine alone, but without the doctrine of Christ and its associated training it is virtually impossible to stay risen after rising up. Now this is a very important point. I believe that there are men who have risen into full stature. I believe there were men in Israel, prophets at least, I don't know about the priests, I believe with all my heart that Elijah was in full stature, Noah was in full stature, I now believe that Lot experienced full stature, but the whole point is, probably Enoch, Enoch walked with God and Enoch was not. God completely possessed him. That would mean full stature. There were men in the Old Testament that experienced full stature, but they still passed on, they died. They could not stay in full stature. Why? Because something was lacking, and what was lacking was the mechanism that was necessary to anchor them in that high place. Did you ever wonder why the scriptures says Jesus is our anchor. I used to think it meant that He would anchor us in this world, but who wants to be in this world like it is forever. No, Jesus is the anchor that will anchor us when we ascend to high consciousness in the brain. He is going to plant Himself in the corpus callosum and that will be our anchor that will prevent us from receding. There is such a thing as a temporary full stature. When the Lord first showed me that, sometimes He tells me things that are just amazing to me.

            Everything He tells me is amazing, but I have a very logical mind. As I follow through what He is showing me sometimes I approach problems and I say, Lord how can this be? It was several years ago that this concept of temporary full stature came to me as I spoke to the Lord, and I said, Lord that is way out, a temporary full stature but I'll go for it, it is the best thing I have right now. Right now, it seems so plausible. Our consciousness ascends all the way up to the top of our brain,that which goes up comes down. We are living in a world right now with an intense gravitational field, physical emotional, and spiritual. If we break through the gravitational field and we ascend to the top of our brain what's going to stop us from going down. Think of the mercury in a thermometer. It rises and it falls. What's going to stop us from going down? When you're mountain climbing they use an axe.

            They put their axe into the rock, and they tie their rope onto it so they won't slip back down the mountain. That's who Jesus is. He's our anchor. He is also the rock. He is also the lifeline. He's everything. All these preachers out there preaching that we don't need Him anymore because we've got it all, we're Christ, you just very well may make it to the top but you won't have any anchor and when you slip out of the top you are going to fall down with a crash Brethren, and you will be worst than you were before you ever ascended. Your bones break when you fall from the top of a mountain.

            We are talking about temporary full stature. It sounds ludicrous but when you think about it as I just explained it to you it is not. The prophets, Elijah, Noah, and Lot, and Enoch experienced temporary full stature, but none of them could sustain themselves at that spiritual height once they arrived there because what it means when we arrive at that spiritual height what has happened to us is that the first Adam has risen from the dead in us, and we have become the first Adam.

            The first Adam who fell. He already fell once. We talked about this when we did the messages on the temptation. Why was Satan so aggressive toward Jesus? Why was she so confident? Because she had already brought Adam down once. See, Satan knew that Jesus was the resurrected Adam, and she had already killed the resurrected Adam and then she killed Abel also in her form as Cain. It is all the same being in different forms in different generations. So why was she afraid of Adam now? She said, I've got you twice. Actually, she got Him more than twice. She got Adam, she got Abel, she got Shem, and she got Noah and she got Lot. Why should Satan be afraid of the Lord Jesus? But she didn't know, you see, only if she had known she would never have crucified the Lord of glory. She didn't know.

            She thought He was a piece of cake. The prophets, Elijah, Noah, and Lot experienced this but none of them could sustain themselves at that spiritual height once they arrived there because they themselves became the first Adam, and there was not yet any provision for them to mature into the last Adam. They didn't have the strength to mature into the last Adam. The account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane on His knees, when I did a study in that the original Greek revealed that the Lord Jesus was not begging Jehovah to not put Him on the cross, what an abominable doctrine, but was saying, Father am I strong enough to ascend to the second stage of resurrection? Am I strong enough because Elijah never was strong enough, and the first Adam in the garden was not strong enough and Noah was not strong enough and Lot was not strong enough and Shem was not strong enough so Jesus said, am I strong enough?

            All those that went before me were not strong enough, and I know that you told me that my role is to be strong enough, but am I strong enough now? And the Father must have said yes because the next words say, and Jesus with a great agony of mind separated Himself from His old man. He separated Himself from His carnal mind and He pierced through that carnal mind and covered it over and took dominion over it. Second stage of the resurrection is harvest Brethren. I don't care what you have heard preached in the church, it is all wrong. The first stage of the resurrection is purification of your old man and ascension to full stature.

            The second stage of the resurrection is Pentecost. It means harvest. It just so happens that the apostles spoke in tongues, that the Holy Ghost was poured out upon them and they spoke in tongues on the occasion of Pentecost, but Pentecost is not speaking in tongues. Pentecost is harvest. Look it up in any of the books. You have been taught incorrectly. Harvest is the separation of the fruit from the vine, and if you follow it up in Revelation 14, it is very clear in our Alternate Translations, after the fruit is separated from the vine the vine withers and dies in the field. I suggest to you Brethren that if Jesus had gone to the cross still attached to His carnal mind, let me give you a natural example, if the embryo had been separated from the mother or the host, I'm sorry if the umbilical cord that attached the embryo to the mother was still in place at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus He would not have ascended. It is the truth.

            Christ Jesus was growing inside the mind of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, I've been preaching this for years. Christ Jesus is inside our carnal mind. If you run me through with a knife now Christ Jesus in me will be dead. This fetus will be dead, but you see the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth a litter. This fetus will be dead if you kill my host. Jesus was harvested from His carnal mind in the garden. He was still inside a human body, but He no longer needed the human body to survive. If Jesus Christ, or I should Christ Jesus within Jesus Christ, the New Man within Jesus, was still attached by that spiritual umbilical cord at the time of the crucifixion He would have died. Christ Jesus would have died, but you see He had already separated from His host at the time of the crucifixion.

            That is why when the physical man, Jesus, died, Christ Jesus still lived. They were no longer one, you see. Jesus of Nazareth was just a garment Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam was growing in or was wearing. So, the last Adam, we seem to be in a deep review this morning, the last Adam and Christ Jesus in anyone of us co-exists until glorification. So the second stage of resurrection is the harvest. You have to come out of this false doctrine about what Pentecost is. It is all wrong.

The third stage of resurrection is the separation from the body. The second stage is the breaking of the umbilical cord, and the third stage is the separation from the body. Now in a human birth the umbilical cord is not severed until the baby is born but it should be no surprise to us that with spiritual things it is the exact opposite because it always is the opposite in the spirit as it is in this world. Let me just finish this out here.

            Brethren everything that is being taught in the church today about the three feasts is not being taught properly. Jesus is our passover that was sacrificed for us, but He has not been sacrificed in place of us. He gave up His physical life so that He could be converted into a form that would enable us to share in His experience. Jesus experienced Passover. Jesus experienced Pentecost. Jesus experienced glorification and because He gave His life for us we are now eligible to experience all three of the feasts. Now everywhere you go as far as I know in the church they are telling you we are waiting for Tabernacles. They are wrong Brethren, they are wrong, we are waiting for Passover. Jesus experienced Passover. I don't believe the apostles experienced Pentecost. I think Jesus is the only one who experienced Pentecost. Paul experienced Passover. He died before he experienced Pentecost.

            How do I know? If he had experienced Pentecost he would still be alive. Jesus is the only one who has experienced Pentecost and glorification. If I said Jesus was the only one who experienced Passover, that is not correct. Paul also experienced Passover and possibly John. So now we have to experience all three feasts and they are not corporate feasts. Your reconciliation experience was individual, your receiving of tongues was individual, and your Passover experience will be an individual experience with Almighty God.

            I do have that all written up for you on Page 6. Full stature is in three stages. The tribulation that exposes conscious and unconscious sins, the second stage is overcoming the beast's image and his mark, that is your whole old man, and three the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan in the abyss which is the bringing of them into submission to the Spirit of Holiness. That is full stature. There are three stages to full stature. Brethren, we are not waiting for Tabernacles. We are waiting for Passover, and some of the members of the church have not even begun to experience Passover.

            QUESTION: So what is Passover? Sheila: Passover is full stature. We ascend to full stature in three stages. The tribulation which exposes conscious and unconscious sin and two, the overcoming of the beast, his image and his mark, the old man, and the third stage of full stature is the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan in the abyss by bringing them into submission to the Spirit of Holiness.

            I don't know anybody around here who has done that. I don't know about anybody in the church world that has done that. There is no way they are up to Tabernacles, and they don't even have an accurate understanding of what Tabernacles is. Jesus. Help us Lord. We will never get there with this false doctrine. The doctrine of Christ alone does not enable you to ascend to full stature, but you will never get there without it, with this false doctrine there is total confusion, that's in the church today. They will never get there, and with all the immaturity of the church I would venture to say that if the true message were preached and the people hearing it didn't have to deal with this fear that this message is from occult. I mean if the true message was really preached to the church from people they trusted, there would be many people that would be praying and asking the Lord for this experience. There would be many who are not doing it now because they are in this lie.

            They are just completely captured with this lie. They cannot go on with this lie. Christ Jesus is formed in us because of our hope in Him. We hear the message preached, and we say well maybe He is going to do that for me, maybe I will receive eternal life because of Him. We hear the message and we say we hope, maybe, maybe, we could partake of this. Because of this hope He begins to be formed in us so there are many, many in the church that have this hope. Jesus said the fields are white with harvest but the labors are few. They don't know what to do with what they've got. So the doctrine of Christ alone will not do it. You have to have Christ Jesus formed in you, but on the other hand if you have Christ Jesus formed in you and you don't have the doctrine of Christ and you don't know what to do with it, He's going to die in your womb. Does anybody have any questions in this area before I go on?

            QUESTION: So full stature would be Passover and spiritual circumcision would be harvest and glorification would be separation from the body?

            SHEILA: That's what Tabernacles is. It is separation from the body. In the Jewish religion during Tabernacles the people come out of their homes and live in booths outside. It is a change of residence, and the booths that they build in their back yard are made from living vines. They cut off vines from trees with leaves still on it, they are living vines so we are going from this house into a living house. That's what tabernacles is.

            QUESTION: Jesus was separated from His carnal mind in the garden?

         SHEILA: Yes, that is what happened in the garden. The King James translation indicates He was begging to be released from the cross, but it is not true. He was asking if He was strong enough to be set free from the carnal mind.

            QUESTION: The separation of the fruit from the vine, the fruit will be Christ Jesus, and the vine will be. . . ?

 SHEILA: Spiritual circumcision, that's the second stage.

 QUESTION: What will be the vine?

            SHEILA: The vine is the false mind, the carnal mind.

            Let me repeat this to you. All of these men who experienced full stature in the Old Testament were not able to sustain or maintain that full stature because the mechanism by which they would be anchored or rooted at the top of their consciousness was not yet made, and this is the condition that all of Israel, the natural Israel, was in. They went as far as they could go, but the provision for a permanent full stature was not yet in play, and this is the reasoning behind their being sacrificed so that the message could go to the Gentiles. The Messiah had to go through His full course, He had to be rejected so that He could be resurrected in the form of the Holy Spirit so that this message and this opportunity could go to the whole of the human race.

            The descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Jehovah wants the whole root of the creation. So when I first heard that word, temporary full stature, it really sounded bizarre to me. We have to be so careful to not draw conclusions or not go with our first impressions because the truth of the matter is we are very immature spiritually, and that the areas of our mind that have not yet been enlightened by the Holy Spirit is in great darkness and very ignorant so we really have to pray things through and even if we don't get a confirmation immediately from the Lord, just ask the Lord to help us to be at peace with these things knowing that at the right time He will witness all things unto us, and I've been waiting for several years now for the Lord to give me understanding about Jesus' experience as to what was different about His experience and how it has affected all of us. I don't have the answer yet. What am I talking about? Jesus had no human father. He had no human father and what was it about His walk that enabled Him to stay up. He didn't have an anchor at the time.

            He didn't have an anchor. What was different about Jesus as opposed to the other prophets of Israel which produced Him? How was He affected because of the lack of a father's gene? So why hasn't the Lord told me this? Well, probably I'm not capable of understanding it right now. The foundational revelation that I would need to understand this has not been imparted to me. Jesus is not holding anything back from us. He wants us to have everything. He wants us to stand up in full stature more than we do. He is the one that's living inside of these wicked carnal minds that we have, but we can only learn so quickly. Why? Because learning involves a warfare, and Leviathan is at every corner trying to stop us and even when it comes to someone like me, I don't really have that much trouble doctrinally with Leviathan any more, but our ability to learn is restricted. I really feel that I could not possibly be going any faster. My mind could not contain it, my emotions could not contain it, I could not get it down on paper fast enough. I certainly can't preach it. There are areas of revelation in my mind right now that are beyond my ability to deal with them in depth. I just don't have the time, I'm restricted in this time space continuum. I just don't have the physical time to lay out the study notes because I can't. . . , I have a lot of revelation that I could just tell you about, but it really would not do you much good because you really have to hear the witness to it. I really have to teach it to you. You might say, well Sheila I know she is a teacher of God and I am going to believe it, but that is not the issue. The issue is that the revelation that I am giving you has to be reproduced in you, and for it to be reproduced in you, you really have to hear how I came to this conclusion. So it has to be taught, to be preached, it takes time and I cannot keep up with what the Lord is channeling into my mind. If I were to preach seven nights a week I could not keep up with it. Everything I look at is just unfolding before my eyes. As I've said, we have broken the code. You may not have every last symbol down pat, but we have broken enough of the code, you see the King James translation is an encoded version of the spiritual scripture, and we now have enough of an understanding of what many of the symbols mean so that I just look at it and I know, I understand things that we didn't understand before.

            How do you think I got into this, I told you earlier this morning that I have a witness for you which I hope I will get to later today, about the curving sides of the abyss sealing off and becoming...so that the creation became a black hole. How in the world can I get two witnesses out of this whole book called the Bible, how in the world can I find two scriptures that witness to that? It is a miracle, and the way that it happened is I was just listening to the King James on a scripture tape and the Lord quickened it to me, and I went and it turned out when I looked it up in the interlinear I did not find what I thought I would find, but I found this so it had to be the Lord that just quickened it to me. It could not possibly be a coincident that at this time when we are in this series I would find two scriptures that witness to the sides of the abyss crossing over and sealing the creation into a black hole. How could this be a coincidence? Now I found the one scripture, I asked the Lord for a second scripture and again I went into this second scripture just out of curiosity, I didn't know what I was going to find. It just caught my attention, and when I got in there I felt I could not believe it, at 2:00 a.m. this morning I had my second witness. It just caught my attention I wanted to see what it said. So this is all the working of Christ Jesus in me.

            Let's try and go on. I want to talk a little bit about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament because I think this is a confusing issue for a lot of people, this issue of temporary full stature and just the whole concept of the Holy Spirit. Also, I preached to you here several years ago that the Holy Spirit is not the Comforter. The Spirit of Truth is the Comforter. So I would like to talk to you a little about that and give you some scriptures on it. Everything that's not true it is important that we find out the truth, but also in this hour there are evil forces in this world that are using the name of the Holy Spirit and they are giving that name to an unclean spirit. I would just like to clear up this issue that the Comforter is not the Holy Spirit. The Comforter is the Spirit of Truth, and I have some more articles that I printed for you off of Ed C’s loop.

            Watch this Holy Spirit, watch it. Attributes are being attributed to the Holy Spirit that belong to Jesus. If you don't have this revelation that the name of the Holy Spirit is being given to an unclean spirit in this world today, and if you are not too educated in the scriptures you might be saying, what's the big deal. But the scripture doesn't say we are to pray to the Holy Spirit. The scripture doesn't say that the Holy Spirit does the will of the Father. I thought Jesus said, I come to do thy will oh God. I don't see anything in the scriptures indicating that these are qualities or attributes of the Holy Spirit. This is what's happening, it's very subtle, check it out, it is happening in the world today. The attributes and the qualities of Jesus' life and His mission and ministry are being attributed to the Holy Spirit, and it is not the Holy Spirit of the scripture. It is a false Holy Spirit. Knowing that the comforter is not the Holy Spirit but the Spirit of Truth would be a defense against this usurper. Is everybody clear. O.K. There is no indication in the Old Testament that the Holy Spirit raised these men up. What men? Elijah, Noah, Lot, etc. Lot is a mystery. We just found out that Lot was caught to full stature and on Noah a lot of people don't have that revelation either, but I don't think there are many Christians that would have a problem about Elijah or Elisha being in full stature, but there is no indication in the Old Testament that the Holy Spirit raised these men up. It is always the angel of the Lord or Elohim. The term Holy Spirit appears only three times in the Old Testament, and is always used as Jehovah's Holy Spirit. It is never given an identity of its own. The Holy Spirit appears as a person in His own right for the first time in the New Testament, and that Holy Spirit does not clearly distinguish as the Holy Spirit as the seed.

            The New Testament tells us He is the corn of wheat which Jesus became, and the Comforter which is the Spirit of Truth and the embryonic Christ Jesus. These distinctions aren't made. Let me say it again. The New Testament does not clearly distinguish between the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the seed. Jesus said if you put a corn of wheat into the ground it will bring forth a great harvest. Well, you might think that Jesus was talking about putting the man Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb, but I don't think so. I think the putting of the corn of wheat in the ground is the seed of the Holy Spirit that's going into each black hole which we are, and He is being buried into our spiritual being and bringing forth a great harvest. I don't believe He was talking about His own crucifixion, but if you don't agree with me that's o.k. I don't think that is an essential point at this time, but the New Testament does not clearly distinguish between the Holy Spirit which Jesus became and the Comforter which is the Spirit of Truth and the embryonic Christ Jesus.

             The Holy Spirit after He is buried in the ground becomes the embryonic Christ Jesus and the Spirit which is with Him which is the Spirit of Truth. You see, the Son always appears with the Father. The Holy Spirit in the earth is the seed, and when that seed sprouts it produces the Son and the Father. In other words, the Holy Spirit, when buried in the earth, sprouts in a different form. Paul clearly said, you are foolish, don't you know that that which is sown is not that which is reaped.

Didn't he say that in the book of Corinthians? He clearly said it. You don't get the same thing. When you plant a tomato seed you don't get a tomato seed, you get a tomato. But there are seeds inside the tomato. So the Holy Spirit was the seed that was buried, that is buried in the earth of our person and when that seed sprouts it brings forth the fruit Christ Jesus and then the seed is inside the tomato, but obviously the seed, let's just use natural planting as an example. You do not bury a wet seed in the ground, do you? You bury a dried out, dehydrated seed in the ground, and the seed that appears in the fruit is a wet living seed so the seed that the Holy Spirit is is going to produce fruit and seed, but the seed that's in the fruit will not be in the same form as the seed that was buried. The name of the seed that was buried is the Holy Spirit, but the name of the seed that appears in the fruit is called the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter. They are not the same. Is everybody o.k? This is very important. Seems like a minor point, but it is very important.

            Acts 9:31 - Then had the churches rest throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria and were edified and walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and they were multiplied. This word comfort, the correct translation is, calling. And I did not make a note to whether or not that is the same Greek word that is used to describe the Comforter, but I will try to look that up for you before tonight's meeting, but even if it is the same word, in this verse I suggest to you that the correct translation is that they walked not in the comfort of the Holy Spirit but in the calling of the Holy Spirit and those who walked in the calling of the Holy Spirit were multiplied. What were they multiplied into? They were multiplied into Christ Jesus, and the Spirit of Truth. Those who walked in the calling of the Holy Spirit, those who did what they were told to do, those who confessed their sins and repented and studied the scriptures, those who did as they were called to do, were multiplied into Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Truth . So this concept that the Holy Spirit comforted them, I suggest to you is not an accurate translation.

            John 14:26 - But the Comforter which is the Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you. This is the biggie. This is the scripture upon which this misunderstanding about the Holy Ghost being the comforter has evolved. We are going to translate this verse, and I hope to convince you that it is a mistranslation which arose out of the translators's beliefs that the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Truth.

            If you will follow along with me I have the Strong's numbers put in pointy brackets, and the parenthesis following the pointy brackets are my choice of translation. But the Comforter, I am choosing the translation intercessor for the word Comforter, because how does the Lord comfort us. There is a big misunderstanding in the church as to how the Lord comforts us. I remember as a young Christian lying in my bed crying one night saying, Lord you promised to comfort me, now where are you? And I had a particular thing in my mind that I wanted to be comforting me only the Lord didn't seem to have the same idea in His mind, and He spoke to me very clearly, and He said, I am not comforting you down there, My comfort is up here and if you want My comfort you have to come up where I am And He had no intention of giving me what I wanted. The Comforter, Brethren, is a spiritual comforter. He is a spiritual being who comforts us by His spirit while our bestial personality and physical animal body still abide in this hellish world.

            The comfort is spiritual. It took me a long time to understand why the apostles would be singing and praising God, that they were found worthy to be persecuted. It took me a long time to understand it, Brethren. You will receive comfort in this world, you will receive the spiritual comfort in the midst of the persecutions which are afflicting your flesh and your emotions. The circumstances of life are hellish, more hellish for some than for others. But the circumstances of our life and frequently our relationships are hellish. The comfort is that Christ Jesus within us spreads a table in the midst of our enemies. He gives us a place to hide. A place to run to, to get away from the pain. Brethren we have a country being over run with drug addicts and alcoholics because they cannot deal with the pain of their life. Any form of addiction, drug, alcohol, compulsive spending, we have sex addicts anonymous, all kinds of compulsive behavior....

            Some of our addicts are poor and come from poverty. I am not going to get into that right now. I believe there are still opportunities in this country for everybody. There are some people who would disagree with me. I believe if you are kept down, you are kept down by the spiritual bondages that you are born into and that you need the power of Jesus Christ to bomb you out of them. I believe there are still opportunities in this country, but that is not the focus of my message this morning. We also have many prosperous people, children from prosperous families on drugs and into all these other addictions. We even have successful, educated people, money people taking drugs all over this country today because of emotional and spiritual torment. All of their money has not comforted them. So if you think that the Comforter is going to give you money and a nice house to live in you are mistaken.

            The comfort is spiritual in the midst of your pain. Thousands and millions of people in this country running to compulsive behavior. I am compulsive, I run into Christ Jesus continuously and compulsively to hide from the pain of this existence. I have a lot of pain in my life, but I have a Comforter and when I turn my back on the pain, I deal with it as best I can, I am not in denial, and then I turn my back on the pain and I turn toward the Word of God and I am comforted. He is a spiritual comforter Brethren. Of course, if you are hungry He will provide food for you but by and large He is a spiritual comforter, of course He has to meet your physical need. The whole problem is He may not agree with you as to what you need, He didn't agree with me, and now I see the wisdom of it but when we are young Christians we frequently don't see the wisdom of it. We think we need many things that we don't need, and that which we need we put at the bottom of our list of priorities. This is very common to man.

            We are translating. John 14:26 - But the Comforter, we are translating Comforter as Intercessor. Then the word, which is, is not in the Greek. But the Comforter which is, those words are not in the Greek. The King James translators put them in. Which is the Ghost Holy. The word, thus, Strong's #3588, we can legitimately translate this. Ghost is a translation of Spirit. Then we have a missing word which means there is a word in the Greek which wasn't translated, Strong's #3588, and it means this, that, or these. What we have so far is, But the Intercessor, this Spirit, this Holy, and when ever you have a word such as, this, the demonstrative word such as, this. It is legitimate and pretty much every language to add the word, one. This Holy One. If you are talking about this Holy, and your talking about, and there is no modifying word, you are talking about this Holy Thing. As a matter of fact that word is in Romans 1 I think.

            That Holy Thing. I'm sorry, it's in the book of Acts. Where ever it is, I don't have the right scripture right now. That Holy Thing. But the Intercessor, this Spirit, this Holy One, whom the Father will send in My name. Name in the scripture typifies character. He shall teach, the word teach is Strong's #1321. It means to instill doctrine in you. All things. Now the Greek word translated, all things, is Strong's #3956 and it means the whole. He shall teach or He shall instill doctrine the whole. I suggest to you He is going to give you the whole doctrine of Christ. We have a lot of partial doctrine in the church today.

            The Holy Spirit brings doctrine, the Holy Spirit brings doctrine of truth, brings the doctrine of baptism, brings the doctrine of faith, but the Holy Spirit doesn't give you the whole doctrine. Got to have Christ Jesus in you to hear this doctrine of Christ, and there is no way you are ascending without the whole doctrine. And bring all things, the whole again, to your remembrance, Strong's #5279, we are translating memory. What so ever I have said unto you. This is what I suggest the correct translation should be or should sound like. But this spiritual Intercessor that the father will send, that Holy One, who is like Me, shall teach you the whole doctrine of Christ which will remind you of everything I have commanded you. So what am I saying? I am saying that in John 14:26, this phrase, but the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit is an outright incorrect translation.

            Let me read you the alternate translation again. But this spiritual Intercessor that the Father will send, not saying that it is the Holy Spirit, but that Holy One, who is like Me, that Holy One that is like Me. I want to tell you what I did with the spirit because in the Greek we have, But the Comforter, this spirit, this Holy One, and the King James translators translated this the Holy Spirit, but I have taken that word spirit and used it to modify the Intercessor. This spiritual Intercessor or this spirit which will intercede for you that the Father will send, the Holy One who is like Me, does anybody not see what I am saying? But this Intercessor which is a spirit but the Intercessor, this spirit that is going to intercede for you, that Holy One who's going to be like me, shall teach you the whole doctrine of Christ which will remind you of everything that I have commanded you.

             So what Jesus is saying is that there is an Intercessor coming to you, and I think this is very clear to anyone who knows the scriptures that there is only one intercessor between God and man and He is Christ Jesus. There is only one Intercessor. He is not the Holy Spirit Brethren, there is only one Intercessor, and He is a spiritual intercessor, the spiritual man Christ Jesus who was like Jesus Christ, got the same mind, has the same nature, has the same character as the man Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ, and the Father is going to send Him to you because the Holy Spirit is the Father, Jesus has become one with the Father, and He will teach you the whole doctrine of Christ. I have only given you part of it, but when you hear the doctrine of Christ it is going to remind you of what I told you. What does that mean?

            They are going to jive. What Jesus taught will witness to the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine of Christ will witness to what Jesus taught. Jesus Christ said, repent the Kingdom of God is at hand. The doctrine of Christ says, you will never enter into the Kingdom of God without confession and repentance, but the doctrine in the church today says, Jesus of Nazareth died therefore all men, the whole creation, is evolving into a spiritual man. Did you hear the word confession? I didn't. Did you hear the word repentance? I haven't. Does anybody have a problem with this translation before we go on. I would like to read it again, I like it. This is our Alternate Translation of John 14:26, But this spiritual Intercessor which the Father will send, that Holy One who was like Me, but not Me, you see, He is your Savior in the midst of you. He is like Jesus, but He is not Jesus. He is the resurrected Adam in you, your personal Savior. That Holy One who was like Me shall teach you the whole doctrine of Christ which will remind you or witness to everything I have commanded you.

            John 14:16 & 18 - We took a look at those also. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter that He may abide with you forever even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive. Remember, He is the one who teaches the doctrine of Christ. They will never receive it Brethren. I don't care if they are in church six days a week, I don't care if they are casting out demons, I don't care if they are healing the sick, the carnal mind will never receive this doctrine. Only the man who is living out of Christ Jesus will receive it, even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot, it is not that they will not receive it, they cannot receive it. They are incapable of receiving it. So if you are going out there trying to spread this word in your own strength you are spinning your wheels, you are wasting your energy, you are wasting your time, they will never receive it. They are incapable of receiving it. Keep your eyes on yourself and concentrate on cleansing yourself of all your negative energy or as much negative energy as possible so that the power of God can be imparted to you. That is your work. In this hour we are not spreading this doctrine. Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it sees Him not either knoweth Him but ye know Him for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you as the Spirit of Truth in Christ Jesus.

            John 15:26 - But when the Comforter is come whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which proceeds from the Father, He shall testify of me. Now, this is very subtle. Let me point this out to you in John 15:26. When the Comforter is come whom I send unto you from the Father. Brethren, when Jesus came back He came back as the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the Father. The Comforter is coming from the Father. The Comforter is coming from the Holy Spirit, the Comforter is arising out of the seed which the Holy Spirit is. He's in another form.

            Psalms 31:5 - Into Thine hand I commit my spirit. Thou hast redeemed me oh Lord God of Truth. In the Old Testament, Lord is Jehovah and God is Elohim. Thou hast redeemed me oh Lord, Elohim of truth. Elohim's Spirit of Truth. The redemption is in the Spirit of Truth. It is not in the Holy Spirit. Watch out for this snare. The Lord is really angry at this perversion of the name of the Holy Spirit. Such an anger arises in me, and I know it is not a human anger. The Lord is really mad at what's going on out there because the average Christian will never pick it up. They will never pick it up that Jesus' qualities are being attributed to some spirit that is being called holy which is a filthy spirit, and it is Satan, that's who it is. And the end of this seduction is that Jesus' name will be completely forgotten. All worship and all honor will be going to the Holy Spirit, but it is not the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is being removed from the world, you see.

            See, once the Sons of God manifest the Holy Spirit is going to dry up in the church. Pentecost is going to dry up, it is called Pentecost, it is not really Pentecost. It is going to dry up in the church. Now when a Son of God preaches or lays hands on another believer, and we transmit, which is the Spirit of Truth or the Spirit of Christ, I don't have it clear in my mind the difference there yet, but I know that neither one is the Holy Spirit. When we impart the spirit that is in us to somebody else, when it is in us it is the Spirit of Truth or the Spirit of Christ, but as soon as it gets into a person that doesn't have Christ Jesus, to them it is the Holy Spirit. Can you hear that? It is the seed of the Father that is in us. When it is in us it is the same principle as when Jehovah and Elohim breathed the breath of life into the man. When it was Jehovah and Elohim it was Jehovah and Elohim, but when the spirit got into the man it became the breath of life of the man. We broke the code, we broke the code.

            Zech. 14:4 - I prayed about this scripture, this scripture just puzzled me, it has puzzled me for years. Well, we broke the code today. And His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west and there shall be a great valley and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north and half toward the south. I asked the Lord for years, what is this mount of Olives because at that point I had a revelation that the man Jesus is not returning. The man Jesus does not exist any more. The glorious life that was inside of Him which was revealed during the transfiguration is what exists today. The shell from which he was birthed no longer exists. Somebody is screaming about that, but it's true. It is true anyhow, I don't care how much you scream it is still true. I said, Lord what is this Jesus landing on the mount of Olives. Of course, it doesn't say Jesus. It says, and His feet shall stand in that day.

            We are going to do it today. We broke the code, and we are going to translate this verse today. Now feet in the scripture is a type of the human beings in which the Lord dwells because He is off in the eternal realm of the spirit world, but when He manifests or appears on the earth, the scripture says His feet stands on the earth. When he appears or manifests on the earth He appears in a man. He appears in a man. That is His first choice. Now, I know that the Lord appeared to Paul as a ball of light. At that time however there was no one in Jesus' stead. Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ had been glorified and become a glorified spirit. There was no man at that time through which He was manifesting in His full strength. He knocked Paul off of his horse. I haven't studied that in the Greek. I wonder if Paul was really on a horse knowing what we know about horses. What do we know about horses? We are all spiritual men and these physical bodies that we ride around in are spiritual horses. I haven't studied that yet. In any event, Jesus was calling Paul. I believe Paul was in Jesus' stead.

            I  believe he went forth with the ministry that Jesus had started on the earth in that hour. He was called to a very high calling, and there were no apostles in a high enough office which would have had to been full stature to call Paul so if you can get a witness to what I am saying, there is your witness right then and there that the apostles even after their experience on the day of Pentecost were not walking in a permanent full stature. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit. To be anointed with the Holy Spirit is to be in permanent full stature. The apostles were not anointed, they were filled up with the Holy Spirit. The significance being, to be filled up signifies fluid, water, water type fluid, rising to the top and flows down to the bottom, but to be anointed with the Holy Spirit signifies oil which even when it rises to the top even if it goes back down it leaves a residue, oil leaves a residue.

            Much of it remains. So there was no one in full stature at the time that Paul was called. As soon as someone appeared in the earth that was manifesting the person of Christ, Jesus can do anything that He wants, I do not believe that Jesus appears as a ball of light today. I believe that He is in His church. I believe that He speaks through men, and I know lots of people have visions and Jesus coming to them. I could be wrong, this is must my opinion, I don't think Jesus comes and talks to us in visions. I think He sends the people who are His bond servants. If the Lord tells me I am wrong I'll let you know. I believe Jesus talks to you. He talks to you in the scriptures, He talks to you in your mind. We have a personal relationship with Jesus but to have an experience where Jesus appears at the foot of your bed and talks to you I don't think it is likely, but of course, He can do anything He wants. Remember, even when He appeared to Paul He did not appear, although He appeared to Thomas. He appeared as a ball of light to Paul. I don't think He is doing that today. I think He is in His church today.

            We are going to translate Zechariah 14:4. And His feet. I was telling you that the word feet symbolizes the people in which Jesus is standing upon the earth in this hour. We have also found out over the years in many studies that the word feet has another translation. And that translation is pudenda which means sexual organs, and of course that lines up with what I just said because the people in whom Jesus is appearing are manifesting the mind of Christ, and the mind is the spiritual sexual organ. It is the mature mind of Christ that is going to be taking the peoples of this world against their will because they are so bound by Satan and Leviathan they will never come to Jesus. Now men who are still mortal men cannot be taking people against their will. It will destroy them, but men in full stature when the first fruits of God appear and start ministering to the masses of the world many will be taken against their will. This is a shocking thing. Many people are upset to hear this. It is very upsetting to hear that you will be taken against your will, but Brethren we are being taken against our will every day. Things are backward today. Let me tell you this, we have witnesses in the scripture, there is not a doubt in my mind that when Elijah appeared on Mt. Carmel, and he said who's on the Lord's side come over and not one of the men of Israel answered him. They were all there, what were they doing there on Mt. Carmel?

            They were worshiping Baal. That's what they were doing there, and when Elijah challenged them no one came over to stand with Elijah, but yet a little further on we see the men of Israel help Elijah murder all of the prophets of Baal. Well, what happened? I suggest to you that Elijah executed a legal mind control upon these men, and they did what He wanted them to do and when he released their minds and they saw what they had done, Brethren these were Baal worshipers, Israelite Baal worshipers, and when they looked upon what they had done they killed their own prophets, the prophets were their prophets, they went into such a rage that their rage corporately reached out and was so strong it knocked Elijah right down out of his temporary full stature, his condition of temporary full stature. I preached this on our series, Elijah the man. I am telling you the truth. Don't stop reading this message. Pray about it.

            We have been translating this word feet as pudenda or sexual organs of the Sons of God or the mind of God or Christ Jesus or Adam, the living soul, or any mind in full stature in Almighty God. This is our mysterious translation of the word feet. So let's see if it fits into this paragraph. And the Sons of God shall stand. Now that sounds right immediately. The Sons of God shall stand. I have some definitions of the word stand. These definitions come from the American Heritage Dictionary. It means to rise to an upright position on the feet, to assume or maintain an upright position as specified, to stand straight, to stand to one's side, to maintain an upright position on the feet, to remain stable, upright, intact, to remain valid, effective, or unaltered. So what we are saying, in that day the Sons of God are going to stand up right, that's talking about full stature. They are going to remain valid, effective or unaltered. I want to suggest to you that what's being said here is that, in that day the Sons of God will stand up in full stature and they will abide there.

            They will not flow back down. Upon the mount. A mountain is a high place. I suggest to you that it is talking about the mind or the spirit of the mind. Well, a mountain would be the mind of a thing, a high place, and the word olive we broke that code also. We found out that the Tree of Life is not an apple tree. We found out it is an olive tree, and if this is the first message you are reading, you will have to get that teaching from another message. We found out it is an olive tree. How do I know it is an olive tree? Well, isn't the anointing oil. You don't get oil from apples Brethren. The anointing of the Tree of Life is the Oil of Gladness, an olive tree Brethren. So we are talking about the mountain of life. What is the mountain of life?

            In that day upon the high place of olives which is life. Upon the high place of life. Well, I have written down in my notes the Spirit of Christ. I don't know if I'll change that or not. The Spirit of Christ or the Mind of Christ, I am not sure which it is. And there is a missing word in this verse, Strong's #5921, that means it is in the Hebrew but it is not translated. This word means toward, toward. So in that day the Sons of God will stand in full stature upon the high place of life which is toward the face, Strong's #6440, that word before in the King James is Strong's #6440 which can also be translated face and we have been dealing with that word quite a while. W hen ever we find this word in the scripture it usually means personality. And they will stand in full stature toward the personality of Jerusalem on the east. I suggest to you that Jerusalem on the east is the Holy Jerusalem which appears in the Book of Revelation.

            Jerusalem is the City of God. It is a coded way of speaking about the mind of God, the people of God, and we also know that Jesus was crucified in Sodom in Egypt. I may not be able to prove this to you but I have always felt, well He was crucified by the Jews, so He was crucified in the Cityof God, He was crucified in Jerusalem which had become Sodom in Egypt. Jerusalem had become an unholy city. I won't go into that any more deeply in this message. If you never heard that before you can just pray about it. So here we have Jerusalem on the east and the direction of the east refers to the eternal realm where the spirit of Jehovah dwells, and by reverse inference I suggest to that if there is a Jerusalem on the east there must be a Jerusalem on the west, and we also know from our studies that the direction of the west signifies this physical visible world, and the visible spiritual world where Jehovah's image is appearing is in the south, and the north is the place of darkness which is Satan's abode. The scripture talks about Jerusalem on the east, the Holy Jerusalem, then there is Jerusalem. . . ., that means Jerusalem in the mount. Jehovah said to Moses, Make everything as you have seen in the mountain when you were talking to me.

            So, Jerusalem on the east is the Holy Jerusalem of Revelation, I suggest to you, is the spiritual City of God which abides in the heavenlies, and the Jerusalem of the west is the Jerusalem that abides in this world. That would be the church today. It was Israel in those days. Where ever the Spirit of God is abiding, is making His home, in this fallen world is the Jerusalem of the west. Again, I suggest to you that Jesus was crucified in the Jerusalem of the west which is Sodom in Egypt. The church is filthy. Israel, spiritually speaking, was filthy. We see it in Ezekiel 9 where the ink horn writer is leading the six men out to bring judgment on the church and Jehovah says, look at what they are doing, look at what they are doing. This was the temple, this was the Hebrews at the time. They were worshiping east, they were worshiping the goddess Ishtar.

            They were doing every abominable thing, and the same condition exists in the church today even in those of us who are doing the best we can to serve Him in our unconscious mind all sorts of filthy sin is being committed every second of every day but as we look upon that sin and confess that it is true and ask the Lord to help us to change and do everything we can to not act it out in this present life our sins are covered until He gives us the power to change. Sins that are not resisted are not covered. What does that mean? The sins that you are resisting, they are covered in that you will have the opportunity to war against your own sins and avoid an ungodly reaping for the sins that you sow. Did anyone not understand what I said? Sins that we are not aware of, sins that we are aware of and we are not resisting and yielding to completely are subject to the Satanic judgement. We will reap what we sow, and there are areas in my life today where I fail to resist and I reap what I sow. Flee from controversy with carnal men Brethren, flee. Put it before God, let Him handle it. And in that day the Sons of God shall stand. I suggest to you in spiritual strength or full stature.

            I want to take a minute to speak about this Hebrew word translated, stood, or translated stand, they shall stand, and His feet shall stand. Strong's #5975, this word, to stand, includes the idea of continuing to stand. Earlier in this message, we talked about the fact that Elijah and Elisha and Enoch, all experienced full stature, but they all died and we know that if you attain to a permanent full stature you don't die so their experience was temporary because they could not continue to stand. They stood, but they could not continue to stand, and you may have recalled to your memory some Psalms where it says,We have fallen down, oh God, raise us up, we have fallen down. This word stand does not imply temporary full stature. The word, to stand, means to stand and to continue to stand. It is implying permanent full stature. In that day upon the mount, the mount is just a short way of saying mountain. For the time being we will call it the high place of olives. This Hebrew word translated olives, Strong's #2132, it can be speaking about an olive which is the fruit of an olive tree. It can be speaking about the whole olive tree, it can be speaking about a branch of the olive tree.

            Basically, it is speaking about the tree of live and/or the various parts of it, and I am going to suggest to you that the Tree of Life, and this Tree of Life is not the first Adam. The Tree of Life is the one who is permanently rooted down, it was rooted down and permanently abides, and that is Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. I never really thought of it this way before, but I guess the Tree of Life rooted in the brain would have to be the combination of Christ Jesus which is the first Adam working together with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the root, and Christ Jesus is the tree or the branch. Sometimes the Lord talks to me while I am talking to you.

            I said the olive tree, the high place of olives is the combination of the first Adam and the Lord Jesus Christ and the one name for that is Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. So we see that when the first Adam is raised from the dead in the Sons of God he is not in the same condition that He was in before the fall, and I've told you that before but I never saw it quite so clearly the distinction between Adam the living soul, the first Adam, the living soul before the fall, and the first Adam the living soul which is being raised from the dead. Adam the living soul who was being raised from the dead is not the same Adam that fell. Why? Because this Adam who's being raised in us has an elder brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, and they are one.

           So we see that Christ Jesus in the New Testament is really a greater expression of the first Adam than the first Adam before the fall. Well, the Lord just brought this forth by revelation. Now I've been teaching you for quite a while now that the first Adam, that Christ Jesus is the first Adam rising from the dead and that they are the same, and I see now the Lord telling us that, no they are not the same. Christ Jesus is a stronger expression of the first Adam, more or less an intermediary between the first Adam and the last Adam. The last Adam is the glorified Jesus Christ. The first Adam is the one who was raised up before the fall and Christ Jesus in the New Testament doesn't appear in the Old Testament, you see.

            Christ Jesus is the resurrected first Adam who was one with the last Adam. Did I make that clear? The first Adam, the living soul who appeared before the fall was vulnerable, and he fell. The last Adam, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, is the last Adam. Christ Jesus in the New Testament, yes it is the first Adam being raised from the dead in you, but more than the first Adam. The first Adam being raised from the dead but this first Adam is joined to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, the last Adam. So Christ Jesus is not equal, is not the same thing, as the first Adam in the Old Testament. Christ Jesus is stronger than the first Adam in the Old Testament.

            Christ Jesus has His big brother with Him, and Christ Jesus is having experiences learning about evil and darkness that the first Adam did not have. So, the Lord has clarified another fine point here. Christ Jesus and the first Adam are not completely equal. Christ Jesus, let us define Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus in the New Testament is the first Adam, the living soul being raised from the dead in the man, but he has more. He has the Lord Jesus Christ with him. He has that staying power, He has that rooting power, to root into our brains and to abide forever. Any question on that?

            A mountain is a high place. I am suggesting to you that it is the physical brain, the physical brain that the scripture is talking about. It is the physical brain that the mind operates in as indeed science has revealed that the forebrain is the place of personality, the place of creativity, the brain that's in the front, we have two, there are two parts to our brain. The forebrain and I think the other part is called the anterior brain. The anterior is certainly more primitive. Instead of anterior, it is posterior. The posterior brain deals with automatic functions, and I'm told it deals largely with posture. It is the posterior brain that helps us to walk on our two legs instead of on all fours, and remember that the posterior brain is the shriveled up Abel who is being held captive by the serpent, Satan, and Leviathan and forced to labor.

            The shriveled up Abel, his waters have been evaporated. He is the slave typified by Samson pushing the grist mill, and the serpent could not have incarnated this creation without him, without Abel we would be more different than the beasts walking around on all fours. I have been preaching that before I ever found out that the posterior brain was responsible for man's standing up his two feet. That's an interesting witness to it. I believe the brain is the high place where the mind dwells, and the forebrain is the place of creativity, of reason, of conscious choice, decision, and all the higher places of consciousness is in the forebrain. And the mind operates through the brain. We talked about this earlier today. The mind is implementing or manipulating all of the pleasure and pain centers of the brain, as if the brain was a computer.

            Mind presses all the proper buttons and we have the experiences that our mind chooses for us to have. When I talk about science I am in no way exalting our mind and scientists, but it helps some people to see that what's coming forth out of the scriptures is witnessed to by scientific studies.

            If it offends you, I'm sorry. I have been criticized in this way about four years ago, and I'll say now what I said then that this is the way the Lord has me bring it forth, and I am sorry if it offends you. I am in no way exalting the scientists. I am just trying to teach here, and different people need different kinds of parables and different kinds of analogies. I have lost my place again, I'm having some problems preaching this, but I am going to get this out anyway. There is a lot of opposition here tonight. Therefore, I am suggesting that the mind which is spirit has the power to manipulate the forebrain in a human being, and depending on which mind is resident in the brain will depend on how and with what frequency and what sections of the brain are manipulated. I am no expert on the brain, but I would imagine that there is a criminal center in the brain. If Leviathan is possessing our brain and has the legal ground to do it, he may be manipulating the criminal center in our brain. Christ Jesus would never do that. Christ Jesus would never manipulate the criminal center in our brain.

            So who is at the controls is very, very important. In that day upon the high place, upon the brain. Now the King James says, of olives, but I am going to get rid of that, of, and do something different with this verse. The word, of, was added in by the King James translators, and the olive can mean the olive tree, the olive branch, the olive fruit, but in any event it is talking about life. We have found out that the Tree of Life is an olive tree which products the anointing which is signified as oil throughout the scriptures. The King James says, which is. There is a missing word, Strong's #5921, it's in the Interlinear, it's in the Hebrew text, but it is not translated. We will translate it, because. The word in the King James, before, Strong's #6440, is an old friend of ours. We see that word a lot. It really means face so how the King James translators could translate it, before, is really not too easy to understand except that they have taken translator's license because they couldn't make any sense out of the Hebrew, but we will translate it, face. And the spirit's face is its personality.

            The face of Jerusalem on the east. Now the words, on the, were just added into the Hebrew word that means east which is Strong's #6924. This word can also be translated, in the front. Believe it or not. I find that very strange because my experience with this word east is that it has always meant the eternal realm where Jehovah dwells, and that is a hidden place. But once again, we find that within the Hebrew language almost every word that I have ever looked up, with some exceptions, have totally contradictory meanings listed in these Lexicons. If you look hard enough you can find the exact opposite meaning at the bottom of the listings. This word east can be translated, in the front. I suggest to you in this scripture it should be translated, in the front or the forebrain.

            Jerusalem. The word Jerusalem means the teaching of peace, and I suggest to you that Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ is the personality of Jerusalem. He is the peace maker. He is our Peace. He has broken down all of our walls, all the walls that were separating us from Jehovah. It never occurred to me until just now that He broke down the walls that were sealed together locking us in this black hole. He has opened the seal Brethren, He's opening the seal that's making our dwelling place a black hole so that we can have restored life and restored relationships with Jehovah through Him and come back up into the newness of His life.

            And in that day, Elohim's Son, and let me just repeat it this time that I am trying very hard to avoid the words the Sons of God because there is so much usage of the word God today, and that is a generic term. It does not identify who your God is, and we are getting into some very dangerous times. People are talking about God they could be talking about anybody so I am attempting to make it very clear that we are Elohim's Son, and we are not Ishtar's sons and not the many-membered’ sons, and we are not Diana's sons, and we are not Zeus' sons but the scripture is speaking about the Sons of Elohim who is Jehovah's Son that makes us Jehovah's sons through our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. Who is Elohim?

            Formed as a man. Is everybody o.k? And in that day Elohim's sons shall stand upon the mountain or shall stand upon their brain and the olive tree, which is the first Adam together with the Lord Jesus Christ, making Christ Jesus, because the reason they are going to be able to stand on top of their brain. What does it mean to stand on top of your brain? I want to suggest to you, as you see, as I refine translations I'll change it to, stand over their brain. They are going to stand above their brain because presently there is already a mind operating in this brain and it is an animal mind called Leviathan that is operating in the forebrain that is possessing the forebrain, that is manipulating and controlling the forebrain and because of that mind we are spiritually retarded. Some of us are sick and dying and everyone eventually does die because of the mind which is possessing our brain.

            So in that day Elohim's sons will stand above the brain. They will stand above Leviathan , and Leviathan shall be under their feet. And where Leviathan is, Satan is, they shall be under our feet, truly ashes under our feet. What does it mean for Satan to be ashes under our feet? It means that Satan who was the salt sea shall be boiled and her water shall be boiled off and the only thing left will be the ashes or the earth and what ever else was dissolved in her waters. Brethren, you have got to grow up. Believe me I do not mean to mock anybody, but all of these preachers that have you stand up and move the ball of your foot around supposedly crushing Satan under your feet, it is time to give up Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, it just has got to go because it is keeping you retarded. All of these activities which convince you that you are clean, just as the Roman Catholic Eucharist convinces you that you are clean, are killing you.

            And in that day Elohim's son shall stand upon the mountain, or stand upon their brain, and the olive tree which is Christ Jesus, because of the personality of Jerusalem which is Jesus, is in the front.

            Let's polish it up a little. In that day, Elohim's sons shall stand upon their brains and the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains because of Jesus, the last Adam, who was our Passover, because Jesus was sacrificed for us. It is not possible for mortal men like us to ascend above Leviathan and control the brain of the host that we live in. Christ Jesus is growing in all of us, if you are reading this message, Christ Jesus is probably growing in you, but He is dwelling in a host, this physical body that we have which is controlled by a criminal bestial mind.

            Full stature is a condition which results from Christ Jesus in us, our righteous mind, rising above our criminal mind. She has to go under our feet, but our criminal mind is up here in our brain so for us to put Leviathan under our feet, we will have to ascend not only into our brain but above our brain. We have to cover Leviathan over, Brethren. And in that day, Elohim's sons shall stand upon their brains, and the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains because of Jesus the last Adam. and the mount of the brain of olives of the Tree of Life shall cleave, Strong's #1234, interesting number 1,2,3,4, shall hatch or bring forth or break forth in the midst thereof. And their brains the first Adam shall break forth from the midst of their brain.

            The Lord has revealed to us here that there is an organ called the corpus callosum which connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain, and what ever spirit is resident or possessing the corpus callosum has the control of both hemispheres of the brain which is your whole mind. Let me correct that, someone is going to misunderstand me. The spirit that's resident in the corpus callosum has full control of the brain which fully controls your body and the spirit that's there is the god of your mind. Every mind has a god. In this hour, in our mortal condition, Satan is the spirit that has control of the corpus callosum, and the mind that she has generated, Leviathan, is possessing the brain.

            I find it very interesting that science tells us that the left side of the brain controls the behavior of our right side, our right arm, our right leg, our right eye, and the right side of the brain controls that part of our body which is on the left side. I think that this is a significant indication that Satan, who in this hour is resident in the corpus callosum is not powerful enough to operate both hemispheres of the brain. They are supposed to be functioning as one. I don't think you understood what I said. The two hemispheres of the brain are supposed to be functioning as one.

            Just as we have two eyes but when I look at you I only see one image. My two eyes function as one. My eyes are single. I have two eyes, they function as one eye. We have two hemispheres of the brain. There is not supposed to be a condition whereby the left side of the brain controls the right side of my body, and the right hemisphere controls the left side of my body. Both hemispheres of the brain are supposed to be expressing themselves or manipulating or controlling my whole body. What would that mean for me? I don't know. I probably could run faster, I probably could talk with my hands faster, I don't know, but it has got to mean increased ability. Let me put it another way. If it's the left side of the brain that controls the right side of my body and I am in good health and my right leg and right arm and right eye and right ear are all working perfectly, what can I expect if both the left and the right side of my brain were stimulating both sides of my body?

            It would have to mean an increase in power of some kind. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? The two hemispheres of our brain must begin to operate as one organ. Every command that comes forth from any part of our brain is supposed to be affecting every part of our body. It is my understanding that we will become super geniuses, and probably, what's coming to me right now, is that if this function, this unifying function, when the two hemispheres will operate as one organ that that is the doorway to spirituality. We are going to see a great heightening of spiritual and mental power. Not so much that our two arms and hands will work faster, but that unifying activity, that coming together of the two hemispheres of the brain is what we need to ascend into a higher spiritual place. I don't understand that right now. It just came to me in the spirit, I don't whether the Lord will give us more information right now but if He doesn't give it in this message I am sure He is going to be speaking to me about that.

            While not working in conjunction, the two hemispheres of the brain can adequately manipulate our body so that we can have an existence in this world. When working together as one, this will create mind power that will catapult us up to a higher place. Maybe this is the opening of the seals, I don't know, this is very interesting, we will see what He has to say to us about this in the future.

            And the mount of olives in the brain and the olive tree shall break forth in the midst thereof, and their brains, the first Adam shall break forth from the midst of the corpus callosum. And the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from their corpus callosum, talking about the midst of their brain. And if we put the first two phrases together we have:   And in that day Elohim's sons shall stand upon their brains, and the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains because of Jesus the last Adam, and the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from their corpus callosum toward the east. Please note that this is a different Hebrew word than the word east which appeared earlier. It appeared further up. Jerusalem on the east, Strong's #6924. This word east is Strong's #4217. This word is speaking about the sun rising. The prior Hebrew word translated east is referring more to direction. This word is more pointing toward the actual sun rising or the rising sun. It is not talking about a direction. It is talking about the sun itself. And toward the west. West signifies the sea, the western sea, or the visible physical world. We have been talking about this for years now that the west signifies the visible physical world and the south signifies the visible spiritual world. The north is the dark place where Satan is, and the east is the eternal realm where the spirit of God is. The east is eternity. The words, and there shall be a, were added in by the King James translators. We have crossed them out.

            The word, very, Strong's #3966, can be translated vehement or mighty. The word, great, Strong's #1419, can be translated loud, insolent or haughty which words all talk about Leviathan, and the word, valley, Strong's #1516, can be translated a deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides, a ravine, a narrow entrance, into the outwork of a fortification. It is talking about a deep narrow passage, and I suggest it is speaking about the black hold that we dwell in. The black hole originally was an abyss, and although I always thought the abyss sounded like a bad word to me I found out that it is not a bad word. Abyss is the tear in Jehovah's fabric in which the world was being formed until its sides curved, and I remind you that space/time curves in the presence of matter, and the more dense the matter the more severe the curve.

            So the abyss is the womb that Jehovah opened within Himself so that he could bring forth a visible civilization, but that abyss became a black hole when the sides of the abyss curved to such an extreme degree that the left side of the abyss crossed over with the right side.

          The left and the right side crossed over, and they sealed what was inside of them off and that's where we are now because the clean waters fell down into the seas and Elohim's reflection ceased to appear because you need waters to have a reflection, and instead of Elohim's reflection who is called Adam, Elohim's dark shadow which is Leviathan started to appear and is appearing underneath the sea in the ocean bed and this is Atlantis. This whole world exists under water. Our bodies are 96% water. The whole world is water laden. There is water in the atmosphere.

            We are completely surrounded by water. We are Atlantis Brethren. This word, valley, is talking about the black hole that we are living in. It means a deep gorge, a deep low place. Jehovah formed the abyss as a womb, but we were supposed to be dwelling on the top of the waters, and we fell down to the bottom, the very bottom, and the top side of the abyss crossed over and filled us in, and we are dwelling at the bottom of the sea in this hour. And the sun rising of that vehement, insolent valley which is the visible spiritual world.

            That's what we got out of that. Let me read you the three phrases. And in that day Elohim's sons shall stand upon their brains and the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains because of Jesus the last Adam, and the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from their corpus callosum and the sun rising of that vehement insolent valley, the visible spiritual world shall remove, Strong's #4185, shall be taken away or shall depart and half, this is the same word translated in the midst of in the early part of this verse, and half, Strong's #2677, and the midst of the mountain, and we are translating mountain brain, and the midst of the brain toward the north, Strong's #6828, that word toward the is chosen by the King James translators, we are doing to translate that one word #6828 and the darkness. And half of it, again the same word is translated in the midst of, toward the south, again, the words toward the, are chosen by the King James translators, Strong's #5045.

            The south, the place that is opposite from the darkness of the north. The south is the place that is lighted by the sun, and if you look up this word in the Hebrew Lexicon you will not find this definition in any of the Lexicon's under south. Actually, I found this information when I looked up the word north in Gesenius. When I looked up Strong's #6828 in Gesenius which is north they just gave extra information and he talked about the south being a place which is lighted by the sun, and it quickened to my spirit so I am using that translation. And the sun rising of that vehement insolent valley, the visible spiritual world shall depart from the midst of their brains, shall depart from the midst of their corpus callosum, and the darkness in the midst, the darkness which is presently in the corpus callosum, Satan which is presently in the corpus callosum shall be lighted by the sun. Now what are we talking about here? The sun rising shall depart from the midst. I want to suggest to you that this is the sun that is going to be covered with sackcloth.

            Remember, each world has a sun, the visible spiritual world has a sun and the visible physical world has a sun. I suggest to you that this verse is talking about the two worlds or the two dimensions which are being turned upside down because right now the visible physical world is covering over the visible spiritual world, and the Sun of Righteousness, who is the Lord Jesus Christ, is hidden. The world cannot see Him. If He stands right in their face they cannot recognize Him because He is covered over by the sun of this world. We are talking about two worlds here. So, the sun rising of the sun of that vehement insolent valley, this visible physical world is going away, it is going to depart like a scroll, and it is going to leave the place where it is ensconced right now which is the corpus callosum, and the darkness that is in the corpus callosum in the midst of the brain shall now be lighted by the Sun of Righteousness. This brain in mortal man, this part of the brain, the corpus callosum is now darkness, and this area of darkness is going to become light. When this world rolls up like a scroll do you think the sky out there is rolling up like a scroll?

            Brethren, let me tell you something. This world out there will never roll up like a scroll for you until the sun which is in your mind, and at the moment I am not sure who the sun is. I am not sure whether it is the serpent or Satan. These subtleties get me sometimes. I am going to say the serpent. I may change my mind at a later date. This world, this visible physical world is not going to disappear for you until the serpent is put down under the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and until Satan, the god of this world, who is controlling from your corpus callosum right now, is going to be put down under the feet of Christ Jesus in you, and when the Sun of Righteousness arises in your mind, when the Lord Jesus Christ is engrafted to your corpus callosum and when Christ Jesus is standing above your brain or above the animalistic mind which is possessing your brain at this time, this whole world will cease to be a reality for you. Now, you will still see it. Jesus came into this world. He walked and He talked, He walked here and talked with the inhabitants of this world.

            The scripture says He came down to hell to speak to the criminal spirits, that's us. He came down from heaven into this hellish place to minister to us so He could see this world, but it was not His reality. He clearly said He was not of this world. If He was of this world He would have been able to call angels to help Him, He was not of this world. So the fact that we are not of this world does not mean that we will not be able to enter into this world. It means that we will no longer be bound to this world. We will no longer be married to this world. We will no longer be subject to this world. We will no longer fear this world. We will no longer reverence this world. We will no longer have a relationship with this world that the scripture likens to marriage and sexual intercourse with our mate.

            We will not be dependent upon this world. There will be nothing in this world that we need to survive. We will therefore come and go as we please and our passport will say the Lord Jesus Christ. We will no longer have a fear of death. The fear of death that the scriptures speak about is not fear as mortal men know fear. It means reverence. We will no longer reverence death. What does that mean? It means that when death comes into our presence we will no longer lie down. We will no longer submit to her. We will no longer do her bidding. I could not understand that at one point. I touched on that this morning. I thought that the whole of humanity was entering into glorification as one man because I could not comprehend how this world could change one person at a time because I see a physical world. How could it change for me and not for you? Until the Lord showed me that our external life is an expression of our internal life.

            Now this is hard Brethren, but I am telling you it's the truth. If you cannot understand this ask the Lord to help you because it is true. The condition of our mind directs our external circumstances, not only the condition of our mind but the one who is our mind orchestrates our entire external experience. The only example that I could give you is a child who's whole world is the home that he lives in. His parents never take him anywhere. He's had five years of life in this house, maybe in the back yard, that's all. As far as this child is concerned this is the world. This house and this yard and this street that he can see from the yard is all there is to the world. He can't get out. His parents won't let him out. It's a danger to him. He has no power to come in or go out of this world. He is trapped there. His mother locks the gate, he can't get out, but one day he finds out that he is old enough to go to school, and he is allowed outside the gate, and he gets on a bus that drives him five miles away, and his world has just expanded.

            He now has power to come in and go out of the family compound. The locks, the bars that held him in before no longer exist for him but his three year old brother is still locked into the family compound. Now the whole world changed for the older brother, but it didn't change for the younger brother. So this world that we all live in, that we all partake of, that we are all servants to, that we are all subjected to, can become an open door to me while you are all still subjected to it. One at a time. and the way one will be delivered or freed from the powers of this world is through the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is what this verse is talking about, and when Christ Jesus projects forth from our mind, stands up and abides, the visible physical world will cease to be a reality for us. It will still exist, it will not be our reality. Our reality will be the visible spiritual world. We can enter into this world. It will have no fear for us, it will have no threat for us, it will be like flicking a fly off your shoulder.

            I hope I made that clear, that's the best I can do. When we overcome this visible physical world which is a condition of mind, the visible physical world will still exist for everybody that is subject to it, and we will be able to see it but we won't be subject to it. It is the same principle when we talk about everlasting burnings, everlasting burnings. Burnings of judgment will continue so long as there is sin. A lot of people stumble over the word, everlasting. The burnings are going to last forever until there is nothing to burn up. And what happens to a fire that is not fed? It goes out. And they shall depart from their corpus callosum and the darkness in their corpus callosum in the midst of their brain shall be lighted by the Sun of Righteousness. And in that day, Elohim's sons shall stand upon their brains and the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains because of the glorified Jesus Christ, the last Adam, and the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from their corpus callosum and the sun rising of that vehement insolent valley, the visible physical world, shall depart from their corpus callosum and the darkness in the corpus callosum shall be lighted by the Sun of Righteousness.

            And our final translation, at least at this time is: And in that day the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from the corpus callosum of Elohim's sons and He shall stand and continue to abide above their brains where they are ruled by the animal mind because of the glorified Jesus Christ, the last Adam, and the sun of the vehement insolent valley, the visible physical world shall depart from their corpus callosum and the darkness which is presently occupying that place shall be lighted by the Sun of Righteousness because the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains.

            What I did there is I moved some of the phrases around and put them in a logical order. Let me read it one more time. And in that day, the first Adam, the living soul, shall break forth from the corpus callosum of Elohim's sons and he shall stand and continue to abide above their brains because of the glorified Jesus Christ the last Adam, and the sun of the vehement insolent valley, the visible physical world shall depart from their corpus callosum and the darkness which is presently occupying that place shall be lighted by the Sun of Righteousness because the first Adam shall be the mind in their forebrains. Christ Jesus shall be the mind in their forebrains.

            Mal. 4:2 says, But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and you shall go forth and grow up as calves in the stall.

          Rev. 21:23 says, And the city had no need of the sun neither of the moon to shine in it for the glory of God did lighten it and the Lamb is the light thereof. So the Lord Jesus Christ shall be the glory of it, and Christ Jesus shall be the light thereof. Any questions or comments? We have come to the end of this segment, and I seem to be losing a few of you there. Any questions or comments?

            The serpent is driven down under the last Adam's feet and kept there by the believer's spiritual warfare. Well, actually he is driven down under Christ Jesus' feet which is the first Adam and the last Adam together. It is the first Adam raised from the dead being strengthened by the last Adam, and the two of them together drive the serpent down under the believer's feet who is engaging in spiritual warfare. There is no way the enemy of our soul is being driven down under our feet without spiritual warfare. All this teaching that we ascend automatically is a lie, and if it wasn't so serious it would be funny. In order to ascend we have to ascend above the powers and principalities of this world. Do you really think they are waving at us as we ascend? Do you think they are saying, hi? Or, are they trying to shoot us down? Now maybe if you are ascending in the full stature of goodness they are waving at you and saying hi, but they are not waving, the powers and principalities of this world are not waving at those that are ascending in Christ Jesus.

            I had a problem with this a year or two ago. One man in particular who seemed according to his writings to be having very similar experiences to what I was having, and I was really sure that his doctrine was not accurate, and I asked the Lord about it, it was sort of disturbing me because I want to be in the truth myself, and I just say this man recently and heard him preach recently and once again our experiences seem to be lining up. He said that the Lord had taken his emotion, and the Lord has largely taken my emotions. He's stabilizing me, not many highs, not many lows. Some people might think I am a very serious person. I don't do anything deliberately. I can have a good time, I can have a laugh, but I do not get emotionally high. When I walk into a Pentecostal meeting, I don't jump and dance and scream and yell like I used to. I cannot do it. I am incapable of doing it, and I've known this for several years now, and I heard this man say that the Lord has taken his emotions so he continues to have experiences that line up with my experiences yet I am more convinced than ever after hearing him preach that he is off on the wrong track, and the Lord said to me, full stature of goodness. He is ascending above the powers and principalities of this world. He is ascending above himself, and Satan and Leviathan are letting him through. During the temptation, Satan said to Jesus, I'll give you dominion over all of the kingdoms of this world if you will just worship me. If you read some of those past messages, you will hear Sheila Vitale in a little spurt of arrogance, not understanding saying, now isn't that stupid. Didn't Satan know that Jesus was inheriting it anyway? Satan isn't stupid. I didn't understand.

            Satan was saying to Jesus, do not obey Jehovah and go on to glorification. Stay where you are in this condition of full stature and I will make you king over all the kingdoms of this world, and who are the kingdoms. The kingdoms are the people of this world. Satan say, I won't war against you. I will accept you as my own even though you have ascended in the spirit of Elohim and not in the spirit of this world which is the full stature of goodness. Just don't go on, and I will subject this whole world, every person in this world, to you. That's what Satan was saying to Him. Because you see if Jesus went on eventually there would be no people for Satan to subject to him because everybody is either going to die off or go on to full stature.

            And even as I was preaching that message the understanding came to me that Satan was saying, I will even give you dominion over my own offspring, Leviathan. And I didn't understand what it meant until right now. Satan was saying, don't go on to full glorification, stay like you are, I will give you dominion over every human being on the face of the earth including those who are in full stature of goodness and including those who are in a full stature of evil because Satan's offspring are those human beings who are ascended and who will ascend into a full stature of goodness or of evil. That's Satan's daughter. So Satan said to Jesus, I will even let you have dominion over the greatest spiritual mind in the world. I will make you king pin over the best of them, just don't go on to glorification. And Jesus said, no.

            QUESTION: If Satan had that understanding, how does the scripture come into play where if they had known the ramifications of Jesus being crucified?

            SHEILA: If they had only known they would not, oh I see what you are saying.

            The only answer I have right now is that, that was Satan on a high spiritual realm offering that to Jesus and that the men who crucified Him did not have that revelation, but I do admit there is a hole in this answer. It is the best that I could do right now. When I hear from the Lord, I'll fill you in. We do know that Satan is in control of all the men doing evil, so why would Satan let these men do that if he knew what glorification meant, and I don't know the answer to that. It is a very good question. I would like to know the answer. Jesus. Ah, I just got the answer. Because Jehovah was in control of everything. Jehovah was in control of everything and Jehovah was stronger than Satan. If Satan did try to stop these men from doing the deed, Jehovah had full control of their wickedness and interfered with any attempt that Satan may have made to stop them because, it is written that the Son of God would be hated by men and crucified. OK, every satisfied with that answer? The individual men who did it, they didn't know. The individual men who were trying to do away with Jesus didn't know. Satan knew, but could do nothing about it because it was foreordained. Thank you Jesus.

            The serpent is driven down under Christ Jesus' feet and kept there by spiritual warfare. A believer without understanding warfare skills and or the maturity to persevere is not equipped to keep her down, to keep Leviathan down. The serpent is driven down, I don't know why I said the serpent is driven down. But it is true, the serpent we are told in the book of Revelation, that old serpent the dragon which is Satan and the devil, they are all one, and they have got to be driven down under our feet with spiritual warfare. The believer without understanding of warfare skills and or the maturity to persevere because this spiritual war goes on for years, is not equipped to keep them down and is therefore not likely to do so. Rev. 22 says that Satan must be loosed for a little season so this is so that the individual believer's ability to distinguish between the serpent's wave length, rate of vibrations, their spirit vibrates, and the last Adam's wave length can be tested, and I have some notes about what verse in Rev. this is, but I don't feel to go into it tonight. That's in verse 6.

            Initially, we are waging spiritual warfare to drive the powers and principalities of this world down under our authority. What is our feet? To drive them under our feet. What does that mean, under our feet? Remember the beginning of the translation of Zech. 14:4, the symbolism of the word, feet, is mind. It is the mind of Christ Jesus. This is all a mental warfare. The mind of Christ in us is driving the powers and principalities of this world down under the mind of Christ in us. Now look, doesn't this line up with what I just taught, and in that day the Sons of God will stand above their brain. They will stand above the powers and principalities that are possessing the brain. So this is the way the scripture puts it, that we will drive them down under our feet, but how do we drive them down under our feet? By ascending above them. I don't know why it says it that way, that we will put them under our feet. The truth is we are ascending above them, and to ascend above them we have to beat them every step of the way because they are not letting us through. The believer enters into spiritual warfare to take dominion over the powers and principalities of this world, but once we gain that dominion Satan is let out for a little season.

            What is that all about? It is the test Brethren. We are going to be tested to see if we can distinguish between the spirit of light which is in Christ and the spirit of darkness which is in the powers and principalities of this world. There is only one way you can distinguish between the two, and that is if Christ Jesus is your mind. If Christ Jesus is your mind, and you have an intense relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you will know that spirit in another man. I can't tell you how I do it. I can't tell you how I try a spirit. It is a knowing. It is a knowledge that you can only have through recognition. What did I say earlier here about family line curses? How you go out and you marry somebody that is like someone that you grew up with, either your mother or your father. It comes from your unconscious mind, you gravitate toward that which you are familiar with. That's why these are called familiar spirits.

            Well, when you have an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you will gravitate toward people with the same spirit and you will feel a warning however it registers in your mind toward people who don't have that spirit. Did you ever go out in some worldly event and see a human being that you just didn't feel right about them? You just didn't want your children playing with that kid, that you just didn't want that person in your house, that man was after your wife, or that woman was after your husband, and you just felt it in your spirit and if you started handing around with these people there was just trouble in your life?

            That's the kind of thing we are talking about. That's how you will tell the difference between righteousness and evil. You have to be intimate with righteousness. When you have intimacy with the righteous spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ you will feel a warning in your spirit when someone from the other spirit is around, and don't be deceived, someone with the spirit of this world is experiencing great anxiety when they are around someone who has intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. They don't like you and they don't know why. It is very important to do everything right because everything you do, you just shave the law a little bit, you are opening, unless the Lord is telling you it is o.k. in a particular circumstance to serve His purposes, but just opening the door for someone with the spirit of this world can really give you trouble.

            I told you today that I feel there are rumblings in this development that I live in. I am just staying inside of my house. I don't want anything to do with anybody here because at least at this time Satan is beating the war drums. I am just staying away and lying low until this passes. Trouble is out there lying around looking for me in a place where I expect to be living for a long time. I just stay inside and I pray. Anything that you do that is illegal or that is off it is just an open door for the gods of this world to torment you. Someone else might get away with it, but I don't think someone in Christ would get away with it, any little thing.

            I suggest to you that the serpent's wave length is a different wave length than Christ Jesus' wave length. Well, how do you measure wave lengths? I don't want to tell you that the answer is in your emotions because it is not a discernment that's in your emotions. It is not whether you feel happy or whether you feel sad or whether you feel afraid. It is a spiritual thing, and if there is an anxiety because it is the wrong spirit it is spiritual anxiety. It is not in your emotions. It is in your spirit. It is not in your emotions, just a warning, and it comes into your mind frequently just a subtle thought, very subtle thought, and the Lord is very interested in the most minute details of this life. Some of us have been going out to this restaurant, this buffet, for the last few weeks and I told you at dinner today that the last couple of weeks it has been on my mind and I know that it wasn't me, I know it was the Lord, and He was telling me the price was $10.99 and they just raised it to $12.99 and it shouldn't be, and then I found out they raised the price $2.00, and they are putting out coupons. They raised the price so it would look like they were giving you a deal, and the Lord doesn't want me paying that price. Now, if I am going to go there, if I am hearing the Lord correctly, He wants me to take the time to look for the coupon for whatever reason, I don't know why. I don't know what's behind it? It has to be more than $2.00. It has to be a moral issue. To be honest with you, I don't fully understand it right now. Who wants to be looking through the Pennysaver for coupons. But it is what I heard the Lord telling me.

            A very subtle thought just flowing into your mind. I am asking Him to help me to be responsive to these thoughts because sometime they are very important. I think it is not important, but everything the Lord says is important whether we understand it or not because we are in a war up to our eyeballs. And how do we get shot? We get shot when negative energy collides with our positive energy, and Christ Jesus which is maturing in us, as Christ Jesus matures He is building up His energy field. He's getting more powerful. He's becoming a more powerful energy field so if we come into contact with negative energy and we get shot some of Christ Jesus' energy field is disbursed. It doesn't have to be permanent, but you are knocked back a peg or two. Remember, we are ascending. So you get knocked down a couple of pegs, you set back a day, you set back a week, you set back a month, you set back a year, so when the Lord filters these little thoughts into your mind there has to be something behind it that we cannot even imagine. He wants to stand up in us more than we want to stand up so if He is saying avoid this or don't do that, He has a reason.

            In case you are interested in doing this on your own, Rev. 20:7-9 speak about Satan's temptation of the second generation of Christ, and verses 10-15 speak about the judgment of the powers and principalities of this world.

            The next category of our message for tonight is the seven seals. We have been talking a lot about them, I've been asking the Lord what they are. Seven seals have to be opened or one seven part seal has to be opened. What in the world are they? A variety of thoughts have been filtering into my mind. I've read out Alternate Translation of the seals several times, and I just couldn't see it. Then little thoughts started entering my mind that these seals are human experiences that were binding up our energy. Every man is given a measure of energy. I can't give you any proof right now but at this point a thought has been in my mind of Jesus saying, every man is given a measure of faith, that measure of faith that every man is given, well we know that our faith that's given to us is Christ Jesus and Christ Jesus is energy. Every man doesn't have Christ Jesus, every man does have a human spirit which is energy, every man is given a measure of faith.

            Maybe that is talking about the human spirit because this is what's on my heart. I read it somewhere, and I have a witness in my spirit that it is correct. Every man is born with a measure of spiritual energy. We are considered cups or vessels or water spouts from heaven in the scripture. We are sealed vessels that contain something from heaven. Every man is given a measure of faith. Every man is given a measure of energy. Speaking about the human spirit. I may not have it exactly right, but this is what's been coming to me that the seven seals, I said Lord, what is sealed up? What is sealed up? It is the energy that has been given to us. The energy that we are born with is supposed to be used to make us spiritual men, but it is bound up. Every time we have a painful experience, every time we have a wound the result of it is that it binds up our energy. Well, how does this work? I don't really know. Maybe it is something along the lines of the energy anti-energy situation that we were talking about earlier. Maybe a negative experience under certain circumstances does not annihilate our positive energy, but has the power to bind it up.

            I do know this that it takes a lot of energy to keep a secret. I know that it takes a lot of energy to hold a grudge. I know that it takes a lot of your energy to refuse to forgive somebody. You have to keep that anger pumped up all the time. You have to keep that evil memory recall flowing through your mind all the time, and it binds up your energy or if you have a secret. If you were molested, if you were raped, if you were attacked, if you were shamed and you don't want anyone else to know about it and you yourself have made a league with yourself to not even remember it and you are in deep denial it takes a great deal of energy to keep these secrets hidden from the world and to keep these secrets hidden from yourself. We use up the measure of spiritual energy that we have by misusing it to keep secrets, to hold grudges, to plan vengeance.

            That energy is bound in our lower parts because of wrong thinking and wrong attitudes. the plan that Jesus has given us to love your neighbor and forgive one another and be fair and deal decently and honestly with one another. It works at the human level, it is a good way to live, you will reap what you sow, but there is more than meets the eye. If we actually follow these commandments and these statutes it will free up our creative energy, and that energy will begin to ascend up to our brain. Once again I went into our Alternate Translation of the seven seals, in our Alternate Translation of the book of Revelation and lo and behold I saw in our Alternate Translation, I saw what the seven seals are, and this is what they are. We have to hear, we have to understand. . . I can't do it that way, I have to read it off to you. 1. Hear about the One who was qualified to make the fallen dead creature responsive, operative, and ready, willing and able to fulfill the purposes for which she was created. You see, we are not fulfilling the purposes for which we were created because we are not having, well many don't have any relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be told what we are created for. The seven seals, the releasing of the seven seals, the end of it is that our spiritual energies will be released to ascend up into our brain and bring us into full stature so the first step to the releasing of these energies that are all bound up are to hear about the One that we must have a relationship with in order to ascend, and it is this very first seal that's being denied in the Kingdom church today, and through the whole New Age, and through all of Hindu philosophy.

            They are denying that we need anyone from outside of ourselves. So, the first seal that's opened is that we have to hear about the Lord Jesus Christ, and we have to hear the true message. We have to hear that He is not saving us from going to hell after we die, but that He is saving us from a hellish existence in this world through an ascension of consciousness because I want to tell you something, any other message is another Jesus. The Jesus that's going to save you from hell when you die is another Jesus. He's a false Jesus because that's not why He came. He came to save that which was lost, and that which was lost is Cain.

            Cain is the one that was lost. He's come to find that which was lost and bring her back to her family, and when Cain is restored to Abel the first Adam will be raised from the dead and the creation will be on the road to returning to a spiritual life with the Lord Jesus Christ and Jehovah. So, this message that's all over the world it is another Jesus. Now listen to this, it gets so confusing. It is a true Holy Spirit. There is a true Holy Spirit that is associated with the false Jesus and a false gospel and a false promise, but the Lord Jesus is winking at it because the Holy Spirit is being spread abroad. The whole world could not hear this message.

            They wouldn't listen for two minutes. Most wouldn't understand it and most who did would flee from it so the Holy Spirit is being spread abroad in this hour with a false Jesus, and the Lord says, that's o.k. for a season, but we have another spirit out there spreading abroad a false Holy Spirit. That's another issue, we talked about that earlier. So to open the seven seals is to release the spiritual potential of mortal man which can raise us up to a condition of full stature which is higher consciousness that is above this world. We are seeking to ascend above the mind of this world which is resident in our brain. The first opening of the seals is to hear about the fact that you cannot do it alone.

            The second seal. Let me read you what this says. I take the first seal from Revelation 5:2. And I saw a mature believer who had increased into Christ Jesus preaching with a loud voice about the one who was qualified to make the fallen dead creature responsive, operative and ready to fulfill the purposes for which he was created. And he was able to fulfill the promise of the Holy Spirit that she would express the image of God and receive eternal life. So, the seals begin to open in us Brethren when we hear that Jesus has come to save us. The second seal is to understand and this also is in Rev. 5:2. We must understand why humanity was created. All of this fantasy going around. Mary Jane brought a book in here a few months ago from someone that we both know, an abomination.

             Jesus created us because He's lonely and wants company. This is the attributing of human, mortal qualities to the immortal, infinite, eternal God. Shame on you. That is not a very politically correct word, shame on you. But shame on you for bringing the eternal God down to your level. Confess your sin and repent. There is a shameful spirit in this world. Understand why humanity was created. It was to be an incorruptible, everlasting visible expression of Jehovah. I don't know to what degree that message is being preached. It has been so long since I've been in a traditional church, what do they preach about why we are here? Does anybody remember?

              ANSWER: The church I came from they preached that, that's why you were created?

              SHEILA: What's that?

        ANSWER: To know him, to love him, to serve him, like He's waiting for us. . . . We are created to be an incorruptible, everlasting, immortal, visible expression of Jehovah. Many are preaching that this is a blasphemy. That's the opening of the second seal Brethren. So what am I saying? All these ministries who are preaching otherwise, all these people who are being taught otherwise their spiritual energy is virtually or almost completely bound up. There is spiritual power when you receive the Holy Spirit. You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, but Brethren it is not your power. It is the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you remember we all went thorough this in deliverance. Oh man, did I think I was something else. I was casting out demons. I walked up to someone who was manifesting and they would start screaming I had so much power in deliverance, and I thought it was my power. Sit down, I'll cast that thing out of you.

            The whole church was in that attitude until one day all of a sudden it didn't work any more. It was not a pleasant revelation that I had no power whatsoever but that the Lord Jesus had loaned me His power, and as He gave it He took it back. He gave it when He desired to and He took it back when He desire to. I had no power. We are talking about the release of our very own potential for indwelling, age abiding, power coming from within us. Power that once it is established in you cannot be taken from you because it is the Tree of Life growing out of you. That's what we are talking about. There is very little of any power of this kind in the church. It is called imparted power. There is imputed power in the church, the power of the Holy Spirit that been given, and if somebody gives you something they could take it back.

            The third seal is to understand that an incorruptible mind is necessary to be an incorruptible, everlasting, visible expression of Jehovah. You have to understand that where it's at is in your mind. Rev. 5:3 in our Alternate Translation says, And nothing in the visible spiritual world nor in the visible physical world neither in the Satanic world of the unconscious mind was able to make the mind of the fallen dead creature operative and able to fulfill her purpose. What is her purpose? To ascend into a high state of consciousness. Nor was there anything or anyone able to understand the mystery of how this was to be accomplished. Brethren, I point you to the Hindu philosophy which is very accurate on paper. Nobody is doing it Brethren. They don't know how to get it to work.

            I was in a church here in Hempsted before the Lord raised up this ministry more than 10 years ago, and I was sitting there listening to the preacher say, We've got to find out how to enable this thing, how to make this thing work. And I had no idea the Lord was giving me a ministry in those days, and I sat there as a disciple saying, What's he talking about? Christ Jesus is the enabler. I had just read it in my Bible. What's he talking about? And that's what he was preaching, how we are going to make this thing work? The whole world is trying to make this thing work, but when they hear what they have to do to make this thing work they don't want to do it. The want to keep what they have and gather this increase of spirituality and high consciousness unto themselves, but if you ascend in consciousness and you are still loaded with negative energy you are in danger. Some people die from it. Read the books on it, the people who ascend by the serpent's power. They have frightening experiences. They're ill, sometimes blindness, sometimes paralysis, sometimes their experiences are so severe that they are diagnosed as psychotics. Someone even wrote a book, Psychosis of Spiritual Development.

            The fourth seal. Three, you need to understand that an incorruptible mind is necessary and four, you must produce or give birth to that incorruptible mind. As these understandings come forth in you, and I am not talking about an intellectual understanding because we know here that it is associated with confession of sin and repentance and training to be faithful. Our energies are being released. These seven seals, I don't believe they are linear. We could be touching on all of them at the same time. They are not linear, doesn't have to be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. We could be in the early stages of many, if not all of them at the same time. Let me say it again, I really feel the need to say it again, the purpose of the releasing of the seven seals is to release our own energy that we were born with, but we need an activator. We are born with a measure of spiritual energy that needs to be activated, and the activator is the Lord Jesus Christ.

            There are people out in the world doing all kinds of tricks to try to stir up the energy that they are born with, and some of them endanger themselves and some of them fail, but Jesus Christ He is the Lion, the Lion of Judah, that is strong enough to open the seven seals. He is strong enough to release your potential energy for ascended consciousness without killing you. You may feel like He is killing you when the tribulation hits you, but He is the one who is strong enough to do what needs to be done in you to raise you up to an existence at the top of your brain. Remember, two of the disciples said to Him, Where dwellest thou master? Jesus was dwelling on the top of His brain. The fourth seal is to produce that incorruptible mind, Rev. 5:3, I read that already.

            The fifth seal is to acknowledge that the fallen dead creature existed in spirit with God as Elohim, and that we have the potential to be Elohim's sons. Now, this is a real problem in the Kingdom church. Many of the people that I've talked to, everyone I've talked to, seem to be determined to believe that we existed as full grown adults in the spirit before we incarnated. Brethren, that is reincarnation. We existed as seed, as spiritual sperm with Elohim before the beginning of time. We were not powerful angels with ministries on the other side of the veil. That is a biggie for people to overcome. Verse 4: And I wailed out loud for the masses of mankind because no one was found qualified to enable the fallen dead creature to produce an incorruptible mind, and an incorruptible creature even though the one who was qualified to do so was being preached about. We are preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, we hear the message, but we can't seem to find the person who is willing to help us to do it because whenever we come near the person who is not in full stature at this time with the two witness company, the average person flees for his life because Leviathan says, get out of there.

            The man was being preached about but His true missions was not being preached about nor was anyone found who could acknowledge that the members of the fallen dead creature had lived in the world of God's spirit before they entered into the earth. Neither was there anyone who understood the mystery of how incorruptibility and eternal life would be bestowed upon them. This is all the doctrine of Christ. No body understood. When the scriptures say something like that, no body understood, well you might be thinking about us, we understand. There is always a remnant, you see. When the scriptures say nobody understood, God always has a few faithful that understand. There is always a remnant, and this is the way it is supposed to be. Very few. Don't let anyone tell you that our numbers mean that there is something wrong here because just the opposite is true. Takes a very strong person with a very strong relationship with the Lord Jesus to go against the crowd, but Jesus is not with the crowd.

            Seal Six is to understand how humanity will become incorruptible, that is the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan and the seventh seal is to understand how humanity will receive everlasting life, that is the destruction of Satan and Leviathan, and the amelioration which is the transformation of the serpent into the Seraphim. I have analyzed these seven seals for you and I've broken them down into categories. Let me back up a little. I want to go very slow with this.

            The releasing of the seven seals is the releasing of the energy that a man is born with so that it can ascend up to the top of his brain which will result in him being a man who has power and authority over the principalities of this world. We call it a man in full stature. In order to have the energy we are born with released we need an activator. We need an activator. You cannot do it without an activator, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the activator. He has to come to us and join Himself to us. The three categories that I have broken the seven seals down into are: Obtaining the mind of Christ, understanding Jehovah's plan for everlasting life, that's the doctrine of Christ, and warfare. The third stage, the warfare, has three stages within it.

            To obtain the mind of Christ, we must first be reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are then justified and that is the engrafting of His word to us and the conception of Christ Jesus which mind of Christ Jesus ultimately matures to the warrior spirit. That's how we obtain the mind of Christ. Understanding Jehovah's plan for everlasting life, the doctrine of Christ, you will never understand the doctrine of Christ if you are not engaged in an ongoing process of confessing your sins and repenting of them and diligently searching the darkest recesses of your mind, willing to face anything that the Lord Jesus Christ brings to your understanding at any particular time.

            You will never understand the doctrine of Christ if you are not truly doing this, and you may deceive me, but you cannot deceive Him. I've been deceived a lot. The Lord has thrown people out of here that I didn't even know anything was wrong. The third category of seals is warfare. I've broken the warfare down into three categories and each category has three more categories underneath it. If you are looking at your notes you can see that warfare is category #3, and under #3 I have A, B, and C and under each of A, B, and C, I have the small Roman numerals I, II, and III. Is everybody following me? Is everybody ok? Warfare, the first stage of warfare is full stature. There are three steps to the condition known as full stature. This is how you are going to ascend to full stature, Brethren. that's what we are up to now, and also you could write in there if you want, I prepared these notes a while ago, and the Lord just pours out so much revelation every day that if I preached from notes that I prepared a few days ago there has been so much added to my understanding.

            The three stages of warfare I see can be likened unto the three feasts, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. We talked about this earlier today. Those of us who are hoping for full stature at this time are looking to celebrate the first feast, Passover, and this is how we get there. Now remember, Passover is the sacrifice of the perfect lamb. In order to sacrifice the perfect lamb you have to become perfect. You can't sacrifice what you don't have. Let me just repeat this for you now. Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God. He was our Passover sacrifice for us. Jesus Christ experienced Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. He gave up this life so that He could be converted into a form whereby He could pour out of His spirit upon all flesh and every member of humanity would have the same opportunity to have the same experience that He had.

            We all have to be purified, we all have to sacrifice our carnal mind, Leviathan, We all have to go through everything that He went through except the physical crucifixion. I can't say that. We all have to have our own experience of spiritual ascension with Him engrafted to us, guiding us every step of the way, and these are the three stages that lead up to full stature. One, the tribulation which is the exposure of conscious and unconscious sins. Hard times reveal sins in us, Brethren.

            The second step is overcoming the beast, his image and his mark. The beast is our beast nature. His image is this physical body, and his mark is the mind that is in our brain. The beast is the whole man. Maybe I didn't say that right. The beast is the whole of fallen man, his image is that which appears in this world, and his mark is his mind or her mind which appears in this world. The third step that when we obtain it we will find ourselves in full stature is the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan in the abyss. We now know that should be. . . .well it is not really in the abyss, it is just under our feet. The imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan, maybe black hole is right, they must be brought into submission to the spirit of Holiness. So we see that overcoming them is not necessarily the same as imprisoning them. All of us have victories every day, we overcome the serpent, Satan, and Leviathan and the devil every day. We have victories but they are not imprisoned.

            To be imprisoned means to be totally bound up to the point that they are inoperable, and this is our sin nature. These are the powers and principalities of our sin nature, the serpent, Leviathan, Satan, and the devil, and when we have them completely imprisoned we will be without sin. That is the condition of full stature. So, we are overcoming everyday but we have not completely overcome them. Then even after we overcome them we have to imprison them. Remember when Jesus of Nazareth ascended to full stature He then had to be tempted. He then had the conflict, the contest between Himself in full stature and Satan which was His carnal mind. When we first ascend to full stature we now have two minds, the carnal mind and the mind of Christ in full stature.

            The mind of Christ is the Kingdom of God, and the carnal mind is the kingdom of darkness, and it is not until the Kingdom of God brings the kingdom of darkness under Him and so completely joins the two that the mind of darkness is not functioning independently but that the two minds are functioning as one, that our mind now becomes the Kingdom of Heaven and we are sinless because our sin nature is inoperable because of the dominion of our righteous nature. Is everybody ok? This is not anything new, but as I was preaching it to you I was thinking of the two hemispheres of the brain coming together functioning as one under the dominion of Christ Jesus. That is sinlessness.

            We are talking about the three stages of the warfare with the powers and principalities of this world which are within us, within our mind and our physical being that when we overcome we will be in a permanent state of immortality. Does anybody have any questions on the three stages of warfare which result in full stature. The tribulation, the exposure of conscious and unconscious sin, overcoming the beast, his image and his mark, and that is in our own mind and in other people's minds, and the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan. That means that we have them so controlled that we are incapable of sin which condition is full stature. That's where we are today. We are hoping to celebrate the Passover feast. Jesus.

            B, the second stage of warfare is spiritual circumcision and the three stages of spiritual growth leading up to spiritual circumcision are: 1. The temptation. That's resisting the use of Jehovah's power for personal gain through Christ Jesus. Remember, Satan departed from Jesus but was not defeated. The temptation merely the passing of the test which is called the temptation gives us the opportunity to resist the use of Jehovah's power for personal gain through Christ Jesus for ungodly purposes. The second stage of ascension toward spiritual circumcision is ascension above the powers of this world in the garden.

            Ascension above the powers of this world garden. Now when Jesus was in the garden He asked the Lord if He was powerful enough to ascend above the powers and principalities of this world. You see, Jesus was dwelling in His brain, but He was not above His brain, He was not above Leviathan. Now when the Father said He had the strength to do it He pierced through, there was a piercing through, He was severed from His dependency upon the carnal mind and upon this physical body for His existence, and He ascended above the carnal mind and abode on the top of His brain. That's my understanding of it right now. It is very interesting, the scripture says He was in a garden. Because the revelation that's coming forth right now is that our brain is a garden, that's where the Tree of Life is growing. I wonder if Jesus was in a physical garden or if the way the scripture reads was just describing His experience. I am convinced that when the scriptures says that Jesus abode in a mountain all night that He was in a high spiritual place communing with Jehovah, that He was not on a physical mountain. Has anybody studied that word Gethsamene, does anybody what that means?

            I am asking the Lord to tell me if He was truly in a physical garden or if it was a spiritual condition that He was in, and the third stage of ascending to spiritual circumcision is the defeat of the powers of this world through the harvesting or the separation Christ Jesus' life. First the temptation, then the ascension above, then the complete severing of all dependence upon anything from this world including the physical body. And the third stage of warfare, glorification, is also in three stages. The destruction of the serpent's image, that's the physical body, the devil, and the mark, the destruction of the serpent's mark, that's the carnal mind.

            Satan is the unconscious mind in the forehead, the mark in the forehead, and Leviathan is the conscious mind and has the mark in the hand, and this happened on the cross, and three, the third stage of glorification is the amelioration or the conversion of the serpent into the Seraphim through the cleansing of the lake of fire. Now you see the serpent cannot be destroyed. Her image is being destroyed, the devil, and Leviathan is being destroyed, but the serpent cannot be destroyed because the serpent consists of Cain, who are the waters that Elohim needs to be dispersed through and the earth which is also a vital part of the creation. The earth is necessary to have the dark and light which produce the film which produces the image or the negative that's producing the image of this world so the serpent cannot be destroyed, but she has to be converted into a form where she will be serving Jehovah's purposes and not ruling the world because she is not meant to be the ruler. I have some footnotes for you if you see can it, and the first footnote comes after A3, talking about full stature. And it says, this is the first stage of the resurrection, full stature is sinlessness.

            The second is C3 which is talking about the destruction of the mark in the hand and in the forehead on the cross, and this is the second stage of resurrection. It is called spiritual circumcision. Christ Jesus is severed from Leviathan, ascends above Satan and Leviathan, the powers and principalities of this world. That's harvest. The third foot note is under C3, the amelioration of the serpent into the Seraphim. The third stage of resurrection is glorification. The serpent cannot cease to exist because she is Cain in an evil form, and Cain must be rejoined to Abel. Those who have ascended to the second stage of resurrection that is above the powers and principalities of this world because they have judged their own mortal nature shall then judge the mortal nature of those in whom Christ Jesus is not formed or has not ascended. You see, mortal men who are not in full stature, mortal men who still have sin, we cannot judge the sins of other mortal men except under two circumstances. If that man is in agreement with it, if you are sitting under this ministry, I am anointed to point out your sins, and the second condition is on the occasion that Christ Jesus in you would rise up and witness to a sin. It has to come through Christ Jesus, and any judgment executed has to come through Christ Jesus. I've been preaching here for years that it is very dangerous, you should not be doing that unless you are convinced it is the Lord. How do you find out if it is the Lord?

            You have to start praying about it, if there is any pride in it at all it is not the Lord, but I have to preach about it because there are people in the earth today who are mortal men in whom the Spirit of Righteousness will arise from time to time and execute judgment against unrighteousness. It is happening so I have to tell you. I'll tell you this, if you make a mistake I am sure the Lord is going to let me know you have made a mistake, and it is not the worst thing in the world. If you think it's the Lord and you do it and it's not the Lord, He's going to tell you, it is going to come out, and He will challenge you to confess it as sin and repent, and this is how you are going to learn. All that I could tell you, all I could do is caution you to be very careful, pray carefully, if you think it is God do it and don't go to the opposite extreme. Don't refuse to get your toes in the water because you are afraid it is not God. We are supposed to be growing up into the Sons of God, we are supposed to be practicing the power of God, we are supposed to be learning to be Sons of God, so pray carefully and then do it. Do all that you can to stand and then stand. Don't let your fears keep you back from having the experiences which are necessary for you to mature in Christ Jesus.

            I want to make one more comment on warfare category A, full stature. I did comment that this is our Passover, and that we are becoming the Lamb of God. You see, we have to be purified and the way that we are purified is that Leviathan is exposed, is broken apart, Satan is boiled away, our sin is dealt with. That's how we are purified, and when our sin is completely under our control and that part of it which cannot be dispelled is completely under our control we then become the sinless Lamb without spot because we are Christ Jesus. You see, Christ Jesus has fully arisen in us, and completely dealt with all of our sin and all that we are is Him. A lot of people have a problem with the Sons of God doctrine.

            They envision mortal men running around playing God, but the fact is that we must die so that Christ Jesus can live in us. Paul said, I live but yet not I, I live by the Life of the Son of God. So when Christ Jesus is completely risen from the dead in us and any element of our sin nature that has not yet been annihilated is completely bound and incapable of moving we become the Lamb of God without spot, and we go forth not sacrificing again. Jesus is the one who died for us but when we have become completely Him we go out having encounters with mortal men where mortal men invariably try to murder us, and our sinless nature produces the results that give them the opportunity to die to their sin nature and arise in the newness of Jesus Christ's life. Did I make that clear? At our Passover we become the sinless Lamb with spot. The one who died for us is completely living through us. Is everybody ok?

            Those who have ascended to the second stage of resurrection above the powers and principalities of this world because they have judged their own mortal nature, now when they are in full stature shall judge the mortal nature of those in whom Christ Jesus is not formed or has not ascended, and this is called the Great White Throne Judgment. Once we ascend to full stature, we will be much more aggressively judging people's sins than we are now. We have to be very, very careful now, but the judgment will speed up. Everyone who comes into our presence will have their sin judged because the spirit of God will be fully manifested. The judgment of the world which will result in the return of the world to the family of God will radically speed up when the Sons of God manifest. Does anybody not understand that?

            The mortal nature that the serpent has and is manifesting in this world shall be condemned to death in whom ever she is appearing, you see. Talking about the White Throne Judgment now. The scripture says, And the books were opened and then the Book of Life was opened. Every human being is a book. We all have a writing. We all have an engraving on us, and the books are being opened. That's the exposure of sin, and the only ones who will survive this judgment are those who's names are written in the Book of Life. This is very similar to what I told you the other night that this world is rolling up like a scroll and another world will be the existing world, the visible spiritual world of Jesus Christ, and only those who have a part of themselves in the visible spiritual world will continue to exist when this world rolls up like a scroll. That is what this great White Throne Judgment is all about.

            Every one whose name is not found in the Book of Life will cease to exist, but it is possible the provision, the mechanism has been made for every human being on the face of the earth to get their name written in the Book of Life, if you can have the seven seals opened in you, and the #1 seal, the #1 opening, is to hear about the One who is able to do it. You have to believe. It is not for everybody in this hour. The provision is that the entire spiritual root of the creation is to be saved. Most men today cannot hear this. They will live out their lives and they will pass out of this world. The spiritual root of the creation is being saved, not the individual formation of the animal body of the individual man.

            Teachers with carnal minds get these things backwards. It even occurred to me when we broke for dinner today about something I heard this morning that many Kingdom preachers are preaching today that we cannot ascend without the whole world and they are going to start putting pressure on people to come into the Kingdom because they think they cannot ascend unless the whole world is ascending. Well, there is a truth in that. They just have it backwards, and I preached it this morning. I don't think anybody heard it. We are Abel who is ascending. We are Adam rising from the dead. Abel in us cannot become the resurrected Adam unless Cain comes with us. I said that in the message this morning. Cain has to come with us so no matter how spiritual we are, we are in the process of civilizing Cain. Now depending on our upbringing some people have a more civilized Cain than others. We are being taught the social amenities, we are being taught how to relate to one another, this is all for Cain because Abel in us will not ascend into a resurrected Adam unless he brings Cain with him.

            I, Able in me, am responsible for Cain in me. There is no such thing as I cannot ascend unless you come with me, it is my own lower nature that has to come with me. Part of it has to be destroyed. Leviathan is going to be destroyed. Satan is going to be destroyed. Cain has to go back to her family. She has to come back to Abel so that they can increase into the resurrected Adam. Did I make that clear? Every perversion is based on truth. We do have to bring somebody with us but every man is responsible for himself.

            Do you see the potential danger of believing that you cannot ascend unless everybody comes with you? Can you see the end of this? Murder, coercion, distortion, torture. Isn't that what happened during the Inquisition? The mortal nature that the serpent has and is manifesting in this world shall be condemned to death in whom ever she is appearing. The mortal nature that Satan and Leviathan shall be condemned to death. The devil is not nature, the devil is the personality and the physical body. But the nature, Satan and Leviathan shall be condemned to death in what ever book she is revealed in. Those in whom Christ Jesus is not found shall cease to exist, and those in whom Christ Jesus is formed but not overcoming shall live because the judgement shall reverse the situation. As long as Christ Jesus is present, hopefully the judgment will weaken Leviathan and Satan and help Christ Jesus to ascend and rise up over it. But Brethren, there will be situations in which Christ Jesus will die.

            There will be many Brethren in whom Christ Jesus is conceived and being formed where He will not take the victory. Remember, I said it this morning, people get up set when they hear this. The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth a litter, is bringing forth a spiritual litter, Christ Jesus can die in one and still survive in another. The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth a litter, a many-membered body Christ Jesus. So Christ Jesus dies in one man, it doesn't mean that the whole manchild will die. The whole manchild will not die. The whole manchild will be born, and the whole manchild will save this fallen creation in child bearing and the manchild will do everything that Jehovah has ordained he will do. He may do it in you, and he may not do it in you. Now don't panic, if you want Him to do it in you, tell the Lord you want Him to do it in you.

            Any questions or comments at this point?

            QUESTION: When you were talking about negative energy doesn't it seem to be found in the emotions?

         SHEILA: Negative energy is most of the time but not all of the time in the emotions. Yes. That's why I made a comment earlier that the Lord has taken my emotion. That doesn't mean He has taken my ability to have a good time, but I no longer, or it is very rare for me to have highs and lows because negative energy is present in highs and lows. It is dangerous to have highs and lows. You want to be even. That doesn't mean you can't laugh. It means that we are supposed to be receding from anger, from intense anger, from rage, from intense fear, all of these things are very dangerous to the well being of Christ Jesus, to the developing of Christ Jesus in us.

            You can't take it upon yourself and feel guilty if you still have a lot of anger. Don't be a Pharisee now and try to change your behavior without changing the source of your behavior. You have to understand that negative emotion is a result of sin, and it is usually the sin of pride. Sometimes the sin of rebellion, sometimes rejection or envy. These are all the biggies, everybody has them. Pride, rebellion, envy. This is the source of all negative energy. Rejection. Oh, rejection. When I first started hearing about rejection I could not understand how rejection could be sin until the Lord showed me the retaliation and the murder and the vengeance and the viciousness that rises up when rejection is given free reign. It is absolutely horrendous, a very, very, very dangerous condition so this is all negative energy. This negative energy, unconfessed sin and unrestraint is like taking pot shots at Christ Jesus and just killing Him. You want control over your anger, you want control over your negative energy, start confessing it as sin and when you feel it rising up in you, you want to stop it. Anybody reading this message, if you have experienced uncontrollable anger and you really believe you can't stop it try confessing it as sin.

            I want to tell you for years I rebuked it, I rebuked it, I had minimal success until I recognized that anger, all anger arises out of pride. All anger arises out of pride, and I stopped rebuking the rage when it would rise up in me and started crying out to God confessing the sin of pride, and it defused Brethren. It defused. I would confess it as the sin of pride and then rebuke pride, not anger. Rebuke pride and it would go right down. Someone speaking: God showed me the same thing with rejection. Once you confess it as pride, then the rejection goes down. Sheila: Yes, pride is the foundational sin. It is the foundation upon which every sin is resting.

            I would like to end this t ape by reading a few more verses from our Alternate Translation of the book of Revelation Chapter 5, starting with verse 5. And one of the spiritually mature men said to me, don't morn, look Christ Jesus who was the Spirit of God manifested in the flesh and the spiritual substance which dwelleth in David has overcome the military power of the fallen dead creature, rendered it relatively unguarded and made it accessible to increase into Christ Jesus, thus making the promise that Christ Jesus shall appear in the whole creature available to the many members of the fallen dead soul.

            Verse 6, And I looked and I saw a Lamb which appeared to have been sacrificed stand up in spiritual power in the middle of the mature spiritual men in whom the fullness of God's government was operating in. And now we know He stood up in their brain, right? With the fullness of spiritual strength being restored to him and the fullness of both the imputed and the imparted anointing sent forth by God, even the Word of God, flowing in and through him in the middle of the living creature that the glorified man and the men raised to a higher spiritual power were sitting upon.

            Sure sounds like the brain to me. Sheila prays and speaks thus: I shall raise him out of the fire saith the Lord, I shall separate him from the coals that burn him saith God, I shall separate the one that has captured him and placed him in bondage saith the Lord, and I shall move him to a safe place. If he shall not come willingly saith God but I shall break the chains that bind him and I shall break the cords that are strangling him and I shall separate him from his captors. He will surely moan and groan. But he shall survive saith the Lord, and he shall ascend and I shall raise him up above the waters, and he shall prevail and he shall serve me saith God.

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