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Praise the Lord. I have put the notes on the seven seals in tonight's message because I made a couple of changes that I wanted to point out to you. For whatever reason my redlining did not work. If you look half way down page one, you'll see several lines have been struck out with strikeout. If you see a dark line going through, that's called strike out. I do that instead of removing the whole line, so that it could be very clear to you what I have removed. The text that I've inserted is supposed to be red lined, but my red lining didn't work. If you just look at the line underneath that which is stricken out, it would be safe to assume that that was the line that I put in its place. The change that I made was in the three stages of full stature and the three stages of spiritual circumcision.

            I didn't have them quite right. In ascension to full stature, the first stage is crucifixion. There's no way you can ever ascend to full stature if your human spirit is not crucified by the Lord Jesus Christ, who in the Old Testament is called the Emancipated Slave. He is the last Adam. He is the alpha and the omega; He is the first and the last; He is the first Adam and the last Adam. The first Adam is the living soul and the last Adam is the Emancipated Slave, the one who no longer needs a human body to survive in this world. The first step towards full stature is to have your human spirit crucified by him, which joins you to him because there is no way you will ascend into full stature in Able without the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you might ascend to full stature in goodness or evil which are the two potentials of the serpent's spirit. That word spirit is not really accurate, but the serpent is the god of this world and I don't know what to call it other than spirit. For a long time I didn't understand how the international ministers could be preaching that you could ascend automatically. I didn't understand it.

            Then I started hearing testimonies of some of these preachers about the way they were changing and it lined right up with what I was experiencing and I didn't understand it. But now I understand it. As you ascend in a full stature of goodness, you're probably going to have very similar experiences, if not exactly the same experiences as I'm having. What you have to look for is the warfare. If you're ascending without warfare, you're ascending in the Serpent's spirit of goodness. If you're ascending in Able, you are engaged in a vicious warfare, in a vicious warfare against your own carnal mind, Leviathan, and against the carnal minds of other people and your greatest weapon is confession of sin and repentance. You see, the reason they're preaching that ascension is automatic is because they're not engaged in any warfare and they're ascending, but they're deceived.

            They will ascend to their full stature of goodness and they will continue to exist, very probably, doing good works until the joint effort of the first and the last Adam folds up this world like a scroll. When this world ceases to exist, those people who are in a full stature of goodness and have no part of themselves in the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is building, will cease to exist. When this world folds up like a scroll; if this is the only place that you exist, you will cease to exist. If a part of you is in the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is building, that tenth, that part of you that's in there, will continue to exist. This is a heavy word! So the first stage in ascension to full stature is crucifixion. You must be crucified by the Lord Jesus Christ, the Emancipated Slave. The second stage of ascension to full stature is the treading under of the powers and principalities of this world that is Satan and Leviathan and the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan in the abyss. We do this by bringing them in submission to the Spirit of Holiness which is in Christ Jesus. The condition of having Satan and Leviathan underneath our feet gives us a mind which is called the kingdom of the two heavens. Let me remind you that the mind of Christ is the kingdom of God. It is possible to have the mind of Christ and the mind of the serpent and not have a mind which is called the kingdom of God. If you have an active mind of Christ and an active mind of the servant, you are a double minded man and you're unstable in all your ways. One mind or the other must bring the other mind under such complete submission that we become single minded. When Christ Jesus brings the mind of the serpent under His authority so completely that that mind cannot sin even in thought, the name of our mind becomes the kingdom of the two heavens. When the serpent brings Abel so completely under her dominion that he cannot even function as a mind, that mind is called the kingdom of darkness; the kingdom of darkness. The first stage is penetration. The second stage is the warfare which begins to tread the powers and principalities under. The third and final stage, the accomplishment of which puts us in a condition called full stature is the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan underneath our feet, so that we're in a condition where we are incapable of sin, even in thought. The spiritual circumcision; once again, the first step of the three stages of spiritual circumcision is penetration.

            There are two penetrations; I've been teaching for a long time there are two penetrations. First Jesus Christ penetrates us and we (we, because we are Christ) begin to grow inside of our carnal mind. When we're mature enough, we pierce through that carnal mind and in that piercing through of the carnal mind we sever our connection with the carnal mind, with Satan and with the serpent. The second stage of the resurrection is spiritual circumcision and the three stages within it begins with penetration. One penetration is coming in; the Lord Jesus Christ comes in and penetrates us and the second penetration is going out, piercing through the carnal mind. The second stage of the second stage of resurrection, the spiritual circumcision, is the harvesting of Jesus Christ's life from the carnal mind.

            Actually, I would think the harvesting might be first and the penetration of the carnal mind second. The third stage would be the ascension of Christ Jesus which started out within the carnal mind above the powers of this world, which is in fact, the re-establishment of the firmament. I'm referring to drawing #1 right now. You see that it's broken down into 6 parts. The title is at the bottom of the board. This is a series of drawings depicting the second stage of resurrection called spiritual circumcision.

            At the beginning Christ Jesus is being formed within the carnal mind. This is the only way I could think of drawing it because we're talking about a situation that is occurring inside of us. But for all of us carnally minded people that need help understanding, for all intents and purposes, the mind of Christ Jesus is being formed underneath, within the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the womb in which the mind of Christ is being formed and there is an umbilical cord. Christ Jesus is dependent upon the carnal mind. Don't stop reading the message! Christ Jesus is a many membered man. The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth a litter of offspring; the whole of which will be the one new man. The Lord Jesus Christ, the last Adam and the many membered first Adam, Christ Jesus.

            There are many members of Christ Jesus coming forth in many wombs of many human beings in this hour. The Lord Jesus Christ is not subject to the carnal mind, but the infant embryo Christ Jesus is subject to the carnal mind in which he is growing. If the human being in whom the carnal mind resides dies, that member of the litter dies. Because Christ Jesus cannot live without a womb at this stage of his development. Christ Jesus cannot live without a womb even in full stature. If you're manifesting, if you're upset, it's because you have pride. The second stage of resurrection is the separation and the cessation of dependency of Christ Jesus upon the carnal mind and the body of which the carnal mind is a part. Section A, Christ Jesus subject to the carnal mind; this is the kingdom of darkness, initially the kingdom of darkness.

            This is a picture of the newly engrafted seed. Once Christ Jesus starts manifesting and thinking thoughts apart from the kingdom of darkness, we have a change. I don't know what to call it. But I'm telling you that when the embryo Christ Jesus, when the seed is first engrafted, no one is living out of Christ Jesus. I don't know of any believer (maybe there's one somewhere) who is living out of Christ Jesus. We're all living out of our carnal mind until Christ Jesus becomes strong enough for us to start to rebel. When Christ Jesus is not manifesting at all, the name of your mind is the kingdom of darkness. Christ Jesus matures, begins to rebel, and you wage your warfare; this is all the first stage of resurrection. You wage your warfare, you tread the powers and principalities of this world under your feet and you're in full stature. In full stature Christ Jesus is still underneath the carnal mind. As Christ Jesus begins to move into the second stage of resurrection, which is the spiritual circumcision, also known as harvest, Christ Jesus prepares to break the umbilical cord and sever his dependency upon the carnal mind. He does so by first separating from the carnal mind. I don't know what it looks like. I just drew it up here in square B. 

            I drew a separation between the carnal mind and Christ Jesus. The cutting away of the fruit from the vine is harvest. If you've heard it preached otherwise, you've heard wrong. Harvest is not the harvesting of souls into the kingdom. Harvest is the separation of the fruit of the vine, Christ Jesus from the vine; this organic existence in which the spiritual Christ Jesus has been growing. The organic existence is the vine. There's two vines. Jesus said, I'm the true vine. There's a true vine, so there must be a false vine. This organic existence is the false vine in which the true vine is growing; Christ Jesus. Square C shows how after the separation Christ Jesus begins to penetrate through the carnal mind. Now remember Christ Jesus wants to get back up to heaven. What we're talking about here is the re-establishing of the firmament. Remember that heaven, for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist when the clean waters above the firmament pierced through the firmament and fell down and mixed with the seas and all of the waters of the creation were polluted.

            There was no more distinction between the waters above the firmament of the heavens and the waters beneath the firmament of the heavens. They all mixed together and the clean waters were polluted and all of civilization fell down from the surface and fell down into an existence under the sea. The account of Jesus in Gethsemane is translated into a very nice fairy story in the king James translation. I'm not knocking anybody; it wasn't time, but it's time now to know the truth. For whatever reason the Lord has not allowed me to take the time to do a message showing you every Greek word looked up, but this is the revelation. Just use your brain, brethren. Would Almighty God, someone who said no one can take my life, be on His knees begging His Father to escape His fate on the cross? Not only is it a lie, it is an abomination to even think such a thing about Him. All you Pharisees out there that refuse to believe and are offended with my statement that He was not born perfect, but that He grew in wisdom and grace and that He overcame at the time of His baptism and stood up in full stature; you have no problem saying that your God was sniveling on His knees in the garden of Gethsemane trying to get off the cross.

            I looked up every word in the Greek and what He was asking the Father was; am I strong enough, am I strong enough to separate from the carnal mind and not die? Am I strong enough to separate from the carnal mind and not die? Well the Father must have said yes, because in the next few words of the Greek, we see Jesus being in agony of the mind and the next thing we see are big drops of clotted blood. The Greek is very clear. The blood is clotted, began to appear on some surface. If you want to believe that this blood was human blood and it appeared on the man Jesus's back, that's your privilege. You can believe anything you want, but I don't believe it. I believe Christ Jesus inside the man, Jesus of Nazareth, began with an agony of a mind to pierce through the carnal mind and ooze through. The Greek word indicts that the blood oozed through and appeared on the surface as large drops of clotted blood and scabbed over the carnal mind. I have to tell you brethren, I've been preaching this for a couple of years now, but I never understood it.

             This spiritual circumcision was always a mystery to me. I knew that I didn't have the whole understanding. We needed this series for me to have the whole understanding that this clotted blood is the re-establishment of the firmament. Drawing D shows Christ Jesus fully scabbed over the carnal mind. These drawings are probably not accurate because I don't know what they looked like, but I hope I'm making my point; underneath Christ Jesus the re-established firmament (written in blue) is the carnal mind and Satan's sea. This is the Kingdom of the two heavens; the powers and principalities of this world under Jesus' feet, securely. Drawing E, we see the heavens restored. Now that the firmament is re-established and in place, the clear waters can rest upon the firmament without fear of being polluted. So the image of Elohim that's appearing at the top or on the face or on the surface of the deep can appear again. I can't teach the whole thing again, but what's forming the image is Jehovah's interaction with Elohim, light coming into the abyss, piercing through the firmament contacting the opaque earth being turned by the earth, diffracting up into the surface in a many colored image; the last Adam. The pure waters are called seminal fluid. The seas which have earth saturated in them are called the urine. I realize I didn't draw D accurately. Leviathan is in the midst of the seas. I drew it correctly over here; the carnal mind in the midst of the seas. If you want to change your own notes, Leviathan who is the carnal mind is in the midst of the sea. Drawing F is not too clear. As soon as I finish commenting on this, I'll give you another diagram expounding on F. What we have there are the two worlds overlaying one another; Atlantis down at the bottom of the sea (in the scripture called the Land of Nod or eastward of Eden) the feminine place, the place of weakness.

            That's under the seas. In heaven, we see Eden restored. You cannot have a surface of the deep if you don't have waters in the abyss. At this point we see the two worlds existing. This condition has existed since Jesus of Nazareth ascended. We have two worlds existing simultaneously. Heaven is piercing into Atlantis and Atlantis is piercing into heaven. We have some drawings on that. I really didn't intend to make this into a review, but we see that this in principle is the fulfillment of the scripture in Genesis which talks about the serpent's heel crushing Christ's head and Christ's heel crushing the serpent's head. They're lying side by side, head to toe, and toe to head. As I've told you before that's also a diagram of a perverse sexual act. Everything perverse in this world goes back to the serpent, not only the serpent, but the reality of our condition is displayed everywhere for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and understanding. I'll take questions on this.

            QUESTION: The dotted lines above the carnal mind in A, what does that resemble; the cone shape? Sheila: Well, the world is in the form of a triangle.

            ANSWER: Remember that we're formed in a tear in Jehovah's fabric. Anybody else? In answer to the question on the abyss, the abyss is not a tip. The abyss is the triangle or the opening in Jehovah's fabric that was formed by the tear, where the top of the opening is in heaven. That's the abyss. The part where the civilization is in the sea is a black hole. Did I understand your question? The abyss is not a point. The abyss is displayed by a triangle which is not here. This is typifying the black hole. The civilization under the sea is a black hole. Civilization on the surface is heaven. Anybody else? I didn't mean to confuse you. I'm really getting hit with this anointing. Let me be consistent. Civilization at the bottom of the sea is hell and civilization at the surface of the waters is heaven. Civilization underneath the sea, spiritually speaking, is the kingdom of darkness. Civilization on the surface of the water is the kingdom of the two heavens. Let me say this one more time; I feel to say it. Civilization on the surface of the waters is heaven or Eden or the kingdom of the two heavens. Civilization at the bottom of the sea is the Land of Nod, hell, eastward of Eden or Atlantis. Is everybody okay? I just think it's amazing. I have drawing 2 on the board showing the strong tower into heaven, Psalm 63:1 and Proverbs 18:10. Brethren, every word in that scripture is not poetic; it's not poetic.

            It has a spiritual meaning. If the Lord says He's a strong tower, He's a tower. He's a strong tower and there it is. It's just amazing.

            QUESTION: I remember you saying that the abyss is not a bad word. Am I correct in saying that the abyss is Jehovah's womb?

            SHEILA: Yes, I guess you could say that. Let me just redefine it for anyone reading this message. The abyss is the area that appeared and filled with water when a tear occurred in Jehovah's fabric. The tear occurred when the Son, Elohim, separated from Jehovah for the specific purpose of forming a visible world which would be in the image of Jehovah. Now before this separation for all the people who choose to believe that you are fully grown men in Jehovah's womb; that's not what happened. Elohim was one with Jehovah as a man's sperm, still in his body, is one with that man. Elohim never had an identity of his own. He was in his Father's bosom. Elohim separated from his Father, caused the Big Bang and with that separation, an opening appeared in Jehovah's fabric because there's nothing outside of Him. In that opening appeared the waters in which Elohim, the spermatozoa, appeared for the first time, apart from or separate from or in a form that could be differentiated from Jehovah. So the abyss is not a bad thing.

            The abyss is the place in which Jehovah is forming His creature. We even have a message where I showed you, according to scientific principles, this face or surface of the deep can be likened to a petri dish in a science laboratory. It doesn't make you feel too important, brethren, but we started out in Jehovah's petri dish. That's where we started out. Now we're in the serpent's petri dish. We're being formed within Almighty God, who is infinite. I don't know about you, but I can't even comprehend that. We're looking at drawing #3 right now. This is a picture of the abyss and the black hole that has formed at the bottom of the abyss. All of the waters that were in the abyss have fallen down and they have become Satan's sea. Leviathan is the mind which is dwelling in that sea and Satan and Leviathan are producing the image which is this visible world that we live in. This image is to show you the weak tower, the Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:9. The tower that the mind of mortal man is building can only go as high as the seal which is sealing our world off from the heavens above. I can't repeat the whole teaching, but we became sealed in here when the sides of the abyss contracted and crossed over each other after the waters that were in the abyss (which water pressure was holding the sides in place) all fell down into the seas. 

            The sides of the abyss contracted and crossed over (they curved) they contracted and they curved and they crossed over each other and they sealed off the abyss and civilization fell down to a place beneath where they have access to Jehovah. The bible calls it hell. The Tower of Babel is the mind of Leviathan reaching up into the heavenlies, but they can't go past the seal, you see. You have to get the seals opened. I told you in a previous message; there's only one seal with seven parts to it or seven stages of unsealing. The seal that only the Lion of the tribe of Judah is strong enough to open is this seal right here that's going to reinstitute access to Jehovah for us. But when the mind of man tries to reach up to heaven, he reaches the circumference of the black hole or the edge of the black hole. I believe that there are many who have done this. I have no problem believing that. But they have not reached up to heaven. They have reached up to the top of the black hole. There's another whole world beyond the highest point that Hindu philosophy knows about. All they know about is the serpent; that this whole world is lying in the bosom of the serpent. They're absolutely right. They know she's a goddess; they know she's female.

            They have a lot of knowledge about this world, but from what I can see, they're totally lacking of the knowledge of where the serpent came from and everything that the Lord is bringing forth here. This world is just a drop in the abyss. Not only is it a drop in Jehovah, who is infinite, but our world in comparison to the size of the abyss is just a drop. We talked about this in another message. Noah was a giant. The men before the flood were giants. I happen to believe that they were much greater than Og, the last of the giants. Why? Because I believe that the giants became smaller and smaller and smaller until they ceased to exist as a race. The whole creation shrunk. Even the scientists know that. It completely blows my mind to hear that science believes that today's birds, which are a fraction of my size used to be dinosaurs.

            Did the creation really shrink that much? It's a real possibility. If you can compare the size of the black hole to the proportionate size of the abyss; it's way less than half. Okay, we see that these dotted lines around the black hole are Jehovah's energy. You see, Jehovah has never ceased from trying to interact with His creature. But because we got sealed off in this black hole, His energies instead of piercing into our world, just go around our world and continue to circulate. Now, of course, this drawing is a condition that took place before the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah opened the seal. Alleluia! On the next drawing I'm going to show you how that affects us and how Jesus Christ's opening of the seal has made a doorway for us back into the spiritual world of Almighty God. We're on drawing #4 which is a picture of the abyss and the black hole at the base of the abyss with the seal opened by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We also see, not only did He open the seal, but that He continued on and returned to Eden and left an open highway behind Him. This is what's spoken about by the prophet Isaiah; in chapter 11:16 and 35:8. There are other scriptures also. These were the most obvious. Jesus is not only a door that we can go through, but when we get to the other side, a path has already been beaten for us. There is a highway that is leading back up into the spiritual world of God. Of course, Jesus is the door; John 10 verses 7 and 9. 

            QUESTION: How did the Lion of the Tribe of Judah open the seal?

            SHEILA: Did you mean how does He open it for Himself or how does He open it for us or how does it apply to us? How He opened it for Himself is that He had Elohim working in Him and He pierced through the three stages of the resurrection. He came to full stature. He ascended through the spiritual circumcision. He re-established the firmament. 

            Then when He was crucified (I'll just read it off the notes for you). The third stage of the resurrection is the glorification. It starts down at the bottom of page 1. The first stage of the glorification is the destruction of the serpent's image. The serpent's image appears both in the natural and in the physical and in the spirit. He has a terrestrial body which is called the devil. The serpent's image in the form of our bodies is who the devil is. The second stage of the glorification is the destruction of the mark of the beast. The mark is in two stages. The mark is speaking about the mind of the beast. The beast is this whole perverse creation. The devil is the physical body that was crucified. The mark is the mind. The unconscious mind is Satan and the conscious mind is Leviathan. That's the mark in the hand. Satan is the mark in the forehead. They are both destroyed on the cross along with the physical body. 

            The way this creation exists is that if you destroy the physical body, you destroy the mind that is in it. So Leviathan was destroyed when the man Jesus was crucified. He was murdered. His physical body died. His carnal mind that had already been totally under the control of the Christ mind died. Satan died also. Satan was boiled away to nothing. The only one that remained was the serpent. The serpent is not destroyed because the serpent is Cain. Cain, the waters of the creation who has saturated herself with the earth, become clay and become criminal and formed this criminal creation. I always wondered how come Genesis 2 and the early chapters of Genesis didn't talk about clay. I never saw the word clay anywhere because the creation that's made out of clay is the serpent's creation. It's Cain, so saturated with the earth that she became solid. Elohim's creation is not clay and it's not solid. The scripture says He formed the man.

            It doesn't say that He formed the clay. He formed Adam and Adam was a spiritual man. So as far as Jesus of Nazareth is concerned, when His body was crucified; the son of man was crucified. The Son of God was not crucified. The son of man was crucified. Check it out in the scripture. Every time Jesus ever referred to His crucifixion, He said the son of man will be crucified. Now who is the son of man and who is the Son of God? This is a bit confusing to some people. Sometimes Jesus said, I'm the son of man. Sometimes He said, I'm the Son of God. I suggest to you Jesus was not confused nor was He inconsistent. Jesus was both the son of man and the Son of God. He was the only male offspring of this fallen female creation. The serpent is female. Every human being that she has ever formed, every human being ever born of a woman with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth was spiritually female because the serpent cannot produce a male. Why can't the serpent produce a male?

            Okay, let's remember who the serpent is. She is the water part of the seminal fluid, absent the spermatozoa and cannot produce a male without the male seed. So every human being ever born into this creation founded by the serpent was spiritually female. Jesus of Nazareth is the only son, the only man child to be produced by this creature. He, therefore is the son of man! He's the only son that this serpent ever produced. He is also the Son of God in that His mind was the mind of God, Christ Jesus. Let me put it to you another way. He was the manchild because He also had the mind of God which brought His female mind under subjection. Don't stop reading this message! Listen to this because it's the truth. Jesus was born with a carnal mind which He received from His mother.

            He was also born with the seed or the potential to develop a fully mature mind of God from His Father, God. So Jesus was double-minded from birth. At the time of His baptism, the mind of God in Him ascended to full spiritual maturity. He immediately was caught up into the temptation whereby the mind of God prevailed over the mind that He was born with. He put him (her) underfoot and chained her to such a degree that the man, Jesus, became incapable of sin. So the Son of God completely subjected the son of man. What does that mean? Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, completely subjected His humanity to His Godhead. That's all you need to do to stand up in full stature. Subject your sin nature to that which is in you, which is of God.

            We all have Christ Jesus here. Well go ahead, why don't you do it? You're not strong enough! Even with the mind of God in you, we're not strong enough to subject the mind of our humanity. Why? Because of the fear of death; fear, reverence, respect. What it really means is that it's a nice way of saying we're married to the founder of this world, the serpent. We're married to the serpent. We respect the serpent. What it means is that we are in bed with the serpent. That's what it means and you can't get free from the person that you're in bed with. We have to be harvested before we can get rid of what we have that is of the serpent; this body, this mind (our unconscious and conscious mind). So when Jesus said, I am the Son of God and I am the son of man, He was a double person. He had a double identity until the glorification, which glorification destroyed the son of man.

            He clearly said the son of man is going to be crucified. Alleluia! Only the Son of God went on; the Son of God, the Alpha and the Omega; the combination of the first Adam, the living soul and became the last Adam, the Emancipated Slave. In Jesus' case, it was a combination of Elohim and the man, Jesus of Nazareth, in whom Adam had been resurrected from the dead. The two joined and He became the Emancipated Slave. Now He's back in the earth today. We have both the Alpha and the Omega. The first Adam, the living soul is being raised from the dead in us and the last Adam, the Emancipated Slave is already present with us.

            So when the first Adam is fully raised from the dead, we're going to have the double portion. That's what the double portion is; the first Adam and the last Adam. The two together are stronger than anything that Cain can conjure up through the serpent. So how did the doorway open? Jesus went through because of the power of Elohim. That's the only answer that I have for you right now. There's information that I'm lacking. I have asked the Lord a couple of years ago what was different about Jesus than us because He did not have a human male seed. So there has to be something different; there has to have been something different about that man than about us. But the Lord hasn't answered me yet, so I guess I haven't matured enough or I don't have enough information to understand whatever the answer is. But that's the answer to your question.

            The door opened when Jesus, because of Elohim's union with Him raised Him from the dead. When His physical body died and His carnal mind died and Jesus went back up to heaven, He opened the seal. It was Jehovah's power that was in the man Jesus. Okay, let me back up. Elohim came from heaven and He pierced down into hell. First of all, He pierced through the black hole to get into hell. Then Elohim was born in the man Jesus of Nazareth and He formed Christ Jesus as the mind of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and when Christ Jesus ascended, He went out through the hole that Elohim opened when He pierced through. He now made a way out for everyone who can identify with Him. Now you hear it preached, I identify with Jesus. I raised my hand, I identify with Him. No, it has to be a spiritual identification. I'll do that on the next drawing. So the door was opened in two stages. Elohim pierced through and formed Himself and took on human flesh and ascended back out. The seal is now open for everyone who can line their mind up with Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ.

            That's the way out. There's two minds. If you're dwelling out here in Leviathan, you can't get through. Take a look at this drawing. The doorway is not open to Leviathan. See how the neck closes off over there. I made it very clear. Look how that neck closes off over there. If you're in Leviathan, you cannot get into that doorway. You have to be in Christ Jesus to get through the door. How do you get into Christ Jesus? With your thoughts; with your thoughts. Brethren, when our thoughts line up with the mind of Christ Jesus we're going to be right here with Him. Why? Because where your mind is, that's where you are. Now if we're down here in hell and we're still getting sick and dying and having problems, guess where our mind is? Our mind must be in hell because if my mind was in heaven I wouldn't be here. Well my body might be here like Jesus was for a season, but I wouldn't be having the problems that I have if my mind was in Christ Jesus. 

            I've got some of Christ Jesus growing in me and I've got some connections, but I don't have enough of Him to ascend through that door. I'm not going to tell you I do; I'm not a fool. All kinds of people out there saying they're saved; they have no sin; all kinds of nonsense. The door is in Christ Jesus and the way you get through it is to live out of His mind. Now if you've been reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Spirit has engrafted to your spirit, His mind is growing in you. This is a great mystery. It's spiritual. I have it drawn on the board as a particle. Look at this little circle. That's the mind of Christ Jesus. His mind is in everybody in which it is growing, in many thousands if not millions of people at this time. I wouldn't know how to draw it. But there's a spirit world that doesn't take up any time or space. Somehow it's existing in all these millions of people at the same time. I don't have the information right now. I just know that it's true.

            So when Christ Jesus who's growing in us pierces into the corporate mind of Christ Jesus, that door is going to be right there in front of us. We're dealing with drawing #5. It looks very similar to drawing #4 but if you look down at the bottom where the black hole is you'll see that I drew an extra circle if that's the right word. The first Adam is within the last Adam is within the carnal mind, Leviathan, is within Satan's sea. Now this whole creation is appearing in Satan's sea and Leviathan, the mind of mortal man is the sea serpent who swims in Satan's sea. When Jesus, who was Christ, was glorified, His mind remained in the earth when He ascended back up to His Father. I'm sorry, that's not right. He ascended back up to His Father, but He returned on the day of Pentecost and His mind has been in the earth of mortal man ever since His return. Jesus came again on the day of Pentecost. We're not waiting for His second coming; we're waiting for Him to appear. He has already come and He began planting His seeds in the minds of mortal man two thousand years ago. He's bringing forth a litter. He says that He is the first of many brethren. Now the King James translation says that He is bringing many sons to glory.

            On that King James translation we have a lot of Christians running around thinking and preaching that there is no longer the only begotten Son because now we have all these begotten sons floating around the earth. Brethren, there is only one Son and this is an unfortunate translation in the King James Bible. Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ and is now glorified is not bringing many individual sons to glory. That Greek word translated many can also be translated a large son, an abundant son; He is very fruitful. The Emancipated Slave is very fruitful. He's bringing forth an abundant litter of brethren, but He shall always have the preeminence. Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ and is now glorified will always be greater than the abundant second generation that He is bringing forth and the two generations are one. Jesus is the head of the body. He's bringing many brethren, but He's not bringing many sons to glory. It's not an accurate translation. There is only one Son of God. Christ is not divided. There is only one Son of God and many members of Him. Praise the Lord. So ever since Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, was glorified and ascended and returned to the earth on the day of Pentecost, His mind exists in this many membered mortal woman, which humanity is. 

            The outermost red line; I've written inside of it the last Adam. The many brethren that He is bringing forth in this hour are in Him. Acts 17:28 says; In Him, we live and move and have our being. Well, what does that mean? It means that the mind of Christ that's being formed in you and the mind of Christ that's being formed in me is inside of the last Adam. We're within Him. He has become our womb. He is bringing us forth in Him and in Him the door is already open. You see, you can't get through this door from the carnal mind. Now if the mind of Christ is being formed in you, but you're not living out of Him, you can't get through the door. How do we get through the seven seals? That question was asked. We get through by thinking with the same mind that Christ Jesus thinks with. That's how we get through. We have to get into this mind. You see, the King James translation that says; believe in Him and you shall never die. It really should say; believe into Him and you shall never die. What does this mean? It means you're out here in your carnal mind and you start hearing this message. As you believe, brethren, what you really believe becomes real to you. It becomes real to you. If you really believe it, it's going to happen. Your very consciousness is going to become more and more engrafted to the last Adam until there is no separation. Your consciousness goes to the place that you believe. Jesus put it that way by saying your treasure is where your heart is.

            That's what He meant. See, the people who have the spiritual power to do it; they just think themselves some place and their body appears there because their mind is powerful enough to move their flesh. But we're very weak. I don't know about you, but I am. I can't think myself someplace else and wind up there. I've got to either walk or drive my car. That's one more witness as to how carnal I am. How can I have all this revelation and be this carnal? I'm not really sure myself. But I do know this, that if I keep on going in the direction that I'm going in, I am piercing into the first Adam. You see, my consciousness was out here in the carnal mind and I have got to be piercing through for all this revelation to be coming down. If I keep on going, the day is going to come that I am going to be so in that mind of Christ that I'm going to go shooting right through that door and right up that highway and I'm going to wind up back in Eden as we're told in Job 2:3.

             Did I make it clear? This sketch may not be completely accurate because I drew the first Adam in the inside and I don't see how there is anything to pierce through there. But it's the best I can do tonight. Sometimes this is a big drain of my energy to bring this kind of message forth. I'm very tired and I have another image in my mind. So if you're looking at this first Adam within the last Adam, something is wrong with the drawing. As soon as the Lord straightens it out in my mind, I'll give it to you in a future meeting. Any questions? 

              QUESTION: How would you define Eden in that context? 

        SHEILA: That's my next drawing. How would I define Eden? Eden is a state of consciousness. It's a state of consciousness and where your mind is, that's where your body is. When your mind is so completely one with God, your body and your emotions and everything that you own is going to be where your mind is. But of course, we won't have a physical body; we'll have a spiritual body at that point. Eden is a state of consciousness. Now some people get all upset; they don't understand it. They say she's saying hell and heaven are in the mind; how you think. No, it's a state of mind. It's not how you think. Hell or heaven is a condition of mind. The reason nobody is getting into heaven in the condition we're in is that the condition of the mind of mortal man is described by one word.

            What's that word? Does anybody know? Sin! Sin! The condition that describes the condition of our mind is sin. Sin cannot get through this door. You can think thoughts of goodness and kindness and righteousness all you want. You're just coming out of the good side of your carnal mind. You've got to get into the mind of Christ. We're all born with a measure of energy. Jesus said every man has a measure of faith. When that energy links up with Jesus Christ and we get our consciousness one with Him, we'll be able to shoot up to heaven because the door is open. How do we do that? Well you can't believe if you don't know the story. You can't believe if you don't know what you're supposed to believe. Brethren, Jesus Christ who is glorified has the whole and complete truth. He is the Truth. You don't stand a prayer of being one with Him if you haven't at least heard the message.

            Let me put this on part 11 of this message. I'll read it to you again. This is the seven parts of the seal. These seven processes that I'm going to read off to you now; what they will do is at least make you eligible to be one with the mind of Christ. If you believe these things, the mind of Christ will be formed in you. When the mind of Christ is mature in you, there's no separation between you and the glorified Jesus Christ. You're going to be right at that door and you're going to be able to walk through. Because Jesus Christ has access to heaven and hell. So how do you open the seven seals? There's only one seal with seven stages to it. It has to do with your mind. It has to do with understanding and knowledge in your mind. These are the seven stages. You have to hear about the One who is qualified to make the fallen dead creature responsive, operative, and ready and willing to fulfill the purposes for which she was created. You have to hear about the One. 

            That's Jesus. There's a lot of false Jesus' in the church, brethren. You have to hear about the One that wants to make man responsive to fulfill the purposes for which she was created. There's all kinds of Jesus' preached out there; most of them false. Most Christians haven't even gotten to seal one. Seal two: you have to understand why humanity was created; to be an incorruptible everlasting visible expression of Jehovah. Not many people believe that. The third belief: now you can't be believing this with your carnal mind. Well that's not true. These first three stages you do believe with your carnal mind and they produce a hope in you. Hearing this with your carnal mind produces hope in you. Number three; you have to understand that an incorruptible mind is necessary to be an incorruptible everlasting visible expression of Jehovah.

            Number four: produce or give birth to that mind. Well if you believe the first three seals with your carnal mind and you have hope that this might happen to you, it will result in this mind being conceived in you. So the first three seals you go through with your carnal mind. The fourth seal is talking about the conception of the new mind which comes to pass because of your hope. The fifth seal; with your new mind now; here's the key. Starting with seal five, you can't be doing it with your carnal mind or you'll never get in. Seal five; you have to acknowledge that the fallen dead creature existed in spirit with God as Elohim and that we have the potential to be Elohim's son. But you can't go around believing this nonsense that we were fully grown men in some spiritual world with streets of gold. Just as Levi paid tithes in Abraham's loins, we existed in Elohim's loins.

            Now a lot of people can't believe that. They think it's pride to think that you're the son of God. Satan has people bound up on every side. If you're proud, he's got you bound up in your pride; if you're a positive pride. If you're a negative pride; if you have the kind of pride that makes a martyr out of yourself, he's got you on that end. We have to be able to face the truth, brethren. You can only face the truth with the mind of God. If you're thinking with your carnal mind, the chances of you being one form of pride or another are almost one hundred percent. Seal number 6: Understand how humanity will become incorruptible and this is through the imprisonment of Satan and Leviathan. The seventh stage of the seal; understand how humanity will receive everlasting life; the destruction of Satan and Leviathan and the amelioration or the transformation of the serpent into the seraphim. So the first three seals impart the mind of Christ to you and the last three seals give you enough knowledge, if you're learning it with the mind of Christ, for you to so cleave unto the glorified Jesus Christ that there will be no separation and you will just flow through the channel that He has already opened. The majority of the church isn't even interested in learning. They just want to play music and dance and praise. Some of them are happy casting out demons, but they don't want to go on beyond that. They don't want to study to show themselves approved and they certainly do not want to hear this message. As I said at the beginning of this message, there are those who are ascending without warfare, without opening the seven seals. They're ascending without the truth. They're ascending in the goodness of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They will, they are and they will experience spiritual power. But when this world rolls up like a scroll they will cease to exist. Any questions or comments?

               QUESTION: What scripture are you using to depict the Emancipated Slave?

            SHEILA: That's in Daniel 7. I don't have the exact scripture now. But I have it written up, if you look at your Alternate Translation with the blue cover of the Old Testament. I have several footnotes; it's footnote #1 and #2. All the scriptures are there. Basically what it is, is an alternate translation of the term Ancient of Days which is found in Daniel 7. See, Ancient of Days, I don't know what that means to you, but it meant absolutely nothing to me. I could not imagine what it meant. But when I looked up the words in the Hebrew, it means the One who has been emancipated from dependency upon this organic existence. So we have renamed Him the Emancipated Slave. Every mortal man is a slave to this existence of death and Jesus of Nazareth was born as a slave to this existence of death, but He overcame because He also was born with the mind of God. No man can get out from this bondage without the mind of God. Alleluia! Once again the Lord is interweaving our studies of the serpent and the teaching that she's at the base of the spine.

            As you may recall we have dabbled in Hindu philosophy because the Lord has shown me that there is some truth in Hindu philosophy. The Lord has been witnessing to much of what we have seen there. We now believe that the serpent is at the base of the spine and her mouth covers the spine. That means the mouth of the serpent is completely possessing the entrance way to the spinal column which leads to the brain and the brain can either be hell or heaven or hell or Eden depending on what spirit is controlling it. The serpent has her mouth over the base of the spine. What are we doing now? We're relating all of these physic teachings to our very person in the form of our body. Here is the seal, brethren, right at the base of your spine. Our brain has the potential to be completely possessed of the Spirit of God. In that possession we have the potential to be as God. But for us to do so, our energy, the measure of faith that we are born with in Christ Jesus, must ascend up through our spinal column to get to our brain. But the serpent has her mouth over the base of the spine.

            That's where the seal is, right there. Is anybody not following me at this point? Jesus Christ comes into our life and we read so much about putting the enemy underfoot. What does it mean? Brethren, there's no way anyone is ascending in Christ Jesus without knocking this serpent's mouth off the doorway. Jesus Christ comes in (look at sketch B on drawing 6) and He puts the serpent under His feet. He knocks her mouth off of the base of the spinal column. He opens the door. He accesses the spinal column for you and the serpent is buried underneath the authority of the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last Adam. Every time you let that serpent up out from under your feet, the first thing she's going to do is close off that doorway to your spinal column, the channel through which the power of Almighty God, which is in Christ Jesus, ascends up to your brain. Your mind is in your brain. I'm applying the physics teaching to our human body. Jesus! So the scriptures that say He will put the serpent or His enemies under His feet; brethren, nothing in this bible is poetry. He's talking about putting it under your feet.

            The reason you have to put your enemies under your feet is because your enemy, the serpent, is blocking the doorway to Eden. The only spirit that she's letting up that channel is Satan. Now remember, the serpent is the one who has founded this world. The serpent's appearance in this world is in the form of Satan, the dragon, and the devil; Satan, our unconscious mind; the Dragon, Leviathan, our conscious mind and the devil, this physical body. The serpent has her mouth over that entrance way to the channel to the brain because the one who possesses the brain rules the man. She's completely got the carnal man bottled up. When Jesus Christ comes into your life, He starts hitting on this serpent and the way He starts hitting on the serpent is like this. If you want to start attacking a plant, you start with the part of the plant that's showing. You don't go to the root right away. He's attacking Leviathan. We are supposed to be in a war with Leviathan and with Satan. Then when we get them under our feet, the Lord Jesus is going to rip that serpent's mouth off of the channel of the pathway of the roadway to the brain so that Christ Jesus is us can get up to the brain and possess the brain. Because the one who possesses the brain controls the man. Now I suggest to you that Satan is already in control of our brain. I had some alternate translations for you today. I guess I'll be doing it at the next meeting. I've got some scriptural witnesses for you through an alternate translation. I found the black hole. I have at least two verses in which I found the black hole.

            I have two or three verses in which I feel very, very confident will convince you that the seven seals are very much in the scripture and that they line up with this concept of the seven knots that are coming forth through the ungodly Hindu philosophy. I have two or three scriptures in which I think that it's really incontrovertible that the word seven is used in the scripture to describe full stature. I have some very interesting scriptures for you. I also found scriptures for you, believe it or not, that show the spinal column in the Old Testament. That sounds quite amazing, but I woke up with that revelation on my heart the other morning. I haven't worked them up in an alternate translation yet, but I do have several scriptures showing you the spinal column in the same verse with the number seven, talking about full stature. It's there, brethren, if you have ears to hear and eyes to see. So this is what we see. Where is the seal? Where is the seven part seal in you and in me? It's the serpent's mouth over the base of our spine.

            The energy we have received in Christ Jesus has to beat that serpent out of the way before He's going to ascend to the brain where He's going to catch us up to full stature. So if you're ascending without a war, you're ascending in the serpent's power. I don't see how it could be any clearer. Everybody is very quiet. Does anybody have any questions or anything to say? That is just awesome. The putting of the serpent under our feet; what that means to you and to me means that her mouth is being ripped off of the base of the spine. She no longer will be able to possess the entrance way back to Eden. After her mouth is ripped off the entrance way to Eden, she has to be kept away from it. The way the scripture expresses that is that she has to be under the feet or under the authority of the first and last Adam known as Christ Jesus. So we have some scriptures to read about that.

            QUESTION: You talked about the energy we were born with in Christ Jesus, but we're not born with Christ Jesus. Can you explain that?

            SHEILA: No, we're not born with Christ Jesus. Jesus said every man is given a measure of faith. The energy that we're born with is Abel who has been captured by the serpent. Abel has been made a slave, which is typified by Samson blinded and grinding at the gristmill. The serpent could not incarnate any kind of a visible world without Abel, so she killed Abel, but he didn't cease to exist.

            He died to his priesthood. Abel died to his authority and became the captive of the serpent because his energy is needed to form this creation. I believe he's in the form of the human spirit. Everyone is born with a human spirit. That's the energy that we're born with. When Jesus Christ comes, that's what He taps into and He strengthens it and starts to raise it from the dead. Comment: I think it's called the tail bone at the bottom of the spine. God says we'll be the head and not the tail.

            SHEILA: Yes, that's very interesting.

            Okay, let's start reading these scriptures; Psalms 8:6 and 7; Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet; all sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field.

            SHEILA: That's interesting because it said all sheep and oxen and the beasts of the field. Everything is under His feet. The beast of the field is the serpent. The sheep and the oxen are just talking about the animalistic creation. They're all one with the serpent. That's who's going under His feet; the animal creation. Psalm 18:38; I have wounded them that they are not able to rise: they are fallen under my feet.

            SHEILA: Alleluia, there's no way the serpent is going under our feet without us wounding her. Psalm 47:3; He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet. Psalm 91:13; Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

              SHEILA: That's pretty much referring to the serpent, the young lion and the adder. It's pretty clear.

            Isaiah 14:19; But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. 

            SHEILA: Okay, you're thrown out of your grave. That word grave probably means abyss. I'm not sure how to fit the word abyss in there. I would say it's probably the word abyss. It really should be black hole, but it may be coming up abyss in the scripture. You're throne out of your grave. I don't know and I can't prove it to you because I'm not looking it up in the Hebrew, but what it's saying to my heart is, you are thrown out of your position. You're thrown out of your position as possessor of the entrance way into that spinal column and you're tread under the feet of the first and the last Adam. Alleluia! Isaiah 28:3; The crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim, shall be trodden under feet:

            SHEILA: The pride is Leviathan. The serpent is going to be put underfoot. Leviathan is going to be put underfoot and the sheep and the oxen are referring to the human body. You're all going under the authority of Christ and He's going to possess this whole vessel from the high place of life or up on the mountain of life when His Spirit is possessing the brain of the individual man. Alleluia!

            Malachi 4:3; And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of hosts. Romans 16:20; And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. 1 Corinthians 15:25 and 27; For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith, all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him.

            SHEILA: So we see Jesus Christ putting everything under him. The whole civilization of the black hole, but he didn't put the Father under him. Alleluia! Ephesians 1:22; And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church. Hebrews 2:8; Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things under him. 

            SHEILA: Well, what does that mean? Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ put everything under him, but he is us. And Christ Jesus that's being formed in us is him and everything is not yet under us, but it's coming brethren; it's coming. Alleluia! Revelation 20:2; And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.

          SHEILA: Under his feet, alleluia. So that the doorway to the brain which has the potential to be Eden for our consciousness is opened. Well I believe we're coming to the end of this message. Any questions?

            QUESTION: What's the situation right now, when the serpent is still at the base of the spinal column. Who's in the brain?    

SHEILA: Satan is in the brain. When the serpent has her mouth over the entrance way to the spinal column, she lets Satan through. If you're wondering how come Satan and Leviathan can be down in the black hole and also up at the top of the brain, I remind you of the teaching, the messages which you may have not had the opportunity to read yet, that spirit can act as a particle or as a wave. So it's possible to be in two places at one time. Satan and Leviathan and the serpent are down at the base of the spine, but as a particle stream, they have the ability to ascend up the spinal column and occupy the brain and manipulate the pain and pleasure centers of the brain. I've been asked whether or not the serpent ascends because the Hindu philosophy says that the serpent ascends up the spine and as of now (of course, I'm still learning) I don't think the serpent ascends up the spine.

            I think it's Satan who ascends up the spine. Now remember, the serpent has four different forms; the serpent, the dragon, Satan and the devil. It's my opinion at this time, that the serpent remains at the base of the spine, but Satan ascends up the spinal column and manipulates the brain from the corpus callosum. I also made a comment about how can Satan and Leviathan be at the base of the spine and also how could Satan be in the brain.

            ANSWER: The serpent can appear as a particle or a wave. As a wave, she, in the form of Satan, just ascends up the spinal column. She rises and falls just like mercury in a thermometer. She rises and she falls. All spiritual beings can function as a wave, which means they can spread out and they can spread out very far. They can be in two places at the same time easily. I've been asked what the difference is between the person who is ascended spiritually in the serpent and just the average everyday person. The difference is the intensity of the particle stream that's ascending up to the brain. Just think of a thermometer with the mercury rising and falling. The person who is just an average everyday person has a very small and weak measure of Satan's spirit in their brain.

            The person who has ascended spiritually is a spiritually active person and they have a large measure of Satan in their brain. What does that mean? It means that the everyday person who has a small amount of Satan, that not that much of the brain is being manipulated; just the very basic aspects of the motor functions of the brain are being used. It doesn't mean that you're not an intelligent person. It just means that only a small five percent of your brain is being used. The person who has a heavy density of the spirit of Satan in their brain is functioning on much more intense levels because they're functioning in other dimensions.






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