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            The abyss is outlined with dotted lines because for all intents and purposes the abyss does not exist. All of the waters that were in the abyss have fallen down into the bottom of the abyss. As a result of the lack of water pressure to hold out the sides of the abyss plus the increased density of the proportion of earth to the water of the seas, the sides of the abyss have contracted and crossed over each other and sealed the lower part of the abyss in forming a black hole. So for all intents and purposes the abyss as it was known at the beginning of time doesn't exist anymore. But it will be restored, so I show it with dotted lines. The circular portion of the diagram typifies the black hole. You could see the grated or the lines drawn at the bottom of the black hole are alternately black and blue. This is Abel (blue) underneath the ground; black (and of course, I'm making it simple with alternating lines) but Abel is completely woven together with the earth in every cell and in every fiber of his being.

            Then the serpent came as typified by the red and she wove herself through the background threads of the creation and produced an offspring, Leviathan, who is drawn as the man in the seas. Leviathan is the mind of mortal man. Then the serpent through Leviathan has generated this image of this visible physical world that we live in. This line coming down the middle (in brown) and I have a key code over here. Purple is Christ Jesus ascending; brown is the Holy Spirit descending; blue is Abel; black is the earth and red is the serpent. Now the glorified Jesus Christ returns to the earth in the form of the Holy Spirit and He comes down penetrating the seals. The King James says the seven seals. I suggest to you that there is one seal, a seven part seal. If you want to call it the seven seals, it's okay, but the bottom line is that our whole world down here before Jesus came was sealed off from the presence and person of God. So now that we have a knowledge of what the seven seals are, it doesn't really sound right to say the seven seals.

            We're in a world that's sealed off from the world of God and there are seven steps by which we will open the seal and ascend through it. So when Jesus ascended, He broke the seal. Now He's coming back down again. Now hear this all you Pharisees, He is descending into hell to preach the gospel to us. We're the spirits that disobeyed in times past. But you're only thirty years old, and Jesus said to the Pharisees; before Abraham was, I am. Before this existence, before this personality, that spirit that died in Adam was. I see some questions on your face. Let me go over this for you. Brethren, there's only one man in the earth. He's the man who died. Adam died. He passed into this world and Elohim personality in this polluted world underneath the seas is the man Abel. Cain killed Abel. What we're talking about is the personality of Elohim, whether it's appearing as Adam or whether it's appearing as Abel. Elohim's person in this creation, the man that he breathed his spirit into so that civilization could be formed; that man died. That man died. This man is down here in hell, the world formed by the serpent. He's called the dust. When Abel died to his immortality, he became the dust. Abel is engaged in a forced labor.

            His type, his symbology is Samson in the scripture. He is grinding at the serpent's mill. He's a slave. His spiritual strength is necessary. Even in his dead condition (he's the dust) the dust's spiritual strength is necessary to produce the image of this world. There is one being in this world that keeps incarnating in a series of births and deaths; continuous births and deaths. That is the serpent, but she's got Abel with her. She's married him and they are fused together. They have an offspring called Leviathan. So even though this world is the serpent's world, Abel is a part of it as bond servant. So from the point of view that we're looking at, Abel is in this world incarnating over and over again. Sometimes at the will of the serpent, sometimes at the will of the Father, because the Father has not left him. The Father has not forgotten him despite his completely humiliated condition, Jehovah is still reaching out to the dead Abel known as the dust attempting to connect with him to re-establish the three part altar, which would be life unto this dead creation.

            So there's two ways to look at this. You could say it's the serpent incarnating over and over again. That's true, but she couldn't do it without Abel. As far as Jehovah is concerned, the serpent is nothing. We've had many messages on that. The serpent is nothing. The only one the Father is concerned with, the only one He sees is His son, Abel, who is dust. So it sounds like a contradiction, but the reality of this world is as nothing to Jehovah. What is as nothing to this world because the serpent thinks Abel is nothing (think of what Samson looked like at the end) is everything to the Father. The dust in this world is everything to the Father and the glory of this world is as nothing to Jehovah. So as far as Jehovah is concerned, there's just one man. His name is Abel, the son of God. He is caught in a bondage that's resulting in a series of continuous births and deaths, a cycle of continuous births and deaths that he's trapped into and he will be a part of until he is separated from the one who has made him a bond servant. That's what this war is all about. Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to get Abel free from Leviathan and the serpent. Leviathan and the serpent have no intention of letting him go because when he goes, it's the end of this world. It's the end of Leviathan and it's the end of the serpent's independent existence.

            So Jesus of Nazareth was glorified. He ascended up to the Father and He has now returned in the form of the Holy Spirit. He's come down here to hell to preach to the human spirits that are Jehovah's son, Abel. He's come down to hell to preach to the shriveled dried up human spirits. They're spiritually dust, but the scripture says that many of them will respond to the word of God when they hear it. I know it doesn't make any sense to our carnal minds that our human spirit could be dust, so shriveled up and so dead, but yet we'll hear. I know it doesn't make any sense, but it makes sense to Jehovah. It doesn't make any sense to our carnal minds and I don't have any more information for you on it right now. That's what the scripture says; that Abel died, He lost all his waters, He was buried under the earth and he's very powerless and he's one with the earth, so he's dust. The term dust indicates that he is so completely joined to the earth that he's the dust of the earth. I told you this earlier; just to give you the human body as an example. If all the water were to be drained from the human body, we would be a handful of chemicals, salts. You know table salt is not the only kind of salt that there is. There are many different kinds of chemicals that are called salts; different elements known to chemistry that are called salts. We are the salt of the earth. It's not table salt. Jesus was not talking about table salt. He was saying that we are the life of the earth. There would be no visible physical world if the elements, if the chemicals, if the minerals that resulted after Abel's waters were stripped from him were not mixed with the earth. Doesn't that line up with what I told you?

            The serpent could not be forming this world without Abel. She can't do it without Abel. Then Jesus said, ye are the salt of the earth and if your salt has lost it's savor, what good is it? You're dead. You're still the salt of the earth, but you're dead. If the Holy Spirit has joined with your human spirit and connecting you to Jehovah; you are the life, you are the salt of the earth that's giving life to it. But not connected to the Lord Jesus Christ, you're still the salt of the earth, but you're not doing the earth any good. The earth is still dead. You have to be joined to the Holy Spirit. This whole message out there, this whole I Am message out there, it's an abomination. We cannot do anything without union with the Lord Jesus Christ. In and of ourselves, we are nothing. Is that not Jesus' testimony? Jesus Himself said, I of myself can do nothing.

            I'm hitting a little bit of a stone wall. Does anybody want to ask me a question? Is everybody okay with this? So the Holy Spirit came down and I have on the board, the black seal is opened. The reason I'm saying the black seal is because I'm trying to make it easy for you to differentiate between the ungodly seal that cut us off from Jehovah and the ascended firmament which is in its place. The black seal keeps humanity down at the bottom of the sea and cuts her off from Jehovah. The firmament which is re-established by Elohim, through the Lord Jesus Christ keeps the earth down at the bottom and purifies the waters, lets the waters ascend and keeps the waters above purified so that the image of Adam can be restored. So we have a black seal and we have a firmament. Just like everything else in this creation, there's two of everything; a negative and a positive aspect of whatever we're talking about. So this black seal is the negative of the firmament. The firmament had a positive function. It kept the creation alive. It kept the purified waters above the pollutant earth. The black seal locks the waters in so that they are mixed with the pollutant earth and has no opportunity to ascend; same thing, opposite sides, fifty-fifty. Fifty-fifty, which way are you going to go? Until the creation is made permanent through the union of the first and last Adams, creation can flip back and forth, back and forth. The Holy Spirit ascends down to hell and starts preaching to the spirits who were disobedient in the past ages because it's Abel who was disobedient, whether he's living in you, whether he was living ten generations ago, whether he was living twenty or fifty generations ago, it's Abel that's being preached to; the disobedient spirit.

            I don't even know if I were to look that word up in the Greek if it would be disobedient because it's my understanding that Abel was overcome; that he died in righteousness. I'm not going to stop right now, but I have to look that word up. It doesn't sound like that's the best choice of the translation.

            The Holy Spirit comes down. He preaches; now He's not preaching to the flesh. He's not preaching to Leviathan. He's not preaching to Satan. He's preaching to the disobedient spirits. Don't you remember that we're in jail down here; that Jehovah sold us under sin. We were joined to chains of darkness which is Satan and Leviathan until the judgment, which would produce the righteousness which would cause us to ascend back up into the spiritual world of God. This is a prison colony down here. We're in a prison colony. Jesus returned in the form of the Holy Spirit to preach to our spirits. He didn't come to preach to the animal that we are. You may recall from our studies in Genesis 6 that Abel became the prince and Cain became the female animal. The Holy Spirit is not here to preach to our female animal, but I want to tell you something, the serpent is here preaching to our female animal and there are more people listening to the serpent than there are listening to the Holy Spirit.

            The serpent is doing the same thing that Jesus is doing; only if you sow unto the serpent, you're going to reap the flesh. If you sow unto Jesus, you're going to reap everlasting life. The problem is most people can't tell the difference. I think a lot of people would not go anyway because the walk is too hard. But in all fairness, a lot of people, the majority of people can't tell the difference between the serpent and the Holy Spirit. Do you believe that? They can't tell the difference. Isn't that amazing? Well the reason they can't tell the difference is because the only way you can recognize the anointing of God is if your spirit, deep inside of you is responding. In this hour (I don't know) maybe you have to be predestined of God. I'm not going to get into that in this message.

            The Holy Spirit descends and He starts preaching to all the mortal women, mortal spiritual women. If you're mortal, you're a woman. He starts preaching to Leviathan, but He's not preaching to Leviathan. He comes to a human being and He preaches. It looks like He's preaching to you, but He's not preaching to your female animal; He's preaching to your spirit. When He finds someone whose spirit responds, He connects with them. Let me remind you that this whole world is one giant black hole, not this planet. All of the universes, everything of this physical visible world is one black hole and within we are many black holes. Each one of us is an individual black hole. For this teaching, let's say this black hole is one man. The Holy Spirit comes down; He preaches to this female animal which is Leviathan and Abel, deep down underneath stirs and rises up and vibrates out and makes a connection with the Holy Spirit.

            The Holy Spirit pierces into that person's heart and re-establishes Elohim's firmament. The firmament that before it was destroyed, was a shelf that separated the pure waters from the dry earth. He establishes it all the way on the bottom, or we might say, deep within the carnal mind of that man's heart. He starts to ascend like an elevator. I'm going to skip this now because I'm going to show this on another diagram. We have down here Abel under the ground. The serpent has woven herself through the ground, produced an offspring, a three dimensional mortal man, Leviathan, who's swimming in the seas because this whole world is underwater. I have a scripture for that; the Holy Spirit rebuilds the firmament. I'd like to read to you. It's I Corinthians 3 verses 10 through 12; (this is Paul speaking).

            According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise master builder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. He is the foundation. Now these scriptures are wonderful. When you have faith in God and you read them, they're exhilarating, but isn't it wonderful to see what it really means. That is just marvelous to see what these scriptures really mean. I'm all excited. Okay, so what do I have marked for you here. I have Leviathan marked; I have the ascended firmament marked. It's a little hard to see, but what I'm saying to you is that after the Holy Spirit connects with Abel (if you could see it on this drawing) they become intertwined and Jesus starts to lift Abel out from the very bottom of the sea or from the very depths of your carnal mind. I thought I put that scripture up: Ephesians 4:8. I'd like to get that into this message. Wherefore he saith, (talking about Jesus) When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. Now that's talking about Jesus and His glorification. He ascended and by faith, He led captivity captive. What this means is that He was the provision that Jehovah would send back to now bring everybody out along the path that He has just established or through the place that He has prepared. And He gave gifts unto men.

            That's speaking about coming back into this black hole as the Holy Spirit. Verse 9 says; Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? So what that means is that Elohim had to come down and be born through Jesus of Nazareth. Verse 10: He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things. Now these scriptures are all about the man Jesus and they're not making very clear the point that I'm trying to make with this drawing. It just says that He came back and He gave gifts to men. I guess what this drawing is doing is that I'm expounding on what happened when He came back. Of course, I haven't looked at this in the Greek. I picked out this scripture because of the words, He led captivity captive.

             I suggest to you that when Jesus of Nazareth was glorified and ascended, the way He led captivity captive was by faith. You see, everything God gives us is first by faith and then it has to become a reality. As soon as He ascended the mechanism was established for the escape from hell. This is how it is taking place. He's coming back here and He's visiting the prisoners in this penal colony. We're in a spiritual penal colony, brethren. The best of us, the best of us are just trustees (I don't know if they still call them that). We used to call them trustees in jail. The prisoners that had some freedom because they had proven that they were not violent and that they would not be looking to escape. That's all we are, trustees in this penal colony.

            So the Holy Spirit comes down. He preaches to Leviathan and those members of Leviathan in whom Abel can respond (we're not going into the circumstances under which he responds right now) and forms a spirit tie with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit comes down underneath the inner most part of the carnal mind and re-establishes the firmament. I think I already explained the difference between the black seal and I'm calling this the ascended firmament. The reason I'm calling it the ascended firmament is that the re-established firmament originates down as far underneath Abel as it could go because it's going to pick him up like an elevator. It goes all the way down and gets underneath him. The scripture says, if you're in heaven, I'll see you there, but if you're in hell, I'll see you down there. I'm going to get you. Because we're His son, you see. The spirit in man, the spirit in mortal man is Jehovah's son and He's going to get His son back, one way or the other.

            The spirit of Jehovah's son is going to return to Him in some members of mortal man without those mortal men dying. Other men will lead a normal life and pass out of this world and their spirit will return to God who gave it. But the end of all things, brethren, is the reconciliation, the gathering together of all the divided drops of Elohim's Spirit that He breathed into this creature and their return to singularity, as I taught you on the last message. So we see if you can read this drawing, the Holy Spirit is purple and Abel is blue and they're intertwined together. The Holy Spirit starts lifting out of the ground. Another way to look at it, He's in the depths of your carnal mind and He's starting to work His way out. He's starting to work His way out. What does that mean? Every time your carnal mind is controlling you (and this is not a bad word; control) everything that we do which is a result of an impulse from our carnal mind is controlled by the carnal mind.

            But the Holy Spirit now joined to your human spirit is the embryonic Christ Jesus; He wants you to listen to Him. So when I say Christ Jesus starts working His way out, it means He starts giving you instructions and starts giving you experiences which will teach you to discern between Christ Jesus and Leviathan. He starts teaching you to discern between light and darkness; between good and evil. In this context evil does not necessarily mean murder. It simply means either you're obedient to Leviathan or Christ Jesus, your spirit man. Abel in you is either obedient to Christ Jesus or obedient to Leviathan. Apparently the scripture clearly says the only way we're really going to master this ability to obey Christ Jesus instead of Leviathan is through judgment. They shall learn righteousness through judgment. We can't do it ourselves. I wish we could. Who needs all the pain, but it seems to be the only way out. We'll just never do it if we're happy down here in hell. We shall be chastened in the flesh so that we can learn to live after the spirit. Painful experiences in the flesh drive us to Almighty God for help. This is how we learn to live after the spirit.

            As the Holy Spirit now entwined with Abel, begins to ascend, the one who is captured (captivity) He is leading him up and He's making him His own bond-servant. We have to serve either Leviathan or the Lord Jesus Christ. So He led captivity captive. We're coming into His camp; His yoke is easy and His yoke is light. But we are mortal and in an animal body and we must have a god that we serve. We're not unique; we're not our own man. We serve a god. If we're not serving Jesus Christ, we're serving the serpent. Whether you believe it or not, it's the truth. So I'm talking about the ascended firmament to distinguish it from the rebuilt firmament which is down at the bottom of the sea or the innermost part of the person's mind. I will draw you another diagram and show you this firmament ascending. When it gets up to the bottle neck, the place where this world was sealed off completely from Jehovah with the seven part seal, which has now been opened, we see the firmament re-established; the ascended firmament. The next step is to start to filter the waters. The seas, known as Satan will be boiled. The pure waters will ascend. The earth will become barren again. Leviathan and Satan will cease to exist and the serpent will become the seraphim, the servant of Almighty God.

            I think I hit everything. It's Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the resurrected Abel ascending. Any questions or comments on this drawing before I do the next one for you?

             QUESTION: Can you explain about the boiling. Is this connected in some way?

            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, when the Holy Spirit comes down here and intertwines with Abel, there is a fusion. Now they are both spirit and there's a fusion. It gives off a lot of heat. Atomic fusion gives off more heat than atomic fission. Great heat will be given off and that heat will boil Satan (the sea right here). As you see, only the vapor. Now the sea is the waters of Cain with the earth saturated in them. When the waters start to boil, the earth doesn't boil away, just the waters boil away. It's called distillation. The waters will turn to vapor, pass through the firmament which is a filter. It will let the water vapor through. It won't let the earth through. Because of this firmament, when the waters condense (see they're ascending as vapor, steam) when they condense into water, water is heavier than steam. So as the condensed waters, as the waters condense, they're going to start falling down. But the re-established firmament will be a shelf that they will sit on. If it wasn't for this firmament, the condensed waters would fall right back down onto the earth. This is why all of the men of Israel and all of the other men who experienced being filled with the Holy Ghost (that's a temporary full stature) that's why they couldn't stay up there. The firmament had not yet been re-established in them, so Jehovah was in there, Elohim was in there and they got a hold of Abel in that man and raised him right up to the top. They made him into spirit, in a vapor form, but as soon as those waters started to condense, they went right back down to the bottom of the sea. So Jehovah sent Jesus to re-establish the firmament, you see. All the judgment in the world will not bring you to a permanent full stature if the firmament is not re-established in you. As soon as the boiling stops and your vapor condenses to water, you're right back to where you started.

            So what about all these people that we met in the church over the last twenty years; on fire for God, flying through the sky, great miracles, healing, deliverance, anointing just dripping all over you; what happened to it? I suggest to you, the firmament was never reestablished in them. The Holy Spirit comes in in waves. The wave went out. When I talk about a wave I'm talking about an electromagnetic wave, that it's energy flowing over the church wherever it's moving. When the wave receded, all of the power and the glory that had ascended in the man of God, but in whom the firmament was not re-established (that Holy Spirit typified by steam) just condensed and the waters just went right back to the bottom of the sea and he's the man that ran off with the church organist. He's the person that never even names the name of Jesus anymore. He's the enemy of the church. He backslid and hates what he was. That's what happened to him. He had all this glory flowing through him, but the firmament was never re-established in him and that's what happened to Israel.

            The book of Romans says the Jews didn't enter in because of disobedience or because of a lack of faith. It makes it sound like it was their fault. If you look at it in the Greek, it doesn't say that. It says they never entered in (I can't quote this exactly because I did this study a long time ago) because what they had wasn't mixed, it didn't mix enough to reform the firmament. The power of God was through them, but it didn't mix with their human spirits. It just flowed through them. The mixing didn't take place completely enough to re-establish the firmament. Forgive me, I did the study a long time ago. I can't do any better than that. But I know I gave you the general principle. The Holy Spirit comes in like a tremendous electromagnetic wave flowing through the whole church and then He pulls out. In whomever He hit pay dirt, in whomever He connected with in their human spirit, He's now working to rebuild the firmament in you. The ones in whom He did not connect, they're probably backslidden. It's the same thing as saying a man lies with his wife, but she doesn't have to conceive. The sperm is present, but no conception. The sperm flows out. It's as if the act never took place. No child, that's what we're talking about here.

            I would like to draw another diagram showing you this firmament as an under support undergirding the human spirit as He ascends. We're looking at drawing 2A which is divided into three parts. I'm trying to demonstrate to you the relationship between the boiling sea, the lake of fire and the restoration of the firmament. You may recall from drawing #1 that the firmament is originally established, that the Holy Spirit goes down as far as He could go underneath Abel, twists together with him and starts rising. As the two of them rise together (the firmament also known as Christ Jesus) they're leaving the earth dry, solid and barren behind them. The waters above them are boiling the sea. That's the boiling of Satan. She's evaporating and she's ascending in the form of vapor. As you could see, the two stages of it in A and B and in C, you could see that the waters of Satan have completely passed through what once was the black seal and as the vapors ascended, the firmament (Christ Jesus) was right behind them.

            Then the firmament plugged into the place where it used to be, separating the dry earth. It's now a shelf that when the vapors condensed and became water and heavier (because water is heavier than vapor) that water as it started to recede, did not fall back down into the earth, but rested on the shelf known as the firmament. Earlier today I had a revelation. I was looking at this board and I saw that it said firmament rising and I was thinking about astrology saying Aquarius rising and I changed it to Christ Jesus rising. Well Christ Jesus is in there, but the firmament is actually Elohim. So when the firmament got to the point where the firmament would go no further, Christ Jesus continued to arise because Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam. Did I confuse anybody by doing that?

            QUESTION: On B, would you say Elohim is the firmament?

            PASTOR VITALE: The firmament is Elohim. I guess it really shouldn't be Christ Jesus. I got all carried away with my Aquarius rising. I get all carried away with seeing a way to relate this to the lie or to the counterfeit which is astrology. It should be firmament rising. That's Elohim which is the foundation of both the Lord Jesus Christ and Abel. What does that mean? Why is He the foundation? He's the spirit of both of them. So as the firmament arises (looking at 2C right now) as the firmament arises to its place where it was originally, Christ Jesus continues to ascend and we see on the right that Adam is risen again. Grass is growing once again in the earth. You may recall that the grass died when the waters became urine. When the waters became over saturated with earth they became impure and the grass died. The reason that the grass is appearing again in the creation is that all things have been made new.

            Jehovah is hovering over the face of the waters and He's an electromagnetic field which is interacting with Elohim which is an electromagnetic field and because they're the same, they're repelling each other. Elohim is being driven down by the force of that repulsion. He's being driven down into the earth and if you follow and you see the light refracts. It bends. It follows along the side of the abyss. If you could see these dots, it actually passes through the firmament just a little bit just enough to make contact with the earth where there is an exchange of electrons. Some of Elohim's photons are left in the earth fertilizing it. Some of the earth's electrons join to the light stream and as they diffract, as the light stream curves and turns in the direction back up again, this firmament becomes a diffraction grating. That's what the scripture is talking about when it speaks about in the Song of Solomon, her beloved looking out through the lattice. This diffraction; this is all physics.

            All this is in another message. As the light pierces through the diffraction grating, it acts like a prism and breaks the light down. So descending the light is a single stream. Ascending the light is a multiple stream which results in the image of Adam appearing on top of the waves and Adam is risen from the dead. I don't know if I made it clear. As Elohim's light stream passes into the earth He's dropping His seeds. I said there's an exchange of electrons. As Elohim's light stream pierces lightly through the firmament, He leaves some of His photons or the electrons of the photons. I'm not really sure about that. If you're a physicist, I might have it wrong. He leaves them in the earth. That's the seed of light that's planted in the earth. He picks up some of the electrons of the earth, which electrons of earth are necessary to form the image of Adam on top of the seas, on top of the waves. This is all review. You see here in the abyss, the water vapors that's ascending because Satan is being boiled have now condensed, but they cannot fall down onto the earth because the firmament is there. This works just like the locks in a dam, just like the locks that we see modern engineering (they call it modern engineering) the miracle of modern engineering, that the water can only go back so far. It's called civil engineering. They build all these dams. Well, Elohim thought of the principle of it first. I believe that all genius roots back to Elohim, in man, which is the form of the human spirit. So whoever it was that came up with that idea in civil engineering, of building a dam with locks that will only let so much water out at a time, it had to arise out of the dead Abel in him because that's where it came from. All genius comes from God. Alleluia! Isn't that interesting?

            Any comments or questions on this?

            QUESTION: So the abyss goes back to its fullness, as it originally was. Is that true?

            PASTOR VITALE: Right, the abyss goes back to its fullness. Actually, when you draw these drawings, I made the earth much too big, because the earth should be small in comparison to the abyss. So please change that on the drawing. I think on some of the other drawings when we're talking about the visible physical world being at the bottom of the abyss, that black hole is always smaller than the abyss. But I think that after the black hole becomes dry earth again, it's even smaller. It's just like a dehydrated vegetable, so it becomes really small, even smaller than all the other drawings of when there was a world down here in the black hole. Did I make that clear to everybody?

            Continuing with Song of Solomon, doing some translations now witnessing to the fact that the number 7 in the scripture typifies the resurrection of Adam. I believe the Lord is saying right now (let me say it this way). For a long time I knew that the numeral 3 and the numeral 7 were numbers of completion, but I also knew that there had to be a variation of difference between the two or there would not be two different numbers. It now appears that the number 3 is speaking about the resurrection of the three part altar which is speaking of Abel. The three part altar exists in the fallen world. We talk about that in Genesis 6 and in Genesis 7, if this is the first message you're reading. The number 7 appears to be talking about the resurrection of Adam. As we get more knowledge things are changing around here. We're finding out that the resurrection of Abel from the dead signified by the number 3 is full stature. The resurrection of Adam from the dead signified by the number 7 is the fulfillment of the second stage of resurrection, the spiritual circumcision. I didn't say that full stature is the fulfillment of the first stage of resurrection. So what are we saying?

            The first stage of resurrection is Abel raised from the dead. Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? The second stage of the resurrection is Adam raised from the dead. That makes sense, doesn't it? The third stage of resurrection is deliverance from this physical animal body. That makes sense, doesn't it? It's making more sense than it ever made. Let me say it one more time. The numeral 3 which in numerology means completion; it's referring to the restoration of the three part altar which is the resurrection of Abel from the dead. This is the first stage of the resurrection known as full stature and the number 7 signifies the resurrection of Adam from the dead. After Abel is raised from the dead it completes the first stage of the resurrection.

            I'm stumbling all over the place tonight. Now remember that Abel is Elohim's personality under the sea. So it's Elohim's breath, the breath that He breathed into the creature that is returning unto God. So as that breath continues to ascend and comes up out of the polluted seas, it's no longer Elohim's breath formed into the personality of Abel, but it's now Elohim's breath formed into the personality of Adam. When Adam is fully restored this is the completion or the fulfillment of the second stage of resurrection and it is signified by the number 7. Let me make this clear to you; I don't think I put it on the last message that we did. There are two major differences between Adam and Abel. The one difference is that Adam is an image which is on the clean waters and that Abel is the image of Elohim which is in the polluted seas. Adam is undivided and Abel is divided. What this means is that Elohim formed into the image of Adam has produced a singular image that is made up of the sperm, Elohim, the waters that the sperm came forth in and the dust. The three elements were completely integrated one with the other. Well, I guess they weren't completely integrated but I know that they were singular. I don't have all the answers here. I guess they couldn't have been completely integrated because Adam lost control. Adam who was in Elohim's image, the part of Adam that was Elohim, lost control of his waters and they crashed through the firmament and he appeared down in the world under the sea as Abel and Cain.

            Now we know it's a scriptural principle when someone's position changes, their name changes. So we might say Adam became Abel, but I think it's more accurate to say the personality of Elohim that was appearing as Adam on the pure waters became Abel. Can you hear that? Because it was the personality of Elohim mixed with the waters and the dust that became Adam on top of the waters. When Elohim mixed with the waters and a heavy density of earth it is Abel. Let me say it again. Elohim mixed with the pure waters and the dust appears as a personality of Elohim called Adam. Elohim mixed with the waters that are polluted by a high density of earth appears in a personality called Abel. So it's not Adam that died and became Abel. Elohim's personality died and He received another personality. Can you hear that? Now Elohim didn't die.

            The personality that Elohim had formed died and a different personality appeared. Did you ever know somebody that was happy and cheerful and they had a traumatic experience and all of a sudden they were bitter and cold and miserable. You look at that person and say I don't even know who you are. Do you know what I'm talking about? That's the example. Elohim formed a personality that was in the image of Jehovah and the personality was an individual, if that's the right word. Although Elohim was His base, the personality was an individual. He had an existence unto himself. Elohim was His foundation. Just like when we have a child, we are the foundation of that child, physically speaking. We support them and nourish them for years and hopefully they prosper in this world. Elohim was the foundation of Adam, but Adam was his own person, if you can hear this. Adam died. Adam ceased to exist, but his foundation, Elohim, did not cease to exist. Adam's foundation, Elohim; the spirit, the life giving factor of the creature fell down under the sea and therefore took on a personality that had different characteristics than Adam had. The name of Elohim's personality under the sea is Abel. Is everybody okay?

            See, we just get more and more technical here. For where we are now, it's really not accurate to say Adam died and became Abel. Adam ceased to exist and the foundation that had incarnated him appeared under the sea in the personality of Abel. Abel is divided. Now Adam was not divided. Adam was integrated with the sperm, the waters and the dust; apparently not fully integrated, but he was singular. He was integrated enough to be called a singular. But in the world underneath the sea, the breath of life that Elohim had breathe into the creature underneath the sea, that foundation was not integrated with the waters and the earth. Now in the waters above the firmament there was just a smattering of dust. I don't know how much dust there was, but it was of a small enough proportion so that the waters prevailed. Underneath the sea there was so much earth dissolved in the waters that the earth was prevailing. There was not an integration.

            There was not a homogenous integration of the breath of Elohim which was the sperm of the waters and of the earth. There was too much earth and the earth refused to integrate with the breath of life which was the foundation that came from Elohim. The earth refused to co-operate and stay in submission to the spirit and Elohim's breath that was in there in the form of Abel. Abel was insisting that that earth come in submission to him and that the waters come in submission to him, but there was not a homogenous integration. There was a union between the three elements that was easily broken. I don't have any more information except to tell you that the scripture indicates that it was not a singular entity. The scripture clearly says it was Abel and Cain.

            It was Abel and there was Cain. It was no longer a single entity. They were divided. Jehovah attached Himself to Abel, being the male prince who was prince over Cain. But even with Jehovah strengthening him, Abel could not rule over the waters and the earth. He failed to do it. Those are the two major differences. Did I make the second one clear, that Abel was part of a divided creature? The scripture clearly says Abel and Cain, Abel and Cain. Abel had a counterpart that he kept losing control over. Adam had no counterpart. He was integrated with all the elements. Is everybody okay with that?

            Getting back to our translations, we now know that the number 3 is speaking about the resurrection of Abel; full stature, first stage of resurrection. The number 7 is speaking about the resurrection of Adam. That's the second stage of resurrection and it's called the circumcision. It's also called the harvest. It's the deliverance of the foundation of the creature, of the breath of life that was appearing as Abel underneath the sea, his deliverance through ascension up above the re-established firmament. For all intents and purposes Abel has ceased to exist. Elohim's personality under the sea has ceased to exist and Adam has risen from the dead. He appears again on the pure waters above the waves. Glory to God. We did a few translations a couple of messages back. I really lost track of what number. Some of these translations are witnesses that the number 7 has in the scripture. See, the Lord is teaching us so quickly that sometimes I prepare notes that I don't teach from and when I look at them the next week, I already have so much more information, I have to change my notes. On the previous messages where we did either one or two scriptures, we did three verses. I'll tell you what they were. They were Song of Solomon 2:7 and Song of Solomon 5: 8, 9 and 10. In all of those verses I was telling you that the number 7 is talking about full stature and now it's just a couple of messages later and I have to tell you that the number 7 is referring to the resurrection of Adam, the second stage and that the number 3 is referring to full stature. So the number 7 is referring to the second stage of resurrection. We'll work that in with this translation tonight, Song of Solomon 5:9. Then I have a few scriptures for you showing the black hole in the scripture. Today the Lord gave me a scripture witnessing to the number 3 being the resurrection of Abel. But there's no way we're going to get to any of that tonight.

            We're just moving so quickly. It's just incredible. I feel like I'm on a locomotive. Song of Solomon 5:9; What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? What is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us? The word what is a translation of #4100. We know that that can be used to describe Elohim. Who is Jehovah and what is Elohim. If this is the first message you’re reading, we got this from the ancient Hebrew scholars who claim that God was so great that not only did no one know His name, nobody even knew who or what He was. These ancient scholars had a revelation that God had a higher extremity and a lower extremity. They called the higher extremity who is it and they called the lower extremity what is it. That's where we got this from. We found that it fits into our translations, so there must be a spiritual truth behind it. Just as Jehovah has a code name for Satan or the serpent, the word nothing is talking about the serpent, Satan or Leviathan. In the same way He has a code name for Himself and His son. The whole King James Translation is coded. Everything is coded, brethren, it's all in code. We broke the code. Alleluia! We broke the code and the truth is pouring forth so fast that we cannot contain it. Once again this is the fulfillment of what the prophet Malachi said. Don't you believe that he was talking about tithing when he said He would open a window of heaven. Don't you believe it because it's a lie.

            The whole context of those verses was a rebuke to the pastors and He was telling the pastors (I guess they didn't call them pastors, whatever they called them, the clergymen in Israel) He was rebuking them for not bringing forth the life of God in the people. That's exactly what's happening in the church today. Jehovah was saying if you would bring forth the life of God in the people, I'll open up a window in heaven and I'll pour out such a blessing they won't be able to contain it. That word is that which is happening here. The life of God is coming forth in the people here and a window to heaven has been opened and there is such a blessing pouring out we can't even contain it. What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? What is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us? What, we're translating Elohim. The word is, is not in the Hebrew. Thy beloved, Strong's #1730 can be translated close relative. Close relative, Strong's #1730. I printed out some of the Strong's definitions for you. It can mean to boil. It's pronounced dode and it says from an unused root meaning properly, to boil.

            Then Strong says: figuratively to love, by implication a love token, a lover, a friend, specifically an uncle. I don't know how he gets from a lover, a friend, to specifically an uncle. But my comment is that Strong seems to think that this concept of boiling has to do with human passion, but we know (we broke the code) so we know that boiling does not have to do with human passion. That's why he is translating it love or friend. He thinks it has to do with human passion, but we know that it has to do with Jehovah's holy passion which is destroying the enemy that stole His wife and that it's not a sexual boiling. It's a boiling of rage. It's a boiling of vengeance. Also this word uncle doesn't seem to fit in at all. But we have found that word before, specifically in Amos 6:10. This is our alternate translation; And mankind's lover and closest relative shall burn Leviathan with fire so as to loosen Abel and Adam, the living soul, shall rise from the dead within some of the members of mortal man. And he shall say to the other members of mankind, are you in there, but there shall be no answer because the carnal minds of the barren one shall say within themselves, it's pride to think that we can be like God. This word mankind's closest relative, that's the same Hebrew word that we find in Song of Solomon 5:9. We also find this concept (this is not the same word, but the same concept of boiling) in Daniel 7:19. This is our alternate translation; He is burning Leviathan as a sin offering and boiling Satan until Abel, the one who is increasing into the Emancipated Slave (that's the last Adam) and the bridegroom, who is marrying the wild animal (that's mortal man) separates from them. So we see that Elohim's closest relative in mortal man is Abel. Can you see that?

            Elohim's closest relative in mortal man is Abel. What that means is the form that Elohim's spirit which is in mortal man (which is the breath of mortal man) is taking. Adam does not exist in mortal man. Abel exists in mortal man. Out of all of our parts, out of our spirit, out of our flesh, the part of us that is the closest relative to Elohim is our dead human spirit. The dead Abel is our human spirit. So we're translating the word, beloved, as boiling. We're translating the word, O thou fairest, Strong's #3303 and it means excellent. Although I couldn't prove it to you, I know there's a word in one of the books of Daniel where he is talking about his excellent spirit. Daniel had an excellent spirit. What it is saying is that the man had the spirit of God. Although this is not the same Hebrew word, I suspect the intent is the same. We're going to be translating it excellent. Among women; that's Strong's #802. It's speaking about mortal woman. The woman, and who is the woman? The woman is Cain. That means everyone who's a mortal woman is an offspring of Cain. The spirit of God in mortal women, Elohim's breath, is in the form of the dust that Abel became after Cain killed him. Elohim is boiling Satan, the waters in which the dust which Abel has become. I'm almost ready to stop. Brethren, this is Halloween night. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not; I'm just having a lot of trouble preaching. It is 11:15 P.M. so we're going to call it quits. Tune in for part 15 and we'll pick up with this translation again.

          God bless you.





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