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 Praise the Lord! These last few parts of this series has been devoted to translating some scriptures which I suggest to you, support the understanding that the number 7 in the scripture is referring to the resurrected Adam and that the number 3 is referring to the resurrected Abel. Then we have some other scriptures, also witnessing to the black hole. I think we're getting to them today. It's in a very hidden way. The black hole just comes up black in one verse, which word has to be modified by the rest of the verse. Another verse comes up with the word curve. You may recall that the way the black hole was formed was that the sides of the abyss curved so extremely that they crossed over each other and sealed the lower part of the abyss off. That is what a black hole is.

            There was another part of this message. It was part 14, which we preached on Halloween night. I started with a verse in Song of Solomon and I just decided to end the meeting, not because I was uncomfortable, but because the message wasn't coming out. I've preached in great discomfort in my life, but my words were getting all twisted and tangled and the message wasn't coming out, so I decided to lay it down. I said that we would continue with that verse in the next part of Quantum Mechanics In Creation. We will get to that verse later on in this message. I am starting with a different verse however.

            When I first started these last few parts in which we're doing translations, I did not have the revelation that the number 3 was speaking about the resurrected Abel. I started this part of our series with the number 7 being full stature and with a couple of scriptures that I have showing you the black hole. You have to realize there is so much material pouring into my mind that all I have to do is direct myself towards the Lord. There is so much flowing in, I'm now walking around with a tape recorder. I have a tape recorder by my night table when I sleep.

            I have a tape recorder lying by my desk because it just takes me too long to type all these things in. I'm just walking around with a tape recorder, that's the point that it's come to. I can't contain it myself; I can't remember it; I can't prepare it in a form that will let me teach it to you in a manner that you could understand quickly enough. So I'm just trying in the midst of all of this glory falling on me, I'm trying to follow the path that the Lord is blazing for me because my old wineskin cannot contain it. I'm hoping that my new wineskin is going to continue to kick in increasingly so that I can contain it all. I remind you that the resurrected Jesus Christ walked on the road to Emmaus and expounded on every scripture (of course there was no Old Testament at the time) that spoke of Him in His glorification. He not only contained all of the glory, He was the fullness of the word of God.

            He knew every jot, dot and tittle of the word of God as we know our children and parts of our body or whatever it is that we know. Isn't that really awesome? Okay, I'm not there yet, but it would be nice. Now in the midst of my preparation for the series of messages that are showing you that 7 means full stature and that the black hole is in the scripture, the Lord came in and gave me a scripture showing me that the number 3 is speaking about the restored three part altar that we found out about in Genesis 6. I think my eyes did fall upon another scripture this morning that would indicate the three part altar. But I didn't have time to prepare it for tonight's message. There will be a little bit of jumping around therefore in these messages that are coming up. We're starting tonight with a message on the number 3. We're going into two verses that I've prepared for you on the black hole and if the Lord leads me that way, I may find some more scriptures on the number 3. What I'm saying is all the number 3's and all the number 7's may not be together.

            Starting with Genesis 40:10. This is our witness that the numeral 3 signifies the three part altar that is Jehovah's best for us in our mortal condition down here under the sea. Let me remind you that there are two major differences between Adam and Abel. Both of these men are personalities of the spirit Elohim. Now try to recall our teachings on multiple incarnations in Christ Jesus. Every human being on the earth today is an expression, is a skin, is a covering of a spiritual being. That spiritual being is Cain, the woman; Cain, the woman. Is everybody okay? We came into this world and we'll pass out of this world, but the woman abides in this world until she is restored to her faithful service to her husband. In the same manner the breath of life which is in this creature that Jehovah imagined, this breath takes on skin. This breath takes on personalities. The name of the breath is Elohim. In this hour, Elohim is divided.

            At the beginning it was Jehovah; Elohim attached to Jehovah; Adam attached to Elohim. It's just as if we say our conscious mind is partially conscious and partially sub-conscious, in the same way Elohim, before the fall was partially attached to Jehovah and partially appearing in the visible world through Adam. This is Elohim's role; mediator. The man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man is an expression of Elohim. One end of him is permanently attached to Jehovah and the other end is in the creature. But you see, when Adam fell, that part of Elohim which was giving life to the creature separated from Jehovah and from that part of Elohim that was attached to Jehovah.

            Elohim never completely detached from Jehovah. It's the same thing as you giving birth to a child or a man giving his seed to a woman. A man gives his seed to a woman and it's left his body. It's gone. But he produces a child and that child can grow up and they can be very close, but the child could break away and leave. That child is still the next generation of that man, whether they're talking to each other or not, whether the relationship is broken or not. This is the situation of Jehovah's breath in the creature. This is the whole basis of the principle of what is happening. This fact that I just described to you, that Elohim's breath is in the creature and the breath is now being possessed by the woman who wants nothing whatsoever to do with Jehovah and Elohim, who is with Him.

            So we see that Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ into this water world, because that's what we are (this watery world) and He is saying I want my son back. We did an alternate translation; I believe it was Zechariah 11, where Jehovah comes to Israel. He comes to the faithful in Israel and He says, if the tree of life is really in you, if you have really connected with me (because all Israel is not Israel) if you have really connected with me in your spirit, give me my son. That scripture was the beginning of my movement into this revelation. I didn't know what in the world it meant until the Lord started to teach me.

            His son is in all of us, but Jehovah's son is possessed of the serpent and she has formed him into these mortal clay animals with a reptilian mind. That's what the Lord Jesus is doing in this world. That's why Jehovah sent Elohim to help the man Jesus to ascend out of this black hole, glorified Him and now the man, Jesus, who is glorified, is back in this hole because Jehovah wants His son. The woman, when she broke away from her husband Abel, she became the serpent. The serpent has stolen Jehovah's son and misused him. She has used him to form this illegal world and all of the animal life in it including the animal life that Jehovah's son is dwelling in. Jehovah's son is spirit, just like his Father. I have a flash for you because I haven't confused you in a while; it's time to confuse you again. I've been telling you that Abel is the dust and I just found out differently. I've been telling you that Abel became the dust after he died. Now I have to tell you that's not true.

            Let's put this on the board. I had no idea I was doing this tonight. We're looking at drawing #1 and it's broken down into parts A, B, C and D. It's a diagram of the death of Abel, that's what it is. The Lord just showed me something that I have had backwards. For a while now I've been preaching to you that Adam died because he couldn't hold on to his lower parts. He couldn't control his lower parts. Cain invaded him and he died. Then Cain murdered Abel and Abel died because they couldn't hold on to their lower nature; that their lower nature was always separating from them and running away from Adam and from Abel. The Lord just showed me that this is not true, that my carnal mind had it backwards. What happened in both instances, both with Adam and with Abel is that their lower nature was strong enough to pull them away from Jehovah. It wasn't that they couldn't hold on to Cain. They couldn't hold on to Jehovah. Their lower nature took Adam and Abel with her. Now this really makes sense.

            Adam was the reflection on the waters and the waters fell down through the firmament which resulted in the death of Adam whose existence was on top of the waves. Adam was made up of the waters of life plus Elohim's energy plus a smattering of dust. All three of those elements went crashing down through the firmament. Adam didn't lose control of Cain. He let go of Jehovah. I'm seeing in my mind some action movie where someone is falling off the cliff and they're holding on and someone walks over and he is either going to step on their fingers and make them fall off (if he's trying to murder him) or in some movies the person is reaching down and trying to pull the person back up and trying to pull the person back up, but gravity is on the side of the fall. The man is hanging off the cliff and he's holding on with all his strength and his fingers slip and he goes crashing down into the pit because gravity is pulling him down. His whole effort to hold on with his hands is an effort to defeat gravity. That is what happened to Abel and that is what happened to Adam. They failed to defeat the gravitational pull of both the earth and the waters. That's exciting.

          QUESTION: Does that mean that the gravitational pull had more power over Adam because Adam sinned and because of that sin he fell?

            SHEILA: I don't think so. I think that the connection to Jehovah had not yet been perfected. Before I teach you or work up these scriptures and write down what every word means, I go through a lot of scriptures and things stick in my head and I don't remember where I saw it because I'm not looking at the traditional translations, so I can't find it through the concordance. Do you know what I'm talking about? I can't get one verse out of my head that I looked up, the alternate translation that I never documented was; the first and the last Adam ascended and they were fully armed. So where I'm coming from right now, is that it seems to me that the connection between the first Adam and Jehovah was not perfected. Remember what I told you. It's not on this board, but I'll use this board as a point of contact. Elohim is both attached to Jehovah and Abel (or Adam as the case may be). The first Adam, the living soul, the connection, the lock, the seal that was holding Abel up there wasn't strong enough to counteract the gravitational pull that was pulling him from underneath.

            But in the regeneration we're going to have the last Adam up there real close to Jehovah and the first Adam joined to Him. This scripture that I found, the alternate translation said, they were fully armed, full able to defend against this gravitational pull of the water and the earth. Yet, we know that there had to be a way for Adam and Abel to have stayed up there or it wouldn't be sin for him not staying up there. Tonight is not a good night for me to be answering a deep question like that. Sometimes I forget my own revelation because when I stand up here like this, this is the resurrecting Abel speaking through me and everything that I teach you isn't always a part of Sheila’s understanding. That's why I have to listen to my own messages and that's why sometimes when I do listen to my own messages I hear that I'm preaching something that I should know better about. I have to go back and correct my own revelation and then it becomes a part of Sheila. It's not just Abel speaking through me. So I really don't want to go on with this issue right now because I'm under a severe attack and I'd rather not say the wrong thing. Did I say enough to help you a little bit at least?

            The issue is that (as I see it) that the first Adam, the living soul, was not fully armed. It was possible for him to fall and Jehovah said, guard the garden. Jehovah said, look out, watch out and watch for the weed. Maybe his sin was that it was happening right before his eyes and he didn't see it. I told you I'm not going to answer the question, but if the Lord is going to answer it through me, I'll answer it. I believe that the sin of the first Adam, the living soul, was in a very similar form to what we are going through now. I know the Lord tells me all kinds of things that I don't do. Sometimes it's rebellion. I'm having a real problem putting my seat belt on. Every time I get into the car, He tells me to put my seat belt on. Sometimes I do it; sometimes I don't do it. I really don't want to do it. But I have a revelation that it's rebellion, so I'm working on it, but I really don't want to do it.

            Sometimes He talks to me and I want to do it and I forget. My carnal mind cannot hold on to what He is telling me. I think the first Adam had a similar problem in that he was not perfected yet. So he either didn't listen to what Jehovah said or he didn't understand what Jehovah said or it went in this ear and it went out that ear. Sometimes I just really forget things that He tells me. I consider the Lord telling me a second time a mercy of God because I know He doesn't do that for everybody. Most people, He tells you once and if you mess up, you mess up. But He has mercy on me because on a regular basis I go before Him and tell Him I just really need you to have mercy on me. Please, if you tell me once and I don't hear you, please tell me again. He has honored that prayer with me, but He doesn't do it with many people. I know that. So I think it was something like that with the first Adam. He wasn't perfected. What made him vulnerable was that He was mixed with the earth which is sin. The earth, itself, is evil. It wasn't a sin as we think of sin; adultery, thievery, murder. The sin that Adam, the first living soul, committed was not the sin of a mortal man.

            It was the sin of one who was as God, but not yet perfected. I could be wrong and change my mind later, but this is my feeling right now; the sin of one who was as God, one who was immortal, was that he failed to distinguish between the commands of Jehovah and the urging or the command or whatever form it took, of the combined water and earth. He obeyed the wrong command. He obeyed the wrong command. Yet the scripture says the man was tricked, but the woman was deceived. Well, what does that mean? The man was tricked in that it was possible for him to discern between the two, but he failed to because of an innate weakness in him. I've experienced this with God, that He has warned me and He's told me and I've cried out and I've really done the best I could and I don't cut it the first time I try.

            But He has a lot of mercy with me, just as He has had a lot of mercy with Adam. He's coming to get us back. But the fact is that I didn't hear. Adam didn't hear. It was not the kind of sin that mortal man sins. Do you see the difference? The kind of sin that Adam committed, that's the kind of sin that we're committing today; that we don't recognize our carnal mind all the time. Do you recognize every time your carnal mind manifests. I don't. That's why we have to pray without ceasing. Sometimes things look good and they really sound like God and it's our carnal mind. It was the same kind of situation. If he would have cried out to Jehovah, he would have been able to tell the difference, but he was lifted up in pride, the scripture says.

            COMMENT: The Lord just showed me a mental picture of a bird flying in the air and birds symbolize spirit. It was like an eagle just flowed, went down very low, close to the earth. I thought like a gravitational pull and then the Lord spoke the words Bermuda Triangle to me.

            SHEILA: That's very, very interesting. I would have no problem saying Adam took a chance that he shouldn't have taken. I'm not really sure what it was. The Bermuda Triangle; I know that there are electromagnetic forces operating there. Some people say it's a doorway to another world. Well, it may be a doorway to another world, but it's not the doorway to the Kingdom of God. The doorway to the Kingdom of God is not outside of man. The doorway to the Kingdom of God is Jesus Christ and He has to be inside of the man. There is a spiritual world, a spiritual side of this world that we are blinded to. Aside from that, I don't know what to say.

            Getting back to Adam, I know that I've seen scriptures that Jehovah was angry at Adam. I saw something in the New Testament like that. Adam should have been able to avoid this fall. It was not the sin that mortal man sins. It was very serious sin. I didn't mean to say that it was not serious. He killed all of us and we are him. I guess we're not really him; we're Cain. He killed all of us and we were turned over to Cain.

            COMMENT: The only word that just came into my head right now is: Let us go down.

            SHEILA: Let us go down? It was let us go up to the city of the Lord.

            COMMENT: I think this was Elohim and Jehovah speaking let us go down.

          SHEILA: Jehovah comes down. There are a lot of scriptures in the old testament that Jehovah came down to see what man was doing.

            Okay, if there's nothing more I'll go on with these printed notes with these translations. We're looking at drawing #1 which is showing that Abel did not lose control of Cain, but Abel was sucked down into Cain's gravitational field. Who is Cain? Cain is the female animal that was formed from the water and the earth. We are those female animals. That gravitational pull still works. It is still operating in this hour. If Christ Jesus is being formed in you and he's trying to ascend (we've talked about this a lot) if you associate with people who are in a low spiritual realm, they're going to exercise a gravitational pull on you and they're going to pull you down. Even if you're not around people who are in a low spiritual realm, if you're talking to other Christians, if you're talking to people in this ministry and their mind gets carnal, that carnal mind approaching you when you are in a Christ mind, exercises, acts like a gravitational field and it is trying to pull you right down out of Christ. It's happening every day of your life. So we're looking at the board and we see that Abel was overcome by Cain's gravitational pull. Cain is the female animal when she saturated herself with the earth to gain power. We found out in our studies of Genesis 6 that Abel was the priest and Cain was the female animal, the woman, Abel's wife. In drawing B we see that Abel has been drawn with such power by Cain that he has broken away from Jehovah.

            By the way I didn't put it on this drawing, but this is a picture of the three part altar. Remember the three part altar we found out about in Genesis 6. It was a three part altar and half of it was Jehovah and the other half was Cain and Abel. Three parts, but Jehovah was fifty percent and Cain and Abel were twenty-five percent each. In drawing B, Abel has been overcome by Cain and is separated from Jehovah. In drawing C, we see that Cain which is already water and earth now has absorbed all of Abel's energy and that's what made her the serpent. Now what I've taught you in the past was that Cain had a lower nature.

            She was water and she was earth. When her water side was predominant, she was the woman. When her earth side was predominant, she was the serpent, and that's not correct. Although it was correct at the time (this is an unfolding revelation) we now have a deeper more mature understanding. So for where we are now, that teaching is no longer correct. We're now finding out that Cain, who was the waters of creation which was saturated, filled up with the earth, actually stole the energy, the breath of life that was in the creation. Who was Abel? Abel was Elohim's personality under the sea. Abel was Elohim's breath mixed with the dust and Cain literally sucked his energy into herself and she became the serpent; the pseudo man. Because that which makes you a male is spirit. The female animal was water and earth.

            To be a male, she needed to have spirit. Can you see this? Cain the female animal, literally could not exist without her husband, Abel. She would have died without her husband Abel. It's the same thing as saying you cannot live without your blood and her blood was in charge of her, so long as he was in submission to Jehovah. But Cain ripped him away from Jehovah and took what she needed from him and ate it, ingested it and became the pseudo male, the serpent. Do you see the difference from me saying that Cain had a lower nature and when she flipped over to the earth inside, she became the serpent. Now I'm finding out, no, what made her the serpent was that she ingested the energy. She became one with the energy. She possessed the energy which is the breath of life that Elohim breathe into this creature. It enlivened her. Brethren, is this not what is happening to us now as we ingest the energy which Jesus Christ has imparted to us, as that energy is reproducing itself within us in a form that every day is energizing us more and more in Christ Jesus. We are becoming alive. That's how the serpent received existence. She stole the breath of life that was in the creation and Abel ceased to exist. She stole his energy and the dust that he was mixed with just became one with the earth and part of the female animal. I've been teaching you that Abel was buried underneath the background threads of the creature.

            Well who was the background threads of the creature? Cain, the female animal. Look, the foreground threads are the spirit and the background threads are the earthen part. So Cain actually absorbed Abel and for all intents and purposes he ceased to exist. So what is the human spirit now? The dust is not the human spirit. The dust is that which joined with the earthen part of the female animal when Abel was absorbed. So what's the human spirit? The human spirit is the breath of life that made Abel Abel. The dust didn't make Abel to be Abel. But the scripture talks about the dust. We did a whole series on the dust. When the scripture talks about dust and we did all those scriptures where we saw the dust signified Abel. It's like a sign. It's like a signal because Abel is being completely possessed of the serpent, the dragon and Satan.

            So the sign, the hidden code in the scripture, for Abel who died, is the dust that was there after the spirit was ripped out of him. Think of it this way. Did you ever see a cartoon or a horror movie where somebody just has all of their blood just stripped out of them? For a second the carcass is standing there and then it just collapses and ceases to exist. The scripture uses the word dust to talk about Abel who doesn't exist anymore, but who has the potential to rise from the dead. There has to be a word for him in the scripture because he's going to rise from the dead. The word in the scripture that talks about his potential to rise from the dead is dust, but in reality the dust was shed when his energy was possessed by the serpent. Am I reaching you tonight? I'll go over it again for you.

            Cain was a female animal. She was made out of earth and water. It is as if to say we could not live without our blood. Abel was the blood and Cain was the female animal. Abel was attached to Jehovah, who gave him strength and headship over the female animal, just like our brain controlling our body. Cain, the water and the earth had a gravitational pull on Abel. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was a female animal that did not want to be dependent on Abel who was in submission to Jehovah. She exercised therefore her gravitational pull. Now Cain was the water. Water by itself has a gravitational pull. She linked up with the earth. She increased her gravitational pull and she tugged on Abel and she tugged on Abel and she tugged on Abel until he broke away from Jehovah and literally sunk down into Cain. She completely absorbed him. So the female animal who could not exist without the blood known as Abel, now possessed the blood. She was in charge. She had his energy and she had his strength and she became the serpent and went forth to incarnate this world. Do you hear it? You got it now?

            Abel, for all intents and purposes ceased to exist. He was broken up. He lost his connection with Jehovah when his energy was taken from him. Cain literally sucked him out of the form that he was in, that was a combination of energy and dust just like it's possible to have human blood just sucked out. She just sucked out his energy and the dust that remained just joined with the other earth that was a part of Cain. Abel, however, is the son of God in the world under the sea.

            Jehovah knowing that Abel would be resurrected many times until the final resurrection put a code word in the scripture to indicate that Abel which no longer existed. It's the same principle as we've seen in both the Old and the New Testament, which says the human spirit is the monument which is in this grave that Jehovah goes looking for when He is looking for us. When He's looking for His sons in the earth, He's not really interested in the grave. He's not looking for the monument. He's looking for the spirit that's in us. That's what He's looking for. This is the same principle that the code word, dust, in the scripture is talking about; Abel, who for now, at this time, is not functioning at all. For all intents and purposes Abel is dead. It's like saying the dust will once again be mixed with Elohim's breath and Abel will stand again. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's a code word. The Lord asked me earlier to put this in the message to anyone reading this who is having a problem with me talking about code words. In particular, that "who" stands for Jehovah and "what" stands for Elohim. Whether you're here or whether you're reading this message, the biggest code word of the whole scripture is I Am. I Am, code word for Jehovah; I Am. I Am is a code word that is easily accepted because Jehovah said to Moses, go tell pharaoh that I Am has sent you. So we have a record that says, well Jehovah said it Himself. He has the code; I Am. It's accepted. What I'm telling you tonight is that Jehovah calling Himself, I Am, established a precedent for code words in the scripture. Anybody that's having a problem with a code word in the scripture, here is the precedent for it. Is everybody okay? Praise the Lord. I'm going to try and preach this message.

            Here we go with Genesis 40. I was preparing us for Genesis 40:10; that's what was happening. I was refreshing your memory of the three part altar, fifty percent of which is Jehovah and twenty-five percent of which is Abel and twenty-five percent of which is Cain. When the three part altar is fully connected, it is the living thing which gives life to the creature. We know that the number 3 means completion in the scripture. For years I was asking the Lord the difference between 3 and 7, both of which mean completion. 3 is the mystical number which is the code word for the reconstruction of the re-establishment of the three part altar. When that three part altar is fully connected and functioning, the man in which it is appearing is alive. When that three-fold altar is broken up, it means that the serpent has stolen the precious energy once again and the serpent has an existence. When the serpent has an existence, Abel is dead.

            When Abel is alive, the serpent is dead to her existence. Talking about the creature now; for those of you who are thinking, well, both of them are within me right now. That's true, but the serpent has incarnated you. The serpent is your foundation. If you were, God forbid, to be hit by a car or severely hurt, Christ Jesus in any one of us, (I am convinced) could not keep this body alive. He could give us a miracle and heal our wounds, but He is not strong enough to keep us alive in this world by his mind. We're not there yet. I just had an interesting thought. It's not His intention to ever keep us alive in this world by His mind. It is His intention to keep us alive in His world, by His mind. He kept Jesus alive in this world by His mind. It was only a temporary condition that Jesus had to pass through on His way out of this world. The mind of Christ kept Jesus alive as a transitional thing, but Jesus of Nazareth has ascended to full stature. If our body were to be attacked to the point of death, the only way Christ Jesus could keep us alive in this world would be to bring us to full stature. This is, in fact, what Jesus did for Lazarus. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he was in full stature. I don't really know His purpose for doing that. I don't know whether Jesus raised Lazarus to full stature as a testimony, as a witness to what He had the ability to do or if there was another reason that I'm not yet aware of. I don't know. It may have been a sign. I don't have any word from the Lord as to why He did it that way, except that I know that the scripture says men came from all over to see Lazarus. When I looked up every word of the account in the Greek, I found out that He had not just raised His body from the dead. He had raised Lazarus' spirit. Well, He had raised Abel from the dead, which is full stature.

            This is how we have come to Genesis 40:10. We have a witness here. Of course, we have all the accounts in Genesis 6 pointing to this truth. We now find it in Genesis 40:10; And in the vine were three branches and it was as though it budded and her blossoms shot forth. The clusters, thereof, brought forth ripe grapes. We have a definition of the word, vine, from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language. A vine is a weak stemmed plant that derives its support from climbing, twining, or creeping along a surface. Jesus said, I am the vine. I believe that when He said that, He was saying I Am the expression of the Godhead that is appearing on the surface of the earth. Jehovah is not appearing at all. Elohim is not appearing. Jesus said I'm the one that's appearing. I'm the vine and I appear close to the earth.

            In the vine were three branches. Strong's Concordance and Brown/Drivers/Briggs says that branches are tendrils; this Hebrew word branches is specifically referring to tendrils that intertwine. I nevertheless looked up the word branch in the American Heritage Dictionary which says a secondary woody stem or limb growing from the trunk or main stem of a tree. If you look forward on that highlighted area, a branch is also a sub-division of certain other plant parts such as the root or the flower. It's talking about a sub-division. Branch is a sub-division. It's talking about another path. That's what it's talking about. Let me put this on the board for you.

            This is drawing #2. It shows the earth with the root system. It shows the earth with the vine and the vine is Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth; He said I am the vine. When Jesus said I am the vine, what He was saying was, the living thing, the altar of God has been completely restored in me. He said, Jehovah is in me and Abel is in me and Cain is in me and they're all entwined together and the three part altar which is alive is in me. This is the experience that we talk about as full stature. He was alive. None of us are alive. We're all dead. Those of us here, for those of us here, life is in us, but we are not alive. If you put a knife in me, I will die. If I were alive and you put a knife in me, I would pull it out and keep on walking because the blood of this mortal flesh would not be keeping me alive. The spirit that was in me, the living thing, the restored altar would be keeping me alive. But I don't have that yet, it's still in the process. Jesus of Nazareth had the altar restored in Him.

            That's why He said no man can take my life. If all the blood drained out of Him, I believe He would still be alive. I believe the blood would regenerate because it was not the forces of this mortal body that was sustaining Him in the earth. It was the living thing, the restored altar. It was His connection to Jehovah that was keeping Him alive. Jesus said I am the vine. I really should have put that on the picture. I am the vine. This is Jesus right here. I'll give you a key. Blue is Jehovah; green is Abel; and red is Cain. Of course, Elohim is with Jehovah and Abel. Jesus said the altar has been restored in me. That's what He said. He said, I am the vine and you are the branches. You see, if you abide in me, you'll bear fruit. If you don't abide in me, you won't bear fruit and He says in John 15:2; Every branch that does not bear fruit must be cut off. Even the one that bears fruit has to be pruned.

            Because every branch that comes forth is supposed to be entwined or intertwined with Jesus. Jesus is walking along Jehovah's chosen path and He's not deviating, but we see some of the branches, some of the people that He has engrafted Himself to are not following the Father's chosen path. These are the branches which must be pruned off. Why? Because they're independent thinkers? Why, can't you be an independent thinker in Christ Jesus? The reason they have to be pruned off is because the branches, those in whom the Holy Spirit has engrafted Himself, but are not walking along the Father's chosen path, for all intents and purposes are causing to come into existence time lines that the Father is not in agreement with. What does that mean? Well they have the Holy Ghost and they may even have Christ Jesus, but they're doing things that are not the perfect will of the Father. Every work that we do that is not the perfect will of the Father will come to an end. Because that time line is not going anywhere. The Father is not in it. It might look like a great work. You might be starting a ministry, you might be feeding the poor or if you're feeding the poor, it's a good work for the moment. If you raise up a ministry (that you did it by yourself) I'm sure there are some people that are going to get help from it because everything we do helps people. But the bottom line is this, if this branch has come out of the vine and is going in a different direction (see here's the point of departure) has gone off in a different direction from the Father's chosen path, it's just a matter of time until it comes down.

            That's what Gamaliel was talking about to the people that were all upset about the Christians. He said you don't have to worry about it. You don't have to take matters into your own hands. If this belief (they're being called Christians now) if they're on a time line that's deviating, that has departed from the direction of the Father, it must come to naught because there's no life in it. They'll go for a season on the strength of the spirit that was in them from the point of union with the true vine. But from the point of departure, they'll go on for a season. That ministry will go on for a season. That job will go on for a season. Whatever it is, I don't want to say that marriage. Hopefully, your marriage, even if the Lord didn't put you in it, it will continue. It will go on for a season and it will run on the energy that you gathered from when you were in right standing with the vine, but eventually it will run out of energy.

            That's what happened to that ministry that we all know about. It died. He deviated; that man that was in charge of that ministry. For a season he was on the path with the Father because glory was pouring out of there, but at some point he departed from the Father's direction and he went off on another path and that ministry is dying a slow death. We experienced this in Parts. This is a principle that everybody here knows. If something is wrong, if there's no move of the spirit, if the Father is not talking, go back, go back, go back; backtrack your last couple of steps. Find out where you departed from the will of the Father. Go back! But you see, if you're being ruled by your pride, you won't want to go back. You'll keep on going forward and you shall surely die (spiritual death) you shall surely die. If you find yourself in a place where the Lord is not, go back, go back. Don't worry what men say. Go back to your point of departure. I wrote on this board time lines because one of the principles that we're bringing forth here, I believe I'm going to have to talk to you about a little more. I don't feel that it's really sunk into your head. I do have two Star Trek episodes to show you, but the Lord didn't let me do it. It seems to me it's going to have to be an extra meeting. He's not going to let me stop this deep teaching for that. I call these branches, these branches that have departed from the Father's direction, time lines. I'm trying to convey to you what will happen to this world which includes our bodies; what will ultimately happen. It's going to happen. There's no question about it.

            This world is a branch that departed from the Father's chosen path. It was the serpent who departed. We just explained what happened; how she possessed the energy. Cain took possession of the breath of life that was in the creation and went off to establish her own base as we're told in Zechariah chapter 4, I think. This branch that this world is, is going to be pruned off. It's going to be cut off of the vine. The way it's going to be cut off the vine is the energy, that this world is possessing to continue to exist, is going to be drained back or it is going to be given back to the dust and Abel will be reformed. This world will go out like a light. It will be like we won't even have any memory of it. I just felt to put it on the board tonight. I'll be talking to you about it more and more. It's a difficult concept, but the Lord is going to help you to understand it.

            We're still trying to work our way through Genesis 40:10. In the vine were three branches. There were three parts to the vine and they were all twisted together and it (in the Hebrew, that word, it, is Strong's #1931). It can be translated he. It's an emphatic word. What that means is, in many cases in the Hebrew, the pronoun he or the word it, which is also a pronoun, can be just assumed when the verb appears. The appearance of a specific Hebrew word which means he, she or it, however, gives it emphasis. It is emphasizing the one being spoken about without actually identifying that one. Then we have the words, was as though. This is a Hebrew word; was as though it budded. All of these English words are the translation of one Hebrew word and a prefix which is attached to it. The word is Strong's #6524 which is preceded by the prefix kaf. The prefix kaf means as soon as.

            The Hebrew word translated budded #6524 can be translated, to extend one's wings and fly. The concept that the word is bringing forth is to burst forth. It's used to describe the young issuing forth from the womb. It's speaking about a violent pushing forth. What we have so far is; and in the plant that was creeping along the surface, there were three sub-divisions of the root. As soon as his wings burst forth and he started to fly. Let me tell you right here that this verse is talking about the reconstruction of the three part altar. It's talking about Abel bursting forth, brethren.

            When the three sub-divisions came together, Jehovah, Abel and Cain; Abel burst forth. I should say when the three sub-divisions came together, when Abel was raised up out of Cain and rejoined to the dust and reconnected to Jehovah, Abel became the mediator between Jehovah and Cain; connected on both sides. Abel rose and started to fly. He means he started to move in the spiritual world of Jehovah immediately upon his reconstruction. Brethren, we are going to be reconstructed. We are being reconstructed. Our true essence, which is the breath of Elohim, the son of Jehovah, is being used as a homosexual harlot. He is the energy source by which this fallen world is perpetuated. That energy source is going to be drained out of this world and restored to Jehovah's son.

            The only way a mortal human being, which is a manifestation of Cain can be a part of this and go on existing is to transfer over with our energy source. The way we transfer over is by working with the Lord Jesus to have Christ Jesus or to have Abel rise from the dead in us and to have Christ Jesus formed in us. It is an act of the will. If you're not for me, you're against me. If you're doing nothing, Christ Jesus is not being formed in you. You're going to cease to exist. You're not going to die screaming and yelling in pain and in a torture chamber or an anti-christ concentration camp, but you will cease to exist at some point. You will die a natural death. That's what will happen to you.

            See, the scripture says every branch that's not bearing fruit, let it be pruned and even the ones that are bearing fruit, they have to be purged. What this means is, that everyone is going through the judgment. Everyone is going through tribulation.

            Everyone is going through trying painful times. The branches, the human beings who are aligning themselves by an act of their will with the Lord Jesus Christ, will be the branches that are purged and that will abide in the vine. The branches who are not doing everything they can to be in agreement with the Lord Jesus Christ will be pruned off and they will lose their hope of salvation. As soon as his wings burst forth, he started to fly. His wings; that's just a parabolic way of saying as soon as Abel revived, the breath of life was drained out of the serpent, mixed again with the dust and Abel burst forth as a child issuing from the womb and immediately began to exercise his authority; began to fly in the heavenlies and exercise his authority immediately. And her blossoms; the word, and, is not in the Hebrew. Her blossoms, Strong's #5322. The word, her, was just added in by the King James. Believe it or not, the word blossoms can be translated unclean bird of prey; a hawk or a falcon. I think I did the word study and this was the only scripture where this word was translated blossoms. In all the other scriptures it was translated hawk.

            So talk about translator’s license, the King James translators could not fit the word hawk into this scripture. It was talking about a branch and some vines and they just changed the word to blossoms. A falcon is a long winged bird of prey which is related to the hawk. Widely distributed, falcons are typified by notched beaks. They range in size from 6 ½ inches, Falconidae, to the 24 inch gyro falcon. The commonest and smallest American falcon is the sparrow hawk. Now we did a message on sparrows this morning. So we see that there's such a thing as a sparrow hawk. Did anyone ever hear of that? I've heard of a chicken hawk.

            There's a sparrow hawk. The commonest and smallest American falcon is the sparrow hawk. Falcons lay their eggs on the ground on cliff ledges or in a deserted hawk or crow nest. The peri green falcon and gray falcon are used in falconry. That's where they train birds of prey. A hawk is a name for smaller members of the sipitreday (I'm sure I'm pronouncing that wrong) family; diurnal birds of prey, distinguished from the related falcons by their broader rounded wing. Hawks have keen sight, sharply hooked bills and powerful feet with curved talons. The hunting hawks or aspitias include the ghost hawk which feeds on small mammals and birds and the destructive chicken hawk, battues or buzzard are a diverse group of larger hawks. They feed on rodents and reptiles.

            The term hawk is also applied to many falcon and a number of unrelated birds. The night hawk, which is a goat sucker (whatever that means) and certain gulls and jaguars. Now this is a very strong witness to me that Revelation 19:17 is speaking about the newly ascended individuals in whom Christ Jesus has ascended because we are birds of prey, who prey on rodents and reptiles. For example, Revelation 19:17 says; And I saw an angel standing in the sun and cried with a loud voice saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God. I wondered over that scripture for years. The Lord did tell me it was the sons of God eating ungodly flesh, but it upset me for a long time. I now see it very clearly. Brethren, either Leviathan will consume the resurrecting Abel in you and kill him before he can ever ascend into the resurrected first Adam and go on to become the last Adam or the resurrecting Abel and first Adam will consume the reptile. Who is the reptile? Leviathan. Either Leviathan will consume the part of us which is being risen from the dead or the part of us which is rising up into the power of Almighty God will consume Leviathan. Brethren, it's fifty-fifty. It's going one way or the other. If you're not in this war, you're already captured. This is a war.

            It is a war to the death. Either the sparrow hawk is eating the young sparrows, which are the young sons of God which are coming up that are still mortal, known as the two witness company or the young sons of God and the mature sons of God are destroying and consuming the reptile. Now we're not just killing her. We have to eat her. Look, this is the same principle as Jesus saying, if you don't eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no part in me. It sounds horrendous, but it's spiritual flesh. The reason we have to eat the reptile is because that's what we have to do to get Elohim's breath back. Listen, I'm going to say it again. We as mortal human beings, we need energy. This body needs energy to function. What do we do to get energy into this body?

            We eat animal flesh. Some people are vegetarians. Well, we eat food. We have to ingest something from outside of us to give us energy. Look brethren, our spiritual energy is very low because it's residing in Leviathan. The energy which belongs to us, the energy which is our inheritance, the energy which is Elohim's breath, the energy which Cain stole and used to form this world is residing in Leviathan. The way we're going to suck that energy out of her and possess our possession and stand up and be powerful spiritual men is to consume her. It sounds vulgar, but it's not. It's a spiritual principle. You're not going to eat it with this mouth of yours. You're going to consume her with your mind.

            Every time Christ Jesus gives you a thought and Leviathan comes up with another thought, you're going to overwhelm her. You're going to pray this through and you and the Lord Jesus Christ are going to utterly defeat her. Every time you make the right decision, every time you distinguish the truth of Almighty God and choose the righteousness over the lie, you are consuming her and draining her of her energy. You see, the reason that the full stature of goodness is such a lie is that Leviathan still has the energy. It's just a question of whether the serpent is appearing in this world as a good person who does good deeds or as a Satanist that does human sacrifice and all kinds of evil tortures. It's still the serpent possessing Elohim's breath, which she has no right to have. For that reason, a person who has done good works all of their existence, their time line will still cease to exist. Because only what you do for Christ endures forever. If your good works are coming out of the good side of the serpent's mind, no matter how much you've done, you're going to fold up and roll up like a scroll in the day that Cain returns to the point of departure. Because Cain will surely return to the point from which she departed from Jehovah. Why? Because Jehovah said so.

            That's why. Everything that she's done is going to be remembered no more. If you have never done anything for Christ, there will be no memory of you. In this world, your children bring a memory of you. But your children won't be here either. Either they'll be in Christ or they'll cease to exist. A sparrow hawk is a small hawk of Europe, Africa and Central Asia that has short broad wings and preys on sparrows and other small birds. Brethren, I can attest to you that as the sparrow appears in you, as Abel begins to rise from the dead in you, as you become a young spiritual bird and start chirping and hopping around, Satan has dispatched the sparrow hawk to prey on you and to utterly destroy you, if she can do it. You need to know this or your spiritual life will die. The sparrow is a small North American falcon that hovers over fields and pastures and feeds chiefly on insects and mice. Well that's just a second definition. We're interested in the first one. The sparrow hawk preys on sparrows and other small birds.

            Luke 12 verses 4 through 7 shows that sparrows signify the maturing sons of God. This is the work that we did this morning. We're plugging the alternate translation into this message at this point. Luke 12 verses 4 through 7, alternate translation; (This is the resurrected Abel speaking through Jesus) And I am affirming to you that Satan is afraid of this friend of mine (speaking about Jesus) whose mortal mind and personality are absolutely denying that the superior mind (that's Abel rising from the dead) is shooting forth and depriving them (Satan and Leviathan) of spiritual life. And I am teaching you about the one who you shall be joined to in the future, the one who has the strength to subject them (Leviathan and Satan) your mortal conscious and unconscious mind to fiery judgment after he deprives them of spiritual life. Yes, I am promising you that you shall serve him, the one who is destroying your enemies. And the spirit of the young sons of the two witness company shall be given up and the double portion shall be found in them and the mind that has forgotten the face of God shall cease to exist. This is why Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as this head of yours, Jesus, because you're all part of the one whole new man.

            Sparrows signify the young up and coming sons of God. They signify Abel rising from the dead and the eagle signifies Adam rising from the dead. Going on with Genesis 40:10; And she shot forth; Strong's #5927. This word can be translated to withdraw or retreat. And the clusters; Strong's #811. Clusters can be translated stems, believe it or not. We're choosing stems. And the stems thereof brought forth. The words brought forth; that's a translation of Strong's #1310 and it can be translated boiled. Boiled; brought forth to boiled. I remember the first time the Lord showed me this concept of Jesus boiling Satan as a sin offering. I remember when He showed it to me. It was in Daniel 7, years ago.

             It's a miracle that I even found it; how He got me to it. I had no idea what it meant. But I knew that the Lord told me that that was the correct translation. I had no idea what it meant. That was back in 1990, a solid six years ago. We're growing very fast here. You know some people have been in the ministry forty years and they don't grow as fast as we've grown in nine years in this ministry. It's quite awesome. So, she shot forth. She withdrew and the clusters or the stems thereof brought forth or boiled ripe grapes. I'm going to suggest to you that the ripe grapes that are coming forth are the mature fruit and the mature fruit is Adam. This is a difficult translation.

            This is what we have to work with. And the three parts entwined and became a vine and he (I suggest to you Abel) burst forth and the hawk retreated and the stems (I must have put this in the wrong place). I did a word study on the word stems and I found out (it's gone). I was having trouble with this message. The whole thing is gone. I did do a word study. You'll have to take my word for it because it's not here. I took it out of the Columbia or the American Heritage Dictionary, that the word stem in the English language can mean noble relative. It means ancestor; it means family line. So the stem, the noble relative, boiled the ripe grapes or the mature fruit. Well what are you talking about? Boiling the mature fruit? Look at how Satan got that messed up there. And the hawk retreated and the stems boiled the ripe fruit. I don't think so, brethren. Let's move these words around a little. This is what we got. And the three parts of the vine entwined and became a plant that was creeping along the surface of the earth and as soon as his (Abel, the spiritual plant) wings burst forth. Soon as Abel got his wings back, he started to fly and Abel the fruit of the noble ancestor boiled the unclean bird of prey (that's Leviathan) and she retreated.

            I'm not really sure about that. I think the unclean bird of prey is Satan. I asked the Lord who's the bird? Satan is the sea and Leviathan is the dragon that lives in the sea. But I know the word bird is referring to spiritual power. Of course, everything that we've been doing here is talking about hawks. I'm going to say that the bird of prey is Satan. I'm going to change that. She's the one with the spiritual power that's flying in the heavenlies. And the three parts of the vine entwined; Jehovah, Abel and Cain and became a plant that was creeping along the surface of the earth, became a visible plant, and as soon as Abel, the spiritual plant's wings burst forth (I'm sorry) and as soon as Abel's wings burst (Abel is a spiritual plant, that's what I'm trying to say).

            And as soon as Abel, the spiritual plant's wings burst forth, he started to fly. He didn't waste any time. And Abel the fruit of the noble ancestor boiled the unclean bird of prey. (Oh it's the serpent. But how could the serpent be a bird though?) No, it has to be Satan if he's boiling him, it has to be Satan. Boiled the unclean bird of prey and she retreated. I'm going to have to look that up and check out that translation because I don't see how Satan could be a bird. I'll have to see if there's another translation that would fit in there. But I think we have the general idea of the translation here. I hope it excited you. It really excited me. And the three parts of the vine entwined and became a plant that was creeping along the surface of the earth and as soon as Abel's wings burst forth, he started to fly and Abel the fruit of the noble ancestor boiled the unclean bird of prey and Satan retreated. And Satan retreated, isn't that exciting? Glory to God!

              Any questions or comments?

            COMMENT: When you were talking about the birds of prey, I heard that birds eat seven times their own weight. They're always hungry. I also thought about the meat of the word. We always talked about eat the meat and spit out the bones.

            SHEILA: Yes, I've heard that. This whole concept of birds warring with one another and consuming one another, it's really exemplified in the television series, The Highlander. It's really shown very well. I know it's a fantasy, but it demonstrates spiritual principles of supposed immortals on the earth who can only die if their head is cut off. That's the only way to kill them. When another immortal cuts off their head, the energy that's keeping the immortal alive exits the immortal's body in the form of what appears to be lightning bolts and enters into the body of the immortal who cut his head off. Brethren, this is exactly what we're talking about. We have to consume Leviathan to get our inheritance back. She has our spiritual energy. She has our potential to be a powerful spiritual man. When we kill her, when we defeat her, the energy of that moment is drained from her and comes into the emerging Christ Jesus in us. I believe that the battle that's demonstrated in this tv series, The Highlander, is a very accurate example of the battle between Christ Jesus and Leviathan. It's vicious and it's to the death of one. In the tv series, The Highlander, they tell you there can only be one immortal left on the earth. Well, I don't think they have it quite straight. There can only be one, you see. In each of us there can only be either Christ Jesus or Leviathan. They're going to be battling to the death in each individual and then when they start appearing upon the earth, men in whom there is only one; they'll be men in whom there is either only Christ Jesus or only the serpent. Then the men in full stature will start battling with one another and there can be only one; a many membered company expressing the man Christ Jesus who has defeated the woman who is appearing in the form of Leviathan and Satan in this world. There can be only one. But it will be a many membered one.

            COMMENT: When you were talking about realizing that you had gone off the path that God had designed for you and had to go back to the point of departure, it made me think what my husband just told me about a man who was running a marathon. He couldn't speak English and he went down the wrong block and the people were trying to tell him and he couldn't understand. Then he realized after a few moments what they were saying and he went back to where he went off and he actually won the race. So there's hope for the believers.

            SHEILA: Did he really? That's an excellent piece of advice. If you run into confusion and you know you haven't heard correctly from God and you don't know what to do and you can't hear, go back to the point of departure. Go back to the point that you feel comfortable with and pick it up again. Alleluia!

         COMMENT: You made me very aware of what it means to be on God's timetable when you talked about the timeline.

            SHEILA: I'm glad you're getting that revelation of the time line. The problem with departing from God's program is that initially there's no sign that you've departed. I've been preaching it another way for a long time. I've been saying God's river winds and turns and if you zig when He zags, you're going to be up on a sandbar. I've been saying that for years. The problem with this for we mortal men is that at the point of departure everything could be wonderful. We're still filled with the energy that we received from abiding in the vine. Everything looks good. It could look good for years. It could look good for two or three years and then all of a sudden, the energy of whatever it is you're doing starts to wane.

            Your mortal mind says to you, well what's this all about? Surely God would have told me if I did something wrong three years ago. I must have just done something wrong now. I want to tell you that someone in this position is not likely to hear from God because He sent somebody to tell you. If you're off on a time line that He didn't send you on for two years, He sent the message to you in one way or the other; in a dream, through television, through another person. Somehow He has told you. So when you finally get the revelation that things are not progressing the way they used to and things are slowing down and you start saying Father, what happened? He's not likely to answer you. Well what do you do when He doesn't answer you? Go back, go back to the point of departure or at least say to Him, Father, I must have made a mistake.

            Have mercy on me and tell me. If you confess it as a potential sin; well it had to be a sin if energy is draining from you, you had to do something wrong. He may have mercy on you and tell you. I'll tell you I messed up really bad once and it took Him a long time to tell me. I really stewed before He told me. I had a really tough month. I misunderstood something that He told me and my pride got all mixed up in it. There's no way anyone is going to learn how to do this without the kind of testing that's going on here and without the kind of proving that's going on here. The test exposes Leviathan. What is the test? The situation that leaves an opening for Leviathan to speak out of your mouth and the test is are you going to recognize that it's Leviathan speaking and not say it. You were tested that same night, right? And in both cases Leviathan spoke, so the test was there. Then the proof was there, that it wasn't Christ Jesus and now you have a basis, a solid experiential basis on which to know what I'm talking about. This happened to you and it was exposed that we were tested and it was exposed that Leviathan spoke and it was proven that it wasn't Christ.

            The test came and it was proven that what arose in your mind and in your mouth was not Christ. Now go get it. Kill Leviathan and let Christ arise in you. There's no way He's going to arise in you until you can go through this testing and accept the proof that that was not Christ Jesus in you. If your pride is coming up and you're fighting with me and insisting that that was Christ Jesus in you, you can fight and yell all you want. I'm not going to fight with you, but you're the loser. This is not happening here anymore, thank God. But whoever is reading this message, so long as you are in denial that at least it was a possibility that I know what I'm talking about, there's no way you will ever learn to distinguish between the two. If you can't distinguish between the two, you're not going on into the spiritual life. It's as simple as that.

            So we see that these English words of more value, Strong's #1308, signify the testing and the proving and the ability to distinguish between good and evil that is the result of the white throne judgment. The instruction and the testing that teaches us to recognize the operation of our mortal personality, Leviathan and Satan, so that they can be forced to the surface, so that we can see them, so that we can deny them, so that we can wound them, so that we can refuse to let them operate through our mind and through our members and through our mouth.

            You are of more value than many sparrows. The word many, Strong's #4183; it means an abundant number. Brethren, there will be an abundant number of sons. Jesus will have a many membered body. I'm going to put all the translations together for you, just in a raw form. But even the spirits of this head of yours are a part of the whole. Satan fears the ones who can distinguish between good and evil; the abundant number of the two witness company. This is what we've got. But even the spirits of this head of yours (speaking about Jesus) are a part of the whole. Satan fears the ones who can distinguish between good and evil. But Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as this head of yours, Jesus. He fears both of you. But Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as this head of yours, Jesus, because you are all part of the one whole (and I added in) new man. Now remember the words, to be numbered, #705 means to be a part of the whole. But Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil, as well as this head of yours, Jesus, because you are all a part of the one whole new man. Ephesians 2:15 says; Having abolished in His flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain (of the two) one new man, so making peace. There's one new man, one whole new man coming forth. He first appeared in the man, Jesus, who is now the head and now it's happening in you, too, and therefore Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as this head of yours, Jesus, who did it also because you are all part of the one whole new man.         

            Recap; Luke 12 verses 4 through 7; I am affirming to you that Satan is afraid of this friend of mine, Jesus, whose mortal mind and personality are absolutely denying that his superior mind, Abel, is shooting forth and depriving them of spiritual life. I am teaching you about the one who you shall be joined to in the future, the one who has the strength to subject them, your mortal mind and personality, to fiery judgment after he deprives them of spiritual life. Yes, I am promising you that you shall serve the one who is destroying your enemies, that you will no longer be serving your enemy, but you are going to be serving the one who is destroying your enemies. And the spirit of the young sons of the two witness company shall be given up. Who's going to give them up?

            Satan and Leviathan are going to give them up. And the double portion shall be found in their place and the mind that has forgotten the face of God, Leviathan, shall cease to exist. So this is why Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as this head of yours, Jesus, because you're all part of the one whole new man. Alleluia! I just want to make just one correction. Back in verse 5, I don't know why I said that. The one who has the strength to subject them; and I said your mortal mind and personality. It really should be Leviathan and Satan, not your personality. I'd like to read it one more time. And I am affirming to you that Satan is afraid of this friend of mine (that's Abel within Jesus speaking about Jesus) whose mortal mind (well, I guess that's wrong there too). I guess it's in whom Leviathan (well, I'm going to leave it. I have to work on this). And I am affirming to you that Satan is afraid of this friend of mine, Jesus, whose mortal mind and personality are absolutely denying that his superior mind, Abel, is shooting forth and depriving them of spiritual life and I am teaching you about the one whom you shall be joined to in the future, the one who has the strength to subject Leviathan and Satan to fiery judgment after he deprives them of spiritual life.

            Yes, I am promising you that you shall serve the one who is destroying your enemies, not your enemy. And the spirit of the young sons of the two witness company shall be given up. Leviathan and Satan shall give them up and the double portion shall be found in them. That's the Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrected first Adam rising from the dead in you. And the mind that has forgotten the face of God, Leviathan, shall cease to exist and this is why Satan fears the ones whose spirit can distinguish between good and evil as well as Jesus, this head of yours, because you are all part of the same one whole new man. Alleluia!

            QUESTION: Verse 6 where you said Leviathan and Satan shall give them up, that goes right along with death and hell shall give them up, right?

            SHEILA: Yes, as a matter of fact, I gave that reference, Revelation 20:13 on page 6. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them. Exactly. You got it. You see, this translation of the King James, it's along the same lines with an example that I gave you several months ago when we did a word study on the word sheep. I think the word was sheep in the Old Testament. We found many scriptures where the translation should have been male sheep. It was a verse that should have been translated in terms of the power of the believer, but instead was translated in terms of the weakness of the believer. This is a serious error. I'm not criticizing the King James translators. They did the best they could where they were. What I'm saying is that as much good as the King James Translation has done, it is a translation that has come forth through the carnal mind of man. As much good as it has done, it's still doing harm and hurt to the ascending Christ Jesus, if you can hear that. I know someone is going to misunderstand me. Look, everyone who has been strengthened by the King James Translation; you've grown, you've overcome problems. Brethren, the one who has strengthened you is the Holy Spirit. The one who has given you all of the victory that you had through the King James Translation is the Holy Spirit who is full well able to minister to you through His word and to overcome and compensate for every error in any translation that you read and that you study. It's not the King James Translation that has strengthened you; it's the spirit that's in the word. What is my proof to that? Brethren, a Satanist picks up the same Bible and worships Satan. The same King James Translation has served the Satanists and the witches. Many witches pray the psalms against Christians. The King James Translation has served the Satanists and the witches as much if not more than it served the Christians. The difference is that the Holy Spirit is ministering the word to the Christians and the spirit of Satan is ministering this word to the others. What am I telling you? The King James Translation is not bad and the Holy Spirit has compensated for every error in it. But if you want to go on to be a son of God, you've got to hear the doctrine of Christ, which is in this very same scripture that has served the Satanists, the witches and the Christians because it's just scripture. It's just a written word and you will get out of this written word whatever the spirit that's ministering it to you gives you. The glory is to the spirit. I guess it's possible that the Satanists and the witches can use our alternate translation, also. I know there's at least one person, very high in the occult, that was absolutely crazy about my translation. He said it was the most accurate thing he ever heard. So it's the same thing, even with the alternate translation, even with the Doctrine of Christ.          

            Everything is the spirit that is ministering these written words to you. The scripture is the written word. You need the word and the spirit. You need the right spirit and you need the true doctrine of Christ in order to form the world of God. Now isn't that interesting; we were talking about this earlier. How when you become so consumed with a message, when your mind is just desiring, lusting (it's a Godly lust for this word and the glory of it). This strong desire actually forms the world for you. I don't know if you can hear what I'm saying or not. Let me put it to you this way. We have a vision of what things will be like in a world without labor, where you speak or you think and it exists. You think a chair and it exists; you think a dining room set and it pops into existence. Some of us may have a revelation that some day a superior mind will exist that can do that. Personally I don't think that the superior mind of Christ produces physical chairs, but what I'm trying to tell you is that every mind produces a world. This whole world, including our bodies, is produced by Leviathan, the carnal mind. The reason that it's real to us is that the carnal mind is ruling through us. But as we eat, sleep, breathe, drink, this glorious message which promises us deliverance from the tyranny of this world into a world where Almighty God is the Savior in the midst of us; as it begins to possess our thoughts and our imaginations and our desires, this very world that we're dreaming about, will come into existence.

            It will actually emerge and become a reality for us. Do you know what I'm talking about? Now at what point this happens, I don't know. But I know that this is the way it is going. This is the way we're going to stand up. It's not at all like what I thought it used to be. I know for years the Lord told me I had a rapture mentality. It's not a rapture. Then He told me you have to walk into it. You have to grow and mature and learn and I accepted that; that it would take so long, just as it takes 18 years for a human baby to become a legal adult. So much time was required; not the same amount of time for everybody, but there was a specific length of time that you just had to go through. But now I'm seeing it even higher.

            This labor of the mind, the understanding of this message, the believing of this message; it's so real to me that at some point, it's going to appear. There is going to be an appearance of this message which is the very word of God, which is coming alive in my mind. When it appears, when He appears; you see Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ, who is now glorified. He is the Word of God. This is Him in my mind. I can feel the fire coming out of my eyes. It's just possessing my whole being. This One that is this message which is in me and a part of me; He is appearing and when He appears, I will appear with Him. When He appears through me, my human spirit, when the Lord Jesus appears through me, my human spirit, the resurrected first Adam will appear with Him and the two together will be the double portion, Christ Jesus. When I see Him, I will be like Him. This whole world and everything terrible that has happened to me in it will be forgotten.

            I'm literally believing into the message which is going to manifest. I don't know if you could understand this, but this is the first time I ever got this revelation. I'm very excited. It started the other night on the way home from the airport.

The extent to which the message is manifesting in you is your measurement as to the extent to which Adam is rising from the dead in you. I guess it's actually Abel in you. I don't want to get into all these technicalities. It drives me crazy. The Godhead is rising from the dead in us. The measuring stick, the line in the plummet as to where you are in the walk is this; what is more real to you, this message or what I see with my eyes? It's nothing you can do with your own will power. If you can hear what I'm saying and you want what I have, you have to ask for it and you need to ask the Lord for the will and the time and the ability to grow into this word because it's growing in you. That which is growing in you will eventually become greater than that which you are in this world. And Enoch walked with God and Enoch was not. He was swallowed up by God.

            That's how it is happening. You have to press in. This message that's in my mind; it's the Kingdom of God. It's another world that's in my mind. It has nothing to do with this world. Well, if you didn't understand it, when you read the message, may the Lord quicken it to you. It's very exciting. No one is being raptured, brethren. We're not going from a carnal life. You're not taking a long jump from a carnal life into heaven. It's not happening. You continue to do your carnal pursuits because you have to live, but this pregnant thing, this manchild, has to be increasing in your mind. The manchild in your own mind is preparing the place, is preparing the Kingdom of God within you for you to get into. You see, he who is not born again can never see the Kingdom of Heaven. Because if the Kingdom of Heaven is not within you, you'll never see it. First the place is built and then you jump in. It's being built right in your own mind. It's being built by the faith that's being built in you as you submit yourself to this teaching and you hear this word preached. All you could do is come to the meetings and read the messages and tell the Lord that you want it. He's got to do the rest. I hope that I'm giving you a vision of the way that this is happening.

            It can happen while you're doing the housework; it can happen while you're cooking. It's a question of where your mind is. Where is your mind? It can happen while you're scrubbing the bathroom floor. He is able! One thing I'll tell you for sure, there's no way that He's going to give you a life position where you could spend 15 hours a day in this word, if you cannot bear it. Most people could not bear 15 hours a day in this word. When the day comes that you'll be able to bear it, He'll make a way for you to have the time. Just keep on doing what you're doing, being faithful as you know how, and have faith that He's going to meet you right where you are. Something very exciting is happening here.

            COMMENT: I'm just hearing a city built without hands.

            SHEILA: Amen. Yes, that's the city that's being built in our mind. If you recall the last message that we had here was on Quantum Mechanics In Creation, part 14, we were talking about Abel's city and what it is, is the reconstruction of the three part altar. That's the message we had in part 14 of Quantum Mechanics In Creation. The reconstructed altar; Abel attached to Jehovah, Cain attached to Abel is a spiritual city where the life of God dwells.

             QUESTION: What you were talking about, would that be the word became flesh in each one of the mature sons?

            SHEILA: You know that I don't like to answer questions like that, but it just so happens that I got a witness to that. But most of the time, I don't know unless I think about it. Okay, I receive that because I did get a witness to it, but I wanted to correct something that I just said. The three part altar is not the city. The man, the mortal man in whom the three part altar exists is the city. We're the city. We are the habitation. The part of us which is the host is the habitation. Now remember we talked about this the other day and I said if you get a witness from God about a message, I want you to say it the way you're supposed to give it. Now go ahead, please.

            COMMENT: I believe I got a witness from the Lord that what you were speaking about, when the word becomes flesh in us, the mature sons will be one with the Lord.

         SHEILA: Amen. Congratulations. Every time a scripture comes to your mind, you are free to share it at the appropriate time. All those times that I didn't understand what you were doing, I had to rebuke you and say don't do that to me while I'm preaching. I need time to think about it. What was happening was that it was the Lord giving you a witness to what I was saying. But for whatever your reason, you weren't willing to stand up and say this (you were frightened). When the Lord gives anybody a witness to a message, we all want to hear it. The people reading this message want to hear it. I'm so glad that I finally figured out what was happening when it was coming out of you that way. So, I'll just try and help you by insisting that you say it the right way from now on.

            COMMENT: I'll go a step further and say I realize why I didn't. It was pride. So pride gave me the fear. I was also afraid of being rejected.

            SHEILA: Being rejected and maybe afraid that I would say well, isn't that a stupid witness; which I would never do because this is the body of Christ. If that's what you think, that's what you think. If it happened to be a gross error, I would give you the truth and explain it to you. I hope I didn't insult anybody here. I try not to. We should all be bold to give our contribution to this meeting when Jesus gives us a contribution. We have to come in our own name. Just for those reading this message; the situation was that over the years, people from time to time will say to me, what you just preached, does that scripture mean thus and thus? My answer to them is I don't know. I would have to sit down and think about it, which I don't have time to do while I'm preaching a message like this. So I can't take questions like that, but if you would like to be bold enough to say I think that what you just preached relates to this scripture, I will definitely leave it in this message for anyone who may be reading it. Praise the Lord. Anyone else?




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