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The message tonight is relating back to Part 12. Part 12 was the part where we did the rivers coming out of Eden, and the Lord gave me some additional revelation on that. You may recall the night that I preached it I did not expect to preach it. I felt I wasn't fully prepared and studied up. The Lord does this to me all the time. I think I'm not ready, He send me out on the limb, and I preach it and then we just do it over, for whatever His reason He doesn't want to wait. Interestingly enough, I thought that I had lost that message, Part 12, so there is a tremendous opposition to this Word coming forth.

            I would like to give you a little backup. For a long time we had this really high message here, but I never could really relate it to my body, to this life here. The Lord recently revealed here, He related this message to our body, and I am preaching that the brain, the physical brain, is the Garden of Eden. Jesus said we all have a measure of faith, and that measure of faith, what I believe it is, is a measure of Elohim's life, and that life is in the form of an energy field. Our spirit is an energy field that's dwelling in this clay body. The issue of our existence is where this energy field abides. I told you this afternoon that the issue is configuration. The issue is the relationship of the parts. Everybody that knows Jesus, everybody that doesn't know Jesus, we all have a spirit which is an energy field, the human spirit, we all have bodies, we all have the same thing. The difference between peoples, the difference between cattle and cattle is the relationship of the parts. Where this energy abides in us determines where we dwell. A couple of the disciples said to Jesus, where do You dwell, Master? What they were trying to find out was where He was spiritually. This teaching coming forth now is not perfected which is going as the Lord shows us, but it seems to be lining up with some Hindu teachings. You see, there is a lot of truth in this world that's not in the church. There is truth everywhere. We have to gather the truth in and filter it past Jesus Christ and find out what is for us and what is truly spiritual truth. The Hindu philosophy says there are seven areas. They call them, the Sanskrit word is Chakra, that there are seven ascending areas where our energy which is our spirit can abide, and when I first heard this I went before the Lord. It was hitting my spirit, and I said, Lord I've got to have a scripture on this. You have to give me a scripture on this because I'm all excited. As you told me this afternoon, the Lord most of the time does not respond immediately, but this time He responded immediately, and He said: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is strong enough to open the 7 Seals. I believe that the Lord has told me that the 7 Seals of Revelation are speaking about the same thing that the Hindu philosophy is speaking about when it talks about the 7 Chakras, 7 levels of spiritual consciousness.

            We are up to Part 16. We have covered all of this in Parts 1-15. I give a lot of backup for it. As we went on from there, now you have to realize that this energy field is not dealing with the physical body. It is dealing with the spiritual body, but for the time being we are showing it as the physical body because sometimes we can't understand without going through those stages, and we are perceiving our energy, the energy of the average man....I choose to use the word Seals because we are Christians. It just so happens that our doctrine lines up with Hindu philosophy. In the early messages you hear me speaking about the Chakras, but I'm calling them Seals now, and each man has one measure of energy. Energy is not solid. It has the ability to flow, and apparently it flows up and down the spinal column. If you stop to think about it, we can live without an arm, we can live without two feet of intestines, we can live without a lot of parts of our body, but we cannot have any quality of life without our nervous system which is our brain and our spinal column, and without our brain we are brain dead anyway so there is no life at all.

            It appears that the powers and principalities of this world which also are spirit and spirit is an energy field abides at the base of the spine by the coccyx, and she is guarding the entrance way to the spinal column. Apparently, when the Holy Spirit comes in He comes down to the bottom of our spinal column because just about everybody is abiding in one of the first three Seals. The first Seal is a very low place. It is in the anus, and if that's where your consciousness is dwelling you are a homosexual. The second Seal is your sex organ which is also a low place. If you are dwelling there it means that you are obsessed with that, and it is pretty much the most important thing in your life. The third Seal is the solar plexus. I believe Paul talks about it when he speaks about the belly, and if your consciousness if there you have lust for things. There is nothing wrong with beautiful things. The question is, is it the high point of your life?

            The average human being today dwells in one of these three places. As soon as you begin to ascend to the heart center, the signs of your ascending to the heart center is that you are maturing out of narcissism, you are starting to be interested in other people and altruistic work and giving instead of receiving, and a lot of people that aren't very spiritual abide in the heart center. When you start hitting the throat center there is some spiritual aspect of you that's active. Either it is the serpent that's active in you or it is Christ Jesus that's active in you, and the major sign that you may be abiding in the throat center is that your choice of activity and your choice of conversation is spiritual things. If that's not your choice there is no condemnation in it. We are just trying to identify where we are dwelling in this hour, and I tell everybody here that I default at least to the throat center. Personally, I believe that I am between the throat center and the third eye, and you don't stay in the same place, you rise and you fall, you are not as spiritual every day. The reason that I say I'm in the place is that I default to spiritual things. If left to my own devices, if I'm not fellow shipping with someone who's not spiritual or trying to meet someone on their own level my choice of activity is spiritual. I am either digging in the Word or I'm praying or I'm doing something spiritual. There is a piercing through when you go from the heart center to the throat center, and that is now my default, but the average person's default is when they walk out of here they tend to get all caught up in carnal things, and they don't mind it, you see. To me it is painful to be in a family gathering where I am forced to speak about carnal things, it's painful. The whole basis of what's been coming forth here is that Jesus Christ in us is the reestablished firmament. When I said we flow between one center and the other center, what stops me from not falling down below the throat center is that Jesus Christ is behind me. You see, I am Christ Jesus, the maturing expression of God in me, attached to me, my personal Savior is Christ Jesus, and He's ascending. If He was by Himself, and I had a bad day He would fall right back down to the bottom, but Jesus Christ who has already overcome the world is behind me, and He has reestablished the firmament and can only fall as far as He is. We talked about that today.

            The Sixth Seal is the third eye. For years I thought the third eye was ungodly. I was in deliverance, I was always blinding somebody's third eye, and now I find out there is a third eye in Christ Jesus. What it is, is your spiritual sight and when you get up here you see in the spirit, you hear in the spirit, you see in the spirit, you have all kinds of knowledge, you know who your enemies are, you know who your friends are. Nobody could put anything over on you. I know all kinds of things about all kinds of people, but to get up this high requires a lot of responsibility that you don't use it for ungodly purposes, but if Jesus Christ has opened your third eye please don't blind it because we are supposed to become spiritual men.

            The Seventh Seal is Full Stature. That's the full resurrection of Abel. Again, what I'm talking about is our consciousness which is an energy field ascending to the top of our brain. Now the brain is divided into four parts. This is called the longitudinal fissure, and it separates the left and the right hemisphere. Each hemisphere is divided. I don't really have any information yet on the division of each side, but we have a river coming out of Eden that's breaking into four parts, four heads, and it appears to me at this point that as Adam flows through each quarter of the brain He's receiving or acquiring an ability to do more and more, and it is cumulative. I don't know which quarter is first yet, but as he takes dominion over each of the quarters he is becoming more and stronger in his spirituality, the end result of which is full stature. There is a part of the brain called the corpus callosum that is approximately here, I'm a terrible artist, Ceilie is our artist, so you have to bear with me. It is not a part of the longitudinal fissure. It is inside of the two hemispheres. We do have some pictures that I took out of an encyclopedia. Now the energy field that possesses this corpus callosum, if it is Jesus Christ, has the ability to manipulate both hemispheres of the brain at once. We, in our present condition, the spirit that dwells in us, the powers and principalities that dwell in us, do not have the power to manipulate the whole brain at once. I think we use about 5% of our brain, but when Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus together, when they possess the corpus callosum they will be strong enough to manipulate the fullness of our brain.

            This will be full stature, we will be geniuses, but we will die to everything we are that is sin, and it will be Christ Jesus living His life though us, and He will have full possession of this brain, and we will have authority over everything in this world, our body will be preserved, dominion over infirmity and dominion over sin. Sin will be completely underfoot. So, this is why there is a battle going on. The serpent is down here with her mouth blocking the entrance way. Every step of the way that we ascend we have a warfare because the serpent doesn't want us up in the brain because the one who controls the brain controls the body. The brain is like the control panel of a space ship or in a computer room. Scientists know that there is a pressure point on the brain for everything, to make you laugh, to make you sad, to experience pleasure, to experience pain. You can go into a laboratory and if the man knows what he is doing he could hook up electrodes to your brain and you can experience everything that you experience when you actually go out and experience it, just sitting in your seat. This is what virtual reality is all about. This is what's going on with the computers. People are getting every need met by putting a head set on and looking at a picture in the computer and their brains cells are being stimulated, and they are having every experience known to man just by sitting in their seats.

            So, we are talking about possession of the brain. That's what we are talking about. The question is, which spirit is going to possess this brain? Spiritually speaking, mortal man is retarded because the powers and principalities that rule the most genius of all of us still can only access a very small portion of the brain. They are just not strong enough to run the ship. That's the bottom line. This is what this is all about. We have a spirit in this world that is determined to keep possession of the whole creation. She is not willing to let one person ascend in Christ Jesus although it already happened with Jesus Christ. She is so desperate to keep the creation that there is such a thing as a full stature of goodness. People are having this experience. Their consciousness is ascending up the spinal column, it is entering into the brain, there is an experience that one can have when an intense measure of their consciousness accesses a certain point in the brain. One can experience what can be likened to a sexual experience. Trances, and all kinds of pleasurable experiences can be experienced when one's consciousness can be accelerated up into the brain, and this is what has happened when you talk to someone who meditates or who says mantras or who goes into a trance by whatever means they can. They are getting pleasure, their needs are being met. It is the same thing with drugs when you shoot up heroin. It accesses the pleasure center of the brain. The brain is where it's at! The one who possesses the brain possesses the person, the spirit that possesses the brain possesses the person. This is the answer to our problems.

            Whatever your problem is, depression, physical illness, whatever your problem is the answer is that by the grace of Jesus Christ and by the power that He gives us to ascend up our spinal column and to continue to ascend until we have put every enemy....see when we are up here every enemy will be under our feet, even the last enemy which is death. When our consciousness is up here the serpent or the powers and principalities of this world, Satan and Leviathan, cannot kill your body. When you are dwelling up here, that's where Jesus was dwelling. As this whole teaching came down it became obvious that this is Eden, that the brain is Eden, and that the river flowing out of Eden was coming down, it looks like this longitudinal fissure. There are four heads, and as I said earlier and I'll repeat it, it looks right now like at the beginning of time....I am convinced that at the beginning of time there was such a thing as a spiritual brain. I don't know what it looked like, but we know that everything that exists in this world today is a counterfeit of what Elohim did at the beginning. This is a perverse creation, but somehow it is a similitude of what was supposed to be; therefore, I am convinced that if the brain is where it's at there had to be something in the spirit at the beginning of time that we could call a spiritual brain. I don't know what it looked like. The river that came out of the Garden was Adam before he was in the earth. Remember, Elohim and Jehovah formed the man out of the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into him, but that breath that was breathed into the man had some kind of experience, some form of consciousness outside of his condition as a formed man, and I will go into it in detail with you. Just to finish off this diagram here, I believe Adam in his spiritual condition before he was mixed with the earth is the river that came flowing out into the spiritual brain, and the reason that it was the Garden of Eden was that Jehovah met Adam in this place.

            The definition of Eden is the place of pleasure, the place of satisfaction, not necessarily hedonism which is an ungodly pleasure to the degree that it destroys you, but the place of satisfaction. Every mortal is unsatisfied. We are incomplete, and we are unsatisfied. I used to read that scripture, we are complete in Him. So how come I'm not satisfied? Because most of the scriptures have not been fulfilled yet except in the man Jesus, and if you are sitting under a teaching that's telling you it has already been fulfilled there is nothing left to you but condemnation because you have to say, well why not me? Why isn't it fulfilled in me? Well, you don't have enough faith. Why am I sick and you are not sick? You don't have enough faith. I was laying in the hospital in intensive care strapped into my bed, and I know this man loves me, he came up to visit me, and he looked over the rails on my bed and he said, are you sure you have confessed all of your sins. Now that guy loves me, you know. I said, brother I know you love me but either change the subject or leave. That's what I told him. He left. It was true that I was worse than when he had seen me two months before. People don't mean any harm.

            It's ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. I am convinced, as I was saying, that Adam in his spiritual form signified by the word river came flowing out of the place where he had been satisfied by Jehovah, and we have all kinds of diagrams about this. If you look back in this series, I am not going to put it on the board again, but let me remind you that Jehovah hovered over the surface of the abyss, and He entered into the waters in the abyss. Jehovah is a form of energy. Outside of the abyss we call it a mechanical energy, a natural forming energy, and He entered into the waters of the abyss as a particle moving rapidly and an electromagnetic field of energy formed around Him, and He interfered with Elohim which was a gravitational field at the time, and the whole thing goes on and on and on. So, the place of satisfaction for Adam was that he was having this interaction with Jehovah, and you may recall another diagram that I had on the board showing this continuous circuit of Jehovah coming into the waters, interacting with Elohim, descending down to beneath the firmament and interacting with the earth and coming back up again, casting the image of Adam on the top of the waters, and the circle was going round and round and round. That's the Garden of Eden, continuous interaction with Jehovah.

            So Adam came out into this spiritual brain. His experience, as designed by Elohim, was to go through four stages of this brain. Each stage signified by one of these quarters or quadrants of the brain, and the last river, the last division of the river is the Euphrates which means fruit, and the fruit is the last Adam. One last thing before I sit down. The goal of Jesus Christ in your life and in my life, when He comes to us as the Holy Spirit, is to engraft Himself to our human spirit, to energize us, to give us His strength, because our human spirit is dispersed through this body, through our personality, and through our mind. The portion of energy that we have received is spread out. Jesus, in the form of the Holy Spirit, has come to gather it together, to focus it in one place, and then to raise it up. Now He is limited to take the energy out of our flesh. We don't want this body to die, but He's doing it, and He knows how to do it. He's drawing it mostly from our carnal mind. Don't use your carnal mind. Now that is more easily said than done, but that's His goal. Let your old man die. He says don't react to your old husband, act as if you are divorced from him. You see, we are married to the carnal mind. Act as if you divorced from him and already married to another.

            Who is the other? Christ Jesus. We are not married to Christ Jesus yet, but He said, act like you are, act like you are divorced, rebel against your husband, disobey your husband, utterly reject your carnal mind, hate her with a righteous hatred and cleave unto your new husband, Christ Jesus, and this is draining the energy out of Leviathan. This is our goal to get up to the top of the brain. When we are up here there won't be an infirmity left in your body. It is more easily said than done, but here's the pattern, here's the plan, here's the vision. At least you can pray for it. Say, Lord Jesus do it. The issue of rejecting your carnal mind, I told you this morning that there were three stages that led up to the first stage of resurrection: reconciliation, justification, and I could not think of the name of the last stage because Leviathan blocked my mind. The third stage is judgment, and this is the exposure of our carnal mind and the hidden sins of the heart, things that we never think are sin but are activities of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is sin. Before Christ Jesus is formed in us the Lord is winking at all these things because you can't stop. The only reason we have a hope of ceasing from every activity of the carnal mind is Christ Jesus in us the hope of glory. So before He is being formed in us the Lord is winking. What are you going to do, there is no other place for you to go, your consciousness is in your carnal mind, but as soon as Christ Jesus begins to grow in you, you have a city of refuge to run to, and if you stay in that city of refuge until the king dies, until the carnal mind dies, you shall be saved. There is your vision. The way to the top is through the ability to distinguish between the carnal mind and Christ Jesus and through the strength of Christ Jesus to turn with all the power that we have and destroy our carnal mind. This is where we are, and tonight we are going to be doing some translations about the four rivers coming out. Any questions or comments at this point?

            As I said, if you want the backup on these translations you have to go back into Part 12. Just by way of review to sort of get us into the swing of it, I'm going to read you the Alternate Translations of Genesis 2:2 and 2:3. I have made some changes in them. What happens is as I go over these translations I see things that I didn't see before, and that is when I change them. The whole scripture is symbolic, and the deeper the revelation the more hidden the translation is, so without the spirit of revelation, without the Lord speaking to me, I really never see it. And sometimes even with the spirit of revelation I go back and months later and I see something that I didn't see.

            Genesis 2:2 says in the King James, And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. Now I am going to read you our Alternate Translation, and once again if you want to see how I got this because every time I choose a different word for a translation I will tell you where I got it. I am merely choosing an alternate translation in a Hebrew Lexicon. Every word that I choose appears in the Hebrew Lexicon. On some occasions, and I will tell you every time I do that, if I don't feel that I really have the revelation I will take a word from the Hebrew Lexicon and look that word up in an English dictionary to see other potential meaning, and when it fits in with the whole context of the verse sometimes I do that, but I'll tell you when I do that.

            Alternate Translation Genesis 2:2, And Elohim completed the work that He had fashioned during the seventh time period. Now let me remind you that we have no reason whatsoever to believe that these time periods were 24-hour days.

            The reason why I suggest to you that they definitely were not 24-hour days, not only were they not 24-hour days, but they were not equal time periods because when the creation first came into existence it started at the point when Elohim became visible, and when Elohim became visible He became visible as a point. This was the beginning of time and space. As He went forward to fulfill Jehovah's command He did not go on a straight line. He went out at an angle. That's why we draw the abyss as a triangle, and as you can see, the triangle fits....if you look at a man from his head, unless he's a little too chubby, down to his feet if you take his shoulders into consideration, you have a triangle. These seven time periods, to get these seven time periods, you have to dissect....this is the world of time and space inside this triangle. So this is the first time period, second, third, fourth, fifth....you can see that they are not only not 24-hour days, but each one is of a different.... Alternate Translation Genesis 2:2, And Elohim completed the work that He had fashioned during the seventh time period, and He. Now Elohim's work is Adam. The whole spiritual world including the spiritual brain, whatever that was, is the work that Elohim was doing, and Adam was the focal point of it.

            Adam himself was the brain of the whole creature. Now remember, Adam was spirit, but he was mixed with the dust and with the earth so the whole creature, Adam plus the earth, we find in Genesis called a living beast, and we see that term come up in Daniel and in the book of Revelation. Living beast, it sounds like a strange translation, but the term living beast refers to the whole creature that Jehovah made. It was a beast, but it wasn't an animal like we are now. The beast died and became an animal. We are in animal bodies right now. Adam was the brain of the whole creature called a living beast, and this was the work that Elohim made. Elohim's work was to make the creature. Elohim is Jehovah's right hand. Jehovah speaks and Elohim goes out and does it. And Elohim completed the work that He had fashioned during the seventh time period, and he, talking about the first Adam now, Elohim's work, destroyed all of the work that the serpent had formed, and the serpent ceased to exist on the seventh day. Where ever you see brackets that's my own words, what I put in. Elohim's work is the last and the first Adam together. You may recall that Adam is being raised from the dead in us. The first Adam is being raised from the dead in us, and then maturing into the last Adam. The last Adam is Elohim's completed work, and we will see Him in the seventh day. You see, Jesus of Nazareth has already entered into the seventh day. The ages, each day is an age, the ages are not linear, they are not corporate, they are not something that affects the whole world. This is the year 1996 for me, for you, and there is no one on the face of this earth who is dwelling in a different year because in the world of time and space which this is everybody that's in it is subjected to it, but the ages are spiritual. Now not the year. The age that you dwell in indicates where your consciousness is, and Jesus of Nazareth has already entered into the seventh day because He is not only at the top of His brain He is out of His body. The seventh day is out of your body. The sixth day is at the top of your brain, and we can line the ages up with the seven seals. So if you are living in your lusts, if your belly is your god, does that make you a bad person?

            No, that's a big thing in the world today. He just murdered his wife, does that make him a bad person? Just had a bad moment, he's not a bad person, people just have weak moments. I don't know if you have heard that or not. I hear it a lot. They are not a bad person. It doesn't make you a bad person, but it means you are living out of your belly, and you are down in the third day, and you have got a ways to go. It takes the most momentum to get out of the first three seals. Once you are on your way to becoming spiritual it is like a ball that is rolling. It gets easier and easier and easier, but when you are down there in those three seals, especially if you think you are content, because you have to have a spiritual deficiency to think that you are happy, and we have trillions of people that are living down in those three seals, and they think that they are happy. They have nothing to compare it to, and they are not willing to give up their world. Jesus has come, salvation is for everybody, but everybody won't be saved. They like it where they are. They are afraid to go on, they are afraid of the unknown. So Elohim completed the work that He had fashioned during the seventh time period. That's the last Adam, and that work destroyed, or all of the work that the serpent had formed and the serpent ceased to exist on the seventh day.

               COMMENT Do you mind telling me when you say not everybody will be saved, do you mean bodily or what do you mean by "saved."

            SHEILA: Every personality will not be saved. Everybody's spirit will be saved. The entire spiritual root of the creation will be saved, but every personality will not be saved. In other words, if your body dies only what you did for Christ goes on, and your personality ceases to exist.

            COMMENT Are you saying everybody's personality?

            SHEILA: Yes, the only personalities that will be preserved are those who attain full stature in this personality, then the personality is preserved. Jesus said, if you can receive it, John the Baptist, that's the spirit of Elijah in John the Baptist. You see, his spirit went on, but his personality did not go on.

            We have been talking here about time lines. When you read the scripture in Genesis 2 where it says that it is righteous that a man should leave his father and his mother and cleave unto his wife, the word mother means point of departure. Jehovah had a plan that Elohim in the form of Adam should travel along this path and incarnate in a visible world as Elohim's son. We try not to say Son of God here because Elohim clarifies who the God is. You will hear me saying Elohim's son. But there was a point of departure. Adam did not follow the path that his father set out for him. He left his mother, and of course that scripture that justifies it and says that a man should leave his mother and cleave to his wife, it doesn't mean that. Now when you get our copies of the Old Testament you will find out what it means.

            It means that Adam departed from the path that was laid out for him, and there is a path that seems right unto man but the end thereof is death. He departed, and this is called a time line. This is the time line or the path that leads to life. This is the time line or the path that leads to death. It is called a time line because Quantum Mechanics' theory teaches that every probability exists in its own dimension. In other words, you decided to get on a plane and come hear this message, but you didn't have to do it. So the path that your life would have taken if you didn't come here exists in another dimension. You following me? This is the point of departure where Adam departed from the path that Jehovah had laid out for him, and the path that Jehovah laid out for him would have resulted in his incarnating in a visible, not physical, but a visible spiritual world where he would be Elohim's immortal son, but he departed and took this path, the one that's drawn in black, and he died. He became a mortal man. He died to his immortality, and he became a mortal man. Jehovah's plan to rescue His son which we all are. His son is in us. These animal bodies are not Jehovah's or Elohim's son, but the breath of life that gives consciousness to us was Jehovah's son, and He wants the energy that's in us back. He wants His spirit back. He doesn't want these bodies back. He doesn't want these fallen personalities back. He wants His son back, and the only way to get back is to back track. You've got to back track.

            You have to go back to the point of departure. You have to go back to the point where you made the mistake. Jehovah sent Jesus Christ, He's working in each individual, and that journey up the spinal column back to the top of the brain which is the Garden of Eden is the way back. It is a principle of Quantum Mechanics' theory that when you back track to the point of departure and take another path, for all intents and purposes, this whole misguided path ceases to exists as if it never existed.

            I was scheduled to die about 10 years ago. I was supposed to have died, and I would have died and that would have been the end of me, but in Christ Jesus I back tracked, and a whole new time line opened up for me, and the whole experience that was scheduled for me, the serpent had it scheduled for me that I would have died and everything that I would have gone through and all the time that I would have suffered until it came to an end was all planned out, but it completely ceased to exist because in Christ Jesus I turned in another direction. This is what's happening to this whole creation through Jesus Christ. One at a time, He's coming to us one at a time, and He's taking us back up to the Garden of Eden, and when the last man is delivered from this black hole that we are trapped in, this whole time line, this whole world including the bodies that we are in, will cease to exist.

            The scripture says in one place, this world is rolling up like a scroll. It says in a less obvious place that it is going out like a light. We found that in the Alternate Translation. This whole world will not even be remembered, and the personalities that are formed by the sin nature will not even be remembered, but the spirit will appear as Elohim's immortal son. So this whole world is going to cease to exist. That's what the scripture is talking about when it says, only what you do for Christ goes on. Only the works which you do which are spiritual works which develop Christ Jesus in you will go on. There is nothing wrong with giving out tracts, with feeding the poor, being nice to people, but only that which you do that causes your spirit to mature and that strengthens your spirit to climb the mountain up to the top of your brain....the good works of the flesh will die when our body dies and we leave this world, and there is nothing wrong with it, but once you get this vision you are responsible for everything that you hear. The Lord wants you to put all of your energy that you can at the time, you grow in your ability to do this work. He wants you to put all of your energy that you are able into asking Him what He wants you to do and to working toward this goal. Lord what do you want me to do? What am I capable of doing spiritually at this point or back tracking to the point of departure and going on the new time line that is already established for you from the minute Jesus Christ engrafted Himself to your spirit. A new time line was initiated, but we have thousands if not millions of Christians in the earth today who have a new time line all set up in them.

            Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, and they are not back tracking, and most of them are not back tracking because they haven't heard this message. They are eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, and they are waiting to die and go to heaven, and some of them who are more mature have received the false message that's in the church today, and they think they are going to ascend automatically, and if they ascend at all it will be in a full stature of goodness which ends in death anyway. The full stature of goodness is another time line. They will experience spiritual maturity. They will experience power over their bodies, they will experience healing, they will experience everything that we are going to experience on Jesus Christ' time line, and they are going to experience it right up to the moment that this world rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light, and when this world rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light, if no part of their spiritual being is on this path they are going to roll up like a scroll and go out like a light, and it will be the end of them.

            This world is ceasing to exist. I could be wrong, but I don't believe there is going to be an atomic war, but even if there is an atomic war, I am not into all that stuff, I do not believe that this world will cease to exist as a result of an atomic war. This world will cease to exist after Jesus Christ has gotten every drop of His spirit out of this world, and it will turn to dust and fall down and never rise again. Therefore, when we look at our Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:2 we see that this is what it means when it says, the serpent ceased to exist on the seventh day. On the seventh day Elohim completed the last Adam, Christ Jesus, and that which He completed, Christ Jesus, destroyed all the work that the serpent had formed, mortal man, and the serpent ceased to exist on the seventh day. I don't believe that Elohim rested. That word God in the King James translation is Elohim. I don't believe that Elohim rested. I believe the translation of that word rest, the legitimate Alternate Translation, it is in the Lexicon, is to cease to exist. Elohim didn't rest. The serpent ceased to exist.

            Genesis 2:3, And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made. Our Alternate Translation, we worked it up on Part 12, reads And the first Adam, the living soul, proved that he was Holy on the seventh day by destroying all of the serpent's works. Now, you know someone might say, how could he have destroyed all of the serpent's works? We are still here. He destroyed it in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. This is a big issue in the church, a lot of people taking the scriptures that have been fulfilled in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and they are saying they have been fulfilled in us, and they have not been fulfilled in us, and some of those scriptures that I am talking about right now is this whole concept of waiting for the Feast of Tabernacles to come, and they say that Passover was fulfilled and Tabernacles was fulfilled. In the man, Jesus, in the man Jesus. It has to happen to you.

            You see, Jesus is our sacrifice for sin. What that means is that because He was glorified and returned to us as the Holy Spirit, because of His sacrifice, when He comes and engrafts to our human spirit, we now have the power to do everything that He did. We have to do it, we have to experience it, we have to experience Passover, the resurrection of Abel, we have to experience Pentecost, the resurrection of Adam, and we have to experience Tabernacles, glorification. If you just look it up in a Bible dictionary, Tabernacles is the feast whereby the Hebrews built booths and came out of their house and dwelt in another house. It is the feast of the coming out of the body, the feast of the coming out of this clay house. Jesus experienced it, but we haven't. We haven't even experienced Passover yet. So, what is the danger of this message, this other message that's in the church today? It is a nice message, interesting, it stimulates your intellect, but the danger of it is that you are not working towards what you need to do to experience your own Passover. Largely, the message in the Kingdom church today is complacency, that you will ascend automatically, that there is nothing to do, but there is something to do. It is not a religious work. It is a spiritual labor that we enter into when we hear this message,

            If it witnesses to our spirit, we start praying saying, Jesus I want it, I want it, and the labor that we do for us here for where we are now, those of us who are hoping for Passover which is the resurrection of Abel, is the distinguishing of the difference between the carnal mind and the Christ mind, the exposure and confession of our sins, and our destruction or warring against and murdering that sin nature. The result of this will be Passover. We haven't attained to Passover yet. This false message in the church has got everybody looking at Tabernacles. The whole experience is going to pass you by. The people who have received this false message you are going to be the virgins without oil. You see, your heart is turned towards Jesus, you love Him, but you are looking on the wrong path, not you here but a lot of these people. When they finally get this message it is going to be too late unless that scripture is mistranslated.

            I don't know, I haven't looked at it in the Greek. You know what I think, I think the closing door is maybe it will be people who are about to physically die. You don't enter into this overnight, and they've never prayed for it, and they've never sought Jesus about it, and they are not going to recognize it until they see someone standing up in full stature, until they see Abel rising from the dead in a man, and maybe it will be too late. The closing door is the door in them that's closing. Their time in this world is up, and they spent all of these years celebrating Tabernacles when they never attained to Passover. It is just like saying that you are a diabetic, and I say to you, here is a syringe with insulin, and you try to put the syringe into your cheek. Trying to do something with the syringe that's not going to get the medication into your body. You are looking over there, and the whole experience is passing you by. So that is the danger of the message, looking in the wrong place.

            We are in the Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:3. And the first Adam, the living soul, proved that he was Holy on the seventh day by destroying all of the serpent's work in the man, Jesus. He destroyed Satan and Leviathan in the man, Jesus. So he destroyed all of the serpent's works that had cut down Elohim's work. You see, if you look at the time line when the serpent took over the creation he set the whole creation on a path, on a time line, that destroyed Elohim's work because of all intents and purposes when the whole creation started going down this road, this path, nobody was on it, for all intents and purposes it ceased to exist, and now Christ Jesus is going to reverse this. He's getting everybody back to the point of departure, and when they start going on the path of Life this whole world is going to cease to exist. Many members of humanity on the earth today will either return to the point of departure, and get to a place where their body is preserved so that they can go on, or they will just pass out of this world. No one is going to hell, no one is being punished forever.

            They are going to live their life, and they are going to experience the natural consequences that all men experience in this world, but there will be a people, and there are a people, whose ears are circumcised to hear this message, and they are not going down that path which ends in death. You see, it looks good unto man, but the end thereof is death. The whole message in the Kingdom church today, the end of it is death. Has anybody stood up yet? But somebody will stand up, and unless Jesus Christ is telling you that it is divination you just might think it is the real thing. It is going to start happening, and people may start standing up in a full stature of goodness before the true sons. As they understand the scripture the counterfeit comes first. The only way we will be able to tell whether that person who's walking in apparent immortality is doing it by the spirit of Cain or the spirit of Abel is by asking the Father. I do believe we will not be able to tell. And I say, apparent immortality, because their body will be preserved, and they will experience immortality as long as this age lasts, but this age is rolling up like a scroll and going out like a light. I believe that the people who have this experience of a full stature of goodness will not even know it themselves until this world ceases to exist.

            And the first Adam proved that he was Holy on the seventh day by destroying all of the serpent's work (Satan and Leviathan) that the serpent had cut down. That word cut down is a legitimate translation of the word created that appears in the Hebrew scripture, Strong's #1254. So we see that the serpent cut down Elohim's work which was the first Adam, and then Abel rose from the dead, then the first Adam rose from the dead, and went on to be the last Adam in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and He became the spiritual man. Let me read it to you again. I've been expounding on it. And the first Adam proved that he was Holy on the seventh day by destroying all of the serpent's work that had cut down Elohim's work, and the first Adam matured into the last Adam who was a spiritual man in Jehovah's image. Of course, we have a scripture in the New Testament which tells us that He became a Life giving spirit. Adam, the living soul, became a Life giving spirit. Now this is a hidden message in Genesis. You have to realize when the Lord gave these scriptures to Moses, as far as Jehovah was concerned all this is already existing. He's written it, He's spoken it, and He's made a time line with His mind, Jehovah. I don't know if Jehovah has a mind, but by His spirit Jehovah already spoke this into existence, and that's how it could be appearing in Genesis 2.

            Now we jump to Genesis 2:9 on Part 12, and we are redoing that whole verse because the Lord gave me a whole new insight into it. The King James says, And out of the ground made the Lord God, that's Jehovah and Elohim, to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food, the Tree of Life also in the midst of the Garden and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The way we translated it in Part 12 is as follows: And Jehovah caused the part of the ground where Elohim was to sprout the whole covetous tree that appeared to be agreeable to produce fruit. It appeared to be, but it wasn't. And the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which was in the midst of the enclosed place. Now we are going to scratch that. I just want to point out the difference to you that this is very subtle. I am going to read you my comment as you go along with me. As I reviewed our Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:9 which we worked up in Part 12 of this message I realized that it conflicted with the understanding that came forth under the anointing in that very same message, that Jehovah did not want the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to grow.

            You may recall He wanted the grass to grow, and as we discussed on Part 12 of this message the grass is killed when the seas fall down through the firmament, cover the earth, and become solid clay. Let me try and simplify that for you. When the creation was spiritual, spiritual grass was growing in it. The spiritual grass typifies the immature life of Elohim, an image is cast of that grass. When we look in the mirror, we mortal people, we see ourselves. The only indication that we have down here in hell that there is something about it that is backwards is if you hold a book up, if you hold anything that's printed up, you see that you can't read it because it is backwards. When a spirit looks in a mirror it doesn't look like him at all, has a completely different appearance. Just as the print is backwards, it looks like something else. What did it look like? I don't know. Everything is symbols. The scripture says that the spiritual grass was planted in the earth, and Elohim went through the whole process of going through the waters and the diffraction grating and refracting the light and the whole thing, and Adam appeared on the surface of the deep. Adam was the reflection of the grass. I don't know what the grass looked like. The grass could only live in the spiritual creation, but when we had a fall. The waters that the firmament was holding up fell through the firmament and covered the earth, and civilization fell down from the top of the seas down to the bottom of the ocean and became hard. Why?

            Because the earth from the ocean bed got dissolved in the waters. That was the whole purpose of the firmament, to keep the earth dry, and the waters of Life upon which Adam dwelled, because Adam was a reflection dwelling on the waters. What does that mean? I don't know. Spiritual waters. His whole person was existing in the waters. I don't know what he looked like. So the waters crashed through the firmament and contacted the earth, and the earth got dissolved in the waters, and there was so much earth that the waters became clay. Elohim never molded clay. I remember years ago when I was looking through Genesis I could not find any word that said clay because the clay creation is the fallen creation. Adam was made out of the dust. There is nothing in the scripture at all that says anything about clay. Clay is the fallen creation, and when the creation became solid clay the spiritual grass died, can't live in solid clay, but there is a weed that can live in solid clay. Do you know that there are some patches of earth that cultivated plants just won't grow in? But in the worst ground there is always a weed that grows. Isn't that true? There is always a weed that indigenous to the area that will grow when no cultivated plant will grow, and that weed is called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

            The cultivated plant died, and the weed came up in its place. Was it a tree like outside my house? No. I don't know what it looked like, but I know that it cast an image just like the grass casts a reflection, that was Adam, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil cast an image, and it's called the serpent. We see now, if this is correct, this came forth under the anointing in Part 12, if this is correct why in the world would Jehovah and Elohim cause the ground to sprout the whole tree? You see, there is no contradiction in the scriptures. The only contradiction is in our understanding. Whenever there is an apparent contradiction I ask the Lord to reconcile it. The error has to be in me. It has to be in my thinking. It has to be in my understanding of what He's saying because He's perfect. I went before Him, and I went back into the Interlinear text, and we do a lot of work with negative particles. There are several Hebrew words that are negative particles that we translate them Satan or the serpent. It is a hidden way, a hidden message is indicated with the negative particles.

            I could not find a negative particle. I went through the Interlinear text. It wasn't there. In a case like this I say, Lord if you are going to show it to me or it is going to abide a contradiction until you straighten this out. He didn't waste very much time. He showed me that the Hebrew word that translated...let me finish with my note. Jehovah did not want the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to grow. He wanted the grass to grow, and as we discussed on Part 12 of this message the grass is killed when the seas fall down through the firmament, cover the earth, and become solid clay. The grass signifies Elohim's immature spiritual life, the reflection of which is the first Adam who dwells on top of the waves.

            There is a scripture that says that. I had hoped to put it in this message, but I didn't have time. Hopefully in a future message. It is probably in the Psalms. It talks about the one who dwells on top of the waves. Adam appears in the seas above the firmament that behaves like a wave, and they have a small amount of dust. The waters or the seas that Adam dwells upon are largely water with just a smattering of dust. They are liquid, they are fluid, and Quantum Mechanics indicates that particles can behave either as a particle, a solid, or as a wave so the seas that Adam dwelled upon were dwelling as a wave. They were acting as a wave, they flowed, they moved. The grass could not live when the creature became a particle, couldn't do it, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil signifies Cain who became the serpent after she fortified herself. See Cain is the waters. Elohim came forth from Jehovah. Elohim was undifferentiated. When the scriptures says He was in the bosom of the Father He was undifferentiated.

            He was a part of Jehovah just as a fetus in a pregnant woman is a part of the mother, just as the ovum is a part of the woman's body, and the sperm is a part of the man's body, Elohim was completely one with Jehovah, undifferentiated. Jehovah decided to make a visible creation, and His son in the form of a sperm departed from Him. Elohim, Jehovah's son, came forth in a watery medium just as male sperm, spermatozoa, come forth in a watery medium. That's how He came forth. Did you ever wonder how the waters got into the abyss in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? Where did the waters come from? They were the medium in which Elohim came forth. Now Elohim was not a particle. He was not a single spermatozoa. He was dispersed through the waters, completely dispersed through the waters, but just as in human semen, there are two parts to human semen. There is the sperm and there is the water.

            Cain was the water part of the semen. Now you have to remember the creation was at a very high spiritual level at that time. I don't know what it looked like, and apparently the water part of the semen had some form of consciousness, and she was female in relationship to the sperm. Elohim was the head, the sperm was the head of the semen. Can you hear this? Semen, two parts, sperm and water. Who was the boss? The sperm was the boss. That makes him male. That makes the waters female. They weren't male and female like we are today. They were in a high spiritual realm. So Elohim was the boss, and Cain was in rebellion. Cain didn't like that. Cain wanted to incarnate without her head. So we see the two should have been one, the semen should have been one, but they weren't. There was a division, and the waters went her own way, and she killed the sperm. I have lots of messages on that so I won't go on any more today. At the time that this happened, of course, Cain did not receive the name Cain until she incarnated. This is all pre-incarnation, but I am calling the waters Cain because it helps us to understand what was going on.

            The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that was present signifies Cain because Jehovah and Elohim knew that Cain had the potential to rebel against the spermatozoa. They knew it. So Cain became the serpent after she fortified herself with the earth and stole Elohim's breath of life. Cain incarnated, she killed Adam, and she incarnated as a female animal. This is all in Genesis 6 if you would like to study this whole story. Jehovah said that Abel was her head, He was still the boss you see, and if you need an example to understand it, He was like a spiritual mind inside of the female animal. Cain became solid clay and became the female animal. So long as Abel was the spiritual mind dwelling in this female animal, Abel was still the boss, and Cain still wasn't happy. She wanted to be her own boss.

            Abel was the energy field that I talk about. I say we all have a human spirit which is an energy field. Abel was the energy field within the female animal that was ruling the female animal, but somehow, and we have some explanation about it, we have lots of messages largely in Genesis 6, this female animal that was dependent on the spiritual mind for existence somehow she pulled apart from him, rebelled against his authority. What she did was, she pulled him away from Jehovah, I had this all on the board the other night. Abel was connected to Jehovah on one side and Cain on the other side, but Cain put so much pressure on him that he disconnected from Jehovah, and when Abel disconnected from Jehovah Cain literally swallowed up the energy that he was and took on a form of consciousness whereby the human spirit was in the wrong relationship with her. You may recall at the beginning of this message I talked about configuration, about relationship. The creature has the same elements, earth, water, and energy. The only difference was that her energy field was in a different relationship to her that he was when he was attached to Jehovah. I'll say it again.

            The creature after it divided from Jehovah had the same elements that it had when it was attached to Jehovah, spirit, an energy field, water, and earth, but when the creature was attached to Jehovah it was alive, and when the creature was separated from Jehovah it was dead. What was different about the creature after it separated. The relationship of the parts. The configuration, the way the earth and the water and the spirit related to one another. It was different. Cain was the boss. Cain became the head, and the scripture indicates that she made her husband, Abel, into a homosexual harlot. She forced him into the female role. She forced him underneath her. The whole message is very sexual. The bottom line is that Adam is Jehovah's wife. Adam is male to the whole creation. He's King over the whole creation, but in his relationship to Jehovah, who is his head, he is female. He is Jehovah's wife, and Jehovah's wife was stolen by the waters who became the serpent who took Jehovah's wife, and is now keeping him in a bondage that can be likened to homosexual slavery, and that's in the scripture, believe it or not. Joel 3. They took a boy for a harlot. The King James says they took a boy for a harlot.

            Back to what I was saying earlier, all of our energy, Jesus Christ is in us now gathering up our energy, getting our energy out of that wrong configuration and once He separates us from the earth.... We are connected from the earth in the wrong relationship. When Jesus Christ gets us out of that relationship He will then re-attach us in the right configuration, and we shall be translated from death to life. I am trying to find out how to make Genesis 2:9 negative because it just can't be right. So I said, Lord if our understanding that Jehovah didn't want the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to grow is correct there has to be a negative particle somewhere. Could not find a negative particle. But what I did find is the Hebrew word translated, to grow. I see I didn't give you the number here. That word in the Interlinear was preceded by two prefixes. Prefixes in the Hebrew language are single Hebrew letters. The first single letter, vav, we have already dealt with that. That is a very common prefix, and we are translating it, because. The second letter prefix, however, I have never dealt with that in 15 years of formal study, is the Hebrew letter yod. Gesenius, who is the author of our exhaustive Hebrew Lexicon, he's not on my computer, but I am not satisfied with the information on my computer Lexicon.

            I go into Gesenius, and he says and I quote you, "yod, the tenth letter of the alphabet when used as a numeral denoting 10," and the words in the brackets are mine. Ten typifies the law. Now this is back to what Gesenius says, there can be no doubt that the name of this letter, yod, signifies the word hand, and in the Phoenician and Samaritan writing as well as on the coins of the Maccabees, this letter presents the figure of a hand rudely drawn. And at the ? also it may be added that this letter has the name yaman ? which means right hand. Elohim is Jehovah's right hand, and Elohim is the one who executes Jehovah's spiritual law. I therefore suggest to you that Genesis 2:9 should be translated as follows: And Jehovah caused Elohim, His right hand, to cover the part of the ground where the whole covetous tree that appeared to be agreeable to produce fruit which sprout. Not that He wanted it to grow, but that He would cover it.

            This is the basis for the scripture, love covers a multitude of sins. We see a religions spirit in the church that translates that scripture, oh if you see somebody sin don't tell them, cover them, hide them, don't tell them, don't let them know. Oh no. To cover somebody's sin, you can only cover it with Christ Jesus, and what Christ Jesus does when He comes up against sin is to expose it and to destroy it, and then He covers your potential for it to grow back again because as long as we have a sin nature we will always have the potential to sin so after we confess it, and after we repent, and after we deal with our behavior....for example, I'll make it real simple, if gossip is pointed out in you and you really cannot stop gossiping, you try, you just can't stop, that's what has to be murdered. After you wage a spiritual warfare that destroys it, then Jesus covers the potential for it to come back, but Jesus exposes sin and He deals with it. He doesn't expose it to hurt you or embarrass you but to deliver you from its power. That's what He does.

            And Jehovah caused Elohim, His right hand to cover the part of the ground where the whole covetous tree that appeared to be agreeable to produce fruit. It appeared that it was going to produce fruit, but it was a lie because the fruit that it produced is a lie. This whole time line here is a lie, and the reason He covered it is because the Tree of Life was in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which was in the midst of the enclosed place. I repeated our old translation so you could see the difference. And Jehovah caused the part of the ground where Elohim was to sprout the whole covetous tree that appeared to be agreeable to produce fruit. So the way we did it before He wanted it produced, but the way we are doing it now He caused it to be covered. If you have a seed planted in the ground and you suffocate that seed it won't grow. You can't suffocate the seed, it has to grow.

            I have a second witness for you that this is the correct translation, that Jehovah did not want the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to grow, and that is in our Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:11. Now when I worked up this translation of Genesis 2;11 I had no idea of what I am saying to you now, but this is the way that translation worked up. And one division of Adam's nature is pride. Now we found out that the division of the rivers was talking about Adam's nature. And one division of Adam's nature is pride, but the whole circle of the earth, that's the spiritual brain it is talking about I was talking about at the beginning of the message, is transformed from that condition of pride because of his, Adam's, relationship with Jehovah and Elohim. So we see that Adam had pride at the beginning, but that he was not endangered by that pride because his relationship with Elohim and Jehovah covered over that potential for sin. That's our second witness to that.

            Genesis 2:11 witnesses that Jehovah and Elohim held down or covered Adam's pride. Does anybody have any questions or comments up to this point?

            I want to go back to our Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:9, and I would like to explain to you how the Tree of Life is in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When the Lord first gave us that revelation I preached it backwards. I preach a lot of things backwards. Our carnal mind sees spiritual things backward because the carnal mind is the image in the mirror. Just like the print that we see backwards our carnal mind is backwards. As I mature in this doctrine I am doing it less and less. I still do it, though, but I have a lot of books floating around out there in the world with a lot of things backwards, and all I can do is make the correction as the Lord shows it to me. When I first started preaching this I was saying that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was in the midst of the Tree of Life because I could not perceive, my carnal mind could not comprehend how the Tree of Life could be in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We first received the revelation that there was a partial tree, that the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was a partial tree.

            That was a big revelation, that there were not two trees but that there was just one tree, and the partial tree, I thought, was in the midst of the full tree as a peach pit is in the middle of a peach. That was how I preached it. Now that I know that the word tree is really just an allegory, and that Adam was a reflection on top of the waves in the waters and that Adam was formed from the sperm which is called Elohim, I now have no problem understanding that Elohim which is the Tree of Life, Elohim is the Tree of Life, is in the midst of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is the waters, Cain, the spermatozoa, is in the midst of the waters. The Tree of Life, the spermatozoa, is in the midst, He is dispersed throughout the waters which have the potential to become the serpent which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. See, it is not a woody tree like we have outside of our houses. When I say I am updating the translation this is the kind of thing that I do. I add the new verses that we have translated, and I also go through the whole book trying to work in the revelation of understanding that the Lord has shown us, and sometimes I have to make changes because I just had it backwards.

            I am on page 4, we are going on with Genesis 2:11. The name of the first is Pishon; it is the one which encompasses the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold. The word name is speaking about nature. I think a lot of people who have been around the church world for a long time know that. That name means the glory of, the good name of, the nature of. The word first is Strong's #259, and it can be translated, a certain one. I found that the four head that the river broke down into, although the scripture says the river broke into four heads, the subsequent scriptures are really not saying, and the first one.

            You will see as we go on that it really is not appropriate to say the first river, so we are going to translate it, a certain one, which is a legitimate translation of Strong's #259. So the nature of a certain one. It doesn't mean the first one, but of a certain one. The word Pishon is from Strong's #6335 and it means pride. This word is used to describe the horsemen in Habakkuk 1:8, and it is used of sportive and one time calves in Malachi 3:30. I did not have the time to check it out, but when I read that about this word meaning sportive calves all I could think about was the four-faced man in Ezekiel and in book of Revelation. Now we know that the river breaking into four heads, I believe that there was a spiritual brain, and there were four quadrants to that brain which were four stages of Adam's development and as he possessed and overcame each quadrant of that spiritual brain he ascended into the last Adam. I suspect that the four-faced man must be referring to these four stages of spiritual development. If the Lord lets me I will pursue it. Right now the revelation is coming down here so rapidly that if I preached seven nights a week I wouldn't have time to preach it. I just try to go in the directions that He sends me. The word Pishon is from pride, I told you that. Then the word that is Strong's #1931, and it is a word that can also be translated, himself. It is a common literary style in the Hebrew text that the word, himself, will follow what Elohim is doing. It is a way of saying that Adam is himself.

            We even found this principle in the New Testament. What comes to mind is Revelation 14 where we see that the Lord Jesus Christ cast the rest of the Body of Christ into the winepress which is the judgment which will bring forth the life of God in us. The Greek test says, and He cast Himself into the wine press. We are Himself, we are Him. It is His spirit that's in us that's spread out in all these many members of humanity. This divided state that we are in is a perversion, and that's why the scriptures say that everything is being reconciled into one.

            That which is being reconciled is the spirit in us. The spirit that divided when Adam passed through the firmament and divided. You have heard #384, the first message on Quantum Mechanics. He incarnated by passing through the firmament, and he appeared as a wave and a particle, and then the wave and the particle started to interact with one another, and the end of the whole mess is what we have got now. We fell down into this completely divided condition with billions and trillions of people all over the world. It cannot continue, but the only thing that's going back up into singularity, the only thing that's being reconciled is the spirit. The scripture in the Greek says, and the all is being reconciled.

            Even the word, things, is not in the Greek. It is the all, the whole, will be reconciled. The spirit that is the Son of God is being reconciled back into singularity above the firmament. This condition of division, this divided state, exists only underneath the firmament in the world that exists underneath the sea, Atlantis, where we are, and it is also called hell. We are penetrating out through the seal, the seven part seal, that seals us down here in hell, and the way we are penetrating that seal, the way that seal is opening, it is opening a black hole at a time, each one of us is a black hole, and we are living in a collective black hole. Those seals are being opened in us, and those seals basically are the conception of Christ Jesus in us, and as He matures in us the judgement of our sin nature, and this is what is going to get us out of hell. It is coming from within us. It has to do with our spirit which is the energy source of our existence down here. That's the way out. That's the way the seals are going to be opened, and the seals typify the experiences of the individual as we ascend up to the place of dominion, our brain, where we will take control of the whole creature that we are and heal and preserve our physical body.

            Do you recall when I said earlier that when Jehovah raised up Abel as the head of Cain? Abel was the spirit of the female animal. Abel was the spirit of the female animal, but he was singular. He was in control of the female animal. He was riding her like a man rides a horse, but when Cain, the female animal, succeeded in ripping Abel away from Jehovah she then absorbed His energy and completely fragmented him. His energy is all through us. His energy is in our flesh, His energy is in our personality, His energy is in our mind. He will never get out by himself. That's why Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus. He fragmented, and he spread out all over the place. He has to be drawn together in the individual, and then the many individuals in whom Abel is collected and ascended to the top of our brain will join together and become a collective Body of Christ, but the experience is individual. I hear a lot of voices in the church today saying that no one can ascend without the whole Body of Christ. We all have to go up together. That's not true. Your ascension and the preservation of your body is not dependent on whether or not I make it. Your ascension is an experience that is based on a relationship that you have with the Lord Jesus Christ. He has made the way, He has opened the door, He is the door, and I tell everybody that if I am the only one that goes through I am going to do everything I can to go through. Whoever wants to come with me, you come with me, but I am not staying behind for anybody because I've got this vision, and to the fullest extent that He allows me I am going through. It is absolutely untrue that no one can go through until the whole Body of Christ...they are preaching until the whole world is ready. Do you know what this leads to? It leads to people hurting other people to force them to go through. It is a horrible doctrine. Give that doctrine to some unstable person and who knows what they are going to do if they believe that they can't enter in without the rest of the world.

            I figured out what I did with these notes. I left all of these Strong's numbers and explanations in because I thought someone looking at tonight's notes might want to see them, but actually we worked up verse 11 on Part 12 so I'm not going to go forward on that with all these different words and Strong's numbers. Just to bring you up to where we were, our Alternate Translation, I'm at the bottom of page 3 and then I'm going to jump from there to the bottom of page 4.

            Our Alternate Translation of Genesis 2:10 and 11 are as follows: And a flood of waters....now a flood of waters is the first Adam before he was mixed with the dust. And a flood of waters, the first Adam, in spirit form, flowed out of the place of pleasure, the place where he had a union with Jehovah. I talked about that when I had the diagram on the board. And he cultivated the whole creature. It really wasn't a living beast at that time. And from there that flood of waters diffracted and became the four visible parts or the four heads....I added in brackets, of the spiritual brain. That's my belief. And one division of Adam's or one aspect of Adam's nature is pride, but the whole circle of the earth, that's the spiritual brain, is transformed from that condition because of his, the first Adam in a spiritual condition, because of his relationship with Jehovah and Elohim which made him the double portion. You see, Adam in his relationship with Jehovah and Elohim, made him the double portion. He was the equivalent of the last Adam at that point, but it wasn't permanent. It was a relationship with Jehovah and Elohim whereby he still was in a form that he could have been ripped away from them, and that's exactly what happened.

            We are going on to verse 12 now. We are at the bottom of page 4. We are going to re-translate verse 12 which reads in the King James: And the gold of that land is good, there is Bdellium and the onyx stone, and the gold of that land, the double portion of that land, is good. Again, we have that word that means, himself, and the word, good, is speaking about moral goodness. The word, Bdellium, is Strong's #916. This word means a kind of precious herb, or it could also be translated, a pearl, which means wisdom. It is from the root of #914 which means to separate things previously mixed together, to separate them by a veil. It is just amazing to see the way the Lord does things. I've recently open up a file in my computer that I call "random thoughts." I don't want to take any time to format the computer, but I just get revelation all day long so I just go into this file and just jot it down. I don't care what it looks like, I just want to get the thought down. The Lord gave me a whole teaching on the veil the other day. So I guess it was in preparation for this message.

            I remember asking the Lord years ago about that scripture....I am not a letter man....I can't remember who the character was, was it Isaac's's wife when she came and she saw him that she veiled her face? My letter man, Ceilie. It was Rebecca when she saw Isaac, and she said to the servant, who was that man? And he said, that's your husband, that's the man I am bringing you to marry, and the scripture says, and she veiled her face. I never understood the significance of the veil. I've been asking the Lord for years, and we now find out that the veil, the significance of the veil in the spiritual creation is that the veil is the firmament. The firmament is the shelf that kept the waters away from the earth because when the waters contacted the earth everything in the waters died, and the earth became solid clay. I also found out in this study the other day that the English words in the King James such as flag, banner, ensign, or standard are all translations of the same Hebrew word that could be translated veil. I never knew what the banner meant. I knew that the ensign was Christ Jesus, but I could not really fit it in to anything that I could relate to. I would like to pursue this a little before we go on with the translation, and of course we will work this understanding into the translation.

            Now these words, flag, banner, ensign, standard, veil are all names for the firmament that is formed when Elohim's breath of life is on the outside of Adam, and that breath of life is forming a covering or a shelf that protects him from Cain. Now remember the breath of life is dispersed, he's the spermatozoa. He is not a particle like a human spermatozoa, but he is acting like a wave, and he's completely dispersed through the watery part of the semen, and Elohim is a veil around him, separating him from the waters and keeping him safe from the waters. There is a scripture in the Old Testament that talks about Jehovah doing a new thing, a woman can compass a man. I never understood that scripture. I never could understand why it was a new thing because we know that the flesh is female, and that the male is spiritual, that Christ Jesus being developed in us is within the female, and I could not relate to why it was a new thing. Now I see why it was a new thing because before the fall it was the other way around. The woman was inside of the man. Now remember, I said this before, I am going to say it again, Adam was male to the whole creature. He's the king of the creature, but to Jehovah and Elohim he's female.

            He is the wife of Jehovah and to Elohim also. He's female. In this condition that we are reading about now which is signified by the word Bdellium Adam in his very primitive stages was inside the veil, and Elohim himself was the veil that was wrapped around him. The woman was on the inside and the man was veiling him, the man was covering him, the man was on the outside, and that's why the scripture says, Behold I do a new thing, the woman shall compass the man. Why is it a new thing? Well, there never was a man in this fallen earth before, but as far as Jehovah is concerned it is a new thing because at the beginning of time it was the other way around so He's doing a new thing on two levels. There never was a man in the midst of the earth up until the time that Jesus was born. Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ was the first man in whom the man child was born. So, the man was within the female physical flesh of Jesus of Nazareth, and it is also a new thing because at the beginning of time the woman was on the inside, and the man was on the outside.

            I printed out a definition of the word veil from our electronic dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, a length of cloth worn by women over the head, shoulders, and often the face. In other words, the woman was completely shrouded. I suggest to you that Adam's veil, the veil that Adam wore, was what physics calls an accretion disc. Back in your notes somewhere you have pictures of a black hole, and it shows the accretion disc around it. I printed out some definitions of the accretion disc for you. A disc of interstellar material surrounding a celestial object with an intense gravitational field. You see, Adam was a gravitational field. The whole basis of the creation is energy, and a gravitational field tends to go down to the bottom so Elohim was wrapped around him, the firmament was holding him up because if the firmament wasn't there he would have gone crashing down into the earth because of his own gravitational field. So, the veil that was on Adam was the firmament. The revelation is very exciting that these words banner, ensign, flag, standard are signifying the firmament. Just very exciting.

            A further definition of a accretion disc. It is a disc of interstellar materials surrounding a celestial object with an intense gravitational field such as a black hole. The word accretion means, growth or increase in size by gradual external addition. Now remember, first Adam was spirit, then he was breathed into the man that was formed from the dust, and we have drawn Adam as an atom. In the past, we have shown how additional orbitals are added to his atoms as he's literally being built by Elohim.

            Just like a human fetus starts with the heart appearing in the woman's womb, and the rest of the fetus' body is literally built on to that heart in the same way Adam started with this spiritual condition, whatever he was, just spirit as he wasn't mixed with the man of the earth yet, and Elohim was literally layering on to him and fusing the parts together. The fall came before the creature was made permanent, and when the fall came we took a different time line at which time line is in the process of being reversed right now, and when every last drop of Elohim's breath is out of this world that will be the end of it. So, we see that the accretion disc...the reason I am reading you this definition is because Elohim's wrapping around Adam was for the purpose of growth or increase in size by gradual, external addition, fusion, or inclusion. This word can mean an increase in the mass of the celestial object by the collection of surrounding interstellar gases and objects by gravity. That's what the creation is all about. The gravitational field interacting with the magnetic field, and all of this activity that we talk about in the first 15 parts of this message was going on to form the creature.

            Cain pierced through the firmament and absorbed Elohim's breath into her animalistic, physical expression. I talked about that a few minutes ago. Abel which was the energy field, the male of the creature, was singular. He was gathered together and he was an energy force that ruled the female animal, but ever since Cain absorbed him he has broken up, he's dispersed throughout the physical body, the spiritual body, the personality, and the mind, and he has lost all of his strength. Jesus Christ has come to gather....you have heard about the ingathering....I've been invited to ingatherings, I've heard a lot of preaching about the ingathering. I want to tell you, brethren, is the gathering together of Abel in you, the gathering together of the energy field which is your consciousness into a singular, focused source of energy which will be powerful enough to rule your entire vessel from the corpus callosum of your brain.

            The ingathering is the gathering together of your energy source into a focused, powerful energy force, and ultimately the gathering together in Christ Jesus of all of the already focused energy field of every member of the Body of Christ. It is not a gathering together of mortal human beings. Jehovah wants His Son back, and His Son's broken up and dissolved in this world just as salt dissolves in water. That's why the judgment that coming upon Satan is to be boiled. She typifies the sea, the salt sea, and she's going to be boiled. Now the first time the Lord gave me that revelation it was in Daniel 7. It was even a miracle that I got it. I was translating Daniel 7, and I had no idea what it meant until years later.

            The scripture in Daniel 7 says, And Jesus Christ is strong enough to boil her as a sin offering. I said, Lord did I get this right. I remember it was in the early hours of the morning years ago when I was studying for a message. That was just before I collapsed and almost died. That was the last thing that I did, Daniel 7. I said, Lord are you sure, do I really have this right? And He said, yes. And when I preached it I preached it on faith without understanding. The Lord told me that. I believe that the salt sea which is Satan is inside of us, the sea is inside of us. That's why sometimes you cry tears in deliverance. Sometimes when people get deliverance they cry tears. It is the expression of Satan's energy coming out, a power over you is weakening her sea in you. Remember she is going to be boiled, and when she is boiled the energy that is dispersed in her is being gathered into Christ Jesus so if tears are coming out of your eyes that's the equivalent of her being boiled. Are not the tears being expressed and dispelled from your body? Is there any difference....can you relate this spiritual concept in the scripture of Satan being boiled for the specific purpose of distilling her away from Abel's energy that is dispersed in you? Can you not relate this to the water being expressed out of your eyes and thrown away on tissue. The water is still boiling, and Christ Jesus is gathering together the energy within that liquid. Hope you can see it, I can see it.

            So Cain pierced through the firmament and absorbed Elohim's breath into her animalistic, physical expression; thus Abel....this is how the scripture can say Abel is underneath the ground, your brother's blood cries out to me from underneath the ground. He was literally absorbed into the ground which was formed into the female animal. There is no serpent until Cain absorbed Elohim's breath. See, Cain is the female animal. She's the waters in which the earth has become completely saturated. She becomes the serpent when she possesses Abel in an ungodly relationship. She makes herself the male, and she makes Abel, her husband, the female, and the scripture makes it very clear that her possession of him is in a homosexual relationship. Everything is reversed, in this order everything is reversed. There is no serpent until Cain absorbs Elohim's breath.

            On the contrary, the firmament cannot be reestablished until Elohim's breath, that's our human spirit, is expelled from Leviathan, Satan, the devil, and the serpent, thus that's the reason for the boiling. See, when Satan's sea is boiled, Leviathan is in the sea, so she is getting boiled also. The whole purpose of judgment Brethren, is to get the energy source which is the breath of Elohim released from this flesh in which it is trapped. The body, our personality, our mind. All judgment, that's what it is all about, it is not punishment. It is a process by which the relationship of our energy to our flesh is being reversed. Judgement is the process by which our energy, our human spirit, which is the source of our existence is being removed from its ungodly relationship to our flesh after which point our spirit will be joined to our flesh again in a right relationship. Ultimately we will be out of this flesh completely. We have got to become the male again. Our consciousness has to become the male over our flesh.

            For all intents and purposes, if you think of our flesh as a horse and our spirit as the man on the horse our horse is riding our man. The Lord gave me a vision of that once, and it was a woman who came to this fellowship, and she was being ridden by a horse. It just flashed in front of my eyes. The Lord showed it to me. We have to take our spiritual manhood back, and it is not an intellectual thing. When I first came to the Lord I was dying, I was one desperate person, I would do anything. We had an evangelist come into the church, I don't know how my pastor let her come into the church, but somebody gave me counsel. They said, oh you just walk around all day and say by His stripes I'm healed, by His stripes I'm healed, and like a fool I walked around for two days saying, by His stripes I'm healed, and I thought, this is ridiculous I don't have that kind of power in my words. It can't be right. Christ Jesus in me told me it just couldn't be right. It is something that has to grow in you. It is the words of Christ Jesus in you that never fall to the ground. It is not the words of your carnal mind that are going to heal you. The words of the resurrected Life of God in you that's going to heal you.

            You are going to rise from the dead as you confess your sins and repent and work with Him to extract your energy out of the serpent's work, our physical body, our fallen mind, and our fallen personality. And everybody doesn't go at the same rate. When we agree with the serpent our consciousness literally descends. We did a whole series on Balaam's ass which established that if Christ Jesus is being formed in you we are a three-part being. We are this host, this physical body, that is a city for spiritual life has a consciousness of its own. Most people in this world live in the outer realms, they live in outer darkness, they live the existence of this physical body. Inside they have a mind which is the mind that the serpent has formed, and very frequently people have a thought life that they have no conscious awareness of at all. The world calls it denial. They are in denial. Their mind is thinking certain thoughts, their mind is hating people, their mind is doing all kinds of sin, and on the surface they are doing all good works. They are called Pharisees, but the sin that their mind is doing that they are denying is keeping them down here in hell. That's two of you. When Christ Jesus is formed in you now there's three of you. The life you are living out here that the whole world sees, the sin nature that you are denying, and Christ Jesus. Our physical existence, this life that we live out here, has the ability to align itself either with our sin nature or with our New Man, Christ Jesus. We have that ability. It is just a thought. If we think it in our mind, Jesus will make it real. If we think, Jesus I line myself up with you, I don't want to sin, I hate sin, I don't want anything to do with this sin nature, I align myself with you, so make it a reality. So the balance of power goes with the host who chooses who she is going to line herself up with, and I'm telling you from personal experience if you don't chose Him you are going to let you fall in line with your sin nature, and you are going to reap what you sow because He wants us to actively choose Him. That's what He wants, and if we don't choose Him there are consequences of making wrong choices. Not that it is punishment, but He wants us to want Him. He wants us to desire righteousness. This is His goal in our life; therefore, I say at the bottom of page 5, when we agree with the serpent our consciousness literally descends. Now remember at the beginning of the message I was showing you how your consciousness can ascend or descend up and down your spine from the lowest place where it can dwell where you are consumed with lust to the highest place where it could dwell where you are a brilliant spiritual being.

            We flow up and down. We don't stay in one seal. I don't believe that we flow from one to seven, but we will flow between three and five. We flow back and forth. On the occasion that we agree with our fallen mind, our fallen mind is down at the base of our spine, we descend, our consciousness descends. It literally descends. That is, we bring Elohim's breath down to the one we are listening to, and the serpent grabs hold of you and absorbs that aspect of Elohim's breath that's in you. Christ Jesus is gathering your consciousness together in a singular focus of positive spiritual energy in Him, and your focus in a meeting like this He's gathering you together as you submit to this kind of ministry, and it is really not all that important how much you understand it at this point. What's important is you are submitting yourself, and He's working in you and He's gathering His son together from all parts of your being, and if you keep submitting yourself, when Christ Jesus starts ascending in you, you will understand. If you understand now it's fine, but if you don't understand, understanding is not the issue. The issue is getting Christ Jesus' resurrection moving in you. That's the issue. You submit yourself whether you understand or not, to the spiritual ministry that's going to do this for you. When you are in a meeting like this your consciousness is high.

            Some people, we don't have that here, we are a very serious bunch here, but some people will go out of a church meeting, and they do all kinds of things. Sometimes they go out of a church meeting, and they go to a bar. We had all kinds of things going on in that other church. People walked out of the church, and they were doing all kinds of things. So a meeting like this brings your consciousness up to the highest place you could be in whatever that is for you. Maybe you are up in the throat chakra, you are up in the throat field, and then you go out of here and someone in church says, well come on let's go have a cup of coffee, and you get into this real carnal conversation, and your consciousness goes shooting right back down especially if that person is gossiping or talking about carnal conversation.

            You come right down. If you are in a high place from a meeting like this, and you agree to go out for a cup of coffee with someone that's less spiritual than you are, and you sit down in that meeting in that diner and that person starts talking carnal conversation....you see, everything that comes out of Leviathan's mind is sin. Your mind is still all opened up to this glorious revelation. Christ Jesus is still manifesting in you, but you submit to that other person's carnal conversation and you come right down. For years I've known that the characteristic of the serpent is that she whispers. If you have done any kind of study in Hebrew at all you will know that the serpent whispers. I even have a message on the whisper of the serpent. I never understood it until today. The serpent is at the bottom of your spiritual being whispering, and if you cannot recognize that it is the serpent calling to you, you are in this high place in Christ Jesus from this meeting, you start bending down and saying, what did you say? What did you say? What did you say? And you are just completely fallen down from your high place in Christ Jesus to hear this carnal conversation or this gossip or this nonsense or whatever anyone is talking about.

            Elohim's breath comes down to the one we are listening to, and the serpent grabs hold of him and absorbs him. Do you know you can give your energy to other people? You can give your energy to other people. Did you ever get very tired after an encounter with somebody? They've stolen your energy. You should be fellow shipping with people that build you, that build your energy, that give energy to you. You have to beware of people that drain you of your energy. Let me tell you something, the second you start to ascend they are going to come out of the woodwork to drain your energy. What does that mean? Christ Jesus is gathering your energy from all parts of your mind and your body into a hard, concentrated, focal point of spiritual power in Him, and Satan is going to start sending people, you would not believe where they are going to come from to get you angry.

            Anger will dissipate your energy like nothing else will. She is going to send people to tell you their problems, to put drains on you, and you are going to have to start drawing some lines and decide who you are going to minister to and who you are not going to minister to, who you are going to fellowship with and who you are not going to fellowship with because Satan is sending people to break up that focused energy that Christ Jesus is forming in you. Is it terrible or a horrible thing if it happens to you? Should you be condemned? No. But you lost your day or lost a few hours. You have to pray about all of your relationships and all of your activities. So this is the intent of the serpent whispering. When one whispers, the one listening bows down low to hear at which point he is snatched, and is this not the danger of listening to gossip. Does not this sin snatch our imagination and yank us out of our righteousness mind?

            Going on with verse 12, And the double portion of the land that which is Himself is morally good and a veil separates. The word, stone, is Strong's #68. This word is used as the foundation stone of a house in Isaiah 28:16 so we are going to translate it as Adam who is the foundation stone of civilization. Adam is the zygote. In human reproduction when a male seed and a female seed join, this is known as conception. They first join so completely they become one cell, and that is the first cell of the embryo which will become the new baby, and then that first cell starts to divide. So that's what Adam is. He is the first cell of the new baby called the man child or the civilization that Jehovah is forming, and he is the foundation stone of civilization. The onyx, Strong's #7718, is a gem that resembles a human nail. You will have to pray about this. I keep telling you the deeper the revelation the less complete it is in the Hebrew. What does a human nail mean? I suggest to you that it is talking about the creation's potential to become a mortal human being in a human body which has nails. Nails are....protoplasm is an old word.

            I'm told that in science they don't use it any more in scientific circles, but when I was in school they used that word protoplasm. It is the substance out of which all flesh is made. Every tissue in our body, the very base of it, is protoplasm and then it differentiates into the different kinds of cells, heart cells, liver cells, skin cells, and the human nail is pure protoplasm. That's what it is so I am suggesting that this word typifies the creation potential to become an animal. Either we are going to be Elohim's spiritual son or an animal. We put all these words together and this is what I got. These are the words, And the double portion of the land that is Himself is morally good there, the first Adam, the foundation stone of civilization is separated from the potential within the creature to incarnate as a mortal animal instead of Elohim's son. This is our Alternate Translation: And Adam the embryonic foundation stone of civilization is morally good because of his relationship with Jehovah and Elohim who separate him, that's the word veil, from the creature's potential to incarnate as a mortal animal instead of Elohim's son.

            Genesis 2:13, And the name of the second river is Gihon, the same that compasses the whole land of Ethiopia. The word, second, can be translated, another. Gihon means bursting forth. And where I say soul there, that's wrong. It should be consciousness. The word compasses means surround and Ethiopia means black. Another aspect of the first Adam's nature is the bursting forth of the consciousness which surrounds the whole dark earth. And dark means non- functional. It means that it has no consciousness. And another aspect of the first Adam's nature is the bursting forth of the consciousness which surrounds the whole dark, non-functioning earth. Our second witness to that is Genesis 2:6, And after that Elohim's living substance rose up from underneath the earth in a gas form because the basic building blocks of the earth were made from Elohim's very own substance, and Jehovah and Elohim formed Adam out of the surface of the earth, and Jehovah and Elohim's waters cultivated Adam, and he received consciousness, but the rest of the earth that was not a part of Adam was not cultivated by Jehovah and Elohim's waters and remained in darkness. That's speaking about the earth that was left barren. The earth was not supposed to have consciousness, but the earth did receive consciousness when she saturated herself in Cain's waters and became the serpent. The earth received consciousness. It wasn't supposed to happen.

            At this point I came into a dilemma, if the first river is pride, typifies pride, and the second typifies consciousness how could pride arise before consciousness? It seemed to my carnal mind that you have to be conscious before you can be proud. So I looked into this, I looked up the word pride in our dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, and much to my surprise I found out that pride can mean pleasure or satisfaction, and that is our definition of the Garden of Eden. It is the place where Adam had a relationship with Jehovah and received pleasure and satisfaction. It also means a cause or source of pleasure for satisfaction. As a witness I am showing you Genesis 2:4-5 in the King James, These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, and every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew. I am suggesting to you then that Adam as signified by the rivers and everything that I have been telling you about Adam before the breath of life was breathed into the man is that Jehovah and Elohim made Adam before he was in the earth. It wasn't simply a breath of life that was breathed into the man that was formed. It was the actual personality of Adam himself who was inserted into a body that was formed, whatever that body looked like. It didn't look like this. So Adam in his pure spirit condition was in a condition of pride. Now that pride was covered over by Jehovah and Elohim so it couldn't do any harm, and that's how the pride could come forth before the consciousness because the first division of the rivers, speaking about pride, is talking about Adam before he was in the earth in Genesis 2:5 as follows, Jehovah made every plant before it was in the earth. Adam was the plant that was made before he was planted, and his basic nature at the beginning was pride. Then after Adam was breathed into the earth he was now in another form, and the earth received consciousness. Adam together with the earth he received consciousness. So pride was apparently a condition that existed before he was breathed into the earth.

            Adam experienced pride when he was spirit only before he was formed. Adam experienced consciousness as a plant, and that word means a shoot, after he was breathed into a bedusted form or a form made out of dust. The reason I say bedusted is that we see this concept in Genesis where Jacob is struggling with the angel. We have a whole message on that. If you look up the words you see that the angel that he was struggling with was a bedusted man. Actually, it was Christ Jesus inside of Jacob rising up that was struggling with Jacob's carnal mind. It is the same principle that we see in the book of Jude where we read that Satan was struggling with Michael over Moses' body. Now if you look that word up in the Greek, the word body in the Greek there is one Greek word that means live body and another Greek word that means dead body, and it is very clear, there is really no contest, it is very clear that the Greek word in that scripture is live body. Satan was struggling with Michael over Moses' live body. Michael typifying Christ Jesus in Moses and Satan typifying Moses' fallen nature.

            Genesis 2:14, And the name of the third river is Hiddekel, that is it which goes toward the east of Assyria and the fourth river is Euphrates. In this case, the number third or the word third, Strong's concordance and Brown, Driver, Briggs are the Lexicons we use on the computer and it says this word, Strong's #7992, can be translated female part. Hiddekel, Strong's #2313, speaks of a rapid with a course to the east, and rapids are the fast moving part of the river, and rapids are caused when the waters go down into a deep descent because the river bed goes down, the waters go down, and they start flowing rapidly. Again, we have the word himself, and the Hebrew word translated goeth, Strong's #1980, can be translated to proceed or to walk. The word east, those of us who have been studying for a while know that there are two Hebrew words translated east. One is a masculine word and one is a feminine word. The feminine word is the weak side of Eden. We suspect it is one of the hemispheres of the brain. I just don't have it straight yet which is which. There are two Hebrew words translated east. Eastward of Eden, the word east refers to the spiritual place where Jehovah dwells. So the Hebrew word translated east which is masculine is speaking about the spiritual place where Jehovah dwells, but there is another word that translated east, but it is the female counterpart of it, and I suggest to you that it is this world down here under the sea.

            See, the whole creature until it is made permanent it is 50/50 whether it is going to be spiritual and it is going to be dwelling on the top of the waves or whether it is going to be physical and dwelling underneath the sea. So the weak side of Eden is this world down here in hell, it's death, and it's female, and the masculine side of Eden is on top of the waves, it's strong, and it's immortal. This has nothing to do with male and female equality as we know it. We are talking about spiritual principles. Female is weak, and male is strong. Assyria, Strong's #804, means step, and in the teaching on the diffraction grating with this whole concept of expressing the creation through physics, I can't go into it now, but there is such a thing as a diffraction grating. It is the firmament, and it is the step or the shelf that the waters rest upon. The fourth river is the fruit. Our Alternate Translation of verse 14 Genesis 2...see what I did is I put all those words together, and this is what I got, And the first Adam walks in the female aspect of his nature. Now what is the female aspect of Adam's nature? To Jehovah he is a female. To the rest of the world he is a mighty warrior and a mighty king.    

            And the first Adam walks in the female aspect of his nature when Himself, Strong's #1931 means Himself, and Himself is speaking about Elohim, Adam's other self, Elohim formed Himself into Adam. Elohim is the male, Adam is the female, and it is an interaction that has nothing to do with human sexuality, but it is an interaction on a high spiritual level between Elohim, the male, and Adam, the female, I don't know what Adam looked like at that time, that produces the image of Adam, the living soul, and the whole world that we call the visible spiritual world. This verse 14 is talking about Adam's interaction with Himself, Elohim. And the first Adam walks in the female aspect of his nature when Elohim descends into the earth and then steps up through the firmament. See, all of this we did on prior messages. He goes descending down as a light stream, he buries himself into the earth, and then he steps up through the firmament with a photoelectric effect produces Adam's image on the forebrain. And the first Adam walks in the female aspect of his nature when Himself, Elohim, descends into the earth to plant his seed. That's what he's doing down there, and then Elohim steps up and an image appears on the forebrain. The brain is in two major parts, the forebrain and the posterior brain. The forebrain is where the possession of the person takes place. That's where Christ Jesus in us is trying to get, to the forebrain, on top of the place where Leviathan is already possessing our brain. And the fourth division is the fruit, and I suggest to you that is the last Adam.

            I would like to read to you the Alternate Translations, and we will call it quits unless anyone has a question. Genesis 2:10-14, And a flood of waters, that's the first Adam before he was in the earth, flowed out of the place of pleasure, that's Eden, and cultivated the whole creature and from there he was diffracted, broken into pieces, and became the four visible parts of the spiritual brain, whatever that was, and one aspect of Adam's nature is pride, but the whole circle of the earth, that's the spiritual brain, is transformed from that condition because of Adam's relationship with Jehovah and Elohim. So Adam, the embryonic foundation stone of civilization, is morally good because of his relationship with Jehovah and Elohim who separate him from the whole creature's potential to incarnate as a mortal animal instead of Elohim's son.  And another aspect of the first Adam's nature is the bursting forth of the consciousness which surrounds the whole dark, non-functional earth. And the first Adam walks in the female aspect of his nature when Elohim descends into the earth, plants his seed, and then steps up onto the forebrain, and the fourth division of the spiritual brain is the fruit, the last Adam who is able to possess the brain without losing his position and rule forever from that place without crashing down through the firmament again. Any questions or comments?


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