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             Congregation: I had a dream where I was in a hospital atmosphere and people were being operated on. I was told to go off to a room down the corridor. It was a very immaculate room. I had a surgical knife in my hand and there was a very large woman in this room, which I perceived to be a German woman. She laid down on the table and I could see that she had stitches on her stomach that looked like someone who had just had a C section or some kind of an operation. I had the sense that I was able to do what this woman had requested of me. She said to me, just cut me. Then I woke up.

            Sheila: This is very interesting. It's hard to tell where to start. There's so much that has been happening here, as I told the people here off the tape. The Lord has opened a window from heaven and it's open in my mind. He's pouring so much revelation out on me that I can't contain it. I just saw a vision of myself in a house with a leaky roof and the water is coming from all over and I'm running around trying to put pails down and the water is just pouring through the roof. I'm barely catching what He's telling me. I'm just chicken scratching it down as fast as I can so that I could look over it again. The whole thrust of the move of the spirit, as I see it, seems to be saying that catching up time is very near. Whether or not t his catching up will be full stature, I don't know. It may not be full stature. But I believe that a catching up is coming. We're going to be coming one at a time. If you see somebody caught up and you're not caught up, just tell the Lord, just bless the person, deal with any potential envy. Don't go into denial. If you're feeling envy or whatever, just confess it as sin. Bless the person and just tell the Lord that you would like to experience the same thing. There's no reason to be envious. He wants to give it to everybody. It's just your fallen personality trying to destroy you. Deal with it properly and she won't be able to hurt you. You must deal with her. You must deal with your fallen personality. The whole thrust of the Spirit seems to be towards a catching up. It may not be full stature.

            I don't know. I'm not telling you because I don't even have an opinion. Well my opinion is that I think it may not be, but I don't have a strong opinion, but this is what came to my mind the other day. If it's not full stature, there's a real possibility that there's about to be a catching up of the people in whom the imparted anointing is being built. Are you following me? Everybody here has been out of Pentecost. Everybody here is out of deliverance. We've seen tremendous anointings; we've seen healings; we've seen deliverance; we've seen chairs flying across the room; we've seen a lot of action. Everybody here has seen a lot of action. I've been here for nine years and for however long you're here, we're just sitting here studying, studying, studying. I don't even think there's been nine occasions of an outpouring of the Spirit. We've had a couple of times where we danced in the Spirit, but I'm talking about nine years. I don't even think there were nine visible outpourings that could be likened to Pentecost; just studying, studying, studying. I don't really see in myself or in anyone else that I know, any really tremendous power to heal. We don't see any instant miracles. There's nothing visible. The Lord has been merciful. I've been healed, but He put me in the hospital.

            He didn't intervene. I had to go to the hospital and He didn't intervene. We've had a couple of other kinds of healings. Other people have been in the hospitals. If the healings take place, they're secret; they're without any observation. It's a faith walk and certainly no power for anybody else. I've prayed for other people outside of the ministry and if they get healed, they have to go to a doctor. I don't see any discernable difference. We have no signs and wonders here. Well, the signs and wonders we have are not discernable by the eyes of mortal man. The signs and wonders are that Christ Jesus is being formed in us. Those of us who are pregnant with Christ Jesus know what's happening within us and we're aware of the signs and wonders, but no one else could see the signs and wonders happening in us. It's not even my opinion; this is what came into my mind. So there's a really good chance that it was Jesus talking to me. There may be an intermediary step between where we are now and full stature. This intermediary step will be an outpouring of miracle working power that will appear very similar to the outpouring of Pentecost. Remember those days. Oh wow, all the glory and jumping around the church.

            Even when I hear music that's uplifting, I don't jump around. People walking in here must say what a bunch of duds just s sitting on their duffs like that. I'm the one who used to jump and scream and go out in the spirit. I can't even move. I just sit here listening to the nice music; nice music, thank you for the music. I don't move. There may be an intermediate step between where we are now and full stature, whereby there will be visible signs and wonders, healings and deliverance and glory and slain in the Spirit and who knows what else. Angels singing, I don't know. I never experienced angels singing, but I heard that some people have. I don't know, but visible signs and wonders that could be likened unto the most anointed ministries of Pentecost. The only difference will be that the anointed ministries of Pentecost received that ability to minister r in this way without repentance. They were unconverted men to whom Jesus Christ loaned His authority for the purpose of building the faith of the church and impregnating the church with the seed. When the two witness company; if we're not in full stature, we're still the two witness company. If this does come to pass, these kinds of signs and wonders; which if they do come to pass are sure to attract a crowd. We'll look very much the same, but they won't be arising out of the loaned authority y of the Lord Jesus Christ.

            They will be appearing out of the resurrected authority or the authority of the resurrected Abel in us. Many people won't be able to tell the difference. I'm just as happy with that. I'll take whatever Jesus gives me. We have to be happy with whatever He gives us. That's fine. I believe that such an event in our lives would also bring healing to our own bodies and our own lives. I have a thought in my mind. I'm trying the Spirit just as you are. This is what the thought in my mind is; that it really is not going to be as public as Pentecost was. It's going to be like Elisha's ministry. There will be people like Nahum coming from all over the world, being led to this ministry, not Living Epistles, but to this ministry of Christ Jesus wherever He is appearing. People will be led here from all over the world. It's going to be a one on one, either a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom or a verbal word from one person to another person. They're g going to be coming knocking on the door. So that's what's in my heart. It's not going to be for everybody. It's the children's bread. This is for the church. This is for the church. It doesn't matter that they're rejecting us right now and many of them have bad things to say about us. It doesn't matter. It's for them. It's the children's bread. It's theirs until Jesus says it's no longer theirs. Well we'll see, it has to happen sooner or later, doesn't it?

            So with regard to your dream, this is what it says to me. You see, in my opinion, dreams are always personal. A dream as well as a prophesy could have more than one interpretation. If you're in a group and a prophesy comes forth, that prophesy is first, foremost, and primarily for one person.

            But it is very possible that five other people in the group could receive it for themselves and it will become theirs. If it can apply to your problem, if it can apply to your life and by faith you lay hold of it, it can bring healing into your life. This woman, I think that she has to be an individual woman, a human woman whoever she is, and she also could typify the church. But I do think she has to represent an individual also; someone who's crying out for deliverance saying do whatever you have to do and I think the scars on her body showing prior surgeries would indicate that she has submitted herself to old order deliverance. She submitted herself to the surgery of the Lord already, but it was just a fix up, a band-aid. In the dream, you said she was a big woman. I think that typifies sin. We all have sin. All that means is that she has much sin that has not been dealt with. But she's crying out and saying, anything, do anything, anything you want; just fix me up. Just fix me up. The fact that the woman had the signs of the scars of prior surgeries indicates that she has been submitted to deliverance ministry on some level in the past. So I see this as an individual and as the church at large. This dream lines right up with something that the Lord showed me that I had no intention of talking to you about tonight, but I will talk about it because it seems to line up with it. What the Lord has been doing as I told you off the tape; it is almost super human how I'm racing through this interlinear text on the computer and just literally jotting down chicken scratches. I have nothing that I could teach out of, but the revelation is in my heart. Whatever the Lord is going to do with it, He is going to do with it. I will tell you that the Lord had me investigate the foot washing or the supposed foot washing of the disciples by Jesus. It was only a week ago that I said, Lord, I tend to doubt that He really washed their feet. There had to be something spiritual there. Never in a million years did I think I would find the time to check it out. The Lord did have me check it out though. I went through it very quickly. I went through all the Greek texts very quickly and I will tell you that on the surface it looked like He washed their feet.

            There's a couple of suspicious indications in the Greek. The most suspicious one is the Greek word which is translated to pour, I think. He poured water in the basin before He started to wash their feet. That Greek word means to forcibly insert; to forcibly insert. Now you don't forcibly insert water from a pitcher into a bowl that flows freely. Right away I was alerted. I'll just tell you up front that my opinion is that He was forcing the water of His anointing into the minds of the disciples. He had to force His way in because they were heavily defensed and they were heavily defensed because they were mortal men whose mind is called Leviathan. Leviathan is very strongly defensed. She likes to be religious. She likes to preach. She likes to go on evangelistic trips, but don't get into her head and show her sins. In the famous passage where Peter says, no Lord no, the King James translation seems to sound like Peter is saying oh no Lord, how could you, the Son of God, wash my feet? However, I remind you that that very same Peter said, oh no Lord, you won't go to the cross.

            This cannot be. I suggest to you that Peter had a revelation that Jesus was legally invading his mind and exposing sin. Peter was saying, not me Lord, not a chance. You're not exposing my sins. After Jesus explained to him, however, what He was doing and how important it was and that he could not go on into the kingdom without having the hidden sins of his heart exposed. It's surgery brethren. You don't even know what's in your own heart. You don't even know what's in there. Then someone with discernment comes along and tells you and you think they're nuts. Well we don't even know what's in our own heart. I'll tell you what's in there. Leviathan is in there and she's pretty wicked. When Peter got the revelation that this had to be for him to go on, he said, Lord, not only my feet, but also my hands and my head. Of course, it was just referring to his other spiritual parts; his head meaning his personality and my hands meaning whatever, personality and mind. Also Jesus was gird with a linen garment, linen meaning righteousness. I don't think it was just a coincidence that He was wearing a linen garment. Neither do I think that it was just a coincidence that the scripture mentioned what he was wearing, that He gird Himself about with a linen garment. No, Jesus was girded about with righteousness. He was in full stature. Abel was raised from the dead in Him.

            It was His righteousness. Because He was girded about with His righteousness, it was not only acceptable to the Father, but it was His job to expose the sins of His disciples so that they could follow Him to the same place where He was. Jesus was forcing His righteous mind, not His carnal mind now, but the mind of Christ Jesus was literally penetrating the minds of the disciples like a stinger. The scorpions of Revelation 9 are the two witness company, brethren. They look right into your heart, brethren. They see things that you don't see and they bring them to the light. Why? So that you then have the opportunity to take them before Jesus and confess and repent. If you cannot see into your own heart, if Leviathan has blinded you to such a degree that you cannot see, you will never confess and repent; never. How are you going to do it if you don't even know that it's there. Your denial is so thick that in a million years you can't even imagine it. So Jesus invaded them with His righteous mind. Now the word feet, there's a big deal about the word feet. The Lord reminded me that many times in the Hebrew when we study the prophets, the word foot or feet come up.

            It's the Hebrew word that can be translated feet, but it can be translated pudenda; phallus. I've had this on so many tapes. What is a phallus? A phallus is undifferentiated sexual tissue. It's talking about the mind that is not yet permanently righteous or permanently evil. The mind is the sexual organ of humanity and it's called a phallus and not a penis because it's not yet determined whether this mind will be male or female. So I looked in the Greek. I looked in all the Greek references that I had and I could not find any reference to this word foot meaning phallus. But what I did find was a reference in Thayer which said that this Greek word translated foot is the translation of a particular Hebrew word. I recognized the spelling of the Hebrew word and I looked it up and it is surely the Hebrew word that means pudenda. You see when the New Testament scripture was written, the same euphuism was used. What is a euphuism? It's a word that replaces a word that may be offensive. Usually it's a word that replaces a word that may be offensive, but in this case it's more of a hidden meaning. The disciples didn't go around talking about your spiritual sexual organ. They talked about your feet. Doesn't Paul talk about the belly? Gird up the loins of your mind. They're just euphuisms. So for the people who know what he is talking about, you know what he is talking about. For the children who are present, you don't know what he is talking about. It's a parable.

            The writers of the New Testament used the same parable. They used the same analogy. They used the same euphuism: feet. That's throughout the Old Testament that I preached on innumerable times to speak about the spiritual phallus of the disciples, the mind. You see, we're being renewed in the spirit of our mind. Our mortal mind is being renewed. We're not just getting a whole new mind and kicking the old mind out. Our old mind is being renewed. We're being renewed in the spirit. That means to renew our mind, contact must be made with the spirit. But guess what? The spirit has a body guard; Leviathan. Jesus' righteous mind, His linen garment, was forcing its way and it's typified by water by the way, you see. When Abel is risen from the dead in you, he is typified by water. It's the double portion that's typified by oil. When Adam rises from the dead and is one with Elohim and Jehovah, it's the oil. Abel is Christ rising from the dead, up and to and including full stature. It's Christ. It's only Christ Jesus after we're completely one with the Lord Jesus and it's the two of us, the double portion together is the oil. So the scripture in the New Testament said that Jesus washed them with water, the water of His righteous spirit. He forced Himself into their mind and He exposed their sins and He cleansed them. He said, if you don't have this cleansing, you have no part with me. It has to be. The deepest darkest sins of your heart have to be exposed; not to the world. Maybe just to you. If not just to you, then through a couple of trusted people that the Lord tells because He trusts them with you. Praise the Lord.

            We have so much to do tonight. I want to move on. I was asked to comment on an alternate translation and I would like to do that. Then we'll go on. Today I translated Revelation, chapter 17 verses 8 through 11 and I've been working on these four verses for a couple of days now. One of the brethren here looked at Rev. 17:10 and asked for an explanation which I'm going to give you. Our alternate translation of Rev. chapter 17, speaking about the fallen five fold ministry. Let me put this witness on the tape as to the way we got into this. Many years ago the Lord gave me an alternate translation in Joel chapter 2.

            We did this on tape #78. That was about four years ago. Verses 28 and 29 speak about a temporary five fold ministry; And I shall pour out of the hidden parts of my spirit upon the whole wild animal and spiritual men as well as spiritual women shall prophesy and the temporary five fold ministry which is to be replaced by Elohim's sons shall dream dreams which are generated by a criminal spirit. What that means, brethren, is that there is a five fold ministry in the church today with an imputed anointing. They're unconverted. Their mind is Leviathan. Jesus Christ overshadows their mind from time to time for the purpose of ministering to the church. But the sins of their heart are not dealt with, have not been dealt with and have not even been touched. They're a temporary five fold ministry. They're fallen mortal men and the dreams of the criminal spirit that they will dream are by Leviathan. What does that mean? It means that judgment is coming upon the church. It means that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is going to come to them and witness Christ Jesus to them in another man called the two witness company.

            Their carnal minds will give them dreams saying these men are not of God. Flee for your life. Someone here sent some of our tapes to their cousin in Florida and found out later that the night before the tapes arrived in her house, this cousin had dreams of serpents or whatever. As soon as they came in the mail, she threw them in the garbage. She never opened the package. You see, her carnal mind warned her not to listen to our tapes. It told her it would be death unto her. It would have been death unto her; death unto her carnal mind, you see. I put this on a recent tape about another woman after I exposed sin in her because she had sinned against me. I told her what she did without condemnation. She told me that she was breaking our relationship because she had to guard her heart against me. You see, you're not suppose to guard your heart against having your sin exposed. You're suppose to guard your heart against Leviathan, who's making you condemn the person who has righteously shown you what you did to her that was wrong. You're carnal mind is very defensed; point being that there is a temporary mortal five fold ministry which will be replaced by the immortal ministry of the son of God. Not many will transfer over. Very very few brethren will transfer over. There is a changing of the guard.      

            Our translation of Revelation chapter 17:10 says; And the fallen; I pretty much used the word mortal throughout the scripture, but the Greek was so clearly, fallen, that I left it in. And the fallen, meaning the mortal five fold ministry has fulfilled its purpose. Well let me tell you what I told you off the tape. When you look at these translations and you see these words in brackets, I frequently do that because I don't have the time to put in a whole foot note. Writing anything takes a long time to express yourself in proper English and get scriptural references. It takes hours and hours. So sometimes I put these references in brackets even though I know most people won't know what they mean. I think maybe some time in the future on one of these updates of the translations, the Lord will let me write a footnote. That's pretty much why I do it. For those who understand fine and for those who don't, fine.

            But I see that this word in brackets has caused you confusion, so let me start reading again. And the fallen five fold ministry has fulfilled its purpose; the true ministry exists; brackets two witness company. The fallen five fold ministry has fulfilled its purpose just as Israel fulfilled her purpose when Messiah appeared. The temporary five fold company has fulfilled its purpose. The two witness company is in the earth. And the sons of God (that's in brackets too) will endure forever. In other words the two witness company is going to mature into the sons of God because the two witness company has the mind of Christ, but they're still very mortal. That's the way we are right now; very mortal, as mortal as anybody else, but the mind of Christ is being formed in us. So when the two witness company matures into the sons of God, they will endure forever. As soon as the other appears and I have the words Christ Jesus in brackets and that's what threw you. Well I have a whole footnote on that and I also have a footnote on it in the New Testament, so we might as well pull the whole thing together.

            I have two witnesses for you on the word other. I'm starting in our alternate translation of the New Testament; Romans 8:18-21. The specific word other is not used here, but there is a principle in the scripture. I run across it all the time when the scripture talks about the other one. It's sort of along the lines of what I taught you and what I've called reverse inference, if you can remember that. It's something that's not stated. It's a word, however, that indicates that there is another one. So if there's another one besides me, that means there must be someone that's different than me. Are you following me? It's a hidden way. It's one of the hidden ways that the scripture addresses the two minds of humanity, Christ Jesus and Leviathan. I've never seen the scriptures say, well, there's two minds. Well, of course, James said we're double minded, but Paul doesn't talk that way. He talks about the other one. So if you don't have the revelation that there's another man, you don't know what he's talking about.

            The reason he doesn't say the other man or the reason he doesn't say the other mind is because Paul was very high spiritually and he knows that Jehovah does not acknowledge the other one, either as a man or as a mind. Because the other one is not a man. It's the serpent. She's female. She's a lesbian. She's stolen the Father's wife. So Paul being in the high spiritual place that he is, doesn't call her a man nor does he call Leviathan a mind. In the Old Testament, Jehovah is continuously calling the serpent "nothing". It's the same principle. Paul just says the other one. I'll read you this alternate translation in the New Testament, although it doesn't specifically use the word other. Then we'll go on to Genesis 11 where the actual word, other, does appear. It's Roman 8 verses 18 to 21. Nevertheless, because the Lord Jesus Christ has given us the hope that Christ in you will subject in you the one who subjected you. You see, the other one is already in you and has subjected you. So our hope is that Christ Jesus will come and subject the one that's already subjected you.

            You don't know that you are subjected? Well, you better ask the Lord because you were immortal in Adam, heir to the whole earth; to rule and reign over the whole earth. Look at us! We're fallen mortal men who live for a season and pass out of this world; sometimes having experienced all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual pain. So you see, we have already been subjected by the serpent and the serpent's mind, Leviathan. Now Jesus Christ has come to have Christ Jesus be formed in you and the reason that He is doing that for you...Who? The reason the Father has sent the Lord Jesus to do whatever needs to be done so that Christ Jesus should be formed in you is because the Father has a hope that Christ Jesus will mature in you and subject the one who has already subjected you; the other one. Is everybody okay on that?

            Our second witness is in the alternate translation of the Old Testament on page 63. If you're listening to this tape, we are continuously updating these old testaments, adding new verses and so the page number shouldn't mean anything to you. But we're in Genesis 11, verse 6a. And Jehovah said, look, the people are united because Leviathan, the mortal mind that the serpent made is obedient to the people's other altar. I'm going to go over it again. And Jehovah said, (and of course, the scripture doesn't say who He's talking to, but I'm pretty sure He's talking to Elohim). You see, Elohim has made Himself into the altar. What is an altar? An altar is a union that produces a mind. Jehovah and Elohim are the altar which produce the mind called Adam, the living soul. Now at the time of Genesis 11, Cain had already killed Adam the living soul, but Abel was present. Jehovah was connected to Abel. Who was Abel? Abel was formed from the breath of life that Elohim had breathed into the creature. You see, before the fall, there was no distinction between Jehovah, Elohim and the part of Elohim that was penetrating into, and attached to, and growing out of the creature. There was no separation between Jehovah and Elohim and Elohim's breath. When Adam died, however, there was a disconnection of the creature from the Godhead. So where did the line of command break? Elohim could not be pulled away from Jehovah. Jehovah is Jehovah. So Elohim stayed attached to Jehovah, the existent one, but that part of Elohim that had been blown into the creature disconnected from Elohim, who was still attached to Jehovah. Elohim was separated from the breath that He breathed into the creature. The breath that Elohim breathed into the creature became the breath of life or the energy source which gave consciousness and existence to the creature. After Adam died, Elohim, who was still attached to Jehovah reached down into the creation and contacted His breath; the part of Him that was left there. If you need a strong example; I'll give you one. God forbid, you should ever have your arm amputated and you leave it someplace.

            What if you have a baby and you have to give it up? You leave a part of yourself in that child. Don't you want to go back and see it? There's a big movement today for biological parents and adoptive children trying to locate each other. The heart never stops thinking about that other person. That was Elohim's breath down there in that creation that was now formed in the image of the serpent. So Elohim went back down looking for His breath; looking to make contact with His breath. He started penetrating into the fallen creature and contacted him. When Elohim, who was attached to Jehovah on His other side made contact with His breath, the connection was re-established; Jehovah, Elohim and Elohim's breath and the three became one again. The living thing, the altar, was once again penetrating into the creature. But because the condition of the creature had changed; I can't go into that all again, but the waters fell down through the firmament and civilization fell down under the water. The mind that was formed on the altar of Jehovah and Elohim and Elohim's breath could not be called Adam because it was in a different place.

            It wasn't on top of the waves. It was underneath the seas. So the mind that was formed on the altar of Jehovah and Elohim's image under the seas, is called Abel. The mind that was formed on the altar of Jehovah and Elohim that was above the waves is called Adam. So we see that there's an energy source in man that is really Elohim's breath. Sometimes we call it Elohim's breath; sometimes we call it the human spirit, sometimes we call it an energy source or an energy field. All of these words are correct. I'll use a variety of these words depending upon the point that I'm trying to convey to you. The altar in the creature at the time of Genesis 11; the altar is called Abel. He's connected. He's the mind that's appearing as the result of the union between Jehovah and Elohim. But our alternate translation says that the mortal mind that the serpent has made is obedient to the people's "other altar". The Old Testament doesn't tell you who the other altar is. You see, you have to know. You see, the Hebrew (much more so the Hebrew than the Greek) it is just like the Hebrew language. I've told you this many times. I don't know how they do it. But people who read Hebrew or Jewish; they have these characters and there's no vowels. As they read they put the vowels in based on the context of what they are reading. It's a creative fluid flowing language that's open to the interpretation of the reader. So brethren, is the word of God. It's a free flowing fluid word.

            We are not bound to the King James Translation. The word of God is spirit and the spiritual language that Jehovah chose to convey it in is Hebrew, which is a very rich language. But the true word of God is spirit. The scripture which is the written word is the foundation or the point of contact by which the Lord Jesus Christ gives us revelation. It doesn't say who the other altar was. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even say that in the King James. But that word other, must be there. I did a tape on it a while back, so for me to put the word other in, it had to be there. It had to be the translation of some word in that Hebrew verse; the other altar. The scripture gives it no glory; calls it nothing, ignores it, laughs at it. It's another altar and it doesn't even name its name. The serpent is the other altar. Cain killed Abel and captured Elohim's breath. What happened when Cain killed Abel? Abel's death resulted when that breath of life in him lost connection with Elohim and Jehovah. Abel had the breath of life in him; the breath of Elohim. When Abel died, his connection to Elohim and Jehovah was lost.

            So Cain killed Abel and the energy source that gave consciousness was up for grabs. Brethren, it's just like "The Highlander" program on television. Cain killed Abel. Maybe he even cut his head off; I don't know. All of Abel's energy went into Cain. Cain changed. When our condition changes, our name changes. Cain's changed name is the serpent. Cain is the waters of life. Remember the creation came forth in the form of sperm. Elohim came forth in the form of a sperm and the medium that He flowed in was waters. The sperm was the higher part of the waters of life and the water part was the lower part. The sperm was the head of the waters, but Cain didn't want to be the underpart, so she twisted together with the earth to give herself substance and she incarnated as a female animal. What do you mean Sheila? Well she got together with so much earth that she became clay. Jehovah never made a clay creation. He made a spiritual creation. Cain was the female animal and Abel was her spiritual male mind because Abel was connected to Jehovah through Elohim. Cain was the female animal. She killed her spiritual head and she absorbed his energy. Just like she absorbed the earth, she absorbed his energy. She stopped being Cain the woman and she became the serpent. Cain plus Elohim's breath of life is an altar upon which Leviathan, the mind of mortal man was born; the other altar. The serpent is the other altar.

            The connection with the spirit which gives consciousness to the creature. So we see there's another altar. See, the scriptures are amazing. Not only does it not tell us who the other altar is; it doesn't even tell us who the first altar is. So if you don't have this, brethren, either by direct revelation from Jesus Christ or from a teacher who's sitting under Jesus Christ, there's no way you are ever going to find this out. It's only by revelation. You'll never find it in the scripture. You'll only find it in the true spiritual logos, the very word of God who is growing in you. It's the only place you're going to find it or from someone who's in that condition who is giving it to you. Jesus! And Jehovah said, (I suggest He was talking to Elohim. Well maybe He was talking to Abel. I guess He was talking to Abel). And Jehovah said, look the people are united because of Leviathan, the mortal mind that the serpent made.

            I added in the words Leviathan and the serpent. Jehovah is saying, look, the people are united because of the mind. You have to know that there are two minds. And Jehovah is saying (I guess to Abel) look, the people are not obeying you, Abel. You're the mind that I gave them. But they are not obeying you; they're obeying Leviathan. Not only are they obeying Leviathan, but the people are united. Leviathan has joined the people, you see. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. In Abel, we are one spirit. But in Leviathan, we are one flesh. The serpent's witchcraft power overtook Abel. I do have one footnote #136; Abel wasn't strong enough to direct mortal man's worship towards Jehovah without interruption because of the serpent's witchcraft. The people were taken over by the serpent's witchcraft. And Jehovah said, look, the people are united because Leviathan, the mortal mind that the serpent made is obedient to the people's other altar. Leviathan is obedient to the serpent and in his obedience He has united them. I want to tell you, brethren, that human kind is divided. Let me tell you something. You've never seen such a united people as they stand as one man against Christ Jesus. They're divided amongst themselves, but they're in complete agreement that Christ Jesus must not rise, whether they know it or whether they don't know it. If they're living out of their carnal mind, that's their stand. Alleluia!

            We're back in Revelation, chapter 17 verse 10, alternate translation. And the fallen five fold ministry has fulfilled its purpose. It has produced the true ministry who will mature into the sons of God. When they do that, they will endure forever as soon as the other one, as the other man, okay, because the first man (we have an old man and we have a new man) they will endure forever when the other guy, Christ Jesus, when the new man appears. But He has not yet made a public appearance. See, Christ Jesus is here. He's at this meeting tonight. He's in me and He's in you. But He has not yet made a public appearance. That's very interesting. Did I answer your question? I just love when I find things in these alternate translations. I love when the Lord lets me link up the old and the new testament and I also love when I come across things in the scripture, words that the Lord has actually spoken to me, personally. I remember the first time I preached. The Lord showed me a vision of myself with a microphone. He said to me, you're about to make your first public appearance. I have been waiting for a long time. He had told me that I would teach, but I waited a long time before I began to teach publicly. I had no idea where I would be speaking. I wound up very supernaturally speaking at the church that I was attending at that time. It started out as a testimony, but I definitely preached. It was very exciting for me. Now I preach all the time. It's still exciting. I love to preach. Okay, I would like to put this concept of the serpent whose mouth is in her tail on the board. I'm going to relate it to footnote #138 in the old testament which appears in verse 11 7a which says; by separating Leviathan from the serpent. Let me read you the whole thing.

            And Jehovah said, look, the people are united because Leviathan, the mortal mind that the serpent made is obedient to the people's other altar. You see, Jehovah is speaking to Abel. They're not obedient to you, Abel. They are obedient to the other altar or they're not obedient to the altar upon which has formed you, but I'm stopping that evil mind, Leviathan, from making the people worship the serpent. Because you see, whoever your mind is, that's who you are. If you have two minds; whichever mind you are living out of, that's who you are. The people had two minds, Abel and Leviathan, and apparently Leviathan had united them and they were living out of Leviathan. Jehovah is speaking to Abel and talking about this problem and He's saying I'm going to stop that evil mind, Leviathan, from making them worship the serpent and this is how I'm going to do it. I'm going to separate Leviathan from the serpent because, you see, the serpent had her tail in her mouth. Leviathan and the serpent are really just one. Jehovah said, this is how I'm going to do it. I'm going to separate Leviathan from the serpent and I'm going to give Elohim's breath of life, which is in the serpent to the animals so that mortal man can be rejoined to me.

            See, when we first worked up these scriptures, it sounds like this terrible judgment; Jehovah came down and He saw what man was doing and He was going to take their spiritual substance and make them into animals. No brethren, if Jehovah did not separate Leviathan and the serpent, they would have married mankind, however he appeared at that time and the creation would have been made permanent in a perverse condition whereby they would have been the slaves of the serpent forever. It would have been a true eternal torment. So Jehovah said, no, I'm going to separate Leviathan and Satan.              I guess I'll just go on with the footnote. I'm starting with the footnote on page 63, footnote #168. The serpent's possession of Elohim's breath of life and her increase into Leviathan, the mind of mortal man, made the serpent powerful enough to permanently complete Jehovah's creature as a mortal wild animal which would exist forever in eternal torment as the serpent's slave. But in order for this hellish unending world (I'm going over to page 64 now) to come into existence it is necessary for the serpent to marry Leviathan who is the mind of mortal man. There has to be a marriage. Daniel, chapter 7:9 in our alternate translation: And I continued to look at the vision until the wild animal which Adam is to rule over came into submission to him and the emancipated slave, the first one resurrected out from this existence known as death possessed the wild animal and dwelt with her as a wife. And the wild animal was cleansed from all sin when she married him. There is another scripture about having our land married. I don't recall where it is so we won't put it on this tape. It's in the alternate translation.

            Brethren, humanity has to get married. We're spiritually female. We will continue to engage in unending births and deaths until we get married. This is a temporary condition. A marriage will make our condition permanent, either a permanent hell or a permanent heaven. You see, eternal torment is a reality, but it's not Jesus Christ who is throwing you into eternal torment. It's the serpent who desires to do so. Jesus is trying to save us from eternal torment. Is this not the condition of the members of the two witness company, going to people trying to help them, trying to bring them the truth, trying to show them their sins. Most people think evil of those who are truly serving Jesus in this hour. Why? Because it is Leviathan in your mind. She sees everything backwards. That's the condition. Jesus said they hated me and they'll hate you, too. He said you're no better than I am. You see that they hated me, and they're not going to hate you? So you see, this is a very interesting point, that in order for this creature to grow up and become an adult, she has to get married. She has to marry a spiritual altar which will become her foundation in the visible world. Jesus is our altar. He's our foundation in this visible world, but we have to marry Him. The whole point of His being a foundation, an altar and an anchor is that this whole creation should stop going through these series of births and deaths. He's going to anchor us here so that we no longer go out and come in. But the serpent wants to marry you also; wants to marry me, wants to marry all of humanity and put us in a condition of eternal torment that will last for as long as the age continues. I believe people that there will be a resurrection of the unjust. I believe people will experience eternal torment.

            We're going to see it. I think we see it now. People sticking needles in their arms, rolling on the street. I've seen people in eternal torment now; eternal torment which lasts until the age ends. In this hour, the end of the age for any individual is when their personality separates from their body. That's the end of the age for them. There will be people standing up in a negative full stature, in a full statute of evil. There will be people in torment who will no longer come in or go out. They will be in eternal torment until Jesus Christ rolls up this age like a scroll. This is the problem, the serpent wants to marry the creature who is Jehovah's wife. So in order to stop this from happening, Jehovah separated the serpent and Leviathan. That is He prevented them from getting married. You see, brethren, we are Leviathan. Leviathan is the mind of mortal man. So we are who our mind is. That's why Jesus called the pharisees, vipers. We are the dragon; we are Leviathan and the serpent wants to marry us. Many are marrying her. Some know what they're doing and some are being deceived. So for this reason, because Jehovah loves us, He separated the serpent from Leviathan. The way He did it was that He reclaimed Elohim's breath of life, which had made Cain into the mighty serpent. Jehovah took that energy. He didn't take all of the energy out of the serpent, but He took some of it and He dispersed it. You see, this energy was just between Leviathan and the serpent and the serpent was too strong so Jehovah gave us animal skins, you see. It might say that in Genesis 2 or 3.

             The fact that it says it in Genesis 2 or 3 does not necessarily mean that it came to pass there. It came to pass in Genesis 11. Jehovah wanted to weaken the serpent. So she spread out her energy by giving the creature, mankind at the time, animal bodies. So Jehovah separated the serpent from Leviathan by reclaiming Elohim's breath of life which had made Cain into the mighty serpent and used it to form animal bodies that would be prison houses for the hurtful spirits that the serpent and Leviathan would incarnate. If you would like another witness to these hurtful spirits, it is in Zephaniah 2:3. It speaks about the hurtful spirits. So Jehovah dispersed Elohim's breath of life through the serpent who was the foundation upon which mortal man incarnates. He dispersed it in three directions; #1, the serpent, #2 Leviathan, who was the mind of mortal man and the third direction in which Jehovah dispersed the breath of life was towards the devil. Mortal man's physical mortal bodies are the devil. They are the prison houses for mortal man's hurtful spirits. I'm sure that you've heard me say that Elohim never formed these bodies and that the serpent did it. Well I have to stand corrected. Jehovah formed these bodies, but He formed them as prison houses. For years I could not understand why if the serpent formed these bodies, she is trying to kill us all the time. She makes us sick.

            She gives us accidents. She kills us. What's her problem? I thought she was just self destructive. I now find out that Jehovah did, in fact, form these bodies, but He formed them as prison houses. When the serpent makes us sick or damages us in any way, it's because she is trying to beat us into a submission that will ultimately result in her being free of us. Illness is punishment. I've known that for years. You see, when you damage the body, the person's spiritual resources are low. It's much easier for the serpent to get a spiritual hold on someone who is sick or who is morally corrupt. You have to be strong to lead a decent life in this world because the powers and principalities are deadly. Why is the serpent trying to kill us? She wants to get out of this body. She wants a spiritual existence, free of this body. Jehovah constructed the animal bodies. He constructed the physical bodies in such a way that the serpent and Leviathan would be separated because that was His goal in putting them in jail; that they should be separated. He constructed bodies with Leviathan, the conscious mind at the top of the spinal column. Now remember these bodies are the devil. Leviathan is at the top of the devil. She's at the top of the spinal column in the brain and the serpent who is the unconscious mind is at the bottom of the devil's spinal column, in the belly, Paul says, the seat of the mortal appetites. So because of this condition that Jehovah is responsible for, the serpent lusts continuously to express her desires through the minds of the many personalities of mortal man and Leviathan, the mind of the many personalities of mortal man lusts continuously to express the serpent's desires through the devil (that's the physical animal bodies of mortal man) and the many personalities of the devil who is the physical expression of the spiritual serpent, lusts continuously to marry herself or other physical animal bodies of mortal man.

            Our reference is 1 Timothy 5:15; And so it is written, for as much then as the children, the sons of Elohim, are partakers of (we are all potential sons of Elohim because the breath of life is in the creature) for as much then as the children (sons of Elohim) are partakers of flesh and blood, He, the Lord Jesus who is Elohim, also Himself likewise took part of the same flesh and blood because or so that through this opportunity to overcome the lust that produced death when Elohim incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, He was presented with an opportunity to overcome this cycle that I have described for you. The serpent lusts down in the appetites. Leviathan lusts in the mind. The physical body lusts for other physical bodies and the circle goes on and on and on. Elohim in the form of Jesus of Nazareth took on the flesh for the specific purpose of having the opportunity to overcome the lusts (that's the serpent) and Leviathan and the devil that produced death so that He might destroy him (Colossians 2:15) that have the power to keep us dead. That is the devil. The devil who is the servant of the serpent and Leviathan. You see, the devil is the sum total of our spiritual parts; the serpent, Leviathan. The serpent plus Leviathan equals the devil. The serpent, our foundation; Leviathan, our mind, makes us a physical devil. I'm in Hebrews 2 by the way. That was verse 14. This is verse 15. And delivered them (now this is what Jesus came to do) He came to overcome the lusts which keep us dead and to deliver them who through fear of submission to the lusts of death or the devil (and that word fear means reverence) and to deliver them who through (not that they're afraid of the lusts, but they respect the lust. That means that they're in bondage to the lust and they think that it's okay, very frequently.

            They want the lust. This is their lifestyle. And deliver them through submission to the lusts of death which is the devil and to deliver them who through submission to the lusts of the devil. Brethren, that means submission to this wicked mind and this wicked body that wants you to do things that are the exact opposite to what the Lord Jesus tells you to do. And deliver them who through submission to the lusts of the devil were all their lifetime subject to the bondage of those lusts. Brethren, if you do them, you're in bondage to them. The only way out of this mess is to stop doing them. Doing what? The lusts of the flesh. Come ye out of the world and be ye separate and I shall receive you as a son. It's not talking about stopping smoking. But of course you don't come out until you have something to come out to. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. That place that He has prepared for you must grow inside of you. We come out little by little by little. Brethren, there is no rapture. Full stature is not a rapture experience. It is an overcoming of the lusts of the devil who is the sum total of the serpent and Leviathan. It is a return to immortality by stepping on the head of the serpent and Leviathan by refusing to submit to the lusts. You see, it isn't going away. Refusal to submit to the lusts. Am I talking about sexual lusts only? No! I'm talking about the lusts of your mind. The Lord told me curiosity is a lust of the mind. Put your mind on the word of God and have nothing to do with the lusts of this world. Have nothing to do with the mind of this world, Leviathan or the behavior of this world. It's the only way out of hell. If you think that you answered an altar call and you're waiting for some event for a door to open for you to walk through, you are deceived.

            You have to climb your way out of here through warfare, but even more than that, through intense service and submission to Jesus Christ. Have no fear, brethren, because soon, very soon, your deliverer shall make a public appearance and the world will see the fruit of this message and they will all turn away from the serpent and Leviathan and start working towards their new husband and deliverance from the old. Praise the Lord! I would like to put some drawings on the board relating this message to a Hindu principle that the tail of the serpent is in her mouth. Now if this is the first tape that you're hearing, I hope that you're not shocked that I'm talking about Hindu principles. Spiritual truth is in many places in this world. Actually, there's more spiritual truth outside of the church than inside of the church.

            At this hour the church is very immature. Large numbers have tried to mature and gone off into the wrong direction. There are very few truly mature men in the church, but it's not forever. Anyone listening to this tape, I do not believe in elitism. I believe that this is for everybody, each man in his own order, however. Everyone will not come at the same time. Those who enter into spiritual maturity first are to raise up, train up and drag up the others. We have found a large amount of spiritual truth in Hindu philosophy. The Lord has used it just as He has used other points of contact over the years. He uses Star Trek. He uses all kinds of spiritual programs that are not demonic. When I first started studying in the kundalini, there were some books that I wouldn't read because the spirit on them was ugly. But there are many books that are pure intellectual studies and they have a lot of truth. The Lord has used it to witness to me as to this is true, this is not, this is true, this is not.

            I remember months ago, seeing the picture of the serpent with her tail in her mouth and I said, Lord, what in the world is that talking about? Well, He showed me. So I'm going to put it on the board and show you and let me just emphasize for you that what I'm saying is this concept of the serpent with her tail in her mouth is exactly what I just told you in these last paragraphs. It's the circle, you see. The serpent lusts continually to express her desires through the mind and Leviathan, who is the mind, lusts continually to express the serpent's desire through the devil, which is the physical body. The physical bodies of the many people of humanity lusts continuously to marry themselves. Because when you marry a mortal person, the serpent is marrying herself through you because we are all the serpent. She is our foundation. She has founded us. She has incarnated us and her offspring is our mind. I know the church is going to love this message, but it's the truth. I'm not just talking about sex. Every soul tie that you make, every relationship that you have that's not in the spirit of Christ Jesus is the serpent joining with herself. It is sexual also, of course. The activities of this world cannot continue if you are to ascend.

            The activities of this world are Leviathan in me to Leviathan in you. So if I want to overcome the lusts of this world, I have to start relating to people by Christ in me to Christ in you. I'm going to say that again. If you want to get out of hell, brethren, you have to overcome the lusts of the one whom you are in submission to. How do I know that you are in submission to her? Because she incarnated you. How do I know? Because you look like a serpent. That's what the serpent looks like in the mirror; two legs, two arms, two eyes, a nose and a mouth. It's a spiritual serpent. The way we get out of hell is to resist communicating on any level, spiritual, physical, emotional, out of the serpent and start to relate to people out of Christ Jesus; Christ Jesus in me to Christ Jesus in you. Now if Christ Jesus isn't being formed in you, you've got a big problem. Even if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, don't anybody take this message as a condemnation. It is designed to give you a vision that you can pray about. There's no way you can bring this to pass by yourself. But it would help to know if the Lord starts drawing you into this lifestyle. What lifestyle? A spiritual lifestyle that rejects the things of this world, not by a religious order, but by an indwelling spiritual law called Christ Jesus. Then He starts to cause your left arm, which is speaking about your carnal mind, to wither and dry. When you see your life drying up, maybe you'll hear this message. You think you're alone. You think you have no friends or maybe you're in the midst of a big family and you're lonely. Maybe, the Lord Jesus is causing this life that is keeping you in bondage to the devil to wither and dry. Look up and be encouraged. Look for the beginnings of the spiritual life. In your pain, and in your loneliness, and in your torment, look for the shoot of the new life. That's the purpose of this message, to encourage you. You can't bring it to pass yourself. No flesh will glory. Okay, I'm going to put that on the board.    

           This is the first drawing. It's broken down into parts A and B of a series of drawings by which I hope to demonstrate to you the spiritual principle of the coiled serpent whose tail is in her mouth. Significantly she keeps coiling and coiling and coiling until she meets herself. I won't comment anymore on that right now. Drawing A is something that you've seen before. It's just a symbol of the abyss with the visible world, Adam, appearing on top of the waves of the seas. The firmament is in place. The earth is sterile and barren underneath the firmament and we see some grass growing on the surface of the earth on the side of Eden. The garden has two sides to it. We're drawing it; I don't know whether this is right or not, but we're drawing it with Eden on the right and eastward of Eden on the left. Why does the garden have two sides to it? Because the creature is not yet fully formed and it's a fifty fifty chance which way it will turn out. Will it incarnate on the positive side in Jehovah's image or will it incarnate on the negative side in the serpent's image? It's fifty fifty. Yes, Jehovah knew what would happen because He knows everything, but He didn't plan it to happen in any particular way. He set up all the circumstances. He trained Adam to the best of His ability and Adam had to pass through into a visible world. Adam would either pass through as Elohim's son or he would pass through (well, he's going to be Elohim's son, no matter what. The question is will he become Elohim's mature son by taking a detour through this hellish world or not?) As we all know, he took the detour and here we are. But he is going to wind up and we in him are going to wind up as Elohim's sons because it is given unto a man once to die and then the judgment, the corrective judgment which restores us to our immortality in a higher state than we were when Adam fell.     

            Here is our abyss. Adam is on top of the waves. The seas are on top of the firmament and we could see that this is the surface of the earth here; that grass is growing because Elohim's river of life is circulating through the seas, through the firmament touching the surface of the earth and stepping up through the firmament to produce the visible image known as Adam. All this is called the photoelectric effect. The firmament is acting as a filter. Adam is a part of the whole creature. Adam is the mind of the whole creature. The earth is a part of Adam just like our legs are a part of us. They don't have a mind of their own, but they're a part of us. Adam was the mind of the whole creature and he was clearly instructed by Elohim that the only one who was allowed to pass through the firmament which was at Adam's bottom (remember Adam was abiding on top of the waves, but he had a lower part to him, an internal part, a lower nature; however you need to understand it.

            Adam was clearly instructed by Elohim that the only one who was to pass through the firmament was Elohim; Elohim's light stream. Elohim was a light stream of particles. He was gaseous. He was the only one that was to be allowed through the firmament so that he could pass over the earth and have an exchange of electrons which was necessary to produce Adam's image on the surface. The firmament was to allow Elohim through, but it was to keep the seas out. Why was it to keep the seas out? Because the seas were fertile seed. You see, at this point, the earth was barren. The earth was sterile. She was dry. But Elohim knew that if the seas came down upon the earth, the water would give consciousness to the earth and consciousness without union with Elohim is the serpent; the other fifty percent of the potential of the creature to incarnate. The firmament was a filter like a dam with locks. You let so much water through and then the locks close and the rest of the water is held back. Apparently, from translations that have been coming down here recently, and I don't understand it because Adam was in such a high place, I'm not capable of understanding it, but at least the analogy that the scripture gives us is that it was pleasurable. On what level of pleasure, I have no idea. Adam was not an animal. Elohim didn't tickle his toes. He didn't rub his back. He didn't give him a spaghetti dinner. Adam was spirit, so I don't know what gave him pleasure. But apparently Elohim's light stream, the river of life passing through the firmament touching the earth and stepping back up gave Adam pleasure. This connection, this union with Elohim, who was together with Jehovah, gave Adam some kind of pleasure. I have at least two scriptures in the alternate translation that indicate that the very name of the garden of Eden means the place of pleasure; the place of satisfaction; the place where one is so fulfilled that there's no desire for anything else. So there was something very satisfying in this relationship that Adam had with Elohim flowing through him as a continuous river irrigating him and nourishing him and meeting his every need. We do have a scripture in the Song of Solomon.

            It was the second message that I ever preached called The Seduction of Eve where it clearly says that Adam was seduced. She says that her beloved came knocking at the door and that she was filled with lust for him. She says my beloved put his hand in the hole of the door. You know I preached that message nine years ago and I said, Lord, what kind of the hole of the door? Brethren, the firmament is a filter. Filters have holes in them. Brethren, the seas came up to the firmament, Adam's door, the door to his lower part, the door to actually where the grass is growing. The grass is really as true reality. Adam is the image that's reflected. So the seas were pressing on the firmament, on the holes of the firmament. They wanted to go through. Song of Solomon 5 says; And my beloved came and put his hand by the hole of the door and I was filled with lust for him. I guess Adam liked to be penetrated in his firmament. I don't know what it means. Elohim came as a stream of light particles. Elohim was gaseous and He was continuously putting pressure on the firmament, Adam's foundation, Adam's bottom. But the seas were also pressing on the firmament. Apparently, Elohim educated Adam in a way that should have enabled him to distinguish between the two pressures.

            The pressure of the light stream which he was to let through and the pressure of the seas which he was not to let through. But something happened and Adam let the seas through. The seas are fertile seed. That means when the seas get together with the earth, the earth becomes fertile and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil sprouts; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the beginnings of the serpent. So over here in drawing B, we see Adam letting the seas through. You can see in drawing B that the seas have deceived Adam and are penetrating the firmament. Please note that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not growing in Eden. It's growing eastward of Eden and it's growing in the opposite direction of the grass. To our carnal mind, it looks like it's growing upside down. The grass is growing up. It's on the right side and the tree is growing down. It's on the left side of the garden. Remember that everything that happens eastward of Eden is the opposite of what happens in Eden. Eastward of Eden is a mirror image of Eden. So it's not only on the left side, it's also backwards from top to bottom. Is everybody okay? The seas is the serpent's seed.

            We're looking at drawing #2. In this drawing we see that Adam who is Elohim's reflection has died. All of the seas have penetrated the firmament. So for all intents and purposes, the firmament doesn't exist. Everything is underneath. At this point I'm not really sure whether the firmament breaks up or not. I'm really not sure, but I know that at the very least, all the seas (the reason I don't know is because the firmament is Elohim, is made out of Elohim. The firmament is not really Adam, it's Elohim, so I'm not too sure about that, but I know at the very least all of the seas fell through the firmament. So for all intents and purposes, the firmament doesn't exist and it's not holding anything up. We see the seas are covering the earth. The grass in Eden is dead because the roots of the tree have grown, have folded over upon each other. You may recall the teaching here a month or so ago about this is how spirits incarnate. They fold over upon themselves.

            We found that expression in Ezekiel 1, years ago. I didn't know what it meant until this revelation started coming down that that's the way a spirit incarnates, that's the way a spirit becomes visible. It's as if to say you have an invisible thread, a very long and visible thread, and you start just laying, just going like this with your hand and laying it over and over and over upon itself. When you get enough thicknesses of this invisible thread, it will become visible. I guess it's not really invisible thread, it's just so small that you can't see it or so thin that you can't see it. When you keep putting layer and layer and layer upon itself, it becomes more and more solid and it becomes visible.

            These are the serpent's roots in the garden and the tree is growing and the tree is Leviathan. Eden, for all intents and purposes has become a wasteland. Civilization has moved over to eastward of Eden. All consciousness is now eastward of Eden. The seas are completely covering the earth and this existence which is where we are now, is called Atlantis. Please note that the grass is the cultivated plant. You could see how short the roots of the cultivated plants are and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, of course, is growing in the complete opposite direction so the roots of the tree are where the grass is. Can you see what I'm saying? So the grass is not even confronted with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The grass is confronted and suffocated by the roots of the tree. Can you see this? The grass is not dealing with Leviathan. The grass is dealing with the serpent. The power foundation is crushing the grass and not letting it breathe.

            I'm not sure how I'm going to draw it and I'll probably try on the next diagram. Who is Elohim's dark shadow? I've been bouncing back and forth about this for some time. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get these refinements in my mind. Elohim's dark shadow is the devil; this physical body. The serpent is the root. Leviathan is the tree and the physical appearance of the serpent is the devil who is appearing in the muddy waters of Atlantis. The devil is the image of the serpent and Leviathan in the visible world. Where is the visible world? The visible world is always in the water. In Adam's case it was on top of the clean waters, but in this case and in Adam's case the grass was down at the bottom and Elohim pierced through, touched him and caused the photoelectric effect way on top of the waves. But in the case of the fallen creation, everything seems to be sort of jammed together. Remember that the fallen creation is solid. The spiritual creation was not solid. It was more spread out. See, everything sort of jammed together. We have the earth, then we have the seas on top of the earth and then we have Elohim's dark shadow on top of the seas. We're all crunched up together and that's why we're all thick and solid, the way we are. I think I'll just sort of sketch over this diagram because I don't know how else to do it. Do you see what I'm trying to say? The image of the serpent and Leviathan is right on top.

            We're looking at drawing #3. It's the best I can do with my artistic ability. I color coded it and I told you that red is equal to the surface of the seas. As I look at it, I know that it can't possibly be accurate, but it's the best I can do. I hope that when our artist does her drawings, she'll do a better job of showing the surface, however you make it three dimensional. What we have here is the garden which is the earth. We have the tree growing out of the earth. We have the roots growing over the tree and the seas are on top of the earth, the tree and the roots of the tree and the image of the serpent is on top of everything else. What we have here, brethren, is a visible physical world which is thick and solid and all levels piled one on top of the other. The earth, the tree, the roots, the seas and the image of the devil; they're all piled one on top of another. What we have is a clay animalistic creation.

            Adam, Elohim's reflection is dead and this is the visible physical world. I hope in the next two drawings to show you how this visible physical world is appearing in the human body. Now remember that as Elohim came out from the Father in a water medium, the mind, whichever mind it is, whether it's Leviathan or whether it's Christ Jesus, comes with his environment. See, Elohim came with His own environment, the waters that He was a part of. Leviathan comes with the environment of this visible physical world. Try to expand your mind. I know it's hard to understand. But a mind came into the world and he came with a whole environment, not only with a physical body, but with a whole (not only even a whole planet, not only a whole universe with a multiplicity of universes). Leviathan incarnated with an and as part of an environment. If you're looking for Leviathan, herself, you've got to look in mortal man because that's where she resides. She is the mind of mortal man. But the trees are a part of her and the bunny rabbits are a part of her and the kangaroos are a part of her, just like my fingernail is a part of me and the hairs on my legs are a part of me and the mole on my cheek is a part of me. But if you want to communicate with me, you've got to talk to my consciousness, to my intelligence, to my brain, to my personality, to my spirit. You don't talk to my pinky. You don't talk to my leg.

            The universes that we live in is Leviathan's environment. It's a part of her whole being, just as the whole abyss and everything that I had on the board with drawing #2 was Adam. But his mind was in the person of Adam. The earth was a part of him, the seas were a part of him. Is everybody okay? That's an awesome thing that I'm telling you. I've mentioned it before that some scientist somewhere has a theory that the earth as a whole with all the trees and the animals and the grass and the rocks and the seas, that the earth has a single consciousness. It's as if to say, we were the equivalent of a single cell in our body. There are trillions of cells in our bodies. It is as if to say each one of us is a cell amongst trillions of cells. Expand your mind. It's an awesome thought and why not? I know that if you look at human tissue under a microscope, there's intense activity. Even when we sleep, there's intense activity. The organs function. There's all kinds of activities. We don't even know anything about what's going on inside of us. Why can't we have an existence inside a more superior being? Is this not our relationship to Jehovah? We're in the midst of Him. He opened up a womb in Himself, only a weed got inside.

            I'm going to pray about this diagram and hopefully have it for you at the next meeting. I'm not sure what it looks like. What I'm trying to tell you is that the creation fell down upon itself. It fell down upon itself. That's how it got thick and solid. It used to be expanded. There were high seas and Adam was on top of the waves, but the seas fell down on the earth and we have everything packed in here together. The serpent, Leviathan, the devil; that's what we are. Everything is packed in, packed solid and there's a continuous cycle going on and it's the serpent ministering to herself. This is what the symbol of the serpent with her tail in her mouth is. She's seeking herself. She's lusting for herself. I read it for you at the beginning of this message, that the serpent lusts for Leviathan and Leviathan lusts to express herself through the mind. Leviathan's mind lusts to express herself through the physical body and the physical body is continuously lusting for everything; lusting for food, lusting for men, lusting for women, lusting for experiences.

            This whole creation is based on lust that is hopefully designed to fulfill the serpent and it's a continuous cycle going round and round and round; when we were designed to be satisfied by looking upward towards, of course, the Lord Jesus, but He is representing Jehovah to us. We're stuck, as the scriptures say, in this fear of death. It's not that we're afraid of death, but we're serving death, we're reverencing death. We're looking to death for our satisfaction. Paul clearly said that death is the devil. We're looking to the lusts of the flesh, to the activities of this body and the lusts of the mind to satisfy us. We're caught in a vicious circle of which the spiritual reality is (now listen) the spiritual reality of the circular bondage that we're in, that we just keep going round and round and round because we're never satisfied. Maybe we're satisfied, but it's just for a short season and we need more. What's happened to us, the hidden reason that we're in this condition is that the serpent who founded us, who's in us, who's given us the mind that we have, is narcissistic and she's very concerned with herself. She is lusting for herself and she has incarnated us. She has stolen the energy source which is Elohim's breath and made us into these creatures. We're criminal creatures who are endlessly seeking to satisfy ourselves because it's the serpent in us seeking to satisfy herself through us. Our only hope, brethren, is to stop agreeing with the serpent's lusts and start entering into Jesus' lusts. You see, it's okay to lust. It's okay to pant after Jesus. It's okay to lust for Him. It's okay to lust for the kingdom of God. It's okay to lust for righteousness. It's okay. But it's not okay to lust for the things of this world, lust for the things that the serpent has founded. If you lust for the things that the serpent has founded, you will be her slave. Of course, there is a scale of one to ten.

            You may be listening to this tape and saying what is she talking about. I live in a mansion; I drive a Mercedes, I have a beautiful wife and ten gorgeous kids, all of which are very happy and very wealthy. You don't even know what you're talking about, because if nothing else, you're going to die. Don't tell me that you haven't had pain in your life because everybody has pain in their life. We're called to immortality, brethren. We are spirit. Our spirit has been captured by a criminal entity who has woven us into a being which is in her image and you and I are in hell. You may be a trustee. Things may not be all that bad for you, but we have been stolen. We are the wife of Almighty God and the trumpet is sounding, saying, brethren, arise and resist the one that you are married to. Act as though you were not married to her and be married to your new husband. Act like you have already been liberated even though you have not been liberated. That's the message of the hour. The serpent who's eating or consuming her own tail is actually within us. She is continuously searching for herself. I'm sorry if this offends you, but that is the root of human sexual activity. Sorry if that upsets you. I am not a nut.

             I am an apostle of God and I know exactly what I'm talking about. You never have enough and it's spiritual homosexuality, mortal to mortal. We're suppose to be reaching up towards Jesus for our satisfaction. Praise the Lord, I leave you with the truth. I'll try to get this image straight by the next meeting. I haven't been able to see it exactly.

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