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We are reviewing judgment today, but it is more than a review. We are going deeper into the doctrine of judgment. Did you know that judgment is a doctrine? Paul, in the Book of Hebrews, calls it Eternal Judgment, and that word eternal is a translation of the Greek word aion which means the judgment of the age. This age that we are abiding in is being judged.


Let me put it this way, there is a set time for the judgment of this age. What's another word for this age? This age is a timeline which is a deviation from the path that Michael sat Adam upon before time began. Michael is the seed that Elohim formed Himself into at the beginning of the creation. The son separated from the Father, the son is Elohim, he came forth in the form of a sperm, and as in human reproduction the sperm joins with the female egg to produce a seed, the first cell of the new baby.


Elohim came forth from Jehovah as a sperm, and there being no female egg Jehovah joined Himself to Elohim to form the seed, and every time there is a change in the scripture a new name is given to that which is the product of the change. Michael is the seed that was the result of Jehovah joining Himself to Elohim. It was Michael who planted himself in the earth and brought forth Adam, and Michael is the Father. We hear a lot in the scriptures about the Father. Michael is the Father, and in the event there are two, that we hear the word Father coming up as a plural, the Fathers of this world, or the Fathers of this timeline are Michael and Adam.


My whole point for the purpose of this message is that Michael set Adam on a path that was a good path, that would have never ended in destruction. It was a path that would have resulted in Adam who was good evolving, that's right. Adam was on a path of spiritual evolution to evolve from good to perfect. Adam was killed in the event that a lot of people know as the fall, but Adam's breath survived, just as when a human being dies a skeleton survives. The breath, Adam's breath, that which gave him consciousness and life was Elohim's spirit. Elohim's spirit can never die. Adam died, and his breath, Adam's spirit, survived. It is Elohim's breath, and that breath was stolen by a spiritual criminal called the serpent who used that breath, that spiritual power to form this present world.


If you are shocked because you think that God formed this world, I challenge you to read the rest of the message, which is not really all about this, I am just giving you background. The serpent formed this world with the substance of Elohim's creation. It would be as if you had a batter whipped up to make a cake that would be in a particular form, say a heart shape, and someone came in and stole your batter and baked it as a circle. Now that is an extremely simplified explanation, but that is what happened. This age which was formed by the serpent, therefore, is a criminal age. It is an age which has been formed with the stolen substance of Almighty God.


The serpent had no power within herself to form a world or to bring forth any kind of conscious being. The strength by which she has incarnated, not only this plant, but all the planets of the universe is a stolen strength, and Jehovah intends to reclaim what is His. This is a shocking message, but it is the truth and it is the message that's going to set you free if you have the guts to not stop reading. That's really all I am going to say about that on this message.


My point is, this age is under judgment. Age abiding judgment. There are several questions here. First of all, what is under judgment? Are the trees under judgment? Are the flowers under judgment? Are the animals under judgment? What are who is under judgment? Where are the ages? Actually, the flowers and the trees are under judgment, but the one who is under judgment is the one who has incarnated this world. Maybe I should put the question to you differently.


The one who was the representative of the one who was incarnated, the whole world, including man, who was that? The serpent. And the reason for the judgment is that the largest proportion of Elohim's spirit is in man. The serpent formed herself into the dragon who has incarnated this world, and the serpent is appearing through the dragon or they are appearing together in this world today through whom? The mind. This is really important. There is no such thing as a human being from the spiritual point of view. We are in parts. When you look at me, I am in parts. I have a carnal mind, I have a personality, and I have a Christ mind. I have a personality which is an expression of the woman who rebelled against Adam which resulted in this world system which resulted in this timeline being opened up. There was a rebellion in heaven.


How did this timeline come into existence? The seed, Elohim's seed, existed in a water medium which can be likened to human semen, and the human semen has two sides to it, water and spermatozoa. Elohim's seed, which is Michael appearing as Adam, was in a water medium, and the water medium was female to the seed. The water rebelled against the seed and departed from it. So the one who was in rebellion is the woman, and I just cannot reteach this whole thing, but the woman rebelled against her husband, Michael and Adam, the Fathers of the visible creation, and she went with another man, the earth. She gathered the earth, she thickened her waters with the earth and made a male part of herself, and the two of them interacted and formed this whole world.


In this world we have the woman who rebelled against the Fathers appearing as the personalities of men, and then every individual human being has a personality, an expression of the woman, everyone has a carnal mind, an expression of the serpent, and everyone has a human spirit which is the residue which remained after Adam died. We are the man, we are the woman, and we are the false male who is committing adultery with the woman. We have a spiritual situation whereby there is one woman who has the opportunity to choose between two husbands, and the husband of the woman is the mind which is in this body. We are not just this body.


This body actually is the expression of the beast, it is a beast body, it is an animal body. Within the body is a personality, that part of us which is the woman, a carnal mind, that part of us which is the pseudo-male that the woman married, and the human spirit which is the residue of the true husband, the spirit of the true husband. I you are reading this message, there is a good chance that the human spirit in you, has received the engrafted word, and Christ is being formed in you.


If that is the case, you are the woman, you have a personality, you are a male, you have a male side of you which is Christ's mind, and you have the pseudo-husband which the scripture calls a eunuch. What does that mean? It means that you have a mind who is male. Jehovah is admitting that he's male, but he does not have the power to impart life to you. This creation has consciousness, but it does not have life. If it had life we would not die. The body would not die after a season if we had life within us.


Let me say it again. We look like we are an individual person, but we are not. We are more than this body. We have a personality which is an expression of the woman who rebelled against Adam which resulted in the fall of the creation. We have a carnal mind which the serpent formed within ourselves out here in this dimension because the serpent is not in this dimension. She is appearing in this dimension as our carnal mind, and then we have a human spirit which Christ may be engrafted to. If the Holy Spirit has engrafted to your human spirit, Christ is being formed, and you now have a righteous male mind. You have two minds. If you have not received the engrafted word, the human spirit is completely under the dominion of your carnal mind, and the scripture describes him that he is in the position of a homosexual harlot being used by the carnal mind for the specific purpose of continuing to support the image of this criminal world.


This age is under judgment. We are perverse. The age is good and evil. We have the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and those of us who have known nothing other than this age look at the good side of the age and have a lot of trouble believing that it is under judgment. There is a necessity of judgment for this age, the righteousness of the judgment of this age. Why? Because it is only judgment which will free the human spirit, raise Adam from the dead, restore the proper king to the throne of this creation which is Adam, and deliver the woman out of the hands of the wicked husband that she wound up with because of her own indiscretion. You have to hear this.


People have to hear this. Judgment is for the purpose of freeing Elohim's spirit, God's breath, from an enforced slavery by which he is prostituted continuously for evil purposes. And secondly, for freeing the woman which we are from an existence of pain and pleasure so even if you are reading this message and you are the one who has the good life -- everyone has some pain -- but even if your overall life is good you must admit, if you are reasonable, that the majority of the people in the world have painful lives. The answer to the conditions of this world is what Paul calls the Doctrine of Eternal Judgment, righteous judgment, which will put an end to the suffering of this world, raise Adam from the dead, strengthen him to rule over the creation because he is the God-ordained king, and to rescue the woman, rescue the woman, rescue the woman.


The person who is being saved is your personality. Rescue the woman from an evil, abusive marriage to her carnal mind. Judgment is a good thing. So judgment is falling upon the carnal mind, and judgment is falling upon the woman, two kinds of judgment. One kind of judgment is falling upon the woman, the other kind of judgment is falling upon the illegal carnal mind. Can anyone name the two kinds of judgment? What is the name of the judgment unto correction? Does anyone know the scriptural name of judgment unto correction? The carnal mind doesn't want to remember judgment. Judgment unto correction is the judgment seat of Christ, and who is being judged under the Judgment Seat of Christ?


Who is the one being judged by the judgment seat of Christ? The woman or the carnal mind? The woman is being judged under the judgment seat of Christ, and who is judging her? Who is the mediator of the judgment seat of Christ? Christ Jesus is judging the woman, and what is the over riding characteristic of His judgment? It is it cruel? Mercy. Christ Jesus' judgment seat is merciful to the woman, and the fruit of the judgment seat of Christ? What happens to the woman? What is the result? There are two potential results. Hopefully, the woman will repent, and when she repents she chooses Christ over her carnal mind. She repents of what? She is repenting of adultery. Adultery with whom? The carnal mind. Repent of adultery with the carnal mind.


What is repentance? Repentance means to change your mind. Repentance is a change of mind. So the woman who was committing adultery with the carnal mind is going to change her mind, and she is going to choose Christ. Some of you may recognize that it is the fourth level of consciousness. So righteous judgment is talking about the Judgment Seat of Christ which is the judgment of the woman. The woman is your personality. The mediator of the judgment seat is Christ Jesus. The overriding quality of this judgment is mercy which hopefully produces repentance from adultery with the carnal mind, a change of mind which turns the woman towards Christ, but if the merciful seat of Christ does not produce repentance, if she doesn't choose to repent, if she is not strong enough.


No one in their right mind would refuse to reject the carnal mind and come to Christ. You have to be a person who's not thinking clearly because you are so under the power of the carnal mind that you don't even know what you are thinking or talking about. The nature of the judgment seat of Christ is mercy, and what form does that mercy take? The mercy of Christ Jesus in the mercy seat is to teach you, teach you, what it is that you are doing which is sin, because the people do not know what they are doing that is sin. They don't know. So the mercy is exposure of sin with an explanation, with instruction on how to overcome, how to stop sinning.


The mercy is exposure of sin with instruction on how to stop or with instructions on alternatives. So after the woman had it explained to her what sin is, how it is operating in her mind and in her life, and what her alternative is. And what is her alternative? Her alternative is Christ. There is another way. There is a way of righteousness. We can live out of the Christ mind. So if after hearing this she chooses Christ, she repents of adultery with the carnal mind, and chooses Christ she submits herself to a program of exposure and instruction and correction where she cooperates with the representative of Christ in a man. It is usually in a man; it doesn't have to be, but usually it is. If she doesn't repent she abides where she is under the tyranny of her carnal mind. She is turned over to herself.


Christ is our husband. He has the power to do great good to us in this world, power that we don't have. If we refuse Him we abide with our carnal mind. We have picked our carnal mind, and our carnal mind is our sin nature. So to be turned over to yourself is to be turned over to a wicked husband who, by analogy, will be treating us like a husband who prostitutes his wife. He will be using us for ungodly purposes. What are the ungodly purposes that our carnal mind would use us for? A mind, whether it be Christ or carnal, wants to have knowledge of the woman, which spiritual, sexual knowledge -- talking about union with the woman -- which knowledge will enable the mind to live its thoughts out, to act out its thoughts in this stage of the visible world.


This is the way it is set up now. It is the way the creation was set up by Jehovah at the beginning, these were his instructions to Elohim who formed the creation. The mind, the male mind, cannot act out the thoughts of himself without the agreement of the woman. You can't have sex with a woman unless she agrees, and the fruit of the spiritual sex between the mind and the personality produces behavior, not only physical behavior that you can see, that is visible, but it produces spiritual behavior. There is an activity of the mind that you may not be able to see but which certainly impacts other people's lives. Everybody OK with that?


The mind, whether it be Christ or the carnal mind, cannot act out his desire without the agreement of the woman, can't make this body do what the mind wants it to do unless the personality is agreeing. Now, the carnal mind is not beyond raping his own wife. Have you ever done something that you really would have chosen not to do if you had the power to not do it? Of course you have, everyone of us has. Why did we do it? Our husband, the carnal mind, raped us. One of the differences between Christ and the carnal mind, and I learned this the hard way, is that Christ will never force you to do something against your will. He will convince you to come into agreement with Him; however, while you are in rebellion against Him, if Christ has told you to do something that you don't want to do, while you are disobedient to Christ you are subject to your carnal mind and to Satan to do anything that they want to do to you.


So if you are getting beat up in the world it is because you are not in obedience to your husband. How do I know? If you are in obedience to Christ, if you were lined up behind Him, if you are hiding behind Christ Jesus, Satan could not touch you. Well you have problems in your life, Pastor Sheila. Of course, I do. I am not completely, exactly, mathematically lined up behind Christ Jesus. That position of being completely lined up behind Christ Jesus is called full stature, I am not there. This is a great misunderstanding in the church, and I have to admit that I preached it myself because I was in ignorance, that you disobey the Lord and judgment falls on you, punishment is falling on you.


Well, it is true that punishment is falling on you, but it is not Jesus Christ coming after you to whip you. The judgment falls because when you are disobedient to Christ Jesus you come out from under His protection, and Satan and Leviathan get you. It is Satan that gets you. Satan is your unconscious mind and Leviathan is your conscious mind. Satan can beat on you to the fullest degree that she has legal ground, and we all come into this world with a spiritual inheritance, a spiritual genetic inheritance of curses and blessings, that when we get beat on badly enough hopefully we come running back to Jesus who says, Welcome back, wife, I will protect you against Satan, but you must change.


You cannot come back into my household and my bed and accept my protection and continue to live out of your carnal mind; therefore, I offer you the Judgment Seat of Christ which will show you areas where you are under the influence of Satan, yes Satan, and the carnal mind, and the serpent. I know that you didn't know it, I know that you don't know it, but I will show it to you so that you can choose to change because if you do not choose to change... And what's another way of saying, choose to change? If you do not confess that this is sin when I show it to you and wage the warfare against Satan and Leviathan to change, you will not be lined up behind me, you will come out from under my protection, and Satan will get you, the bogey man will get you. That is the truth.


This is the situation that we are up to on the board right now, the second kind of judgment called the wrath of God. The wrath of God. Does anybody know who the wrath of God is mediated by? Who executes God's wrath? God is just ,being blasphemed through this whole world, so we have to talk about the wrath of God. What is the wrath of God? What is it? It is the fruit of violating God's righteous law. There is a spiritual law that is higher than any law in this world. It is higher than every physical law, Jesus can defy gravity, He did, He walked on the water, it's higher than the moral law in this world.


We saw that when David ate the shewbread, and when Jesus broke the Sabbath rules. God's spiritual law is higher than the moral law of the beings in this world. It is the first and primary law. It is the foundational law, and when that law is violated, there is a judgment. It is a righteous judgment because the law of God is life. The law of God produces life, and the violation of that law produces death, not only for the spiritual criminal, not only for his victim, but it produces a kind of death where the person continues to exist; therefore, the violation of Jehovah's righteous law produces a condition, a condition, a world founded on death where the inhabitants of that world are tormented continuously in their mind and in their emotion. Therefore, there must be a penalty which is a righteous penalty to the one who lays hold of the law of life and violates it producing a whole world with trillions and quadrillions (if there is such a word) of the people that have existed as long as mankind has been on the earth, and have suffered because of the violation of the one who violated the law however many years ago it was, billions of years ago.


Therefore, it is righteous that judgment should be executed upon those in this present day who are the victims of their own selves. The same one who broke the law that started this timeline is still living through us. We, the woman, the personality that we are, have no memory of what we did. It was the woman who departed from the man and started this whole mess. She was a spiritual woman, and the bottom line is that Adam received the whole responsibility because he was the man, and he could not hold on to her. How do I know Adam received the whole responsibility? The judgment fell on him and he died, and because Adam knows that he was and is responsible for everything that has happened since the time that he failed to deal adequately with his wife, for that reason, he is in this timeline today to get back his wife and correct this error that happened.


He could not hold on to his rebellious wife. Rebellion was her nature. She could not do anything but rebel. This this is a spiritual woman. If you are a women's libber and you are flipping out, these are spiritual principles. The woman was rebellious. She could not be anything else. It was Adam's responsibility to deal with her, to control her righteously, a righteous control, and Adam lost control of her. The result of it was that he died, and this whole timeline opened up, this timeline called eternal damnation where people are hurt all the time. Nobody goes through a period called a life time here without being hurt, some seriously, and some not all that seriously, but we all die. So Adam is in this timeline to get us back, and the way he is getting us back, and of course Adam is risen in the person of the Lord Jesus, so the Lord Jesus is in this timeline, and he is coming to the woman. He's saying, Look, I'm going to talk to you, I'm going to explain it to you, I'm going to tell you what happened. I'm undoing my mistake, and you have to come into submission to me. I want you to be in agreement with me.


Men and women, this is what marriage is supposed to be like. This is what your husband is supposed to be saying to you, ladies. Gentlemen, this is what you are supposed to be saying to your wives, Now, look, I am doing the best I can to run this family, and this is what you are doing wrong.  I am not talking about spiritual things now. This is what you are doing wrong with our children, in our life, in our finances, whatever it is, and I am asking you to agree with me that you are not going to do this anymore. I am asking you to agree with me that there is not going to be a $500 phone bill next month.


I want you to understand that this isn't right, it is not good for you, it is not good for me, it is not good for the children, and it is going to put us into bankruptcy, and I am asking you to understand that and to agree with me and to stop doing it. After the husband ministers to his wife like that, if she still rings up a $500 phone bill at the end of the month, the man has no choice --  it is even out of the man's hands -- judgment will fall. The phone company will shut your phone off if you don't pay the bill. But in the event that the family can afford that kind of a phone bill, the man goes out to work all day -- let's say the woman is home, she won't cooperate -- he has to shut off the telephone or put some kind of lock on it, which is humiliating to the woman, which makes a child out of her.


The whole principle is, brethren, after instruction as to what you are doing wrong -- we are all Christian women, the women here -- after we are told what we are doing wrong, in your natural life, if you cannot agree with what your husband is telling you, you are supposed to do what he wants, though you are not supposed to kill yourself, and you are not supposed to prostitute yourself. Within reason, within the family, you are supposed to do what he wants, and go before God and say, Lord I don't agree with this, but I am in submission to my husband and it is in your hands. That's what you are supposed to do.


So Jesus is coming to the woman, He is coming to the personalities of the people, and He wants to tell you, Look, this is what you are doing wrong. I know that you don't think it is sin because your carnal mind doesn't believe it is sin, and you are living out of your carnal mind, but I am telling you that this thought that went through your mind, that was your sin nature. I am not saying you are a terrible person. I am saying you are living out of your sin nature, and as long as you live out of your sin nature you will die after a season. You thought a thought, it is sin. You did this deed, it is sin. I want you to come into agreement with me that it is sin, not as lip service. I am hoping to convince you. Look, can't you see what you did? I am hoping to convince you that this was wrong. It came out of your sin nature. Come into agreement with me, this is Christ Jesus talking to the personality now, come into agreement with me, and let us defeat Satan and Leviathan, your old man, your other nature.


And when the woman comes into agreement with Christ Jesus, it is a battle, but it is just a matter of time until Satan and Leviathan are defeated, but if the woman will not come into agreement with Christ Jesus, does He punish her? Does He make her sick? Does He wreck her car? No. He just stands there and waits and watches because the woman, the personality, who is not in agreement with Christ Jesus, is in agreement with Satan and Leviathan, and Satan and Leviathan will do the equivalent of shutting off your telephone. That is the issue. 


This is the issue. It is hot a question of whether an imperfect man like me is -- see, I could be speaking to you out of Christ Jesus or not be speaking to you out of Christ Jesus. Anyone who studies with this ministry that does not first and foremost assume that I am speaking to you out of Christ Jesus is making a big mistake. You should assume that, and then go say, Lord I am not quite sure that maybe this time she really was not in Christ Jesus, but I am coming to you believing that she was, to either correct me, to help me to see where was in Christ Jesus so that I can come into agreement with her, or if she is not in her Christ mind, please straighten this out. But if I don't hear anything from you at all, I am believing that in this issue Pastor Sheila was in her Christ mind.


Here is the issue: The woman chooses the man she will sleep with. In order to choose Christ you must reject your carnal mind. You cannot have two husbands. You cannot serve God and mammon. You will serve one and reject the other even though you don't realize or admit that you are doing so. You cannot serve two husbands. You cannot have two Gods. Let me say it again. Your personality must come into agreement with Christ Jesus as to what you are doing or thinking or believing that is not from Christ's mind, but from your carnal mind, and then the two of you together, Christ Jesus will give you the strength to change.


If you cannot or you will not come into agreement with Christ Jesus, whether you intended to or not he who is not for me is against me. Whether you have intended it or not you have chosen your carnal mind, and your carnal mind is the mediator of the wrath of God. Christ Jesus is the mediator of the Judgment Seat of Christ, and the wrath of God is mediated by Satan who is the unconscious part of your carnal mind. Now what is this saying? This is saying that whether you believe it or not, and you can deny it for the next thousand years if you live, the woman is under judgment, and she is either under the judgment of Christ Jesus or she is under the judgment of Satan and Leviathan, and you can deny it all you want, and you can blame sickness on Jesus, and you can go around hating God and saying, How could He kill a baby one-month-old? You could say all these wicked things that are being said about the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is still a lie. What you are saying is a lie.


The one who was doing all these things to you is Satan, who is the mediator of the wrath of God which is what is flowing upon mankind today, because we, mankind, the woman, deviated -- she came out from behind her righteous husband, Adam, and started her own life. The example is a woman married to a man. This is an old story, happens all the time. Everybody knows one story like this. She is married to a man, he's steady, he comes home every night, he works every day, he puts all his money into the house, but he is not exciting. He is not an exciting lover type, and one day she decided she's going to take a lover.


Once she takes that one step in that direction she opens up a whole new timeline for her life which could wind up anywhere. It could wind up in divorce, it could wind up breaking her children's hearts, itcould wind up with one of her children going into adultery because she saw the mother do this. You open up and unleash a whole new timeline when you deviate from the law of your husband, and the marriage that Jesus Christ has established. The wrath of God exists in the timeline that opened up that was unleashed when the woman came out from behind her husband, Adam, and the wrath of God is the spiritual law that is ruling in this timeline which the woman erected, or brought to pass, by her own will.


The Judgment Seat of Christ is the Lord Jesus bringing Adam's original timeline into this deviate timeline. This is very important. Did you hear that? Should I say it again? The Judgment Seat of Christ in the person of Christ Jesus is the Lord Jesus Christ literally penetrating this path that we have taken. I know I don't have any memory of it, but I know that my ancestor made this decision to deviate from the path that Adam was set upon. The Lord Jesus Christ is entering in and penetrating into this timeline, and He is bringing with Him a whole new timeline. This is the eternal timeline (drawing on board) over here which will never end. It is safety. This is safety through the Fathers, which are Michael and Adam, safety with Michael and Adam, but the woman departed and she went on this timeline down here.


You cannot exist without a mind, so the woman literally went through a whole series of steps that brought to pass what we call the carnal mind. She literally formed a mind for herself because her mind was Michael and Adam, and she left them behind. Her mind was her husband. She became her own mind. She is down here with Satan and the carnal mind. The woman will always, always, always be under judgment because she has no righteousness in herself. Again, these are spiritual principles. You could be a physical woman, and you can have Christ Jesus in you which makes you male. That is a whole other issue.


The woman is incapable of being her own righteousness. Her husband is the provision that God has made to keep her out of trouble. That is why she must always be under judgment, and her judgment is her husband. And as far as we are concerned, we cannot exist, as a personality we cannot exist without a husband. So if we are up here where we are safe with Michael and Adam, Adam's teaching us, explaining to us, and helping us. Listen to this, husbands, you are teaching, explaining, and helping your wife to do what is right. And up here in the eternal timeline where the woman is in obedience to her husband, but down here in this other timeline the woman, who is the personality, is continuously subject to Satan and the carnal mind. That was her choice.


Repentance means to change your mind because there was a time that we can't remember when we rejected Adam and chose the serpent, who is appearing now as our carnal mind and Satan, so we have to change our mind. Man, I made a mistake. I don't know about you, but I made a mistake taking Satan and Leviathan -- it was the serpent back at that time -- I made a real mistake picking the serpent over Adam, I made one big mistake. The Lord doesn't want you saying this as lip service. You have to believe it. How could you believe it if you don't really understand what happened?


This is the whole purpose of teaching the Doctrine of Christ. We are never going to get out of here if we don't truly repent, and the foundational sin was that we, the woman, chose the serpent over Adam. How could you confess and repent of that if you don't even know what I'm talking about? This is the reason for the teaching of the Doctrine of Christ. This message is going very slowly this morning, if I ever get to it today, I hope to, I will show you this in the scripture. There is no way the woman is getting out of this timeline without saying, Adam, who is now appearing as Jesus, I made a mistake leaving you. It was the biggest mistake of my life, and thank you for coming to get me back. I want to do everything I can to work with you to get divorced from this carnal mind that punishes me every day of my life in some way, either in my body or in my mind.


To get back to my point of drawing this. Jesus Christ is up here in this eternal timeline, the place of safety, and He actually -- the timeline is not moving, the timeline is there, the safe timeline, but Jesus Christ is actually cutting down into this timeline where the carnal mind is. He is right there, so if you're a personality that's in this timeline and you have this understanding -- well, you don't have to have the understanding, you could do it by faith or you could do it by understanding -- you can jump from the carnal mind onto the eternal timeline through Christ Jesus who is reaching down into this world for you.


We had other drawings where we called it the everlasting arms. He has made a highway. Jesus Christ said, I go to prepare a place for you. He has erected a highway, a way of escape from hell. This is hell, but there is only one way out. You cannot make your own way out. Either you are going to go Jesus' way or you are not going to go, and the provision that Jesus has made for us to get out of hell is through divorce from our carnal mind, and through confession that we made a mistake when we walked away from Adam. And I know that the sin that happened at the beginning of time is still being committed by each of us.


We are born with an inherited sin nature, and we all sin. He will show you when you make a general repentance, the Lord Jesus will begin to show you. If it isn't true that you were a Christian as a child and you walked away, He will show you where you have to start confessing that you made a mistake. Try to understand that even if you didn't know Christ as a child, if you violated the spiritual law of God, if you were antagonistic toward your parents, for example, that is turning your back on Christ. You may not have known you were doing it, but ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. How do I know? The judgment is upon you. I haven't pronounced it upon you, the judgment is upon you.


All this is to explain to you that the Judgment Seat of Christ is the mercy of God breaking into this timeline, giving you an opportunity to not be subject to the tyranny of your present husband, Satan and the carnal mind. But if after Jesus comes into your life, and He shows you, the woman, the personality, His mercy by exposing the sin nature and teaching you that you have an alternative, through of repenting of adultery with the carnal mind and choosing Christ, that the two of you can wage war against Satan and your carnal mind. If you do not choose Christ after He teaches you, you are under the judgment of your own carnal mind, which is Satan and Leviathan. Did Jesus throw you into the fire? No, you chose the fire.


Let us line this up with the Judgment Seat of Christ. The wrath of God is characterized by tyranny. The wrath of God is mediated by Satan, whose overriding characteristic is tyranny. Satan is the one that makes you sick, Satan is the one that gives you mental illness. Satan is the one who causes you emotional, intellectual, mental, and physical pain, but she cannot do it without legal ground. Satan cannot tyrannize a righteous man. Satan cannot tyrannize someone who is not spiritually speaking, I am talking about the attitude of your heart. Satan cannot tyrannize someone who is not in sin, and I am talking about your unconscious mind and your subconscious mind and all the areas of your being that you are denying are there.


We all have our walls up. Everybody is in denial to some degree. Why? Because our carnal mind is veiling the truth of what we are in our subconscious mind, so Satan is tyrannizing you. If you have pain in your body, if you have pain in your life, if you have pain in your emotions, if you die, there is sin in your subconscious mind, and your unconscious mind, Satan, is tyrannizing you. This really gets confusing, but let me tell you, this whole creation is confusion. That's why it is called Babylon. The woman ran off and married herself and produced a creation that's a product of incest. So it is confusing.


Satan is the unconscious mind, and she is tyrannizing the woman which is the personality, and she is also tyrannizing the carnal mind, which really is herself. Did you ever hear about being your own worst enemy? Did you ever hear about making a choice that's in your worst interests because of some lust that you have? We are divided. So our unconscious mind, Satan, is tyrannizing the woman, our personality, and our carnal mind, which is our intellect and will. We know something is wrong, we know not to do it, but we do it anyway. Why? Because Satan is pressuring us, pressuring us, pressuring us. She is breaking our will. Satan is breaking our will, and she is intellectualizing, justifying why we can engage in both mind and physical activity, which will justify her continuing to tyrannize us. Our own mind is against us. Does that sound shocking to you?


Let me bring it home. Let me bring it down to this present existence. What about the little girl or the little boy who is incested by a parent? This is an acting out or a playing out of our spiritual condition that our own unconscious mind is tyrannizing our personality,  our will and our intellect. Our own unconscious mind is executing or mediating the wrath of God against the part of us that is the woman, and the part of us that is exercising or trying to exercise will that will produce a positive existence in this world. And Satan is influencing our carnal mind to justify that sin. Why? So that we will keep committing sin. Why? So that Satan can continue to tyrannize us. Why? So that she can break us down completely, and bring us to the point where the dragon will rise up,  take over and live through us which will surely be hell for us. Sometimes this condition takes the form of mental illness.


I do not even know all of the fruit that can result from the dragon, the unconscious mind of fallen man rising up and living through us, because we found out in a recent message that the carnal mind is the veil. The carnal mind is the veil that veils us, the personality, from the subconscious mind, because when the subconscious mind can get at us directly, we the woman, the personality, the emotions, will surely be abused. The church world tells you that your conscious mind is intellect, will, and emotions, but they don't have a revelation that the emotional part is the woman. The mind is intellect and will. This is all background for my message for today.


Any questions up to this point? Let me make one more point here. The woman has no existence of her own. She only has any kind of existence when she's joined to a mind, and the woman takes on the quality and the nature of the mind that she is married to. So when the woman is married to Christ she is righteous, and she becomes the Son of God because it is really Christ Jesus living through her so completely that there is no difference or no separation between she and he. Remember what I told you earlier, that no mind, not even Christ, can manifest or express Himself or act His thoughts out through a personality without her agreement. So, when the woman completely yields to Christ Jesus, and it is only Christ Jesus expressing Himself through her because she has given up everything that she is outside of Him, then the woman becomes Christ Jesus.


I know this may sound strange to you, but she becomes the Son of God. She is a part of what the Lord is doing, and in this world, those of us who have existences in this world, with personalities and physical bodies living in this world, when we are completely given over to Christ Jesus, when we give everything of ourselves to Him which He covers over, we become Sons of God in this world. We have no righteousness of ourself. The only righteousness that we have is that of the Son of God in us, but on the other hand, when the woman is married to Satan and Leviathan, she becomes the harlot of Revelation.


First of all, she is an adulteress, but our point right now is to say that the human being -- I am trying to bring this down to earth for you -- the human being, you, me, you, when our personality is in agreement with our carnal mind in any area, at that moment, for that incident we are unrighteous, and we are one with the carnal mind, and we are guilty of sin. The big issue, What is sin? Everything that's not of Christ is sin. Every thought, every word, and every deed that is not coming out of your Christ mind is coming out of your sin nature, and your sin nature is the reason why that if you are regenerated, you are going to die in another few years, or however long you live on the earth. Even though it doesn't look like sin to you, and you may not think that it is sin as far as life and death is concerned, it is sin because you are going to die if you don't stop doing it.


If you don't stop doing it you are going to die. Stop doing what? If you don't stop agreeing with your carnal mind you are going to die, and your carnal mind is under the law, so if you violate the law in one point you are guilty of the whole law. It is only when you are in union with Christ Jesus that you are not under the law. The whole church world is running around saying, We are not under the law. They don't know what they are talking about. They do not know what they are talking about.


In this hour, nobody is completely in Christ Jesus. We are a mixture, because if we were standing directly behind Christ Jesus and Christ Jesus was completely eclipsing our personality, we would be in full stature or in perfection, and we are not. So Jesus has made a provision for us. He has said, If you are willing to agree with me wife, I am going to teach you that this thought is wrong, it is sin, this behavior is sin. When you thought that, and when you did that, I know you didn't know it, but you were in full agreement with your carnal mind, and the judgment for that is death. But I am going to forgive you, and I will forgive you if you can come into agreement with me that it was wrong and ask me to help you to stop doing that.


This is the program of forgiveness of sins that Jesus is offering us today through the Judgment Seat of Christ. My job is to convince the people that the Lord sends to me that certain things that they are doing, which seem absolutely harmless to them, are out of the sin nature, because we are blinded. There are areas in which I am blinded. I only know as the Lord teaches me that He has raised me up to help people whose ability to see is not as developed as mine. Sometimes you can't hear it, sometimes you can't see it. Sometimes, even though I tell you, you don't know it. So, this is the word today.


This is the word this morning, that if He is telling you, if He is talking to you and you can't see it, and I'm telling you and you can't see it and you keep on doing it, what you are doing to yourself is putting yourself under the dominion of Satan, the mediator, of the sowing and reaping judgment. If you really can't see it, and you really can't believe it. somehow coming under the sowing and reaping judgment will convince you that it is true. Why? Because it is, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Somehow, what you did, that you just tried and you put it before God, and you just really can't believe that there was anything wrong with it, at some point -- I don't make this judgment, Jesus makes this judgment. This is not your whole life, this is in one area. The Judgment Seat of Christ has failed, the mercy of God has failed to convince the woman that she was really wrong and, therefore, by her own choice, she had not chosen Christ in this incident, but has chosen her carnal mind. She has, by her own will, placed herself under the sowing and reaping judgment and will have an experience, at some time, that will convince her that the Lord has been telling her is sin, when it is done to her. I don't have anything to do with that. I am just a teacher.


We have just approached our message for this morning.


COMMENT: When you were teaching about the woman leaving the man, the Lord gave me a mental picture of like a big balloon where the woman sucks the life out of the man. You see that expression in the world where a man and woman are getting a divorce, and he says, She sucks the life out of me, she took everything that I have, and my guts are on the outside of me, so to speak. I saw the woman just sucking it inside out and turning it over, like you said, take charge of it, and I saw like a big whale in the sea, and the Lord was fishing like this timeline, made me think of it later on, and it hooked into it, and He was reeling it and the fish is struggling, and He is reeling it in, but the struggle is going on.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a real good example of what's happening today. Sometimes, I get a revelation of the degree of mercy that Jesus is having on us, and I just start to cry because we cannot help but sin. We just can't help but sin, and a lot of times, even when we have the revelation that a particular thought pattern is sin, it just appears in my mind, and I repent and I rebuke it, but it is there, and it is a part of me, and it is horrible to behold. You have to look at it without condemnation, but I see it, and it is really horrible to behold, that part of us, and to admit that it really is part of us, and that it is that part of us that is causing us to die.


We have to walk this middle path. If we take the left hand path we are condemning, if we take the right hand we justify the sin and say, Oh that is not so bad. Both paths lead to death. We have to take the middle path where we look at it without whipping ourselves, without condemning ourselves, but really admitting that it is there. And it is really ugly, but we are going on with God, and He loves us and He's helping us to come back to Him. But the second we start justifying our sin, or denying it, or condemning it, we have slipped off the middle path, so Jesus has to help us get back on the middle path. And that's what He is doing, that fishing, He is reeling us in, but it is very painful, and it is as painful for Him as it is for me, and for you.


It is as painful for all of us as it is for Him because we are in this condition that we cannot help what we are doing in a lot of areas. We can't help what we are thinking, we can help our behavior. Lots of time we can't help what arises in our mind. All that we can do is refuse to act on it, and confess it as sin and rebuke it, but it is there. It is very painful to look at it. The issue of this message is to the Son who has, to the best of your ability, committed himself to the Lord Jesus but simply are just having trouble seeing that it is true. They are willing to see that it is true, but they can't see that it is true, they are blind. That's who this message is for today. It is a message without condemnation, but it is also a warning that if you really can't line up with Jesus you will reap what you sow. Why? Because if you are not lining up with Him you have to be lining up with your carnal mind. That's what the message is today for the people in this fellowship and whoever else this message goes to, but I know it is for people in this fellowship today.


Let's go over these few scriptures. I did have a dream yesterday morning. Maybe I will tell you the dream first. I woke yesterday morning, it wasn't too pleasant a day yesterday because I tend to feel other people's emotion, and this was the dream I was having when I woke up. There was a big tortoise which is a land turtle, and the turtle had separated from the shell, and the shell was damaged. You know how the turtle shell sort of comes to a hump on the top. It had been cracked, and there was an opening, and I had to pray about this dream all day to get what I'm telling you now, and apparently the turtle had come out of the top of the shell.


When I first saw this in the dream in the morning, I was under the impression, and we all draw conclusions, I never really thought about this before that the turtle, if he wanted to exit his shell, would just go out of the hole where he head came out of it, but as I continued to pray about this, the Lord told me that the shell was all around, and there was just opening for the turtle's leg and head. I think the Lord is telling me, I may be wrong about this, but this is what's in my heart, that the turtle could not completely exit that shell by slithering out of the hole that his head comes out of, so the turtle shell had been cracked and a big hole had opened up, and the turtle was apart from the shell.


Those of you who have studied with me for a while aren't going to be shocked at this, but I was looking at this turtle, and it didn't really look like a turtle. First of all, I could see that there was a personality in it. It didn't look like a man, but there was the personality of a man in it, and all day I am looking at this thing and saying, What is that? At first I thought it looked like something they use in construction, it is like a channel that the head goes through, a duct maybe, looked like a duct but smaller, you know how it has those ripples in it as it goes up. And I am looking at it and looking at it, and then finally I said, You know, it looks like a penis. That turtle looks like a penis.


We do a lot of teaching here about the male organ because, spiritually speaking, the only male organ is God's mind. Christ Jesus is a spiritual penis. I am sorry if that offends you, but this whole world is a negative reflection of spiritual truth. This whole world is produced as a result of spiritual adultery, and human sexuality in this world is a way, if you could do it, if you can look at human sexuality, it can help you relate to the reality of spiritual sexuality. Christ Jesus is a male mind, and the carnal mind is a female mind. The carnal mind is a eunuch. She is the male of this world, Satan and Leviathan are the spiritual males of this world, but they are eunuchs because they cannot produce life. They produce consciousness, but they have no seed, and they cannot produce life and, therefore, Jehovah has called Satan and Leviathan, the carnal mind, a eunuch.


Satan is the unconscious mind and Leviathan is the conscious mind. So the only true male, the only true spiritual penis in this world is Christ Jesus, and I am sorry if that offends you. It took me a while getting use to this, but I am not fighting God anymore, that is the truth. This turtle looked like a penis, and he was being beaten, persecuted and beaten, and I saw a hand, and there was a club in the hand, and this turtle was just being beaten and beaten and was just cowering. It just didn't know which way to turn. Brethren, I believe that this dream is talking about the Sons of God and very probably the people right here.


Let's analyze this dream. What is a turtle? A turtle is a form of a reptile. A turtle predates the flood. They are reptiles, they are in the dinosaur category. They are expressions of the serpent. The serpent is the reptile, and is not Christ coming forth out of our carnal mind, is not Christ growing inside of our carnal mind, does He not have to pierce through our carnal mind? Christ has to pierce through our carnal mind. I have to tell you that I always thought, and I probably have it on other messages, that at the moment that Christ pierced through the carnal mind, that He would be powerful and overlay the carnal mind, but this is just my carnal mind operating. Sometimes you have two scriptures one after the other, and one could take place, and the other may not manifest for years and years and years. I know that I had a dream many years ago when my daughter was 13 years old. I had a dream that she was moving a long distance, and that I was getting married. The Lord gave my daughter the same dream, and lo and behold, my daughter moved to Florida, but I haven't gotten married yet. I believe it is going to be a spiritual marriage to Jesus, and it is 11 years since she went to Florida.


So, I had the two steps in my mind correctly, that the Christ mind would penetrate through the carnal mind and then overlay the carnal mind, which is full stature or perfection, but according to this dream that obviously the second step doesn't follow hot on the heels of the first step, because Christ had penetrated the carnal mind, and was just being beaten to a pulp by a hand with a club, and a hand typifies a mind. Who is the mind that would be beating the newly activated Christ? Satan, Satan is the unconscious mind, so the whole carnal mind. A hand is the mind, is beating -- how could the carnal mind be beating up Christ? The only way the carnal mind could be beating up Christ is if the personality is still in agreement with the carnal mind.


The moment that Christ becomes activated, He could be growing in us for a long time, but apparently there has been a piercing through, according to the dream, the personality is still in agreement with the carnal mind because was being absolutely murdered, and you have to understand that Christ in an individual can die. If the personality does not give up her relationship with the carnal mind, Christ can die. It would be an extreme event, but you need to know that it is possible that Christ can die. He has to win that woman in that individual or He will die. Christ will not die in the whole of the earth. Christ Jesus will stand on the earth again in the personalities who have chosen Him.


If you outright have not chosen Christ, and you are outright clinging to your carnal mind, and you know what you are doing, so be it, reap what you sow, but even then Jesus doesn't go along with that, it depends. That's not my point right now. This message today is to the people who really believe they have given their lives to Christ, and He's being killed, and this is for this fellowship. Christ is being killed in you because of the degree to which you are in agreement with your carnal mind. He's being beaten to a pulp and utterly persecuted, so the point of this message is to try to show you how you are doing that.


What we have to do now is do another drawing, so Xxxx, please take a picture of this board. We just finished the section on God's judgment, and we saw that God has two kinds of judgment, mercy and the wrath of God, the righteous judgment which follows the woman's unreasonableness. Remember what I said about the $500 phone bill. Judgment must follow. It is only natural that you cannot continue on doing something that is destructive. Now we are going to deal with man's judgment. The mind of man in judgment, and there are two kinds of judgment that could come out of any individual being.


First of all, let's review this. Does everybody here understand that we continuously judge events, people, behavior? When we look at something it would take a very strong active will to say, I refuse to have an opinion on that, because if the reality is that if we didn't restrain ourselves, we would have an opinion on everything -- well, on most things unless we really, really didn't know anything about it. But as far as human behavior goes and relationship with people, the human tendency is just to have an opinion on everything. If some form of righteousness in you, whether it be Christ Jesus or the conscience of your carnal mind (we do have a conscience), would have to by an act of their will say, I am not going to look at that, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. I don't want any part of it, leave me alone.


Without an active decision to not have an opinion, everybody has an opinion. It is just human, everybody has an opinion, and the truth is that active decision to hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil indicates that you do have an opinion, but you are refusing to act on it. You don't want to interfere in that person's business, and you are going to refuse to act on it. If you didn't have an opinion you wouldn't even have to take the attitude of, I don't want anything to do with it. Everyone has an opinion about people. I am not talking about science. It has to be something that you know about. Everybody has an opinion about relationships and people.


We could be having this opinion through our carnal mind or through our Christ mind. If we are looking at the situation with our Christ mind... First of all, this one is easy. Who is it that making the decision over here? If we are looking at the situation with our Christ mind, who is it that's making the decision? The mind of Christ. Let's say Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is mediating. I guess the answer here is Christ, not Christ Jesus. Who is making the decision with our carnal mind? Satan executes the judgment, the reaping and sowing judgment. So you are right, it is Leviathan. Leviathan forms the opinion, and what is the overriding characteristic of judgment that is judged by Leviathan?


Let's get down to human qualities, what is the overriding characteristic? Evil is close. For us to form an opinion we have to have a frame of reference. For me to say, I think that's a pretty picture, I must have an idea in my mind of what is not a pretty picture. This is, in fact, how Jesus is revealing Himself to us. He is revealing righteousness to us by exposing unrighteousness, saying, I am not like that, I am different, I am a different spirit. The disciples wanted to call down fire on someone who rejected Jesus, and he said, You don't know what spirit you are of; you don't know what kind of a spirit Christ is. So, we have to have a frame of reference.


If we see somebody doing something and we think it is wrong, Paul clearly said, You are judging, because you do the same thing. Somewhere along the line you have experienced that same thing, and you are condemning it. So the overriding characteristics of the judgment of the carnal mind is condemnation. Either you have done it yourself and are condemning the other person because you have condemned yourself, or you are envious of the person because they have done something wrong that you have had a secret desire to do all of your life, that you may not even be admitting to yourself that you would like to do. You've had a fantasy all of your life, and this person dares to do it. Leviathan condemns, Leviathan envies, Leviathan criticizes, and pronounces evil judgment. I don't like what that person did. That person was wrong, that person had some nerve, and I am going to let him know it. The only problem is that it had nothing to do with you whatsoever.


When I say, pronounces evil judgment, I say that because the fruit of the judgment that comes from the carnal mind is destruction on the person that you pronounce judgment on. The carnal mind pronounces judgment without teaching, without opportunity for repentance. Judgment of the carnal mind is mediated by Leviathan, who judges by what she sees with her physical eyes, hears with her physical ears, and feels with her emotions. She makes her opinion, she forms her opinion by what she sees, hears, and feels. At the root of all this, it doesn't have to be in every situation, but can be, envy, certainly is always condemnation, certainly also is present a critical spirit, and the judgment of the carnal mind is absolutely without mercy in that it pronounces evil judgment. It pronounces the person  no good, no good, which, whether you know it or not, you may think this was a simple little thing that you decided somebody was wrong when you had no right to decide that they were wrong. You didn't even have all the facts of the circumstances, but you saw with your eyes, and you heard with your ears, and your emotions got all stirred up, and you pronounced somebody guilty. That is the definition of a what? A curse.


To pronounce somebody guilty is the definition of curse. You have cursed that person, and curses produce destruction in the person's life. You have produced destruction in their life without teaching them about what they did wrong, without giving them a choice of choosing the alternative to what they did, to apologize to the person, and to change. You have cursed them, and brethren, you need to know this, when you are walking in Christ and you have spiritual power in Christ, and you rise up and pronounce somebody wrong out of your carnal mind, you have cursed them with spiritual power to the fullest degree that you have spiritual power in Christ Jesus, and you need to repent! Because you, who have the spirit of Christ, have done evil to somebody when you are a third party. It didn't even have anything to do with you, but even if it had something to do with you, you judged with your carnal mind. When Christ Jesus is risen up in a man, Christ is the one that is hearing and seeing what is happening. How does Christ recognize what is happening? Does He look with His physical eyes, and listen with His physical ears, and does Christ make judgment based on emotion? No way, no way. I didn't get the scripture ready, but it is in Isaiah. I have it on so many messages, and I've read it to you so many times. I guess I have to get it out again.


We are in Chapter 11 of Isaiah. I'll start reading in Verse 1. And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots, and the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom, and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the spirit of the Lord and shall make him of quick understandingThat means of living understanding, the understanding that comes out of life, not the understanding that comes out of death.


And the fear of the Lord and he shall not judge after the sight of His eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears. That's correct. He will not correct because of what he heard or what he saw. But with righteousness shall he judge the poor. That is with the mind of Christ. And he shall correct with equity, he shall correct with fairness for the meek of the earth.


Who are the meek of the earth? The meek of the earth are the personalities that even though they are still sinning, they've given themselves, in principle, over to Jesus Christ. They are humble before and submissive to the Lord Jesus Christ. The problem for those of us who are still judging by what we hear and what we see is that we don't know who we are judging. I could go walking down the street, and somebody who doesn't know me can judge me and condemn me, and if they are a Christian, they are in trouble with God. Why only if they are a Christian? Because the heathen are not being judged right now.


The Christian that judged me for my service to the Lord are reaping what they have sown, and depending on where you are in your relationship with Jesus Christ, that's how quickly the judgment falls. If you are very much into confessing your sins, the judgment will fall very quickly, within a week. I've seen it fall within 24 hours with someone who was truly committed to God and made a mistake. If you are not truly committed to God it could take a long time for the judgment to fall. You would never ever recognize that you are reaping what you have sown. It is even hard to recognize that you are reaping what you have sown if it falls within 24 hours.


This is one of the aspects of the mercy of the Judgment Seat of Christ. If you get your correction from someone like me, I'll tell you that this is specifically in response to what happened last week. That is one of the blessings of being judged by a son of God, because you have full disclosure of what happened, so that you have the best opportunity possible to right yourself with the Lord. When spiritual judgment falls, it just comes out of nowhere. If you don't have the spiritual eyes to see that this is the reaping of some error that you have sown you will never repent, and if you don't repent you will keep on doing it, and if you don't stop, is Jesus going to punish you? No. If you don't stop -- listen, if Christ is formed in you, and broken free of the carnal mind enough to be living out of you, and you are the personality, the woman, who is still living out of her carnal mind and thus strengthening the carnal mind to beat Christ in you, He will die, and you will be guilty of killing your own Savior who is in the midst of you.


Cannot the word be engrafted to you again? I am sure that it can, but not without much tribulation, because if you are in enough either wickedness or ignorance, or both, to kill the Savior that's being born in the midst of you, you need judgment. It is not punitive. What this means is, if you could not understand what you were doing, if you have matured enough in instruction and in knowledge to have Christ come forth in you, and you still don't understand that the things that you are doing are destroying Christ in you, that agreeing with your carnal mind to judge somebody that you have no business judging, is killing Christ in you -- if you can't get that, if that can't get through your mind to the degree that you are crying out to Jesus, Help me to stop -- you are going to reap what you sow, because you are not under the righteous judgment of your husband, but you are given over to your carnal mind.


So, if Christ in you dies there is going to be a time period, I don't know how long, however long it is going to take, to purify you from the sins of your mind that prevented you from cleaving unto Christ. When you got that far along with Him, that Christ was actually formed in you, and separated from the carnal mind, and you are still clinging to your own ways even after righteous judgment was ministered to you the opportunity to change, if you don't change, you will reap what you sow. Christ could die, and then that period after having known a relationship with Christ, to be without Him is severe judgment of however long it takes. Of course, Christ can be restored in you, but I would not want to be in that spot for one day, and I really doubt that it would be one day. It is not Jesus punishing you. We choose, we choose who we will serve.


We are in Chapter 11, Verse 3, And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord and he shall not judge by what he sees with his eyes or he will not judge by what he hears with his ears, but he will judge out of the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ does not judge out of what he sees or hears. But he shall judge the poor, Christ now, shall judge the one, the personality who has humbled himself before Jesus, and he will reprove, and he will correct with fairness to the meek of the earth. He will correct with mercy, and opportunity and understanding to the meek of the earth, to those who are humble before God, and He shall, now this is very important, listen to this, he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth.


Who is the water? The woman is the water. Who is the earth? The carnal mind is the earth. Christ smites the carnal mind. The carnal mind smites the whole person and curses them unto death. Christ curses the carnal mind having mercy on the woman. And with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked, which is Satan. Christ condemns the carnal mind, Leviathan and Satan. The carnal mind condemns the woman. If your personality is condemning the woman which is the personality of the woman, you have judged with your carnal mind, and you don't know who you judged. You don't know if that man had a relationship with Jesus Christ. You don't know what was going on, you don't know, but you may have condemned someone who has been crying out to Jesus for years to help him stop doing that one thing, and you have condemned him. You don't know who you are condemning.


When Christ judges, Christ knows. First of all, Christ only condemns the carnal mind, but Christ knows the truth because the truth is in the spirit. The truth is not what you see or what you hear or what you feel. The truth is in Christ's perception of the situation, and I pray all the time, How does Christ see this? Do you want me to interfere, Lord, is there anything that you have for me to do? If not, I'm not touching it with a 10-foot-pole because I've got enough trouble in my life. I don't need to be reaping what one sows for interfering in things that are none of my business. 


Verse 5, And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins and faithfulness the girdle of his reins. The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb, etc.


Lets get some of this on the board here. The man's judgment through Christ Jesus is mediated by the mind of Christ, and he judges by discernment, by spiritual discernment. Now how can I say he judges by spiritual discernment? He doesn't use his eyes or his emotions or his ears. He judges the carnal mind, and the carnal mind can only be judged with the discernment of Christ. He condemns the carnal mind and Satan, and He forgives the woman which is the personality. Christ Jesus judges by spiritual discernment. The last thing in the world He listens to is His emotions. Why? What do our emotions do? Emotions bring back memories of similar experiences that we have had. If we see something happening to somebody else and it offends us, we have to ask ourselves why it offends us.


The chances are excellent that we had a similar experience. If we are interfering or passing a judgment in somebody's interaction or somebody's life because what's happening to them has stirred up a memory of something from our past, whether we know it or not... Listen to me, the spiritual reality of this is that our interference in this other person's behavior is us reacting to what happened to us with regard to that memory, whenever it took place. We are either reliving what happened to us by punishing that other person, which we have nothing to do with what's going on anyway, or when it happened to us, we weren't able to defend ourselves, we could not defend ourselves, and now we are spending the rest of our lives defending ourselves by interfering in other people's problems.


If this is the case, you have got to know that you have a spiritual wound in your emotions, a deep spiritual would in your emotions that is influencing your present existence. If you are not a Son of God, if you went to a psychologist with this, they would tell you that you need healing, because anyone who's present behavior is predicated on past experiences is a wounded person who has not left their life behind. That's if you are in the world. If you are a Son of God, there is no way, no way, the Lord is going to put people that He's drawing for forgiveness and mercy in your hand. There is no way He is going to do it if your wounds are undealt with.


Jesus is saying, I am calling you, you have no idea, saith the Lord, how close the manifestation of the fullness of the Two-Witness company is. If you knew you, would be on your face repenting, says the Lord. And when I send them out, if you are still judging out of your carnal mind you will not go with them, you will not go. My sons judge with mercy and forgiveness, and they see the circumstances of the transgression with the eyes of Christ, and the son who judges with his carnal mind will be restrained from the ministry they are called to until the problem is dealt with. This is not punishment, it is reaping what you are sowing.


You must choose me, saith the Lord. You must see with my eyes, hear with my ears, you must crush your emotions, saith the Lord, or I will not send you to judge. You must choose, and if you chose your carnal mind you have chosen your own judgment. You have chosen it. You cannot say that you have chosen me with your lips and judge out of your carnal mind, because I am the God of heaven, saith the Lord, and I know the intents of your heart, and when I send forth my Two-Witness company and you are not sent, you will know. You will know that I have not believed the words of your lips. Praise the Lord.


Christ Jesus forgives, the carnal mind punishes. Christ Jesus forgives, Christ Jesus curses the sin in the person that is seducing the personality, the woman. Christ Jesus breaks Satan's power over the personality doing what is wrong. Christ Jesus remembers, perhaps, when He had a similar experience and says, I understand. You can't do it, it is wrong, but I understand that you are overcome. I curse this behavior in you, I curse your carnal mind. I pray that Jesus has great mercy on you. The carnal mind and Christ Jesus are as different as day and night.


The carnal mind produces death in the individual, Christ Jesus produces life in the individual, and the spirit that we are of produces life. We have to produce life where ever we go, and we have to learn the rules, and we have to know what we can do and what we cannot do. You have all been sitting here for almost six years, you've got to know who you can judge and who you can't judge. The Lord is very angry, He is very mad. We have some scriptures emphasizing this, so does anyone have anything to say before we go on with the scriptures?


COMMENT: I am asking your opinion on this, the other day a workman across the way was really berating a young man who was working for him, and it wasn't just for a few moments. He kept it up and kept it up. He seemed to be completely out of control, and I just went out of my house and stood on my steps and just looked over at him, and he stopped. But I realized that this man was hurting to be exercising this anger at this young man, and I prayed for him and prayed for the boy, and for mercy and reconciliation, and went back into the house. Now, I judged definitely with my eyes, my ears, and my emotions, but I could also see beyond that. Now, I am asking you, was I in sin? That's what I am asking you.


PASTOR VITALE: I will answer you, but let me ask you a question first. I am glad you said that because I forgot to put something on the board. Who does the carnal mind judge? Well, let's start here. Who does Christ Jesus judge? To me, you are Christ Jesus. Who is Christ Jesus supposed to be judging? Who does Christ Jesus judge? Where is judgment coming first?


COMMENT: The house of the Lord.


PASTOR VITALE: The house of the Lord. Christ Jesus judges the house of the Lord. Christ Jesus judges the church, and who does Satan judge? Satan judges the heathen. So now you answer your own question. Who were you judging out there? First of all, ask who you were judging, and then we will ask who you were? Who were you judging in that situation? Were you judging the church? Were you judging the heathen?




PASTOR VITALE: So, who were you? Were you Christ Jesus or were you the carnal mind? There is an answer. Christ Jesus judges the church, and the carnal mind has the opinion, and Satan executes the judgment on the heathen. You just told me that the man was not the church, that the man was a heathen, so does that make you Christ Jesus or Satan?


COMMENT: I did not condemn him, I had mercy on him.


PASTOR VITALE: But let's have an answer, one single answer. Christ Jesus judges the church and Satan judges the heathen. Was the man the church?




PASTOR VITALE: Does that make you Satan, according to this teaching? We won't write it in stone. According to this teaching, does that make you Satan?




PASTOR VITALE: That makes you Satan.


COMMENT: I saw beyond the action of the man and prayed for mercy for him. I couldn't help but hear or see. It was forced upon me. I had no...


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you couldn't help but hear and see, but you could help whether or not you interfered.


COMMENT: But I just stood on my steps. I did not go on...


PASTOR VITALE: Xxxx, you interfered, he saw you, he felt your spirit, he felt your mind.


COMMENT: And you are saying that is wrong?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you judged the heathen. That makes you Satan. That's wrong. You judged the heathen. Not only that, you interfered with that man's authority over his own employee, which makes you Jezebel. It had nothing to do with you whatsoever. The incident had absolutely nothing to do with you. Did you ask Jesus if He wanted you to do something about it? No. See, this is the whole point. No Son of God judges anybody except the Lord Jesus, who is above, sends Christ in us. Christ Jesus is the union of the Christ mind in the individual and the Lord Jesus above, and we only do in the earth what our Father in heaven tells us what to do.


So the question is, Who sent you to judge that man? If it wasn't the Lord Jesus above, then it was Satan. This is an essential point, this is really important, listen. And I've got the scripture on it. Agree quickly with your adversary. Satan is the adversary. Satan knows that the man was wrong. Abuse is wrong. Satan knows when we are wrong. That's his job, to condemn us. It is Satan's job to see and recognize and identify sin, and when our carnal mind receives the command from Satan, and we go forth and judge that sin, we are Satan to that man. And the only time Christ Jesus judges sin is when the Lord Jesus above sends us.


COMMENT: You have on ? the carnal mind without offering a chance to change. A few moments later I heard this man speak to this worker and say, sometimes I'm out of control.


PASTOR VITALE: You are missing the whole point. Listen, when Satan judges, it doesn't mean she is wrong. The man was wrong abusing his employee, he was wrong. The question is, Who showed him his sins? Was it Christ Jesus, or was it Satan and the carnal mind? And Satan showed him the sins. The Lord didn't tell you to do that.


COMMENT: In my spirit, I don't feel agreement with that, but like you say, Jesus Christ judges the house of the Lord, Satan judges the carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: I have to tell you, Xxxx, that this whole message was for you. I woke up this morning. I want to tell you, when I heard you say that, I put it before the Lord, and I said, Lord, whatever you want. That was Thursday night, and I woke up this morning and I said, Lord, if you give me an opening, I'll tell her that it was wrong, and this whole message came forth. So, I've done all that I could do for you.


We are going to go over the scriptures, and I want to tell you that the Lord is really mad. And the reason that He's mad, now listen to me, the reason that He's mad is that Christ is coming forth in you, and if you can't get this straight in your head, your carnal mind is going to kill that Christ that's coming forth. Jesus is mad because He loves Xxxx. Did you hear this? Jesus is made because He loves Xxxx. Xxxx, the personality, is now being given an opportunity to understand that what she did was to agree with her carnal mind's concept of judgment, and He's saying, Xxxx, please, change, please stop doing this because if you don't stop doing it, you are stepping out from behind me and you are in agreement with your carnal mind, and Christ in you could die, and I don't want that to happen. This is an act of love, this whole message.


His anger is at the fact that you are bound, that you are so bound in this area. He loves you, He loves the woman, He loves the personality, but He's angry at the adultery that's being committed here. And He's saying, Xxxx, I'm doing everything I can to explain this to you. And the truth of the matter is, Xxxx, that I've been talking to you about condemnation from one of the very first days that you came here. I was sent to you to tell you that you have a condemning spirit, and you are doing a lot better over the five years, but apparently you are still in agreement with the carnal mind in this area because you were so severely wounded as a child. There is healing that hasn't taken place here, and the Lord wants you. This message is not condemnation.


This message is, Xxxx, come unto Me, but if you continue to judge out of your carnal mind, which is condemnation which is cursing the people, what that means is that you will have chosen the carnal mind over Christ, and you will be with your husband. It will be your choice, and He loves you enough to preach a whole message on this. That's how much he loves you.


COMMENT: I am bewildered, it makes absolutely no sense. Someone standing over someone with a knife and you just do nothing? You just let it be?


PASTOR VITALE: He didn't have a knife. You call the police if they have a knife. He didn't have a knife. It was their personal relationship, and the man was his employer.


COMMENT: You wouldn't have prayed for that man? You would have done nothing?


PASTOR VITALE: I would have prayed, but not the way you prayed. I would have prayed in Christ Jesus. I would have said, Lord, I recognize that that man has authority over... I certainly would not have gone out and stared him down; absolutely not. I would have said, Lord, I see a young man being abused, are you willing to intervene? Did it ever occur to you that the Lord does not intervene every time that someone is being abused? If the Lord intervened every time someone was being abused we wouldn't have the problems that we are having over the whole world, let alone in this country. Jesus does not intervene every time. So, that's how I would pray, Lord, is there anything that you would have me to do? Or, I might say, I rebuke that carnal mind, and then I would say, Lord, is there anything you would have me do? And silence means nothing. I would never have the nerve to interfere in an employer's relationship with his employee, or between any two people that had nothing to do with me at all. I would never do that.


COMMENT: I never said a word to this man, I just stood on my own steps and looked across the street.


PASTOR VITALE: What do they say, One look is worth a 1,000 words. You knew exactly what you were doing. You were showing your disapproval, you were criticizing him and you were condemning him and you were punishing him.


COMMENT: But I saw a man out of control needing help.


PASTOR VITALE: Xxxx, I will not get this into a controversy. It is very simple. It's really very simple. Who judged that man? Satan or Christ? And the answer is very obvious. The man was not a part of the church, so Satan in you judged that man, and you can't be a member of the Two-Witness company judging the sins of the elect when you are judging out of Satan. You have to make a choice. Let me say it again, this is not punishment. I have been up here preaching since 11 o'clock, three hours, to give you all the information that you need to make the right choice, and I pray that you should be the woman, the personality, who chooses Christ, and you have to ask yourself why you are so concerned with evil being done through the whole world in your own strength?


Why are you out there feeling that you have the right to set things straight whereever you go? It is because you are wounded. You cannot become a member of the Two-Witness company if you continue to do that. Am I saying you are a bad person? No. This is the Lord begging with you, Choose me. Jesus is saying, Choose me. Give it up. It is almost like a vendetta that you have. I know you were abused as a child, and it is like a vendetta that goes out that you are going to fight for all of the abused people and all of the abused children everywhere you go. And the truth is that you are really fighting for Xxxx, and the Lord is saying, Give it up, give it over to me, and do my work. This is a love letter to you.


In this hour Christ is not out there saving every abused person. The whole world is filled with abused people. The people that Christ is judging, Christ's motive for judgment in this hour is that He's purifying the people that He's calling into His two witness company. He's not out there righting every wrong. He's not out there walking down the street saying, this is wrong, I'm going to fix it. That's not what he's doing. He's calling together an army, and the people He's judging are his church and the elders thereof for the specific purpose of taking this whole creation back. His plan is way beyond the plan of an individual, like yourself, who is out there to save the world. That is the attitude that's in the female church. It is the attitude of the carnal mind, and you can't be a man and a woman at the same time. You have to choose what you want to be.


COMMENT: So the saying in the world, that for evil to succeed, good people just don't have to do anything, isn't really godly?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am not sure what you were saying, but I think what you are saying is, are people supposed to stand by and not do anything? No, people can do something. The question is when, where, and how, and what. So, if someone is really being hurt, you call the police. If you see an employer abusing a young man, if you feel you have to do something, like I told you earlier, you just say, Lord, this sounds like abuse to me. Are you willing to intervene, and if you are, what do you want me to do? But in my opinion, I don't believe the Lord would have ever have you show your body and stare that man down.


The most He would have given you is a prayer on behalf of the person, but you don't even know. That may have sounded like abuse to you at that moment, and it may have been, but you don't know what that young man has done, you don't know what went before, you don't know the facts of the case. You only know what you heard at that moment, and that is not enough information to condemn somebody. You don't know what that young man may have done over a long period of time to drive his employer to that kind of stress. Let me just make up a story of maybe. Maybe this employer is giving this kid a break. Maybe he is an alcoholic, maybe he has lost a lot of days at work, maybe he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again, maybe the young man has rebelled against and insulted that employer for months and months and months, and the employer has been hanging in there with him because he wants to help him, and at this one moment that this man couldn't take it anymore and came in a wrong spirit, you condemned this man who has been sacrificing for this kid that has been tormenting him for years.


You don't know what was going on there, and I've known this about you. I've been dealing with you for five years. I've talked to you and I know I'm not penetrating you. The fact that someone doesn't raise their voice does not mean that they are OK. Some of the most wicked manifestations of the carnal mind are channeled through people who never raise their voice, but you have a real problem with someone raising their voice or being abusive towards another person. Of course, it is not right, but to think that because someone is in a gentle voice, that it is OK, you just have no idea what was going on. I can't tell you that this is true, but I'm just really wondering if that man wasn't a Christian that you completely misjudged, for this whole thing to come forth. Either he was a Christian and it was a situation something like I just made up, that you just got him at a bad moment, and he's been sacrificing for that kid for a long time, or as the prophecy came forth, the time is just very short, and the Lord has decided that the shock treatment is the only thing that's going to bring you through. One or the other.


COMMENT: I am just thinking that just a few minutes afterwards I heard this man speak to this young employee and say, Sometimes I'm nasty. I remember the words he said.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, Satan judged him, and he repented. Satan judged him and he repented. Sometimes people repent when Satan judges them. I think most of us who come to the Lord come because Satan judged us. I came because Satan judged me. I was dying. My life was an absolute nightmare. God didn't do that to me, Satan did that to me, and I came to the Lord. Satan judged me, and I came to the Lord. If that man, if he wasn't a Christian and he walked away and repented and became a Christian, you could say that he came to the Lord because Satan in you judged him. It's the truth. Satan does good and evil.


COMMENT: While this man was coming down on this young worker, I could hear the violence and the voice was so loud in my own house that I felt it in my emotions.


PASTOR VITALE: I am really glad that the Lord brought that up because this is a very important issue. When someone judges out of Satan it is always for a personal motive, always. It is never for the glory of God, and our carnal mind tells us that it is for the good of that young man that's being abused, but it is never true. When the judgment comes from Satan, the bottom line is always self.


Now, I didn't think of that so I was suggesting to you that it was the wounded child in you that was reliving something that had happened to you in your childhood, but now the Lord has just brought this forth that your true motive for doing that was that you felt abused. I don't condemn you. This is the condition that we are all in. If we are truly living out of Christ we cannot be guilty of sin because His motives become our motive, but when we live out of our carnal mind the foundational motive is always self, always self preservation, always, and the Lord just brought it out of your own mouth.


This is what we were talking about in the message today. You have admitted that the real reason was that you felt abused yourself. OK, what do you do about it? This is what Christ does: He offers you an alternative, that if this should ever happen again, you need to know how to deal with it so that it will not be a sin unto you. You rose up and you punished the man that was doing the behavior that was grieving your spirit. If it was me, by way of example, I would have said, Lord, I feel like I am being killed, and I could relate to that, I'm really being killed, I know this has nothing to do with me out there, but it is invading my home, I could hear it, and it is grieving my spirit. What would you have me to do, if anything?


The Lord might have you pray against the manifestation, or the Lord might tell you to go into your room and close the door. I don't know what the Lord would tell you to do, but the issue is this, we must submit everything to Jesus. We cannot solve our own problems because when we solve our own problems, it is Satan in us solving them, and that is sin. This is the whole message of the Lord Jesus today. We cannot solve our own problems. I know that I've had incidents with people blasting rock and roll, that I thought I could not bear it, and I cried out to Jesus and they shut it off. Give the Lord a chance. Can you see that you didn't give the Lord a chance, that you solved your own problem, and when we solve our own problem we solve it with the carnal mind? So Jesus is knocking on your door saying, Hey Xxxx, Christ is ready for ministry in you. He has matured. He's separated from the carnal mind. He is ready for ministry, but He can't minister without His wife.


Xxxx, the personality, has to give up doing things in her own strength because the reality of doing things in your own strength is that you are cleaving unto your carnal mind, and Christ is going to die if you don't switch over, which is repentance. You have got to reject your carnal mind before you can cleave unto Christ. So, I think that this is a great day in your life, Xxxx, because I know that you have been struggling with this revelation for five years, but I think that you got hit today. I am hoping that this will do the job of helping you to really understand this thing. You are a woman who moves in her own power, and you are a very gifted woman, and you prophesy, and you have words of knowledge, but all of that is in the Holy Ghost. Christ wants to start living out of you, and for Christ to start living out of you, you have to give up your adultery.


Of course, this is spiritual adultery with the carnal mind, and you have to come into obedience to Christ. I would say by way of example, that if I were in a distressing situation like that, and I prayed and the Lord didn't move, I don't know whether you were watching your granddaughter or not, I'd get out of the house, if I could possibly do it. We have no right to interfere in that, especially in an employer to an employee, an authority figure. What made you think the man couldn't defend himself? He could have quit his job, he could have got up and left, he could have cried out to Jesus himself, but the truth now has been revealed that it was you that was grieved. So you say, Lord what do I do about this? I'm grieved.


I've had situations in the other house where I was living where I had to work and there was a lot of noise coming up, and my carnal mind wanted me to go downstairs and bang on my neighbors door and say, Shut that rock and roll off. I said, Lord, what do you want me to do? And the music stopped. Not that He will always do that, but He will always have an answer for you and maybe the answer is to knock on their door and say nicely, Would you please... The  bottom line is that every thought, word, and deed must be submitted to Jesus Christ, and you have been going in your own power for all these years, and it served you well. You found strength in Christ, it served you well, but if you want to go on you have to give up the old ways and let him take over.




All this strength that was raised up in you, it was when you had the Holy Ghost. So the Lord strengthened you on the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but now He wants you to come into Christ. You have got to give this up. Let me pray for you. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just bless Xxxx, Lord and whoever else this message is touching. The prophecy was that the hour is very short, very near by, the time is very short. I just bless everybody, and I forgive their sins, and I pray that this message, Lord, should go where ever you want it to go, and that it should be made very real Lord to everybody that hears it. That we should repent of our adultery with the carnal mind, Oh God, and give up our own ways, Lord Jesus. Help us to do it Father, and to choose you, show us, help us to choose you Lord, and show us all the ways in which we are not choosing you. Have mercy on us Lord because we are in this devastated condition. Help us Lord to work with you that we should escape from this condition that we are. And I thank you Father, in the Name of Jesus.


COMMENT: I just got a mental picture of Moses raising the rod at the Egyptians.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, when he was smiting the Egyptians. There is your witness. You see, I am Christ in the earth, and I am the first witness in a situation like this, that Jesus has to say to you, and the Father witnessed it to you, and has in your mind, so now you have two witnesses. Moses thought he was doing the right thing. Right? So, that is the two witnesses. Christ in a man and the Father in the mind of the hearer. Praise God.


COMMENT: Lord, I repent of my carnal mind, my own reasoning and way of doing things, and I ask your forgiveness, and I ask that you intervene with your mind in your ways and purposes in my mind, my body, and my emotions, everything Lord, I surrender it to you, and I ask that you forgive me and cleanse me continuously. Thank you Jesus. Amen.


We are going to do a study on the scriptures that the Lord has given me to back up the teaching that came forth this morning. We are talking about judging before the time, and we are looking at 1 Cor. 4:1-6. Judging before the time means judging before the righteous timeline. Both our carnal minds and our Christ mind are timelines, so whenever you see the word time in the scripture, and you are looking for a little more insight into what it is saying, you might want to ask the Lord, is this word talking about a timeline. Is it talking about a timeline? Is it taking about the eternal timeline? I suggest to you that when Paul talks about judging before the time he means judging out of the wrong timeline. He's talking about judging out of the carnal mind, the other timeline, the timeline that's not eternal, the timeline that's temporal, the timeline that's under judgment. That's what Paul is talking about when he says, Don't judge before the time.


1 Cor. 4:1 - Let a man so account to us as of the ministers of Christ and stewards of the mystery of God. He's saying men have to answer to us. Let a man so account to us because those who are truly ministers of Christ, which means those who are judging and living out of their Christ mind. And those who are the stewards of the mysteries of God.


This is very interesting. Of course, it is not really our message tonight, but there are a lot of Christians saying that there is no hidden message, there is no mystery of God; but there is a mystery of God, and there is a five-fold ministry that has been raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ, which men are stewards of this mystery. And no man has appointed them, and no man can take them down, and this ministry is despised by the ministry that the world accepts, and that the church, at large, accepts. The ministry that's raised up of men who have gone to Bible school, who have papers, and who are authorized and ordained by other men, that is a false church which condemns the true ministry of Christ, those who are ordained in the spirit by the Lord Jesus Christ, trained in the spirit, raised up in the wilderness and the desert, like Paul was, and ministering out of the mind of Christ.


Let a man so account of us as of the ministers of Christ and stewards of the mystery of God; moreover, it is required in stewards that one be found faithful. So if you are a true steward of God, a steward of the mystery of God and a minister of Christ, you will be faithful. Faithful to whom? Faithful to the one who called you, faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. And this is shocking to many Christians, especially in this country. There is such rebellion in this society. It is shocking to find out that sometimes faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ requires judgment upon a believer. I tell you this all the time. I don't know to what degree it has penetrated your mind or the mind of those who read these messages, and study with us by correspondence. Sometimes I have to do things, I have to take a stand that is grievous to some of the believers here, but if I didn't do it I would be unfaithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, because the righteousness of Jesus Christ requires that I ask somebody to leave the ministry, or that I refuse to do something that is asked of me, along those lines.


Sometimes I do things that hurt people, sometimes showing you your sins hurts you, especially if you just can't imagine where I am coming from. It is painful to you, but if I don't do it, I am unfaithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. A lot of people have considered me unfaithful to them because I have been faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, so let it be known that to the fullest degree that I am able and that the Lord Jesus Christ enables me, I will be unfaithful to every man who is asking something of me that would require me to be unfaithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. I will be unfaithful to that man because I will serve Jesus Christ to the fullest extent that I am able. I pray that way all the time.


I am just a fallen man. If the Lord doesn't strengthen me I may not be able to keep my commitment to be faithful to Him, but I desire to be faithful to Him, and He knows how I feel so we will see, what will be will be. Those two verses were really introductions to what we are talking about tonight. With me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, this is Paul talking to the congregation at Corinth, it is a very small thing, I really don't care that you are judging me. Of course, it is wrong to judge the man of God, the man who is the steward of the mysteries of God and the true minister of Christ. Anyone judging them, and he is talking about judging before the time. He's talking about judging them with your carnal mind.


This is a criticism and a condemnation and a destructive judgment upon the one who is serving Christ. You have to be an ignorant person to do this because only destruction can come upon you for it, but the world and the church are filled with ignorant people. Brethren, we are not educated properly. Jesus is having great mercy on the church today because they are not taught properly. It is one thing to oppose the will of God and know what you are doing, and it is another thing to be ignorant because the five-fold ministry has not done the job. The Lord has great mercy, but he will stop you. Having mercy on someone doesn't mean that you allow them to continue in the sin, but with me, and it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you or of man's judgment, yea I judge not my own self.


What Paul is saying here is exactly what I was speaking about earlier on this message. He's speaking about the middle path. He's speaking about the middle path. If we take the left path, we condemn ourselves or others. If we take the right path, we justify our sin and deny that it is sin; therefore making the power of God of no force and effect in our life. The left hand is the evil side, it is a reaction out of the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the right hand path which justifies sin is a reaction or a response out of the good side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but both are sin and both lead unto death. Only the middle path leads to life.


Only the middle path which says, Yes I did it, yes this is sin in my mind, this is a sin in my emotions, this is sin in my heart, but I will not be condemned because I have confessed this sin and Jesus has heard my confession, and He is in the process of cleansing me in this area and making me incapable of doing this sin again so I live with it. I live with my sin. I live with it. It is not always pleasant when I see deep into my own heart, and I see the sin that I see there. Sometimes I cry, but it is there and I am doing all that I can do to be cleansed of it, and I must live with myself without condemning myself and without letting pride come in to exalt myself as a cover up for the sin that I see in myself.


A lot of people cover their sin with pride. We were talking about that earlier. It is very typical in this world, but as far as Jesus is concerned, we must recognize that this covering up of our sin is covering our tail, and is just as serious as the sin of condemning myself. It is just the evil and the good manifestation of the carnal mind, but in Christ Jesus we can walk the middle path by acknowledging that it is sin without condemning ourselves, waiting, Job said, I wait for my change. We wait for our change. We wait for our change, doing all the good that we could do, but not blocking out the sin that we see. It is not easy to do, but in Christ Jesus we can do it.


Verse 4 - For I know nothing by myself. And we were talking about that earlier. Someone in the congregation said, I don't know anything anymore, I am all confused. Well, Paul said that he didn't know anything by himself, and I tell you all the time I don't know anything by myself. Yet, am I not hereby justified, but he that judgeth me is the Lord. This is how I am justified, Paul is saying. The Lord judges me. What does that mean? Most of the people that I know do not have an understanding of what judgment is. I said this earlier on the message.


Let me give it to you again. We are the woman. The woman can only be good or evil. Remember, the carnal mind is in existence because the woman twisted together with the earth. The carnal mind which produces good or evil thoughts is a product or an offspring of the woman. She is trapped by her own offspring. Does that sound shocking to you? Over these last years in this country, we have had quite a few cases of children killing their parents. The carnal mind is the offspring of the woman, and he captured her and is tyrannizing her.


The woman must be judged. What is judgment? Judgment is being under the law. A child must be under the righteous judgment of its parents, because the child does not know what is safe for himself and what's healthy for himself. A child is under judgment. He's under law. That's what it means to be under judgment, to be under law. In this country today, women are maturing, and we have a lot of women today who are very capable of taking care of themselves, but this is not what we are talking about. We are talking about a spiritual principle, a female spiritual principle, which is only capable of doing good or evil. And whether you do evil or good, you can do the greatest good of this world and you will still die after a season of consciousness.


We are talking about entering into unending life, and the only way we can do that is by doing righteousness. Righteousness as opposed to good and evil, and the woman is only capable of good and evil. She is capable -- now this is the spiritual woman, the personality, the personality of the individual -- of doing great evil when she is joined to the carnal mind. I will say that again. The woman, who is good and evil -- she can be either good or evil when she is married to the carnal mind -- is capable of being a vampire, of being a serial killer, a Satan worshipper, of burning people in ovens.


The personality is capable of the most heinous evils known to man, depending on the condition of her fallen mind, and for that reason, she just be under judgment. She must be under authority, and the only authority that can keep her good, and actually lead her enter into righteousness, and certainly prevent her from being evil, is her true husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. In this hour, the woman, the personalities of mankind, we are married to a husband that we made ourselves. We have no memory of this, but the woman that we are, the spiritual being that we are, she rejected her true righteous husband, Adam, and she formed her own husband from the earth because she thought she could control him, and she made a Frankenstein. This husband turned around and took control over her, and has been tyrannizing her ever since. So, judgment is a good thing. Judgment is being under an authority that will keep you safe.


To independent Americans that might not sound like a good thing, because we are into independence to such a degree, so we need a revelation that we really don't have the strength to build our own lives. No matter how good your life might be right now, you could have a heart attack, a flood could come, you could lost your house. We were talking about this off the message. Anything could happen to you. You are only doing a good job of taking care of yourself because no tragedy is in your life right now. Only marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ will give us complete and total assurance of safety. That is what salvation means. It means safety, and safety is only in the Lord Jesus Christ.


No matter how good your life might look right now, you have no idea what's coming tomorrow. We are living in hell. You could step off the curb. I am not cursing you. I am just telling you the reality of what could happen. That jogger that was attacked in Central Park, she went out jogging one morning. You just don't know what's coming the next day when you are married to your carnal mind. When you are abiding in good and evil, you don't know what's coming the next day. It is only through marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge you, who will bring you under His righteous authority. It is only in that marriage that you will find safety, and this is not just for physical women, this is for physical women and physical men. We are all female, spiritually, compared to the Lord Jesus Christ. Judgment is the coming under authority which produces life. This is death down here, and what most people don't understand is that when you are married to Jesus, it is not like human marriage. Human marriage is an institution that came into being under the curse. I'm very sorry, but that is what it is. When you are married to the Lord Jesus Christ, He not only encourages you, He won't have it any other way, but to make you become all that you can be, every potential, every talent that you have you will develop to the maximum.


You are completely under His authority, and not only that, but He will impart talents to you that you never had before. Talents and abilities. Marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ is the most exciting thing that could happen to a mortal man. The world doesn't know, the church doesn't know, we don't know the truth about what's happening here. You are either married to the carnal mind or you are married to Christ. You have to have a mind, and the personality is female to the mind. Otherwise we wouldn't have an existence. Giving up your marriage to the carnal mind is the best decision you ever made in your life because although you may feel safe with the carnal mind at the moment, she is still killing you, and you will still die, and there is still torment on some degree in your life.


The Lord Jesus wants to give you, desires to give you, is thirsting and hungering to give you eternal life, and an experience of creativity that anyone with true understanding would envy, and we are running from Him, and we are fleeing from Him. Why? Because of the strong influence that our carnal mind exerts upon us. So, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to educate the church through the foolishness of preaching, to encourage you, you the woman, the personality, to fall out of agreement with your carnal mind, and this is a level of consciousness. It is called Election. I have a message on it.


Maybe the Lord will let me finish it next week. We are preaching a message on it. It is called Election, electing Christ. I know the scripture says, You have not chosen me, I have chosen you. As I said, I have a whole message on it. Jesus Christ chooses those who choose Him. He is not running after the people who don't want Him, and beating them over the head with a Bible. That's what Leviathan is doing. The Christians who are living out of Leviathan are doing that. Christ is not doing that, and we do not do that in this ministry. You must want Him enough to pursue Him, and you must want the word in this ministry enough to pursue after this word.


You must want this word enough to sacrifice to get it, and if that is not your attitude, the chances of your getting this word are very nil, or abiding in it for any length of time, is very nil. So Paul says, the Lord judges me. What Paul meant was that Jesus Christ was eclipsing his personality. Remember the principle of eclipse? Jesus Christ is the Sun of our Righteousness. He is our righteous sun, and our personality is, hopefully, I know mine is, trying to get so completely lined up behind Christ Jesus, that you can't see me at all. I know that I manifest Christ to you a lot here, but certainly not 100% of the time.


My goal is to move so completely behind Christ Jesus that there is nothing left of myself, that I become a template, or an outline, with all potential for creativity, that when Christ Jesus shines Himself through me, every potential in me comes to life. That is my goal, and that is what He desires to give us. This is what Paul was saying, the Lord judges me, not that the Lord judges my sins, and who are you to judge my sins? Paul was saying much more than that. He was saying, Who are you, you are mistaken judging me, because the Lord is judging me.


I honestly don't know whether Paul was in perfection at this point or not, but he was saying, the Lord is dealing with my potential for good and evil, and because I am so close to the Lord Jesus, I am not good or evil. I am walking in His righteousness, and your judgment of me is erroneous. You have misjudged me, and you have misjudged me because you cannot recognize righteousness when you see it, and the reason you can't recognize righteousness when you see it is because you don't have any yourself. I want to tell you, that righteousness and righteous judgment are looked upon very frequently by the carnal mind as evil, especially when righteous judgment is executed, and someone stands up in righteousness and says, That's wrong, I won't go along with that. Usually it is one person against a whole room of people.


I've seen it happen. The one person standing in righteousness condemned by the whole room. So, Paul was being condemned by this whole church at Corinth, and he was saying, You are looking at me with your carnal mind, you don't know what you are talking about, the Lord Jesus judges me. That means that what you see in me is righteous judgment, and the reason it looks wrong to you is because you are looking at it with your carnal mind, and you do not understand. You need to be educated, and before you can be educated you need to admit that the way you were thinking is wrong. That's what he's telling them.


The person who thinks they are right will fight to the death. I found a scripture, I think in Micah, I preached it a long time ago. When I looked into the Interlinear text it came up holy war, the one that wages the holy war, that's Leviathan. Get into a tangle with a self-righteous Pharisee, and they will defeat you, because they are so determined that they are right they will fight you to the death. There is no helping these people. We must be convinced of the Lord that at least we may be wrong, at least possibly wrong, but these people  think they are right and there is no other possibility. If it was up to me I would depart. You are wasting your time, there is nothing you can do for them.


Verse 5 - Therefore judge nothing before the time. Paul is saying, Don't judge out of the other timeline, don't judge out of your carnal mind; therefore judge nothing before the time until the Lord comes. Who is the Lord? The Lord is Christ rising from the dead in you. Now, this is a great mystery, I really don't want to teach this whole thing again, but it appears that when we see in the scripture the word Lord, not the Lord Jesus, but Lord alone. Let me back up.


We know that there is a difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus. Jesus the Christ is the man Jesus of Nazareth in the days of His flesh, in whom the resurrected Christ is married to the Father above, and the two of them married to the personality, Jesus, was His new man. The old man in Jesus was His carnal mind married to His personality. So, because the woman in Jesus chose, elected, preferred Christ Jesus, and was completely joined to them, He became Jesus the Christ, because a woman takes on the name of her husband. That's how He became Jesus the Christ in the days of His flesh.


Christ Jesus is talking about the mind, Christ, the resurrected Adam in the man married to the Father above, a condition of mind. This is the third time I have seen the Lord alone appear in the scripture. The Lord called it to my attention the first time when we were doing the Two Witnesses Revisited, and He showed me that when that word appears in Chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation, it is really talking about Adam. Adam is the Lord of the creation. This is a revelation that is raising up such rebellion in the church today, it is really quite amazing to me.


Jehovah made Adam the king of this creation. Now, if you have been listening to me for any length of time, you have heard me tell you that any woman who's married to a weak man, who is not moving in his authority, you should be warned, that the day you start praying, Lord, do something with that good for nothing husband of mine -- from the first time that prayer goes out of your mouth, the Lord Jesus is moving to make that good for nothing husband of yours king of your family, because in the physical marriage, the husband is the head, and more women than not are shocked when Jesus answers that prayer and the man starts taking his authority. The woman who has been running the family all these years doesn't want to give up the role that she has taken on. This is very common.


In the same manner, Jehovah made Adam king of this creation, and Adam died. The woman took over, the carnal mind took over the creation, but Adam rose from the dead in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who became Christ, who was glorified, and ascended on high. He is pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh, and raising Christ from the dead in every human spirit that He can get contact with. Adam is risen, and this creation is His household, but the woman won't give it up, even the woman in the church, who doesn't want to believe that He's risen. They are out there preaching that He's dead, finished forever. When Jesus died on the cross, that was the end of Adam. No way, brethren, this is not Jehovah's way. Jehovah appoints a king. If the king dies, Jehovah raises Him from the dead. We are fallen. Has He written us off? No, He is raising us from the dead. When you see the word Lord alone in the scripture, it is talking about Adam. Until the Lord come. 


For a long time I could not understand why Paul talks so cryptically. He is very vague. In many scriptures he is very vague. If you look at the scripture in the Interlinear text you will see that it is saying, a certain one. It doesn't even specifically say, a man. Are you aware of that? If you look at the scripture and ask the Lord to show you, you will see that it is true. Paul is very vague. Actually, the whole scripture is vague, and I used to say, Lord, why is the scripture so vague? And now I understand why it is so vague. Because the message of this scripture is so deep that if everything that Paul was saying was spelled out, it would take -- do you know how long I preach on one verse -- it would take volumes and volumes and volumes, but even more than that, even more important, this Bible is given to carnal people.


The depth of the word is not given to the babies, so Paul is speaking the truth in a vague way, and it just like you would say to your child, Yes, you will go to school when you grow up. But you don't give details that you are going to have to leave mommy and go on the bus, and its going to be upsetting, and you are going to cry, but you will get over it. Do you tell your children that? No. You tell your young daughter that you are going to get married when you grow up. Do you tell her what marriage is like? Do you tell her the bad parts of it? No, you let her have her dream. Especially the New Testament, it is given to the Gentiles. It is given to the people that never have known God. Paul is speaking the truth, but he is speaking it in code. That's why I could spend so much time on one verse, but because I am unlocking the codes, but if you don't have the code unlocked, you can still read this Bible as it appears in English in the King James, and be blessed by it because God has honored this translation, but it is in code. Whenever you see the word, Lord, alone without Jesus or Christ appearing anywhere, it is talking about Adam.


Paul is saying, Don't judge until the Lord rises from the dead in you and becomes your righteous mind. Do not judge with your carnal mind. Paul is talking about spiritual things. He's saying, don't judge me. Of course, if you don't have a Christ mind, and you live in this world, you have to make judgments based on your own life. You have to decide whether someone is a bad influence on your life, and you want to discontinue the relationship. Of course, you have to make judgments, and hopefully you've been raised with a mortal upbringing that will help you to make a good decision for your life and for the life of your loved ones in this world. But Paul is saying,  when it comes to spiritual things, when it comes to someone who's been given the mysteries of God, don't judge with your carnal mind because no good thing could come of it. Judgment will fall from your own carnal mind, as we explained earlier on this message.


When the Lord sends someone to you, who is a chosen man of God, who is giving you the ministry of Christ and the ministry of reconciliation, you have the opportunity of lining yourself up with that person even though they are imperfect. And if you line yourself up with that person as best you can as I've described to you so many times, the Lord Jesus will honor it. There is a reality to the spiritual cover. There is a reality to it. If there is a genuine submission to the authority, and that authority is genuinely submitted to the Lord Jesus, you are in a very good place.


Paul is saying, When it comes to spiritual things, if I am the one that the Lord Jesus has sent to you, and you are judging me with your carnal mind, what you are doing is moving yourself out from under the covenant, and you are wide open to Satan. And Satan will punish you severely because she wants to get you out of the church, she wants to get you away from God. She will punish you severely and tell you that it is the Lord Jesus. Paul is saying, Don't do that, don't judge spiritual things with your carnal mind. Nothing but destruction can follow. Wait until the Lord comes. Wait until Christ rises from the dead in you, and then judge with Him, judge with your Christ mind.


What's the difference between Adam and Christ? Every time there is a change in the scripture, there is a change of name. Jacob became Israel, Sari became Sarah. Adam, after he died and was raised again, becomes Christ. When he is raised again, he becomes Christ. Jacob to Israel, Adam to Christ. The resurrected Adam is Christ, that's who Christ is. Paul is saying, Wait until the Lord comes, because until Adam is raised in you, he's still Adam. Paul didn't say, Wait until Christ comes. He said, Wait until the Lord comes, because when I am talking to you, if Christ is not risen in you, as far as you are concerned, it is still Adam. When Adam arises in you, then we will call him Christ.


It is the same principle as saying you're pregnant, you're nine months pregnant, and you will be having that baby any day, but the baby technically has no name. It has no birth certificate, no validity in this society, but when he's born, he'll have a name. In our case, it is not when he is born, but when we receive the engrafted word and Adam begins to be raised in us, we'll call him Christ, but while he is still dead, for us he's Adam, the Lord of the creation. Jehovah said it, and no man can disannul it, not even His own church can disannul it. Therefore, judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness.


What are the hidden things of darkness? They are the hidden sins of your carnal mind. We are in darkness. We don't even know what's in our own heart, so when the Lord comes, when Christ rises, He will be a light that will reveal the hidden things of the darkness. When righteousness begins to appear in your mind, you will be able to recognize the hidden sins of your heart. The only way we will ever recognize them is though comparison, so until Christ begins to be raised in you, and you can hear from Him, or until He is mature enough to be shedding light on your carnal mind, you are subject to tutors and governors. And if you are subject to a ministry that is teaching you out of the mind of Christ, you are a very blessed person. There are not very many.


If you are in a church that is truly serving the Lord Jesus, sin will be exposed. Sin is being exposed. If you are reading this message, and you are one of those people that have been sitting in church for 30 or 40 years, that every time you hear a sin exposed you say, my husband needs to hear that, or, my daughter really needs to hear that, and it never occurs to you that you might need to hear that, I am telling you today, that you need to repent and ask the Lord to show you the sins of your own carnal mind. Because everybody in this earth today has a sin nature, and the purpose of exposing your sin nature is so that Christ should rise in you and overshadow that sin natur, and translate you from this timeline, which is death and ends in destruction, back into the timeline which is life forevermore. His purposes toward you are good, they are good.


We are still in Verse 5. Therefore, judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darknessm and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts. And will make manifest the counsel that is not from God. For years, I haven't really been saying it for a while, but for years in this ministry, I was telling you, Do not counsel. There is nobody here today that is qualified to counsel. I went through a couple of years telling you that, and I gave up, because most of you were still, as far as I know, all of you are still counseling. Don't judge before the time, don't counsel before the time.


I have not seen the true spirit of counsel, which is in Christ, come forth in any one of you, except for one person who is not in New York anymore, and yet you have all counseled, so I gave up telling you. Judge nothing before the time, don't use your carnal mind to make a judgment, and don't counsel out of your carnal mind. You have to realize how seriously God sees that. When you counsel somebody, and they believe that you are a Christian person, and they draw conclusion and assume that you are counseling out of Christ, you affect their life. That's a very serious thing to do, to counsel somebody. It is very serious to think that you really know what's best for somebody else. It is a very serious thing to do because you do not know what's best for somebody else, and you do not know what God's plan is for them. If you are counseling out of your carnal mind, you do not know their future, and you may be counseling them in the exact opposite way of how Jesus would counsel them; if they were listening to a person who was counseling out of the mind of Christ.


We can pray for people, but a lot of Christians, most Christians, do not  pray for the person and then stop. They want to counsel them. They want to hear what the problem is, and they want to tell them what they think, and they are assuming that because the prayer is anointed, that the counseling is of God. And it is not true because the prayer for the person and words of knowledge come out of the Holy Ghost. Counsel comes out of Christ. There is no counsel in the Holy Ghost. There is no counsel in the Holy Ghost. And will make manifest the counsels of the heart, and the light, Christ, will reveal that the counsel that you have been giving has been coming out of your carnal mind, and then shall every man have praise of God.


Every man is not praising God, because men are married to their carnal minds which hate God. When Christ is raised from the dead in you He will shed light on your carnal mind so you will be able to see your carnal mind, you will be able to confess your sins, you will be able to recognize that you have been counseling out of your carnal mind, and you will repent and hopefully you haven't really damaged anybody seriously. And then God will have praise, because you, the personality, will have elected Christ over the carnal mind, and you will be praising God.


Verse 6 - And these things, brethren, I have, in a figure, transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes. Paul is saying, I have just established a spiritual principle for you, and I've used myself and Apollos. In Chapter 3 he is rebuking the Corinthians for arguing over who is their teacher, Paul or Apollos, and he's saying, You are yet carnal, and now he is telling them, And these things, brethren, I have, in a figure, transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes, that ye might learn in us, not to think of men above that which is written. Don't think greater of men than they are, than that which is written on their heart. You become great when you have married the Lord Jesus Christ. You become great when you have given up your own thoughts, and your own ways, and you marry Jesus Christ, and it is His thoughts and His ways that are appearing in you.


Paul is saying here, That you might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written. That is talking about engraving. If their mind is engraved with the nature of Satan, don't think that they are Christ. All these people in the church giving out counsel because they have the Holy Ghost, don't give them more than they are, don't think above that which is written. The people that are ministering out of the Holy Ghost with prayer and words of knowledge, that is their carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Ghost, and there is no counsel in the Holy Ghost. You pray and you minister healing or deliverance, and you encourage people. That's what the Holy Ghost does, or if they ask you a question, then to whatever degree you know it in the scripture, you tell them, but personal counsel is not acceptable to God out of the carnal mind.


That you may learn in us not to think of men above that which is written in their mind. If they are engraved with the carnal mind, don't think it is Christ. That no one of you be puffed up for one against the other. Because the only reason you are competing about who your teacher, who is the better teacher, Apollos or Paul, the only reason you are doing that is that you are looking at us with your carnal mind, because every man should be in the church that Jesus puts them in, and you should serve faithfully in the church that He puts you in, and there should be no competition over who is the better teacher.


Sometimes that's a real challenge to us here because there really aren't many ministries like that, and sometime I have to remind some of the people here that they are getting puffed up, going out with an attitude that this is a great ministry. You can't do that. I want to say one more thing about counsel. A lot of people don't understand what I'm talking about, when I say to you, As far as I know, there is nobody here that has the spirit of counsel. Counsel is not a gift. The ability to pray in tongues is a gift, word of knowledge is a gift, healing and deliverance is a gift, but counsel is a spirit, and the spirit of counsel is in Christ Jesus. So when I say to you, Nobody here has the authority to counsel in this ministry, I can't control what you do outside of this ministry, but I am telling you that nobody here has the spirit of counsel.


This is not me, Sheila, trying to restrain your ministry. I am telling you the truth that I have not seen the spirit of counsel in you. I would recognize it Him if I saw Him. How would I recognize Him? I have the spirit of counsel. I know what the spirit of counsel is,  I would recognize Him if I saw Him in you, and I haven't seen Him in anyone in this ministry. One woman had a really hard time with this. She said, I've been in the church counseling for years, how could you tell me not to counsel? This is the issue, if you want to receive the spirit of counsel, which is in Christ Jesus, you must give up the counseling of your carnal mind, because you are not going to get the spirit of counsel until you give up the counsel of your carnal mind. I am so convinced, this woman would tell me, that the Lord used me all these times, how could you say this to me?


Brethren, the Lord will use you if there is no one around with the spirit of counsel, and very few have the spirit of counsel. If you are the one who is present at the time, the Lord will use you and He will draw upon your experiences, because everybody has experiences, everybody has counsel in them based upon their human experiences. I mentioned this earlier. You have to make decisions in this life, you know what's best for your children, you know when something is bad for you, it is the counsel of this world, but it is not a supernatural counsel. The spirit of counsel is a supernatural counsel, a creative word which gives directions to people's lives. To be counseling somebody out of your carnal mind and letting them think that you have the spirit of Christ is ungodly.


If you have a young Christian in your hands that's coming to you for counsel, and you don't have the spirit of counsel; you've taken them under your wings, and they are looking at you as a woman of God, assuming that you have the spirit of counsel, you have to understand that you have taken on a disciple that has not been given you, and that you could be affecting that person's life, because you are counseling them based on your own experiences. Based on your own experience, that may be a good counsel, but you don't know what the Lord's purpose in life is for that young person. Do you understand?


I am going to say it again because someone is not getting this. What looks good to you, the counsel that you are giving, it is a way that looks good, but the end of it is destruction. Jesus has another plan for that person's life, and you are interfering with Jesus' plan for that person's life by counseling the person as if you were in the spirit of Christ. You are talking to a young Christian, a vulnerable person, and you are putting them on a path that may be the direct opposite path of what Jesus has for them because your judgment, which may be a good judgment as the judgment of the world goes, is not lining up with the purposes of Christ Jesus for that person.


The spirit of counsel lines up with the purposes of Christ Jesus for that person. I know that I had a very painful decision to make in my life 12 years ago, and I was condemned by just about everybody that saw me do it. It had to do with my daughter. Everybody that saw me do it condemned me, but it was the counsel of God that told me to do it. Everybody looked at me, everyone in the church, with their carnal minds, and they made a judgment that what I did was wrong. Everybody that I know thought that, but it was what Jesus told me to do, and if I had listened to the counsel of the people in the church, my daughter and myself would have been on paths that would not line up with what Jesus Christ had for us.


I'll tell you, I don't care if every person I know condemns me, to the best of my ability I will do what Jesus Christ tells me to do, and I don't care what it looks like to the pharisaical mind of the Christian. Counsel is a spirit, brethren. What do you do if someone comes to you for advice? Maybe you have been convicted by this message that you don't have the spirit of counsel. You tell the person, I don't have the spirit of counsel. This is not the Lord. I am not an authority. This is my opinion, but I'm telling you that the Lord may have something else for you, and you really have to get before the God and find out for yourself what He has for you. You have to realize that if you don't say that, if some young person comes to you for advice, and you just talk to them with authority, they are taking it as the word of the Lord from you, and that means you are acting like God. This is the sin of pride.


You have got to understand that this is sin to talk to someone as if you have authority in Christ when you are talking out of your carnal mind. It is the sin of pride, and if you listen to me, you will hear me tell you from time to time that this is not the Lord, this is me, this is what I think, and you get before God, and you pray and you find out what He wants you to do, because if you wind up doing what I think is the thing to do, and it doesn't work out for you, don't you come back here and be looking for retribution from me because I am not telling you what to do.


I don't tell anybody what to do. I am in a high office in the church. I won't tell anybody what to do, I'll tell you what I think, or I'll tell you what the Lord says, and you decide what you are going to do. And if it doesn't turn out good for you, don't come back here looking for trouble, and if it does turn out good, don't come back her praising me, because I didn't do anything. It is your decision, and you need to know that when Christ starts to rise in you, and you start counseling people out of your carnal mind because the spirit of counsel has not developed in you yet, you are going to be coming out from behind Christ Jesus' protection, and you are going to be wide open to reap what you sow.


Satan is the mediator of the reaping and the sowing judgment. What does that mean? Someone will give you advice that you think is from the Christ mind. Someone will speak to you with authority and tell you that it is the Christ mind, and you will follow and obey and find out that it is not. That's what I see about sowing and reaping. What you do is going to be done unto you, except for what you do in Christ. That's why Jesus said, Here I am trying to save you life, why are you trying to kill me? According to the laws of this world, when you do good to somebody in Christ they should be doing good back to you in Christ, but this is not so.


When Christ comes to want to teach the truth, the carnal mind tries to kill Him. When you step out from behind Christ Jesus and make yourself an authority in your carnal mind, you are wide open for Satan to do the same thing to you and to your children. The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. Once you have heard this message, you are responsible to stop counseling out of your carnal mind. Remember, I want to define this for you again. counseling is not giving your opinion. If someone asks your opinion you can give it, but you make it very clear to that person that the decision is to what they do is theirs, and this is not God speaking through you, it is your opinion based on your experience in this world, but you don't know what Jesus is doing in that person's life. Counseling is to talk to some young Christian as if you have authority, and that this is the answer, and that this is what they should do. It is done every day in the church, and I know the brethren here do it, and it is the sin of pride. I haven't talked about that in about three years. Praise the Lord. No one listened to me three years ago.


I'll just go over Verse 6 again. And these things, brethren, I have in a figure, transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes, that you might learn in us, that you might learn through us, through this situation, that we are both teachers, not to think of men above that which is written. Don't think beyond the engraving in your carnal mind. The carnal mind has no right to be judging spiritual teachers, that no one of you be puffed up for one against the other. That's what this is going to produce. Thinking with your carnal mind about spiritual things is going to puff you up and set you one against the other. It is going to make you think you are something that you are not, and it is going to end in controversy, because controversy only arises when one or more people think that they are something that they are not.


What causes a controversy? Two people having a different opinion. Why cannot everybody have their own opinion? But if you are telling me something about my life that I do not want to do, and you are insisting that I should do it, then a controversary has arisen because you have made yourself an authority over me. Then again, if you ask my opinion and I tell you, or if I have a husband, a pastor, or an authority figure to give you my opinion in a legitimate circumstance, and you don't like my opinion, and you cannot accept that I have a different opinion, a controversy will be raised up because what you are doing is trying to change my mind, and I have to say to you, That's my opinion. I'm not trying to force my opinion on you, but that's my opinion, and you are trying to change my mind. A controversy has risen up because, according to Paul, you are puffed up. You think, and it may not be in your conscious mind, but you think that you know better than me, and I am not trying to force myself on you, that's just my opinion. It doesn't have to me, it could be you, it could be anybody. Somebody who doesn't like your opinion and is trying to pressure you to change your opinion, they are puffed up and they think they know better than you.


Now, not for one second am I telling you that it is easy to abide in a relationship where you are respecting someone else's opinion, where that opinion is upsetting you. It is a very hard thing to do, but the Lord requires it of us. I respect your opinion, I respect everybody's opinion until that opinion violates me. How would it violate me? When the person who has the opinion is trying to force their opinion on me and then we have a controversy, but you can have any opinion that you want. My next door neighbor can have any opinion that they want. Anybody, I respect your opinion, but don't try to change me. It is very hard to do. Very, very hard to do.


Why is it hard to do? Because the person who is in their carnal mind, when someone disagrees with you, it makes you insecure because the carnal mind -- believe me, I spent years in this condition, I spent years in this condition -- the carnal mind feels comfortable when everybody agrees with you. It is uncomfortable to have other people disagree with you, especially when it is about you. It is not easy. It is not easy. But everyone has the right to their opinion as long as they are not trying to force it, and if you are distressed -- and this is pride -- and if you are distressed over somebody else's opinion, you have to get before God and ask Him why you are upset.


Maybe they are striking a chord in you that you are not willing to face. This whole process is just reality consciousness. You've got to see what's inside of our own hearts, but it is hard having people -- well, disapproving of you is not the same as disagreeing with you, but a lot of people cannot tell the difference. Most people, if they disagree with you, they disapprove of you. I know that when I disagree with you I do not disapprove of you, I just disagree with you, but I am not the typical person. So when we get into disapproving, we are getting into witchcraft. To disapprove of somebody is witchcraft. It is an attempt to influence them to change. I disapprove of what you are doing. It is an attempt to take authority over that person. You want them to change.


Disagreeing is a far cry from disapproving. One of the biggest problems we have is that people in the church do not understand the difference between these words. They don't understand it is OK to disagree, it is not OK to disapprove unless the Bible disapproves. I disapprove of homosexuality. I think it is wrong, but I am not going to try to force anybody to change. If I were to meet a homosexual I would talk to them like they were any other human being, but if they asked me I would tell them I disapprove of your lifestyle because God disapproves of your lifestyle. So, I can disapprove of your lifestyle without disapproving of you. To disapprove of the person is to judge and condemn the person. We are not here to judge and condemn the person. We are here to judge and condemn the carnal mind, which is sin, and we are here to forgive the person, but it is very hard to do and really can only be done in Christ. Any questions about that series of scriptures before we go on?


Matthew 5:25-32 - We have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shall not commit adultery, but I say unto you. Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. This is a very famous scripture, but I want to suggest to you that in Verse 27, the words old time, is talking about the ancient time, the time before the fall, and that Jesus is really not talking about human beings in the scripture.


Let me put it this way, Jesus is talking on more than one level. He is talking about human beings, but He's really also talking about what happened at the time of the fall. Ye hath heard that it was said by them of old time, of the olden timeline, of the eternal timeline, it was said by Jehovah and Elohim and Michael, it was said to the woman, Adam's wife, You shall not commit adultery. And Jesus says, But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her have committed adultery with her already in his heart. And I suggest to you that Jesus is talking about the carnal mind. The carnal mind who so much as looketh upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.


You have to remember that Jesus is talking to the Pharisees here. He's not talking to the heathen. The whole issue with the Jews is that they had the word of God. I am convinced that many, many Jews, I can't tell you all because I don't know, but many, many Jews had Christ raised in them. Christ was raised in them. I am convinced of it, but Christ being raised in you is not enough. You are still going to die. For a long time, you will hear on the old messages I quote that scripture, I think it is in the Psalms, where the Jews are being indicted, and they are being told, Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men, and I always preached it that they had the word of God. You, to whom the word of God was delivered, Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men. I thought it was this book. No, what that means is that Christ was raised from the dead in them.


When Christ is raised from the dead in you, you are a god, but you die like men because you continue to live out of your old man. God is in you, and when you elect Him, when you elect to leave your present husband and cleave unto Christ, you become a god. You are not a god until you are completely one with Christ, and during this interim of transition, where you are divorcing your carnal mind and cleaving unto Christ, you are under tutors and governors, because your carnal mind is still too active in your life, but the scripture says that when Christ is raised is in that you are God, but that you are a young god in training. I am convinced that the majority of Israel, including the women, had Christ raised in them, but you still die.


This is a great mystery and a great misunderstanding in the church. If Christ is raised in you to His fullest maturity, it is not enough to stop you from dying. Christ in you must marry the Lord Jesus, who is above. Christ is down here in the earth, in this world of death, but the Lord Jesus is in the eternal timeline. He's above the firmament. The Lord Jesus is connected to Jehovah. Life is in the resurrected Christ only because the Holy Spirit imparted Himself to your human spirit, but Christ in you will die if He does not marry the Lord Jesus above. He'll die on this vine that you are. This was the issue with the Jews.


The whole issue was that there is no way -- I guess I left a step out, let me say this. Before Christ can even marry, in the case of the Jews, it wasn't the Lord Jesus, in the case of the Jews it was Michael, it was the member of the Godhead who was above the firmament. If you don't want to believe that it is Michael, that's OK with me. It was God who was above the firmament. In order for Christ to be raised in the individual Jew, the resurrected Christ had to marry Elohim who was above (we could say Elohim because Michael is an expression of Elohim, everyone should be able to accept Elohim). The Christ that's resurrected in you has to marry Jesus above, and there is only one way that this could happen, and that is through your personality renouncing her marriage to the carnal mind. There is only one way that you can marry Jesus above. The personality has to be resisting her carnal mind who wants to fornicate with her and commit adultery with her continuously, the spiritual adultery which puts the thoughts of the carnal mind into the whole woman. The whole man is the personality plus the mind plus the physical body, that's the whole man.


So, it is the personality that has to withdraw from the good and evil carnal mind and cleave unto the righteous Christ, and when we are in the process of doing that, when we are trying to do that to the best of our ability, the resurrected Christ in us reaches up and joins with the Godhead above and gives us the strength to do it, but there is no way Christ in us is marrying the Godhead above, Elohim above, without confession of sin. The Jews were not confessing their sins because they believed that the keeping of the law took away their sins, so they didn't believe that they had any sins, therefore, they could not go on to be raised from the dead because eternal life is above the firmament, and Christ in them could not marry Elohim above because they didn't think they had any sin. That's why John the Baptist came baptizing, saying, Repent, for the remission of sins.


That was a radical thing that John the Baptist did. That's why he said to the Pharisees and the Sadducees, Who warned you of the wrath to come, you, who think you have no sin? Now Brethren, this is what's happening in the church today. There are people in the church today, large numbers of believers, that believe that they don't have to confess their sins. Not because they are doing the sacrifices of the Mosaic Law, but because of the Holy Ghost or whatever excuse they are giving themselves. No one wants to confess their sins. It is a very rare person in the church who's confessing their sins, and they think that they are going to ascend without doing it, and they are not.


So you have heard that it was said of them, Jehovah and Elohim, of old time that you shall not commit adulteryJesus talking to his disciples, Verse 20 - saying, except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees which is in the law, which is in good and evil, the righteousness of good and evil, you shall in no case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.


Jesus is talking to His disciples saying, You have heard that it was said of Jehovah and Elohim, thou shall not kill, Verse 21, How did His disciples hear that? In Verse 27 too, He is saying, You have heard. How did they hear it? How could Jesus' disciples have heard that Jehovah and Elohim said, You shall not commit adultery? Does anybody know how Jesus expected that His disciples had heard this? Jesus taught them. This is a great mystery, that those from before time that Jehovah and Elohim said to the woman, You shall not kill your husband, Adam, Verse 21 - You shall not kill, and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. Jehovah and Elohim said to the woman, the waters of Jehovah's semen, If you kill Adam, you are going to reap what you sow.


There is a spiritual law that Jehovah has established in the heavenlies, and it is a law of sowing and reaping, and if you kill your husband, you are going to be without a husband, and you are going to experience everything that a widow experiences. Brethren, everyone in this timeline, all of humanity, we are experiencing what a spiritual widow experiences. We are vulnerable, we get sick, every problem that we have done here are the problems of the spiritual woman who has no husband.


Jesus was talking to His disciples, and He said Jehovah and Elohim told the woman, Don't kill Adam, because if you kill him you are in danger of the judgment, because there is law. Jehovah has set a law, a righteous law, You shall not kill your husband, You shall not kill, and if you kill you are going to come under the judgment which is produced by this law, because if there was no law that said, You shall not kill, when the woman killed her husband, how could there be any judgment if no one said this is wrong? But Jehovah said, Here is the law, this is wrong. You shall not kill Adam, but because I have said this is wrong, if you do it, there will be a reaping and a sowing.


I am not going to go on with all of that because we are talking about Verse 27 right now. I moved Verse 25 and 26 to the place after Verse 30, so there are just a couple of other verses here, but I didn't look at this in the Greek. But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. It seems to me that the Lord Jesus is talking about Cain and Abel. If it is Cain in you, if you are a member of the Cain company because you are married to your carnal mind -- if you are married to the carnal mind, you are a member of the Cain company, and you are angry with your brother without a cause. Your brother is Abel.


Jesus was saying, Abel is risen from the dead in me, why do you hate me, why are you trying to kill me? Cain is the one who killed Abel, so Jesus is saying, All of you who are of the Cain company, if you are angry with me, the only cause being that I am joined to the Godhead above, as far as God is concerned, you are angry with me without a cause, and if you are angry at me without a cause, you are in danger of the judgment.


What the Lord Jesus is saying is that there is a spiritual law, and if you break it there will be consequences. There will be consequences, and they will be the consequences of reaping what you have sown. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, vain fellow, shall be in danger of the council. If you are the Cain company and you are calling another believer vain because they are claiming that Christ is risen in them, and they are teaching under the anointing. For example, I know a lot of people who think that I am vain. I am not vain, I tell you the truth. The Lord is doing something through me that He is not doing through many people in this hour. I may possibly be the only one, I don't know anybody else.


If you think that is vanity, you are judging me with your carnal mind and you are in danger of the council, because I am just telling you the truth. I don't really know what it means to be in danger of the council. Now that is not counsel like in the spirit of counsel. But whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. I've had people say that to me. Do you know what one person said to me? How could you be laboring in a ministry like that (this was years ago), where there is so little recompense on every level? Nobody wanted this ministry, nobody wanted this doctrine, rejection was everywhere, and someone said to me, Well, there has to be something in it for you. How could you put all of this effort into something where there is nothing in it for you?


I was in poverty, I had not been healed yet, I was ill, and I just looked at her, there was just no answer, I had no choice. This is where Jesus had me. I was not capable of doing anything else. So, I was called a fool, and Jesus says you are in danger of hellfire, whatever that means. Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, that means you are bringing your gift to God. Why do you bring a gift to God? We only bring a gift to God because we want some favor from Him, so therefore, if you bring the gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go your way. First, be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. Because Jehovah, through the altar (the Lord Jesus Christ is our altar) is not interested in your unrighteous gift if you are not doing the best that you can to live according to his laws.


To go make it right with your brother does not mean to sweep it under the rug. It means that both parties have to admit whatever part they had in this that was not righteous. It means go with the spirit of reconciliation. A lot of people just sweep it under the rug and kiss each other and go on. That's not acceptable to Jesus. Sin has to be exposed, confessed, and responsibility acknowledged, and then you go on. That's the spirit of reconciliation. We are getting up to our message for tonight now.


Agree with thy adversary quickly while thou art in the way with him, lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison. Verily, I say unto thee thou shall by no means come out thence till thou has paid the uttermost farthing.


We are going to start in Verse 27, and I'm going to translate Verse 26, and I will comment on Verse 27 after we do Verse 30.


Verse 27 - You have heard, I have taught you, that Jehovah and Elohim said from the eternal timeline, Thou shalt not commit adultery. They warned the woman, don't do it, but I say unto you, that the one, the carnal mind, who looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. What Jesus is telling His disciples is that we are all in adultery. The whole human race is in adultery, that you don't even have to engage in spiritual sexuality with your carnal mind.


What does that mean? Spiritual sex with your carnal mind will result in you acting out the lust of your carnal mind. You don't have to act it out to be guilty of adultery. There is something in the world that's says it like this, if a man has a desire to cheat on his wife, you could play this game, go the whole gamut, go all the way to the airport and get ready to get on the plane with that woman, and then change your mind and walk away and go home. You are OK because you didn't go away with her, and you didn't have physical sex with her, but you played this whole game. A man told me that once. It is big thing in this world today to have your fantasy, it is OK to have a fantasy. A man told me once that his fantasy was to be in bed with two women at one time. He said, I would never do that, of course, I am a Christian man, I would never do that, but that's my fantasy. In other words, it's OK. He embraces this thought in his mind.


I think I told you the other day that serial killer that just committed suicide, his father was interviewed before the man committed suicide and said, Do you think your son is this serial killer, and his father said, No, my son is a Catholic. Brethren, Jesus is saying that if you have these thoughts in your mind, and you are playing this game in your mind, you've committed adultery. It has happened in the spirit. He is talking about human men cheating on their wives. This is true for human men or women planning on cheating, but you have to realize that Jesus was talking to the disciples, and He was talking about the carnal mind. He was saying, you cannot embrace thoughts which are sin. If you agree with thoughts that are sin, you are guilty of the sin even though your body doesn't act it out, and that's what we are teaching here.


We overcome the sin nature by recognizing that a thought is sin and refusing to agree with it. Those of you here who know me, thank God it hasn't happened in a long time, but I have had experiences where thoughts have been so strong in my mind that if I agreed with them -- who am I? The woman that I am, the personality that I am -- if I agreed with those thoughts, I would have been guilty of that sin. I have fallen down on my knees and begged God to help me to stand against these thoughts. Just about every time that has happened to me it has turned out that it was someone else's thought invading my mind, but that is another whole issue. If I had received it as my thought, or if it had originated within me, makes no difference. If I embrace the thought, whether it originated in me or it comes from someone else's mind, if I embrace it, if I agree with it, the sin is mine, and I do not have to act it out.


This is what Jesus is instructing his disciples. Verse 29 - And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee, for it is profitable that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. This is such a mysterious verse, and the next one after it. I've preached on it before, and I had some measure of a positive understanding of it, but brethren, I want to tell you, there is no way we can understand what Jesus is talking about unless we know the spiritual truth that Jesus has been bringing forth in this ministry.


Let me show you what He has showed me in this verse. Talking about your right eye. First of all, that word right is speaking about feminine, being female. Now that really threw me off because in the Old Testament the right is talking about God's right hand of blessing, and the left is the left hand of judgment, but I just went in as I usually do and just looked up every word, and I found out that this Greek word translated right is talking about the weak side, the female side, which really surprised me. But that's what it says in Strong's concordance, Strong's #1188. And I, and I've been teaching this for a long time, I is talking about the personality. My notes are not clear, but I think I looked that word up too, and it is talking about the woman, talking about a female.


So, if your female side, if your right eye, if the female side of you offend -- now remember the woman is the mind that she is married to, so if your woman is married to the carnal mind, it is your female side. When the woman is married to Christ, that's your male side. The male and the female side of the woman is determined by the mind that she is married to, so if you are a female woman you are married to your carnal mind, but if you are a male woman, if you are a personality who is male, you are married to your Christ mind. That's how the scripture can say that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus. Your personality takes on the qualities of the mind that you are married to. If your personality is married to the Christ mind and lined up by the Christ mind, you are male. That's what Jesus is talking about.


The personality, or the woman who is female, if she offends you. And that word offend is Strong's #4624, and it means to entice to sin. Brethren, if your carnal mind that's married to your personality is enticing you to sin, if the serpent is rising up in you and talking to your personality and saying, It is all right to do it that way. That's what Jesus is saying. Pluck it out, the word pluck is Strong's #1808, and it can be translated rescue. He's saying, If your personality is enticing you to sin because she's married to your carnal mind, rescue her. Have you rescued your personality? You have to leave your carnal mind and cleave unto Christ.


It sounds to me like in this verse, Verse 29, that Jesus is speaking to Christ in the disciples. In Verse 28, He's talking to their carnal mind, but I say unto you, carnal minds of my disciples, If you look on a woman to lust after her, you have already committed adultery in your heart. Verse 29, talking to Christ in the disciples. If your female side, the woman, the part of your personality that's still attached to your carnal mind, entices you, Christ, to sin, rescue her and cast or give her over. Cast means to give over to ones care. And give her over to Christ.


If the part of your personalitym that's still attached to your carnal mind, is enticing you to sin, rescue her from the carnal mind and give her over to the care of Christ. For it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish. What member is He talking about? Your hand? Is he talking about your leg? Is he talking about castrating yourself? He's talking about your carnal mind. Now, why would your carnal mind be perishing? Because when you rescue the woman -- remember, the woman is the personality. The way that you rescue the woman is to separate her from the carnal mind, and when you take the woman away from the carnal mind, the carnal mind withers and dies. The mind that is without the woman withers and dies. That's what happened to Adam.


For it is profitable for you, the whole man, that one of your members, the carnal mind, should perish. Don't worry about her perishing. And not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. Jesus is saying that your carnal mind should die, and that your personality should cleave unto Christk, and should you have to go through any tribulation or painful judgment that is going to occur during this transition, it is worth it, because if you don't do it, if you don't take the woman back, which is going to result in the withering of the carnal mind, if you don't do that, the whole of you, the carnal mind plus the personality plus the body that you are in, is going to be cast into hell. And, of course, this sounds like the disciples are not in hell yet.


Well, brethren look at it this way. These are Jesus' disciples. He gave them power to cast out demons and heal the sick, He raised Christ in these people. Jesus raised Christ in these people, and they were under the godly mind control that was coming out of Christ Jesus in full stature, in the Lord Jesus, so they were not in hell any more. These disciples were in this world, but they were not in hell. Christ was risen and joined in a godly spirit tie to the Lord Jesus, and they were not in hell. They were in heaven, and Jesus is warning them saying, Be careful. The fact that you are not acting out sin does not mean that you are not sinning. If you just think sin, you are guilty of the sin.


The first thing He said is, you won't commit adultery. Then He told them what I just said about you don't have to act out the sin, you are guilty of the sin anyway, and now He's telling them, if the part of your personality -- because the disciples in those days, and us today, are double-minded. Part of our personality is cleaving unto the carnal mind and part of our personality is cleaving unto the Christ mind. We are in transition. So, He is telling the disciples, If that part of your personality, which is weak because she is still connected to the carnal mind, is enticing you to sin, rescue her, take her away from the carnal mind which will result in the withering of the carnal mind.


And, of course, how do you rescue her? You have to wage war against the carnal mind. It is painful, it is hard, but Jesus said, Do it, because if you don't do it, you will be cast down to hell. You, in whom Christ is joined to me though a godly spirit tie, placing your mind in heaven instead of in hell, if you let the woman entice you to sin, it is going to result in the separation of the resurrected Christ in you from the Christ Jesus in me, and you will go plummeting back into hell. Understand what I said? Heaven and hell is in the flesh.


Verse 30 - When Jesus says, thy whole body, He is talking about the whole personality being given over to the carnal mind, because right now, talking to the disciples, only part of the personality was with the carnal mind. And again, what Jesus is saying is something else that I tell you is not being taught in the church. You must fight. If all you do is resist when the carnal mind is pressing against you, and you say, I am just going to make believe it is not there, that carnal mind cannot get me to sin, I am just going to ignore her, it is just a matter of time until she will overtakes you, because her pressure is intense, and your ignoring her will just give her time to build and build and build until her pressure overtakes you. You must turn and attack her, or she will surely overtake you, and this is not taught in the church today. But I tell you the truth, you must resist her, not ignore her and say she can't get me, you have to resist her by turning and attacking.


Verse 30 - And if thy right, if thy feminine hand. We know that the hand is the symbol of mind in the scripture so if your female mind, talking about the carnal mind now. Now let me just review this for you. Verse 28 is talking about the carnal mind. Verse 29 is talking about the personality. Verse 30 is talking about the carnal mind. If thy right mind, if thy female mind offend thee or entices you to sin, cut if off. Cut it down, #1581, and I suggest to you the meaning of that word, to cut down, is implying the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Cut the whole tree down. Verse 29 says rescue the woman. Verse 30 says to cut the tree down and cast it away from thee, for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish. Your carnal mind should perish, and not that thy whole body, that's the mind, the woman, and the physical body, should be cast back down into hell because they are in heaven with Jesus.


Verse 31 - It has been said whoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement, but I say unto you, that whosoever shall put away His wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery. Jesus is talking to His disciples. First He's talking to the carnal mind in His disciples, then He's talking to the woman in His disciples, then He's talking to Christ in His disciples. We are in parts, and He's saying, Look, if you don't rescue your wife, if you don't rescue the woman, you are responsible for her being in adultery. She is the woman. Yes, she has sinned, and she is reaping, we are reaping what we have sown, but the man is responsible.


I don't know about you, but it doesn't do me very much good to know that someone is responsible for me when I am down here in hell. It doesn't make me feel any much better that Eve is not the guilty one, that Adam failed to judge her. That doesn't help me. I'm down here reaping what I've sown with all the pain and tribulation that I am experiencing down here. I want to do everything I can to strengthen my husband and to work with Him to get me out of the hands of the carnal mind. But I say to you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery.


And what is this fornication? It means the woman, the personality, willfully agreeing with the carnal mind. That's the only legitimate reason to put her away, and even then Christ in us is not looking to divorce us, but if the day comes that Christ in us, with all the help the Lord Jesus is sending, if the woman cannot be convinced to resist her carnal mind, then Christ divorces you. This is the whole point of the message this morning. The woman has got to give up the activities of the carnal mind, and He's coming to you and He's begging you, and He's teaching you, and He's explaining it to you, and in the instant where there is a personality that will not give up the words of the carnal mind, Christ will withdraw.


This morning I said Christ will die. It is just another way of saying the same thing. The Lord Jesus will stop assisting Christ in that person and give them what they want. If you want the carnal mind you can have him, and Christ in that person will die. So what is Verse 32 saying? If Christ in you doesn't rise up and rescue the personality, He's causing her to commit adultery. That sounds terrible on the surface, but the implication is that Christ is obligated, Christ in us is obligated to rise up and get us back from the carnal mind, because in Jehovah's eyes, if He doesn't do i,t we are responsible for her doctrine, and this is the foundation for righteous judgment.


To the carnal mind, it sounds like this scripture, the way I just read to you, is condemning Christ. No. This is the foundation for righteous judgment. Christ must do everything that He can do to rescue the woman from the carnal mind, because if He can't control His own wife, when He goes before Jehovah, He's responsible, and He has to tell Jehovah, I could not stop my wife from committing adultery.


I remember years ago, when we translated Revelation Chapter 14, I found in the chapter of the wine press, that the Interlinear text indicated that when Jesus cast the woman -- I don't know exactly what word was used in that scripture, I don't recall -- but when He cast the woman into the lake, whoever it was, He was casting into the lake of fire.  I think the scripture was that He cast the whole vine into the lake of fire, and everything that can be burned is burned. Only Christ is going to survive. The indication of the Interlinear text was that with all His strength, He cast the whole vine into the lake of fire because of His great passion for His wife, and I understood it, but I didn't understand it like I understand it now. Jesus is very responsible. The resurrected Adam, who is now joined to the personality of the man Jesus, has to answer to Jehovah for his wife. He's going to do what ever needs to be done to get us back, and if we, the personality, do not willingly turn away from the carnal mind, the result will be a reaping and sowing judgment. I am having trouble getting this out.


It is like what I said with regard to Jehovah's wrath. There is a spiritual law which says, Thou shall not commit adultery. If there was no law, when the woman committed adultery, there would be no penalty, but because Jehovah stood up in righteousness and said, Thou shall not commit adultery, the result of that, when the woman committed adultery, was a consequence. This is the same principle that Jesus is talking about here. Christ has got to cast us into the lake of fire so that everything burns up, except the part of us which is the resurrected Christ, because that's the only part that's going to survive. Christ Jesus is obligated to do this. He's obligated to do this because He's responsible for us, so we come the easy way, or we come the hard way. I am not making my point, for some reason I am very tired, but I would like to finish this today. It has been a tough day.


If Christ Jesus was not taking the stand, if Christ Jesus was not saying, This adultery is wrong, the woman belongs to me, and therefore if you are cleaving unto your carnal mind you are in adultery -- if Christ Jesus was not taking that stand, then there would be no consequence for the woman who refuses to resist her carnal mind and come over to Christ. But because Christ Jesus has taken this stand, The woman is mine. I've taught you, I've encouraged you, I've forgiven you, but you are still cleaving to your carnal ways. This is wrong. Because that statement is made out of the righteous spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is a consequence for the woman who stays with her carnal mind. The woman who chooses her carnal mind will now reap judgment because Christ Jesus has taken this righteous stand, This is wrong, I'm not in agreement with it, and I will never accept it. When the woman departs from Him, she goes under judgment because the establishment of the law sets up the reaping and sowing judgment. Did I make that clear? I had a little trouble getting that out.


But I say unto you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causes her to commit adultery. If Christ Jesus does not do what I just described, in Jehovah's eyes, Christ would be guilty of causing His wife to commit fornication; therefore, He is obligated to do everything He can to keep her and to take that stand which He knows will result in judgment falling upon her when she walks away from Him. And whosoever shall marry her that is divorced, that's talking about the carnal mind, is guilty of adultery. So the bottom line, brethren, is that the whole of mankind is guilty of adultery. We are all guilty of adultery. The whole human race, except Jesus. We are all guilty of adultery.


Verse 25-26 - So, therefore -- Jesus is talking to Christ in His disciples -- Look, disciples, Christ in you is responsible for getting this woman in right order, and if you don't do it -- and I am saying that to everybody here including myself -- if Christ in you does not rise up and bring your personality, who is cleaving to your carnal mind, that part of your personality that's cleaving to your carnal mind, into submission to Himself, you will be guilty before Jehovah. Of course, Christ is incapable of sin; therefore, this is what you have to do, Jesus is saying to Christ in His disciples.


Verse 25 - Cause the woman to agree with the adversary quickly. Who is the adversary? The adversary is Satan. This was the whole beginning of this message. Satan recognizes sin, and she condemns it. Jesus' instruction is, cause the woman to agree with Satan. What does that mean? Get the woman to agree that she is guilty. Satan is exposing your sin. Say, Amen, say it quickly. Amen, I did it. I thought it. It is sin in me. Amen. That's what this whole message is about, getting the woman to agree with the adversary in every instance that Satan is revealing sin that is really sin, and Satan was revealed today in several events. So, Christ, get your woman, get your personality to agree with the adversary quickly, while you are in the way with him, while you still have time, while you are still in the same place.


Lest at anytime, in other words, while you still have access to your personality, while she is still listening to you, when you still can reason with her. How does Christ get the woman to agree with the adversary? We have been doing it here all day. He teaches you, Christ teaches you. Christ teaches you and hopes that you will agree with Him. Teach the woman and get her to agree with Satan quickly, while you are still in the same place with him, lest at any time Satan, the adversary, deliver you to the judge, and that is to the judge of the carnal mind. The judge is the carnal mind. I taught that this morning. Agree with Satan's pronouncement of guilt as quickly as you can, while you still have influence on the woman, lest at anytime Satan delivers you over to the carnal mind, who will judge your sins, and then the judge, the carnal mind, deliver you to the officer, which is Satan, and thou be cast into prison.


Satan is the adversary and the executioner. She is in more than one role. So what Jesus is saying, Quickly get the woman to judge her own sins, because if you judge yourself, you will not be judged by the carnal mind, and be the recipient of Satan's execution of judgment. Talk to the woman, teach her, educate her, and hope and encourage her in hope that she will confess her own sins, that she will judge herself, so that she will not be turned over to the carnal mind who will find her guilty, because she is guilty. And when she is found guilty, she will be turned over to Satan, the Army officers that execute the reaping and sowing judgment. I have a couple of scriptures on that for you, but I'd like to finish Verse 26 first. Maybe I shouldn't do that.


Let's go down to the bottom of Page 2, and I have several verses from Revelation 17, which are talking about the Army officers. Verse 25, of Matthew, Chapter 5, is talking about delivering us over to the officer, and we have a whole translation of Revelation Chapter 17, which talks about Satan, the one who mediates the reaping and sowing judgment, being the Army officers. I will just read it through.


Rev. 17:2 - Leviathan performs perverse spiritual sexual acts with the Army officers of the earth, and I say that is Satan. Apparently, I've established this somewhere, if you want to look it up, I have footnotes in our Alternate Translation. Because Leviathan, the mortal mind who is the offspring of the dragon's reproductive force makes the permanent residence of the earth, that's the animal part of us, the physical body is the permanent residence of the earth, desire her.


Verse 12 - And the beast, which is the Dragon, has given her female Army officers power to enforce the law of sowing and reaping upon those mortal men who haven't arrived at a full stature of goodness or a full stature of evil yet. And these Army officers are all possessed of one female mind, indeed the beast, which is the Dragon within them, that's the subconscious mind of the old man, and provides the miracle working power and spiritual authority, and they shall make war against the Lamb, which is Christ Jesus in the midst of them, but the Lamb shall subdue them, who? The female Army officers, that's Satan in the individual. Because he is the supreme authority over the powers and principalities of the visible physical world, and he is the prince over all the Army officers. Christ Jesus, the Lamb, is the prince over Satan in the individuals of every human being on the face of the earth, but only those officers who are joined to Him are elected to express His faith, that's the mind of Christ, and His nature. It is a great mystery, brethren, but I remind you that Satan is the waters of the creation. Actually, Satan is the seas, and the personality of the creation are the waters. So the waters are completely mixed with the sea. Satan is the sea, our personality. 


Revelation Chapter 17, Verse 14 says that the Lamb, Christ Jesus, is Prince over all the Army officers, that's over Satan in every human being on the earth, but only those officers who are joined to Him. How could Satan be joined to Christ Jesus? Those human beings in whom the woman, who was really one with Satan, is electing Jesus. So she is joined to Satan, on one hand, and she is joined to Christ Jesus, on the other hand. If you can hear it, the woman is joined to Satan and Leviathan, on one hand, and to Christ Jesus, on the other hand. That is just in the people where the woman has repented and is now electing Jesus.


The scripture says that Christ Jesus is the Prince over all the Army officers over Satan and all the human beings of the world, whether they are in rebellion or not. Christ Jesus is the Prince, but only those Army officers who are joined to Him, the ones in whom the woman has repented and has chosen Christ Jesus, are elected to express His faith, that's the mind of Christ, and His nature, that's the Lord Jesus Christ.


Verse 16 - And you saw the beast's mortal Army officers, Satan, mortal man's unconscious mind, which will persecute the adulteress woman, that's the personality, who is adulteress because she is committing adultery with the carnal mind, and the devil, the physical body, so that the human spirit, Christ is appearing in the human spirit, can be separated from Leviathan and consume her flesh. Indeed, they, the mortal Army officers, that are joined to Christ Jesus after He dominates Leviathan in them, shall burn Satan, that's one of the levels of consciousness, we are going to boil Satan, she's going to burn in the lake of fire, that Satan within us, we are going to boil her within us, and strip of the breath of life that she stole from Adam because God, Jesus Christ, has put Himself in their human spirits.


That means He's engrafted the word to us so that the mind of Christ should shoot forth and lead Leviathan, the female opinion, out of the physical body; therefore, Christ's right to rule shall be given over to the beast, that's the Dragon, until the words of God, we are the words of God, line up with what has been decreed, that we should have Jehovah or the Lord Jesus Christ's nature. We have to line up, we have to think and say and do what Christ would think and say and do in every circumstance.


I encourage you to do what I do. Frequently, I say Lord what would you do in this circumstance? I can see something on TV, and I'll say, Lord, what do you think about that? And sometimes I'll even have an opinion first, and I'll say, Lord, you know that's what I think, what do you think? Did I line up with Christ or was this my carnal mind? I test myself all the time. Sometimes I don't know the answer, and I'll say, Lord, what's right? But sometimes I have an opinion, and I just say, Lord, I'd like to be tested. Did I pass the test, is my opinion in Christ or is it the carnal mind?


Verse 18 - So now that you know that the woman you saw is the emotional prison house for hurtful human spirits. Who are the hurtful human spirits? The human spirits that are joined to Satan and Leviathan that are pregnant with Christ, the one who has the right to rule over the Army officers of the earth, that's Satan. Now that you understand all this, prefer or elect or choose Christ over Leviathan. Now that you have all of the information, now that you have done all that you could do to stand, stand, make the right choice and stand up.


Getting back to Page 2, we will do Verse 26 and that will be it for tonight. Verily, I say unto you, Thou shall by no means come out thence until thou has paid the uttermost farthing. Well, that sounds like a translation of the carnal mind. Let's find out what it means. Verily, or indeed, or truly, or you better believe it, I say unto you, Thou shall by no means. Now that in the Greek is a double negative. It is Strong's #3364, and I am suggesting to you that it is talking about the woman and the human spirit which are both negative because they are joined to the carnal mind.


That sounds shocking at first, but the human spirit is really Christ in a devastated condition. He's dead. He is the seed that has the potential to be Christ, but He's negative, and the woman, the personality, is negative because they are both completely dissolved in, under the dominion of, and in agreement with the carnal mind and Satan. That's the condition that we are when Christ first comes to us. Verily, I say unto you, Thou shall by no means. Verily, I say unto you, the woman and the human spirit are under the authority of the carnal mind. Come out thence means to escape. They shall escape.


The word until we are translating when, and there is an untranslated word in the Interlinear text that's Strong's #303, and it means each one. So that means both the woman and the human spirit shall escape from the authority of Satan and the carnal mind when. They shall escape, they will escape, and these are the conditions under which they will escape. When thou has paid. That Greek word means to pay what is promised, recompensed. It is really, the indication of the word in this verse is vengeance. The human spirit and the woman shall depart, withdraw from, escape from Satan and the carnal mind when they have executed the judgment that Jehovah has decreed upon the carnal mind and Satan.


I'll go over that again. Let me just give you the last couple of words here. The word, the uttermost, is really the second person plural of the verb to be. You are. That's what it means. I don't know why they translated it uttermost, but you could look it up in Strong's yourself. It means, you are. The word farthing, Strong's #2835, to me it always meant a coin, some kind of money, until you have paid that last dime that you owe you won't get out. We find out that it means one fourth, a quarter, and I suggest to you that the #4 is talking about the beast. We know that #3 or the third part is talking about Satan in the individual, and the fourth part, this is the first time I have seen this symbol in the scripture, but it is obvious to me that the fourth part is talking about the bestial part of us, this body, running around in an animal body. A woman who was married to the King of the creation and the spirit that was in that King are living in an animal.


Alternate Translation Matthew 5:26 - Jesus speaking, Believe me when I tell you that the woman and the human spirit which has the potential to be Christ, which has the potential to live again, will escape from Satan and Leviathan only, only, only when each one of them pays the recompense that Jehovah has promised the beast, which they are. Believe me when I tell you that the woman and the human spirit which is the potential to be Christ, the dead Christ, will escape from Satan and Leviathan only when each of them, they both have to do it now, when each of them pays the recompense that Jehovah promised the beast, which they are.


This is what it means: Jehovah has pronounced judgment upon Satan and the carnal mind. Jehovah has spoken it, and it must come to pass. The question is, who will execute the judgment? Who is going to execute the judgment on your carnal mind and on your personality? What this scripture is saying is that this is a great mystery, but we each and every one of us will stay in this condition until Christ rises from the dead in us and rescues our personality, and the two of them, each of them, separately and together, execute judgment upon Satan and the carnal mind. And what is Jehovah's judgment? They shall be cast into the lake of fire.


It says here, until each one of them pays the recompense that Jehovah promised the beast, which they are. So, if the woman and the human spirit is the beast that means that we are pronouncing judgment upon ourselves, and what is the judgment? We have to go into the lake of fire. We have to judge ourselves. Judge yourself, and you will not be judged. If the carnal mind and Satan judge you, that judgment will not bring you into the Kingdom.


I will read it again. Believe me when I tell you that the woman and the human spirit will escape from Satan and Leviathan only when each of them pays the recompense that Jehovah promised the beast which they are. We have to judge ourselves. We will only escape from the bestial body and the bestial mind, we will only escape when we judge ourselves. What is this saying? If you come under the teaching of Christ Jesus, which is His mercy, and you have all this information, and for whatever reason you still choose the carnal mind, don't think that when the carnal mind judges you, that you are going to enter into life, because you won't.


The carnal mind's judgment, the reaping and sowing judgment, will destroy you, will destroy this personality. The spirit can't be destroyed, but it will not bring you into life. Do you know that there are some people in the world and in the church who are so bound by pride, and who are so stubborn, that they would choose the reaping and sowing judgment, they would choose anything rather than confess their guilt. Do you know that the church is filled with people like this today? How can I say that? Because I know them, that they won't confess their guilt, and they are having all kinds of problems in their life, which is the reaping and sowing judgment, so they are choosing the reaping and sowing judgment by refusing to judge themselves.


Do you understand what I am saying? This is the condition of the church today. This is what Jesus has to work with, and He's begging people, He's pleading with them, Judge your own sins, which judgment will result in your going into the lake of fire. When you judge your own sins -- don't think it is going to be simple when you judge your own sins. It is better than having Satan judge your sins, but don't think it will be easy. You will go under tribulation because the minute your open yourself and you start confessing your sins all of the reaping and sowing that has not yet been executed upon you comes rushing in on you.


Judgment is long coming frequently. It is a spiritual principle that when you finally settle down and start confessing your guilt, judgment from things that you did years ago are going to start falling in on you. Depending on how wicked you are and how wicked you have been, that is how many stripes you will reap. I had some very heavy stripes in my life. I had very heavy judgment, but I didn't know what was happening to me. I sure wish that I had this kind of teaching when I was going through it because I didn't understand it. I just knew I was hanging on to Jesus for all my life, and He brought me through. My judgment was very severe, and it fell on me right after I started confessing my sins. All hell fell on me. It is a miracle that I survived with my body and my mind intact, for what I've been through.


The principle of this verse is that even when you judge yourself you are going into the fire, but when you judge yourself the fruit of that judgment is that Christ rises from the dead in you, and you will have eternal life. But if you refuse to judge yourself, which is the same thing as saying I choose the Satanic judgment, when Satan judges your sins, there won't be anything to survive after you burn up. There won't be anything left of you. Your spirit will go on but there won't be anything left of your personality. You are not going to burn in hell forever.


I want to read it one more time. Jesus speaking, Believe me when I tell you that the woman and the human spirit will escape from Satan and Leviathan only when each of them pays the recompense to the carnal mind and Satan that Jehovah promised the beast, which they are. Look at this. Either the woman and the human spirit are going to judge Satan and Leviathan, or Satan and Leviathan are going to judge the woman. If the woman and the human spirit judge Leviathan, then Christ is raised from the dead in the human spirit, and when the woman and Christ throw the whole person of you into the lake of fire, you will survive, because Christ cannot be destroyed with righteous fire, and the woman will be joined to Christ. So the personality and the resurrected Christ will survive the lake of fire, but if you are the woman and you refuse to confess your sins, you refuse to judge yourself, that means that Christ isn't in you. How can I say that? Because if you refuse to judge yourself it means you are cleaving to your carnal mind, and Christ is withering.


If you are refusing to judge yourself and Christ is withering, and Satan comes to judge you and Satan casts you into the lake of fire, all of you will burn up because Christ is not there. There will not be anything left of your personality. You will cease to exist, and the spirit will go back to the Father. This is very interesting, because if you followed me and you heard what I was saying, it says that everyone is going into the lake of fire. The question is: Is it Christ in the woman who is throwing Satan and the carnal mind into the fire, or is it Satan and the carnal mind throwing the woman and the human spirit into the fire?


Everybody is all attached to each other. So what is the issue here? The issue is the relationship between Christ and the woman and Satan and the carnal mind. Who is taking the authority? Is the woman and Christ taking the authority? If the woman and Christ are taking the authority, they are taking the initiative of throwing Satan and the carnal mind in the fire, and the relationship is Christ and the woman and the carnal mind. That is if the woman is judging herself. If the woman is not judging herself, Christ is not there, and the relationship is Satan and the carnal mind, the woman, and the human spirit. I may have it backwards, I am very tired.


The issue is that Satan and the carnal mind are the authority over the woman and the human spirit. So when Satan and the carnal mind throws the woman and the human spirit into the lake of fire, Christ cannot be there. The whole of us is going into the lake of fire. The issue is, in what relationship? I have been preaching this until it is coming out of my and your ears. Right relationship is essential in the Kingdom of God. Everything is relationship. It is how people relate to one another. There is an order in His Kingdom, and the people who live in His Kingdom have to fall into that order or He withdraws from the relationship, and when we come into the relationship that Jesus has ordained for us in any particular situation, He is in the midst of that relationship, blessing it and giving it what ever it needs to prosper, and it is really important that we can recognize who the authority is in our life. I tell you this all the time, relationships with the same people flip back and forth.


I will use myself as an example. In a meeting like this I am the authority; what I say goes. I expect you to do what I ask you as long, as it is reasonable and has to do with the ministry. I am not interfering in your personal life. I am asking you to do things with regard to the ministry, and I expect you to do it, and you do it. But if we decide to go out for dinner one night, I am not in authority over you. I am your friend, and we are having dinner, and I really have nothing to say to you unless a spiritual issue arises. Now, if I come to your house for dinner, you don't have any personal authority over me, but it is certainly your house, and if I do something out of order, if I decide, and this is an exaggeration, to burn a hole in your rug, you have every right to ask me to not burn a hole in your rug. Or if I am doing anything in your house that you prefer that I not do, you have a right to ask me to not do it. You even have a right to ask me to leave if I am out of order.


Relationships between people flip back and forth, and we need the ability to discern these relationships because if we cannot discern them we are going to come out from under Christ, because Christ is in right relationship. Christ is always in right relationship to everybody, and if we, the personality, is not lined up with Christ, we come out from under His protection and Satan is there waiting for us, bam! Had a big fight with that person. What happened? Well, she came in my house and burned a hole in my rug, and I asked her to leave, and she was insulted. Now that is bizarre, that's an example of wrong thinking. She was mad at me because I asked her to not burn a hole in my rug. She thought she had the right to burn a hole in my rug, and that is an exaggeration. She thought she had a right to do what she wanted in my house. She thought that she had a right to tell me what to do. She thought that she had a right to influence my life in an area where I was in charge, and when I tried to set her straight, she left mad because her thinking wasn't right.


That's a good thing to pray for, Lord, let me be in right relationship with everybody in my life. Show me, teach me, open my eyes, and in an area that I am blind, help me any way. Bring me into right relationship with everybody in my life. That is a dangerous prayer because what if there is somebody in your life that was exercising an ungodly authority over you? That prayer will bring you into a place where Jesus is telling you that you have to stand up and tell that woman that she can't burn the hole in your rug. So sometimes right relationship means submission and other times right relationship means the exertion of authority, and some people have the fear of confrontation. They don't want to do it, but if you are going to be a Son of God, you have to do it.


You have to humble yourself when the situation calls for humility, and you have to exercise authority when the situation calls for you to exercise authority, and this is how your life comes into balance. There is no way you are going to be able to tell when to do what unless you are thinking with your Christ mind. Your personality must line up with your Christ mind, and that's how you become a Son of God. You cannot be a Son of God thinking out of your carnal mind. The first day that you ever prayed, Lord Jesus, make me a Son of God, that was the beginning of your whole life being influenced by the Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to a place where He is going to correct every wrong thought in your min, because you can't be a Son of God thinking crooked thoughts. You have to think straight thoughts.


The people are going to be coming to us, brethren. The people who cannot think straight thoughts are coming to the Sons of God for the counsel of Christ Jesus, for the legitimate spirit of counsel, the creative counsel which comes out of the mind of God. What does that mean? The person has a problem in their life, and it looks like there is no answer, or they don't know what to do. When it is the legitimate spirit of counsel manifesting Christ Jesus, it literally creates an answer to their problem. That's what prophecy is. That's what people go to fortune tellers for. They don't really go just to find out about their future. They go hoping to create a better future. They may not know that's what they are doing, but that's what they are doing.


They are looking for someone with a spiritual authority that is creative, but of course that is illegal when you go to a fortune teller. If they really do have the power to do it, it is a spiritual crime, but for Christ Jesus it is not a spiritual crime to speak a creative over you. Go and sin no more. I have turned your life on a different path, a new time line has opened up for you, and if you start walking on that timeline you will find the strength to sin no more. That's the true spirit of counsel. Praise the Lord. Any questions or comments?


I have a few comments on righteous judgment. John 7:21-24 - Jesus answered and said unto them, I have done one work and ye all marvel. Moses therefore gave unto you circumcision, not because it is of Moses but of the Father, and ye on the Sabbath day circumcise a man. If a man on the Sabbath day receive circumcision that the law of Moses should not be broken are you angry at me? That is being angry with your brother without a cause. Because I have made a man every whit whole on the Sabbath day, and then Jesus says, judge not according to the appearance.


Do not judge with your eyes or with your ears or with your emotions, but judge righteous judgment. Judge by the spiritual knowledge that comes out of the mind of Christ. There is no sin in righteous judgment. There is sin in the judgment that comes from your eyes, your ears, and your emotions. It is sin. You need to know that it is sin, and involved and coincidental with the judgment based upon what you hear, see and feel, is criticism and condemnation and cursing. Cursing, the pronouncement of evil upon a person. Why? Because you have disapproved of them, and you have found them guilty, and you have punished them even if that punishment is just coming out of your mind. It is producing a negative influence on that person's life, and it is sin unto you to do that.


So we have been educated today, and the Lord has pleaded with us to leave these ways behind us, and to submit every thought, word, and deed to Him. Do not think you are going to be able to do it immediately. Ask Him to help you and start trying. Even I don't ask Him about everything. Every once in a while I find out I haven't asked Him about something, and I say, Lord, what can I tell you, I am preaching it until it is coming out of all of my pores, Ask the Lord everything, and I didn't ask you about that. Nobody is perfect, but we have to make a start, and I have my general fleece with the Lord, I would like to ask you about everything. If I forget please remind me. I have my general fleece with Him. I really want to be fully obedient to you, Lord, but a part of me, the personality, is still attached to my carnal mind. Have mercy on me and help me. If I forget to ask you, remind me or ignore me from doing something wrong. Get my attention, do something.


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