430 - Part 8




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Praise the Lord! Brethren, we are still working on the exhortation of Ezekiel, Chapter 1. As I have explained to you on other messages this message has transcended at least six, if not more than that, months, and the Lord has brought forth many basic spiritual principles so that we could understand what Ezekiel 1 is saying. Which spiritual principles are still coming forth and being refined for me.


As I mentioned on a previous message, when I first started preaching on the exhortation I thought that I had the Alternate Translation in a perfect condition, and I have now, because there were several months between that time and now, all of these changes which is really mind-boggling, but this is a problem that I come up against when I work on the Alternate Translations. I am continuously changing them because a translation is an expression, a comprehension, of the Scripture to the fullest ability that our mind can contain the understanding. As we continue to grow we keep seeing more and more depth in the Scripture.


I am very excited though because I think we are coming to a place where we have a pretty good grasp on what the Lord is saying. Of course, who knows what we will know by next year? But we are going on. On the last part which was Part 7, I had completely re-translated verse 4, and I even made some changes on that so I am going to read you verse 4 again, the revised verse 4 of Ezekiel 1.


Verse 4, And I looked, and I saw the spirit of Elijah, the spiritual hurricane, and Adam's fortified spiritual body. That is a translation of energy cloud. And they entered into and attacked the fiery Serpent's side of the Eagle's visible world, and the fortified Adam shining with Elijah's glory was interpenetrating the fiery Serpent and interpenetrating the window where the fiery Serpent, the primordial Serpent's tooth is consuming the Ox.


Now, number 1, this concept of the spirit of Elijah being a spiritual hurricane as opposed to Adam being the energy cloud. The principle here is that Adam in his maturity is a married man. Of course, there are no females in God's Kingdom, and Adam is married to the spirit of Elijah who is an expression of Elohim, and I have preached all of these principles on previous messages of this message so I will not go over it again, but the spirit of Elijah the Scripture calls Adam's captain. Spirit is always higher than mind.


Every mind has a spirit. Paul said, Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind. Adam is the mind which reflects Elohim's nature. Adam is the righteous immortal mind which is in Elohim's image, and the spirit of Adam's mind in Ezekiel's day was the spirit of Elijah. For us today Adam is rising in us as Christ, and the reason His name changes from Adam to Christ is that actually it is the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ -- actually, Adam is the ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is the seed of the whole man, Jesus Christ, that is being reproduced in us.


It is correct to say that Adam is rising from the dead in us, and it is also correct to say Christ is rising from the dead in us. We are just talking generationally, and at this point I think this message is so complicated and difficult for so many people. Although there is a fine line of difference we are not going to press that point. Just as the Pharisees said Abraham is our father, we know that Abraham was not the physical man who generated their physical bodies. But they were talking about their spiritual father.


Adam is a mind. He is Elohim's immortal mind, and he appeared in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, together with the spirit of Elijah and Jesus was glorified. Jesus is the most mature manifestation of Elohim's life in this hour, and that is why Jesus appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration with Elijah and Moses. Jesus, at present, is the most mature manifestation of the spiritual life which appeared in Moses and Elijah and in Jesus. Just as if there is one basic personality which we all are, which appears in us at 5 years old, then 10 years old, and 20 years old, and 40 years old. We are more or less mature emotionally, spiritually, and physically, but basically we are the same person.


When we teach in the New Testament that Christ is rising in us, and the spirit which is in Christ is the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament the mind that was rising in Ezekiel -- Adam was arising in Ezekiel as his immortal mind, and the spirit of Elijah was the spirit of that mind. In the New Testament we are saying that Christ is rising in us, and Christ is our mortal mind until he becomes Christ Jesus, which -- actually Christ rising is Abel, and when He becomes Christ Jesus He becomes our immortal mind, and when Christ Jesus joins with the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ who is glorified and already fully conscious in the higher centers, at that point we are married to the Lord Jesus Christ.


I keep going back and forth like this because we are doing so much work in the Old Testament, and I am trying as best I can for people not to think that we are forgetting about Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. But the truth is that the foundational messages from Jehovah to humanity are in the Old Testament. I am convinced that without understanding this doctrine of Christ that is coming forth in the Old Testament, we can never really fully understand the New Testament. I am convinced of it more and more, and from all of this work that we are doing in the Old Testament, I find the New Testament just opening up to me based on all of this knowledge that is coming forth here. Maybe some day the Lord will just let me lock myself away for a few months and really translate many of the passages in the New Testament. I would love it if He could let me do it, but He is the One that directs my workload.


I have told you all this to explain to you that the symbol in verse 4 of Ezekiel 1, a spiritual hurricane, is speaking about the spirit that is in the cloud. Just like a physical cloud has water vapor in it. That is our natural type. The cloud typifies the mind, Adam, and the spiritual hurricane, the wind that comes with the cloud typifies the spirit in the cloud. So we see that the fortified Adam is Adam who was fully interpenetrated by the spirit of Elijah at the time that Ezekiel prophesied this. In the New Testament it would be the Spirit of Christ. Of course, the significance of this verse is that he saw the spiritual hurricane, and that spiritual hurricane is the one which fortified Adam's energy cloud, Adam's spiritual body.


The fact that we are now calling Adam the fortified Adam means that Elijah and Adam had entered into a spiritual marriage, and the two have become one. So we are now calling the resurrected Adam plus the spirit of Elijah in a union liken unto a marriage the Scripture tells us, a spiritual marriage, have now become one and they go by the one name the fortified Adam. Because it is the spirit of Elijah who has fortified Adam, and the symbol of the two of them, they are called the fortified Adam, and the symbol of the fortified Adam is the Eagle that inhabits the fifth energy center.


This is very interesting. I did not know if I had enough material to preach two messages today. I will see if I even finish what I have today. As you all know, I do not make it any secret, I do read Hindu books, and I do read occult books on the subject on which I am teaching here, and sometimes the Lord reveals some very interesting things, sometimes He contrasts what He is showing me, sometimes these books enhance and strengthen and give more understanding of what the Lord is telling me, and I came to an understanding of something the other day that I found very interesting, so I guess the Lord is working it into this message.


I found out recently first of all that according to the Hindu philosophy there is a deity which resides in every energy center, and I never heard this. I was around in 1961, when yoga was in and meditation was in and sounding mantras and sounding the om was in, and nobody ever told me what it meant. Maybe they did not know themselves, you see, but let me tell you what all of this means. The primary goal of doing yoga is eternal life. That is what they are looking for.


The people who practice yoga, who really know what it is all about, and the books that I am studying are basically Hindu, they are looking for liberation from endless birth and death. That is what they are looking for, and the way they believe it can be accomplished, and I do not doubt that it can be accomplished this way, is that first of all they recognize that there is a spiritual entity that dwells within each man. I call that entity a parasite. The Hindus do not call her a parasite. They acknowledge that she is a Serpent, and they worship her as God. So when someone who has knowledge of this doctrine says to you, I am God, or, the I within is God -- it sounded to my carnal ears, when I first hear this, that these people who teach this are saying, Well, as we are man, as we are, we are really God, and this is not only a false doctrine as far as Christianity is concerned, but this is a false doctrine as far as Hinduism is concerned.


I honestly am not sure what the motives were for what has happened in this country and in the West, but what has happened here is that a corrupted doctrine of Hindu philosophy has entered into this nation. I do not know much about Europe or the rest of the world, but I know about the Church and this nation. I know somewhat, and the doctrine that is being taught here is an abomination to serious Hindu teaching. This whole concept of I am God is arising, I am talking Hinduism now, from a belief, first of all an acknowledgment that there is a Serpent that indwells every man. I call the Serpent a parasite, although Christianity, as far as I know, does not even acknowledge that she is there. Brethren, she is there. Just like our physical heart is there, and all of our physical organs are there, there is a Serpent, a spiritual Serpent that dwells in the spiritual part of every being that is born of a woman. All the denial in the world is not going to make her go away, because she is the foundation of the man who is not existing by the power of Christ. I do not know anyone today, including myself, who exists in this world by the power of Jesus Christ. I think Paul did.


It is taught that we are getting a new foundation. There was a time in this ministry, 5 or 6 years ago, I was preaching that, the Lord was just hitting it home, there is a new power base, there is a new power base in the world, there is a new foundation available to men. What does that mean? It means that there is an existence for our personality without committing adultery, without a spiritual intercourse, without a spiritual marriage with this being that dwells within us, this Serpent who has incarnated us. We are married to her, and she has the power of life and death over us unless Jesus Christ intervenes.


This Serpent has incarnated us, this Serpent that the world calls Kundalini that exists in every human being born of a woman, has incarnated the one that she is indwelling, and she is the one who has the power of life and death over that person. That is why she is the foundation of every man born of a woman. She has the power of life and death. Jesus Christ has come, and His assignment is to entangle Himself with us as we are woven together with the fiery Serpent in a spiritual marriage, completely intermingled as a river that flows into an ocean becomes intermingled with that ocean. Jesus Christ has come to intermingle Himself with us. Who are we? We are the personality that is inhabited and indwelt by and married to this Kundalini or the fiery Serpent. The Scripture calls her Seraphim, the translation of Seraphim is fiery Serpent.


He has come to intermingle Himself with us while we are still intermingled with the fiery Serpent, who is not a solid being, but a spiritual being. She is an energy source that is dispersed throughout every cell of our body. She indwells us in two forms. I believe it was in this previous message I talked about static and dynamic energy. Static energy that does not move can be likened to the mesh background of a tapestry, and dynamic energy, the energy that moves, and when it moves it interweaves itself or interpenetrates the static energy. Kundalini exists on many levels in every plane of consciousness, and the part of her which is at the root of the spine is the dynamic energy which can, when aroused, ascend up through the energy centers, but she also exists as static energy, the foundation of our very being.


Let me review this issue with you. This fiery Serpent, this Kundalini that exists in the root center, one interesting thing that the Hindus say is that she is wrapped three and one-half times around some area, and I do not know what that means. I know that we have that term three and one-half times a lot in the Book of Revelation in prophecy. The Lord has not revealed to me the true spiritual nature of what that means at this time.


The Kundalini lies coiled at the base of the spine, but even though she is sleeping, she is in dormancy, she still feeds, just like an embryo or a fetus in a human woman attached to the umbilical cord is sleeping. The embryo's eyes are closed, and maybe there is some movement after the fifth month, but you cannot really say the child is awake. Kundalini, at the base of the spine, feeds just as a human embryo feeds off of the mother through the umbilical cord. Kundalini feeds off of the host that she is indwelling, and I remind you that what she is eating is not our physical flesh but our spiritual flesh, which is energy.


She feeds off of the deposit of energy that is imparted to every human being that is born of a woman. We are born with a limited supply of energy, and when that energy is used up we die, and the reason that we die is that our connection to the source of the energy is severed. When we are born of a woman into this world we are not connected to the altar of God, which is connected to Jehovah, the Eternal One. So we just have what we are born with, and there is a parasite within us who is feeding off of this energy that is given to us to keep us alive. As I understand it right now is that we could probably live forever with the source of supply of energy that we are born with, but there is a parasite within us who is feeding off of this energy, and that is why we die.


Now the Hindus understand that Kundalini is God. They worship her as God, and when I first started studying Hinduism I used to think that the reason they encourage her to ascend into the energy centers, and they do this with contemplation, meditation, and mind control, was because they wanted the experience of well-being that comes as Kundalini ascends to the energy centers, and they speak about the nectar that is poured out. And we speak out the anointing that is poured out when Christ Jesus arises in us. Just in case anyone is listening to me for the first time, let me clarify this.


I believe that there is a spiritual experience available to men that is far superior to anything we can experience in the physical world. The question is, what spirit we are experiencing it with? The Scripture likens it to a spiritual marriage. We can be married to Christ Jesus who is above, the Lord Jesus Christ who has ascended, or we can be married to the Serpent. Now humanity as a whole at this time is a young teenage girl who is not yet married. It does not matter how physically mature you are humanity as a whole, humanity as one spiritual woman, is not yet married. When we marry we will stop having unending birth and death. The question is, Will we marry into heaven, or will we marry into hell? Because once we get married there will be no more dying and being born again.


I thought that the Hindus were encouraging Kundalini to ascend because they wanted pleasurable experiences, but I know understand that, no there is much more than that. I had even read in their books that, yes they hope to be liberated from unending birth and death, but I did not get it until last week. I did not really get it that when they encourage Kundalini to ascend all the way up to the crown center, they call it the seventh center, she has a spiritual union with the deity that dwells in that seventh center, and the Hindu books clearly call it a spiritual sexual union that produces a nectar.


I always thought that nectar made them feel good, but it just hit me the other day it is much more than that. That nectar that is given off is energy. That is how yogis levitate and, not only yogis but whoever is engaged in this kind of spiritual activity, whether they are in the martial arts, people who have supernatural power through the rasing up of the Kundalini received their power when they raise up Kundalini into an energy center where she joins with the deity in that energy center, and that union produces enough power to give that person supernatural power. It is even more than that.


When their supernatural power is given off consistently Kundalini will stop feasting on the energy that we were born with. The person who knows how to raise Kundalini, and according to the book that I read, if you want any form of eternal life it has to be done every day. She has to be raised up every day into the highest energy center because, apparently, only the deity that dwells in the highest energy center who through union with the two, Kundalini and this deity, who can produce a powerful enough source of energy so that the human being in which this is an ongoing event will not die.


I am going to say it again in a little different way. If Kundalini is raised every day into the seventh energy center, where the union between Kundalini and the deity in the seventh energy center, which is one of the highest energy centers that the union of those two sources of power gives off such a great power -- it is more than Kundalini plus the deity in the seventh center, it is an exponential increase in power -- there is so much power given off that it can sustain the parasite in the human being to the degree that she will not have to feed off of the energy that the individual is born with. Accordingly, the people who practice this who know what they are doing worship Kundalini, and they worship the deity in each of the energy centers.


As I was receiving this whole understanding, personally, brethren, to me it is an abomination. The truth is that we are inhabited by a spiritual parasite, aspects of which of herself exists in every energy center, and there is a spiritual copulation going on for those who are spiritually mature enough in the Serpent to understand this, on a daily regular basis. The way they raise the Serpent up, the way they raise Kundalini up is that they have books which tell them what each energy center looks like, at least to our carnal mind, and I would imagine that this information was drawn from some spiritual source at sometime, and they meditate on that.


It would be as if you are away from home, and you were missing your family and you would see the face of your wife or the face of your husband and just dream about it. A lot of men overseas will just dream about the girl friend or the wife that they left behind. Well, there are Hindu books, sacred books, that describe each energy center in terms that a mortal mind can comprehend, and the man practicing this goes into a meditation, closes his eyes, and envisions this place, and as he does envision this place Kundalini which is an energy, she is not a Serpent like out in your garden, she is a dynamic source, rises into that energy center.


So I said to the Lord, Well, Lord this concept of a deity in every energy center, I can understand Kundalini, and I can understand her meeting a male aspect of the Serpent in the seventh center, but this concept of a deity in every center cannot be related to the household of God at all. I could not see it at all. But I asked the question, and as I started to preach this morning and I said to you that the symbol of the fortified Adam is the Eagle it came into my mind, and the Eagle occupies the fifth energy center.


So we see that there is a truth to this concept, in that there is a member or an aspect of the household of God in each of the higher energy centers. The Eagle occupies the fifth center, and the spirit of Elijah, or in the New Testament, the Spirit of Christ occupies the sixth, I think. I may not have that exactly right, that is where I am right now. It is also my understanding right now that it is King Adam who occupies the seventh center, because the Eagle in the fifth center is king over the left side of the heart center, which is dry ground, and he is at war with Satan who is the god in the right side of the heart center, but Adam in the seventh center where he is wearing a crown has already defeated Satan, and is the king of the whole heart center.


So we see different aspects of the household of God in each of the upper energy centers. Now the household of God does not indwell the lower energy centers, but in the man who is being married to the eternal world that man is interpenetrating himself with the lower centers. Not that the aspect of Elohim's household occupies the lower centers, but the lower centers are being absorbed. The lower centers, which are producing the evil mind which keep us abiding in death, are being interpenetrated by or braided together with and absorbed by the fortified Adam to the extent that they will no longer exist in their present condition, and they will lose all ability to produce the sinful thoughts and the sinful nature that has kept humanity abiding in death for only God knows how long.


We see that the home of the fortified Adam is the fifth center, and his symbol is the Eagle that flies high above the whole heart center, and wages war against Satan and Ashtoreth, and in the New Testament, the Devil, the inhabitants of the heart center. I preached about this on the last message so I will not go into it again. The Ashtoreth, or the Devil, is the idol that is in the heart of men. The Scripture clearly talks about the idol in our heart, and that is the whole man, the personality who is in full agreement with the carnal mind who has ascended into the heart center. In other words, as I mentioned to you earlier, all of humanity is a young woman getting ready for marriage. As we start to ascend in the Serpent, when we get spiritually high enough, we take up residence in the fourth center. People that are developed in evil are operating out of the fourth center. It is the product of a personality that is mature in her union with Satan and the fiery Serpent.


Now the Hindu books say that the fiery Serpent in most people is down at the base of the spine, but with the people who have the power to raise her up, if they can raise her up to the seventh center, as she recedes and goes down again she gives off energy as she is ascending, and she gives off energy as she is descending. In some very spiritually developed people she only goes down as far as the heart center. She does not go all the way down to the root center. She abides in the heart center. God only knows, I do not have all the information, but I am preaching it to you as best I can at this time, and I am of the opinion that the idol in someone's heart is talking about spiritually developed people, spiritually developed people who do evil in the astral plane, people who are active spiritually.


You can be active spiritually and not know it. This is the message to the Church today. You do not have to be in a corner shaking a rattle and chanting to be practicing witchcraft. If you have a strong mind which many of us do, and you are unforgiving, and you are critical, and you are thinking thoughts that are vengeful, although you may not see these qualities in yourself if, in fact, they are there, there is an idol in your heart center that is doing all this evil through your emotions and really hurting other people. This is why true deliverance from hell can only come in the form of the exposure of the hidden sins of the heart.


When I talk about the hidden sins of the heart I am not talking about someone being exposed as stealing or someone being exposed in fornication. That is all behavioral sin. We are talking about the hidden sins of the heart that nice people, socially acceptable people do that would never think they were sinning. We are talking about the witchcraft that is going forth from the average man that is shocked and horrified to find out that his thoughts are doing damage. That is what we are talking about, and some people are only spiritually active in their sleep, because they are raised up in a society that said that is not nice. You do not think thoughts like that, so they repress those thoughts.


When they go to sleep at night those thoughts get out and do their damage. That kind of a spiritually active person is actively living out of the Devil or Ashtoreth in their heart center, and I tell anybody reading this message that if, in fact, you are engaged in this kind of activity, and I think just about everybody is to some degree, and you find out about it, nothing has changed except that you found out about it. You have been doing it all your life, and you did not know about it, and you were reaping what you sowed, and you did not even know why a lot of this trouble was coming in your life. So now that you know about it, you can get all upset about it, but the truth is you have been doing it all of your life. You just did not know about it, and now that you know about it once you get past the distress you now have the opportunity to turn inward and take a look at what is happening there in your unconscious and subconscious mind, and by Christ in you, police that carnal mind; therefore, delivering yourself from the jaws of death, if you can just get past your pride that is all upset at the truth of what you have been doing. You are no different than anybody else, brethren. Christ in you, if you are in agreement with Him, will police that wicked carnal mind and deliver you from the jaws of death. That is the upside if you are willing to see it, and I pray that everybody reading this message takes the victory in this area because this is the path to eternal life with Jesus Christ.


Look at the bondage that the Hindu goes through. It is the very rare man who has the power to enter into this unending life, and I do not really know how long he could keep it up, but in Jesus Christ we do not have that kind of bondage. In Jesus Christ, once our Christ mind swallows up our carnal mind it is all over. Once that sacrifice of our own carnal mind is given we enter into eternal life once and for all. That is what happened to Jesus Christ. One sacrifice, once and for all. His carnal mind was sacrificed to His Christ mind, and He entered in forever. If we do not have that permanent sacrifice of our carnal mind so that our Christ mind can be the only mind over us we must continuously, everyday sacrifice our carnal minds.


Every choice that we have, every decision that we have to make where we must choose whether will we go the way of the carnal mind or will we go the way of the Christ mind, one of those minds must be sacrificed so that the other mind can prevail. When we choose to follow Christ the carnal mind is sacrificed, and Leviathan comes and raises her from the dead, and every time we choose the carnal mind and the Christ mind is sacrificed the Lord Jesus comes and raises Him from the dead. So we sacrifice continuously, from second to second, from minute to minute, from decision to decision we are sacrificing either the carnal mind or the Christ mind.


Lord willing, the day will come that we will sacrifice our carnal mind by the power of the ascended Lord Jesus Christ who was the only one who was strong enough to give us the strength to do it. Without the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed for us, we would never find the strength to do it. Lord willing, one day we shall shed the blood of our own carnal mind. We shall suffer unto blood, and we shall put this continuous sacrifice, which, brethren, is the Old Covenant, to death once and for all.


So you see, we are not really in the New Covenant yet. The New Covenant has begun to be imparted to us. The New Covenant is the Mind of Christ. When we fully live out of the Mind of Christ to the point that we destroy the evil within we will be beyond the law and beyond sacrifice, because the law is not for a righteous man. It is only for an unrighteous man. Through Jesus Christ the New Covenant has begun to be imparted to us, but so long as our carnal mind exists we will be under the law, and sacrifice will be required, continuous sacrifice. The Hebrews had a continuous burnt offering, and the flame never went out.


There is a continuous sacrifice that goes on in the spirit for those of us who are hoping to have within us the promise of Christ Jesus, Christ in you, the hope of glory, to have that promise fulfilled in us, those of us who have that hope we sacrifice our carnal mind continuously. We sacrifice the fiery Serpent, Kundalini, the seraphim, we sacrifice her continuously in the hope that Christ Jesus, our new foundation, which is the only foundation that is worth anything, Paul says. The only foundation that is laid, the only foundation that is worth anything, that that foundation should be the foundation which is matured enough to sustain our life. I do not believe He is that mature in me at this time. I think if you put a knife in my heart, I would die. There is not a doubt in my mind if you put a knife in my heart, and I would do everything I could to stop you from doing it.


Well, that was an interesting exhortation in the middle of Ezekiel 1. Any questions or comments on this exhortation that just came forth here this morning?


I want to make one more comment about the Hindu worship. I may not have made that point clear. When the Hindu says, I am God, what he is referring to is the fact that his personality is so interwoven with Kundalini that he is God, because he is one with Kundalini, just as the Christian can say, when we ascend into the likeness of Christ Jesus, when our carnal mind is so covered that we are living completely out of Christ Jesus, we can say we are the Son of God. Now a lot of people get very upset when preachers preach that, but Jesus was a human being, and He said, I am the Son of God. And He was the Son of God, and the reason He was the Son of God is that His personality was in complete submission to Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus was completely covering His carnal mind.


There was no sin operating in Him whatsoever, and that made Him the Son of GodGod. Someone is going to take that and twist it. Jesus Christ was the Son of God. Jesus, the human man, was an expression of God. He was the Logos, He said I am the shape of the Father, but when He was glorified and came out of the body Jesus Christ fully merged with Jehovah in the eternal world. But while Jesus Christ was in the flesh of the man Jesus, He was an aspect or an expression of the eternal Godhead. That is what He said. He was like a hand of God that had reached down to mortal man, and we have that same opportunity, but we are not God while our carnal mind is living through our personality. God is in us, but we are not God. We hope to be a Son of God someday.


When the God that is within us, when Christ Jesus that is within us, fully subjects the one who subjected us, Romans Chapter 8:18-21. This is our hope, that the Savior that Jehovah sent us will subject the one who subjected us, that Christ Jesus will cover over our carnal mind and so silence her that we will be incapable of sin, and when that happens, and when that great one, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, so covers our carnal mind and, at the same time, is so braided together with our personality that we are sinless we shall be a Son of God. But we shall not abuse anyone. There shall be no sin in God's Holy Mountain because God cannot sin. So if a man arises that says that he is God and he sins then he is a liar, because God cannot sin. Praise the Lord.


We are in Ezekiel 1, Verse 4. And I looked, and I saw the spirit of Elijah, the spiritual hurricane and Adam's fortified spiritual body, and they entered into and attacked the fiery Serpent's side of the Eagle's visible world. So we see that as soon as Adam becomes fortified through union or spiritual marriage with the spirit of Elijah he immediately goes back into the right side of the heart center to wage war against Satan and Ashtoreth or Satan and the Devil. It is Ashtoreth in the Old Testament and the Devil in the New Testament. This is talking about the personality or the aspect of one's personality that is completely given over to, and in agreement with, and braided together with the fiery Serpent and the powers of darkness.


We all have an evil side, brethren. You see, it is more than our carnal mind. There is a part of our personality which is completely in agreement with our carnal mind, and before we come to Jesus Christ all of our personality is completely in agreement with our carnal mind. We may be on the good side of the carnal mind, but our personality is completely braided together with our carnal mind, and it is more than our carnal mind, it is our old man. The Scripture calls it our old man.


So we really are double minded, brethren. We really are unstable in all of our ways because not only do we have two minds, but our personality is divided. She is married to both minds. There is a lot of confusion in this walk, but we can do all things in Christ, and we can ascend, we can get out of hell. Brethren, I dare to say to you that Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, has planned to deliver us from hell through ascension into the higher energy centers. For years I preached about above and below the firmament, but I could not figure out how that applied to us as human beings. There is not a doubt in my mind that the world above the firmament is the life that we experience, or the experience that we had when our consciousness has ascended into the higher energy centers.


I remind you that the higher energy centers exist in at least two dimensions. There is an ascension that is not in Christ. The yoga, and the Hindu and the American who is practicing this, I do not doubt for a second that people can have a high spiritual experience through their consciousness ascending into the higher energy centers, but that experience is in a dimension which is parallel to the Kingdom of God. The fact that you are having pleasure or that you have peace or that you hear from an inner voice, and the problems of this world are solved through meditation and ascension into the higher energy centers, is no guarantee that you have ascended into the higher energy centers which are in the Kingdom of God.


There is a parallel counterfeit kingdom, and that is why this kind of teaching and ascension into the higher energy enters is not for baby Christians because they could easily be directed into the Serpent's higher world. This whole aspect of spiritual teaching is not for any Christian that is not having Christ formed in them to start with because the spiritual dimension that we hope to ascend in is in Christ, and it is not even enough to have Christ formed in you. You really have to be living out of Him. You have to be living for righteousness, and I personally believe that the knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ is very important. This is where I am today. I tell you all the time, this is where I am today. I think that spiritual ascension without a knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ would mean, my guess at this poin,t is that it would mean that you are ascending in the counterfeit kingdom. That is my opinion, and I will stand by it.


I tell you all the time that you do not have to be coming through this ministry, but you do have to have the spiritual ministry of Jesus Christ, which is in His Doctrine of Christ, which is the spiritual truth. You cannot be believing a false doctrine, and at the same time be ascending in the true Kingdom of God. It is not possible, because we ascend through doctrine. As far as I know, that is the only way that I know how we get up into the higher energy centers, and that is through the Doctrine of Christ. Of course, living holy, you have to live holy, and you have to be confessing your sins and repenting.


A lot of people confess their sins and repent and have a real holy lifestyle, and they are not ascending. They are sowing good things and having a good life in this world, but I do not see them ascending spiritually. As far as I know the only way for the Christian to ascend when all the other criteria are satisfied, when you are sold out to God, you are confessing your sins and repenting, you are leading a blameless life, and then you start pursuing the Doctrine of Christ, that is how you ascend into the true Kingdom of God. I do not know any other way to do it, and I have studied a lot about occult ascension, and, as far as I can see, the way they get up the power, the way the people in the occult, and there are many paths to ascension in the occult, the way they find the power to ascend is by manipulating the power that they are born with.


Of course, the fiery Serpent, the Kundalini, who they worship is one of the primary sources. It is her spiritual union with the deities that dwell in the energy centers that give them the power to ascend, but that is not how the Christian ascends. That is how the heathen ascend. We ascend from the power that is poured out into us. First through the Holy Spirit, and then through Christ in the Kingdom of God. We have an additional supply that is coming into us. We do not have to whip up the powers that we are born with, and that is why the Hindus worship the gods in the midst of them. They want her power.


There is another point that I would like to make. I may have to draw this on the board for you. Let me try and draw this on the board for you. This is drawing #1, and it is an explanation of the term "islands" or "isles." It is the same Hebrew word, islands and isles, that attribute human qualities to the islands. I have known for a long time that the islands typify the people, but I could never understand why the Scripture would choose that term, islands. Even when the Lord gave me the revelation that our whole existence here is underneath the sea, I still did not quite understand it, but to me this is really an excellent explanation.


This is a great drawing that the Lord has given us this morning because I think it is going to help us to understand how we connect to the different planes of consciousness. It is really important that we relate everything that is being taught here to our personal self. We have to know how it affects us; otherwise, it is just an abstract teaching. Now the energy centers, I have them marked off here, the root center, the genitals, the naval, the heart, the throat, the brow, and the crown center. Each of these centers is the place through which a particular plane of consciousness flows through us. It passes through us. If you can think of us as islands, we are solid particles in a series of spiritual seas. If Jesus wants to relate to us through the mental plane with the Doctrine of Christ His spirit, His mind, comes to us in the throat center. Here is the mental plane up here. His spirit comes and interacts with our energy or our ability to understand the Doctrine of Christ, and this is where He comes, to the opening in the throat.


Let me give you a natural example. In this physical body if we want to nourish ourselves we need to eat food. The food goes into our mouth. The mouth is the orifice, the opening, which is specifically designed to receive the food that will nourish this physical body. The ear is the organ that is specifically designed for us to hear the sounds of this world. Our eyes are the organ that are specifically designed to see the sights of this world. Our intestines, everything is specialized, our intestines have a specialized function which is to process the food. The heart pumps the blood. The lungs breathe the air. We eat food, we have to breathe air, we have to have organs that process the food and get the nutrition to our body, but we have a spiritual life, and our spiritual needs are as specialized as the needs of our physical body.


So, we might say that just as there is a mouth that takes in the food there is an energy center that has the ability to understand the Doctrine of Christ. That energy center has to be functioning. Just as a newborn baby is born with its eyes closed and is blind, if the energy center is not functioning, and the indication of a functioning energy center is a rapid movement, vibration, rapid movement. The Scripture talks a lot about pools. The Hebrew word that is translated pools tends to mean stagnant water. Water that is not moving, swamp, swampy water that is usually polluted, you usually cannot drink it, non-running water.


So all of these upper energy centers in the average person are pools. They are stagnant. They are dead. There is no activity. Well, I do not have any trouble believing that I am not a supernatural man. My brow center must be a stagnant pool. My crown center, I am certainly not glorified. I do not have any reason to believe that that is moving at all. Now with regard to the lower centers you all know how sexually active you are. Are you filled with lust? Well, your genital and your lower centers -- you could be sexually active in the lower center -- that lower center is really for people who have spiritual problems, but you could be filled with lust for sex, filled with lust for food. That is evident in your naval.


Well, you know. Are those centers very active? If they are, and you are trying to have the best life possible in this world you know that you must find the strength to deal with this lust, whether it is for sex or food, or for material things, or for clothes, or whatever it is. Maybe a new car every year. Your computer. Whatever it is that you are lusting for. And if you are envious, envy is down in the lower centers too. Now a lot of people in the church have a problem with envy whether they know it or not it is there. A lot of people cover it up, but it is there. Envy is a very common sin in the Church, and the way we deal with it is by recognizing and confessing it and turning against it with the Mind of Christ every time we see it manifest, and say, I rebuke you. To say, No, it is not there, it goes underground and it attacks the person without your permission. So envy is an excellent example for Christians. If you are an envious person these lower centers are moving. They are not stagnant pools.


Look, we have got it all backwards. The higher centers are the stagnant pools, and the lower centers are operating so when we come to Christ our goal is to activate the upper centers and turn the lower centers into stagnant pools. We do not want our envy stirred up. We do not want our lower nature -- this is all our lower nature down here in these three lower centers. We do not want it stirred up. One of the gifts of the spirit, I believe, is temperance. Is it not? Self-control. Now there is no condemnation if you do not have self-control, but every Christian needs to know that it should be a goal. If you do not have it you need to be working towards it.


The lower nature, or the lower centers, should be fully in subjection to the higher centers. I did not indicate on this drawing the two sides of the heart center because that is not really pertinent to what I am trying to teach you here. The heart center is divided. Most Christians in their heart center are under water, under Satan's water. So that means starting with the mental plane, with the throat center. When your consciousness ascends into the mental plane in Christ Jesus you start receiving power to slow down the activity of your lower centers.


Now, brethren, if you are born into a family, for whatever reason there have been Christians in your family for generations, for whatever reason, if your lower centers are under control, if you are not subject to lust, if you are very self-controlled, well that is just a blessing that comes from the sowing and reaping judgment. It is a good thing to have self-control, and if you are raised in a family that has taught you self-control you are blessed, but it does not mean that your lower centers are stagnant or slow moving because you are active in Christ. It does not have to mean that. There are a lot of people in the world that have self-control, and it is all done within the carnal mind, the good side of the carnal mind. So we cannot condemn anybody that does not have self-control, but once you come to Christ you have to start working towards that self-control.


And if you are a person who is out of control, if you are a drug addict or an alcoholic or a rageoholic or you are rebellious against your parents or just rebellious (rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft) or if you are stubborn (stubbornest is the sin of idiolatry) -- the way you receive power to change is by ascending in your consciousness, in Christ Jesus, into this high place of at least the mental plane where the Doctrine of Christ is being poured out, and as you are strengthened up here, the activity of the lower centers begin to dry up, but the whole purpose of this drawing and this message, brethren, is to help you to understand that there are planes of consciousness -- as far as I know, there are seven planes of consciousness at this time that I know. The physical plane is the only one that we can see. There are several other planes of consciousness or dimensions, if you are more comfortable with that word, and they are present with us right here in this same room, but we cannot see them. They are all here right now on the level of this room. This whole room exists in seven planes of consciousness. Each one of us, at least a part of us, exists in each of the seven planes of consciousness, and I am told that each cell of our body in our brain exists, each cell in itself, in all the planes of consciousness.


This is very complicated. I cannot tell you that I understand it completely myself, but it does make sense to me, and it helps me to understand that the second plane of consciousness,which is the astral plane, which is our emotions, it helps me to understand that my emotions are a plane of consciousness, because everybody knows that they have emotions. Everybody knows that they have physical feelings, that they have emotional feelings, and that they have a mind that can think rationally, hopefully. So that means we are in three different planes of consciousness at the same time, but only one can be king. Will you follow after the demands of your emotions? Will you follow after the demands of your lust? Or will you follow after your rational mindm which says to you that to follow the demands of your lower centers can only bring destruction, and that most things are permitted in moderation within certain guidelines.


So Lord willing, we are people who are living under a rational mind that has been trained up in childhood by parents who were mature, adult, rational God-fearing people. At least mortal people if not God-fearing people. I hope that helps you to understand that these planes of consciousness are invisible to us, and there is no time or space in the spirit. They are spiritual plans so they all exist here in the same place. You cannot see our emotions, but you can feel our emotions. Anger is like an electric current. If someone is strong enough, that anger is witchcraft, and you will feel it. It is like an electric current going through you, but you cannot see it. It is like radio waves or electricity. The process by which we think, mind, is another plane of consciousness. It does not take up any room. It is right here with us.


Our emotions are right here with us, our rational mind is right here with us, and our physical body is right here with us, and our spirituality is right here with us. We have words of knowledge, we have spiritual gifts operating here. It does not take up any space, and you cannot see it. These are all invisible planes of consciousness. Yet, there is a whole world for each of these planes of consciousness, and it is this world that I am talking about when I say, for example, the collective unconscious mind of man. Each one of us has an unconscious mind which would be this energy center right here. By the genitals, the second center, is where the sea is and also there is water up here on the heart. This may not be exactly right. It is the way I am seeing it right now.


If this is where our emotions are, in the heart and in the genitals, if there are energy centers, if there are organs, spiritual organs, that is where our emotions arise from. Just like we hear through our ears we have a spiritual organ that stirs up. Is there anybody here that has not experienced rage stirring up in them or anger? It is like a spiral. It starts small, and it gets bigger and bigger. Most people have experienced this. Well, where is it rising from? Is it rising from your hand? Is it rising from your ear? Is it rising from your side? It is arising from some spiritual place within you like a tornado. We have had all of these tornadoes in this country. It is literally a tornado, a storm, stirring up from an invisible part of your body, and where it is stirring up from is the astral plane. That is where the tornado comes in, over the sea.


So if Satan wants to touch you she is going to the lower centers and to the part of the heart center that she occupies, she is going to all of these lower centers, and she is going to use lust and sex and every inclination that you have towards any kind of ungodly or destructive behavior. This is Satan's dominion, in the lower centers. She wants to stir you up. She will enter in by her energy. Spirit is energy, and she will stir up your pools, your energy centers, and if you let her she will turn them into a tornado that will bring destruction in your life. If you want to be spiritual she has to use this organ or Christ Jesus has to use this organ in your heart.


The Holy Spirit enters into your heart and you receive the gifts of the spirit, word of knowledge, tongues, interpretation of tongues, the gift of prophecy. When the Holy Spirit prophesies through you He is joining His spirit with your spirit because the human spirit is in all of these energy centers, so He is joining His spirit with your human spirit in the heart center. The Holy Spirit is not going down to your genitals to give you a prophecy. He is entering into your heart center, and when Jesus Christ wants to share the Doctrine of Christ with you He is coming from the high mental plane, and He is entering into the organ that is called your throat center. Just as we have a mouth or an ear or an eye. He is meeting you in the place where you can receive what He wants to give you. If you are hungry, He is not going to your eyes, He is going to your mouth. We have spiritual organs that are specialized, and these spiritual organs are our access or our doorway to a whole world.


There is a collective unconscious mind which is the astral plane, the emotional plane. There is a collective mental plane. It is the same principle as talking to you about Elohim's city or Adam city or Leviathan's city. When we get spiritual, and we meditate on the Word of God, or if you are not in Christ, whatever you meditate on, when we get spiritual, whereever your consciousness is, that is the plane of consciousness that you enter into. When you are at a party, you are talking to people, and you are having everyday conversation, you are dwelling wholly on this plane. The activities of this world keep you in this world, but when you get alone, depending on what you are doing with your mind, that is the plane of consciousness that you enter into.


If, when you are alone, you are feeling sorry for yourself and you are feeding your envy, you are not resisting your envy, if you are lusting for something, then your consciousness is abiding in your lower centers, and you enter into a whole world or a whole city, a whole spiritual place where you can meet a lot of other people whose consciousness has entered into that same place. Now you may not know it, but you may come out of that pity party with an idea that you had never thought of before. Well, maybe it came from another mind that was floating on that same plane.


There are minds of embodied people that will enter into that plane, and there are disembodied beings in all of these planes that we cannot see. So it is really not safe abiding in unforgiveness and bitterness and self-pity because you are not alone, and you never know what kind of ideas will be imparted to you when you are in these kinds of thoughts. Once the idea is recognized by your conscious mind, if it is an ungodly idea, when you have a war on your hands to not do it; however, if you are in prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are asking Him for revelation, and you are meditating on a particular Scripture, and you are saying, Oh God, what could that mean? and you are genuinely thinking about it, you enter into a high mental plane in Elohim's city where somebody else might have the answer.


Do you know that it has happened to me? That I have been in a deep study, one particular time quite a few years ago, and as I studied I felt an overwhelming urge to call up this woman in my church and tell her what I was studying. I hesitated because it was a Saturday night, but when I called her she said that she was just asking the Lord what that meant. There is a place where our minds meet, and each plane of consciousness is a city or a world unto itself, and we have a choice as to what worlds we inhabit.


If you are reading this message, and it is your habit to inhabit to lower world, then you have to ask Jesus to help you when your mind is drawing you to the lower worlds, to read the Bible, or to read the books. Do what ever is necessary to raise yourself up into the mind of God. You have to approach the Word of God, to rise into the mind of God. I am telling you all this, brethren, to make a point, and I hope I have made it. There are specialized organs in each of us that are connected to, and each one is connected to a plane of consciousness, and each plane of consciousness is a whole world unto itself, and if you hear stories about yogis or people in the occult traveling in the spirit, brethren, this is how they travel in the spirit. Their consciousness rises, not through the Kingdom of God, but through the kingdom of darkness.


There are high centers in the kingdom of darkness, and they ascend all the way up into the crown center, and their consciousness passes out of their body. That is how they travel in the spirit. Also, if you know anything about the occult there are many books written where they have all kinds of experiences in the spirit. They will tell you that they visit Venus, and that they travel to all the different planets. Well, what they are talking about, brethren, is that they ascend into these planes of consciousness. Each one is a world unto itself, and they have experiences. In other words, if they ascend into their naval center while they are still conscious, they have experiences in this world which is part of the astral plane that flows through their naval center, and they remember it. Most of us have experiences in the astral plane when we dream, but we wake up and do not remember, or we may wake up and the memories are all confused, but the goal of the occult person or the yogi is to ascend into these higher centers and have experiences which they will remember.


I went to Africa for five weeks, I came back, and I remember the memory of that experience. When I was in Africa everything here in the United States was dead to me. I had no contact with this part of the world. I called once or twice to say hello. I did not know what was going on in my home, in my office. I died, I went to sleep, to this whole world in the US, and I woke up in another part of the world where everything was different. That is what can happen to us, brethren, when there is developed in us the ability to open our eyes or open our consciousness in any one of these higher centers. We can have experiences in that world and remember them.


When Jesus teaches me this doctrine that I am teaching you, I am having an experience. I believe it is in the throat center with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is meeting me in the throat center, and teaching me all this wonderful doctrine that I am sharing with you, and this doctrine is taught up here in the throat center. Why is it that nobody else hearing this from Jesus? Maybe they are not in their throat center, and I think you have to be at least partially in your throat center to understand it when it is taught.


This is a very deep message today. Do you understand the principle that I am trying to make that each heart center is a doorway by which we enter into a world, an invisible world where we can have experiences that we will remember? Does that make any sense to you at all? OK.


The planes of consciousness called worlds sometimes, they flow through us. That is why we are the islands. We are the islands in the midst of the sea. They flow through the individual's energy centers which energy centers connect each one of us to every other consciousness in each world. So when I am up here in the throat center studying, I hear people's prayers. I hear people's questions, especially yours. I hear yours a lot when you are praying for an answer for something. I hear your mind a lot. Sometimes I know it. I usually know it is somebody's questions. I do not always know who it is.


So when you pray, and your prayer ascends, if your prayer is about the Doctrine of Christ and it ascends up here, and I am there, I am talking to the Lord Jesus I hear your prayer. Sometimes I know the answer and sometimes I do not. Most of the time I do not, but I hear your prayer and then Jesus gives me the answer, and in that instance I am in the role of mediator. Why? Because your throat center, your consciousness, has not yet ascended to the place where you can hear the answer yourself. See, the answer is there, the answer is hanging in the heavenlies. It is just like going to the library. Anybody can go if you can get to the library, but if you are in a wheelchair, and you cannot get out of the house, you cannot get to the library. We are all in spiritual wheelchairs here. Any questions or comments on what I am trying to show you here?


We are going to read some Scriptures with regard to the islands.


The first Scripture is Isaiah 13:22, And the wild beasts of the island shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces, and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged. I think it is interesting that the Scripture says the wild beasts of the island. Although I am not going into the Interlinear Text it is pretty clear to me that the Scripture is saying that the islands which we are, are the islands which the wild beasts inhabit. The wild beasts are the fiery serpents in all of the people.


Also, Isaiah 42:12, Let them give glory unto the Lord and declare His praise in the islands. That one does not really indicate that the islands are people.


Isaiah 42:15, I will make waste mountains and hills and dry up their herbs, and I will make the rivers islands, and I will dry up the pools. Now that is an interesting Scripture because it starts out with Jehovah speaking, I will make waste the mountains and the hills. The mountains and the hills are talking about the energy centers. There are greater and lesser energy centers. I will make waste the mountains and the hills. I am going to dry up the high places which are in the Serpent's dimension. And then the King James says, And dry up all their herbs. I did look at that in the Interlinear Text, and the Hebrew word translated herbs is the word for grass which we usually translate Adam.


We did a whole series on that, that Adam is the grass. So the verse is really saying, Jehovah is going to dry up the energy centers, and the herbs, or the grass, which is Adam, will make the rivers of the islands. He is going to dry up the pools. He is going to dry up the stagnant pools of the islands and make them into free flowing rivers. This verse which sounds condemning is really a verse prophesying deliverance, if you can hear that.


Isaiah 59:18, According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies, to the islands He will repay recompense. So we see, again, that the islands typify people.


I am reading Isaiah 59:18 again for my own sake as I comment on it. According to their deeds, according He will repay, fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies, to the islands He will repay recompense. This verse, according to the King James translation, sounds like everybody is getting swatted by the Lord Jehovah, but I suggest to you that Jehovah is bringing all this judgment because of the islands. We are the ones that He is saving. Not our physical bodies, but the personalities which we are. We are the ones who are being saved.


So the Lord is saying, According to the deeds of the carnal mind and the personalities that are in agreement with their carnal mind there is going to be a reaping and a sowing, but it is all for the purpose of the islands. The root of humanity is to be set free. And recompense is to be made to the fiery Serpent and the Serpent's household within us, even though we are in agreement with her, so that we can be saved against our own will, because we are so overtaken that we do not even know, most of us, that we need to be saved. So recompense is being paid to the Serpent's household, and to the personalities for the sake of the personalities, if you can hear that.


Isaiah 41:1, Keep silence before me, O islands, and let the people renew their strength. Let them come near, and let them speak, let us come near together to judgment. The Hebrew word translated silence means to engrave, and we know that to engrave symbolizes having someone's nature impressed upon us. So what Jehovah is really saying is not, Keep quiet, O islands, but, Be engraved in my nature, O islands, so that your strength can be renewed, so that you can approach near unto Me. Because the carnal mind cannot approach near unto Jehovah.


Let them speak and let us come near together to the judgment which will bring this forth in your life. First He says, Come and be engraved so that you can come near to Me, so that you can talk to me, and now, Let the judgment commence that will result in your engraving. That is what He is saying. Is that not a beautiful thing to say?


All the verses that we have read so far are translated islands in the King James, and the verses we are starting with now are translated isles. It is the same Hebrew word, Strong's #339.


Psalms 72:10, And the kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents, the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. The kings of the isles. Now we know that the island is the whole individual, and the king is the one who rules over the individual. We know that Jesus is both our Lord and our King, but that may not be a fact in our life yet.


The king is referring to the god of the land, and it all depends on who you are serving. Maybe He is your King, but I know that He is not the King of many Christians, that Satan is still their god, the Devil is still their king and would be very upset to hear this, but it is the truth. We have to find out who we serve, and if we are deceiving ourselves then we are the only ones who will suffer for it. Of course, all of our family, etc., will suffer for it. We have to face the fact that because Jesus overcame, and Jesus was glorified, that does not mean He is the Lord of our life. Now Christ Jesus is the King. To be a King you have to be living in the land.


So if you are living out of your old man, your old man is the Devil, that is who your old man is, and if the king of your land is the Devil, brethren that means that you are the Devil. There is a preacher on TV that we all love very much and watch all the time, and I hear her say all the time that we are casting out demons, but you are the one who is acting like a Devil, but she does not take one step more and know that we are the Devil. She says we are just acting like the Devil. Well, if you act like the Devil, brethren, you are the Devil. At least, at that moment that you are behaving in that manner, or thinking in that manner, or speaking in that manner, you are the Devil, because that is who the Devil is.


Psalm 97:1, The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice, let the multitude of isles be glad thereof. That sounds pretty good, let the multitude of isles. That word multitude I have been doing a study on in the New Testament, and I have traced it back to the Old Testament, but it is so common in the Old Testament to have different Hebrew words translated the same way. This word multitude is not the one I was doing the study on, but I have a feeling that the word multitude is very poorly mistranslated almost when ever it is appearing in the King James.


This particular Hebrew word, multitude, comes from a root which means Captain or the joining together of, and we know through our study in Ezekiel that the spirit of the mind is called the Captain of the marriage, or the head of the marriage, because the mind is married to the spirit. So what this verse is saying is the Lord reigns, Jehovah reigns, let the earth rejoice. We are the earth, the personality is the earth, and let the Captain of the isles. Now in the Old Testament it would be the spirit of Elijah. What it is really saying is let the earth marry her Captain. Let the personality submit to the married one who is the spirit of Elijah. That is a lot better than multitude to me.


Isaiah 42:4, You shall not fail nor be discouraged till He has set judgment in the earth, and the isles shall wait for His Law. This verse is speaking about Messiah, brethren. And the isles, we, islands, which are wild beasts, shall wait for His law, because His law is His mind. His law is a spiritual law. It is not the law of commandments, it is not the law of ordinances. The law of God is a spiritual law. Messiah's law is a spiritual law that will bring the criminal part of us, the earthen part of us that is incapable of being righteous, into a position where she can do no harm to anyone. So we wait for His law because when His law comes, and the part of us which is unrighteousness is covered, we will stop dying. So we wait for His law. Most of us do not know that we are waiting for His law, that is what we need, that is what we are waiting for, the righteous judgment which will change our mind which will put an end to death. Hallelujah, may He come quickly Lord Jesus!


Isaiah 49:1, Listen, O isles, unto Me, and harken you people from far, the Lord has called me from the womb, from the bowels of my mother, has He made mention of my name. I have not looked at this in the Interlinear Text so I do not want to step out, but obviously the isles are capable of listening so we have one more witness that they are people. Of course, I find this interesting. The Lord has called me from the womb. This is a prophesy of Messiah saying that He will be born of a woman. Of course these could be spiritual principles. I will stop right here because I do not have the Interlinear Text in front of me. The whole purpose of reading this verse is that it is a witness that the isles can hear God. Praise the Lord.


Isaiah 51:5, My righteousness is near, My salvation is gone forth, and Mine arm shall judge the people, the isles shall wait upon Me and on Mine arm they shall trust. Another prophecy of Messiah, and also a prophesy that the isles, or the islands, which humanity is, shall wait upon Me. That word wait usually means serve. They shall serve Me, and they shall trust upon My arm. They shall trust in Me, and then they will serve Me, because we do not really serve Him until we trust Him.


Isaiah 60:9, Surely the isles shall wait for Me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy sons from far, their silver and their gold with them unto the name of the Lord Thy God and unto the Holy One of Israel, because He has glorified thee. Surely the isles shall wait for Me or surely the isles shall serve me. Brethren, we, the islands, right now serve Satan. We serve the fiery Serpent, and the god that she has set up over us, which is Satan. We serve her. What does that mean? It means we obey her. It means she puts thoughts into our mind, and we obey her. That is a hard word, brethren, but if we cannot recognize that we do that then there is no hope for us.


We have to recognize the need to change into the Mind of Christ, and if we believe that we are living out of the Mind of Christ, and we are truly living out of the carnal mind, we are going to stay dead. We do not stand a chance of ascending in this hour when ascension is available to us. Eternal life is available today. Eternal life is available in this lifetime to the people who spend their lifetime searching it out. It is my understanding that it takes a whole lifetime to enter in. It is not something that can happen overnight. Nothing is wasted. If for any reason you do not enter in, all the work that you have done in the spirit, I am convinced, will be passed on to one of your descendants somehow, someway. But we are hoping here that we will stand, but if we do not, nothing is wasted. It is in the spirit. Jesus called this "laying up treasure." Somehow it gets in the spirit, and it goes on to your offspring, your children, or your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren. It is not wasted, brethren.


Ezekiel 26:15, Thus saith the Lord God to Tyre, Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall, when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of three? To me, this is very clearly talking about the tribulation. It is talking about the judgment. Thus saith the Lord God to Tyre, Shall not the isles, which we are, shake at the sound of your fall? Brethren, when the carnal mind falls, a part of us falls with her. We are married to her. She is interpenetrating us. We are one flesh with her. That is why the judgment is so painful. We are she, the same foundation by which some men say, I am God, is that foundation which causes us pain when this lesser god is brought down.


According to the concept of the doctrine that I spoke about earlier, man is a god in that he or she is already woven together and interpenetrating and interpenetrated by the Serpent's household. So to that extent we are gods, but we are lesser gods, we are fallen gods, we are evil gods. When the god of this world is shaken, when she falls, we will be shaken. Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall. Brethren, when Jesus Christ brings down the Serpent we are going to shake and rock and roll and reel, and the way He is bringing her down is that He is bringing down the carnal mind in each individual. That is the judgment that restores us to righteousness, and it is no joyride, because we are married to her. If we could say that she has nothing in us we would not feel a thing when Jesus brings her down.


That is the whole point, brethren, we are gods. We are the serpentine god that is being brought down by the true God of the universe, who is so great and so magnanimous. Who could even imagine that, as He is already bringing down the Serpent's household, He has planted His seed in us that has the potential to mature into His mind, by which we can continue to live, while and after, unrighteousness is destroyed.


Is that not that the most incredible message you have ever heard in your life? It is the most incredible message that I have ever heard in my life, that as He is destroying us, and righteously so, He has placed in us the provision for our survival in righteousness. Amazing, amazing! He is not even angry against anything that we are doing. All the sins that we commit, brethren, all the false doctrine, all the blasphemy against Jesus Christ, do you know that He is not even mad? The King James translation makes Him sound so mad. He is not mad. God does not have that kind of an anger. I am convinced of it more and more. Of course, it is supernatural. It is not human. He is not even mad.


Now, there are certain circumstances under which He will intervene, but He is not intervening in a lot of areas. He is just going forth ignoring us and teaching righteousness. He is intervening in the lives of those who are asking Him to in this hour, but He is just going forth bringing forth the truth, looking for men who will be vessels through which He can manifest His life and His wisdom and His plans for deliverance through. He is just ignoring everybody, and going forth with His plan to save the whole world, but while this is going on, of course, we who are vulnerable human beings, we can die, we can get sick, we can get hurt, in these tornadoes and all of the disasters in this world, in the midst of His great plan, and I cannot imagine where He finds His patience with us. I cannot imagine, He is not human. In the midst of all that He is still taking the time to answer the prayers of the faithful who are following Him who are in pain and suffering and have needs down here before our ascension. Incredible! The most incredible story I have ever heard in my life.


Although I do not really know if the translation of Isaiah seeing the Lord high and lifted up is really what the King James says, as I tell you all the time these Scriptures can be translated with somewhat of an anointing on every level. I am sure the men that translated the King James had at least a nominal faith in Jesus Christ. They had something, and that is why some of these Scriptures are very anointed. One of the King James Scriptures that I just love is that one in Isaiah 6 which says, And I saw the Lord, and He was high and lifted up. I think I translated that, and it does not mean anything like that at all. For where I am abiding at this time it does not mean anything like that at all, but it is still a verse that is glorifying Jesus Christ, and that is where the King James translators were, and that is a praise, a worship, coming out of their mind in that translation. That was all they could see in it. But according to that King James translation when we compare ourselves to Jesus Christ the best of us can only hide our heads in shame, but thank God that we have an example.


Ezekiel 27:35, All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at thee, and the kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance. And all the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished. I guess this is talking about the fall of the Serpent, the old man, and all the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished. I have not looked at that in the Hebrew, but it is the same principle, brethren. We are the islands, the islands are human beings, human qualities are attributed to them in the King James translation, and we now understand why, and I hope that I explained it to you. Are there any questions or comments?


COMMENT: That last Scripture made me think of Babylon falling in each of us.




We are returning to Ezekiel, Chapter 1 now. We had an exhortation that helped us to understand Ezekiel 1 that took the whole first recordimg. We are on the second recording now.


I will just finish reading the new Alternate Translation of Verse 4, I looked and saw the spirit of Elijah, the spiritual hurricane, and Adam's fortified spiritual body or energy cloud, and the two as one entered into and attacked the fiery Serpent's side of the Eagle's visible world. And the fortified Adam, shining with Elijah's glory was interpenetrating the fiery Serpent and interpenetrating the window where the fiery Serpent, the primordial Serpent's tooth, is consuming the Ox.


The key word here is interpenetration. This theme of interpenetration is really throughout the whole Scripture, and it is Jehovah's answer for what happened to Adam. Adam fell because the process of interpenetrating him with the lower aspects of the creation has not yet been completed. When Adam is woven together with the Ox and the fiery Serpent, because there is a place for the Serpent in the creation, she is the darkness in the creation, but she must be under Adam's authority. All of this is coming to pass through interpenetration, or the braiding together of all of the elements of the creation under the authority of Christ Jesus or in accordance with the Old Testament under the authority of King Adam.


The creation must be stitched together in the right moral order. When the Serpent's mind is the governing authority of the creation we are a wild animal, and the Ox, the personality, that is us, we die from generation to generation, but when Christ Jesus, the mind that is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ or the mind that is in the image of Elohim is in the governing position over the earthen or dark aspects of the creation the Ox lives forever. The part of the creation that is capable of dying is the Ox or the personality, the emotional personality, that is in the Ox. Salvation is for us, for the emotional animal, and depending on who we are married to determines whether we are a wild animal or a civilized living beast.


The Spirit of God will always return to God. It is His spirit. He will get it back. It does not die, it is just malformed, but it does not die. That which dies is the Ox, the earthen creature which we are. Someone is saying, Pastor Sheila, I thought you said we are spirit? We are spirit because we are braided together with the spirit. It is the same thing as saying, I am God. When we are braided together irretrievably with God we will be the Son of God, but we are the foundation, the background threads of the garment that is being woven, the earth, and the mind of God. He is the glory of the creature. He is the glory. He is the one that has the eternal life. When we are separated from Him, we die. When we are woven together inextricably with Him, we live forever.


Everything is who we are joined to, and we become the one that we are joined to. We were joined to Jehovah, and the Ox had eternal life, but we separated from Jehovah, and the Serpent possessed it, and now, in this present condition, we die from season to season, but we shall once again be joined to the Almighty, and we shall live forever. Everything is who we are joined to. We become who we are joined to. That is why Jesus could call the Pharisees vipers because we are serpents for so long as we are braided together with the fiery Serpent, and we are living out of the Serpent's mind. That is what we are, we are serpents, but we are redeemable. We can be divorced from the Serpent and married to the Lord Jesus Christ and become Sons of God once again.


That was Verse 4 that we had re-done. A couple of times in this exhortation on this translation of Ezekiel 1 I talked about hedging in. That word "hedge in" is a translation of a prefix, and I could not decide -- now remember, I am amplifying these translations, and I was not sure who was hedged in, and based on some other words that were being translated I decided it was Satan that was being hedged in by fire, that Satan's sea was being set on fire. As I worked on this translation I found out that the words that led me to believe that have to change, so I also had to change the object of who was being hedged in. This is how the translation evolves.


The Lord corrects me in one area, and every area that previous translation affects I have to re-test it. Sometimes it stands, but in this particular instance, saying that Satan is hedged in, Satan is a translation of a negative so when we have a negative it could be Satan, it could be the fiery Serpent, it could be Leviathan, and the way it looks now I am going with the fiery Serpent that it was the one who was hedged in so that she cannot get out and do any damage. The one that is locked up is the fiery Serpent. I just wanted to make a record of that.


I want to go over some of these footnotes. Now on the last part of this message we completed the Scripture that talks about Ezekiel's ascension, Ezekiel's consciousness ascending into the sixth center. We reach that on the last message, and the next section of our notes on the exhortation talks about or the heading says, Adam resurrected in Elohim's Sons. Brethren, this is the pattern, this is Jehovah's pattern. He raises up one man first, and then through that one man raises up a company of men who will assist Him as demonstrated in Ezekiel Chapter 9, first the inkhorn writer or the one with the inkhorn is the one who has the ability to impart the mark of God, and what is the mark of God? We found that out strongly in Psalms 105. The mark of God is the Mind of Christ, and it is only the true spiritual male, the one who is a spiritual male in Christ Jesus, who has the equipment to impart the Mind of Christ.


You have to be a spiritual male in Christ Jesus, and the equipment is in the condition of your mind. So the man, the inkhorn writer, the man with the inkhorn, is the spiritual male, Messiah, Christ Jesus, who has the ability to impart the Mind of Christ to the many. And He has a group of men each with a slaughter weapon in their hand who assists Him. Now, the carnal mind might tend to think that the slaughter weapon is for the people out there, but the slaughter weapon is for themselves. What they are slaughtering is their own carnal mind, and according to the King James translation they go forth judging the sins of Israel. So the conclusion is drawn that they are slaughtering Israel, but this is not true.


The only people who have authority in Christ Jesus to judge sin are the people who are slaughtering their own carnal mind. We must go forward with a sacrifice. We cannot enter into any Holy work without a sacrifice, and the sacrifice is not the guy out there. The sacrifice is the gal in here, the carnal mind, the goddess. The heathen call her the goddess. They do not deny that she is female, they do not deny that she is a Serpent, they do not deny that she is a being living inside of us, those that are truly knowledgeable in occult literature. So the slaughter weapon is for ourself, and because we are self slaughtered this qualifies us to do the work of God which judgement is helping the other people to become self-slaughterers.


This is God's pattern, and there are many in the Church today saying that this is not so. First I used to hear it preached in the Church, a lot of people are still saying it, that everybody is equal in Christ Jesus. It is not true, brethren. It is not true, everybody is not equal in Christ Jesus. Now a lot of people are preaching that we cannot go up without each other, that we are going up as one man. This is not scriptural, and the ramifications are very dangerous that we have to all be in one accord for us to ascend. Some lunatic is going to come out of the woodwork and start killing people who will not agree. Now this is not God, brethren. This is not God.


We see that this account of Ezekiel 1 is a type of God's judgment that is coming upon the Church today and eventually upon the world, because without judgment there will be no salvation. This carnal mind, the mind of the Serpent, is not being restored. It is the spirit that is in the mind of the Serpent and the personality of the individuals that are being restored, and we cannot ascend into the higher centers of God, where we are liberated from endless births and deaths and from all the torments of this world, with the Serpent's mind. So first we must have the Mind of Christ formed in us, and then our personality must agree with the Mind of Christ that our carnal mind is an unholy mind, even if we seem to be socially acceptable in this world, and we may be doing some very great works, but when we compare ourselves to the glory of God we are inferior. The proof that we are inferior is that we die after a season.


So this Chapter 1 of Ezekiel is a type of the raising up of Messiah and the Sons of God, and there at the end of Chapter 1 shows the glorified Adam standing ready with his bow and arrow to judge the sins of Israel so that they might be resurrected into the higher centers where they will live forever. That is the purpose of judgment. In the previous part of this message we finished reading all of the verses about Ezekiel's ascension, and we started reading about the group of men who would help him. I did not read the footnotes on the last part so I would like to go over a couple of these footnotes. I am on Page 2 of your notes, if you still have them.


At the bottom of Page 2 it says, Footnote 68, so we will just go over that, the principles in that footnote.


The Serpent is the name of the primordial waters that flowed upward into the high window or the upper window or the upper room of the creation for the purpose of capturing Adam's Ox, and that is the emotional animal which we are today, and to steal Elohim's breath that was braided together with that Ox. The primary concentration of Elohim's breath, or spirit, is in Adam who has Elohim's nature, and Adam is the mind of the Ox. The fortified Adam is Elohim's reflection on the waters of the upper window. That is all in the higher centers now. That is what the upper and lower is talking about. Which have a rare density of earth. The fortified Adam, Elohim's reflection on the waters of the upper window, which have a rare density of earth. Adam's Ox is formed from the muddy ocean bottom of the lower window which has a high density of earth. Michael joined to Adam, Elohim's mind, to the primordial Ox and to the man Adam and his Ox became the living creature or the living beast of Genesis. Michael joined to Adam, or Michael formed into Adam, Elohim's mind, who is joined to the primordial Ox, and the man Adam and his Ox became the living creature.


On Page 3 we have Footnote 69 which defines the spiritual horse for us. A spiritual horse, and we know that Israel is a goodly horse of the Lord, is the physical body that pulls the mind or the carriage that carries the fallen personalities typified by the coal which have the capacity to become spiritual diamonds when their human spirit is perfected.


Footnote 71, The fortified Adam is the collective subconscious mind of restored humanity, and the resurrected Adam in the individual is the subconscious mind of the restored individual. The fortified Adam who abides in the throat center, typified by the Eagle. He abides there with Elijah, Elijah plus Adam makes the fortified Adam. He is the mediator between Michael who enters into a man through the crown center and mortal man who is still in the heart center. The fortified Adam is a spiritual city which is formed from the unified spiritual centers in many restored men, the unified fifth center and sixth center in many restored men. It is what we were talking about this morning. It is what I have on the board. When we all ascend into the fifth and sixth centers every man whose consciousness is abiding in that place has a form of communication, and many of us in this ministry are becoming telepathic. Jesus heard people's voices. He understood their motives.


As we ascend we can hear people's minds, but it comes into our own mind as our own thoughts. So there is a lot of instruction going on in this ministry teaching us how to deal with telepathy that is coming upon us as we ascend in Christ Jesus, because we hear sinful thoughts. Whatever level of consciousness you are on, you can hear, if the Lord opens your ears -- I do not hear everything that everybody thinks. I probably would lose my mind if I heard everybody's thoughts, but I am affected by people's thoughts all the time, usually people that I have an association with, have some contact with them, but whatever particular level of consciousness you abide on you are capable of hearing the thoughts of people on that level and every level beneath, but we are deaf to all of the levels of consciousness above us.


I hear thoughts, I hear people's prayers asking questions about the doctrine, and a lot of times, more often than hearing questions about the doctrine, I hear people's evil thoughts. Sometimes thoughts that they aware of and sometimes thoughts that they have repressed. We hear everything from the level of consciousness that we are on downward as the Lord opens our ears. We hear a lot of things we do not want to hear. There is a tremendous responsibility with becoming telepathic in Christ Jesus because you cannot just ignore these thoughts. I am busy all day long praying about the things that I hear in the spirit. So there is a whole line of teaching and instruction that goes along with becoming a son as to how to handle becoming spiritual.


I have met a lot of people in the Church that all want to stand up, they want to be in full stature, they want the glory of the office, but they do not want to sit through the training, they do not want to sit for the discipline, they do not want to confess their sins and repent. Everybody here is engaged in long arduous training. We have to learn how to deal with this ascension. I never heard anyone say anything like this to me: Full stature is a wonderful thing, but can you handle it? Will you be able to deal with it? Do you know what it is like? Could you partake of the cup that I am partaking of? Could you handle it?


Do you even know what it is that you are asking for? Usually the answer is, No. I do not think anybody knows what they are asking for. I did not know what I was asking for, and I could not have handled it at the time. The safest way to go is to not run ahead of the Lord. I remember my life was so miserable at the time before I came into this teaching ministry because the Lord was destroying my career so that I would have nothing to go back to, and I fully believe Jesus did it. I was just so miserable on my job, and I said, Lord, you told me I am a teacher, what am I going to teach? He clearly told me, I heard an audible voice saying to me, It would destroy you at this time if I put you out to teach. I had this message for probably five years before I started to teach formally. The Lord said that if He put me out as a teacher, if He let men see what I have done in you it would destroy you at this time, and now all these years later there is not a doubt in my mind that it would have destroyed me because when you preach like this you come up against the carnal mind who is vicious.


Footnote 71, We are talking about the fortified Adam, we are saying that these unified spiritual centers are spiritual cities, that everybody whose consciousness is abiding in the same place even though we cannot see them with these physical eyes there is a connection. There is an emotional connection if we are abiding together in the astral plane, and there is a mental connection if we are abiding together in the mental plane seeking the Doctrine of Christ. That is why the Scripture says that nothing will be hidden as we ascend in our consciousness. Everything beneath us is clear. Sometimes we know the hearts of men. If they are carnal men we know about them what they do not even know about themselves. You have to learn how to deal with this.


The fortified Adam is a spiritual city which is formed from the unified spiritual centers in many restored men whose surging waves of energy, that is our mind now, form a collective beam. If you think of everybody's mind as a wave, and the Scripture clearly talks about us as being the waves of the sea, we dealt with that when we did Creation Revisited or in Quantum Mechanics in Creation. Everybody's mind is a wave. Now the carnal mind says the waves of the sea -- I used to think of the ocean out there, but it is Satan's energy sea, and our mind, the spirit of our mind, is energy. So the spirit of our mind is the wave that either is flowing in Satan's energy sea or in the waters above the firmament which is Elohim's waters, and right here I am talking about the centers above, and I am saying, The many restored men who are abiding in the higher centers that surging waves of energy are coming out of their mind, and they are converging and forming a collective beam or ray of light. Just like a laser beam. And this is Michael's restored river of light and the fortified Adam's city extends from the crown center downward to and including the whole heart center in the individual when that heart center is under the authority of Adam.


There is also an energy wave that comes out of the Serpent, and when these two energies touch each other there are explosions and something is destroyed. We are in a spiritual warfare, brethren. We talked about this in Quantum Mechanics in Creation. Leviathan, the sea Serpent, is the collective subconscious mind of the primordial Serpent, and the fiery Serpent is the subconscious mind of the fallen individual. Leviathan is the spiritual city that extends from the fiery Serpent in the root center upward to and including the right side of the heart center in an individual. The fiery Serpent in the root center accesses the heart center by consuming Adam's Ox. That should really be Satan. Satan accesses the heart center by consuming Adam's Ox.


Now Adam's Ox and the fiery Serpent are in the lower centers. Remember the fiery Serpent, the parasite, that is feeding off of the energy that we need to live gives off a waste product, and that waste product is Satan, and Satan floats up to the heart center where she resides. She holds Adam's Ox. When the fiery Serpent consumes the energy of Adam's Ox, Adam's Ox does not cease to exist. The Ox does not cease to exist, but the Ox takes another form, and the example is, if you can hear it, that Ox grazing out in your back yard there, after you slaughter it and eat it, it puts flesh on your body. This physical body that we have is all of the food that we eat in another form, if you can hear that. This physical body that we have is the product of all of the food that we eat, but the beef and the vegetables and the chickens and everything that we eat is converted into another form. It is fat and flesh on this body, if you can hear it. That is the reality. If you stop eating, do not you become skin and bones? So that is the spiritual truth of eating.


So when the fiery Serpent consumes the energy of the personality of the Ox, which we are, the Ox does not cease to exist, but she exists in a different form after she is processed. It is just like taking cotton balls and spinning it into threads. The fiery Serpent consumes our energy, she processes the Ox, and spews out Satan, the god of this world, and the whole creature together, the fiery Serpent, and the personality and everything that we are become the Devil who occupies the heart center. That is the kind of being that we become, the wild beast. We did a few Scriptures this morning on islands. Although I did not comment on it when we went through those Scriptures the Strong's number of the Hebrew word that means islands is Strong's #339, and Strong's #338, the word right before it, means wild beast. There is a verse where that word is translated wild beast. So the islands which we are is only one digit up. In other words, the words are very similar. The word for wild beast and islands are very similar because, of course, we are the wild beasts of the field so long as we are joined to the fiery Serpent and Satan. Some of these wild beasts are civilized, and some of us are not civilized. Unfortunately, some of us are not civilized.


What do I mean by civilized? We are taught to restrain our destructive desires and re-channel them so that we can live with each other in peace. Uncivilized men fight all the time, and either kill each other physically or kill each other with their minds. We are wild beasts. That is what we are. We do not give life. We take life. I tell you, brethren, the best of us, including me, as the Lord reveals the hidden sins of the hear, we see how we are manipulative, how we have envy that we did not even know was there, how our motives are self-preserving. We did not know it, but we are not changed. We have been doing this all of our life because this is what fallen humanity is like. This is what we are, but when we get this vision of what is really going on in this mind and this heart, this is our opportunity, this is our ticket, this is our hope to change, because there is no way we are going to change into the righteous Mind of Christ if we do not utterly reject this carnal mind. We have to destroy her, and in order to destroy her we have to really hate her. We have to really get a revelation that she is ruining our life, that no matter how positive our life appears to be, this carnal mind is destroying our possibility for eternal life, and that if we do not get out of her, if we do not get into Christ and cover her over and suffocate her completely, the day is coming that we shall die, because every mortal man dies.


So no matter how good our life is, we can be heroes, we can have hundreds of people loving us and admiring us, and validly so because we have done good works and good deeds, and we have been kind to people, and we have loved people, and we have done all kinds of altruistic service to mankind, but the fact is, brethren, a righteous man does not die. So no matter how good our life appears to be, and by human standards we may never have done anything wrong in our life, if that is humanly possible, but I do not think so, but let us say it is possible. We have never wronged anybody in our life, never cheated anybody, never took anything that did not belong to us, but served. Take Mother Teresa, for example, I have many people come to me and say before she died, Do you mean that Mother Teresa is not saved? No. If you are truly saved you do not die.


Of course, there is a wrong definition of salvation in the Church today. You could be reconciled, but to be saved the very term itself means that you do not die. This is a message that the Church has to hear. No matter how positive your life is there has got to be something wrong inside that does not appear wrong to you because when we compare ourselves to all of humanity we are just heroes. We are doing great, but when we compare ourselves to the One who has eternal life we see that it is the operation of our carnal mind at its very best that is killing us, and this is the message that must go out to the Church. There is no salvation in good works.


Footnote 71, So Leviathan, the sea Serpent's spiritual city, is an assemblage of many still pools, the stagnant energy centers, which extend far downward below the surface of the earth, and that is talking about the conscious mind now. Into the Jordan, Satan's collective river of death. In the Scriptures the same word is frequently translated river and sea. Satan is a collective river of death. Every individual's mind, the mind of every individual, is a river, and they all flow into Satan who is the sea. This sea, and these rivers are stagnant pools of dead energy that cannot keep people -- there is no activity there. Just like an engine or a motor. It has to run to give off the energy. A motorboat or a car, you have to give it the gun, you have to start that engine spinning to give off the energy. These energy pools are not moving. There is very little energy given off.


Look at it this way, when a child is born, when a baby is born, this is just an example. Let us say they are born with all of their energy centers spinning, and this child is fully energized, and children are so energetic that adults cannot even imagine running after them, a one-year-old or a two-year-old, because the energy flow is still going very strong in them, and as the years go by it is as if a top is spinning. The energy centers just spin slower and slower and slower, and when they stop completely, and they stop processing our needs we did. That is what happens to human beings.


So Satan is the river of death, and she is typified by Jordan. Now I have a comment in here that the Lord gave to me as I was doing this study. I found it fascinating so I put it in the footnote. The river Styx is one of the five rivers in the underworld, according to Greek Mythology, but the Scripture says that there is only one river in the underworld, and that is Jordan, and that is in the second center where Leviathan, the primordial Serpent, is. Which, indeed, those who died in Noah's day crossed over... Now, what did they cross over? Well, keep that in mind as I will get back to it. As they descended into the mouth of the fiery Serpent in the first center.


Now listen, when the Sons of God descended -- in the days of the flood, they were the descendants of Seth. Their consciousness was dwelling in the highest energy centers in the Kingdom of God. They did not have physical bodies like we have. They had etheric bodies. Now this physical body that we have is a shell that was added after the flood. You may recall me teaching that there is an aspect of this physical body, there is an invisible aspect of this physical body, just as there are organs within this shell that we cannot see. There is an invisible aspect of this physical body, and it is called the etheric. It is not its own plane. It is a part of the physical plane, but it is the etheric area.


I do not know exactly what it is called, and it is invisible. It is sort of like a body that Jesus had after the resurrection, and I believe the Sons of God before the flood had bodies. They were physical because the etheric material is a part of the physical plane, but they were not locked into dead mud bodies like this. The etheric material is malleable. You can change your form, you can change your position. These physical bodies are jail houses, and they are torture chambers. They were added after the flood, and they are the final stage of the fall as far as I understand it right now.


What I am saying in this footnote: Greek Mythology says that there were five rivers in the underworld, and what I am suggesting to you is that as the Sons of God fell in their mind. Brethren, we fall in our minds. It is happening in this country today, and it is absolutely frightening the moral decay in this country. It is frightening to hear how people think and to recognize that they really believe what they are saying.


I was watching a talk show the other night, and the question is that a 16-year-old boy who was sleeping with a 14-year-old girl who was willing to sleep with him, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The 16-year-old boy was being prosecuted for statutory rape and could go to jail for five years, so the question was, is this reasonable? On this particular talk show there were four people on it every night, two conservative and two liberal. There was a rock star, and I am not against rock stars, but this particular -- I am just telling you he was a rock star, he was a very rich man, and had made a lot of money because of his music. As far as I am concerned, he made a complete fool out of himself. He was hogging the whole show, he was not giving anybody much of a chance to talk, and he said on national TV, You cannot stop them, man, kids are gonna have sex. You cannot stop them. man.


There was a conservative man on the show who was having a lot of trouble being heard, but, of course, I did not tell you that one of the issues was, is it right to prosecute the 16-year-old? And there are people in this country today saying that children have rights, and that they should have rights beyond what their parents say, and if a 14-year-old child wants to have sex, she should be able to have sex. Now you have to understand what is behind this. What is behind this is this movement to go back to the pagan practice of sex between men and boys. There are people in this country that have a lot of money. Money buys political pull. They want the statutory rape laws removed, and there are people asking for a Constitutional amendment declaring that children have the right to have sex if they want it. To me this is absolute insanity. This rock star was literally jumping up and down saying, You cannot stop them, man. You cannot stop them. Kids are gonna have sex, and you cannot stop them. The conservative man did a pretty good job, considering what he was up against. He said, I acknowledge that you cannot stop them, but you do not have to memorialize it as a right, that children have a legal right to have sex.


My whole point of bringing up this conversation is that the condition of people's minds is so awesome to me. I used to get upset over it. I used to have a lot to say about it, and now I just stand there with my mouth open. Then there was a woman on the show saying that it is absolutely wrong to hit children, absolutely wrong for parents to hit children, and if you are a stranger and you see a woman hitting her child or a man hitting their child, spanking their child in the supermarket for disobedience, you have the right to go over and accost that person and make a citizens arrest, and call the police because they are striking that child. Now I know that these are just personalities on TV, but you have to see it happening. Something terrible is happening to the moral fiber in this country, and most of the people do not see it happening.


Sin creeps upon you, brethren. It is a seduction, and it seduces your mind. You do not see yourself falling. You do not see yourself falling, brethren. It is frightening. To relate it to my message tonight I am suggesting to you that the Sons of God who were the offspring of Seth that existed at the time of the flood, in our Alternate Translation of Genesis 6 it says they went the way of Cain. They became Cain. What does that mean? It means in their consciousness they descended through the energy centers.


These are the five rivers of Greek Mythology. Each energy center can be likened to a river. It is a place of rapidly swirling waters, but it is not water as we know it. It is spiritual water in the form of energy. So they descended f rom the brow center to the throat center to the heart center. Brow, throat, heart. To the naval center, and then they went all the way down to the bottom. They fell into Leviathan's and the fiery Serpent's lap, and that is the descent of the five rivers descending into hell. Is that not that interesting? When you abide in the mental plane with Jesus Christ, you do two things at once. When I study for these messages the Lord comes in, and it is like many streams just flowing into my mind, and sometimes I get so much revelation that I am absolutely frustrated because I want to go off on the studies, and I cannot do it. So the best I can do is to make little notes, and maybe sometime the Lord will let me go back and seek it out. Sometimes I follow through as in this case.


The river Styx is one the five rivers of the underworld, according to Greek Mythology, so I guess the brow center at which point you are a supernatural manm that does not count. The five rivers of the Serpent's world, the throat, the heart, the navel. Maybe not even the throat. I am having trouble counting so I am just going to go on. The river Styx is one of the five rivers in the underworld, according to Greek Mythology, but the Scripture says that there is only one river in the underworld, and that is Jordan, and that is in the second center where Leviathan, the primordial Serpent's upper tooth is.


And which indeed those in Noah's day crossed over. They crossed over Leviathan as they descended into the mouth of the fiery Serpent. Now what does that mean? It means that while the Sons of God abode in the sixth center the fiery Serpent could not feed off of them. We are supernatural men when our consciousness abides in the sixth center. That is why you do not die when you are in the sixth center. Being in the sixth center puts us in the position -- I cannot tell you the exact mechanics of it, but the fiery Serpent is cut off from feeding on our energy when we enter into the sixth center. So when we fall out of the sixth center we fall into the jaws of the fiery Serpent who starts feeding off of us, and we start to die. That is what happened to the Sons of God on the other side of the flood. They were good and they became evil. Our hope is to become righteous, permanently righteous.


Footnote 72, The Primordial Serpent is the unformed consciousness that existed as the unclean waters, that is the spiritual urine, in the ground floor window of creation. The Serpent formed herself into a fish body from the mud of the ocean bottom, pierced through Adam's hedge into the upper room of the creation, captured Adam's Ox, killed Adam, married Adam's Ox, and became the mind of the wild animal which is presently inhabiting the earth. The household of the earth is the race of Cain, the earthen offspring of this incestuous marriage. What incestuous marriage? The Serpent married the Ox, and the Ox is formed from the mud of the ocean bottom, which is the Serpent herself. The Serpent married herself. She married an Ox that was formed out of her own substance.


Let us pick up after Adam resurrected and Elohim's Sons. I will go through that quickly. I know I did that first verse the last time we met. And as I looked in the spirit at the living beast I saw that the lower heart center or the right side of the heart center of the household of the earth. Now what is interesting here is that this is not even talking about Israel. This is talking about the household of the earth. Now, if you did not pick this up, and I think I even said it myself, that you would think Ezekiel was sent to the house of Israel because Ezekiel, in fact, was sent to judge the house of Israel. Simply by the Scripture talking about the household of the earth and not Israel we see that there is an element to this prophecy that goes beyond Israel. This is a prophecy for the whole world. This is a Scripture saying the whole world is to be reconciled to Messiah, and we will see, at the every end of this chapter, that Messiah appears. In the Old Testament it looks like it is Elijah. It is Elijah manifesting. It is Elijah, but we know that Elijah went on to another personality and manifested and was glorified as the Lord Jesus Christ. This Ezekiel 1 is talking about the plan of God for the world. This is going beyond Israel. It is talking about the household of the earth. That means all of mortal humanity.


And I looked in the spirit at the living beast, and I saw the lower heart centers of the household of the earth were united and joined as one man with Leviathan's spiritual city, and they were joined in their minds, brethren. They were joined in their minds, and they were joined in their emotions. They were joined in their emotions, and they were joined in their subconscious mind, which is Leviathan. And the spirit of Elijah proceeded to move towards the energy centers of Elohim's Sons. The way this teaching has come forth, and I have no reason not to believe it, it is probably true although I did not see it that way myself, is that when the Spirit of Christ enters into us -- the Scripture says that He initially enters into the heart center, but that is not the Spirit of Christ, that is the Holy Spirit that enters into the heart center. But after the Holy Spirit raises Abel from the dead and Abel increases into Adam and Adam becomes fortified, and the fortified Adam goes back into the visible world to save his Ox, he enters into all of the energy centers at once.


I think we found a Scripture in Jonah which seemed to indicate the same thing, that when the fortified Adam, when Christ Jesus returns to save the individual personality, He is entering into all the energy centers at once, and He is interpenetrating the lower centers so that He neutralizes them and takes dominion over them, and He is just stirring up all of the life giving energy in the individual. That seems to be the message of the Scripture that is coming forth.


The spirit of Elijah proceeded to move towards the second and third energy centers of Elohim's Sons, and Elijah, the spirit, moved over the second and third energy centers, and from there Elijah's spirit moved down upon and alongside these energy centers. Now this is specific instructions as to the move of the fortified Adam and the spirit of Elijah that comes in now. You will notice, and we saw this also in the account of when we did Elijah the Man, that although the fortified Adam is one being -- remember, he is Adam married to the spirit of Elijah -- there are certain functions that the Elijah part of the fortified Adam does, and other functions that Adam does. It is just the same thing as within ourselves.


We have a lot of reasons to believe, according to all the books I have read, I have not heard the Lord correcting me at all, but although the fortified Adam is one man, the part of the fortified Adam that is the spirit of Elijah takes one kind of function that requires spiritual attention, and the Adam, the mind part of the fortified Adam, does other functions. So we will see as we go on with this translation that at some points I will not say the fortified Adam. At some point I will say the spirit of Elijah if the activity is a specifically spiritual activity. It is the spiritual part of the fortified Adam that enters into the energy centers as a spirit, and apparently he enters -- it is very important to say that he enters in at a right angle. Apparently, this is very important. I do not know if I even know how to draw this.


I am not much of an artist, but this is supposed to be an energy center. It is supposed to be a round circle, and each one of these leaves, of what appears to be a flower, is supposed to be equal, although I did not succeed in drawing it that way. This is why the ancient Hindus drew the energy centers as flowers. When these energy centers are spinning rapidly the rate of vibration makes the center appear as variegated. It has lines in it, and each of the energy centers has -- I am going to go with representing it with flowers as it seems to me to be the best way to describe it -- each of the energy centers has a different number of petals in it.


The more petals that there are the indication is that the energy center is vibrating more and more rapidly, and the more rapidly the center vibrates the more petals of the flower. The center at the top of the head is supposed to be vibrating most rapidly, and what is the significance of vibration? The more rapidly that the energy center is vibrating the more energy that is being spewed out. We are talking about a generator here, and as you can see I have show with blue dots, I have tried to indicate the energy that is spewed out, we are talking about a spiritual generator. This spinning energy is spinning so hard that it appears and, in fact, does. The energy is spinning in such a manner that there are these lines and they are real. I cannot explain it any better than that, but this is real spinning energy, and each one of these petals is a force. Thank you, Lord. It is spinning all in the same direction. Let us say clockwise. If the direction is significant, I am not up to that yet.


We see the Spirit of Christ enters in, and if you can imagine a spinning cup and you throw a pebble into it, what happens? The pebble is just going to hit the spokes that are spinning and bounce out. Are you following me? When the Spirit of Christ or if it is an ungodly spirit enters into these energy centers that are spinning, the significance of it coming in at a right angle is that it does not flow with the spinning energy. It flows against the spinning energy, and the result of the energy stream entering into the spinning energy center with the contact, just as if you were to throw a pebble into a rapidly spinning bowl, energy is spewed off. Anybody not understand what I am saying?


To the best of my knowledge at this time, the significance of the energy in the male role entering into the spinning center at a right angle is that the two sources of energy do not flow together. They flow opposite each other. As the male energy enters in it flows in the exact opposite -- it enters in at a right angle, and then when it gets caught in the vortex and starts spinning, it does not slow with the vortex. It goes against the vortex, and the result is that energy is thrown off. We are talking about a generator. Our spiritual generator.


Now as long as I have this up on the board, although it does not have anything to do with what I am teaching you now, I will take this opportunity to show you that I have numbered each of these petals or spokes or forces within the vortex. That is where the term, the god of forces, comes from. I told you earlier this morning that the people, mostly Hindus to the best of my knowledge, maybe some Buddhists who worship the divinities -- there is a divinity in each energy center. What is divinity? It is a personalized force, a force that can hear you, that can respond to you, that can reach out to you, and that can communicate with you.


So each energy center has a specific number of forces within it, and that is where the term, the god of forces, comes from. It is a term that is used commonly in occult literature. I have heard Christians debate for hours trying to decide who this god of forces is. Just pick up any of the occult literature. It is not a secret. It is talking about the Serpent and the many aspects of herself which manifest as many, many forces working together to produce energy. The name of the game is energy. The Serpent is energy. The energy centers are female to the male energy. The name of the game is to produce energy so that the Serpent can consume energy. Energy, energy, energy.


In this world the name of the game is flesh, although we have a lot of use for energy too, but we need food. We need our emotions satisfied in this world. I am talking about people now. We need physical food and emotional satisfaction, but in the spirit world the name of the game is energy, energy, energy. Who has got the energy?


Now, I have numbered each of these forces a, b, c, d, and e. Again this has nothing to do with what I am teaching you now, but I thought you would be interested to know that the Hindus give a letter, name each, according to the Hindu teachings, they would say these are the petals of the flower, but the flower is just a symbol. They would give a letter, but it is a Sanskrit letter. Sanskrit is ancient Hindu. It would be likened to Latin. It is a dead language. They name each petal with a letter, and it is these letters that they form their mantras out of.


So if the yogi was seeking communion with the deity that dwells in this energy center -- and why would he seek communion with her? He wants her favor, he wants power. Energy is power, and there are specific deities and specific powers that are ascribed to each energy center, so if the yogi wants a particular thing, whatever it is, he knows which energy center to go to, and he knows that he has to get close to the deity that rules over that energy center. The way he gets close to that deity is by making that deity, or that god's, sound. I hear this a lot. I honestly do not know if it is the King James. I do so much of my studying in the Interlinear Text, but I am telling you that it is in the Scripture, this concept that he made a sound, and when you look up the word in the Hebrew it could mean a spoken word. It could mean a voice. It can also mean a croaking, indistinguishable sound, which after studying this word many years in the Hebrew, I am of the opinion it is talking about a spiritual communication.


When we talk about Jehovah looking to Adam in the garden. It says they heard the sound of Jehovah. The King James may say voice, but that is not what the Hebrew says. They heard His sound in the cool of the day. For years, I asked the Lord what does that mean, the sound of Jehovah's vibration? Every vibration has a sound that is distinguishable by someone who speaks that language. Someone could talk to me in French, and I would most likely recognize that it is French. A lot of people could not recognize it as French, but I would recognize that it is French, I would hear that sound and understand a few words, but I would not know what they were talking about. Someone might speak Spanish, and I would most likely recognize it as Spanish, but I just know a few words so it is not likely I would know what they are talking about. Every pitch, every vibration has a pitch in the spiritual world, and if your consciousness is tuned to the spiritual world you can recognize the vibrations.


There is such a thing as a soundless sound. What does that mean? A vibration that is so subtle that we could not hear it, but it is a sound by virtue of it being a vibration. It is a sound wave that is vibrating so subtly, so slowly, that only the people on that level can hear it. That is the soundless sound. Jehovah's thoughts go forth, it is a vibration. Can you hear it? I hear the Lord Jesus. I do not hear Jehovah. I am not up there. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? OK.


When the yogi wants a favor from the deity in a particular energy center the way he summons that deity is by making her sound, or attempting to make her sound, and that part of the human anatomy which vibrates in sound is our vocal chords. So just as Hebrew was a supernatural language, apparently Sanskrit, is the supernatural language of the occult. Somewhere back in antiquity, it was devised that if you want to contact a deity in such an such an energy center you sound out the letters of her name, and most people that have any knowledge of this type of thing at all have heard of the mantra called Om. The Om.


That sound, om, is a sound that comes from three Sanskrit letters. I have not memorized it so I cannot tell you which letters, but it would be, for instance, if we were saying -- if the word cat was the sound that would conjure up the deity, we would be saying ca-a-at, and that is what the om is. It is three Sanskrit letters that when chanted, supposedly, I have no reason to believe that it is not true, brings forth a vibration that will catch the attention of the deity in the energy center, she will start vibrating at the same pace, there will be a spiritual communication, and needs will be met. That is what you are doing.


Anybody reading this message, you think you are chanting some harmless mantra? You are not chanting any harmless mantras. You are summoning deity, you are summoning a deity of the Serpent's household, a parasite that is residing in your body. You are calling to her, so do not be surprised if she answers you, but when she answers you she might give you three wishes, but then she will possess you. I do not know about the three wishes, I guess it is a sarcastic remark.


See, brethren, I really do not have any problem with people doing this if they know what they are doing. The problem that I have is with the seduction of ignorant people. I have a real problem with that. If there are people out there that study and know what this is all about, and they choose to do it, I am the last person that would give them a hard time or have anything to say to them whatsoever, unless the Lord Jesus rose up in me, and if He did it would most likely just be a word here or there.


You cannot help people that do not want what you have to give. I do not have any problem with those people. I have a problem with the seduction that is covering this country like a rug. I have a problem with Hindu teachers, and they may have varied from the traditional Hindu teachings, and they may call themselves New Age. New Age and Theosophy is all foundationally Hindu. I have a real problem with people telling ignorant, uneducated Westerners only half-truths and little bits and pieces of what they are doing, promising them pie in the sky from these deities. They are not telling them that they are deities. I have got a real problem with that, with innocent people being victimized. Are there any questions about this drawing here?


COMMENT: I am just thinking how it is very much like the Catholic Church, a saint for every day and for every particular circumstance, for their mental illness, or finding something that is lost, etc.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting. Not being Catholic I had not thought of that. Thank you for that input. That is very interesting.


So that is what the Scripture is talking about in Ezekiel, Chapter 1. It really makes a point. There are three separate phrases regarding the interaction of the penetrating male energy into the spinning female energy. And Elijah's spirit moved over the energy centers, and from there Elijah's spirit continued to move down upon and along side the energy centers, and Elijah's spirit interacted with or interpenetrated each of the energy centers at a right angle and supported each one of the energy centers.


The significance here is that the energy centers in mortal man need support. They are not spinning at a rapid enough rate, they are not giving off enough energy to keep us healthy and alive. We die because the energy centers are not spinning out enough energy to keep us alive. So the Spirit of Christ enters in to all of the energy centers and supports them, interacts with them, interlaces with them, and interpenetrates them in such a way that life-giving energy is thrown off.


I have known for a long time, brethren, that there is more to good health than nutrition. Someone who has spent years being sick, and I am doing very well right now. I am leading a very active life, but I know that there are other people my age that are a lot stronger than I am, although I am getting stronger every day, praise the Lord. I have known for a long time that there are more factors than food, and there are more factors than vitamins involved. I knew that there were genetic factors, and I knew that there were blessings and curses on the family line, but it is only recently that I am perceiving energy as being a real factor.


Xxxx came in a couple of months ago with a story that she had heard about a woman who had not eaten in years. All she did was drink water, and she was alive and energetic and doing well. I think at the time Xxxx even asked me if I had any idea how that could be, and I had no idea how that could be, but now I have an idea. The woman must have some occult contact that is stirring up her energy centers and producing enough energy for her to continue to live.


I may have mentioned this on another message, it is coming back to me now, that I am of the opinion that it must have been something along these lines that kept Moses alive when he went 40 days without food and water. It is true that Moses had a supernatural experience, but there had to be something to function in his body to keep him alive if he was not eating and he was not drinking. We understand that it was supernatural, but what happened in his body that he did not die or dehydrate? I think what must have happened to him was that Jehovah must have sent His spirit to stir up Moses energy centers and sustain his life.


I know that there has been a big question in my mind for quite a few years with regard to Jesus eating the fish and the bread after He was glorified. If that is an accurate translation, I have not looked at it in the Greek, according to the King James translation Jesus in His glorified body, in His spiritual body, was able to consume food, but we do not know if He required food. My personal opinion is that He did not require it, but it is interesting to know that He consumed it if that is what He did. I have not studied it.


I believe if our energy centers are functioning we live by the strength of the spirit and not by the energy that is coming from the food. Our energy centers are such a swamp, they are so stagnant and dead, that we get our energy for survival from the flesh of other animals. Most people eat meat. I know I do not think I could be sustain on a vegetarian diet with the needs of my physical body. Most people need meat, and we need fresh air. We are getting our energy from the flesh of other animals or from plants and from fresh air because our energy centers are so stagnant that they cannot even keep us alive for very long.


We need food every day. You do not die right away because you live off of the fat in your body, but we need nutrition from outside of ourself every day to survive. So my opinion is that a glorified man does not need food to survive. He is surviving by the power in his energy centers which is being generated when the energy centers of the man are penetrated by the male energy coming from the eternal world. There is enough energy generated that you do not need food. So we are in pretty bad shape, brethren. Even those of us who are considered healthy by this world's standards no body can live without food without some kind of spiritual support, and that is the exact word that is in this translation. The spirit of Elijah supported the energy centers.


We even see this principle in the New Testament with the angel coming to the man sitting by the pool. I know that we did an Alternate Translation on that, but I do not remember what I found. In the King James the man says, The angel comes every so often and stirs up the pool, but I am too weak to get into the pool. Well, I do not know about that, but it seems to me the angel coming to stir up the pool is either the spirit of God or the male aspect of the Serpent spirit coming into the energy centers to stir it up somewhat, and the King James says the man could not get into the pool, but the bottom line is he could not get enough power from the stirring of the energy centers to be healed. That is the significance, that is the underlying principle of the verse. There was some energy coming in. There was some male-penetrating energy coming in stirring up the female energy, but it was not enough to even heal his physical body, let alone give him eternal life.


I believe that when we cast out demons that they are coming out of these swampy energy centers. Brethren, this is a very hard word. This ministry is not for anyone with a squeamish stomach. The truth of our condition is even worse than the fact that we have a parasite dwelling in us feeding off of our energy. 


If you look at the earth outside of your house, if you turn it over, there is all kinds of bugs and insects living in the earth. Brethren, we are the spiritual earth, and there are all kinds of beings living in us. The fiery Serpent is the major one because she is the one who has incarnated us, but there is all kinds of existence, I do not like to say life because Jesus is the only one that has true life, but I will say life, but in this mortal life all kinds of life inside of us. If you just stop to think about it, just put a piece of your tissue from your body under a microscope, and there's all kinds of microbes and disease that flows in our blood. We do not catch everything that flows in our blood, but any pathologist or doctor will tell you that there is all kinds of disease flowing in our tissues, but we have antibodies, there are checks and balances, physical and spiritual checks and balances, everybody does not get sick, but everybody dies. We are the spiritual earth.


We are crawling with spiritual pestilence. Crawling with it, and there are particular beings associated with each plane of consciousness. They are inside of us, brethren. They are not outside of us. They are inside of us, and there's many of them. In the most well adjusted person in this world, the most well adjusted, accomplished, heroic, and beloved person in this world is completely infiltrated with all kinds of spiritual life as well as physical life. All kinds of amoeba, paramecium, each cell is alive, and in the spiritual planes of consciousness we are the earth that all kinds of spiritual life, disembodied spiritual life, dwells in. That is the truth. It is horrible. We died and we were buried underneath the ground, and we are down here underneath the ground with all these unclean beings. We have to climb out of this hole that we fell into, this muddy hole that we feel into, and it is not a physical climbing out. It is a spiritual climbing out of consciousness. It is an ascension of consciousness. God help us. The message gets more and more gruesome, but it is the truth, brethren. This not for the faint hearted.


The spirit of Elijah supported the energy centers because the spirit of the living beast is in the energy centers, and their throat centers, the fifth center. Now, we are talking about the household of the earth, we are talking about humanity at large now. And their throat centers produced the image of the Eagle who protects the visible world which is in the heart center. The visible world is in the heart center. What we see out here is just an image of what is in the heart center. The spirit of Elijah dispersed himself like fiery arrows.


He is not a man like we are. He is a spiritual man, and he dispersed himself like fiery arrows. I find that very interesting because we have been talking here or we have been discussing here over the last year at least how Leviathan incarnates the many-membered human beings. Recently, I had a drawing on the board where I drew an octopus, and I showed the octopus typifying Leviathan, and each one of the tentacles of the octopus penetrating into the earth, the tip of that tentacle being the fiery Serpent who was implanted as a seed in the earth, and she spins forth a physical body, which we are for her. This concept of flying sparks applies to both spirits. It applies to the Spirit of God, and it applies to the spirit that the Serpent is putting out. Both spiritual households are sending forth sparks of themselves which are really spiritual sperm. That is what we are talking about. That is what the spirit of Elijah is doing here. He dispersed himself like fiery arrows, shooting forth from the immortal side of the living beast's heart center, the left side.


And the fire consumed Ashtoreth in the other mortal side of the heart center. How did it consume Ashtoreth? We are talking about spiritual things here, brethren, and you have to understand that this whole message is completely condensed. I want to suggest to you that the fiery arrows that the spirit of Elijah was shooting from the immortal side, or from the immortal centers, are the very words that are coming forth from a message like this. These fiery arrows are the seeds that have the ability to bring forth the life of Christ. It is not enough to conceive Christ in you. You have to sit under this kind of teaching, not only reading it, you have to hear it under the anointing so that the Christ that is being formed in you is being literally peppered with fiery arrows, with more seed and more seed which strengthens Him, which cleaves unto Him, and helps Him to grow.


So to say that the spirit of Elijah shot forth out of himself as fiery arrows and those arrows consumed Ashtoreth -- talk about condensing the message, I could preach a whole message on that how the sparks of the Spirit of Christ go forth -- and if Christ is not formed in you, hopefully Christ will be formed in you, those spiritual fiery seeds join to the forming embryo, or the forming fetus, and helps Him to grow and strengthens Him. It is literally spiritual food being propelled into the spiritual abdomen of the spiritual pregnant women that are reading this message. That is what the sparks are, and then when Christ is strong enough and becomes Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus consumes Ashtoreth. And who is Ashtoreth? Ashtoreth in the Old Testament, the Devil in the New Testament, she is our old man which is really an old woman. So that is what this means. In this one little sentence. These fiery arrows going forth are building Christ to the point that He becomes Christ Jesus, and He consumes the old man. Praise the Lord!


Everything is in code, everything is condensed. Do you believe how long I have been preaching out of Ezekiel 1? It is unbelievable, is it not? The Bible may look like a thick book to you, brethren, but it is a condensed, a condensation of symbols, that when they are expandedm they give the message of the spiritual truth of our condition which comes from Jehovah. Did the Scripture not say that if all the things that Jesus did were put in books, there would not be enough books to hold it? And that was just one lifetime. Many will be having His testimony. Many are called to have the experience of the man, Jesus.


And the spirit of Elijah dispersed himself like fiery arrows shooting forth from the immortal side of the living beast's heart center, and the fire consumed Ashtoreth in the other mortal side of their heart center. It is like saying, And then Christ, which was formed from the arrows, consumed Ashtoreth. And the fortified Adam appeared in the midst of the living beast's heart center as a burning, pulsating flame. So we see that fortified Adam is not a man as we know a man, and not a flame as we know a flame, but a spiritual flame. Does not Jesus talk about a flame and a candle? When the flame comes forth you do not put it under the bed, but you put it on a high hill where everybody could see it.


And the salvaged personalities of the household of the earth, now this is not just Israel, vibrated out of the living beast's heart center, and I saw the spirit of Elijah drawing the personalities of Elohim's Sons near to Adam's lifestyle, and Elohim's Sons reversed their course and crossed over to the other immortal side of their heart center, because Elijah, the spirit that transforms the fiery Serpent's lifestyle, came over to the lower mortal side of their heart center.


There are several points here. First of all, the spirit of Elijah, or the Holy Spirit in this hour, draws the personalities near to the lifestyle, to Adam's lifestyle. That is what the Holy Spirit is doing. He is come to call us away from this worldly lifestyle into the spiritual lifestyle. Now many Christians have been deceived, and they have been called away from a worldly lifestyle into a religious lifestyle. What is positive about a religious lifestyle is that, hopefully, you are more moral than you were in the world, but religion, brethren, will not result in eternal life, and religion cannot help you to ascend into a spiritual lifestyle through ascension into the high centers. It can help you to enter into a surface morality which will be a good thing for you in regard to the sowing and reaping judgment, but there is no eternal life in that, and if you think that you receive eternal life after you die, you are mistaken. It is a lie. It is just a lie. There are blessings that will go on to your family line, but there is no eternal life in that.


For us today, the Holy Spirit comes to draw us hear to Adam's holy lifestyle. The next phrase is, And Elohim's sons reverse their course. Well, let me tell you something, I tell you from experience, that the Church is not reversing their course very easily. Even the ones who come have trouble giving up a lot of the sin that they are engaged in when they come, but this message most would not even want to try. What they want is health and a better life down here in hell. That is what they want. They want no stress, no pain, no trouble, good things down here, and then to go to sleep and wake up in heaven, like the Hale-Bop comet. Praise the Lord. Good works will reap good fruit. You will have good things in your life if you do good works. I make a joke now and then, but I am not really into knocking anybody. I am here to tell you the truth. What you do with it is between you and Jesus.


So we see the Holy Spirit comes to draw us hear to Adam's lifestyle, and Elohim's Sons reverse their course. Well, we are waiting to see this. I think eventually the Church and all of humanity will reverse their course, but it is going to be in Jesus' timing, and there is going to have to be some very big changes made before that happens, in the spirit. So they reversed their course, they stopped following after the fiery Serpent, and they started following after Adam. What does that mean? They started thinking with a different mind. When I came to the Church I was told that repentance meant a change of mind, but I found out that the change of mind that is preached in the Church is a change of opinion. Repentance by faith is a change of opinion. You realize that what you were thinking was wrong. OK, but that is not the true repentance.


The true repentance is a change of mind. We have to switch from the carnal mind to the Christ mind, 100%, wholly switch over to the Christ mind. That is true repentance, and when we do that our lifestyle changes, not from evil to good, but from either evil or good to a righteous, holy lifestyle. I have heard it preached for years about the Melchizedek priesthood, and how we are to be kings and priests, but, brethren, I really do not know anybody aside from myself, they may be out there, but I have not met them, I do not know anybody that understands that to enter into the New Covenant means that you become a priest. You really become a priest. You do not stay like you are and receive priestly privilege. You must become a priest in your heart, and the priest attend the altar of God day and night singing Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.


The main function of the priest is to mediate between the people and God, and to offer the sacrifice to God on behalf of the people. The priest of the Melchizedek order ministers day and night on behalf of the people, forgiving their sins and helping them to offer the sacrifice that will purge them, which is the death of their carnal mind. There are two sacrifices. It is by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is by His sacrifice that we enter into the Holy Place, because we are unclean. We would be destroyed approaching the household of God, so it is by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we can reach out for the strength which comes from God to sacrifice the blood sacrifice, which is our own carnal mind.


So the priest of the Melchizedek priesthood ministers to the people continuously, forgiving their sins, not just by saying the words, but the true forgiveness of sin is in the rooting out of that sin and the impartation of its corresponding quality in righteousness. The Melchizedek priesthood ministers to the people. Most people want to be the king anyway. They are not too interested in being a priest. They are all interested in being a king, but I tell you, brethren, these are childhood fables. Melchizedek priesthood is service to God. No vacations, no holidays, no sick days, and He comes first in your life above your mate, above your children, and above your grandchildren. You do not like that, you have no argument with me.


I am not trying to force anything on you. I am telling you that a priest's first duty is to God. Jesus said, Count the cost. In this hour some of us are being called, and it is too late to count the cost. He is taking us, and the harder you kick the more pain is involved, but believe me, I am not in any way saying that it is easy if you have a mate and children or a family. My daughter has still not forgiven me for my service to God. I had been looking for Him for years when He finally said, Over here Sheila, and I ran and nothing would have stopped me, nothing could have stopped me. I was incapable of being stopped, and my daughter has still not forgiven me for that. I do not believe that I neglected her, but she believes that I neglected her. So do not think you are coming without pain.


To everybody reading this message, I pray that your mate says that it is wonderful that you have this call on your life and assists you every step of the way, but if you have that experience please let me know, because I do not know anyone who has had that experience. You have to give up everything and follow Him. It does not mean you have to physically and emotionally give up everything. It means you have to be ready to give up whatever He takes from you, whatever interferes with the assignment that Jesus is giving you today. He knows that you have a mate, He knows that you have children, He knows that you have to work, He knows.


It is an attitude of your heart. It is a fleece that you have to make with Him, that so long as it is Him, you are willing to give up anything and everything of this world, including your mate and your children and your job, because if it is truly Jesus Christ no evil can come of it, and then you add to that fleece, Lord, do not let me be deceived. I pray that way all the time, I will give up anything because it is not mine anyway. Nothing here belongs to us. But please, how will You be glorified if I am deceived? How will that glorify You if I am deceived? I am just dust, and I am doing the best I can. Please help me to not be deceived. I pray like this all the time, but in your heart you have to be ready to give up everything, if you want this walk. This is not for the faint-hearted. It is for committed people that cannot do anything else.


I heard a preacher that I had a lot of respect for at the time give some advice from the pulpit once, and he said, Do not go into the ministry if there is anything else, any other profession that you can have and be happy at what you are doing. Do not go into the ministry, only go into the ministry if there is nothing else in life that makes you happy, that if you do not go into the ministry you will just be unhappy and miserable. If you have got to do it, if nothing else will satisfy you, go into the ministry. If you go in for any other reason, no good thing will come of it. It is very hard. There is tremendous joy and tremendous reward in the spirit, but emotionally and in your relationships it is a very hard life, and it is a physically demanding life. I work seven days a week. I have worked seven days a week for years. Long hours, 15, and sometimes more, hours a day. It has to be for the love of God. If you are doing it as a chore, it will kill you.


I saw the spirit of Elijah drawing the personalities of Elohim's Son near to Adam's lifestyle, that is the Holy Spirit, and Elohim's Sons reversed their course. That means. in between these two phases, the Mind of Christ was formed in them, and they decided to live out of the Mind of Christ and pay the price, and they crossed over to the other immortal side. So first they decided to live out of the Mind of Christ, and then they actually crossed over and started living the larger percentage of their life out of the Mind of Christ. And they crossed over to the other immortal side of their heart center where the Mind of Christ is because -- and this is the reason that they were able to do it -- Elijah, the spirit that transforms the fiery Serpent's lifestyle came over to the lower mortal side of the heart center. If the Holy Spirit did not come into our heart we would never have had power to change our lifestyle, and this message can come forth in the Old Testament, because the spirit of Elijah is the Savior to Israel.


I cannot re-preach this whole thing again, but the spirit of Elijah is the Savior to Israel. And the spirit of Elijah is really just a personality by which the spiritual man, Michael, is expressing himself. In other words, you are a human being, you have a name, you have a family, you have an appearance, but there is a real you, a real personality of you that is really invisible. People look at your external shell, but the real you is invisible. The invisible Son of God is clothing Himself with personality just as we change from five years old to ten years old to 15 years old. We look different, we sound different, we are different, we have many experiences, and we mature.


Elohim, and, in particular, Michael, which is the sperm of Jehovah, is going forth clothing himself in personalities just as we become a new person after every year. After all the experiences we have had have been added to us we become a new person or a renewed person every year. In the spiritual life Jehovah's sperm becomes renewed with every personality that He lives through, and it was Michael, the sperm in Jehovah's seminal fluid, that lived the life through the personality of Elijah, and it is the spirit of Elijah that incarnated the Lord Jesus, or that incarnated the child Jesus, and that child was glorified. Michael who was the seed of Jehovah within Elijah now clothed himself with another personality just as a human being would take on another year or another aspect of their life, and now Michael is not being called the spirit of Elijah. He is being called the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot go into that with any more depth right now.


Jesus clearly said, If you can receive it, Elias is heretofore come, and He was not talking about John the Baptist. He was talking about Himself. I see no reason why the spirit of Elijah would incarnate in John the Baptist, who promptly had his head cut off. It makes no sense at all. Malachi clearly says that the spirit of Elijah will appear in the last days to reconcile the fathers to the children. Well, you tell me how he did that through John the Baptist who was beheaded. It is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, who is restoring the spiritual children to their Father. The spirit of Elijah was in the Lord Jesus Christ. People do not even stop to think, How could Malachi's prophecy have come to pass in John the Baptist? It is not possible and it makes no sense at all.


So the reason all of this happened. What happened? That the household of the earth reversed their course, and they rejected the fiery Serpent's lifestyle and went after the righteous lifestyle of the mind of Adam is because the spirit of Elijah, and in this time the Holy Spirit, came from the higher centers down into hell to help us, to strengthen us, to support us in our energy centers, to support us in the spirit of our mind.


And when the personality of Abel, the mortal male, crossed over to the opposite, immortal side of the heart center, Cain, the mortal woman, who was intimately joined to the fiery Serpent's female mind instead of Abel, Elohim's mortal male mind, repented, and died to the fiery Serpent's lifestyle. In the verse before we talked about the personalities dying to the fiery Serpent's lifestyle and following after their new husband, Adam, and now in this next verse, all of a sudden, Cain and Abel are appearing. How interesting. Cain and Abel, the conscious mind of mortal man, the good and the evil conscious mind of mortal man. That is who Cain and Abel are.


Abel is a mortal mind. He is a mortal mind who is good, and because he is good he can connect to the spirit of Elijah and access the eternal world through his union with the spirit of Elijah. We all have a conscious mind. Every human being has a conscious mind, and the way I have explained it to you is that Cain is the mind of the Ox. Now, brethren, I just want to tell you again, that if you feel I am not flattering you, or I am putting you down as a human being by calling you an Ox, please understand that a revelation of who we really are opens the door for us to become great through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. If we make ourselves great in our carnal mind, the only door that is open to us is the door to eternal hell through marriage to the Serpent. I tell you the truth.


In any event, this is a spiritual Ox. It is not an Ox out there in your meadow. It is a spiritual Ox. Compared to God Almighty, the mind of the spiritual Ox, the most brilliant personality down here in this mortal world is as a head of cattle would be to us. That is the most brilliant mind in our world. So everything is relative, and if you are upset at me calling humanity an Ox you have a problem with pride, and you need to repent and tell the Lord that if this is the truth, that you need help in listening to the truth.


A natural example is a head of cattle out there grazing in your pasture, that cow has a mind. It knows that it needs to eat, it knows that it needs to drink, it knows that it nurses its calf. It has a mind, but compared to my mind or compared to even the mind of the least intelligent human being that I have ever known, it is not much of a mind. We have a Down's Syndrome lady here and compared to her the mind of a cow is a pea brain. So Cain is the mind of the Ox. Now a better example is a horse with a rider. The horse has a mind. Horses have reactions to people. The communicate with people on a non-verbal level. So the horse has a mind, but the rider that is permanently stationed on the horse's back is the mind that overshadows the horse's mind and directs the horse.


We as mortal human beings have a personality. We are an animal which has a personality and has a mind, but we do not live out of our own mind because there is a parasite in us. The fiery Serpent that dwells in us, and the whole of the carnal mind is likened to the rider on the horse that is overshadowing the mind of the Ox. Even though we have a conscious mind, humanity is largely, way more than 50% probably, 80 or 90%, directed by the thoughts and impulses and the commands that come out of their unconscious and their subconscious mind. It is the carnal mind that is interested in playing tennis and going to a party and having a beer and seeing a movie or making love with your mate. That is your conscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that is making all the important decisions of your life. Whether you know it or not it is the rider on your back that is making all those decisions. So that is who Cain is.


Abel is the mortal mind that has spirit in it which enables him to join with or link up with the mediator, the spirit of Elijah. But I remind you that Cain killed Abel, and Abel is under the ground. He is still conscious, but he is dead. Cain killed him, but it is possible for Abel to be raised from the dead. That is who the Mind of Christ is. When the seed of God is imparted to us Abel can be either raised from the dead in us or grafted to us, and that is the Mind of Christ that is Abel. Abel is raised from the dead on the right side of the heart center while he is still under Satan's dominion, and he is in a war from the second he is conceived. When Abel pierces through to the left side of the heart center where it is dry ground, where he has access to the strenghtening union that is available to us through the Spirit of Christ, Christ becomes Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is liken to the resurrected Adam. Christ is liken to the resurrected Abel.


So we see in this verse of Ezekiel 1, how did I get to Cain and Abel? It does not say Cain and Abel, but what it does say when I translated the verse, and this is verse 9, it talks about the mortal male. I know that as soon as I hear about the mortal male it is talking about Abel, and it talks about the mortal woman in this verse, and I cannot go back to preaching from the beginning, but I distinctly remember in this verse 9, the word for woman, the Hebrew word for mortal woman is right there in the Interlinear Text, and it is translated as something that has no relationship to mortal woman whatsoever; yet, it is the same word that is translated woman in Genesis and also out the rest of the Old Testament. It was completely mistranslated by the King James translators because they could not figure out what the word woman would be doing in this verse. That was the key word that started me along this whole train of thought as I began to translate verse 9, and this is what we got.


When the personalities of Abel... Why do I say plural? I am talking about all the members of the household of earth who have the Spirit of Christ of grafted to them, and once Christ is raised in you, once Christ is conceived in you, your personality becomes Abel's personality. We are talking, brethren, about the Old and the New Man, you see. The part of your personality that is joined to Cain is your Old Man, the part of your personality that is joined to Cain plus the fiery Serpent, plus the whole household of the earth, is your Old Man. Your New Man is the part of your personality that is cleaving unto Abel and the Lord Jesus Christ. So we are two men, and we are unstable in all of our ways because we bounce back and forth between the two.


And when the personalities of Abel, that is talking about all the household of the earth in whom Christ has been conceived, and they are following after Him, the mortal male, crossed over to the opposite immortal side (that means they increased into Christ Jesus and Adam was raised from the dead in them), Cain, the mortal woman, who was intimately joined to the fiery Serpent, the female mind -- In these personalities that the Mind of Christ was conceived, and they crossed over to the opposite side, became Christ Jesus, Adam was raised from the dead in those very same people where Cain, the mortal woman, who was intimately joined to the female mind (that is the fiery Serpent, instead of Abel), Elohim's mortal male mind, repented, and died to the fiery Serpent's lifestyle.


So what this is saying, brethren, is that the household of the earth, in this account, was divided into two groups of people. Two groups of humans, the people who were still joined to the female mind, the fiery Serpent, and the group of people who had Christ conceived in them, and followed after Christ and crossed over to the left side of the heart center, and became Christ Jesus. So the Scripture here is saying, when the first group of people made it over to the left side of the heart center, the group of humans that did not follow after Christ, but who stayed in their marriage to the fiery Serpent, when they saw what happened to their fellow human beings who followed after Christ, and became Christ Jesus, and ascended into the higher energy centers, this group of human beings who chose to stay with the Serpent, those who did not want anything to do with Christ, when they saw what happened to the men who crossed over, they too repented of their union with the fiery Serpent, and proceeded upon the path to cross over.


I have been saying that here for a long time, brethren, that it is very hard to follow God in the way that we here are following Him when the whole Church seems to be going in a different direction, and the whole world tells you that you do not know what you are talking about. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to stand against this kind of rejection and persecution, but when the first fruits company stands up, when the first group of people ascend into the higher centers, and we become a visible demonstration of what we can be through marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ, the world will follow after the gift of God, when they can see with their own eyes the benefits of it.


And when the fortified Adam illuminated the whole heart center, the widowed fiery Serpent looked like a glowing ember. So we see that Satan is boiled away, and the fiery Serpent within the individual is separated from Leviathan, and when she had lost her power in comparison to the fortified Adam's glory, blazing, flaming, spiritually flaming glory, the fiery Serpent looked like a glowing ember. Everything is relative, brethren, and that which looks so desirable to us today -- I have experienced this in my life. I think just about everybody with any maturity behind them has. When something that you want so badly, somehow you cannot get a hold of it, and you go on with your life and you develop in another direction, the day comes that you look back at what you wanted so badly, and you look at it and you say, Is that what I cried over? Is that what I wasted one minute feeling bad over? It looks like a glowing ember to you, in view of the positive direction that your life went, and you thank God that you never even went that way.


The next category, brethren, is general information, and I remind you that in Ezekiel 1, first we see Messiah stand up, one man stood up. When I say stood up I mean He ascended in His consciousness to the higher centers, became a spiritual supernatural giant, and then he helped those members of humanity who were willing to follow Him to have the same experience. And when this category of humans have the same experience, the remainder of the human beings who were not willing to have this experience, when they saw the benefits of it, then they will follow through.


So we are talking about three categories of humanity. The Messiah category, the category that followed Messiah, and the category that had to actually see the benefits to their fellow humans to follow after.


The next category that we will be discussing in Ezekiel 1, I call general information. I will not go beyond the end of this recording, brethren, so I am just going to read you Verse 18. If I run off the recording you will have to pick up the next part because I am not going to another recording.


Verse 18, Now the female opinion is in awe of these living beasts who have soared to their brow center. The female opinion, that is talking about the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the female opinion with only one exception. The female mind, the carnal mind, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, can think as a male. There is a female opinion.


We found this same phrase when we translated Revelation, Chapter 17, the female opinion, that is the Serpent's opinion. Brethren, it always opposes the male's opinion, and it can be right. The female opinion can see the righteousness of a situation, but the difference between the female and the male opinion is that the righteous stand that the female mind takes will come from an unrighteous motive. The female can only have as a motive self-preservation, and the male always has as the motive the good of the people that he is ministering to, because the male opinion, or the male mind, Christ Jesus, has no needs whatsoever. He just gives and gives and gives. He is an energy source unto Himself, but the fiery Serpent always has self-preservation in mind because she needs our energy to survive. Are there any questions or comments here? God bless you.

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