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Drawing #1, this is the truth about what the spiritual lie is. I never really understood it. I knew that Satan was the lie, I knew that she did lying wonders, I knew that this world was a lie, and that Jesus' world was the truth, but I never really understood what that meant. I think if most of us would stop and think about a lot of the Scriptures that we believe we would realize that we really believe it by faith because we do not understand what it means. This is the lie of Full Stature outside of Christ that I have drawn on the board for you.


Now, the way I came into this revelation was something that came up on a recent message, and I do not know what you were thinking because it is possible for you to listen to me and wind up thinking something completely different than I think. Because, either you are thinking with Christ, or you are thinking with your carnal mind, but you are receiving what I am saying, and you could come up with a completely different message than I think I am preaching. It has happened that I have preached things under the anointing that I really did not understand, and I find out that people in the congregation got the message that Christ Jesus was giving them, and it went right past me. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


In a recent message I said that I cannot relate all the teaching that has come down on the brain with all this teaching that is now coming down on the heart. I do not understand because when we taught about the brain it seemed like all the spiritual activity was going on in the brain. The cerebral cortex was where the Serpent's household was, and the cerebellum was where Christ Jesus' household was. I couldn't relate it to the heart center, and the revelation that's coming forth now is that the heart center is where the visible world is. It is where the image of our consciousness is, and when I sought the Lord on this apparent conflict, you should never get distressed when you see a contradiction in the Scriptures, or if you hear a contradiction in anyone else's teaching you should never get upset. It could be an error. The teacher could be in error at the moment, or it could be that you just do not understand, that you do not have a full revelation on each of the issues, and that if you understood both of the issues completely they would fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and this is what happened here, and this is what the Lord told me.


First let me finish telling you what I thought. I thought that when we studied about the etheric part of the physical body that for the physical heart we had a spiritual heart, and for the physical brain we had a spiritual brain, that the etheric brain looked like the physical brain, that the etheric heart looked like the physical heart. Where did I get such an idea? I think that's what I read in the books that I have been reading on Hinduism and Theosophy. Now maybe they do not think that. Maybe I drew my own conclusions from what I read in those books or maybe the authors of the books that I read do believe that, that we have a spiritual organ that is parallel to every physical organ that we have.


Now if that is what they believe the Lord has told me otherwise. Now I told you when we started our studies on Kundalini and Theosophy that the Lord had told me that for information about this world and about this physical body He was sending me to the Serpent because the Serpent is the expert on this world that she has incarnated and this physical body. The Lord has told me, not that He's not an expert, it is not His thing. This world and this physical body is coming to an end. The Lord talks to me about the Doctrine of Christ. The Lord talks to me about righteousness. The Lord talks to me about the things that are above. Now we need a knowledge of the things underneath because we are here, and we have to escape from it, so we have to know about it. But this is the Serpent's world, and the Lord has directed me toward the Serpent's teachers for the things of this world. Then He comments on them.


Now this has gone on for years. This goes all the way back to when He had me watching Star Trek for spiritual principles. I watch, I observe, I draw opinions, and then the Lord tells me how He sees it based on the data that has been put into my computer brain from these other studies that I have either observed on TV or read. I honestly do not know what the Hindus or the Theosophists believe about this. I can just tell you that was the impression that I got from their books was, that for every physical organ there is an etheric organ that is in the same place but just behind it. One inch away from the physical body is the etheric part of the physical body that's built exactly like the physical body, that's what I believed they were saying when I read the books. The Lord told me, No, not so.


The Lord told me, in the same manner as we are not our physical body now because we are in the Serpent's body right now....let me say it this way. When we look in the mirror we see someone that looks just like us only she or he is backwards. If we raise our right hand it looks like you are raising your left hand in the mirror. Everybody with me? The only way that I know of that can really obviously indicate that we are looking at an image in the mirror is that if you put a book in the mirror, and you see that you can't read it when it is backwards, but if it is myself it looks just like me. Remember now, we are the living epistles. We are the nature of God in another dimension. You might say that the image you see in that mirror is a different dimension than this dimension that we are in. In this dimension, when we look in a mirror we see an image that is recognizable. It looks like us, but this world is the mirror image of the spirit world, and we do not look like what is in the spirit world. The whole problem is I do not know what the spirit world looks like. I do not know what Adam looked like before the fall, but I know that it is a spiritual principle that this world which is the mirror image of the spiritual world does not look like the spiritual world.


OK, I just heard from the Lord. Let us keep it to the Serpent's world. We are the image of our carnal mind which is the Serpent's household. Do you think that the Serpent, the spiritual Serpent, Leviathan and the fiery Serpent, look like us? I do not think they look like us, and I will tell you why. Because they are inside of the ox. Remember, Adam made an ox out of the mud from the ocean bottom, and Adam joined himself to, married the ox, and Adam was the mind of the ox, and after the fall what happened to the ox was that she became the emotional personality of us down here in this fallen world. So we are in an animal body. Now the Serpent is a reptile so we have a spiritual Serpent dwelling inside of a physical animal which is the manifestation of the ox. My whole point, Brethren, is that we who are the image of the Serpent's household do not look like the Serpent.


I do not even think the crocodiles and the alligators are true representations of the spiritual Serpent. I do not know what she looks like, but my point is that when I look in a mirror in this world I can recognize myself, but we are the mirror of the spiritual world of the Serpent, and I do not believe we look like her. Is everybody following me? Therefore, my physical heart is not a duplicate of my spiritual heart. I was assuming that I had a spiritual heart in the etheric part of my physical body that looked exactly like my physical heart, and I thought that if I had a physical brain then I must have a brain in the etheric part of my physical body that looks just like my physical brain, but that is not true the Lord tells me. It is not true.


This is what the Lord says to me. The physical brain is the physical expression of Leviathan, the second center, and if you have seen a brain it looks like a Serpent. Leviathan is the sea Serpent. The fiery Serpent down in the root center has a physical manifestation of the genitalia, and the third center which is the ox has a physical manifestation of the whole external physical body. The heart center that we hear about does not have a physical counterpart of our heart, what we would call out heart. It doesn't work that way. This is how it works. We have fiery Serpent interacting, locked together in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse that is lasting for the whole age. They never come apart, and the fiery Serpent joined to Leviathan produces Satan's teeth. That's Satan's teeth.


The fiery Serpent is her lower tooth, and Leviathan is her upper tooth, and as they grind and chew they are chewing and grinding and consuming the energy of the ox. We are in an animal body, and we have an emotional nature. So Leviathan and the fiery Serpent are consuming not our flesh but our energy, and as the fiery Serpent and Leviathan draw in they are literally sucking in our energy. How do they do that? They get us angry, they get us emotional, they get us to sin, they get us to expend energy, to give out our energy in one way or another. Fornication, adultery, and rage are the biggies. UnGodly emotion and unGodly sexual behavior are the big activities that enable the fiery Serpent and Leviathan to possess our energy. So as the fiery Serpent and Leviathan suck in our energy Satan is giving off energy....let me give you a parable.


The tree is out there, they suck in carbon dioxide, and what do they give off? Oxygen. They give off oxygen. There is a continuous drawing in and giving off, drawing in and giving off. So, the fiery Serpent and Leviathan are drawing in the energy of our body and our emotions and our mind, and there is something that is given off. They are drawing in energy that has the ability to empower us, energy that has the ability to give us strength, and the ability to engage in godly mental and emotional pursuits. When our energy is sacrificed to the fiery Serpent and Leviathan, and every time we sin we sacrifice our energy because the root of our energy is our human spirit which is Adam's widowed spirit, our potential to rise in Christ. Every time we sin we literally give Him to this altar that's formed between the fiery Serpent and Leviathan, and she consumes Him and gives off a different kind of energy. We give her our positive energy that can increase us, she consumes it, and gives off a negative energy that kills us. Anybody not following me?


This negative energy that is the result of Leviathan and the fiery Serpent consuming our positive energy rises up as you can see with the blue markings, she is an energy sea, her name is Satan, and she rises up and is a lie. She appears to the man who is seeking spiritual power outside of Christ as if she is coming from a higher plane or as if she is coming from a different dimension.


What I have on this board is a picture of a man, and you can see his brain which is the physical counterpart of the second center, Leviathan, and you can see his genitalia which is the physical counterpart of the fiery Serpent, and this is a man who was doing everything he could to get Kundalini to rise in him because he believes that when Kundalini gets to the seventh center he is going to enter into nirvana.


So we see the fiery Serpent is ascending, and ascending into the brow center, the sixth center and releasing energy as he passes through each of the centers. Then the fiery Serpent gets to the crown center which is in the brain, and there is an energy source outside of this man, at least he thinks it is outside of him, that the fiery Serpent is meeting in the crown center. Hinduism and Theosophy teaches that this is the creator, the great ?, ? rising, and this is the great ?, the creator of all, but it is a big lie because the truth of the matter is that the physical man is the mirror image of these three lower centers, but they do not look the same. The man is the image of the three centers that are really within him.


The lower centers are within the man, and when his consciousness gets to the crown center what he's meeting in his own consciousness is the energy that is being given off. Let me try this again. These three centers under the heart center, they are really in this man's body, in this stick man's body. Now this man is doing whatever he's doing, his exercises or whatever he's doing to get Kundalini to rise up to the crown center, and when Kundalini gets to the crown center she meets an energy source, she finds an energy source waiting for her at the top of the crown center that she believes is outside of herself. The man who is doing this gets Kundalini to rise to the seventh center and has a spiritual experience which is the result of the Kundalini in that man meeting with an energy source that meets him at the crown center, and that man thinks that the energy source that meets him at the crown center is outside of him. He thinks that it is an energy source that's beyond him, but it is a lie. It is not an energy source that beyond him. The energy source that he meets at his crown center is the byproduct.... he's meeting Satan up here, and Satan is the byproduct of the fiery Serpent and Leviathan eating his own energy. He's eating spiritual feces. Are you getting me at all?


I am going to say it again. I have on this board the heart center and the three lower centers beneath it, and to the right of that I have a stick man. Now these three centers that I have drawn are really in the stick man. They are in the etheric part of the physical body behind the spine of the stick man, and the function of the two lower centers which are Leviathan and the fiery Serpent is to gather into their....they are like a shredding machine. There has been a lot of talk these last few years about paper shredding documents so that you cannot be incriminated. Leviathan and the fiery Serpent are like a shredding machine. They are a big vacuum sucking in the energy of this stick man which is you and me, sucking in the energy of our physical body that is nourished by food that we eat, sucking in the energy of our emotional body which we give away as a sacrifice every time we are angry without a cause, every time it is not a righteous anger, and every time we engage in illegal sexual activities, fornication, adultery, or ungodly sex acts or what, every ungodly use of our emotional energy.


The fiery Serpent and Leviathan are sucking it in. They are a big vacuum, and every time we sin we say here it is, it is all yours. They suck in our positive energy which nourishes our body and gives us the life of this existence. They suck in our emotional energy which drains us of love and peace and makes us tend toward being hostile and abusive. Why do you think people and children who have been abused are abusive? It is much more than learned behavior, Brethren. They are abusive because they are so severely lacking of emotional, spiritual energy that one needs to be kind and loving. Do you know that hate is the absence of positive energy? It is. I tell you the truth.


So the fiery Serpent and Leviathan are sucking in our positive energy, chewing it up, and consuming it like we consume the flesh a cow. What happens after we eat the flesh of a cow? We have a bowel movement. The fiery Serpent and Leviathan have a bowel movement after they consume our positive energy. They also urinate because Satan is the spiritual urine, is she not? I guess I have to say urine, not bowel movement. They suck in our positive energy and give off urine, and the urine that's given off is not water as we know it. It is a sea of energy. It is urine that's made of energy. It is polluted energy. They take our good energy and pour into our body polluted energy, and that polluted energy....now remember everything I am showing you here with these three centers is happening in the stick man's body.


These centers are really in the stick man's body. So we see this energy force rising up, but it is scattering, it is scattering here or there, and it is a lie. It is ascending to the top of the man's head at the crown center and acting like it is something apart from the man. So when the fiery Serpent ascends some energy is given off, but this tremendous energy that is met in the crown center is a lie because it is not coming from beyond that man or from outside of the man. It is simply Satan, the spiritual urine, that's given off because to get up to the brain the fiery Serpent and Leviathan have consumed that man's energy.


Now the heart center is the image that is being thrown off from the brain. It is interesting because when I have feelings with regard to the heart center it is in this area where my human heart is. But the heart center is the image of what's happening in the brain. Now that doesn't make any sense to our carnal mind because the brain is on the top, and the heart is down here, and we thought that Kundalini passes through the heart center before she gets to the brain center. Well, it is just not linear like that. So this heart center is a spiritual place in our being that happens to be in the area where our physical heart center is, but it is not a reflection of our physical heart. It is a spiritual place within us which is the image of what is going on in our mind, and the man that ascends in his carnal mind is a lie because his ascension and his highly exalted spiritual experience of ascending into the seventh crown center is really down here on the same level as the three lower centers, and the image that his brain gives off is, therefore, on the right side of the heart center which is under Satan's sea.


So we see that Satan who is generated as the urine, as the byproduct of the consumed positive energy of the individual, that Satan is spewed forward, and she is covering the heart center, and she is meeting the ascended man who is still in the flesh. When Kundalini rises she is meeting him as the great God who is beyond him, but she is really the urine that is generated by his own spiritual being.


I do not know how easy it is for you to see from this drawing, but this physical man is producing an image of a spiritual world, and Satan is covering the image of his world, and Satan is covering his brain, and what I have been having all this trouble getting out tonight is that the heart center is connected to the brain. This is the connection between the heart center and the brain. There is no physical spiritual heart and physical spiritual brain. The connection between the heart and the brain is the connection that we would think is between the physical heart and the spiritual heart. There is a spiritual heart....let me try one more time.


The carnal mind would like us to believe that this spiritual heart center is just a part of our physical heart. Theosophy and Hinduism teach that there is an etheric part of our physical body that's just standing one inch away from our heart, and we have a physical heart, and we have a spiritual heart, and they look alike, and they are only an inch apart, but it is true. OK?


The two organs that are connected....this heart center where we get all of this emotion and all of this pain when we start to fight this war and open up to the spirit world, this heart center is not connected to our physical heart. It is connected to our brain. The spiritual heart center is not connected to our physical heart. The physical organ that our heart center is connected to is the brain. I am gong to leave this on the board and give you a chance to think about it, and we will talk about it some more Sunday morning. Maybe the Lord will help me to explain it in a different way that can help you because I do not think I am reaching anybody tonight. That's the word. The spiritual heart is not reflected in the physical heart. The spiritual heart is a reflection of the brain.


Just before we close I want to point out to you in case you didn't see it that the true Full Stature, the true spiritual maturity is in the upper centers. That's why I say this is the true crown center, and this is the true brow center. This is the true spiritual maturity. This is the true third eye all the way up here in the three center which are connected to the left side of the heart center, and the man who ascends in his carnal mind and has the experience of our stick man on this board is experiencing a lying spiritual maturity. Satan is the lie. She is saying she is the creator of the world, and she is really his own spiritual urine.


That is what I am trying to say to you, that there is a whole world beyond this world, and this world includes the universes and all of outer space, but it is a lie. It is existing on the right side of the heart center. It is a shadow, it is in the bottom of the sea, this whole world is in the mud of the ocean bottom covered by Satan's urine, and the true spiritual life is on the left side of the heart center and above. So all of these people who ascend to the crown center out of their carnal mind, they think that they have ascended up to the true crown center, but it is a lie. They haven't ascended up there at all. They literally bent themselves into a spiritual circle. They are that Serpent who is eating his own tail, and that's how Satan is a lie. Every experience she gives us is a counterfeit of the true experience that Jesus Christ wants to give us.


I would just like to clarify one issue. The physical brain is the reflection of the spiritual heart. I think I got it backwards a couple of times earlier on the message. This has been a very difficult message to bring forth. Satan has not been cooperating at all so I did get my tongue twisted a couple of times. We are talking about the physical organ which is a reflection of the spiritual organ, and up until this point I believed that the physical heart was an expression of the spiritual heart, and it is my understanding that, that's what Hinduism and Theosophy teach, and I could be wrong because I am no expert on those teachings. But the Lord has told me that this is not true. Whether Hinduism teaches it or not I do not know. The Lord has told me that it is not true. He has told me that the physical expression of the spiritual heart center is the brain, and that's what we have been talking about here. God bless you.

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