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I have a vision, Brethren, that has to do with health, and, of course, everybody is concerned about that, right? Everybody is concerned about their health because when our physical health is not up to par we cannot function to the fullest degree that our mind would have us. We hear the Lord's command. We have so much that we want to do, and if our body breaks down we can only force ourselves to a certain point, and that is the reality of our fallen condition. So health is very important to us. The condition of our physical body is very important to us, and I have this vision.


I really believe I have heard it from God that the condition of our physical health really has to do with our distribution of energy throughout our body. Now remember, this is the revelation I am walking in now, this is where I am today. We are born with a measure of energy, and the reason we start dying, or that a baby starts dying the minute that they are born, is because that energy starts to dissipate the minute that they are born. This is the condition that we are in, and why would that energy start to dissipate the minute the baby is born? Because every human being that is born is not connected to the source of the supply. When you are reconnected to the Godhead, and you have eternal life you are connected to the dynamo. You are connected to the generator. You are connected to the source of energy that we need to live.


I just had a very interesting memory. It is as if every fetus or embryo being formed is injected with a shot of -- I cannot even say life giving energy because we are not alive down here. We are dead. This is the land of Nod where we are spiritually sleeping, in spiritual death. I saw a vision of every embryo being shot with a hypodermic needle of enough energy to give us, as I tell you all the time, 70, 80, 90, or if you are really blessed, a 100 years of consciousness in this world. And the memory that came to my mind was a dream that I had many years ago, and the dream was prophesying me going into the ministry.


I never had any desire to go into the ministry at all. I was very ill at that time, and was barely surviving my life as it was. I had no desire to have a ministry, and I had a dream, and I will not go into the details right now, but it did say to me that I would be going into the ministry. I will leave it at that. And in that dream was a man who I knew was in the ministry at that time, and he was standing in front of a conveyor belt as you would see someone working on an assembly line. Even before that, he was making donuts. I saw him kneading the dough and banging the dough, and then the pieces of dough were going past him on an assembly line, and he was injecting jelly. They were jelly donuts, in my dream they were jelly donuts, and he was injecting this jelly into the donuts.


Now I did get the revelation, although I had trouble believing it at the time because I was so ill I did not think it was possible. Not only did I not have a desire to have a ministry, I did not think it was humanly possible, but I believe that is what the dream said. But I never understood the man who was in the ministry, and he had a very sour look on his face, and the dream was indicating that he was going to lose his ministry because he was mistreating the people, and I knew this to be true of the man that the dream was about, but why the people appeared as jelly filled donuts I could not understand, and now I have got that revelation. This was 15 years ago when I had this dream. If we are the jelly donut, the people who come to a ministry to be fed the Word of God, we are donuts without jelly. I do not know why jelly would typify the power of God, but I know that lots of time jelly is red, and the jelly in the donuts was red, and it means the blood of Jesus.


It is the job of the preacher to inject the people with the Life of God. That is what we are supposed to be doing. I do not want to get off my track here, but I have told you many times that the Scripture in Malachi that is used to support tithing is not correctly. Now it is a valid Scripture, and I believe in tithing or if you want to use the argument that you are under the New Covenant, well then my answer to you is then do not tithe, but be under the New Covenant where you usually give 20 or 30%. If you are having a problem with your money you are better off under the Old Covenant where you just have to give 10%. Right? Someone is laughing over here. When you go into the New Covenant you never know what God is going to tell you to do with your money, and when He tells you, you have to do it.


So if you are under the Old Covenant you can stay in ignorance and just give your 10% and be happy. I believe in tithing, but the Scripture in Malachi that is used by the present five-fold ministry to support tithing is not a valid witness because I looked up every single word in the Hebrew of that Scripture, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with tithing. As a matter of fact, it is not an indictment of the people which is how I have heard it used over all these many years I have been in the Church, but it is an indictment of the five-fold ministry, and Jehovah is saying to them, you have not brought forth the Life of God in my people. You are in the ministry, perhaps not all ministers, but some ministers are supported by the people. You are taking it as a job, you are taking the money out of the Church, and you have not done what I called you to do, and I have called you to bring forth the Life of God in my people. So that is what the injection into the jelly donut apparently typifies.


So we are born with a hypodermic needle full of energy, and the minute the infant is born it begins to die, he or she begins to die, because it is just a dose. There is no connection to the source of Eternal supply which is the definition of salvation. To be reconnected to the source of Eternal supply, of the Eternal supply of the energy that we need to live forever. We did because of a lack of energy. I recently found out that we receive energy into this body after we are born. We are born with a dose of energy, but we also are equipped to take in energy from other sources while we are having this existence here. We receive energy through food, very important, and we also receive energy through breathing. I do not know about you, but I never understood that. I know that you need to breathe, that fresh air is good for you, and good mountain air, clean air, is good for you, but I really never had a revelation that breathing brought in energy like food brought in energy. Does anybody here know that? Did you know that? I really did not know it. You knew it? OK.


The Lord has also revealed here that as we have organs of digestion to process the food that we eat to extract the energy from it, we have physical organs that process the food that we eat to extract the energy from it, we also have spiritual organs which process the air that we breathe. Now I do not understand these things 100%. It seems to be the way I am looking at it right now is that the air is still a physical substance, and that our lungs should be processing it, but apparently there is some spiritual aspect of the processing of the vitality that comes through the air. I am openly telling you that I do not have the whole story on it right now. It is through the air that we breathe that the energy that supports our spiritual energy comes through. Let me say that again. I do not think I said that right. The food that we eat, the energy extracted from the food that we eat specifically supports this physical body. The energy that is extracted from the air that we breathe may or may not support this physical body, I do not know.


It is my understanding right now that it does join itself to the supply of energy that we were born with. Strengthening it, extending it, and expanding it, and as we have physical organs that process the food that we eat we have a spiritual organ that processes the air that we breathe. Again, whether or not a part of that air goes to sustain our physical body I do not know. It might, but the revelation I am walking in now is that at least a part of the air that we breathe is used to strengthen the spirit that we are born with, the measure of energy, our spirit is energy. I know a lot of people in the Church do not like to hear the word energy, and they call it New Age, but spirit is energy. That is what it is. In the Greek we talk about Dunamis, miracle working power of energy. That is what it is.


So now I am walking in this revelation that the air that we breathe is essential and is even more essential than the food, and that the only reason that we need food is because the organ, our organ that processes the spiritual aspect that comes out of the air is not functioning properly. I am going to go a sentence at a time. Is anybody not understanding what I just said? Do you understand what I just said? OK.


We have a spiritual organ that is supposed to be extracting energy from the air that we breathe which will join itself to and enhance and strengthen the measure of energy that is still flowing through our body because we are alive. When it dissipates completely we die. This organ, this spiritual organ, that processes the spirit and channels the spiritual aspect of the air to us is the etheric part of our physical body, and the place that the spiritual aspect of the air is channeled to is our energy center. Now, we have energy centers. The Church gets all upset when they hear this, but like I told you on a recent message if it is true, it is true. There is not a doubt in my mind that we have energy centers.


The Lord has witnessed this to me, and I am the first one to confess to you that, by and large, the majority that is available about the energy centers is largely in the hands of people that are involved in pagan religion, but that does not mean that it is not true. If it is true, if it is a part of our life, then Jesus should be willing to talk to us about it, and He is, but He does not talk to the babies about it, you see. He talks to the grown-ups about it, and who are the grown-ups? Who are the grown-ups in the Church? The grown-ups in the Church are the people who not only have the Mind of Christ, but, at least in some measure, are living out of the Mind of Christ.


You see, if you start dealing with these energy centers or any aspect of them, and you are living your life out of your carnal mind whatever you are practicing or whatever knowledge you have will default to your carnal mind, and the spirit in the carnal mind is the god of this world. This advanced information Jesus only gives to the people who are in the Mind of Christ, and to be living out of the Mind of Christ is as everybody here knows is a warfare, an ongoing warfare. The only way that we can live out of the Mind of Christ is to continuously wound our carnal mind because she is continuously climbing up; that is why the Scripture describes her as a vine.


Jesus said, I am the True Vine. There is a false vine. She is continuously climbing up trying to be our mind and trying to influence her so that we obey her, and that the way we think and the things we do in our life are in obedience to the god of the carnal mind. The Lord is only giving this information out of His spirit to the people who are waging a warfare to remain in the Mind of Christ. He said, if you are not for me, you are against me which means if you are not continuously wounding your carnal mind you are living out of your carnal mind. I do not care what you've heard from other preachers or Kingdom preachers if you want to believe it that is your business, but I am tell you it is a lie.


You do not live out of the Mind of Christ without an ongoing confession of specific sins and repentance and a resistance against and wounding of your sin nature because she will not lay down and die. So if you do not wound her you had better know that she is up and active and probably the author of 99 9/10 of your thoughts. You have to kill her. She is not going to stay down of her own accord, but we are not strong enough to kill her at this time so all we can do is wound her and beat her down, and if you do not have the Mind of Christ you cannot even do that because if you are wounding and beating down your carnal mind what will you live out of? What will be the source of your thoughts if you do not have the Mind of Christ being formed in you?


So you see, Jesus only speaks about grown-up topics to grown-ups, and the Mind of Christ is the grown-up, and if the Mind of Christ is engrafted to you that makes you a spiritual elder, and you do not have to go to a Bible college or you do not have to be ordained by anybody, but that Christ in you does have to be trained.


I am convinced that the Lord has told me that we die because the organ which is designed to process....well, let me say this, we die because we are not connected to Jesus Christ. We enter into Eternal Life through union with the spirit of Jesus Christ, but right now we are talking about this physical body. We did because of a lack of energy, but I do not think it is possible to get enough energy from the atmosphere to give us Eternal Life.


To get Eternal Life we must fully connected to the Lord Jesus, fully connected to the Lord Jesus. What I am doing here right now is I am differentiating between Eternal Life which comes through union with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and enhanced health and perhaps longer life in this fallen world through a shoring up or a strengthening of an organ which is a part of this physical body which is designed to process energy from the atmosphere. Is everybody with me? OK I have caught this vision.


When this energy is channeled into our body by this organ it is channeled into the energy center, and I believe I have Scripture for it. I am convinced that this is the explanation as to how Moses went 40 days and 40 nights without food and water. Now look Brethren, there has to be an explanation for it. He was a human man in a physical body like we have, and it is fine to say, well Jehovah sustained him, and he lived. Well, I do not doubt that. How did Jehovah sustain him? What did Jehovah do to his physical body that he did not die to thirst because you die of thirst way before you die of hunger. You die of thirst in three or four days. You dehydrate. Now if you are reading this message, and you must want to say in your faith and say, well Jehovah did it, and I do not need to know any more, that is OK. I condemn you not, but I am going on. As long as the Lord is willing to teach me I am going on, and I believe that this is the answer.


Because of this communion with Jehovah....now remember God is spirit, Jesus is spirit, when He communicates with us it is through the union of spirit. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Well how does a spirit touch our spirit? We have a human spirit. Where is it? It is dispersed through our whole physical and spiritual body. Spirit is energy. It is dispersed through our whole being. That is how we have this existence. How does a spirit communicate with us? Spirit to spirit. You have heard of mind to mind communication? Spirit to spirit. Well, we must have something in the spiritual aspect of our body, some opening through which the spirit of God contacts us.


Now if you want to get into the blood in my veins you have to put a hypodermic needle in my vein. If you want to give me a transfusion or if you want to take a blood sample out you have to get into my veins. How does the spirit of God get to our spirit? I want to tell you that at this point I believe it is through the energy centers, and I believe that I have Scriptures for it. It is in the Alternate Old Testament. It is right before Ezekiel 1, and of course we have not translated the whole Bible, so I think it is a Scripture in Exodus, but it is the one right before Ezekiel 1 in the Alternate Old Testament, Volume 1.


He comes in at a right angle, and I have found the term right angle in the Scriptures going back 10 years. I never knew what it meant. I preached about right angles in the 38 series. Do you remember that? Right angles, triangles, but I never -- it sounds wonderful. If you have an intellectual spirit the messages that come forth here are very challenging, but what does it mean? I peached for a very long time about dwelling above the firmament. What does it mean? It means living out of your higher consciousness which means ascending into the higher energy centers. Can you come up with a better idea? A large part of the Church is waiting for the rapture. There is no rapture, Brethren. There is a spiritual rapture. Those of us who go up are going up or ascending, our consciousness is ascending, into the higher energy centers.


This revelation is setting me free because even though the Lord has really done a miracle in my health because I really should be dead by now, and I am stronger than I have ever been. I became ill at 11 years old. I am stronger than I have been in a very long time. I am still not in the best physical condition. I lose my breath a lot, and I have some problems. I really believe that the Lord is telling me that He's about to enable me to repair this spiritual organ. See, when we pray for people's health now, we say, in the name of Jesus I rebuke your infirmity, be made whole, and sometimes the person gets better and some times they do not. So I perceive this....I believe


God has promised me an ability to heal that is greater than what we have done to date. I rebuke your condition in the name of Jesus. Maybe you get better and maybe you do not. Everybody here as some kind of physical problem. People are calling for prayer for physical health all the time. So, our ability to heal is not perfect, but we know that when Jesus and the apostles healed everyone, that is what the Scriptures say. Everyone that was there got healed. So they had to have something that we do not have, and I liken it to Old Order and New Order Deliverance. Those of us who were in Old Order Deliverance spent hours and hours casting demons out of people, and a lot of people got a lot of help. Everybody that submitted for deliverance did not have demons cast out of them, and everybody did not get help, but a lot of people did.


Then we came into what I call New Order Deliverance, and we find that a lot of people are getting delivered through Christ being formed in them because Old Order Deliverance is something that the Holy Spirit does, but as soon as Christ begins to be formed in you Christ rages war against your carnal mind, and demons are aspects of your carnal mind. So when the Holy Spirit fights against your carnal mind the manifestation of it is Old Order Deliverance, rebuking demons and casting them out, and whatever, but once Christ is being formed in you the warfare takes a different form. Why? Because your weapon has changed, and Christ is different than the Holy Spirit.


So if Christ is being formed in you, the warfare is in the form of the deep teaching that is going on here which is building up and strengthening Christ so that Christ can turn around and whip your carnal mind. The warfare changes radically. It is a totally different warfare, and the casting out of demons is a band-aid because those demons can come back, but when Christ is being formed in you, and Christ is wounding your carnal mind and forcing her down under the authority of Christ, so long as you stay in the warfare you are not going to lose that deliverance. You may have a step backwards, you may stumble here or there, but so long as you go on with God you are not casting out the demon, but you are crushing the source of the demon. You are crushing the very source that has generated the demon. So, it is a much more mature aspect of warfare, New Order Deliverance.


I believe what the Lord is telling me right now is that we are going into what I will call New Order Healing. Why not? We have Old Order and New Order Deliverance, why not Old Order and New Order Healing? Why not? I believe that when Jesus healed that He did not just speak the words. I believe that He had a revelation of what was wrong with the person, specifically what was causing their symptoms and that He did something in the spiritual aspect of the person that produced the healing. I felt that for a long time, but I do not know how to do it. I was very active in Old Order Deliverance for a solid five years, and I had a lot of visions. Once I saw a brain tumor, in the spirit, the Lord let me see that it was a brain tumor so I knew what to pray about. I had a lot of visions.


Once I prayed for a woman who really could not tell me what was wrong. I did not know, but I went forward on faith, and the Lord let me smell alcohol. I said to her, Is your problem a drinking problem? By the stricken look on her face I knew that it was true. She could not bring herself to tell me, but the Lord revealed it, and as soon as it was exposed I heard later on that she never took another drink after that. It was not anything that I did. It transcended me. Who am I? I am the personality that Christ is manifesting through to you. So this kinds of healing transcends me. It is Christ within me doing a healing apart from me. He may dwell in me, but He did not consult me on it. He did not let me be a party to it. He did it through my mouth and through my hands. He lives in me. And for this reason the healing that we do is imperfect, but I believe what is coming as we ascend spiritually is an ability that will braid Christ in us together with our personality.


Remember now, that is the definition of a Son, and that is the difference between the gift of prophecy and prophecy. The gift of prophecy channeled the Holy Spirit. Now do not stop reading the message. I am telling you the truth. Spiritual gifts are spiritual gifts. The operation of spirit is the same when the spirit is Satan and when the spirit is the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ. Spirits act in a similar manner. Now I am not talking about righteousness as opposed to evil. I am talking about their behavior. What does that mean? When a spirit wants to communicate with a human being one of the means of communication is that he speaks -- because the spirit has no form -- he speaks through the vocal chords of a human being. Now the Holy Spirit does that, the Spirit of Christ does that, and Satan's spirits do that. Spirit communicates with men in the same way whether it is the Spirit of God or whether it is an evil spirit.


Now to say that you channel the Holy Spirit, that is shocking to a lot of people, but it is true. What is the definition of channeling, which is a New Age term? It means that a human being yields their mind and their vocal chords to a spirit so that spirit can speak through them. Now is not that what the gift of prophecy is? It is. That is what the gift of prophecy is. You channel the Holy Spirit. If you have the gift of prophecy you channel the Holy Spirit, and you have no idea what the Holy Spirit is going to say before it comes out of your mouth because He does not consult you. He is using your members, but the true prophecy is not that way. It is not that the gift of prophecy is a false gift, I did not mean anything like that at all. The gift of prophecy is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit which is the seed of God. The Holy Spirit is the seed of God which is designed to penetrate and join with your human spirit so that Christ can begin to be formed in you, but Christ is the Mind of God. You see, the Holy Spirit is not a mind. He is a seed, a sperm.


Once Christ begins to be formed in you, when that mind of Christ prophesies He is now a part of you because the Holy Spirit which is the seed has now joined with your human spirit, and when Christ begins to be formed in you He's now growing in you. The Scripture calls Him a spiritual plant growing in the earth of your flesh. The Holy Spirit is flowing in you, but He is not joined to you. How do I know that? Because once He is joined to you He is not the Holy Spirit anymore. Just like, once a sperm flowing within a woman joins to an egg he's not a sperm any more. The egg and the sperm once they are joined take on a new name, and it is called the zygote. It is the first cell of the new baby.


So the gift of prophecy, we might say, is an immature manifestation of prophecy, but the mature manifestation of prophecy which really is the true prophecy. The gift of prophecy is a taste of what prophecy is. Not that it is bad. It is just a taste of it, a tenth of it. The true prophecy comes forth from the Christ that is being formed in you who has braided together with your personality. I prophesy all the time. Every time I preach I prophesy. If I am truly in fact, if this is Christ Jesus in me talking to you, which I believe it is, I am prophesying. Every word that I say to you that truly comes out of Christ Jesus is prophecy.


I do not want to get too far on this. I know I have preached on this before that it is really simple to discern when someone is manifesting the gift of prophesy because usually they do not talk normally. Usually it is rhythmic. Isn't that true? And what does rhythmic mean? It means it comes forth in a chant. All these New Age terms that frighten so many people of the Church, you need to know that you are doing the same thing. Not that you should accept a wrong spirit, but that you should know that we are called to be a spiritual people, and that the gifts of the spirit are preschool. You should just pray carefully that you go on in the Spirit of Christ and not in a wrong spirit.


We are called to be spiritual people. So, it is very difficult to discern the true prophesy, and pretty much so you can only discern it if Christ in you is mature enough to discern it. You can receive it on faith. Maybe you will have a word from the Lord, and if you believe it then you discern Christ by faith, but to actually recognize someone talking to you and that it is Christ talking to you and Christ is interwoven with the personality of this person so they are talking in a normal tone of voice, it is a real challenge. We just had this here a few weeks ago. Sometimes even the people here I talk to you and you do not realize that it is God talking to you because sometimes I talk to you, and it is just me.


So if you cannot really tell the difference whether it is me or whether it is Christ I may tell you, as I told you a couple of weeks ago, that was God talking to you through me. Then, you have the challenge of praying it through and seeing whether or not you will take that not as Sheila's opinion, but that was God talking to you through her. It is not easy, but it is the challenge of the mature believer. You have to ask God, is that true? So it is my job to tell you, that was not me, that was God, and as soon as you hear that from me you are supposed to get before God and say, Lord, if that was really You, You have got to witness it to me. Why? Because you should have your own personal witness before you take any kind of action at all. The problem in the Church today is that the people are without understanding. They do not understand that Christ Jesus is talking to people today through mortal men who are not perfect. Christ Jesus talks to you through men who do not always tell you, this is Christ, and this is me.


I would like to get back to the point of the message. I talked about Old Order and New Order Deliverance. I talked about the gift of prophecy and the true prophecy, and I am telling you this morning that I believe that God has told me to get ready for the New Order Healing which is really good news to a lot of people. Get ready for the New Order Healing, and that this new order healing will manifest through an ascension of consciousness, of the consciousness of Christ. Christ begins to be formed in us as a spiritual embryo. He has to be trained. He has to be taught. He has to be instructed in the Doctrine of Christ. He has to bring your personality in submission to Him, and when we start out nobody knows what is going on so it is lots of fun, right? Nobody knows who is talking to you. Some people get the "led" disease. Everything they hear they think they are being led, and it is Satan talking to them. It is their own mind talking to them.


We have a lot to learn. Christ has to grow in wisdom and in truth and in grace, and He weaves Himself together with out personality, and the weaving together of Christ with our personality makes us very wise men. See, there are no wise woman. In Christ there are no wise spiritual women. We know that the Serpent is the woman, and the members of her household are the woman. In Christ, when you begin to receive wisdom you are spiritual male. As soon as Christ is grafted to you, and you start being led by Him you become a spiritual male.


Now you have to be following after Him. He can be grafted to you, but if you are following after your carnal mind it means you are an adulteress or in adultery, and you are still female. But when you follow the spiritual male who is growing out of your earth, and when you have a revelation that that is what you are supposed to be doing, and you are willing to follow Him everywhere, you are a spiritual male. And you will grow into that office, no matter how weak a spiritual male you are, because this is a new experience for you, and you have so much to learn. As you follow Him everywhere you will mature into that office. Spiritual male is an office. Just like a physical husband is an office. Husband is an office. He has a spiritual office, and in the same way spiritual male is an office. Now, almost nobody knows it these days, but that is OK. Jesus knows it, you see. Jesus knows it, and if you fall into this category He's getting you ready to help people. As many people as you can handle, but you have to be trained, and this training goes on for a long time.


If you are reading this message, and you think you are going to listen to five or ten or my messages and be trained you are mistaken because you have to have the experiences that support what you are reading in these messages, you see. You read these messages, and then any wrong thinking in your mind Jesus starts correcting. It is called the judgment of your personality because we all have wrong thinking because we all have a carnal mind. You have to go out, you have to have your experiences, you have to overcome, and you have to mature. So only Jesus can decide when you are ready to help people and to what measure you can help people.


The more mature you are, the more of a grasp of the Doctrine of Christ is real to you, not head knowledge, but experiential knowledge the more valuable you can be to other people, and He will use you right where you are, but if you want to ascend into a high manifestation of the office known as spiritual male you have to submit to a long term training. He gives you experiences along the way. I am still in the training myself. The end of the training is if you enter into a sinless nature. You completely enter into Christ Jesus, and your old nature is so completely paralyzed that you are sinless. That is the end of the process. I am not there, so I am still in the training myself.


The Doctrine of Christ is important because the Doctrine of Christ works from two ends. It is the food that helps your Christ mind to grow, and it exercises your Christ mind, and then also the knowledge is necessary because without a vision My people perish, and you need this vision that tells you how this salvation is going to come to pass. You have to pray the doctrine. I have a whole message on that. Pray the doctrine. If you hear it, and you think that it might be true. Even if you just think it might be true -- if it is not true and you ask the Lord for it, as long as you say, Lord if it is not you I do not want it -- well, why not ask for it. The Church has no vision. They are either waiting for a rapture, or they are waiting for deliverance after death which is a lie. The Church is in two main categories in this hour, and the Kingdom Church, the Church that does not believe in the rapture, believe that they are going to wake up one morning and be spiritual giants, and that just may happen. They just may wake up and be a spiritual giant in the Serpent's spirit, but even that does not happen over night. It happens slowly, very slowly.


Talking about the spirit of God now, there is glory every step of the way, there are trials and tribulations and trouble, but there is glory, and He spreads a table in the valley of the shadow of death for us. There is glory here in the midst of all of this tribulation and difficulties. This vision that is coming forth from this message is just so glorious it is life unto me.


The message here which started out as an exhortation this morning is -- actually I started by telling you that I had a dream last night. So, as I went to sleep last night I just went to sleep praying to the Lord about this issue of that part of our spiritual being that processes the spiritual aspect of air to stimulate our health, and to repair damages to our spiritual being. Now everybody here -- I do not know about the people that read the messages -- but everybody in this meeting has been in Old Order Deliverance, and we have all heard about the phantom limb. That is someone that is had a leg or an arm amputated and still has pain in that area, and we have known that it is true, but we did not understand the explanation of it.


The explanation is that there is a spiritual part of our body that is invisible, that it is impossible to amputate. It is like a pattern. If you know anything about making clothes, there is a pattern. It is a spiritual pattern that is invisible, and the flesh is laid upon it, and when the arm or the leg is cut off there is no way you can cut off the pattern. It is still there. Pain does not come to the actual parts of our body. All pain is registered through the brain. Every pain that we feel is registered through the brain. So apparently, that spiritual aspect of our body is still connected to some part of our brain, if you can feel pain in any area where you do not have a limb. There is a spiritual part to our body, brethren.


In order to do healing by directing your attention to the spiritual part of your body, it is called the etheric double, and it is a part of your aura. Yes, we have an aura. It is true that men have an aura. It has been seen in laboratories. I read an article about a scientist recently who was, in no way, in the occult. It was strictly a scientific experiment for him. He was seeking to help people, and just as X-rays were discovered, this doctor, through whatever mechanism he used, screens or something to isolate the ray, he called it a ray, he saw the aura. People have auras.


Now, if you are in the Church and this is upsetting you, I just ask that you pray about it because denial will get you nowhere. Human beings have auras. Auric healing is a big thing in the occult today. It is a big thing, but of course the healing is by the spirit of this world. So, we, who serve Christ, do not touch it, and the Scripture clearly says that the children of this world are smarter than the children of light. Well, brethren, is it so shocking that there is a possibility that coming in the future, hopefully in the near future, that Jesus Christ will give this ability to His faithful Sons? Why would not He do that? Those of us who are willing to not partake of this form of healing because He said, Touch not the unclean thing. When He said, Touch not the unclean thing, He was not talking about auric healing. He was talking about the god of this world that is doing, as far as I know, all of the auric healing today. It is Satan doing the auric healing. He did not say do not touch auric healing. He said do not touch the spirit of Satan.


Well, you all know my testimony. After 12 years of waiting for the Lord to heal me, I really thought he was going to let me die. I went into the hospital two weeks away from death. That happened almost eight years ago, this June will be eight years. My heart was broken because I though I had heard Him tell me He would heal me, and I just got worse and worse and worse. I guess it was 12 years in the Church with Him, and my heart was broken. I did not think I was coming out of the hospital, but He healed me. What is my point? I was willing to die if the Lord did not heal me. I did not even want to go into the hospital because I have had many spiritual healings. I said, Lord, if it is not your will that I should live, let me die. That is what I told Him, and He told me that He wanted me in the hospital this time, and that is the only reason I went into the hospital. As God know the truth, it was not for self preservation. He said this healing is coming through surgery. Well, if the God who did that for me, because if He did not talk to me and tell me to go in I would be dead today because I was not going into the hospital. I tell you the truth.


If the God who did that for me is today telling me, Sheila I am going to complete your healing through auric healing, who am I to say this is occult? If it is His spirit, if it is the spirit of Jesus Christ, who am I to say no? I said, Lord, I want a supernatural healing. He said, No, surgery. I said, Yes, Lord. Well today, maybe He says supernatural healing. Who am I to say, No, Lord? Brethren, the issue is the spirit that is doing the deed. Human beings are human beings. People in the Church are no different from the people in the world and in the occult except for one thing. They either have the Holy Spirit flowing through them or they have faith in Jesus Christ or they may have Christ being formed in them, but aside from that -- and if we have Christ being formed in us, He's within us.


We are just as human with all the same problems as every human being in the earth, including the witches and whatever else they are doing out there. We are the same. Now, I have known for years that most of the healings, there are miraculous healings in the Church today through the Holy Spirit. Let me put it to you this way, a lot of people who experience the miracles of healing in the Old Order Church are confused. Here we are sitting with this deep doctrine and this glorious message, and we see ourselves growing we see our carnal mind dying, we see ourselves changing. What happened to the healing? I had five years of miraculous healing. I was dying. I was saved from death two or three times in that five years, and then this last time I needed surgery. Well, what happened to the power?


So a lot of us are very distressed, and I know that I have told you in the past, I had a partial revelation, that the healings that we had under old order were healings that were without repentance. They were healings that came as the mercy and grace of God, and nothing was required of us except that we loved Jesus, and we asked Him to help us, but we did not have to confess specific sin, and we did not have to confess that all illness is the fruit of sin. Not that we are out there doing it, but our sin nature.


We have been born with a sin nature because the whole creation fell when Adam fell, and then we act out of our sin nature. Yes, we sin, and we have to confess specific sins, but Jesus knows we are doing it because we are born in this condition, and without the grace of God it is impossible to stop sinning. It is absolutely impossible because this mind that is in us sins, never sleeps, just sins continuously. Then, of course, we do things wrong because we have this mind in us, and that is an issue that really has not been made clear in the Church.


It is so important that we recognize that we sin without condemnation, and the tool that the Lord has given us to acknowledge our sins so that we can genuinely repent without condemnation is this knowledge. Not that we are monsters, but that we are born with a sin nature, and we sin because of that mind, and when we reject that mind and acknowledge that we cannot stop sinning, the Mind of Christ will come in and kill that evil mind, and this is our hope. Christ in you the hope of glory. What does that mean? That He will kill this sinful mind. That is our hope. It is not enough to have the Mind of Christ. The Mind of Christ has to kill this wicked mind that everybody has no matter how nice you are. The wicked one is within you.


I have told you all that the old order healing is just the mercy of God. It is given without the confession of specific sin. One might say, well I am a sinner, Lord Jesus be my Savior, but we have found out in new order here that it is important to confess specific sin and have the hidden sins of our heart revealed because the Serpent's household is within us. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were serpents. That is what He was talking about. Brethren, we are a fallen creation, and the Serpent's household is within us. We have a sin nature, and most of us are decent people so we have been taught, and all of our lives we have just been doing everything we can to repress that sin nature and not look at it, but to get delivered from it you have to look at it, you have to see it, and then you have to kill it.


So we have to stop doing what we have done all of our lives and start going down another path. We were good people all of our lives because we just kept all that junk inside of us, and we said, I will not act on it, and nobody will know it is there, but Jesus knows it is there. That Scripture in the New Testament that says, all of your lives you were subject to death because of fear of death, that is what this is talking about. Not fear of death that says, Oh my goodness, I am afraid of dying. No, no. Because of your reverence of death, because of your honoring of death, because of your hiding those sins, you respect death. It means you are in collaboration with your carnal mind to deny that is in you, and because of that you continue to die. For two thousand years the Mind of Christ has been available to us, but the teaching has not been accurate. Now, you do not have to condemn yourself, but you must say that thought that just rose up in my mind is sin within me. Paul said it. I do not want to do it, it horrifies me that that is in me, but I saw it, and I will not lie that it is there, may it die quickly. That is the difference between the confession of specific sin and just saying, I am a sinner, Lord Jesus, save me.


So why has there not been any healing in the New Order Church? My answer to you has been, Well, Christ is being formed in you, and we are no longer being delivered without specific sin. So, the Lord has mercy on us, and He helps us, I know He saved my life, but He sent me to the establishment. When I entered into the New Order after Christ began to be formed in me, all of my supernatural healings died. I was very ill when I came to the Lord. I had many healings. I had many needs, and when I came that close to death, and Christ was being formed in me I had to go to the doctor because the Holy Spirit was not in me any more. The Holy Spirit had joined with my human spirit, and Christ was being formed in me, and I was in a whole new order, a whole new method. God was dealing with me through a whole new method. He was now dealing with me as a Son and not as a servant. If you have the Holy Spirit, and the healing comes from the Holy Spirit, He is dealing with you as a servant, and that is OK if that is where you are. But I had become a Son, Christ was being formed in me, and the Holy Spirit was not there any more. Christ was there, and Christ was not mature enough in me to heal my body, so I had to go to a surgeon to cut out half of my intestines. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Well, brethren, I believe I have heard the Lord tell me that the day is rapidly approaching that Christ will be mature enough to do the healing in the New Order Church, and that the healing that comes forth from Christ in the New Order Church will be much more powerful than the healing of the Holy Spirit. How can I say that? Brethren, I am sure everybody that is been in the Church for a season knows that people who get miraculous healings from the Holy Spirit sometimes have that condition regenerate, and if that condition does not regenerate they get another disease, and eventually they die. The healing of the Holy Spirit is a band aid. It is the mercy of God to give you enough health to go on with Him to the place where Christ begins to be formed in you, and when Christ is mature enough in you He not only heals you of your diseases, but He imparts eternal life to you. He is the healing of God.


See, there are many sources of healing in this world. I know people who had cancer, they had surgery, and now it is 10-15 years later, and the cancer never came back. They were healed by the methods of the doctors of this world, but in another 20-30-40 years they are going to die anyway because everybody in this world dies. There are spiritual healing from all kinds of groups. Voodoo, Hinduism, Taoism, there is healing in all of these groups, spiritual healings. Witch doctors that have the power to penetrate your flesh and put their hand right into your body and pull out tumors. There are all kinds of supernatural healing in this world. All kinds of miracles, all kinds of spiritual miracles from many sources of Satan's spirit in this world, and I have been asking the Lord for years about that. I have been saying, Lord how do you tell the Son of God when all these workers of witchcraft do all these spiritual healings, what's the difference between You and them? Somewhere along the line I got it in my heart that the difference is righteousness, but there are people in this world that do not have Christ that really, really love righteousness. There are a lot of people in pagan religions that are all into doing what is right, and you could see they have a strong moral fiber, and it is not Christ.


Well, what is the one thing that Jesus Christ can give us that no one in this whole world can give. Brethren, there is only one miracle. It came out in Part 2 of Psalms 105. There is only one true miracle. Everything else is a Band-aid. The one true miracle is the imparting of the Mind of Christ and bringing Him to term. There is only one miracle, only one true miracle. Everything else is the mercy of God which is a Band-aid which any spiritually powerful person can do. But there is one thing that only Jesus Christ can do, and no one else in this world can do, and that is the giving to you of the resurrected Christ and bringing Him to term which not only heals your diseases but imparts eternal life. It goes way beyond the healing of diseases. That is the miracle, and if you have that power nobody could see it when you are still not perfect.


When you are perfect, people will be able to see it because people have that power. I have that power to impart the Mind of Christ to you, but no one can see it. I know I see Christ being formed in you, and I know what is happening, but the average person with their carnal mind cannot see it. If you are not convinced in your heart that Christ has been imparted to you, but you are looking for some kind of a sign, ask the Lord if you have changed. Ask Him if your nature has changed. Ask Him if the spots of the leopard within you has changed. Has your heart changed? That is the sign, but even so people change from psychiatrists, people change for a lot of different reasons. So, the proof of the pudding will be when Christ appears, and you stand. If you cannot see it, if you are not convinced of it of yourself, ask the Lord to convince you, and if you are still not convinced you will have to wait until you see Christ Jesus stand in the flesh, in your flesh or in other people's flesh, and then you will know that, that person even though they were still imperfect had the miracle working power, the ability to impart the Mind of Christ to you and to sustain you as you go through your tribulation which results in the destruction of your carnal mind.


It is the same principle as your human children. I heard someone say not too long ago, You have no idea whether or not a person has been a success in this world until you see the third generation, at least the success as a parent and a human being. You do not know until you see their grandchildren. You cannot tell. You never know what is coming tomorrow. You have to wait for the third generation to see what kind of a seed you have given to your offspring. So in this hour, because men are still imperfect it is very, very hard to see the spiritual men who have the miracle working power of Christ Jesus because you have to wait for the third generation, and then you will know. So those of us who have it, we are covered, and we are hidden, and very few people can see it. And a lot of people, even if they read this message will not believe it, and that is OK. If you are reading this message and you do not believe it, that is OK, but I know that I have the power to impart Christ and to bring Him to term. To bring Him to term involves exposing the hidden sins of your heart, and when you are exposing the hidden sins of people's hearts you cannot be cutting their heart out. You have to be doing it in the Spirit of Christ that does not result in their destruction, but results in the destruction of their carnal mind and the coming to term of the man child.


With regard to my dream this morning, I was just dreaming all night, but the thing that stands out is my pink suit. I had a dream several months back. Do you recall typing any of my dreams where I talked about a pink suit? Well, about 30 or so years ago I had a pink suit I just loved it. It was a bubble gum pink suit, and I was a young woman in those days. It was a fuzzy material, and I just really loved it, and I had a dream about that pink suit, and I said, Is not that wonderful to be dreaming about a suit from so many years ago, and it was in my dream last night. Now I had forgotten about the dream from a while back, but last night when I was talking to the Lord, or when He was talking to me about all of these things and how this healing that I hope I have imparted to you, this healing I am talking about, this healing that comes out of the man who has ascended in his consciousness into the higher centers. What does that mean? He who is overcoming his carnal mind.


You will never overcome your carnal mind if you are on the same level with her. You have got to ascend above her to defeat her. That is true in this world, and it is true spiritually, and the way we ascend above her is morally. We must ascend morally, we must ascend in righteousness, and we ascend in knowledge, in the Doctrine of Christ. This vision helps us to ascend. What you think, that is what you are. Where your treasure is, that is where your heart is. When your mind abides upon the glorious promises of God, if they are the true promises of God, that is how your consciousness ascends. Now the world of Eastern religion and the New Age, they ascend through meditation and through physical exercise, and what they are going is working with what they were born with, and they try to stir up what they were born with to ascend in consciousness, the energy that they were born with. But we have a source outside of what we were born with, and I think physical exercise is important, but we ascend in the Spirit of Christ who is already up there. You see, He has already overcome the world. He is reaching down to us.


Getting back to my pink suit. I was talking to the Lord about this last night. I have had this vision in my heart for a while, and I picked up a book that I had on the shelf. I very rarely read before I go to sleep, and I was tired to the point of being sleepy last night. Sometimes I am tired, and I am not sleepy, but my eyes were closing when I went to bed. So for me to have taken a book into bed with me is highly improbable, but I took this book to bed with me, and I just flipped through it, and I saw a picture of the brow energy center, and it was all pink. It was pink, and I said, wow look at that Lord. I had my eyes closed last week, and I see a lot of colors when I close my eyes which is the beginning of seeing into the astral plane, I am told, and I saw pink last week when I closed my eyes. And I looked at that picture of the brow center, and I said, Well, Lord, I wonder if that had something to do with my seeing pink last week, and I dreamed about my pink suit this morning. I just know that the Lord is telling me that it is close, that I am ascending into the brow center, the place from which these kinds of healings which are miraculous healings that I am talking about comes to pass.


So I am just very excited this morning, and I hope it comes real quickly for all of us, for whatever Jesus' purposes are. It is a very exciting word to me because maybe there are other people who have experienced this, but I do not know about it. I know that there are a lot of people out there that have the gift of healing, that Jesus has given them grace to help the people, not because they have confessed their sins and repented, and because the Mind of Christ has matured in them and utterly overshadowed their carnal mind, but fallen man whose carnal mind is very active yet they have the power to heal under the anointing because Jesus loves His people. Brethren, it is time for the Church to grow up. I talk about myself because that was the word. It was for me, but it is for everybody. I am just an example unto you. It is for everybody. The whole world is standing on tiptoes waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.


I do not know if I ever got this on a message so let me put it on a message for you. When you look up that Greek word that is translated standing on tiptoe, what it really means is a stretching out, a stretching of the neck, a stretching upwards, and the teaching here is that when Abel pierces through to the left side of the heart center and matures into Adam from the left side of the heart center. Adam is reaching up, he is stretching as hard as he can because the Spirit of Christ is up there. If you are a Jew it is the Spirit of Elijah. If you are still have not received Jesus as Savior, but you are a Jew it is the Spirit of Elijah. If you are Christian it is the Spirit of Christ because Elijah and Jesus are one, and I will not go into that whole teaching now.


He is up there, and He is stretching toward the Spirit of Christ, and as soon as he -- you see, Jesus is reaching His hand down from the higher energy centers, and as soon as Adam in us is raised from the dead, touches the Spirit of Christ... The Spirit of Christ is connected to the whole eternal Godhead, and as soon as Adam in us who is still disconnected... You see, Adam can be raised from the dead in us but still be not connected to the altar. The altar is being restored, and as soon as he touches Jesus' hand, the Spirit of Christ, it is like putting your finger in an electric socket, or if he is a light plug, it is like plugging Him in, and He now becomes the fortified Adam. He becomes very, very, very terrifyingly strong, we are told in Ezekiel, Chapter 1. Terrifyingly strong. Who's terrified? The Fiery Serpent and Leviathan are terrified. Absolutely terrified, and that fortified Adam goes back and pushes back Satan and the whole Serpent's household and eventually ascends to the sixth center. What I just described to you, the fortified Adam, is in the fifth center.


This is what I am walking in now, for whatever it is worth, the miracle working power, not of the Holy Spirit, but of Christ Jesus which is in the sixth center. So when Adam is fortified he is occupying the fifth center, and what is the sign, what would you look for to find out if Adam is fortified in you? He is powerfully waging war against Satan and Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, and if you think that you are doing that, and you are not confessing your sins and repenting, you are deceived, and I tell you this so that you should not be deceived.


If you think that you are in a full scale war with the Serpent's household, and you are not confessing that the Serpent's household is in you, you are under a delusion, and what's bad about that? If you do ascend, it will not be in Christ. You may not ascend or if you do ascend it will not be in Christ. Look, you are not supposed to be engaged in a warfare with the Serpent's household against your husband. Or if you are a man you are not supposed to be engaged with the Serpent's household, in a war with the Serpent's household, against your wife or against your mother or against your boss. The warfare is with the Serpent's household within yourself, and if you can honestly say that is what you are doing then you have good reason to believe that Adam is raised in you, and that he is fortified. At least raised in you. I do not want to get into that whole teaching.


It starts out with Abel being raised in you. Abel matures into Adam. Adam becomes fortified, and the warfare of Abel, Adam, and the fortified Adam, they are doing one thing Brethren, they are defeating your carnal mind. The warfare is against your carnal mind because when you are living out of Christ you are undefeatable in every little aspect of your life and in every big aspect of your life. Now if you still have areas in your life where you are not satisfied with what's happening, well it is not complete. Everything is in part. The warfare is within yourself because Adam is taking back the land, which you are.


Brethren, we have a spiritual husband. Either she is Leviathan or He's Christ Jesus. Everybody has a spiritual husband, and the warfare is to break free from our spiritual husband which is Leviathan so that we might be married to another, as Paul says, Christ Jesus, that we might live forever in righteousness. Does anybody have any questions or comments about this?


COMMENT: What was the name of the healing?


PASTOR VITALE: Auric. It is a form of the word aura. Apparently, there is something called a health aura, and it is a part of the whole aura. The spiritual part of our physical body is called the etheric double.


COMMENT: When you started speaking earlier I heard, the Spirit of Christ will be compounded.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God, do you know what that means?


COMMENT: It means to be multiplied, right?


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but can you fit it into the doctrine here? The Spirit of Christ is the spirit in the Christ that is being formed in us. Paul says that we are being renewed in the spirit of our mind, and Christ is a mind. So, the spirit in the Mind of Christ is the Spirit of Christ. The compounding comes because Christ is the resurrected Adam. Christ in you is the resurrected Adam, and when he gets into the left side of the heart center, and He reaches out for the Lord Jesus who is above, that is the increase, compounded. That is the double portion, Christ in you, the Spirit of Christ in you in the Mind of Christ in you, and the glorified spirit of Jesus Christ who is above. And when they touch, I say that is fortified Adam, but that is the compounding of the Christ in you. So, the Lord gave you your own personal witness to what I am saying here. That is what happened to you just now.


COMMENT: Also, when you said, fear of death, it came that we fear the death of our carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Even more than that, it is our carnal mind that fears the death because until we start separating from our carnal mind we are our carnal mind. That is why we have so much trouble telling that it is the Serpent talking to us because, until we transfer over into Christ, that is us. Then on the other side of the issue, as we live more and more out of Christ, a lot of us have a lot of trouble believing that Christ talks to us just by being the very thoughts in our mind, and that is just the other side of pride. When you really start living out of the Mind of Christ a thought will arise in your mind, and you will think it is yourself, but you see, we are not ourself. We are the mind that is possessing us.


The personality is braided together with the mind that is possessing us. So, when we are all in our carnal mind it takes us really a long time to get this understanding, that the thoughts that come into our mind, that they are probably not God because we are still so carnal at that point, that every thought that comes into our mind is the carnal mind, but then when we really do start living out of the Mind of Christ, the carnal mind does not want us to know it, and the carnal mind says, Well, that could not have been God talking to you, that was just a thought that came into your mind.


Yes, the mind that is brained together with your personality talks to you by injecting thoughts into your mind, and we have to have a realistic idea of who we are and where we are at every time of our life. If you want to go on with God ask Him for a realistic idea of where you are and who you are because you need to know, without condemnation. If you are mostly your carnal mind then you need to know that you had better triply check out every thought that comes into your mind, but if you are really living 50 or 60 or 70% out of the Mind of Christ then you need to know that a lot of what you are hearing is really God. So, you do not want pride telling you that you are living out of the Mind of Christ when you are still in your carnal mind. Neither do you want to be condemned because you are still in your carnal mind because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and called according to His purposes, and what are His purposes? To destroy your carnal mind. You have got to know the truth.


This is one of the major deficits of the direction that our educational program in this country is going in. They are getting away from giving the children grades. Well, you have to know where you are. If you get a C instead of an A you know that you need to study more. We need an evaluation. We need a godly critique, not criticism, without condemnation. We need to know where our weaknesses are and where we need improvement and what we need to work on. Ask the Lord. He will tell you. But the main point of what I just said, this is really important, is that the mind that you are joined to talks to you in a manner that registers in your consciousness as your own thoughts. But it is the thoughts of the mind that you are joined to, and there are only two minds that you could be joined to - the carnal mind or the Christ mind.


Everything that the carnal mind tells you is not, Go murder that man. That is a major, major revelation that the people have to understand. The mind of the Serpent in you is not necessarily telling you to be a mass murderer. What is she telling you? She is telling you to do thing that are the opposite of what Jesus is telling you to do. She is subtle. She is telling you to do good things, things that this world would see as good that will keep you so busy and occupied that you will not do what Jesus is telling you is necessary for Christ to be formed in you. The Church is perishing for a lack of understanding, and for a lack of having their sins exposed. Why would you want to expose someone's sins? So that they could resist them.


COMMENT: When you spoke about pink eyes several memories came to me. In the world there is a saying, You are in the pink, and I always understood it to mean you are feeling good. You go to a doctor and he examines your tongue to see if it is pink, he examines your nails to see if they are pink, and I remember a girl in a group I was with that had several dreams about pink. Usually in the world we think pink for a baby girl.


PASTOR VITALE: I remember that, I know who you are talking about, one dream she had everything was pink. Well, I remember from years back because I did not hear this one from last month. The whole room was pink. She had a dream that she was in your house, and she dreamed that everything in that apartment was pink, remember that? Is that not interesting?


COMMENT: When I was dating my husband there was a young girl up the block from us that I just knew slightly, and she was a beautiful girl, like a Marilyn Monroe, the platinum blond hair, the creamy skin, etc. And we came home from a date, and we stopped in to get gas and she was standing there in this beautiful pink suit with a suitcase. She looked like a bride going on her honeymoon, and she was waiting for this miserable man she was going away with for the weekend. All I could think of was, This girl is so lovely and she is just throwing herself away.


PASTOR VITALE: Unfortunately, a lot of women do that because of the mind control in this world that there is no life outside of marriage. A lot of women sell themselves short, unfortunately. In case no one knows what I am talking about, there is a life in Jesus Christ. If you happen to be unmarried, and the Lord has not given you a husband, there is a very fine life in Jesus Christ that is very satisfying outside of marriage, if that is what you are called to.


COMMENT: In this auric healing, would that mean that whatever ailment you have would be certain colors?


PASTOR VITALE: I really do not understand it yet. The only thing I know about the color is that the color seems to indicate a particular rate of vibration. These energy centers that we have vibrate. We have been doing a lot of teaching here lately on how thoughts are vibrations, and the whole creation operates in vibrations. Spirit vibrates, radio waves vibrate, light waves vibrate, that is how they move. Everything is vibration, and in the same manner that you would take a tuning fork and hit a tuning fork and it would start vibrating very fast, you see a solid image appearing if it vibrates rapidly enough. So everything that we see here is formed from vibration, and the only thing that I can tell you about colors today is that somehow the color is tied into the rate of vibration. The sixth energy center is vibrating at a rapid rate of speed, and the color is pink, and each energy center seems to have a primary color. There is frequently a mixture, but there is a primary color for that energy center indicating the rate of vibration. That is as far as I have gotten. I am waiting for the Lord to explain this to me because I really do not understand it myself.


COMMENT: With reference to pink I am just thinking of a doctor's office when you go with pink eyes. You were talking about the brow. Pink eye is an infection in the eye.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that does not surprise me because we found over the years that what is life in the spirit is frequently death in the flesh. For example, spiritual life in some aspects is typified as a green plant, green grass, which is in seed is the life of God. But green in a piece of meat is green mold, and you die if you eat it. It is death. Gangrene, that is true. People get green, and it means their face looked green, it means they are sick. So it does not surprise me at all that pink in the eye in an animal is a disease, but pink in the eye, the sixth center, means the glory of God in the spirit of God. It fits. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I was just thinking of another saying in the world, green with envy, and wondered how you connect that?


PASTOR VITALE: How you connect that? Envy is an evil spirit. Spiritual life is a plant, and there are two plants in this earth. We are the earth, OK? Our personality is made of the earth, and there are two plants in the earth right now. There is a cultivated plant, and there is a weed. The cultivated plant is the Mind of God. Sometimes weeds are very ugly so it could be green and be ugly. It is the negative plant. Anybody else?


We have made a discussion off of the message, and I feel that I should go back on the message. We were talking about colors and rate of vibration, and I was telling everybody that I had an experience many years ago when I was a disciple of part of a team that was praying for my pastor who felt like he was having a heart attack. He had already had a couple of heart attacks, and I was the head of the team, and this was nothing that I did consciously. When I say the head of a team, Jesus chooses the head of a team based on the spiritual maturity of that person. It has nothing to do with anything that you have done.


When Jesus wants to heal somebody He is gathering in the energy which is in Christ Jesus from everybody that is available, and it appeared at that time that I was heading up the team, and I did wind up as the one who was laying on hands. I think there were a lot of people there, and the Lord made a way for me to go forward. My eyes were closed, and at one point I knew that he was healed because my whole field of vision, now with my eyes closed I am talking about vision in the spirit, and my whole field of vision turned green, and I knew that he was healed. From that day forward I knew that the color green meant healing, but up until just now I could really not put color together with healing, but as we were talking off the message the Lord explained to me that it is the vibration of the light wave that produces color.


Jesus is white light, but as He manifests through the minds of people, what happens to the white light is similar to -- if you put white light in a prism it breaks down into the colors of the rainbow, and each color that it breaks down into represents a particular rate of vibration or how fast that light stream or that photon of light is vibrating. Why would we want to know this? Because just as a laser beam, to give you a natural example, a laser beam is white concentrated light, and a laser beam is a weapon. Surgery is done with a laser beam. 


So, the way that God heals is by focusing energy. I do not think that it is really any secret in the world that energy heals. Energy is responsible for everything that happens in this world. It could be the energy within a man that activates his muscles to move something, but energy is the source of everything that happens here. So apparently, either healing itself or certain kinds of healing require a certain level of energy. Did you ever see a movie where they say, well, give the person so much medication and see if it works, and if it does not work you give him a little more. OK? Well, certain rates of vibration which we might say are measurements of energy, let us say a vibration is a degree of energy, will heal and, of course, another degree of energy will destroy. What is healing can become a weapon of death if it is overdone. Everybody know that, right?


So, the particular rate of energy that produced the healing of my pastor's heart took the color green. Now, I do not know what this means. God is just teaching me about this, you see. But I have the understanding now that the frequency or the rate of vibration or maybe even something that was accumulated from Christ or the Holy Spirit in all of the people, I am not sure, but I know that while we prayed for my pastor a certain measure of energy was concentrated that was strong enough to heal him because he was healed, and that concentration of energy vibrated. How did the energy touch him? How did the healing get from the people into the pastor? Everybody was just sitting there praying. It vibrated into him, you see, out of the Christ mind or out of the Holy Spirit in the people. Christ was orchestrating the whole thing, all of that energy, because I did not know what I was doing, and I do not think anybody there knew what they were doing. We were just praying so Christ in the midst, somehow, gathered together all of the energy from all the people that were praying for the pastor, focused it, concentrated it, and brought it into the physical body of my pastor who was healed, and that focused energy that entered into him through his energy centers was vibrating at a rate of vibration that produced a green color.


Now what I do not know is, and I am sure the Lord will teach me because I have been praying about this for over a year, and the understanding is just starting to come to me. I honestly will tell you, and I tell you all the time the Lord teaches me, and I teach you. I am a student just like you are. The only difference between us is that for whatever reason I seem to get a lot of it straight from God, and you get most of it from me, but that is OK. The only thing that matters is that you get it. I am telling you, I am a student just like you are, and there is a lot that I do not know. So, what I expect Him to be telling me over the next weeks and months is what these other colors would mean. If the color green means a vibration that heals, what does the color blue mean. I now understand which I did not understand yesterday that the color signifies a particular rate of vibration. Now, I have to wait for the Lord to tell me what the vibration that is signified by the color blue does because I do not know what it does. Do you understand what I am talking about? Anybody not following me on these principles? I have to wait for Him to tell me what it does.


All I know at this point is the vibration typified by green heals, and the vibration in the dull colors grey, ugly green, and ugly brown typify thoughts of the carnal mind that do damage. But as for the colors that come out of the Christ mind and what rate of vibration those colors represent and what the work is that that vibration does I have to wait for God to tell me. Isn't that exciting? I am just all excited.


I have repeated pretty much what we said off the message. June why do not you put your question on the message?


COMMENT: A lot of times when we are in prayer I close my eyes, and I have a vision of red lips, and that has come to me several times. I wonder what the meaning of it is.


PASTOR VITALE: It is my understanding today that we live in a world that has many layers. Perhaps you might want to think of an onion. This world is really a holograph. What is a holograph? A holograph is an image that is formed from many images. Now let us say there is one screen and there are five different projectors, and one projector is projecting onto that screen an image of this room, and another projector is projecting the image of me, and when you look up at the screen you see me sitting in the room, but that image of me sitting in the room is coming from two different projectors and from two different slides. Are you following me?


Then, there is another three or four or five projectors, each one of which is projecting an image of the people here, and when you look up on the screen you see the picture of this room with all of us sitting here, but each one of us is a projection of a separate slide being projected by a separate projector. That means that it would be possible, now try to see this as a spiritual thing, for one of the projectors to shut down, and that person to just suddenly disappear from this room. Can you hear what I am saying? Technically speaking. This room is a holograph, and we could even take it further. We could say the lamp is coming from another projector and its own slide and the flower is coming from another projector and its own slide. So this image we see of all of us sitting in this room is a holograph of many different images, but it looks like it is one image but it is many images. Are you ok?


So the world that we live in is a holograph, and it exists on many different levels, but we just see the physical level because we are blind to all the other levels. It would be as if someone would come in and see us all sitting here on the basis of how I just explained it to you. The best example is color blindness. Like someone could see the outline, and they could see everybody here, but you cannot see colors. Or if it were possible for someone to come in this room and because of some glitch in their eyesight they could see the whole room and everybody in the room except me. They would see all of you sitting here and the whole room, and they would say, what are these people listening to, what are they looking at that chair for, because they could not see me sitting in the chair. In the same manner, this world has many aspects to it, and we are blind to everything except the physical world. Is everybody ok?


Now, there is a spiritual aspect to the physical world called the etheric double. It is not a separate plane. It is a part of the physical plane, but each plane of existence has seven layers in it. Let me put this on the board for you. As I told you, this world is a holograph, and we are only looking at the physical aspect of it. Now, I have five planes of consciousness on the board, but there are more. There are seven. I did not put the other two on for our purposes. The other two planes of consciousness are high realms of the spirit probably where Jehovah and Elohim are.


These are the planes of consciousness that affect us, and here in the physical plane we see that it is broken down into seven degrees of vibrations: Solid, we have no problem seeing everything that is solid. Liquid, we have no problem seeing the seas and the oceans and the rivers. Gas, now sometimes we see gas depending on the nature of the gas, but a lot of gas we cannot see. So we see that with each escalating degree of vibration the material part of this world is becoming less and less visible, and more and more invisible. How can I say that sometimes you can see gas? Well, you can see steam, water that has boiled, and I think steam would be considered a gas. I may be wrong, but as far as I know it is considered a gas. Of course, we have gas that we use for cooking, gas we put in our car. You can sure smell it, and I have seen gasoline fumes.


Sometimes we can see gas, and sometimes we cannot see it, but we always see solids and liquids assuming our eyes are working. As the rate of vibration escalates we move into the etheric plane, and we see that there are four degrees of vibration in the etheric plane. The first one is called etheric. What does this mean? It means this whole world is vibrating. We know the planet's spinning on its axis, the plants orbiting around the sun, and everything is vibrating. If you put anything under a microscope everything is vibrating. We are vibrating, our cells are vibrating, everything is vibrating, and as a particular thing vibrates more rapidly it becomes more and more invisible. Of course, the world is made up of spirit and matter, or energy and matter. So the particles of matter, the atoms, are all vibrating, and the faster they vibrate the more invisible they are, and the more fine tuned our sight has to be to see them.


So, we are in the physical plane now, solid, liquid, gas, and the etheric which is the fourth degree in the physical plane, I do not know about you, but I cannot see it. I cannot see it. It goes from etheric to super-etheric, and there aren't two names for the last two rates of vibration, but I really do not know what they are right now. I have seen books where these degrees are named, and the reason I am showing you this is that we do not need that information right now so we are going to just let it pass.


There are four degrees of vibration in the invisible part of the physical plane itself, and this invisible part of the physical plane which is more than half because solid, liquid, and gas is only three degrees, and then we have four degrees of etheric or of the etheric double. Four degrees of vibration in the invisible part of the physical world that we cannot see, so we are really blind. When Jesus called the Pharisees blind I always thought He was talking only about doctrine which I am sure He was talking about doctrine and understanding of spiritual things, but try to understand that as we learn these deep spiritual things our brain waves, and the invisible aspect of ourselves are vibrating faster and faster and faster.


The technicality of why sometimes people cannot be around you, and assuming that you are not doing anything offensive, assuming that this is really persecution for righteousness sake, the reason sometimes people cannot be around you is that when you think and when you talk the vibrations that you -- there really are vibrations. Sound vibrates, thought vibrates. I know for many years, oh I do not like your vibrations, but it never occurred to me there really were vibrations going forth, and some people cannot bear the intensity of the vibrations that go forth when you talk about the spiritual things that we talk about. Just like a high pitched whistle, it drives them crazy.


I have had people look me right in the face and just turn around and walk away, and eventually I had to learn how to deal with it, and if I see that the person -- well, I try today not to talk about anything if it is not Christ, but I was not always this wise. If I see that the person really cannot bear it, I just pull back immediately. You can tell by the expression on their face that they just cannot bear it, and I withdraw completely, immediately. But if you are still immature in Christ, and your pride comes up -- and everybody goes through this, as there was a time that I did this -- when the pride comes up you are going to want them to listen to you. You are going to keep on talking even though the whole face is contorted in pain from the vibrations of your communication. If pride is manifesting in you, you are going to make them hear it whether they want to hear it or not. Did you ever do that? Yes you did, and I did it too. Hallelujah, we all admitted it, Glory to God.


The etheric double is the name that has been given to these four degrees of matter in this physical plane that is intense enough to make the particles of matter invisible to us. Four degrees of vibration that are rapid enough to make more than 50% of this physical plane invisible to us. So, there is such a thing as etheric vision. Now, this is all in answer to June's question. Etheric vision is not a plane unto itself. It is a part of the physical plane. How someone came to this determination has, it has to do with the quality or the coarseness of the matter, the atoms of matter, the wood, the board. Everything is made up of atoms, and some atoms are coarser or denser, and some atoms are rarer. Rare is the word that is used.


There was a famous song once which talked about the rarified air, thin. So, in the physical plane that we can see the atoms are packed together very densely, and the more packed together they are the more likely you are to see them, and the farther apart they are the lighter they are, or the rarer they are the more invisible they are. There are beings in the visible part of this physical world. We are some of those beings. The animals are other of those visible beings, the ants, the mosquitoes, the insects, the reptiles, the frogs, the alligators, the human beings. We are all beings that exist in this visible plane, this physical plane that is visible to us. There are also beings that exist in the invisible or the part of the physical plane that is invisible to us. There are beings that we do not recognize because we have never seen them, and it is these beings, for example, that are very popular, for some reason, in Ireland. There is a whole mythology in Ireland about the "wee people" and the Leprechaun, it is a famous folklore. I do not know how many people see them today, but this whole folklore in Ireland is based on the existence of beings in a part of the physical plane that is vibrating so rapidly that we cannot see it. It is invisible to us. If you can hear it.


Now, I think that we would probably be invisible to an ant. I think that we are so big in comparison to an ant that we would really be invisible to him. There are beings....well, my point is that we can see them, but they cannot see us. Now, in this physical plane, if that is true that we can see the ants, and they cannot see us, the reason for it is physical. Well, in a similar manner in the physical plane the tiny being cannot see the giant, but the giant can see the tiny being, and it is not exactly the same, but it is an analogy, in a similar manner the beings that exist in a condition of vibration that is more rapid than the rate of vibration that we vibrate at, the beings that are vibrating at a more rapid vibration than we are vibrating at can see us, and we cannot see them. If you can hear it.


I remember I saw a Star Trek program once where there were beings present on the Enterprise that were invisible because they were vibrating as a much more rapid rate than the crew, and the crew of the Enterprise, human beings which are like we are, the only perception that they had of these other beings was that it sounded like a mosquito. They knew that something was there, they did hear like a buzz, but they could not tell, but the people, the other beings who were vibrating at a rapid rate of speed, could see the whole crew on the Enterprise.


What I have on this board indicates along with what I told you about this world being a holograph or an onion with many different layers making up the whole, it really makes us ants that are down her all the way at the bottom, and we cannot see anything else that is there. I have it drawn on the board as ascending planes, but these planes of consciousness are ascending with regard to the degree of vibration. The vibration ascends, but each one of these planes of consciousness exists right here. That is what it means when you hear there is no time or space in the spirit. These planes of consciousness do not take up any space. They are all right here. In the same manner that each and everyone of us is here even though we are being projected by a different projector and a different slide. Al of us are here. All of these planes of consciousness plus the higher ones are right here in the very space that we are in because they do not take up any space, but we cannot see them.


When we look out at our world it looks very complete to us because this is the only thing that we have known all of our life, but it is my understanding, I have not really seen the other planes of consciousness yet, once you see the other planes of consciousness and you are used to living that way, what you would see, like that we are seeing today, would be very shallow and flat. The experience we have that can be likened to it is looking at one of these paintings. Well, we know that it is not a three dimensional painting. It is just a flat painting. Our world, even though it is three dimensional to us, would look very flat to someone who has the ability to see on all of these dimensions at the same time. I do not know about you, but I cannot even imagine it. I am looking at you on three dimensions. I cannot imagine looking at you from seven different dimensions. I do not know what it would look like.


Let me go over this, and then I will comment on what Xxxx had to say which started this whole thing. The next plane of consciousness is the astral plane, and the astral plane is our emotional body, our emotions. We are an emotional animal. That part of us which is in the astral plane is the emotional animal, the Ox that Adam formed before time began. And our emotions are right here in our physical body, but our emotions do not take up any room, right? Our emotions are right here, our emotions are in our mind, our emotions are in our nervous system, our emotions could be expressed in our voice, right? OK. But they take up no space or time. They are right here with us.


So each of us has our own emotional body or emotional mind, or emotional plane of consciousness. All of these words express the same thing, and there is also a collective emotional body, the fall of mortal humanity, and her name is Satan. The storms that Jesus said, Be still! to, I am convinced it was a spiritual storm that was raging in the emotions of His disciples. Now, why were there have been a spiritual storm raging in the emotions of His disciples? Brethren, their carnal mind was utterly rebelling against a relationship with Jesus and against the Mind of Christ that Jesus was bringing forth in them, or ministering to them through. I do not think He was bringing forth of Mind of Christ at that time because He was not glorified yet, but Jesus was powerful in the resurrected Adam, in the fortified Adam, and their carnal minds were going crazy. They were probably filled with fear and having tormenting experiences in their emotions.


So, the astral plane is likened to a sea. It is not stable, it is constantly moving, the atoms of the astral plane are constantly moving, and blowing apart. In other words, if you look at yourself, and you see your physical body the atoms of your physical body are permanent. Your body does not change when you get upset. You still look the same. Well, maybe the expression on your face changes, but your body does not distort when you get upset. But the atoms in the astral plane lose their shape temporarily, and then eventually they come back, and I am told that the person appears in their astral body in the same way that they appear in their physical body, and there are seven degrees, seven escalating degrees of vibration in the astral body. Now, you need astral sight to see in the astral plane, and you need etheric sight to see in the etheric plane.


The next plane up is the mental plane, and the mental plane involved understanding through the vehicle of your subconscious mind. We all have an individual subconscious mind which is a source of intelligence, and we all know and we have all experienced having a problem and giving it to God, and then a day later or a week later the answer just manifests in our mind. So, our individual subconscious mind is Christ if you have Him or the Fiery Serpent if you are a carnal man. The whole world knows that there are all kinds of self-help courses being given our today about the answers being there. Just make your needs known, and go to sleep and eventually the answers come. People who meditate are looking for answers. What they are doing is turning to the Fiery Serpent within them. If they are not turning to Christ, they are turning to the Fiery Serpent. There is an intelligence which is beyond our conscious intelligence, and everybody has it, and if you have Christ you have two sources of subconscious intelligence. You have Christ, and you have the Fiery Serpent, and you have to find out who is talking to you because you have both of them. You are double minded. As soon as you get the Mind of Christ you are double-minded.


So we have a mental body. On the mental plane there are seven escalating degrees of vibration. We have the mental body which is our conscious mind, our conscious ability to solve problems. Then we go into the individual subconscious mind, and the next plane up is intuition, which is the collective subconscious intelligence, either Christ Jesus, which I mentioned earlier on this message, the double portion or the fortified portion, Christ in you plus the Lord Jesus Christ above, or if you are not in Christ, it is Leviathan, and there is wisdom out of the Serpent's household. As I put on this message earlier, I am convinced that the only miracle that Christ Jesus does that the Serpent cannot counterfeit is the bringing forth of the Mind of Christ and eternal life in a human being. The Serpent can do every other miracle, I am convinced of it.


The firth level of consciousness is spiritual. It is the unconscious intelligence that comes out of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is above, or of Satan. Now each escalating plane of consciousness with the seven degrees within it is manifested through a more and more rapid rate of vibration. It is more and more spiritual, and less and less physical. So, it appears that we are a part of a world that is much greater than we can imagine, and the whole of the universes, outer space, the whole of the universes, is just a reflection of these worlds in the spirit. So a lot of people are looking for life on other planets. They may or may not find it, but if they do find it whatever they find is just a reflection of what's happening in the spiritual plane. If you can hear it.


Everything that we see is just an image of some reality or of some spiritual form because Jesus Christ is the only reality, but we know that the foundation upon which the Serpent has formed these worlds in this image is the human spirit which is a part of Elohim. That is the only reality, but the Serpent has taken this reality and formed it into something that she is projecting. She has formed it into a creation, and is projecting an image of that form. So the only true reality is what is unseen, if you can hear what I am saying.


I recently found out that the beings in the etheric part of the physical plane -- I do not know if I made this clear -- there are beings in every plane of consciousness. Just like in this world we start from teeny tiny insects. Do you know that some insects are so small that you cannot see them? There are some kinds of parasites in certain parts of the world, I do not know if they qualify as lice, some very, very tiny insects that crawl on your skin and they bite you. You cannot even see them. I read about them recently. We have insects that are visible. They are made from physical matter which is visible, but they are so small that our eyes cannot see them. Then we have flies and mosquitoes and caterpillars and birds, and there is an escalating hierarchy of what the world calls life of beings in this visible world that we can see. Eventually, we get to elephants, and they get bigger and bigger.


We are not the biggest beings on the physical planet. Each plane of consciousness has beings that dwell in that plane. For the ant that tunnels underground or for the earthworm that lives under the ground we are not even real to them. I do not see how we are even real to them. Their whole life is under the ground. We see them, but they do not see us. They are crawling under ground. A toe would be a giant to them. They do not even see us. So there are beings on every level of consciousness that we cannot see, and all of these beings are a part of this world because this world is a holograph, and all of the planes of consciousness exist here. The fact that we do not see them does not mean that they do not exist. We have all kinds of beings in this world that may or may not be likened to the ants and the earthworms that we cannot see, and they are right here in the same place with us just like if you walk outside on my patio there are ants, and there are earthworms and all kinds of life. If you turn over the soil there are all kinds of life in the soil, the life of this world.


Every one of these planes of consciousness exist right here with us. We are just blind to it, and every plane of consciousness has beings dwelling on that plane of consciousness that we just cannot see. They are not necessarily bothering us, just like the ants do not bother us or the fleas do not bother us, but they are there. They are not necessarily hostile, but they are there, but they are a part of the Serpent's world. They are not of God. They are all a part of the world that the Serpent formed with the stolen spiritual substance that she took from Adam.


The wee people, or the leprechauns that are so well known from Ireland, are beings that exist in this etheric plane of the physical world. Now for this legend to have come up to the degree that it has in Ireland, I would be inclined to say that the Irish people as a whole -- personally, today, I do not think many Irish people see them. I think the stories go back to a less industrial time. I do not even know where they generated from. Maybe it was never a majority of the Irish people. Maybe it was only a few Irish people in the days when people were not so sophisticated that saw these beings, but apparently for this legend to be as wide spread as it is there had to be some amount of Irish people that had enough inherited etheric vision to see the beings on this plane. They are called nature spirits.


Just like there are all different beings in this world, there are ants and flies and cats and rats and people, there are all different kinds of beings on every level. These are called nature spirits, and there are all different kinds of nature spirits. Apparently, one category of nature spirit manifests itself to someone who has etheric sight as a pair of red lips. So what is happening to you when you see that, is that when we go into this kind of prayer -- what kind of prayer? We just pray here. We just pray.


We do not know what we are doing, we just know that we love Jesus and we pray, but we get spiritual when we pray, and apparently your etheric sight is manifesting at some level that you see that. When we pray, a lot of beings hear it. Years ago, I used to hear people say to me, Oh, I never pray out loud because Satan hears it, and I used to really laugh. What do you mean Satan hears your prayers? I now believe that there are a lot of beings that hear our prayers when we pray, but you do not stop praying out loud. There are other dimensions right here with us with inhabitants of those dimensions who really do hear us, but, of course, they hear our thoughts also. We are not alone. Did I explain this to you? Are there any questions or comments on this?

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