451 - Part 1
(The Difference)





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We had prayer off the message, and several words of knowledge came forth which we will be discussing in this message. The first word of knowledge was "a braid." Was that it, XXXX, simply "a braid"? Is that what came forth?


COMMENT: It was a braid intertwined in a vertical position.


PASTOR VITALE: A vertical column? And it was ascending?


First of all, let me say this. Let me put this on the message again, I will just keep saying it again and again. Brethren, the Holy Scripture is a spiritual word that cannot be understood without spiritual understanding. Whatever it is that we read or hear we can only comprehend it on the highest level that we are capable of understanding, and it is a miracle, it is a supernatural miracle of Jesus Christ that the Scripture as it is translated in the modern translations has done the degree of good that it has done in our world. And what good has it done? It has helped people live and survive in this world, which is hell. It has helped drug addicts, it has helped alcoholics, it has helped people with lack of self-control in the area of adultery or sexual behavior. It has helped people who are rebellious and prideful to have better relationships and a better life, but the truth of the matter is that the modern translations of the Holy Scripture have not produced the Sons of God, and it has not produced supernatural beings. It has produced carnal beings with some power in prayer because of the Holy Spirit. It has not produced the Saviors on Mt. Zion, and the reason is that what is being preached, those modern translations, is not really the Word of God. What is taken to be the Bible, the current English and modern translations, is a cover, a surface cover of a dynamo of spiritual energy that is expressed through the written word as far as the Hebrew Scripture is concerned. A dynamo of potential energy which is not manifesting. It is static. Just like the energy in y our electric outlet. It is there, but you have to plug the plug in, and then you have to turn the appliance on to access the energy.


Am I against the Bible in its modern translations? No. It has done much good, but it has barely scratched the surface of its potential and of its purpose. The purpose of the Scripture is to restore humanity to a high spiritual place which is transcended above a continuous cycle of births and deaths. Jehovah did not create or think into existence a creation where people die, where people get sick, and where people have all the problems of this world. This is not Jehovah's world. The most amazing part of the whole thing to show you how mind-controlled and blinded we are is that the Scripture clearly says it in two powerful witnesses. Jesus said, I am not of this world. Jesus Christ, immediately proceeding His crucifixion, said, I am not of this world. I believe it was Paul in the Scripture, I may be mistaken about that, clearly said, The god of this world blinds your eyes, but nobody gets it. And the reason nobody gets it is that the god of this world has blinded their eyes. So when the eyes of your understanding begin to open you see the truth that this is not God's world. This is Satan's world, and its name is hell.


So I said all that just in case nobody has heard me say it before because I am going to give you a spiritual understanding of a couple of Scriptures. If you do not have the spiritual knowledge you will never understand the true intent of these Scriptures, and I have to even modify that, probably. My understanding of the Hebrew Scripture at this point is still very, very immature. It is very mature compared to the Church, but compared to the glorified Jesus Christ my spiritual understanding of the Scripture is, I am sure, is still very immature, but at least it is spiritual. And if you are understanding it on that level at least we have got our toes in the water. We are headed in the right direction because to try to understand the Hebrew Scripture with your carnal mind is death. It is death.


And these particular Scriptures that we are going to talk about right now, 1 Timothy 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3, have been responsible, partially, for tremendous persecution of physical women. The Holy Scripture never intended to put women in a secondary position, not spiritually speaking. We have a chain of command in the physical family, which is necessary, but, spiritually speaking, women were never meant to be second-class citizens. Physical women were never meant to be quiet or silent in the Church. Physical men were never intended by the Scripture to be the spiritual head because of their physical anatomy. It is just as much of a lie as the lie that God made this world. It is just not true.


So, one of the words of knowledge that we had was an ascended braid, and that braid, I suggest to you as you can see from the drawing on the board, consists of three cords, and these are three cords of energy that twist together and braid together as they ascend up the spinal column. We are talking about spiritual ascension, and when we talk about spiritual ascension we are talking about an elevation of consciousness and an elevation of spiritual power. That is how it happens to us.


We are made of energy. Even the solid part of us is energy in a very slow moving form. We are energy. Just like you can have an ice cube and a glass of water. You can hold the ice cube in your hand, but the water will slip through your fingers. They are both water. This physical body, and this whole world is a manifestation of energy that has been slowed down to such a slow rate of vibration that it has taken on physical form, but at its very root it is all the same. Just like water, steam, and ice is all the same at its basic root. We are energy. We are made of energy, but we just cannot see it when we look at it. If I look at you or you look at me we do not perceive as what we would recognize as energy. Well, how do you recognize energy? Sometimes in an electrical situation you might see electricity crackling between two poles, but by and large, we do not see energy with our eyes. By and large, energy is invisible except in some unusual circumstances. Basically, we do not see energy. Do we see the energy that enables us to pick up a heavy block?


Brethren, those of you who know me know that I have had some really difficult physical illnesses, and one experience that I had was profound. I was living in a house at the time with a steep flight of steps that I had to ascend up to from the front door up to my apartment. I became very ill, and I could not get up those steps. Something that I had taken for granted for years, I walked up those steps, I carried groceries up those steps, I took laundry up and down those steps, and I ran up those steps. I could not get up those steps without dragging myself up with my arms, because I had some power in my arms but not enough power in my legs.


So either I had to grab a hold of the banister and drag myself up a step at a time or someone had to stand behind me and push me up each step. I could not get up the steps. I did not have the necessary energy to ascend up those steps, but before I came ill it never occurred to me that something called energy was operating in my body that was allowing me, or enabling me, to go up and down those steps. I just took it for granted. Now, if I had stopped to think about it I would not have taken it for granted because I know there are paralyzed people in this world. I know there are people whose legs do not work, who cannot walk. The human tendency, brethren, is that you never relate it to yourself.


Well, I was able to negotiate those steps before I got sick, I could not while I was sick, and then when my health was restored I could once again get up and down those steps, even running to some degree up and down those steps. So I have experienced two worlds with regard to ascending and descending up and down a flight of steps in this one lifetime. So there is something called energy operating in my body that was there on the two occasions, but was not there in the central time period when I could not negotiate the steps. Energy is invisible. We are made of energy. When our health starts to fail it is because our energy is failing. Human beings that are born into this world die because when we enter into this world we enter in with a shot of energy, an injection of energy. Any word you need to understand it is OK.


We enter into this world with a measure of energy, and that measure of energy, according to our modern standards, seems to keep the average person alive for anywhere from 70-90 some odd years. Some people die a little sooner, some people die a little later, but not many people live beyond 100. It is a small percentage. Why? Because the measure of energy that was injected into the infant as it was born peters out, it is used up. I have a clock that sounds the hour, and those batteries are dead. You should hear the tone on that clock. It sounds like a death knell, and it is all messed up, it is not sounding the right time because the batteries are dying, but not quite dead.


Brethren, we are born with the equivalent of batteries in us, and when they run out this physical body runs out, and when the energy source is dried up the physical expression of that energy dissolves and dissipates. We are all energy, different forms of energy, different manifestations of energy, but we are energy. We are energy mixed with spiritual clay. I cannot re-do that whole teaching right now, but basically speaking, the earth which is now appearing as the clay that we are formed out of, the spiritual clay, is the primordial Serpent.


There are not two powers in the world. Some people would start a whole big argument with me saying, Pastor Sheila, there is only one power, and that is of God. I agree. There is only one power, and that is of God, and He mixed Himself, He mixed His spirit with a substance that we are told is earth. I do not know what it looks like. It is not the earth outside my door, but I can tell you what its nature is. I cannot tell you what it looks like, but I can tell you what its nature is. Its nature is that it is dead. The nature of the earth is that it is dead. It has no animation, it has no consciousness, it is a dark substance that has no animation and no consciousness, but the nature of the Spirit of God is that it is alive, and that it is invisible. So we are not even talking about nature. We are talking about characteristics. Putting it very simply, the characteristics of God is that He is conscious, that He is righteous, and that He is invisible. The characteristics or the quality of the earth is that it is dead, it is unconscious, and when it becomes conscious through contact with spirit, it is evil. So the conscious earth which is the enemy of God is only conscious because it was touched by and mixed with the Spirit of God.


The Spirit of God that is flowing in the earth can be likened to seminal fluid, and everything that I tell you is simplified so that we can learn it. Of course, it goes way beyond what I am saying, but we can divide that seminal fluid into seed and water. The conscious earth that is criminal has been touched by the water aspect of the Spirit of God or the seed of God, or the semen of God. How do I know it is just mixed with the water? Because it is evil. That earth which is mixed with the total, the complete, the whole Spirit of God which includes the virile seed as well as the water, that earth is dominated by the virile seed, its evil is controlled, and the quality or the characteristic of the earth which is darkness -- I may not have said that before -- it is darkness, it is dead, it is unconscious, it is dark. God is alive, conscious, and light, invisible.


So the quality of the earth when mixed with the whole seminal fluid of God including the virile seed is utilized -- let me say it again. The earth, the quality of the earth, the darkness of the earth when mixed with the whole semen of God, including the virile seed, is dominated by the virile seed and serves the useful purpose, which purpose is the revelation of the invisible God, but the earth which is mixed with only the water part of Jehovah's semen, where there is no virile seed present, is an evil entity. A conscious, dark, dead, evil entity. You can be conscious and dead. That was an incredible lesson for me. You can be conscious and dead. The only true life is in the Spirit of God. So, if you have consciousness, because this earth has made contact with an aspect of the Spirit of God but is still lacking the seed of life, you have a dead conscious person, or a conscious person who is dead.


So we are all energy. We are many strains or streams of energy flowing together and interacting with each other to form a human being, and that is as far as I am going to go today. It is just a backup for this exhortation. Those energies flow basically in three major directions. They flow up and down the spinal cord, they flow between the top of the head which is the 7th center, and that is where Jesus manifests Himself to us. Now I am not talking about the physical body. Remember, we are talking about the etheric body. This is not happening in the physical. It is happening in the inner parts of our being, in the spiritual parts of our being. Just as the physical blood flows in our physical body the spiritual blood, whether it be of Jesus Christ or of the Fiery Serpent, flows up and down the etheric equivalent of our spine, and it flows between the top of the head which is the 7th center and the root center at the base of the spine. It flows up and down, vertically.


There are three basic operations of energy. The second operation of energy is that, that energy source which is flowing up and down the spine also interacts with what the world calls an aura. I have not found any scriptural term for it yet, but the truth of the matter is that it has been physically proven, and if you do not want to believe this, you do not have to, but this is where God is taking me. The world has a lot of truth. They have a lot of truth that the Church is afraid of, and maybe the Church should be afraid of it because you should not be studying this stuff unless Christ Jesus is formed in you, and unless the Lord is really leading you into it. Now, He could be leading you into it if you are by yourself, but, by and large, it is my understanding that the Lord will bring together groups of people under a leader to go on with these deep studies.


So I cannot tell you, if you are reading this message, I cannot tell you, if you are studying alone, that it is not Christ, I cannot tell you that, but I recommend that you put yourself before the Lord and ask if you are safe. What does that mean, are you safe? Is it His spirit in you? Are you learning by His spirit or are you learning by Satan? Because the spiritual truth of this world is the spiritual truth of this world. This world has not been formed by God. It has been formed by the primordial Serpent through her agencies and Satan's people in this world. Who are Satan's people? I do not say that as a condemnation, but they are the people who have spiritual knowledge in this world outside of Christ. They have a lot of truth about this world that their god has formed, and brethren, we all have an aura.


We are all in utero, spiritual beings in utero. I think the Bible bears that out. I have been preaching that for quite a while now. If you need a physical example to understand this try thinking of an egg. You have that solid yellow yoke, bright yellow yoke, and then the white all around it especially before it is cooked. It is all clear. The physical part of us is the solid dense material. We are all eggs. I have been preaching that for a long time that we are all spiritual eggs with the potential to be fertilized by the Spirit of Christ and become the Sons of God. I have been preaching that for a long time.


So if you want to think of yourself as a physical egg just for purposes of understanding, the physical body is the thick yellow yoke, and we are surrounded by an egg white which is invisible to the eyes of the average person, and that white part of the egg -- you see, we are all energy, but the physical body is that part of the energy that has been slowed down to become dense and solid. There are streams of energy. The Bible talks about streams and rivers and waters and pools. You know, I prayed for years, Lord, what is this all about? What is the difference between the stream and the river? I never got the answer until the Lord brought me, very recently, into these studies of our human condition and witnessing to me that it is all true, and that if we are pursuing the study in Christ Jesus it is acceptable to Him. Not only acceptable to Him but a part of our maturation in Christ Jesus.


There are streams of energy flowing through us continuously. That is why when you hear stories about angels appearing, although I do not believe they are angels of the Lord, I believe they are angels of light, but especially if you hear reports about angels coming from the false revival in the Church today. I have read things such as this: this angel had an electric field over him and light was just sparkling and crackling all around him. It is energy. I am not going to go into what that manifestation is right now. I am going to try and stay on our subject today.


There are many, many, many streams of energy flowing through us, crisscrossing through us, and one expression of the interaction of some of those energies the Bible describes as a braid.


Another expression of the interaction of those energies the Bible describes as a basket, a woven basket. Moses was in a woven basket, was he not? It is talking about the formation of different aspects that are formed by the energies of our being. We are much more than this physical body. As a matter of fact, this physical body is the product of the interacting energies. Brethren, that is why two people can have the same disease and one dies and one lives. Two people, the exact same condition, the exact same doctor, the exact same treatment, the exact medication, why does one die and one live? Because the difference between the two is manifested in the invisible plane. We are much more than this body.


So the word of knowledge that came forth today about the ascending braid, Xxxx had that word, and that is how she described it, I believe. A vertically ascending braid is talking about the ascension from the root center to the 6th center. It is a union and a weaving together of the human spirit, the personality, and either Christ Jesus or the Fiery Serpent, depending on which spiritual being is leading the ascension. Either it is Christ Jesus or the Fiery Serpent that is twisting together with the human spirit and the personality and ascending. According to the occult literature, when she gets up to the 6th center, she ties herself into a knot and rests. I confess to you, I got this out of an occult book, but the Lord gave me many witnesses in the Scripture.


Brethren, the Scripture does not explain spiritual principles. From what I could see after all these years of study, the Hebrew Scripture talks about spiritual principles but does not teach spiritual principles, and if you are afraid to step out and learn these spiritual principles, or maybe you are not ready for it, you will never understand the depth of the Scripture, because it is spiritual. The Scripture is spiritual. I have been preaching about a woven basket for years. I have been preaching about the bestial background threads of this creation for years. I did not know what they were. I knew the Lord spoke it to me. I found it in the Hebrew, and the Lord spoke it to me, the bestial backgrounds threads. That goes all the way back to creation. He spoke it to me 3-4 years ago, if not further back than that.


There is occult literature that is not written, well, there are different spirits writing occult literature, and the Lord has led me to certain books that the spirit on the books has not damaged me. It has just been information, straight information. It has not damaged the Spirit of Christ at all, and I am putting that knowledge together with the scriptural witnesses that the Lord gives me, and it matches up. It has never failed to match up. So this is what the occult literature says, and they are talking about the Fiery Serpent. In our case, the Lord willing, it is going to be Christ Jesus. It is not going to be the Fiery Serpent.


As she ascends up to the 6th center she ties herself into a knot at the top, and she rests. When I say the Fiery Serpent, the personality, and the human spirit, we are talking about our consciousness. So the person who is experiencing this condition is ascended into the brow center, and their spiritually active person has become a supernatural being. Now, the Scripture talks about braided hair. Do you want to believe, brethren, that it is ungodly for physical women to braid their hair? If you want to believe that I would be the last one to try to change your mind, but for those people who are willing and desiring to mature spiritually I tell you that the Scripture never ever intended to tell any human being that it is ungodly for a physical woman to braid their hair. That was never the intention, and we have whole denominations where it is not allowed for you to braid your hair. Well, let us look at two of these Scriptures.


1 Timothy 2:9. We see in that chapter that Paul is giving instruction on how to be spiritual. Let us just quickly do it from verse 1. He is giving instructions on how to be spiritual in Christ. He says, I exhort you, therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men. So you start off with prayer, and, of course, I have not looked at this in the Greek, but my guess would be that it is most likely saying that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks should be made for everybody who has ascended into the spiritual mind, which is the male mind, the male spiritual mind. And for kings, and for all that are in authority.


Now, brethren, if you are in the female mind you are not going to be praying for kings and all that are in authority, because the female mind is a rebellious mind. So Paul is saying, Pray that you be in the male mind, and when you get into the male mind, that is verse 1, pray that you are in the male mind. Verse 2, When you come into the male mind, pray for those in authority over you, because your male mind will know that is the wise and the godly thing to do, and if you do those two things you will lead and quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. You want to lead a peaceable and godly life? Pray that you have a male mind, and then out of that male mind, pray for kings in authority.


Verses 3-5, For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come into the knowledge of truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. So Paul is explaining the male mind which comes to us through Christ Jesus.


Verses 6-7Who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time, Whereunto I am ordained a preacher and an apostle; (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not). Paul is saying, I am not talking to you out of my carnal mind because if I was talking to you out of my carnal mind I would be lying to you. Now, did you ever wonder why Paul would say something like that -- I lie not? What he is saying is, This is not my carnal mind, because the carnal mind is the lie.


He is saying, This is the message I am giving you. Pray for the male mind. Now, you could pray for kings and for your leaders. You could think that this means the kings of nations but it could also mean the kings who are the Sons of God. Pray for those who are male. Pray for those kings who are spiritual kings. You could pray for them out of your carnal mind, I guess it is possible, but you will not have the power to impart strength to them out of your carnal mind. So first, you have to get into your Christ mind, your male mind, then, from that male mind, share your strength with those in whom the king is manifesting, so that you can have a good life, and Paul says, I am not lying to you. This is my Christ mind telling you this.


Verse 8, I will, therefore, that men, that the male mind, pray in your male mind. The second witness is, we must worship God in spirit and truth. Pray out of your male mind. That Scripture really means not spirit and truth, but the Spirit of Truth is not in the carnal mind. Pray out of the Spirit of Truth, which is the Spirit of Christ in you.


I will, therefore, that men, not physical men, but spiritual men, pray everywhere, lifting up Holy hands, without wrath and doubting. Now the hand, brethren, is an aspect of the mind. We grasp things with our mind. I have talked about this a lot from time to time so I will not go into any details right now, but the hand is a euphemism; it is a parable, it is a hidden way of talking about the mind. Just as I can grasp this pen with my physical hand, we can grasp things and people with our mind. That is what seduction is. It is the grasping of someone's mind with your mind. The term "Holy hands" is talking about that part of your mind which is in Christ, the one that is Holy, because you have an unholy hand, which is your carnal mind. And he said to do it without wrath. Now, wrath is only in the carnal mind, but again, I have not looked at this in the Interlinear Text. And do it without doubting. What does that mean? Say, Lord, I pray that I should be in my Christ mind, and then do your thing. You just cannot be picking on every little thing. If you have a true desire to do things in Christ, you ask the Lord to give it to you, and then you do it. You just go ahead and do it. You walk, you have to walk,


Verse 9, In like manner also, that women adorn themselves. In verses 1-8 Paul is speaking about the spiritual men. He is talking about the believers in whom Christ is formed, and he is telling them to live out of that Christ mind, but we have, in the Church, a population in which Christ is not formed, and they are spiritual women. So now Paul has counsel for the spiritual women. This is what he says. He says, Adorn yourself in modest apparel. Well, do you think he is talking about a blouse, like I am wearing here? Brethren, we have a spiritual garment. Paul clearly says we have a spiritual garment. We have two. He says we are going to be clothed upon. Now, if you are spiritually male, and you have Christ, your garment is Christ. He is talking to the Christians who do not have Christ. He is saying, Clothe yourself in modest apparel. What does that mean? Well, in the carnal mind, brethren, there is good and evil. There is rebellion, there is pride, we could be clothed in any of these qualities, but what I believe Paul is saying right here is, Do not clothe yourself in witchcraft. What he is saying is, Wait until Christ is formed in you, and then become spiritual in Christ. He is saying to the spiritual women, Do not so lust for spiritual experiences and spiritual power that you clothe yourself or cover yourself with Satan's cover. Be modest.


Brethren, I cannot tell you how many people I have given this counsel to: just come to class, come to service, study, pray, ask God for a spiritual ministry, and do nothing until Christ comes forth in you, because Christ in you is your spiritual ministry. It is a big temptation to Christians. Why? Because of pride, to rise up in spiritual ministry out of their carnal mind, the spirit of which is Satan. It is a natural tendency. It is what we all do. It is something that we must resist because it is a natural tendency, and if we are not taught that this is wrong, if we are not taught to recognize that this is Satan rising up in us, seeking and desiring ministry, we will never resist it. I firmly believe that a believer, a Christian, who does not hear this message, there are many out there who are manifesting a spirit out of their carnal mind, and they think it is Christ. I heard a couple of testimonies just this week, and I do not want to put it on the message, but I will tell you off the message, of Pentecostal churches, in my opinion, actively engaged in witchcraft, but they do not know what they are doing.


So Paul is talking to the spiritual. And how can I say, actively engaged in witchcraft? They are exercising spiritual power out of their carnal mind. That is what I mean when I say, Pentecostals manifesting witchcraft. They think it is Christ, but they are deceived, and they are praying psychic prayers and doing the things that everybody here knows all about. We are all out of Old Order Deliverance here. It is witchcraft. So Paul is talking to the spiritual women, to the believers in whom Christ is not yet formed. That does not make you bad, that does not make you less than anybody else, that does not make you anything other than a human being who has faith in Jesus Christ, who has not yet reached the point where Christ is formed in them and grafted to their heart center. It just makes you who you are.


In like manner, also, that women, that spiritual women, adorn themselves in modest apparel. Do not be walking around with the Fiery Serpent all ascended in you, up to your fourth, fifth, and sixth centers. Be modest. Do not be prophesying out of the Fiery Serpent in you, because the Fiery Serpent is that aspect of your carnal mind that ascends spiritually and brings forth Satan and the powers and principalities in you. Be modest. Stay in the lower centers until Christ raises you up. Do not cover yourself with the Serpent. 


Adorn yourself with modest apparel, with shamefacedness, that is humility, and sobriety. Brethren, do not be carried away with your emotions. Do not think that every spiritual thought that comes into your mind, or every vision that you see has to be of God. Try the spirit, brethren, because every spirit is not of God. Be sober. Do not be carried away by your emotions, be sober. Bring every thought into captivity. Cast down every imagination, every thought that is not of Christ. Do not just go with the flow, because the flow is never Christ. Christ is always going against the flow. Christ is always swimming upstream.


Verse 9, Not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array. Now braided hair, I hope I have just convinced you, is talking about a person who is spiritually ascended, and Paul is not talking to spiritual women, so we know that he is talking about Christians who are spiritually ascended in the Fiery Serpent. Why? Because if they were spiritually ascended in Christ Jesus, they would be spiritual men. Paul is talking to the spiritual women who are spiritually active out of their carnal mind. Be sober, be modest, watch, do not be seduced by the Serpent, wait for your promotion, wait for your increase, wait for the grafting of the word, receive it in meekness and humility, and wait for Him to grow in you and sprout in you.


So, braided hair is talking about an ascended Fiery Serpent, and when the Fiery Serpent or Christ Jesus is ascended, you are spiritually active. In the church that I was raised up in, it was called kitchen prophesy. There were people just going around all over the place prophesying to people, prophesying on the floor of the church, prophesying to individuals, laying hands on people, and a lot of it was out of their carnal mind. So if you are in that stage where you are still pretty young you should only prophesy in front of a group. Let the brethren try the spirit. If you have a word do not be ashamed of it, but speak it in the presence of other brethren. Do not get a word in your heart and then start praying about it in secret, because you could be praying psychic prayers. Your gift should be tried by the brethren and by the elders of the Church.


Braided hair is talking about an ascended Fiery Serpent, and hair, in case I did not mention it, typifies spirit. That is a symbol that we have been talking about here for a long time. Hair typifies spirit. So it is talking about spirit that is interwoven, spirit that is braided together, and it is talking about the three streams of spirit that braid together as our consciousness ascends to the higher center.


Or gold, or pearls, or costly array. I did look at this Scripture in the Greek, and I could not see anything wrong with the word gold in the Greek. It simply means gold, but it could mean gold plate. Now in the Hebrew there is more than one word for gold, and there is more than one word for yellow in the Hebrew. One is a bright glorious yellow, and the other is a dull, ugly yellow. When it comes to gold, there is a Hebrew word for it, like  tarnished, dull gold. So, in view of the context of the whole verse here, I have to draw the conclusion that Paul is talking about the gold which is counterfeit, the gold which is just gold plate.


If you are having spiritual experiences, if you are prophesying, if you are exalting yourself with spiritual works which are coming out of the carnal mind, or the Fiery Serpent, your spiritual fruit is tarnished. It is gold, all right, because gold typifies spiritual power. Gold is the metal that is associated with the higher centers. I think it is associated with the 7th center, but there is the true timeline and the counterfeit timeline. So do not exalt yourself by the works of the carnal mind. God will promote you in due season. He is not a respecter of persons, and if your desire is to be in ministry He wants it more than you do, but you have to submit to the cleansing and the teaching and whatever else He says that you need. Everybody is on a personal program. I cannot promise you anything, but tell God what you want, be willing to do anything necessary, and then wait. It does not come overnight, and it is not a question of having nothing for 20 years, and then your ministry comes.


He gives you ministry right where you are, and no matter how -- now your pride is going to interfere here, but if you put your pride away and you execute faithfully the ministry He gives you, He will give you more. Sometimes it is a very slow process, but the whole mentality behind a slow spiritual growth is that if we become spiritually active with spiritual power before our personality is cleansed of sin. Now, I am not talking about being cleansed completely. Let me put it to you this way, our personality has to be cleansed of sin proportionate to the degree of spiritual power or we will misuse that power. And it is not a question of saying, Lord, I will not misuse it. We will misuse it. If you give a 10-year-old child a gun, and say, Now, sonny, do not point it at anybody and pull the trigger because you could kill somebody, you are playing a dangerous game.


So our morality, and I am not insulting anyone saying that you are immoral, we are immature, and there is a certain level of morality that is necessary to wield spiritual weapons, and that level of morality is a higher degree of morality than we need to lead a decent life in this world. So if you look at yourself in this world, and you are saying, What is Pastor Sheila talking about? I do not steal, I do not lie, I am faithful to my wife, I work hard, why do I not have the morality to wield spiritual power? Because it is a different set of standards. I do not even have it in my heart to explain it to you now. It is just a different set of standards that you have to grow into to be able for God to give you the responsibility of spiritual power in His Kingdom.


So, it is the mercy of God that He does not give us His power before we are ready. Why? Because we will reap every mistake that we make. Every mistake that we sow, we and our descendants will reap the consequences of it. It is the same mercy as us not giving the our 10-year-old the shotgun. He is not holding anything back from us.


Verse 9, In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety. That means stay in the lower centers, stay in your heart center, pretty much. That is as low as you can go in Christ. The Holy Spirit does not go below the heart center. Stay where you are and be modest and submit yourself to instruction and wait for the Lord to promote you. Not with braided hair. Now, we know that a negative particle can be translated any member of the Serpent's household, and I suggest to you that is what Paul is saying. He is not saying, Not with braided hair. He is saying, Stay in the modest place where the Holy Spirit has you, accept that, and do not go into the Serpent's braided hair. Do not ascend. We are translating that negative particle "not", as the Serpent. Stay in the modest place where the Holy Spirit has you, prophesy, talk in tongues, pray for people, do Old Order Deliverance, stay where God has you, and do not go after the Serpent's ascended ministry which comes out of her gold, the 7th center of her timeline. 


Or, which comes out of pearls. I am told that for those people who can see the etheric field around us which is the etheric body. It is a part of the aura. The aura has more than one stream to it. I am told that it looks like shimmering pearls, that at first glance, it is grey, and it is about ½ to 1 inch beyond our physical body. I am talking about the etheric body now which is the innermost layer of the aura, and it pretty much reflects our physical health. Some people call it the health aura. At first glance, it looks grey, but at second glance, it is like a pearl, that if you turn a pearl and you catch it in the light it has all kinds of beautiful colors in it. So I suggest to you that Paul is talking about the 7th center of the counterfeit timeline, that is the gold. The pearl that he is talking about is our etheric body, because spiritual activity manifests through the etheric body, and if we get to it, that was a part of my message for today, if I get to it. If not, we will do it another time. The etheric body is involved in spiritual activities. The etheric body can throw off thought forms, and we will get to it as we get to it.


I do not know what the Greek of this costly array is. I looked at it, but I did not write it down. So Paul is saying, Stay in the humble manifestations of talking in tongues, prophesying, interpreting under the direction of an elder. Pray healing, pray Old Order Deliverance until Christ Jesus in you is mature enough to do higher spiritual work, and do not be drawn into the Serpent's ascension, the Serpent's braided spirit. Hair, typifying spirit, the gold of the Serpent's timeline, and do not be engaged in spiritual activity that comes out of your aura, out of throwing thought forms out of your aura, your health aura. That is what he is saying. He is not talking to physical women saying, Do not braid your hair.


Brethren, the Christian Church (or elements of the Christian Church) is in deep bondage, and there is no good thing that comes out of it. If anything it may keep you moral in your behavior, but you do not have to have your hair combed in a certain way to be moral. It gives the Church a bad name. God never ordained that.


Verse 10, But do that which becometh women professing godliness with good works. Now, we have said here a lot that good works will not produce Christ in you. Again, I have not looked at the Greek, but I suspect that Paul is talking about -- I am sorry, the Lord just corrected me. The spiritual women who have the Holy Spirit but do not have Christ, their lot is good works. That is the female Church. They are supposed to feed the poor, they are supposed to go into the hospitals and the nursing homes. This is the ministry of spiritual women in whom Christ is not yet formed. That is the work of the women. Do good works, help people, sow good things, and bring good blessings into your life and the lives of your family until you become a man.


See, in our world you can never evolve from a woman into a man. I am not talking about the perversion of the sex change. You grow from a female child to a female woman, and you are limited in this world as to what you can do. I think in many areas women can do anything that a man can do, but the truth of the matter is, that most women do not do everything that a man can do. I think if you are a woman and you have the strength and the skills, and you want to do it, if you can do it, you should be allowed to do it. But the truth is, that the majority of women in this world are also spiritually women, and they are not out there competing with men. They are happy to be women. But even those who want to do what men do, women who want to go into the Army, women who want to be in combat, women who want to be pilots, my opinion is, if they can do it, they should be allowed to do it.


My whole point is, that even the women who go on to enter into male fields are still women. Look at what happened to that female pilot. She was the first woman to become a pilot, she had an excellent record, and she fell prey to some man and lost her whole position. See, there are still female elements of our mind, and for those of us who want to be spiritual men in Christ Jesus, we have to guard against those elements. I know the Lord has told me very clearly that I, as a physical woman, have certain weaknesses, that if a man had this office, the man would not have these problems. Now, that does not mean I cannot succeed in the office that Jesus Christ has given me. I am succeeding, and I will continue to succeed, but He has identified these weaknesses for me, and He expects me to take care as He has directed me, to guard myself against any potential rupture of the defenses that He has given me in these areas. I have to take care by not exposing myself to certain situations that a man in this world would not have any problem with.


So, you cannot go from being a woman to a man in this physical body, but you can go from being a woman to a man mentally and spiritually, and it is possible to compensate for whatever female weaknesses you have of your personality or your physical body if Christ is with you. You can overcome all things in Christ Jesus, but you have to recognize that there is a difference between men and women in this world, and make that compensation, and you can do it. What will bring you down is not recognizing your weaknesses and not dealing with them. That will bring you down, but if you recognize your weaknesses, you acknowledge that they are there, you put them on the altar before Jesus Christ and do what He tells you with regard to those weaknesses, you can do anything that a man can do in Christ Jesus. And yet, even beyond that, I am limited physically. When I travel I have to get a man in here to put my computer in the car. I cannot lift it. Now the Lord has never sent angels in here to carry my heavy luggage and my computer into my car. He sends a physical man to do it. So in a situation like that the compensation for my femaleness in this role is that I have to get a physical man to help me to do it, which is no terrible thing, but I have to face the fact that this is one thing I cannot do myself, and I have to believe the Lord to provide some reliable man to be here to do what I need.


Verse 10, But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. Do the good works of the bride Church.


Verse 11, Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. Let your carnal mind be quiet. Do not let your carnal mind teach, but let her subject herself to the one in whom Christ is manifesting. If you want to teach you have every reason to hope that Jesus will give you a teaching ministry out of His male mind, but you must wait until it happens to you. So, be silent unless it is Christ teaching through you.


Verse 12, But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. The whole problem with this is very few people know when it is their carnal mind talking. They think it is Christ. That is the problem that we have in the Church today. The Church cannot recognize her husband, and she cannot recognize the elders who are elders because Christ Jesus is manifesting and teaching through them. The carnal mind of the female Church is loudly deriding the teaching of Christ Jesus and calling it ungodly, and there is nothing that we who teach out of Christ can do. That is the job of the glorified Jesus Christ. We are not here to be beating anybody up or convincing anybody or changing anybody's mind. We talk to people who want to learn from us. We talk to people who recognize that we have something for them and ask for it, and we should not be teaching anyone else. That is casting your pearls before swine. It is just going to come back and hurt you.


Verse 13, For Adam was first formed, and then Eve. Now this is a wrong translation of Verse 14, King James says, And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. That is not what it says. It says that Adam -- well, that word deceived really means tricked, and the word "not" should be translated Serpent. Because Adam was first formed, and then Eve, but Adam was tricked by the Serpent. Adam was tricked by the Serpent. That word "not" is a negative particle, and we are translating it Serpent. Adam was tricked by the Serpent, and the woman being deceived was in the transgression. That second word deceived is a different Greek word that means wholly seduced. The difference between being tricked and being wholly seduced is that the woman did not have a chance, and, of course, the woman is the Ox that Adam was married to. Adam was a spiritual being married to an animal nature for the whole purpose of being one visible creature. The Ox was wholly seduced. Why? Because she was made out of the mud of the ocean bottom. The Ox had the Serpent's nature, and it was Adam's job to rule over that Serpent's nature.


This is the condition that everyone who has Christ is in today. We have the Serpent's nature, but we also have Christ. And Christ in us is supposed to be ruling over the Serpent's nature. The major difference between us today and Adam's condition was that we have a sin nature. We have already been overcome. We have inherited sin so it is much harder for us than Adam's condition, but the answer to this problem of the righteous seed of the Mind of God being overcome by the animal nature, what is the answer to this problem? It happened to Adam, it is happening to the Church today, it happens until we are in perfection. It will happen to us, it happens to me. I get overcome by the animal nature, and Christ in me has to rise up and rebuke it. Jehovah's answer to this problem, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is education, understanding. Resist that animal nature because if you yield to it you are not going to go to hell, but this is what is going to happen to you: Christ is going to die. You are already in hell. Christ, your hope of glorification, your hope of deliverance from all the death of this world, is doing to die when you yield to the animal nature.


So you see, the carnal mind threatens you and punishes you to the degree it can when you yield to your carnal nature. Punishes you, condemns you, and threatens you with hell, but Christ Jesus does not threaten you with hell, does not condemn you, and does not punish you. Christ Jesus tells you the truth, and when you receive the truth in your heart, He gives you the strength to resist. Can you hear the difference? It is as different as day and night. Jesus is not here to punish us. He wants us out of here. He is here to strengthen us to overcome hell and death, and if you think that He is coming to just catch you up, you are still in your very young childhood. He is coming to give us the knowledge, the wisdom, and the strength to walk out of here, but He is not carrying us away like a baby in His arms. I tell you the truth.


For Adam was formed first, and then Eve. For the information of whoever is reading this message, and has not been studying with us all along, the Greek and the Hebrew word translated Eve, simply means life, and it is talking about the one who is producing life. The Woman is the Ox that Adam married, that Adam was joined to at the beginning, and this Ox is the spiritual womb that is bringing forth the Sons of God. She is the one who brings forth life. She is the mother of all living. She is the womb. She is not the life. The male is the life, and the Woman is the womb that carries the seed.


So, first Adam was formed, and then the spiritual Ox that he was joined to was formed, and Adam, who had the Mind of God, he had the virile seed, he was tricked, but the Ox was wholly seducee, because her very nature was the nature of the Serpent. So, although you would never understand that from the King James translation, what it is saying is that Adam holds the full responsibility for the fall of the creature. And that is not with condemnation, that is just the truth, and that is why Adam, in the form of Jesus Christ, is the one who is working to reconcile us to Himself, and teach us and strengthen us and give us everything we need to return to the life that Jehovah ordained for us. Adam, the one who failed, it was a temporary failure. You can lose a battle and not lose the war. Adam failed in that encounter with the Serpent, but He will not lose the war. It is impossible for Him to lose the war. Thank God, right?


Verse 15, Notwithstanding, she. Who? The Ox, the female Ox, the spiritual womb that was prepared to bear forth the Sons of God. The Sons of God being this Cherubim, this new creature that Jehovah imagined, which would have the Mind of God and the righteousness of God, and the nature of Jehovah, but yet would be in a form that was visible and, therefore, there was a marriage between the Mind of Christ and the nature and character of God and the animal nature. And the animal nature came into existence when that dark, dead unconscious substance called earth was mixed with the water of the spirit, and that earth became conscious with an evil consciousness. And her purpose in the creation is to give visibility to the man, and the man with the mind and the nature and the character of God. Not a man like we look like today, man talking about the mind. The nature of this spiritual being was male, was married to the female who had the animal nature, and Jehovah and Elohim said, And let man have dominion so that the whole creature should prosper and live. And it is not over yet. Jehovah and Elohim said, let man have dominion and man, Adam, shall have dominion. He is going to do it.


Verse 15, Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing. Who? The Ox. Who is the Ox? The Ox is manifesting today as the human personality. See, the way things work spiritually, they are a little different than the way they work in this world. Well, OK, the Lord just gave me an example for you. You have a young woman, she is a maiden, she has never known a man, she gets married, she gets pregnant, she has a child, and anyone who has been married knows, she is changed forever. She is not a maiden anymore. She is a mother, and she will never be the same. That experience will change her life radically. Anyone disagree with that here?


Well, in the spiritual world it is more than the nature of the mother that is changed. In the spiritual world the whole Ox changed. She was born, not just her child was born, but the Ox, when she married the Serpent because she did not cleave unto her husband Adam, she was wholly seduced, and she cleaved unto the primordial Serpent. And not only did she bring forth a child, which is this whole creation, but she, herself, was radically changed in every cell of her being, and now she is called the human personality. In the Book of Ezekiel, we see an ox as one of the elements of the four-faced man, and in the Book of Revelation, that ox has become a calf. An ox is a gelded bull, but a calf is not castrated.


A calf is a young, newly-born animal that also has the other three aspects to it, according to the Book of Revelation. This calf is also an eagle, this calf is also a lion, so we are talking about the creation that Jehovah imagined, a creature that had more than one aspect of Himself. Jehovah is purely Spirit of God, but this creature that He imagined was the Spirit of God with the qualities of the lion, with the qualities of the calf, and with the qualities of the eagle. He was a new creature. No one had ever heard of a anything like that before. He did a new thing, and is doing a new thing.


So she, who was the unmarried Ox at the beginning, when she married the Serpent and brought forth this bastard creation, became the personalities of all of the peoples of the world. So Paul, knowing this spiritual truth, says in Verse 15, Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing. The Woman, Ox, the personalities of humanity, shall be saved in childbearing. Brethren, if I had a dollar for every Christian that believes every human woman is going to be saved because she has a physical baby, I would be a rich person. That is crazy. It is talking about the spiritual child.


The Ox, who is now the personalities of humanity, will be saved when she bears the Christ child, who will rule over her in righteousness and deliver her from her sins. How? Deliver her from her sins by correcting her every time she is doing something wrong. Every time she is thinking an ungodly thought which will produce an ungodly reaction, Christ Jesus, the spiritual child, will cover that thought as it arises in the carnal mind. He will kill it before it can go forth and do some damage, which will produce a evil reaction on the person who thought the thought. That is the message that I had for this morning, Thought Forms. I think we will get to it. At least we will begin it.


The true forgiveness of sins is the ability to lay hold of the sinful thought and kill it before it does damage. Thoughts are living things. Well, I do not know if living is the right word, but they become entities in their own right, and they go forward to do damage. And if you deny the evil thought, that thing is out there like a floating bomb, looking for someone to discharge its energy and its evil upon, but if Christ Jesus is operating in you or in me, and He sees that an evil thought came forth, and we did not catch it, He can catch it. He will lay hold of it and put it right in front of our faces and say, Look, this is what you just thought. Are you going to admit it? Are you going to admit that it is evil? Are you going to ask Me to destroy it, because if you do, I will. And, in that event, that evil which you sowed will not reap a return on you or your descendants, because Christ Jesus, the man child that you have brought forth, will rule you with righteous judgment, and you shall be saved because you have borne that man child.


Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in child bearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness and sobriety. Charity is the word for agape love which is talking about the love of God which only comes out of Christ. So what Paul is saying is that when you bring forth the Christ child, in Him is faith and the love of God. What is the key of agape love, what does that really mean? The love of God does not sin, brethren. When human beings love we love with strings, and I condemn you not because that is the human condition. If you are a man, would you marry a woman and labor for her and provide for her and stand by while she lives with another man and bears his children? No one in their right mind would do that. If you are a woman, and you marry a man, and he brings his mistress into the house and tells you to cook for her, would you do that?


Look, brethren, we marry each other because we have needs. We have needs for companionship, for a family life, for a safe sexual relationship. People marry each other to satisfy each others needs. The whole world knows that. It is no secret. But Jesus does not need anything from us, you see. He does not marry us to satisfy His needs. So, agape love is a love that gives and takes nothing back. Agape love is a love whose motives are absolutely perfect.


For a man and a woman in this world to marry -- I have been saying this for years, people, young people, they make up their mind they would like to get married. There is nothing wrong with that. They want to make their place in this world so they go out and mix with other young men and women, and they find someone they "fall in love with" and they marry that person, but they have already made up their mind that they want to get married. It is just that someone comes along and fills the bill. So that is the love of this world, and that is OK if you make a commitment to that person -- If you are a man or a woman, and you decide you are going to be a good mate and do the best you can to build this family, because when you marry you are building a dynasty. You make a commitment that you are going to make the family that you are building more important than your own selfish needs, and you will have a good family. Good things will come into your life. That is the high love of this world, phileo love, but this is not true of agape love. Agape love gives to us, marries us, loves us with no strings attached. It is one way. He gives, and we take. There is nothing that we have that He needs.


When the man child comes forth, you will receive the faith of Christ. The faith that our Old Man has is not even faith. Our Old Man has hope. Our carnal man, who is led by the carnal mind, hears the message, or some aspect of the message of the Scripture, and he hopes that it is true. He says, I hope it is true. I hope it is true that Christ can be formed in me. I hope it is true that I can be saved when I bear the Christ child. And this hope, in most instances, will cause the seed of the word to be grafted to his heart center, and the Christ child will be formed, and when the Christ child is formed and grafted, He is our faith. Our faith is Christ Jesus operating through us. In and of ourselves we can do nothing.


As I said, in the carnal mind there really is no faith. It is just hope. So when the Christ child is formed in us we receive the faith of Jesus Christ, we receive agape love. And what is the agape love? That is the love of Christ Jesus to us, the personality. The Scripture talks about a husband loving his wife as Christ loved the Church. How does Christ love the Church? Christ loves the Church with corrective judgment. Christ loves the Church enough to tell her of her sins and to say, This is what you are doing, and it is wrong, and you are going to reap what you sowed. So, here I am telling you the truth so you can now have a choice. Will you continue to do it, or will you say, Lord Jesus, please help me to stop so that my descendants and I will not reap the seeds of these wrong thoughts.


Christ loves the Church with righteous corrective judgment which stops her from killing herself. And with holiness, and Christ covers our sins and we become Holy. And with sobriety. I really do not know if that Greek word in verse 15 is the same as the Greek word in verse 9. They are both translated sobriety, and I am not really sure what it means. I just had a thought in my mind, so the Lord must be talking to me. At least in verse 15 the Lord just told me that this word sobriety is talking about this debility that arises in your mind when you start living out of Christ Jesus. Now, this has been happening to me for several years, and I find that I have become a very serious person and that my emotions have really been drying up. In my mind my reactions have become very male. My emotions are limited in my rational mind. I am living out of my rational mind, and I know that this is my experience, and I recently read in an occult book that taught that as your mental faculty increases, as you use your mind more and more, as you live out of your mind more and more, your emotional body, which is the astral body, tends to dry up. And I said, Well, look at that. This happens to me a lot when I read occult books.


What I find is an explanation for something that has already happened to me that helps me to help the people I am sent to teach to understand. I probably have even used those words, the emotional part of me has dried up. I have radically changed in this area. This is what that book said. The development of your mind dries up your emotions because your emotions are at the complete opposite spectrum of your mind, and you have to be predominate in one area. You have to be either predominately an emotional person or predominately a rational person. We are all a mixture, but you have to have the weight of the balance on one end or the other. Generally speaking, men are more rational and women are more emotional. That is the traditional description. You do not have to be traditional, and especially if you are a female, and you are moving into spiritual manhood, you will not be a traditional woman. Today we have, unfortunately, in this country, many physical men who are spiritual women. They are emotional, they are excitable, they are irrational. The roles are reversing in this nation.


What are some of those other words of knowledge that we have there, Xxxx? (Comments indistinguishable). Oh, yes that was an interesting word of knowledge that came forth. First of all, let me define conjugate for you. We conjugate verbs, and that word, some people will use the term "parse," to parse the verb. The infinitive of a verb is to say, to help. Any verb with the preposition to before it, to help, to dive, to walk, to eat, that is called the infinitive form of the verb. It is un-parsed, it is un-conjugated, it has no person. It does not say I, you, we, or they. It is the form of the verb that does not indicate the pronoun. It is called the infinitive form of the verb. To conjugate the verb is to state that verb with the pronoun.


Now, we have six pronouns, I, you...  it is simple in English, and it is almost always the same in English, but in foreign languages the endings of the verb changes. So there are three singular pronouns, I, that is the first person, you, that is the second person, and it is called the personal pronoun. There is no difference between the second and third in English. In English it is also "you." But in other languages there is a big difference, and you would never use the second person to someone that you are not familiar with. The second person, you, is either to your wife or your children. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? That does not apply to English. It applies to other languages. The plural, there are three different persons in the plural, and it is we, you, and they. I go, you go, we go, they go. In English the whole verb to go in every aspect of its conjugation is the same. It is go. But in other languages the verb changes depending on the pronoun. To say, we go, in another language, in Spanish for example the ending of the verb would be amos. To say they go the ending of the verb would be en. The pronunciation of the word changes. I feel like I am talking to a stone wall. You do not know what I am talking about? OK.


So, that word of knowledge came forth "to conjugate," and the Lord told me that what it means is that the Sons of God are appearing. Jesus is the Word. He is the verb. Jesus is the infinitive of the Word, and as the Word is spreading out into the Sons of God the "you" pronoun is appearing. Jesus is the I, and the Sons of God are the you. Jesus is the subject, the Sons of God is the object. Jesus is reproducing Himself. He now is appearing to those who can see Him in the spiritual world, but He is in the process of appearing in this physical world, and the two manifestations of Jesus Christ, the I and the you, are at opposite ends of a pool. Jesus in the invisible plane, and the Sons of God in the visible plane. So Jesus is bringing forth an expression of Himself, an object of His invisible self. The verb which Jesus Christ is, is conjugating, the second person is appearing. Can you hear that? Does that make any sense to you?


What is the next one? Bread basket, once again, is referring to an interweaving of energies. When the New Testament talks about Jesus sitting the men down on the grass, and there were baskets of bread. Brethren, I believe there is some truth of every level of the Scripture. Some people get upset when I tell them that is not really the meaning of the Scripture. I am not going to tell you that Jesus never sat 5,000 men down on the grass. I am not going to tell you that, but what I am going to tell you is that there is a spiritual meaning of those Scriptures, and that the grass typifies the resurrected Christ in these men, and the baskets of bread, Jesus is the Bread from heaven that is being broken and distributed in seed form. Jesus was saying, Distribute the broken bread to the men of Israel so that Christ Jesus can be reproduced in them. The baskets that held the bread is talking about Jesus' disciples whose spiritual beings were interwoven with Him. Jesus was the Bread, and the physical man and the personality -- well, let me start that again.


It was the Spirit of Elijah who was resurrected in the man Jesus, and the basket that the Spirit of Elijah was in was the personality and the physical body of the man Jesus. All of the disciples, Jesus' 12 disciples, were gathered into Him. What does that mean? It means that Jesus' consciousness was abiding in the 6th center, He was a supernatural man, He was the Son of God, He was completely interwoven with the Spirit of Elijah, who was completely interwoven with Michael, who was completely interwoven with Jehovah. Jesus Christ was the Son of God in the flesh, and He had gathered His disciples unto Himself. The energy of the forces that made up the man, Jesus of Nazareth, were completely interwoven with the Spirit of Elijah, forming a basket, and Jesus' disciples were gathered into Him. That means their energies, their consciousness, was interwoven with that of the man Jesus, who was interwoven with the whole Godhead.


So there were 12 baskets of bread. What it is talking about is Jesus and His disciples were interwoven. The energy forces that comprised these men were interwoven, but the energy forces of the true timeline were forming a basket for Christ Jesus that was dwelling in these men. That is what it is talking about. Now, if you want to think that there were 5,000 human beings plus women and children, and Jesus said, Tell them to sit down on the grass, I am not going to argue with you, but I do recommend that you pray about this, that there is a deep spiritual meaning, and that large parts if not the whole of the Bible is written in a parable form, which is covering over and hiding deep spiritual truth. These truths can also be true on the physical level.


For years, I have had this spiritual message. I have asked the Lord for years what is going to happen in the physical with regard to the end times and the beast, and He never answered me. The only semblance of an answer that I received was that the ministry He has given me is spiritual, and He is not talking about physical events, that the best thing you can do if you are at all concerned about what is coming upon the earth, what you need to do is to get as close to Jesus as you can through His word. You need to become spiritual. That is the thing to do. It is not to horde food, or to move your money from one bank to another, or to build bomb shelters. What you need to do is get as close to Jesus as possible, ask the Lord how much time He wants you to spend with Him, do not draw your own conclusions in relation to your family, but ask Jesus what His plan for your life is and how much time He thinks you should be spending in His work. And then ask Him to give you the strength to do whatever you have to do with regard to your mate and your family to do it.


That is good counsel, and I recommend that anyone reading this message take it, because I am telling you the right things to do. If you want to protect yourself and your family in the scourge that is coming upon the earth you have to be close to Jesus in the spirit, and then your needs will be met in the physical. You do not provide for your needs in the physical because that may work, but it may not work. But if you are close to Jesus, the Spirit will control the physical events, and you will not only protect yourself, but you will protect your whole family. So, you have got to get close to Jesus, even if your family opposes you, if you want to protect them. If you are in this message, you are the priest of your family. You are the spiritual male who should not be moved by the spiritual female, even if that spiritual female happens to be a physical husband or a physical wife, because if you do what is right, you will wind up saving your whole family in the hour of their calamity. I tell you the truth.


So, the bread basket is the basket that holds the bread, and Jesus is the Bread from heaven. If Christ Jesus is in you, and you are the vehicle that He is using to navigate through this world to reach other human beings, and do whatever His business is, you are the basket. Your personality, even more than your physical body, although both, are the basket, or the 12 baskets.


We received a lot of good words today. The words overall, my impression of the words that we got today, is that Jesus was saying -- well, let me put this on the message. There has been a heavy affliction of witchcraft in the members of the ministry, and we were praying about that when these words came forth. The answer to me seems to be that there is no immediate thing that you can do but hold on, because all of this is happening to you because you are becoming the bread basket. It is happening because you are becoming braided in Christ Jesus, because Jesus is conjugating Himself. He is the subject, and the object, or the image of Himself, is coming into existence. Then another word was judgment. And when this object of Himself, which are the Sons of God, comes into existence, they will execute righteous judgment. So, just hold on. He is not taking these trials away from us, brethren. What He is doing is equipping us to survive them, but it is a painful walk.


What surprised me was when I found out that people who are ascending in the spirit of this world also have a painful walk. This world is divided into good and evil, and there are many people walking a path hoping to ascend spiritually outside of Christ. They do not even understand that there is a difference, as far as I know, but there are people who, in their mind are good, and who are desiring to ascend to be whatever they think of themselves, as workers of righteousness, or -- each different sect calls itself by a different name, and they really believe that this can be done, and it can be done. But, of course, they are in the false timeline. I do not want anyone reading this message thinking that I am saying that it is OK. I am not saying it is OK. I am just telling you what other people think.


These people are having an experience very close to the experience that we are having here. They call it initiation. Initiation into the things of who they perceive to be God. I believe it is a different timeline, and I believe that it will not be obvious that these very well-intentioned people, who are in the wrong timeline, and the only reason you can be in the wrong timeline is because of your pride, because whoever truly seeks Christ will find Him. If your motive for ascending is a measure of self-exaltation, you will be deceived, and that is the truth. Nobody is innocent, brethren. Nobody is innocent. Some people are more guilty than others, but what is the difference if you are a drop in the ocean or a cup full in the ocean? Nobody is innocent.


The end of it all is death, whether you are a drop in the ocean or a cup of water in the ocean. The end of it is death. Life is only in Christ Jesus. So, there are people in this world who think they are on the righteous path, and they enter into a series of experiences that they call initiation, and I was amazed to find out how similar their experiences are to what I am experiencing in Christ Jesus. They have a lot of pain in their life because the negative aspect of the world flows against them, although I think it may be more difficult in Christ Jesus, but maybe not. It is just the end that is different. That is such a hard word. It is just the final stroke that is different, and there will be many people finding out at the end that they went through all of that for nothing.


That is interesting what I just said, or rather what Christ just said through me. I had a memory the other day, and I asked the Lord why I had that memory, and the answer just came now. It was a memory of a movie. Remember, when we have memories like this it is a form of telepathy. It is a form of spiritual communication. The Lord speaks to me a lot through memories, and what it usually means is that the same qualities that brought forth the events of this memory are happening to someone else today, and then I have to start praying and asking the Lord, Who is it, and what are You willing to tell me? I usually just pray a general prayer unless I get more information. The memory I had was of a movie called the Sand Pebbles, and it was the last scene in the movie. There was a male hero.


I had two memories from that movie. He was a male hero whose life had not gone too well for him. He was in the U. S. Navy, an enlisted man, and even this ship he got assigned to was not the best ship. Everything just went bad in his life, but at the very end of the movie he was making it. Things went well on the ship. I think he got a promotion. He met this woman that was the woman of his dreams, and he could not believe that she would want him, but she wanted him. He was about to get discharged from the Navy and go live this wonderful life with her, and he winds up getting shot. He is going to die, he is laying there, and his last words are, "What went wrong? I finally made it, I got the whole thing, and here I am," and he dies.


I had that memory the other day, and the second memory from the same movie was that this ship, I think it was China, they were outside of China, it was a U.S. ship outside of China, and I do not remember the time in history. It was this century. They had a Chinese cook on board who the hero became very close with, and the Chinese cook wound up on the mainland. I do not remember the circumstances, but he was being lynched by a mob from China. He had done something to try and help this guy. He had done something good, he was caught, and he was being lynched by a mob of Chinese, and when the Chinese lynch you, they do not lynch you with a rope like, unfortunately, used to happen in our country, but they strung him up, and this crazed mob was going after him with knives.


They were just pricking at his skin. You could just see the blood coming out all over him, and the intention of it was that he would eventually bleed to death, but it would be a torturous death, because when your skin is all open like that you are open to all kinds of pain. So he was strung up knowing what the end of it would be, and he was screaming to the Americans on the ship out in the ocean, "Somebody kill me." And none of the sailors on the ship wanted to kill him, but the man was about to be murdered by torture, so the hero picked up a shotgun and shot him in the head and saved him from that terrible death. So, these are the two memories I had last week. What does it mean? I have no idea. Sometimes the Lord tells me. I think the Lord always tells me, but the burden is on me to recognize the communication. The information is always there from the Lord. The question is, can my limited brain understand what the Lord is saying to me? I tell you the truth, we all have a limited brain, and compared to the intelligence of God we are canaries.




Since the Lord brought it up twice, and since He brought it up in this meeting, let us just pray a quick prayer for whoever this is that is being tortured to death. We just pray that the mercy of Jesus Christ should put them out of their misery. Now, this may not be a physical death. This may be the death of the carnal mind. Wow, I think I know who it is. Father, in the Name of Jesus, we shoot that carnal mind. You, who are being tortured through a slow death, by the mercy of God we shoot your carnal mind, but you cannot die until Christ Jesus comes forth in you. You are not going to die physically, Sir, but your carnal mind is going to die, and Christ has to come forth in you, and we rebuke your stubbornness, and we rebuke your rebellion, and we rebuke your pride, and we say, Bend your knee to Christ Jesus, who has been calling you for years, bend your knee to Him, and let your carnal mind die so that you can be delivered from your torment, and we bless you and forgive your sins. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.


We have three more words, a green leaf, a fireball, and a reservoir. The green leaf typifies the personality that has become immortal because Christ Jesus is covering its sins. So that is a good word. Reservoir, the Lord has been talking to me about reservoirs for a couple of years now. It refers to the reserve of spiritual energy which is supposedly (I should not say supposedly), there is a reservoir of energy that will enable us to live forever. As I said at the beginning of this message, we die because we are born with that one shot of spiritual energy. We are not connected to the source. When we are born into this world, we are born disconnected from the source of energy, with a limited amount of energy, and when that energy dissipates we die. Our hope is to be spiritually connected to the glorified Jesus Christ and the whole Godhead above so that we will have a continuous source of this energy, and live forever. So that is the meaning of the reservoir.


Now, I am not sure, I know I had a dream about a reservoir several years ago, and it just struck my curiosity. Some dreams I remember for years, other dreams I forget immediately. This dream I never forgot. I was looking out the window through a cracked Venetian blind, and I saw this reservoir, and the water was churning with peaks on it, white caps on it, and I waited for years to understand that it means the source of energy that is going to bring healing and eternal life to us, but I did not know where it was. In my dream it was outside of my building. I was living in a high-rise building, and there were many levels above me. Yet, I was not on the ground. I was ascended, but there were many levels above me, and this reservoir of energy was lower than the window that I was in. Since then, which was about three years ago I found out that there is this reservoir of spiritual energy in Christ Jesus, and there is also a reservoir of energy in the Serpent's world. Whether or not they exist today, I do not know. They may. But there will be a resurrection of the damned.


There will be an immortality to the physical body to some people in the earth, and the power, the energy, for that immortality will come through the union of that person's human spirit with the source of energy that is beyond their individuality which, to the best of my understanding at this time, is called Leviathan. Leviathan, the collective subconscious mind of the creature, the whole of humanity, is a creature. Leviathan is in a plane of consciousness, in a plane of existence that is more spiritual than this physical world, and I believe that she is the one who has incarnated the whole world. This whole world is one giant thought form, and every image in it whether it is a human being or an animal are all thought forms. That is what we are. Would you believe I have not started on my message yet? Did I get all the words? I think I got the last one of them.


The name of this message is Thought Forms vs. Powers and Principalities. What is the difference between thought forms and powers and principalities? I am going to try to give that understanding to you. Does anyone have a question on this drawing #1? It is about the braided hair. If no one has a question we will just take the picture before we go on.


The thrust of this message is to attempt to show you the difference between thought forms and powers and principalities. What is the scriptural name for thought forms? Does anyone remember? It is demons, translated in the New Testament as devils, but the Greek word is daimonizomai. It is talking about thought forms, and the demons are different than the powers and principalities. Now, I have had several experiences with people who have come to me looking for deliverance. Deliverance means many things, but what this person had in mind was the casting out of evil spirits. They were suffering from some spiritual and emotional afflictions, they had heard about deliverance, and they wanted demons cast out of them, but I have known this person for a long time and I have never seen one demon cast out of them. The best way I could explain it over the years was that the problem was not demons. The problem was in their personality, however I explained it to them. It was something in their very nature that had to be changed, could not be cast out, had to be overcome and converted into Christ. But now I see the difference between thought forms, which are demons, and powers and principalities. Thought forms can be cast out. Powers and principalities cannot be cast out.


There are basically two kinds of thought forms, mental thought forms and emotional thought forms. Frequently, they are mixed, but they are primarily one or the other. I think the emotional thought forms almost always have some mental substance in them. If you look at the drawing on the board, it is drawing #2 for this message, I have a man drawn in black. If you are getting these messages with the exhibits you will not be able to see the colors, but the outline closest to the stick man is called the etheric double, or the health aura. There is one aura around each human being, and that aura has two major parts to it, the inner aura and the outer aura. The inner aura closest to the physical body is sometimes called the health aura because the health of the physical body is revealed in that health aura, and it extends about ½ inch or an inch beyond the physical body. It is made up of currents of energy that cleave unto the form of the physical body, and in the health aura there is a counterpart of every organ of the physical body.


We have a physical heart, we have an etheric heart. We have physical lungs, we have etheric lungs. It is the existence of the health aura which is the explanation for the experience known as the phantom limb. A lot of people that have arms or legs amputated still experience pain. There is no arm there, and they experience pain because the arm still exists in their etheric double, and whatever the problem was, whatever the source of the problem was that resulted in the amputation -- or maybe it was not medially amputated, maybe their arm was cut off in a car accident or through a bomb explosion. Whatever the source of the pain, let us just say it was medical -- diabetes. Unfortunately, some people have limbs amputated, usually legs, the source of the medical problem in the physical body originates in the etheric body. Medically speaking, sometimes a limb has to be amputated to prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of the body, to prevent the whole body from dying. If Jesus would choose to intervene, and some spiritual healers -- I am not saying it is great to go to spiritual healers who are not in Christ, I am not telling you to do that, but I am telling you that it is a reality in our world that there are spiritual healers. In nations where these kinds of things are accepted -- there are spiritual healers in the United States, but it is not really accepted here, but in Africa and India and in the Third World spiritual healers are very acceptable. There is no problem with them. The common people go to them. They call them Herbalists, sometimes.


Spiritual healing ministers to the etheric double. It heals the etheric double. When you heal in the etheric double, the physical body heals. The problem originates in the etheric double, and I am actively praying for the Lord, if He is willing to do it, to bring me into a deeper healing from that realm. You see, when we pray in Christ, when we lay hands on someone, and we rebuke a disease and command it to be healed, sometimes the person gets healed and sometimes they do not. We are ministering healing to the etheric double. That is what we are doing. When you heal with energy you go to the root of the source, but as far as I know, those of us in the Church today who try to do these things -- I will speak for myself, I do not have the power to pronounce you healed or not healed. I can pray for you, I will rebuke your condition, I will say all the words I know how to say, but if Jesus Christ does not arise and do His part, you do not get healed. He has to agree with me.


If He does not agree with me, you are not healed, so that means my power is secondary. I do not have the power to heal you. My power to heal is secondary. It is passive. It is intercessory. I pray, and if the One who has the power agrees with my prayer, you are healed. All I can do is ask. I stand up, and I do not believe in going before the Lord, and saying, Oh Lord, please heal this person. I take my authority because I believe I am supposed to be a practicing Son of God, and I will rebuke the condition, but after all my prayer is over, I always back it up with saying, Lord, if it is Your will, please do the work, because I cannot do it. I am not there. Jesus could do it. Jesus had the full power and authority. He could turn it off, turn it on, use it at His will; nevertheless, His testimony was, I do not do anything that the Father does not tell Me to do. Jesus did not heal everybody.


We were talking about the phantom limb, the health aura, and that all disease originates in the finer elements. What I mean by that is further to what I said earlier, we are more than this physical body. We are made of energy. The physical body that we see is streams of energy woven together into this solid form, but there are many streams of energy that flow through this solid form that we cannot see. This solid form is the product of the invisible streams of energy. So, for those who have the power to do it, and I do not recommend doing it outside of Christ, the ideal healing is to go into the invisible streams of energy which produced this physical body, but absent that power, we have the whole medical society which deals with the physical body, and, brethren, the truth is that it is the Serpent's medical society. Jesus Christ did not raise up this society that draws blood and cuts and chops and sews and mutilates. I am sorry if that offends you, but that is not Jesus' creation. Now, sometimes He subjects us to it. He subjected me to it. I fought and screamed and yelled and complained until He told me to shut up. I have had spiritual healings, and I did not want this operation, but that was what my Father decided. He did not speak to me for weeks, and when He finally spoke He just said one little sentence: You have to go through. I am not changing it. That is what He said to me. I am not going to do it.


Now, when Jesus Christ subjects us to the medical society, we pray for His intervention. We pray that He gives wisdom to the doctors and to the whole surgical team, and that the pharmacist does not make a mistake with our prescriptions. Brethren, we need prayer for everything that we do. He is in it, but if you are being healed by the medical society, you need to know that Jesus Christ, for whatever His purposes, has turned you over to the doctors of this world. It does not mean that you were bad. He has a righteous reason for everything that He does. The medical society of this world is not ideal. When you spend five years, like I did, of getting healed of everything that you can imagine by the laying on of hands, or by submitting to a couple of believers rebuking demons in me for half an hour or an hour, and you go from that to the medical society of this world, you will know how vile the medical society of this world is. You will know how complicated, how humiliating, how demeaning, how painful, and how very imperfect its healings can be. But if the Lord is not healing supernaturally, this is the best we have got, so we go for it.


The health aura is made up of invisible interacting streams of energy which generate this physical body, and disease, for those who can see it, can be seen in the health aura long before the disease ever manifests in physical tissue. So when we move into this place, and I am not there, brethren, I am spiritually blind. I see in the spirit, but I do not have the kind of sight. I cannot look at you and look at your energy body and see damage and heal it. I do not know how to do that. I do not have that. I believe your consciousness has to be in the brow center to be doing that in Christ Jesus. I do not have it, but I believe that when we do have it, and I do not want it outside of Christ Jesus, we will be able to see disease before the person gets sick. This is the reality of preventive medicine.


You hear a lot about preventive medicine in the Serpent's camp, but preventive medicine in the Serpent's camp, to me, involves -- and I am not telling anyone to go to a doctor, I am just telling you the truth -- involves all kinds of bondage, going for all kinds of tests, twice a year, once a year, submitting yourself to humiliating examinations, all kinds of expenses, and then you live in fear. Go get a breast exam twice a year. You live in fear. So once we ascend to this place, or the Lord raises up someone in the Church who will legally do this kind of healing in our etheric body, all you have to do is walk past the person, and they will look at you, and if they see anything wrong, they will heal you right there before it ever manifests in your tissue. Of course, that is only temporary, because once our consciousness ascends into the brow center, I believe Christ Jesus, at that manifestation of maturity, will heal our whole body. So it will just be those who are ascended who will perform this kind of healing for the rest of the Church until they ascend.


There is no permanent hierarchy in the Kingdom of God. If you hear that preached, it is a lie. Everybody is in the process of ascending into a place of equality with Jesus. Jesus clearly said, You can be as your Master, but you cannot be greater than Him. Now, until we get to that place, we have to submit to elders and do whatever needs to be done because we are not there, but there is no permanent hierarchy of one man being greater than the other, and if one man is greater than the other it is only because Christ Jesus is greater in that man than in the other men. If you see any signs of domination or ungodly control -- there is a godly control in Christ Jesus, you have to ask the Lord if that is really Him. If it is not really Christ, you have to get out of there. If somebody is telling you what kind of birth control to use with your husband, or your wife, I would be very shocked if that would be in Christ Jesus. Although, there is counsel that comes forth with regard to your personal life, there is no enforcement. There is no enforcement. Counsel comes forth for your personal life. If it is truly in Christ Jesus and you decide not to take it, and this is not a punishment, but there will be a reaping and sowing that comes in your life, and you will find out whether or not it was truly Christ or not.


See, it is your responsibility -- when someone says they are in Christ and they tell you something about your personal life, it is your responsibility to go before God and say to Him, Lord, if this is true, I want the second witness from you that it is true. Now, the problem is that people do not know what is in their own heart. If you really, really, really want to know if it is true, you will get your second witness, but if you are in denial, you will be deceived. So you have to get before God. I pray all the time, Lord, I do not know what else to do, I really want to know the truth. If I am in denial or if I am deceiving myself please help me, because I do not know what to do beyond this position. If it turns out that you are deceived, and you reject the counsel of the Lord that came through an imperfect man, what happens is that you come under the satanic judgment, which does not mean you are going to be murdered in your sleep. It is just a sowing and reaping judgment, at which point you will go before the Lord and find out what went wrong, and if your heart is right toward God, everything straightens itself out. But it is much easier to take the counsel of the Lord; if you can get your witness that He is giving you information that is going to make this correction more easy than more hard. If you can hear that. Does anyone not know what I just said?


This is the health aura, and I am using the occult term, etheric. If there is another term in the Scripture I do not know what it is right now, so I am using the occult term. Outside of the health aura is the second part -- the total aura is made up of the health aura and the outer aura, so when people talk about an aura they are really usually talking about the two together, the health aura and the outer aura, or the astral aura, or the emotional aura, or the astral body. The way I have it drawn on the board it looks like one is outside the other, but they are all interwoven. There is the interwoven basket. All these streams of energy are all interpenetrating one another, interweaving with one another, and not only the astral and the etheric part of the aura, but even with the physical body, these auras and aspects of the aura are interpenetrating every cell of our body. Every cell of our body has etheric substance, has astral substance, has physical substance, and whatever else that we are not going into today. Every single cell of the body. So it is not that we are physical and there is this line outside of us of an aura. That is the way it is drawn, but that is not the way it is. Everything is interwoven, like a woven basket, in every cell of our body. Is everybody OK?


Thought forms. Let me give you some more backup first. Let me remind you about some of the teaching that has come down here about sound. Sound is thought. Sound is more than what you hear with your physical ears, and speech is more than what you are hearing. This morning you are hearing my voice with your physical ears, but speech is much more than these words that your physical ears are hearing. For these words to come out of my mouth I first have to think the thought, and the thought goes through several stages before it comes out of my mouth. So, thought can be audible. Audible means to be able to hear it with the physical ear. And thought can be inaudible. This is how we hear in the spirit. A lot of people speak, but they never speak with their mouth. They speak by thinking the thought, and people who are spiritually sensitive, and hear in the spirit, can hear people's thoughts. Sometimes people have a thought, but they do not speak it out. And someone who can hear in the spirit will hear their thoughts, and sometimes people say audibly one thing and they are thinking something else.


People who hear in the spirit hear a double message. A lot of children hear in the spirit. They are sensitive, and they hear in the spirit, and their parents say one thing with audible speech, but are really thinking something else. Even if the parents are not aware of it, it is a phenomena in the world. The psychiatrists know about it, it is written up in the psychiatric literature. It is called a double message. You say one thing, but you really mean something else. You say, I love you, but you really hate the person. That is an extreme example. A lot of children, and some adults who are subjected to this double talk, sometimes they snap because they cannot reconcile the two different messages, the speaking of the forked tongue. They cannot reconcile it, and sometimes they become mentally ill.


So I tell you once again, and I will keep telling you, brethren, that as you mature in Christ, when the Lord witnesses to you that you are hearing in the spirit, and you have reason to believe that it is Christ Jesus in you, which means that you are hearing accurately what the man's heart is saying, if you hear one thing and the man is saying something else, you must believe what their heart says and reject their words. But the tendency of the average human being is to believe the words of the person, and say, Oh, but he said, but we are the Sons of God, and we do not judge by the words of a person's mouth. We judge by the speech of their heart, because the speech of the heart cannot lie. If you can hear a man's heart he will never be able to lie to you. There was something else the Lord wanted me to say, and it just escaped my mind. Sorry, Lord, I lost it. OK. We will go on unless the Lord gives it back to me.


Thought is vibration. When we think, one of the strings of energy that we are made of moves. A natural example would be, if you want to make a sound, you have to strike two objects together. Something had to move to make that sound. My hand moved and struck the book. What brings forth inaudible sound, which is thought, is that one of the strings of energy that we are made up of moves, and it is not perceptible to our physical ear. Something that happens in the spirit, and when it moves it moves through the other strings of energy, it moves through the physical matter that we are made of, and eventually it has to get to our organic brain. There is a whole series of steps that we will not go into for this message, but this string of energy moves within our being. It is a stirring within our being, and for us to have any understanding of it, eventually it has to get to our physical organic brain. Our physical brain is the mediator between spiritual thought and the conscious understanding. Is everybody OK with this?


Thought is vibration. It vibrates. A string of energy vibrates through the matter of our being. Remember, we are energy mixed with conscious earth. So when we think, brethren, it passes through our etheric part of us and the astral part of us. It passes through our intellect. There is also a mental -- I did not know how to put it up on the board. Some of the writers call it a mental body. See, all of these things, our astral body, our mental body, our etheric body -- they are really all one. They are just different degrees of one person. We are lungs, we are heart, we a spleen, but we are one person. Everything is all mixed up in there. When we think a high spiritual thought -- now, not many people think high spiritual thoughts, but when we discuss the Doctrine of Christ, and it is coming forth out of Christ, there is no personal motive in me for preaching this message. This is Christ Jesus teaching you. I am not trying to make any point, I am not trying to influence you, I am not trying to seduce you, I am not trying to get you to believe me, you all know that, makes no difference, I am here to teach.


My prayer is that Christ Jesus should be glorified in you. I have no personal reason for wanting you to believe me, so these are high spiritual thoughts and words that are coming out of the mental plane of Christ Jesus, and when these vibrations pass through the mental part of me, the mental body, it is possible, and it frequently happens, that pieces, for lack of a better word, of my mental body break off and become thought forms. The thought, the vibration, plus some of the material from my mental body can be thrown off from my mental body and become a thought form. Do you remember several months ago, the Lord gave us this message, The Ark of God in the Mental Plane, and the Lord told us that the messages that we are preaching here are standing tall in the mental plane of Christ Jesus, that something has literally been created in the spirit.  He told us that the physical manifestation of that, whatever it is that has been created, is our web page on the Internet, a web page that the Lord Jesus can direct anyone that He wants to. Anyone that is praying, Lord, I just want to go on with you, I want more knowledge, the Lord Jesus can direct them to that web page, but standing behind the web page is something that has been created by all the preaching that we have been doing here. That is a thought form, and it is a duplicate of what is in my brain and what is in your brain, and it stands alone. It is a thought form. It has a vibration, which means it has the power to reproduce itself in the inquiring mind, and it has a form, and the form that it has in the physical world are these messages and transcripts.


Somebody just gave me a testimony the other day how they read one of the early transcripts. I think it was Message #3 from 11 years ago, and there were answers to questions that they were praying today. The word that is coming forth from this ministry is a living word. That means it has the energy of Christ in it, plus the form of the words and the message. A dead word is a message without the energy of Christ in it, if you can hear that. Energy is spirit. People who preach out of this Bible and do not preach by the Spirit of Christ preach a dead word. Now, a dead word can still help you. God is so wonderful, it can still answer your question, it can still give you faith, if the Lord wants to use it that way, but it is a dead word. Preaching that comes forth by the Spirit of Christ is a complete thought form; the vibrations, the thought which comes out of the Mind of Christ, plus that form that it takes when it passes through mental matter. And thought forms break up. We are living in a sea of thought forms. Every thought that we think just floats around us. Can you receive that? Is that way out for you, can you hear that?


I gave a message online Wednesday, saying that we pass through each other's auras and pick up thoughts from each other's auras. Well, this is just another way of saying the same thing. Frequently, the thought forms that we produce, that we literally give birth to, they abide in our aura. They stay in our aura. Some of them are very strong, and they break away from our aura and just go out and just hang there. Anybody could pick them up. If they are good thoughts, people could be blessed by them, and if they are bad thoughts, people who are susceptible can be hurt by them. But most of our thoughts just hang out in our aura. So, I am just telling you what I told you online last Wednesday with a little more depth, that when someone passes through our aura it is the thought form in the aura that is touching us. Not just the aura, but the thought form in the aura that is touching us.


A thought form can have a consciousness of its own in that it reproduces the idea. It is a reproduction of the idea that the thinker thought, but it is not a whole man. This is what a demon is. The Lord told me years ago that demons were evil thoughts. We have good thoughts and we have evil thoughts. If you have a strong thought, if you hate somebody, if you are raging at somebody, you are producing evil thought forms, and the scary part of this whole thing is that, if you yield to an evil thought, if you yield to hatred of somebody and you do not repent of it, you can forgive the person and that evil thought form is still out there. You know what that is called? It is called a curse. That is what a curse is. If you look up the definition of a curse, it is a pronouncement of evil. When you pronounce evil on somebody, with passion, that thought, that vibration, passes through your emotional aura, a curse is not out of the mental plane, it is out of your emotions. That thought passes through the astral plane, which we know is Satan, and you get a complete thought form. A thought plus an expression of it, and that thing has an existence, and depending on how strong it is, depending on how much spiritual power that you have, it can even outlive you and go from generation to generation, and thus we have curses passing from generation to generation.


This thought form can float around a person and influence the way they think. Demons are the products of evil thinking. And when these thought forms are birthed in you, if you are a person who is a very negative person, filled with unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, hatred, all of these things that we know are sin, as we produce these thought forms, as we yield to these thoughts, these thoughts do nnot vibrate not through the mental matter now, but through our astral matter, through our emotional matter, which is Satan, and they take form. They are literally birthed, and they hang out in the aura. Did you ever wonder where you are casting the demons out of from?


I have had all kinds of deliverance, all kinds of demons cast out of me. Well where are they? I never knew where they were. All I knew is that they pretty much came out of the mouth, but there are they? They are in your aura, and your aura gets dirty and clogged up, and you get sick. If you have enough of this stuff, it is spiritual filth, it messes up your emotional aura, and then it touches your health aura, and then eventually it touches your physical body. So you need to be cleansed, you need spiritual cleansing. And the more negative you are, and the more demons you produce, the more you are influenced by your own demons. It is like an unending track. But thank God that Jesus has made a way for us to get out of it. Your very own mind creates all this negative thinking. If you do enough of it, or if you are raised up in a family where your parents, or the people you are around every day are very negative, these thought forms hang on you almost like a garment, and they influence back on you. So if you have any tendency at all to think negatively, they are going to be influencing you to produce more negative thought forms.


Brethren, it is the same thing. You cannot stop taking drugs, you cannot stop drinking, cannot stop fornicating, cannot stop yelling at your wife, you cannot stop being abusive. Why? At least one possible reason is that you have been doing this for so long, and you have produced so many thought forms, that they have formed a cage around you. I think it is Revelation 17 or 18, talks about being in a cage. This is the cage. We lock ourselves in behind our own evil thought forms which influence us to repeat the same behavior, and we are trapped in a vicious cycle.


With many people, unless these demons are cleared out of their aura, they will continue on this cycle until the day they die. But, by the power of Jesus Christ, if we confess that this is wrong thinking and sin, but we are powerless to stop it, our aura can be cleansed of these thought forms. They can be exploded, they can be destroyed, and then we find within ourselves the power to stop doing it. You see, the casting out of demons only releases your will. You most likely have a demon when you really, really want to stop doing something and you just cannot find the strength to do it. Then, if Jesus Christ casts the demon out of you, that undue influence is done away with, and hopefully, your own willpower in Christ Jesus will be enough to overcome the evil inclination. There is a difference between an evil inclination, a desire to do something, and the demon which is influencing you to do it. The demon which was produced when you did it six years ago, just by way of example, is strengthening the evil inclination in you, so they have got you coming, and they have got you going. You have got an evil inclination because of a weakness of your character, and every time you have yielded to this weakness, it has produced a thought form which is sitting right over, hovering right over your head saying, Do it again, do it again, do it again.


I think it is a pretty much accepted principle from people that have any kind of experience in this world, that when you do something wrong, once you do something wrong, it is much easier to repeat it. The first time is always the hardest, whether you fornicate, whether you commit adultery, whether you steal, whatever you do, if you are resisting against it because you have been taught that it is wrong, there is a strength in you because you have never done it. But once you do it, it is much harder to stop. It is much harder to not do it once you have done it than if you have never done it because now you have produced thought forms. So, you no longer only have the inclination to do it, you have a spiritual record of having done it, which is right present in your aura saying, Do it again, do it again. It is the demon that can be cleansed out of your aura, but the inclination cannot be cleansed. The inclination must be overcome, and it is this inclination that arises out of powers and principalities. The inclination that cannot be cast out but that must be overcome is what the Scripture calls powers and principalities, and the demons are the thought forms which are the spiritual proof of the exercise of sin. Did I make that clear?


All men are born with potential inclinations. We all have everything, but some inclinations are stronger in some people than in others. Once we yield to the inclination, something is born that is a spiritual witness of our transgression. If we could see in the spirit, if we could see people's auras, if we had this ability, we could see every sin that they ever committed. That is the truth of our existence. Maybe it is a blessing that we cannot see. We might not be able to deal with it. It is like a written record of everything that has happened to everybody. I do not know that I could deal with it. As a matter of fact, I have been telling the Lord if He is willing to give it to me, I would like this spiritual sight. I have been praying that for quite a while now. He finally answered me just this weekend, and His response was, Do you think you could bear it? Once He asked me the question, I had to say, I do not know that I could bear it. I probably have to mature more. I do not know that I could bear it. I probably could not.


I am just going to wind this up, and we will finish this at another time. I hope that I have established for you, basically, the difference between the powers and principalities and the demons. I have not gone into any detail as to the powers and principalities. I have gone into detail about the demons. The demons are thoughts that are produced, and they are made up of this string of energy that draws unto itself material from our astral body, which is our emotions, and from our mental body, which is that invisible part of us that we think with. They live for varying lengths of time. The more passion involved, the longer they live, and that is what a curse is. And that is what a blessing is. If you bless your children, or you bless somebody with great emotional love, you are pronouncing a blessing on them. Do you know that in Hebrew, the word for blessing and cursing is the same word? It is a pronouncement that brings forth a thought form. I have a lot to say about that, but it looks like I am losing you all and it is 10 after 3, so I guess we will just close for now. We will pick up on this soon.


I am going to end this message, and we will make this Part 1 of a series, and we will pick up on Thursday night with Part 2


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