451 - Part 2
(The Difference)





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I have a spiritual psychological message today. Spiritual studies and psychological studies are very compatible, because if you read the writings of the famous researchers in psychiatry, they do not have to be famous, but if you read psychological papers and works you will find out that they may be using different words than we are or we may be using different words than they are, but we are talking about the same thing. We are talking about the mind. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and people who study spiritual philosophy, which is what we do here, is all talking about the mind. What we bring forth here in a study like this is really nothing new. Now, it may be new to you if you are not familiar with psychiatric study, and I tell you, and I tell you from my personal reading -- not that I read the psychiatric studies first. I have read psychiatric studies after work we have done here, and I find this to be saying the same thing.


The unconscious mind, brethren, is the controller of the people. We do more out of our unconscious mind than out of our conscious mind. Our unconscious mind, to a large degree, rules the lives of the people. The only exception being those who are knowingly standing against their unconscious mind. Now, you can knowingly stand against your unconscious mind out of Christ Jesus or you can knowingly stand out of your unconscious mind out of a part of the very same mind that your unconscious mind is a part of because we are divided beings.


I will just give you a little review of the unregenerate person. Well, none of us here are regenerated, but if you have Christ Jesus formed in you, or being formed in you, you are in the process of being regenerated, and if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, you have a new mind. Your new unconscious mind is the Spirit of Christ, and your subconscious mind is Christ Jesus, and your conscious mind, if it still exists, is Christ or the resurrected Abel, but Christ is being swallowed up into Christ Jesus. So let us just review.


What is the difference? Christ is the resurrected Abel. Christ is your potential for the Mind of Christ. Every human being, as far as I know, there may be some exceptions, but by and large, all of humanity -- not animals, not dogs, not horses, not cats, but human beings -- have the potential to have a spirit in them. It is their potential for the Mind of Christ to be formed in them, and our resurrection from the dead is the Mind of Christ. When He is formed in us and matures to His ultimate maturity we will be regenerated. Our spirit will be regenerated and our personality will be saved.


Christ is the resurrected Abel, and He is still disconnected from the eternal world,where Jesus Christ is dwelling with Jehovah in this hour. When Christ is first resurrected -- what I mean by resurrected, maybe that is not even an accurate term -- when He is quickened, when Christ is quickened, when the consciousness of Christ appears in you. It is still in seed form when it appears, but when Christ is quickened in you, when Christ is conceived in you, He is your new conscious mind. Let me say this, this new conscious mind is under the dominion of Satan. He is quickened under the dominion of Satan. How can I say that? Abel's blood is crying out from underneath the ground. Abel is under the ground, and the ground is the sea bottom, and Satan is over the sea bottom. So our new life, the Mind of Christ, is quickened while He is still under the ground.


Now, our conscious mind is a two-fold conscious mind. Cain and Abel are the conscious mind of fallen man, but Cain killed Abel. So aside from those who are growing in Christ Jesus, Abel is dead through this fallen humanity that we are a part of. Is everybody OK? We are going to go very slow. When Abel is quickened we already have an instant conflict because the twins are twins again.


The Bible has several accounts of twins being born and striving with each other in the womb. We are in the spiritual womb here in the earth. Now, there is no conflict when Abel is dead. That is why there are so many people in this world who are mortal, who are fallen, who are not Christian or who are Christian and not walking in it, they have a good life. They are healthy in their mind, they are healthy in their body, their relationships are healthy, their children are healthy, and some of them are even very rich, on top of everything else.


How could this be? There is no conflict in their life. Abel is dead. They are not hurting Satan's kingdom at all, but as soon as Abel is quickened in you, there is an immediate conflict in your life, bringing in storms and tornadoes from the spiritual plane, that the average person finds it hard to believe, and they try to explain it away, Oh, I just had some trouble with my husband this morning. No, it was much more than that. A spiritual storm hit your house. Anything that happens in this visible world, which is a stage -- this visible world is a stage for the playing out of spiritual ideas, spiritual events, what starts out as a spiritual idea. Some ideas are very evil. Ideas are evil, and they are good, and they come forth in varying degrees of strength. And every idea that comes out of every person's mind is programmed to express itself in this visible world, which is the stage of spiritual experience.


So, as soon as Abel is quickened, we have conflict in our life. Abel is still under the dominion of Satan, and Satan is strengthening Cain, so this is a horrendous battle, but because of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is beyond this world, who has the ability, who was willing to, and who, in fact, will and does extend His hand down into this world, Abel can be strengthened by the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the Lord Jesus Christ, the quickened Abel, or Christ, as He is called in the New Testament, has a chance. No, it is not guaranteed that the newly conceived Christ has a chance that He will overcome Cain, who was strengthened by the whole carnal mind that is Satan and Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent and the whole ball of wax.


It is like a salmon swimming upstream, but it is possible. When the quickened Christ ascends to a spiritual place by the grace and the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, where Satan has little or no power over Him, where that quickened Christ is withstanding and withholding Satan's devices in His mind, in His life, and He is also a cover for His family -- when that quickened Christ is strong enough to ward off Satan, He becomes Christ Jesus. Now, brethren, you cannot ward off Satan -- see, this is much more than having strength. It requires discernment because strength does nothing for you if you cannot see the enemy. You cannot shoot a ?. So some of are very, very strong in our mind and in our will, but so long as we are blinded to the enemy and to her devices our strength is limited.


Our strength is what I call passive strength, which is not a bad thing. It is a stage of development, it is not a bad thing, and we all have to know how old we are so that we know how to pray, and how to hope to grow. Passive strength is when you cannot see the enemy, so you cry out to Jesus. You say, Help! There is a lot of strength in that one word. That is the best prayer you can ever pray in your life, but for those of us who are growing up into Sons of God -- of course, Sons of God still exercise the spiritual authority of Jesus Christ, and we yell, Help, too. Do not misunderstand me, but those of us who are growing up into Christ Jesus, our eyes are opening. We see Satan, we see her devices, and we are actively fighting against her, standing against her, and we are in the thick of battle by the power of Jesus Christ.


Now, there is a difference between picking up the sword of Jesus Christ and fighting the battle, and laying back and saying, Lord, I am blind, if you do not help me I am finished. And the difference is the degree of maturity, and nothing is wrong with either degree. I am just educating you. Everybody is OK. We are all fighting the same war, we are trying to get to the other side, nobody is good and the other bad, no one is better than anybody else, but we are at different stages in development. It is important that we know where we are, and we do not have to be in the same stage of development for every crisis in our life. There are some battles that I really know how to wage, and I have been victorious in them, and in other battles I have to yell, Help! So I have to know the difference. I have to know when to yell for help, and I have to know when I can take the victory.


To put it in a nutshell, once you enter into the spiritual world -- what is another way to say that once Christ is quickened in you, you only have two choices: you go on in battle or you abort Him. Now, I do not think anybody reading these messages is about to abort Him, so, you are in a war for the duration.


We have had some technical difficulties. We have lost about 10-15 minutes of our background concerning the two minds, and I really do not remember what I said, so I will just briefly fill in by saying that the carnal mind has an unconscious mind, which is Satan, and a subconscious mind, which is Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent. Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind, and the extension of herself in the individual is called the Fiery Serpent, or Kundalini. And the conscious mind is Cain. The Mind of Christ is the Lord Jesus glorified as our new unconscious mind, and Christ Jesus, who is victorious over Satan, is our subconscious mind.


Now, both the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus are collective. That means they flow throughout all of the people who have the Mind of Christ, and Abel is the conscious part of our new mind, but Abel, or Christ, is dissolved as He is absorbed into Christ Jesus. Abel, or Christ, being the quickened seed of the Mind of God that is still under Satan's dominion, and He grows up into Christ Jesus, who stands against Satan, and who is victorious against Satan. And when Christ Jesus in the individual is joined to the glorified Lord Jesus, that individual becomes a supernatural man who is invincible.


Let me repeat this. It is important. It is easy for us to perceive that the Christ mind is at enmity with the carnal mind, and that there is a war going on between the Christ mind and the carnal mind. It is more difficult to see that the carnal mind counterfeits everything the Christ mind does; therefore, the carnal mind is divided within itself. There is a good part and an evil part, and it is possible for a man who is not quickened in Christ to be a good man, to be a moral man, to be an ethical man, to be a man who loves truth, and to stand against Satan within himself and within other carnal men. So that is much more difficult to see, that everyone who is not in Christ is not an evil man, and every Christian is not in Christ. More people have the Holy Spirit than have the Spirit of Christ and are following after the Spirit of Christ. So it does not make you an evil person because you are not following after Christ.


Brethren, the whole world is dead. We are just trying to survive here. Some people do better than others. I am not excusing sin, but we, the Sons of God, are here to bring reconciliation through the exposure of the sin nature. We are not here to condemn anyone or to punish anyone, but we are here to expose sin, for the specific purpose of hoping that the truth that we impart to man will strengthen them, will strengthen the part in them -- if you have Christ, that the truth will strengthen Christ in you.


We are dealing here mostly with people who have Christ formed in them, that the truth of what the unconscious mind can do -- Paul said, We are not ignorant of her devices. He must have been talking about himself and his local crew because everybody that I know is ignorant of Satan's devices. If that is a correct translation; I have not looked at in the Greek. The reason we expose sin by the Spirit of Christ Jesus is for the specific purpose of imparting to that person the opportunity to take that knowledge and go before God and say, Lord, I am willing to admit that it is true, I am not fighting anything, I am not fighting Pastor Sheila, I am not fighting whoever it might be. I confess that because I am a fallen man, it could be true, and I give myself to You. If it is true, help me, help me. That is the attitude you should have, and that is why we expose sin.


Brethren, all sin arises out of the unconscious mind. If you cannot see your unconscious mind, you have got a problem. And if you are in the process of becoming spiritual because you are submitted to a spiritual course of study such as this one, and you are opening up to spiritual influences from other people, and you cannot see that you have got a problem, you need a cover. You need someone who is going to show you what is happening. You can have your relationship with Jesus directly, but your spiritual relationship with Jesus, for whatever reason, I am not in charge of this, I am just a teacher here. He just does not explain things to you in the depth that a human being can.


When the glorified Jesus Christ reproduces Himself through a man; when the glorified Jesus Christ is connected to Christ Jesus in a man, and teaching through that man, what you need to know comes forth in language that you can understand, through a teacher who will say to you, Do you understand me?, and tell you as many times as necessary. But your relationship with the Lord Jesus, personally, which you should definitely not give up, is not adequate. Not on God's part. God is adequate, but your apparatus, the part of you that can learn directly from the spirit, is not developed enough. That is why you need a teacher. So if your conscious mind is doing something that you really cannot see, or if you are being influenced by someone else's unconscious mind and you cannot see it, the Lord will speak to you, but if you cannot hear Him, He is going to speak through me, and that is what is happening this morning.


Let us look at what we have on the board today. All sin arises out of the unconscious mind, brethren. I guess I have to say this first. All sin arises out of the unconscious mind. When I get this drawing off the board we will do another one. All sin is conceived in and arises out of your unconscious mind, and depending on how you deal with this sin, you either gather more sin unto yourself or you work toward setting yourself free. The Hindus and the Buddhists and the people who believe in reincarnation, a lot of them -- I know there are many different sects with many different beliefs -- a lot of them will never respond to an evil with another evil, because they have a revelation that when you do evil, even if the person has done evil to you, that you are releasing something, you are unleashing something from your mind that will have a recompense.


And when you think evil, evil will come back to you. I do not think there are many in the world today, really religious or fanatical Buddhists, I do not mean that in a bad way, sometimes Hindus, who will let you do anything to them. They will not fight back. I read a story once, and I am not saying I agree with this. I am trying to make a point about sowing and reaping. I read a true story once about a whole Buddhist camp that was wiped out. They literally stood there and let themselves, women, children, men be mowed down because they believed that if they defended themselves that the evil that they did would go on to their next incarnation. I do not believe in that. That is just a point that I am making.


Now, with regard to ourselves today, if we see sin rising in our mind, and we lay hold of it, and confess that it is wrong and hate it, we can kill it. Now, what is sin? How does sin come forth? Sin comes forth in the form of thought forms. Sin is in our thought. Any act of behavioral sin is only the end result of a whole process of thought going through different stages. So, therefore, we can say that sin expresses itself as thought forms, and we have had some message recently explaining how thought forms come forth and sort of float around in our aura. They float around us. If we could see into the emotional plane, if we could visible see our emotions -- now we know that emotions are not visible, we can see expressions on people's face that indicate what emotions they are feeling -- but if emotions were to become visible, this is what they would be, thought forms. And all of our thoughts would be floating all around us.


The only problem is the people that we have a relationship with, the people that we are connected to through our subconscious mind, are connected to us. There are no walls in the subconscious plane. These physical bodies are walls that physically separate my spiritual being from your spiritual being. And my conscious mind separates me even from your conscious mind if I do not want to hear what you are saying. I just walk out of the room, and I cannot hear you anymore. This is all the conscious world in this physical plane, but in the subconscious plane and in the unconscious plane there are no walls. The physical body and the conscious mind are the walls, and more the conscious mind than the physical body, but in the subconscious and the unconscious there are no walls. If you are a part of my life we flow together on some level in the subconscious and unconscious mind. Your good thoughts towards me, and I am using myself as an example now, your prayers towards me, actually come toward me as good thought forms, and they strengthen me. Our thoughts in the plane in which they are visible literally become messengers of good or evil.


This is the basis of a generational curse, brethren. In a generational curse somebody pronounces such an evil upon you, and that evil manifests in the invisible plane, unless you have spiritual sight in that plane, as a thought form. That evil thought gathers matter unto itself and becomes a thought form. Emotion, in the emotional plane, is strength. The stronger the thought, the more hate involved in it, the more magnetized the thought is, and as long as the thought is magnetized, it holds particles of matter around itself, and that is what forms it. A thought is a vibration, a string of energy, and the more powerful it is, the more hate that flows in it, the more strongly it vibrates, and the more it vibrates, the more it is magnetized, and the more it is magnetized, the more the particles of matter cling to it, and the thought form has a life of its own.


If the hate of the thought is so strong, it is possible for that thought form to be transmitted to a fetus in utero. Why not? The physical and emotional life of the baby is drawn from the mother, the very blood of the mother, the very flesh of the mother, and the very emotions of the mother. This is the foundation of a curse. The thought form, which is a living thing, not life as God's life, but the life of this world, which is really death, is a living, vibrating, semi-conscious entity that cleaves to the aura of the newborn child, and the hate is so strong that it goes from generation to generation.


So we see, brethren, that the whole world is lost in sin, that everybody is a spiritual criminal to some degree, but some people, because of their upbringing and their genetic heritage, have a stronger ability to deal with ungodly emotions, basically pride, envy -- envy is a biggie. Envy, pride, competition. Pride and competition are the same, and hatred arises out of pride, and witchcraft. Some people just have a better ability to deal with it than others. Some people just have no trouble saying, Wow, was I jealous of that person! I wish it was not true. When you voice it, somehow it dissolves, but when you deny what you are feeling, or what you are thinking, it strengthens the evil thought, and when you get a powerful thought form coming forth, then it is called witchcraft.


Now, this thought form -- when you deny something, when anyone of us deny an emotion -- fear is another biggie. When we deny fear, for example, the stronger the emotion -- whether it is fear or envy or whatever it is -- the stronger the emotion, the stronger the vibration, the more powerful the thought form. If you see it and confess that it is wrong, it demagnetizes the thought, the thought can no longer gather particles unto itself, and it just eventually stops vibrating and dies. I cannot explain to you why. I just know that is how it works because the Lord has taught me. Unfortunately, for us here in hell, it does not matter whether you deny it because you see it and you choose to deny it, or because you are blind to it. It does not matter.


If you pick up a gun and you shoot somebody, they are dead, and it really does not matter why you did it, and every action will have a reaction, and every sin will have its just recompense, whether you are blind to it or not. If you are riding in a car with a friend, and he says, Hang on, I will be right back and leaves the car running, and he goes into the drug store and robs the drug store and comes out and drives away, do you know that the person sitting in the car is just as guilty, although he had no idea what his friend was doing at all? Well, is that not unfair? says the carnal mind. What if I really cannot see my sin? We are in hell, brethren. And the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, to you who cannot see your sin, is to show you your sins, and then you have no complaints. If you want to keep on sinning and reap what you sow, go do it. This is why the exposure of sin, the corrective judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ, is His gift to the people who call on His Name, who really cannot see what they are doing, because they will not stop reaping what they are sowing. Jesus Christ has not come to stop us from reaping what we are sowing. He has come to help us stop sowing evil seed.


I am going to say that again. That is really important. Jesus Christ has not come to help us to stop reaping the evil recompense of our own sinful thoughts. He has come to give us the power to stop sowing evil thoughts, and there is no law against a righteous man who thinks only good. Only good can come to you. The people who are in trouble in this world, the people who Jesus has come to are the people who really desire to be good, and are blind and cannot even see what they are doing. They do not stand a chance of stopping this evil sowing because they are just lost to what is happening. They just have no idea what is going on.


The Scripture says that the Lord resists the proud. If you know what you are doing, and you want to do it, He is not going to fight with you. He is not going to fight with you if that is your choice, but He will fight with you like He did in the person of Paul, who fought with the beasts at Ephesus. He will fight with you if you are crying out day and night, and you just do not know what is wrong, and in your ignorance, you fight against His program or against His ministers. He will fight with you because He will respond to your heart and not to the ignorance of your mind, because everybody is ignorant until they are enlightened.


We have a drawing on the board this morning. I hope to convey some understanding to you of how we affect our spiritual neighbor -- when I say spiritual neighbor, I mean the people that we are emotionally and mentally in contact with, even when we are not in physical contact with them. We form a community. There is a community of the people that are a part of our life. Now, this is the person who is in denial. As I told you, they may know that they are in denial, but if they are serving Jesus, there is a good chance they do not even know they are in denial. That is why we are preaching a message like this. This is the person in denial. There is something afflicting them. Fear.


Let us say it is fear, and for whatever reason, they cannot recognize that they are afraid. Maybe this is the way they have been dealing with fear their entire life, and even though they are really trying to change, for the last year, and have had some victory, the victory is not complete because you do not change in one year. Let me tell you, I have been in this for 20 years, and I have a whole list of attitudes and behavior that I would like to change. I have not changed yet. Listen, because you have some victory, do not think you have arrived. The Scripture says, do not think you are standing because if you think you are standing, destruction is just around the corner. Until we ascend into supernatural victory in Christ Jesus we are not standing.


Here is our person in denial. They are very afraid, and even though they tried, they may even have said the words, I am afraid, but I have hope in Jesus Christ. Even though they said the words they did not completely take the victory, and they are dealing with their fear with their old ways. They are repressing it, and they are denying it. Their denial is causing the fear to manifest. Well, the fear did manifest as demons of fear, and a complete confession would have destroyed these entities. These demons, these thought forms are demons -- well, maybe they are not demons at the beginning. When the thought first comes forth, of fear, it merges from their unconscious mind; the fear emerges, it is a vibration, it just seeps into your mind.


The person who has the ability, which takes much practice of really discharging the whole however many vibrations it is, however many thoughts it is, the whole mess of fear, these thought forms will just dissolve because thought forms are energized. I preached here for years about what I called a spiritual orgasm, and I still believe that is true, but I now have a better idea of it. We are just looking at it in a different way, that every one of these magnetized threads of energy has a need to discharge. It is like a grenade that you pull the pin out of. It has got to explode. These thought forms are explosive. They have energy within them; that string of energy that gathers the material atoms to itself is charged. It needs to be discharged, and when you face it, when your conscious or the subconscious mind faces the unconscious mind, and says, Wow, there is fear in me, but I do not want to be afraid, and my hope is in Jesus Christ, it discharges the fear, but when you deny it,these thought forms become demons, and they abide in your aura.


Now, these people over here are the friends and relatives of the person in denial, and I drew the aura with a dashed line. It is not too easy to see, but you can see that the auras are all, not only touching each other, but interpenetrating each other. We all have a community that we are a part of, and we are all touching in that community. There are no walls between people that -- it is a form of intimacy, there are different degrees of intimacy, but someone who is in your life on a regular basis you are intimate with. And then in your subconscious and your unconscious mind there are no walls, and you all are in the same city. It is a spiritual city. So these thought forms, which have now become demons because the energy of the fear, has not been adequately discharged by the person who is thinking it, and there is no condemnation here, because they may be incapable of it. This person may be incapable at this time of facing the depth of the fear that they are feeling. Jesus knows. I do not know. Jesus knows.


The thoughts become demons, and they start to flow into the auras of their friends and relatives. Now, they do not leave the person who is in denial. Actually, what I just said was not accurate. The demons do not start to flow through. The demons expand. You see, they are not particles. They are waves. They just stretch out. The flow out, and they flow into, or particles of them flow into the auras of their friends and relatives and reproduce themselves. I drew the demons of the person in denial in red and the demons of the friends and relatives in green, because it is not really the same demon. If it was the same demon it would be gone from the person in denial, and it would be now in the auras of the friends and relatives.


It is a reproduction. Some people call it a transference of spirit, but you see when these demons come from the person in denial they do not -- let us say they are a demon of fear, they do not always manifest in these three other people as demons of fear. They come into the other person's spiritual being, they flow into their subconscious mind, and into the whole family of the person. If two women are friends, and one woman is afraid, and she affects her friend -- these thought forms, these demons, they are energy, they are stirring up trouble, energy, just agitation, agitation -- and they come into her friend's aura, and it goes to the friend's whole family. All of a sudden, there is a fight going on. All of a sudden, there is a car accident. All of a sudden, somebody is sick.


You have to get spiritual, brethren. There is nothing that happens in this world that is not first generated by a thought that arises out of your unconscious mind. There are no accidents. You do not just happen to have a fight with your husband. You do not just happen to have a nightmare, and you do not just happen to get sick, although it is true that some people get sick more easily than others, and it is true that some marriages are more likely to bicker than other marriages. But, brethren, when several people of a community are experiencing problems, something is wrong, and something is wrong in the spirit. Any questions so far about this?


This is drawing #2. I have a diagram of a person inside of a shell. A shell is a spiritual barrier, an artificial spiritual barrier, a wall, that people can create with their own mind. We have a lot of people who know about shells. People who are engaged in witchcraft and spiritual practices build shells around themselves. How do you build a shell around yourself? Everything spiritual, brethren, is done with your mind. They think a shell around themselves, and if they have the spiritual power to do it, that shell manifests. It is an invisible shell that cannot be seen in this world, and the shell is a filter. It is a filter, and the mind that is in control of that shell decides what thoughts and emotions it will let in, and what thoughts and emotions it will let out, and every other thought and emotion is prohibited.


Now, when this ministry was under a severe attack -- about three years ago, we were under sexual harassment. Everybody was being sexually harassed in their sleep by astral-projecting entities, astral-projecting minds, and no matter how I prayed, I could not defend myself against this. In desperation, I cried out to God because I was being attacked every night, and the Lord told me to use my mind to put myself in a castle. Now, I was distressed about this because I had heard of visualization before. I believed that it was witchcraft, and I had never heard of a Christian using visualization. I thought it was witchcraft, but the Lord told me that if you are doing it in My Spirit, it is not witchcraft.


Spiritual things are spiritual things. Spiritual events and spiritual practices occur in both spirits, in the spirit of this world, and in the Spirit of Christ, so it was all right with Him for me to build -- in case you did not get what I said, putting myself in a castle is building a shell. He told me to build a shell around myself, so I would visualize, and still do it from time to time when needed. I will say the words out loud, I put myself in a castle, and I see the image of the castle and I see myself inside of it, and I put guards around it, and it really works. It is only a temporary defense. I have to do it frequently for it to work, but it does work. This is what a shell is. You see, I did not know it.


When the Lord told me to do that, I had never heard of a shell before, but have recently read in an occult book, that it is very common for spiritual practitioners to create shells around themselves. I said, Oh wow, is not that interesting, that is what the Lord told me to do three years ago! Some people do it knowingly, and other people do it unknowingly. Practitioners of witchcraft do it to defend themselves. I am told that there are practitioners of witchcraft in Africa who know how to send curses, knowing that those curses will be thrown back at them, and they know how to duck the curses. When I first heard this I said, How do you duck a curse coming back on you? I could not even imagine. I still do not know, but I have a general idea that when your mind is strong enough you put some kind of a shell on yourself that works, kind of like call forwarding.


The curse just bounces off and goes to someone else. We have people who do this that know what they are doing, and many, many thousands of people all over, millions of people who are doing this that do not know that they are doing it. Part of it is inherited, and the other part of it is that they continue to practice what they saw their parents do. These people deal with problems for their whole life the way they have seen other people do. They do not realize there is anything wrong with it, and it becomes so automatic that they do not even know they are doing it, just like they do not know their heart is beating.


We find people that have a shell around them, those Christians doing everything they know how to do to serve God, not realizing that this is their condition. They have a shell around themselves, and this shell is a filter, the filter has a gatekeeper, and the gate keeper is Satan. The gatekeeper lets out, through this filter, this shell, lets out all the negative energy that these people do not want to deal with. All the fear, all the envy, all the hatred, all the resentment, all the retaliation that they are not facing because they really would like to be good Christians. They just do not know how to be good Christians. So they discharge their negative energy.


The gatekeeper lets the negative energy through the shell. It also does not let any negative energy in, but this shell -- well, let me finish this idea first. So the negative energy passes through the shell and flows into the aura, or the personal space of some friend or relative who is not defensed, who does not have a shell around them, and this is the operation of denial. You can see on the board that the person is thinking, Wow, everything is fine, I am having a good day, I do not feel any pain at all, because they have enough mind control power to throw their negative energy out of their shell. What they do not realize is that they are throwing live bullets out into the spirit, and their friends and relatives who are not defensed, who are spiritually sensitive, are being hit by those spiritual bullets, and here is their friend, who you can see does not have a shell around him. This is a person who has no shell. He is penetrated by the repressed thoughts of the person in denial, and he is saying, Wow, it is a tough day out here.


I have been telling you for a long time, that we have basically two categories of people in the world, but I read somewhere recently that there are three. The Lord did not witness to me either way. It is probably true. One category is the people in the shell. They appear to be very positive and very strong because they have this power. Brethren, they are born with it. It has to do with the personality that you are born with, primarily, and the lessons that you have learned as you have grown up. So the people that have these shells do well in the world. They survive all kinds of pain and hardship, and they live their life.


Then there is the other group of people who just seem to be destroyed by life. They are sick all the time, they are physically sick, they are mentally sick, and they cannot hold on to their temper. To be a rageaholic is a character flaw. It is a sign of spiritual weakness to not be able to be temperate, to temper yourself. It is a character flaw and a sign of spiritual weakness. We are supposed to be able to control ourselves. That is the second category. And, of course, within these two major categories there are people in all different degrees. If you could measure the people in the category on a scale from 1 to 10, there are people that are more severe and there are people who are less severe.


So, the tendency of the people with the shells is to be coping all of the time because they have this artificial mechanism for discharging their negative energy, and they do not realize that the mechanism that they use is releasing live bullets into the spirit. Then you have the other category of people who do not have a shell, and they are just being wiped out. They are just being defeated. I am convinced that it is in this category of people that we have the mentally ill and the drug addicts and the alcoholics. There are people who are open spiritually with no defenses. They are open to the spirit world, they have no defenses, and they do not even know what their problem is. This book that I read said that there is a third category of people in the middle group, but these are the two major groups.


If you want to think about it, that is really the way our society is set up. You might even say it is the "haves" and the "haves not." I see it frequently in the spirit when I look at the medical community. I have talked a lot about the medical community. Brethren, I am not against the medical community. They help a lot of people, and God works through the medical community. He does. But the truth of this world is that there is a trillion dollar industry -- I do not even know what the number after trillion is -- that employs just trillions of people that are making all kinds of money, and they are doing it because there are sick people in this world; physically sick and mentally sick people in this world.


So, you can look at it from one point of view and say, Well, is this not this a wonderful medical society, and all the good they do and all the people that they are helping? And this is true if you are looking at it from the point of view of this world, but if you are looking at it with spiritual eyes, if you are looking at it with the eyes of Jesus Christ, your mind says, Let us heal the people and put this whole industry out of business. I do have a minor condition that I have to get checked once a year, so I was in the doctor's office last week. My doctor has her office as a part of University hospital which she shares with many other physicians, so it was a big office. It was an office in the hospital. There were a lot of people, there were a lot of people in the waiting room. There was a man on a stretcher. There were a lot of clerks, more than 10 clerks operating in this area, and I saw it with spiritual eyes. I just sat there, and I said, Lord, how much longer before you come and set this world free? That was my prayer. If you can hear what I am saying, while we are down here in hell, thank God for the medical community, but, brethren, this is not God's answer to the problems of this world.


So, in this world we have the 'haves" and the "haves not," and everybody is a mixture. You can be a "have" in one category, and a "have not" in the other category. You can have all the wonderful things of this world and be sick, or you could have great health and have financial problems. When you evaluate yourself you have to take your whole life and weigh the negatives against the positives and decide whether you are a "have" or a "have not," whether you are a loser or a winner. That sounds very hard, but there are losers and winners in this world. There are people that, no matter what they d,o they cannot get on their feet, and they die terrible deaths. That is the truth. There are winners and losers in the people category, losers and winners in the national category. So the United States, at least as of today, we are still a winner nation, but we have people within this nation who are losers, and it just keeps going on and on and on. We are talking about percentages. When you compare the United States to other parts of the world, even though we have some people who are really suffering here, we are still a winner nation, but we have problems.


Brethren, the answer is not the medical community, but it is in the meantime. It is while we wait for the true deliverance. So, we see this person is victimized by the repressed thoughts of his friend or relative who is having a great day. So what am I saying? In this world there are losers and winners because the winners, even though we give them the benefit of the doubt, do not know what they are doing. Maybe they are not doing anything wrong, maybe they are using godly techniques, I do not know, but they have found a way to cope with the negative energy of everyday life, because life is hard, brethren, and it is painful, and there are all kinds of troubles and problems and hurts in life. So the winner category found out how to deal with these hurts, and they are survivors. The winners are survivors. Some people are dealing with their negative energy in a positive way, but I think, brethren, there are just thousands, if not millions, of people in this country alone, I do not know about other countries, that are in denial. We have a plague of denial in this country. I do not know about other countries.


What is denial? Pain rises up in you, someone that you love hurts you, disappoints you, and you think that you throw it off, but you really have not forgiven them. You really are feeling resentment, you really are feeling rejected, and that refusal to honestly deal with what you are feeling causes your negative energy to flow through your shell. But, on the other hand, the shell will not allow the truth in. It lets your negative energy out, but it will not let the truth in. It will not let you see your own negative energy. I am showing you this shell as a circle around the man, but the shell interpenetrates every cell of the man's being. The shell is in the mind, and the mind flows through every aspect of our being, so the shell is interpenetrating us completely. It blocks out the truth, it blocks out the Word of the Lord, it blocks out counsel that would help us to change, and it lets out the negative energy. It has a real positive aspect to it. It stops us from being hurt. It does not let the hurt in, at least we think it does not let the hurt in.


The whole principle is that the whole processing of the hurt throws it on to other people. We had a message a couple of years ago called Spiritual Garbage, talking about this very thing from a different point of view, how people who do not want to deal with their negative energy can dump it on other people. Of course, the other person has to be in a condition where they receive the dumping, so that means everybody who is a loser in this world cannot go around blaming it on the people who are dumping on you.


Now, if the people know that they are dumping on you, well, then you should go to them and talk to them, but most people do not know they are dumping on you. If the person does not know that they are dumping on you, you really cannot be saying anything to them, and you have to know that the reason you are sick, physically sick, mentally ill, whatever aspect of your life fits you into the loser category, it is not because people are dumping on you, but because you are weak in this area because of sin. You are susceptible because of sin, and the answer is, not to change the other person, but to change yourself. Strengthen yourself through Christ Jesus, through the confession of sin and repentance. Find out what your problem is and build on that problem and be healed in that problem.


You cannot be blaming other people for dumping on you when they really do not know what they are doing, or when they cannot stop. If the Lord makes a way, if the person will hear you when you can talk to them about it, and there is hope that they will make changes, that is a different story, but we have to take responsibility for our own weaknesses. If you are in a fight and someone knocks you out, you cannot be mad at him. You have to admit that he was stronger than you, or smarter than you, or a better boxer than you. Any questions on this drawing here? OK, we will call it quits for tonight. God bless you.


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