451 - Part 3
(The Difference)





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COMMENT: You were talking earlier, and you mentioned about people in the other dimensions looking in the mirror, and how witchcraft is used, and all of a sudden, I happened to think of one of Disney's movies. I think it was the wicked witch or the wicked step-mother of someone looking in the mirror, and it made me think of something this morning on TV. Disney is fighting the law that they are making for parents to govern what children watch, and it would be to Disney's disadvantage that the children would not be using the computer to get these things. The parents and the government want to protect the children, so they are fighting it tooth and nail. This was, to me, horrifying that they are thinking --and they said, What is the reason? Money.


PASTOR VITALE: What you are talking about is that there is a bill before the Congress which will put controls on access to the Internet, which will enable parents to shut out pornography, or to protect their children from pornography, and Disney, among many others, are fighting for a totally censorship-free Internet. The bottom line is money.


COMMENT: What I thought was so amazing, here they are supposed to be making children's programs, children's movies, but it is not for the children. It is for themselves. Money making.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I find that principle true even on TV. Somehow, when you see a program that has animated cartoons, you tend to think this is a children's program, but more and more -- I see there are several programs right now on TV which are animated cartoons that deal with adult subjects. So, a lot of parents who are not too aware may just see a cartoon and turn it on for their children, but the subjects are deep. I have seen witchcraft, I have seen political themes, I have seen moral themes in animated cartoons, and, of course, a lot of the movies coming out from Disney right now are very spiritual.


I saw the Lion King, and it took me a week for those images to stop flowing into my mind. It was so spiritually powerful. Now, I have watched Pinocchio, and that did not happen to me when I watched Pinocchio. So, there was something about the Lion King, there was some spiritual force in that movie that caused images to keep arising in my mind. Now, you say to yourself, Where does this spiritual force come from? It comes from the producer and the director. It comes from the motive which brings forth the movie. That is where it comes from. When Disney made Pinocchio he was really making it for the children, but apparently, it looks like the people who are in control of Disney today have an agenda, and there is a message they are trying to bring forth to millions and billions of people who watch their movies, and their motives are flowing through the films. The mind is very powerful. It is in the movies, it is on the TV, it is through the advertisements, it is everywhere, and the biggest tragedy of all is that the majority of the people in this country have no idea what is going on. I believe in the free exchange of ideas, but the reason you need legislation is because so many people are ignorant, and even when you try to educate them they tend to resist you. They do not want to believe things like that.


The latest abomination that I am seeing is more and more advertisements showing humans in relationships with animals where the animals are in a role that another human should be in. There is one advertisement, I have not seen it in a while, with a man getting all dressed up, and spiffed up, and ready to have a date, and he has flowers for his girlfriend, and he takes it to a cow. That is his girlfriend. I have been watching for a while several advertisements with cats and dogs where the dogs talk. It is cute. The cat is talking on the phone, and they are sitting there singing, "Please buy such a product and kill the fleas." OK, that is on the line. But today I saw an advertisement that absolutely astounded me. There was a very, very large, it looked like a Great Dane, I may have the wrong breed, very large dog, that when he stood up on his hind legs, was as tall as the man in the advertisement. I used to have a German Shepherd, and I remember one day he did that to my father-in-law, who was over 6 feet, and when my dog jumped up on my father-in-law and put his paws on his shoulders, they were face to face. That was what I saw in this advertisement today, except the man was in agreement, I do not know what they were supposed to be doing, and when the dog jumped up with his front paws on his shoulders, at least the way that the camera shot the angle, it looked like they were dancing together. If you walked into a room where men and women were dancing, and you took a shot, that is what it would look like. With one face going one way and the other face going the other way, and what you saw was the back of the man's head and the front of the dog's head.


Now, you have to understand that this is a subliminal message to weak-minded people. This is not funny. This is a subliminal message, that you can dance with your dog. So, what am I saying to everybody that does not know what I am saying, the nation is being set up for bestiality. The nation is being set up for having romantic, emotional, and, ultimately, physical relationships with animals. That is what this is all about. Now probably, anybody who is getting this message would at least consider what I am saying, but most of the people in the world would laugh me out of the room if they heard me say this, but I know what I am talking about. It is a suggestion. An image like that is a suggestion. There is nothing funny about it at all, and you put such a suggestion together with the increasing number of single people in this nation, the increasing number of people who are not willing to get married, who are not willing to even enter into a relationship, because relationships are so destructive today. I am not saying you cannot have a good relationship, but such a high percentage of relationships are destructive today.


It is no secret that there are life-sized female dolls that a man could buy, if he wants to. There is no secret as to what is going on over the Internet. It is no secret about phone sex where you do not have to have a relationship with the person. You just get it off on the phone. It is no secret what is going on in this country today. So, you take people who are already in that position, and you give them a subliminal suggestion about a relationship with an animal, well let me spell it out for you even more. As this condition descends upon humanity, it has been coming for quite a few years now, as more and more people are disappointed in human relationships, as people become less and less mature and less and less willing to make a commitment, more and more selfish, and in a nutshell, more and more vulnerable to bad relationships, or to failure in relationships and marriages, and as these people pull back more and more and go for the Internet and phone sex and rubber dolls and things like that, they are getting some measure of satisfaction. But you have to know that there is no human contact, no matter how positive the experience is for them, there is no touching, there is no physical warmth, and there is no physical comfort. And what these people are looking for, already this is a form of mental illness, if you are engaging in this kind of behavior, when this subliminal suggestion comes in that you can get what you are lacking from the dolls and the Internet and the telephones, through an animal that can never reject you, that person is in trouble. Can you hear what I am saying?


If we are going to be honest at all, we have to admit that over the generations, things are supposed to be changing now, maybe they are, maybe they are not, there hae always been men who just want women to be there. They do not want the relationship, or if they marry them, if they are in the relationship, they really do not anything much else from them. There has always been men who have married women, and they fulfill their responsibility, they maintain the household, but they are never home except when they want sex. Take a poll. You will find quite a percentage of women saying this is the way it is. I am not against men. I am saying that this is a phenomena in our society. It is not all men, but it is more and more difficult to treat a woman that way today, especially in the West. The women will not stand for it. So, we see more and more men and women withdrawing from human relationships, and drawing toward their pets. Now, there is nothing wrong with having a pet, but if you are vulnerable to this emotional dysfunction, and you are not strong in Jesus Christ, and you start becoming pelted with subliminal suggestions, such as the one I just described, you cannot tell me you would never do such a thing, because the bottom line is that nobody knows what they will do.


Our mind is the spiritual clay that is not yet set permanently, and that spiritual clay is molded by spirit, and spirit molds us by sowing its seed into our mind. So if you are not defensed with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, with the Spirit of Jesus Christ, with the mortality that rises out of a relationship with Him, if you are open wide, like so many in this society are, that have rejected religion, that have rejected the moral codes of the Judeo-Christian morality, who are saying that if it feels good, do it, as long as you are not hurting anybody else. If this is the condition that your mind is in, you will never stand against these subliminal cuts. You will never stand against it. The country is under a major seduction. I really believe that the situation is so far gone at this point, that all we can do is pray and hope for a miracle.


The people do not want the education. So many of them are so against any form of religion, not that I am for religion, I am spiritual, and I think you know what I am saying. They do not want to hear this morality. Many are in complete rebellion against the spiritual law of God, and they are in total darkness and ignorance. Am I condemning them? No, what I am telling you is that they are vulnerable. They are vulnerable for a seduction by spiritual forces, whose intention is to bring human beings down to such a low spiritual place that they can possess them. Did you ever ask yourself, Who is sowing such a subliminal suggestion? Who would want men or women or any human being having a relationship with a dog? Who is doing this? And why? I will tell you who and why.


They are people who are laced with witchcraft, who are serving the gods of this world, whether they know what they are doing, or whether they do not know what they are doing. I think there are some who know what they are doing, and some who do not know what they are doing. They are serving the gods of this world. The King James translation of the Bible says, god of this world, but there are many gods in this world. There is a many-membered god, a many-membered Satan in this world. There are immortals in the fourth dimension waiting to possess the human beings of our world, but they cannot do it unless we are in a low enough spiritual condition that we will receive them. So the whole push that you see happening in this country is to pull people's minds down to a low spiritual plane through activities that are forbidden by the Scripture, for the specific purpose of bringing these people so low, that these immortals from the fourth dimension will just step into them and possess them. That is what is behind it. That is it. That is what it is all about.


There is an invasion going on. Are people possessed now? I do not know. I do not have any first-hand knowledge of someone who has been possessed by an immortal, but I know that is what they are leading us towards. Who are they? The immortals in the fourth dimension. There will be a mass coming over from the fourth dimension into this third dimension, a mass immigration of the immortals into this world, and they are all looking to possess bodies. These bodies have personalities. They are not just zombies. They are people, and when these immortals pass over into this world, they will possess whatever human beings they can, as a cowboy rides a horse. That is how they see us. That is what we are to them, and the only hope for the world is that Christ Jesus makes a public appearance.


COMMENT: When you say public appearance, you mean coming forth in the Sons of God, right?




COMMENT: I have difficulty understanding whether the fourth dimension is "out there" or "in here."


PASTOR VITALE: Everything is within, Xxxx. Everything is within us. All of the dimensions are within us, but we are asleep to everything except this physical world; although some of us are becoming spiritual, and we are aware of impressions from other planes. You just told me off the message that someone that you know sometimes see shadows out of the corner of their eyes. What that means is they are becoming spiritual. They are awakening to the reality of other planes of consciousness right here in the very same place that we are in. It is my understanding that the air in this room is filled with all kinds of micro-organisms. Sometimes when I see the dust on my furniture. I am amazed, especially in a house where I never open the windows. I just got back from Florida. I open the windows here in New York, but in Florida the house was sealed, and I never opened the windows. It was central air conditioning. I could not believe the dust that landed in the house, and that dust is filled with micro-organisms in the same way in this very same place within us, in our bodies, in our minds, within us, flowing through us are many other planes of consciousness. There are beings which exist, but they have no form. It took me a long time to even become comfortable with it. They are consciousness without form, they are spirit. They are consciousness, they are being, they think, they desire, they will, but they have no form. They want a form. That is why they want to possess humanity, they want a form. They want hands, they want legs, they want to be able to taste, to see, to feel, to experience. Consciousness without form. It took me a while. Can you hear it at all? Consciousness that has no form, invisible.


COMMENT: So when someone has this experience where they feel something in the peripheral vision, it is coming from within them?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, it does not have to be coming from within them because it is within you and it is within me and it is within everybody else that we come in contact with. And our spiritual being, which is invisible, which is energy, vibrates out from our physical being. It is called an aura, and our aura extends beyond our physical body. And there are beings which dwell in our aura. That is where the demons are. Now, it did not have to be a demon that she saw. God only knows, I do not have all the information here, but there are beings, some of which are demons, I do not know about any of the others right now, that dwell in our aura. Beings that do not have a form like we do, conscious energy, consciousness, awareness, desire. Everything that you are in your personality without a physical form, everything that you are in your mind. Emotion without form, and it is in our aura.


COMMENT: So when something seemingly comes from outside, it is coming from someone else's consciousness and just coming at us? Is that what it is?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is one possibility. That is right, OK. But there is another option that I know about, but that is absolutely right. The other possibility is that it is coming from you own mind, and that there is something in your own mind, because the powers and principalities of this world exist in our mind, exist in the minds of men. So it is possible to receive a communication from a power or principality or a demon or someone else's mind outside of you, or maybe a power or principality, or maybe the Holy Spirit or Christ wants to talk to you from within your own mind. OK? I do not have any reason to believe, at this time, that Christ or the Holy Spirit would do this, but if a power or principality in your own mind wanted to talk to you she would merely project an image of herself, and you would think that she was outside of you. I have seen movies like that, especially about the Leprechauns of Ireland, where a man is lying in bed, and all of a sudden he looks up and there is a little being on his window sill talking to him. That is like a movie-projected image of the entity that is in his mind, or in his aura. So it could either come from within you or from someone else, but these beings are only within people. We are the house, humanity is the house, and they are inside of us. Did that answer your question?


COMMENT: This Benjamin Creme who speaks with the master Maitreya, is that coming from within him or is it being projected on him from someone else?


PASTOR VITALE: Now that is coming from within him, but there are entities. How do I say this -- I just said to you that the powers and principalities are within us. Each individual has personal powers and principalities. That is just like me saying, you have a personal conscious mind and then you have a collective conscious mind, then you have a collective subconscious mind, but there is something that is just you, also. These beings, these immortals in the fourth dimension, this Maitreya is not just arising in Benjamin Creme. He is in the plane of consciousness that would be called the collective mind. That is how he could promise to speak to all of humanity at once, telepathically. He is beyond Benjamin Creme, but if you could think of it this way: the collective mind is a sea, and each human being is a little island in the sea that has an opening for some of that sea water to flow into, and those few drops of sea water that flow into you, that is your personal spiritual aspect, but you are connected to the whole sea. So Maitreya would be a being that dwells in the sea, and he could just float into Benjamin Creme's little island and raise up and speak through him, but he is not limited to Benjamin Creme's little island. He flows back out into the sea, and from the sea he claims, he probably could do it, can speak telepathically to all of humanity at once. It is similar to our science sending a satellite up into space, and because we now have satellites in space we can receive programming and radio waves from all over the world. In the spirit it is a similar thing. The reason he keeps coming to Benjamin Creme is that he has found a willing vessel. He has found a yielded vessel, so he keep coming back, but he is beyond Benjamin Creme. We are like the islands in the sea. The space between us is not empty. It is filled with energy. We dwell in a sea of energy, and these other planes flow in us and around us, but they manifest through people, if you can hear it. That is, to the best of my knowledge, at this time. If they want to communicate with somebody, they have to come into the person. I will draw you a picture in a minute.


COMMENT: The day that you saw that person in the reflection of the mirror, would that be him trying to talk telepathically? Or was that something coming from within you?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question. Let me just put on the message what I have told you, that you are referring to. We had a little discussion off the message about spiritual phenomena, and I gave a testimony about an experience that I had where I was being harassed spiritually, but that is so common for me that I really do not pay much attention to it, but I usually just say, Lord, what is going on today? As I walked past a mirror in my house I saw a reflection of someone who I knew, I recognized the person, and at first it really startled me, but then I realized that I had received knowledge as to who was harassing me in the spirit, and this could easily have been this person.


So, you wanted to know where that image was coming from. Well, I can give you an educated guess. It could have been one of two things. It could be a thought form that he sent towards me, and what is a thought form? A thought form is a thought which is energy that goes forth and wraps itself in astral matter, emotional matter, and when you are really concentrating on that person, if you are praying for them, if you are blessing them, or if you are cursing them -- in the Hebrew, it is the same word for curse and bless, for cursing and blessing. You have to read the whole verse to find out whether it means a cursing or a blessing. It is the same word. What it is talking about is a thought, a powerful, strong emotional thought going forth, wrapping itself in spiritual matter or the matter of the emotional plane, the astral plane, and it is sent to you, and it touches your aura. If it can get inside of your aura, it gets inside of your aura.


So, I guess maybe here is another response to your question. Back to what you said, yes, it is either inside of you or it is inside of somebody else, but there is another phenomena, thought forms, which are made up of the material that our aura is made of. Our aura is made of energy. It is made up of material of a finer substance than the physical material of this world, and there are thought forms everywhere. I said to you that this is a sea of energy, and that this room is not empty. Well, there are beings in the sea. There are thought forms in the sea, and I guess I did not answer your question completely accurately, but the Lord has brought this forth. Every thought we ever think produces an image. If it a thought does not have much emotion behind it, it just dissolves after a short period of time, but the thoughts that have strong emotion behind them, either love or hate, love or evil, those thoughts can exist for a long time, and they can travel far distances. It is in the spirit, and there is no time or space in the spirit. And they can enter into your aura.


Now, with this particular person, I do not really know whether he had penetrated my aura or not. I knew that he was astral projecting into this house for a long time. I have not perceived that in a long time, but it has been quite a few years already. But he was astral projecting into the house. So what is an astral projection? Maybe he was sending a thought form of himself. But this is the point that I am trying to make, I am having a little trouble making it, that the person that thinks that strong thought toward you, it wraps itself in the material of that person's own aura, and it is projected toward you like a bullet, and when it approaches the person that is being thought of, if it can do it, it will penetrate their aura. What happens when it penetrates the person's aura? It abides in that person's aura, and the person will be thinking about them. It will cause the person to think about them, and if it is a curse, I guess, depending on how strong it is, it has the power to harass them, to make them sad, to make them happy, to affect them, it affects them. So, ideally, we will not be vulnerable to being penetrated by other people's thought forms as some of us are. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: In the scientific field now they have a man and a wife who have received implants, microchips in their body, and it is supposed to make them aware of one another whenever they think about each other.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I have had that experience without microchips. I have that experience frequently. It takes two people who are spiritually sensitive. I have that relationship with a couple of people. What I am saying is, I am not so spiritual that I know every time that everybody is thinking about me, but if it is a spiritual person who is thinking about me I frequently know it. As a matter of fact, being spiritual to this degree, unless you receive instruction that will help you to deal with it, will rule your whole life.


Let me say that another way. If you are spiritually sensitive, and you know when someone is thinking about calling you, and you do not understand what is going on, you will feel compelled to go to the phone and call them. Now that is a simple situation if it comes to a telephone, but there is not a doubt in my mind, I have even heard testimonies of women who have married men because the man has wanted them so badly they thought they were in love with the man. That man's thoughts going toward the woman has convinced her that she loves the man, and after the wedding it was a disaster. She said, How did I ever love this man? Well, maybe you never did. I know what I have to do to survive in this world. I have to try every thought, and I am coming to the point now where I am getting some experience. I used to pray about every little thing, Lord, is that me wanting to call that person or is that person wanting to call me?


So, you say to yourself, What is the big deal if the person is thinking of you and you call them, what is the big deal? The big deal is that you have to catch it when it is harmless. I remember that one day I had an urgent thought about getting a drink. Now, I do not drink. This thought had no power over me because I have no desire to drink. I have not had a drink in many, many years, and before I came to the Lord I was not a big drinker. I went out on a Saturday night, and I had one or two drinks, if I did it every week. I did not even do it every week. So I have never had a problem with alcohol, and I was walking along one day, and my mind just filled up with this desire to go to a bar and have a drink. I just laughed at it, but I want to tell you that if I was an alcoholic before I came to the Lord, if I had any alcoholic history at all, I would have had some problem fighting that off. So you had better start recognizing other people's thoughts in your mind when it is just about a telephone call. And there are a couple of people in my life right now, that I know when they are going to call. I hear their mind, and sometimes I hear other thoughts, too. Usually, it is that they want communication with me. I know when people are angry with me. I have received all kinds of knowledge. I hear people's thoughts when their emotions are strong. I do not hear everything that they think because speech exists on many levels before it comes out of our mouth. Spoken speech, what I am doing right now, what is going on this message is the end of a long journey that begins with a thought. If you are spiritual you can hear the thought before it is ever spoken out through someone's mouth.


COMMENT: Scientists tell us that every word spoken is always out there in the atmosphere or whatever, that it never goes away. Is that true about every thought form as well?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, now, what I tell you on these subjects is my knowledge as of this time, OK? I may learn something new. I am not claiming that I have the last word on this. To the best of my knowledge, there is some truth to that. As I mentioned earlier, some thoughts that are not particularly emotionally driven only last for a short while, and they dissolve. Like, What should I do today? Is that still hanging out there forever? I doubt it very much. The more powerful the thought, and depending on what it is - let us say we are talking about the Doctrine of Christ, for example. We are speaking powerful spiritual principles through this Doctrine of Christ, and when I preach, thought forms are going forth into the mental plane that are exhibiting the Doctrine of Christ. Now there are people all over the world, Christians all over the world, maybe non-Christians, praying for spiritual truth, and somehow, by the spiritual workings of things, by the power of God, thought forms that are produced here are directed towards people who are praying for the truth. So when someone in this category draws a thought from to themselves, and they get a witness in their heart that this is the truth, they, too, start producing like thought forms. And the number of thought forms that are expressing the Doctrine of Christ begins to grow in the world because more and more people who are praying for the truth, their prayers are drawing the thought forms to them. They are getting the witness in their own spirit that it is true, and they are producing their own thought forms. This is the beginning of the construction of a city. A spiritual city,  which is the visible expression of the Doctrine of Christ, is being erected in the mental plane. We have a message here called the Ark of God in the Mental Plane, so under those circumstances I would say that these thoughts would never die because they are being reproduced and strengthened by other people.


Now, coming from another point of view -- I do not really know where he was coming from when he said that to you -- coming from another point of view, and the Scripture is this, that we will have to answer for everything that we say, and this is talking about the sowing and reaping judgment. So if I wake up in the morning, and I say, Well, what should I do first today? I cannot really see a thought like that falling either into the category for which I gave you the Doctrine of Christ as an example, or falling into the sowing and reaping category. Every thought produces a thought form. That thought form will dissolve shortly, but every thought that we have that affects anybody, which is most of our thoughts, will have a reaction. Every thought which is an action has a reaction so, to that degree, every thought that we have is somehow marked on our spiritual vein, and somewhere along the line there will have to be a reaction. It might be in our life, it might be in our children's life.


This sowing and reaping that the Hindus and Buddhists call karma, I believe that is a Sanscrit term, karma. There is national karma. I believe what is going on in this country today, and I have told you this before. I do not know if you recall it or not, is part of a spiritual battle that existed back in Moses' day, that Jehovah raised up Moses, and the program of God through Moses and Aaron brought down Egyptian mystery religion, knocked them flat, and they are raising up to punch Jehovah back, in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, now 7,000 years later. They are rising up right in the middle of a Judeo-Christian nation to punch back. So there is national karma that spans thousands of years, there is personal karma that we experience sometimes the next day, and there is family-line karma that goes from generation to generation. It is a very complicated business, Xxxx. I tell you, it is beyond me. I just learn as the Lord teaches me, and I do the best I can to keep my pride in check. I just learn what I am capable of learning, but I tell you openly, this whole subject of who we are and what we are and how we got this way and where we are going, I have a basic understanding of it, but as far as the details go, it is way beyond my ability to even comprehend it at this time. I am just learning the little bit that Jesus lets me understand.


COMMENT: When you talked about these thought forms building a city it made me think of years back, when a prisoner of war, who was kept in isolation for years, was questioned, and they asked him how he kept his sanity. He said that he built the home of his dreams, stick by stick, inch by inch, and that was how he kept his sanity.


PASTOR VITALE: In his mind, you mean? Interesting.


COMMENT: For an image to be projected in the mirror, as you described, would that person have to be consciously and purposely desiring to project that image?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, I do not think they would have to be. It could be one of two things. They could be deliberately trying to astral project. I will come back to that. If I forget that, please ask me to comment on astral projection. They could knowingly be willing themselves toward the other person or they could just be in intense memories or emotions. It is the emotion that does it, and this intense emotion manifests as a thought, like if you had clay you were working on, if you just pick off little pieces of it. These thought forms just pick off and they are projected. They are the product of thought, and they are the product of emotion. Now, with regard to this astral projection, I used to think, I guess I really did not understand astral projection, but now it is my understanding that there are two kinds of astral projection, that the true astral projection is when the person's consciousness, or when their spiritual body, Paul says, we have a celestial body and a terrestrial body, so either their celestial body or their terrestrial, to use the non-Christian terms, when their spiritual body leaves their physical body and travels and materializes in front of another person, that is the true astral projection.


But I now understand that it is possible, when strong enough emotion is present, for a thought form of the person to travel and appear to another person, and that is not the true astral projection, because the person is home sleeping or working and their spiritual body is within them; yet, they appear to somebody else and they have no knowledge of going there or being there or desiring to go there. So it does not have to be an astral projection. It could be a thought form of themselves, either because of great love or great passion or great hate. I have had a couple of people over the years tell me that I have appeared to them in their dreams, and my position, when someone tells me that, is to tell the people immediately, you must know that it was not me. You must know that it was the Lord Jesus appearing to you.


Now, He has no form, you do not know what His form looks like, so when the Lord Jesus appears to you in a dream He will take the form of the most godly person that you know. And I am not telling you that I am some great non-sinner here, but I am a person who He manifests through, and He manifests through me very strongly. I still have many faults and weaknesses, but I am His representative to you. Of all the people that you know. if you had a spiritual question or if you wanted someone to pray for you, because you needed help from the Lord, and you had prayed yourself, and you really had not heard yet, you would most likely come to me. So He appears to you in my form, and this is what I would tell people. You have to know that it is not me. Beware of idolatry. I have no awareness, no consciousness of visiting you in your dreams, or any such thing. It was not me. You have to turn to the Lord, perceive it as the Lord. But now I am wondering -- well, it is true that I have no conscious awareness of visiting these people in their dreams, but I know that Christ is very active in me, and I know that it is very common for Him to speak to people through me. When nobody is in this house, I speak to people, and I know that they hear me, but I have never understood how they hear me.


You see, this is the way it works. If I have a one-on-one relationship with somebody, if they are truly my disciple, if they are submitted to me, and the Lord tells me something for you, I will tell you personally that this is the word of the Lord to you. So there is no reason for any supernatural doings here. I will call you up or I will see you at a meeting, and I will tell that this is what the Lord told me, or I will send you an e-mail. But if you are somebody who I do not have this relationship with, if you are somebody who is resisting the fact that the Lord wants to speak to you through me, if you are resisting the teaching here, if you are resisting the ministry -- see, there are a lot of people that the Lord has put in my heart that I have some spiritual responsibility for who have not accepted this relationship, and these people do not understand that once the Lord Jesus does that, does what? Once He attaches me to you through a spirit tie, once He gives me a responsibility for your life, even though you do not believe it or agree with it, it is very possible, I will not tell you it is 100% of the time, but when you pray for something, it is highly likely that I am going to hear your prayer. What am I saying? The Lord channels it through me. Why? Because Christ is in the flesh, so no matter how you have rejected me, if the Lord Jesus has set up that relationship, I am going to hear your prayer, and I am going to pray for you. And if you are doing something wrong, or if you are lacking understanding and He wants you to understand, He will speak to you through my mouth, when I am alone here in this house where no human being could hear it, and somehow you are going to hear it.


Now, I have known this for years. I had a woman in this fellowship who was very rebellious. She was here for a couple of years, and I could never go to her. At least, at the time I could not. It was quite a few years ago, and something happened in her life, a financial situation, and the way she was dealing with it was completely wrong. She wound up owing a couple of thousand dollars. Her thinking was all wrong, and I knew that this woman had a bondage with finances in the first place, and she got stuck with this bill. Her thinking was all wrong about it. She asked for prayer a couple of times, and I did not feel she would take my counsel, so I would not pray the way she wanted me to pray. I will always pray for you if it is the Lord's will, and I will always pray for the best for you, but she wanted me to pray for her ungodly solution to the problem, so I prayed the best that I could, and from that day forward, several times Christ Jesus rose up in me and just spoke the truth to her, What you are doing is wrong. To be honest with you, I do not remember the details of the circumstance. I just know it was several thousand dollars. Now, this woman was a spiritual woman. It took several weeks, it could have taken a month or two, I am not sure, but she walked into the meeting and she had the revelation of the righteous dealings with this problem. When she gave her testimony, she looked right at me and smiled, and I believe that she knew that she had heard from my mind through the spirit. She would receive it from the Lord, but she would never receive it face-to-face from me. So that was why I had to deal with her that way. So, if I am engaged in that kind of an activity, if Christ Jesus is manifesting through me and speaking to someone in the spirit in response to their very own prayers, I guess it is possible that a thought form of me in Christ could go forth and possibly appear to them, if He wants to do it that way. I do not have any control over it, but it is a possibility.


So what am I talking about here? I am talking about true astral projection, where your spiritual being leaves your physical body, and you are in full consciousness and understanding and awareness traveling in the Spirit for some activity, or to communicate with another person. That is the true astral projection. Another possibility, which is not true astral projection, is that a thought form of me appears to somebody because Christ Jesus has been praying through me, and I have been praying for them. When He prays through me, I pray for you. We do it together, and a thought form of me appears to the other person. I have no awareness of it whatsoever, but because of my prayers, you see my face either in a dream or in a vision.


COMMENT: Years ago, Christians used to talk about, there would come a day when there would be no need for us to have a regularly scheduled meeting, that the Spirit of God would move and have everyone come together at a particular time when He so desired. Now, do you see that part of being the Sons of God? Or you do not think that is going to happen?


PASTOR VITALE: I think that is a real possibility. I do not see it happening in the near future. Very few people are that spiritual. I know that I could fit into that category of spirituality, but I could not tell you that I would be sure to answer that call 100% of the time. I know that my life is pretty much led by the Spirit, but I am not 100%. I wind up a lot of places that I do not know why I am there, and I thank God for it, but the average person their carnal mind would just get in there.


You see, Xxx, this is a perfect example of when I make a statement to the effect that you are overly committed to your family. What Jesus wants from us, aside from our commitment to dependent people, young children, or infirm adults, aside from that He wants us as free as we can be so that He can just move us by His Spirit, but when we are all bound up with family activities for other adults, and for grandchildren whose parents really could make other arrangements for them, we are just not going to go. When He tells us to do something, we are stuck and nailed down and bound because of our commitment to people who really could make other arrangements if they wanted to; therefore, if you want to be as spiritual as you can be it is important that every commitment that any of us make to any non-dependent family members, someone who is primarily dependent upon us, that we have to really clear it with the Lord that this is OK with Him. If we have this arrangement where we are all bound up with our family we will never respond to a call to a meeting.


Also, in the same manner, to tell another person, your husband, your daughter, or whoever, to say, You can make plans for me, if somebody calls the house and wants me to do something, you can say OK for me. To do that cuts off the move of the Spirit in your life. So this was just a good opportunity to explain why I am saying these things to you. To be spiritual, to move in the Spirit and attend a meeting called by the Spirit you have to be free. The Lord will move around your true obligations. What is a true obligation? Where you are a primary care-taker for a dependent person. That excludes grandchildren who have parents. The Lord will work around a true obligation, but any artificial obligation, what is an artificial obligation? Something that you could say yes or no to without abandoning some dependent person, such as grandchildren. When you fill up your life with that kind of stuff He will not go around it, because the truth is that you have preferred these obligations to Him. If He has not specifically cleared them for you, you have given priority to non-primary family obligations over the Lord, and you are drying up your own spiritual life. That is the message that has come down twice for you, and here it is the third time that I can think of that that is what is happening. To become a spiritual person you have to be available to have spiritual experiences, because the way you come spiritual is to do spiritual things, and to do spiritual things you have to be available to do spiritual things, and the good things of this world keep us carnal. Now the questions of the Lord having us come to the meetings, personally I find that so exciting.


I get all kinds of invitations to seminars for management training and executive training, and sometimes I think I would like to go, but the Lord has told me clearly, and I have seen it with my own eyes, that when ever I look at a book or I see what the agenda is, what the program is, the Lord has taught me this directly. So He is teaching me management skills and executive skills, and one of the things that He has been dealing with me on, that I have actually seen listed on the schedule of these meetings, is that to be an executive or to be in management, you have to be able to deal with multiple top priorities. In other words, you can have three really urgent situations, they all need to be done now, and you have to learn how to deal with that. It is sort of easy to prioritize, to say this is the most important thing, then comes this, then comes this, wel,l I will do the most important thing first, but when you have three things that have to be done, now you have to learn how to deal with that, and He has been talking to me about that in the Spirit.


Well, the situation occurred to me. I had three major things that had to be done now, including some Federal government forms that needed to be filled out and filed. My accountant told me it needed to be filed immediately. So I had it in my head, Federal government, I had better do that form, I had better wake up in the morning and fill out that form, but I had two other things that really were important, also. When I woke up that morning I said, Lord, please order my day, help me to get everything done, and I got up, got dressed, got out, and my whole plan turned around. It turned out that the filling out of this Federal form was on the bottom of the Lord's list.


Now, He did not speak to me in an audible voice, and He did not say to me, Sheila -- and I will tell you why. He brought to my memory my accountant telling me, and I guess He had the accountant tell me, and of course I know this in general, basically, there really is not any government form that has a deadline on it that you cannot get an extension to file it. You just have to file for an extension. And I know that, but when he gave me the form to fill out, he had mentioned to me, well, if we do not get it back in time (what is due is our corporate income tax) to file the income tax, we can file for an extension on the corporate income tax. But still, in my mind, I wanted to get it out of the way, but the Lord had other ideas. He never talked to me, I just got in the car, and I went in the complete opposite direction than where I thought I was going to go. I wound up spending the whole day doing something that I would have never chosen to do. I prayed three times, Lord, if this is not you, please turn me back, and after the third time I just yielded to it, and believed that it was God. Then the memory came to my mind that we can always get the extension to file, and that is the Lord's priorities. He wanted this done first.


So we have to be free to move in the Spirit, but I can do that because all the priorities had I had, none of them involved a dependent person. When you bind yourself up with these babysitting obligations -- how could He move you out to a meeting spiritually when you have your whole schedule filled up with what you are going to do for certain times and certain days? The only way you could attend a meeting is by knowing in advance that the meeting is there and putting it in your book, and telling all your children that you babysit for that you are not available on that time. That is the only way that you could do it, so He could never call you to a meeting spiritually when you have a schedule like you have. But I believe that it is possible, and I believe that the Lord would like to do it.


I believe He is doing it now except nobody comes, so we settle for something like this. See, the Lord is not hesitating to give us spirituality. If we are lacking spirituality -- and there is no condemnation in this, I am just telling you what is going on. He is waiting for us, He waiting for us. You grow as fast as you put the effort into the program. That is how fast you grow. The problem is not Him. For years I was praying and saying, Lord, how much longer, how much longer? The problem is not Him. The problem is me. The problem is my carnal mind that can only learn so much at a time. The problem is my physical body that needs rest and needs food. The problem is me. It is not Him, and there is no rapture. He is not coming suddenly to catch me up. It is a slow climb, inch by inch, as fast as I am capable of going. Our part is to free ourselves up as much as we possibly can for this growth, and that does not mean, I am not telling you to abandon your families, at all. I would never tell you such a thing. Jesus would never tell you such a thing, but the truth is that just most everybody is all bound with idolatry for their families. Everybody, everybody. Idolatry for your physical children, for your physical families, and for your grandchildren. It is idolatry, that is what it is.


So the way out, if you can hear what I am telling you, is to tell the Lord that you want Him to be first in your life, believing -- He is not asking you to abandon your family. He is going to work it out somehow, and He is not going to abandon your grandchildren. He knows what your children can do and what arrangements your children can make, and He knows where you are really needed and where it is idolatry. He knows. So the question is, Are you willing to give up this idolatry for your physical family, or are you willing to face the wrath (if you are women) of your husband, who thinks you are supposed to be babysitting as grandparents. The whole point is, are you willing to turn this over to Him and give up what He tells you to give up? And I do not know what He is going to tell you to give up, but in your case, I have had messages for you several times that you are overinvolved, but that is between you and Him. But that is the truth, that is how you get spiritual. You have to do spiritual things, and you have to be available when He sends you, because if He comes to you and you cannot go because you have a prior engagement, He goes to somebody else. That is the way it works, and it is not punishment. Please, it is not punishment. His concern is to get the assignment done, so if you cannot do it, He goes to someone else, and you lose the spiritual experience. He is not mad at you, but if you are praying to the Lord, I want to be spiritual, I want to be spiritual, and you are not free to have the experience that is going to build spirituality in you, do not come back to the Lord and say, Why am I not spiritual? That is how it works. Nobody is mad at you.


One of the brethren here brought up something that she had seen on the Internet with regard to what some scientists are doing. They are taking the DNA from several eggs, each egg coming from a different woman. They are extracting the DNA and somehow, through some form of in vitro fertilization, implanting it in a living woman to bear the child which comes from one sperm from one man, but an egg that is really comprised of the DNA of many eggs of many women. Did I get it right? OK.


Again, in my opinion, the reason for this is that, the scientists probably do not know what they are doing, but the influence of the immortals behind this is to break up all strength that comes from family-line blessings. I have spoken to you many times about the spiritual gene pool, the curses and blessings that come down the family line. I do not understand this completely, but I know in my spirit that what they are doing is breaking up every line of strength, or this is their intention, they are just experimenting now with one or two women, but their goal, their agenda, is to bastardize the whole of humanity and separate us from and cut us off from all of the family line blessings which come down through Christ, and through any form of morality or righteousness, for the specific purpose of weakening our defenses against their penetrating us.


The goal of the immortals in the fourth dimension, which are energy, they are conscious energy, they have no form, they want a form, and they want a form without incarnating and being born as an infant child, which process causes them to forget who they are, and to forget whatever spiritual knowledge they have. So, they want to do what Jesus is doing. They want to possess adult human beings and ride them like a horse, live in them, and control them, and have the use of their members. That is what Jesus is doing today. Only when He does it, when He possesses us, we translate from death into life. When the immortals in the fourth dimension, which are the remnants or the product of the primordial Serpent, I really did not want to get into that whole thing right now, they are representatives of the primordial Serpent at this time. When they possess a living, already adult human being, it will be hell for us. Our consciousness is Cain and Abel. The consciousness of the personality, which is attached to this body, is a dual consciousness. It is Cain and Abel. Abel in most people is dead. So the consciousness is Cain; it is the animal consciousness. Both Jesus and these immortals want to ride us as a man or a cowboy rides a horse in this world, and the immortals, who are the emissaries of the primordial Serpent, will be very cruel to the human beings that they have brought low enough to possess, and it will be torment and hell for all of these people.


Jesus is moving. He has mercy on even those who are blaspheming Him and cursing Him to His face. He has mercy on the whole human race, and it is His intention to save all of us, but some people are already getting hurt today because they are drug addicts and alcoholics and people in white slavery. All across the world there are people who are in hell every day of their life today, but basically, by and large, these things are happening outside of Christian countries. Of course, I know they happen in Christian countries, but it is happening more and more in Christian countries, as we draw away from God. It is very rare to see fathers selling their daughters into white slavery today. I am told it is a common thing in India. I do not know about today, but for years it was very common practice in China to sell the daughters.


I will take the last few minutes on this message to talk about this drawing that I have put on the board, and it is a drawing that shows at what point the higher consciousness comes into the fetus. The fetus that is forming in a woman's womb is basically an animal. We are mammals, brethren, that is what we are. We are mammals. We give birth, and we conceive just like the animals of the field, but human beings have a higher consciousness that animals do not have, and this is the difference between us.


In A, this is Drawing #1. In A, this represents the embryo of an animal within the womb. It has three points to it. I have drawn it as a triangle. The male sperm, the female egg, and the high point of the animal is the consciousness, and the animal consciousness is Cain. Abel is dead. Drawing B, we have the same triangle indicating the animal, only in man, we see that a higher consciousness, and this is not in Christ now in B of Drawing #1, a higher consciousness comes into the animal embryo, and that higher consciousness is the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is the subconscious mind of mortal man. For people who do not have Christ and are spiritual, they are living out of their Fiery Serpent. That is how they are doing it. So she comes in from this high point, and she touches all of the three points of the embryo, the sperm, the egg, and Cain, the animal consciousness.


Now, there is something that I have not indicated on this drawing, so I am just going to tell you about it. I know that the teaching is that the Fiery Serpent dwells in the root center, and the way I have drawn this, it looks just the opposite. The Fiery Serpent is up here above the embryo, and she is not down at the root center, and the way I explain this is that the Fiery Serpent -- how do I say this? I have taught you many years ago, and I speak about it from time to time briefly, that we, spiritually speaking, are a woven garment, and there is a warp and a woof thread to us. In fallen man the Fiery Serpent is both the warp and the woof thread, and she comes into the animal embryo from a high place. Actually, she is coming down from Leviathan, and she descends into the animal embryo. Now this is an embryo. It is not a born child, so as the Fiery Serpent descends, she eventually winds up in the root center, where she rests, but her energy. Now, remember, she is not like the Serpent in your back yard, she is an energy source that is called the Serpent, for whatever reason, but she is a formless energy source. She is called a Serpent because she moves in a spiral direction. As she descends into the embryo she leaves her energy throughout the whole embryo. She is making that embryo into what we know as a human being, and her energy is centralized in the root center which, let us say, is the woof of the garment, but she is also the warp of the garment, and her energy is spread out through the whole embryo. Is everybody OK with that? OK.


Now, for those of you who are reading the message, I have not drawn these four segments of Drawing #1 in the right order. If you look at your drawing please be aware it goes A, B, D, C. So we are going to C next. That is the lower half of the drawing on the right side, C. So we see we have this triangle that represents the embryo, and we have the sperm and the egg and the animal consciousness, which is Cain. We have the Fiery Serpent, which is the higher consciousness which differentiates this embryo from the animal embryo, but in this case, we see the presence of Christ Jesus. Now remember, the Fiery Serpent joins with Cain, the animal consciousness, but Christ Jesus joins with Abel, who was under the ground. See, our animal nature is has a dual consciousness, Cain and Abel, but Cain killed Abel. So that is why so many people are not spiritual because Abel is really our spirituality. He is the one that connects to God, and any spirituality that comes out of Cain is an illegal spirituality. Technically speaking, we are lopsided, because half of our consciousness is dead. Christ Jesus, who is higher than the Fiery Serpent, follows the same path. It is a parallel path, but bypasses Cain. Cain is rejected, and Christ Jesus goes right down to the foundation of the embryo and connects with Abel, who is under the ground, dead.


Looking at D, that is the lower part of the board. To the left, we see that Abel, who is called Christ, is raised from the dead and starts to rise, and wages war with Satan as he rises. There are two things I want to explain to you. How does Abel's name change to Christ? Cain and Abel are the name of the offspring of the primordial Serpent when she mated with herself. When Christ Jesus raises Abel from the dead, the way He raises Abel from the dead is by giving him His life. Christ Jesus literally drops a seed into the dead Abel, and Abel rises from the dead and takes the name of the one who raised Him, Christ. The resurrected Abel is the offspring of the one who fathered him, Christ Jesus. So he takes the name Christ, and He is different than Abel who died at the beginning of time, because He is been resurrected through union with the one who has already overcome the powers and principalities of this world. So His name changes to Christ. Is everybody OK with that? OK.


The second question is, Where did Satan come from? I am talking about the Fiery Serpent. Where did Satan come from? The Fiery Serpent is an energy source. I just told you that when she descends and rests coiled in the root center, her energy still exists as the warp threads of the embryo through the whole embryo. Every human being has a Fiery Serpent in their root center, but the energy that flows through us -- now I am not talking about those of us who are in Christ Jesus, I am talking about the average human being -- the energy that flows through us is the Fiery Serpent in a different form. Energy comes in two forms, dynamic and static. Dynamic is when it is moving, it is energetic. Static is when it is potential energy, the energy inside every outlet in this house. This house is loaded with energy, but you have to plug a plug into it, which has to be connected to an electrical appliance to see that energy. So the Fiery Serpent in the root center is potential, or resting, or static energy, the woof threads. I may have it backwards. Then there is another aspect of herself, the warp threads, the dynamic, the active energy which gives us the energy that we live by, and that moving energy is Satan. The Fiery Serpent in that form of active energy is Satan. So that is where Satan came from.


Abel, Christ, is raised from the dead and starts to ascend, because the resurrected Christ is destined to marry Christ Jesus, who has already overcome the world, so as soon as he is quickened, he starts to ascend, and, brethren, this is what you are all up against. This is what we are all up against. When the Lord first quickens us, we are under the ground (dead), and this is what we have to fight against to get up to the Lord. It is hell, but we can do all things in Christ.


I was just asked how this drawing shows the taking of the DNA from several women. This drawing does not really show that, but just for your information, in that process, to take the DNA from several women, it would break up the structure of the embryo and put together an artificial embryo, that I believe would interfere with the blessings, which are the protections that are coming down from the Lord Jesus.


COMMENT: I was just thinking how the Scriptures make it so important about the genealogy, particularly of Jesus. I can see where the Serpent would reverse everything in order to take away from these blessings, family line blessings.


PASTOR VITALE: Try to remember that it was about 5,000 years of the Jews practicing the law for the nation to be purified enough to bring forth Messiah. The law was a spiritual purification. The worls of the flesh that they did, the sacrifices and the bathing could not purify them spiritually, but their obedience to the law opened a channel of purification, because Jehovah said that is what it would do, and it took thousands of years with that kind of a purification to bring forth Messiah. Now, in Christ Jesus, the purification is coming much faster, because we have spiritual power. Well, the Jews had spiritual power too. I do not really understand how it worked. I just know that in Christ Jesus the purification process is no longer a national process, it is an individual process, and that we can accomplish in one lifetime what it would have taken -- we can accomplish the degree of purification in one lifetime, for a person who really throws them self into the program of God. It is happening to me, what would take thousands of years under a national form of purification as was offered to the Jews. So, I do not know the details of the breaking up of this DNA, but I know that it is destroying the purification.


It is hard for us to believe, even when we look at this country 50 years ago, but the onset of Christianity brought a tremendous spiritual purification with the Christian worlds. Where a lot of people stumble, is that the Christian nations, the European nations, are notorious for cruelty, and a lot of people stumble over that. I know a lot of Jews, who have been persecuted, stumble over that. A lot of Hindus stumble over that. How can you say that Christ is the Son of God when the Christian nations have been brutal? They have been brutal in Africa, they have been brutal in India, they have been brutal in their wars with each other, and the only answer that I have for them is that we are in a temporary stage. We are not completely purified yet, and coming under the blessings has brought the cruelty of humanity to the surface. I am in no way justifying what European armies have done to their own people or to other people, but the ungodly spirituality was crushed in the European nations. One of the byproducts that has not yet been dealt with is that the cruelty came to the surface, but, of course, there was cruelty in the pagan religions too. You see the cruelty more strongly when you read the Judeo-Christian law, and you say, Look at you. So it exposes it. The Judeo-Christian law exposes the cruelty. The contrast is there between what you are and what you are supposed to be, but the pagan world is just as cruel as European Christendom has been. But the main thing that happened was that the ungodly pagan spirituality was crushed in one step toward the purification of the whole world, but you have to be a spiritual person to see this.


COMMENT: I just heard, It is incest, flash in my head.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is also going on with all of the artificial insemination. Also, incest is being propagated in the nation and all of the curses that are associated with incest. So we are not just talking about breaking us away from the blessings. This kind of activity is bringing the curses which come with incest, which are very powerful curses upon the nation. Very powerful curses in incest. All kinds of destruction arise out of incest.


COMMENT: When I heard that on the TV news program, but when I heard that whole message, I was thinking that, who are they to determine which are the right parts? And it made me remember, each chromosome, made me remember what Hitler was trying to do to have an Aryan nation, and this is what makes me think that they are going to try to control.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the problem with that is that they are just dealing with the physical, and the intelligence that comes from the animal, but they are not dealing with the spiritual. Their whole premise is faulty, and yes, that is what Hitler tried to do. They are trying to make a master race, but their whole premise is faulty because we are spiritual beings. We are spirit in an animal body. We are spirit, we are not animals, so their whole premise is faulty.


Also, as I had said off the message before we started, that when we try to deal with the whole universe, they are saying that there are just universes and universes and universes out there, it boggles the mind. But we are not supposed to be dealing with all these universes. That is the macrocosm. All the planets and the stars out there is the macrocosm, but what is in the macrocosm is in the microcosm, and each individual human being is a macrocosm. So, you study what you can deal with. You study the individual, the spiritual nature of the individual. To study all of these stars, trillions of light years away, is costing billions of dollars. We are making very little progress, and I tell you that the spiritual peoples of this world, and especially those of the Eastern religions, are laughing at Western science because Western science is looking at the mirror image, and the reality is in men.


When Christianity crushed the ungodly spirituality, it crushed a lot of spirituality, and in some areas we became fools, but, of course, I do not see that God ever told Western science to send up space ships. So, at this point we are supposed to be rising in the spirituality of Christ. You see, all of these years of Judeo-Christianity we were supposed to have our ungodly spirituality crushed, and now we are supposed to be rising up in the spirituality of Christ. For the past 2,000 years Christendom was supposed to be rising up in the spirituality of Christ, and we have not done it, so we have become fools, if you can hear it. But it is still going to happen, despite the activities of the Serpent to prevent it. It is happening. It is just taking all of this time, but it will happen. There are human beings who will rise up in the spirituality of Christ and defeat the primordial Serpent. 

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