451 - Part 4
(The Difference)





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Today I was reviewing the transcript of our message, entitled The Marriage at Cana. I believe that I did not preach that message before the group. There are only three messages, I believe, that I recorded while I was at my computer. I was doing a study in the Interlinear Text, and I was so excited at the revelation that was coming down that I felt the Lord was telling me to put it on a message. The message was very confused, to tell you the truth. I do not know how many other people can understand it, but you see, when you read a transcript, I was not listening to the message, and it was not clear, like my teachings usually are when I prepare for them, and I present them systematically. But I believe that the message was so anointed that anyone reading that transcript could have been touched.


The Lord could lay hold of any sentence, any word, and quicken something to them. If you read a whole transcript, and you learn one thing, if your spirit receives one new seed, it is worthwhile. This is what I got out of it. Actually, it is a very exciting message to me, and also, it is commonplace to me, that when I go back to something that I taught even a month before, I already know enough to see that I had errors in it a month ago, because I know so much more a month later. Of course this was at least a year, if not two years ago, that I preached that message, and it amazed me. What I read in that transcript amazed me, that I got the overall message right, and even when I did not interpret the word correctly, a particular word correctly, I still came out with the right message because the anointing was on me, the anointing of Christ Jesus was on me, and the Spirit of Truth was on me. Now, I remind you, I did not study this out in any depth. I was just studying the Interlinear Text, and I made a lot of mistakes; yet, I always came out to the right conclusion.


I kept saying that Cain was being drawn out of the water. No, it is the human spirit that is being drawn out of the water. The human spirit is positive. Cain is negative. So I had a lot of my names backwards. I had Satan and Leviathan mixed up, and I see that, in view of a lot of the recent revelation that has come down, that there were principles there that I really did not understand. But I could look at the transcripts, and knowing what I know now, I could see clearly that is what the Scripture was saying. I was very blessed with the message, and this is what it says to me. It says to me that there are three main stages of the resurrection experience for the individual, and Jesus experienced all of these three stages. The first stage is that Christ has to be quickened in us, or conceived in us, as I have preached here for many years. Jesus was born with Christ already conceived in Him, Christ already quickened in Him. Who was Christ? Christ is Abel.


Well, let me go through this quickly and then maybe I will back up. There are three main stages. Christ has to be quickened in us, and Christ is the New Testament name for Abel. We will go over that in detail. The second stage is the temptation. We have to be faced with many, many temptations and seductions and manipulations which come from Satan, Satan flowing through the mind of other people and through our own mind. Now, Jesus was caught up to what, for many years here, I call full stature. Christ was caught up to a place where He was high enough to have a nose-to-nose confrontation with Satan and the Devil who tried to bring Him down. Now, it is very important that every time the name changes, it means something. In the temptation Jesus met up with Satan, who offered Him power, and He also met up with the Devil. 


What is the difference between the Devil and Satan? Satan is the unconscious mind of mortal man, and the Devil is our Old Man. We are the Devil. Our Old Man is the Devil, the carnal mind plus the personality. The whole of us is the Old Man, whether he be a good Devil or a bad Devil, because we are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Jesus met Satan and the Devil, and I wondered from time to time, as I review the New Testament, what happened to Leviathan? Because I found, in deep studies in the Old Testament, and I see it in the New Testament too, that Satan and Leviathan usually go together. They are two aspects of the carnal mind, Satan and Leviathan. What happened to Leviathan? Why was it just the Devil and Satan in the temptation? I found out from reading this transcript, The Marriage At Cana, that Jesus met up with Leviathan at the marriage of Cana.


I will explain that to you. Jesus was caught up to a high place, but that is not the end of it. Being caught up to a high place, even to the sixth center, does not make us a supernatural man, who is the Son of God. What makes us a supernatural man, who is the Son of God, is the fulfillment of the third stage, and that is the putting of Satan and Leviathan down into the bottomless pit, completely under the feet of Christ in us, permanently, so permanently that they will not come up, and we live only 100% out of Christ Jesus. We become supernatural men with supernatural power, and Jesus, in this condition, called Himself the Son of God. He called Himself the Son of God. Why? Because Jesus, a mortal man, a personality, was now so joined to Christ Jesus, the Mind of God, He was the New Man, and there was no part of His personality that was joined to Satan or Leviathan. When Jesus said, The prince of this world comes, and he hath nothing in Me, what He was saying was, There is no part of My personality -- and remember, our personality is spirit, our personality is energy, our personality is spread through all of us. It is not resident in our brain or in our mouth. We are energy. We are not confined to this body.


To help us understand, we can say that we are a particle. We are an energy stream, just like a stream of light has many photons, many light particles in it. Our personality is an energy stream with many particles in it, and each particle has to be joined to either the Fiery Serpent, who is Leviathan in the individual, or to Christ Jesus. So when Jesus said, The prince of this world comes, and He has nothing in me, Jesus was saying, There is not one particle, not one spiritual particle of my personality that is joined to the prince of this world. Every single particle of the energy stream, which I am, is joined to Christ Jesus. There is not one particle of me that is joined to the Serpent or any of her household, said Jesus. Because, as the Scripture says, If you offend in one point of the law, you are guilty of the whole law.


So it is true, spiritually speaking, that if one spiritual particle, one spiritual molecule of your personality, or of your mind, is joined to any member of the Serpent's household, you are polluted completely. You are not a supernatural man in Christ Jesus. That union of one particle of yourself pollutes the whole of you. So Jesus, although He ascended as He came up out of the water at His baptism, He ascended to a very high place, He still did not have the Serpent and her household completely under His feet. That is what the temptation was all about. He had to defeat every aspect of the Serpent's kingdom within Himself. So Satan departed from Him for a season. The Devil, I really do not recall what the Scripture says when He defeated the Devil, if the Devil departed from Him for a season. And then the Scripture says that He went to Cana, and He did His first miracle at Cana, and the miracle was that in Cana He put Leviathan under His feet. At the Jordan, at His baptism, He received the strength to put Leviathan under His feet, and the miracle that He did at Cana was that He put Leviathan under His feet, after He got Satan and the Devil out of the way. He put Leviathan under His feet, and He married the Spirit of Elijah. It was His marriage. It was Jesus' marriage.


Of course, we have a radically different translation as we look up every word in that account, but that is pretty much what it was saying, if you want to hear it. If you do not want to hear it, or if you cannot hear it, it is OK. He never names His mother. He never says, Xxxx. And His mother is the Serpent. Both the Greek and the Hebrew word mother is talking about the point of departure, it is talking about the Serpent's timeline. In one verse He calls her mother, and in another verse He calls her woman. The miracle at Cana was that third and final confrontation. He confronted Satan and turned her away, He defeated the Devil and turned her away, and then He overcame Leviathan and crushed her under His feet, ascended and married the Spirit of Elijah, and became a supernatural man.


I see that is the pattern that we who are hoping to ascend will have to follow, and I was thinking about my own life, how long it took me to conceive Christ. It took quite a few years, I think about four years, four years of being in a very anointed church. The first two or three years, I really lose track, I received very, very heavy Old Order Deliverance, which cleansed and purified me, and after three or four years in that church, of a preacher preaching straight deliverance, and me getting deliverance in just about every service, he started preaching sonship, as Bill Britton preached it, with a heavy anointing every time that he preached. Apparently, my purified land was seeded during that whole year of the preaching of sonship. I was seeded, and I conceived.


Then I went forth to experience the temptation, and I experienced some very, very horrendous temptations. This ministry is 11 years old. I have been cleaning up my office, and I came across some old dreams that I had. I found one dream I never did understand, this dream I had in 1991. It had something to do with Lake Ronkokoma. Here on Long Island there is a local lake, not a big lake, called Lake Ronkonkoma, and the rumor is that every year at least one person dies there. I do not know how true it is, but it is a rumor that goes around Long Island that somebody drowns in the lake every year. In this dream I was in the water, and the land seemed so far away. Then I turned around in the complete opposite direction, and I saw a different kind of land. I do not remember all of the details except there was lush vegetation, very green, and it has been my experience that that is usually an indication of the astral plane.


I do not understand it completely, but this is the information that is coming to me, that a lot of people who have experiences in the astral plane perceive it to be sort of like Africa in its pristine condition, green, animals there, with lush vegetation. I cannot tell you why, I have read things, and I have spoken to people who have had this experience, and that is what I am believing at this moment, that that is a type of the astral plane. So I was in the water, the land seemed very far away, and I turned around, and there was another shore right behind me, with this lush vegetation.


Now this very way of expressing myself, like, land was far away, but then I turned around and saw another shore, that kind of expression is used in the prophets, in the Old Testament prophets. I turned, and I saw. In other words, what it means is that you turned in the spirit, and you looked in another direction in the spirit, and I saw another shore. I must have seen the astral plane. I did not seem to recall my experiences there, but after I visited the astral plane I was back in the water, and I heard a voice saying, Be very careful, somebody dies here every year. That was back in 1991. I did not understand this dream until today. The Lord was telling me that I had some very heavy judgments, some very severe trials ahead of me, and that, of course, it is not a literal year, but the Lord was saying to me that a lot of people have ascended to where you are now, and they die at this point.


In 1991 I had just come out of the hospital. I had almost died. I had been very ill. I should have died. The Lord saved my life, and now the testing came. I went through some severe, severe trials, and I almost died. Maybe I did die, maybe He raised me from the dead, I am not quite sure, but I had some really rough times, but by the grace of God, I made it and went on. But now I know what that dream means, you see. It is not enough that God saves your life, it is not enough that Christ is conceived in you, it is not even enough to be walking in a lot of power. I really do not know how much power I have. Sometimes I am very powerful. Sometimes I feel like I have no power at all. I have nothing to measure myself against.


I know that I am very powerful if I am praying what Jesus wants me to pray. I know that, but I cannot say to you, Come here and I will heal your arthritis. I do not have the power to do that, but I know that if the Lord raises me up to pray, I am very powerful, I know that, and I know that healing comes forth from me when it is the Lord's will, but He is just not healing everybody at this moment. What am I saying? You can be very powerful in Christ Jesus, but that is not enough. You have got to put the Serpent under your feet. You have got to bury her, you have got go completely disengage every molecule, or particle of your mind and personality from an ungodly relationship with her, for you to become a supernatural man and be able to call yourself the Christ, as Jesus did. It doesn't matter how powerful you are if the Serpent is still ascended in you. If the Fiery Serpent is ascended in you, you are simply a double-minded man.


I am going to try to draw on the board for you now a person who has both Christ Jesus and the Fiery Serpent ascended in them. When the Fiery Serpent ascends in you she creates the powers and principalities that move in your life, or that affect your life. I will put it on the board, and I will try to talk about it from the board. This is Drawing #1, and the board is divided into two parts. As you are looking at it, the left part, Part A, is a diagram of our potential for immortality. These drawings are not completely accurate so just try and follow me as I try to explain this to you. As Christ Jesus ascends in us, the Fiery Serpent ascends in us. This is what Jesus was talking about when He said, Let the wheat and the tares grow together.


This is the explanation for how some people are very powerful in Christ Jesus, doing all kinds of miracles. Maybe they are powerful in the Holy Spirit, they are powerful in Christ, Lord knows, and then something happens, and they turn against the Lord, and they are very powerful witches. I personally have experienced this in my life. My pastor who raised me up had tremendous spiritual power, and whatever happened to him, God knows, Satan overtook him, and he went to the evil side. His psychic prayers hurt a lot of people. How could this be? I have talked about this from time to time over the years, but I have never seen it or been able to explain it to you quite as accurately as I can tonight.


Because we are basically Satan. We are Satan, we are the Serpent, and the Lord Jesus Christ is penetrating our spiritual being, making contact with Abel, who is dead under the ground in us, and exalting Himself in us by raising Abel, hopefully. His goal is to raise Abel all the way up into the center between the eyebrows, where the Lord Jesus Christ will meet him and marry him, and foreve, the man who has this experience, will be with the Lord. Because we are the Serpent, as Abel, or Christ, rises from the dead in us, the Fiery Serpent is rising also.


There is also an explanation as to why so frequently -- this is going to found like a cop-out, but it is not a cop-out -- everybody is responsible for what they do, brethren, but when we start to serve the Lord, whatever evil potential is in us rises to the surface. The Scripture talks about the dross rising to the surface. So it looks to the world, frequently, like the most wicked people around are the Christians, and there is some truth to this. The dross rises to the surface, and then, another reason for why so many Christians are wicked, is because they are wicked, and the Lord has had mercy on them and gathered them in, but they have not yet been reprogrammed, so to speak. But a lot of people who appear to be very decent people in this world start serving Jesus, and all of this evil starts coming to the surface. That is the power of God purifying us, but if we lay hold of what is coming to the surface and hide it. and try to push it back down, we become the -- I think it was Jeremiah or Isaiah that said, The billows are burning, and the fire is hot, but the wicked are not plucked out, and we become reprobate. That is the Scripture. They are reprobate silver. They are in the fire, they are in the furnace, but the wicked are not plucked out, because their pride desires more strongly to hide their faults than they desire the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This diagram is an example of this. As we ascend in Christ, the Fiery Serpent ascends also, and there is a race going on because this ascension has a goal. It has a destiny, and that goal is to get married. There is a race. Did not Paul say there was a race that was being run? This is the race. The Fiery Serpent ascends, and her goal, and of course she is in a different timeline. The Fiery Serpent is ascending in a parallel timeline to the timeline that Christ is ascending in, and the Fiery Serpent hopes to get into the third eye, which is the 6th center of the counterfeit timeline, and marry Leviathan and achieve the immortality of this age. Christ is ascending and hopes to marry the Lord Jesus Christ and become the fortified Christ Jesus permanently. Both events cannot happen. You can only marry one man.


Let me point out to you that while we are still Serpents, while we are still mortal, Christ Jesus does not descend below the heart center, except at the very beginning, when Christ is raised. Now Christ is Abel, and he is under the ground, but he immediately, as soon as he is quickened by the Holy Spirit, is planted in the heart center. The engrafted word is the grafting of Christ to the heart center. Getting Abel out from under the ground and getting him grafted to the heart center is an absolute miracle. That is why there are so few Christians in which Christ is grafted to the heart center. There are many Christians that have the Holy Spirit, but He never succeeds in getting Christ out from under the ground and grafted to the heart center. Why? Because to do that the Holy Spirit has to go down into the lower centers. Abel is under the ground, and He has to fight Satan and the Fiery Serpent, and the Fiery Serpent is that portion of Leviathan which is in the individual.


If we think of Leviathan as an octopus, just by way of example, each tentacle of that octopus is resident in one human being. So the tentacle in the man is the Fiery Serpent, but she is just a tentacle of Leviathan. So we have this race running here, and as the Fiery Serpent ascends Satan exalts herself. You see, Satan is the free flowing aspect of the Fiery Serpent. I mentioned in Sunday's message. The Fiery Serpent is not a particle. She is not a solid snake like you will find in your garden. She is an energy force who moves in a spiral pattern, and that is why she is called a Serpent. She moves in a spiral pattern, and when she rests, she rests in a coiled pattern, so she is called a Serpent, but she is not the snake out in your backyard. Also, as I said in the last part of this message, the Fiery Serpent is also both the warp and the woof threads of our spiritual being, of all of us, of our whole being. She is both the warp and the woof threads so she is resident in a static form in the root center. A static form, a form that sleeps.


Static is the exact opposite of dynamic. Dynamic means energetic. But she also exists, and I do not know which is the woof and which is the warp at this time, but she also exists in a dynamic form. One form, the static and the dynamic, one form is the warp and one form is the woof, and she weaves herself through herself and forms a man. That is how we become form, both physically and spiritually speaking, so the Fiery Serpent is not only in the root center, she is also spread out in many particles, many actively, rapidly moving particles throughout our entire being. She is the energy of mortal man, and the more ascended that the Fiery Serpent, the static aspect of herself, which is in the root center, that sleeps in the root center, the more stirred up she is -- what will stir her up? Well, a lot of things can stir her up, but for our purposes tonight, the teaching, or the contact with the Holy Spirit, or the teaching of the Doctrine of Christ stirs up a man's spiritual potential, and that spiritual potential at the time that Christ first comes to him is attached to, joined to, married to, the Fiery Serpent.


So the Holy Spirit comes and stirs up the man's spirituality, in the hopes of laying hold of Abel, who is under the ground, and raising him from the dead in the name of Christ, because the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus Christ. So when Abel is raised from the dead he takes Christ's name. Well, Abel is attached to the Fiery Serpent, so when the Holy Spirit comes to stir up Abel, the whole spiritual potential of the man is stirred, his potential for good and his potential for evil spiritual behavior. Abel is his potential for good to grow into righteousness, and the Fiery Serpent, and Cain is in there (Cain is the conscious mind of the mortal man). The Fiery Serpent, Satan, Cain, the whole household of the Serpent is stirred up. If you dive, and you go down to the ocean bottom, and you want to dig for some buried treasure, you dig up all that dirt. It goes spewing all through the water. So the Serpent starts to rise as Christ starts to rise.


Now, if you look at the studies of yoga, the goal of yoga is to wake up, to stir up the Fiery Serpent, and encourage her to ascend. Why? Because these men who know what they are doing, a lot of people do yoga and they do not have any idea of what they are into, the men who know what they are doing desire spiritual power, and they know if they can get this Fiery Serpent to stir up and to ascend up to the brow center, where will make contact with Leviathan, they know that at the point of this contact power is poured out upon them, the power of the immortal plane of this world. They also know that to stay in this union between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan permanently, is the immortality of this age. But the Yogis who practice yoga have experiences similar to the Christians, who do succeed in ascending to the brow center, from time to time, in that they know that it is possible to ascend to the center between the eyebrows, to make contact with Leviathan, to have an experience or to experience immortality and to fall down again, at least to the heart center.


The Scripture says that Peter, being filled up with the Holy Spirit, if that is what it says, I have not looked at it in the Greek, but in the King James translation, it implies that Peter was not permanently filled up with the Holy Spirit if he had to be filled up with the Holy Spirit. See, both anointings, the counterfeit one and the true one, it rises and it falls, and it is possible for a mortal man to have Christ in him caught up to a point of union with the Lord Jesus in the center between the eyebrows and to have an experience to do something in Christ Jesus and then to have their consciousness descend back down again. It is not a permanent -- what happens in such a situation is that you are experiencing immortality, but it is not permanent. If you are reading this message, and have ever been caught up to a high place, where you have received supernatural power to do any job that God has given you, the chances are very great that you have experienced immortalit, but just long enough to do the job. I have experienced it a couple of times. I do not really know how high up I was because I have nothing to measure it against, but I was pretty high up. So there is a good chance that I did experience immortality for a moment.


So the wheat and the tares grow together, and this is where the vicious warfare comes in as you ascend. Satan does not bother you, usually, unless you are bothering her, unless there are heavy curses on your life, and she has legal ground. There are lots of people in this world that have pretty good lives, but as you begin to ascend in Christ Jesus, it is not the guy out there, it is Satan in our own mind warring with you to knock you down. She does not want you to ascend and marry the Lord Jesus. She is fighting across the parallel timeline every step of the way, and if you defeat her she starts to call in Satan in other people to join with her, and this is called the temptation. Now, I do not think I full explained who Satan is. The Fiery Serpent is the static aspect, the inactive aspect of the Fiery Serpent. She sleeps coiled in the root center, but she also has a dynamic aspect of herself, particles of herself that are constantly moving throughout the whole of the man, primarily on the spinal column and up through the nervous system, but, of course, we have energy through our whole body.


There is a circulation of energy that can be likened to the circulation of our physical blood, and this is the spiritual blood. When Jesus talked about His blood He was not talking about the physical blood of His physical body, He was talking about His spiritual blood. So, there is a spiritual blood that is energy which circulates in our spiritual being, and this is who Satan is. She is the liquid part, she is the active part, she is the dynamic aspect of the Fiery Serpent, and the activity of Satan varies. When the Fiery Serpent gets stirred up, Satan is the sea that she is dwelling in. You can think of it if it will help you as a fetus in a sack of amniotic fluid. If you want to think of it that way, the fetus would be the Fiery Serpent, and the amniotic fluid that she feeds on is Satan, so the Fiery Serpent is living, spiritually speaking, in a womb, in an amniotic sack just like a fetus does, and she feeds off of the energy of the host that she dwells in. This is our condition, brethren.


This is the worm that the Scriptures talks about. The Fiery Serpent is the worm that the Scripture talks about. Every man has one, and she feeds off of our energy. The least active she is the least of our energy she takes, but the more active she, is the more hungry she gets, the more of our energy she saps. So, it is not in our best interest, or the best interest of any man, to have the Fiery Serpent active because she literally sucks the energy out of our body. When the Hindu yoga stirs up the Fiery Serpent and encourages her to ascend, they have found a way to do this without killing themselves, but very few men do it. With all the knowledge in the Hindu books, very few men are ascended. Why? It is a very difficult thing to achieve, because some people have gone insane and others have died as the Fiery Serpent ascends.


It is very stressful, brethren, when Christ starts to ascend in you, and the Fiery Serpent is stirred up in you. Life becomes very hard. It is not Satan outside of you. It is Satan within you, and as I said earlier, if Satan within your own mind cannot knock you out, cannot discourage you from going on, she will gather strength from Satan in the minds of other people. Those who truly follow Jesus Christ have all kinds of trials and tribulations in their lives. This is Satan trying to stop them at whatever point they are at. If you have the Holy Spirit, and He is not grafted, Satan is trying to stop the resurrected Abel from being grafted. If He is grafted, Satan is trying to stop Him from making it to the heart center. Oh, I am sorry, if He is grafted He is in the heart center. Satan is trying to stop Him from going up to the next center. If there is no warfare in your life, you are not moving, because the very fact of your moving stirs up the Fiery Serpent. So the wheat and the tares rise up together, at war every step of the way. They are both ascending in a parallel timeline. The Fiery Serpent is ascending toward Leviathan, Christ is ascending towards the Lord Jesus Christ who is above, and they are both desiring immortality, and both of them want the personality, that you are, to go with them into immortality.


So this is the second stage of our ascension, but we are not supernatural men, and we are certainly not the Son of God so long as the Fiery Serpent is up there. We can have spiritual power in varying degrees. I do not know about anybody else. I just know about myself. To me, what is important to me, I guess it is selfishness. Everybody is selfish because it is impossible to be totally unselfish when you are dependent person. If you do not have food to eat it is just really hard to say, Well, Lord I do not care that I do not have food to eat, I am just going to out and serve you. You are hungry. If you are physically ill, if you have an ailment, you are doing the best you can to serve the Lord Jesus, but you know that you have an ailment, you are in pain. So what is important to me in my selfishness is the ability to heal. I know that I have infirmities of my flesh that I would like to see healed, and my power to help myself is limited, and to help others is limited, but I know that when the Lord gives me an assignment I have great power.


I am a very spiritually powerful person when I am executing an assignment that the Lord has given me, so because of my own frustration at my ability to heal myself and my friends and those who are around me who are suffering, my carnal mind tends to tell me that I do not have much power, but the Lord tells me that I have a lot of power, but I am looking at it through my carnal mind. So what am I trying to tell you? I am trying to say that we could be very ascended, and the way you measure how ascended you are is the ferociousness of your battles with Satan, because as the Fiery Serpent ascends, as the static part of the Fiery Serpent ascends, she stirs up and whips around the dynamic aspect of herself and Satan increases in power. So as the two of you ascend, Satan is raging. If you are in a vicious war with Satan, then you should know that you are pretty ascended, but you are still not a supernatural man, and you are still not the Son of God until after you ascend and you put the Fiery Serpent and Satan down in the bottomless pit, as you see in Part B, which is the third stage of our ascension.


So this vicious battle, which is known as the temptation, can go on for years. The way I figure it out, I have been in the temptation for 12 years. Now you do not have to believe that it is going to be 12 years for you. It may or it may not be. I do not know. Everybody does not have the same experience, and I do seem to be a pioneer in this area. Also when somebody finally does stand up they will be able to lend their strength to you, or to me if it is not me, to help you ascend more quickly. I have been in the temptation about 12 years. I have been crying out to the Lord, What more is there? Because I know that He wants me to ascend, so what more is there? How much more do I have to accomplish? What much more do I have to learn? What is it, at what point do we ascend?


And He has been talking to me, and this is what He has told me, that it is not a question of continuing to study or continuing to overcome Satan and then you ascend. You reach a certain point and Jesus has to reach down and get you, and this is what is called the catching up. So we have to get to that high place where we can touch Him. He is reaching down into this world. We are like people who have fallen into a pit, and He is reaching down, He is sending a rope ladder down for us, and He is saying, Come on, grab hold and I will pull you out. So I have to believe, if I am still down here in this condition, as high as I may think I have ascended, I have not ascended high enough, or I am not strong enough to grab hold of that rope so He can yank me up, and when He yanks me up, Satan has to go down under my feet. Satan and the Fiery Serpent have to go down into the bottomless pit, and then I have to be strong enough to keep them down there.


Drawing #1A, I want to make it very clear that it is not an accurate picture. I show you both Christ married to the Lord Jesus, and the Fiery Serpent married to the Leviathan. This is not possible. These are potential situations. There can only be one marriage. There can only be one marriage, and when Christ reaches this point, where He lays hold of the Lord Jesus and becomes truly married to the Lord Jesus in a permanent condition, He becomes strong enough to overturn the ascended Fiery Serpent and drive her down to the bottom, as you can see in Drawing B. Now, as the Fiery Serpent ascends, the powers and principalities that we read about in the Scripture literally become created within the individual, because these powers and principalities are manifestations of the Serpent that come into existence when Satan is active enough. They literally take form. They are disembodied aspects of the Serpent. You want to call them disembodied spirits? I will say OK for the time being, because God only knows, I do not have all the answers.


The powers and principalities dwell in the energy centers. The name of this series is Thought Forms vs. Powers and Principalities, and this is basically the difference. Powers and principalities are actual spirits, right now I do not know what else to call them. Not only our world, but all the worlds that we cannot see are created by the Serpent. The primordial Serpent has divided herself and divided herself and divided herself until she is now appearing in this world today as this many-membered humanity, and just as we look out the door and there is just trillions of varieties of insects and birds and animals of all sizes and all natures, in the unseen world she has also divided herself, and there are all kinds of spirits, different kinds and categories of spirits just as there are different kinds of insects and animals, and they live in the invisible planes.


They all desire to become manifested, and the way they become manifested is in the individual human. And the way the become manifested is when the Fiery Serpent becomes active. Her activity results in her ascension into the energy centers, and as she ascends into the energy centers, these invisible spirits, the powers and principalities of this world, take form. They are not physical form like we are, but they take some sort of form, and they dwell in the energy center. If you know the truth about Hinduism, and the sounding of the mantras and the meditation that they are doing, they are worshiping the deity and calling her forth into the energy centers. If you take a Hindu man who is just starting in his program of yoga, and let us say, for argument sake, that the Fiery Serpent is not ascended in him at all, his teacher will tell him to meditate on one of the lower centers. Let us say he will start with his naval, and they have books which give them a description that when the energy center in the naval, for example, or any energy center, when it becomes activated, it is like a world that has come into being, and this is the god of the world, and this is the animal that lives in the energy center, and there is a whole description in the Hindu books as to what the world looks like in each energy center.


So, what the people practicing this yoga do, because the whole purpose of yoga is to ascend into supernatural power, despite the fact of what they tell you in this country. It has been a very irresponsible importation of ? Yoga, which an inferior form of yoga, and the people that are studying it in the West have not been advised of what they are getting themselves into, because Yoga stirs up the Fiery Serpent. So what the yoga disciple does is he will go into a meditation, and meditate on what these books tell him that the center in the naval looks like. He will sound the mantra, he will sound the Sanskrit letter which produces the name of the deity, and he will say that letter over and over and over again, and what he is doing is literally conjuring up that deity. He is conjuring up her world and the characteristics of that world, and he is inviting her to enter into his energy center and to dwell there.


So the powers and principalities live in the energy centers, and they are gods and goddesses. They are the lesser gods of this world. They are gods and goddesses because they are much greater than the men and women of this world. The only one greater than them is -- well, they have their own hierarchy and then, of course, the Lord Jesus Christ is greater than them. So the powers and principalities are spirits which are partially incarnated. I do not know if it is correct to say incarnated or partially incarnated. They are not incarnated as men as we know them, but they are incarnated as deities which inhabit the energy centers of the man in whom the Fiery Serpent is ascended. They come with their environments, they come with their worlds and the animals and foliage of their worlds.


You can look at this board, and you can see that I have named who indwells the energy centers in the household of God. Christ is in the heart center, Christ Jesus is in the throat center, and the fortified Christ Jesus is in the brow center, but I do not know the names. Well, the Lord has just reminded me, I guess I do have the names on some of the earlier drawings that I have drawn, but in terms of the powers and principalities who indwell these centers, the only thing that I can recall, that we have come across, is that in the heart center is the Devil, or in the Old Testament she is called Astarte or Ashtoreth. I really do not know who indwells the throat center and who indwells the third eye. The Hindus have names for every aspect of the primordial Serpent that dwell in every energy center, I just do not know what they are. Even if I could find them for you in the Hindu book, I do not know what the Lord would call them, so I am just leaving it blank right now.


This is the creation of the powers and principalities, and the more the Fiery Serpent is ascended in you, the more gods and goddesses indwell you, the more energy you have, and the more spiritual power you have. The higher the Fiery Serpent is ascended, the more you have access to the cosmic energy, because there is energy beyond ourselves. I have told you on other messages that every human being that is born is born with a measure of energy, and when that energy is used up, the person dies, but there is a source of cosmic energy beyond the individual. The goal of the Yogi who is hoping to ascend into the brow center, where he can join with Leviathan, is that he will permanently access the source of cosmic energy, energy from beyond himself, which comes from Leviathan, in the same manner that we are hoping that Christ will rise in us and marry the Lord Jesus, whereby we will have permanent access to the energy, the eternal, immortal energy which is in Jehovah's Kingdom through the Lord Jesus Christ. Now we know from past studies that there is an immortality in the counterfeit timeline. It is an immortality that the Scripture calls hell. It is called the resurrection of damnation. It will be hell for the personality who has this experience, but this immortality will only last until the end of the age because this whole counterfeit age is rolling up like a scroll and going out like a light. Even the immortals will cease to exist when the whole age is dissolved.


This is the second stage of our ascension. It is called the temptation. We are fighting with Satan, and we are fighting with the powers and principalities in the energy centers which are across from us every step of the way. And you may notice when you are reading the New Testament that the term "across" or" to the other side" is very common. The Scriptures speak frequently about Jesus going to the other side, or the man was across from Him. It is talking about the parallel timeline. You see, Jesus crossed over into the parallel timeline. The man Jesus, who had ascended to the place between his eyebrows, the man Jesus, who had a permanent tie, who in his case was the Spirit of Elijah, the man Jesus, who was a supernatural man, who was Christ, who had permanently forced the Fiery Serpent and Satan under His feet, that man frequently went to the other side. And even if you just read the King James translation, it tells you He took His disciples and He want to the other side, and the storms started to rage.


Well, they went across, brethren, from the true timeline into the counterfeit timeline. They went into Satan's territory, and she did not like it because she knew that they came to dismantle her. Try to understand that, although I am showing you on this board the two timelines in one man, that when you exist in a particular timeline you are in a spiritual place, and you can change your spiritual place without leaving your body, or without moving your body. You just have a different experience, and I know this is very hard for some of you to understand. But the Old Testament talks about it, and I mentioned it at the beginning of this message. The Scripture frequently says, They turned, and they saw. They turned in their mind, and they saw the other plane of consciousness.


So we ascend or descend between planes of consciousness without changing bodies and without changing physical location. It is difficult to understand until you start to experience it, but you are in the same place, and you could be a totally different person depending, basically, on the activity of your mind, because consciousness is talking about mind. If you are down in your emotions you are in the astral plane. If you are deep in the Doctrine of Christ you have ascended into the mental plane and the true timeline. Eventually, if you cannot see it now, you will get to the point where you will be able to recognize that your whole life is different depending on where your mind is residing. You will notice that you attract different kinds of people. When your consciousness is in a certain place you attract a certain a certain kind of people, you are attracted to certain events, you have certain spiritual experiences, and when your consciousness is in another place you can be having an exact opposite experience, and yet you are the same person living in the same place. Nothing has changed about you, but the expression of what you call your life can be radically different. It is where you are spiritually, where your consciousness abides spiritually.


I was giving a testimony off the message earlier. I am in God now 20 years, and I was a pretty hard-hearted person. I had some good qualities, I was not all bad, but I was a pretty tough character, a very hard-hearted character, and I was reaping a lot of evil in my life. But I started sowing good seed, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it has taken me 20 years in God to see good things really beginning to happen here. But, of course, I had a lot of bad seed in my life. It may take you 20 years, it may not, I do not know, depends on how deep you are when you start climbing out. There were a lot of curses in my family, I was dying when I came here, very heavy duty curses, and it has taken me 20 years. Of course, it gets better every year that goes by, things get better. I had some pretty rough years there.


Does anybody have any questions about Drawing #1A? Did I explain this accurately?


This is the second stage of our ascension. No matter how powerful we are, as we ascend, Satan ascends on the counterfeit timeline. We overcome her at one level of consciousness, and we say, Well, we got rid of that Devil, and we ascend to a higher plane of consciousness, and she is right there waiting for us, because she too has ascended in the counterfeit timeline, and we fight her to the bitter end. I believe she gets stronger and stronger and stronger, but we not only become stronge,r but even more than becoming stronge,r we become more and more defensed as we learn the rules of the game, as we learn to walk in Jesus' footsteps, as we learn to deprive Satan of all legal ground, because she can only hurt us when we sow evil seed. She is the mediator of the sowing and reaping judgment, so as we learn to walk circumspectly as Jesus would have us to walk, as we learn to police our unconscious mind, she is just raging but she loses her legal ground to hurt us. It can be likened to being in the eye of a hurricane. As we learn to truly walk in Jesus' footsteps, we are in the eye of a hurricane, because that hurricane is raging the whole time we are ascending, swimming all around us. Glory to God.


So if your life is peaceful, you are doing something wrong, unless you are happy. If Jesus is leaving you alone, and you do not want to go on, then that is between you and Him. That is OK. He is not calling everyone in this hour. He is not condemning anybody. I know He said to my own mother, by a prophecy from a woman that never saw my mother before in her life, The Lord is calling you, but I hear your heart saying, What will my husband say? And the Lord says, If you ever change your mind, just call on His name, and she died. As far as I know, she did not change her mind, but there was no bitterness. The message in the Church is a lie. It is a lie. There is no bitterness against you if you turn Him down. He is not punishing you if you turn Him down. Now, you may walk out, you may walk away from Him and Satan may clobber you, but Jesus is not punishing you if you turn Him down. He is not like that. Jesus said to the man, Why do you call me good? Do not you know that only God is good? What was that all about? Jesus was good because He was the Son of God, but that was not why the man was calling Him good. The man was flattering Him and did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, so do not believe a man's words. You have to look at his heart. Someone who was blind would say, Well, the man called you good, he must know you are the Son of God. Not necessarily. He does not think you are a Son of God, he despises you, and he is flattering you.


Side B on Drawing #1 shows us the man who made it into the brow center and married the Lord Jesus Christ, rose up in the strength to knock the Fiery Serpent down. Before I go onto that, let me comment briefly on the thought forms, the difference between the powers and principalities and the thought forms. You may recall from the earlier parts of this message, that I told you that thought forms are the result of our thought vibrating forth from us, because all thought is movement of energy. We are energy. When we think, a part of us, an aspect of, our energy moves. That is what thought is. And as that aspect of energy moves it gathers unto itself some of the material atoms of the astral plane, the emotional world, and forms a thought form. It is a thought attached to the visible representation of itself that is a thought form, but the powers and principalities are the actual deities which exist in the invisible planes that wait for the opportunity to indwell a human being in their energy center. They are looking for this measure of incarnation. I do not know if incarnation is the right word or not because they are not incarnated as a man.


Does anyone have any questions about the difference between thought forms and powers and principalities?


Now, the thought forms are demons, and they are in your aura, as you may recall from a previous message, and they can be cast out of your aura. But the powers and principalities cannot be cast out. The powers and principalities have to be cast down. The only way you can get rid of the powers and principalities -- now, remember, the Fiery Serpent forms them as she ascends and passes through the energy centers. Each energy center is a world inhabited by a goddess, and as she is forced down by Christ Jesus, she dissolves the worlds and the powers and principalities that were formed as she ascends. So the thought forms, the demons, can be cast out, but the powers and principalities have to be dissolved. The thought forms cease to exist after you cast them out. They die, they are in your aura, they die when you cast them out, but the powers and principalities do not cease to exist. They just leave your body. They exist in a high spiritual plane. The powers and principalities exist on a high spiritual plane, and when they are driven out of the energy centers of your body, they just stand by waiting to be invoked and manifested in another person's body. Any questions about the powers and principalities or the thought forms?


One more thing about the thought forms. Thought forms can be positive or negative. Christ Jesus can produce thought forms. Love for a man can produce thought forms. So thought forms can be good or evil, and they could be righteous too. But the powers and principalities are all manifestations of the primordial Serpent, and they are seeking to rule through you. They are living in you, they are powers and principalities indwelling your body. We are their house. See, we are not the house of the demons. We are the house of the powers and principalities when they are there. A big difference, a very big difference. The powers and principalities are the rulers of this world because the primordial Serpent has incarnated this whole world through Leviathan, and the powers and principalities are aspects of herself indwelling the world that she has created.


Thought forms are the product of an individual human being. Powers and principalities go back to the primordial Serpent and are the gods of this world. Thought forms can do a lot of damage, but they are not really gods if you can hear the difference. Thought forms are created by the individual's mind. In rare occasions, if you have an really evil strong-willed person they can become a ghost or enter into the activities of a ghost and live for generations, but it is not typical. But the powers and principalities are here from the beginning, and they will be here until this evil age rolls up and the primordial Serpent is forced down into the bottomless pit in the whole of humanity. Even then they will still exist as a part of the Serpent, and the Serpent is a part of the creation. She is here, she is supposed to be in submission to Christ Jesus, and her function is the darkness that gives form to the light. Powers and principalities do not die. Their present form ceases to exist in you. Thought forms can die. If you are looking at it from the aspect of this age, the powers and principalities are immortals. They are the immortals of this age. The thought forms are created and can die.


Drawing B is a drawing of the same man that is over here on side A. This is the third stage of our ascension. Christ Jesus has ascended to the place where He made contact with the Lord Jesus Christ, and He made a permanent connection with Him. I am talking about a connection that can be likened unto marriage. We make several connections with Christ during our experience. We make a connection with the Holy Spirit, we make a connection when we are engrafted to the heart center, we make a connection when we reach the throat center. I am talking about the connection between the resurrected Christ Jesus in the individual and the Lord Jesus who is above. I am talking about a permanent connection that the Scripture likens unto marriage. So this man, this spiritual man has ascended to that place, he has laid hold of the Lord Jesus, he has laid hold of that pearl of great price, he will not let go of it, and he found within himself the strength to force the Fiery Serpent down, and now we see that the glorified Christ Jesus, that the Christ Jesus in the individual who is married to the glorified Lord Jesus is not only in the higher centers, but he has also vibrated into the lower centers purifying them and keeping the Fiery Serpent down here.


We found this in our study of Ezekiel 1, we found a Scripture that indicated that the Fiery Serpent in the three lower centers is condensed into a cart. That is the symbol in Ezekiel 1 that carries the whole man so long as we are in this physical body. The cart typifies the physical body. The only thing really functioning that is left in the Fiery Serpent is the physical body because Christ Jesus is possessing the whole man. This man has become a supernatural man. He is the Christ, He can call Himself the Christ, and as Jesus did He can say that He is the Son of God. This is the reality of Revelation 20:1-3, Satan forced into the bottomless pit. She is completely covered over by Christ Jesus, who is possessing the whole man. Of course, I am simplifying this whole teaching by showing it to you with stick men, but everything that I am talking to you about here is happening in every spiritual molecule of our being. The Fiery Serpent is being forced into a position, which is submission to Christ Jesus in every spiritual molecule of our being. Maybe I will show you that on the board.


Drawing #2, Part A. You may recall, going back as much as a year ago, six months to a year ago, I guess about six months ago when we did Fishing for Leviathan, the Lord brought forth this teaching on the spiritual molecules. The best natural example I can give you is that a stream of light is made up of many particles called protons. Our spiritual blood, which is the dynamic aspect of the Fiery Serpent -- well, the Fiery Serpent is an energy force which is spiritual blood, and, of course, Christ Jesus is also an energy force which is spiritual blood. We have two bloods flowing through our veins. If you have Christ in this hour, you have two different blood types flowing through your veins, and they are at war with one another, and when they contact one another, the blood of the Fiery Serpent is destroyed, because Christ Jesus is undefeatable. But, of course, if it is the young undeveloped Christ, it is possible for the spiritual blood of the Fiery Serpent called Satan to defeat Him. It is a possibility, but the Lord Jesus Christ cannot be defeated.


The molecules of energy that form the spiritual blood in the Serpent are circular, because you may recall that the Serpent is consuming her own tail. This is the symbol that is well known through the whole occult world. They do not deny it that the symbol of the Serpent is a Serpent with her tail in her own mouth, and the significance of this is spiritual masturbation. We have expressed it as spiritual masturbation in the past. She is satisfying herself, but this is not the way the creation is intended to be. The creation, the animal part of the creation which we are -- well, we are both right now, but basically, if you are mortal you are a representation of the Serpent. We are becoming Sons of God as Christ Jesus possess us and marries us, but the truth is that even those of us who have the Holy Spirit or who are walking in Christ Jesus, by and large, we are still animals, or in the process of being purified so that we can marry the Lord Jesus Christ.


So in the case of mortal man, our spiritual blood is in the form of circular molecules which contain 7 atoms each, and they are circular. The fact that they are circular indicates that the Fiery Serpent is both the warp and the woof threads of the creature. The creature has to be satisfied in each and every atom of each and every molecule. I know that I talked to you about this on another message, but I probably only mentioned it once so you may not recall what I am talking about, but the Fiery Serpent is satisfying herself. She is joined to herself, and Christ Jesus has come to break her apart, to get her tail out of her mouth, to stretch her out, as you can see in Part B of Drawing #2, so that He can join Himself to each and every atom of each and every spiritual molecule. Then, the molecules of our spiritual blood will no longer be in the form of circular molecules, but they will be strings, molecules in the form of strings, a molecule with each and every atom satisfied by Christ Jesus.


I got this information about there being 7 atoms in each spiritual molecule out of an occult book, and I told you that, but it seems to me that the Scripture clearly bears it out. A year or two ago I came across Strong's #7650 signifying a Hebrew word which means to complete, to satisfy, and in Brown, Driver, Briggs Lexicon, it clearly says that the word also means "to seven." And I had the revelation going back a couple of years ago that this term "to seven" means to bring that person into a high spiritual place. When the Lord says, I am going to seven you, I am going to complete you, I am going to satisfy you, however else this word is translated, He is saying, I am going to bring you into a high spiritual place. The Scripture in which I found this word in this context is in Song of Solomon where the Lord was saying to the spiritual women of Israel, You are being overtaken by the Serpent, and this is what I am going to do to you. I am not going to punish you, but I am going to seven you so that this cannot happen to you any more.


The Lord Jesus Christ does not punish us. He fixes us so that this weakness, this character flaw in us, will no longer cause us to be unfaithful to Him. The whole problem is that, because we are in a fallen condition, the operation is painful, but the pain that Jesus gives us is not punishment. It is the pain that can be likened to surgery which will save your life, and most of the world has it backwards, including the Church. I was translating a very difficult verse in the Old Testament, and, as always, I went in to the lexicons to look at all of the potential words, and see what the Lord would say to me. And I saw that this word means "to seven." I believe in my heart that this is a witness to me that the occult teaching that the molecules of the spiritual blood of mortal man do contain atoms, and this is what the Lord has shown me is the meaning of "to seven." Not the #2, but to seven somebody, the word "to seven" somebody, means that the Lord is going to help these spiritual women to stop falling prey to Satan by waging war with Satan, who is their very spiritual blood, attacking their blood, pulling the Serpent's tail out of her own mouth in every molecule, and satisfying every one of the atoms of every one of her molecules. When this happens to every single spiritual molecule in every aspect of our being we shall be saved.


I remember going back 15-18 years ago, one of the preachers that we were raised up with had a revelation that we would be changed in our atoms. He was all excited, but brethren, it is not the physical atoms, but being changed in our spiritual atoms. We will shed this whole body, and there will be a change in the atoms, but the change is in the etheric body, brethren, and it will eventually manifest in the physical body. You may know that doctors, or pathologists who take blood samples, what looks like a consistent liquid that we call blood is filled with all different kinds of platelets. I do not even know all the names of the different kinds of cells within the blood. Well, the spiritual blood is the same thing, and I am sure, there is not a doubt in my mind, that me telling you that there are spiritual molecules with 7 atoms each in them is highly oversimplifying the situation. You may recall from when we did Fishing for Leviathan that there were other atoms that went up to 12, and I do not even recall, but when these 7 atom molecules join with the molecules of Leviathan, the numbers of the atoms in the molecules increased, and there were, I believe, two other kinds of molecules. So the nature of the Serpent's blood change is when she joins with Leviathan.


We see on the board today the technical expression of that Scripture, How can you enter into the strong man's house without binding the strong man? Christ Jesus has to bind Leviathan. The glorified Jesus Christ is coming in and binding Leviathan so that Christ Jesus in the individual can get to every spiritual molecule of the blood supply of the individual and satisfy it. According to the occult teaching, Leviathan manifests herself in two different forms, Form A and Form B. This is Drawing #3. Form A has 3 atoms and Form B has 5. At this point, I have no information as to why Leviathan manifests herself in two different forms, or what these two different forms mean. The occult teaching says also that there is a third molecule that flows in our spiritual blood which enters into us from the air that we breathe. These first two molecules, A and B, enter into us from the spiritual plane, they well up within us, but this energy from the air we get that from breathing, just as we get energy from eating food. We also get energy from breathing, and that energy comes in in the form of C. That really does not have anything to do with what we are saying today. I just put it down because it is in the book.


When Leviathan enters in, rises up in a human being through the energy centers, she seeks to overlay the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is female to Leviathan. Leviathan is male to the Fiery Serpent. Leviathan is the strong man who guards his wife, the Fiery Serpent, and when he overlays her, when he has spiritual sex with her, when he marries her, when he joins with her, this is what they look like. Down at the bottom we have A + D. That is A up here, Leviathan with the 3 atoms, overlays the Fiery Serpent with 7 atoms, and this is a married molecule. This is a person in whom the Fiery Serpent is ascended in spiritual power. She is joined to Leviathan, and depending on the percentage of spiritual molecules within that individual which are married to Leviathan, that is proportionally how spiritually powerful that person is, because spiritual power is in marriage. Right next to that we have B + D. This aspect of Leviathan with 5 atoms overlays the Fiery Serpent with 7 atoms and produces, obviously, a more powerful molecule because there are 2 more atoms in the B + D molecule than in the A + D molecule. There is no doubt in my mind that eventually the Lord will explain this to us, but I have no information right now.


So when Jesus comes in He has to bind the strong man so that He can get the wife. Christ Jesus wants the Fiery Serpent. He wants to overlay her, and He wants to join with her. So we see that Christ Jesus' marriage to the Fiery Serpent is in a completely different format, it is a string or a thread of energy, and it is flat out. It is not circular. Also, please note that when Christ Jesus marries the Fiery Serpent, He fills her up. He literally penetrates every atom of the molecule and satisfies her. When Leviathan overlays the Fiery Serpent he does not satisfy her. Why? Because the atoms of Leviathan are the same as the atoms of the Fiery Serpent, so all that he does is overload the molecule with more of the same kind of atoms, but the atoms from Leviathan do not penetrate the atoms of the Fiery Serpent; therefore, even people ascended in spiritual power in the Serpent are not satisfied. They are still going out, a lot of them frequently, seeking lust, seeking members of the opposite sex, casting love potions, they are still seeking the pleasures of this world.


That is one of the aspects of a person who is spiritually ascended in this world in the Serpent. They still want the things of this world, and they use their spiritual power to obtain them. But when Christ Jesus satisfies us, we no longer desire the things of this world because the satisfaction of Leviathan is not a true satisfaction. It is an addition, it is overloading of the spiritual molecules of our spiritual blood, but each atom within the molecule is still craving and lusting and desiring. But when Christ Jesus marries us, each and every atom is filled up and satisfied. So this is the technical explanation of the Scripture that sounds simple, How can you enter into a strong man's house unless you first bind him? The Spirit of Christ has to come in and approach these loaded molecules, A + D, and B + D, and somehow the Spirit of Christ comes in and attacks these molecules, just like a virus comes into a physical man's body, and He binds up Leviathan in the molecule and somehow breaks down these A + D and B + D molecules into A and D. And when He breaks them apart, Christ Jesus then straightens out the Fiery Serpent, gets her tail out of her own mouth, straightens her out and satisfies her. Again, this has a very sexual connotation. She is penetrated, the Fiery Serpent is penetrated in the wrong end, and that is Drawing #3, and I have explained it. We are approaching the end of the recording, and I do not think I will go to another recording.


Does any one want to say anything, or have any questions?


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