455 - Part 2





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We will start off with a brief review of the principles that were brought forth in Part 1 of this message, which is basically that the Serpent circumscribed Adam, who was in the midst of the Firmament.


Elohim, the Creator, commanded, and Michael brought forth a firmament in the midst of the waters. Elohim is the waters, He is the sperm and the water part of Jehovah's semen. We found out in Part 1 that the firmament is the place where the Garden of Eden is. The Firmament is the various levels of consciousness as one group. The Firmament is the mind of the man that Jehovah has commanded to come forth. There are different levels of consciousness in this mind, and there also was, and is, a Serpent. In accordance with Jehovah's plan, and Elohim's execution of that plan, Michael, Elohim's hand, built a firmament and he also built the evil one. The evil one is merely the conscious earth. This is a creation of light and darkness, of day and night, simply because the creation is to be a visible creation.


It was a negative that was brought forth. You cannot have an image without some darkness. This is the purpose of the Serpent. The Serpent will always be with us. But she must be under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, for us to live. When the Serpent comes into authority, we die, and we see the same principle in our mortal life times. When a family is in order, the family usually prospers. Well, if they are in order, they prosper especially, if the man is under Christ and the woman is under the man and the children are under the parents, not that you do not have any problems in your life, but the family prospers. You see a family, that is out of order, and its very rare that they prosper. And if they prosper in one generation, it is a good chance they will not prosper in future generations, if the family is out of order.


Now, I am not telling you that if a family is widowed, the family cannot prosper. I am talking about attitudes of the heart. Are you in submission to God? And if you are in submission to God, your life will be in order. And if you are in submission to God in your marriage, you know your family will be in order. And if you are in submission to God and you are not married, you are in submission to your employer. You are in submission to your ministry. Your heart has to be in order. When the Serpent rises up and takes the authority, only pain and suffering follows. In this world everyone is still dying because the Serpent crept up and overshadowed Adam. But right here within this fallen world, life can be better or it can be worse.


When the Serpent is in authority, disaster follows. That is why rebellion is such a terrible crime. I do not know about you, but I never used to really understand how rebellion was such a terrible crime. It was my understanding, back 1,500 years ago, it was really serious. If you were a serf living on an estate owned by a rich nobleman, the thought of rebellion was very serious. In our modern world, rebellion might take the form of the civil war, that would be terrible. Civil war is terrible. It is something that really to be averted, at all costs, unless it is absolutely necessary that the government is absolutely corrupt, and it is your only hope of deliverance. It should absolutely be the last resort. Because with rebellion, comes a cost. Now if Jesus Christ is in the rebellion, then peace will come out of the cost, but there will be a cost.


I am sorry, I do not remember the name of the African country, several years back, that was run by a dictator, and the testimony is that there were groups of Christians meeting secretly all over the nation, for years, praying for his downfall. He was a monster. He tortured people and murdered people. It took about 10 or 15 years, and he came down and his government was replaced with a democratic government. But it did not come down peacefully. There was a war. People were hurt, people were killed, children were orphaned, women were widowed. But because Jesus Christ was in it, peace eventually arose out of it. 


Rebellion is a very serious thing, and we need to understand that if we have rebellion in our heart on the smallest level, towards our parents, towards whatever the authority is, it is just you, but if there is a whole nation of people with that little bit of rebellion in their heart, eventually it will mushroom into a national rebellion, which is happening in this country today, rebellion against God and the morals that Jesus Christ has set for us, the standards that He has set for us. It starts in the heart of one man. Sin, rebellion, whatever, adultery, any sin. If the nation, if the family is strongly rooted in Christ Jesus, it can take longer, to bring that family or that nation down. But sin is contagious, because we are connected in our unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Does anyone know what Jesus' provision is against this? What is His inoculation against the Primordial of sin? You have the answer? OK, let us try it over here.


COMMENT: The confession of our sin and then repentance?


PASTOR VITALE: What do you need before you can confess your sin?


COMMENT: Conviction?


COMMENT: You need God's judgment?


PASTOR VITALE: You need understanding. The Scripture clearly says, Get wisdom (that is Christ), but by all means, get understanding. Because all the judgment in the world is not going to do you any good, neither all the conviction going to do you any good, if you do not understand what is going on. You see, if judgment falls on you, you will make your change today. But if you do not really understand what was wrong -- what you did wrong, how you thought wrong, why it was wrong, and what the right thing would have been -- if you do not really understand, you will surely make the same mistake again. That is Scripture. If the only thing that is stopping you from sinning is a wack on the hand, is a painful experience, in the hour of your calamity, that is the scriptural word for temptation, and the world would say, your moment of truth -- when you are really tempted by Satan, there is a good chance that you will fall, if you do not have a true understanding of what your behavior will produce in your life, and in the life of everyone that touches you, and in our case, in the life of world.


We have a very high commission here. The world is waiting for us. And if you cannot see that, after hearing me preach it, for almost eight years, you are blinded by your own pride. Your own pride that thinks that the only thing that is important is if you are doing something that the mortal mind of man considers important. That is your pride. Now let us go on with this message.


In Part 1, we found out that Adam was in the midst of the firmament. Adam was formed by Michael, and Adam and Michael together formed the whole thought form of the seed that would produce the creation that was to come forth from Jehovah's idea. We found out that there was a Serpent, because darkness was necessary to produce the image, and that the Serpent, the darkness in the earth, rose up out of her position, and brought Adam down. We have known that for years, but what we are finding out now is how she did it. And the word of the hour is that she circumscribed him. She surrounded him, she isolated him.


Let us put it in some language that we can understand today. She isolated him, she cut him off from his connection with Adam, and then by her gravity, which we would see as sin, she pulled him down into the bottom of the black hole that she formed. The same thing is happening today. We must keep ties to godly people. We must fight with all our strength from being cut off from the relationships that Jesus has rooted us in. I do not care what anyone does to you, how hurt you are, how mad you are, how justified you think you are, if you let Satan cut you off from your roots that Jesus has joined you to -- even if it is just in your mind, if your body is not moving, it is just in your mind -- Satan is in the process of circumscribing you. And if you do not interfere with her maneuver, her full intention is to cut you off from every contact you have to the Kingdom of God, including Jesus Christ Himself, and to bring you under her power. She has not stopped doing it. What we are studying here is not history. It is history in the making, because there is nothing new under the sun. What the Serpent did to Adam at the beginning, she is still doing.


So, I will just start reading these notes. I may have to put the drawings from Part 1 on the board again. We will see how it goes. As I studied for this message, I came forth with some new information, and that is that Seth is the name of Abel after Abel was resurrected by Michael. I do not know if resurrected is the right word. I thought I had changed that. Resurrected is not the right word. Seth is the name of Abel after Abel was rejoined to Michael. Now, I do not know about you, but I always wondered where Seth came from. As a matter of fact, I tried to preach a message on that, I mean, I called it Abel and Seth, or something like that. I thought it would be a series. I was trying to translate some Scriptures, and the Lord stopped me, cut me off cold. Why would the Lord do that? Because obviously I did not have the revelation to bring forth the message. See, I could sit in front of that computer and look up every single word, and do everything that I have done for eleven years now, but if the message has not yet been imparted to my heart, I will never see it in the words. The message has to be in your heart for you to recognize it.


Do you know there is something, there is a phenomenon in our world, I do not remember who I was with, but I went to a Ripley's Believe It Or Not! once. It was like a museum-type Ripley's Believe It Or Not! and they had several of these pictures that looked like it was just nonsense, just lines. But if you stared into the picture you could see either a picture of a woman, I guess this is what they do with the ink blots, in psychological tests also. There really is a picture in there, if your mind can pull it out of the background. That is how they would express it to you. There is a whole bunch of images there. Can your mind isolate the components of the image that makes sense? You need a certain kind of mind to do that. Sometimes you can do it, sometimes you cannot. Does anyone know what I am talking about?


This is the kind of thing that operates in me, when I come forth with this revelation. If I did not have the Spirit of Christ in me, pulling all the data that I put into my mind together, I could not come out with these teachings. I have had people approach me and say, What is so great about you? Not that I think I am great, but a lot of people, it is just a manifestation of envy, they get offended when they see God is giving you a ministry, they say, I could do that. One woman who said this to me, and God really put her in her place, she said was going to do the same thing. Anyone who says that to me, I say, If you want to do it, God bless you. If the Lord honors your efforts, God bless you.


Well, she picked up one of my reference books, Gesenius, she was trying to look up a word. She just was not connecting it, it did not make any sense. So she asked me, What is wrong here? And I looked at it. She was looking at the wrong word. So the Lord really humbled her, you see, because she found out that it is very confusing cross-referencing to all these numbers and all these words, that not only could she not pull the doctrine together, she was having a problem even getting the right number. I did not do that to her, Jesus humbled her. So, whoever the Lord wants to anoint to do this, God bless them. I know that the day will come that it will no longer be an exclusive ministry, it has to be other people doing it eventually. But that is not even the point, the point is that right now I am doing something, that as far as I know, nobody else in the world is doing, at least not publicly. There is no sign of it anywhere on the Internet. I have been looking for eleven years. So I put information into my head, I look at the books, I look at the numbers. Sometimes I just spend long periods of time just staring at the Scripture, asking the Lord, What are You saying here? Last night on a couple of these verses, I had to say, Lord, I do not get it.


I have looked up every reference book that I have. I looked at every possibility as to what this could mean and I have to tell you, I do not get it. I do not know what it means. I will go back a couple of days later, and I will know what it means. I will tell you this, this knowledge is not coming out of my mind. It is coming out of a mind, out of an ascended mind. It is is coming out of the Mind of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no studying in the world that I can do to give me this knowledge. We were talking about that in Part 1. It is called intuition, or wisdom. This is what the term higher knowledge means. It is knowledge that cannot be acquired from any of the tools of this world. You cannot acquire this knowledge from experience. You cannot acquire it by reading a book. Maybe you can acquire it from another man, if you are led to another man who has the knowledge.


It is not a common thing. Even if you were led to a man who has this knowledge, you would have to had to be supernaturally led to the man. This kind of esoteric teaching is not available to every man on the street corner. You do not look up a ministry like this in the Yellow Pages and find this. But in my case, it is coming, not from another man, but from the higher mind Himself. There is no way I could have figured that out. You have to tell me, this is higher knowledge. Knowledge that is unattainable to you in your present condition, and a mind greater than yours has the ability to penetrate your mind and channel this knowledge down into your mind. It flows down. Sometimes I feel it, it just flows in.


Now one of things that I told you in Part 1 was that I had hope to do the translations of the Scriptures in 1 Kings Chapter 7, out of which I got the initial diagram that I drew in Part 1, and I did not know, I thought I did not have it ready. But when I sat down to do tonight's message, I went on to something else, and I realize now that I do not have those Scriptures today for you, either, in 1 Kings Chapter 7. I realize now that I simply do not have the revelation that Jesus wants me to give you. I do not have it yet. So it looks like, to my carnal mind, it looks like my message is lopsided. You know, why am I going on without that explanation? I give you a diagram and I am preaching about it, and I should give you the Scriptures where I got it from. What can I tell you, I do not have the revelation yet. I think it may have started to trickle through. So we are going on without it, Jesus can do anything He wants. So we will have it on Part 3 or Part 4.


We are going on today, and as I was studying, I got this revelation about who Seth was. This information is not pertinent to this message, but this knowledge did come forth as I was studying, so I am going to share it with you. As far as I am concerned, I found out who Seth is. I read in the King James Translation that the woman said, God hath given me another seed. I never could figure that out, because I knew that Adam and Eve were not humans like we are. They were not in animal bodies, so it could not mean that she could conceive another child, which a lot of Christians think. I could not figure out what it meant and now I know what it means.


When Adam fell, his spirit was born of the earth as a mortal, called Cain and Abel, as a two-sided mortal, spirit and earth. They were not in animal bodies yet, they did not look like we look. I do not know what they looked like, but a two-sided creature was born that was mortal. And the spiritual side was called Abel and the earthen side was called Cain. They both were mortal, capable of death. But Elohim put out his hand (Michael was Elohim's hand) into the earth and joined with Abel in the earth, reconnecting the whole creature, even in it is mortal condition to the Godhead. And that union of Michael and Abel produced a germ.


This is the second or third time I am telling you. This teaching on the germ cell is very important and came forth in Part 4 of Revelation, Chapter 12. It is in the Online Transcripts, and I really recommend that you read it until you get it into your spirit. Why? Because it is affecting us today. The people who have the Holy Spirit are not going on. Most of them are not going on with their spiritual development because they are only half the seed. That, by definition the germ cell, is a seed that has two parts. The two parts being so closely connected that they are really only one, but yet they are two parts. So, we who have the Holy Spirit only have half the seed. That is why the promises are not being fulfilled. It is not true that the promises are fulfilled after death.


First of all, the whole creation died. The promises will be fulfilled when the Spirit of Christ joins with the Holy Spirit in us. Then we get the full seed, and that full seed which produces the mature Christ Jesus, who is indwelt by the Spirit of Christ, that full grown spiritual man has the strength to save us. So when Elohim put His Hand, Michael, down into the earth, after Adam fell and joined with Abel, that was the new seed that the woman received. And the seed was in the earth because Abel was in the earth. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


And when Michael joined with Abel, reconnecting the earth with the Godhead, Abel's name changed, just like Abram's name changed to Abraham and Sarai's name changed to Sarah, when they entered into a relationship with God; and Jacob to Israel, their name changed. So when Abel, who was mortal just as mortal as Cain, joined with Michael, his name changed. His name became Seth, the new seed that God gave to the woman, the new hope of the creation maturing in the image of Jehovah. Is everybody OK with that?


So that is who Seth is. Is that not interesting? So Seth is the name of Abel after he is rejoined to Michael. His name changes. Christ is the name of Abel after he is resurrected by the Lord Jesus. So we are using two different words there. Abel is rejoined to Michael at the beginning, but when it comes to Christ, I am saying Abel was resurrected, because we are told that Cain killed Abel. We are told that Abel died, that Cain killed him. And of course, that murder of Abel by Cain, what form did it take? Cain circumscribed Abel and cut him off from Michael, and sucked him down into the black hole. See, there is nothing new under the sun. And that is what Satan is trying to do to you today, and to me and to you. I told you all that I had severe division in my mind towards the whole group. It went on for weeks. I could not make it go away. I was powerless to make it go away. But it was powerless for me to act on it. I would not act on it, I just continued to bless you all and to seek God and it passed. It was not me. It was some satanic move to isolate me from the people who support me.


Going on with this concept of Abel, this is the explanation of how the Egyptian God, Set, can be the fallen Seth. You may have heard me speak about this. I will just review it for you. It came to my attention about a year ago, that there is an Egyptian God called Set. Actually, we have a message on that. We have a message on that, where I talk about this Egyptian God, Set. But then about a year after that, it came to my attention that this name sounded very much like Seth. The same word except the "h" is missing. And we know that Seth was the father of all of the sons of God that existed on the other side of the flood. So, when all those sons of God on the other side of the flood became evil, with the exception of Noah, since we know that, the Scripture says that it could very well be Seth who became this evil Egyptian God. Anybody not understand what I am talking about?


And as I prayed about it at the time, I felt that it was true. So here I am commenting on that, saying, this is the explanation. What is the explanation? This explanation that Seth is the name of Abel after he was rejoined to Michael. This is the explanation of how the Egyptian God, Set, can be the fallen Seth. The Primordial Serpent, once again, circumcised Seth as he had done to Adam. The two are the same man in different generations, Adam and Seth. Same man in different generations, because Seth was immortal. So long as Able was connected to the Godhead through Michael, his name was Seth, and he was as immortal as Adam was. The primordial Serpent once again circumcised Seth, as he had Adam, and cut him off from the life which is in Michael.


See, Jesus could say, I am the way, the truth and the life, because Jesus of Nazareth was an incarnation of Michael. Michael is the one who was forming an image of himself. Michael is the one who formed Adam. Michael and Adam together are Jehovah's thought forms. Michael is Jehovah's thought and Adam is the form that the thought produces. The form can die. The thought cannot die. Jehovah's thoughts never die. Michael is immortal forever. Adam is immortal, so long as he remains connected to Michael. So, Michael, we see in the Scripture, was trying to come forth in Moses, as Jesus today is trying to manifest Himself through us, but He needs our agreement. Why does He need our agreement? I can only suspect, at this point, that if He tried to force Himself on us, we would probably die. That is my opinion.


See, Jesus wants Abel back, He wants the Human Spirit back. He is having mercy on us, and He wants us to live also. The Serpent does not care about us. The Serpent wants the Human Spirit. She wants ascended life and she does not care if she kills us in the presses. I mentioned this on Part 1, when I had that chart up on the board. I really do not want draw that whole chart again, so if you are reading this message, please just refer to the drawings from Part 1, where I showed you the three outpourings, and I showed you the ascended man whose physical body is just a pinpoint at the bottom. Do you remember that? The physical body was hardly used.


Well, after I preached the message, the Lord reminded me of some readings that I had done on Hindus who have ascended into the 7th center and have been in some heavenly plane for as much as years at a time. One story in the books is about a man who was gone for so long that the roots of a tree grew over his body. The Lord reminded me of this story. He said, Sheila, that is what happens when you ascend in the Serpent's timeline. Apparently, she needs a physical body. It is that silver thread concept, you have got to have something to come back to. For the Serpent to experience her ascended life, she has to have a physical body to be attached to. This is not true of Jesus. He is ascending. He is made it without a physical body. Elijah has made it without a physical body. But for the Serpent's ascended existence, she needs a physical body.


I have no idea what kind of torment that physical body or the emotional body was going through for all of those years that it was in a trance, just sitting there so perfectly still that tree roots could grow around him. To be honest with you, I read another story about a yogi who would ascend and the body goes into, its what they call stasis, you become sort of stiff, and all of your functions go down very low and very slow, your pulse and your heartbeat gets slow, but you are not dead. Now, this story goes that the Master's pupils would come and wash his body every day. So apparently he needed to be washed, and every once in a while he would come back down into his body and teach them.


According to this story, the man was not experiencing any pain, or it was not reported. So in this instance, I have to believe what the Scripture tells me. I do not know whether this account, I only read one account, where the man who spent more time in the spirit than he did in the flesh, did not seemed to be damaged on the occasions that he came into the flesh. I read that testimony. He may be one-in-a-million. There is only one-in-a-million that live like that. How many men live like that? That they ascended so high, that they only come down into their bodies once every six months.


The Scripture tells me that if the Serpent's plan were to be implemented, that the typical man in this condition would be in torment. It is my understanding that there would be some conscious awareness that your body was completely paralyzed, and that you could not do anything to relieve your emotional needs. You know, human beings have emotional needs. Everybody does. That is why we need relationships, activities, and we are always doing something to make ourselves feel good, because we have an emotional body that is easily ruffled. My understanding of the Scripture is that when an immortal gets a hold of a human being, and uses the life substance, the energy of that human being, to have an existence on a high spiritual plane, that the physical body of that human being will go into a form of stasis, and will not be able to move. But it is very possible that the emotions and the mind will still be in play, and that it will be in existence of torment. Whoever is unfortunate to fall into this condition will be a continuous ongoing living sacrifice so that the Serpent can have her existence in the high spiritual planes. That is pretty horrible.


Going on with Seth. Seth became entangled in the earth. Now that is a scriptural term, entangled. We found that when we did the series on Isaac and Abraham, when Abraham was ascending. This is the account of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac. But when we did a word-by-word study in the Hebrew, we found that the sacrifice was the carnal mind, and that Abraham and that Isaac both ascended. The Scripture says that as Abraham ascended into the higher planes, he started seeing in the spirit. One of the sights that he saw was Adam, and Adam was all entangled in the earth. That is in the Alternate Translation that is in the book. We are entangled in the earth. Masters of the occult will try to tell you, and I have been told, that we are all one. We are all bound together, we are all one. Well there is a part of me that is not bound. Christ in me, at least, He is only partially entangled in the earth, I do not know how Jesus would see it, but I am free enough to bring forth this message. And it is the intention of the Lord Jesus Christ that Christ in you and Christ in me should be completely free in the earth. Not only free in the earth, but ruling over the earth. So Christ is not bound by the laws of this world. It is true, everybody is one, but not Christ.


So Seth became entangled in the earth, or married to the earth, and his energy flowed together with Satan. How did he get entangled in the earth? The Serpent circumscribed him, cut him off from his life source. You see, we are all entangled in the earth. God only knows, I am entangled in the earth. I would love to not be, but in many areas, I am entangled in the earth. But Christ in me has a lot of freedom. It is Satan's intention to break my connection, or your connection, with Christ Jesus. She wants to circumscribe you. You think you are busy. I am not picking on anyone. You think you are too busy to study. You think you are too busy to do that. You think you do not have time to do this. It is Satan in your mind cutting you off from the activities that will stir up the Spirit of Christ in you and move you into liberty.


Again, I know we all have family lives. Every man has to get before Jesus. Make sure your emotions are not in it. Make sure your fears of confronting your families are not in it. Find out from Jesus just how much He wants you to give to your physical family and how much He wants you to give to Him. Because anything, as far as He is concerned, belongs to Him, that you are giving to your physical family, to the degree you are in adultery and you are entangled in the earth in a downward spiral. And you are being circumscribed, you are being surrounded in preparation to be cut off. Satan's biggest weapon in the Church today is a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding what the true priorities are. If you believe that all you have to do is be a good person, and you are going to heaven when you die, if that is your concept of Christianity, the chances of your maturing in Christ are very small. You have to have a message. Without a vision, my people perish. If you really believe that you are OK because you do not hurt anybody, as far as you know, and you go to Church three times a week, and maybe you fast once in a while, and the whole reward is after you die, you do not stand a chance, unless the truth pierces your amour.


Let us go on. So Seth became entangled in the earth, or married to the earth, and his energy flowed together with Satan. The Egyptian God, Set, is indeed Seth flowing together with the dynamic energy of the Fiery Serpent. What does that mean? Brethren, fallen mankind is a web. We are a spiritual web that is woven by a spiritual Serpent, or by a spiritual spider called the Fiery Serpent. Our tissues, our blood, everything is a woven work of spiritual material. And there are two aspects to this material, dynamic and static. Dynamic means moving and static means still. Energy that is in your outlet is static energy. It is not being used right now, it is standing ready. When you plug your electric plug into the socket, the energy becomes dynamic. The atoms and the molecules will start moving rapidly and they produce the energy that you need.


We are the woven work. We are the woven basket of the Fiery Serpent. She herself, the one who has woven us, is static. She is sleeping unless she is active in you. And in most people, she is sleeping in your root center, but there is a part of herself which is dynamic, which is known as the spiritual blood. Our energy, it flows through all of our body, our physical body, our etheric body, and it gives us the quality of what we call life. In other teachings, we called it Satan's blood. The blood of Jesus, the blood of Satan, we are talking about energy source that flows though us that gives us the experience that we call life. We know it is not life, it is death, but it is what life is to us because we do not know any better.


So Seth became entangled in the earth. or married to the earth .and his energy flowed into the earth. Satan is in the earth. And who is Satan? Satan is the energy source of the Fiery Serpent. The more ascended the Fiery Serpent is, the more powerful Satan is in your life. But Satan is really the spiritual blood of the fallen man. So when Seth became entangled with the earth, I do not know if it was Satan at that time, the Serpent circumscribed him, cut him off from Michael, and his energy started to flow together with the energy of the earth. So the Egyptian God, Set, is indeed Seth flowing together with the dynamic energy of the Fiery Serpent.


You see, this is a big mystery. I never really understood it quite the Lord showed it to me today. I preached to you that Cain killed Abel and Abel was under the ground, yet he had a consciousness, because his blood was crying out from the ground. But I never realized that Abel did not become inactive when Cain killed him. Abel never ceased from being active. The whole issue of life and death depends on whom has the authority, whether we are talking about a spiritual molecule, or whether we are talking about the whole creation. When the Lord Jesus Christ truly covers the carnal mind, has full authority over the carnal mind, we are alive. When the carnal mind comes out, and is either equal to or over Christ Jesus, we are dead. So when Cain covered over Abel, Abel, spiritually speaking, was dead, but he was still flowing as the spiritual energy in the creation. But in every single atom of the creation, whatever it looked like at that time, Abel was under the authority of the earth. And scripturally, he therefore was dead.


We learned a similar principle years ago when a message we have, something about Hinduism or Buddhism, I am even not sure what the name is, but we did a translation in Gen. 3 and Parts of Gen. 2. We found out that Jehovah said to Adam, If you eat of the fruit, you will die to your immortality. And then in Gen. 3 when the Serpent repeated Jehovah's words to the woman, he said, Did Elohim no say, if you eat the fruit, you shall die (dead, corpse). He said, Elohim never said that, well, Elohim never did say that. He said, You will die to your immortality. He never said, You will cease to exist. I have had that revelation for a few years. You would think I should have understood this principle, but I did not. Abel died because Cain killed him, and we know he did not cease to exist, but neither did he cease to be active.


The scriptural definition of death is that Abel died to his relationship with Michael and came under the Serpent's authority. He died. He is under the ground in every single atom of this whole creation. Abel, who was an energy source, is under the authority of the ground. He is under the authority of the ground, and he is being controlled and led and manipulated by the ground to lend his energy source toward the sustenance of this criminal fallen creation, which holds the potential sons of God in bondage and prevents them from maturing into the energy of Christ Jesus. And this is the definition, this is what the Scripture is talking about, when it speaks about the enforced enslavement, the enforced homosexual prostitution, of the young man.


We read about that, I believe it is in Joel. This is what the Scripture is talking about. The young man is Christ. Abel is the young man. And the earth got a hold of him and she is using his energy. Cain has not just killed him, he is in servitude, like Samson was in servitude. He is actively in servitude. Without Abel this creation could not exist. Abel is the Human Spirit. Abel is the unattached Human Spirit. Leviathan, the primordial high priest, offers the Human Spirit to the Primordial Serpent as a continuous living sacrifice which the Fiery Serpent, Leviathan's agent, in the individual, consumes. Do you all understand that Leviathan is a personal energy source that is greater than any one individual man as we know man? Leviathan is an energy source, she is the primordial high priest. Leviathan has incarnated and incarnates this whole creation. And the way she incarnates or is involved in the incarnation, is that she shines forth, she puts down rays of herself.


Remember me using these words in Part 1? She sends forth aspects of herself and every man who is formed has an aspect of Leviathan in him. You see, we, our personality, separates that individual aspect of Leviathan from all the rest of Leviathan, and therefore she takes another name. That part of Leviathan that is just in the individual is a Fiery Serpent, but she is connected to the whole Leviathan. Every human being has a Fiery Serpent at the root of their spine, and every Fiery Serpent is connected to the same Leviathan, therefore, we are all connected in our roots. That is why it is possible to create an ungodly soul tie with somebody, because we have something in common with everybody. What we have in common is our potential to commit every evil known to man.


Everybody does not have the potential to commit every good known to man, but every man has the potential to commit any evil known to man. So if you start taking up with the wrong company, and that person is moving in evil, murder, larceny, hatred, blasphemy, or whatever they are doing, if you become friends with them and form that soul tie, their sin will begin to seduce your potential to do the same thing. There are many accounts of well meaning people being seduced. We really should not be trying to help very troubled people unless we are sure that the Lord has sent us in. And the more spiritually sensitive we are, the more careful we should be.


There are many accounts of prison guards becoming criminals. I saw a whole movie once. It was a very interesting movie with Telly Sevalis, about a psychiatrist who was really concerned with his people. He worked in a mental hospital. You see, he formed soul ties with these people. He really cared. That is an open door, when you really care. It is an open door. And one day, he became insane. He became an inmate in the hospital. Nobody knew why. He was a happy man, he loved his career, he loved his wife, he loved his kids. One day something just went click in his head. He opened himself up to insanity. If you are going to be in a field where you care, you have to care, but you have to keep this in mind, that you have to guard yourself. The people that we surround ourselves with in the circumstances that we are in are very important, they affect us, and they affect our children.


If you think you can hang out with people engaging in ungodly behavior and not be affected by it, you are mistaken. And if you are not affected by it, it will come to pass in the next generation. Another movie that I saw, I think it was based on a true story, I forget the name of the movie, but it was with Al Pacino, about an undercover cop, clean as a whistle, went undercover in a homosexual area to find a murderer, and by the time the job was over, he was dead. When he was solicited to do this job, he was carefully screened as a man who had never had any homosexual experience, contact or desire. That is what I meant by squeaky clean. He was asked, he was investigated, he said no, not a chance. Well, after several months in this environment, hanging out with all these and in all these gay bars, I do not know what he knew, in the movie he just went to his superior, and said, Something is wrong with me, and I have got to get out of here. I do not know if he really knew what was happening to him or not. It did not say in the movie. And his officer rebuked him, and said, What kind of a police officer are you? You see the assignment here, I am not relieving you. He went forward, he caught the killer, and he came out of it gay. Praise the Lord.


Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's high priest, offers the Human Spirit to the Primordial Serpent as a continuous living sacrifice which the Fiery Serpent, Leviathan's agent in the individual, consumes. Brethren, the Fiery Serpent is resting in the root center of our Etheric body, as a human fetus dwells in the womb of a woman. That human fetus feeds through the umbilical cord, feeds off of the blood of the physical mother, but the Fiery Serpent feeds off of the energy of the individual that she dwells in. I mentioned this on Part 1 also. There are 2 major nerves that the energy flows along which can be likened, for understanding sake, to the 2 major arteries that our blood flows through. These 2 major nerves are called, symbolically, the sun and the moon. The energy flows through one nerve and then it flows down to the root center. The Fiery Serpent feeds off of it, and it flows through the Fiery Serpent up the other nerve, just like the de-oxygenated blood flows up, back to the heart to be oxygenated again.


The sun brings the nutritious energy, and the moon carries away the used energy, to re-circulate through the person's body, to be re-energized to flow down through the moon, to feed the Fiery Serpent. We have a spiritual fetus inside of us. She is our mortal foundation. We cannot live without her. If you are reading this message for the first time, and you are panicking, the issue is this: the whole world is going to be born again. Either we are going to die and pass out of this world, or if we are alive, if we have this existence at the time of the great regeneration, we are going to be born again, either as a butterfly or a dragonfly. That was the way the teaching came forth.


This Fiery Serpent is going to be born either as a creature with the nature of Jehovah, or a creature with the nature of the Serpent. And our personality will be joined to her. So either we are going to be born again as Christ, or born again as the Serpent. Now, if you think you are already born again, I am sorry to shock you, but you received a lie. When you are born again, you are born again into the spiritual life, fully into the spiritual planes of consciousness. You are still here in the earth, you may have had a spiritual renewal, but you have not been born again. For you to be born again, your worm, as the King James puts it, has to be born in one form or another, either as a spiritual male or a spiritual female, either the Christ Jesus or the Dragon.


So, Leviathan, we say, is the Primordial Serpent's high priest. She offers the Human Spirit, which we now know as Abel. And the reason I did not know the Human Spirit was Abel, the reason I did not put it together, was that I did not understand that Abel was active, even though he was under the ground. I had this carnal conception of him being buried under the ground. But all that it means is that Abel, which is energy in every single atom of the energy of our being, is joined to the earth in a configuration that puts him underneath the earth. Now this ties in with the teaching we have had about the spiritual molecules being joined in a circle. Remember that? The spiritual molecules are joined to Leviathan in a circle and Christ Jesus has to go in and bind the strong man, has to bind Leviathan and break those circles of molecules apart, because the Fiery Serpent is attached to herself and she is also attached to Leviathan. And when Christ Jesus breaks those circles, He will join the the Fiery Serpent with Himself, Christ Jesus in the domineering male position, and our spiritual worm plus our personality will be saved. Our spiritual worm will be engraved in the image of Jesus Christ and our personality will be saved. That is what it is all about.


Leviathan is the Primordial Serpent's high priest. What does that mean? It means Leviathan is the mediator between the Primordial Serpent and this fallen creation, and she offers the human spirit, which is Abel, to the Primordial Serpent as a continuing living sacrifice. What does that mean? It means that as Abel's energy flows through the Etheric Body, it continuously circulates through it, feeding the Fiery Serpent, he is being sacrificed. That is not what he was raised up to do. Abel was not formed to give existence to a criminal creation. He is in bondage, and this is his sacrifice. But because Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent have the strength to do this, this is the sacrifice of Abel.


And I will take this moment to exhort you all to try to understand that when the Scripture talks about sacrifices, you are really not talking about somebody's death. It is talking about converting them to another form. Every decision that we make sacrifices either our carnal mind or Christ Jesus. And the sacrifice, if it is the sacrifice of our carnal mind, and that decision and that instance, we give authority to the earth. If we do what Jesus tells us, in that instance, we have sacrificed the earth, and Jesus Christ is in authority. The word sacrifice in the Scripture is not at all talking about any permanent death, and all the sacrifices of the Old Testament were promises of the permanent death of our carnal mind. Because today, the death of our carnal mind is not permanent. I slay her today, I do what Jesus tells me and I slay her today, and tomorrow she rises up to seduce me again. She keeps rising from the dead. The animal sacrifices were a promise of the permanent death of the Serpent and her whole household.


So Leviathan, the Primordial Serpent's high priest, offers the Human Spirit to the Primordial Serpent as a continuous living sacrifice, which the Fiery Serpent, who is Leviathan's agent in the individual, consumes. The human spirit is the spiritual fuel which energizes the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is our mortal foundation. Jesus Christ is our immortal foundation. We are building a new house. We have a new foundation, and we are building a new house. The Fiery Serpent is our mortal foundation and she has built the house we are living in now. It is a many leveled house. It is much more than this physical body. It is a Primordial Etheric body, it is an Astral body, it is an Emotional body, a Mental body. She is built us in many layers. It is this painful reality, what painful reality, that our human spirit, that Abel in us is being sacrificed continuously to energized this illegal generation.


It is this spiritual reality which is signified in some pagan religions, which rip the still beating heart out of a living person, and hold it up to their god. I think it is either Mexico or South America, there was a religion that did that. They would tie down the sacrifice on the stones, or wherever. The priest would take a knife, slash his chest and pull the heart out while it was still pumping and offer it up their god. I think it was in Mexico. I am not sure, I do not want to say the wrong thing, one of those ancient cultures. I never realized the significance of that until now. Because, Abel, he is the life, even severed from the Godhead, there is still enough life in him in his severed condition, buried under the authority of the earth, to energize this creation.


In this very imperfect life, of course, that why we get sick and die. But that is the significance of holding that beating heart up. And the heart controls the flow of the blood. That is what it is saying, we offer you the life. It is the symbolic sacrifice of Abel. The human spirit is not used up as oil, coal or gas is used up, but it is continuously recycled. It is this continuous recycling that the Scripture calls the enforced homosexual prostitution of the young man, in Joel. The energy that Jehovah breathed into Adam in the beginning was cut off from the Godhead when the Primordial Serpent circumscribed Adam and captured him. That same energy is flowing in mortal man today as the severed Abel. Abel is the Human Spirit. The allegory of Abel being underneath the ground does not mean that Abel is inactive. It means that Abel is under the authority of the ground, which is the Fiery Serpent in the individual.


Are there any question or comments on what I preached so far?


I still have a comment here that the tower is a symbol for the male organ. I did mention to you on Part 1, that one of the drawings that I did was the Tower of Babel, and in particular, the drawing of the supernormal man, the man whose mind is so ascended that he barely needs his physical body. I cannot redraw that whole drawing. If you are reading the message, you should have the drawing right there. I do not know about the people in the meeting. But you may recall, it is the supernormal man, who has very little, if any, use for his physical body. It is that man that the 3rd outpouring of the Serpent is connecting to. The man, whose consciousness has ascended so high within himself, that the Primordial Serpent can now descend from wherever she is and connect with that ascended mind.


Now brethren, this comes right out of the Scripture, which says, And we shall meet Jesus in the air, and forever we shall be with the Lord. We are ascending in consciousness and we have to get to the place where Jesus can reach us. The only information that I have at this time is that we have to be at least as high as the Heart Center. The heart center is the Aerial Center. It is the place from which we ascend. The average person does not have a consciousness in their heart center. The average person is somewhere around their belly. Is that not what Paul said, You are all in your belly. That is talking about the 3rd energy center, which is at the navel, and the people whose consciousness abide in that energy center are usually very self-absorbed and very concerned about satisfying their own lusts and meeting their own emotional needs. I am not knocking it, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that, so long as you are meeting your needs in a godly manner. I do not have any problem with that, I am just reporting to you the place where the average man is.


So the navel, that belly that Paul talks about, it is lower than the heart center. So, what have I just said to you? You cannot ascend from this place. You can have the Holy Spirit while your consciousness is in your belly. You can dance and sing and prophesy and speak in tongues, read the Bible, you can get revelation. There are all kinds of gifts in the Spirit. Jesus can bless you and give you a good life. But if you are waiting for the catching up, and if you think it is after you die, you are very mistaken. But whether or not you believe that it is after you die, the fact is that the catching up is in this lifetime, it is not after you die, and that if your consciousness most of the time is in your belly, you are not even in the running. Paul talks about a race, we are running a race and the race takes off from the Heart Center.


Now do I tell you this to frighten you? Do I tell you this to condemn you? NO. I tell you this as a wake up call. WAKE UP. WAKE UP. If you are reading this message, and you are not in the Heart Center, Jesus wants you in the Heart Center. And if He wants you in the Heart Center, He will help you to get there, if you are willing to do your part. He is not going to carry you in His arms like an infant. And that Scripture, both in the Book of  Revelation and in the Old Testament, that says that Jesus carried you on eagle wings, none of it is an accurate translation. Brethren, the Sons of God are male warriors, spiritual male warriors. You fight for every foot of ground that you take. The only exception being, that when the Lord first reconciles you, if you happen to be in a condition where you are so weak, that He needs to carry you, He will carry you at that initial contact with you. But you had better believe that as soon as He makes a judgment you are strong enough to do something, something, He expects you to do it. And if you have been in God for years, and if you are expecting Him to carry you away on eagles wings, you are DREAMING. You are having a fantasy in your dreams.


Everyone who goes on in Christ moves in a Male Warrior Formation. We are supposed to be Overcomers. If you are one of these people running around the Church, saying, Put it under the blood, put it under the blood, give it to Jesus, you are in fantasy land. He expects us to do everything humanly possible, utilizing His wisdom, His instruction, His knowledge, His counsel, and if that does not do it, do what? Whatever your problem is. If doing everything you know to do, confessing your sins, repenting, following His counsel, His wisdom, going to elders, listening to other testimonies of how people overcame, if you really have done everything you could do, and the problem is not solved, He will move supernaturally. But His supernatural Spirit is overdrive. He does not move supernaturally with regard to something that you could take on by calling someone up on the phone, and saying, Hey guys, that is not the way it is, I cannot do it, I will not do it.


The Church is filled with people hiding in their homes, praying about their sister or brother who did something that offended them. What do you expect the Lord to do about it? You have to talk, you have to tell them how you feel in a godly manner. You do not know how? That is what you pray, Jesus, help me to present my petition, or my case, in a godly manner. Keep the discussion godly. But if you think He is going to talk for you, while you hide, you are very mistaken. You have piped into the bilge that is coming through the Church for years. It is bilge water, that is what it is, lies. Following Christ is a tough walk. And if you think you are going to follow Him, and it is going to be a party, you have some shocking revelations, because if you follow Him at all, Satan is out there stalking you. So either you better get into warfare mode or you better get off the boat. Contrary to popular belief, following Jesus is not a flower child's life. It is a war.


How did I get into that. I was talking about the Tower of Babel. I do not know how I got into that. I was talking about the ascension. We have to get to the Aerial Center, if you have any hope at all of ascending in consciousness to that high place in Christ Jesus, where we totally dominate Satan. I was telling you that Jesus can bless you if you are lower than that, and when I say lower than that, I am in no way referring to your character, I am talking about your position. If you are in a position that is lower than the Heart Center, it does not mean you are bad, it does not mean you are no good, it does not mean that you are worthless. Everything I ever tell you is equipment, I tell you what I tell you, so that you have what you need to get what you need to go on.


If I tell you that you need something, and you do not have it, and you dissolve into a puddle of tears, I have to tell you this is childish behavior. If I tell you, you need something to ascend, and you do not have it, you are supposed to say, Jesus, I would like it. What must I do? But you must do something. You have to do something. There are no infants in Christ Jesus. It will cut it. And if you will not give up your infantilism, you will not grow. Now did I just prophesy over you and say, you will not grow? No. I said IF. That is a conditional statement, that means that you can grow, if you want to grow badly enough. And if you are all that weak, that is OK too, if you just confess that to Jesus, but you better get ready, because if you could confess to Jesus, that you are so weak that you cannot do it, do not think He is going to do it for you. Heavy trials are coming your way which will strengthen you. Take it from someone who knows. He will never do anything for you that should be done by a well adjusted human being. If you cannot do it because you have a problem in a particular area, He still will not do it for you. He will fix you so that you could do it and it hurts when He hammers you. Does anybody not understand what I am talking about.


So, the catching up and of the place from which we are caught up, is at least the Heart Center. I do not have all the information here. I believe I ascended, I pierced through into my Heart Center years ago and I am still down here. I am ascending, but I have all the problems known to mortal man. So I do not have all the answers. The only thing that I know is that if you want to stand the chance, you have to be in the Heart Center and at some point, Jesus Christ will put His hand down into the hole that we are in, if you are in the Heart Center, and He will pull you up. And I think what the Lord just told me is that I just made a very carnal statement, that I did pierce through into the Heart Center, and He has put His hand down into the hole that I am in and He is pulling me up, but it is taking years. More than that, I do not have any more information than that.


I believe that we are in the season, I believe that if all of the circumstances were right, I believe it is time for us to go up. So what is taking so long? I do not know. I know He has everything under control, and He is never late, and everything He does is perfect. I just try to stay in the day, I just try to get through every day with as minimum of sin as possible. I try to be productive every day. I try to do what He wants me to do every day. I do not really think much into the future, and I try to be happy and get excited every day. I was very happy last night bringing forth this translation in Matthew 22. It really blessed me very much, if we get to it today. So that is my happiness in the day, as we do not know what is coming tomorrow.


The word Tower is a symbol for the male organ. I told you in Part 1, that our ascending consciousness is the Tower of Babel. What it was that Jehovah broke apart, in the event known as the Tower of Babel, was the Serpent raising up some form of life. To be honest with you, I do not really know at this moment what point in Genesis that was, I guess it was after Shem, Ham and Japheth -- we know that the kind of bodies that we live in today came forth five generations after the fall of Shem, Ham and Japheth. But of course, we do not know how long each generation was, and neither do we have any reason to believe that the generations were of equal duration. Most likely, they were not of equal duration, so I believe the Lord just told me is that the account of the Tower of Babel is an account of Jehovah witnessing the Serpent bringing forth these animal bodies.


I think I told you, but I will put it on the message again. I am convinced that this level of creation that we are at, these animal bodies that we are in, have no part in Jehovah's plan at all. He never ever intended this for us. The cycle of birth and death, this pain, this sickness, the emotional pain when people die, He never planned this. What we are, and this I have preached going all the way back, we are extraneous. This plane that we live in, it is another orbit on the atom that was never supposed to be here. But I never understood why, until recently. The reason we are here is that the Serpent has formed us, or is forming us, so that she can have a spiritual Ox to dwell in. You see, she went right in.


I am going to comment on that drawing in just a moment. Michael built the creation as Jehovah and Elohim commanded him, and Adam was the spiritual man who was supposed to be indwelling the spiritual Ox. But the very substance of which the spiritual Ox was made, which is the Primordial Serpent, decided she did not want to be the Ox, she wanted to be the man, and she wanted to indwell an Ox. So she took of her own substance, if you want to make it easy to understand, she took of the mud of her own ocean bottom, who? the Primordial Serpent, decided that she did not want her mud, her substance to be the Ox that Adam indwelt. She wanted her substance to be the man. Is everybody OK? I just could hear some women, as I said this, I hear some things in my head, My son, my son is going to be the best or the biggest, or my daughter is going to be the head. Pride, pride, can you hear this pride?


She did not want her substance to be the Ox that was the receptacle that held Adam. She wanted to be in the male position. This is just an allegory to help you to understand. She gathered up the spiritual mud from her own ocean bottom, and added another orbit to the atom. Now this is not true, it is just to help you understand. She made another animal, not the Ox that Adam was indwelling, she made another animal, and she took the Ox that Adam was supposed to indwell and formed it into a male organ. She made that Ox, that was supposed to be the female receptacle for Adam, she took that Ox, formed it into a spiritual male organ, and then took additional mud and made a female animal for the male organ that she made out of the Ox to inhabit. Do you understand what I said? Want me to say it again? I will say it again.


Michael, according to Jehovah and Elohim's commandment, formed a thought form, or a vision, as I have up on the board, that is the Scripture in the hidden Hebrew, a vision or an image. Michael was a complete thought form, he was Jehovah's thought plus the form that expressed that thought, and he formed, from the Serpent's substance, from the spiritual mud of the ocean bottom, Michael formed a spiritual Ox, not like an ox that is out in the field here. I do not know what she looked like, some kind of spiritual animal that was made out of dense earth so that Adam could enter into that animal and live in it. That is, an animal, the Ox, and Adam, the thought form, would be one man, with Adam ruling over the animal nature. Did you understand what I just said?


So that the whole man could be seen. The thought form was married to a spiritual animal, we do not know what it looked like, the purpose being that the whole man would be visible. Because Adam is not visible, but the spiritual Ox is visible. Adam, made from the dust, is not visible. The Ox made from the earth is visible. So Adam was married to the Ox, with Adam in charge of the animal nature of the Ox, and this is what we are supposed to be. But the animal nature of the Ox rose up in pride and said, I do not want to be the receptacle, I do not want to just be the external form of Jehovah's thought form, I want to be the thought form, I want to be the decision maker, I want to be the man. Are you with me so far?


And the Serpent said, OK, I will agree with you, Ox, I am going to reform you. You are in the form of a female that is going to receive Adam, the male organ. I am going to mar you and I am going to reshape you and I am going to make you into a spiritual male organ. Can you hear that? We have two spiritual male organs now. The true one Adam, and the counterfeit one, the Ox, which is supposed to be a woman, which just had a sex change operation, she became a man. OK? There is no woman. Who is the woman that the counterfeit male organ will occupy? Because the male organ occupies the female organ. Are you with me?


So the Serpent went ahead and gathered up from her own primordial ocean bottom, another measure of mud -- now, this was not Michael that did this. It was the Serpent who did this -- additional mud, and she formed a female organ so that her counterfeit male organ could have a woman to fill. Can you hear that? And guess who the female organ is? It is us! So, you see, we are not supposed to be here. The Serpent formed this female organ for her counterfeit male organ to inhabit. But just like Frankenstein, she had this monster lying on the table, which she had to energize. Remember Dr. Frankenstein, with the lightning and the electric power, the horror movie? The Serpent had to energize her female organ.


So where did she get the energy from? She circumscribed Adam, she cut him off from his life source, because Adam was immortal, he had a continuous unending flow energy coming from the Godhead. She cut Adam off from Michael, and even though Adam now no longer had an unending flow of energy from the Godhead, Adam was so energized, that even in the condition that he was in, he had enough energy to energized the Serpent's female organ. So he came into existence. We came into existence by stolen energy. We are not supposed to be here. The Serpent has formed us for the specific purpose of being a receptacle for herself as a spiritual male. Let me see why I told you that. The Tower of Babel is a symbol for the male organ. The Tower of Babel is the Serpent's confused penis. She is trying to penetrate herself. It is a penis of earth trying to penetrate the earth and that is why the symbol of the Serpent is the circle eating her own tail. She is consuming herself. Oh, I know what I was telling you.


So the whole account of the Tower of Babel is Jehovah and Elohim's discovering the Serpent's plan. The Serpent circumscribed Adam, cut him off, he was born again as a mortal, Cain & Abel, but Elohim put his hand, Michael, down, grabbed hold of Abel, and Seth came into existence; Seth, the germ seed, Abel together with Michael is Seth, and Seth was immortal, and Seth was in charge of the creation. Seth replaced Adam. And after that, the Serpent did the same thing again. Who did she do it to? How did she do it? What did she do again? She circumscribed Seth just like she circumscribed Adam. So, we know that after the flood that Noah was circumscribed and Satan got in there. And those next five generations, probably there were millions or trillions of years long during the time the Serpent was going forward to bring forth the same, or similar animal bodies, that man lives in now. And Jehovah saw what she was doing, and He said to Elohim, Would you look at that? Would you look at that?


Jehovah no longer moved in the same manner. What same manner? That He will tell Michael, Tell Elohim, put Michael, Your hand, down and lay hold of Abel again, and let us raise Seth from the dead. Jehovah did not say that. He said, All right, Adam fell and Seth fell and I am not going to do this again. I am going to do it in a different way. It is obvious to me, that Adam, resurrected in any form, Seth or anyone else, he will never stand unless he has a different kind of connection to the Godhead. His connection to Michael keeps breaking. The Serpent keeps breaking Adam's connection to Michael. So what am I going to do for this Ox? (This is Jehovah speaking.) I brought this Ox into existence, I created her. Can I really leave her in eternal torment? I am the One who brought her into existence. He says, I am going to have to do something else, I am going to have to produce a Savior, a Mediator, who will actually indwell the people. And that way I will put a potential in this fallen people to latch on to the ascended Savior that will not be broken. And the integral factor of the salvation of the Ox in her present condition is understanding that if we do not understand this message, and if we (who are we? the personality) do not work with Christ in us, and the Lord Jesus, who is ascended, we are not going to burn in hell forever, but we are not going to make it.


We are the present day expression of the Ox. We have to work in agreement with the ascended Savior and His Son that is growing in us. Our personal Savior growing in us is that which the Lord Jesus above is locking on to. He is not locking on to this physical body and He is not locking on to this fallen mind. The Lord Jesus, who is fully ascended and liberated from the need of a physical body, will only join to His own kind. So He sent His Holy Spirit that a reproduction of Himself should start to grow in us. It is just like saying you cannot have a baby if you do not have a womb. There is no hope of a fallen human being ascending into the true eternal timeline on our own merits. Only that which came down from heaven can go back up. And the Serpent was never in heaven. And this body and this mind and this personality is made out of the Serpent's substance. But Jesus wants this Ox in the firmament even though the Ox is made from the mud of the Serpent's ocean bottom.


Michael formed an Ox out of the Serpent's substance, not that she should be tormented forever and ever, but that she should be exalted and elevated into the firmament, which is heaven where she would serve as an aide to the visual expression of the Son of God. And what has happened, brethren, is that this Ox, who received great honor at the beginning of time, was drawn back down to her own vomit. And the negative aspect of the creation is so reprobate, that she destroys and tortures and torments her own. The Serpent is divided. Our own unconscious mind, Satan, that is the Serpent, tortures this flesh, this is the Ox. The Ox is made out of the Serpent's substance. It is all self0destruction. Jesus Christ wants to take this spiritual animal that He made and nail it back up into the heavenlies, which is the firmament. He could extract His Spirit from us, which is Abel, and just let us disintegrate into nothing, but He has a plan, and He had a plan from the beginning, that there would be an Ox.


Jehovah said, Let there be an Ox, and He does not go back on His Word. So He nailed the Ox up there in the firmament -- the firmament is heaven -- a fish out of water, something from hell living in heaven. And the hellish nature of the very animal itself dragged it back down to the depths that it came from. But Jesus wants us nailed to heaven. That is what it is all about. What a story! Any questions about what I just said?


This has been basically a review. OK we will go on, we are still reviewing and we are talking about Theosophy's three great outpourings. There is a course of occult study called occult Theosophy. They utilize many Hindu principles, I think most Hindus would say these teachings are very different than Hinduism. But they use a lot of Sanskrit words and a lot of Hindu principles. The major difference that I see it is that the Hindu's acknowledge the Serpent is God, but the Theosophists claim that God is the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, and as far as I am concerned, it is a counterfeit Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and that the Serpent is the God of this philosophy. Nevertheless, there is a lot of spiritual truth coming forth from their writings.


For whatever reason, the Lord has not told me, it looks to me at this time, it is my opinion at this time, that to really understand the spiritual word of God, to know the word that is going to set you free, to know the spiritual truth of the gospel, you first have to understand spiritual principles. It is the same idea as me saying to you, I do not care how bright you are, you can have a genius IQ, but if you cannot read or write, you will not pass your college courses. All of the earlier grades in school are preparation for higher education. For whatever reason, I do not know, maybe Jesus provided spiritual knowledge 2,000 years ago and it was wiped out, I really do not know. All I know is that today, as far as I know, this ministry is the only source of spiritual knowledge from the viewpoint of Jesus Christ that is available. There are many ministries that say that they are Christian, but when I read their literature, it is all gnostic. Maybe there is a legitimate gnostic somewhere, I do not know, but it is all a perversion of this message. And what is a perversion of this message? It is this message being preached by the Serpent's mind, and then the perversion channels through it.


You cannot understand the Scripture without first knowing how to read and write. You have to know your spiritual principles or you will never comprehend the depth of what Jesus is saying. Now, I am not saying that you cannot get something good out of this Bible, I know you can. There is much good in it because the Holy Spirit blesses you if you just try. We are talking about spiritual ascension here. We are talking about receiving the promises. We are talking about ascending in consciousness to a place where there is no more death. We are talking about the whole creation, which is the present formation of that Ox that Adam formed eons ago being raised back up into the firmament, which is heaven, and nailed there permanently so that she will never be torn down by her own animal nature again. We are talking about deliverance from sickness, deliverance from death, deliverance from emotional pain, deliverance from everything in this world that hurts. It is possible it is not a dream.


Everything in this world that hurts is the fruit of sin. We receive hurt,and our love ones are hurt because we have a mind that sins continually. And it sins continually in a manner that that very same mind will tell you, it could not possibly be sin. The truth is that we do not have it within our own power to stop the sinful operation of our mind. Our only hope of deliverance is to receive a new mind, reject the mind we are born with, and transfer in consciousness into that new righteous mind. And that is what salvation is all about.


So we are talking about Theosophy. One of the major teachings, as I understand it on Theosophy, is that there were Three Great Outpourings, which this Theosophy calls the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, but Hinduism clearly says it was the Outpouring of the Serpent. I believe there were Three Great Outpourings of the Serpent, and that these three great outpourings are still going on, and that the purpose of these outpourings are to permanently capture occupy and possess the individual members of humanity so that the Primordial Serpent and all of her aspects, including Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, can experience some form of consciousness at the expense of the herd of humanity.


The literature of Theosophy makes it sound like a wonderful thing that is coming to humanity, but the truth is that humanity is being deceived. There is a lot of truth in the theosophical literature and it maybe wonderful for the Serpent, but it is not good for us. So the Three Great Outpourings, as Theosophy calls them, signifies the three paths which the emerging Serpent takes to circumscribe Adam. Each of the three points of the triangle which circumscribe Adam signify, and I made those points really big on the drawing, each of those points signify the completion of each outpouring. Leviathan continues to circumscribe Adam today in each individual human being. Humanity has thus far been prepared for the Primordial Serpent to complete her circumscription of us. The first two journeys have been completed.


What are the first two journeys, according to Theosophy? It is probably true, I have no reason to believe it is not true. The First Outpouring formed the chemical atoms of the material world. The Second Outpouring, or wave of the spirit, or energy of the Serpent, flowed over those atoms and gave them consciousness. And I am of the opinion that it may not be exactly right, it may be, that there is a lot of truth to what is said in the literature, and that there are conscious beings on other planes of existence, other than this one, that have been formed by the energy of the Serpent flowing over the chemical atoms that she herself created. If you can hear that.


It sort of sounds a lot like the river breaking out of Eden and breaking into four heads. There is probably a lot of truth in it. Who are these powers and principalities, who are they? I think I told you on Part 1, I believe that they are different than the immortals. I believe that the powers and principalities are entities that were formed from the conscious earth. As the Serpent descends into planes of consciousness that are denser and denser -- remember me teaching you that the planes of consciousness are either denser or rarer, that the amounts of dust in them is either greater or lesser? We are here in outer darkness. As the Serpent comes in the physical planes, she brings consciousness to the earth on all of these levels.


I do believe that there are beings formed from the earth, mixed with the Serpent's consciousness, and the consciousness of the Serpent comes from Abel, from the spirit that she stole. And these are who the powers and principalities are. They live in our energy centers, they live in the energy that flows through our body. They are different than demons. If you have not heard our other series, they are different from demons and thought forms, and demons and powers and principalities. Demons are thought forms, but they are powers and principalities, actual beings, disembodied beings. And they dwell in and feed off of our very own energy. They feed off of us and they flow into our energy centers through the Etheric Plane. And they live through us to the fullest extent that we will let them. They are evil.


So we are talking about the Three Great Outpourings. The First Outpouring, according to Theosophy, the first created the chemical atom, the Second Outpouring flowed over those chemical atoms and gave them consciousness, and the Third Outpouring, which is in-process, is what the Scripture would call the catching up. The Third Outpouring is the Primordial Serpent herself descending into the conscious earth, and that the conscious earth is the Tower of Babel. As we ascend in consciousness, to the point where the descending Serpent has the potential to meet us in mind, that is the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel that the Serpent was building is humanity as it is today.


So when Jehovah interfered with that building, back in Genesis, He did something at that point, probably gave us our conscious mind, which availed over the Fiery Serpent. You may recall that I taught you here that our spirituality was in our subconscious mind and that our consciousness rises with the subconscious mind. To hinder that, that was probably the point at which we got our conscious mind and became spiritually ignorant, that we should not engage in spiritual activities, until the fullness of time, when Christ was destined to come forth and make us spiritual in Christ Jesus. What Theosophy calls the Three Outpourings, it is the three paths that the Serpent progresses in.


I am going to tell you something very abstract now, if you cannot envision it, I really would not worry about it. This creation is based on physics and mathematics. It is really founded on mathematics, and as difficult as it is for me to imagine a creation that is not visible and solid forms like we are, I cannot tell you that I really can envision it, but I can, to some degree, comprehend that at the very beginning the creation was mathematical, and in that context, I am trying to tell you that the Serpent herself was just a point. Remember, we talked about Adam being a point, and in him was the spiritual genetic material to become the whole creation.


The Serpent also was just a point, and when she vibrated forth in these three different paths, if you can think of it as a curve, she vibrated forth as a curve, literally on a spiritual drawing board. But she took these three paths, and I do not understand why she took these three paths. What I have up on the board for me is mathematical and I will get up and comment on that drawing and why I have the points in a particular place. The reason I placed the three points where I placed them is because of the translation in 1 Kings 7, which talks about Solomon's house, and we have basically the numbers 150: 100 is one number, 50 is a number and 30 is another number. And the reason I do not have those translations yet, is that I am waiting for the information that Jesus wants to give me so that I can tell you the truth about these dimensions and about those Scriptures to get into my consciousness, because it is just dribbling through, and it is not really there yet, that is why I do not have the translations.


The third point will complete the triangle. What that is saying, in each of our individual cases -- now remember, everybody that exists today has the first Two Outpourings present in them -- we are all made of chemical atoms and we all have consciousness. So the Serpent is bringing us to the third point. What is the third point? It is an ascended consciousness. Apparently, and I keep telling you, I am lacking much information here. For the Serpent to make contact with us, we have to ascend into a spiritual mind. Probably the reason is that Jehovah put this conscious mind over us the guardian, as a chastity belt to keep the Serpent from penetrating us. So as long as we stay in our conscious mind and follow the good law, we will have a decent life down here in hell, and the Serpent will not damage us severely. Although we die, at least we are not being tortured in this life.


So for the Serpent to communicate with us, and to possess us, and to use us for the purpose for which she brought us into existence, which is to be a female vessel for her pseudo male organ, she does that through the higher mind. And apparently she could only go down so far. According to the philosophical drawings, the Primordial Serpent only goes down, I do not know whether she is down or up, she only penetrates to the point of what they call the higher mental plane, that is the spiritual plane. So the whole world is in darkness and in ignorance to save us from eternal torment. And now the hour has come where man has revolved, we really have revolved to the point where we are more intelligent with all of this knowledge coming forth, and all of this understanding.


We had to mature to the point where we could understand the kind of things we are talking about here. Because if we cannot tell the difference between the Serpent and Adam, we will surely follow after the Serpent. There is nothing new under the sun. It is only the understanding that is imparted to the very Ox herself, which is our personality, that would help us, plus, of course, the Lord Jesus above. The Lord Jesus above gives us the power, but we must make the choice. We must distinguish between the Serpent and Adam or we will never go in the right direction. What good is the power if you do not know you are supposed to plug it in to the socket?


So our deliverance apparently, this is what it looks like it to me now, the creation fell again. The Serpent circumcised Seth and Jehovah said, I am just going to let them grow, I am going to let this creation develop and mature until the creation is a whole matures enough to the point till they capable enough to at least understand that there is a choice between Adam and the Serpent and that our choice is essential. Now, can you see this instruction going forth to a cave man? No. Jehovah has been waiting all of these years for the creation as a whole to mature to the point where a large percentage of the people, with the help of the Lord Jesus, could comprehend this and make the right choice. Because brethren once you start to ascend, if you cannot tell the difference, you are going the wrong way; and we have started to ascend.


There are a lot of people in the Church that have started to ascend. We started 2,000 years ago. A lot of people are stuck with prophesying in tongues, they never go any further than that. Some people are afraid of that. But it is really dangerous, when you start going beyond the prophecy and the tongues -- we went into deliverance, a significant number of people stayed with Christ in that, but to go on after that, they are falling like flies. If you can recall the drawing from Part 1, we are ascending up through those planes of consciousness. Our body is staying right here, but our consciousness is ascending.


If you are sitting in these meetings, if you are reading these messages, you are moving in the higher mind. And if you are moving in the higher mind, that means you are in the Garden and there is a Serpent in the Garden. You are not just hearing from Christ Jesus, and if you cannot tell the difference, you could lose what you have, or you could just not go forward any further. But why would you go this far and not complete the rest of the way? You have got to be able to tell the difference between Christ and the Serpent, or you will surely be deceived, because the Serpent is crafty and Christ is not.


Brother, we are seeing in this country today, with what is going on in the White House, it is unbelievable the way everything turned around because the craft of the political machine. That is what will happen to you in the spirit. As we ascend in consciousness, these physical eyes no longer work. It is a whole new way of doing. To become as a little child we are going to have to walk, talk, see and communicate in the spirit. And you cannot recognize the Serpent by the means you would use in this world. It is a total re-education. So that is where we are.


We are up to the Third Outpouring. The prophet Ezekiel says, It is the time of love. It is a time for union between our mind and the Spirit of Christ, but there is a Serpent in the Garden. I am telling you that the whole creation is going up. I do not know what the timeline is, I really do not know, whether there is going to be some big event in the year 2,000, or how long it will take, I do not know, but I believe that the creation as a whole has evolved and is evolving. We are maturing, definitely. Anyone who denies that does not have eyes in their head.


With all kinds of carnal knowledge in the world, people are coming out of darkness and out of ignorance in many, many ways. So we are approaching the time when this born again experience will begin to occur, the true new birth that Jesus demonstrated. There are going to be three groups, one is going to go into the resurrection of life, the second, the resurrection of damnation, and the third will live out their life and pass out of this world. But eventually everyone, all of the herd of humanity will be born again in one way or the other. It may sound incredible to those of us who have normal lives. But I tell you that the day that Jesus Christ opened that book and said, This Scripture has been fulfilled in your ears, those Jews have heard it preached for a long time and they did not believe it was happening, but it happened. The day came that it happened and I believe the day is going to come and will happen in our lifetime. I am convinced of that. Very, very few will be prepared. Is there any one here that does not understand what this Third Outpouring is? It is really important that you understand it. I am going to say it one more time, and then I am going to ask the question again. Please tell me I will explain it as many times as you need it.


The time of spiritual marriage is at hand. The only issue is whether you will marry the Serpent or you will marry Christ Jesus. We are going out to meet the bridegroom, only we are blind. We are going out with radar and if we do not get the proper training, and if we do not mature spiritually in Christ Jesus, there is an excellent chance that we will be seduced and captured by the Serpent. No, you cannot live in fear. I am telling you this, my message is, Prepare. Do not go in the corner and be afraid. Put yourself before the Lord, tell Him you are willing to do whatever He wants you to do, but to please help you to overcome your weaknesses, and rise up and do it.


Start with something very small. Do not start with something very big. Put a note, hang a note. If your pride is so great, that you cannot hang a note to help you to remember to pray before you talk, what can I tell you? I would never condemn you for not remembering to do something. If I tell you to do it and you do not do it, and something like that when I tell you to hang a note, I would never try to enforce it, it is really a suggestion. I would never come to you and tell you to do it, and you are rebuked for not doing it. I would never rebuke you for not doing that, it is a strong suggestion. If you can relate to this in any area of your life, if I make a suggestion to you to help you, start small, and you cannot do that small thing, what can I tell you? Are you binding and loosing every day? You are - wonderful, OK. If you fail, I am never looking down on you, never mad at you, I may get frustrated with you sometimes, for your sake. It is always a wake-up call. Do it. Just DO IT. Make a start, take a step. Praise the Lord. I am going to comment on this drawing.


This is more or less a take-off on the drawing from Part 1. As you can see, this is a parallelogram. The firmament is a parallelogram. On Part 1 I had it turned on its side, because for some reason I thought I had to do that. I tell you all the time, I teach you as the Lord teaches me and He showed me how to do it this way. This drawing from Part 2 is really the correct way, because the Scripture really says that the length of it is three, I may get that wrong, whatever the length of it is, this is the way the parallelogram looks.


When I scale down the measurements and drew it with the longer part along the bottom. A parallelogram, brethren, by definition, is a square linear figure where all of the opposite are parallel to each other. This bottom line is parallel to the top line, the left line is parallel to the right line. That is a parallelogram. Any four-sided figure where every line is parallel to one other line. Now, when I say down here, that the Serpent is trying to erase the mark, it falls short of being a parallelogram. Please note that this line from the point at the bottom to the point at the top is pretty parallel, it looks like it is parallel, but because the triangle only has three sides and not four sides, these other two lines are not parallel. So the plane object, the geometrical figure, the triangle is a perversion in the midst of an orderly universe. Can you hear that?


This Jehovah beyond the whole creation. Elohim is the four-sided wall around, which is the field of creation, which has been scored in the midst of Jehovah's substance and we see that Elohim has separated from Jehovah and poured out as Jehovah's semen, both water and seed. That water has fallen upon the earth which is the fall out of the separation and brought into existence a conscious spiritual being who has no form, which is called the Primordial Serpent. And Elohim said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and Michael brought forth this expanse in the midst of the waters.


And there are three levels in it according to the Scripture that the Lord gave me from 1 Kings, Chapter 7, and I believe that these are the three planes of consciousness: thought, which is Spirit, and that thought is Michael. Adam is the vision, we have been saying thought form and that really is a non-scriptural term, thought form. I have found in 1 Kings 7 what I believe to be the scriptural equivalent of thought form. The word is vision, came up as vision. And as I told you we will do those translations, I will show you the word that says it was a vision. I say the vision was Adam.


From the second plane of consciousness we see dust and in the third plane of consciousness we see the spiritual Ox which the Scripture calls the woman and here is earth. So we see that each plane of consciousness gets more and more dense. Spirit dust and earth. And of course also you can see that this firmament is in the midst of the sea. And does not the Scripture call us the islands. This is really talking about mind. Our mind is an island in the midst of Satan's sea which is both within us and outside of us. We are in a sea of energy. I want to comment on these numbers here. The way I placed these dots representing the Three Outpourings. It is based on the three figures in the Scriptures from 1 Kings 7, 100 cubits, 50 cubits, and 30 cubits.


I believe that the 100 cubits signifies, I really cannot get into the whole thing now, we will get into it probably in Part 3, that the #10 is an abbreviated form of 1000 and the #1000 refers to the 7th Energy Center, and I believe this is true, because I found witnesses to it in the Scripture, I have read in the occult books. But first of all, let me tell you this. Each energy center vibrates at an established rate of speed: bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. That is what I am talking about. Each energy center vibrates at an established recordable rate of speed. And the most rapidly vibrating energy, or the energy in the center that vibrates most rapidly is the 7th Energy Center at the top of your head. The energy in that center vibrates most rapidly, and according to the occult books, it vibrates at 1000 vibrations, whatever the measurement is. I will get the right terminology for you next time.


That is the #10 and the #5, I could not get that 5. I could not get what that 50 meant. And just as I was looking at it inside, while you were going over the notes, it came to me that the 50 cubits is talking about halfway. And the 5th Energy Center is halfway. But the significant point from my drawing is that the 50 cubits is half the distance that the 10 cubit measurement is. And the #30 was referring to the 3 Planes of Consciousness, and we see that the Serpent started right here at the bottom. We will go over this in more detail, it is all symbolic. I think I covered everything.


This is Adam, he is descended. Michael, thought, comes down, and as Michael, thought, descends into the next lower plane of consciousness where the dusts is thicker, the vision of Adam takes form. Now, what that word vision means is that he is a translucent man. He is a man that you can see through. He is like a ghost. And down here in the next plane of consciousness we have the Ox, which is made of the solid earth, and Adam is supposed to descend into that Ox. Adam is in us right now, the resurrected Adam, that is who Christ is, but you cannot see Him. Physically, you just see us. If you want to see Jesus, you have to listen to what we are saying. If you want to see Jesus in us, you have to look at our mind. And the way you look at someone's mind, is that you listen to what they say. Any questions or comments here?


I believe the Lord gave us a Scripture from the Alternate Translation to read with regard to this diagram that I drew on the board. It is Genesis 3, verses 20 & 24. So Jehovah and Elohim divorced Adam, the immortal enclosed place where one experiences intimacy with Jehovah and the Adam, the guardian of the moral character of the whole tree of life died. And the magical sword bisected the Living Beast and transformed him into two heretofore unknown beings, Cain & Abel.


My footnote for magical sword is, The mind is a spiritual sword and the Primordial Serpent's known witchcraft identifies her as the magical sword. Adam, Elohim's immortal mind died and the Primordial Serpent bisected the Living Beast into the mortal Cain & Abel. Jehovah appointed Abel priest over Cain, but Cain killed Abel in an attempt to usurp the Priesthood. Adam did not cease to exist, but died to his immortality and his widowed spirit, the only source of consciousness in humanity waits to be resurrected. And what I do not say in this footnote is that his widowed spirit in the form of Abel is the human spirit of fallen man. I would like to show you this on this drawing.


This drawing is the whole tree, is the whole Tree of Life. And this triangle is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil within the Tree of Life. It is in the midst. We see that the plan for the Tree of Life - also this is the whole Garden. See Adam is the Tree of Life but the whole firmament is the Garden. It was and is the plan that Jehovah should put down an aspect of Himself, should shine upon, should shine into the Garden. Right now this Garden is inside of our mind. And Jehovah, an aspect of Himself, would pass through Elohim and Michael and enter into Adam. The whole purpose of the creation, of creating Adam and the firmamen,t is that Jehovah should live in Adam, who is living in the Ox. It is the same thing as saying that Jesus Christ wants to live in us. In the King James, in one of the prophets, I think it is Isaiah, he says, I shall live within a dark cloud. He wants visibility. Jehovah is invisible. Jehovah wants to occupy Adam. You see, Adam is female to Jehovah. And Adam is male to the Ox and to the Serpent. And we see that Jehovah wants to penetrate into Adam and rest there from above, but the Serpent sneaks up penetrates Adam from underneath.


We are talking about Planes of Consciousness now. We are not talking about the physical feet up and the physical head down. Actually all three Planes of Consciousness are one on top of the other. They are one on top of the other, as if you had three planks of wood, laying here on the floor, one on top of the other. Jehovah penetrates from above, but the Serpent penetrates from underneath. And the Serpent circumscribed Adam. You see, Jehovah, through Elohim is penetrating in a straight line. The Serpent came out in a curved line and went around, I do not think it was Jehovah penetrating at this point, it was probably Elohim penetrating at this point or Michael, went around the path of true penetration, went around the back door.


And we see over here by the dot that says (10) that is Adam's highest potential to vibrate on a spiritual level as high as Michael. Adam had the potential and has the potential to manifest on any of these three realms. In the New Testament you will find Scriptures saying, for example, Jesus kneeled down. Jesus, while He was in the flesh, varied where He was spiritually, amongst these three planes. Sometimes the Scripture says, He went up into a high mountain and He prayed. I dare to suggest to you that He did not go in a physical mountain. He ascended into this high place in the Spirit. And at most of the time He was in this middle place in the Spirit where He was dust but that sometimes He went down very low, into His humanity, depending on what it was He wanted to do.


And brethren, we see this in life. You are all adults here, do not you go down when you want to talk to a child? Do you talk to a child the same way you talk to a contemporary or your husband or an adult of any kind? Of course not. We descend when we talk to a child. And some people have trouble understanding how to relate to different people and they talk to adults as they would talk to a child. Now, when you are an adult and you talk to a child, it is called descending, it is a godly thing. You come down to where the child can understand you. But if you talk to an adult like you are talking to a child, you are now condescending and that is an insult. To talk to anyone beneath to where they are, is an insult to them. How do we avoid doing this? We need to have an ability to discern who we are talking to. And how do you discern who you are talking to? You listen to what they say, and you respond to them.


A lot of people, it is a common problem in the world, they do not respond to the person they are talking to. They respond to an inner voice within them that has a need to relate to people in this certain way. Usuall,y it has to do with themselves. I am going to say it again and then go on with this message. It is a common problem in this world that people do not respond to someone that they are having a conversation with. They do not respond to the other person. They respond to something within themselves, and therefore they wind up either talking over the person's head or they wind up condescending to the person. For years I talked to people over their head, I do not why one person goes one way and another person goes another way. For years I talk to people and I thought they knew what I was talking about, and I found out, that they did not know what I was talking about and no one said to me, Sheila, I do not know what you are talking about.


You have to take clues, look at people's eyes, look at their reactions and you have to meet people where they are, if you truly want to communicate with them. You have to meet them where they are, cause of you are too high or too low, you are not communicating with them, you are talking to yourself, and they are just there. We are going to go on with this message. I have some translations to give you.


COMMENT: I would like to know, if you said that the inner diagram was a parallelogram. Is a square also a parallelogram?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a square is a parallelogram. The definition of a parallelogram is that the opposite sides are parallel, and that is true of a square, and of all rectangles, but that is neither a square or a rectangle. As a matter of fact, you probably have it in the notes here. It is called a polygon, a closed plane figure bounded by three or more line segments. So it is a polygon, but it is also a parallelogram. A polygon -- the sides do not have to be parallel. But the image we have on the board describing the Garden of Eden is neither a square or a rectangle but it is a parallelogram, because the opposing sides are parallel to one another.


And in case I did not make it clear, it is pleasurable for Jehovah to enter into Adam's Garden. For a long time I thought it was Adam who was getting the pleasure. When I first saw this years ago in the Hebrew, that the Garden was a place of pleasure, I thought it was Jehovah coming to give Adam pleasure. But no, that is not true. Jehovah takes pleasure in walking in His Garden. This is the Garden right here, where He is intimate with Adam. Jesus takes pleasure in abiding in us and in relation to us. He really loves us. He really wants what is best for us, very, very, much, He really cares. But He does not baby us. He makes us strong men. OK let us go on. It would be nice if we could finish these notes tonight.


After the notes on Page 2 about Theosophy's Three Great Outpourings, I have some notes about the field of creation, which I gave you on Part 1, and I mentioned briefly today, I am going to skip past it. And go down to the lower half of Page 2 where I tell myself to read 1 Kings 3:10-14. Does anyone have a King James with them that wants to read them into the message for us?


1 Kings 3:10-14; And the speech pleased the Lord that Solomon had made this thing. And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honor so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days. And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as thy father David did walk, then I will lengthen thy days.


OK, that is the King James Translation of Jehovah's promise to Solomon. I have translated two of those verses, 12 & 13. I get a little bit of a different translation and I think it is important that we hear what Jehovah said to Solomon.


Verse 12, (King James), Behold, I have done according to your words. I have given you a wise and an understanding heart so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. 


You may or may not recall, in the Alternate Translation of the New Testament, we do have a translation of some of Jesus' words, saying that this is not, I do not think it is not a true translation, but the translation is talking about the lilies in the field and it says, Solomon had the Holy Spirit, but today we have the Spirit of Christ available to us, and there is absolutely no comparison.


So let us see what our Alternate Translation says for Verse 12. I will read the Kings James first with a few changes of translation. Verse 12, Look I have done according to your word. I am giving you spiritual vision, that is the translation of behold. And spiritual vision is the ability to distinguish Adam, and that is the translation of understanding. Understanding is discernment. I have given you wisdom in your Heart Center so that Satan, that is a translation of none, who is, that is a translation of there was, in the hinder part, that is your unconscious mind, that the translation of after thee, of your personality, that is a translation of before thee, and I have added in your old man, the Devil. The words in the King James are, who is like you, a translation of that is so like unto, we are translating that as the one who is like you. Your counterpart, that is your old man, the Devil. The word neither, we are translating does not arise.


And this is the translation the Lord has given me for 1 Kings 3:12. Look (Jehovah speaking) Solomon, I have given you what you have asked for. You asked for wisdom and understanding, I have formed Adam in you. You have asked for wisdom and understanding, I have not given it to you in your carnal mind. Wisdom and understanding is beyond your carnal mind. You asked Me for wisdom, I have given you a new mind. I have given you a spiritual mind which is capable of receiving spiritual wisdom. I have formed Adam, my Wisdom, in your Heart Center, and Adam is the one who has the spiritual vision to discern your old man, the Devil.


See, brethren, your carnal mind will never discern Satan and the Devil. You have got to get this New Mind. The grace and the mercy and the love of God is His Mind, and all the promises arise in your life out of His Mind. So you have to get His Mind and you have to give up and turn against your old mind and turn towards Jesus' Mind, and you cannot go wrong.


Look, I have given you what you asked for, I have formed Adam, my Wisdom, in your Heart Center, and Adam is the one who has the spiritual vision to discern your old man; he can tell the difference between your new man and your old man. He can discern your old man, the Devil, Adam's counterpart. You see, Adam can discern his opponent; you cannot tell the difference between the two of them. You, the personality, you cannot tell the difference between your old man and your new man. But your new man recognizes your old man. Now, if you are living out of your old man, you are going to think that your new man is the Devil. I tell you the truth, this happened to me. Someone actually said to me once, I have to guard my heart against you. I had told them that they were praying psychic prayers, which they were. And she said to me, I have to guard my heart against you. Apparently it really touched her. I said, Not against me, against the one who is praying psychic prayers through you. For the people who are in agreement with their old man, with their carnal mind, if you manifest Christ to them, they will see you as Satan. They will see you as the opposite you are.


Look, I have given you what you asked for, I have formed Adam, My Wisdom, in your Heart Center, and Adam is the one who has the spiritual vision to discern your old man, the Devil, who is Adam's counterpart, when Satan, the one who is behind your personality, that is in your unconscious mind, Satan the spirit, who is hiding behind your personality. Brethren, when we interact with people, you are not just interacting with people, you are not just interacting with animals walking around, no matter how good the person is, you are either interacting with the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ, or with Satan, on the good side of the tree. We are more than meets the eye. You have to know this.


Adam is the one who has the spiritual vision to discern your old man, the Devil, who is Adam's counterpart, when Satan, the one who is behind your personality sneaking around doing all her evil deeds, so that we can all deny that she is doing it, if she can get us to deny it, when Satan who is behind your personality rises into your Heart Center. The significance of this verse, brethren, I mentioned this earlier on this message, the consciousness of the average human being is in their 3rd Center, the Navel Center -- Paul calls it the belly -- it is, we are all out for ourselves, selfishness, all concerned with ourselves.


Most people are not concerned with the things of the world, they are into themselves, their families. It is not a bad thing, I am not knocking it. I am telling you that there is something higher. The average people in the world, they are in their belly. Did not Paul say it? They are in their Navel Center. And their Heart Center is above the Navel Center. The Heart Center is the Aerial Center. If you want to have any hope at all of ascending in consciousness to the point that you become a supernatural man -- and what does it mean to be a supernatural man? It means that you live in this body, but you do not live according to what you see with these eyes or hear with these ears or think with the carnal mind of this physical body. You live in this world out of a supernatural mind. You live in this world out of a mind that tells you what people's true motives are towards you.


Brethren, the whole world knows this. I even heard it on Star Trek, they made a joke out of it. Someone who is a Batazoid comes from a planet where everybody is psychic and is talking to another Batazoid and one is saying, How could you deal with these earthlings, they never say what they mean. It is not just you here, this is common to all mortal men, some a little more, some a little less. But nobody is brutally honest and some people are very dishonest. So when you are a spiritual man, it does not matter what people are saying with their mouth, you know where they are coming from. They may be in denial but you know who is speaking through them, and you know what their motive is, and you know why they are saying that, and you know what they are trying to accomplish. And brethren, this is power, to have intimate knowledge of a person's motive is power. You can hurt them or you can help them. You can look upon them and have mercy upon them as the Lord leads you. You can expose them, if it is going to be for their good. You do not have this power just to protect yourself against unscrupulous people. Because unscrupulous people will not be able to hurt you anymore. You will know what they are going to do.


Jesus knew what was in their heart. I have experienced this. Thank God it does not happen too often. I have known that someone would be calling me with an offer that was ungodly. I knew it weeks in advance and it was in an area of my life that was weak. What I mean by that is this: if they called me and caught me off guard, I very well have made the wrong decision. So Jesus must have known that. I knew weeks in advance what they were planning. So I had time to pray about it and to seek Jesus' counsel. I spoke to a couple of other people, asked them what they thought, and sure enough, the phone call came, and I already had the decision in my heart, I already knew what I was going to do. There is power in knowing people's motives towards you. And I am not talking about predicting the future like the psychic hot line. You cannot have this power in Jesus and use it against the people. In your areas of weakness, you do use it, not that you defend yourself , but you use it as a weapon to help you maintain your position of righteousness.


You do not want to get thrown off your stand of righteousness. But as you get stronger and stronger, you can help people. A lot of people just do not know what is right. Now for whatever reason, I had a memory today, you all know that memory is very important, it usually means something similar that is happening to another person, and I had a memory of someone right here in this ministry doing something a few years ago that was disruptive in the meeting, and I said to them, this is the memory I had me saying to them, Do you not know what you are doing is wrong? And they said to me, No. I said, You really do not know that this is wrong? And I could tell that they were really telling me the truth. No, they did not know it was wrong. So I have found out that a lot of things that I know are wrong, other people simply do not know that they are wrong. And that is why the Sons of God are teachers. So, to be a spiritual man and to live out of a high mind where you understand people's true motives is a very high calling to save people's lives. You can re-direct people's lives. It is a very high calling.


What I am trying to tell you that the average man lives out of his belly. The Fiery Serpent wants to inhabit the Heart Center. The Heart Center is a very important place. When your consciousness ascends to the Heart Center, to the point that you are there every day, you are living out of the Heart Center, there is a being that lives in your Heart Center, and it is either your old man, the Devil, or it is your new man, Christ Jesus. The Heart Center is a Garden in you and there is a being that lives there, and your personality is an aspect of that being. So if you do not have Christ in your life, and you are ascended to your Heart Center, you are a spiritual person in Satan. Because it is from the Heart Center if the Fiery Serpent ascends from the Root Center, and she ascends to a place where she abides in the Heart Center, she then has free access to rise up to the 7th Center at will, where she meets with Leviathan and draws upon Leviathan's cosmic energy.


And I do not want to get in too much of that right now, but to have the Fiery Serpent abiding permanently in your Heart Center, when she gets there she takes a new name and that is who the Devil is. That is who your old man is. It is the Fiery Serpent ascended to your Heart Center and your personality is up there with her and she takes on the name, your old man, the devil in the New Testament, Ashtoreth in the Old Testament. You spiritually ascended in an evil way if it is the Fiery Serpent that is up there. And Satan is her energy that is flowing. Now if you are in Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus wants to inhabit the Heart Center. If you are ascended in Christ Jesus, there is a war going on in your Heart Center, you war every day, there is no peace. It is a long war. If Christ rises in you to the point that He pierces through into your Heart Center, there is a continual ongoing war between Satan, who is the Fiery Serpent's dog, Satan is the one who bites. She is the weapon and there is a continuous warfare for who will dominate the Heart Center.


I was telling you off the message, I have been in this war for years. It really does wear on you. After a while, it just never ends. And even when you do not actually have a warfare encounter in your own life, when you are ascended to this degree, you are aware of warfare in the Spirit even though you are not involved. It is the strangest feeling. It is like hearing whispers. Sometimes I get clues as to what is going on, and other times I do not. I know when people are talking about me. Yesterday, actually I believe it was my aunt and my cousin that I have newly reconciled with, they were talking about me all day yesterday. It was not bad. It was not a bad thing. I think they really like me and that they are really happy that we have been reconciled, and it was a Saturday, and I do not whether they dinner with other relatives or they were talking to other relatives about this reconciliation, I do not know, I just know it was positive. I know that they were talking about me. I went to bed and I woke up this morning and they were as real as day, as soon as I opened my eyes.


So there was a lot of talk about me, yes, there was positive talk, but I could tell you it was positive, but besides that I could not tell you what they were saying or who they were talking to. Even when you are not actually engaged in a verbal confrontation with somebody else, you are aware of activity in another plane, yet you cannot see, you are blind. It is the strangest thing. Your mind never stops, even when you are sleeping, your mind never stops. And this is the life of someone whose consciousness abides continually, at least in the Heart Center. So this warfare is going on, and even if Christ Jesus in you has largely overcome the Fiery Serpent, or your old man, in your Heart Center, when you abide in that place on a regular basis you become aware of other people's battles.


See, the battle does not end. When you subdue Satan and the Fiery Serpent, you are called in to defend someone else in whom Christ is ascending, who is not as successful as you are. The war never ends. Jesus is the Warrior, even, I think it is in Rev. 21 at the end of the book, on His white horse, He is still a Warrior. And we will be Warriors until Satan and the Serpent and all of her household are fully subdued. If we are not fighting for ourselves, we are fighting for somebody else. That is the way it is.


So we are looking in 1Kings 3:12, let me read you the King James, and then I will read you the Alternate Translation.


Verse 12, King James, Behold, I have done according to thy words. Lo, I have given thee a wise and understanding heart, so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise unto thee.


Now the 1st phase is OK -- I am giving you a wise and understanding heart -- but the pride that manifested in the second verse is not an accurate translation.


Alternate Translation, Look, I have given you what you asked for. I have given you My heart, not a wise and understanding heart, I have given you My heart.


Whenever you are trying to identify the spirit behind anything, look to see who is exalted. Is God exalted, or is the individual exalted? That is how you try the spirit.


I have given you My Wisdom in your Heart Center, who has the spiritual vision to discern your evil side, your old man, Adam's counterpart, when Satan, the one who is behind your personality rises into your Heart Center to dominate you and control you and do evil things, I have given you a defense against your own potential for evil.


So as far as I am concerned, brethren, Jehovah never said to Solomon that there was none like him before him and that there will be none after him. As a matter of fact, I do not even see Jehovah telling Solomon that he is such a wise man. Of course, I am not translating everything to do with Solomon's wisdom, but what I see in the Hebrew is that Solomon was wise because he had Jehovah's Heart. Brethren, if the Heart of Jesus Christ lives in you, and manifests through you, you are great because His Greatness is living through you. Jesus was a man, and He said, I am the Son of God, because Christ Jesus, the Mind of God, not only was living through Him, but so completely controlled Him, that His evil potential was totally bound. It is not pride to say that you are great if Christ Jesus is doing great things through you and you are working with Him. The works we do make us great.


So Solomon was just a man, and whatever greatness he had, he had because the Mind of Christ was formed in him. Of course, it was not called that in the Old Testament. It was the Mind of God, the Wisdom of God. Adam was resurrected in him. So if this is true, if Solomon's greatness and his wisdom and all the things you hear about him, arose out of Jehovah's Mind being in him, well, what about us today, who have the Mind of the Lord Jesus? We are just as great. Well, some selfish image, some people say. What about Solomon's wealth. Well, what about it, brethren? He may have had some wealth because he was a King, but as you will see when we do the next verse, I do not believe that Jehovah promised him physical riches. He promised him and gave him spiritual riches.


Now, some people in this world are rich. We need money. You need money to run a ministry, you need money to help the poor, you need money to get the word out. Some people are rich. I believe you cannot ask for riches, I think it is a big mistake. I believe that we should ask for a decent life and all of our needs should be met, that we should have a rich life in Christ, that we and our children and our family should be healthy, that we should have a decent place to live, transportation if you need it, and of course, food, and if the Lord's willing to give it to you, some material pleasures, whatever He is willing to give you. I will take whatever He wants to give me. But to believe that in Christ Jesus you are going to be a millionaire, you are really dancing to the wrong tune. Let us go on to Verse 13.


Verse 13, King James, And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches and honor so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days.


And I have also given what Satan, (that is a translation of not), asked for. I am not only given you for what you asked for, I have given you what Satan asked for. I have given you the character, or the nature (that is the translation of honor) and the word wealth, if you look it up it means assemblage, the gathering together, the ingathering, we have had that in a recent message. Does anyone remember what it means? It is the ingathering up to the highest energy center. It is talking about spiritual perfection, immortality, eternal life. And not an immortality at the level we have it here, an immortality where our personality is saved, where we are even, where we have peace and contentment and all of our needs are met, where we lack nothing. That is what the word wealth means. It is talking about assemblage. I am not even sure that the translation wealth was there, it may have been just at the end. See, a lot of these words, the King James translators just did not know how to translate it, so their carnal mind said, Well, Jehovah made him materially rich or maybe he was materially rich, but that is not what it says in the Scripture.


The word wealth is talking about assemblage. Assembling yourself in the ingathering, spiritual power through the focusing of one's own spiritual energy in the higher energy centers. So that both -- so that Leviathan (Leviathan is the translation of not) shall be a servant (that is a translation of the English word any) in the Kings James Translation it is Strong's 376, any, it means to be a servant, amongst the Kings all of your days.


Alternate Translation, And I have also given you what you have not asked for, the nature of Elijah, the one who is gathered into the 7th Energy Center, so that both Satan and Leviathan shall be servants amongst the Kings of the earth all of your days.


That the kings of the earth, it is talking about all the men that have Christ formed in them. Satan must be a servant to all of us who have Christ formed in us. Now, that does not mean that we are going to be rich and have butlers and maids. That may be your case, but that is not what this is talking about. This is talking about spiritual servitude, and Satan must serve you. She must serve Christ in you for you to be gathered into the 7th Energy Center. The whole promise, brethren, is supernatural ascension and the spiritual power that emanates from that high spiritual place. I will read it again.


And I have also given you what you have not asked for. I have given you the Nature of Elijah, the one who is gathered in the 7th Energy Center, so that both Satan and Leviathan shall be servants amongst the Kings of the earth all of your days.


So, I have two things to say to you; I see that apparently I changed when I was working up this translation. I just told you, I have given you what Satan has asked for. That is what it looked like to me as I was reading it, but apparently after I prayed about this verse, that was not what it was saying.


I have given you what you have not asked for. I have given you the Nature of Elijah. You see, this happens to so many people. They ask God for help and they have it in their mind what kind of help God will give them, and when He gives them help in a different form, they think that He has failed them. God's help in every instance is His nature in you. So in Verse 12, Jehovah gives Solomon, Adam, and Verse 13, He gives him the glorified Elijah.


Today, Jesus gives us Christ, and then He gives us Himself, the Glorified Spirit. The only way we will survive spiritually in this world will be in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. It is to have Christ formed in us and to have that Christ, who is woven together with our personality, joined to the Glorified Lord Jesus above, and that is what Jehovah gave Solomon. He gave Solomon what the Church has available to them today. In the days of Solomon it was a rarity. Today it is available to all men, through Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The Church is very spoiled today.


I remember years ago, I was traveling in Greece, I have always like exotic things in far away lands, we were in the back woods, we stopped at a little inn, and the innkeeper was very pleasant and he was going to make us a feast. He told us he was going to make us a Greek specialty for dinner that evening, and I was all excited. Well, when dinner came, he served us baby rib lamb chops, broiled. At the time I was a very spoiled American young woman. That was not anything special to me. We had rib lamb chops all the time at home, but to this man who lived in the country, in the hills of Greece, they maybe had it only once a year. It was a big honor that he was cooking this for us, and to me, it was absolutely nothing, I was disappointed. Well, brethren, this great wealth that Jehovah gave to Solomon, we have it right here in this room. If you are reading this message, you probably have it, and not only do we have it, we have something even greater.


I am going to read the few Scriptures in the New Testament where Jesus says that we have is greater than what Solomon had and it is in Luke 12:27, 28.


Alternate Translation, Understand that you did not receive the flower of the Holy Spirit by your own hard labor, nor are you twisted together with the Holy Spirit into the Mind of Christ, and I point out to you that not even Solomon, despite all of the spiritual Glory that covered him, is one of these who has the Mind of Christ. But if Christ clothed the young spiritual life, which is this very day, coming into existence in the visible physical world, but which is cast into the oven tomorrow, with the Holy Spirit, he will surely provide the great Mind of Christ for you who already have some understanding.


Now what this is saying -- because I just told you that Solomon had the Mind of Christ, Solomon had an imputed Mind of Christ. To have the Imparted Mind of Christ, you have to go under judgment. Your carnal mind has to be judged, found guilty and destroyed. Solomon did not have that. He had the Mind Of Christ and he had his carnal mind. But in the New Testament, we have the Imparted Mind of Christ, that is what Jesus is saying. I am going to read it one more time for you. He is talking to the Pharisees now.


I understand that you did not receive the flower of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is likened to a flower, by your own hard labor, you did not do anything to get the Holy Spirit, it is a free gift. And He said to the Pharisees, nor are you twisted together with the Holy Spirit, that means the Mind of Christ is not formed in you, and I point out to you that not even Solomon, despite all of the spiritual glory that covered him, is one of these who has the Mind of Christ growing in him twisted together with his own personality and growing within him. Solomon did not have that.


And He said to the Pharisees, You do not have that, you have what Solomon had, you have the Holy Spirit, but he is not twisted together with you. And then He says, But if Christ clothed the young spiritual life, which is, this very day, coming into existence in the visible physical world, that is Christ, but which is cast into the oven tomorrow, when the physical person dies, with the Holy Spirit He will surely provide for you, you will have the Holy Spirit, He will surely provide the great Mind of Christ for you who already have some understanding. That is been an overriding message today. Understanding. You can have the Holy Spirit, we can have the Lord Jesus. What ties Him together with your personality is your understanding. He was talking to His disciples here, He was saying, You have more than Solomon. Solomon had an Imputed Christ. Christ was not a living plant growing out of Solomon. You have the Holy Spirit. Solomon did not have the Holy Spirit. Jesus was saying, With all of the glory that Solomon had, that glory did not include a potential to ascend permanently. It is a supernatural manhood. Solomon, whatever glory he had, it was not included in the package, an opportunity to enter into Eternal Life permanently. We have that opportunity today because of Jesus.


Now, the reason I have given you these three Scriptures is because -- I going to remind you again, I have this drawing on the board, this sketch, this mathematical expression of the Garden of Eden, and what happened at that time, out of several Scriptures which follow this one; the Scriptures in 1 Kings 7 describing Solomon's house. Jehovah gave Solomon, the resurrected Abel, He gave him Christ and He gave him the Spirit of Elijah, and He built a spiritual house, which is the Mind of Christ. Solomon's house is the Mind Of Christ. So I took some of those measurements, and the Lord gave me this whole teaching. But as I told you this morning, I do not yet have the translation of the 4 or 5 verses which gave me this drawing. Lord willing, I will have it for you on Thursday. But the Lord gave me something else. He gave me another translation for you today and we will try to get through it today. I have a comment here.


Please note that Adam alone is not sufficient. The Son of God in the flesh will be overcome by the Serpent every time unless He has a spiritually ascended relative working with Him. The same truth applies to the Church today. Christ in the individual is very capable of being tricked and defeated. That is why we need a spiritually ascended Savior. Israel had a spiritually ascended Savior, they had the Spirit of Elijah, but I do not believe they turned to him very much. They thought they could do it all in their own strength. And we have some beloved brethren here in a similar position. Christ in you is not enough. You have got to have an ascended Savior and you have to have understanding, and if you need a teacher to get understanding, you need a teacher too. I gave you Verse 14 here, just to round this out.


Verse 14, King James, And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as your father, David did walk, I will lengthen your days.


So that is the promise to Solomon. The promises of Jehovah to Solomon is supernatural spiritual wealth and dominion over Satan, in his own heart. Brethren, we need to be defended against our own potential from evil. We need to be saved from ourself. Solomon's house is spiritual. I just gave you these few Scriptures, 1 Kings 7:2-5, that is what we will be translating. I am going to go past that right now.


I have a little word study on the word circumscribe. I have been talking a lot about the circumscribing Adam, and the definition of circumscribe is to draw a line around, to encircle, to limit narrowly, to restrict, to determine the limits of, to enclose, a polygon or a polyhedron, within a configuration of lines, curves or surfaces. I do not want to get too technical, but I do want to point out to you something that I think the Lord is telling me, I did not make clear. If you look at that triangle up on the board, what the Serpent did is she refined the borders of Eden. Did you ever hear of politicians redefining the areas of their constituency? It is very common in American politics that politicians will redefine the voting districts because they know that they can get more votes that way.


We had a parallelogram there which is the Garden of Eden, and Adam is in that Center Plane of consciousness, where it says Adam and dust, and Adam is marked off as a red dot, if you could see it. That is Adam's Plane of Consciousness, from left to right, but the Serpent came in and she completely redirected and rewrote the boundaries of Eden. I just have to get up and show you this on the board. Look at this, this was Eden, the whole thing was Eden, a parallelogram, and Adam's particular area was right through here in the midst. Adam was in between Michael and the Ox. When the Serpent came in, she re-districted the Garden of Eden. And for all intents and purposes, everything outside of the triangle fell away. So now Eden is shaped this way, like this triangle. If nothing else, she cut Eden back to half the size or less and she changed it is form, and she changed its boundaries. She completely rewrote Adam. And we will find those words come up in the translations that we are going to do. The Serpent rewrote Adam's programming.


She circumscribed him, she surrounded him with lines, and she cut him off from what was his previous life. You know, I had my father here living with me a few years before he died and he was bedridden. At one point he used to be in a wheelchair during the day, but at one point his legs were so swollen, I decided to keep him in bed for longer hours so that his legs would be elevated. I do not know how wise it was, but he was in bed for a couple of days. He had a hospital bed, so he was sitting up in bed, and he was in that little bedroom for a couple of days. And I walked in there one day, and he said, I do not like this room. I said, what do you mean? He said, I want a different room in this hospital. He though he was in a hospital room. My whole point is that he completely forgot that the rest of the house was here because he never left that room for 2 or 3 days, and he was cut off in his mind from the rest of this house. We had to put him a wheelchair and wheel him through the house so that he could see that he was not in a hospital.


Adam was put off from the Garden that he was placed in. He was re-districted and it became a totally different world for him. Let us look down on Page 4 to the word inscribe. And what I am doing here, I am comparing the definitions of circumscribe to inscribe and then we are going to relate it to the word in the King James translation superscript and we will do a translation with regard to the English word superscript.


So the Serpent inscribed Adam. To Inscribe means to write, print, carve or engrave. The Serpent engraved him with a new nature. To inscribe also means to draw one figure within another figure so that every vertex of the enclosed figure touches the outer figure. I define the vertex for you up above. A point at the end of an edge is called a vertex. The three points of the triangle, each of them is a vertex. So, to inscribe means to draw one figure within another figure.


The Serpent drew a triangle within a parallelogram so that every vertex of the enclosed figure touches the outer figure. Well, I see that it did not happen over there, only 2 of the 3. So, I guess that this does not fit that definition of inscribe. But we do know that the Serpent engraved Adam with her nature, so we can use that definition. And now the definition of the English word, superscript. It means a character set printed or written above and immediately to one side of the other. And now, brethren, this spiritual triangle is overlaying the spiritual parallelogram in the spirit. Over the years we have had several teachings like that, that the Serpent's world is laying on top of Jesus' world as an eyelid covers an eye. That is why the heavens are going to roll up like a scroll. It is the Serpent's heavens which will roll up like a scroll, because the reality of the true Garden is within us and underneath Satan's world.


So the meaning of superscript is to write above and immediately to one side. And that triangle is off to the side. I know I mentioned that to you several times, I do not know how clear I have been able to make it to you, but Satan's world is off to the side, it is not just on top of Jehovah's world, it is off to the side. She is a parallel universe. Even in our etheric bodies, the subtle channels that the energy flows on, the channels that our consciousness has to ascend into to enter into the true timeline as opposed to the counterfeit timeline, they are parallel to one another. One is off to the side, they are not completely one on top of the other. They are sort of like this.


Those reading the message cannot see me. What I am doing, I am taking my two hands and holding them up and putting one in front of the other, and then I am moving my right hand to the right, to the one that is on top is a little to the right. My hands are no longer palm to palm. I had them palm to palm and then I am sliding them so that my thumb on the one hand is reaching the pinky of the other hand. Spiritual things are off to the side. That is why sometimes, as you begin to become spiritualm you will see shadows, you will think you will see something through the corner of your eye and when you turn around, it will not be there, because the spirit world is spiritually speaking is off to the side. And as your spiritual eyes begin to open, you just may see shadows. When you turn around, there is nothing there because the vision has to come, I do not know how to do it.


I know sometimes I see shadows and some people have the ability, they use some mechanism to somehow to throw them self into that side long vision and they begin to see in the spirit. My feeling about that is that I do not want to see anything in the spirit that Jesus does not show me. I do not have to use these mechanisms to see in the spirit. I do not believe I have to do that, and I do not really want to see what He does not want me to see. I am of the opinion that there is some really unpleasant entities in the Astral Plane and I am really not so sure that He wants me to see them, certainly not at this time. When we deal with our spirituality, through Christ Jesus, we are coming out of the Mental Plane. All of this teaching is out of the Mental Plane. The Astral Plane is Satan's Sea. Looking at that drawing up there, the Astral Plane is where the Serpent is, all around the edge of the Garden. But we deal in spirituality in Christ Jesus, especially with doctrine like this. We are ascended at least for the moment that we are having these meetings.


We are ascended right back into the heavenlies, right back into that middle plane where Adam is. We are up there. The point is that we do not stay there permanently, but that is where this meeting is being held. In the midst of the firmament, in a high place. And if you can understand what is being said here at all, you have to be somewhere up there if you are understanding at all, and everybody here is understanding something. So we do not want the Astral Plane. There is great evil in the Astral Plane. That is not our place.


We have one more word, superscription. When I heard circumscription, something clicked in my mind, I knew there was a word in the King James about superscription, so I looked it up and that is what I found out, it is something written above or outside of something. And, of course, superscribe is just another form of the same word, to write on the outside or the upper part of, and that is what the Serpent did to Adam.


My comment: for the purposes of this scriptural discussion, we can say that the words superscription and circumscription are synonymous. They are both talking about writing on the outside and the upper part of, basically speaking. Does anyone have a problem with that, that I related the two words? They are really close. One of the Scriptures that talk about superscription, in the King James text, is Matthew 22:15-22, and the Lord has given us a very exciting translation of those verses. I will read them in the King James.


Matt 22:15-22, Then went the pharisees and took counsel, how they might entangle him in his talk. And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians saying, Master, we know that thou are true and teaches the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man for thou regardest the person of men. Tell us therefore, what thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not? But Jesus perceived their wickedness and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites. Show me the tribute money. And they brought unto Him a penny. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They said unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar, the things which are Caesar's, and unto God, the things that are God's. And when they heard these words, they marveled, and left him and went their way.


Now I have to tell you, and I told you this before, there are a lot of Scriptures, in the New Testament, in particular, that really do not make any sense to me and never have. The fact is that there is so much in the Scripture that I do not understand that I just have not had time to address everything and I am pretty busy following after and addressing what Jesus wants me to address. I have to tell you that that account never made any sense to me at all. If you are going to tempt Jesus, what kind of a temptation is that for the Son of God? Jesus was the Son of God in the flesh. What are you trying to tempt Him to do?


I also do not know about you, but I always thought, and now I know erroneously, that when the Pharisees or the Sadducees tried to tempt Jesus, that their temptation took the form of trying to get Him to give them wrong counsel, or to preach false doctrine. Is there anybody here that has a different thought about this? Is there anybody here who has read the New Testament, do you have any other ideas about why the Pharisees and the Sadducees were trying to tempt Jesus? What were they trying to do? Do you have any different ideas? When I said they were trying to get Him to give wrong counsel, they were trying to get Him to say, Do not pay your taxes, and then they would prove Him to be some kind of impure man, or they were trying to get Him to preach false doctrine. Does anyone have any ideas about that? Well I found out that neither one of those reasons are true.


Do you know what they were trying to get Jesus to do? They were trying to get Him to manifest out of His carnal mind. They were trying to prove that He was not Messiah. They wanted Him to commit an act of imperfection. They wanted Him to sin. They wanted Him to get angry. They wanted Him to do something unrighteous, that would say, Aha, you are a liar, you are not Messiah. Messiah is a perfect man. Now, if this is true, and after this study, I believe it is true, if this is what the Pharisees were after, what kind of a temptation was it to ask Him if they should pay taxes?


Verse 15, King James, Then went the Pharisees and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk.


My comment: The intention of the Pharisees was to prove that Jesus was not perfect. I always thought they tempted Him to teach false doctrine, but now know that this is not true. Doctrine was not the issue. Righteousness, or perfection, was always the issue. Their intention was to get Him angry and thus prove that Jesus was not Messiah. I think one of my biggest failures in reading the New Testament is my lack of understanding as the extent of spiritual knowledge that the Jews had. They knew all about the promise of Messiah, they knew all about perfection, and there is a verse in this series of verses which, to me, showed that they knew all about the occult side of ascension. They knew this message that we are preaching here. They did not know the doctrine of Christ but they knew about the Energy Centers, they knew about spiritual ascension, they knew, when Jesus said He was Messiah, they knew what He was saying.


The Jews knew what most of the Church today do not know. And we will see as we go down these verses, that they apparently heard Jesus say, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and they were challenging Him on that. These men knew the Scripture like not many Christians know it today. Then went the Pharisees, we are translating the word went -- to cross over to the other side. And the word tookwe are translating pursuit. These are all legitimate translations taken from our electronic lexicons, either Strong's or Thayer's. And the word entrap, when I looked that word up it says it is used in trapping birds, and it can also be translated entangle. Now we know that the spiritual man in us is likened to a bird. Christ is likened to a small bird, and Christ Jesus is likened to a great eagle.


The Pharisees did not honestly pursue Jehovah's counsel as to whether or not Jesus was actually Messiah. The Pharisees did not want Him to be Messiah. They were not looking for the truth. The Pharisees were not looking with a heart that was saying, If He is Messiah, let me know it. They did not want Him to be Messiah. You know, brethren, a lot of people are in the same state of mind with regard to this doctrine. They are not genuinely saying, Lord Jesus, if it is true, witness it to me. They do not want it to be true. Why? I do not know. It threatens them, it frightens them, for whatever reason, it is got be pride, and fear at the base of it. They do not want it to be true. This was the situation with the Pharisees, they did not want Him to be Messiah, and they did not want Him to be Messiah because of their own selfish motives. So they pursued the counsel of their carnal mind. And when the Fiery Serpent responded to their true heart's desire, they received her counsel.


Now, the Fiery Serpent is the subconscious mind of the Serpent, so they received wisdom out of their subconscious mind of their old man. Now this says this to me that in their heart of hearts the Pharisees knew the truth that Jesus was Messiah. Somewhere in there they really suspected that it was true, but they did not want it to be true. The Greek word talk, Strong's 3056, is the word logos. Christ Jesus is the logos. The Pharisees did not want Jesus to be Messiah for their own selfish purposes, but Satan had her own reason for answering their prayers. Satan's agenda was to destroy Christ Jesus, the logos within the man Jesus, by seducing the young Christ within the man Jesus, to sin. Christ Jesus, the Warrior, can only be destroyed because of sin on the part of the young Christ that is within. The Pharisees set out to trap that part of Jesus which was the Christ that was growing in Him, and the Christ that was growing in Jesus was joined to was married to the Spirit of Elijah.


The Pharisees may never try to trap the Spirit of Elijah, but they tried to trap the young Christ in the man Jesus, because if He stumbled and fell, it would have broken the union between Christ and the man Jesus and the Spirit of Elijah. That is why Satan wants us to sin, to divide us from the strength that we have in the Glorified Jesus Christ and in each other.


Alternate Translation, Verse 15, Then the Pharisees took Satan's counsel to seduce Christ, the young spiritual bird, to sin, so that Leviathan could chase away Christ Jesus, the logos.


Chase Christ Jesus away from where? We just studied that in 1 Kings 3. Leviathan apparently had free access to the Heart Center. You see, when we ascend spiritually, the Fiery Serpent ascends with us. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual potential. Either she is going to be born as Christ or she is going to be born as the Serpent. So as we ascend spiritually into the Heart Center, the Fiery Serpent comes with us. The question is, is she going to be there as the Devil, or as the resurrected Adam? The reason Leviathan wanted to chase Christ Jesus away from the Heart Center is because she wanted to join with the ascended Fiery Serpent, and bring forth the Devil and possess the whole man. Can you hear that? Is everybody OK? Do you hear that?


You see, in computers, not only in computers, but in a lot of areas, there is something that is called the toggle switch. It used to be, years ago, they had an On switch and you had an Off switch. A lot of electronic equipment had an On switch and an Off switch. But these days there are not very many pieces of electronic equipment that have an On switch and an Off switch. They have one switch. It is called a toggle switch, you press it one way and the machine goes on, you press the same switch the other way and the machine goes off. There is just one switch. It depends on which direction you push it in. You get different results when you push it in different directions. This is the case of the Fiery Serpent in us. When she is possessed of Christ Jesus, she is in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, and she is Christ Jesus.


Now, if Leviathan could chase Christ Jesus away, then Leviathan would possess the Fiery Serpent in the Heart Center, and she would be the Devil. So Satan had an underlying motive for answering the true motives of the Pharisees' heart. The Pharisees had one motive, they were envious, they did not want Him to be Messiah, but Satan was right there answering their prayers, witnessing to their false counsel, but she had her own agenda. And Satan's agenda was that, if she could get the young Christ Jesus to sin, it would strengthen Leviathan to chase Christ Jesus from the Heart Center, and Leviathan would possess the Fiery Serpent once again.


Matt 22, Verse 16, King James, And they sent out unto Him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true and teach us the way of God and Truth, neither carest thou for any man, for thou regardest not the person of men.


The Pharisees sent their disciples amongst the Herodians, that is, posing as Herodians. The Pharisees mixed in with the Herodians, who apparently who were honest seekers of the word. In accordance with the teaching about Herod and John the Baptist that has come forth here, Herod was a practicing Jew, while apparently according to the Scripture, many, if not all of Herod's subjects, were practicing Jews, who were interested in what Jesus had to say. They were serious seekers.


The Greek word translated man in this verse is Strong's 444, which means man-faced creature. This is the Greek word used to describe Christ Jesus. It means a whole man, as opposed to another Greek word, which is more commonly used and translated man, it really does not mean man, it just means that one. It does not say whether it is a male or female. That one, that person. Every time you see that Strong's 444, in the New Testament, you know it is talking about Christ Jesus. The only problem is, you have to look at it in the Interlinear Text, because the Strong's 444 and this other word, which number I do not have for you, which they are both translated, man, but only one means man and the other means, that one, it is an indefinite word. Two of the three negatives, neither, any, or not, there are three negatives in this verse. And two of the three negatives neither, any or not, have been translated Fiery Serpent and Leviathan. I have done that in the Alternate Translation.


The Pharisees are mocking Jesus. saying, We know you are a spiritually ascended creature of righteousness, and that the Fiery Serpent knows it also, and is afraid of you. Obviously, these Pharisees have heard Jesus say that He was the Truth, and the Way, and we also know that He was the Life. Our witness to that is John 14:6. Jesus sayeth unto him, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. They must have heard Him say that, because they were mocking Him, they were leading Him on, hoping that He would rise up in pride, because they did not really believe Him. We know that you are a spiritually ascended teacher. I think I got that wrong, it should really be Satan who knows it, and Satan is afraid of You. And in this translation, you realize that when I interpret these negatives, I frequently have to play with it a while before I get the right ones.


And the Pharisees sent their disciples amongst the Herodians, to mock Jesus, saying, Master, we know that you are the Truth and that You teach the Truth about the Way to God, and that You are not concerned about whether or not the Fiery Serpent will become the Devil or Christ Jesus. You are not worried about it because You know that Satan and Leviathan recognize Adam behind Your personality and are afraid of You.


Matt 22, Verse 17, King James, Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute... Now listen to this brethren. They are saying to Him, We know that you think that You are the Truth, that You lead men to the right path to God, that Satan is afraid of You. And the question that they give Him is, is it lawful to pay taxes? Now, I acknowledge that there are people in this country today who do not know the answer to that question. When I was discipling there were some groups mumbling through the Church, trying to rile people up not to pay their taxes. I looked into it until I found out you would actually breaking the law to oppose to paying these taxes. I said, Get me out of here, I am not fooling with this one. But I tell you, in my opinion, it is not at all possible that the Pharisees, who were really out to destroy Jesus -- they did not want Him to be Messiah, and if He was Messiah, they wanted to pull Him out of His ascended position -- that they surely could have thought of something better than, should we pay taxes. So, let us find out what that verse means.


The Greek word translated tribute, Strong's 2778, can also be translated to count. You may recall that we discovered the spiritual meaning behind the word count about a year or so ago, and it is used in the Book of Revelation, Count the number of the beast, and in the Old Testament where David counts the men of Israel. A legitimate definition of the word count is the sum of. The scriptural meaning of the word is to count up or to ascend up or the sum up of all the energy centers. The spiritual meaning of the word count is to ascend to the highest energy center. The Highest Energy Center is the sum of the Energy of all the other Energy Centers, are flowing together on the 7th Center. The power of energy that is flowing in the 7th Center is equal to the sum of all of the energy centers beneath the 7th Center.


The Pharisees were saying to Jesus, Which timeline is the true timeline? When they said, Is it lawful to give tribute, is it lawful to count, is it lawful to gather together, ingather the energies of all the energy centers, is it lawful to do that?, they were really saying to Him, Which timeline is the true timeline? Which timeline is it legal to ascend into? Jesus was preaching that there were two channels for ascension, two resurrections, one unto life and the other unto death. I find that so exciting. Jesus was preaching what we are preaching today.


The Greek word translated Caesar, and of course, I see that is the rest of the verse, Tell us therefore, What thinkest Thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar? The Greek word translated Caesar, Strong's 2541, means the severed one. Who is the severed one? Who is the one who is cut off from God? The answer is Adam. Adam is the one who was cut off from God. Who is more valuable with regard to your spiritual ascension? Adam, the severed one, or the Fiery Serpent? I might have the wrong member of the Serpent's household there. Let us go on. Or not, we are translating the word not, the Fiery Serpent.


Alternate Translation, Verse 17, Give us your opinion therefore, which is the right way to ascend in consciousness, through union with Adam, the severed one, or through union with Leviathan?


In the comment above, where I question that, the Fiery Serpent, it should be Leviathan.


Who is more valuable with regard to Your spiritual ascension, Adam, the severed one, or Leviathan? Give us your opinion therefore, which is the right way to ascend in consciousness, through union with Adam, the severed one, or through union with Leviathan? That is what they were asking Him. They heard His message, and not only did they hear His message, they understood it enough to ask a phony question. These were spiritual men. They had a revelation of spiritual ascension, and Jesus came preaching, There are two timelines, and if you do not get it straight, you are going to ascend up the false timeline. And these Pharisees came to Him, mocking Him, they did not believe it. Brethren, are we not going through this today with other members of the Christian Church? I have been preaching for years, there are two timelines. They do not believe it. I have told them that they are ascending in the wrong timeline, but they do not believe it.


The Pharisees that came to Him, they knew what He was talking about. They knew His message, they understood it and they rejected it and they resented Him. They came mocking Him, and they asked Him a dishonest question. What is a dishonest question? A question that you really do not want to know the answer to. I will not answer a dishonest question. I will answer any question from any person truly seeking the truth, if I have the answer. But if you come to me to show me up, I will not answer your question. And Jesus knew what they were doing. That happened to me once. Someone came into one of my meetings in Smithtown, deliberately asked me questions in front of the whole group that were intended to show me up. They were not honest questions. When she failed, she called me on the phone, and I spent a whole hour on the phone with her. I did not get it, it was in my naive days. I did not get it, she really did not want the answer to the question. Her whole intention of calling me was to change my mind and to change my message.


Matt 22, Verse 18, King James, But Jesus perceived their wickedness and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?


Our translations of the word hypocrites is pretenders. That is a legitimate translation. It is either in Strong's or Thayer's. I do not know if that word hypocrite, if  pretender would appear in the English Dictionary for hypocrite, but it appeared in the Greek lexicon. But the Greek word translated hypocrite  could also mean pretender. Jesus realized that the Pharisees were trying to provoke His sin nature to manifest by insulting Him with their dishonesty. Because, if He were to become angry, it would prove that He was not Messiah.


Now, I have to confess to you that I am doing a lot better now, but for a long time, I would get angry at some of the questions that were asked me, and when the Lord dealt with me on it, even here in the group, I realized that I was thinking that you knew the answer. I had to get it into my head that you do not sit here for a couple of hours and automatically know everything that I know. I was getting mad when you asked me questions I said, I told you, why do not you know it? So I had to go to some processing with the Lord, and what helped me to deal with it was an understanding, I had to get the understanding that you were doing the best you could. I was the teacher, and I am supposed to know more than you know, and that you just did not know. And as long as your questions were honest, you should be able to ask me as many times as you need to ask me, if your heart is honest, if you just do not understand it. And the Lord delivered me. I have not gotten mad at anybody asking a question in a long time. I cannot remember the last time. But there are some people that ask a dishonest question, and they know the answer. 


The whole point in giving you that testimony was that I know that somebody asking you a question, that you know, that they know the answer to, has produced anger in me. That is what I am trying to tell you, that they asked Him a question that they knew the answer to. They did not even want to hear what He had to say. And I can relate to the possibility of a man, who was not in perfection, getting angry at that, as I have experienced intense anger and people asking me questions that I perceived they knew the answer to, but, of course, they did not. Does anybody not know what I just said? That is something that angers you. So I can understand Jesus, saying, Why are tempting me?


What were they tempting Him for? I use to think that they were tempting Him to tell them not to pay their taxes. No, it was much more serious than that. They were deliberately provoking Him, in the hopes of His carnal mind breaking away from the restraints that Christ Jesus had on her. Jesus was in perfection, and He was in perfection because Christ Jesus had Satan down in the bottomless pit of His mind. No unrighteous thought escaped. When Satan tempts you, you need to know this, it is happening every day, whether you are aware of it or not. If you are not aware of it, you will be aware of it as you become more aware. Satan's temptation is not to rob a bank. Satan's temptation to the rising sons is not to take drugs. Satan's temptation to the rising sons is not to curse, or may be to curse, no big thing. Satan temptation is not to make you a bank robber or rob a car, or shoot up heroin. Satan's temptation is in the little things. If you cursed in the world before you came to the Lord, Satan might tempt you to curse. Satan will tempt you to angry with your brother without a cause.


Satan is subtle. She will tempt you to sin in ways that you might not recognize as sin. You see, when you learn to recognize the sin of pride in your own mind, when you learn to see anger rising in you against your brother and you recognize it, Christ in you can cover it, and kill it right there. If you cannot recognize it, then that thought fully expresses itself and you have the sin laid to your charge. Is it a horrible horrendous crime? No, but one sin getting through will steal your perfection. That is why we are told in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20, Satan gets out of the bottomless pit and the Sons of God throw down fire from heaven, push her back down into the pit. Satan is not dead at this point. Satan was not dead at that point with Jesus, she was just locked in the bottomless pit. And if the Pharisees could provoke Jesus to the point that Satan would break her bands and get angry, it would bring down the whole house that Christ Jesus built in the Heart Center, and Jesus would have to start building over again. He would have lost His perfection.


These Pharisees were out for big game. They wanted to destroy Jesus and His Ministry and everything about Him. They were not just looking to discredit Him with the people, who would say, What kind of a phony is this, not telling us to pay taxes? They were trying to destroy the spiritual resurrection that had already occurred within the man Jesus. This is satanic, whether they knew what they were doing or not. On some level, they had to know, because Satan is their unconscious mind. They were trying to destroy the Messiah. Brethren, in a similar vain, it is very dangerous to try to bring down an imperfect man who is in a ministry that raised up by Christ Jesus -- you have to be absolutely out of your mind to try to bring that person down. No matter what kind of mistakes they are making in their imperfection, you have to be absolutely crazy to try to shut down a ministry. And since nobody really knows whether God raised up a ministry or not, you really better let ministers alone, I mean, unless they are really doing something really awful. If you do not like what they are preaching, and you try to bring down a ministry because you do not like what they are preaching, you have to be crazy. All you do is destroy yourself and your own ministry.


The Pharisees were trying to bring the Messiah down. Wwhether they knew He was Messiah or not, they were trying to bring down a preacher.


Alternate Translation, Verse 18, But Jesus discerned that Satan was motivating them and said, Are you trying to anger me by pretending (pretending is translation of hypocrite) and I have amplified that you are seeking a knowledge of the truth.


But Jesus discerned that Satan was motivating them and said, Are you trying to anger me by pretending to seek a knowledge of the truth, by pretending to seek the truth?


Matt 22, Verse 19, King James, Show me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.


The word tribute can be translated to ascend. I believe Jesus was saying to them, Show me the ascended one. The word money was talking about silver. We will translate it salvation. The word brought can be translated to lead, which we will translate it, and the word penny, I have a little study on that. The word unto, we are translating him. The Greek word penny, Strong's #1220, is the Greek word denarius, which means containing 10. The denarius is a Roman silver coin in New Testament times. It took its name from it being equal to 10 asses. After 217 BC it increased to 16. The 10 asses increased to 16 asses after 217 BC. It was the principle silver coin of the Roman Empire.


From the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, it would seem that a denarius was then the ordinary pay for a days wages. Silver signifies salvation and the number 10 signifies the 7th Energy Center. Now, I have been teaching you for years that the number 10 signifies the law and it still does. Every energy center is a law. Spirit is a law, and I am taking some liberty here, and I did some research recently that I have not put in this message. If the Lord lets me, I will put it in, in the future. I did some research on the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley and that research led me to believe -- maybe I will try to get it to you, that is a very interesting subject; I will try to have it for you before this series is over -- led me to believe that the number 10, if the context of the verse calls for it, is really typifying the number 1000. We are just adding zeros, and it is talking about the law that is in the 7th Energy Center, which has the 1000 vibrations. And it came from this research that I did, in particular, on the flower, the rose, but we do not have time to get into that tonight.


That is what I am giving and cannot prove it to you tonight, you can take it or leave it, it is up to you, that the number 10 is signifying the 1000 vibrations that occur in the 7th Energy Center. It is talking about the vibrations of the 7th Energy Center. This is really interesting, because the Hindus depict the energy centers as lotus flowers. And the Hindus have 1000 lotus petals in the 7th Center. And I was very surprised, when I did this study on the rose, to find out that according to the research that I did, that the rose typified the 7th Center, and not only were there 10 petals in the rose but there are 5 within 5, and the 5 petals within another 5 petals, and the 7th Energy Center. You see a picture of it, it is an Energy Center within an Energy Center. It is Ezekiel wheels. It is an Energy Center within an Energy Center, and what actually happens is that the Heart Energy Center rises up and is superimposed upon the 7th Energy Center and that is what my research shows. And in my opinion, the flower, the rose, typifies that 7th Energy Center with the 1000 vibrations typified by 10 petals in the rose. If you can hear it. You take that number 10, it is just a question of adding zeros, mathematically speaking, it is the same number. That is how we are translating it from the Scripture.


So the number 10 signifies the 7th Energy Center, and the word ass, I looked up the word ass in the English Dictionary, American Heritage Dictionary, and the 2nd definition for ass, that is why the two is there, it is the 2nd definition, is  the buttocks, the anus, sexual intercourse. Now the rest are being called vulgar, brethren. I must preach what the Scripture says and the Scripture says that the Serpent's counterfeit timeline is the anus of Adam's Primordial Ox. And conversely, the Scripture says that the true timeline is in the female organ of Adam's Primordial Ox.


Now, the Primordial Ox, brethren, is not the ox out in the meadow, it is a spiritual animal. I have no idea what she looked like, but that I know that spiritually speaking, there is a spiritual sexual union between the Ox, who is female, and between the Godhead, Jehovah, Elohim, Michael and Adam, which is male. And because human beings need things to be said graphically so that we can understand, the Scripture refers them to human sexual organs. Sorry if that offends you. To be honest with you, I had some trouble preaching this at the beginning, but I do not have any choice. I have to preach what God gives me to preach.


The timeline is the spiritual male organ. Christ Jesus is the true timeline and he is in the Ox's female organ. Leviathan, the Serpent's counterfeit timeline penetrates the Ox through her anus. Every human being dwells in a spiritual city, every one of us. There are only two spiritual cities, brethren, Jerusalem in the Ox's female organ, and Babylon in the Ox's anus. And I am really sorry if I have offended you.


Now, where the Ox and the spiritual male organ meet there comes into existence a spiritual city. So there is a spiritual city in the heavenlies where the Ox is joined with the Godhead, and there is a spiritual city underground, under the earth in the mud and the filth of the spiritual anus. For those of us who are penetrated by the Serpent, and it is all of fallen humanity who is penetrated by the Serpent, this world is in a sewer. But I have good news for you, we are going to translate a Scripture here that talks about this principle. And this principle, if you can get past any queasiness that you have, because of the words that I am using or the ideas that are being expressed here, it is very exciting. Because it says that even every fallen mortal man is penetrated anally by the Serpent. That means that we are all the Serpent's homosexual prostitutes, but Christ Jesus penetrates us fully from the right position into our spiritual female organ, Leviathan will be forced to withdraw.


And this penetration, brethren, it is a penetration of the mind. And the penetration of the mind occurs as your sins are exposed and your carnal mind is hammered upon. That is the penetration of Christ Jesus. It is your spiritual female organ. Who is your spiritual female organ? It is Christ, Christ in you is the organ that the glorified Jesus joins with. So until Christ is formed in you, you do not even have a female organ. If you can hear it. And believe it or not. there is a Scripture that talks about the Serpent in this manner.


Judges 3:22, King James, And the haft also went in after the blade, and the fat closed upon the blade that he could not draw the dagger out of his belly, and the dirt came out.


We do not have time to translate the whole verse, so I will tell you that the true translation is this: that when Christ Jesus entered into Ehud's spiritual womb, and that is the translation of belly, through the spiritual female organ, Leviathan could not remove him. Leviathan could not remove Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus penetrated Ehud so firmly that Leviathan could not budge him, and Leviathan defeated withdrew from Ehud's spiritual anus. The Hebrew word translated dirt can also mean anus, according Strong's. That word is in the Strong's Concordance. And when the Lord showed me this Scripture -- He showed me this several months ago -- it actually blew my mind. I know it is the truth, I know it is what Jesus told me and this is the first time I am preaching it. I thought it was just some personal teaching that the Lord gave me, but everything that He shows me eventually filters out to you.


So we see, brethren, that when Christ Jesus completes His act of spiritual sexual intercourse with us, Leviathan will depart from us, and we shall forever be with the Lord. Christ Jesus' big problem is to penetrate us without killing us. And to penetrate our mind without killing us, He needs our cooperation.


Continuing with Matt. 22:19, Remember, tribute means ascension, money means salvation, and penny means the 7th Energy Center of the Serpent's timelineShow me the ascended one who has saved his personality. Indeed, he has led her into the 7th Energy Center of the Serpent's timeline!


And I have an exclamation point there. I tell you, that out of all the verses with this account, this verse took me the longest time. It took me several hours to understand what was being said here and I was praying about it, saying, Jesus, something is not right here, I do not think I have it right, I do not get it. And when the Lord Jesus Christ finally penetrated my carnal mind, He gave me this translation with such power, that it absolutely shook me. And I heard it in my mind, something like this. Jesus speaking, Show me the ascended one who has saved his personality. Indeed, the one who has led her into the 7th Energy Center of the Serpent's timeline!  You are mocking this message that there are two timelines, well, show me the one who is ascended into the 7th Center, and I will show someone who has led his personality into the Serpent's timeline! It was spoken with such anger that it absolutely shook me. Such anger and power and strength. Jesus really does get angry. He is very angry at the Serpent. Jesus is very angry at the Serpent and her whole household, and what she has done to us. He is very angry.


So Jesus knew that the Pharisees were tempting Him with a question that they really did not want the answer to, and they even believed that there was a 2nd timeline. He said, Show me the ascended one who has saved his personality. Indeed, he has led her into the 7th Energy Center of the Serpent's timeline. You fool, if such a man exists, he is completely deceived. It appears that the Pharisees had a knowledge of occult philosophy, but no knowledge of the doctrine of Christ.


Matt 22, Verse 20, King James, And He taught them, and Jesus saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?, Jesus speaking. The Lord saith, we are translating, taught.


And our Alternation Translation is -- and I see I did not put it in there, but the word superscription, based on our definitions earlier, can be translated overwrite. And then Jesus taught them. He taught them about Adam, the one whose image is overwritten. I amplified that, I added in who he taught them about.


Jesus taught them about Adam, the one who was overwritten. You see, these Pharisees came mocking the message that there were two timelines. Jesus refuses to answer their dishonest question. He turned around and rebuked them, and said, You think you have the truth, you think you have a philosophy that talks about spiritual ascension? Well, who has achieved it? And if there is a man who has achieved it, he is taking his personality into bondage. And then after He rebuked them, He told them the truth.


Now I have to tell you this, having had similar experiences, because Christ Jesus rebukes people through me, that you do not go on to teach the person unless the rebuke brings humility. If the person's heart is still hard towards you after you have rebuked them, you do not teach them. You depart. Christ Jesus does not teach anyone who is in the wrong spirit. You have to have a humble heart, willing to honestly listen, you have to have a desire for the truth, and be willing to put it before Jesus for the truth, if I what you hear offends you. So, for the very fact that Jesus went on to teach them, says to me that His rebuke brought them down out of their pride. Everybody OK with that?


Their spirit changed, and remember that His rebuke was with the Spirit of Christ. And when the Spirit of Christ rebukes you, if it is truly the Spirit of Christ, there is only one motive for rebuking you, and that motive is to bring your mind into a position of humility where you can be taught so that you might change, so that you might live and not die. His rebuke humbled them, He got their attention, then He taught them about Adam, the one whose image was overwritten.


You see, they were laughing at Him, saying, What are talking about, two timelines, but then He explained to them that Adam was overwritten. He explained to them how the two timelines came into existence. This is why, when you hear something, not only from me, but from anyone, no matter how shocking it sounds to you, you should hear them out, unless they are forcing themselves on you. You should listen to what they have to say. You should not be afraid of hearing two different sides, but ask the Lord Jesus to help you to see the truth. You know, a lot of people are afraid to hear something that they do not want to believe. I have had people tell me, my own brother-in-law said, I do not want to hear what you have to say. I might believe you. That is what he said to me, I might believe you. That is no way to live brethren.


Matt 22, Verse 21, King James, They said unto Him, Caesar's. Then saith He... Now, the question was, whose superscription is this? And they say unto Him, Caesar's. Then saith He unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar's the things which are Caesar'sm and unto God, the things that are God's. Now brethren, in the New Testament, the Greek word translated God is theos. And if you are talking about the god of this world, or if you are talking about Jehovah, the word is theos. So we see that the King James translators drew the conclusion that Jesus was talking about Jehovah, or the Lord Jesus Christm who He is manifesting to us through. But I say unto you that the context of the verse indicates that Jesus was talking about the god of this world. Now, you have to admit that the thought never even entered your mind, if that might be the case. You have to admit that.


The name Caesar means severed. Caesar is talking about the severed one, Adam, the one who is severed. The word saith, we are translating taught. And this is interesting, the word rendered can be translated to do your conjugal duty. And I was preaching here years ago, in the other house, I was preaching that this living soul is supposed to be bringing forth the man child, and she does not want to go to bed with her husband. It is the only way you are going to get pregnant with Him. You cannot bring forth the manchild unless you are pregnant with the manchild. You are not going to be pregnant with the manchild unless you have sex with your husband, and the Church is locking herself in the bathroom on the wedding night. I must have preached that to the first group a long time ago. This group is 7 1/2 years, so it had to be 8 or more years ago that I preached that. The bride is locked in the bathroom on the wedding night. The world is waiting for the manchild and the Church is locked in the bathroom. The blushing bride likes the Serpent better than her husband.


Alternate Translation, Verse 21, And then, when Jesus had finished teaching the Pharisees about Adam, the one who was severed from Michael, he said to Satan. Jesus addressed Satan in the Pharisees. Now, you may recall, when we did John, Chapter 21, Jesus at one point was talking to Peter, and then He was talking to Abel in Peterm and then He was talking to Satan in Peter. Jesus went right past their conscious mind, and spoke right directly to their unconscious mind.


And He said to Satan, Let these ones who belong to Christ join with Christ Jesus, and let the Powers and Principalities that were created by the god of this world, join with the god of this world. Jesus said to Satan, You have no business penetrating, dominating, or in any way being joined in a position of authority to Abel in these men.


Do you hear that? He spoke right to Satan, who was influencing these Pharisees, and He said, Let them go. So, these men must have really repented. The first witness is that Jesus taught them and the second witness is that Jesus went after Satan after He taught them. He fought for them. You see, brethren, when Jesus fights for us, He fights on the spiritual plane. This is just another way of saying, one more time, we have to do everything that you are capable of doing. He is not going to confront your brother for you, you have to confront your brother. You need money, you have to go to work. You are starving because you do not know how to cook, you have to learn how to cook. Jesus is not going to come here and cook for you. But what you really cannot do, He will do for you.


So, these men did all they could do. They were convicted, they repented, they probably said, Jesus, help me, and Jesus turned around and rebuked the spiritual power that was controlling them. And we will see in the next verse, the powers and principalities departed from them. Now, when Jesus did it, it sounds in the Scripture like it happened in five minutes. And some of us are laboring for years and years to be delivered from the evil in our personalities and the evil in our bodies. I do not know, maybe when the sons stand in full stature we will be able to have enough power to do this to people quickly. But right now, what we have is certainly better than what the world has. There is help here, sometimes it is a little painful seeing how long it takes, but this is what we have, and it is certainly better than not having Jesus at all. I would not be alive if it was not for Him. So we just take it a day at a time, and we look for victory in the day. Look for victory today, look for victory this hour, look for victory this service. And we wait until someone standsm so that the knife can be sharpened, and perhaps we will receive help more quickly.


Matt 22, Verse 22, King James, When they had heard these words, they marveled, and left Him, and went their way.


Now I have to ask you, if the King James translation is true, and the whole issue is whether or not to pay taxes, I mean, really, would you marvel? And I do not put Jesus down, because I do not believe He ever said it. You are asking the Son of God, the man who claims to be the Messiah, Should we pay taxes, and the man says, Show me a coin. Whose face is engraved on this coin? Well, if that is Caesar's face on this coin, give him the money. Is that something you would marvel over? It does not make any sense at all. You know, brethren, the weakness in the translation -- it is not just the King James, it is all the modern day translations -- the weaknesses in it are much more serious in the New Testament than in the Old Testament. You know why? Because the Old Testament is so complicated, especially the prophets, that everybody that picks up the Bible knows that they do not understand what it is saying, they do not understand what Isaiah is saying, they do not understand what Jeremiah is saying. But most people who pick up the New Testament think they understand what it is saying. And the message is watered down, washed out, castrated and weak. It is merely the mercy and grace of God that it has done the good that it is done in this world. The message in the Greek is absolutely castrated.


When they heard these words, they marveled, and left Him, and went their way.


The Greek translated heard, we shall translate understood. The Greek word translated marveled can be translated influenced. The Pharisees did not marvel. Jesus influenced them. You know brethren, that is what we are supposed to do. If you are the Son of God, you are supposed to influence people. Now, if you do it out of your carnal mind, it is witchcraft. But if it is truly the Spirit of Christ in you, you are supposed to influence people towards good, not by forcing them against their will, but by reasoning with them, by teaching them with arguments that make sense, and arguments that are powered by the Spirit of Christ. I do not mean that you should argue with people, I mean you should talk to them in the tone that I talk to you in. You present your case, it is called a legal argument, it does not mean that you are fighting. It means that your words are persuasive, you make your case, and, of course, the power of the Spirit of Christ is with you. The Sons of God are teachers. We fight with no man, we never argue over doctrine, never, depart, withdraw immediately. You should not be arguing over anything.


So we are translating marveled, influenced, and the words they went their way, that is Strong's 565, we are translating it  evils and sufferings, and that is in our electronic lexicons, it is either in Thayer's or Strong's. And the word left, Strong's 863, we are translating that departed from them and went away. The English word influence, I looked it up in the American Heritage Dictionary, and influence is a power affecting a person, a thing or a course of events. And four down, at 3a, it is a determining factor believed by some to affect individual tendencies and characteristics. Well, that is getting into the stars and the planets. Influence is a spiritual power, brethren. If it is out of your carnal mind, it is called witchcraft. Influence is the word that Scripture uses to say that Jesus' power was moving upon these people.


Alternate Translation, Verse 22, And when the Pharisees understood the truth about themselves, the demons that caused their suffering were forced to depart from them.


Please note the Scripture recognition that the Pharisees were suffering as a result of their evil nature. Brethren, we suffer as a result of our evil nature. If, for no other reason, if we are evil to other people, we will reap what we sow. You know you could be evil in a subtle way, do you know you could be cruel and not know that you are cruel? The Lord pointed out to me within the last couple of years, that insensitivity to other people's pain is cruelty. I was shocked. To me, cruelty is when you really physically hurt somebody or you tongue lash them. But you know, you could be cruel by being indifferent to somebody; mental cruelty. If your husband or your wife does not talk to you for weeks on end, do you know that is cruelty? A lot of us are cruel and we do not know it.


RECAP, Matthew 22: 15-22, Then the Pharisees took Satan's counsel to seduce the young Christ to sin so that Leviathan could chase away Christ Jesus, the Logos, from the Heart Centerm and sent their disciples amongst the Herodians to mock Jesus, saying, Master, we know that you are the truth and that you teach the truth about the way to God and are not concerned about the Fiery Serpent, you are not concerned about whether she is going to turn out to be Christ, to be a butterfly or a dragonfly, because Satan and Leviathan recognize Adam behind Your personality. So give us your opinion, Which is the right way to ascend in consciousness, through union with Adam, the severed one, or through union with Leviathan? But Jesus discerned that Satan was motivating them and said, Are you trying to anger me by pretending that you seek the truth? I challenge you to show me the one who has saved his personality by ascending into the 7th Energy Center, and I will show you one who is handed her over to Leviathan, the Serpent's timeline. And then Jesus taught them about Adam, the one whose image was overwritten, and then, when Jesus finished teaching the Pharisees about Adam, the one who was severed from Michael, He said to Satan, Let these ones who belong to Christ, join with Christ, and let the powers and principalities that were created by the god of this world, join with the god of this world. And when the Pharisees understood the truth about themselves, the demons that caused their suffering were forced to depart from them.


So that is really important, the truth will set you free. When they learned the truth about themselves, the demons were forced to depart from them.


RECAP, Matthew 22:15-22 - Interspersed


Then the Pharisees took Satan's counsel to seduce the young Christ to sin so that Leviathan could take away Christ Jesus, the Logos, from the Heart Center, and sent their disciples amongst the Herodians to mock Jesus saying, Master, we know that You are the truth and that you teach the truth about the way to God, and that You are not concerned about whether the Fiery Serpent would be born as a butterfly or a dragonfly, because Satan and Leviathan recognize Adam behind Your personality and they are afraid of You. So give us Your opinion, which is the right way to ascend in consciousness, through union with Adam, the severed one, or with union with Leviathan? But Jesus discerned that Satan was motivating them and said, Are you trying to make me angry by pretending to seek the truth? Show me the one who has saved his personality by ascending into the 7th Energy Center, and I will show you one who has handed her over to Leviathan, the Serpent's timeline. And then Jesus taught the Pharisees about Adam, the one who was severed from Michael after his image was overwritten. And when the Pharisees understood the truth about themselves, because they were Adam's descendants, when the Pharisees understood how Adam's predicament was manifesting in their life, Jesus said to Satan, Let the ones who belong to Christ, join with Christ, and let the powers and principalities that were created by the god of this world, join with the god of this world, and this is how Jesus forced the demons that caused the Pharisees to suffer, to depart from them.


Now, in Verse 22, please note that when the Pharisees understood the truth about themselves, implicit in that statement is confession and repentance. Any questions or comments? Praise the Lord, I am told by our audio person that we are at the end of the message so I want to say good night to you, and Praise the Lord, and I hope that this translation blessed you like it blessed me. It is very uplifting. It is glorious, the translations that are coming through this ministry, through the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ, who is imparting this information to us, I think it is the best thing that is ever happened to me in my life. There is such hope, such hope in this translation and such an increased knowledge of God. I feel that I even get to know Him better through these translations. Such hope.


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