457 - Part 6
(Isaiah, Chapter 2 - Exhortation)





Part 6 of 12 Parts


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Praise the Lord. We are going to begin an exhortation on the Alternate Translation of Isaiah, Chapter 2. We have worked up all of the 20 verses, and as you can see from your notes, I have broken down the 22 verses into several categories. The first 4 verses is Isaiah's prophecy of humanity's deliverance. Verse 5 is Jehovah's call to the 12 Tribes of Jacob. Verse 6, Jehovah states His reason for corrective judgment, and remember that Jehovah will never bring a judgment without a reason. Everything He does is righteous. Verse 7 is the indictment of the 12 Tribes of Jacob, what they were and what they became, which is another way of saying that this is the reason for the corrective judgment.


Maybe I should have put Verses 7-9 first, the 12 Tribes of Jacob, what they were and what they became, and then Verse 6, what they did when they became what they became. Of course, what they became were fallen men, and when they became fallen men, Verse 6 tells us what they did. So maybe I should reverse that. We will put Verse 6 after Verse 9, that is what I just said. We just made some corrections here. The heading over Verses 7-9 will be The 12 Tribes of Jacob, what they were and what they became. Then comes Verse 6, the reason for the corrective judgment, what they were, what they became, and Jehovah's statement of support for why He has to bring forth this corrective judgment. Then Verse 10 alone is, Jehovah indicts the fallen tribes of Jacob.


So, first we hear what they were and what they became, and then, based on what they became, we hear what they did, the reason for the corrective judgment, their ungodly behavior, and Verse 10 is the actual indictment, Jehovah accuses them of their guilt, or makes a statement of their guilt. Then, Verses 11-16 is a prophesy of deliverance, that King Adam will be resurrected in spiritual Israel. Please note that the beginning of this chapter is directed toward the 12 tribes of Jacob, which is talking about the physical descendants of Jacob, but by the time we get to Verse 11, we see that when the deliverance comes, it is going to come for spiritual Israel. There is going to be an expansion in the deliverance, there will be an expansion beyond the physical Israel.


Then, Verses 15b-18, we see a prophecy of Adam defeating the kingdom of darkness. In Verses 19-21, we see prophesied the ministry of the regenerated sons. Verse 22 is Jehovah's warning and invitation to regenerate. Now, this is talking to the fallen 12 Tribes of Jacob, physical tribes that are fallen, and when Jehovah offers His invitation to be regenerated back to righteous spiritual power, at this point, the invitation is given beyond the 12 Tribes of Jacob. It is given to whosoever will, because in the very provision of deliverance, we see the manifestation of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Thank God that the Lord is not a respecter of persons, but that it is His intention to deliver the whole creation, the whole planet, actually, even the animals that suffer. I do not believe there will be any animals in the regeneration, but if the deliverance for suffering animals is to cease to exist, that is a form of deliverance. Praise the Lord.


We will start with Verse 1, the prophecy of humanity's deliverance. I just feel I have to emphasize this again. It is a prophecy of the deliverance of all of humanity; although, at the beginning, Jehovah is speaking to the physical 12 Tribes of Jacob. The prophecy of deliverance is to the whole world.


Verse 1, Isaiah perceives the speech of the Gospel of Peace because he is saved by King Adam, Jehovah's strong son. Isaiah perceives the speech of the Gospel of Peace. Now, we hear a lot in the Church about the preaching of the Gospel, but what is preached in the Church is the Gospel of the Cross. Gospel means good news. It is the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the good news that a human being, a single human being, finally overcame the pangs of death of this world. Jesus Christ overcame the pangs of death of this world and became the Savior of the whole world. That is the good news, that is the Gospel of the Cross. There is a Gospel of Peace, and the Gospel of Peace is the good news of peace between man and God, because the reason that we are in this fallen condition is that there is a warfare between Jehovah-- and in this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ is His representative -- there is a warfare between Jehovah, who is appearing as the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Primordial Serpent, who has stolen the Lord's wife. We are the wife of the Lord Jesus Christ, but the Primordial Serpent has stolen us and reformed us.


I keep coming back to this classic example of Patti Hearst. In case you do not know who she is, she is the daughter of a multimillionaire who owned a publishing kingdom. He was a very powerful man, and his daughter was kidnapped from her college campus by a group of some kind of rebels. I do not even know what their political cause was. They were some kind of political rebels, and the could not find her, and when she finally surfaced several months later, she had become one of them. She was touting a machine gun and was intimately involved with one of the leaders of the group, and I do not think there was much sympathy for her in those days.


There was even speculation that the kidnapping was not legitimate, that she had been a part of the whole thing, that the whole thing was a plot to get money from her own father, but when she finally was found she had to stand trial, and she did go to jail for a while. Her story was that they just abused her to the point that she became one of them, and they had psychiatrists in the courtroom at the time that said she was suffering from the same kind of fatigue that men who come home from active duty suffer from. She claimed that they locked her in a dark closet, they tortured her, that is torture. She was locked in a closet, she was in darkness for days, and they would come in, I do not know if it was all of them, or this one man, and rape her at will. She was just laying there in this dark closet. He did it deliberately on a regular basis, and he completely broke her.


This is mind control, and when they brought her out of the closet she was in love with her abuser, and she became one of them. I have talked about this kind of thing before. I know it could be fake, but I believe if it is legitimate, it really could be possible. It is possible that it could be legitimate, and I have talked about this before. There was a movie, at the moment I do not remember the name, but it was about a British nobleman who was captured by an Indian tribe, and he completely converted, in his heart. He became an Indian in his heart.


Of course, we saw the same principle in Shaka Zulu, but the British Naval commander, who was sent to make contact with Shaka (who, at the time was considered a pagan, primitive chieftain), and the end of the movie is that this Naval Captain, if that is a rank in the Navy, I do not know. One of the high points of the movie is that he said, I am Zulu. His whole heart and his whole mentality changed. There is even a name for it; it is called "to go native." Because the British at one time had a big kingdom, they were all India and Africa, and they had a lot to do with primitive people, and even here in the United States, in the early days, there were always some rough, tough men that went out in the wilderness, and went Indian. That was the expression. They went Indian, they went native. Their whole heart and mind changed, and this is what happened to the creature that Elohim formed because of Jehovah's instructions. Our whole heart and mind changed. We are that creature. Humanity is that creature whose whole heart and mind completely turned over and became what we married, and became one with the one who captured us and abused us, and that is the Primordial Serpent.


Whether we know it or not, we love her, because the definition of love is obedience. She is within us, she is us, she has formed us, and we all obey her, some a little more, some a little less. Those of us who have been raised under the instruction of the Judeo-Christian morality, or under the Bible, resist her, because we have been strengthened by the Scripture to resist her. But she is the god of humanity, and there are Hindus, in particular, and certain other people who believe -- the Hindus know it is the Serpent, they know it is the Serpent that they worship.


Someone was telling us today that a lot of Christians, or at least she named one high Christian, I do not want to put their name on the message. If you listen to them talk they are having the same experience that Hindus have. They are worshiping the god within them, but it is not Christ. They have made contact with the Serpent within, and have a spiritual marriage with the Serpent within. We are supposed to make contact with Christ in the midst of us, and we are supposed to have a marriage with Christ in the midst of us, but this is a miracle for any of us to have a marriage with Christ in the midst of us, because the Serpent is in the midst of us, already married to us. So Christ has to come in and break up that marriage. So a lot of Christians today are deceived, and the experience that they are having is not with Christ Jesus. It is rampant. There is a false Holy Spirit in the Church today, and many are deceived. If you are reading this message, and you want to test your relationship with the god in the midst of you, one of the things you should do is look at the characteristics of your relationship. Jesus does not have a physical relationship with you. He does not dance with you, He does not give you a bath, as I have seen letters on the Internet, e-mail on the Internet, that people are having this experience.


Jesus relates to us from the mental plane. The primary aspect of the relationship between Christ Jesus and a personality is mental activity, and the fruit of the mental activity is the Doctrine of Christ. It is a mental activity that is designed to bring our thinking in line with His thinking, and the teaching tool that He uses to bring our thinking in line with His thinking is the Doctrine of Christ. We could be under the law, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not fornicate, Thou shall not, Thou shall not, Thou shall not, but the overriding characteristic of the relationship between an indwelling Christ and a personality, is that He is bringing us out from the law.


He is bringing us out from under "Thou shall not," and He is bringing us into a deeper understanding of why it is to our absolute benefit not to do what the Lord tells us not to do. He is not satisfying your lusts, and also a very unpopular thing, a very powerful characteristic of a relationship between a personality and Christ Jesus, is that He is coming between you and your mate. He is coming between you and your physical mate. See, Christ Jesus does not marry a couple, He does not marry a married couple, but, of course, that is true of the Serpent too. That is true of all spiritual marriages. You begin to become very self-satisfied with your own pursuits which are in your spiritual life. Again, that is true of the Serpent, also.


Based on my experience with the Lord so far, the primary overriding characteristic of a maturing relationship, of a maturing intimacy between Christ Jesus and a personality, is that He brings you into a knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ. That is what He has in common with you, that is what He talks to you about, the things of His Kingdom. Christ Jesus will talk to you about the things of His Kingdom. Yes, He will help you if you have a need in this world. He will help you, if you have a question, if you do not know what to do, if you have a decision with your children or any problem that you have, He will counsel you and tell you what to do, but insofar as building your intimacy with Him, your intimacy builds with Christ Jesus as you pursue the Doctrine of Christ, because He is the Doctrine of Christ.


I hope you can understand what I am saying. It is really not easy to understand what I am saying, and if you are reading this message and you are not at this time engaged in the pursuit of the Doctrine of Christ you may not be able to follow what I am saying, but I just hope that you take it into your heart because it is the truth. Christ Jesus meets us on the mental plane. He is not in the emotional plane, and He is not in the physical plane, although He will help us if we have problems on those planes. He will give us a Band-aid until He can raise us up to the mental plane. The mental plane is the lowest that Christ Jesus goes, except to minister to us in our moment of need. He does not go below the mental plane. There are higher planes than the mental plane. I do not know much about them, they are higher spiritual planes, but He does not go below the mental plane.


So we see that the Gospel of Peace is the message that there can be peace between God and man. Now, some people might say, What is the big deal about that? Well, the big deal about that is that you cannot have peace with God unless you have Christ in you, because we, in our animal condition, we have a bestial mind, we are the complete opposite of God. So how could you have a relationship with someone that we are the complete opposite of? The good news is that Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ. is giving us His mind. It is like literally saying, If you have no arms, how can you shake hands with somebody? And unless you shake hands with somebody, you are not going to be able to ascend to a higher plane. This is an extreme example.


So Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to give us an arm, to give us an arm with a hand at the end of that arm, so that we can shake hands with Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ. Outside of Christ in us, we have absolutely nothing whatsoever in common with God. We are animals, He is a Spirit, our mind is corrupt and fallen and bestial, He is perfect, so what do we have in common with Him? And He is not coming down here to live forever. We have to experience what is necessary for us to ascend up there, or there will not be any reconciliation. So the Gospel of Peace is the good news of the miraculous impartation of the Mind of Christ to fallen humanity, and that Mind of Christ is the mediator. Christ Jesus is the mediator between God and man. That is what we have in common, but once again, just like any physical transplant -- I will give you a parable.


We are doing a lot of physical transplants in this country today, and lots of times the doctors are taking organs from animals, but the physical body that the transplant is transplanted in, that the new organ is transplanted into, has a natural direction to reject the transplant. The person has to be given all kinds of medications to hinder that aspect of the physical body, which is really a defensive mechanism to reject all foreign objects. The recipient of the new organ has to receive medications to suppress his body's programming to reject a foreign object.


So, spiritually speaking, when the Mind of Christ is implanted in us, and that is exactly what is happening to us -- the seed that will grow into the Mind of Christ is implanted in us, and our spiritual body is programmed to reject it. Your carnal mind and my carnal mind is programmed to reject the seed that will produce the Mind of Christ in you, and as the Mind of Christ grows, your carnal mind and my carnal mind is fighting harder and harder to reject Him. That is the way it is. It is not even that it is a personal issue, but it is the way we are made. The gospel of peace is the proclamation of peace between God and man through the mediator, Christ Jesus. That is what we have in common with Him.


His life in us is what we have in common with Him. So if His life is in us, but we are still living out of our own nature, we have nothing in common with Him. Jesus talks about the talents, He talks about not using what is given unto us, He is talking about the Mind of Christ, that is what He is talking about, and He is not talking about using it to give out tracts or to evangelize the world. That which is given to us is given to us so that we can have a relationship with the glorified Jesus Christ, or with Jehovah through the glorified Jesus Christ. So what is given to us, first as the Holy Spirit, and then, as Christ, and then, eventually as Christ Jesus, what is given to us is given to us to change our nature and to change the direction of our lives.


I have noticed a theme through almost all of the studies that we do in the Old Testament, with few exceptions, the theme is there - let us die to this lifestyle, and let us pursue the lifestyle of the Lord. That is why the Holy Spirit and Christ, who matures into Christ Jesus, is given to us, so that we can die to this lifestyle, which is of the Serpent, and pursue the lifestyle of God. Brethren, when you pursue the lifestyle of God your interests change. When you pursue the lifestyle of God everything in you yearns for His word, for His righteousness, and that is it. There is ministry, but the ministry arises out of the maturing Christ in you, but Christ, the one that brings ministry that gives you, the personality, an opportunity to minister, that very Christ must be fed and nourished. And the more mature He gets, the more food He requires, and His food, the food that matures Christ in you is the Doctrine of Christ.


So it is a great error in the Church to think that the work of the Church is to evangelize the world. The work of the Church is to mature Christ in us, to feed ourself. Now, that does not mean that you should not go out and evangelize, but to have a mentality that I am not going to look at me, and what I am supposed to do as a Christian is to go out and knock on doors and tell everybody about Jesus, I cannot believe that. Now, if you are doing both, well, I would not argue with you. I do not know what God is doing in your personal life, but first and foremost, you should be looking inward, identifying the Serpent within yourself, to confess and repent, and to study to show yourself approved. Then the evangelism and the word to other people should be an outgrowth of the ministry to yourself.


So the Gospel of Peace is the Gospel of the mediator, Christ Jesus, who makes peace between God and man. And that mediator, Christ Jesus, is at war with our carnal mind so that we can be at peace with Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, because there will be no peace with God so long as Satan is unrestrained. There will be warfare continuously, warfare of long duration, until Satan is defeated, or at least restrained. She does not get defeated right away, but at least restrained. You have got to ride her. She is like a wild beast, and you have got to get on her back. Christ, joined to your personality, must bring her into submission. So we see there is a great error in the Church. Yes, Christ is sacrificed for us, but what we have received from His sacrifice is the power to overcome Satan, and we have to lay hold of that power, and we have to overcome her. It is a warfare. It is a free gift, but the free gift is just the beginning.


Isaiah perceives the speech of the Gospel of Peace. We have done a lot of talking here about speech as opposed to language. Does any one know the difference? Anyone want to try that?


COMMENT: Language is audible and speech is inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: That is right. Actually, language is the final result of speech. Speech is spiritual, and it starts with an idea. I had a lot of trouble with this. You know, I was crying out to God for at least 2 years to explain this to me. I had read about the concept of the speech of God, or the sound of God, and I could not make any sense out of it. It took 2 years for Him to get it to me in a form that I could comprehend. To me, it was a problem to recognize that an idea is speech, and the reason that I had this problem was that my whole experience had been that what I was calling speech, which was really language, was audible speech. Finally, I understood that what we hear spoken, what we hear with this physical ear, is just the final step which begins with an idea or a thought. So, thought is speech. You should see you face. You look absolutely shocked. This is the first time you heard this?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, That is OK, I could say it 10 times before you hear it, you know.


COMMENT: I have heard it before, in fact I have heard it a couple of times you spoke about it, but it just confuses me. I am -- like you say, inaudible, and the other is audible, and I am confusing which is which.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, audible is spoken speech, audible is what you can hear, just like we have audio messages, we have audio cassette messages. If something is audio that means you hear it with this physical ear. If it is inaudible, it means you cannot hear it with this physical ear. It really took me a while, it was shocking to me that a thought was speech. I struggled with it, but I finally got it. Thought is speech, and there are different degrees of speech. Thoughts arise from the depths of our unconscious mind, and thoughts are either generated by Satan in the depths of our unconscious, or by someone from the household of God: the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of Christ. Thoughts come from one kingdom or the other kingdom. I do not always have the names right, but thought is creative.


Ideas are creative, they come forth from one kingdom or the other kingdom, and they come forth from the depths of our unconscious mind. Just like a seed planted in the ground, when the roots finally sprout, the seed starts working its way up and it could be a while before the plant breaks the ground. So by the time the thought comes out of our mouth, it could be a long time from the moment that it first originated in the depths of our unconscious mind, and it is for this reason that we seek to expose the hidden sins of the heart. Because if we do not cut you open, spiritually speaking, because we are all in surgery here, if the Lord is not cutting your heart open, and please, whoever is reading this message, do not pick up any knife, this is just a parable. We are penetrating into your heart to dig up the roots, because the kind of deliverance that we have in Old Order Deliverance is valuable, but it is only temporary deliverance. It is like dandelions in your yard, you just pick up that yellow flower and pull the stem out, the dandelion roots go very deep, and they could be traveling all underground. You pull out one dandelion, and a week later you have ten.


Those of us here know or know of some people who are still in the Church that we originally trained in, and that is their testimony. They go up every week and they get deliverance, and here it is 15 years later, and they are still engaged in the same kind of ungodly attitudes and sinful communications with their brethren. Well, what kind of deliverance is this? It is surface deliverance, and that is not bad, but you have to take advantage of it. It is a part of the grace of the Holy Spirit. It is only there for a season. It is the same principle as a healing, a miraculous healing that gives you extra time, gives you another 5-10 years to get deeper into God, and to start looking into your heart and dealing with your sin nature. And those who do not do that get another disease, and anyone who is honest or knows anything about this aspect of the Church, knows that a large percentage of the people who are healed either get the same disease back or they get another disease. Why? Is God so weak that He cannot deliver us permanently? God is not weak, but neither is He babying us. Unfortunately, it is not taught in the Church, that the grace of God is just a temporary reprieve, that we should not be tormented with the physical disorder or with the demon that is bothering us. We should be free of that torment so that we can pursue the things of God and build the kingdom.


You know, we have to build the Kingdom of God within us. We start with a small seed. You build the Kingdom of God within you by studying, by reading the Scripture, and by exposing yourself to spiritual ministry. We must learn, to the best of our ability, what that Bible says, and as we take in all of this knowledge and wisdom, we build the Kingdom of God within ourselves. So if you have a demon cast out of you, or if there is a healing in your physical body, or a mental healing, and you walk away and do not do anything to build the Kingdom of God in yourself, it is just a matter of time, so start counting down. The Sowing and Reaping Kudgment which is executed by Satan will catch you, and either you get the disease again, or you will get something else, because it is the kingdom of darkness, it is the flourishing of the kingdom of darkness within us that produces disease. When you are healed of the disease, or when the demon is cast out of you, it is like cutting the dandelion off at the level of the earth. Then, you are supposed to go deep and get the roots out.


What is the relationship between the powers and principalities that dwell in the energy centers and the demons? The demons are the thoughts of the powers and principalities that dwell in your energy centers. The Hindus call the powers and principalities gods and goddesses. To be honest with you, I do not know whether they are immortal. I do not know exactly what they -- they may be immortals, they may very well be immortals. I really do not know. But I will tell you this much, they are aspects of the Primordial Serpent that have taken up residence in your energy center. So, for all intents and purposes, it is the Primordial Serpent through Leviathan literally living in you. It is as if someone takes one finger and puts it in you, and because their finger is in you all of their whole being has an expression through you.


The powers and principalities are aspects of the Primordial Serpent, and they have roots that go all the way back to the Primordial Serpent. These powers and principalities think through you, and when they think through you they create pictures or images, or thought forms. So, we see that the thought forms do not have any roots. The thought forms are images that are created by the powers and principalities, but the powers and principalities have roots that go all the way back to the Orimordial Serpent. So if you cast out the demon, and you do not deal with the powers and principalities, the powers and principalities will just think more thoughts and create more demons. So Old order Deliverance deals with the demons, which are really thought forms, but New Order Deliverance, which comes forth by the power of Christ Jesus, deals with the powers and principalities, and they must be rooted out of our energy centers. And the way they are rooted out -- I guess rooted out is not really an accurate word -- those energy centers have to be sealed off. I will have to put this on the board for you.


COMMENT: I thought that powers and principalities were thought forms that ascended and descended?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the thought forms are the thoughts that are generated by the powers and principalities. They are not the same thing. I will put it on the board, and if you have a question after I put it on the board I will try and answer you.


I have tried to show you here the difference between the thought forms and the powers and principalities, and the major difference is that the powers and principalities are inhabitants of other worlds. I know that this is a concept that is difficult. I know you ahve had trouble with it in the past, but there is a world on every plane of consciousness. Just like this is our physical world, and it is inhabited by many people. In every plane of consciousness there are inhabitants of that world, spiritual inhabitants of that world, and that energy center in us is our connection -- each of the energy centers in us is our connection with that plane of consciousness, but most of the people of this world are only living here in outer darkness and they are not conscious, they are not aware that there is something within us that can connect us to these other worlds.


Just like Christ Jesus is the mediator, we have to have Christ Jesus in us to be connected to the world where Jehovah is. I know that you all can understand that. In the same way, we have built into us. because the Serpent built us, we have built into us what is called energy centers, whatever that is. That is the word we use to relate to, and each of these energy centers -- the Lord just said "doorway." Each of these energy centers is a doorway into other worlds. There are spiritual worlds, and there are doorways within us to these spiritual worlds, and there are people in witchcraft, by the power of Satan, who enter into these other worlds and have experiences. We are not supposed to be doing that.


I do not know how to make it any clearer. There are spiritual doors within us, and,of course, Jesus said that He is the Door. So the principle of a doorway is not a new principle, but perhaps multiple doorways is something new to you, and I think the Lord just really brought it home right now, at least it is touching me, I do not remember ever explaining it this clearly before by comparing Jesus as the doorway through which we enter into the Kingdom of God, and I do not think anyone here has that problem knowing that we are going to enter into another spiritual plane in Christ Jesus.


Well, there are other spiritual doorways within us, and each doorway relates to a world, another dimension, another world, whatever you want to call it, and there are beings inhabiting that world. It is illegal, as far as Jehovah is concerned. Those beings inhabiting these other worlds are spiritual beings. They have no space, they do not take up any room, they are spirit. We are physical, they are spirit; therefore, it is possible under certain circumstances for some of the beings of these worlds to flow through the doorway within us and to enter into our spiritual being and to dwell in that doorway.


Now, the Scripture talks about being in the gate. I have been talking about this on and off for a while now with regard to Jehovah. The Scripture talks about being in the gate. Lot was in the gate, Absalom was in the gate. They were judging the people in the gate. What that means is that their consciousness was dwelling in the doorway of the Kingdom of God, which gave them the wisdom to judge the people. Of course, the judgment of the people merely means what is going on here. It is someone who has spiritual understanding helping the people to understand their own motives, and to help people solve problems in relationships when the people did not have the wisdom to solve it themselves. That is what it means to judge people. To sit in the gate means that the consciousness of person is sitting in the gate to the Kingdom of God and moving in the power and wisdom of that world to help the people of this world to lead godly lifestyles.


Well, conversely, and of course the being in the other world is the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament it was the spirit of Elijah. So conversely, we have negative doorways within us. Apparently, multiple doorways, and each of these doorways represents a plane of consciousness which is inhabited by a particular type of spiritual being that has no bulk to them. They are invisible, and they take no space. These energy centers are doorways or gateways within us, and they are like a little -- just like the Mind of Christ is a piece of the Lord Jesus Christ in us which connects us to His world, these energy centers within us are doorways to multiple planes to consciousness which exist in the Serpent's world.


See, Jesus is not divided. The eternal plane of God is not divided. There is one eternal plane of God, and there is one door, and His name is Jesus, but in the Serpent's world there are multiple planes of consciousness, with different kinds of beings inhabiting each plane of consciousness, and because we are formed by the Serpent, we have multiple doors within us. Accordingly, each one of these doors is a little piece of that world in us. Just like the Mind of Christ is a piece of Jesus' world; is a piece of the Kingdom of God in us. It is supposed to grow into a big tree. So each of these energy centers is a piece of that spiritual world of the Serpent in us, and the door is supposed to be closed. But under certain circumstances, because of sin, these doors open, and the inhabitants of that world come in and dwell with us. Is not that what Jesus said? I stand at the door and I knock, and if you open the door I will come in and sup with you. Well, what Jesus is doing, the powers and principalities are doing, whereever they can. They are standing outside of these doors.


There is a whole world -- it is as if -- if you want to think of this house as a world, and there is a whole population of spiritual beings locked outside this door. If I will open the door, and they are all banging on the door, they will come in, and they will dwell with me. To say to sup with me  does not mean physical food. To sup with a spirit means to be of the same mind. We even had that expression in a recent message of what really happened at Gibeon, and we read about that in the account of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. The angels came in, the angels entered in, and the men of the city were banging on the door, Send him out to us. Well, what is in my heart right now is that they did not even manifest as physical beings. The angels sent by Jehovah entered into Lot through the doorway that connected him to the eternal realm of God. Let us just say, for example, the beings that represented Jehovah entered into the doorway in Lot, and the angels entered in through that, and all of the spiritual beings in the other energy centers rose into an uproar, and said, Send that man out to us. They wanted to destroy the beings that had entered into Lot from the Kingdom of God.


So depending on family-line curses and our behavior, and when I say behavior, I do not mean that if you are bad, you are going to be punished by some power entering into you. I mean if you are engaged in the occult, or if you are engaged in sexual sin, it opens these centers, and that is just a fact. It is not a punishment. It is a result of your behavior. No one is up there punishing you, but there are certain laws that if you jump out the window you are going to fall down and break your bones. If you engage in certain kind of behavior it opens these spiritual doors, and the entities that exist on that plane enter into your energy center, which is their world in you, just as Christ is the Kingdom of God in you. Then the Lord Jesus comes and marries the Kingdom of God in you. These energy centers represent and really are that world, a drop of that world, in you.


So these entities just flow in, and they are still in their world, and they are dwelling in you. And their world in you becomes activated. It is the same principle as saying, I believe science is telling us today that every disease known to man flows in our blood, but everybody does not get every disease. Something has to trigger it, something has to trigger the disease for you to get it. Well, we have all these doorways in us, but everybody is not highly demonized. Something has to trigger it or point you in that direction, and what triggers it is sin. So the entities flow in. See, this is one world connected to the lower center, this is another world connected to the second center, and it goes all the way up. And each of these energy centers become activated as a result of a particular kind of ungodly behavior. And conversely, I do not have the true time line on the board, this is just a fallen man, but conversely, the higher energy centers of the true timeline that is in us become active as we pursue the things of God. You see, what we think with our mind and what we do determines which energy centers will be sealed and which energy centers will be open, and is that not what we read about in Chapter 4 of the Book of Revelation, Who is strong enough to open the seals? Weep not, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is strong enough to seal off these energy centers and activate the higher energy centers, so that the powers of God can live through you. Is everybody OK with this?


So now we see that once we have powers and principalities dwelling in our energy centers, these entities endeavor to think through us, they live through us, they are parasites, and as hard as this is the word is that -- the best example I can give you is that Star Trek episode. I was talking about it off the message, we had a meeting that the Lord, for whatever reason, did not want to record this morning. I told you about that Star Trek episode where the doctor, Beverly, falls in love with a humanoid alien male, and he is really pursuing her romantically. Then the humanoid alien falls ill, and, Beverly, the doctor is forced to find out that he is a part of a symbiotic life form. He is one side of a symbiotic life form. What is a symbiotic life form? It is just another word for co-dependency, if that can help you.


One life form cannot live without the other, the two life forms are woven together, and both sides are needed for the whole being to survive. So the humanoid aspect of the alien was dying, and the other side of him was a Serpent that dwelled in his abdomen. And that Serpent that dwelled in his abdomen would have died if it was not transplanted into another humanoid, because these were two life forms dwelling together symbiotically. One could not exist unless the other one was also present. The Serpent could not live without the humanoid, and the humanoid could not live without the Serpent. They were symbiotic, they were dependent upon one another. Now, Doctor Beverly is in love with this alien, and she is really horrified when she sees the Serpent in him, but her romantic love -- whatever that means, I do not mean to be bitter, brethren, but I have a revelation that romantic love is not really worth very much unless it is in addition to a sound, established spiritual love. So she is operating on him and taking this Serpent out of his abdomen and putting it in some kind of incubator so that it does not die.


In the meantime, they have contacted the alien's home planet, who says that they are sending a replacement for the humanoid side of this being, and she waits anxiously. Now in the meantime, I did not tell you this earlier this morning, the Serpent side of the being, the Serpent being is not doing too well in the incubator, and it looks like it may not survive long enough for the humanoid replacement to come. So a suggestion is made, and I forget the name of her boyfriend, Doctor Beverly's boyfriend, who is the assistant to Captain Will, and he is the assistant to Captain Picard. He agrees to let his abdomen be opened and to have this Serpent placed in him so that the Serpent does not die, with the understanding that when the replacement humanoid comes, more surgery would be performed on Will, and the Serpent would be removed and placed in the new humanoid, and Will would have lost nothing. Of course, it was dangerous to his health, simply having a foreign alien within him. Well, Will agrees to do it, and the Serpent is transplanted into Will and Will's personality completely changes. And by everything that is being said, and every emotion and spiritual communication that is being emitted from Will, it is no longer Will. It is the same person that Doctor Beverly fell in love with, in Will's body.


Now listen carefully, whoever is reading this message, listen carefully, because this is the plan that is being implemented in stages upon our society. If you can hear it. If you cannot hear it, do not worry about it. Will comes to Doctor Beverly, but it is not really Will. It is the alien, and he wants her to make love with him. The alien in Will's body comes to Doctor Beverly and says to her, Do not feel strange about -- now I am paraphrasing this so you can understand it -- Do not be put off or feel strange because I am in Will's body, it is not Will, it is me, I am the one who loves you. So it is really the Serpent alien talking. What we really see here is the Serpent of the two sides of the symbiotic entity of the humanoid and the Serpent. It is really the Serpent who was loving Doctor Beverly through the humanoid side. And now the Serpent says to her, Do not be put off because I am in Will's body, and because you know that Will has been in love with Diana for all of these years, do not be put off by that. It is me, and you could see that Beverly is put off by it, but she yields, and the suggestion is that they engage in sexual intercourse.


She was troubled, but I believe she was seduced to do something that really should not have been done. Then the humanoid replacement comes, Will has his surgery, the Serpent is taken out, but guess what? The humanoid replacement is a female. The humanoid replacement for the alien that Beverly fell in love with is a female humanoid. So we see that Beverly has two problems. First of all, after the alien is removed from Will she has to look at Will Ricker every day and know that she went to bed with him, and he had a memory of it, you see, he had a memory of it. And every time she looked at his face, she had a memory of it, and it damaged her, and it damaged her relationship with her friend Diana.


In this episode of Star Trek it was just temporary, but I do not think people get over things like that very easily. And then the replacement female humanoid comes to Beverly and wants to continue the relationship. Do you see the seduction? First, she went to bed with a man that she should not have gone to bed with because this inner being was telling her, It is not him, it is me, and she yielded one step down the path of destruction. Then, the next step was that it was a female, and this Serpent came to her in a female bod,y talking the same kind of talk that he talked through Will Ricker, I love you Beverly, this is just my outer garment, it is me, I have not changed, I love you. And at this point, Beverly drew the line.


If you can see it, it is not exact, but if you can see it, this is the kind of seduction that is being played out upon our society today, and the truth of our existence, brethren, is that this physical persona that we all have is a mask. Do you know what personality means? Personality comes from the word, I think it is Latin, I may have the wrong language, Latin or Greek, it comes from the word persona, which means mask. This body that we live in, and this personality that we have, is a mask. There is a being living inside of us, and it is a Serpent. Everything that we think that we are is the expression of that Serpent living through us. That is why, when Christ comes to live in us, everything that we were dies and we become something else, because we are an expression of the being that lives in us.


This is a hard word, brethren, but I declare to you that it is the truth. This is why we die to what we were and we become a new creature because the real man has changed. Our body has not changed, and our personality has not changed, but the real man, the real one who we are has changed, the inner man. It is ghoulish, but the truth will set you free. It is absolutely ghoulish, but humanity is a herd of cattle which has been formed for the specific purpose of being a house for the spirits of the household of darkness, and that is the truth of our condition. We are a symbiotic people, and at this point, I am of the opinion that the reason people die is this: that each human being is a household that has been birthed for the specific purpose of one of these serpentine life forms having an experience in this physical world.


I have told you that the Fiery Serpent dwells in our root center and feeds off of our energy like a fetus in the womb of a human woman. She feeds off of our energy, and when there is no energy left, we die. It is a worm that is living inside of us. It's a worm, a spiritual worm, she is a spiritual tapeworm, and when there is no energy left, we die. What happens to the tapeworm? She goes back into the spiritual part of the Serpent's world, and she incarnates again, you see.


I finally figured this out. There is one set of rules for spiritual death, when you die to the spirit of God, and there is another set of rules in the kingdom of darkness. Reincarnation is real in the kingdom of darkness because that worm that is inhabiting us and living through us, that worm reincarnates. The physical body and the personality is just a house that she raises up for herself. You think you are living your life do you? You cannot live without a worm, and that worm has lived its life through you, but, of course, nothing is that simple. Those of us who are under the influence of parents who have raised us up in the Word of God, that spiritual presence has opposed the purposes of that worm in you, so everything is a balance of good and evil. There are certain rules that Jehovah has laid down that the worm can only go so far, but this is the truth of our reality.


We die when the worm that is our symbiotic counterpart, our other side, our inner man, consumes the last bit of energy in us. That is a hard word. This is not for the faint-hearted, but let us acknowledge that, thank God, we have not been left here without hope, but Jehovah has Jesus Christ, our hope, that we can get a new inner man, that our old man should pass away, and that we should be married to another. The conversion that takes place, our divorce from the worm that inhabits us, and who is strengthened by Leviathan, and our remarriage to Christ Jesus, and eventually to the Lord Jesus Christ, takes place through a change of mind. And it is up to us, the personality, to lay hold of the power of Jesus Christ, through agreement of mind that certain thoughts are sin, to be willing to look into the depths of our unconscious mind and root out the seeds of that worm.


An image just came into my mind. When I first moved out to Long Island -- I was a city girl, and when I first moved out to Long Island, I was all into going the farmer's way. I was going to be a farmer. Well, I had this garden, I started this garden, and I had a tomato worm in my garden, and I could not see the tomato worm because it is green, the same color as the tomato. Did you ever see a tomato worm? They are very ugly, they are big, very big, when I say big, I mean big compared to earthworms, they are big green worms that eat the tomatoes and eat the plant. When I first went out there I could not see the worm because it was the same color as the stalk of the plant, but do you know what I saw? I saw the droppings of the worm, I saw the black droppings all over my garden. So this worm in us is dropping her droppings in us, you see, and her droppings are the thought forms. She is consuming our energy, and she is producing evil thought forms which cause us to repeat the original thought that she propelled into us. And our agreement with the thought forms of the powers and principalities gives her license to continue to abide in us.


So when Christ comes to us the challenge is to reject these thoughts, and it takes a warfare. It is very hard, but, brethren, you cannot reject the thoughts of the worm inside of you if you are not willing to look at the root, because if the only thing you are willing to look at is the thought forms, or if you are in any form of denial, you are not going to get free from the worm. You have to get down deep into her roots, and she, this worm that lives in us, this worm who we are in a symbiotic relationship with, is capable of the depths of depravity, and she is our other side.


So to get free from this condition, brethren, we have to admit that we have another side, that really has not been manifesting in us, because we are just average people here. We are not serial murderers, but if you want the salvation that is laid up in heaven for you it is necessary to get to the root of your other side, and in the right time, when Christ is mature enough, when He is mature enough to sustain the life of your body and your personality, He will seal off those roots so that she cannot manifest in you anymore. But the way that you get to this point is to be willing to experience this spiritual surgery and look into the depths of your heart and admit that things that you have been doing for years, or thinking for years, that you thought were God, well they are not God. That hurts, that is painful. If you let it get to you it is humiliating, but it is the only way out, you see. It is the only way out.


So these powers and principalities think through us once they get a foothold, once that particular energy center has been energized. What does that mean? When the door has been opened because you have entered into some kind of sin. If you are engaged in sexual sin then the door of the second center, and sometimes the door of the first center, is opened. It is not that you are being punished. There are consequences for what you do, and your behavior and your thought life opens the doors, and powers and principalities come in and dwell with you. Jesus said, I stand at the door and knock, if you open it, I will come in and sup with you. Well, certain kinds of sin open the door of particular energy centers, and these powers and principalities come in and sup with you. They become your mind. That is what it means.


They become your mind, they start thinking through you, and when they think through you they produce thought forms, and thought forms are visible images of your thoughts. So if you think, let us say you recognize that you had a envious thought in your mind, let us say you recognize that, and you say, No, I am not going to be jealous of her, and you just walk away, you think you are home free, but you may not be home free, because if you did not get to that thought fast enough, and it is not likely that you did, if you did not see it when it came into your conscious mind, there has been a marking in the earth of your personality, and a thought form has been produced. Now, the thought forms have no roots. The powers and principalities have roots.


What do I mean, roots? I mean that when the energy center that they are dwelling in is sealed off by Christ Jesus, they do not really die. They are just going to be forced back into their own plane of consciousness. They are going to be put out the door, and the door is going to be closed, but the thought forms do not have any roots, they are just annihilated. And the more you have been engaging in a particular kind of sin all your life, even if you are not aware of it -- I have not met anybody yet that does not have envy. I want to tell you openly that I perceive envy in my heart. You know, for years I thought that I never experienced envy, until the Lord showed it to me. He said, You see, Sheila, that perception that you have, that is envy. I was shocked. It had been in me the whole time, but I had not recognized it to be envy. Now when envy comes up in me, I recognize it, and I burn it in the Lake of Fire. So I thank God the Lord pointed it out to me, but if you are not dealing with these sinful thoughts adequately, thought forms remain, and they accumulate. They accumulate within your spiritual being, and they surround you.


Now, let us say your problem is envy. Just for an example, let us just take an example that your problem is envy, and the powers and principalities in you are producing many thoughts of envy. Maybe you are a person who really has a problem with envy, you are envious of almost everybody, you need to know that through your spiritual being there are being produced a multitude of these thought forms, and they clump together and gather together, and they are in your mind. What the result of it is, is that you become more and more envious, and the envy has more and more power over you. So, you see, the demons have to be cast out, but once the demons are cast out, the powers and principalities have to be forced out of your energy centers, and the door has to be sealed, closed and locked.


According to other Scriptures that we have talked about here, specifically one in Isaiah that comes to my mind, I think it is Isaiah 6, but I am not sure, we see a narrative about how the nursemaid stole the spiritual children and slammed the door shut. I do not know if you recall that or not, but I did preach it about a year ago, and it is in the Alternate Translation. She slammed the door shut, she slammed shut the door of the energy centers to the Kingdom of God. She stole the creation which was above the firmament, which was in the higher energy centers, and she pulled the whole creation down into the lower energy centers and slammed the door so that we cannot get out, but Jesus opened the door, you see. He is the door. Through Jesus Christ, the door to the Kingdom of God exists. It is open, and when He comes in and He sups with us, and we have one mind with Him, He goes forward. First, He casts out the demons, He forces the powers and principalities out and seals off those energy centers. All of this could take a whole lifetime. What takes so long is that we, the personality, need all this time. We need to understand this, we need to cooperate, and it is very hard.


The name of the game is education. The Lord wants this message out, and it is horrible when you first hear it, but it is necessary for our deliverance. I remember the day that I found out that I had demons, and at the time, I was highly demonized. I was dying, physically dying, and my mind was a total mess. I was very dysfunctional, and when I found out I had demons, I was terrified. I was so upset that I got in my car and I drove around for several hours, and the Lord talked to me. He told me they were spiritual pestilence, but it did not help me very much to hear that they were spiritual pestilence. But I tell anybody that may be upset; anyone that is reading this message, that may be upset, I tell you that if they are there, they have been there all along. All that happened is you just found out about them. Everybody has some evil thought forms because everybody thinks some wrong thoughts. Everybody has some envy, everybody has some pride, everybody has some lust, everybody has some greed, and so we all have some demons. The question is, to what degree are they influencing us? And some of them are stronger than others, and the weaker ones may be annihilated when you are sitting in a meeting like this. Everybody has powers and principalities because we are all fallen, but, of course, somebody who is raised in an area of sexual purity where they simply do not engage in any ungodly sexual activity, those doors are closed.


So we see that obeying the law can be a benefit. It definitely can benefit us. Can you see the difference between the powers and principalities and the thought forms or the demons? Anybody have any question on that? I think the Lord gave me a drawing that made it very clear. I do have three Scriptures up there. Do you have your Bible with you? Want to take one each? What is really interesting is that one of those Scriptures is in Isaiah 2, which is what we are translating, and I realize that I did not translate it properly, because the Lord just gave me the revelation yesterday. Actually, Friday I got the revelation that the idea of demons, Jesus calls them demonia, that this idea expressed in the Old Testament, is expressed through the word pictures. When the Lord told that to me Friday, I said, Oh, isn't that interesting? But I did not get it until just now, that the reason the Lord is telling me this now is because He wants me to correct this translation of Isaiah 2. I did not get it.


Is anybody ready with the first one? Are you ready? You want to start?


Reading the Scripture: Isaiah Chapter 2, Verse 12: For the day of the Lord of Hosts shall be upon everyone that is proud and lofty and upon everyone that is lifted up, and he shall be brought low.


Verse 16: And upon all the ships of Tarshish and upon all pleasant pictures.


PASTOR VITALE: So the Day of the Lord is going to be above all pleasant pictures, and what that means is that the Day of the Lord is the Kingdom of God in you. His spiritual power and His thought forms will be higher than any demon that can be manufactured through any powers and principalities within you. That is a promise of deliverance, because, brethren, the truth is that our lives are run by these powers and principalities and the thoughts that they think through us. And any good thing in our life is the grace of God in the midst of this valley of the shadow of death.


Reading the Scripture: Proverbs 25:11: A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.


PASTOR VITALE: And that is a positive aspect, pictures of silver, thought forms that produce salvation, or thought forms of salvation, and who is salvation? Jesus is salvation. Christ Jesus in us is salvation. His thought forms produce life. That is what that Scripture is saying. So we see that when Christ comes to dwell in us we have a mixture of thought forms. We have thought forms coming from the powers and principalities, and we have thought forms coming from Christ in us, and there is a war between the two armies. When they fight with one another, when a positive thought form fights with a negative thought form, one of those thought forms has to be annihilated. Lord willing, when the personality agrees with the thought of Christ in himself, the thought form that comes from the powers and principalities, the sinful thought form, will be destroyed. It is a continuing war, but how can you fight it if you cannot see the evil thought forms in yourself? So, by the grace of God, we have to get past this pride, and I believe it is fear. Well, fear is of pride. It is this fear of revealing this other side of us, but this other side of us is there, and it is capable of anything. And it is in us, and it is us.


But glory to God, we have an Advocate, we have a Savior who is saying, Come, leave that behind you, and join with Me, and we will destroy that other side of you. But that other side of you cannot be destroyed unless you fully look at it and face it. It is not realistic to believe that Christ Jesus is coming in and that He is going to destroy your evil side without your participation. And this honor have the saints of God to break the chains and destroy the kings, if I am not mistaken. It is in one of the Psalms. Break the chains and destroy the kings, That is our honor, and I am telling you that Christ Jesus is not doing it without your cooperation. I am telling you that. We are not babies in cradles. He will fight with us, He will be the strength behind us, but He will not do it without us. You cannot destroy that other side of yourself, or the thought forms produced by it, unless you are willing to look it right in the face and say, I do not want to be you, I see you, and I choose to reject you, and I will kill you every time you show your face. I tell you the truth.


Reading the Scripture: Numbers 33:52: Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you and destroy all their pictures and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places.


PASTOR VITALE: Will you take that a phrase at a time, because I do not have a Bible here. What is the first phrase?


COMMENT: Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, That is the powers and principalities, you are going to drive them out, drive them back into their world and seal that door off. What is next?


COMMENT: And destroy all their pictures.


PASTOR VITALE: We are going to destroy all of their thought forms.


COMMENT: And destroy all their molten images.


PASTOR VITALE: And the molten image is, I believe the Lord revealed through this study in Isaiah 2, is the Serpent's image that is flowing through the human spirit. The molten image is referring to the gold, and our human spirit typifies gold. She is flowing with Satan right now. So the Serpent's nature is in our human spirit, our human spirit is deity. That is not very obvious, but I believe that is what the Lord told me about the molten image.


COMMENT: And quite pluck down all their high places.


PASTOR VITALE: And the high place is the street that is opened up, if you remember the recent teaching. I think we had it in an online meeting and the Lord revealed what the street or neck means, that the energy centers -- when the energy centers, from the heart center to the brow center, are opened, when the doors are opened, and they are occupied by powers and principalities, this becomes the neck, or the street, or the high place. These three energy centers become the high place. It becomes a place of high spiritual power, and if this street is opened up in the Serpent's spirit you become a giant, a mighty man of old, a powerful spiritual person, and it is called the neck. When I taught that online meeting, it confused me. How can you say that the neck is the energy centers from the heart to the brow center? How could the neck be above the shoulders, and it got me all confused, until the Lord showed me that you cannot try to compare the physical body to the spiritual teaching, and that the head is in the crown center.


I did not make that clear. Let me clarify that for people reading the message. I did some research, and I found that the word "shoulder" is referring to the brow center, so I could not understand how the brow center could be the shoulder, when the shoulder is down here. It gets very confusing, and I am telling you now that I could not understand it, until the Lord showed me, Do not look at the physical shoulder. The head is the 7th center, and the brow center is the shoulder. When you ascend into the brow center, that is your spiritual shoulder, and the government that is on your shoulder is the power and principality that is in the 7th center. And Christ Jesus is the power and principality in the 7th center of the true timeline, and that government that comes from His mind in the 7th center is resting on the shoulder which is the brow center. What that means is that if you are a Son of God, and you are ascended into the brow center of the true timeline, you are the shoulder which the glorified Lord Jesus Christ rests His head on.


Did not I read something about that in the New Testament? The Son of Man has nowhere to rest His head. Is not that in the New Testament? Well, I finally figured out what Jesus meant. Out of all of the men of Israel, nobody was in the brow center of the true timeline. The Lord just gave me that. Is not that exciting? I have been asking Him about it for 3 days. I was reading that online transcript and really struggling with it, and here it comes, the shoulders of the Son of God is the man who is ascended into the brow center. In that man, the very life of the glorified Jesus Christ will rest in that man. I am going to say it again. The man whose consciousness has ascended to the brow center of the true timeline, the very head, the glorified Jesus Christ, rests in that man. The brow center of the individual is the shoulder, the Lord Jesus Christ comes in through the 7th center, and the head rests on the shoulder. And the whole area from the 4th to the 6th center is considered the neck. The neck and the shoulder flow together, apparently. It does not really make much sense in the natural. That is what He seems to be saying.


We will call it quits for tonight. God bless you.


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