457 - Part 7
(Isaiah, Chapter 2 - Exhortation)





Part 7 of 12 Parts


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We are still laboring in the Alternate Translation of Isaiah Chapter 2. We are still on Verse 1. Part 6 of this message was spent working on the first half of Verse 1. Isaiah perceives the speech of the Gospel of Peace, and today we are dealing with the second phrase, because he is saved by King Adam, Jehovah's strong son. We have a drawing on the board which demonstrates this for us.


We will start with the words King Adam, and I will remind you that Adam, called Christ Jesus in the New Testament, is the Tree of Life that is in the heart center, and he reaches up or stretches up or ascends up to the brow center, where he marries either the Spirit of Elijah or the Lord Jesus Christ, depending on which Testament you are in. And Adam becomes King Adam, when he is fortified through union with the glorified spirit that enters into the man through the crown center. So, in the Old Testament, we have Adam in the heart center, married to the Spirit of Elijah in the brow center. He has become fortified by the Spirit of Elijah, and he now receives the title of King. In the New Testament, it is Christ Jesus in the heart center who ascends up into the brow center where He marries the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord Jesus Christ fortifies Christ Jesus in the individual. The only name that I have so far in the New Testament is the fortified Christ Jesus. The second term that we are dealing with is strong son. Isaiah, Jehovah's strong son.


First of all, the strong son is the man. You are a son if you are a man in whom Adam is raised from the dead in you, or in the New Testament, Christ has to be raised from the dead in you and occupying the heart center, and then ascended up and married to the Lord Jesus Christ. You become strengthened or fortified. The term, strong son, is talking about a man in whom Adam is raised from the dead and strengthened, or fortified. In the New Testament, Christ is raised from the dead and strengthened, or fortified by the Lord Jesus Christ. This was the condition of Isaiah. That is what Isaiah, Chapter 2 is telling us.


Just like in the New Testament, Paul would say, I, Paul, an apostle of God (Isaiah, Chapter 2) is saying, Isaiah, Jehovah's strong son, my spiritual condition is that Adam is raised from the dead in me and fortified by the Spirit of Elijah, and also my personality is under the control of this union between King Adam and the Spirit of Elijah, and my personality is in the fire continuously.


Now, how can I tell you that Isaiah's personality is being continually offered up as a burnt sacrifice to Jehovah? I can tell you this because Isaiah is one of the Old Testament prophets, and if one word that he said did not come to pass, the commandment was to stone him to death. So his personality and his carnal mind had to be under the control of this glorified man in him, King Adam.


Isaiah was a strong son of Jehovah. Not just a son, a strong son. There are a lot of sons of God in the earth today. There are a lot of sons of God in the Church, but they are not strong sons. That means Christ is raised in you, but you are still living out of your carnal mind. You are not strong yet. You only become strong when Jesus Christ fortifies you, and when your carnal mind, which is your sin nature, is cast into the Lake of Fire, and the Lake of Fire is this union between the resurrected Christ Jesus in you and the glorified Jesus Christ. That is the Lake of Fire, and when your personality, when you, by your own decision to do it, by your own agreement, and by the power of the Spirit of Christ, you throw your personality into the Lake of Fire. That is the sacrifice of your sin nature. The fruit of this sacrifice that you have made is that your lower centers become sealed off, and we see that the lower centers, #1, the Fiery Serpent. If your consciousness is dwelling in the first center there is a heavy spirit of perversion in your life. If you take the form of sexual perversion, it does not have to, but it most likely will, if you take the form of severe addiction, drug addiction or severe alcoholism, to the point that you are not really functioning in any respectable role in this world, you are in a very low place. You could be a prostitute, you could be a pimp, you could be a drug dealer yourself.


The Lord was showing me the other day, with regard to the exhibit for Part 6 of this message, where I showed you how each of our energy centers is just a doorway to a whole plane of consciousness, do you remember that, my showing you that? The Lord was telling me that these planes of consciousness, it is very easy if you know what you are looking for, to identify the people who are living on each of these planes of consciousness. There are identifiable in this world. If you want to look for people who are dwelling in the first plane of consciousness, go down to the area of your hometown where all the prostitutes, the pimps, and the drug addicts are.


I do not condemn them. I am telling you that they are dwelling in a very low place, and it is a place of perversion, and that Jesus is willing to raise them up too, but I tell you the truth, that these planes of consciousness, these worlds, manifest through individual people, and that every time you see a human being, you can ask yourself, who is living through that human being? I was in a pizza place the other day, waiting to pick up an order, and I think we were having dinner after we did office work one Monday night, I think I was there with you, but it was a thought that I never brought out at the table. And I saw this man walk through the restaurant, and it was very obvious to me that he had a high spirit of perversion on him. I have seen it before, I recognized it, and it became obvious to me that there was an entity living through him, that there was an entity living through him.


You see, brethren, we all have entities living through us. The powers and principalities live through us. If you have Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus is living through you too, but Christ Jesus is not sustaining our life in this hour. But, of course, people who can recognize Him will see Christ Jesus in us. Not by naming the name of Jesus, in talking Church jargon, but people with spiritual discernment will be able to recognize Christ Jesus in us. But the majority of people in a particular society, the mainstream of people, they all pretty much have the same spirit on them. With regard to our society, you walk down the street and you meet people, you take your kids to school and you meet people, you meet people at work. The average guy, if you have a spiritual discernment, they have a similar spirit on them. So your tendency, if you are carnally minded, is to think that, Well, that is just what everybody is like, how can you tell me there is a being living through them?


Let us just say that the mainstream is living out of their third energy center, which is greed, and lust for material things, and there is some sexual lust in it. That is where the majority of people in our society are today, at least those not living for Christ. You go to work and you go to the stores and you see all these people, and everybody is into material things today, and sex, and being a yuppie, and having all these material possessions, saying, I have got this, and I bought this, and I got that, the whole society is into it. You do not tend to think along the lines of, Well, there is a particular level of powers and principalities living through these people, because everybody is pretty much in the same category, and the people who are living in lower planes of consciousness, we do not look at them, we do not go downtown and look at the prostitutes and the pimps, right? We do not go into the hospitals and the old age homes and the mental hospitals and see these other planes of consciousness. We are just living in the mainline of society, and we are all yuppies, and we are driving around in our cars, and living in our nice houses, and not that there is anything wrong with that, I am just describing our society. And it never occurs to us that we are living on a particular level of consciousness, and there is a particular category of power and or principality living through us that makes our life, or that brings our life to this level.


Now, brethren, this is a hard word, but I am telling you the truth. The personality and the physical body are cities for spiritual life, and the spiritual life that lives through us makes us who we are and makes our lives what they are. So we are living in this yuppie society, where material possession and lust and greed run high, and it is really hard to see that it is entities living through us, but when someone from another plane of consciousness passes through your midst, if you have spiritual discernment, they stick out like a sore thumb.


In the same manner, if you want to take the European nations, people who have lived in other countries and have a knowledge of what the British look like, and a knowledge of what the French look like, and a knowledge of what the Germans look like, they can look at people's faces and make a pretty educated guess as to what country they are from. Now in this country, we have a problem, because there has been so much intermarriage. When I came back from my trip to Europe -- I was not in Germany, but I was in England, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Italy -- I was in a lot of nations, and when I came back I could pick out people walking down the street and say, at least that is what they looked like if they were from a marriage of mixed nationalities, I could not pick that out, but I could look at their face, and I could really tell what background they came from. But we do not see it that much in this country because there is such a mix here. The same thing among the African nations, if you are intimately involved with the African nations, which a lot of people are not. A lot of people do not have that much contact with black people that we would be able to look at them and say, Well, you come from this country in Africa, and you come from that country in Africa, but the Africans can. They can look at you, and they can say, Well, he is probably -- at least I can tell the difference in eastern and western Africa. In the South American countries, the same thing. They all speak Spanish, they have different dialects, but their faces look different.


Brethren, this man walked through that restaurant, and I saw that there was an entity living through him that was from a different timeline than what would be the mainstream to me. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? And it was a perverse spirit, it was a lower timeline than the average person. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? What did you see, Sheila? How would you describe it? I do not know how to describe it to you. It was a discernment. There are a lot of people in this world that are not in Christ, but they have a discernment about people. They would just not put it in the terms that I am putting it in. A lot of parents are like that with their children. Their daughter brings home a young man, and frequently the father, today there are a lot of sophisticated women around, but traditionally it was the father that would look at that young man, and say, There is something about him, I do not like him. There is just something not right about that man, and I am going to do everything I can to discourage my daughter. And, of course, in years gone by, where the father really had the authority, he would just forbid her to see the man.


A person that we have this reaction to is living in a timeline, or living in a plane of consciousness that is lower than the plane of consciousness that we are dwelling in. It is just a matter of how you look at it. It has been in front of your lives, all your life, you just never thought of it this way. At each plane of consciousness that you live in there is a certain category of powers and principalities, and at this point, I do not really know the difference between powers and principalities. The Lord has not told me yet, but I know that there are entities that live in each energy center, and that each energy center is a doorway to a plane of consciousness that is teeming with all kinds of entities. I am sure there are many kinds of entities in each world, just like we have many kinds of varieties of people and animals in this world. What they are, how they came into existence, is that they are beings that came into existence when the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid were absorbed by the earth. Beings came into existence. They are not the immortals. I think when I preached Part 6 of this message, I said something about maybe they are the immortals. I was not sure, but the Lord told me that they are not the immortals. They are beings that came into existence, not when the earth absorbed the waters of Elohim's seminal fluid, but when the Serpent stole the creation and started reproducing herself, when she started bringing forth her world with the stolen aspects of the creation. These entities came into existence as she descended.


Now, you may remember that incarnation involves either the Lord Jesus Christ or the Serpent. Whoever is doing it, they descend from a high spiritual plane where they are invisible spirit, and they begin to descend through the planes of consciousness, and as they descend through each plane of consciousness, they become more and more visible, and as they descend through each plane of consciousness, they give off aspects of their spirit, which raises up some kind of life form in each of these planes. There is an example of it right in this world. We have an hierarchy right in this world. Man is the highest animal in this world. I have heard that dogs and horses are very intelligent, and you keep going down the line. I do not think fish have very much intelligence. There is a whole range, a whole hierarchy of beings right in our visible world. Well, on each plane of consciousness there is a whole hierarchy of beings, and they are entities that are not as solid as we are, and not as visible as we are. And they enter into the individual through the doorway. Each individual has a doorway to every -- well, I cannot tell you every because I do not really know, but to many, if not all of the planes of consciousness. And I do not have all the answers, there is so much that I do not know, but it appears to me, at this time, it is my understanding, at this time, that there is some kind of comfort that they receive when they can inhabit a human.


When they can find an open doorway, when these entities on each plane can find an open doorway and inhabit that individual, what they do when they inhabit that individual is that they have experiences through that individual. So, if we are talking about the first plane of consciousness where the Fiery Serpent is, the entities that live in that world are entities that, when they can enter in, when they can find an open door and enter into an individual, the kinds of experiences that these beings have when they are inhabiting the energy center of a human being is sexually perverse experiences. The experience that they will have through that person is either a severe drug addiction, severe alcoholism, prostitution, pimping, homosexuality, promiscuous hetero-sex, and sadomasochism perversion. People who do this, the people who are caught in this lifestyle, their condition is that the door of their first energy center is open, and the entities of that plane of consciousness are flooding in there and having experiences through that person. When that person gives their life to Jesus Christ -- and Pentecost is very good for this, the Holy Spirit can really help in a situation like that; the Holy Spirit comes into that person's life. I cannot give you the exact details, but He comes into that person's life, and He starts apprehending that person's human spirit, and He brings in a different level of life into that person. And as that person's consciousness, as their personality starts vibrating towards, starts ascending towards, starts cleaving towards that new door, the Holy Spirit brings in a new door. As they start vibrating toward the lifestyle in the Holy Spirit, that door down in their first energy center starts to close.


Now these entities that live through that door, once they enter into that door they live through you. They produce thought forms which are called demons. So this person who is reaching toward the Holy Spirit will probably experience deliverance. The thought forms produced by the perverse entities can be so many that they form a cage around the person, and when you have a lot of these entities living through you and producing their thought forms through you, the thought forms hang around your mind and make you desire the perversion. You get hit from both ends. You desire it because the entities inhabiting you desire to have that experience through you, and then the thought forms that they produced also make you want it. You are trapped, brethren, you are in jail. So when the Holy Spirit comes He starts dealing with the thought forms. My understanding right now is that the Holy Spirit is not powerful enough to deal with the entities, or the powers and principalities that are rooted in you, but He can deal with the thought forms. He casts the demons out. And as the personality, through understanding that they are being helped, and conviction that their lifestyle is wrong, as that personality cleaves to the Holy Spirit, somehow that door gets closed. I do not have all the answers. Or they get weakened down there. I am not really sure.


So we could look around us, and if you just have this understanding you can see the people who are living out of the different energy centers. They look different, their lifestyle is different, they sound different, their faces look different. I remember years ago, that I had a revelation that people who pursued intellectual things had a certain look on their face, and that no matter what ethnic group you came from, when you started pursing the higher things, intellectual pursuits, if you went to college, if you became academic, you got this look on your face that the other people of your ethnic group did not have. And you can look at people, if you know how to recognize this, you can look at people and you would know that they are intellectual. In many instances, not in every instance, it is a spirit that comes on them that transcends the color of their skin or the color of their hair or their physical sex. It is an attitude about them. People that dwell in the mental plane look similarly, they dress similarly, they have similar tastes. They are usually into health foods, and are usually into exercise. You can categorize people if you want to. I am sure you can relate to this.


Well, these people in the different categories are living out of different levels of consciousness, and there are entities from the world that they live in that are having experiences through them. The Serpent is having experiences in the forms of powers and principalities, and you can identify these planes of consciousness by looking at people's faces. You can see witchcraft on people's faces, if you know what to look for. If someone points it out to you a couple of times, and you recognize it, you will start seeing it, you will start recognizing witchcraft on people's faces. People that are familiar with mental illness will recognize mentally ill people.


I remember a few years ago, a couple of people from this ministry and I went to a mental institution to visit somebody who had some kind of breakdown, someone that we knew, I think they were coming off heroin or something, but they were in a mental institution. We were sitting in the waiting room waiting to see this person, and a young woman came in, and I do not recall what she said, but by the time she left the room -- it was like a public waiting room within the institution, I think she came to make a phone call -- she walked out of the room, and the other two believers that I was with both made comments that indicated that they recognized that she was completely irrational and manifesting insanity, which is not surprising. We were in a mental institution. But I was really amazed, because I had not seen it.


She looked normal to me, but these other two people had had experience with insanity. They had had relationships with people who were mentally ill and had to be hospitalized, and they recognized that that woman was not in her right mind at that moment. I thought that, yes, she was in a mental institution, but maybe she was on medication and she was having a rational moment, but when they pointed out to me what made them think that, what she said, how she behaved, I realized that they were right, and I had not discerned it because I had never had any experience with insane people or people that had nervous breakdowns. I did not have any experience with it so I did not recognize it, but they recognized it.


So you can recognize all of these people who are on these different timelines. If you are interested, all you have to do is ask the Lord, and He will point it out to you, and you will see. What we think is the mainstream of society today, that is how I started out this message, and that our middle class society is mostly dwelling in their belly and the third energy center. We think it is normal, but you know, people from other countries do not think we are normal. People come from other countries where they are more humble, and they are more devoted to family, and whatever else the differences are, they do not think we are normal. It is not normal for their country. A lot of things about the way we live is not normal for their country. So what seems to be the mainstream in this country is not the mainstream in the world. We are very much in our bellies in this world. I do not know where they would be in these other countries where they are more humble, I do not know and I am not going to go there because the Lord is not moving me in that direction. Any questions or comments on anything that I said here?


COMMENT: You said that the prophets were stoned if their prophecy was not fulfilled, but Isaiah gave the prophecy of the Messiah that did not take place for 2,000 years.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is an excellent question, and the answer is that there had to be a spiritual discernment. The men of Israel had to have a discernment. You see, everything is fulfilled in the spirit. This is a hard word. Everything is fulfilled in the spirit. It took 2,000 years for Messiah to be born down here, out here in outer darkness, but when Christ in you witnesses to the spirit on the prophet, the witness is that it is the Spirit of Truth, and if it is the Spirit of Truth, it has been fulfilled. Can you hear that at all?


Maybe my use of the term fulfilled is confusing you, or confusing somebody reading the message. So I will just say this to you, that we have to try the spirit on the prophet, because it is true that a true prophet, their prophecies may not come to pass until after their death. I think the Old Testament says, the King James translation, that if what they say does not come to pass you will not fear them, and you will stone them, so there would have to be a different translation. That is what the King James says. I had repeated what the King James said, but you have to try the spirit on the prophecy, and one of our goals as we mature in Christ Jesus is to have the ability to test the spirit, and if we do not have it, we should ask for it. And if we are not sure, we should be able to say, Lord is that you? I have done that.


I have been in churches where I was not sure of which spirit was manifesting, and I have said, Lord, is that You? And there was one incident that I have in mind right now, where I really did not think it was God, and He told me that it was Him. You have to try the spirit, you see. Not many people try the spirit here because the words are shocking to them, but you are supposed to be trying the spirit. You should be saying, Lord, is that of You? That outrageous statement that she just made, could it possibly be You? That is what you are supposed to be doing. You cannot be trying words, and this gets right back to our earlier conversation on the prior message. It is very dangerous to try words because that is a very inaccurate way of relating to someone, through their words alone. You have to relate to their spirit as well as their words. Did I answer your question? Anybody else have any questions in this area?


Let us go back to the board here. It looks like it is going to be one message for the first phrase of Verse 1, and another message for the second phrase of Verse 1. Praise the Lord.


We see on the board a diagram of Isaiah's spiritual condition. His lower centers were sealed off. OK, that is how I got on that whole exhortation. His lower centers were sealed off. That means that there were no entities from the world of consciousness that we know as the first center. They were sealed off. That door was closed, and there was not any possibility of spirits of perversion manifesting through him. The second center was sealed off, and the second center is sexual lust.


Now, to be honest with you, I do not know if Isaiah was married, and even if he was married, I do not know if he was functioning sexually or not. I really do not know whether you can function sexually when your lust is cut off. Maybe you can. You can have sex with your mate without it being lustful, I think. What do I know? I really am not sure in that area, but the chances are that he was not involved in any sexual life. Isaiah is the most prolific prophet of the Bible. There is a very high chance that he was leading a life that was totally consecrated to the Lord. It is a real possibility. The third center is the center of lust for material things, and greed.


Again, I do not believe the Lord has called us to poverty, but I do believe that He will deprive us of certain material possessions, if it will affect our pursuit of spiritual things. I believe the Lord will always provide our needs, food, shelter, clothing, whatever we need, but if you are really called, if He is really working in your life, and material things are a stumbling block to you, if you have money to do some things that will cause you to not attend a church service that you should really be at, if that is the kind of problem in your life, you probably do not have much extra money.


So we see that his three lower centers were sealed off. I think we really are affected by the culture that we live in. I think that if God raises up a prophet in a country that is a poor country, I do not think that it is particularly likely that that man is going to have many material comforts beyond the culture that he is living in. We are living in the United States right now. I am living in the United States right now, and I have, according to some Third World countries, I am a rich person, but I am not rich for the society that I live in. So, He will let you be at least middle class in the society that you are dwelling in if it is not hindering your spiritual life. And you have to be willing to be poor. I was in poverty for years, barely had enough to live on and sometimes I did not have enough to live on. You have to be willing to be in poverty, you have to be willing to pursue the ministry that He has given you, whether it is in poverty, or whether it is in riches.


What is coming into my mind right now are the marriage vows: in poverty, in wealth, in sickness or in health. This is a marriage to the Lord, and you have to be willing to follow Him whereever following Him takes you, and whatever circumstances following Him brings into your life. And if you have a few years of hard times, where you do not have enough money -- I have never been without food, never been without food, never been without a roof over my head, but money has been very tight, but I always paid my bills. I think if you cannot pay your bills that there is something wrong operating in your life. I do not believe that if Christ Jesus is preparing you, or bringing you into ministry, that He will not provide you with your basic minimal needs. If you are having financial problems, most likely there is something wrong with your thinking in this area, most likely you have curses in this area, and curses manifest as wrong thinking.


So we see that Isaiah's three lower centers were sealed off. The entities that dwell in the planes of consciousness that are associated with these doors were sealed off. That means that no entity from that plane of consciousness could enter in and have an experience through the man, Isaiah, that would be an experience of their world, because when powers and principalities get into the door, what they will try to do, and most likely succeed in doing, is to have an experience through you. They are invisible beings. We are the house that they dwell in, and they want to have the experience of having a physical body. They want the experience of eating, they want the experience of sexuality, they want the experiences of this world. So when they enter into us and dwell with us they are going to manifest our mind through us and cause our members and our personality to have the experiences that they desire.


So when these doors are sealed the entities from that plane of consciousness cannot enter in and, therefore, we are no longer tempted to have the experiences of their minds. We are not tempted by perversion. Brethren, I do not care whether you have the Holy Spirit, you cast out demons, you heal the sick -- you know yourself, whoever is reading this message -- if you have thoughts of perversion entering into your mind, whether you are yielding to them or not, if they are there, this door is not sealed. It is not sealed, the thoughts are still there. You may have enough strength in the Holy Spirit, or even in Christ, to resist acting out the thoughts of perversion, but if the thoughts are there, the door is not sealed.


Now, maybe it is just open a crack, but you need to know it is not sealed. The same thing with sexual lust. If sex is an obsession with you, if it takes a primary role in your life, even beyond your spiritual things, even beyond love for your mate, that all you can think about is sex, you have got an entity, and I am not talking about demons now. There is a being from a plane of consciousness that has entered into your second center that is living through you, that are thinking their thoughts through you, and that are stimulating your body and making you be obsessed with sexual thoughts. And when they think through you, their thoughts are the demons. When they think through you, their thoughts take form, become demons, and surround you and strengthen their position in you, strengthen their influence on you to have the experiences that they want to experience.


Of course, the third center is greed, and lust for material things. Everybody likes material things. I like nice things, but I would give them up if it was a choice between material things and the Lord. I might cry, but I know that I cannot live without God, and I think that my life demonstrates that I would follow Him anywhere. I cannot be without Him, and I have to believe that things would not be intolerable for me. They may be sacrificial. I had many years of a sacrificial lifestyle, but they were always tolerable because I always had Him. I always had Him, I always had His Word, I always had His anointing flowing through me. There were some very hard years.


We are looking at Jehovah's strong Son, King Adam, I am sorry, Isaiah was a strong Son because Adam was raised from the dead in him and ascended up to the brow center, where he had a spiritual union with the Spirit of Elijah, and Isaiah's personality was dragged up to the brow center and he was continuously a burnt sacrifice in the Lake of Fire, which is formed through the union of the Spirit of Elijah and King Adam. That is the diagram of a man in what we used to call in this ministry, full stature.


I try not to use that word full stature anymore because it is really not scriptural. But this is a man who is in perfection. The scriptural word is perfection, but I do not believe Isaiah had an imparted perfection. He was just in this perfection for so long as the Spirit of Elijah held him there. The man, Isaiah, was not in this degree of perfection because he had overcome sin. He did not have overcoming experiences. He was caught up there for the purposes of being a prophet of the Living God, but he did not personally overcome sin. Does anybody not understand that?


That is the difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing. The imparted anointing you gain because you yourself overcome sin by the power of Jesus Christ. You, yourself, overcome it and, therefore, that weakness, that tendency in you to yield to sin is strengthened and done away with because you have overcome that temptation in your life. It is really hard, I guess anything is possible, but it is really hard to cause someone to sin who has made a decision to not follow that sin anymore because they have learned a lesson from their own experience, and they have made a choice that nothing is worth doing that again. It is just not worth it. That is the sign of the imparted anointing.


The imputed anointing is somebody who is not sinning because the anointing is so high on them that the temptation has no power over them, but as soon as the anointing is released and the temptation is there, they are capable of falling prey to it. A good example to give you is a young maiden who is completely under her father's control. She is a virgin and she is chaste, not because she has no tendency toward fornication. She is chaste because her father has her chained to the bed. Of course, that was a joke, you know. She is chaste because her father will not let her out of the house or will not let any man near her. That is why she is chaste, and that is why she is a virgin, but it will not be proven what she is until her father releases her to go out and start having her own experiences, go away to college, get a job, whatever she is going to do. She has to be on her own where she is going to make that decision, whether or not she is going to fornicate, where she could do it if she wants to do it. That is the test. You can send a young lady away from your household, you the parents, and she could be under the law. She could have your law in her mind that it is wrong to fornicate, but she may not have the conviction that fornication can be very devastating to your life.


It can really be damaging to your life, and if it does not damage your life it can damage the life of your children and your grandchildren because one of the rationalizations that made fornication acceptable in this country in the 1960's was, Well, look at all my friends, they are not promiscuous -- they are boyfriend andgirl friend, they honor each other, they have a commitment to one another, they are living together -- they are not promiscuous, what is wrong with this? But brethren, within 35 or 39 years of that sexual revolution of the 1960's we now have 9-year-old children with 15 sexual partners today. Sin is generational, so you might be deceived into thinking that that old Bible does not know what it is talking about, but three or four generations later you will see that that old Bible knows what it is talking about. It is the heritage that you give your children. The life that you live is the heritage that you give your children.


I have drawn the Tree of Life in the heart center. The heart center is the fourth center, and please note that both sides of the heart center are possessed by Adam. We have the left side of the heart center and the right side of the heart center, and there is a time, I believe, when Satan's sea -- if the person is not regenerated yet, Satan's sea could be flowing over the whole heart center, and then, when Adam is raised from the dead, and in the New Testament, when Christ is raised, and He starts ascending toward the heart center, He fights with Satan, wars with Satan, and pushes back Satan's sea from the left side of the heart center. Then, for a season, Christ Jesus occupies the left side of the heart center, and Satan's sea is still on the right side of the heart center, but at the point (and I cannot tell you at this moment exactly when it happens), but the point at which Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam ascends and meets the glorified spirit in the brow center, as soon as He gets up into the brow center His symbol becomes the Eagle, the Eagle that flies over the waters, flies over the right side of the heart center and starts sending fiery arrows towards it.


This is our Alternate Translation of Ezekiel 1, And those fiery arrows boil the sea and boil it away, and eventually, King Adam (or Christ Jesus) occupies the whole heart center, because Satan's sea will be evaporated. Satan's sea will be evaporated.


So we see that in the case of a strong son, or a fortified son, the whole heart center is free of Satan; and Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam, the Tree of Life, occupies the heart center. The reason I have two trees there, it is really one tree with two branches, is that we know that in Ezekiel, Ezekiel tells us that there will be one tree, but it will look like many trees on both sides of the river. So I felt led to draw it that way. We see that the heart center is in the firmament. The heart center is the visible world. What we are looking at right now is not the visible world. What we know to be the visible world is an image, a reflection, a mirror image, of the visible world, and the visible world exists in our heart center. What is in our heart center projects the image of what our world will be.


Now we see this on a couple of levels. Of course we see a physical, solid world here because Leviathan is living through the heart center of the whole creation, and this whole world, with all of its deterioration and its sickness and its disease is the reflection of the heart center of fallen man which is occupied by Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent. But, then again, on a lesser level, and we can look at things on many levels -- we can take an individual lifestyle and look at that person's life. Is your life positive? Are there more blessings than there are curses? We see an image of what is in your heart center. If you can honestly say that your life is blessed then your life is a reflection of what is going on in your heart center. If your life is cursed it is a reflection of what is going on in your heart center. If you have no peace, if you are continuously sick, if there is always trouble and anxiety in your life, there is something wrong in your heart center.


Your life is a reflection of your heart center. If you are troubled you are either bound with pride or rebellion. How can I say that? Because everybody has got the same roots. We are all fallen. It is pride, and it is rebellion, and then comes rejection, and then everything else that goes on top of that. It is pride and rebellion, and adultery. This whole creation is founded on the spiritual adultery of Adam's wife who turned to the Serpent as her husband, and this whole mortal world is founded on incest because Adam's wife, who married the Serpent, the Serpent was also her father. So the whole creation is founded on rebellion, adultery, and incest and pride, and everybody's got it to varying degrees, depending on how blessed you are to be raised in a godly home where you were taught that these things were wrong.


So we see that the heart center is the visible world. The Scripture calls it the visible world, and another word for it is the firmament. In Genesis the Scripture says, Let the waters flow over the whole earth; that would be from the top to the bottom of the man, from the first center to the top, crown center. And then Elohim said, Let the waters be called back above the firmament, and let the world below the firmament be dry or barren. What that means is, Let these three energy centers be dried up, let them not be active, let them be withered.


You know, Jesus went around curing the man with the withered hand. Do you know what your hand is? Do you remember what your hand is, spiritually speaking? Your hand is your spiritual phallus. It is your subconscious mind. The man with the withered hand -- I am not saying he did not have a physical, withered hand, I do not know, maybe he did -- but the spiritual application of the withered hand is the Mind of Christ that is withered. It is having the root of the Tree of Life that is withered and dead.


So we see that the heart center is the visible world, and it is also the firmament, and that it exists between the third energy center and the fifth energy center, and this is where Adam's parallelogram is, right here in the heart center. For those of you who have not read our prior messages, if you want to find out about Adam's parallelogram, we talk about that in the series called The Serpent's Triangle. The Serpent has a triangle, or, the serpent's geometric expression is the triangle, but Adam's geometric expression is a parallelogram, and this is the land that he occupies. Jesus said, Occupy until I come. Occupy what? Occupy the heart center until the Lord Jesus enters into your life through the crown center and meets you in the air of the brow center so that forever you will be with the Lord. Also, we see that the fourth center is the Garden of Eden.


Back to the brow center here, we see that Adam has ascended -- well, let me put it this way. Adam remains in the heart center, he does not leave the heart center, but he sends an aspect of himself up to the brow center. Adam occupies the heart center, but spiritual beings stretch out, brethren, they are not limited to bodies like we are. You can be in two places or you could be in many places at one time when you are a spirit. So Adam remains in the heart center but stretches toward the brow center, passes through the throat center and stretches to the brow center where he meets the Spirit of Elijah, or in the New Testament, Christ Jesus meets the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Lord Jesus Christ enters in through the crown center as the River of Life. He enters in as an energy stream which is the River of Life, and a city, a spiritual city is erected from the throat center. I used to think the spiritual city encompassed the heart center also, but I felt today that I had made a mistake. I will just have to put it before the Lord. I may have to come back to you at a future time and tell you that I was wrong, but I have the spiritual city drawn on this board, encompassing the fifth to the seventh center. I have excluded the heart center, but that may not be correct. Maybe it does include the heart center. I am not going to change the picture right now, we will see what the Lord has to say about it.


So we see that here is a spiritual city. The Ox is in the midst of it continuously being consumed, but not destroyed. Moses saw a bush that burned but was not destroyed. The King James says that it was not consumed which means it was not destroyed. The personality of Isaiah, the Ox, the Ox is consumed but not destroyed. The sin nature of the Ox is continuously burning, and that is just another way of saying it is inactive. The sin nature of Isaiah's personality or the personality of the Son of God is inactive. Actually, it is Satan locked in the bottomless pit, if you want to look at it that way. He cannot manifest or function, he is not living through Isaiah, he is not having experiences through Isaiah. The only one who is having experiences in the man whose spiritual person lines up with this diagram is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the only one who legitimately can have experiences through us, the personality. The personality is the present day manifestation of Adam's Ox. We were made to be occupied by spiritual life. If it is offensive to you, what I have said on this message about being occupied by spiritual life which has experiences through us, I am sorry if I have offended you, but you had better pray about it, because that is what we are. We are cities for spiritual life. We are made to be occupied by spiritual life, but we are supposed to be occupied by Christ Jesus, not by the powers and principalities of the fallen worlds of the Serpent. See, these worlds are supposed to be dried up. The beings that dwell in the first, second, and third energy centers we are supposed to have a chastity belt on them. They are not supposed to be occupying us, and if they occupy us we have unpleasant lives.


So we see that the Spirit of Elijah, or the Spirit of Christ, or the Lord Jesus Christ, flows into the man through the crown center and joins with either King Adam or Christ Jesus in the brow center, and that that River of Life becomes a fast flowing river that flows between all of these energy centers, and it becomes a city for spiritual life. And the spiritual life that is dwelling in this city is called either Christ Jesus or King Adam. You see, when you look at the energy centers below the firmament you have three separate worlds flowing through three separate doors in three separate categories bringing three separate categories of sin into the person's life. But when you look at the higher energy centers with the River of Life flowing through it you only have one life form occupying all three energy centers, and the name of that life form is Christ Jesus, or King Adam in the Old Testament.


Christ is not divided. Christ is not divided, but the Serpent's world is divided. There are many powers and principalities that would love to come in and inhabit you. Do you ever do something wrong and say to yourself, Why in the world did I do that? Hopefully, nobody here has had perverse experiences, but if you are reading this message and you have had perverse experiences, have you ever done something and said, Why in the world did I do that? It is against everything that I believe in or want for my life. Why did I do it? Well, brethren, there was something inside of you that wanted that experience, and you did not resist. I do not condemn you, you must know that there is something inside of you that longed for that experience, and you were not strong enough to resist or maybe you did not want to resist. Maybe you were not yet convicted that such experiences were destructive to your life, but in the higher centers, Christ Jesus is not divided. There is only one man living in the higher centers, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


I did some brief research on the throat center. To date, the Lord has not given me much information about the activity of the throat center. That is the fifth center. We have a lot of information about the fourth center, and we have a lot of information about the sixth center, the heart and the brow center, but very little information about the fifth center. When I looked up all the Scriptures under that name there was only one that was positive, and all of the other Scriptures were negative. But the Hebrew word translated throat could also be translated neck. I found that very interesting, so I do not really have much information on it right now except that the throat center, when the Serpent has control of it or the throat center of the Serpent's timeline, is a place of unclean spiritual power. It is a place of powerful powers and principalities that when the person is dwelling in their throat center of the counterfeit timeline they are very high in witchcraft, and they are inclined toward evil deeds. That is all the information I have right now.


This is the throat center of the true timeline, and the River of Life is fully flowing through it. It is occupied by Christ Jesus, and all is well in this man. This spiritual city that stretches from the seventh to the fifth center and possibly to the fourth center has several different names in the Scripture. It can be called the City of God, it can be called Jerusalem, it can be called King Adam's neck, or Christ Jesus' neck, it is called street, it is called highway, it is called Jacob's Ladder -- all of these things, depending on the context that it is being referred to in. That is the spiritual city. It is the city that is above, and there is a city that is beneath, and the man is reprobate.


You see, the city is occupied by a river, by a spiritual river, and as we have been told here as we have been studying here for a long time now, there is only so much water in this creation. Jehovah sent forth His spiritual semen, and the name of His spiritual semen is Elohim, and there is only so much water imparted to this creation. Either it is going to dwell above the firmament or it is going to dwell underneath the firmament. So it is possible for it to be partially above and partially below the firmament, but if that is the case, you are not a particularly powerful man. You are a double-minded man because part of your water is sweet, and part of your water is salt. So what we are looking at in this diagram is a man in whom the spiritual waters are completely ascended above the firmament, and where there is no water below the firmament -- when I say these three lower centers are sealed off, I mean they are dried up, they are withered, they are dry places, there is no water there, this man is in good shape. He is probably being persecuted by the men who are living out of their carnal mind, but with your consciousness being in this condition there is no persecution in this physical world that you cannot escape from.


You are a supernatural man when you are in this condition. You have sight that is beyond natural sight when you really are a life form that is higher than the highest men living out of their carnal mind. You really are a new creature, you are a different life form, and this is the promise, brethren. This is the promise. The promise is not a husband, the promise is not money, the promise is not a trip to Las Vegas, the promise is not a big house, the promise is not a Cadillac, the promise is not a big retirement fund, the promise is not a fine family life, the promise is not love as fallen man knows love, the promise is spiritual ascension and consciousness through union with the Son of God, that you come to a place where your consciousness is so high that no one can hurt you even though your body is still in this outer world. That is the promise, and when you ascend to that place everything you need will be added to you.


Either you will get your financial blessings or you will not want them any more. The point is, you will be fully satisfied, you will be lacking nothing, and there will be no irritation in your life whatsoever. You will be at peace, you will be calm, every problem will be solved before it even manifests, and you will be without sin which will cancel Satan's Sowing and Reaping Judgment upon you. And you will be in a position to do great good on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world. No one can touch you. Jesus was in this condition when He said, The prince of this world comes, and he has nothing in me. There was no sin in the man. Satan had no legal ground, Satan could not function in the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, Jesus had not sown any sin, and Satan had to work to do in Him.


I think we have pretty much covered everything on this board. Are there any questions or comments on anything that I have said so far?


COMMENT: Would you say that King Adam had the imputed anointing and the fortified Christ Jesus had the imparted anointing?


PASTOR VITALE: No, only a man can have the imputed or the imparted anointing. Only a man as we know man, the personality, can have an imparted or an imputed anointing. First of all, King Adam and Christ Jesus are the same, just depends on what dispensation you are in. OK? And the bottom line is that if Christ Jesus or King Adam is raised in you is He raised to this high place because you personally overcame sin, or is He raised to that high place because the Lord Jesus Christ came into your life and caught Him up without you having any overcoming experience. If the Lord Jesus has caught Him up without you having any overcoming experiences, that is the imputed anointing, and if you are up there because you have walked up that Jacob's Ladder, overcoming every obstacle every step of the way, it is an imparted anointing. That is the difference. Anybody else?


We will take a look at the Alternate Translation of Verse 2 before we close tonight.


Isaiah says, Verse 2, That at the end of the age King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, shall stand upright, and King Adam, the mountain within Elohim's household, shall be supported. I am sorry, that second Adam is not a king. It is just Adam. And Adam, the mountain within Elohim's household, shall be supported, and it shall come to pass, that King Adam shall beam into the lower energy centers of all of the non-Hebrew peoples of the world.


I guess I have that backwards, I am sorry. For the people reading the message, where Isaiah says, At the end of the age, Elijah, the head of, that should be King Adam, and then down at the second from the last line of Verse 1, where it says, It shall come to pass that King Adam shall beam into the lower energy centers, that should be the Spirit of Elijah instead of King Adam. In the New Testament it is the Spirit of Christ. A man does not beam anywhere. A spirit beams, or stretches out, shines down.


So we see that Isaiah says, At the end of the age King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, and that is what I am showing you on this drawing here, that King Adam is the head of the higher energy centers. He is at the top there, He is the King of the land, of the individual. King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, shall stand upright. Now I could see where I thought it was Elijah. I guess my thinking was that it was Elijah, who was the head of the energy center, but what changes that to King Adam is that it says, he shall stand upright. The Spirit of Elijah is not going to stand upright. Adam is the one who is standing upright.


So the Scripture says that King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, and that is Christ Jesus in the New Testament, shall stand upright. When any part of our consciousness abides in the lower energy centers we are bowed over. I believe that one of the women that Jesus ministered to in His supernatural ministry, was she not a daughter of Abraham who was bowed over all these years? I believe there is a Scripture that says that, and I want to suggest to you that whatever manifestation of Christ there was in her, or of the resurrected Adam that there was in her, was bowed over (I will have to show you that with the pointer) and living out of the lower centers. I will not draw it on the board, but I will try to show it to you.


Someone who has Christ raised in them, maybe she was even as high as the heart center, but was still living out of any one of the lower centers, she was bowed over. Instead of stretching upwards toward the brow center, she was bowed over in a circle. She was reaching down to the lower energy centers. She was a daughter of Abraham, she had Abel raised in her, in the New Testament it is Christ raised in her, but she was still living out of the energy center -- I will put some marks on the board for you. She was raised into the heart center; let us say Abel was raised, and she was living in the heart center. Instead of stretching upwards toward the brow center, for some reason, she was back down here. Let us say she was bound by lust, so she was really living in a circle. Can you see that? Do you have any idea what I am talking about? She was bowed over. That is what it means, that the woman was bowed over.


I do not know whether this woman was a hunchback. I do not know whether there was a hunchback when Jesus went out or not, but I am telling you that this is the spiritual meaning of the Scripture. Somebody who has Christ raised in them, but instead of stretching upwards toward the brow center, they are stretching downwards towards greed, or lust for material things, or sexual lust, or even perversion. Brethren, I do not know about you, but I have seen people talk in tongues that I knew were practicing homosexuals. They could not give it up. I do not know why they could not give it up, but they could not give it up and they died. I think the Lord gave them at least 10-15 years, that I know of. I do not know why they could not give it up, but they died, and I think they probably died from AIDS. I remember someone called me on the phone to tell me that this person was in the hospital and wanted prayer, and I had not seen the man in years, but the Lord stopped me. He said, the man is not repentant, do not pray, and the prayer was that he will come out of the hospital, and I told the woman who called me that he is not repentant, and she thought I condemned him.


I said something about -- I do not remember the exact words, but she got very angry with me, and she said, of course, he is going to survive this, of course, the Lord is going to bring him out. I think I told her he was going to die, that I would not pray for him, that he was not repentant, and he was going to die, and she was absolutely offended. And the man came out of the hospital, and I want you to know that I felt very bad. I said, Oh my God, did I make a mistake, what happened? And then I found out that he came out of the hospital, but he went back in, and he died. She never called me. I would have gone to the funeral. I had nothing against the man. As a matter of fact, God used him supernaturally in my life once, and I was really as wounded as I let myself get, it did not really hurt me, but I felt bad that no one called me to tell me, and she, in particular, did not call me to tell me that he died and invite me to the funeral. But she got it in her head that I hated him because he was a homosexual, and she did not let me know that he died. All I did was speak the word of the Lord, He is going to die, there is no prayer that I could pray for him; He is a dead man. That is a true testimony. You are not supposed to pray for the dead. The Lord just said to me right now, Do not pray for the dead, if I tell you a man is a dead man, you do not pray for him. I never heard that before, but the Lord just said it to me.


We are looking at Verse 2. Isaiah says, At the end of the age King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, I believe we have explained that, shall stand upright. He is not going to be bowed over, you see, and what makes one bow over when Christ is raised in you, what make you bow over, does anybody know what makes you bow over instead of going upwards? Yes, sin. The spiritual gravity of the sin in the energy centers will bow you over, if it can do it. It is a warfare. There is no way that anybody is ascending without an intense warfare. There is a price to pay for ascension. So this woman, apparently, Abel was raised in her, Christ in the New Testament, Abel in the Old Testament, either the doors were opened so wide that she had so many powers and principalities dwelling in her, that she could not overcome, or maybe she was lame. Maybe she was weak in her personality, and she did not really have the strength to do it. So what Jesus must have done was drive the entities out of the energy centers and close the door, and she stood up. That is not the casting out of demons, that is beyond the casting out of demons, you see. The Holy Ghost casts out demons, the Holy Ghost cannot drive entities out of the energy centers and seal the door. Christ Jesus has to do that. That is what Jesus did for the Gadarene demoniac.


At the end of the age King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, shall stand upright. And Adam, the mountain within Elohim's household, shall be supported. That is just another way of saying fortified. Adam, himself, is the mountain, but he cannot stand unless he is supported. If Adam is raised you, or if Christ Jesus is raised in you, unless he is supported from above by, in the Old Testament, the Spirit of Elijah, and in the New Testament, the Spirit of Christ, unless he is supported by that glorified spirit above, the spiritual gravity of sin in your lower centers will cause that tree -- Adam is a tree, He is in the heart center, He is the Tree of Life -- the gravity in the lower centers will lay hold of that tree and pull it over and make a circle out of it, or make a triangle out of it. I am not sure at this point, but it will stop that tree from growing straight upward, and bow it over. So I guess, in this context, it is a circle. Adam is a straight line. Instead of growing up as a straight line into the heights of the brow center, the Serpent, if she can do it, will exercise witchcraft, if she can do it, bow over that young tree in the heart center, and bring it back down to as low as she can bring it. If she can only bring him down to the third center, she will bring him down to the third center. If she can bring him down to the first center, she will do that.


And Adam, the mountain within Elohim's household, shall be supported, and it shall come to pass, that the Spirit of Elijah, or the Spirit of Christ in the new center, shall beam into the lower energy centers of all the [non-Hebrew] peoples of the world. And the reason I have non-Hebrew in brackets is that the Hebrew word translated peoples means non-Hebrew people. So we see that after Adam stands, or after Christ Jesus stands, and after he is supported -- He has to be supported before he beams into all of the non-Hebrew peoples of the world. Now brethren, that is talking about spiritual ministry. To say that the Spirit of Elijah or the Spirit of Christ is going to beam into people is talking about a spiritual penetration. It not talking about knocking on doors saying "Jesus love you" or "Do you want to know Jesus, because you are going to burn in Hell if you do not." I am glad we have someone laughing here too. It is funny unless you are the one that it is happening to, but to us sitting here it is funny. It is OK to laugh at it, it is funny. But it is not funny when you get out into the field, and you see people being hurt by it. It is not funny.


The Spirit of Christ is going to beam into the on-Hebrew peoples, and where do you think he is going to beam from? Is he going to appear mysteriously as a point of light walking down the street? No, brethren, he is going to beam into the non-Hebrew peoples from the Hebrews. Of course, this is talking about the spiritual Israel at this time. The Spirit of Christ is going to beam into people from people who have the Spirit of Christ, and how do you think He is going to beam into people? He is going to beam into them on the words, or through the words that the people who have the Spirit of Christ speak.


This is our second message tonight. We just had a whole message on how to minister in the name of Jesus. It is a spiritual ministry, and that is how the Spirit of Christ will beam into the people that do not have Christ, through words that are generated by Christ Jesus, or the Spirit of Christ which is the spirit that is in Christ Jesus. The words that are thought by Christ Jesus in you will come forth out of your mouth in the Spirit of Christ, and when the person hears your words and even considers it, they do not even have to believe it, if they honestly consider it, they will receive the Spirit of Christ, which is the name of Jesus. And it does not have to be religious doctrine. It does not have to be the Doctrine of Christ, but it does have to be the wisdom of the truth of this world as Christ Jesus sees it.


As I told you on the earlier message that we did this evening, I described a ministry in Christ Jesus that I recently did, and the word to some people may have been Christian, but very young Christians, but everybody there was non-practicing totally, or Catholic, but very nominal, if they had anything at all of the spirit of God, and the word to them was, "It is urgently important that you be at peace with all men." That is Scripture. I did not have to say the name of Jesus. That is Scripture. Be at peace with all men. Because what goes around, comes around, that is the Sowing and Reaping Judgment. I did not have to say anything about the Bible. It is a true spiritual principle that is in the Scripture, Be at peace with all men. What goes around, comes around, and if it does not get you, it will get your kids. "And the curse upon the fathers shall be visited upon the children, unto the third or fourth generation."


I preached three spiritual principles to these secular people, and they did not even know that the Scripture was preached to them. That is the ministry of Christ Jesus. And aside from preaching spiritual principles, apart from any verbal connection to the Scripture, of course there was a spiritual connection to the Scripture, but there were people who did not even recognize that. Aside from that, these people know me and have some confidence in me that I am a wise woman. I do not even think they know who I am in God. They just think I am a woman with wisdom. So when I talk, they listen. Several people have told me, "I enjoy a lot of the things that you say." So when it is my turn to talk, their ears are open, and they are listening, and what I said went in. It was very powerful.


I will read this verse to you again, and it is almost to the end of the message, so we will call it quits for tonight.


Verse 1, Isaiah perceives the speech of the Gospel of Peace because he is saved by King Adam, Jehovah's strong son, and this man who was saved by Jehovah's strong Son means that Isaiah is saved because King Adam is resurrected in him, and fortified and supported by the Spirit of Elijah. So this man is speaking by the Mind of God, and he says -- he,  the one who is speaking by the Mind of God says, At the end of the age King Adam, the head of the higher energy centers, shall stand upright.


I really should amplify in there that he is going to stand upright. I have to work on this, but I should say something like, in Israel, because we see that this man, Isaiah, that King Adam is already standing in him, so what is he talking about, that at the end of the age King Adam will stand upright?


He is saying, At the end of the age King Adam will stand upright in the rest of Israel. And how come I am saying the rest of Israel and not in the whole world? Because the rest of the verse says that at the end of the age, that after Adam is supported again in the men of Israel, the Spirit of Christ, or the Spirit of Elijah, will beam into the non-Hebrew peoples of the world.


So we see (for everybody reading this message, I will not go to another recording, so if I am cut off, that is it), that right now Isaiah is prophesying, saying, I am a single man. I have been apprehended by King Adam and the Spirit of Elijah, they are burning my personality in the Lake of Fire, so what you hear coming out of my mouth is coming out of the mouth of God. It is coming out of the resurrected Adam and the Spirit of Elijah bound together. My personality is silent, and everything that you hear is God speaking through me, and I am telling you that, at the end of the age, what you see in me will be manifesting in all of the men of Israel.


And we know that he is talking about spiritual Israel. I do not even know if he will be manifesting in all of Israel, but it will manifest in at least some of the men of spiritual Israel. And when this experience is manifested in a company of men in spiritual Israel, after it is accomplished, the next step of the salvation of the world, is that the Spirit of Christ will go forth from these men and beam into the lower energy centers of the rest of the world.


Why the lower energy centers? Because the rest of the world is living in the lower energy centers. Very few people are ascended, and if they are ascended, they are not ascended in Christ. They are ascended in the counterfeit timeline which is the lower energy centers. The highest energy center in the counterfeit timeline is still the lower energy centers compared to the energy centers of God; to the timeline of God. So we see an example standing up saying, Look at me, I am powerful in Christ, I am just the beginning. 

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