480 - Part 12
(Judges, Chapter 16)

Part 12 of 19 Parts  

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I was starting to tell you before we put the tape on that the appearing of Christ Jesus that we are waiting for, this public appearance that he has promised to me and that he must make, because he cannot lie, it is not something that we are waiting for Christ Jesus to do. He is waiting for us, those of us that have Christ Jesus within us, and Christ Jesus grows and he matures in wisdom and in grace, as our personality chooses the thoughts and the reactions of Christ Jesus over the thoughts and reactions of our carnal mind, Christ Jesus ascends and our carnal mind withers until we attain to the point that Christ Jesus within us, completely covers over, well actually it's the fiery serpent that he's covering, until Christ Jesus in us totally covers over and penetrates the fiery serpent. And at that point, the glorified Jesus Christ comes in and he is the sinew that puts the chords around, that union of Christ Jesus on top of the fiery serpent and penetrating her.


And of course, we cannot agree, we the personality, cannot agree with the thoughts and the reactions of Christ Jesus, if we don't know what his thoughts and reactions are. And for this reason we study the doctrine of Christ, so that we can learn what the thoughts and reactions of Christ Jesus could be, because the church is filled with well meaning people, who think they are reacting with the reactions of Christ Jesus, and thinking with the thoughts of Christ Jesus, and they're not. They're thinking and reacting with the good side of their carnal mind. So the personality must be educated to choose Christ Jesus, because the personality that is joined to Leviathan is thinking the thoughts of Leviathan, and that personality will never, never even guess at what the reactions of Christ Jesus would be.


The carnal mind is incapable of even thinking about it, and when the carnal mind hears a teaching on the thoughts and reactions of Christ Jesus, she doesn't believe it's Christ Jesus, she believes that her good side is Christ Jesus. So we see that we are in a hopeless condition without hope, until Christ is formed in us, and we submit to the instruction that will mature him. Christ must be formed in us, and we must, we, the personality, must submit to the instruction that matures him, and it is Christ Jesus who boils Satan and wars against Leviathan. Satan is the first line of defense and Leviathan is the second, and who are they defending? Can anyone tell us who they are defending? Who does Satan and Leviathan defend? Nobody knows?


COMMENT: fiery serpent?


SHEILA: Yes, the fiery serpent. She is the maiden, and the male who has intercourse with her produces his child within the personality that the fiery serpent abides in, that us, the personality. This physical body is a physical expression of the personality. We are the woman, and our spiritual sexual part is the fiery serpent. She's our ability to reproduce spiritual life. And the spiritual male that cohabits with her brings forth his child in us, and we the personality become that child. We become inseparable from that child, and we take the nature of that child. So if Leviathan cohabits with or has spiritual sexual intercourse with the fiery serpent, our spiritual sexual parts, and that spiritual female child comes forth, the whole personality, which is what we are, until we become Christ, that's what we are in this world, we're the personality, we will become an expression of our father. And who is our father in such a scenario? Our father is Satan, and our mother is Leviathan. And we will be children of hell.


But the human being, the personality is whom the fiery serpent cohabits with Christ Jesus, we bring forth the manchild, and that manchild and the personality which we are, become one, and we the personality or the woman, become an expression of that manchild, whose father is the glorified Jesus Christ, and whose mother is Christ Jesus. So you see, humanity is not yet fully formed. And this is the condition of the zygote, or the, I really don't know at what stage of human reproduction the sex is determined. So I don't know whether to call that cell, that reproducing cell and embryo or not, or even a fetus, I don't know what to call it, but at the very beginning, in the human reproduction, when the male sperm joins with the female ovum, and they become one cell called a zygote, and that cell engages in cell division and eventually becomes an embryo, and eventually becomes a fetus, up until a certain point, the sex of that child is not determined. The child, the fetus or the embryo is neuter. And it is the same sex organ that appears in the neuter child, it's the same sex organ, but if the child is going to be a male, certain hormones are released, and that basic sex organ becomes a male organ, if that hormone is not released, the fetus continues on to be a female.


But at the stage before the sex is determined, both fetuses that will become male and fetuses that will become female have the same predetermined sex organ. If you look at a fetus at that age, whatever it is, they look exactly the same. And then you look at them a couple of months later, one has become a male and the other has become a female. But in their asexual stage, the area that will be the sex organ looks exactly the same. And so it is with spiritual sexuality. The personalities of mortal humanity, all look the same. And of course we're not talking about the physical body, we're talking about the mind. Now everybody's mind is not exactly the same, let us take the physical body as an example. Some people are short, other people are tall, some people are petite, other people are big boned. Well the carnal minds of mortal humanity are not all exactly the same, but they're all limited. The greatest intellect known to man has only gone so far with his intellect. There is a level beyond that. It's a level of wisdom that comes with spirituality. The occult calls it intuition. It's a knowledge that you do not study books to attain. It's a knowledge that you receive from the higher mind within you.


See the occult talks about a higher mind. Well they're correct, there is a higher mind. My higher mind is Christ Jesus. He gives me all kinds of knowledge that I could not attain without him. So we see that mortal humanity is on the brink of catapulting into a new age, which will be characterized by human beings who walk in a level of knowledge that is beyond the capability of man today.


And not only knowledge, there will be healing and all forms of spiritual blessings, and this is going to happen for the people who are ascending in the serpent also. This era, this period of spiritual blessings, through union with Satan, will exist, it will be a spiritual renaissance, but then at some point, at some point, Satan will pull in her marker, and that which was good for a season, will become a living hell. But those who ascend in this condition through union with Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ, will enter into life forevermore. We will enter into peace and contentment, and non-conflict, you see. We will enter into an era of no conflict. You know today, I had an excellent example of how existence in this world is a continuous warfare, continuous, even for people who don't want it. If you cannot function on a level of the ruthlessness that's in this world, you will be killed.


I went to have my nails done today, and I decided to treat myself, I had a little extra procedure done, I had a design put on my nails, and I went to, I go to this place, I've been going there for a year now, I'm a good customer, and I pointed to a particular design that I wanted, and I sat down at the counter where he works on my nails, and I had pointed to a design that was brown tones. And he sprayed my nails with what looked to me like orange nail lacquer. And I looked at it, and my reaction was, well I don't really do this very often and I've never actually done this before, maybe that's some kind of a base coat, or a foundational coat, and I didn't say anything. And then he went ahead with it and he put the design on, and I had orange nails. And I said to him, "I really don't want orange nails, I really do not." I went up to the board, and I said, "This is what I asked you for." So he agreed to do it over, but as we sat with him removing the polish from my nails, he said to me, "Well why didn't you tell me before I did all of you nails?" I mean, first of all, you shouldn't be talking to your customers that way, but the truth of the matter was that I was confused, I don't do this all the time, I thought it was some kind of a base coat, and I did show him what I wanted. So I really don't think that he should have been mad at me. He didn't do what I showed him. And my reaction, it just came back, I know that I responded to him without any anger, but it's not really right to just sit there and let people talk to you like that, that I'm his customer, he made a mistake, he picked the wrong color, and because I was a little slow in calling him on it, he's rebuking me, that's not right.


So my response to him was, he's says, "Why did you let me do all of your nails before you said anything?" And I said to him, "Why didn't you make it the color I asked you to make it?" And that was the end of it, but as I was driving home, I was talking to the Lord, and I said, "Wow, Lord, this world is really a jungle." It is just so common, you see, me being as spiritually sensitive as I am, I recognize that interaction as a warfare, but the average person thinks that's just in a days work, that's just life. They have situations like this day in and day out, with their own husbands, with their own wives, with their own children, with their own sisters and brothers, with people that they love. They have encounters like this day in and day out. And the world thinks it's normal, but I want to tell you something that's not normal, as far as Jesus Christ is concerned. This is not normal as far as Jesus Christ is concerned, that man sinned against me. I confess that I should have told him sooner, but I really didn't understand what was happening. So pride rose up in that man, and he attacked me, and Christ rose up in me and put down the attack, but it was a warfare. This is not normal! It's not normal in the kingdom of God, to rebuke somebody for your error. And then when I first told him it wasn't the color that I wanted, he tried to pressure me, he said, "oh, I'll put the top coat on, it will look right." I said, "No, I don't want orange nails." I'd look like Halloween. This is not normal! We live in a criminal world, and the interactions that we consider to be everyday situations, are dysfunctional to the uttermost, as far as the kingdom of God is concerned.


Well praise the Lord, I don't know how I got on that subject, but we are doing Samson and Delilah, so since I don't know how I got on that subject, we will go on. I guess we were talking about the ascension. We were talking about thinking with the thoughts of Christ Jesus. You know, I want to just say another few words on that subject. I am convinced that a lot if not all, I can't say all, but a lot of people that are mentally ill are people who are born spiritually sensitive, who never learned how to deal with these every day situations in life. And when someone would talk to them in an ungodly manner, or try to scapegoat them, which is what this man did to me, he's a very nice man, he's just fallen. A lot of people, if someone would try to scapegoat them, if they're spiritually sensitive, it produces a deep wound in their heart.


And if their parents are not capable of teaching them how to deal with life, they wind up either mentally ill, or alcoholics, or drug addicts, because they have received so many wounds in their heart from every day situations in life. So we see that it is deadly, deadly to us to be spiritual without Christ Jesus. See, now I believe that there are people who practice witchcraft, who do not have this problem. So I might say it is deadly to be spiritually sensitive, without actively pursuing the spiritual life, which is accompanied by a moral code that teaches you how to deal with spiritual ignorance. Now aside from black witches and Satanists who are evil, the world is filled with what is called white witches, people that exercise the spiritual power of Satan, and as far as they're concerned, they're not hurting anybody. As far as I'm concerned they are. If you're casting a spell to get a job, to get that promotion and your spell takes it away from the person that really would have been chosen, you've harmed that person. But the world is filled with people practicing a form of witchcraft that they believe is harmless.


They're not murdering people or torturing people, I'm not agreeing with it, that's what they say. So people who are born spiritually sensitive that are not initiated into the Christian life, at least the Christian attitude of how to deal with people, that are walking in this kind of darkness, or people who following a spiritual discipline outside of Christ, who are also taught how to deal with people, does this shock you. Do you know that there are spiritual philosophies outside of Christ that know how to deal with all of this stuff? Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Wiccan, they all teach forgiveness and tolerance, and humility. That's what I mean when I say outside of Satanism, and outright evil. If someone is born spiritually sensitive, and they're not initiated into a spiritual philosophy that teaches them how to deal with the attacks that fall upon us day in and day out. They wind up mentally ill or addicted, that's my opinion. And I think it's the opinion of a lot of other people that have some spiritual knowledge. This is the problem in the United States today. We have all of these material possessions, and we're dying spiritually. This is why so many Christians are going over to Buddhism and Hinduism. They're literally dying, they don't know what's wrong with them, and there's no help in the church. Praise the Lord.


We are continuing on with our exhortation on the alternate translation Samson and Delilah, which is Judges chapter 16. And we are picking up tonight on page three of your notes. You have at the bottom of the page, the top heading is permanent deliverance, permanent deliverance. I originally had this labeled The Imparted Anointing, but I think a lot of people do not understand what the imparted anointing is. So I will take a few minutes to explain that. There are two, basically two anointings or two categories of anointing that we could receive from the Lord Jesus, or that we can receive concerning Christ, and I'm not talking about the Holy Spirit now. The Holy Spirit is the beginning. He's sent to point us to Christ. Most people know that. He's sent to lead us to Christ, but they don't understand what that means. The Holy Spirit is given that Christ might be formed in us. And there are two different ways that Christ can be formed in us, but, I have to say that a different way.


There are two different manifestations of Christ that can be formed in us. Another name for Christ is the tree of life. And the tree of life has two parts to it, root and branch, root and branch. The root of the tree of life is speaking about the nature of the Lord Jesus, who is in the nature of Jehovah, and the branch of the tree of life is speaking about the energy or the spirit of that tree. Now of course we are talking about a spiritual tree. The spiritual tree does not look like the tree in your garden or in your back yard. It's a spiritual tree, and it's a tree which imparts the life and the nature of Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ to everyone that he is grafted to, or at least he has the ability to impart that life. Now it is possible for the branch of the tree to manifest powerfully without having the root grafted. It is possible to see the power of Christ without having the nature of Christ. And it is also possible to have the power of Christ with some manifestation of Christ. This is where it gets confusing. If someone receives the Holy Spirit and they for whatever reason, everyone doesn't react this way, if they pursue the Lord Jesus, or by his Holy Spirit, with all of their strength, and they truly in their heart put him first in their life, it is possible for a manifestation of Christ to appear to that person, it is possible for that manifestation of Christ to deal with that person's character flaws.


Don't shut off the tape, everybody that's not perfect has character flaws. Some people cover them up more than others, but every body has character flaws. So that manifestation of Christ which comes forth from the person with the Holy Spirit who is pursuing God with all of their strength, that manifestation of Christ can deal with character flaws, and lead that person from evil aspects of their personality into goodness. Let's say you're a person who had a problem stealing. This manifestation of Christ can heal you of that, and bring you into a respectable lifestyle, but maybe you are a respectable person, but maybe you have a very bad temper. Maybe you curse people in your heart and all of these years you never even knew that this was what you were doing. You just thought it was anger problem. The Holy Spirit formed into Christ Jesus within you, has the power to heal that character flaw and deal with your anger and bring you into the good side of your life, where you don't have temper tantrums and you don't rail against people anymore. Let's say you have a problem with gossip, or with envy. The Holy Spirit intensified in your life has the power if you follow him, you see, he has the power to translate you from an envious person. And remember envy is rottenness to the bones. Envy puts arrows in people. Envy is a serious problem, envy murders, you must stand against envy within yourself, with all of your strength, because you're hurting that person that you're envious of.


See, the worst thing that you could do is cover it up to yourself, like the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, know that envy is going forth and hurting that person. You've got to face it, you've got to look at yourself, you've got to say, I see you, your envious, and I don't want to be envious. I burn you in the lake of fire, and then you pray for the person that you were envious of, and you pray all goods things on them. You cannot just deny this. Your mind is a spiritual weapon and a sin in your heart is a spiritual weapon. That's Satan using your ignorance to hurt other people and to destroy you. Because when we yield to the envy or when we blind ourselves to the envy, we are guilty of the sin, and we die, we sick and die.


So we see that Christ formed from an intense manifestation of the Holy Spirit which is the energy, don't get all upset with the word energy, it's just energy, spirit is personalized energy. Many of the occult doctrines teach that there is no God, there is no personal God, but that there is an energy force, an impersonal energy force that is flowing through and controlling the whole universe. There's one philosopher, I think it's Eric Frone, he's calls it the Kristos, and he's saying it's an impersonal energy force that's just flowing along, power you know, that's responsible for everything that's happening in the universe. But we believe that there is a personal God. I believe that there is a personal God, I know him, and he's not an impersonal energy force, he talks to me, and he helps me with every problem that I have, and his power is awesome.


So spirit is personalized energy, but spirit is energy, and why do I say energy instead of spirit? Because when I say spirit, do you know what I'm talking about? Does the man in the street know what I'm talking about when I say spirit? When I first came to the Lord, I was very ignorant, I had not been raised in the church, I didn't know what spirit meant. Now I know spirit means energy. I can deal with energy on a realistic level, much more than I can deal with the word spirit, because spirit is not a word that is used in our world, and I am carnal. When you tell me energy, I understand energy. The Holy Spirit is an energy source of great power, of great force that is personal, he will talk to you, and he will meet personal needs. He's not just a life force flowing through the world that keeps everybody alive, and if you have a personal need, he cannot recognize.


So the Holy Spirit gathered together in an individual in a strong intensity because of that person's reaching for him can accumulate into a manifestation of the branch of the tree of life. And this manifestation of the branch of the tree of life is Christ, but it's what we call an imputed Christ, imputed, it's given to you. It's given to you because of your great pursuit of the Lord Jesus, but he is not appearing in you because you have overcome Satan and Leviathan. To have the whole tree of life in you, root and branch, planted in you so fully that imparts eternal life to you, that it brings to a point where you cannot die, see, you cannot come to that point with the branch alone, you must have the root, as well as the branch, see. To have the whole tree, root and branch within you, you must overcome Satan and Leviathan. But who can do that?


I was just reading about that last night in our alternate translation of Romans, I don't remember what chapter it was, but it was awesome, I haven't read our own alternate New Testament in a long time. It may have been Romans 8, I may have the wrong chapter, but it I was absolutely just thrilled at the translation and this is what it says, who can possibility overcome Satan and Leviathan. Since we have a fallen nature, because of Adam's transgression, who can do it, no man can do it, it is impossible to overcome our sin nature and live the life of the ages, because of Adam's transgression, but because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice, in his glorified spirit, we have the hope of overcoming Satan and Leviathan, because the glorified Jesus Christ has the power to plant his life in us, which implanted life becomes the savior in the midst of us and our strength to battle Satan and Leviathan, and overcome them. But you see salvation is not a free gift. The Holy Spirit is free gift, you've got to pick it up, you've got to pick them up, and you've got to follow him, and that means your whole lifestyle, you have to pursue him with all of your strength, and you have to go where he leads you, and you have to believe the doctrine that he directs you to.


Do you know how many people come to our web pages, and they're convinced the Holy Spirit leads them there, which he has, and they're shocked at the material. As soon as they see that material, they think they made a mistake. The Holy Spirit is given to lead us unto Christ. So we see that it's possible in some situations, I don't think it's very common, for the Holy Spirit in an individual to be, to be gathered within that individual to such an extent of strength, that the person is having their character flaws dealt with, that they are going from evil to good, as I have just described evil. You do not have to be serial murderer, you could be a gossip or an envious person. The Holy Spirit can change your whole nature, he can give you a whole new life, he can give you wisdom as to the practicalities in Christ Jesus of this world, what does that mean? How we live in this world, and do the very best we can hope to do for ourselves and our families in this world, that's what I mean by the wisdom and the practicality in this world. But he's still just the branch of the tree. The Holy Spirit can do mighty miracles of healing and deliverance and changing your nature from evil to good. But to live forever and to escape and overcome and outwit and outsmart death, you must go from evil to good, to righteousness.


We must be in righteousness if we are to outwit death, and righteousness is in the root of the tree. So as powerful as the branch of the tree is, eternal life is not in him, you see. We need the nature of almighty God, not the good side of Satan's nature, to enter into eternal life, and the nature of almighty God, is only in the root of the tree. And the way you get the root of the tree grafted to you, and prospering in you, is by warring against Satan and Leviathan, and overcoming them. And if you're willing to pay the price, there is not anybody, there is not anybody, I will go out on a limb and say this, who has Christ grafted to them, who cannot defeat Satan and Leviathan, if you are willing to pay the price. You cannot be defeated, if you're willing to give up everything to follow Christ.


So the difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing is the difference between goodness and righteousness. The difference between the imputed and imparted anointing is having a wonderful life, a victorious life in this world, which is hell, having health, very positive family relationships, material things, to the point that the Lord wants to give them to you, that you should be comfortable, and all of the good things of this world to the most that you could ever hope for. You can achieve that, from the imputed Christ formed in you, by intense expression of the Holy Spirit manifesting through you, but eternal life is only in the imparted anointing, which is in the nature of Christ Jesus, which is grafted to you, and you war and overcome Satan and Leviathan. And the strength to war against and overcome Satan and Leviathan is in the food that you feed Christ, I'm sorry, it's in the food that you feed the engrafted Christ, see, when he's grafted to you, and that food is the doctrine of Christ which gives you your example of how Christ thinks, and how Christ reacts. And when you get that vision of how Christ thinks in any given situation, which is radically different than even the good side of your carnal mind, and how Christ reacts, which is also radically different what even the good side of your carnal mind would tell you you should be reacting, and how you should be reacting, once you get that vision and you compare it to your own thoughts and reactions, which I would assume are going to be good by the time you're looking at Christ Jesus. It is that comparison that gives you the opportunity to say, I choose to give up my good works, and pursue the reaction and the thoughts of Christ Jesus, Lord if you will help me. We cannot do it in and of ourselves.


We cannot do it without his power and without his strength, and the next time a situation arises that we perceive our reactions to be out of the good side of our carnal mind, we now have the opportunity to say, I recognize you, I recognize these thoughts in my mind, and they look good, and they sound righteous, they sound right to my carnal mind that I should feel this way, but Christ Jesus would never feel this way. No one in this world would blame me for thinking this, or for doing this, in reaction to what happened, no one would blame me, but Christ Jesus wouldn't do that, you see. Once you have this knowledge, which is not so easy to attain, you now have the choice of going before the Lord and saying, "Father, my reaction based on everything you've taught me, my reaction to this circumstance does not line up with what I believe to be your reaction, and I don't want any reaction or thought that is not from you, please help me to have your reaction, and you will receive a miracle, you will have the Lord's reactions. But you have to war against those other reactions from your carnal mind, you have to refuse them, burn them in the lake of fire. And it's a war of long duration, but the end is life. So this is the difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing, imputed translates from evil to good, and can give you a wonderful life in this world, and blessings on your descendants.


That kind of an anointing follows your descendants. Did I say imparted? That's the imputed anointing, given without overcoming Satan and Leviathan. But the imparted anointing, which requires overcoming Satan and Leviathan, imparts righteousness to you, and there is no law against a righteous man. What does that mean? When you're righteous, when your thoughts are righteous all the time, you have defeated the sowing and reaping judgment, and Satan loses her legal ground to take your life, to make you sick, or take your life. So righteousness is deliverance from good and evil, both of which end in physical death. Now isn't this a marvelous message, but the liar, you see, has put her false doctrine in the church, and is spreading it through all of Christendom, which is largely backslidden, whispering into the hearts of people, there is no death at the destruction of the physical body. You go to sleep and you wake up in another world, and you continue your life, and you see all of your relatives, and your dead husband, and your dead wife, and everyone that you love, and it's wonderful on the other side, embrace death.


Now brethren, you have to be honest with yourself, is this not what the church teaches, but with one exception? It's only for the Christians who are saved. That's what the church teaches. There is no death, you just pass into another world, you go home to be with the Lord, and to see all of the people that you love who are passed on, but just for Christians, see. But this is just for the Christians you see. So if you want this experience, and of course there's a counterpart to this experience, where you burn in a fiery hell and are tormented for the rest of time. Well there is no time in eternally, that's what they teach. So you better hurry up and get to that church and answer that alter call, and say, "Jesus, I receive you as my savior", which automatically translates you into a place of safety. And Satan has come forth and said, "Oh no, this is for everybody." There is no hell, everybody passes over. Well there's more truth in Satan's doctrine than the false doctrine in the church, because there is no hell after death, this is hell right here. But neither is it true that we just go to sleep and wake up on the other side. The death of the physical body is the death of the personality. The only part of us which is immortal, the only part of us which goes on, is the fiery serpent, the worm that Jesus said dieth not. We, the personality dissolve.


So, in our study or in our exhortation on the alternate translation of Samson and Delilah, we are up to the category called permanent deliverance, which is really the imparted anointing. And because it has taken me forty five minutes to explain the difference between the imparted and imputed anointing, you now know why I called it permanent deliverance. You see, the men of Israel were delivered by Samson, by the spirit of his mind, which was the Spirit of Elijah, entered into the mind of the mortal men of Judah, contacted Abel, who was dead, revived him, raised up or regenerated Adam in the mortal men of Judah, I'm sorry, not Israel, the mortal men of Judah, and elevated the regenerated Adam into the heart center, and planted him there, and established him there. The Spirit of Elijah, from Samson's mind, you see. Today that would be the Spirit of Christ, not the Holy Spirit, they're not the same. Can anyone tell us the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ? Anybody? Okay, the Spirit of Christ, did anybody want to try? The Spirit of Christ is the virile spiritual semen of the glorified Jesus Christ. There are two sides to semen, physical and spiritual. There's water and there's seed, and life is in the seed part, of the seminal fluid, water is the medium that the seed flows in, and is transported in, or transported by.


The Spirit of Christ is the virile seed and the water. The Holy Spirit is just the water. The water part is the energy or the branch, and the seed part is the root or the nature that the seed carries. So we see that the tree of life exists in seed form, in the Spirit of Christ, the spiritual seminal fluid of the glorified Lord Jesus, and that the Holy Spirit is just the energy or just the branch or just the water, which is very powerful, but does not carry the nature. I'm not saying that the Holy Spirit is not in the nature of Jesus Christ, I'm saying that the Holy Spirit cannot impart the nature of Jesus Christ to the person that he inhabits. Therefore, the Scripture says, The Holy Spirit is given to lead you to Christ. The Holy Spirit is given as power to lead you to Christ. The Holy Spirit within us is the clean water of the glorified Jesus Christ, which the virile seed, coming in the form of the Spirit of Christ can graft to. I was at a church once where I heard a prophecy come forth, and it was really prophesying the events that are coming to pass today, although they're still invisible, and that is the impartation of the manchild to the individual, and the prophecy said, "If you do not have a womb, I will give you a womb", a spiritual womb to bear the manchild, and I didn't know what it meant, but today I know that the Holy Spirit is the spiritual womb, that Holy Spirit within us is what? The virile seed graft to you.


Now I believe at some point, I don't know if it's possible now or not, at some point when Christ Jesus is mature enough in an individual, it will be possible for the Spirit of Christ from that fully mature Christ Jesus to enter into someone that does not have the Holy Spirit, and be powerful enough to cleave to the individual anyway. That's the revelation that I'm walking in now. That's what I'm walking in now. I don't, I cannot preach it as strongly as everything else that I preach so far, but the word in my heart is that the Spirit of Christ that is delivered by a fully mature Christ Jesus, such as he existed in Jesus of Nazareth, or such as he existed in Paul, he carries the water and the seed, and he will be strong enough to enter into the spiritual being of an individual, and abide there without that person receiving the Holy Spirit first. The Holy Spirit is also a cleansing mechanism, he comes to heal the sick and cast out demons, and purify the spiritual aspect of the individual, so that when the virile seed does graft, hopefully Satan and Leviathan, and that partially cleansed individual is weakened enough so that they will not kill the manchild, as we see in Revelation chapter 12. Praise the Lord.


So we are up to page three of our notes, Oh, I know what I was started to tell you, I didn't make my point, I'm sorry. Prior to this point, and originally, the Spirit of Elijah in Samson entered into the minds of the mortal men of Judah, revived Abel, regenerated Adam, ascended him into the assisted him so that he could ascend into the heart center, and established him there. Now it's not so easy to stand in the heart center, with Satan and Leviathan trying to kill you. So we see that it was the power and the strength of the Spirit of Elijah coming from Samson's mind, joined to the regenerated Adam in the mortal men of Judah that enabled them to stand in the heart center. And when Christ Jesus, which is Adam in the Old Testament, and Christ Jesus in the New Testament, when Christ Jesus stands in your heart center, you have the ability to think with the mind of Christ. You see your carnal mind is down in your belly, that's the 3rd energy center. So when Adam is raised up in the 4th energy center, he's higher than your carnal mind. And you may recall, or you may have noticed as you read these alternate translations that Satan's goal in the mortal men of Judah is that the fiery serpents within them, should be above Samson, above Samson, should be above Samson.


How could the fiery serpent in the mortal men of Judah be above Samson? Samson was in the 5th energy center of the righteous time line. Well the fiery serpents would have to ascend above the 5th energy center to be above Samson. Satan is saying, Let your fiery serpents break away from the cover of the regenerated Adam and let them ascend into the 7th energy center of my time line, Satan's time line, where they become the swine. That's what Satan was whispering from the unconscious part of the carnal mind of the mortal men of Judah. So we see that the mortal men of Judah were standing in their heart centers without overcoming Satan and Leviathan. It was Samson, and it was the Spirit of Elijah specifically in Samson who got them up there. They could have never gotten up there by themselves, they could never stand there by themselves, they could never have stood there by themselves, and therefore they were vulnerable to fall down. You see, when you ascend into the heart center, because you have overcome Satan and Leviathan, it is not likely that you will be cast down, because you are already victorious over them, you have broken their power in their life.


The difference can be likened to a man who is levitating and a man that is at the same level of height because he has stepped on several stones. The man who is standing on the rock you see, is not likely to fall down when he's attacked. Even if he sits down on the rock, even if he lays down on the rock, he's still elevated to that same height, because there's a rock underneath him. But the man who's using all of his strength and energy to levitate to that height, as soon as he's wounded, will lose his ability to levitate and will fall right down. So we see that men who are ascended into the heart center because the Spirit of Christ in another man has brought them up there, and is sustaining them there, that man is vulnerable to fall down. That is the imputed anointing. The gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. But the man who ascends into his heart center and stand there because he has fought against and defeated Satan and leviathan, and therefore Christ Jesus is regenerated in him by the overcoming power that was imparted to that man, and within that overcoming power and within that mature Christ Jesus is the Spirit of Christ, that man who stands in his heart center, by the power of the indwelling Spirit of Christ, not by the power of the Spirit of Christ of another man, that man is very, very, very hard to bring down.


Now, Jesus has set it up, this is the program of Jesus to save his church, and ultimately humanity, is that a man who is standing in his heart center, by the indwelling Spirit of Christ, no other man is keeping him. The glorified Jesus Christ is keeping him and that man, will sustain the people that Jesus sends to him as disciples, in their heart center until they are strong enough to stand there by themselves, until they have overcome Satan and Leviathan to the degree that if the spirit of Christ in the teacher withdraws, that individual will continue to abide in their heart center, because they will have overcome to the degree that Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ within him, within themselves are strong enough to stand. So it's no shame if you're sustained by a teacher, this is the way of Christ Jesus, but you cannot stay there forever. You must be growing, you must be moving forward, and you don't want to depart from that teacher until the Lord Jesus, very clearly, with many witnesses, tells you that it is time for you to go. All of the verses that we have translated and commented on, up until now, are the account of the mortal men of Judah, being raised up into their heart center and sustained there by the Spirit of Elijah within Samson, okay. Adam within Samson is teaching the mortal men of Judah, and the Spirit of Elijah within Samson is literally penetrating their minds, reviving Abel, regenerated Adam and sustaining Adam in their heart center. But we see, and we have seen in our prior messages, that the mortal men of Judah who were standing tall, and strongly in their heart center, were overtaken by Satan. Satan whispered evil thoughts to them, and the mortal men of Judah, who at the time were not adequately dealing with the hidden sins of their heart, fell prey to Satan's suggestion, and as soon as they fell prey to Satan's suggestion. Anybody know? You are greater than Samson, who does he think he is? You're just as good as he is, you hear from Christ too, why should anyone have authority over you? That's the lie that they succumb to, and it's a lie that's rampant in the church today.


And as soon as they agreed with that whisper, Adam, that was standing in their heart center, began to depart from the Spirit of Elijah in Samson, who was sustaining them there. And they fell. Following this event, Adam within Samson instructs them. And now we see we come to the point, where the mortal men of Judah begin to overcome Satan and Leviathan in their own strength, because the imputed anointing will not stand indefinitely. The imputed anointing will not give you eternal life, but even in this life, you are vulnerable, it's the anointing that you walk in is imputed, you have not ascended there, by overcoming Satan and Leviathan. If it's a gift, you're vulnerable. You see, many people in the church receive physical healings, and their disease or another disease comes back in ten years or so, because they don't understand that physical healings are given to give you some relief from your trouble, so that you can pursue Christ Jesus, to the degree that he is formed in you, and that you overcome Satan and Leviathan by his strength. I think the people basically are not taught this. So they don't deal with their character flaws, they don't translate even from evil to good, they keep their gossip, they keep their hatred and they lie about it to themselves, and then ten years later their disease is back, or they have another disease. Well the imputed anointing is the same thing.


If you are one of the people, and I personally don't believe this happens to many people, if you are one of the people who has an experience of the Holy Spirit being gathered together in you, in such a strength that he acts like Christ acts, see, Christ is really the name of the whole virile seed, the root and the branch, the water and the seed.


The Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit, but he can be gathered, and the Holy Spirit is just the water without the virile seed, but he can be gathered within you, to such a strength that he acts like Christ acts, or he does some of the things Christ does. This is just temporary. You have to use this grace, you have to use this power in your life, to overcome your own sin nature, so that you don't lose him. When I talk about overcoming Satan and Leviathan, I'm talking about overcoming our own sin nature. The Holy Spirit will not stay gathered within you to that intensity, unless the virile seed is grafted to him. The Scripture clearly says the gifts and the calling of God are passing away. The Holy Spirit is passing away. So if you've been graced with power and change in the Holy Spirit, this gift is given to you so that you might have the strength to pursue the virile seed, and have him grafted to what you already have, or you will lose what you already have. Praise the Lord, this is why there are not as many physical healings coming forth today. The Holy Spirit is already withdrawing, the healings coming forth today are not coming by the laying on of hands, because someone has the Holy Spirit, I mean in many instances. Of course he's still manifesting today. The healings today for the mature believer is coming from the nature of Christ that's being formed in you, as you overcome your own evil inclinations, your inclination to backbite, to gossip, not to murder. I mean of course you're not suppose to murder, your inclination to scapegoat, your inclination that to deny that you did it. Some silly little thing. Who left the door open? I'm not going to admit I left the door open. That's sin in your heart.


When those little sins, which are not little, but to the carnal mind they're little, they're big enough to kill you. When your nature changes concerning the hidden sins of your heart, you begin to be healed by the indwelling Christ, you begin to be healed because all of these little sins that have been killing you, have ceased to exist. You have to walk the walk. It's really easy to jump and yell and sing and wave your hands and yell Hallelujah, let's see you doing it when you walk the walk. It's painful to walk the walk, but it's worth the price, you receive life. We're up to verse 11, under the heading "Permanent Deliverance", "Adam within Samson teaches Abel within the mortal men of Judah, why Satan must be yoked to Elohim." In this case Elohim is manifesting as the Spirit of Elijah. Now if you look up three paragraphs on page three, you will see verse 10b) which shows the personalities of the mortal men of Judah under the influence of Satan, tempting Samson with the question, and please explain now why Satan, the engraver should be yoked to Elohim. But you see Samson never responded to the mortal men of Judah, when it was Satan in them asking the question, but we see in verse 11, that he will speak to Abel, and that he will instruct Abel. Brethren, Adam does not instruct the carnal mind. The Pharisees and the Sadducees approach Jesus, and the reason for all of their questions was to bring him down out of the brow energy center. Now you need to know this. When somebody asks you a question, and their motive for asking is not out of Christ, if it's coming out of Satan in the individual, if they're motive for asking you, is to use the answer against you, however it's manifesting in their mind, if there motive for asking a question is either for self a grandisement, if they want to capture the doctrine and go out and preach and make themselves a great one, if they want to use it to ask you questions that you will not be able to answer, if they're asking you to exhaust you, if they're motive is anything other than an honest desire to learn and grow in Christ, you are to not answer them, because in this hour, Satan is stronger than Christ Jesus, and a warfare ensues. If the question is asked with an ungodly motive, that means it is Satan asking the question. When someone asks a question of the teacher, we have an interaction, an interaction of the spirit of the asker, and the spirit of the teacher. It's a form of spiritual intercourse. So we come or we return to our studies in quantum mechanics, and we see that this is an action, physics calls it interference, interference. The spirit of the asker and the spirit of the teacher will contact with one another, they're going to touch one another, and there is a constructive interference, and a destructive interference.


Someone who asks the question of a teacher out of the Spirit of Christ within them, out of a humble desire to know the answer, will interact with that teacher, with a constructive interference, that teacher opens their heart to that student, that student will receive much more than an intellectual response, that student will receive the seed of life from the teacher. If Christ Jesus in me opens up to answer your question, you get more than an intellectual answer, you get the spirit that is answering you. And how shall they be saved? By the foolishness of preaching. You don't just receive my words, you receive my spirit. Now if someone is asking me a question about the spirit of Satan, Satan does not want my spirit, Satan wants an interaction with me, but it is her intention to destroy me. We're talking about a destructive interaction.


You see, for someone to receive of my spirit and the life that's in me, and the knowledge that's in me, you have to open yourself to me like a woman opens herself to a man of the mind. But if it's Satan talking to you, you are not opening up yourself to me, you may sound like you're opening yourself up to me, but the truth is, by way of example, that you are not a woman, waiting to receive the male Christ, but you are standing as a man waiting for the male Christ to expose himself so that you can kill him. Can you hear this? Does the make any sense to you at all? So no matter how innocent, or how legitimate, the question sounds to you, you're all called to be teachers, because sons of God are teachers. If you honestly and openly try to answer a question that Satan has asked you because you have not discerned, that it is Satan questioning you, you will be brought down spiritually. It will cause what could be likened to an explosion inside of you. Now I'm not saying that you'll lose your anointing permanently, if you're truly grounded in Christ, he will restore you, he'll raise you from the dead, but you don't need this, you see. Then you have to, when you feel that you've lost your anointing, maybe you won't understand what happened to you. You have to go before the Lord, you have to pray, well first of all, you have to recognize that you lost your anointing, and young disciples don't always recognize that they've lost their anointing. Some young disciples can go for weeks before they realize that there's something really wrong in their life, they've lost their anointing. So you've lost all that time, however long it takes for you to recognize it, then you first have to seek the Lord and say Lord, what happened to me, and if you have the wisdom to know that only sin on your part could have caused this to you. You have to repent of that sin, and if you don't know what the sin is, you have to ask him what the sin was that you committed that this could happen to you, and we don't know how long it's going to take him to answer you. You could be out of commission for weeks or months, depending on where you are in Christ. Just to get your anointing back.


So when someone asks you a spiritual question, you must discern who is asking you, Christ does not speak to Satan, and Satan can bring down Christ in you. It's a warfare. I'm going to say this again. When you honestly try to answer a question, that makes you vulnerable, it lets your guard down. You have opened yourself to an interaction with another person. There is a mixing of your spirits, you have let someone inside your castle, and if you let Satan in, because she's speaking through that sweet little girl, who couldn't possibly harm a soul, you're going to get hit just as hard if you let Satan in through someone who looks like a criminal. If you are deceived by the physical appearance of the personality of the physical body that the personality lives in, you can let Satan into your castle, past your defenses, into your gates, opening the door and say, "Welcome". Now look, if this happens to you, there's never any condemnation in Christ Jesus. Most likely this will happen to you. My teaching towards you usually does it's best work after you have the experience, after you mess up. And then the Lord Jesus, your personal counselor, comes to you and says, "Do you remember that message that Sheila preached? This is what she was talking about. You must have your own experience. There is no way that you could sit her and listen to me, you can listen to my tapes twenty times, and you're not going to grow unless you have the experience.


This instruction is to give you a learning experience that your experience should not be destruction unto you, that when it happens to you, you should learn from it, based on this teaching, but it must happen to you. And eventually, you build up a defense. Today at this stage of my walk, I tell people right to their face, I don't talk to Satan, come back when you're in Christ mind, I'll answer that question when you're in your Christ mind. So we see that the personalities of the mortal men of Judah had agreed with Satan's whispers and they became the mouthpiece of Satan, towards Samson asking him questions, by an unholy spirit, which was designed to separate him from the Spirit of Elijah, and bring him down out of the throat energy center, the 5th energy center. And Samson would not answer that. But then we see, well I just want to back up a little here to verse 7. For those of you who are not familiar with what we're doing here, these verses are interspersed. So if you have your notes, we're on page three, and if you back up to verse 7, which is about the middle of the page, you will see that verse 7 says, "And Samson said to Adam within the mortal men of Judah, if Leviathan, the subconscious part of your carnal mind, harnesses Adam within you, the Spirit of Elijah, the remainder of Samson's household within you, is strong enough to wound Leviathan within you, dry up Satan, renew Adam within you, bind the fiery serpent under Adam, and reunite Adam with the Spirit of Elijah, which would be within Samson.


So what happened here? The mortal men of Judah are asking this question back there in verse 6, please explain Elohim's great strength to us, and explain why Satan the engraver should be yoked to Elohim, and Samson says, "If Leviathan, the subconscious part of your carnal mind harnesses Adam, the Spirit of Elijah, well what are you talking about? What does this have to do with the question I just asked, Samson recognized the warfare, you see. Samson recognized that it was Satan in the mortal men of Judah talking to him. And what does that mean? Samson knew that his disciples had been overcome. Samson knew that Adam in his disciples was not talking through them, and that for Satan to be talking through his disciples, Satan must have killed, or at least cast down Adam in the mortal men of Judah, or the least was covering him over. So Samson saw a big fight revving up, and he said to Adam in the mortal men of Judah, who I guess were still alive but had been weakened to the point that Satan could speak through the mortal men of Judah, and Samson said to them, there's a big fight brewing here, I just heard Satan speak out of the personalities of the mortal men of Judah. Now he's talking to Adam, they're double minded, two sides to them. Samson is saying, Hey Adam in there, in you men of Judah, I just heard Satan talk out of your mouth, get ready, the Spirit of Elijah is about to attack him. There's a war going on for you.


Now don't get scared. If Leviathan in Satan, and the mortal men of Judah kill you, Adam in the mortal men of Judah, the Spirit of Elijah that's flowing through these men, out of Samson's mind, it's powerful enough to revive you and raise you from the dead and re-establish you in the heart center. That's in verse 7, and then in verse 8, which comes next, we see that Adam was in the mortal men of Judah, ascended into the heart center. So we see that the Spirit of Elijah, now it doesn't say here, but apparently there was a war, and Adam within the mortal men of Judah ascended into the heart center. Well how could Adam within the mortal men of Judah ascend into the heart center if he wasn't cast down. Adam was cast down. And everything that Samson taught them in verse 7 came to pass. Elijah regenerated him, and now we see that Adam's ascending into the heart center of Adam's time line again. Because the Spirit of Elijah within Samson, the part that remains after Adam dies, dried up Satan within the mortal men of Judah, so here's the war, you see.


See, there's no actual talk of a war, you have to understand that this means there was a war. The Spirit of Elijah in Samson dried up Satan, he's doing exactly what he promised to do in verse 7. Look, let me give it to you again, and Samson said to Adam within the mortal men of Judah, if Leviathan harnesses Adam within you, verse 7, the Spirit of Elijah will revive him, and verse 8 says, and Adam ascended into the heart center, because the Spirit of Elijah dried up Satan, imprisoned the fiery serpents, etcetera etcetera. So that means it must have happened, Adam must have died. Does anyone not understand that? Adam must, but it doesn't say that Adam died. You have to draw an educated conclusion, that the Scripture says if Adam dies, Elijah will restore you, and in the next verse it says Elijah's restoring Adam. So, Adam must have died.


And after Satan is defeated, boiled and dried up, and Adam is regenerated and occupying the heart center of the mortal men of Judah again, Samson instructs him. Samson does not teach Satan. I will not teach Satan, and you should not be teaching Satan. Who teaches Satan? You want to guess? What did you say, Leviathan? Well, the truth is that Satan, did you want to guess? Okay.


COMMENT: The Spirit of Elijah?


SHEILA: No, no, the household of God does not teach Satan, Satan teaches Satan. Satan, this is heavy now, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, a carnal man, a man that does not have Christ formed in him, a man who is trying to do good with his carnal mind, under the influence of the Holy Spirit will teach Satan in other men. Who is Satan, it's just your carnal mind. Satan is the unconscious aspect of the carnal mind. The Holy Spirit is the expression of the Lord Jesus to mortal men who do not have Christ formed in them, and if you do not have Christ formed in you, you are Satan. Satan is good and evil. If you are not moving in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, you are good and evil, and that's who Satan is. So we see that any preacher, no matter how well meaning this man, if Christ is not formed in him, and he is preaching under the influence of the Holy Spirit, it is Satan being controlled by the Holy Spirit, teaching Satan in other men, if you can hear it, if you can't hear it, just put it on the shelf.


So Satan overcomes the mortal men of Judah, Adam teaches them, don't worry, you will survive this battle, Elijah delivers the mortal men of Judah and when Adam is re-established in their heart center, Samson teaches Adam in the mortal men of Judah. And this is the way he teaches them. He answers the question, from 10b) Satan asks, and please explain why Satan, the engraver should be yoked to Elohim. Samson explains it to Adam. Verse 11, "And after the Spirit of Elijah within Samson delivered the mortal men of Judah from Satan and Leviathan, Adam within Samson said to Abel...", oh we see he's talking to Abel here, that's interesting. I'm not, well I'm going to have to really work on that and find out if these verses are in the right sequence, I know that I went over this verse and it does have to be Abel here, but what I don't understand at the moment is why this verse where Samson is talking to Abel should come after verse 8, so I'm going to have to check that sequence, does anybody not understand what I just said? I'm going to have to check the sequence. Now, it looks to me like this verse 8 is in the wrong place, okay, because we know that Abel, let me review this for you, Abel is the immature Christ. Christ Jesus or the regenerated Adam is the virile seed, it's the whole spiritual seminal fluid, okay. Christ is just the virile seed without the water. Christ is the virile seed without the water, and Abel is Christ. Abel is called Christ in the New Testament. There is a subtle difference, I'm not going to go into it right now. Abel or Christ is the seed without the water. It's not the full seminal fluid. The Holy Spirit is the water without the seed, or the energy without the nature, and Abel or Christ is the nature without the power. And Abel increases into the regenerated Adam when the energy within the individual or when he is joined to the energy within the individual. And in the New Testament, Christ becomes Christ Jesus, Christ the seed alone, becomes Christ Jesus, when he is grafted to the Holy Spirit, when he's grafted to the energy in the individual.


Now I believe in the case of the mortal men of Judah, for Samson to be instructing Abel, what that says to me is... (end of tape 1)


Tape 2


The fact that Adam is instructing Abel says to me, that the result of the warfare is in fact that Leviathan must have harnessed Adam, and Adam dissolved, okay. Who is Adam? Adam is the virile seed, which is Abel grafted to the energy, or at least a part of the energy of the individual. So, for Samson to be instructing Abel, what this means is that Satan had absorbed, now remember Satan is the pollute waters of the individual. Adam or Christ Jesus is the purified water of the individual, with the virile seed. So there's a fight in the individual between Satan and Christ Jesus or between Satan and Adam, as to who shall possess the waters, which is the energy or the spiritual blood of the individual. So in a warfare is likened to this destructive interference that I described a few minutes back, and the regenerated Adam in Satan come at each other and either Satan is evaporated and Christ Jesus absorbs the condensed energy or Satan sacrifices the regenerated Adam and boils Adam, and takes all of the waters unto herself, leaving the virile seed, which is the nature of Jehovah without any power, did you hear that?


Abel is the virile seed which carries the nature of Jehovah without the power of the energy of the individual. Therefore if Samson is instructing Abel, it means that Adam was killed. What happens to Adam when he's killed. Adam is the virile seed grafted to the energy or to the waters, the virile seed, the root grafted to the energy, the branch of the tree of life. So for Adam to be killed, Satan must have attacked that tree of life, absorbed all of the energies, and left the virile seed undefended, Abel unclothed. Does anybody not understand this. So we see all kinds of evidence here that Samson's instruction to the mortal men of Judah, saying, "Don't worry if Leviathan in you harnesses Adam, all of that had to come to pass, although there's no description of it here. It all came to pass, and we see the virile seed unclothed, the humble seed, the humiliated seed. Abel is a humiliated seed. Abel is very vulnerable, what could happen to Abel, when Adam is killed, and only Abel is left, what is he in danger of? What is Abel continuously in danger of? Yes.


COMMENT: Being killed?


SHEILA: By whom? Who kills Abel?




SHEILA: Yes, Abel is vulnerable to be murdered by Cain. So we see that there is a sequence, that there is an order to the destruction of the household of God. Satan wars against Christ Jesus and steals his energy, Christ Jesus, or the regenerated Adam steals his energy and the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus in the New Testament loses his energy and becomes Abel in the Old Testament, or Christ in the New Testament, and Cain rises up if she can, if the Spirit of Elijah in someone who is ordained by God to defend that person, unless the Spirit of Elijah in a man who is ordained by God to defend that question, or that Jew in the Old Testament, enters in, and defends Abel, Cain will surely rise up and kill him. And how does that savior manifest that protection of Abel in the Old Testament or Christ in the New Testament? How does that savior intervene?


COMMENT: Prays for the person.


SHEILA: Yes, it's in prayer, you see. And this goes against everything that our carnal mind wants us to think. Our carnal mind wants to do something in the natural, we want to go running down there, we want to lecture the person, we want to counsel, we want to go fight with the people that are influencing them in an ungodly direction, but that's not what Christ does, that's what the good side of the tree of knowledge of good and evil does. That's what the good person does, and maybe you'll help the person and maybe you won't, but Christ Jesus or the regenerated Adam in a man, goes into his prayer closet, goes away from all men, goes into a quiet place and prays in the spirit, and if he prays the right prayer, the man is surely delivered. There's no question about it. Now, the situation that we're talking about is a believer, a true believer that has been overcome by Satan, we're not talking about someone that doesn't know the Lord, and trying to pray them into the kingdom, that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about someone who is walking with the Lord. But has overtaken by Satan, because sin was found in them. The savior that Christ Jesus raises up to defend that person, prays Lord Jesus, deliver that man, I forgive his sins, I bless him, I rebuke the weakness in him that let this happen, but I pray Lord, that you should be glorified in this man, that you should defend him, so that the ministry that you've placed in him should not be lost, so that your son who is in him should not be lost, because of the sins of the personality.


And you say, Lord whether you do it or whether you don't do it, I'll love you just the same, it has nothing to do with my needs, or my relationship with this person, or what they mean to me, but it has to do with your glory, and your purposes, and your intentions and your desires for that man, and I pray that you do whatever is going to glorify you and save the life of your son that this person is pregnant with. And you get up off your knees, and you walk away believing that they are delivered, because they are, if you say that and you mean it, they are. You want God to honor every prayer you ever pray? Pray from the point of view for his benefit, and he'll answer every prayer that you pray. Not one prayer will fall to the ground, if you pray for his benefit and for the benefit of his son, and for the benefit of his kingdom with nothing in it for yourself at all, he'll answer every prayer that you pray.


So we see that Adam was killed in the mortal men of Judah. "And after the war is over, Adam within Samson said to Abel within the mortal men of Judah, Satan within you must be afflicted, so that the Spirit of Elijah within Samson can unite with Satan within you, and the reason that the Spirit of Elijah wants to unite with Satan within you is that your wife came, Abel is the male, in the Cain Abel relationship, because your wife Cain, the foliage of the fiery serpent, your spiritual ground, has imprisoned you, you Abel, you're imprisoned, under the fiery serpent. So we see that Cain has not killed yet, "but has already imprisoned him under the ground, under the fiery serpent who is the daughter of Leviathan, the principle fish and the time line that the primordial serpent fashioned to employ mortal humanity, and yoke the human spirit of the mortal men of Judah to Satan." Let's take this a little bit at a time. First of all, I'd like to deal with, well, let's deal with Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel are one spiritual being.


Cain and Abel are one spiritual being that has the potential of being good or evil, or righteous. When this spiritual being is joined to Satan and Leviathan, Cain prevails and Abel is dead. When this spiritual being is joined to the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus, Abel prevails and prospers and Cain is under authority. As a matter of fact, we never quite saw it this way before, but the thought that's entering into my mind is that Cain and Abel is just another name for the fiery serpent. I don't know, I'm going to have to pray for this, I frequently get revelation as I preach, and what I realize right now, is that I'm telling you the same thing about Cain and Abel that I told you about the fiery serpent right on this message. If the fiery serpent is married to Leviathan, she's evil, and when she's married to Christ Jesus, she becomes the righteous wife, and Abel increases into Christ Jesus, he becomes Christ Jesus, and Cain becomes the righteous wife, very interesting, I have to pray about that a little more, and see what the Lord has to say about that.


So we see that Cain, well, Cain is the wife of Abel, because Abel is the male element of this being called Cain and Abel. And we see that Cain is the foliage of the fiery serpent, the spiritual ground. The fiery serpent is the spiritual ground and Cain is interwoven with her. Well I guess they can't be the same thing, because Cain and Abel cannot be the same as the fiery serpent, there has to be a subtle difference. It will be interesting to see what the Lord teaches me about this. Cain is of the earth, earthy, and she is woven together with the fiery serpent, the spiritual ground. And Abel when he is murdered by Cain, is buried under that ground. Now as I believe that I told you recently, it must have been a prior message in this series, I think I even had a drawing on it, that we're not talking about a physical ground, but we're talking about every particle of our spiritual being. The particles of our spiritual being exist in layers and we're talking about authority here. When Abel is disconnected from the Spirit of Elijah, because Adam is killed, now remember Abel, Adam is Abel plus the energy, and that energy is connected to the Spirit of Elijah above, and we just have one line of authority coming down. When Adam is killed, Abel is disconnected from his protector, from Elijah, and the authority of the fiery serpent, who now joins with Leviathan covers Abel. It's an authority issue, it's not, we're not talking about the physical ground like we have out here, we're talking about authority issues, when Abel is separated, when he's separated from the Spirit of Elijah, he falls into the authority of Satan, and Leviathan, who are the protector of the fiery serpent, the spiritual ground, and that is the earthen side of this being called Cain and Abel, this immature being called Cain and Abel.


Now, the foliage, I know that I did a study once, I have it somewhere on some tape. I looked up that word and the dictionary, the English dictionary says, that the word foliage means specifically, the leaves of a tree. Now can anybody tell us what the leaves, or how the leaves of the spiritual tree manifest in this world, what part of this world are the leaves of the spiritual tree? Nobody knows, okay. The leaves of the spiritual tree are these physical bodies and personalities. You see, we're talking about a spiritual tree now, the root is either Satan, or the Spirit of Christ, the trunk and the branches is either the Leviathan or Christ Jesus, and these endure, they're enduring for this whole age. Satan and Leviathan will endure until the glorified Jesus Christ destroys them. They'll be able to endure for the whole age. And now it's for the past two thousand years, well actually more than that, for about five thousand years, because the tree of life was raised in Israel. We have the tree of life appearing in this visible world, which is hell, and the Spirit of Christ is the root, or the Spirit of Elijah in the Old Testament, or pre-Elijah, is Elohim, and the trunk and the branches are the regenerated Adam, and they will endure. Since Jesus Christ, they will endure, the Spirit of Christ and Christ Jesus will endure until they swallow up Satan and Leviathan, and they will live forever.


But the leaves of the tree, if we look at our natural example, they just appear for a season. Look at your natural example, trees live many, many years. There are trees in this country that are hundreds of years old, I believe it's the redwood trees in California. They're hundreds of years old. But the leaves of the tree come out every season, and I was thinking about this just the other day, since it's fall here on Long Island, and we have so many leaves this year, they're just piled up everywhere. When I looked at them, I recalled this spiritual principle, that the leaf comes forth from the strength of the root of the tree, it appears for a season, it falls off and it dies, and it covers the ground, where in a forest, the leaves become mulch, they deteriorate, and whatever energy is in them, or life is in them, goes back into the ground to be absorbed by the root of the tree, which puts forth leaves in every season.


So the leaf of the tree is likened to this physical body and this personality, which does not reincarnate. A new crop of spiritual leaves, which we are, are born every season, and when they die, they're dead, and the spiritual substance that generated them, returns to the root of the tree. A lot of people get upset over that, but it's still the truth. So we see the foliage of the fiery serpent, the spiritual ground is talking about the personality, and coming from another point of view, I have taught you that Cain is the flesh. Cain is the beast nature of the personality. The personality is of the earth. We are the descendants of the spiritual ox that Adam formed before time began. Cain is the residue of that spiritual ox that existed in the upper window, and Abel is the residue of Adam, who existed in the upper window. And when Adam died, he fell down into the lower window with Cain and Abel. Now it's not Adam, he died to everything that Adam was, he became a whole new creature. Now remember, when Adam was ruling before time began, he rules over the spiritual ox, he was the male and the spiritual ox was the female.


And the reason that Adam could do this, was because he was connected to Elohim, who was connected to Jehovah. But when Adam agreed to the whispers of the spiritual ox, which whispers were coming from Satan, through that spiritual ox that Adam was married to, and when Adam fell under the authority of that spiritual ox, which in reality was falling under the authority of, it wasn't Satan in that generation, it was the primordial serpent, Jehovah and Elohim separated themselves. They would not strengthen a creation that was in the wrong moral order. The man had fallen under the woman, and Jehovah and Elohim separated themselves from him, and he died. He died when Jehovah and Elohim separated themselves from him, and he descended into the lower window, and he became something completely different than he was, a creature, a dual creature, called Cain and Abel, the residue of the ox, and the residue of Adam still joined together.


So we see that Cain and Abel are not the fiery serpent. And after the Spirit of Elijah within Samson delivered the mortal men of Judah from Satan and Leviathan, Adam within Samson said to Abel, within the mortal men of Judah, "Satan within you must be afflicted, so that the, now Adam is the teacher, and the Spirit of Elijah is the power, okay. Satan within you must be afflicted, so that the Spirit of Elijah within Samson, can unite with Satan within you. Well, why in the world was the Spirit of Elijah within Samson, want to unite with Satan? That's the question Satan asked up in 10b) And please explain now why Satan, the engraver should be yoked to Elohim? Well, you know sometimes you have to discern that it's a wrong spirit on the person, but sometimes the question that's asked can indicate that it's a wrong question. Can anybody see what's wrong, what is the clue in that question, that this was Satan asking this question. "And please explain now why Satan, the engraver should be yoked to Elohim? Well, I don't think anyone is going to see it, so I'll answer the question. Satan the engraver, does anyone know what the word engraver means? This word is exalting Satan. Satan is the one that has the power to engrave her nature. Satan perceives herself as the engraver, the one who engraves her nature on mortal humanity, she has exalted herself in that phrase, Satan, the engraver. So we see Adam teaching the mortal men of Judah saying, "Satan must be afflicted to the point that the spirit, Satan must be afflicted by your personality." That's just another way of me saying, the personality must agree with Christ Jesus, or Satan will not be defeated, and when the personality agrees with Christ Jesus or with the regenerated Adam in the Old Testament, the thoughts of Adam are to afflict Satan, we boil her, we cast her into the lake of fire, we do not agree with her thoughts, that's how we afflict her, we do not agree with her thoughts, but we rebuke her, wherever she's appearing.


Adam is teaching the mortal men of Judah that it is necessary for you to resist Satan's thoughts, because when you resist Satan's thoughts, the Spirit of Elijah will be able to join with or cleave unto Satan. Well what we're talking about here, is another destructive interference. Listen, Satan has all of the energy of the individual. Adam died, and Satan now possesses all of the energy, Abel is the virile seed that will die. Cain will kill him again, if Abel is not re-grafted to at least some of the waters in the individual, which is the resurrection of Adam. So when the Spirit of Elijah, joins himself to Satan, we're talking about a destructive interference, which will boil Satan, so that Abel can absorb the condensed energies. The Spirit of Elijah is coming to boil Satan, so that Abel can absorb enough water to regenerate as Adam. And before this can happen, Abel, must be afflicting Satan.


See, Adam said within Samson, said to Abel within the mortal men of Judah, see. Adam speaks to Abel, but the mortal men of Judah are hearing this message. You see, we are either Cain or Abel, we are either Adam or Leviathan. The personality does not exist by herself. The personality is the clay that is either manifesting Christ Jesus/Adam or Leviathan. So if the Scripture says that Samson said to Abel, what that means is that Abel is the one who's manifesting himself through the clay of the personality of that moment. Now remember back up above, it was Satan that asked a question, asked Samson a question through the mortal men of Judah, and Samson's response was, I'm going to war with you, because I will not speak to Satan, and Satan has a hold of your personality, and is expressing herself through that personality, therefore there must be a warfare, and when I defeat Satan and Abel is expressing himself through the personality, then I will talk to you.


There is no personality aside from Abel or Adam, or aside from Leviathan. You're either one or the other. Every time you think, every time you speak, every you do anything, you are either Christ, or you are Satan and Leviathan. You do not exist apart from a mind, you see. So, the Scripture says, and Samson said to Abel within the mortal men of Judah, that means that even though Adam was killed, Satan was also pushed back, and the virile seed lived. And Samson instructed the virile seed, which was manifesting through the personality of the mortal men of Judah, because the Spirit of Elijah had pushed Satan back. We're talking about the imputed anointing again. The Spirit of Elijah had pushed Satan back, but Samson was instructing the men of Judah saying, "Now look, the Spirit of Elijah has delivered you, but you have to fight this fight. The Spirit of Elijah has given you a handicap, he's pushed Satan back, but now you must rise up, and you must resist Satan, or she will overtake you again. And the same thing will happen that was happening at the beginning of this chapter. When Satan overtakes you again, you mortal men of Judah, who are presently expressing the mind, the righteous mind of Abel, Abel is righteous, we're told that I believe in the book of Hebrews, Paul says "righteous Abel". Abel has the righteous nature of Jehovah in the Old Testament.


In the New Testament he has the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is in the nature of Jehovah. That's what happened to you before, Samson's telling them. You were standing in your heart center, you were occupying the heart center with power, but you were there as a gift, and Satan whispered to you through your unconscious mind, and you fell prey to her seduction, and now the Spirit of Elijah has delivered you, and pushed Satan back again, but I'm not going to put you in your heart center again. I'm not going to stand you up in your heart center again, so that you can be knocked down again. I'm telling you now, the way to avoid being knocked down again is that you must afflict Satan. You must participate with me. You must participate with the Spirit of Elijah in the pushing back of Satan. And the way you participate in the pushing back of Satan, is to learn to distinguish between her thoughts and the thoughts of the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus in the New Testament. And after you learn to distinguish between the two, you must resist Satan's thoughts with all of your strength, calling upon the Spirit of Elijah within me says Samson, to help you if necessary.


In our case in the New Testament it's the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. And after the Spirit of Elijah within Samson delivered the mortal men of Judah from Satan and Leviathan, Adam within Samson said to Abel within the mortal men of Judah, "Satan within you must be afflicted, so that the Spirit of Elijah within Samson can unite with Satan within you, in a destructive interference, boiling away some of Satan's waters, so that they can be evaporated and condensed through union with Abel, which is the regeneration of Adam, the one who has the power to boil Satan the rest of the way. The regenerated Adam has the power to boil Satan, when he's joined with the Spirit of Elijah. So Samson is teaching the mortal men of Judah. You must afflict Satan, so that the Spirit of Elijah within Samson can unite with Samson within you because your wife, Cain, the foliage of the fiery serpent, your spiritual ground, that personality, that beast nature of personality has imprisoned you. Now isn't that interesting, why do think Samson is telling the mortal men of Judah that Cain has imprisoned him, or Cain has imprisoned them? I suggest to you, they didn't know that they were imprisoned, and I want to tell you that sin is that subtle. It is frightening, I have experienced it, that you don't even know that you're overcome. And the carnal mind wants to condemn Christ Jesus, saying, "how could you let this happen to me?" And the Lord says to you, "Well I gave you fifteen warnings." I didn't hear you warn me Lord.


Well I sent this sister and that sister, and I sent that brother, and I sent that sister, and I sent this sister, and I sent fifteen people to tell you that's wrong what you're doing, and to everyone of those people you said, "now I hear from Christ also, why would he tell you and not me." Because your conscience is seared. Jesus. "Because your wife, Cain, the foliage of the fiery serpent, your spiritual ground has imprisoned you Abel, and you are now under the authority of the fiery serpent, the daughter of Leviathan, the principle fish, and the time line that the primordial serpent fashioned to employ mortal humanity. What do you mean employ mortal humanity? This is a common word in spiritual circles. We read it in the Scripture in the parable that Jesus gave about other men standing around, and they were unemployed, Jesus gave them work in his vineyard. We also heard this term used in our study of Merlin, and we saw that queen Mab, who was really Satan, employed, that was the word she used, he's in my employ, talking about a gnome that she, that was her servant.


So how does a spirit employ mortal man? Mortal man speaks the spirit. Brethren, you're not your own. You are the personality, you are a mouthpiece, you are clay which is an expression of a spirit. You may think you have led an exemplary life, but compared to Jesus Christ, you have sinned every day of your life. Because you have been the mouthpiece for and the expression of Satan and Leviathan, on the good side of that tree. The fiery serpent has imprisoned you Abel, you're now under the authority, I should really put that in, you are now under the authority of the fiery serpent, the daughter of Leviathan, and we say the daughter of Leviathan, because the fiery serpent in the individual, is Leviathan in the individual. Leviathan is the collective subconscious mind, which is beyond the individual. If you think of Leviathan as a squid, which I don't, as far as I know, she's a sea serpent, but if you think of her as a squid, that has many tentacles, with each of her tentacles penetrating a human being, each of those tentacles is the fiery serpent, a part of Leviathan, in the individual.


So the Scripture calls her the daughter of Leviathan, actually she's the offspring of Satan and Leviathan. Satan is the father, and Leviathan is the mother. So your wife Cain has imprisoned you Abel, you don't even know it. Do you know how many men in our society today, are imprisoned by their wives and they don't even know it? Do you know how many parents are imprisoned by their children, and they don't even know it? Do you know how many people are dominated today in an ungodly manner and they don't even know it? Witchcraft is rampant through the whole society. We are suppose to be controlled by Christ Jesus brethren, and if it is not Christ Jesus controlling us, we are controlled by witchcraft, in our wife, in our husband, in our mother, in our father, in our children. We're suppose to be controlled by Christ Jesus. And how could it be otherwise, then that the whole society, the whole world, is manifesting witchcraft, because this whole world is of Satan and Leviathan.


Even in the church, the Holy Spirit is not the nature of Christ, he is the power of Christ, but he is not the nature of Christ. So that means the nature in the church is unchanged. The nature of the people of the church is the same as it was when they received the power of the Holy Ghost, which is power to migrate from evil to good. God help us to understand these things that we might be delivered from this world and live forever. Because your wife Cain the foliage of the fiery serpent, your spiritual ground has imprisoned you Abel, under the authority of the fiery serpent, the daughter of Leviathan, the principal fish that swims in Satan's astral plane. And the reason Leviathan is called the principal fish, is that she is the head of all of the fiery serpents, which are suppose to fish, but when they get buried in an individual, the fiery serpent becomes an earth worm. But Leviathan is the principal fish, the head of all of the manifestations of the fiery serpent that have ascended into the astral plane.


When the fiery serpent is born in an individual, she's an earth worm, but in the individual that she ascends in, when the fiery serpent ascends into the 7th energy center of the counterfeit time line, and starts having experiences in the astral plane, she becomes a fish, for all of these experiences that she has in the astral plane, she's a fish, she's delivered from the earth. Now listen, things in the spirit are opposite of things in this world, and this world, if you dig down deep enough, you hit water. If you dig into the earth deeply enough, you hit water. Well in the spirit, the fiery serpent, who's in our first energy center, when she ascends upward, and she pierces through 7th energy center, she hits the water of Satan's astral plane. And for the, all of the purposes and all of her activities in the astral plane, she's a fish.


She's returned to her natural habitat, just like the Samson that swims upstream. See, I still don't have the answer to this yet, all of the Hindu books that I've read, indicate that the fiery serpent is sleeping in the first energy center and the Yogis that want to have spiritual experiences engage in a variety of physical and verbal and meditative activities specifically designed to stir up the fiery serpent and cause her to ascend, telling me that she has to be encouraged to ascend. But everything that I read about in the Scripture tells me that she doesn't need to be encouraged to ascend, that she's all raised up in a lot of people, more people than she's not raised up in. Because just about everybody that I know with few exceptions are either engaged in gossip, or some form of backbiting, or some form of envy, or some form of ungodly control over another individual, it's just the way it is, for people who don't know any better. So I don't get it. I don't get it, but the Lord will explain it to me some day, and when he does I will explain it to you. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so "...Your wife Cain has imprisoned you, Abel, under the authority of the fiery serpent, the daughter of Leviathan, the principal fish, the time line that the primordial serpent, now we're talking about Leviathan now, the time line that the primordial serpent fashioned to employ mortal humanity." So we see that the primordial serpent fashioned or formed Leviathan for the specific purpose of incarnating mortal humanity, so that she could have a mouthpiece so that she could have a species to express herself through. And also it was the primordial serpent's intention to yoke the human spirit of the mortal men of Judah to Satan. It's the intention of the primordial serpent, to possess all of the energy, all of the waters that are in this fallen creation including the waters that are in the form of the human spirit of the individual. Satan wants all of the power. She doesn't care if Abel is in there, as long as she has all of the power, and Abel is the breath of life. Abel is the human spirit. Abel is the breath of life, he is that which gives consciousness to mortal humanity. Abel is that which gives consciousness to mortal humanity.


Now we do see Abel in two generations. Every human being born of a woman possesses Abel in the form of the breath of life. Abel represents that aspect of Elohim that was breathed into Adam before time began. But then again Abel was revived, you see, Abel is the breath of life of this creation, but he's dead. Even in his death, Elohim's breath has enough power to give consciousness to this fallen creation. But in Israel, Jehovah revived Abel. You see, this, it sounds bazaar to the carnal mind, that the breath of life is dead, but do you know that in Egyptian mythology, they talk about a dead god, his name is Osiris, he's a god, but he's dead. So why am I bringing in Egyptian mythology? Because this message is known by all spiritual societies. It comes forth with a variety of errors, in a variety of myths, but the basic message is there, the breath of life, that which gives consciousness to this mortal creation, is the dead Abel, known as the breath of life, or the human spirit. And in Israel, Jehovah through Elohim revived this dead breath of life. And not only revived Abel, but increased him into the regenerated Adam. And now we see that some Jews, I don't think it's all of the Jews, I think it's the line of David, carries the dead Abel that was revived, and I'm calling it two different generations of Abel. Abel is the breath of life of all humanity, and the dead root or the dead Abel that was revived in Israel. The Abel that was revived in Israel and died, is not in the same condition as the dead Abel that's the breath of life.


The dead Abel that was revived, the Abel that was revived in Israel and then died, has the potential to sprout the tree of life again. The Abel that's the breath of life in all of humanity has no potential to sprout the tree, did I say the breath of life, to sprout the tree of life again. Now this is really interesting, because there is an occult teaching out there, it's in the church, and it's outside of the church, that says we are born with Christ, and we are born with Christ. Abel is Christ, he's the breath of life, he is the human spirit, but he is Christ in a form that has no power to produce eternal life. Abel who is revived in Israel, through union with Elohim and Jehovah, must have been energized, I don't have anymore answer at this time, he must have been energized to a point that even though Abel in Israel died after he was revived, something was added to the breath of life in Israel, so that even the dead Abel in Israel has the potential to regenerate the tree of life. So occult teachings that talk about the Christ consciousness tell people that you're born with Christ, but he's dead. He's dead, and he's emasculated and he has no power to regenerate into the tree of life.


So if you believe that you've bought a lie. Abel that was revived be Elohim in Jehovah in Israel, had the power to regenerate the tree of life, and now through Jesus Christ, the messiah who came out of Israel, that possibility is available to all of humanity. See, I heard a well meaning preacher say the other day, talking about a Jewish believer, that this believer has come out of Judaism. No brethren, that believer did not come out of Judaism. No, Christianity is Judaism. It's a Jewish religion. Christianity is being adopted into Judaism. Now not the religiosity of the Judaizers, but of the true Judaism, of the true covenant between Jehovah and Abraham, and all of his descendants, which culminated on Mount Sinai. When Judaism was imparted to the Gentiles, they called it Christianity. But if you're Jewish, you do not come out of Judaism into Christianity, you are still Jewish.


As far as the non-Jews wanting to call themselves Christians, that's fine if you want to do that, I can't see any problem with it at this time, but a Jew does not come out of Judaism into Christianity, a Jew is a Jew. And as I have taught you in the past, there is the old covenant, is given in two different forms. It's given in one form to the Jew, and in another form to the Gentile, and this old covenant, for lack of a better word, a lot of people, Jews are offended by that term, but that describes what I'm trying to say, so I'm going to use it. The old covenant was ministered in one form to the Jew, and in another form to the Gentiles. It was ministered to the Jew in the form of the law of Moses, and the old covenant is ministered to the Gentiles in the form of the Holy Spirit, and both covenants, or both aspects of the old covenant lead the Jew and Gentile to the new covenant. And Paul is saying, there is no difference between Jew and Greek, or between Jew and Gentile, is manifested only in the new covenant. There is a difference between the Jew or the Gentile today, but in the new covenant, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory, the difference dissolves. There is a difference between the Jew and the Gentile, the Jew is required to be under the law. The Gentile is under the law of the Holy Spirit, there's a big difference.


The Jew received the tree of life through Abraham. The Gentiles are the recipients of the Spirit of the Jewish Messiah. They're not the same. But once Christ Jesus is formed in you, whether you're a Jew or whether you're a Gentile, once Christ Jesus is formed in you and you walk in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, and he becomes your very life, and he swallows up everything that you were before you came to him, there's no more difference between Jew and Gentile. There's no Jew nor Greek in the new covenant, and the church is still in the old covenant, which went first to the Jew and then to the Gentile. Jesus. So we see that the primordial serpent fashioned Leviathan, the time line that the primordial serpent fashioned to employ mortal humanity to be her, to be an expression of herself, or to be express herself through, and also to yoke the human spirits of the mortal men of Judah to Satan. She wants the energy that's in Judah, and she wants the energy that's in the church. Satan is limited to that breath of life which is of Elohim's spirit that Jehovah breathed into Adam before the beginning. She's limited to that because the creation is cut off from Elohim and Jehovah, except in Christ. Satan is limited, and as humanity expands into trillions of people, I don't know what the population is, billions or trillions, the energy in the individual is dissipated, the spiritual energy.


Brethren, that's why men use to live 4, 5, 6, and 700 years, and today they live 70, 80, and 90 years, because the energy that the individual is born with is well, I have to say that another way, because the energy that's in the whole creation is now spread out through so many more people. There's only one measure of energy. Since Jehovah and Elohim cut off Adam, that's all the energy that's in the earth. But the Jew, to whatever degree is still manifest today, and the Christian, have energy which is beyond that initial measure, because Jehovah, through Elohim has penetrated into this world, with the specific intention of imparting energy to his people to be delivered from this world, and Satan is coming to absorb this energy to make herself more powerful and keep Abel, her slave, so that she can continue to rule over this world system, which is eternal, until Christ Jesus swallows it up. It will last forever until Christ Jesus swallows it up. Praise the Lord. I don't think we'll go to another verse. Are there any questions or comments on this message tonight? Nothing, okay. Brethren, I just looked ahead at the next verses and I realize that the subtopic of permanent deliverance before verse 11 is not appropriate, I put it in too soon. As I look ahead I see that even after Samson instructs Abel, that Adam does ascend, but Satan whispers to the mortal men of Judah and they fall again.


So apparently the permanent deliverance comes later on. So we had a good exhortation on the difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing, but it does not, the imparted anointing does not appear at the place that I preached it in this message, and I guess we'll find out where it appears as we continue on with this exhortation. Okay.


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