480 - Part 15
(Judges, Chapter 16)




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Praise the Lord brethren, we are working on an exhortation of the alternate translation of Samson and Delilah. Each time I prepare to preach on this exhortation, I go over the verses of the alternate translation from verse 1 and I continue to find more and more opportunity to refine the translation. I am very grateful for this opportunity to go over and over it again, it is taking us a very long time to preach this alternate translation. I will read, well we are going to be picking up tonight on page 5 of your notes, with verse 17, and of course the verses are interspersed on page 5.


I will read from verse 1, the changes that I have made, the issues where I had the parties reversed, sometimes in these alternate translations, I mean for the subjects of the verbs to be lacking, or for the subjects of the verbs to be pronouns, which means the interlinear text is not clearly indicating who the action is to be attributed to, it is not at all uncommon that my carnal mind gets in there and attributes the particular, the action of a particular verb to a wrong party. Also, the Lord has shown me that this is very difficult reading for people, for the average person, this is very difficult reading. I have tried to clarify the subject, and who the action is being carried out upon. Those are basically the changes that I have made. I will read from verse 1, this is Judges chapter 16 interspersed.


JUDGES 16:1-


1. And Adam within Samson saw the adulterous woman in Samson's 3rd energy center, the lair of the Fiery Serpent, the wild beast within Samson, and Adam within Samson attacked the Fiery Serpent, and Samson died to the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle. ATB


We see that Adam attacked the Fiery Serpent within Samson, and verse 1 is an account of Samson's catching up into the brow energy center. Brethren, there is no way that anyone can minister the ministry of Christ, the ministry which judges, and when I say judges, I mean exposes the carnal mind for the specific purpose of the exaltation of the mind of Christ in its place. You have to be in high spiritual place to do this.


We see that Samson was caught up into the brow energy center, and for those of you who do not have this understanding yet, your personality does not necessarily have to be in the brow energy center. I use to think that this ministry, this is the ministry of reconciliation, because there is only true reconciliation between the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ in the individual. If Christ in me for example, for Christ in me to be reconciled to the glorified Jesus Christ, He must be prevailing over the carnal mind within me, because my carnal mind would never let Christ in me be joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, why? Because that is outpouring of great power, the synthesis of the glorified Jesus Christ and the regenerated Christ Jesus in me brings forth an outpouring of power that destroys Satan and her whole household.


The carnal mind is continuously trying to get between Christ, where Christ is formed, Christ in the individual, and the glorified Jesus Christ, that is the war, but it is not necessary for the whole man including the personality to be in the brow energy center, to be ministering the ministry of reconciliation, but the spirit in him has to be up there, and for the spirit in the man to be up in the brow energy center, what that means is that this man, even though he is not in perfection because to be in perfection your whole personality has to be up in the brow energy center, that even though the man is not in perfection, enough of his spirit is joined to the glorified Jesus Christ so that Christ Jesus is on top most of the time if not all of the time.


Christ Jesus can be on top, but our carnal mind can still be manifested. Perfection or salvation, as the Scripture calls it is the silencing of Satan. Christ Jesus can be fully mature. We can be living out of Him, but until Christ Jesus silencing Satan, we are not in perfection, Satan must be silenced in the unconscious mind. The Lord is reminding me of a verse in this chapter where it says that Samson is the one in whom Satan was silenced. We see that Samson was caught all of the way up, including his personality, Satan was silenced in the man Samson, before he was sent forth for this great ministry. We see that a ministry, or anything spiritual can manifest in part, it can manifest in many different parts. The ministry of Christ Jesus can be manifesting without the man being in perfection.


The ministry will not be functioning to 100% of what is possible in such a ministry, but the ministry functions every time Christ Jesus speaks through you, the ministry of Christ Jesus is manifesting in you. If He speaks through you once a month or once a week, the ministry of reconciliation is manifesting in you, but it is only once a month or once a week. What does that mean, are you punished? No, you are not punished. It means that you are limited, you are restricted to what you the personality can do for Christ Jesus, and you are restricted to the amount of times per month that He manifests. If you the personality are successful in your warfare to the point that Christ Jesus manifests in you everyday, there is ministry in Christ Jesus for you everyday. There is so much work to do in the church and in the world, that if it were possible, I think that we would not sleep, those of us who are really given over to Christ Jesus.


There is too much work to do, at this point it cannot even be done, there are not enough people to minister to all of the people who would open up to the ministry of Christ Jesus. There are not enough ministers around. As soon as you take the victory over your own carnal mind, the Lord Jesus will use you continuously day in and day out, sometimes there is ministry to people's face directly, sometimes it is intercession in the spirit, in a high spiritual form of intercession. It goes continuously, Christ Jesus does not slumber or sleep, but He has to let us sleep and He has to let us stop to eat, or we will not survive.


We see that verse #1 is an account of Samson's catching up which is his preparation for ministry. Brethren, your catching up is preparation for ministry, your catching up is not in any way designed to glorify you. There are side benefits that we receive as Christ Jesus rises in us, we the vessel that carries Him are blessed, but be not deceived because such a deception will eventually bring you down, because such a deception is pride. You are not caught up for your own sake, none of us, we are caught up to minister to the Lord's church, we are caught up to be employed in the work of Christ Jesus.


That means you do not do what you feel like doing, that means that you serve the Lord Jesus through obedience and submission to His Spirit. If you have need, you make it known, and He will make a way for your need to be met. As soon as you go out after your own spirit, you are burying Christ under the ground, and that is the end of your ministry, unless the Lord brings you to repentance and you turn again and put your carnal mind down under. Ministry is in Christ Jesus, as soon as you take a hold of the stern, I think that is what they call it on the ship, as soon as you start steering your own ship, you have killed Christ.


We see that verse 1 is an account of Samson's ascension which is his preparation for ministry to the mortal men of Judah who have lost their anointing, they have lost the anointing that was imparted to them through their covenant or through the covenant that Jehovah made with them. These are the men of Judah who have lost the spiritual power that existed when Israel was a supernatural nation.


And the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah said to the personalities of the mortal men of Judah, Adam is compassing Samson about, and now Samson...


When it says Adam is compassing Samson about, it means Samson's personality. Adam, the regenerated Adam within Samson is protecting that personality, it means Samson is invulnerable, Samson is a spiritual giant. Now the Fiery Serpent who is the spokesperson for Satan imputes evil motives to Samson.


...and now Samson will lay an ambush for all of the Fiery Serpents who have ascended into Leviathan's city...


That is talking about the mortal men of Judah, all of the Fiery Serpents in the mortal men of Judah, I guess I should put that in.


All you Fiery Serpents in the mortal men of Judah who have ascended into Leviathan's city, and Samson will attack us, because the Spirit of Elijah the head of the neck energy center of the upper window within Samson intends to nail us to the upper window of creation, by silencing Satan in us, the mortal men of Judah, and engraving all of the Fiery Serpents...


This is the Fiery Serpents talking now.


...engraving all of the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah with the nature of Elohim, the light wave who calls forth Adam, the morning, or who regenerates Adam, who is the morning.


I thought Jesus was the morning? Well Jesus is the morning, the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ arising in you, His name is Christ Jesus and He is a manifestation of Adam, He is the regenerated Adam through the glorified personality of Jesus Christ.


Adam within Samson lay upon the heart center of the mortal men of Judah to the point that Adam within Samson became a hedge between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpents, Leviathan's household in the mortal men of Judah which are the entranceway to the neck energy center of Leviathan's city.


We see the Fiery Serpents are lying, they are lying to the mortal men of Judah, they are, and look at the operation of the household of darkness, there is truth mixed with a lie. Adam is compassing Samson about, that is true. The Fiery Serpents told the truth to the mortal men of Judah, but then the motive that the Fiery Serpents imputed to Samson is not true. Now that Samson is big and strong because Adam is compassing him about, he is going to do all of these things to you, he is going to attack us. That is true, he is going to attack because the Fiery Serpents have an ungodly relationship with the personalities of the mortal men of Judah. All of this is true, the motive that is imputed is not true.


Now that Samson is compassed about by Adam, he is going to lay an ambush for all of the Fiery Serpents...


That is true, who have ascended into, well not just the ones who have ascended into Leviathan's city, he is going to lay an ambush for all of the Fiery Serpents.


...and attack us.


Not necessarily, well attack the Fiery Serpents because the Fiery Serpents are strengthened by Leviathan and moving under an ungodly spirit,


...and he wants to silence Satan and engrave all of us Fiery Serpents with the nature of Elohim.


Wow, is that not terrible, this great and wonderful salvation that the Lord has for us, many think it is an evil thing, because they are thinking with the mind of the Serpent.


So Adam within Samson lay upon the heart center of the mortal men of Judah, to the point that Adam within Samson became a hedge between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, Leviathan's household in the mortal men of Judah.


What does that mean? The Fiery Serpent was being strengthened by Leviathan, and the strengthened Fiery Serpent was overcoming the personalities the mortal men of Judah, so that they were being influenced. The mortal men of Judah were being influenced by the Fiery Serpents who were connected to Leviathan, who was connected to Satan. The personalities of the mortal men of Judah were being influenced by the Serpent's household, even though salvation was right there in their midst, in the thoughts of their mind, they were going towards the thoughts of the Serpent's household. The salvation that came to them, the deliverance that came to them, was that the mind of Samson, which was the regenerated Adam, that is the mind that was in Samson, penetrated into the mind of the mortal men of Judah, and severed the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan.


That is very nice poetry, how do you think it happened? What happened to the mortal men of Judah, how did it manifest in their lives, in their minds, in their thoughts. I believe that Samson must have told them the truth. I believe that Samson must have said to them, you are being seduced, that is your carnal mind, that is sin manifesting in you, in the thoughts of your mind, and that when Samson said it, those went forth with the power of the Spirit of Elijah, and that spirit went into the minds of the mortal men of Judah, and cut and separated the Fiery Serpents from Leviathan in those men whose heart was truly turned towards God, but were being overtaken.


Please note that the Fiery Serpents of Leviathan's household in the mortal men of Judah, were the entranceway to the neck energy center of Leviathan's city. Brethren, when our consciousness ascends into the neck energy center, in either time line, great power is manifested through that vessel, that is a high place to be, the 5th energy center is a high place to be, it is a place of spiritual warfare, it is a place of great power. The animal that signifies the strength of that energy center is, does anybody remember?


COMMENT: Dragon?


PASTOR VITALE: No, no, anybody else? The elephant. In Hindu circles, the elephant is a white elephant that occupies the 5th energy center of Leviathan's time line, but in the true time line, the elephant, I think the Lord told me the elephant is grey, and oh, you are saying, I never heard any elephant spoken about in the Scripture. Does anyone remember the symbol, that word in the Scripture that signifies the elephant?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, ivory. You who build houses of ivory, I think that is Zechariah, an indictment against those who build houses of ivory, you who build yourself up in your consciousness to the 5th energy center of the counterfeit time line and work witchcraft instead of manifesting the glory of God.


And Adam within Samson seized the Fiery Serpents...


With his mind, with his mind, what part of the mind is the part that seizes? What part of our mind is the part that seizes? The symbol for that part of the mind is the hand. The subconscious part of the mind is signified by the hand because that is the part that seizes. Do you know that you can seize somebody's mind? You can! I am spiritually sensitive, I come around people with a lot of witchcraft that do not like what I am saying, and I have completely lost my memory on occasion. I lose my memory, I go into confusion, and I know that somebody, I look around the room, you see, not necessarily here, and everybody looks innocent, but I know that somebody in that room has a carnal mind who really opposed what I was saying. Maybe they were aware of it and maybe they were not, but the personality who really was distressed and against what I was saying, became a doorway for Satan to manifest through, and Satan is spirit, and spirit can be likened to electric current, and that electricity came into the room and broke my communication with the glorified Jesus Christ and I sat there like a dumb animal going duh! I forgot what I said. It could be here too, your subconscious mind reacts badly to something that I say, it has happened here that I forget what I am talking about, most likely somebody's subconscious mind manifested, either it did not like what I said or it became terrified at what I said, but it rose up and broke the communication between me, the personality, either between me and Christ Jesus within me or between Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus. I am not sure where the connection broke, but the connection broke because me the personality sits there and goes duh, I forgot what I was going to say.


And Adam within Samson seized the Fiery Serpents, Leviathan's household within the mortal men of Judah, and Adam within Samson made love to the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah by forming a spirit tie with them. And Adam within Samson had spiritual intercourse with the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah.


We have gone over that before, the spirit tie, you form a spirit tie with another man brethren, by having as a foundation of your relationship spiritual conversation. You all have a spirit tie with me. We have somewhat of a soul tie because I will talk to you about other things, but basically your relationship with me is a spirit tie, because that is what the Lord demands. Christ Jesus in me speaks to you and that means even if Christ in you is just floundering, if you come in here and your carnal mind is up, Christ Jesus in me is pressing at you, pressing at you, pressing at you to bring forth Christ in you that there should be a communion between Christ Jesus in me and Christ in you, that you might benefit, that Christ in you might grow and increase.


Most of the time, we are talking about the things of God, that means we have a spirit tie. If anyone that you are in a relationship with, you speak to most of the time about the things of this world, or the thoughts of the carnal mind, there is nothing wrong with talking to somebody about cooking or shopping or decorating or work, but you need to know that when you have these discussions, that is your carnal mind, and that such discussion is a major part of your relationship, your relationship with that person is a soul tie not a spirit tie.


Of course the spiritual intercourse with the Fiery Serpent is the penetration of the Fiery Serpent by Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus has to be on top of the Fiery Serpent to penetrate her. Christ Jesus can be fully manifested within you, but not yet fully on top of the Fiery Serpent, or He can be on top of her but not yet having penetrated her yet. It is all a process.


It came to pass that the personalities of the mortal men of Judah who were miserable disheartened and pining away because of their weak and inadequate nature...


That is a translation of what word, does anyone remember? That is a translation of Delilah, Delilah is the type of the church, actually she is a type of all of mortal humanity, we are all spiritually female except those of us who are living out of Christ, all of mortal humanity is spiritually female, and from a high spiritual point of view where Jesus Christ is, we are all miserable disheartened and pining away because of our weak and inadequate nature, whether we know it or not.


Some people think they are happy but they have no comparison of true happiness of the life in God to compare their life to. We see that Delilah brought forth Abel, the manchild.


It came to pass that the personalities of the mortal men of Judah who were miserable, disheartened, and pining away because of their weak and inadequate nature, brought forth the manchild.


I am going to have to work on that verse, actually they did not bring forth the manchild, Abel within them, Abel the dead root of the tree of life that was imparted through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, actually Abel was stirred up, Abel was revived, the dead Abel was revived, so I am going to have to work that into that translation. I could spend a whole year on one chapter of translations, I keep seeing more and more corrections on it.


And the Spirit of Elijah, Adam's captain who is in the crown energy center...


Elijah abides in the crown energy center.


...which is above the neck energy center of Samson, the valley where Satan was silenced.


We see that Samson was in his neck energy center. It says here that Satan was silenced, yet Samson was in the 5th center, not in the 6th center, at this moment, I do not know, that seems to be a contradiction to something I said earlier, but I do not have the answer right now.


The Spirit of Elijah, Adam's captain who is in the 7th energy center which is above the neck energy center of Samson, the valley where Satan was silenced...


We are all valley, we are the valleys.


...brought the personalities of the mortal men of Judah out of Leviathan's city.


They had been captured, the personalities of the mortal men of Judah, that is Delilah, had been captured, and we abiding in Leviathan's city.


The Spirit of Elijah is the one who brought them out and bolted the door against the Primordial Serpent, the magician who cast a spell upon the Primordial Adam, to cause him to fall so that she could unite with Elohim's sons. And this is how the Spirit of Elijah within Samson joined the personalities of the mortal men of Judah to Adam in Samson's neck energy center, which is above.


We see that the deliverance that came forth from Samson to the mortal men of Judah, took the form of the regeneration of Adam, and of course this account is abbreviated, even the alternate translation is abbreviated. It talks about the manchild being stirred up, about Abel being stirred up, and there is no account here of Abel, the manchild increasing into the regenerated Adam, but we know from other studies that, that must be what would have happened for the rest of these verses to be accurate.


And this is how the Spirit of Elijah within Samson joined the personalities of the mortal men of Judah to Adam in Samson's neck energy center.


Only Adam in the mortal men of Judah would be joined to Adam in Samson. We see that the manchild had to have increased into the regenerated Adam for the mortal men of Judah to be joined in mind to Samson in this high place called the neck energy center. As I have told you before, this is called the gathering unto the prophet, or the gathering unto the apostle, or the gathering unto the teacher.


This is the principle of the Scripture. The Lord raises up a teacher, this is what happened with Jesus, the Lord raises up a teacher, Jesus, Samson, any other of the great leaders of the Scripture, this is the way Jehovah works, and Jehovah works through Elohim, Jehovah is almighty God, Elohim is His right hand. Jehovah is the static energy, He is the thought process, and Elohim is the dynamic energy, He is the part of Jehovah that does.


This is His m.o., He raises up one man, or a group, a small group of men, at the beginning at least, and He raises them up to a high spiritual place where they are in continuous communion with Him, therefore having dominion over their own carnal mind, the teachers I am talking about now, and then He draws a congregation unto the teacher that is strengthened by the one above, and through the teacher, Jehovah through Elohim, through the teacher gathers the men of the congregation up into this high place of the throat energy center, for what purpose? So that they should prevail over Satan and Leviathan.


There are no islands in the kingdom of God. If you are hearing this message and you do not belong to a local fellowship where the Lord has placed you, you are outside of God's will. It is possible that God has not placed you, it is possible that the kind of fellowship He would want you in is not available locally, but I believe that if your heart is truly right towards the Lord, even if it is one other person, He will put you together with one other person, maybe there will just be three of you, and of those two or three people that gather together in Jesus name, not in a spoken word but in His nature, that means when the two or three of you gather, Christ is on top, of the two or three of you, one of you will be most mature, it is impossible for all three to be equally mature, and the one of you in which Christ Jesus is most mature is the leader of the group.


It has nothing to do with who you are in town or how much money you have or what kind of job you have, or if you wear a three piece suit, hopefully you do not come in with dirty fingernails, but I am just making a point.


If you are mature enough to accept the position, to accept the reality that Jesus has said that Christ Jesus in you is most mature of the three of you, and you are mature enough to be at the meeting every week as a responsibility to God, then I have to believe that your fingernails will be clean, and that Christ Jesus will speak through you. I hope you know I am just kidding, I am not talking about fingernails, I am talking, I am saying that if Christ Jesus in you is mature enough and you the personality are responsible enough to present yourself once a week or twice a week as the Lord has ordained, it does not matter how much money you earned, what kind of a job you have, how many children you have, whether you are married or not, what color you are, what your voice sounds like, none of this matters, the only thing that matters is that Christ Jesus is speaking at that gathering of two or three people. Verse 5.


So Satan the lord of the Fiery Serpents, the spiritual immigrants within the mortal men of Judah...


Does anybody remember what that is a translation of, the spiritual immigrants within the mortal men of Judah?


COMMENT: The Philistines?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Philistines. There are spiritual Philistines. I do not doubt that there are physical Philistines. I know that there are because their descendants are the Palestinians today, but there are spiritual Philistines, the meaning of the word Philistine means immigrant, and the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah are the immigrants. They are, does anybody remember who the Fiery Serpents are? Do you want to try?


COMMENT: Jehovah's sperm?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes, yes, this whole creation began with Jehovah's sperm. Do not shut off the message, this whole world is a physical expression of spiritual reality. Jehovah is not a man, but there is a spiritual aspect of Himself that goes forth to reproduce. Does anybody know the name of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid?


COMMENT: Elohim.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is who Elohim is. He is Jehovah's reproductive force. Elohim, Jehovah's spiritual semen has two sides to it just as natural semen does. Anybody remember the two sides, two sides of semen, both in the natural and the in the spirit?


COMMENT: The water and the seed.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, water and seed. The waters of creation and the seed, or the sperm. The Primordial Serpent has captured all of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid that was given to the earth. The Primordial Serpent has not captured Elohim who is God, an aspect of Elohim was given to the earth for the purpose of forming the civilized man, a civilized spiritual man in Jehovah's nature or in Jehovah's image. Elohim is still alive and well, immortal, in heaven, inseparable from Jehovah. The Scripture says, And Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man. He imparted an aspect of Elohim to the man that was formed from the dust of the earth, and that is the spiritual seminal fluid. Elohim is that dynamic aspect of Jehovah and He gave of Himself, a measure of that living water, and what makes the water alive is that the seed in the water is virile. The difference between water and living water in the Scripture is that the water alone has no virile seed in it.


This whole world that we believe or that many believe that God has created, is not formed by the Lord, it is formed by the Primordial Serpent with the water or the energy that was imparted to the earth, but there is no life in it, there is consciousness here, consciousness without life, except for the work of Jesus Christ for these past two thousand years, there is no life in the earth, consciousness without life. That is what hell is brethren, consciousness apart from God is hell, and death.


Death is the condition of the man who has consciousness apart from God, death is his condition and hell is his state of mind. The thoughts of the mind that is apart from God is hell. The Primordial Serpent stole or apprehended the measure of Elohim that was imparted to this earth, brethren, just as when a man lies with his wife, he imparts his seed to her, that is not the last of his seed, he has more seed to give, his body is capable of producing more seminal fluid. We see it was not the whole of Jehovah that was given, and that is a false teaching that is in the church, it is in the church, that God brought everything into this creation and now the only place that you can find God is in man, no.


God put a measure of Himself into the earth, so the Primordial Serpent apprehended the whole measure of seminal fluid that was poured into the earth by Elohim, or by Jehovah through Elohim, the Primordial Serpent apprehended the waters, and the waters became polluted because the Primordial Serpent is earth, the nature, the Primordial Serpent is the conscious earth, the dead barren earth that was touched by Jehovah's seminal fluid receives consciousness, and it was a negative consciousness, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


We are told in Genesis 1 that Elohim commanded that the water should flow over the earth and the water should come back to the window above, but the Primordial Serpent which now had a negative consciousness, evil if you will, managed to bring down the energy or the waters that had returned to the window above, she brought it back down to the lower window, and the waters became polluted with her earth, and the name of the waters of creation which is just another way of saying energy, the energy that brings consciousness to the creation, the name of the energy or the waters that are polluted is who? What is the name, what is the personal name of the polluted waters of this creation?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Satan. The waters of the seminal fluid which lacked Elohim's virile seed but are polluted with earth in the place of the virile seed are called Satan. Jesus said He came to retrieve that which is lost. One of the things He came to get back are the waters or the energy which is the consciousness of this creation. He came to take it back from Satan, and in order for the Lord Jesus to take these waters back, Satan has to die, because the waters will either be grafted to, or let me say it the other way, either the virile seed of Jehovah will be grafted to the waters or the earth will be grafted to the waters, they both cannot be grafted to the waters. When the earth is grafted to the waters of creation, any virile seed that is present dies. For the virile seed to be grafted to the waters and to live, the earth must be cleansed from the waters. Why does the seed die? When particles of earth are grafted to the waters of the creation, why do the virile seed die? Because the earth is heavy, and solid, even the spiritual earth in comparison to Jehovah's virile seed, and the earth coats the seed, cleaves to the seed, that is the nature of the spiritual substance, the earth will pollute the waters, thicken the waters, and the spiritual sperm that swim in the waters will become coated with that earth just as we see in the world today that many fish are dead and dying because of oil spills, the oil spills into the oceans, the fish are coated with the oil, their fins do not work, they cannot get the air that they need, they die and they rise to the surface of the sea and they stink.


Jehovah's spiritual sperm swimming in Satan's waters become coated with earth, and they sink down to the bottom of the sea and become buried or became buried in the ocean bed of the Primordial sea, and because the Primordial Serpent desired and still desires to manifest a physical world that she will be god over, she laid hold of these sperm that were now buried in the earth, and brought forth a solid manifestation of herself that swings in her ocean, what is her name, what swims is Satan's ocean?


COMMENT: Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan, the sea serpent has been formed from the earth, from the mud of the ocean bottom of the conscious primordial sea, and all of Jehovah's sperm have fallen down into that earth that is now lumped together to form the sea serpent, and all of Jehovah's sperm are now within the sea serpent or that great fish that we read about in the book of Jonah, and they are completely captured by Satan and Leviathan, who systematically force any given number of these spiritual sperm into the world underneath the ocean bed, you see they fell right through. Let me draw you a picture.


I have drawn the board into three sections in an attempt to give you a very vague idea of the fall. The world was only in two sections, there was an upper window, and there was a lower window. The earth was in the lower window, earth is necessary in the creation because it is Jehovah's intention to have a visible world which will be projected, which will be an image projected through a negative, and you must have darkness as well as light in a negative to project an image. The earth is necessary, and the earth is the exact opposite of Jehovah's spirit, the spirit is light and the earth is darkness. The spirit is righteous, and the earth is evil and good.


There were only two windows at the beginning, but the waters that were in heaven, heaven is Jehovah's nature. I tell you down here that death is a condition of mind, and the carnal mind is death and hell is the location of the carnal mind or the location of death, the world that death produces.


We have heaven which is Jehovah's nature, and there was a world in Jehovah's image before all of the waters fell down into the lower window where the earth is, and the waters were polluted with earth, these dots are the pollution, and the Primordial Serpent gathered these many particles of earth, not all of them but large numbers of the particles into a solid mass, and for all intents and purposes, if you can hear it, Leviathan is the collective sperm of the Serpent. The sperm of the Serpent is made of earth, the particles of herself. Is not the sperm a part of a man's body? He sends forth a part of himself. The part of herself that the Primordial Serpent sent forth or accumulated or gathered together to become her sperm consists of the earth, and Leviathan is the collective name of all of Jehovah's seed, Jehovah's virile seed that fell down and were captured in the waters in the window underneath coated with earth and clotted together or became clots into one super entity called Leviathan.


It is Leviathan who incarnates this world underneath the ocean bed. I see that I did not make it clear on this drawing, but what I was trying to show you, and I will make adjustments to this drawing, is that, this was the ocean bed over here, and the world that we live in is underneath the ocean bed, a world on the other side, we went all of the way through the ocean bed.


There is a ceiling, if you want to look at the physical world as an example, there is a ceiling between us and God, we are underneath the ocean bed, we are underneath the earth, the spiritual aspect of ourselves is buried underneath the earth, we went right through the ocean bed and formed a world down here instead of the world up here, and now creation is divided into three windows instead of two, and the upper window where we are supposed be living is parched, it is a dry place, because the serpent is now possessing all of the waters on two levels, and what was the primordial sea is now the astral plane, the heaven of this world underneath the sea.


For us to return to heaven, we have to pierce through the earth, overcome the astral plane, which is Satan and return up here to heaven. The earth that we have to overcome is our carnal mind. Remember Christ is implanted underneath the earth, He is grafted to the Holy Spirit within us, but underneath the earth of our carnal mind and He has to be brought to consciousness. When a baby is born, the doctors spank the baby to start him breathing. Christ grafted to you is lying unconscious underneath the earth of your carnal mind. He needs to be revived by the anointed preaching of the word, by the Spirit of Christ.


When you hear this word, it is speaking to Christ in you, wake up, wake up, wake up! These words that come forth by the Spirit of Christ are heard by Christ buried under your carnal mind. That is all that He hears. He is dead to the thoughts of the carnal mind, He is lying there unconscious, but when He hears this word by the Spirit of Christ, it is like a drink of cool water unto Him and He starts to revive.


Once He revives, He has to overcome the carnal mind, and once He pierces through the carnal mind enough to be actually fighting, He is in a war with Satan who is the astral plane and Leviathan who swims in Satan's sea. The earth, I said, He has to overcome the earth of the carnal mind, who is the earth of His carnal mind? Actually according to th doctrine as it is coming forth, the earth that Christ has to overcome is the Fiery Serpent, who is the spiritual ground and Cain who is the foliage of the spiritual ground, Cain is the personality, the dumb beast aspect of the personality, the conscious mind.


It is a three scale warfare for Christ to go home, and we have a whole church world thinking that all you have to do to get home is to physically die. We see that our world, the world that we know as the world, is underneath the ocean bed, and the ocean bed is the Fiery Serpent which is the spiritual ground, and Cain, who is interwoven with the Fiery Serpent who is sometimes called an ass in the Scripture, the dumb ox, and sometimes called the foliage of the ground, which is the personality. I have been telling you for a long time, that the personality, the Fiery Serpent are one, and that the Fiery Serpent is the spiritual sexual organ of the personality, but now I am telling you that Cain, and I have spoken to you about Cain being your conscious mind, and now we see that Cain is the other aspect of the personality.


The personality has two aspects, the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual sexual organ, and the conscious mind which is the dumb ox, what the world calls the flesh. Abel is in here, I have drawn him sort of low down, because when he is buried under the ground he is not in the higher centers, I do not know exactly where he is, I know that Abel or Christ is grafted to the Holy Spirit in the individual, and that He is underneath the authority of the ground, but I put Him actually in the third energy center, but I do not really know exactly where He is when He is lying dormant.


As I told you earlier, Abel must be revived, and He must start to war against his conscious mind, Cain that dumb ox, that ass that says, Oh I do not believe in spiritual things, that dumb ox that ass in all of us that looks right at a spiritual event and makes some carnal excuse to justify it. We have to overcome that conscious mind, that dumb ass within our own mind, and when we overcome that aspect of our self, then we are face to face with the Fiery Serpent, why? Because when you overcome your conscious mind, you find the spiritual side of us.


It is the conscious mind that says, Oh there is no spirituality. That spiritual explanation that you are giving to that event, Oh, no, that was just someone's machine that did that. When you overcome that conscious mind which is the veil or the maidenhead that covers your spirituality, you find your spirituality, and your spirituality or your spiritual potential is the Fiery Serpent, but the Fiery Serpent uncovered unless Christ rises and covers her, she is an evil spirituality, she serves Satan and Leviathan, and she lusts for Leviathan, the Fiery Serpent.


She is not going to let you, she is not going to let Abel or Christ who is rising in you cover her, and keep her from her lover, so now you have to fight the Fiery Serpent, and when Christ climbs up and covers the Fiery Serpent, which is the ocean bed for all intents and purposes, He finds Himself in the astral plane.


When you ascend spiritually, eventually you find yourself in the astral plane, and either you are in the astral plane covered, or you are in the astral plane uncovered, you the Fiery Serpent aspect of yourself, your spirituality, either you ascend into the astral plane uncovered or you ascend covered because Christ has covered you, and if Christ has covered you the Scripture says you ascend into the astral plane in a ship. You think Jesus was out there on a wooden ship all of the time? No He was not.


He ascended into the spiritual planes within the ship Christ Jesus, which protected His mind from the evil thoughts of Satan, Satan is the generator of the thoughts of the carnal mind. As you ascend into the spiritual planes, you are going to be hearing all kinds of thoughts from Satan, and this is what is going on in the church today. So many in the church are ascending without Christ whether they know it or not, and they are meeting Satan, and they are hearing her thoughts, and they think it is the Lord.


Then after we overcome Leviathan, and Satan, we ascend back up into heaven, and we bring the waters with us, because in order to pass through Satan, we have boil our waters away which cause them to evaporate, and ascend into a higher state of being. We live in the world underneath the ocean bed.


I believe that was the purpose of this whole drawing, this whole world exists under the ocean bed, and it will take a warfare to liberate us. Are there any questions or comments on this drawing? Okay.


This is drawing #2, and again I have divided the board into three sections, please note that the lower two sections are the lower window, the Primordial Serpent has divided her lower window into two parts in an attempt to duplicate the original creation which was just two windows, an upper window, heaven, and a lower window hell. The Primordial Serpent has stolen the waters from the window above and divided her own window into two windows and created a world or formed a world out of the spiritual substance beneath the ocean bed, this is an illegal world down here. The whole world, the world that we live in, it is an illegal world, it is an extra orbit on the atom, I have expressed this is several different ways over the years.


This physical body is illegal, it was never intended by Jehovah or Elohim for us to have a physical body that binds us to the earth, and we have a whole element in the church that is believing and preaching that this physical body will be taken with us when we ascend, it is a lie.


This whole world underneath the ocean bed, underneath the sea and in particular underneath the ocean bed is going to cease to exist, it is going to become a desert. When the waters are returned to the upper window, this lower window which has illegally been divided into two worlds, a heaven, the astral plane, and an earth, the solid world underneath the ocean bed will no longer be two windows but it will once again be one window, this whole world will dissolve, and the earth will dry out and become dust, because all of the waters will returned to the world above. Leviathan will cease to exist, she is going to be boiled in Satan's waters, Satan will be boiled and all of the particles of earth will fall down to the bottom and that includes Leviathan, and all of the waters will, all of the refined waters, all of the distilled waters will ascend back up to heaven, and all of the earth that is covering all of Jehovah's sperm will fall away off of His spiritual sperm, and they will ascend back up into heaven.


We see that this is how we got into this whole teaching, I was asking you who the Fiery Serpents are, they are Jehovah's spiritual sperm, an aspect of Elohim, the seed side of Jehovah's seminal fluid whose name is Elohim, but they were captured in the waters below, coated with earth, and drawn into a hole called Leviathan, under the thinking or the dominion or the thought process of Satan, the sea that they existed. This whole astral plane that you see up here, was Leviathan swimming in it, projects an image of itself, and that image is projected downward, this whole visible world that we live in, including the mind that we have and the physical body that we have, are the image of Satan and Leviathan in the heavens of this fallen world.


There is more than one heaven, there is the heaven of this fallen world which is the astral plane, and there is the heaven that is out of Christ Jesus which is the mental plane which is higher than the astral plane. This heaven above is higher than the heaven below. There are two heavens. Everything is reversed, the heaven below is supposed to be a desert, and the heaven above is supposed to be rich with the waters of Jehovah, but it reversed, the heavens above are a parched place, in most people, except in Jesus, as far as I know, well some of us are in the process of being restored, and the world below which is supposed to be barren, desert is flourishing with the plants and the animal life of Satan's world, an illegal world, an illegal time line, destined to be burned and to cease to exist. As this judgment comes upon Satan's world, the reality of which is in the astral plane, this world down here which is a reflection of the astral plane will experience great upheavals and disillusion.


This is what is the general principle behind all of the tornados and the floods and mud slides, there are great upheavals in the astral plane. Why? Why are there great upheavals in the astral plane? Because Christ Jesus is piercing through this earth, this earthen ocean bed causing earthquakes in the astral plane, and when there is an earthquake in the ocean bed, the waters go into turmoil, form blue holes. That is like a tornado in the sea, a whirling vortex that draws fish and boats and everything into it, until they are chewed up and disappear. All of this is going on in the astral plane because Christ Jesus is piercing through in the minds of a couple of people.


Everything that is happening in the astral plane is being reflected in the world underneath the ocean bed, as physical earthquakes and physical mud slides and physical tornados.


You have heard about global warming, the whole earth is warming up, that is true, Satan's waters are starting to boil, and that fact is being reflected in the physical earth. We are just the reflection down here. The reality is up here in the astral plane and of course in the mental plane of Christ Jesus. Hallelujah.


Once again, we see that the spiritual ground is the Fiery Serpent, the two aspects of the personality and the spiritual ground are the Fiery Serpent and Cain. I will have to put the Fiery Serpent in there. The ground cannot penetrate herself, you see a female cannot penetrate herself. A female cannot penetrate anybody, she does not have that with which to penetrate, and the way this principle is expressed in the Scripture is the Fiery Serpent which expresses the spirit of Satan is the spiraline time line which spirals around and cannot penetrate this ocean bed, so when someone tries to ascend in goodness, in the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, if they are ascending in Satan's spirit, that spirit is spiraline, and when it hits the ocean bed, it cannot penetrate it, so it bounces around and it goes back down. The person that is ascended in Christ Jesus is having spiritual experiences, but they have not escaped from the world underneath the ocean bed. They are still in hell.


Only the Spirit of Christ's linear spirit can penetrate the ocean bed and return to heaven. This is the principle behind what Jesus was talking about when the King James translation says, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to find salvation or to enter into the kingdom of God. Of course that is not an accurate translation, we translated those verses in a recent message, Moses, Camels, and Water in the Desert, and what that Scripture is really saying is that Jesus, the Spirit of Christ, the needle has to penetrate through the fabric of the ocean bed, and the camel is the personality who is resisting Satan's spiritual power, and existing in this world sometimes in spiritual poverty, sometimes in physical poverty, suffering all kinds of loss rather than to commit adultery with Satan's spirit, the power in this world, that is who the camel is.


The camel herself, the personality, even though she is in the desert resisting Satan cannot penetrate out of this world, only the Spirit of Christ within us, the needle, the linear spirit can penetrate through. This physical body is not going up, and the personality which is earth, and the Fiery Serpent, well the Fiery Serpent is going to shed the earth that is coating him, now she is a her, when the earth is shed, the Fiery Serpent will be Jehovah's seed again, and will be male.


These thick clods of earth are not going up, and only the personality that is joined to Christ Jesus and thereby spiritualized is going up. What do you mean spiritualized? It means that the density of earth in the personality will be much less when we are joined to Christ Jesus, because earth is the pollution, that is the filthiness of the spirit and the soul that we must be cleansed of. The personality must be diluted of the measure of density of earth, must become rare or less dense, and then we will ascend with Christ Jesus.


We are not going up in this condition. If you stop to think of the measure of the education that is necessary to the people of the world it is mind boggling, I am so glad it is not my job, that I am just a little guy down here at the bottom, and the Lord Jesus is orchestrating this whole thing. What an awesome, awesome thought, to teach this doctrine to the world so that they can ascend. I cannot cope with the thought of it, the amount of work that needs to be done. Are there any questions on this drawing? If not, we will read the Scriptures into this message.


PSALM 89:27


27. Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth. KJV


The firstborn, who is the firstborn? Who is that referring to, somebody? We got the answer over here, that is the second time in two meetings that Xxxx our beloved down syndrome girl had the answer, God bless you sweetheart, God bless you. Yes, Jesus is the firstborn, He is the first one to be born, the first one who is born of a woman who has escaped from this world under the ocean bed, and to be born again into heaven. Elijah had this experience, but Elijah was not born of a woman. Could you read that again for us?


PSALM 89:27


27. Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth. KJV


The firstborn, Jesus is the first one born out of death, it is in the book of Revelation, and He has ascended back into the upper window of creation, higher than the kings of the earth. There are good kings of the earth and there are evil kings of the earth, if you are a human being and you move in spiritual power and you have dominion in the astral plane and over the astral plane, you are a king.


You are either a king in Satan's power or you are a king in the power of the Spirit of Christ. We see that Jesus, the firstborn of the Spirit of God, is going to be higher than both kings of the earth, obviously He is going to be higher than the kings whose authority is in the astral plane because He is above the astral plane, He is in the mental plane, and He is also going to be higher than the kings of the earth who have the Spirit of Christ, because He shall always have the preeminence. Why will Jesus always have the preeminence? Because everyone of us are gathered into Him and we are ascending only because He stands as our high priest, gathering our spirits unto Himself, just as I have been teaching for months and tonight that this was Samson's position and this is my position to you, and it is the position of any teacher that Christ Jesus raises up here in the earth, it is Jehovah, Elohim, the glorified Jesus Christ, the teacher in the flesh, and the group that the Lord Jesus gathers around the teacher, and if you are a part of the group, you get all of the way to the top through a godly submission to the teacher and following through that chain of command.


If you cannot hear this, and you are out there being a lone ranger and you think that you are going to connect to the top by yourself, you may find out, I hope that you find out, that you are wrong, because you can only be a leader of a group when Christ Jesus makes you a leader of a group, and if you make yourself the leader of the group, then you are not connected up here, you are not connected up to heaven, but you are hitting this ocean bed and going round and round and round in the desert for 40 years and everyone that is under you, if the Lord has not established you is going round and round in the desert with you.


If you want to get up there, you better put your pride away and ask Jesus where He wants you to be. I know of a man right now through another person, I have never met him, who has been waiting for five years because he heard a word, that caused him to leave a particular fellowship which may very well have been God, I think that he really did hear a word from God but he did not understand it, and the word was, Leave this fellowship, no man need teach you, and it turned out that the teacher in that fellowship was a false teacher, I believe the Lord called him out.


There are thousands of Christians today that do not understand that Christ Jesus can teach you through a mortal man. When the Scripture says no man need teach you, what it means is, no carnally minded man need teach you, Christ Jesus will teach you, but that does not mean everything you learn you will learn directly. Christ Jesus can teach through a teacher if He chooses to do so, and if He chooses to do so, and you are one of the people that He sends to sit under a teacher, and your carnal mind raises up in pride and says, Oh, no, I am going to get it directly, you may waste five years of your life waiting to hear from the Lord, and this is the testimony of this man, five years, and he is finally coming to the conclusion and of course he has been exposed to what is pouring out of this ministry. He spent five years of his life waiting for a word that never came. Why did this happen to Him? He heard the Lord initially and he came out, but when the doctrine of Christ and the materials that are pouring out of here were presented to him, he did not get it, that this was what he was called out to receive. His understanding failed him. I believe he is getting that understanding, praise God, five years of his life.


I am telling you when you get a word from the Lord, you must ask the Lord for the interpretation of that word, if you think you understand what God tells you, you are in trouble. You have to say, Lord, what did that mean? Then you can have an idea in your head what it means, and say, Lord, this is what I think it means that you said to me, have I got it right, is that what it means, have I got it right? If I do not have it right please do not let me walk around believing a lie.


You have got to go through this with every word that you get. You think you do not have to do that, you could waste five years of your life. I do not know about you but I do not have five years to waste. I do not want to be in the desert for five years. I spent one year in the desert, the Lord pulled me out of church, and I did not understand and I did not ask, and I spent a whole year with no spiritual life, and for some merciful reason the Lord came to me after one year, and said to me, Return unto me and I will return unto you. I said, What are you talking about, I did not leave you, you left me, you pulled me out of that church and you left me with nothing. I had to repent but that was a carnal thought, the Lord did not replace what He pulled me out of with something of the same type, I never asked Him what He had for me, I could not conceive of it, but He had something for me, so I only lost a year, thank God it was not five.


The end of my repentance and submission to Him was the initiation of this ministry which is a great honor to be working and laboring in the vineyard of God. If I do not stand, if I die, I am immortal because of the work that Christ Jesus has done through me. If I did not return unto Him, if I did not say to Him, Lord what are talking about? If I had said to that man who gave me that prophecy, Oh, that was a false prophecy, I did not leave the Lord, He left me, none of this would have come to pass.


You have to question the Lord about everything that you do not suffer loss, and I do not do it a hundred percent of the time, I wish I could, but I fail continuously. As I tell you many times, I make my general fleece, hoping that when I fail He will have mercy on me and come to me in less than a year, and tell me that I did something wrong or that I misunderstood Him. Let us go on with the next Scripture please.




9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. KJV


We see that there is a heaven that is higher than the earth, heaven, you see the astral plane is considered the earth by the Lord, there is a, in the lower window there is heaven and an earth.




26. For such a high priest became us who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens. KJV


Higher than the astral plane, He is made higher than the heavens of this world. Praise the Lord, any questions or comments on this drawing? I have just been told that we did not read the Scriptures from the first drawing into the message, so we will do that now.




1. In that day the Lord with His sore and great and strong sword shall punish Leviathan the piercing serpent, even Leviathan, that crooked serpent, and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. KJV


PSALM 104:26


26. There go the ships, there is that Leviathan whom thou has made to play therein. KJV


For the group here, for the local group, we have not worked on Samson and Delilah for quite a few weeks so I did start at the beginning again to bring you, to try to bring you into the mentality of the whole message and as I just told you all off of the message, we not only have not done a new, one additional verse, compared to what we did on part 14, but we have not even finished the review, we are only up to verse 5, so I understand that we are close the end of one 90 minute tape, and it is 15 minutes til 11:00 p.m., I am going to preach until this tape runs out, which will be just about 11:00 or 11:15 p.m. Lord willing, Thursday night, we are going to pick up right with this message so your spirit and your mind should be back in the groove with it, and I will not start in verse 1 again, we will pick up wherever we leave off. Praise the Lord. I believe we were on verse 5 and that was how we got into these two drawings, talking about the spiritual immigrants, that is on page two of your notes, verse 5.


So Satan the lord of the Fiery Serpents, the spiritual immigrants within the mortal men of Judah, whispered towards the personalities of the mortal men of Judah saying, Samson has deceived you into believing that Elohim can harness the great strength of Satan and Leviathan within you, and overcome them, so that Adam can ascend into your heart energy center...


That should really be so that Adam or Adam who is regenerated within you, I will have to work on that.


...can ascend into your heart energy center, because Samson, and the reason that Samson is going to regenerate Adam in you and help him to ascend into your heart energy center is because Samson wants you, the mortal men of Judah to be his disciples,


He has evil motives towards you, he wants you to serve him, he wants to teach you for his own benefit


But we, Satan and Leviathan will give you the salvation that belongs to the brow (that is the 6th), and the crown (that is the 7th) energy centers without submitting to Samson or to any teacher, if you will cast down the regenerated Adam within yourselves. ATB


The carnal mind promises you the salvation of this world with which the Scripture calls the resurrection of damnation. Spiritual experiences and spiritual power in the astral plane, if you will never, well you may ascend above the ocean bed, but you will never ascend into the upper window.


The drawing that I have there shows the spiraline time line bouncing off of the ocean bed, but I guess I will have to add this before you take the picture, but your spirit goes up into the astral plane. Your personality cannot penetrate through, but your spirit will penetrate into the astral plane, and have spiritual experiences in the astral plane, which can be hellish. When alcoholics see pink elephants they have catapulted or astral projected into the astral plane. I do not really understand it at this point, I have no explanation for you at all, but there are people, human beings who ascend into the astral plane, and they ascend in a positive way, they ascend on the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and they have power, and some of them use it to do good works, some of them really believe that they are helping other people, some psychics assist the police department, to locate murderers, and ascension into the astral plane does not damage them, and yet other people who ascend into the astral plane go insane, become mentally ill, become physically ill, have all kinds of problems, become emotionally unstable, and have trouble with relationships for their whole life, I really do not have it straight, under what conditions somebody can be active in the astral plane and have a stable life here on the earth, I do not understand that factors that control here.


I will have to wait until I hear from God before I can share that with you. We see that Satan is whispering, Satan whispers, she makes suggestions from the unconscious, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and sends forth her suggestions which arise in the minds of people, and they think it is their own idea. You have got to get the revelation that when you wake up with a brain storm, it is either Satan putting that idea in your head or the Spirit of Christ, when it is something that you never thought of. Cain, the mind of the dumb ox, your conscious mind did not have that stroke of genius, that you just thought of, that you went around for a whole day saying, Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, I would have never thought of that.


There are people who will wake up with a thought that you recognize as Jesus and not understand that it came from heaven, they think it is their thought.


Every thought in your mind comes either from Satan or from the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit does not generate thought. The Holy Spirit does speak to you, but I have never to my knowledge, I have never experienced or known anyone who experienced the Holy Spirit speaking to them in a manner that would cause the individual to think that it was their own thoughts, they always know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to them.


But Christ in you, even when He matures into Christ Jesus thinks through you and speaks to you as your own thoughts. For years I thought I was just talking to myself and I would keep it a secret from everybody because it was almost embarrassing, I could not stop doing it, and I had the most exciting conversations with myself. This talking to myself, it was positive, it was a blessing, and then finally the Lord revealed to me that I was not talking to myself, that Christ, now not the Lord Jesus, but Christ, the son of the Lord Jesus that is being reproduced in me, He communicates with me in the form of my own thoughts.


We see that in order to experience the salvation of Satan and Leviathan, Christ or the regenerated Adam in us must be destroyed. As I have told you before, this is the essence of the temptation that we read about in the New Testament, Satan approached the man Jesus, who was having a salvation experience, and said to Him, Destroy the regenerated Adam in you and I will give you power from the astral plane, and you will not have to give up all of the things that you are giving up, if you receive your power from me. In the King James it says something about Satan said, Cast yourself down, you will see the angels will catch you. The true translation is, Cast Adam down, you will not be without power if you cast Adam down, the angels of Satan will sustain you. The angels of the kingdom of darkness will sustain you, you will not be without spiritual power if cast Adam down.


Do you remember our teaching on the righteous Pharisee? Gedara, The Other Side Of The Astral Plane, is the name of the message. When Jesus cast down the Fiery Serpent in that Pharisee, he cried out to Jesus, Please, give me your power because I am in this world with no spiritual power. That is not a good place to be. That is what Satan said to Jesus, Do not worry, you cast down Adam, and the angels of my kingdom will sustain you.


And Satan spoke to Samson through the personalities of the mortal men of Judah, The spiritual women who were miserable disheartened and pining away of their weak and inadequate nature...


That is a translation of Delilah, and Satan spoke to Samson through them, that means that these mortal men of Judah spoke these words to Samson.


Please Samson, explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down, imprison, and engrave with Jehovah's nature the widowed Fiery Serpents within us, who are ascended in Leviathan's circular time line which we, the mortal men of Judah are nailed to. ATB


Explain the source of Elohim's great strength, and they are talking about Elohim within you Samson, how did Elohim's great strength get within you to cast down, imprison, and engrave with Jehovah's nature, the widowed Fiery Serpents. Why are the Fiery Serpents called widowed? They are called widowed because the personality that is not married to Christ Jesus is a widow even if she is married to Satan and Leviathan, Scripturally she is a widow.


I am not going to a second tape, so I am just going to try and finish up here, but if the tape cuts off you should know we will pick up on part 16.


...to cast down, imprison, and engrave with Jehovah's nature, the widowed Fiery Serpents within us, who are ascended in the Leviathan's circular time line, that we the mortal men of Judah are nailed to. ATB


I guess we will have to pick up in the middle of verse 6 because I have a lot to say about that, so I am just going to mark verse 6, pick part 16, we are going to have 30 parts (laughing), on this message but that is okay, praise the Lord, God bless you all.




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