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Praise the Lord, this is going to be one of those nights, I am going to be as surprised as you are when I find out what the Lord is preaching. I would like to say a few words about memory, although I have all of those Scriptures about fishes on the board, the Lord is now talking about memory, I expect we'll get to the fishes eventually. I have suffered for a long time from very poor memory. I've heard people say to me, Sheila, how can you say that when you remember this whole doctrine of Christ? Well the answer is that the doctrine of Christ is the mind of Christ. Memory is general is in the carnal mind, memory is a function of organic brain, which the physical body, which is the expression of carnal mind. My memory, the weakness of my memory was severe, if I looked at a telephone number on a piece of paper, and went to dial it, I couldn't remember the whole seven digits, I had to look back at the piece of paper two or three times to press in the phone number. Well, my memory started coming back, maybe a year ago, and it's coming back, at least to my way of thinking it's coming back very slowly. This is not a complaint, this is not a complaint, it's just descriptive, I didn't wake up one morning and have a wonderful memory, it's been a very slow process. And I was praising God off of the tape earlier because I actually remembered the chapter, book and verse, of a Scripture that I was studying this afternoon, and for me that is a miracle. And I would like to record on this tape, my impressions of going from a person with almost no memory to memory.


See, everybody who has memory, you may not be able to describe this memory because you've had memory all of your life. I'm not talking about forgetting the people that I know, I had no trouble forgetting people that I know, I have no trouble remembering that I preach here three times a week. The memory is in recalling numbers and facts and data, I have a problem retaining data. If I don't write it down, or in the past, if I didn't write it down, the chances of me remembering it were just about nil.


I remember one night there was a young man here, and whatever we were doing, I was dialing my phone, he needed to talk to somebody, I don't know what the circumstances were, but he was standing there with the phone number, and I was sitting at my desk, and we had to keep trying, I don't know what the story was, the phone was busy, whatever it was, we must have tried this number ten times, and I could not remember the number, and every time that I dialed it, he had to repeat the number for me, and he was looking at me, because here I am, you know, this pastor, and he couldn't believe that I couldn't remember this phone number, and he didn't want to say anything, but I saw it on his face, he was absolutely amazed. Even after the 5th, 6th, and 7th time that he repeated it, I could not remember the phone number, he had to tell me each time, and I punched in the number as he told me. This is the condition that my memory was in, and it's just a little better now, but praise God I'm recovering. And this is my impression, I find it so interesting, what I see in the spirit, the only way I can describe it is a clay tablet, it's like an image, it's a reflection, it's as if, I actually see in my mind, like I actually, as if you would hold a piece of paper up in front of me and say, Isa. 19:8, as if I were looking at this piece of paper, that piece of paper is in my mind. Now I don't know how other people experience memory, but it literally arises in my mind, and I see it in the spirit as written out, Isa.19:8.


Now I don't know what this means, I don't know how other people remember things, because I don't know how other people remember things, because I don't, I haven't had memory in so many years, I don't know how you experience memory. And I don't know if I'm experiencing a spiritual form of memory that other people don't experience. Maybe thoughts just pop into their mind, but I'm actually perceiving an image of it in the spirit, and it makes me wonder if my memory, if this memory that's coming back to me, if it's normal memory, that everyone experiences. Maybe it's a spiritual kind of memory, maybe my, if I'm not mistaken, brain cells cannot be regenerated, is that correct? Brain cells do not regenerate. Well, maybe my brain cells were so destroyed, that what the Lord has given me is a form of spiritual memory. Do you see, when you remember something, do you see an image of it? You don't see an image of it. So, I'm remembering a testimony of a man who was born without eyes, and the Lord never restored the eye in the socket, he had no eye in his socket, but he saw, he saw everything that everybody saw. And at the time that I first heard that testimony, it was, well it was very exciting, well it's still exciting, but now I understand that spite is a function of the brain, okay, and that it's associated with one of the higher energy centers, at the moment I cannot recall which one, probably the brow energy center. If your consciousness ascends into the brow energy center, you can see even if you don't have physical eyes.


See, when your consciousness ascends into the brow energy center, you see through walls, so if you can see through walls when your consciousness ascends to the brow energy center, you should be able to see anything anywhere, because if I were to look through this wall, it's not these physical eyes that are looking through this wall. See, anyone who could see through walls, is not seeing out of their physical eyes. So, if ascending into the brow energy center enables you to see through walls, well maybe if you have no eyes in your head, if you ascend into the brow energy center, you could see like everybody else. That makes sense doesn't it, it makes sense to me.


So apparently, the Lord is, my brain cells were damaged from the medication that I took, I was very sick as a child and as a young woman, and the doctors bombarded me with medication. If I knew what I know now, I would have never agreed to it, but it started when I was very young, and I just did what my mother told me to do, and then I kept on doing it way beyond the time that I was under my mother's control. So my brain cells were damaged, and I know when I first came into deliverance ministry, the Lord told me that my pituitary gland had been severely damaged from, I was on hormone therapy, prescribed by a doctor, that my pituitary gland was completely out of whack. So I needed intense deliverance in my body, and in my mind, and one of the affects of this pituitary damage was that my memory for data, was almost non-existent. So it appears that the Lord is not restoring my brain cells that were damaged, but that he's given me a spiritual form of memory. Now, this is very exciting to me, because what it's saying to me, is that, I am ascending you see. I do not believe that we wake up one morning, and we take a quantum leap into the brow energy center, it doesn't happen like that.


Brethren, our true self is spirit, our consciousness is our true self, and our consciousness is an energy stream that is dispersed throughout our entire body. It's dispersed throughout out physical body, and through out etheric body we are energy, we are energy, energy vibrating at a very slow rate, a very slow rate. The slower a string of energy vibrates, the more solid the object is, you see. So our mind is spread out through, our mind is not in our brain. Our brain is an organic organ. Mind is spirit, and it's spread out through our entire being and it emanates beyond this physical body. So when we ascend, we ascend a particle at a time. An energy stream is made up of many particles. A beam of light for example is made up of probably thousands if not millions of photons. The name of the light particle is photon. So our mind, our consciousness is an energy stream, probably made up of billions of particles, and I don't know what to call them. So that means we ascend a particle at a time, or even maybe a group of particles. There must be trillions of particles to our mind. So for me to be perceiving memory as an image, I literally perceive it as if there were a piece of clay in front of me and I see what I'm remembering, I see it impressed in the clay.


So it appears that my memory is coming from a higher source, and this should not surprise me, because this is the story of my life. I was devastated by witchcraft when the Lord found me and had mercy on me, and he has not restored what the world would call a normal life. Instead of restoring me, and giving me what the world would call a normal life, a husband, and a family and a career, and the things that people desire in this world, instead of doing that, he catapulted me, he broad jumped me right over it, and he brought me up to this high place, where as far as I know, well I'm certainly the only person bringing forth this doctrine publicly. Surely I would have heard about it, if someone else was on the Internet, or if someone else was bringing forth this doctrine, I seem to be the only one. So he fixed me up, because I wasn't good for anything except the dung heap, and that's the truth. He fixed me up and he broad jumped me, way past the average person in this world, he broad jumped me into the next age, I'm not from this world. I am not from this age, I'm different, and my life is different. My lifestyle is different, I am different, I'm not from this world.


So, it wouldn't surprise me at all, you see, seeing that he broad jumped me like this, it wouldn't surprise me at all, to see that his restoration of my memory, is following the same path. He's not restoring this brain, which I'm sure he could do if he wants to, but my memory is coming back, because my consciousness is ascending into the brow energy center, where I see with spiritual sight. When I get there, I'm going to see through walls. Now I had one experience, I saw right through this door once, and another time, I was sitting on a public bench and I saw out of the side of my head, I saw what was going on on the left side, but I saw it right in front of me. What does that mean? That is a function of the brow energy center, that I have no control over, it is not natural to me. The Lord Jesus Christ entered into me and caught me up both times for a specific purpose, both times it was because I needed this knowledge to protect myself. But it is not my state of being that I see through walls, or that I see what's behind me or to the left of me which is beyond my peripheral vision, that's not my state of being, I cannot do it at will. But when you abide in the brow energy center, that will be your state of will, you will see all around you, no one will be able to sneak up on you, you'll see through walls, and you'll see through long distances, you'll see in the spirit. No man will be able to take advantage of you. I think the Scripture says a couple of times that Jesus knew that some Pharisees or some men were coming looking for him and he departed. He got out of there, he knew they were coming for him.


So this, you know I'm just so glad, when I started to tell you about this, all I knew was that the Lord told me to tell you about it, and I'm just very blessed, because it's just another witness, I've been getting many witnesses that ascension is very close, and ascension is not a rapture, it's not an overnight thing. It's little by little. We spread out, our spirit spreads out. It spreads out, spreads out, and at some point, right now the majority of my spirit is in this flesh, but apparently, some of the particles of my spirit are touching the brow energy center. So the rest will follow eventually. That's a very exciting word, and I'm very glad to share that with you, and I'm very glad to give you this information as the Lord reveals it to me.


See, the new age talks about the new man, the new consciousness. The new age talks about ascension, but they don't know it, but their ascension is going around in a circle, they're deceived, they're believing a lie. But true ascension is in Christ Jesus you see. Well praise the Lord, I got that on the tape, and now I'll go on to the message that he gave me. I'll just tell you briefly what he told me about the word fishers, and then we'll look at a couple of Scriptures, I have my Interlinear Text in front of me, but of course I don't have the ability to look up all of the words, so we will see what the Lord will give me. But basically speaking, well let me give you a little background, the Lord has really been breaking down the Scripture for us, he has been exposing all of the wrong understanding that we have because the Scripture has been translated with the carnal mind. Recently in the on line meeting, he has revealed to us the truth of the word "strangled", or the spiritual significance of the word 'strangled', that is has to do with the strength of the throat energy center, and the Lord did tell me just last week, I don't even know if I shared this with you, that the experiences that I had several years ago, where I almost choked to death, there were at least three times, at least three times, maybe four times that I almost choked to death, it was really, not a good experience, and the Lord told me that this is what happened, that I was ascending, I was ascending in to my throat energy center, and Leviathan moved to cut me off, to stop me from ascending, and whatever Leviathan did in my etheric body, I'm not sure what it was, but in my etheric body, she choked me, she choked me in my etheric body, and the result of it was that my physical windpipe closed up, and the intention was to stop me from ascending into the throat energy center, cause there is power, when you abide in the throat energy center, there's power there.


Well it's supernatural power, but it's not the power of a supernatural man, if you can understand the difference. I have to have supernatural power, to be preaching this message, and to be alive and prospering, Satan is enraged at what I'm doing here. So just that alone means that I have power, which is supernatural power. But it's on a lower, it's not the level of the supernatural power, where I can go out and heal people and raise the dead, I haven't done anything like that at all. All of my supernatural power is keeping me alive to do this work, which is a miracle in and of itself. So the Lord told me that, I mean that was really, for the period of a couple of years, I almost died three or four times, with people right here by. Two sisters were here once, and another sister was here once, and once I was alone, and I thought there was a, and once another sister was with me, it was really rough, nobody could help me. By the time they would have gotten the ambulance here, and once it happened to you, so that was five times, okay, I almost died, you know. So this is the explanation that the Lord has given me, Leviathan was choking me in the etheric plane, and it manifested in the physical plane.


And it's interesting, because if you talk to people who know anything about witchcraft, they will tell you that people who kill by witchcraft, usually give their victim, either give their victim a heart attack, or they die from suffocation. Those are the two ways that people die when they're murdered by witchcraft. And I find that very interesting because they're either being attacked in the heart center, and they're getting a heart attack, or they're being attacked in their throat center, and they're being strangled. So, praise the Lord, it hasn't happened in a long time, I believe the Lord told me that he fixed me so that it couldn't happen again, but I just know that when it happens what I have to do, the first thing that I have to do, is think Jesus, I'm gasping for breath, and I just say Jesus, and then the next thing he taught me to do, and this was the first time I was alone, it was after he taught me this, just in my mind, cause I couldn't talk you know. I just say, I break your hands off of my throat, I break your hands off of my throat, and I didn't even know what I was doing, or who was choking me, or what. But now I know that it was Leviathan that was choking me to kill me to stop me from getting into the throat center, and certainly any higher than that. Praise the Lord.


Okay, oh, so I was telling you, so we now have the revelation of things strangled. You know the book of Acts says that we should abstain from fornication and blood, and things strangled, and most people who read the Bible believe it means physical fornication and that we shouldn't eat blood and we shouldn't eat the flesh of animals that have been strangled, but that's not what the Scripture means. And I'm not telling you, I'm not arguing with anybody, that's following any dietary codes, I'm not talking about that, I'm spiritual, I'm talking about the spiritual aspect here, and I preached a whole on line message on it, so this is just going to be a short review.


We're to abstain from fornication with Satan and Leviathan, which is agreement, with the thoughts of their mind, we the personality are to abstain from agreeing with the thoughts of Satan and Leviathan, that's the fornication that we are forbidden, and the blood that we're forbidden is that we're forbidden to flow with Satan's blood. Satan is the blood, the spiritual blood of the etheric body. She is polluted, and she is corrupt. We are to avoid engaging in activities that are generated by Satan. And I break that down into two categories, there's socially or socially acceptable, or social, what I call social witchcraft, witchcraft that people, you know, there even shocked to find out that they're really doing anything terribly wrong, let alone that it's witchcraft. But envy, anger and rage, and malignant pride where you blame somebody else so that you can look good, are Satanic activities. There are activities that require a great deal of spiritual power to live a lifestyle, okay, to live a lifestyle, and also the Lord's telling me lying. I think that's what he's telling me right now. To live a lifestyle where you are a habitual liar, where you are habitually envious, or you are habitually angry, okay, it requires a great deal of spiritual energy. And to be engaged in this kind of a lifestyle, it means that you're flowing, that your spirit is flowing with Satan's spiritual blood. That's what it means. And the Scripture clearly says that envy is like arrows and wounds going in.


See, I know for a long time I didn't understand that if I was angry, I was hurting somebody. Our mind is very powerful and our emotions are very powerful, and this is sin operating through us. So this is what I call social witchcraft. Most people wouldn't think that it's witchcraft. They may think, well it's wrong, I shouldn't have yelled at you, I shouldn't be angry, it's wrong to envious, I know that's it's sin, but I think the average Christian would certainly be amazed to hear that it's witchcraft. It's a satanic activity. Does that mean you're evil? No more than anybody else. We're all good and evil, but some of us are more spiritual than others, and the more spiritual we are, if we're not in Christ Jesus, see, here's the key, here's the key right here, the more spiritual we are, if we're not in Christ Jesus, Satan is going to take advantage of our spirituality. So the more spiritual we are, the more we need to run to Christ Jesus, unless we don't mind flowing with Satan.


You see, if you could think of yourself as a boiling pot, if you're spiritual and you think of yourself as a boiling pot, we're boiling, boiling, boiling all the time. We're either boiling away with Satan or we're going to boil away with Christ, but we're spiritual, so we're boiling. This is inherited, this is genetic. It comes down on the family line. And lust, lust is associated with witchcraft. Now if that shocks you I'm telling you the truth, you know, I'm telling you the truth. Look around at groups of people, and you will see, the ones that are very highly active in witchcraft are usually very active in pursuing the hedonistic lifestyle, the sexual lifestyle. The more intellectual the group of people, not that they don't have sex, but the more the intellectual the group, and I don't want you to misunderstand me, the more directed a group of people is towards the use of their mind, okay it doesn't have, you don't have to you know, be a college graduate, I'm not saying that, but if you have a craft, or a skill, or you're an artist, or something that you focus your mind on, the more the person uses their mind, the less they are inclined to go towards the lust and the operation of witchcraft.


It's the same thing as saying, you could only live primarily at one end of your spinal column, either you're up here in your head, or you're down there in your tail. Now most people are somewhere in the middle. But one end of you has to lead your life. Either you have to lead your life with your mind, or you're going to be led around by your tail, and this is what Paul was talking about when he said, "Wouldn't you like to lead your virgin around?" And the church preaches that he's talking about his sister or some woman or something. He's talking about his fiery serpent, the virgin. The fiery serpent is a virgin if she's not committing adultery with Leviathan, or the insects in the 3rd energy center. So Paul was talking to the Jew. He said, "You Jews, I'm calling you virgins. I'm saying you're fiery serpent is a virgin. I'm saying she's not, your fiery serpent is not fornicating with Leviathan, and with the insects in the 3rd energy center." I'm giving you the benefit, just like the Scripture calls us saints brethren, give me a break. But the Lord calls us saints by faith, because the Holy Spirit is in our life, and it's the will of the Lord that we should be perfected, and become saints, holy ones of God. So Paul says, "Wouldn't you like to lead your virgin around?"


In the mean time, the Jews that he's talking to, their all in deep adultery with Leviathan, right, filled with witchcraft, I mean you just have to read the Bible, the Jewish people were chronically falling into witchcraft, but by faith he said to them, "Wouldn't you like to lead your virgin around, I know that she's not fornicating with Leviathan, now wouldn't you like, wouldn't you, who are you, your mind, wouldn't you, who are in the mind of Christ, wouldn't you like to lead your fiery serpent, your virgin around, or are you following after your sex drive. Are you following after your physical sex drive. A lot of people don't follow after their physical sex drive, they got that under control, but they're following after their fiery serpent. And if your fiery serpent is leading you, you are engaged in lustful activities, you're yielding to your lust, you're yielding to your envy, you're yielding to your anger, you're justifying your sin, and saying, "I have a right to be angry, I had a right to do that, I have a right to be envious of her, because she was envious of me. Then your virgin is leading you around, that's what Paul was talking about. And recently one of my recent studies, God help me to find it again, I came across a word, when I look up, when I do these deep word studies, I see all these potential translations, and for the moment I can't remember where I saw it, but it was a word that means the flower of your age, and it went click, click, click, that's what Paul said in I Cor. 13, where I think he was talking about the virgin and marriage and all that.


I said wow, I wonder what that means in the New Testament, but I must have been rushing to get out here to preach, and I didn't make a note of what, it must have been a Hebrew word that meant that. But Lord willing the Lord will show it to me again. He wasn't talking about carnal people making human marriages. The Bible is a supernatural book, its written for a supernatural people, and it's ultimate purpose is to raise mortal man back up to the high realms of the spirit, where he can exercise his spirituality with impunity. To exercise spirituality down here in the earth with the spirit of Satan has punishment, impunity means without punishment. What does that mean, you're going to get punished, is God going to come and smite you with a plague? Brethren, you reap what you sow. If you practice witchcraft or spiritual activities whether you believe they're witchcraft or not, you don't have to be reading cards, if you're in, if you're justifying your envy, your lust, or whatever else that your activity is, okay, you will reap what you have sown, there is a punishment, and the Scripture says that your own iniquity will correct you. God doesn't have to come down and correct you. Who's your iniquity, does anybody know who your iniquity is? Your own fiery serpent will execute the judgment against you. Praise the Lord. Actually I think it's Satan that does it. I'm not going to get into that issue right now, because this is all an exhortation, that's not our message for tonight. So we're talking about spiritual people, I don't know about you, but I had a lust to be spiritual since I was a little girl, and I didn't know what to do with it, and I was not born into a family that could guide me or direct me, and I got into a lot of trouble.


Thank God all I did was read a few tarot cards, never was very good, it could have been much worse, it could have been much worse than that. So, listen brethren, there are people in this world that have, that are of the company of the firstborn. Does anybody remember what that means? There is a company of men in the world which represent the firstborn in the earth. Does anyone know who the firstborn in the earth is? Who is the firstborn?




PASTOR VITALE: Adam wasn't born of the earth, Adam was born of the spirit, but you just, oh did you say Adam, is that what you said?


COMMENT: Abel, yes.


PASTOR VITALE: No, who was born before Abel?








PASTOR VITALE: Cain, (chuckle), okay, yeah, Cain is the firstborn of the earth, and we touched on this in our studies on Jacob and Esau, okay. The firstborn of the earth, the inheritance of the earth, the firstborn inherited the energy of the earth. There is a company of people in this world who are born with a disproportionate measure of energy compared to the average person out there. And if these people are not directed into godly pursuits, in one way or another they're pursuing witchcraft. They may not be out there reading cards, but some how, even if their life is exemplary on the subconscious level, they're practicing witchcraft, because they're a pot that's boiling, boiling, boiling. They're spiritual people, they're bubbling, bubbling, bubbling. I don't know, do you recall reading about witches when we were children, and you'd hear, it was sort of in the form of fairy stories you know, and we hear about witches saying, "Oh, boil and bubble, toil and trouble", okay, bubble, bubble, what is this boil and bubble?! It's talking about activity, it's talking about spiritual activity. So no matter how exemplary your life is, if you are one of these people, if you are a member of the company of the firstborn, that means that you have Cain's inheritance in you, and you're born with a disproportionate measure of spiritual power.


So the average person on some level, recognizes this, and it frightens them. So maybe they run to a carnal church, but it doesn't really help very much. So sometimes people that recognize this potential in themselves, they'll reign themselves in, and they'll really control their behavior, but it's still going on in your sleep, you see. It's going on behind the walls, it's going on when you sleep, and if you yield towards your witchcraft, if you don't, if it doesn't frighten you, or if you don't have a religious background that would cause you to deny it, you'll gravitate towards the practice of witchcraft. There are a lot of people in this world that openly practice witchcraft, and they'll tell you, we don't harm anybody, but they engage in, well of course I don't agree with them, but that's what they say, it's the exercise of spiritual power which is not in Christ Jesus, large numbers, probably more people do it than don't. But, for those of us who are called to Christ Jesus, we are called to ascend safely, and to practice spiritual power, which really is the fulfillment of our self. I don't know about you, but this spiritual life is the fulfillment that I have looked for all of my life.


I tried everything, I mean everything legitimate, nothing satisfied me, nothing satisfied me, until the day came that the Lord called me in, and I haven't stopped running after him since. I've had this need in me all of my life, but because of my upbringing, I really didn't pursue spiritual things, I got into the tarot cards for a while, which, thank God it didn't get any worse than that. But brethren, there's a company of people in the world that have inherited the energy of the firstborn. This is what the Scripture is talking about in Genesis 4, when it said, Cain inherited the right of the firstborn. The Hebrew word means 'primogenitor', the right of the firstborn, see. And then according to the King James translation, Cain was very angry when Jehovah chose Abel. And the reason that Jehovah chose Abel and not Cain, is that the energy is secondary, the root of righteousness is the most important thing, and Abel had the root of righteousness. You see, the Lord Jesus or Jehovah, he doesn't care if you're the firstborn or if you're the tenth born, he's looking for the root of righteousness in men, that's what he's looking for. He's not a respecter of persons. Jehovah knows that Jehovah in this hour is expressing himself to us as the Lord Jesus Christ, he knows that the energy alone will eventually flow into witchcraft, because it is the root of the tree that grounds the energy in righteousness. Just like the leaves of the trees sway when the winds blow through them, but the roots are immovable. Energy alone without the righteous root, will eventually flow with Satan, and this is what happened to Israel. Time and time again, they kept straying, they kept straying because they were not rooted and grounded in the spiritual energy that they had.


Israel, I have just recently found out, Israel, the men of Israel, and I think it was the women too, I'm using a generic term, they were supernatural giants in their hay day. They were spiritual giants, powerful spiritual men. And I believe they experienced powerful spiritual experiences. So they had the energy you see, but the energy didn't graft to the root. Does anybody know why the energy didn't graft to the root? Brethren, you have to put your carnal mind under, because your carnal mind will kill the root in you every time. And to put your carnal mind under, you have to confess your sins and repent.


You have to admit that you're sinners and that you're going to die and that your life is just hopeless on a spiritual level, of course you can be happy here for the moment. Unless Christ is going to cover your carnal mind and give you eternal life. But the Jews, they thought that they were saved by the law. So when you think that you're saved by the law, you don't think that there's any reason to confess your sins and repent. And even someone hearing this tape right now, they're saying, "Oh, I confess my sins and I repent." No you don't! You have no idea, if you're hearing this tape, everybody here has an idea, you've all experienced what it's like to confess your sins, okay. You can only confess the sin that's been exposed in you. So you have to subject yourself to the exposure of that sin, and then you have to agree with the man of God that says that sin is in you. You have to say, amen! That's the confession of sin. See the church doesn't even know what the confession of sin is, and I'm not condemning them, I just get frustrated, because I see so many people floundering out there, but I know that the Lord has everything under control, but I'm still very, very human, and I get frustrated sometimes, I'm not mad at anybody, I would like to see everybody walking in Christ. The confession of sin is your agreement with the mind of Christ that says to you, "What you just thought, the motive of what you just did, was some manifestation of your carnal mind," and you say, "Amen." That's the confession of sin, and nothing short of that will do. Now, you can confess sin on faith, just like we're called saints on faith, and we're called virgins by faith. You can say, "I perceive in my behavior envy, I perceive pride, I perceive witchcraft, I perceive all of this in my behavior", that's not the confession of sin, that's confession by faith, but it's not the confession of sins that is going to lead to eternal life, because the confession of sin that leads to eternal life, is the confession that kills your carnal mind. You see, when I say, "I see witchcraft in myself, I see pride in myself", that's good, that's a good thing to do that, you shouldn't stop doing that, but that doesn't kill your carnal mind, and there's no power in that confession to stop doing it. It's a confession by faith, that if you keep on doing it long enough, Christ Jesus will rise up and when Christ Jesus sees it in you, and you say, "Amen," that is a death blow to your carnal mind. Praise the Lord.


So we see that, we see, we have in the earth today, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We have the branch of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and we have the root. The root is Satan, she's the root and the branch, I guess, well, I'm not too sure about that, I'm going to have to, well I'm not going to stop the tape over that right now. I thought Satan was the root and the branch, but I may be mistaken about that, I believe she's a branch, because the branch is the energy, the branch is the energy, and we also have the Holy Spirit in the world today, who is the branch or the energy of the tree of life. And brethren we're counting down to ground zero, if the branch of the tree of life, which is dispersed throughout the earth today, does not graft to the righteous root of Christ, he's going to be dissolved and overtaken by Satan. Now don't shut off this tape. Remember what I taught you, the Holy Spirit comes in, and he faces Satan and starts drawing the human spirit out of Satan unto himself. It's the beginning of the extraction of the energy in the individual from the negative principles, and the transference of it into the positive principle, which is the Holy Spirit. Well the day is going to come that if the root doesn't graft to that tree... You see, let me put it this way, from the day that the Holy Spirit entered into the earth, not only the individual, from the day that the Holy Spirit entered into the earth, and started drawing the human spirit out of the spiritual blood of mortal men, this two thousand years of this event, has been one punch by Jesus Christ, one punch, two thousand years of it, and Satan has gotten weaker and weaker, but in the background she's getting ready to punch back. Brethren, she's getting ready to punch back and I'm telling you that the human beings that have the Holy Spirit, that don't have the engrafted word, when Satan punches back, she's going to punch the Holy Spirit right out of them, because that energy will not be rooted and grounded in that person. And I just hear the church saying, "Oh, the Lord will take care of it." Oh really? You don't know what you're talking about, if that's what you think, you don't know what you're talking about.


In this hour, the Lord is reaching towards the spiritual people, whose face is turned towards him. He is not a respecter of persons, he does not prefer the highly spiritual people over the other people in the church, but he is moving on the highly spiritual people, so that, he can turn them into, train them into, make them into, a company of saviors. He wants to catch this company of people up into the brow energy center, and make them supernatural men in his Spirit, and then send them back into this world, which is rapidly becoming a hell hole. God only knows what's going to be on the face of this earth in the next five or ten years, if not sooner.


He is taking the people, he is working with the people who have the greatest potential to make it into the brow energy center. It's a very hard road. It's not easy. The Scripture says, pray that your flight doesn't come when you're pregnant, or in the winter time, when the Spirit of God is not manifesting in power in your life. When the Spirit of God is manifesting in power in your life, it's the summer time, the fruit is blossoming. So the average person who's a member of the company of the firstborn, is gravitating towards witchcraft circles. That's their natural inclination, but there are people in the earth who desire righteousness, who have turned towards the Lord Jesus Christ, who would take their inheritance, and lay it at his feet, that they might be used of him, for this great purpose. Not everybody can endure the training, but we know it's possible, why? Why do we know that it's possible, anybody?


COMMENT: Because we have the forerunner who has done it before.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because Jesus has already done it, you see, and the unfortunate teaching in the church that tells us that Jesus was born perfect, utterly nullifies this great truth that we have reason to hope that we can ascend above the torments of this world because someone went before us, but what good was it if he wasn't human like we were. What good is it if he didn't start out as a mortal man as we are? How is this our hope if he was born perfect and their was no overcoming? See, he wasn't born exactly like we were, because he didn't have a natural father, but of course he didn't have a forerunner before him, so the Lord gave him a handicap, he was born without the contribution of the fallen sperm, but he overcame. He had to, he got a carnal mind from his mother. He has two minds, he has two sides to him, and because the personality of the man Jesus, craved and sought after and pursued righteousness, the righteous side of him overshadowed the fallen side of him, and he was glorified.


And because he did it, we have every reason to believe that if we're willing to pay the price, we can do it too. And I am fully convinced, I am absolutely convinced that if we work as hard as we can to follow him, to find out what he really wants from us, and to pursue him, the way that he wants us to pursue him, with all of our strength, that he will get us through, and it doesn't matter if I'm ten times stronger than you are, if you are doing all that you can do, he is going to meet you right where you are. I am absolutely persuaded of this. Don't look at another man, don't put your eyes on anybody else, just do what you have to do. He's looking for the man that's giving it everything he's got. Jesus is the great equalizer. Did you ever hear of that in the church, that Jesus is the great equalizer? But you look around, is everybody in the church equal? Is everybody equally healthy? Is everybody equally wealthy? Is everybody equally intelligent? Is everybody equally educated? Is everybody equally employed? Of course not. Well what does it mean, Jesus is the great equalizer? It means that is hasn't happened yet.


See, we have millions of Christians believing that it's all happened already. It hasn't happened yet, you see, he hasn't equalized us yet. We become equal in the spirit. He will join himself to every heart that is prepared for him. And every heart that he joins to will be caught up to the brow energy center, and we shall be equal, you see. And once you're caught up to the brow energy center, however that power of consciousness affects your life, it will raise up your whole outer life, this world is outer darkness, but don't look for it, and I'm sure all of our needs will be equally met, but there still may be some people wealthier than others, I really don't know. He's not talking about that stuff, he's talking about your spiritual life. Now, Paul I believe was caught up to the brow energy center, and he was an educated man and he wrote a large part of the New Testament.


But Peter did great works, we're not suppose to be looking at those things, we're talking about the spirit, see. And even then, the apostles weren't all equal. We're all made equal in the glorification. I think even the apostles weren't all equal. But you shouldn't be thinking that way. My prayer brethren is this, and I encourage you to emulate me, my prayer is this, "Lord, I pray that you increase me to the fullest of my creative potential, I pray that you don't leave me without anything to do, I pray that if the day comes that you raise up another apostle, that far exceeds me, that's okay, just please don't leave me without anything to do, let me be fulfilled, and let me be content, and let me work to the fullest of my capacity." That's the prayer, that's the prayer, anything else you're foolish, and you have to know that he's going to meet your needs. He's going give you food to eat, and he's going to give you a house to live in, he's going to give you transportation and maybe he'll even give you beyond that. But if you're spiritual life is in right order with him, you'll be comfortable. Because if you're uncomfortable, you can't really serve him. You can't really do your best spiritually if you're hungry, or if you're in pain in your body. He'll take care of all of that. If you're willing to yield up all of your members to let him make you what he wants you to be, and fit you in his kingdom and in his program, in the place that he wants you to be, when you're doing the job that he's placed you in, he'll take care of your physical life.


So, we're talking about the energy of the firstborn, the Lord Jesus is calling people with a strong heritage of energy. He's calling the people who are most likely to survive the processing that will result in their ascension into the brow energy center. And he's calling people in different strengths, and he's putting us together, in a group, in groups. We're not all the same, we're different, we have strengths in different areas. So this is my introduction to share with you what the Lord told me about the term fisher or fishermen in the Scripture. And this revelation came shortly after I did the on line meeting about strangle, and it came to me that we're fish in the sea. You see, these revelations that come slowly to me, I've been talking off the tape to people, that spiritually speaking we're fish in the sea, because this whole world is under the sea, and the immortals and the spiritual insects from the other planes, they come fishing for us. And I heard recently from an unfortunate account of someone, of a man who was caught as young boy, and now he has all of the signs of being possessed.


So there are beings in other planes that are putting their hooks down into this world, but it's not this physical mouth that they're hooking, they're coming to us through the astral plane, and that we are the fish. Now, there's a famous Scripture that the King James says, Jesus said to Peter, "...and you shall be fishers of men." So I said, Lord I have to look up that Scripture, something's not right here, I'm getting this revelation that it's the immortals that are fishing for us, why would Peter be fishing?


Now, let me just interrupt this for a minute, we've already had a study in Jacob and Esau about how Esau hunted in the astral plane. And I know for years, I didn't fully understand who was the one that was hunting, that was a mighty hunter?


COMMENT: Nimrod.


PASTOR VITALE: Nimrod was the mighty hunter, okay. And I never really knew what it meant, but when we did our study on Jacob and Esau, we found out, and then we've had another message recently, third level marriage, we found out that there are people who astral project into the astral plane, and they literally steal people's energy from the astral plane, because they need this energy to live their lifestyle of spiritual activity, and I can't re-preach that whole thing right now, it could be someone who's angry all of the time, zapping the energy of someone in the household, or it could be someone actually having experiences in the astral plane, or having sex with women in the astral plane. Astral activity is becoming more and more common, that's what phone sex is all about, it's not just talking dirty to each other on the phone, there's an actual spiritual interaction. The Lord led me to a book about a year ago, sorry I can't remember the name, but it was about, it was written by a psychotherapist, who openly states in his book that his therapy in my own words, is astrally based. He sits across the room from the person, he talks in a certain manner to them, that brings forth their astral body, and then he vibrates forth, and there's a union, it's in a book. And he says that he helps them.


So we know what it means, spiritually, if you've been studying the tapes of this ministry, we found what it means to hunt. The spiritual significance of the word to "hunt", is to steal energy. And now the Lord started talking to me about fishing. Well, hunting and fishing usually go together. And he told me that the people that have the strength to do it, hunt in the heart center, and they fish in the astral plane, and they hunt in the heart centers. So I may have gotten a little backwards in the earlier messages, and who is in the heart center? Adam is in the heart center, and who is in the astral plane? Our emotions are in the astral plane. Well, there are actual entities that live off of our energy, they actually go hunting for us and fishing for us. I will just tell you basically up front, that the Scriptures about Peter throwing the net into the sea, I didn't, I'm telling you I'm preaching you this without completing this study, I looked up a few words, that word "net", and I went into the Hebrew first, because the Hebrew is much more revealing, the word "net" associated with fishing, if you take it back to its root, it's talking about something that's braided together. And you may recall the study that we did on the braided hair, and it all refers to the interwoven fiery serpent, as she ascends, she is interwoven with the insects in the third energy center, and she's interwoven with Leviathan, and when she gets to the brow energy center, she ascends in a braid, and she folds into a knot in the brow energy center.


Now do you think that, isn't it interesting that the Chinese people wear a braid in the back of the head, which is like right behind where the third eye would be? The spiritual significance that Peter, I don't even know that Peter was a fisherman. Now he may have been, I won't argue with you, what the Lord is telling me, is that what those Scriptures about Peter with the nets, and Jesus saying, You threw your net on the wrong side of the boat, throw your net on the other side of the boat", and then he caught so much fish that the net breaks. Do you know Peter was a highly spiritual man, and he was engaged in hunting and fishing in the astral plane, and in the heart center. Why would Jesus say, you'll be fishers of men? Well what was he fishing before he was fishers of men? Well I looked up that phrase, "You'll be fishers of men", and the Greek word translated "men" is the Greek word "anthropo" which I translated Adam, it's the real man, "anthropo" is the real man. And more often than not, the Greek word translated "man" in the Greek is another word, I'm sorry I don't have the number or the name for you, but it simply means that certain one, or that certain person, you could translate it any way that you want, that man, that woman, that thing, because mortal man is not a real man.


Well why would Jesus say to Peter, "and you will be fishers of Adam?" And we did a study called "Fishing For Leviathan", and we found out that when Peter said, "I go fishing", after Jesus died, that he was going fishing for Leviathan, he wasn't going backing to fishing for physical fish in the sea. I want to tell you that Peter was a highly spiritual man who was engaged in illegal activity, just like Esau was. And Jesus said to him, "right now you're out there fishing, you're fishing for innocent people, that you're stealing your energy, but I'm going to make you a fisher of Adam.


What does that mean? I'm going to train you, so that your spirit is going to go into other men, and raise, revive Abel, and regenerate Adam. You've been pulling energy out of other people to their detriment, but now you're going to be pulling Adam out of other people. What you did that was evil, I'm going to take that spiritual strength that you had, and I'm going to train you to use it for the good. Peter had a net. Did you ever read in the Psalms, "that have caught us in their net, oh God, deliver us." What does it mean? What does it mean? They braided together with us. The negative principles have braided together with out human spirit and our personality, and we cannot escape. They do evil and we're woven together with them. They do evil and we do evil too. We cannot separate, deliver us oh God.


Well Peter had a net. He was a Jew that was engaged in witchcraft, and he threw his net over on one side of the boat, and didn't catch a thing. He was using his carnal mind, and Jesus said, "Throw your net on the other side of the boat." And who is the boat? The boat is Christ Jesus. Throw your net on the side of Christ Jesus. And the net was so filled with fish, that the net breaks. And if you look up that word "break", it means to break apart, what broke apart? The fiery serpent's union with Leviathan broke apart. The net break, that which was braided together break. Brethren, who are the fishes? The fishes are the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid. Even in the physical, we know that if you know it, if you don't know it you can find it out, that sperm are likened unto fish, they swim like fish in the water part of the seminal fluid, the whip their tails back and forth, sperms have tails. They move by vibrating their tails, they're fish.


Now you see, it's very interesting to see how the Lord brings down revelation here, it's little by little. It was only about a month or so ago, that he brought forth the revelation of what the flying fish was. I saw that term in my deep studies in Genesis years ago. I knew there was a flying fish, there were flying fish before the fall, but I couldn't fit it in to the doctrine of Christ, I didn't know what it meant. It was just about a month ago, that the Lord brought down the revelation that the fish are the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and that the flying fish is just a descriptive term for the sperm when they were still in the upper window. And the word flying signifies that they moved in the spirit. And when they fell, they fell down into the primordial serpent's sea, and they became the fish of the ocean. But before the fall the sperm of Jehovah's spirit operated in the spirit, so they were flying fish, they flew in the air, they were the sperm that were in the spirit. Today Jehovah's sperm is in the earth, and what's the name of that sperm that's in the earth, does anybody know?


COMMENT: Fiery serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Jehovah's sperm that were flying in the spirit free, are now earth worms, they have fallen, the sons of God became evil, and they're buried in the earth of humanity, and Jesus called them worms. They went from the sky to underground. So the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid are the fish. And the fish in this hour have fallen so deep under the earth, that they're manifesting as the fiery serpent, but on the astral plane, they're still called fish.


So Peter, he was active, he was a spiritually active man, and he had a net, he was spiritually high, and he was interwoven with the negative principles, which means he was a spiritually powerful man, and he was going out engaged in illegal spiritual activity, and Jesus said, just like he said to the adulterous woman, go and sin no more. He said to Peter, "You're going to stop stealing energy from people that makes them sick and kills them, and I'm going to take you and I'm going to turn you around and I'm going to use your natural resource and I'm going to send you to call forth Adam in the rest of Judah. I don't even know that Peter was a fisherman. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Praise the Lord.


Let's take a look at Isaiah 19:8, and I remind you that I always look at the Hebrew first, because the Greek is much less descriptive, we have to get our revelation from the Hebrew, and then it unlocks, that revelation unlocks the Greek for us. Isaiah 19:8, I don't think this is the King James translation here, I think this is the literal that I have. The fishermen shall mourn and all who cast a hook into the Nile shall wail, and those who spread nets, on the surface of the waters shall droop. Does someone have the King James translation, that's usually what we work from. Please read that onto the tape. "The fishers also shall mourn and all they that cast angle into the brooks shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish." You know what it's saying, it's saying that Adam, let me just do a little bit at a time here.


Now remember I'm not prepared for this, I'm just doing this off the top of my head with my Interlinear Text here. "...and shall mourn...", this word "mourn", there's two Hebrew words, one is "mourn", and one is "wail", and it's merely talking about groaning, and crying, and brethren, I want to suggest to you, it's talking about the pangs of child birth, it's pangs that we experience as we walk along this walk as we ascend into the brow energy center. We're fishermen, or the fishes, I don't think the word should be translated "fishermen", by the way. I did look through this whole verse, and I'm of the opinion that the word should be translated fishes, and it's the same word translated fishers and fishermen, if you look on the board where I put down the verses for you, if you look down at the Greek there, those three Greek verses, well five Greek verses is all the same Greek word and in Luke it's translated fishermen and in Matthew and Mark it's translated fishers or fishes, I'm not really sure at the moment. It's all the same word. It's translators license whether they'll translate it fishermen or fish, or fishes.


So I'm suggesting to you that it's the fishes, it's us. It's the fiery serpent, but we're fish in the astral plane, you see, our spiritual being in the astral plane, that part of us, the etheric body. See, the fiery serpent's in the earth, but the part of us that's in the etheric body is a fish. Now we've had Scriptures like that here, where the translation is Jehovah's navy. I know that in particular in the Song of Solomon, we did a couple of Scriptures talking about Jehovah's navy, and that time the Lord told me whenever we read about Jehovah's navy, it's talking about the believer in the astral plane, with the Scripture talking about a ship, we just did half of that message on Gadara, and the ship is talking about Christ Jesus, spiritually speaking, when you get into a ship, you enter into Christ Jesus, for safe passage through the astral plane.


So I suggest to you that the fishes okay, we, on the astral plane, for whatever part of it is on the astral plane, are moaning and wailing because that word "angle", that word in the King James it's "angle", it means a "hook". The hook is cast into the, now what word is it, a 'hook' into the Nile, could you read that in the King James for me again please?


COMMENT: "...but cast angle into the brooks.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, the brooks, that Hebrew word, I guess here in my translation is translated the Nile, but when I looked up that Hebrew word in Strong's and Brown Driver Briggs, one of the potential translations was a channel or a canal, and I know that the Lord has shown me in other studies, that this word refers to the spinal column in the etheric body, and the way it looked to me as I read it in the Interlinear Text, is that the hooks are being cast into the channel, the hooks are being cast, and that's where the energy centers are. The energy centers are along the spinal column. Brethren, the fishing that takes place, is in the energy centers, see. The negative principles, they want our energy, they're not coming to our finger tips, but to our cheek. They're dipping into our energy centers. That's where the large source of the energy is. In other words, if you were a vampire God forbid, and you wanted blood from somebody, do you suck on their finger? No, you go right for the jugular.


Well the spiritual energy equivalent of the jugular is the energy centers. This Scripture is saying that there are entities fishing in our energy centers. And we are moaning and groaning from sickness, from physical sickness, from emotional disorder, because there are spiritual entities literally fishing, in the etheric and astral part of our bodies, of our spiritual beings.


And those who spread nets, it's talking about the people who are woven together with their negative principles, you have to be spiritually high to steal energy from other people. You're braided, you have braided hair. Well, I'm going to have to go look at my Interlinear Text on my computer, cause I can't do it with this one, but I'll tell you there's a last few words, and the waters shall droop. That's referring to Satan, and I'm going to take a minute and stop this tape, and I'm going to go in to my computer Interlinear Text, which has a different translation, and so I could put it on this tape, but what it's saying is that there's going to be deliverance, you see, and that Satan will droop. When does Satan droop? Satan droops, she slows down, she stops boiling or she just comes to a simmer, when the fiery serpent is separated from Leviathan, and one of these words, one of these words means to break that net. Well maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.


Here, let me try it this way, I'm sorry this is the message the Lord gave me tonight, please bear with me, I'm totally unprepared to do it. Okay, I'm looking the wrong way. "And shall mourn the fishermen, and shall wail, all who cast into the Nile, or into the channel, a hook, okay, they're fishing in out energy centers, and those who spread nets on the surface of the waters, shall droop." I'm pretty sure that that Hebrew word translated 'spread', it means to 'break'. I'm going to go look at the computer Interlinear Text, because I want to get this on the tape right. Give me a minute please. The Hebrew word translated 'spread', Strong's #6506, it means 'to break apart', and the Hebrew, there are two Hebrew words translated 'upon', let me see if I have it in this translation here, shall 'on the surface', in my Interlinear it says 'upon the surface', but it's two Hebrew words, and one of the those two words means above and the other word means the personality. It's talking about the personality from above, it's translated 'upon', but it means the personality from above, does anybody know? Adam is the personality from above, he's the one that's going to break the net, you see. The fish are moaning and wailing because of those who are casting their hooks into the canal, the etheric spinal column, they're casting their hooks into our energy centers and we're moaning and groaning, but the personality from above will break their nets, and the waters will languish, they will go limp. Isn't that wonderful, what a wonderful promise.


We're still fish in the astral plane, and the part of us that's in the physical earth are worms. I may not have it exactly right, but I guess you get what I'm saying. We're the fish. We did a whole chapter on Peter going fishing for Leviathan, it had nothing to do with physical fishing at all, and I'm telling you, I don't know whether this man fished for a living or not, but I'm telling you this whole Scripture is an allegory. It's an absolute allegory. And there are beings that hunt and fish in the spirit, there are mortal men that we know, okay, and we do it, we hunt and fish in the spirit. If you're subconscious mind is active when you sleep, or even when you're awake, if you're not in control of it, if it's doing whatever it wants, it can be hunting and fishing in the astral and etheric plane. Now don't go into condemnation. Get a hold of Christ Jesus and stop your subconscious mind from doing it. Don't go into condemnation, stop doing it, but you can't stop doing it by yourself, only Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ are strong enough to stop your negative principles from doing this. So all of you, who for at any time, or for your whole lives, if you've hunted in the astral planes, and you fished in other people's energy centers, don't do it anymore. Serve Jesus Christ, and he'll give you the power to bring forth Adam from other men, from those very same men that when you were sleeping, you didn't even know that you were doing it, but you were invading their energy centers, and drawing their energy out, the very same people that were spiritually powerful enough to do these ungodly deeds, you too are spiritually powerful enough to get Adam out of all the people where he's all trapped and bound and woven together with the ground and he can't move.


You're the people who did these bad things that are strong enough to get Adam out in the other people. So repent, and do the good works. What a great message, what an absolutely great message. Did anybody here see a movie called, I think it was called The Dirty Dozen, and it was during World War II. Some representative of our military went to a prison, and he made the convicts an offer, and there were twelve low lifes, from all different kinds of crimes, they were in jail, and he made them an offer, I've got this really dangerous mission, and if you want to volunteer, I'm going to train you to be an undercover agent, and if you survive, you'll be free, and even if you don't survive, you'll help your country. So twelve of these real criminals came out and took this undercover job, it was a very interesting movie, to show how it affected them, how having something positive to do, how having a positive goal, changed their whole life.


So you see, Jesus, he's not coming for the good people, they'll come along later, he's coming for the spiritual criminals, he wants the strong people, and he wants them to stop fishing on the carnal side of their net, and start fishing on the Christ side of their net, and stop draining people's energy and start raising Adam from the dead. What a message, what a message! What a message. Okay, let's take a look at Jeremiah 16:16, now I haven't looked at this one at all, but we'll take a look at it. The verse that I just gave you, Isa. 19:8, that's the only verse that I investigated. Jeremiah 16:16, praise the Lord, okay, this is the literal translation, "Behold, I will send for many fishermen declares Jehovah, and they shall fish them, and after this I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them from every mountain and from every hill, and out of the clefts of the rocks." Could someone read that in the King James first please?


COMMENT: Verse 16:16, King James, "Behold I will send for many fishes saith the Lord, and they fish them and after I will send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks."


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, now this is off the top of my head, "I will send for many fish..", I want to tell you brethren, he's sending for us, we is the fish. "I will send for many fish, says Jehovah, and they will fish..." Now isn't that what I just finished preaching? I'm going to send for the fish, I'm going to send for the men who are active in the astral plane, and I'm going to send you fishing for Adam, that's what I just told you, right? Isn't that exciting, I love these second witnesses. "...and they will fish, and after this, I will send for many hunters, who are hunting Adam, the ram in the heart centers, trying to kill Christ, I'm going to send for the people that are trying to kill Christ, now, "...and from every mountain, and from every hill..." And the mountains are the 6th and 7th energy centers, so for this account I would say he's probably talking about the brow energy center, which is the 6th energy center. He's going to call the people who are really manifesting in the brow energy center. There are people who are doing it, in their sleep they are doing it. "...and from every hill...", and the hill as far as I know, is the 5th energy center. "...and from them in the clefts of the rocks.", from those who are down below the heart center, in the holes, in the clefts, in the holes of the rocks. He's sending for the people that are active in the brow energy center, and in the heart energy center, and in the clefts of the rocks. I'm not really sure what that means.


He is looking for the spiritual people. I've been preaching it here for a long time. Even if you're going to train somebody for anything, you want the person to start with the talent, whether you're a dancer or a musician or a writer, or a painter, usually you enter into a competition if someone's giving away a free education, and they take the most talented person, and they work them to death, to make them all that they could be. He's coming for the spiritual people, he's no respecter of persons. It doesn't make any sense at all to go to the people who aren't spiritual, because he's not just picking us up and flying us into the brow center. He's giving you what to work with, but you've got to get up there. And all of spiritual criminals, I've been saying that for years, we're all spiritual criminals, we're all up there anyway, just have to change our ways, start engaging in different activities. But in order to engage in different activities, we, the personality who live out here in this conscious plane, we have to lay hold of our subconscious and unconscious mind. They don't want to change their activities.


So you see, we have fallen out of agreement with the rest of the strands that we're woven together with. And this falling out of agreement will eventually break that net. We're going to break that net. We're married, the Scripture clearly says we're married to our negative principles, we've got to break that net, and only Christ Jesus can break it, when I say we, I mean us in Christ Jesus. The personality from above, Adam called Christ Jesus in the New Testament, he's the only one that can unravel us. Praise the Lord. Now the Hebrew word translated 'fish' or 'fishers' in the two verses that I just commented on, Isaiah 19:8, and Jeremiah 16:16, that is Strong's #1771, and it's from a root that simply means 'fish'. We will now look at Ezekiel 47:10, this is a different Hebrew word, it's Strong's #1728, it means 'fish, or fishers, or fishermen', and it's from a root which talks about a vibratory action. So this word is even, at least gives a clue that it's more than just a fish, that it's talking about our spiritual, the spiritual aspect of our being that operates in the astral plane through vibration, and that's talking about our mind brethren, our mind vibrates in the astral plane, and we move. Ezekiel 47:10, praise the Lord.


COMMENT: "And it shall come to pass, that the fishers shall stand upon it from Engedi even unto Eneglaim, and they shall be a place to spread forth nets, their fish shall be according to their kind, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many."


PASTOR VITALE: "And it will be the fishermen shall stand on it, from Engedi even unto Eneglaim, a spreading place for nets, there shall be, their fish shall be by its kind, the fish of the great sea, very many." Well like I said, this is off the top of my head, I don't know what to do with this. "And their fish very many..", I believe that means us, the spiritual aspect, or the fish aspect of us. There's a worm aspect of us and a fish aspect of us. "..shall be there in these waters, and they shall be healed." Okay, so the fish are going to be healed and the waters are going to be healed. "...and shall live, and all shall live where goes there, the torrent..", and that has something to do with water. Maybe it's the Spirit of Christ. "... and will it be, shall stand..", the fish shall stand, well that's talking about perfection, and there shall be a spreading place for nets..." And it wouldn't surprise me, let me see, I wrote down that word spread in Isa. 19:8 as Strong's #6506, let's see if it's the same word. Well it's a different word, but I would venture to say it's a similar word that means to break, the nets have to break. (End of tape 1)


Tape 2


I just went into my computer and took a look at Ezekiel 47:10, and after a quick cursory look, I would say that this verse has to do with the liberated fishes, that's us, the spiritual aspect, the liberated etheric part of us. This verse is talking about spreading forth their nets. Now of course a net is a woven, I don't want to say garment, but it's a woven, or maybe I will say a garment, when we are unraveled from being woven together with our negative principles, we are going to be woven together with Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ, so we will be a net. There's a godly net and there's an ungodly net, you see. So this Ezekiel 47:10 is speaking about the fishes, the etheric part of us, that will be woven together Christ Jesus, and the Spirit of Christ, and it is a different word translated to spread forth. In Ezekiel 47:10, the word means to spread forth, meaning that we will expand and we will prosper, but the word translated spread forth in Isaiah 19:8, Strong's #6506, that means to break, to cut away.


So Isaiah 19:8, and Jeremiah 16:16, is talking about the captive fish, okay, which men are in the etheric and astral plane, and Ezekiel 47:10, is talking about the liberated fishes, and how they will spread forth and prosper. Praise the Lord. Okay, let's take a look at these few verses in the New Testament. Matt.4:18-19, this is Green's Literal translation, "And walking beside the sea of Galilee, Jesus saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and his brother Andrew, casting a net into the sea." Brethren, he saw them engaged in illegal spiritual activities. "...for they were fishers." They were habitually active in the astral planes, feeding off of other men's energies. "...and he says to them, "Come after me." I'm telling you brethren, Jesus is calling the sinners, because the greater the sinner you are, the more active you are spiritually. He's calling the sinners. David's band, I've been saying for a long time, we're David's band, we're all criminals, and we don't know whether they were spiritual, they were most likely spiritual criminals, probably that's what the Scripture meant, that they were all spiritual criminals, they were all spiritually active and engaged in illegal spiritual activities. And almost as far as I know, you're all going to have to speak for yourself, but as far as I know, just about everyone that the Lord has called in here, is very active in witchcraft at the time that they were called in. Now that doesn't mean you're out there shaking rattles. You can be a very manipulative person, that's a form of witchcraft, you could be a person who never raises their voice, never does anything wrong on the surface, or you could be very controlling, and very manipulating, or very envious, you have to hear it from God, you know, in what way your spiritual energy was manifesting illegally, but it's probably all of these things, more emphasis on one then on the other. Were you controlling, were you envious, were you lustful? Am I saying you're bad because you're filled with lust? No, it's just a sign of high spiritual energy, the question is what you do with it. Are you critical, are you judgmental, do you have evil thoughts towards people? This is all witchcraft. You think nobody hears the thoughts of your mind? Jesus knows the thoughts of your mind, and you know the thoughts of your mind.


Do I condemn you? No. I'm going to say it again, you are a criminal, but that same potential that made you a spiritual criminal is giving you the opportunity to be a son of God. Will you cast your net on the other side, will you do it, will you cast your net on the other side, and salvage your life. I thank God, that the Lord has given me an opportunity to do good in this world. "...for they were fishes, and he says to them, "Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men". And the Greek word translated 'men' is 'anthropo', which means the real man. Then I commented on this Scripture earlier. Brethren, there is not a doubt in my mind, that Peter and Andrew were casting a net into the sea, that they were interwoven with their negative principles, they were spiritually active and they were feeding out of the astral plane, having experiences out of the astral plane, and it could have been any of things that we're talking about here. They could have been very angry people, they could have been very lustful people, they could have a streak of cruelty in them, they could have been critical, judgmental, envious, possibly all of these things, most likely all of these things, but some aspects more prominent than others. And the Lord told me tonight that lying is a sign of high Satanic activity. Isn't that interesting.


Okay, we'll take a look at Mark 1:16-17, praise the Lord, "And walking along beside the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a small net in the sea, for they were fishers. And Jesus said to them, "Come after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men." Two more spiritual criminals, I don't know why it says a small net, I don't think I'm going to go inside to check that out. They were walking along the side of the sea of Galilee, and he saw his brother Andrew casting a small net into the sea, but it doesn't say he was casting it into the sea of Galilee. He was walking by the sea of Galilee, but it doesn't say which sea he was casting his net into. You have to read critically. Now listen, if you're hearing this tape, and you want to believe that these disciples of Jesus were actual physical fishermen, God bless you, you won't hear another word about it from me, and maybe they were. Maybe it was true in the physical and in the spiritual, but I believe I have heard from God, I believe he is unlocking the Scripture for us, and I believe that these four men mentioned or these men mentioned in these four verses, Matt. 4:18-19, and Mark 1:16-17, that they were fishing in the energy centers on the astral plane, and that they were spiritually active in witchcraft. I know I've heard from the Lord, and I'm very excited, why? Because as he unlocks these Scriptures to us, he's unlocking ourselves to us. Brethren, we're no different than these men, you see. There's nothing new under the sun. Everybody is the same, just some a little more than others.


We're all fallen, we're all mortal, we're all in the image of the serpent, and the more we understand these Scriptures, the more we understand ourselves and the greater opportunity we have to deal with our own negative principles and capture them, you see. Maybe in the past we went hunting for Adam, maybe we use to kill Christ whenever we saw him, maybe we knew it and maybe we didn't, but let's turn the table, okay, now we have to go hunting for the negative principles. We have to go hunting for the goat, you see. We have to turn, both within us, we have to kill the goat without, who is the goat? The goat is our old man, the goat or the devil is our old man, that is our personality woven together and in agreement with the negative principles. And we have to break away from those negative principles. The way we break away is by falling out of agreement in our mind, and that's no easy thing, see. I was reading the book of Acts, or actually I was watching it on video tape the other day, about oh, I think it was Peter. Was it Peter who was in jail, between two soldiers, or was it Paul? It was Peter? Okay. I know that's your favorite book, the book of Acts right? And I just listened to that, I rolled that tape back four times, you know. I don't know whether that ever happened in the natural, I would not argue with anybody, but that passage to me is so spiritual, it is just an absolutely spiritual passage. Did it happen in the natural too? Maybe, maybe, but with the earthquake, an earthquake signifies Adam coming up from under the earth. Peter was captured, the carnal mind overlaid his Christ mind, and he was chained. We know that Paul said Christ is my chain, so that means a mind can be a chain, and the earthquake that delivered him, was Christ Jesus breaking through the earth that was covering him over.


Now it may have been a combination of a spiritual event manifesting in the physical, very possible, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus picked the spiritual criminals, he picked men to follow him, who were engaged in illegal activities in the astral plane, and the Scripture boxes it up neatly and puts a bow on it and puts it in a parable form, so that people on all levels can read this Scripture, but those of us who are spiritual, we have to know that these men were engaged in illegal spiritual activities and so are we, and look at what Jesus did with them. And then those of us who are brave enough to look at the truth here, we have every reason to hope that he'll do the same thing with us. But the people who would hear this tape and say, You're out of your mind, this is not possible, you have just killed your own hope of having a similar experience. If you would rather believe that you're going to live out this whole life and die and go to heaven, that's between you and the Lord. I don't have any argument with you, but I'm going through, and I see, I don't know if, I hope that you could see this with me, what I see happening in these last few weeks and months, is that the shackles and the scales are just falling off of the understanding of the Scripture, the revelation is just pouring out, pouring out, pouring out, and as we see the truth in it, we will see the truth in ourselves, and as we see the truth in ourselves we will overcome the lie in ourselves and we will climb up upon her, and we will ascend into the mountains, very exciting.


We have one more Scripture to look at, Luke 5:2.


COMMENT: I heard in the spirit that the disciples were unscrupulous, business partners.


PASTOR VITALE: That's very interesting. I believe that, that's just another way of saying David's criminal band.


Praise the Lord, okay, we're looking for Luke 5:2, praise the Lord, "And he saw two boats standing by the lake, but the fishermen had left them and were washing the nets." Well that's interesting, and he saw two boats, we know the boats are vehicles for the astral plane, let me take a look at this in the Interlinear. And he saw two boats standing, okay, a boat that was standing. Well first of all, the Greek word translated boat is usually the same Greek word translated ship. So we know that this is Christ Jesus, and they were standing. So he saw two men standing in Christ Jesus by the lake and most of the time the Greek word translated lake, it's the same word translated sea, but the fishermen having gone from them were washing the nets, but the fishermen, or the fishes having gone from the boats, were washing... I'm going to take a look at that on the computer. Well, my perception of this verse is that there are also ships in Leviathan's navy, and the ship is not always Christ Jesus, the ship could be Leviathan, the ship that the personality or that the etheric body travels in, I may not have it exactly right.


But the this verse is saying that there were two ships and the men had gone out of them, and were standing in perfection and they were washing their nets, the part of themselves that was woven together with their negative principles was being washed, and they were being woven together with the Lord Jesus. So we see repentance here, a true repentance and a standing up into perfection, and a weaving together with Christ Jesus. Fishers, fishermen hunting in the heart center for Christ, and fishing in the energy centers for our energy. Christ is the root, okay, they go hunting in the heart center for Christ the root, and fishing in the energy centers, for either the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ, which ever we have. And it's not only disembodied entities on the other side. I believe there are disembodied entities on the other side feeding off of us, I believe that. But there are also mortal men who are heavily woven together with their sin nature, usually very unhappy people, that are continuously ascended. The Lord just said to me, it's a spiritual levitation. I've been talking about that experience, I had a friend of mine tell me that several years ago, I've been talking about it for a while now, for a couple of weeks now, that she worked in a mental institution where all of the inmates were in padded cells and she had to walk up and down every night and look through that little window to see if they were okay, and there was one inmate that was fully levitated all night, just ascended above his bed, I don't know whether it was a man or a woman, and that this person claimed to have been raped continuously all night long.


Well this ascension of our spirituality, it's a spiritual levitation. We ascend into the astral plane, and I believe that there are some people who are practicing witches, who benefit at least temporarily, from their witchcraft, but there are many, many people, who are ascended involuntarily, and they are the ones who are in torment. I don't understand it completely, but the people who practice witchcraft, they have a covenant with their negative principles and at least at the present time they are being blessed and their life is in control. But the people who are born with witchcraft heritage, who don't have a relationship, who don't have a covenant with their negative principles, who are just overtaken by their negative principles, they're in torment. If they're in a mental institution or if they're alcoholics, or if they're every day people, they're just tormented in their emotions. Do you know that some people just experience emotional pain, they don't even have an explanation for it, they're just tormented continuously. It's all witchcraft, if you're tormented continuously, it's witchcraft in you. What you need is to pursue the goodness of God, because the witchcraft within you is cutting you with a spiritual knife continuously.


Some day the Lord will explain it to me how there are some people who are witches who prosper from their relationship with their negative principles, I don't really understand where the division takes place, how there are people who are being tormented against their will, and then people, I guess it's just the good and evil of witchcraft, I don't understand it, and I guess it has to do with inheritance. Praise the Lord.


Are there any questions or comments about this message?


COMMENT: "And they saw two ships", in Luke 5:2, I was glad you went in to look it up in the computer because as I saw two ships, I said, is it one Christ and one Christ Jesus? Then I was confused because why would they leave them, and I said, "Oh, there's something wrong with this", so I was glad that you got the conclusion that it was Leviathan's ship, I had not thought of ships being in Leviathan. So thank you.


PASTOR VITALE: Your welcome, I think it's very important that we understand that everything that we see in the Scripture has an opposite side. If we see something positive, it has a negative counterpart, if we see something negative, then it has a positive counterpart, and the negative is Leviathan and the positive is Christ Jesus. I was thinking along these lines the other day. Perhaps the Lord will bring that thought back to me, but I was thinking about the church basically, how, it was along the lines of something that the church was believing in, and yet it never occurred to them that there was a negative counterpart of it, that there are people in this world that believe the opposite, strongly the opposite. I know that the church knows that there are pagans and unbelievers, but I guess I just can't remember what the issue was.


But it would be very good for us to really put that in our heart and know it, that everything that we have here in Christ Jesus, and everything that we know, that's good, there is a negative counterpart of it out there in the world. Everything that we do, there are people doing the opposite. And then that's the evil side of the tree, and then there's the good side of the tree. There are people out there doing a lot of what we do, on the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The only thing that they're not doing that we do, is killing their carnal mind, but they look just like us, they sound just like us, unless you have a discerning ear, you have to listen very carefully. There's a big counterfeit out there. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I just thought it was significant too, with the worm and the fish, usually you catch the fish with the worm.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, isn't that interesting, I hadn't thought of that, isn't that interesting, they use a worm as bait to catch the fish. Now it would probably be the opposite in the spirit, that the fish would catch the worms, I don't know I'll have to think about that, that's very interesting though. That's very interesting, praise the Lord. Anybody else? Yes, the fish swallows up the worm, and the worm is the fiery serpent and the fish is Leviathan, and Leviathan is swallowing up the fiery serpent. The fiery serpent is ascending, and she thinks that she's just feeding at the energy, at Leviathan's energy at the 7th center, but Leviathan's swallowing her up. All of these people, all of these mortal men that are fooling around with the occult, they think that they're feeding, they're think that they're gaining from these entities that they're dealing with, but as soon as the fish has them, she's going to swallow them right up. And I've been preaching that for a long time, that you've, most of people that are in the occult that I have met anyway, they believe that they are manipulating the entities that give them... (end of tape)


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