496 - 1 Part
(Matt. 10:29-42)

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Praise the Lord, our study tonight is about verse 42 of Matthew chapter 10, which says, "And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water, only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise, lose his reward." And I suggest to you once again, that the understanding of this Scripture that is implied by the King James translation is not accurate, and once again, I'm not against the King James translation, I think it's done a great deal of good, but there are, but the deep understanding of the Scripture frequently is blinded and covered over because of a lack of understanding. Now I'm going to read verses 1 through, well actually, let me put to you this way, our study in the Interlinear Text, unless the Lord changes my mind, after I start, will begin with verse 29, of Matthew chapter 10, and I will be teaching from the Interlinear Text, from verses 29-42, but I feel the context, the background context if very important, so I'm just going to read you the early verses, and basically what's happening here is that, well actually I think I'll start reading with verse, well I'll start with verse 1. Jesus has called the apostles and he's giving them his commission, that's what he's doing, he's telling them what they have, what they've received from him, and what to expect. So verse 1, "And when he had called unto him, his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." "Now the names of the twelve apostles", see, it says he called his disciples, and then it says the name of the twelve apostles. So we have two different words here, and the word disciple, is talking about one who studies under a master, or one who studies under a spiritual teacher, and the word apostle refers to the fact that these men had Christ formed in them, because an apostle is a sent one, an apostle is an ambassador, on behalf of the spiritual being that's manifesting through him. In this case, it's Christ, these men received the imputed Christ Jesus.


When Jesus sent them forth, he did not send them forth unequipped, he sent them forth by forming an imputed Christ Jesus in them, and the difference between an imputed Christ Jesus, and an imparted Christ Jesus, is that the imputed Christ Jesus was given without specific repentance. Christ Jesus was not formed in these men because they overcame their carnal mind. Christ Jesus was formed in these men, because Jesus, who was Christ, entered into their spiritual being, and covered their carnal minds, Jesus covered their carnal minds, and brought forth Christ in them. Jesus equipped them to minister, because if we don't have Christ Jesus, we're really not equipped to minister, but as soon as Jesus would take his hand off of them, they would be mortal men again, and this is what happened to Judas. The Scripture had to be fulfilled. Someone had to betray the son of God. Jesus removed his cover from Judas Iscariot, and he became a carnal man again, Satan entered into him, and took hold of this opportunity to kill the son of God, not understanding that Jesus removed his hand deliberately.


So we see that the disciples, the students of Jesus were also apostles, they had Christ Jesus formed in them, because of the anointing that was in Jesus of Nazareth, and they went forth to perform the commission that Jesus gave them, to have power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. "And the names of the twelve apostles are these, the first Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew, his brother, James, the son of Zebedee, and John, his brother; Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew, the publican, James, the son of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus; Simon, the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him. These twelve Jesus sent forth and commanded them saying..." So we see first the apostles are called, then they're given their equipment to minister, Christ Jesus is formed in them, and then Jesus commanded them, telling them specifically what they were to do. "Go not into the way of the Gentiles", these apostles were sent to the Jews, and the apostles today are sent to the church. "Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans, enter ye not. But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and as ye go, preach, saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, freely you have received, freely give, provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses..." And I'm sure this has a deep meaning, but we're not doing it tonight. "...nor scrip for your journey, neither two..."


Well I'm going to skip down here, this is all the commission, "And when you enter into a house, salute it." And this is all, he's telling them how to deal with people here, now in verse 13, and if the house be worthy, when he says a house, he's talking about an individual, because we are all houses for spiritual life. "And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it..." How does your peace come upon it? Christ Jesus covers the carnal mind of that person. But if the house not be worthy, let your peace return to you. Well what makes somebody worthy? Is Jesus a respecter of persons? No, even in the Scripture it says so many times, and that man had the faith to be healed. What does that mean? It means Christ was formed in these people. To be worthy to healed, to have the faith to be healed, to be worthy to receive your peace, who is peace? Christ Jesus is peace, okay.


What that means is these people had Christ formed in them, see. Because all healing that's done on a spiritual level, is through the dismantling of the carnal mind. The true healing is that the Spirit of Christ enters into your spiritual being and covers over, or seals off, or seers your carnal mind in the area that is causing the disease, and then your physical body reflects the change in your spiritual being. Now you can't have, you can't be damaging somebody's carnal mind if they don't have Christ to step in the take over. So Jesus says, If you have the faith to be healed, if Christ if formed in you, I'm going to damage, I'm going to hurt your carnal mind. That's the wording in the book of Revelation. He's going to hurt, that's how it's translated in the King James, he's going to hurt our carnal mind, he's going to wound our carnal mind. He's going to do surgery on our carnal mind to stop that manifestation which is causing the physical disease, you see. Now he doesn't do that if the Christ mind isn't there to take over that function of the carnal mind which is gone awry, see. That's what it means to have the faith to be healed or to be worthy. See, the translation, this King James translation has done so much good, but it's also done a lot of damage, and it's very unfortunate that this word goes out, people thinking, "well I'm not worthy, well I don't have the faith to be healed? Why don't I have the faith to be healed? What do I have to do to get the faith to be healed?"


Look, these apostles were sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Christ was in Israel. We're told in one of the epistles of Peter, the Spirit of Christ was upon the prophets of Israel, Christ was in Israel. Now, why would Jesus say to the apostles, don't go to the Gentiles, and don't go to the Samaritans? The answer is what I just told you. Christ was not formed in the Gentiles, and Christ was nor formed in the Samaritans. Now, with an imparted Christ Jesus, those who have an imparted Christ Jesus, those men, or those apostles, if Christ Jesus is formed in you, you are an apostle, okay. The definition of the apostle in the church today, is a man who goes out and founds churches. But I have a whole message on apostleship, that's not the Scriptural definition of apostle. The great apostle is Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, and when Christ Jesus is in you, you are an apostle, and he speaks through you, you are an apostle. And actually the churches that you found, when you are an apostle, are the individual people that you impart the seed of Christ to, that's the true spiritual understanding of the founding of churches. But each one of us is a church that Christ Jesus is present in. We're living, just as the Pharisees were living walking sepulchers, they were living, but they were dead, they were existing sepulchers, we who carry Christ Jesus, we are living churches. That's what we are, that's what we are, see.


So, Jesus said to the, these apostles, they were imputed apostles. Don't go to the Gentiles and the Samaritans, you don't have power to help people who do not already have Christ formed in them. But the man who has an imparted manifestation of Christ Jesus, the man who has Christ Jesus because he has overcome his carnal mind, that man has the power to impart the seed of Christ to unbelievers. But these apostles were only anointed to go to people who were already believers. Okay, we're just skipping down here, it says, in verse 14, "And whosoever shall not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart out of the house, shake the dust off of your feet." I'm not teaching on this tonight, but it probably means break the soul tie. Then in verse 16, but my whole point of reading you this is that, the verses which we will go into, this is all a part of Jesus giving the commission to his apostles, and telling them what to expect in their walk. And verse 16 says, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But beware of men, for they shall deliver you up to the councils and they were scourge you in their synagogues." And we know today, that that's scourging can be with their minds and with their tongues. We were talking about this earlier, "And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles." Now Jesus is, he may be talking about governors of states, but do you know that every man that has Christ Jesus formed in him, or every man who has a high manifestation of the carnal mind formed in them, is a king.


We are the, Christ Jesus is the king over my earth. He's the king over my personality. Kings are manifestations of indwelling spiritual beings that rule over the personality, and that is true in Christ Jesus, and we also have it on the other side. Some people have spirit guides, okay. I talk about that a lot, that there are entities that would desire very much to enter into and become a part of a human being and live through them, and we call that a spirit guide. And the situation exists in the world today, many mediums speak for one spirit guide. There is a man called Benjamin Creme who speaks for Maitreya, he channels Maitreya. So he is an ambassador for Maitreya. So the kings that are going to deliver you up, the kings of the council, this may exist in the physical plane, but it also exist in the spiritual plane. And what it means is that you're going to have conflicts and encounters with other human beings, who are expressing superior beings, other than Christ Jesus, that are expressing their carnal mind, and that carnal mind is going to try to kill Christ in you, he's warning his people, you can expect that. And I don't mean to sound cruel, but the singing and dancing and hand clapping and everything that goes on in the church today, it's preschool, it's good and it's wonderful and it's fine, but it's not the real thing. That's not what Christianity is about. Christianity is about spiritual manhood, which involves continuous ongoing conflict, stress and warfare. Praise the Lord, and overcoming these things in Christ Jesus.


Okay, verse 19, "But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what you should speak, for it shall be given you in the same hour what ye shall speak." And the Lord just revealed to me tonight, that he's really, you know I could never really understand this verse, you know. How many people are going to be delivered up before judges, you know. But he revealed to me tonight that he's talking about a confrontation with another person who's attacking you with their carnal mind.


You're being attacked the king, the indwelling king, the carnal mind of that person, you know, and this personality, who is speaking for that king is trying to deliver you up. It may be your friend, it may be your sister or your brother or your wife or your husband, but the spiritual truth is, they may not know what they're doing, but they're trying to kill Christ in you, see, and this is why in the following verses, Jesus says, "I come with a sword", because we have to stand against our most beloved friend and relative, if we recognize that what is speaking through them is trying to kill Christ in us, that's the sword right there, Jesus is the sword. Either we cleave to our physical family, in this crisis, you don't have to give up your physical family, but in the confrontation, where this beloved friend or relative is trying to seduce you to turn away from Christ, Christ becomes the sword that divides you from your loved one. Because for you to cleave to your loved one in a situation like this is suicide for yourself and for the whole family that you're covering, even though they don't realize that you're covering them, and that's how Christ is the sword.


Verse 21, "And the brother, (see, it's the very next thing that Jesus says), the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child, and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death...", and I'm not in the Interlinear Text on this. The death that he's talking about, although we did see this manifest in Hitler's Germany, where the children were turning their parents in, and things like that, and I never denied that whatever I preach could manifest in the physical, but this book is a spiritual book, and he's talking about, it may be your physical brothers, it could be your brothers and sisters in the church, and the children that are rising up against their parents are the, we all carry a child in us, either it's the Christ child, or it's the daughter of Babylon, it's the female child, we all have a spiritual child, see, inside of us.


So if you have a female child in you, she's going to deliver you up, but of course I'm not looking in the Interlinear Text on this, so I could be a little off and I don't want to follow along with it, this whole exhortation is to bring you to the point that we're going to study in the Interlinear Text. "The disciple is not above his master...", I'm in verse 24, "...or the servant above his Lord, it is enough for the disciple that he be as his master." So we see that we can be as our master, when we live through our master. "If they have called the master of the house...", that's Jesus, "...Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household." We can expect to be accused of representing or speaking for Satan. And this is what happens every time, or frequently, not every time, but frequently when Christ Jesus speaks through you to someone, and what is Jesus saying when he speaks to us through people who are not prepared for it, what does he say to them? He's almost always revealing their sins. And I was talking about this off the tape earlier, that our human knee jerk reaction to having sin revealed, is that Leviathan rises up in us, and turns us against the person, against the personality revealing the sin to prevent the sin nature from being exposed, to save, the sin nature is the fiery serpent within us, and to preserve that fiery serpent in the image of Satan. Because when Jesus comes to reveal our sins, his intention is to capture our fiery serpent, which is our subconscious mind, which is in the image of Satan, and change her nature. Jesus has come to change our nature, see, he's come to save which was lost, but he's not taking us the way we are. The way he's saving us is by erasing this spiritually criminal nature that we have and giving us a righteous nature, that's how he's saving us. And the fiery serpent being our subconscious mind, he's coming to lay hold of her, and to change her nature, to forcibly change her nature, because our subconscious mind is not in agreement with this change. Our subconscious mind lusts and a whores after Leviathan every day of our life.


So Leviathan comes and protects her, and thus Jesus says, How can you enter into a strongman's house, unless you first bind the strongman, and then you could spoil his goods. Well if you look up that word 'goods' in the Greek, it could mean his wife. So we have to fight with Satan and Leviathan, before we can reach inside of ourselves and deal with our fiery serpent, and change her nature. Therefore, when Jesus sends somebody to show you your sins, see, this message is preparing you, that when Leviathan rises up in you, to say to the person, who's revealing your sin, Well you're Beelzebub. What does that mean? That's not Christ in you saying that about me. You hate me, you against me, you're an evil person, people say all different kinds of things, that's what this verse is about. That you should hear this message, and you should know, that when Leviathan rises up and put these thoughts in your mind, that she's not your friend, that the one that's showing you your sins in Christ, is your friend.


And Leviathan, the one that's saying, Don't receive this, is your enemy, who does not want your subconscious mind converted into the nature of Christ, and when your subconscious mind is converted into the nature of Christ, you receive eternal life. So Leviathan doesn't want you to have eternal life, she doesn't care if you die, she doesn't care if you're sick, she doesn't care what happens to us at all, she just wants to live through us, until our bodies give up and die, and then she goes to other bodies and lives through them. And that is the truth of our condition.


So this preaching, you see, we're saved by the foolishness of preaching, the truth will set us free, and we must know that the mind of Christ in us, must stand apart from our emotional reactions, and from our human reactions, because the human reaction is to rise up in defense against the person that's saying something about you that might be true, that might not be too pleasant, but its not pleasant for anyone. So that's the whole purpose of this kind of preaching, to warn you what's going to happen, when you go forth to reveal people's sins, Leviathan is going to rise up in you, I'm sorry, it's going to rise up in the person who you're revealing sin in, and it's going to say, you're Beelzebub, you're not of God, that's what the carnal mind does. We're all the same. It's just like when you have children, if you've been around children, and you know that you can expect two year olds to act in a certain way, and three year olds to act in a certain way, every child is individual, but you know, at a year you can expect them to start to walk, and you can expect them to start to talk. Well spiritual children are the same way. Everybody is an individual in the their own personality, but there's a general across the board rule that you can expect them to do, when they come to the age that Jesus starts to reveal their sins. Leviathan rises up, it's to be expected, and when Leviathan rises up, you think evil of the person that's showing you your sins, that's what spiritual children do. It's as simple as that, it's as simple as that.


Therefore when spiritual children do that, we should have, or we would hope to have no problem forgiving them, anymore than you would have a problem forgiving your two year old, who unfortunately got a hold of knife and stabbed you. I mean, would you really say to your child, What are you trying to do, kill me? No, you just take the knife away from them. This is the truth of our condition.


Okay, "...so the children shall rise up against their parents...", well this is talking about spiritual parents. The sons who go forth to show you your sins, at least in this encounter, are parents, and the children whose sins are being revealed at least in that encounter, are the children, and one day you could be the child, and the next day you could be the parent, revealing the sin in somebody else. But we see here, that the children shall rise up against the parent, and cause them to be put to death. I don't know what it says in the Interlinear, but that death is a spiritual death. They're trying to kill the Christ in you who is exposing the sin. Because according to the Scripture, the only life that we have is Christ Jesus, and if Christ Jesus dies, we're dead. We're walking sepulchers, walking around, having an existence, having consciousness, but we're dead.


So to say 'put us to death' presupposes that we're alive, and the only way that we're alive is if Christ Jesus is in us. So theses spiritual children try to kill Christ who's coming to save their life. Everybody does it. Even people that have heard this message. The day that it comes, that it actually happens to you, it's your knee jerk reaction to do it, and then Lord willing, when you have time to think it over, and Jesus ministers to you, you take the victory, praise the Lord, Lord willing. Praise God. "...and those who persecute you in the city, flee to another city..", we'll skip that one. I'm down in verse 26, "Fear them not therefore, for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed and hid, and shall not be known...", this is referring to our sins, in that day that the Lord Jesus answers your prayers that you've been praying for twenty and thirty years, but we never ever expect him to answer our prayers the way he answers our prayers, in that day, every sin in our heart that is covered over, and who covers our sins? Our pride covers our sins. Every sin will revealed, and everything that's hidden shall be known. How is that going to be? Because the sons of God who are living largely out of Christ will see into your heart, they'll see into your subconscious mind, and praise God for it, because most people cannot see into their own heart until they're delivered by someone who is already above their carnal mind, at least to a large measure. Because pride is scales over our eyes, and it blinds us. And Jesus says to the apostles, his disciples, "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul, but rather fear him which is able to destroy..."


Well I have a translation on that in the alternate New Testament, I'm not going to get into that right now. Okay, verse 29, this is where we're going to start, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing...", okay now this is Jesus, just, he's just instructing his disciples, the apostles, and said, Don't be afraid of these people that don't have the power to kill your soul, he says, "And are not two sparrows sold for a farthing, and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your father...", well I don't know about you but I never knew what that meant. I could never figure that out. So, I see I'm at the wrong place here in my text, let me get there. We're in verse 29, okay, I'm working from my Interlinear Text, I have no notes written up on this at all, I'm doing this on the fly. First of all, 'sparrows', if you look up the meaning of the word 'sparrow', it's talking about a small bird that hops, even when it flies it doesn't get very far off the ground. Now we know that the sons of God are signified by eagles, and I want to suggest to you that the sparrows are the young sons, that they do have wings, and they can fly, which means they are Christ, but they don't have the power of the eagle, they don't have the size of the eagle, and they don't have the flight ability of the eagle. It's talking about Christ, or a very immature Christ Jesus, but most likely Christ. He's talking about the young son, and he says, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing, this Greek word translated 'farthing', it means it's a Roman coin, and Thayer's says, we're working with two lexicons, Strong's and Thayer, and Thayer's says that this coin is equal to the tenth part of a drachma, it's equal to the tenth part. As soon as we hear the number ten, we know that we're either talking about the law, or we're talking about the third energy center, which is where we live out of lust. But in this, by the context of the whole verse, I would say we're talking about the law, and as I've told you many times, the hidden, one of the aspects of the hidden message of the Scripture, or one of the mysteries of it is that, Jehovah clearly says that Satan and all the members of the serpent's household are nothing. This is Jehovah's position, they're nothing. Therefore any negative particle that we find in the Scripture, if the context of the whole verse supports it, we can translate that negative particle as any member of the serpent's household that fits into the context, and this is what we'll be doing here.


Now we have the word 'two' here. We're going to translate the word 'not', well it will be the serpent's household, I think it's going to be Satan, and the word 'two', I remind you that, now, we're translating this New Testament in view of spiritual principles that we have uncovered in the Old Testament. I remind you that the Old Testament was written in Aramaic, and it was written by men, except for the book of Luke, who was trained under the apostles, it's written with men who had a Jewish mind. What is a Jewish mind? A Jewish mind is a mind that has been in the Hebrew Scripture, that has been under an anointing, on a training to teach them how to think the way the Scripture directs us to think. So therefore we are translating the New Testament with a Jewish mind. You don't have to be a physical Jew to have a Jewish mind. You have to have been someone who has committed yourself to the Scripture, and hopefully you have Christ, and you have a Jewish mind. Now, the word 'two', the spiritual significance of the word 'two' in the Scripture, and it fits in accordance with this verse, is the dual being, the dual being, dual means 'two'. Does anybody know the name of dual being that came into existence after the fall? Okay, the dual being was Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel, they're really one being, they're like two sides of the same coin, and it's even interesting that the word coin is used here, but Cain and Abel are the dual beings. It's the word 'two', it either could be translated as the second born, or the second in authority, or the dual being. Those are three potentials, if we're looking for an esoteric meaning of that word. And I want to suggest to you that the dual being, the little bird, the small bird, that had the ability to be spiritual, okay, and the ability, the spiritual ability in Cain and Abel was in which one? Was it in Cain or in Abel? It was in Abel. The spiritual potential of this dual being was in Abel, okay, and the serpent, and they were sold unto the serpent, under the law.


Okay now, we've done many studies saying that Jehovah sold us unto Satan, until the judgment, I believe that's in Peter, we were sold unto Satan in chains of darkness until the judgment. And the seals that we see in Revelation, I believe it's chapter 4, it's says, Jesus, the lion of the tribe of Judah, he's strong enough to open those seals. What seals? The seals that Satan has on us, because, well how did Satan get all of these seals on us, we were sold under sin, okay. We fell into sin and Jehovah sold us. He sold us to, well, in our form as our ancestor, okay, as the original Adam, who fell, we were sold unto the one that we chose, and we were sold under sin, and we're down here and we're sealed.


And we found many Scriptures recently saying that the serpent locked the door and barred it, we're trapped down here, we cannot get out, we're held down by Satan's gravity, we're in these bodies, that we can't, the only way we can get up into the spirit, if we can, is through the serpent's time line, which is a lie, you see. And I've talked about this on other messages, how the serpent's time line goes as high as the heart center, and it curves around, it really doesn't go up in to the true upper window, where eternal life is, see. So it's a false, we gain, the people that ascend in the serpent's time line, gain spiritual power, but it's a spiritual power that remains in the lower window, where we are dead, unless Christ is in us, we're dead. So I'm going to suggest to you that this verse that talks about two sparrows sold for a farthing, is talking about the dual being, Cain and Abel, who were because of Abel's spirituality, were a sparrow, I don't think the word should be plural, but I'm sure some translator just made it plural because of their understanding of it, that dual sided sparrow were sold to the serpent, or sold to Satan, okay, and one of them, that word one, okay, that word 'one' can also be translated 'the first one, or the primary one, or the primary numeral, the abundant one, the head'.


So the dual being was sold under Satan, and the primary one, okay, the primary one is Abel, he fell, you see they have it here in the Interlinear Text, in the future, but I'm going suggest to you that the verse is saying, the dual being, okay, was sold to Satan under the law, and the primary one fell to the ground, without the father. And the primary one fell to the ground, it says here fell on the ground, fell under the ground, see. Abel is under the ground. And the primary one fell upon the ground, or fell by the hand of the ground, you know. He was murdered by Cain, he was buried by the, and the ground, the ground also, let me finish that thought first. He fell to the ground, the primary one, Abel, fell to the ground when the dual being, when the dual spiritual being was sold to Satan, because of sin, the primary one fell to the ground without the father. He fell into a physical body and he didn't have the Spirit of the father. Does anybody not understand what I'm saying? It's a little difficult to follow me when I preach off the hoof like this, and I don't have any alternate translations made up for you.


But now remember Jesus is counseling his disciples and he's telling them what to expect of the people that he ministers to, and now he's going into esoteric doctrine and giving them the background of who they are, and of what happened to us in our, you know, when we were, because we're really Adam descendants, we really are Adam in this present generation, and he's getting into heavy stuff here, Jesus. And he's actually he's encouraging them, okay, in verse 29, he tells them about the fall, he tells them how they got into this condition in verse 30, the King James says, "but the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Now I've known for a long time and I've preached here for a long time that hair signifies the spirit, what I haven't preached for a long time, although this revelation did come down a couple of years ago, is the word 'number'. We find that word in the book of Revelation, 'count the number of the beast', we find this word in the Old Testament, where it says, "And David numbered the men of Israel, and Jehovah was so angry that David went under this heavy judgment. I could never figure that out, until the Lord unlocked this symbol for me. So David counted the men, he called the army together, he accumulated the army for this reason, David went under this severe judgment? It didn't make any sense, until the Lord revealed that this word 'number' is talking about accumulation and the esoteric meaning of this word, that at the time that the Lord revealed this symbolic meaning, we went into several Scriptures using the word 'numbered' and it fit in every Scripture. It's talking about the ingathering of the man's spirit into the higher energy center. Count the number of the beast, the man that is 666, he is the man whose spiritual energy is accumulated in the brow energy center, and this is the number of the beast, the man whose spiritual energy of his spirit, his soul, and his body is gathered into the brow energy center, that man is the beast, see.


So to number, the esoteric meaning of the word 'to number', is to gather, is to have all of your energy focused into the brow energy center. That was what David did that was so wrong, he caused his armies to rise up in spiritual power outside of Christ. Traditionally, Israel was consistently falling into witchcraft. You see, when the Lord says, and you know this applies to us today. When the Lord says, Go up to that battle, confront that man, let's make it real to us, when the Lord says, Confront that man, and someone goes to another person and speaks righteousness to them, tells them what you did was wrong, and it's really Christ Jesus speaking through that person, you undefeatable.


If the Lord sends you and the Lord is speaking through you, you are undefeatable. But what happens to people, is their carnal mind gets raised up, they think it's Christ, and it's not Christ and they go to somebody, they either tell them that they're wrong, or they show them their sins, and it's not Christ, see, and this is sin, to show people their sins or to tell people they are doing something wrong or to bring a correction outside of Christ, is sin. What sin? Does anybody know? The sin of what?




SHEILA: It's the sin of pride, the carnal mind operates in pride. So if you go out to battle, to a spiritual battle, and in the Old Testament of course it was a physical battle, to whatever degree it was manifested in the natural, if you go without the Lord, even in the Scripture, you see, every time they went up without the Lord, the Israeli army was defeated. Well this happens on a personal level. When we go into a warfare with any other human being, and it's all a warfare, we go without Christ. When we go with spiritual power and it's not Christ, okay, it's the sin of witchcraft. It's the sin of pride that sends us, that dispatches us, that gives us the commission, and the spiritual power that we go with, the spiritual power that Leviathan, our pride sends us with, is witchcraft, and it's Satan's power. And this is what David did, he raised up the spiritual army in Satan's power. The Lord never told him to do it. So, all of these years I'm thinking, well David committed this terrible sin, he called a draft, and he was punished terribly because he called a draft? No, he did it in Satan's power, you see. A man who knew better, a king, who knew the power of God, a man who knew the power of Jehovah, a man who knew Jehovah's voice, raised up the army in Satan's power, because of a personal need, because of his own personal motive. And to be honest with you at this moment, I would have to go back into the Scripture to determine what that motive is, but I will give you a general idea, that when men do this, their motive is usually retaliation, revenge, if someone has rejected you or hurt you, your motive is retaliation or revenge, which is all motivated by pride, how dare you do that to me, I'm going to get you, or sometimes you have evil motive generated by envy, you want that person has. Didn't David go and take Bethsheba, that was all motivated by envy for the wife of this faithful general, okay.


So that was David's great crime. When he numbered the armies of Israel. It was his own personal motive, therefore the spiritual power behind the draft, was Satan. And I also gave you an example of the number of the beast, the man who's gathered up in spiritual power, body, soul and spirit, all of the energy from all parts of his being, gathered in and focused, in the brow energy center. We must focus our energy, you see. We're not only ascending spiritually, this ascension involves the focusing and the concentration of our energy, just as a laser beam is powerful enough to do surgery, laser beam is focused light, see. And now there's a scientist or several scientist somewhere, talking about focused sound, being even more workable than focused light. Now of course we know, those of us who study spiritual things, we know that sound is very powerful, that it was the first, the universe came into existence because Jehovah uttered a sound, and now I'm talking a sound that we make with our vocal chords, but sound is thought. The origination point of sound is thought. Jehovah had thought a thought and the creation came into existence. So sound is probably more powerful than light, at least equally as powerful, but probably more powerful than light, because sound existed before light existed. It was the sound that brought the light into existence, see.


So we see that Jesus has got into some really deep stuff here. He's saying the very hairs of your head, and who is their head, who is the head of the apostles?


COMMENT: Christ.


SHEILA: Christ Jesus is the head of the apostles. So he's saying the very hairs, you see the word 'your' is not even here. It says, "The very hairs of the head..." , the Greek Interlinear Text, says, "The very hairs of the head..." The word 'your' is not here. The very hairs of the head are all numbered. Well who are the hairs of the head? Christ Jesus is the head, and if hair means spirit, who are the hairs of his head?


Your spirit is one hair, and your spirit is another hair, and your spirit is another hair, and my spirit is another hair. So, Jesus, the Christ, the man, is saying to his disciples, the apostles, Look, back at the beginning in verse 29, Cain and Abel, that young sparrow was sold unto Satan, and they fell into the ground without the father, but you, in your case, the very hairs, your spirit are gathered unto Christ Jesus. You are free from the ground, because the spiritual ground is quicksand. The spiritual ground immediately puts out all kinds weeds and tendrils that binds up Abel that's knocked down to the ground. Abel, that falls on the ground, when he hits the ground, spiritual tendrils and weeds immediately rise up and completely interweave him with the ground which breaks his spiritual power and separates him from the godhead above. So Jesus says to his disciples, that's what happened to Cain and Abel, but you're beyond that, you're in a whole different ball game, you're spirit is gathered unto Christ Jesus, you're not entangled in the ground. You see, the occult philosophies of this world are telling us that we're all one. Every is one, and there is nothing that is beyond the spirit of the world, you see, but that's a lie, because Christ is beyond the spirit of this world, Jehovah is beyond the spirit of this world. Christ Jesus is not entangled in the ground, we are not one with the world in our mind.


If we are one with Christ Jesus, if we're not deceived, as many in the church are today, if we are truly one spirit with Christ, we are not with the world. So Jesus said to his disciples, you are not a part of the this whole fallen humanity, where Abel is entangled with the ground, your spirit, or Abel in you, is gathered unto the head, Christ Jesus. You are above the ground. Verse 31, "Fear ye not therefore, ye are more value than many sparrows." I have to tell you that this really never made any sense to me, of course we're more valuable than sparrows you know, what is Jesus talking about? And he says, verse 31, we're translating the word 'not' into Satan again. Satan, therefore fears you. See, Jesus is not saying to his disciples, don't be afraid, Satan therefore, because of what I just told you, verse 29, and 31, verse 29, that the whole creation fell under the ground, but you're not under the ground, verse 30, verse 31, Jesus says, Satan, because of this truth, that you're not entangled with the ground, Satan therefore fears you, he fears that many sparrows, many human beings whose spirit is gathered unto Christ Jesus the head, and the word, the Greek word translated "are of more value than", that Greek word means to transport or to bear apart, or to toss about, or to be different.


So because your spirit is gathered unto the head, Satan is afraid that if there are many sparrows, if there are many people that come into condition that you're in, if many people are raised up, whose spirit is gathered unto the head, that you shall tear apart from the ground. You see, even those of us whose spirit is gathered unto the head, we're still bound to the ground. Our spirit, we're a divided person. James calls us a doubleminded man, but are you still sick, do you still have trouble with your body, do you still any kinds of problems in your personality or your body? You're still buried under the ground, but your spirit is gathered unto the head. Now this is a perversion that our mind, that our carnal mind and our emotions, and our personality, and a lot of our thoughts, should be down here under the ground, and every thought that we have that's of this world, is from under the ground. And I'm sorry whoever is hearing this tape, I'm telling you the truth, if one of your main goals in life, is your career, or to get married, or to have children, there's nothing wrong with that, but you need to know that those thoughts are not from Jesus. Jesus is not thinking those thoughts, Jesus wants to raise you up out of this world, Jesus wants you to marry him. No, you can't be married to two men at the same time. You can't be married to Jesus and to a physical husband or a physical wife. Jesus wants you married to him.


Now what I'm preaching now is not for everybody at this moment, but Jesus' ultimate goal for the creation is that we should married to him, delivered from these physical bodies and restored to the spiritual life above. Now he lets us have our homes and our families and our careers while we're down here, but this is not Jesus' ultimate for us, you see.


So if this a primary goal in your life, you need to know that you're not thinking, that you're still under the influence of the serpent. And I just hope nobody is misunderstanding me, this message is not for everybody at this time. So if it's not for you, and you're a young woman, Paul says, Let the young women marry, unless, and of course, I believe that Paul was talking about young spiritual women, whether their physical men, or physical women.


If Jesus is not calling you to a deeper walk at this time, get married, make a commitment to your mate, live a holy life, have your children, build your career, and praise God, I pray that you prosper in this world. But if you're hearing this message and it's your time, you need to know that those thoughts are not of God. That the thoughts of the mind of Christ in you are continually towards Jesus Christ, they're continually towards the Lord Jesus, towards the doctrine of Christ, and towards the children of the kingdom, who are being brought forth right now, continually. That's all, that's all Christ Jesus thinks about. Praise the Lord.


So this word, the Greek word, it's Strong's #1308, that's translated 'are of more value than', it means to bear up or to transport or to bear apart, or to toss about, or to be different. It means to bear or carry through any place, to carry in a different way, to go in a different direction, to carry in a different direction, to test or to prove, to distinguish between what it good and evil. Therefore, in verse 29, because Cain and Abel, because Abel was tossed down upon the ground and the earth covered him over, okay, verse 31, "But you are different, you're spirits are gathered unto Christ Jesus, verse 31, therefore the serpents terrified that there are going to be more like you." You see, right now, you're still much of a threat, you see. And all of us that have Christ in us, the ground still has us, we're still buried under the ground, but our spirit is stretching upwards, and Satan is very scared that there will many sparrows. Abel is a sparrow, Christ Jesus is the eagle. Satan is very afraid there will be many sparrows following after you. Now I don't, I haven't looked at the next verse yet, but I'm telling you, following after this somewhere Jesus is saying, And therefore she's seeking to kill you. And this is the message that just came out in one of our recent messages, "Jesus, The Pillow, And The Boat", where we find out when the disciples were delivered from their carnal mind, when Jesus covered their carnal mind, and they started to think clearly with their Christ mind. The first thing that they said was, My goodness, Satan wants to kill us! See, I could preach this from morning until night, whoever is hearing this tape, you could listen to me say this for the next 200 years, if you're still alive, but who really believes it that Satan's, do you really believe that Satan is trying to kill you? Most people, well maybe they believe it on some level, brethren Satan is trying to kill you!


Now, she's not, sometimes she's looking to take your physical life, but she's looking to kill Christ in you, she's definitely looking to kill Christ in you, and when she finds out that you're a person who is so perseverant that she cannot kill Christ in you, then she'll try and kill your body. She will try and, she wants Christ dead, and if she can't seduce you away from him, she'll kill your body if she can. Now are you suppose to walk around in fear every day? Are you suppose to walk around crying and moaning and depressed? No! But the truth is going to set you free. You have to walk around circumspectly. You have to seeking Jesus to follow behind him, because our only safety, is walking right behind him in his footsteps. So of course you minister to your family and you go out and you live your life, but you never forget, you never forget who you are, that you're suppose to be seeking Christ in everything, in every decision, in every encounter with every person that you meet, whether it's planned or whether it's not planned, you should be thinking wow, is Jesus in this? What would Jesus do in this situation? Where did this person come from, I didn't expect them. Does Jesus have a plan that he didn't tell me about? Well, I'm asking you Lord, what do you want me to do in this situation?


He wants us to be in communication with him continually. Therefore, when the crisis comes, if you have practiced, you see, you can't do this without practice, you cannot be in touch with Jesus continually without practice. So we practice with the simple problems in life. We get use to asking his opinion on everything. So when the serious problem comes, we're already turned towards him. Our ears are already opened towards him. Our knee jerk reaction is to say, Jesus what do I do in this crisis, and because our ears are opened to him, we hear him, he's talking to everybody. He's not a respecter of person, but everybody can't hear him, you see. You have to be turned towards him, turn towards his realm, turn towards his dimension, turn towards his spiritual world to hear what he's saying. But most of us, are turned towards our carnal mind. Most of us turn towards our carnal mind, most of have a knee jerk reaction of turning towards our carnal mind. Now, does that mean you're bad? No. It just means that you're programmed, you see, and the truth is going to set you free.


Why am I telling you this, to condemn you? No. I'm telling you this to bring you out to the surface, to help you to face this reality that you're programmed to turn to the carnal mind, first in many circumstances, and dangerous days are coming upon the earth. You may not have time for me to call you from New York and saying, Well did you ask Jesus what to do about that? You have to have to have a knee jerk reaction. You don't have time for me to call you from where I am on Long Island, even though you're just 45 minutes away from me. We all have to be trained to immediately turn towards Jesus to hear his command in every crisis, and the way we get to that place, is that we practice asking him about everything in every day life. Wake up in the morning, and say, Jesus, please take control of my day. Please open my ears today. Please help me to be spiritual today. Please help me to be spiritual, in every situation that manifest, and he wants to teach you. We're the ones who are deaf, he wants to show us how to do this? We're the ones who are deaf. So, you make your general fleece, like right now, make your general fleece when you wake up in the morning, say, Lord control my day. And then, when your carnal mind overshadows you during the day, he will honor your general fleece and your prayer in the morning, and he will tap you on the shoulder and say, That's your carnal mind. And when he does that, you now have a choice, are you going to rebuke your carnal mind, and burn her in the lake of fire, and turns towards Jesus or not.


He will help you to the point, where you recognize an act of choice, and then he steps back, the choice is yours. But once you've heard a message like this, he's requiring you to make that fleece with him, asking him to remind you when you're not listening. Are you bad? No! You're human, you're fallen! We need help! Help, help, help! We need help, that's why we need a savior. So we see that Satan is the one who is afraid, that there will be many Abels rising up and separating and going in a different direction. Praise the Lord. Verse 32, and I just want to make one more interesting point, I've been preaching here for a long time, that it's okay to pray for people, but you really should not be counseling, this is the not for you personally, for anybody, you should not be counseling people unless you have the spirit of counsel. And not many people have the spirit of counsel. And the tendency is, with everyone I've ever met in the church, you know, if someone asks you for prayer, they can't just pray for you they have to counsel you also. This is a spirit of pride, because it's not the spirit of counsel, it's rarely the spirit of counsel, see.


And when that pride comes up, that counterfeits the spirit of counsel, especially in my personal case, it invariably thinks that I'm afraid, it invariably imputes carnality to me, okay. You see this is why I really don't let people counsel me, I'll rebuke you if you try to counsel me, unless I perceive that you're in Christ, and it's a very rare person that's in Christ. And when you talk to someone who's at a particular spiritual level, when you talk to them as if they were down beneath that spiritual level, if the person doesn't, if I don't resist you, you're going to bring me down to a lower level than I'm at. Maybe, I mean I have problems all the time, I have problems all the time, in my personal life, and in Christ, and in your mind, you're trying to help me, but the problem is that you can't help someone who is in authority over you, because you can't even comprehend their problem really, if you've never been in the place, you see.


So, you can only minister from where you are, therefore, most of the people that try to, that still try to minister to me once in a while, I have to correct them, and say, I'm not afraid. This just happened here not too long ago. This very well meaning sister, whatever I mentioned to her, I think it was all of this trouble I was having getting out on this trip. Oh, well, Jesus will make it better, don't worry, you know, something along those lines. And I had to say, You know, it's not right to talk to me like that, because if for nothing else, your evaluation of my condition is completely wrong. I don't feel bad. I don't feel bad, I'm not afraid, none of these things are true, at least, you know most of the time, none of these things are true of me. I was under a heavy witchcraft attack, I had a lot of confusion on mind, witchcraft puts confusion on your mind, I was under a lot of stress, I was not afraid, I was not feeling bad, these are all female emotions, to be afraid, to feel bad, you know, to say, Oh, Jesus will make it better. That's the way, you know, and if you need someone to talk to you like that, I'm not putting you down, I'm just telling you that when you get to spiritual manhood, and I believe I'm a spiritual man, those things just weren't, they're not true of me.


So to minister to me in a manner that's not accurate for me, what good, it doesn't do any good at all, and if I let it, it will pull me down. So therefore, you should not counseling out of your carnal mind, especially someone who is an elder, someone who is an elder to you. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about? You shouldn't be counseling anyone, unless it's the spirit of counsel which is in Christ Jesus, that's coming forth. And the spirit of counsel which is in Christ Jesus, strengthens Christ in the person. When you say to someone, "Oh don't feel bad, Jesus will you know, make it better", that's not strengthening Christ, that's the compassion of the world, you see, that's how the world ministers, but when Christ Jesus ministers, he strengthens the man in you, you see.


Now, in verse 41 here, it's translated, the King James translation says, that the apostles are afraid. Jesus is saying to the apostles, Fear not. Well these men are apostles, that means they are living out of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is never afraid. So here's your witness that it's not Jesus saying to the apostles, Fear not. You do not say, "Fear not" to an apostle. You do not say "Fear not" to a man who's living out of his Christ mind, and that could be a physical man or a physical woman. If that person is living out of their carnal mind, they may tell you, wow, I'm under some attack. I mean you've heard me say that, This witchcraft has just been really hard, you know. But you don't say to someone who is in their Christ mind, "Fear not", because Christ is not afraid, you see. And if that person will let you, you'll bring them down into fear. When you say "Fear not" to someone who is standing in the strength of Christ Jesus, but maybe their just standing there, and you say to them, "Oh, don't be afraid", if they're not practiced in this, they're going to come right down into that fear that they were standing against. And this is the exact opposite of the ministry that Christ Jesus would give. Christ Jesus comes in and strengthens Christ in you, and Christ is not afraid, see.


So if you study out the Scripture, it's always the angel, well most of the time, it's the angel coming to a carnal person saying, "Fear not", and who is the angel? The angel is Christ Jesus. So Christ Jesus is the one who says "Fear not" to the man who is in his carnal mind. And the Lord has, for years, been giving me the example of our natural armies. There was a period of time, I think for about a whole year, where he had me watching all kinds military movies, biographies about Eisenhower, about MacArthur, and military movies, to see how military men operated. They would never say to even a boot soldier, don't be afraid. Never, you would never hear an officer say that to the lowest ranks of officer. So we are not to talk to each other this way in Christ Jesus. But many of us who are called to be spiritual men, are physical women, and we have to overcome this, you see. I don't think you really find, I think you have to look far and wide to find a natural man who would say to you, "Oh, don't be afraid, it will be alright." Not many physical men would even say that to you.


So if you're a physical woman, and you're called to go on to a spiritual manhood, this is one thing that we, and I'm one of you, that we have to overcome. See, physical men that are called to spiritual manhood, they have different deficits, because you really have to get in, you really have to communicate, and get in touch with people's feelings. To be a son of God, you have to, you minister to people subconscious minds, and that's very hard for men, because men are all intellectual, and are all on the surface, and they don't want this contact, it's not emotional contact, but it's a similar thing, as far as a man is concerned. This is this deep intimate contact, they don't want it, it makes them uncomfortable. So a man who is going to minister as a son, that's their deficit. Physical women who are going to minister as sons, we have to come out of this kind of thing, which is the compassion of the carnal mind, you see.


So, the physical man, who probably, I mean I've seen men walk away from women crying, you know, even the last, the memory in my mind right now is, I had a relative that died, and there's my brother-in-law, his wife is crying on his chest, and he's patting her back, and he has a smile on his face, you know, men just don't do things like that, you know. So the men, they have to come down and find the compassion of Christ, and women, physical women, have to come up out of this compassion of the carnal mind, you have to give that up, and come into the compassion of Christ. So, everybody has to be equalized in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord. Let's take a look at the next verse.


Verse 32, "Whosoever therefore shall confess me before me, him will confess also before my father, which is in heaven." Okay, verse 32, "Whosoever therefore shall confess..", well, when I look in the Interlinear Text, I see there are two words translated 'whosoever'. The Interlinear Text says, "Whosoever therefore, whosoever, shall confess me before men, will confess...". Now, what the King James translators did, was they just eliminated one of the whosoevers, but these two words, 'whosoever', they're two different Greek words. The first word 'whosoever' is Strong's #3956, and the second word 'whosoever' is Strong's #3748, and they're both translated 'whosoever' in the Interlinear Text. But the second 'whosoever' can be translated, 'to desire'. It's really saying, "Therefore whosoever desires, whosoever desires, and I don't think we see that, you know, so the word is completely left out in the King James translation. Therefore, whosoever desires, and this Greek word translated 'confess', Strong's #3670, can also be translated 'to covenant', or 'to confess', or 'to promise'. "Therefore whosoever desires to..." , or it can also mean 'acknowledge', "Therefore whosoever desires to acknowledge me before men..." And that Greek word translated 'men' is Strong's #444, I'm not as good with the Greek as I am with the Hebrew, so I may not be pronouncing this word completely right, but I think the infinitive of the word, or the word, I'm sorry it's not a verb, I think the word is anthropos, but word endings change. This is the word that really means 'man'. When you see the English word 'man' in the King James translation, there are basically two words, two different Greek words, that are translated 'man'. One is this #444, it's anthropos, it means man faced creature, and the other word doesn't really mean man, it's a very general word which means that one, that man, that woman, that thing, okay. And the King James translators translate it man, and I am likening these two words to two Hebrew words.


We have a Hebrew word that's it's actually Adam, and then we have the Hebrew word 'esh', which mean mortal man. So I'm carrying that teaching over into the New Testament, and I'm translating the word 'anthropos', which means man faced creature, the real man, Adam, okay. And then there's the other word that really could be translated anyway, that man, that woman, very indefinite word. Well, in verse, we're in verse 33, the word is 'anthropos', and I'm suggesting to you that this means Adam, and Jesus is saying, "Therefore, whosoever desires to covenant with me, or to acknowledge or to confess that I stand before Adam, and what this means is, that the personality, the Scriptural principle here, is that the personality and the physical body stands before Christ Jesus. We stand in front of him, we're his garment. So what Jesus is saying is that this is the resurrected Adam in me, this is the regenerated Adam in me, therefore before Abraham was I am, you see. That's how Jesus could say that, because it was Adam speaking through him, before Abraham was, I am. It was speaking through Jesus. So Jesus is saying, now you have to realize these men, these disciples who were apostles, they were schooled in esoteric doctrine of the Hebrew Scripture, they knew what we're learning now, maybe a lot more than we know now. They knew that Adam could be and would be and was expected to be raised from the dead, and Jesus said, "Adam is raised from the dead in me", and the spirit in Adam is the Spirit of Elijah.


So he's saying to them here, "If you desire to confess, to acknowledge, to consent to, what I'm telling you is that Adam is regenerated in me, okay, then you will also confess, to acknowledge that I also stand before the father. If I'm the house, the covering, the garment of Adam, then I'm also the house, the covering of the father, who's the Spirit of Elijah, which is in heaven, which another way to put this is that Jesus is saying, "Adam is regenerated in me." Now if Adam is regenerated in me, there's only one way he could have been regenerated in me, and that's if the Spirit of Elijah, who was in heaven came down into me, and regenerated him in me. So if you're going to admit that I'm Adam, then you also have to admit that I'm the father, that the father is in me", I should say it that way. "If you're willing to admit that this is Adam in me, then you have to admit that the father is in me too.


And we know in another place, someone said to Jesus, "When are you going to show us the father?" He said, "After all this time, you still don't know, that the father is in me, and I am in him." The father is in here, you see. To be in perfection as Jesus was, just to make this current for us here, we all have Christ being formed in us, and depending on his degree of maturity, we may have Christ Jesus in us, okay, but to be in perfection, the Christ Jesus in us, must be joined to the glorified Jesus Christ.


So Jesus was saying, "Here I am, I'm showing all these signs that I'm in perfection, for me to be in perfection, if you're going to believe and admit and agree to that Adam is in me, you've got to believe that the father is here also, because I couldn't be in perfection if the father wasn't in here also, that's what he's saying, to his disciples.


Verse 33, he goes to tell them, "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my father which is in heaven." That's so unfortunate, it just sounds so condemning. Verse 32 said, "If you can acknowledge that Adam is in me, you have to acknowledge that the Spirit of Elijah is in me too." And verse 33 says, "But whosoever will deny that this is Adam in me...", that Greek word translated 'man' again is anthropos, Strong's #444, but whoever denies that this is Adam in me, is also denying that I am in front of, that's the word, the word 'before', it means 'in front of'. Whoever denies that I'm standing in front of Adam, is also denying that I'm standing in front of the father, my father who is in heaven. And the father of Christ, of Adam, which was raised in the man Jesus, was the Spirit of Elijah. And then he goes, and now this is all preparation for sending the apostles out, because to go out to be an apostle for Christ Jesus is a warfare. You're like a police officer, you have to your gun on you at all times, and even if you're off duty, if you see a crime being committed, you are responsible. Well if you're an apostle, if you have Christ formed in you, you are on duty, you're on duty when you're sleeping, and you're on duty when you're awake.


So, we have to be ready in season and out of the season, at any moment, for Christ Jesus to rise up in us and manifest through us, and if we're not prepared by this kind of preaching and having experiences that will secure this kind of teaching and make it a part of us, when Christ Jesus rises up, the carnal mind, the unschooled carnal mind, has a knee jerk reaction of putting it down. How many times did I hear people say to me, "Well that may have been Christ, but I didn't know, so I didn't speak it out, you know. And I'm saying, you have to speak it out, and let the other members of the group try the spirit, why did you quash it? You quashed the Spirit of Christ, that's what you did. So this kind of teaching and experience will train you to release what, if Christ Jesus rises up in you to manifest, at the very least to speak it out to elders who are around you, which will do something about it.


You know, years ago, when I was still a disciple, I was a part of a ministry that went into an area once a week that had a lot of witchcraft in it, and a lot of voodoo, and we rented a local church for that one meeting a week. We went in one night, and something caught my eye, it was the Lord Jesus, he was bringing my eye to this bottle, there was a bottle on the top of the piano, and it was filled with beans, it looked like pinto beans, but the Lord kept calling my attention to it, and I just kept staring at it, and you know, the thought even occurred to me that there was voodoo in that bottle, and that the neck of it was pointing right at my pastor, and I think I really heard what the Lord was saying, but I didn't take any action, and the next thing I knew the Lord gave me about five minutes and he went to someone else. He went over, this woman heard the message, and went to the pastor and she said, "The Lord just told me that there's voodoo in that bottle." And the pastor took it and he put in a paper bag and he smashed it.


So you see, at the time the Lord went to me first, he goes to the person with the most mature anointing, but I didn't act on it. So it's not even enough to have the mature Christ in you, your personality has to work with the Christ in you, we're the mouthpiece, see. Christ in me was telling me, Look at that, you know, it's voodoo. But my personality wouldn't do anything, so he went to somebody else. So we have to be careful that when Christ rises up in us that we carry out the thoughts that he puts in our mind, and we cannot do this without training, we cannot do it without training, and the training is two-fold, that you have to resist your carnal mind. You see, in this case that I just quoted you, or that I just sited you, my carnal mind didn't prevail, if my carnal mind was active, I would have said, "Oh, where did that crazy thought come from, but I didn't say that, "Oh where did that crazy thought come from", I knew that it was voodoo in that bottle, but I didn't speak it out, you see. So on two levels, your carnal mind can crush the thought and say that's crazy, or your carnal mind can stop you from following through, because when a thought comes into our mind, we're suppose to act on it. When Christ Jesus thinks through us, we're suppose to take action, and we can't do this, without being trained.


Training is very important, preaching is very important, but you need your personal experiences, so that this whole way of life becomes a part of you. To hear the thoughts of Christ Jesus, to acknowledge them as his thoughts, and then to, and if you don't know what to do, I could have at least said, "Lord what do you want...", well I knew I should have told the pastor, you know, but if you don't know what to do, you at least say, "Lord, what do you want me to do?"


This is the King James version, verse 34 of Matt.10, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth, but I came not to send peace, but a sword..." I believe that I commented on this before, Jesus Christ is the sword, and when we have a word from Jesus Christ in our heart, a word of instruction to do something, or if we know that something is right, and a loved one, or another person that we're in relationship with, is in their carnal mind and telling us not to do it, okay, let's say it's your husband or your wife, or your mother, someone really close to you, we cannot agree with that loved one, even if you are a married woman, you cannot agree with your husband on an issue of righteousness, if you have Christ formed in you and Christ is telling you to do something else. And this is what Jesus meant when he said, I come as a sword. The fact that Christ is formed in you, and you must follow him rather than a natural authority, brings division between husbands and wives, children and parents, etc, etc. Jesus is the divisive factor, and we see it in families, we see it in marriages, we see it in churches, we see it everywhere, that people who begin to follow after the mind of Christ Jesus, actually they set out on a path other than the path that they were on with their loved ones. And we really have no choice, because if we yield to the carnal mind in a parent, or in a husband, or in a wife, we're really killing Christ Jesus, the choice is, will we die to the life that the carnal mind gives us, the lifestyle that the carnal mind gives us, and await to the newness of life in Christ Jesus or not, and it doesn't matter whether it's a beloved relative, or whoever it is that you're following after. If you're following after the carnal mind in another person, you're killing Christ in yourself, you cannot do both. So you have to follow Christ, avoid ungodly confrontations with your relatives, you know, be kind to them, and put it in Jesus' hands. If they will not come around, if they will not understand, you have to follow Jesus, believing that the Lord is going to straighten everything out, but sometimes there is division, you know, there is separation. Everybody in the ministry has some story how it's divided them from their relatives in some way. And you don't have to be in public ministry, you know, if you're just really following after Jesus, you can expect that he will a sword, a divisive factor in your life. He's separating you from the world.


You see you're not separated from the world when you stop drinking and smoking and going to pornographic movies, that's a good thing, you should stop doing those things, but that is not the separation or the sanctification that the Scripture is talking about. Sanctification is the separation from the thoughts of your carnal mind. The preference of Christ, the choosing of Christ is in the second to second thoughts of our mind. And of course, we've been talking about this a lot off the tapes, if you're thinking about whether or not you should water your flowers today, you don't have worry about not following after Christ. The only time a decision needs to be made, the only time a choice needs to be made if Christ manifest and tells you something other than your carnal mind. If it's your intention to water your flowers this morning, and Christ Jesus rises in you, and says, "I want you to get in your car and go some place today, then if you choose to water your flowers, it's sin unto you. But we're living in this world, this is our world you know, and there are certain things you do, you don't need a special instruction to get up and go to work, or to get up and feed your children, or to cook dinner for your family, you don't need a special instruction for that. But as soon as the Christ mind rises and tells you something otherwise, then you must choose Christ if you want to continue to stay on the path to perfection. Praise the Lord. Okay, I was just asked a question, and that is what I was just talking about, this is the same thing applied to deciding what to wear, because you are always hearing some believers saying, "I asked the Lord what I should wear.


Now, sometimes I ask the Lord what I should wear. I know when I was making my first trip to Nigeria, I asked him what I should wear to the airport, and I did have a situation where, he sent, I had an instruction from him in the morning to go to a particular retreat, and when I chose an outfit, he told me to wear something else. But there was a specific reason for it, I didn't know, I thought I was just going to spend the day on the grass by the water, eating fruit, but he knew that it would be revealed that I was a pastor, and he wanted me wearing a dress, you see. But he didn't explain all that to me, he just said, "Wear that other outfit", and I did what he told me. So, you know, you don't have to stand in front of the closet and say, "If I don't hear from you Lord, I'm not getting dressed, because I don't know what dress to wear", but I know some people who give their whole life to the Lord. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying, "Well, good morning Lord, what should I wear today, and then you go to your closet and you pick a dress, and you believe that he's in your decision, if you want to do that, but I don't think he's requiring it of you, I don't think he's requiring it of you. I do it sometimes, I can't even tell you when I do it, and when I don't, I just like him to be with me in every choice that I make, but we don't want to get into any bondage.


Okay, here's the line, the Lord just reminded me, it becomes ungodly, if you can't decide what to wear. Now, you know there are some people that are so depressed that they cannot decide what to wear? So if you're in that mental condition, emotional condition, that you cannot make that choice, well, you need deliverance, you see, and it is therefore, it is not godly for you to be saying, "Jesus tell me what to wear, I can't decide what to wear." He may tell you what to wear that day, but you need to know that this is not a healthy state of mind, and that you need deliverance, and that he wants to break you free from that. Yet, if you just wake up in the morning and you're just feeling that you love Jesus, and you just want him to be a part of everything that you're doing, and you want to say, "What should I wear today?" I mean, someone would say, "What should I wear today, we're going out to dinner, what should I wear today?" Now the Lord just gave me this understanding recently when a young woman said to me, I said to her, "You're paying all of the bills for the whole family and that's not healthy", and her response to me was, "Well what's wrong with helping your husband?" And this was the response that the Lord gave me, "If your husband is full well able of managing his money and paying the bills and doing the job, and you're helping him because he's busy, that's wonderful, fine and a good thing to do, but if you're paying the bills because if he had a hold of the bills, he wouldn't be paying the rent, or the electric or the telephone, and he's incapable of managing his money, then you have become a crutch to him, and this is an ungodly thing, you see.


So we see the same thing with the Lord, it's okay in any area for a season, to say, "Lord I can't do this, I can't even...", do you know depressed people can't even get into the shower in the morning, "Lord, I can't do this." Well, it's okay to let the Lord be your crutch as you are healed, but if you're hearing this message, or if you, you're a Christian and you think that it's good for you, that you cannot make a decision as to what to eat for dinner, or what to wear, and you can't survive in that area without the Lord, he'll be your crutch for a season, but you've got to be delivered. Now sometimes I'll say, "Lord what shall I eat for dinner, I can't decide what to eat for dinner", but I know if he doesn't answer me, I'll make a decision, and I'll eat for dinner. So, here's the thing, are you nonfunctional, or are you just including the Lord in your life. Did I answer your question? Okay. Praise the Lord.


Okay, we're up to verse 35 in the King James, "For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And now, I believe that there's a deeper meaning to this, I think it manifest in the natural, but it's also talking about our internal spiritual principles, and the Greek word translated 'man' is Adam. So Jesus is saying, "I am come to set at variance...", and this Greek word Strong's #1369, translated 'to set at variance' means to make apart, which you cut asunder. Jesus says, "I am come to cut apart or set apart Adam against his father." Now we just, actually we're in the midst of a very deep series in Samson and Delilah, in over Samson, not only Samson and Delilah, all of the chapters of the book of Judges about Samson. And it's been revealed that Samson's father, or the father of a mortal man is Satan. Satan is the father of mortal man, or the primordial serpent. Satan is the manifestation of the primordial serpent in this generation. So Satan is the father and Leviathan is the mother of every mortal man. So we see Jesus saying, I am come, and of course it's the regenerated Adam speaking through Jesus. I am come to set apart Adam, that's a translation of man from his father, from Satan, okay. And other studies have revealed that at the time that the Holy Spirit enters in to us our human spirit is flowing freely with Satan, the spiritual blood of the etheric body of mortal man. That's what Jesus is saying, I am coming to set the kingdom of God apart, and all of the principles of the kingdom of God apart from the kingdom of darkness.


The natural inclination of the kingdom of darkness is that of a weed, to rise up and wrap around and injest, okay, every aspect of the kingdom of God. And the natural aspect or the natural inclination of the kingdom of God, is to separate from the ground and from the weeds, which are the carnal mind of the ground, you see. So Jesus says, "I am come to separate Adam in you, you see, now try to understand that the esoteric meaning of these Scriptures, really, well to find the esoteric meaning, interpretation is necessary, because the exact words are not present, because it's written in parable form. So this chapter says, this verse says, "I am come to set Adam apart from the father. Well, the technicality that we know, it's because we're so deep into the Scripture, is that he's really coming to set the human spirit and Abel, Abel who is all trapped up in the ground, okay, and the human spirit who is flowing with Satan, that's who he's coming to separate from the father of this fallen world. Yet the Scripture says Adam, because it's written in parable form. ".. And the daughter against the mother." Now the daughter, that's a very interesting word 'daughter', we've had some spiritual studies on that word daughter, the Greek translation means a female child. We did an alternate translation on Herod, and the daughter who danced, and the common understanding is that it was the daughter of Herodius, and a lot of people say that daughter was Salome, but we couldn't find that in the Scripture, no, that's just tradition that it was Salome who danced before Herod and demanded John the Baptist head. (End Of Tape 1)


Tape 2


So we're following the Scriptural principle, that whenever an individual is eluded to but not named, like Noah's sons, you know, when they were on the other side of the flood, I'm sorry not Noah's sons, Noah's wife was not named, and the wives of Noah's sons were not named, and actually we found this Scriptural principle about the, of the daughter really meaning the fiery serpent, we also found the Scripture in an on line series that we haven't completed yet, called "Spiritual Wives", and I think that study was in Judges chapter 1, is the deep esoteric meaning of an unnamed daughter, if the context of the whole verse and the chapter supports it, we can translate that as the fiery serpent. And the fiery serpent is in fact the daughter of Satan and Leviathan. I was just telling you that Satan is the father of the mortal man, and Leviathan is the mother, and they plant their seed, their larvae, in the individual that they incarnate. And then the fiery serpent is, while she's not attached to Christ Jesus, so long as she's the offspring of Satan and Leviathan, she's female, she's our spiritual virginity, and she is the daughter, okay, of Leviathan and Satan. Okay, I'd like to correct something that I said earlier, the study, the online study in Spiritual Wives is in Judges chapter 21, not chapter 1.


Okay, and we're talking about verse 36 of Matthew chapter 10, Jesus has come to set at variance or the separate Adam from the father of mortal men, which is Satan, he's come to set the human spirit from Satan, and he has come to separate the daughter, the fiery serpent, against or from that word against, it's a very common Greek word, it just means to cast down, actually it's cata, it means to cast down, and it could be translated in a variety of ways, according to, against, among, apart, concerning, from, I'm reading from Strong's definitions right now, so a legitimate translation of that word is from. And Jesus comes to separate the fiery serpent, the daughter of the fiery serpent from her mother, and the mother is Leviathan. So he's coming to separate the human spirit from Satan, and Jesus is coming to separate the fiery serpent from Leviathan, the mother, and he's also coming to separate the daughter-in-law, now remember the word against can also be signified to be separated from, the daughter-in-law from the mother-in-law. So now who's the daughter-in-law? The daughter-in-law is the fiery serpent, and now that word daughter-in-law, I'm looking it up in Strong's, and it means, it's from a word that means to marry, it's talking about to veil a bride, or to marry, that's the root of the word. It means a young married woman. The daughter-in-law is the fiery serpent who has been apprehended by Christ Jesus. The married woman, she doesn't have a personal name. She's the fiery serpent that's married to Christ Jesus, and she's becomes the daughter-in-law, and she's to be separated from the mother-in-law I believe once again, is Leviathan.


Now listen, the significance of the daughter-in-law is that you're not blood related, that it's the relative of someone that you're married to. So now the fiery serpent is married to Christ Jesus, we're not saying that Leviathan is her mother anymore, okay Leviathan is her mother-in-law, the relative of her old, of her old husband, see. So I think that it manifest in the natural, I hope it doesn't, but it can manifest in the natural, that daughters-in-law, and mothers-in-law get separated and daughters and mothers, but this is, this verse in my opinion, is strictly esoteric. As I tell you many times, some of these verses, it manifests in the natural, and the spirit, but some verses are much more heavily spiritual than natural.


And we also find a pattern in the literary style of the Scripture, especially with Paul, or this isn't Paul, but especially with Paul, but I guess with all of the books that the teacher, whether it's just Jesus, or Paul, whoever it is, and of course, Paul is teaching by Jesus Christ, it is the glorified Jesus Christ that is teaching through Paul, and who is teaching through Jesus, does anybody remember? It's the Spirit of Elijah that's teaching through Jesus, and of course Elijah, is Elohim, is a manifestation of Elohim, and who is Adam? Adam is the thought form, the image of the Spirit of Elohim, which is the son of the most high God, you see. So, it's all God speaking through the different vessels. I was talking about the literary style of the Bible, which starts out with a few verses or talking to a group of people, the literary style is to start out more in the natural than in the spiritual, and then as the vessel who is manifesting the Spirit of God as teacher continues on in his exhortation, the tendency of the literary style of the Bible is to get deeper and deeper, and then finally we hit a couple of verses which are really spiritual, and really cannot be translated into the natural. So the teacher starts out light, starts out carnal, with a hidden message, if you want to see it spiritually, you can see it spiritually, but if you're not able, you can hear it in the natural, and then as the teaching continues on, if you cannot hear with the ear of the spirit, the verse or what the teacher is saying, really, it's nice poetry, but it really makes no sense at all. I suggest to you that one of those verses is verse 36, that is really talking about Satan, Leviathan, the fiery serpent, and Christ Jesus.


And we hope that there is no separation between daughters-in-law, from a man and his father, daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law, we hope for the best, that Christ Jesus will touch everybody's heart with the spirit of reconciliation, which characterizes him. Verse 36, "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household." And so once again, the Greek word translated 'man' is Adam. So we're not talking about the mortal man's foes. You have to know that if you're having persecution, if you're being persecuted, and it's really because Christ is in you, it's because Christ is in you, I mean, when I mean, when I say it's really not, it's really because Christ is in you, I mean it's not because you've been obnoxious, and you've offended people, if you're really being persecuted without cause, it's not because of anything that you've done, it's because of the one that lives in you, you see. So they're not really your foes, there Adam's foes, but then of course as we get closer and closer to Christ, and we become one with Christ, well they are our foes, but only as long as we follow after the mind of Christ. As soon as we separate in our mind from the mind of Christ, they're not our enemies anymore, they're Jesus' enemies, or the enemies of Christ Jesus, which is the regenerated Adam. Now the word, the Greek word translated 'foes', Strong's #2190, means hateful, odious, actively hostile, and Strong's says, an adversary, especially Satan, and I suggest to you, that verse 36 is speaking about our spiritual enemies. Christ Jesus has an enemy, and if we are following after Christ Jesus, he becomes our enemy, and his name is Satan, actually it's a female, her name is Satan, and she's goes about roaring like a lion, seeking to destroy the life which we are carrying. Because every human being is a spiritual womb, we're a womb, and not only for Christ Jesus, but also for Leviathan's larvae. You see, that's a very humbling piece of knowledge that our purpose on the earth is to be a womb for spiritual life, and this spiritual life that's planted in us, is planted by Leviathan, who is impregnated by Satan, see. But I guess I'm going to have to take the time to explain this whole principle of who the fiery serpent is. The fiery serpent, does anybody remember who the fiery serpent is? Do you remember?


COMMENT: Our spiritual virginity.


SHEILA: Yes, but in the point of being the larvae that's going to, that we're the womb that's holding this fiery serpent. The fiery serpent is the sperm of Jehovah that was captured by the primordial serpent before the fall. Jehovah's spiritual semen went forth as the creative factor of the this creation. And the other non-creative factor is earth. We need darkness and light to form the negative, which will project the image of the creation. So Jehovah's spiritual semen, which has two sides to it, water and sperm, were sent forth by the thought of Jehovah. And these are the fishes in the sea that we read about in Genesis 1, was the sperm of Jehovah's semen, okay. And I'm sure most people, a lot people have seen pictures of sperm and reproduction, it's very common today, sperm are like fishes, they move through the medium of the water part of the seminal fluid by moving their tails, they're fishes. So the Scripture calls the sperm of Jehovah's semen, fishes. And I have a whole exhortation on this, in I think one of the Samson and Delilah messages, I found out years ago, a couple of years ago, when I was doing a deep study in early chapters of Genesis, that Genesis, the early chapters of Genesis, 1 and 2, talk about a flying fish, and I prayed for a couple of years, did you hear that tape? Yes, I prayed for a couple of years, what is this flying fish?


And I now understand that the Lord calls his sperm when they're swimming in the water part of the seminal fluid, in the form that it exists in the upper window, which will be likened in our world, to steam or water vapor. He calls his sperm flying fish, because they're swimming in the water part of the air, it's like water vapor, okay. But when Adam fell, and all of the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid, fell down into the lower window, they were captured by the primordial serpent, who as I told you earlier on this message, covered them with her earth and engraved them with her nature, and they went from being flying fish or spiritual sperm, that swam in the heavenlies, they became worms, earthworms. All of the sperm of Jehovah's seminal fluid, became earthworms. And now the primordial serpent, who is manifesting as Satan in the this generation, has laid hold of the sperm of Jehovah's semen, made them into her own seed, in the form of a worm, and is incarnating mortal humanity as the room in which the worms of her life, will grow. So we are just the woman, we are, we the physical body and the personality, we're this temporary life form, the personality and the physical body is a temporary life form, which will be swallowed up when the fiery serpent matures. She's going to break out of us just like a caterpillar, just like a butterfly breaks out of the shell of a caterpillar. And the real us is this fiery serpent.


Now, this fiery serpent at this present time, is being raised up to be the daughter of Satan and Leviathan. She wants to ascend in spiritual power and swallow up the personality, and I don't even know what a person is like when they go into full stature or perfection in evil. The only knowledge that I have at this point, is that individual becomes very cruel, and I don't even know, probably we wouldn't even look like this anymore. So Adam, who fell, who fell prey to the serpent's illusion, has penetrated into this fallen world, to recover that which was lost. Now what was lost? According to what I just told you, all of Jehovah's semen, or his whole semen, the water was lost and the sperm was lost. And Adam in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, penetrated into this world, 2000 years ago, and his mission is the recover the children of Jehovah. And the fiery serpent that's in you, and that's in me, and that's in every member of mortal humanity is one of Jehovah's sperm which has been captured and re-engraved and completely reformed into the primordial serpent's image and nature.


So, Adam is in this world in the person of Jesus Christ, and in every individual that Christ Jesus is appearing in, and his commission is to recover the fiery serpent, the child, the spiritual child that is within you, and the spiritual child that is within me. Now this spiritual child is going to grow up. We're are entering in to the age of spiritual estrus, and the fiery serpent is fertile. Mankind is fertile. It is time for the fiery serpent to increase. I believe, I really have to look this up, I talk about the Scripture all the time, and I've never looked it up, it's either Ezekiel or Zachariah, it talks about this being the time for love. Ezekiel 16:8, "Now I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold thy time was the time of love, and I spread my skirt over thee, and covered they nakedness...", now this is talking about the fiery serpent, she was naked and this is Jehovah speaking and he's covering her with Christ, or the regenerated Adam. "...yea, I swear unto you, and entered into a covenant with you, says the Lord God...", that's Jehovah and Elohim. "...and you became mine, that I washed you with water...", that's the Holy Spirit, "...and I washed away the blood from you...", that's the Spirit of Christ. Two washings, I washed you with water, the Holy Spirit, and I washed away thy blood, the spiritual blood of Satan, of your etheric body. And the Spirit of Christ washed away Satan, "...and I anointed thee with oil.", Christ Jesus. "I also clothed thee with broided work...", and that's talking about the fabric of creation, which is now embroided in the image of Jehovah. "...and I shod thee, or I covered your feet with badgers skin...", I don't really know what that means off hand, I guess I should look it up. The Interlinear Text says, "And shod thee..", the word 'with' is not in the Hebrew, we're now in Ezekiel 16:10, "And shod thee, badgers skin." And I want to suggest to you that, first of all, the badgers skin, that word Strong's #8476, simply refers to an animal, to a fur covered animal, and I want to suggest to you that it's talking about the animal nature, and the Scripture is saying, "I shod thee, Strong's #4725, it means to cover over, to enclose, to lock up, to shut up. Jehovah's saying, "I shut up the animal nature in you." And the feet signify the carnal mind. So he's saying, I covered your carnal mind, the animal, the beast within you, I locked it up, and I covered it over. "...and I girded you about with fine linen." And fine linen signifies the righteousness of the saints, and our righteousness is Christ Jesus. So he locked up our animal nature by covering her over with Christ Jesus. And then he says, "I covered you with silk." And silk is the product of the silk worm, it's that which comes forth from the worm, and, "I covered you with, I shut up and enclosed the animal nature, I covered you with righteousness", which Christ Jesus, and the silk, I suggest to you came forth. The product, the finished, the mature fiery serpent, you see. This fiery serpent in us, she's going to be born again in to the spiritual world.


She's either going to be a spiritual animal in the nature of the primordial serpent, or she's going to be a being, in the nature of Jehovah, which the Scripture likens to fine silk. So silk we see, it signifies the son of God that is born again, that is glorified and born again into the spiritual world of his father, and liberated from this physical world. Jesus Christ is liberated from this physical world. The only way we can get out of here is to die. Jesus Christ can come and go. He can be in this world, and he's still in heaven at the same time. He doesn't have to die to heaven to get down here. He's not trapped down here when he comes down here, you see. So, that's the ultimate salvation, is liberation from this visible world, which is a perversion, it was never even suppose to come into existence. We were never suppose to get any more dense than our etheric bodies. We're trapped down here. Praise the Lord.


So let's go back to our study in Matthew 10, and I was talking to you, how did I get into that? I was talking to you about the foes of a man's household being, actually the word 'foe', the Greek word translated 'foe' means Satan, and the Greek word translated 'man' is Adam, it's anthropos. So the verse is really saying, "And Satan, Adam's adversary, shall be in your own household." Satan's in your household, and Adam's in your household, and Jesus is talking about your mind. Now Satan may be in your husband, and she may be in your wife and in your children, but primarily, this verse is indicating, Adam's in you and Satan's in you, and the conflict is in you. And until we take the victory over the conflict within ourselves, we are severely limited as to our ability to be victorious over Satan in another person. Why? Because Satan in the other person that we're striving with, she's too smart to attack Adam, she come right to you and attacks your own carnal mind, and says, come one get up get up and fight with me. And then you have the enemy within and the enemy without. I mean I remember those days, it doesn't happen to often to me anymore, but I'd be in a conflict with somebody and I'd be striving with that person in Christ, and also trying to resist my own carnal mind, which would get angry, which would want to be prideful, which would say, I'm getting out of here, and who needs you, and here I am in this ministry, suppose to be ministering Christ Jesus to people, my carnal mind wanted to say, "Look I don't need this, I don't need this man, you know, to heck with you, you know, I'm getting out of here, what do I need this aggravation in my life? And that's my carnal mind, so the enemy is within me, the person that I'm suppose to be ministering to, Leviathan is raised up in that person, and is attacking me to make me go away from that person. We talked about this early today. Leviathan in the other person that I'm ministering to, wants to offend me, wants to wound me, wants to hurt me so that I go away, and stop exposing her.


So I've got the war within me, and I've got the war in the person that I'm ministering to. But by the grace of God, to a large degree, Leviathan is bound up in me, and I told you earlier, I'm sold out to Jesus. There is not anything anybody could do to me that would make me go away. There's only one thing that would make me go away, if Jesus pulls me out. That's the only thing that would make me go away. And this is a good example for all of you, because Satan is in our emotions, and she's in our thoughts, and we need to know that Satan is in the business of division, and she wants to divide you from everyone that Jesus has sent to you, everyone that will be a support to you, everyone that will be a strengthening to you, on your road to perfection to Christ Jesus. Satan wants to divide you from every person. And we're all imperfect, so everyone that the Lord has sent to us to support us in any way, is also irritating us in another way, you know. This is just our fallen condition. So if we want to survive this war, okay, and the war is between Adam and Leviathan, they both want to manifest through your personality, and through your mouth, and through your body, if we the personality are going to survive this war, we must reject those emotions of our emotional being, and the thoughts of our carnal mind, we must study when we're calm, not when we're in conflict, study when we're calm, get a revelation of what's right, and then no matter what your emotions are saying, or your carnal mind is saying to you, you do what's right, you don't obey your emotions, or the thoughts of your mind, because they come when you distressed, you do what's right, and you will survive. That's how you survive, okay, cause the enemy is within you.


Verse 37, "And he that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me." Now that word worthy, that's not, I perceive it to be an unfortunate translation, it really lends, to people who have a tendency to condemn themselves, it really feeds that condemnation. The Greek word translated 'worthy' is Strong's #514, and it means 'suitable', not that you're worthless, but if you love your father and mother more than me, you're not suitable. Now first of all, we've just established that the prior verses are not talking about your natural father and mother, they're talking about your father Satan, and your mother Leviathan. And Jesus is saying, "If you love your carnal mind, Satan and Leviathan, more than you love me, you're not suitable for this program which is going to bring you into perfection in Christ Jesus. Does that mean you're bad, does that mean you can't change? No. What it means is, that so long as you are preferring your carnal mind, you'll never make it.


So you're not suitable. So what does, does that mean that Jesus is throwing you out with the garbage? No. Jesus is sending a teacher to you, this tape, me, whoever you're hearing this from, Jesus is sending a teacher to you, he's sending the truth to you saying, "Look, if you really want to go with me, you must reject your carnal mind, because so long as you prefer the thoughts of your carnal mind, you will not make it. So now that I've told you the truth, choose, follow me, and I'll give you the strength to overcome your carnal mind, and you'll make it, you see. So the translation, 'you're not worthy', makes it sound like, well, you're condition is that you're not worthy, and that there's nothing that you can do to change yourself, you see, but that's not what Jesus means at all. He says, your present state of mind, whereby you prefer your carnal mind makes you unsuitable for this program, but you can change your mind, see. Praise the Lord. All things are possible with Christ. So the one who loves his father and his mother, Satan and Leviathan, more than me, is not suitable. You have to change your mind to be suitable, see.


That lines up with the verse that says, There was a man who came into the wedding and he wasn't wearing a wedding garment, well you weren't worthy or you weren't suitable to be at the party, but go get your wedding garment, go get Christ Jesus, and you can come in, you know, we see this in the natural. Not so much anymore, but it use to be, a lot of the better restaurants, you couldn't come in without a tie, you know, and the Maitre De would have a whole bunch of ties behind his stand, you know. So if you came in and you wanted to have dinner, he'd loan you a tie, because you couldn't come into the restaurant without a tie, it wasn't suitable to come in without a tie. Praise the Lord. "...and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not suitable." Now this, you know I'm doing this study off the top of my head. I'm inclined to believe at this point talking about, our physical daughter, or maybe not, the Lord just gave me a clue on that. You know, we have a lot of people who have Christ formed in them, some of them have Christ Jesus formed in them, but they still don't want the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a big issue in the church today. They don't want the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. There are large segments of the church that have gone off. They say, Christ is in me and that's all that I need. Personally I don't think anyone that says this has Christ in them, but they believe that they do, and that issue is not necessary for the point that I'm making right now, they believe that they have Christ Jesus formed in them, and they say, I don't need any glorified Jesus Christ, you know, I'm equal to him, and he was glorified and now it's my turn to do what he did and I'm going to be glorified, and he's not over me.


So, if you prefer Christ Jesus in yourself to the glorified Jesus Christ, of course Jesus was in the flesh here, but I believe this is the principle he told me he was bringing forth, if you prefer Christ Jesus in yourself, over the glorified Jesus Christ, you're not suitable. Does that mean you're bad? No, same principle, you will not make it without the glorified Jesus Christ. I've been preaching this for years. Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me, is the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is being raised up, grown up, by the glorified Jesus Christ, and we are the nurse maid, we the personality and our physical vessel, we're the nurse or the womb that's taking care of this child. And he is a prince, Christ Jesus in you and me, he's a prince that is not yet a king, you see. When we see at the back of the book of Revelation, on the white horse, with many crowns on his head, what that means, that is not the glorified Jesus Christ. I did a study on that once, I cannot expound on it now, but I studied it, and that is not the glorified Jesus Christ, that is Christ Jesus, that is Christ Jesus, the offspring of the Spirit of Elijah that came forth in the man Jesus Christ and overcame, okay, and now is reproducing himself in the mortal man of humanity. We are one body of Christ, okay, and the reason he has many crowns on his head, is that he's ruling over many personalities. To be a king you must have dominion over a piece of country or a land or a territory, to be a king. So Christ Jesus in us is not a king, he's royalty, but he is not a king until he fully rules over the earth, which we are.


Praise the Lord. "So, he that loveth his son or his daughter, more than the glorified Christ Jesus, is not suitable, but you can change, you can be suitable, you can hear this message, and you can get your own witness to it, you can be convicted of this message, you can repent of denying the glorified Jesus Christ in heaven, because that's all a spirit of pride that says you don't need him. And let's just review, well I did touch on it, saying that he's the one that's raising up Christ Jesus in us. The glorified Jesus Christ is raising up Christ Jesus in us. But even more than that, or at least let me say equal to that, once Christ Jesus in us matures to the point, and overcomes to the point that he rises above our carnal mind, and lays over our carnal mind, the glorified Jesus Christ is the sinew. Remember we studied this word? It was in the Samson series. The glorified Jesus Christ, the spirit that's not in the flesh, you see, God in the flesh has weaknesses, as long as we're in this flesh, we have weaknesses.


The glorified Jesus Christ has no weaknesses, he has all the power and he is one with Jehovah, you see. He enters into our vessel, and is the sinew that binds Christ Jesus to our carnal mind. Christ Jesus covers our carnal mind, and the glorified Jesus Christ binds them together in that position, so that the carnal mind cannot buck free. And I, to the best of my knowledge, of all the studies that I've done, Christ Jesus cannot hold the carnal mind under him indefinitely without that extra binding of the glorified Jesus Christ, that carnal mind will eventually get free. In any moment of extra stress on the vessel that this Christ Jesus is laying on top of the carnal mind, there is a stress level that will be reached and the carnal mind will break free, unless the glorified Jesus Christ has the sacrifice bound to the altar. Bind the sacrifice to the altar. That's our commandment. Bind the sacrifice to the altar. And in case you haven't heard that, let me put it on the tape, I think it's in the Psalms, I'll tell you in a minute.


This is Psalms 118:27, "God is the Lord which hath showed us light, therefore, bind...", see now that you've got the light, now that you've got the understanding, bind the sacrifice with chords, even unto the horns of the altar." Praise the Lord. We're going back into Matthew 10 now. Going on with verse 38, "And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. Now this Greek word 'cross', let's start with that. Strong's #4716, it can be translated 'cross', but it really doesn't have to be translated 'cross', it means a stake or it really means a stake or a post, as set upright, a pole. Now this is very interesting what the Lord showed me here is very interesting. "And he not that taketh the cross..", and the Greek word translated 'taketh', to take in many applications, to violently seize, to remove, to bring with you. Do you remember what I said about any negative particle has a potential to be translated as a member of the serpent's household if the context of the verse and the whole chapter witnesses to it. Let me tell you what the Lord showed me, we're going to translate that Greek word 'not' the fiery serpent. "And he that taketh or lifted up, or carrieth up that serpent on the pole." Does that sound familiar to anybody, lifting up the serpent on the pole? Anybody, what is it?




SHEILA: Yes, Moses, we're told in the parable, in the King James parable, that Moses lifted up the serpent on the pole, to stop the plague. And we did do a study on that, we did translate that, it's in the, well we translated the version of it that's in the New Testament, that Old Testament Scripture is quoted in the New Testament. And we found out that Moses, you see, that never sat right with me, brethren, you're not suppose to check out your brain when you become a Christian, it is not an issue of a lack of faith to say that something just doesn't sound right, that he took a piece of wood and made a brazen serpent. First of all, do you know how long it would take to make a brazen serpent? You have to melt it in the fire and hammer it, you know, and he took this piece of metal and stuck it up on a wood pole, and held it up and the plague stopped. Now come on, you know, God doesn't require us to check our brains, it's a parable, see. And when you look up all the words, I went in to the Old Testament when I translated it, and what it's really saying, it's talking about the fiery serpent, the brazen serpent, the fiery serpent, and the pole is talking about the spinal column. What Jehovah did to save the, well first of all, let me tell you this, all the people that were being bitten by serpents, the serpents that they were being bitten by, was there own fiery serpent. Because of sin in their heart, the fiery serpent had overturned Christ Jesus that was covering them, and the personalities were being bitten by serpents because they killed their own cover. When we choose to sin, when we choose this carnal mind, and to sin over righteousness, we kill Christ, everyone of us is a Christ killer, we've all done it and probably do it every day, but the Lord Jesus keeps raising him from the dead. We kill him all the time, we kill our savior all the time.


So, what had happened in Israel, was to whatever degree they were aware of it, I believe the men of Israel were educated, I can't get into that right now, but they preferred their carnal mind over their Christ mind, and the fiery serpent got free from their Christ mind, and was biting them. That means they were engaged in sinful activity, whether it was physical activity, behavioral activity, or whether it was all in their mind, I honestly don't know, but we know that you cannot be engaged in behavioral sin if it's not first in your mind. So at the very least they were engaged in sin in their minds, whether or not it was manifesting behaviorally I don't know.


So, Israel was overcome by their own internalized fiery serpent, and Moses cried out in intercession. Now listen, you're all in training to be intercessors in Christ Jesus, you need to know this, this is what happens. When you see your brother overcome, it doesn't have to be a whole camp of people, when you see your brother overcome and when you see that with Christ, and you say, Oh God, look they're killing Christ in themselves and they don't even know what they're doing, help them Lord Jesus.


You need to know that the help that the Lord Jesus is sending is who? Who's the help that the Lord Jesus is sending? You, you, you. The help that the Lord Jesus is sending is you, see. Now apparently, I can't tell you I understand it fully, but it seems to me that in the leaders of Israel, and I even see this principle in Jesus, so I really don't understand it completely, but the consciousness that's ascended into the brow energy center that makes us supernatural men, that consciousness is not always in the same place. How far down it goes, I don't know, I'm lacking some information here, but in this instance, Moses was in a particular spiritual place, and when he cried out to help his people, Jehovah raised him up into a place where he had the power to deliver them. So this raising up of the brazen serpent on the pole, okay, now remember the fiery serpent is our spiritual virginity, she is our spiritual potential, the only difference that makes her in the service of Satan, or the service of the Lord, is whether or not Christ Jesus is on top of her, you see.


So, all of Israel was losing it, they were losing it, you see, but Moses wasn't losing it. And isn't this the same thing that happened with Ham, he saw his father Noah losing it, and when he cried after the alarm, Shem and Japheth were losing it, and Ham was the only one that was saying, "Look at, sound the alarm, look at everyone's being, the whole family is being overtaken, but Ham did not have the strength at that time to rise up to a high enough place to save them, he couldn't save them, and they cursed him, and his descendants down, well Noah cursed his... (End of tape)


Tape 2


...leviathan in the disciple whose carnal mind is headed for death row, you see. Leviathan rises right up and says now who do you think you are, I'm not going to take that off of you, you can't talk to me like that, I won't have it, you're just a nitpicker, you're just a trouble maker. But this kind of a message, is Jesus' counter to the lies of Leviathan, and this kind of teaching, on and on, it will take, praise God for modern day technology, that you can prepare yourself when you're not manifesting, when Leviathan is sleeping, you can hear this message, and if you want to, you can make a covenant right now, when my day comes, okay, give me the victory, I curse Leviathan in advance, that when you truly send Christ Jesus in a man to me, Jesus I want to hear it, I want to see my carnal mind, and I want her to die. Make your covenant when you're not manifesting, you see. Because when this procedure first starts with you, it's as if, it's as if, Leviathan is a serpent in you, if you want to think of the example of a natural serpent, you take a pin and stick in that serpent, she's going to rise up and hiss at you, it's a knee jerk reaction. But the rational mind of Christ Jesus, must stand beyond that knee jerk reaction, and say no. That serpent is not me, I'm Christ and Christ has this message, I want my carnal mind to die. And this is the preference of Christ, the choosing of Christ, and the rejection of the carnal mind. So he that recognizes his animal, and the word sentient, his animal sentient nature, that word sentient, what it means is a thinking person. Sentient life is someone who has thinking facilities, animals don't think, they go on instinct.


So he that sees that animal life which thinks within his own self, shall lose it. Praise God. And that Greek word translated 'to lose', Strong's #622, it means to destroy fully. Now the word 'lose', that's a very weak word. The man who recognizes his carnal mind within his own thought patterns, and emotions, shall be equipped to fully destroy that carnal mind. Praise the Lord. And he who loses or he who fully destroys that carnal mind, he who loses his life, he who fully destroys that sentient animal life, for the sake of me, on account of me, or because of me, if you're doing it out of Christ, you'll find it. Now some people, we have a whole element in the church that may be doing this, but it's just the good side of their carnal mind exposing the evil side of their carnal mind, and then when there's no more evil showing, they think that they're okay, but it's just the goodness of the carnal mind, and they're utterly deceived, you see.


So he who destroys his carnal mind, on account of me, says Jesus, he shall obtain, he shall perceive, he shall obtain, he shall obtain what? Eternal life. The one who does it for my sake, he shall obtain my life. Hallelujah. Verse 40, "He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me." Now these are the verses that are talking about that which is required of us, that which qualifies us, that aspect of what qualifies us, which is receiving the personality that Christ Jesus visits you in. The man that he sends to you to expose your carnal mind, Jesus said, he that receiveth you, who? The person that he sends to say, That's your carnal mind in there.


The one who receives that man, who accepts that man, but not only recognizes him as a friend, the one who recognizes that that man is, that it is Christ Jesus in that man speaking to you, that makes that man a prophet, the one who recognizes your true office receiveth me. If you recognize the personality that I come in, and you accept them, you accept me. He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. So, if you receive that it's Christ Jesus in the prophet ministering to you, then you receive the glorified Jesus Christ, who raised up Christ Jesus, who sent the personality. So, you cannot reject the personality that Jesus is coming to you in, and say I'm okay with the glorified Jesus Christ, you're deceived, and we've been talking about this all day, you're deceived. Verse 41, "He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward, and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man, shall receive a righteous man's reward. So, he that accepts the prophet.., now you may recall me talking to you about Nestle's numbers, and the Textus Receptus numbers, there are two different sets of Strong's numbers assigned to particular words, and this, what I'm trying to say to you is that this English word, 'he that receiveth', there are two possibilities, one translator says one thing, and another translator says something else.


So Nestle says that correct Greek word is, see, the issue is not the translation, the issue is which Greek word should be in the text, should be in the Interlinear Text. Nestle says, this is Strong's #1209, which means 'to accept, to receive, to take', that's the same word that we saw in verse 40, 'he that receiveth you, receiveth me', etc. That's what Nestle says. Now the Textus Receptus, which the Latin, says, let's get that other number here, it says, that the Greek word in the Interlinear Text, should be Strong's #2983, okay, Nestle says #1209, Textus Receptus says #2983, and #2983 means, 'to take, to be amazed, to attain to, to catch, to hold on to, to take up what you take away.' Now, what that says to me, is that that lines up with the Greek word, and I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it correctly, ario. We see that word in Mark 16:16, where it says, 'You shall take up serpents', and the true understanding of that is, You shall take up the fiery serpents. You're going to raise up the fiery serpents into the higher centers in Christ Jesus. So let's see what we can make out of this verse 41, and we have to look at the whole verse and make a judgment which Greek word we're going to choose, because at this point it's translator's license, we have to legitimate translators saying that the Greek word should be two different Greek words.


"So he that is amazed, or he that brings up, or he that catches, or he that lays hold of that prophet, shall receive, he that lays hold of a prophet that has the nature of a true prophet, now there's a lot of false prophets around, okay. So when you recognize that some imperfect person is a prophet and you lay hold of them, and you want everything that they have, because you recognize that that prophet is in the nature of God, you will receive the prophet's reward. You're going to get the same thing that the prophet has. And the word 'reward', let's check that out, #3408, that word means 'wages'. Now we know the wages of sin is death, and the wages of laying hold of the prophet who comes in the nature of God is that you're going to inherit life. When you attach yourself to a prophet, and when you're convinced that Jesus has witnessed to you this imperfect man is my prophet, and you lay hold of him and you will not let go no matter what, you're going to get the same thing that they have. And the second phrase is, "...and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man, shall receive a righteous man's reward. And of course this word 'receiveth' again could go either way, and we're going to take the, let me just put the number on here, he that receiveth, okay we're going to choose the #2983, Strong's #2983, that the Textus Receptus choice, and this word means 'he who lays hold of.'


You can't just look at the person and say, "oh I recognize you're in Christ." You have to want what they have. You have to pursue after them, and ask them questions, and want what they have, and pray about it, and you will get everything that that prophet has. Cause Jesus said, Freely you, you've received freely, give everyone who is truly a teacher and a prophet of God, wants whatever they have to be reproduced in you. Whatever they have that's of God, of Christ Jesus. If they're truly of God, they want whatever they have to be given to you. They're not holding anything back. "...and he that receiveth, or he that lays hold of a righteous man", and the word righteous, Strong's #1342, means equitable, innocent, holy. We're talking about a man in perfection here, not a righteous man by worldly standards, but a perfected man. So he that recognizes and lays hold of a righteous man, that means in a relationship. I want a relationship with you, and you have to know that when you're in a relationship with a prophet or with a man who has righteousness in him, even if the man may be imperfect, we're righteous by faith, if we're living out of that Christ mind, and that righteous man reprimands you or tells you that something that you're thinking or saying is not godly, if you receive that correction, that's what it means to lay hold of the prophet, and to lay hold of the righteous man, when you submit your thoughts to the thoughts of the man that you acknowledge to be a prophet and have righteousness in him, you will receive the same righteousness.


Everything that's in that man, will be reproduced in you. Praise the Lord, verse 42, this is the final verse which is the name of this whole message, "And whoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward." And of course that's totally translated wrong. First of all, the word water does not appear in the Greek text, we're talking about a cold cup. The word water is not there, no Greek word, that it was rendered water, it was a Greek word rendered cup, Strong's #4221, and rendered cold, #5593, no word that means water. Okay, second of all, the word 'whosoever', in the Interlinear Text, there are two words translated 'whosoever', two different Greek words, and the Interlinear Text reads, "..and whosoever whosoever shall give to drink..." So the King James translators translated license, and they completely eliminated one of the whosoevers because they couldn't understand why it was there. So we just thank God that they didn't eliminate it out of the Interlinear Text, you know, so that we could check it out. The first word translated 'whosoever' is Strong's #3739, and that word pretty much means 'whosoever', other, some, that, which, who. The second word translated 'whosoever' is #302, can be translated, to wish, the possibility of uncertainty, to desire, to desire something. Okay, I remember where I saw it, I know I saw that word 'desire' somewhere, it must have been in Thayer's, let me just check that out. So we're looking in another lexicon now, Strong's #302, Strong's says it can be translated to wish, I thought I saw the word desire somewhere, the Lord must have laid that on my heart, because 'desire' is certainly, you can get desire out of to wish. So whosoever desires to give a drink, to give drink, Strong's #4222, and this word means according to Strong's, to furnish drink, to irrigate. See, it can mean to drink, to feed with water, it also can mean 'to irrigate'. Now that's a spiritual principle, to irrigate, to irrigate plants, fields, to saturate one's mind. Thayer says that this word 'to give to drink', Strong's #4222, can be translated, to saturate one's mind with water, and we know that Jesus is the one who gives living waters.


So the one who desires to saturate their mind with the living waters of Jesus Christ, I better check this out ahead. So whosoever shall desire to irrigate, irrigate who? The simple words 'unto one' are translations of #1520, and that word 'unto', I don't know whether it's a prefix or the King James just added it in, but the word really means 'one', a primary numeral. Did I give you the number? It's Strong's #1520, a primary numeral, one, abundantly. And we know that the number one is speaking about the head, the one in authority, the primary one, who is the primary one? Well let me give you another word first, so you can guess, the Greek word translated 'little ones', Strong's #3398, and it's talking about the least, the little, the small, okay, and I want to suggest to you that, I haven't checked out whether this is the equivalent in the Hebrew or not, but this is the word that Noah used to describe Ham, and Ham was least in Noah's eyes, after he revealed the truth of Noah's condition. And what's it's really saying is that, this little one, this humble seed that Jesus talks about, it's talking about Abel. The primary one, the one of the two, now you may recall, at the beginning of this exhortation, we were talking about a dual being, somewhere in this message, I know that I preached about it. We had the number two, and in view of the context of the whole verse, we translated it, that dual being, Cain and Abel. And of the two, one is primary, and one is less, you see, they're not equal. Cain and Abel are not equal, the carnal mind is not equal to the Christ mind. Well, the one that is the primary one, the one of the two which has the authority, which is Abel, he has authority because Jehovah gave it to him, but as far as the carnal mind is concerned, Abel is the least of the two.


Does anyone remember why the carnal mind would even think that, the Abel is the least of the two? Because the carnal mind has the rights of the firstborn, and the rights of the firstborn is the energy of this creation. Cain is the one that inherits the energy, the energy that was stolen from Jehovah, by the primordial serpent, who is manifesting in this generation as Satan, who is the father of the mortal man, gives those who are hers the rights, Satan says, I give you the right of the firstborn. You have power, spiritual power, you're born with spiritual power. Everyone was born with spiritual power, and the rights of the firstborn of this world. And this is why the Scripture says, "The children of darkness are more sophisticated than the children of light, and I tell you all the time, I'm not tackling anyone with occult power, unless Jesus sends me up to that battle, because they're stronger than me, and if that makes you surprised, then you don't understand the Scripture. Because the one in whom Abel is manifesting, even if that one has increased into the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus, we are still the humble seed, and until Christ Jesus takes back the energies of this creation, and gives them to his body, the serpent's crowd has the all the power, well not all the power, but they have the power of this world. We have the power that's given to us by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ as he comes into our life, but the preponderance of spiritual power in this fallen world, is in the hands of the serpent's crowd.


Therefore Abel, and the one he increases into in this generation, he's called Christ, and Christ Jesus, he is the humble one, he is the little one, this humble seed. Not little in size, not little in order of siblings order, which is the impression the King James gives with regard to Noah's sons, but this humble seed that Jesus is talking about, he said, If you just have this least of all of the seeds, you can say unto that mountain, be cast in to sea, and it will be done. Well the church has to at some point, has to come to understand who that seed is. It's not the Holy Spirit. That's not talking about the Holy Spirit, that humble seed that Jesus is talking about, and we covered this on one of our online meetings all the way back there, that that seed was talking about the germ, and a germ is a seed, a germ of a plant is a seed that is really two seeds pressed so closely together that they function as one seed, that you almost can't even tell that it's two seeds. So that humble seed is Abel raised up to a position of Christ Jesus joined with the Spirit of Christ. But in this particular verse, it's just saying Abel, the primary one, the primary one of the little ones, or that primary humble seed, talking about Abel, which we went into. I would like to get this on the tape if I could find it, probably it was around verse 29, it was verse 29, where the Scripture talks about two sparrows, and I went into a whole exhortation about the dual being, called Cain and Abel. And now in verse 42, the end of this chapter, Jesus is talking about the primary one of the dual being, the primary one with all of the authority is the little one, I believe that should be translated singular, he's the least energy wise, he's the least of the two, but according to Jehovah, he's the primary one, of these, you know, Cain and Abel, of this dual being.


The Greek word translated 'cup', Strong's #4221, can also be translated, 'your fate, or the lot that life has dealt you'. I told you earlier that the word water, there's no Greek word that would generate the word 'water'. We do have the word 'cold', Strong's #5593, which means that 'cold'. So a cold fate, a fate of cold, cold signifies Satan, Satan's territory is in the North, okay, and this concept of hell being a place of fire, it's really a misconception, there is fire in hell, but it can be likened to dry ice. The fires of hell can be likened to dry ice. They're cold, that the heat, the true fire, belongs to Christ Jesus, our God is a consuming fire. The devil is not hot, the devil is cold, and we find in the book of Revelation, Jesus saying, "I would that you were hot, but if you're neither hot nor cold, if you're just lukewarm, I'm going to spue you out of my mouth." We translated those verses, and we found that what the Lord is saying, is that I want the waters of your individual person to be boiling, because when our waters are boiling, that means Satan is being distilled. So he's saying I want you to be on fire for me, I want to Christ Jesus to be manifesting, I want you to be judging your sins, I want you to be studying to show yourself approved, I want you to be overcome in your pride, and submitting to the authorities that I've place over you, so that Satan can be kept down.


So here we have a verse where Jesus was saying, he just told us, if you lay hold of that prophet, and you relate to them in a godly manner, a prophet is going to be formed in you. If you lay hold of that righteous man, Christ Jesus in that man, and submit to him, or have a relationship in proper order, righteousness is going to be formed in you. But, if you desire to irrigate Abel, now remember Abel is the dead root, and if that tree trunk, smells the scent of water, that tree can rise again, Abel is the potential to have the tree of life restored in you. So if you desire to irrigate to have the potential to have the tree of life restored in you, that potential which is the most humble of the two sided creature, but life, but your life is cold, fate has given you a cold life, the balance of blessings and curses on your life, has rendered you to be a person who is not in hot pursuit of God. See, all of here are in hot pursuit of God, we've been in hot pursuit of God all of our life. But this message is for someone who can not say amen to that. You know, if you've heard this message and you desire to receive a prophet's reward, and you desire to receive a righteous man's reward, but you're cold, but you're life is cold, and you desire these things, in the name of a disciple only, okay, in the nature of the disciple, if you're looking to be a prophet, if you're looking to be righteous, if you're looking to be a prophet, if you're looking to be righteous, if you're looking for all of the promises of the scripture, which are looking to get it from a man, who is coming to you in his own nature. If you're looking to get it from a man who is not in Christ Jesus, it's the good side of his carnal mind, the church is filled with this right now, he's a good man, preaches up a storm, but it's not Christ Jesus in him, it's the good side of his carnal mind, even if it's the good side of his carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit, if it's not Christ Jesus, he's coming to you in his own nature, and if you desire the fulfillment of the promises from a man who comes in his own nature, you will surely not receive it. And just to go word by word here, let me finish this up, Jesus says that that is what you're doing.


See, if you're running away from the man who comes in the nature of Christ Jesus, because Christ Jesus is exposing your sins, and you run to the prophet who is not exposing your sins, the church is filled with this, the ministry today, we're teaching a deep esoteric message, but they don't believe in the exposure of sin. So if you go to the man of your choice and that man is teaching you in his own nature, okay, you're not going to get it, you see. Jesus says, "Verily I say unto you, in no wise he shall lose his reward." Well, the King James makes it sound like, this man in no wise shall lose his reward, but that's not what it's saying. The translation 'in no wise' is a translation of two words, which mean no or not. Two negative particles which can be translated 'the serpent'. Well what the Lord is given me to this point, when we go word by word, is that, now there are two negative particles, and we'll translate one of them, Satan. You shall not lose Satan's reward, and Satan's reward is death. The wages of sin is death.


So if you're studying under and submitting to the prophet who is not bothering your sin nature, who is just teaching you doctrine, and not requiring anything of you, and not correcting you, you shall not lose the serpent's reward, which is death. It means you're not going to lose the serpent's reward, that means neither will you get the reward of the life of Christ Jesus. And let me, this really important, so let me just repeat this, the phrase 'in no wise' is a translation of two Greek words, one is #3756, and the other #3361, and they're both negative particles, #3756, an absolute negative, no or not, and the second word #3361, a primary particle of negation. And actually here it says, this word is an interrogative, implying a negative answer, so we could translate this for example, Jesus speaking, "Verily I say unto you, will you not lose the serpent's reward?" In other words, Jesus has said to you, if you want a prophet's reward, this is what you have to do, if you want a righteous man's reward, this is what you have to do, but if you truly desire to irrigate Abel, and raise him from the dead, and stir up your cold life, and change your fate, okay, and I should really talk about that, and change the direction that fate is taking you in, but you're trying to do this with the help of teacher, who comes in a disciple's nature, and the nature of a mortal man, verily I say unto you, don't you understand that if you do it this way, you will not lose the serpent's reward. We're all trying to lose the serpent's reward.


If you do it, if your teacher is a man who comes in his own nature, you will not lose the serpent's reward, which you already have. We already have the serpent's reward. We're dead, the whole world is dead. So we want to lose this reward, and gain another reward, and Jesus put, that's the way it looks like it could be Jesus made it a question, you know, don't you understand, you will not lose the serpent's reward. If you go to the teacher who's not manifesting Christ Jesus to you, because he's easy on you, in the long run, you're not going to lose the serpent's reward. And I should comment on, what did I say I should comment on here? Yes, what I wanted to comment was this concept of fate, and I think that was a translation of 'cup', was it not? Yes, that's the translation of the Greek word #4221, translated a 'cup'. (End Of Tape)


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