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Praise the Lord. We were just discussing a dream that somebody had, and this was the dream: I was alone, I saw no one, I heard a man's voice. He said something like this, You have decided not to have sex with your wife. This is great. You must come up where I am. Then I was in front of my computer putting a web page together (I have started on one physically). I was adding to it or changing how it is presented to the public. Then, when I awoke I began to think about the part that I had forgotten. While thinking about it, this happened: I felt a strange feeling from my chest upward. I call it strange because nothing like this had happened to me before. It was like a vibration. It was moving upward, and when it got to my forehead it stopped, moved around slowly, and continued upward. I then began to pray for the Lord to take this feeling away if it was not of His spirit. When I would fight it mentally, the feeling weakened. It did not go away. I stopped fighting, and then when it got to the top of my head it got stronger. It was likened to being on a boat riding out the waves. This continued several minutes, and it went away. Even now, I feel that my mind experienced something that I didn't like or want to experience.


And this person asks for my comments. My reaction is that I did not think it was of God. My first reaction was that this man has physically ceased from sexual activity with his wife which I do not encourage. I believe that celibacy is required to ascend into and abide in the brow energy center which is above....when we ascend into the brow energy center where we become a supernatural person, and we are beyond feeling the pains or the conflicts of other people, and I do believe that physical celibacy is necessary for that ascension because spiritual intimacy with the glorified Jesus Christ is necessary for that ascension. And we cannot engage in the true, complete spiritual intimacy with the glorified Jesus Christ if we are engaging in a physical sexual intimacy.


Now, a lot of people in the church don't like that, but spiritual people all over the world know that this is true. They know it is true in Hinduism, they know it is true in Buddhism, and they know it is true in a lot of other areas of the spiritual world. Just the Christians don't want to believe it. The Christians prefer to believe that they will die and go to heaven and have spiritual intimacy with all of their dead relatives plus Jesus Christ in heaven. This is a childish view. I don't mean to insult you, but it is spiritually very immature.


So, to ascend into the brow energy center where we become supernatural men requires spiritual sexual intercourse between the resurrected Christ Jesus in us and the glorified Jesus Christ. When Christ is imparted to us, Christ is grafted to us. Christ is grafted to our human spirit, and as Christ begins to and does eventually dominate the waters or the energy of our person He increases into Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is strong enough to harness and put a saddle on our Fiery Serpent. Every human being born of a woman has a worm. That's what Jesus was talking about when He mentioned the worm that dies not. She is called the Fiery Serpent, and Christ Jesus is the only one strong enough to harness and put a saddle on and control or ride the Fiery Serpent. So when Christ Jesus ascends to the point that He marries the glorified Jesus Christ which is beyond the body, if Christ Jesus has already harnessed the Fiery Serpent in us, we go with Christ Jesus.


Let me try again. I didn't make it clear. The Fiery Serpent is a part of the personality. The personality is the woman, and the Fiery Serpent is the woman's spiritual sexual part. So Christ Jesus is joined to the woman through her spiritual sexual part, and she becomes His wife. Then, when Christ Jesus is reunited with or is joined to or marries the glorified Jesus Christ who is beyond this world His wife goes with Him. So when Christ Jesus ascends into the brow energy center we, the personality, His wife, go with Him. The only way Christ Jesus that's regenerated in us can ascend into the brow energy center is if the glorified Jesus Christ raises Him up there. See, Christ Jesus in us.... now I may be preaching this a little differently than I have in the past. I am learning every day. Christ Jesus in us, after He apprehends the personality and the Fiery Serpent, can ascend only as high as the heart center. Christ Jesus occupies the heart center. His symbol is the ram. He occupies and defends and engages in warfare to continue to occupy the heart center.


The glorified Jesus Christ enters into the individual from beyond this world through the crown energy center, vibrates down into the brow energy center and then the throat energy center, and meets Christ Jesus in the heart center. And that union between the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in the heart center gives Christ Jesus in the individual the strength to start to ascend into the throat center and, eventually, into the brow energy center. But Christ Jesus raised in the individual cannot get beyond the heart center by Himself. So you see, we can be a spiritual person. If your consciousness is in your heart center you are a spiritual person. You can be engaging in physical sexuality with Christ Jesus fully regenerated in you and occupying the heart center, but at some point, and I don't know where the point is at this time, but at some point between what I just described, Christ Jesus fully regenerated in you and occupying the heart center, and your ascension into the brow energy center, the intimacy that is established between the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in you, in the heart center, that intimacy continues to intensify as the glorified Jesus Christ raises the whole spiritual man, not your physical body now, but your whole new spiritual man, Christ Jesus in you plus your personality, up towards the 5th and 6th energy centers. At some point, you have to draw closer to the glorified Jesus Christ and let go of the human sexuality which is of the world below. I honestly don't know at this point if you can be in the throat center in Christ Jesus and still be engaging in human sexuality. I don't know. I believe that I am in the throat center. I believe that I am pretty established in the throat center, but, of course, I've been celibate for years because I don't have a husband. So I honestly don't know.


My point is here that nobody should be depriving their mate of human sexuality based on their own carnal decision to do so. The Scripture clearly says not to deprive your mate, but if you hear this message, and you are willing to give up your physical sex life because you want to ascend badly enough, what you do is you pray. You say, Lord Jesus I am willing to give this up, but I have this husband or I have this wife. What is your answer for me? I don't want to take matters into my own hands and be guilty of doing harm to my mate. You have to put it in Jesus' hands. He will dry it up in due season. How ever He will do it, He will do it. We cannot take these matters into our own hands. A lot of people misunderstand me. I am not against human sexuality at all. I am just telling you the reality of spiritual ascension. You can't do both. This same situation exists in this world. Someone told me recently who has been separated from their husband for just a year or so or two, that they finally accepted the fact that they cannot work, raise their two children, have all the beds made every day, and cook gourmet meals and so sundry other things. Something has to go.


I remember when I first left my husband it broke my heart. I had to leave. To this day, I believe that the Lord told me to go, and it broke my heart that I had to take a full time job. I loved to cook. I had to give up my gourmet cooking. I used to bake. I used to bake bread and cookies and cake, and the day that I gave all of my baking materials away it broke my heart, but I knew that I could not raise my child, work a full time job, and at that time I had a second job on the weekends, and go to church three times a week. Something had to go, and what went was the baking.


Well, brethren, as we ascend into high levels of consciousness in Christ Jesus you cannot take your whole life down here with you. People in this world who have wisdom know that. When I was immature, when I was young and immature, I used to think that I would grow up and mature and bring everything that I had from the previous years with me, and the day that I found out that life isn't like that....that the way life is is that you grow, you go on, you grow, you mature, you attain to new things, and other things you leave behind you. It is just a natural process maturation. The day I found that out I was bitter. My immature mind thought I would accumulate everything, not ever let go of anything that I ever attained to in this world and take it all with me, but that isn't life. Even your children that you love so much when they are infants. Mothers have a love affair with their children. You are together all the time, it is a very physical relationship, you hold them, you hug them, you kiss them, and you touch them when you change their diaper. It is a very intimate relationship between a mother and an infant, and then the child grows up, and then they get married, and someone else is touching them. That's what this life is like. Well, to grow up spiritually you have to leave certain things of this world behind you. You cannot take them with you.


My first reaction to the man who had this dream was, did you stop having physical sex with your wife? Was it your carnal mind or did the Lord tell you to because it didn't sound right to me? And I got a response back from him saying, no, I took this statement in this dream to mean that the voice was talking about my spiritual wife. In other words, the situation wasn't true with his physical wife. So a voice was saying to him.....he said, I think it was a dream. He said he was alone, he saw no one, and he heard a male voice saying something like, you have decided not to have sex with your wife. This is great. Now, the dream even if it was speaking about his spiritual wife...well, I don't want to get too much into the nitty gritty here, but the truth is that the personality is female to the Fiery Serpent. So if it was Christ Jesus speaking and saying, this is great that you have stopped having sex with the Fiery Serpent, your present husband, the Lord would have said, this is great that you have stopped having sex with your present husband. The Fiery Serpent who is attached to Leviathan is the male organ of the Primordial Serpent which is having sex with the personality which we are.


So, it is suspicious first of all that the voice called the Fiery Serpent his wife, and second of all it is suspicious because we are incapable at this point of ceasing from the spiritual sexual activity that we have been engaging in with our spiritual husband since birth. We cannot stop. Christ Jesus is given to us as a new husband, and we cannot fully stop from engaging in spiritual sex with our present husband which is the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, they are one male organ, until we completely transfer over in our consciousness to Christ Jesus, our husband. And that is not about to happen completely at any moment because before we can completely transfer over to Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus in us has to be fully married to the glorified Jesus Christ. We must be fully reconnected to the eternal realm of Jehovah to continue to live when we fully give up our relationship with the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, with the Fiery Serpent as an extension of Leviathan.


The Fiery Serpent is married to Leviathan, who is married to the Primordial Serpent, who has generated this entire world, and if we were able to which we are not, short of physical death, to give up our spiritual sexual relationship with the Fiery Serpent, if we were not fully connected to the eternal realm of Jehovah through union with Christ Jesus regenerated within us who is married to the glorified Jesus Christ, we would cease to exist because we cannot exist without a root. A tree cannot exist without a root. We are the spiritual trees that are appearing in this visible world, but we cannot exist without roots in the spiritual plane. We have to have roots, grounded in a spiritual foundation, and there are two foundations available to men today. The foundation that has generated this world which is the Primordial Serpent who has illegally separated from her true husband, Adam, and for 2000 years now another foundation is available to us, the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Another foundation or another altar which connects us to the true eternity which is in Jehovah. So we cannot let go fully of the Fiery Serpent until we are fully connected to the glorified Jesus Christ beyond us.


So we see two areas or two aspects of this dream that would indicate immediately if you have this wisdom that this is not Christ Jesus speaking. Yet, the voice was a male voice, and we know that Satan proclaims herself to be a male, and she, in fact, is in a male role to fallen humanity; therefore, her voice sounds like a male voice because this world is not real. Everything that we see and hear in this world is generated by a mind or a spirit that exists in the deeper planes. Our brain is the computer. Our organic brain is the computer that the spirit manifests through. She just presses the buttons on our brain, and her communications sound male, her communications sound female, and depending on the strength of the spirit that is at the controls of the organic brain these physical eyes will see anything that that spirit wants us to see, and these ears will hear anything that that spirit wants us to hear, and under the right circumstances that spirit can manipulate anything in this world.


Now, I know that Jesus can manipulate anything in this world, but He doesn't do it at this time. Well, the Lord just gave me the answer. I just want to give you a testimony about manipulating electronic devices. I have been scanning illustrations into my computer for a couple of years now. I've been using one scanner and one program that goes with that scanner, and one of my goals is to scan these illustrations in, in the smallest size possible so that they take up the least room on your hard drive, and then to magnify them so that the picture looks large, but there is a minimum of room being used on my hard drive. Well, as I scanned in these illustrations last night I noticed that they were scanning in at 50% and that it was possible, it looked like it was possible, to scan them at 25% of their original size, 25% of the megabytes would be used to store that drawing on my hard drive, 25% of the amount of bytes that would be required if the picture was at a reasonable size for us to look at it, and I looked at it, and I said, well isn't that interesting, I never quite thought that way before, and I wonder if there is any way to scan this illustration in at 25% and save that much more room, not only on my hard drive but when you upload it to the web you only have so many bytes that you can use up of material that is uploaded to the web or you pay for it. If you can't find free megabytes offered to you, you have to pay for more or you use up your free amount, and you have to pay for more. So it just caught my eye, and it must have been the Lord who even put the idea in my mind, and I clicked on a few little buttons trying to see if I could find a control to change that to 25%, and I could not find it anywhere. I think it must have been the next drawing that I scanned in, and I scanned in only 11 drawings so I was working with 11 illustrations last night. It had to be the very next illustration, all of a sudden I scan it in, and it scanned in at 100%. That means it is going to be taking up twice as many bytes or megabytes, both on my hard drive and in my FTP space. That's where you upload to, your FTP space. And I said, oh my scanner is breaking. That was my first reaction, my scanner is breaking. So I just re-scanned the drawing, and it scanned in at the usual 50% that has been happening for all these years now, and it happened again with another drawing, and I said, Lord what's going on here? And to make this story short, as I cried out, Lord what's going on here, the Lord showed me how to scan this drawing in at 25%. Now you can't tell me this was an accident. I've been using this program for years. So what am I saying? The Lord manipulated my scanner to make this illustration scan in at....see, I was accepting it at 50% even though I could have been saving some space by doing it at 25%, but when it scanned in at 100% it got my attention. I said, oh no this can't be, and I pursued it and when I prayed I found out how to change it, not only back to 50% but to 25%, and the Lord did that. The Lord laid hold of my scanner and did that. He manipulated my scanner to teach me this.


So, spiritual power can manipulate existing electronic devices and spiritual power can also manipulate or bend or transmute the image of the world that we live in. I have seen science fiction movies where a person is, for example, just sitting in a chair in their home in their living room, and a witch focuses on them and all of a sudden they are sitting on a raft in the middle of the ocean screaming because they are terrified. Now I used to think that was an illusion. I used to think that this world was real, and that witch had the ability to manipulate that person's brain and make them think that they were in the middle of the ocean, but I now know differently. I now know that when enough spiritual power is present it can change the image of the world. This room that we are sitting in, this whole area of Long Island that we know, is an image in a spiritual mirror. It is something molded by an artist out of clay. When enough spiritual power is present it can be bent, it can be changed. So when a mind strong enough to bend the image of this world, bends it, and you think you are sitting on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it is not true that this room is real and the Atlantic ocean is just a dream or an illusion. No. That spirit that had the power to do that has literally changed your world. That spirit has literally changed your environment from one of comfort, we are very comfortable here this morning, the temperature is comfortable, the room is pleasant, we all have food in our stomachs, we are very comfortable here today. A mind that is strong enough has the power to change our circumstances, and to put us, literally transport us, or not even transport us, but literally change us as we sit here, change our environment to a raft in the Atlantic ocean. And it is not an illusion. It has really happened.


This is for a mind that has the power to do it, and, of course, the power is within the spirit that's in the mind. So why isn't it happening today, everyday? Well, I don't believe it is happening in Christ Jesus because nobody has ascended to a high enough place yet to do it. I cannot tell you that it is not happening in the Serpent's time line because I don't know that it is not happening in the Serpent's time line. I don't know what's going on with the depths of black magic and witchcraft. I don't know what they are doing, but I do know that it is the intention of Christ Jesus to change this image. It is His full intention to do so. You see, the image of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth was changed. Why was His body not found? Because the spiritual substance that formed His body was changed. Behold, in a moment, you shall be changed. Seek not to release yourself from this garment but to be clothed upon. We are not leaving the body behind. The body will be changed. The substance that forms this body will be bent, will be remolded. We have to be melted, and the elements shall melt with a great crash. If you think of us as glass, we have to be melted to be remolded. If you have a glass vase, and it is melted and formed into a plate, what happened to the vase? The physical body remains after we have a physical death in this world because nothing has happened that has changed this physical world. Physical death is a part of this physical world. Life and death are a part of this physical world, but a mind that is powerful enough has the ability to translate this world into another world.


I used to think, because my brain was so carnal, I used to think that I couldn't comprehend how I could be changed, and you standing right next to me could not be changed. I could not understand how I could be changed, and that this whole planet would be changed to me with everybody else still in the same condition, but now I understand it. It is the same principle as the man on the operating room table who thinks he has astral projected out of his body but has not. His consciousness has simply ascended within that body, and he is now looking at the very same operating room from a different perspective. I see this room from the angle that I am sitting at. Mary is at the recording equipment, and she sees this room from a completely different angle. She is completely opposite me.


Our consciousness is the reality. Our consciousness is our reality. This body is not our reality, this room is not our reality, this city is not a reality. Spirit, consciousness, is the only reality, and the image of this room could be changed and can be changed if a mind strong enough to do it was present, and, does this sound so strange to you, are we not looking and waiting the change of our physical body? Are we not looking for this corruptible body to become incorruptible? And how do you think it will become incorruptible? A change must take place at the cellular level or even below the cellular level because every physical cell of our physical body has roots in the spiritual planes. So what is the change? What is this change? The change is the foundation that sustains our life or our existence. This is not life, this is death. The change will take place in our physical body when the roots, when our spiritual roots, the roots of this body that we live in and this being that we are, when our spiritual roots are transferred from our present husband who is Satan and Leviathan or is really the Primordial Serpent, to the glorified Jesus Christ because it is the root that supports the tree.


So we are being cut off of the tree of the Primordial Serpent which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and we are being grafted into the Tree of Life, and the energy which flows from the root in the deepest spiritual planes out here, all the way out into outer darkness, that energy determines the formation and the nature of this physical body on the cellular level. And we shall be changed when the foundation that supports us is life. It will be impossible to kill us. We die today because the foundation that supports us is death. The foundation that supports all existence, and this corruptible image of this world, is the partial tree, the Primordial Serpent, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, who herself is separated from the source of all life, the Tree of Life, her true husband; therefore, the Primordial Serpent who has generated us is dead because she is separated from life, and we are merely a reflection of her condition.


Shall we go on with this dream. So the man's voice said, you have decided not to have sex with your wife which is a misnomer. We are the wife or this man was the wife, and his spiritual husband is the Fiery Serpent. This is great, you must come up where I am. So we see a mixture in this one sentence. I perceive this to be a form of the temptation. Satan is saying to this man, and I don't mean to put the man down, but the average person listening to this would not think of the principles that I just stated, that the Fiery Serpent is really not your wife, but she is really your husband. So the person hearing this says, oh, isn't that wonderful, I've succeeded in ceasing from fornication with Satan and Leviathan, and Jesus is approving of me, and He wants me to ascend. I will do everything in my power to agree with what He requires for ascension. So we see the deception. In one sentence, two lies, that the Fiery Serpent is our wife and not our husband, and the second lie that sex should not be a conscious choice if you are thinking in physical terms. Those were the two principles that I made. Assuming that this is your spiritual mate, there were not two lies, there is just one lie. That the Fiery Serpent is your wife instead of your husband, and then the truth, this is great, you must come up where I am. It is a great thing to cease to have spiritual sex with the Fiery Serpent, but then the voice says, you must come up where I am. But the truth is that we cannot cease from having sex with the Fiery Serpent who is our present day husband without first coming up where Jesus is.


So it is true that we must come up where Jesus is, but it is not true that we must cease from spiritual sex with the Fiery Serpent first, and neither is it true that the Fiery Serpent is our wife. Mixture, mixture. Mixture is death. So we see that Satan appeared to this man calling herself God. Although she didn't say, now hear this, this is Jesus speaking, but she spoke with authority, and she did the same thing that the Serpent did in the Garden of Eden if I may use that parable. She came in a spiritual form, and she spoke confusion. Now the believer who is immature would say, oh, wow, the Lord is calling me, whoopee, let me go along with everything that happens next. You see, Satan comes as an angel of light.


We cannot live on spiritual manifestations alone. We will surely be deceived and overtaken. A large part of the church today is falling under this seduction, less and less sound teaching or any teaching at all, and just spiritual moves. The question is? Who is the spirit moving? Satan heals, Satan casts out demons, Satan can do everything that Jesus Christ can do. Does that shock you? She can do everything that Jesus Christ can do with one exception. She cannot revive Christ Jesus in you, and she cannot impart eternal life to you. She is the great deceiver. She is death. She cannot give you life.


Then I was in front of my computer putting a web page togther, and he said, I have started one physically. I was adding to it or changing how it presented to the public, and I felt there was a personal word for this man in that part of the dream, but as I look at it today it seems to me that the web page is this world or at least the world of the man who had the dream. You see, each one of us is a world. Each one of us is a cosmos in and of ourselves. There is a sun and a moon within us and stars within us, and I think that this web page that was being added to or changed in the way that it is presented to the public was this man. Satan was seeking to change him. He is presented to the public as a man of God, a man who is pursuing the Doctrine of Christ. Someone who hopes to be a powerful General in the Army of Christ Jesus that is being raised up right now, and Satan was seeking to change that image. She was calling herself God, and trying to deceive him just like the woman in Song of Solomon, Chapter 5, into following her spirit instead of the Spirit of Christ.


Then when I awoke, I began to think about the part that I had forgotten. While thinking about it, this happened. I felt a strange feeling from my chest area. Now that is where the heart center would be. From my chest area upward. I call it strange because nothing like this has happened to me before. It was sort of like a vibration. It was moving upward, and when it got to my forehead it stopped. The forehead is the brow energy center. It moved around slowly in the brow energy center and continued upward. Now let's not assume that Satan has ascended into Christ Jesus's time line. Both time lines are within us, and the truth of the matter is that the time line of Christ Jesus is not fully created in us. It is still under construction, you see, depending on where your consciousness is. Let's say your consciousness today is in your belly, the heart center in your world is under construction, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th centers don't even exist. Well, the 7th center might exist, I'm not sure about that, but the 5th and 6th centers do not exist. The place where the glorified Jesus Christ would enter into you, I would think that is the 7th center. We will see what the Lord says about that, but the 5th and 6th centers which we are supposed to occupy when we are spiritually mature enough do not exist yet, and if you are still down in your belly your heart center exists, but it is fully under water. Satan is fully covering your whole heart center.


Now I have taught you that there are two sides to the heart center, and that when you make it to the left side of your heart center that is the dry ground which is beyond Satan's grasp. So how do we reconcile this with saying your whole heart center is fully under Satan's waters or Satan's energy? This is how we reconcile it. Christ, the virile seed, is grafted to your human spirit. Christ wages war against Satan. As Christ is victorious over Satan He boils her waters, and the part of Satan's waters that are boiled are condensed or re-condensed in the person of Christ, and this is how Christ increases into Christ Jesus. The difference between Christ and Christ Jesus is that Christ Jesus possesses the waters or the energy. Christ is just the seed. So as Christ wages war with Satan and evaporates and possesses for Himself enough of Satan's waters to dry out the left side of the heart center, now there exists a place beyond Satan's grasp to occupy.


I put it on the board for you. This is drawing #1. I've divided the board horiozontally into two halves, A and B, and on the top for the A drawing I've drawn a heart center, I've shown you the two sides of the heart center, and I've drawn squiggly lines to indicate Satan's waters covering all of the land, and, although it is not too easy to see, I've drawn little dots along the waves of Satan's waters to indicate that Christ which is a many-membered seed, Christ is a seed made up of many spiritual particles, is grafted....now this is the person who has the grafted Word, Christ is grafted to the human spirit which is flowing with Satan's waters. There is no separation between the human spirit and Satan's waters in the man that Christ is not formed in. The human spirit is the breath of life, is the source of consciousness, to the creature, and he is completely possessed by Satan. Otherwise, there would be no conscious world. Our consciousness is the human spirit which is the residue of Adam's spirit. The human spirit is the breath of life that Elohim breathed into Adam at the beginning, and when that breath of life was connected to Elohim and Jehovah it gave true life to the spiritual man, Adam, and everyone that he protected. When Adam died the breath of life that was breathed into him was separated from Elohim and Jehovah and no longer has the ability to provide life, but there is consciousness in the human spirit.


What I have just told you is something that I have told you many times before, but perhaps never in this way. We have Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, water and seed. There is consciousness in the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid, but life is only in the seed. So we see that the Holy Spirit which are the waters of the glorified Jesus Christ without the seed, the Holy Spirit brings a consciousness of God to us, a remembrance of God to us, a recognition of God, an awareness of God, but true life, the life of Christ, is only in the seed in the engrafted Word which contains the virile seed, Christ. As soon as that seed is grafted, and you may recall from other message that first the Holy Spirit enters into our vessel and starts to bring a separation between the human spirit and Satan's waters. In other words, it is not possible in our human world, but if you could think of a glass of polluted water and then a drop of something added to that water that gathers unto itself the waters without the pollutant so that you have a drop of purified waters in the midst of the whole glass of polluted waters, that's what the Holy Spirit does. Well, the Lord just corrected me on that. The Holy Spirit does not draw the human spirit from Satan. The Holy Spirit is the purified waters, is that drop of purified waters, in the midst of the polluted waters of the vessel that He enters into. The human spirit is completely possessed by Satan, and it is impossible to separate them. Christ is the only one who can separate them, and it is impossible for Christ to graft to you because Christ, the virile seed, grafts to the waters, but He will not graft to the polluted waters which is Satan. So, you see, you have a problem. Christ is the only one that can help you, but Christ won't come into you unless He can graft to the purified waters, and your waters are completely polluted. But the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is not polluted so when the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ enters into your spiritual being there is now a medium for the virile seed of Christ to graft to.


Here we come to our drawing on the board. The board is divided into two halves horizontally. The top half I've marked A, and the lower half B. We see the heart center drawn in both halves, and I repeat that I have not yet found the shape of the heart in the Scripture yet. I just draw it as a heart to help you understand these spiritual principles. Now in the upper half we see that the heart center is completely under water. Satan is the water, typified by these blue waves, and we see that there are two seeds in her waters. For the person who has the Holy Spirit, there are two seeds in her waters. The Serpent's seed is the earth. The Serpent reproduces herself by joining herself to the earth. That's us, the personality and the Fiery Serpent who, at this time, is joined to the personality. So the Serpent has thickened herself with the earth. What happened is that the primordial waters were the waters of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and there was earth in the form of an ocean bed in the primordial time, but the Primordial Serpent separated herself from Adam and used the earth of her ocean bed to bring forth a physical creation.


So from that point of view we say the earth is the Serpent's seed. She gathered together the earth of her ocean bed and formed a male organ. We did find a Scripture in our studies of Samson. I don't know if it was Samson and Delilah, but one of our studies of Samson where we see Leviathan described as the earthen male organ of the Primordial Serpent. You see, the male organ of Jehovah and Elohim in the earth is Christ Jesus. He is the male organ of Jehovah and Elohim, and Christ Jesus is spiritual, but the Primordial Serpent's male organ is of the earth. As a matter of fact, we found two scriptures that come to my mind right now signifying that Leviathan as the earthen male organ of the Primordial Serpent. Not spiritual, earthen.


So we see that flowing in Satan's waters, flowing in Satan's sea, are two seeds. The earth which is all stirred up, and if you look down briefly at this lower window you will see that the earth here, if you look at the left side of drawing B, that the earth is solid. It falls to the ground and becomes solid when it is not mixed with the water, but when water rushes into earth the earth gets all stirred up, and it flows, not only in the ocean, but the earth is mixed with all of the waters. And this is what happened to the creation, and this is our condition. In the upper half of the board, the earth is not a solid ocean bed at the bottom, but is mixed fully through all of the particles or the molecules of the spiritual water and also in the midst of that water, if the person has the Holy Spirit, is the many particles of the Holy Spirit.


Now somebody asked me off the tape a question that I have written up here. Many particles of Holy Spirit that she heard me say on a tape that Jesus is not a particle. Did I say the Holy Spirit is not a particle or Christ Jesus is not a particle? What I meant was is that Christ Jesus is many particles. Not a single particle like we are. If we want to look at this physical world, if you want to take all of me, I am a particle, I cannot take my arm and put it on the other side of the room. I am a solid particle. I am inseparable. I am not a shape shifter, I cannot stretch my arm into the other room and get what I want and pull it back. I am a single entity. Of course, I am made up of many parts, but for the purposes of what I'm saying here I am just one person. If I walk into the other room all of me goes. My arms go, my legs go, my eyes, nose, and mouth go, I cannot leave part of myself here and put part of myself in the other room, but Christ Jesus can do that because He's a spirit. But He is a spirit that's made up of many particles. He's an energy force, and He flows like a light wave. He flows. So we see a light over here in that lamp behind you, but the emanation of that light goes way into the other room. That's what I meant when I said that He is not a particle. He shines forth, and He can, therefore, be in two places at once. He is not a single particle. He is an entity that is comprised of many particles.


We are comprised of many particles but many particles of earth and, therefore, we cannot change our form. Christ Jesus is comprised of many spiritual particles. He is, therefore, characterized not as a particle but as a wave. A wave that moves and can be in more than one place at the time. Did that make sense to you?


So we see the whole world under water and two seeds in the water if the person has the Holy Spirit. The Serpent's seed, the earth, and the Holy Spirit, and we have a whole on-line meeting on the two seeds. The Holy Spirit is a seed but not the virile seed. The Holy Spirit is a seed in the same way that it is legitimate to say that a woman's ovum is a seed. You don't usually hear it called a seed. Usually you hear the woman's ovum called an egg, and it requires the male seed to fertilize it. But, technically speaking, an ovum is a seed. There are two seeds, the male seed and the female seed. In every relationship there is a male and a female or a head and the person who is under the head. Now the virile seed of Christ is male to the Holy Spirit. Now you really have to get this revelation of spiritual sexuality or what I'm saying is offensive to you. The Holy Spirit is male to every human being. The Holy Spirit is male to Satan. The Holy Spirit is male to every human spirit, but when it comes to Christ the Holy Spirit is in submission to Christ; therefore, He is female to Christ. The Holy Spirit is the water medium that Christ, the virile seed, grafts to so that we can have the whole spiritual semen of the Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ. The virile seed, the male seed, is the head of the waters that it is grafted to; therefore, the water, powerful in its own right, is female to Christ, the virile seed.


There is this teaching in the church that, there is no trinity, but there is a teaching that there is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that they are three separate persons. Well, maybe to our pea brains down here they have to be separate persons because that is what we need to understand it, but they are not three separate persons, in that the Holy Spirit does not do anything that Jesus Christ doesn't tell Him to do, and Jesus Christ doesn't do anything that Jehovah doesn't tell Him to do. My arm is not separate from me. This arm only does what my brain tells it to do. So I'm a man, I have two arms, and I have two legs, and I have a head, and we are not all separate people because all of me only does what my brain tells me to do.


I am going to say it again. The Holy Spirit only does what the glorified Jesus Christ who is both water and seed, the producer of the virile seed, the glorified Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit only does what Jesus Christ tells Him to do, and when Christ is present, even in the earth, the Holy Spirit only does what Christ tells Him to do if it is truly Christ manifesting. And Christ only does what the glorified Jesus Christ tells Him to do, and the glorified Jesus Christ only does what Jehovah tells Him to do, and as one man with one mind with different parts of His body reaching out towards the people. So we see that it is one spirit with many administrations thereof, and it is not true that the Holy Spirit is completely independent from Jesus Christ or from the Father. It is absolutely untrue. It is one mind controlling all aspects. God help us.


So we see that Satan's waters are polluted with the earth, and in the individual that has the Holy Spirit Satan's waters are mixed but not mingled with Satan's sea. What's the difference between being mixed and being mingled? When you mix something, the aspects that are being mixed or the qualities that are being mixed retain their individual characteristics. If you take a bowl and you mix a cup of shelled walnuts and a cup of raisons, you still have walnuts and raisons. You have a mixture of walnuts and raisons, but when you bake a back and you crack your eggs and whip them up with sugar and flour and butter you can no longer identify the sugar, the flour, and the butter, but you have a new substance called cake batter. That is what it means to mingle. So we see that the Holy Spirit will not mingle with Satan. He's mixed with her in the waters or the energy of the individual, but He maintains His original characteristics. He will not take on the qualities of Satan, and our example is oil in water. The Holy Spirit will not mix. He beads up, and He retains His own qualities. The Holy Spirit is a seed. He is the female seed, He is the preparation in the individual to receive the grafted Word which is the virile seed of Jesus Christ.


Brethren, in an individual when Christ enters in, the Holy Spirit submits to Christ. How do I know that? The Scripture says the Holy Spirit's passing away. That is easy enough, but where people get into trouble is when someone with the Holy Spirit comes up against another individual in whom Christ Jesus is ruling, and the church doesn't know that it is supposed to submit to Christ Jesus. If you have the Holy Spirit, and there is a spiritual....now I don't mean that the people with Christ Jesus are supposed to go to everybody's house and tell them how to live, but if the spirit is moving, if there is a spiritual relationship, if the Holy Spirit brings you to somebody who has Christ Jesus you are supposed to submit to that person who is an expression of Christ Jesus. But the church isn't taught this, and they don't understand it, and they don't even know the difference. God help us all.


Christ is the head of the Holy Spirit, and Christ Jesus is the head of Christ, and the glorified Jesus Christ is the head of Christ Jesus in the individual. There is a correct moral order and an incorrect moral order, and it is sin for anyone that has any expression of the Godhead to submit to the one who is under them. If it is your children, if it is your wife, if it is your husband, whoever it is, you must know who you are in the household of God, and if you submit on a spiritual issue or an issue of righteousness to someone who is spiritually under you, even though they may be physically over you, it is sin unto you. You are supposed to stand for righteousness in Christ Jesus, now you can't do it in your carnal mind, believing that Christ Jesus will come to your defense and deliver you because if it is not Christ Jesus in you, you are manifesting rebellion towards that authority which is sin so you had better believe that the glorified Jesus Christ is going to vindicate you. Praise the Lord.


So we see there are many particles of earth, and that's Satan's seed. I just said that many particles of earth are Satan's seed. Satan's sea is inseparably joined to the human spirit. I think I mentioned this earlier. The human spirit is the breath of life, and the source of consciousness of mortal man. The human spirit who is flowing with Satan is one with the polluted waters of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. Consciousness is in the waters, life is in the seed, the whole seminal fluid is water and seed, and they both need each other to produce the civilized spiritual man that Jehovah has imagined and has merely thought into existence.


So we see that the Holy Spirit is the purified waters of Jesus Christ. Like oil and water He will not mingle with Satan. Christ Jesus' virile seed, the glorified Jesus' virile seed, grafts to the Holy Spirit, grafts to the particles of the Holy Spirit's wave. A wave is made of many particles. The Holy Spirit is a wave. All of these particles together are a wave, like a wide wave has many photons in it. So when the virile seed comes to graft to you, He's grafting to the Holy Spirit. He's not grafting to the Serpent's seed. So now, if you don't have the Holy Spirit, and Christ comes to graft to you, you are a barren woman. You don't have any ovum. Praise the Lord. He must have something to graft to. This is why the bride church is commissioned to go across the world and spread the Holy Spirit, and the message that goes with the Holy Spirit is the Gospel of the Cross. But what has happened in the church today is that the church has done the same thing that the Primordial Serpent did. She is supposed to be paving the way for the bridegroom, but she has made herself the groom. The church has made herself the bridegroom, and she has made the unreconciled members of humanity the bride. The church has done the same thing that the Primordial Serpent has done. She has rejected her true husband and taken mortal man and made her into the woman. What does this mean? Today, the church is an expression of the Serpent. Don't shut off the tape. Even if I'm wrong, why would you shut off the tape. Just your pride and fear. The church is an expression of the Serpent.


Do not be deceived because the Holy Spirit is present with the Serpent. Because if you look on this board you see what's happening. The Holy Spirit is clearly mixed with Satan, and your deliverance is not through the casting out of demons, although there is a place for the casting out of demons, to deliver yourself from the filthiness of the spirit and the flesh. A preponderance of demons can hinder the grafting of the virile seed to the Holy Spirit. If you have enough demons, they can overshadow the Holy Spirit in you and prevent the grafting so don't disdain deliverance. If you need it, you need it. There should be only one goal in your mind, that the virile seed grafts to the Holy Spirit in you, and if you don't need it don't deny it to anybody else. Deliverance is valid, a valid ministry of the Holy Spirit.


So we see the Holy Spirit enters into the individual and evaluates that....see, where each of us is a world unto ourselves. In the Greek, we are a cosmos. Each one of us is a cosmos. We are a world or a black hole unto ourselves in the midst of this greater world. Well, the Holy Spirit evaluates the individual that He has entered into, and He makes a judgment or a projection as to what the odds are of the virile seed grafting to Him in this individual, and sometimes He looks at His notes and says, oops, this will never happen. The earth is too dense in this individual, and the dense earth is appearing in the form of demons, unGodly negative thoughts. You may not be a mass murderer, but you may be a very negative person. Maybe you are engaged in dominating other people, and you don't even know it, but these qualities manifest in your spiritual being as demons, thoughts manifested in the earth which makes demons thought forms. UnGodly thoughts that have taken form in your mind to the point that they are a standing part of your personality, and the Holy Spirit makes the judgment. He says, Christ will never graft to me if I don't get rid of these demons, and if He does graft He will never survive because all these spiritual thorns in this person are going to grow up and kill the seed once it sprouts.


This drawing that I have on the board is what Jesus was talking about when He gave us the parable of the soils. What is the good earth? The good earth is the heart center that has a minimum amount of earth in it considering the person is a mortal man. The good earth is the heart center that has the Holy Spirit, and the good earth is the heart center who is cooperating with the personality which is cooperating with the Holy Spirit to cleanse the heart center. Praise the Lord.


Any questions on this upper board before we go on. OK, we will look at the lower board right now, and we see....now on the upper board, both left and right side of the heart center is the same. Satan is covering the whole heart center, and the earth is covering the whole heart center in a hydrated condition. The earth is not restricted to the ground, but it is floating all over the heart center because Satan's waters have released it, and the Holy Spirit is present in the form of a female seed called a spore or an ovum. And in the lower window we see the heart center is now divided, and the right side of the heart center looks just like the whole heart center above, but we see that the left side of the heart center has radically changed because Christ, the many-membered virile seed, He comes in many particles that have the ability to spread out and go in different directions, that many of the members of Christ have grafted to many of the members or particles of the Holy Spirit, and Christ plus the Holy Spirit becomes Christ Jesus who is strong enough to boil Satan's waters.


I have not yet forgotten the evening that the Lord Jesus gave me that revelation. It was way back when the ministry first began, and I was trying to translate some verse in the Book of Revelation. That was one of the first things that we did in this ministry, we translated the Book of Revelation. And it was a couple of hours, I couldn't get what it meant, I couldn't get it, and somehow in my studies the Lord led me to this in one of my books and by the Spirit of Revelation, that Christ Jesus was standing there boiling us or how ever it came forth, and I said, Lord this can't be right, Christ Jesus is boiling, what does this mean? And the Lord did not explain it to me at the time, but He told me that that was the translation. It is either in the Book of Daniel or in the Book of Revelation. Maybe not Revelation, but the Book of Daniel. It came forth in the Book of Daniel, Daniel's beasts, Daniel Chapter 7.


Who was Christ Jesus now? Christ Jesus is the virile seed Christ grafted to the Holy Spirit and gathering water unto Himself, and water is energy in the Scripture. As soon as Christ grafts to the Holy Spirit, we now have a force, an energy force within Satan's waters that have the ability to heat up the waters and cause Satan's waters to boil away, and as Satan's waters evaporate Christ Jesus captures the waters and raises them up to the heart center, raises them above the heart center. That we see in the lower window here. We see the waters on the right side of the heart center have been separated. Not the waters have been separated, but the water has been separated from the earth, the Serpent's seed, and the waters have ascended up to the 5th energy center, and the particles of the earth have fallen down to the ground and become one solid mass of earth. Brethren, we are a solid mass of earth, but the earth is in the wrong formation. The earth is supposed to be under our feet, and we are supposed to be living as a spiritual man, but because, in the fallen creation, the earth is scattered through all the waters we have come forth in this perverted form. We have come forth as a worm, a spiritual worm. Our consciousness is under the ground.


So we see, again, in the lower window that when Christ Jesus arises he has the power to boil Satan's waters, and to separate the earth from the water making the earth barren. Brethren, this is the truth about separation. Jesus wants us separated. He wants us ascended into our throat energy center, the 5th energy center of the time line in Christ Jesus. He wants us to have power. Christ wants us to have power over all the powers and principalities of this world, and your power is limited....I don't want to say that you can't have power because there is an imputed power that comes with the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit is come upon you, you shall receive power. Power to do what? Power to separate from Satan. He doesn't give you power to get well, not at that point. The Holy Spirit is power to separate from Satan, to dry out your ground. So we see that the energy of the individual is raised up to the throat center of Christ Jesus' time line in the person who has received the Holy Spirit and the person in whom the virile seed, Christ, has grafted to the Holy Spirit, and in the person in whom that grafted word has waged a war against Satan and been victorious to the point that that grafted word, that word, that seed that's grafted to the Holy Spirit which is still Christ has gathered unto Himself enough of the waters or energy to carve out an area of dry ground in the heart center which forces the earth underneath His feet. And who is the earth? The Fiery Serpent is the ground.


Now I'm going to say this again. The person that has power in Christ Jesus that's not imputed power, but the person that has imparted power because they have overcome is the person who has repented a general repentance enough to receive the Holy Spirit, who has cooperated with the Lord by pursuing Him to the point that Christ is grafted to the Holy Spirit. So first you have the Holy Spirit and now you have Christ, who has confessed their sins and repented and worked with the Lord enough so that the Christ in them can overcome or begin to overcome Satan, so that Christ Jesus can absorb Satan's waters and carve out a piece of dry ground in the heart center where the ground is under their feet, and the energy of their personal world has ascended into the throat or the 5th energy center of Christ Jesus' time line. That's what separation is.


Now everything that we do in God and all spiritual things are many faceted. It is wonderful if you came out of that dead church. It is wonderful if you came out of fornication, you separated. You separated from your drugs, you separated from your smoking, you separated from your witchcraft. Maybe you were convinced of witchcraft, and you separated from it, but you are not separated until you come into this condition with the Fiery Serpent under your feet and manifesting the power of Christ Jesus through the energy center in your throat in the right time line. It is the same thing with baptism. There is only one baptism. So many people struggle over this. There is only one baptism, but there is the baptism in water, and there is the baptism of suffering, and there is a baptism into the death of Jesus Christ, and there is a baptism into His spirit. The ultimate baptism, which is really the only baptism that we attain to in many stages, is that instead of being covered with this earth we are fully covered in His spirit. It is a spiritual body. That is the ultimate baptism.


So we see that the left side of the heart center is dry ground beyond Satan's grasp. Well, Satan is the sea. She doesn't have enough of the energy of the creation to get over to the left side of the heart center. Now that doesn't mean she is not going to try to snare you, but you have power. For you to be beyond Satan's grasp means the Fiery Serpent is under your feet, and you have a significant amount of energy, spiritual energy to defend yourself against Satan. It means that she cannot have her way with you. She may try, and you must war continuously because if it is not Satan in you, it is Satan in someone else trying to make you let go of this Fiery Serpent. And what happens if you let go of the Fiery Serpent? She rapidly ascends and joins with Leviathan to get this energy that you have in your 5th energy center back, and then they all join with Satan, and all of your heart center which is the real world is covered over.


That's what happened in Noah's day. That's what the flood waters are all about. The beings that lived on the other side of the flood were spiritual beings who had dominion over their heart center. There land was dry land. The enemy which was in the earth was under their feet, and they had access to all of the power of the Godhead in their throat and probably in their brow energy centers. But because of sin the Fiery Serpent got out from under them and the waters came flooding in over their heart center. That's what Noah's flood is. They lost their power with God, and Satan overtook them, flooded over their heart center, and the end of that fiasco is us. Noah and his three sons were the only survivors, and then Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth were overtaken, and the creation fell down to what we are today. Now we are not supposed to be walking around in misery or saying, Oh, woe is me, look at my condition, but it is healthy to be walking around saying that God created us in this fallen condition, and exalting the aspects of this world. Why is it not good? You will never get out of there doing that. Jesus said the truth will set you free. We have to understand that we are captives, we are in jail down here, so that we can at least think towards escape. Escape is not physical death.


Adam and Christ Jesus is signified as a ram. So we see in the left side of the heart center that Adam is occupying the heart center. Jesus said, occupy until I come. What did He mean? He meant everything that I've just told you. Let Christ Jesus be formed in you, and occupy this heart center with a state of war. Do not let Satan flow back over your dry ground. Stand your ground against Satan on the right side of the heart center, don't let her take the land back, and occupy until I come as the glorified Jesus Christ and descend through your crown energy center, your brow energy center, and your throat energy center, and raise you up to the brow center because Christ Jesus in you cannot get up to the brow center without a glorified spirit joining to Him. So hold on to what ever ground you take and wait for me to come. I've been preaching this for a while that only those in their heart center are getting caught up. Is that a threat? No. If I tell you the plane is leaving at 2:00 o'clock but you get there at 2:30, is that a threat? If I tell you there is a hurricane coming and it is headed right for your house, and if you want to survive you had better board up your windows, is that a threat? That is not a threat. If I tell you that a country is being invaded, and the invasion is coming at 5:00 o'clock, and the last plane is leaving at 4:30, and if you don't make it you are going to be captured and jailed by an aggressive army. Is that a threat? You have to be in your heart center. You have to be in a dry heart center or Christ Jesus has to be raised up in you and occupying a dried out heart center if you want to be caught up when the glorified Jesus Christ comes. I am not threatening you.


Earth dissolves in water, and that spirit, water is spirit, of the individual is Satan. That's who Satan is, the energy of your person polluted with the earth. That's what we are. We cannot stay this way, we have thousands if not millions of Christians that expect to preserve this body indefinitely. Now preservation of this body is only temporary until we are delivered from this body. That's Satan in those people that don't want to give up the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle. We must give up the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle to be liberated from this world.


So we see that the throat center is heaven, and the heart center is the earth of the real world. This is how we got on this whole study. We were doing a dream. This is not the real world. Our bodies and everything that we can see if a part of the image. We are the matrix. This is the matrix, brethren. Nothing is real. Only things of the spirit are real. This whole world is an image or an illusion that has been formed by the Primordial Serpent to control us so that she can feed off of our energy. She gives us the little pleasures of this world, we live for a season, and we die, and she is continuing in her own eternity. The eternity of the Primordial Serpent will come to an end when Jesus Christ ends it, but as far as she is concerned it is an eternity. Of course, she doesn't believe that Jesus Christ will end it. We can change things, right now we can change our lives, and in Christ Jesus curses can be broken, the direction of our lives can be changed, healings of incurable diseases can take place, but nobody has escaped death yet as far as I know besides Jesus Christ. Well, it has to start.


As I explained earlier on this message, the only way we will escape death is by being grafted into the Tree of Life. That is what happened to Jesus of Nazareth. In the spiritual planes, He was grafted into the Tree of Life, the spirit of Elijah. So when His physical body was killed the real man continued to live. That is the true deliverance, the true liberation from this whole world which isn't even real. It is just a lie. The whole world is a lie. Everything about it is a lie. Jesus Christ is the only reality, and this is not His world. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


The world that we live in is a reflection of the real world. If your consciousness is primarily in this world, the truth of your existence is that you are trapped in the unreality of this mirror world. You are living in the fantasy. The only true reality is what Christ is doing, and if you choose to direct your life into the program of Christ Jesus all of the promises of the Scripture are in His life, and when you pursue His life you become eligible for all the promises. You can't go out and do your thing and expect to receive all the promises. You have to follow the leader. Even if you have the Holy Spirit you are supposed to be following Christ. You can't perceive Christ? You ask the Lord, but you have to be willing to give up your own ideas.


Now to regard to this elephant in the threat energy center, when the Lord first revealed to me that the elephant is in the Scripture. The scriptural reference to the elephant is in the form of ivory, and the Lord revealed to me that the admonition or the rebuke to Israel....I'm not sure if it was Israel or Judah, sorry, that they were building houses of ivory was the Lord rebuking His people, telling them that you have ascended into the throat energy center in the Serpent's time line. The Lord had pointed me to this information before I even heard that. So I know that the elephant...., and the Lord had shown me in a Hindu book that the elephant is the animal that occupies the throat energy center of Leviathan's time line, but I did not know whether it was Christ Jesus in the form of an elephant or symbolized by an elephant occupying the throat energy center in the time line of Christ Jesus, and up until now I've shown you an eagle in the 5th center, and an eagle in the 6th center. Now I thought they were two different eagles, but I knew that really didn't make any sense. The Lord just keeps dividing, and dividing, and dividing. So it is not likely that the eagle is both in the 5th center and in the 6th center. So who is in the 5th center? And I did not really accept the fact that the symbol of Christ Jesus in the 5th center was an elephant. I was waiting on the Lord for that, and last Thursday night we had a very powerful outpouring here. We had prayer and a powerful outpouring, and I saw, which I told you at the time, an elephant running very rapidly across waves, the waves of the sea, that were actively turning, actively coming up to peaks, and I did not know what it meant. At first I thought, well it is the third center taking dominion over Satan in the heart center, but I was surprised to see an elephant because this is the first witness that the Lord has ever given me that the symbol of Himself in the throat center of the time line of Christ Jesus could be an elephant. Now I see, from my own drawing that came out under the anointing, the elephant over the seas. So apparently the Lord was telling me that is His symbol of Christ Jesus in the throat center. Unless he tells me otherwise, I know it is an animal, but, of course, the ram is an animal also, and we know that the ram signifies Adam or Christ Jesus.


I've told you all the time the Lord teaches. As I teach you, He teaches me whether I'm preaching to you or whether I'm drawing on the board, as I teach you new teachings and new principles come forth in me so I think the Lord is telling me now that the symbol of the elephant in Christ Jesus is the elephant running on the waves. The elephant in the counterfeit time line, as far as I know, is walking on the ground. The symbol of the elephant for the counterfeit time line is walking on the ground. If this is not correct, the Lord is going to have to show it to me, but I have read a lot of occult books, and to the best of my memory I've never come across an image of an elephant running on the waves of the sea. I've never seen that yet. This is what the Lord has brought forth today so for the time being I'm going to be saying that the image of Christ Jesus in the heart center is the ram, the image of Christ Jesus in the throat center is the elephant, and the image of Christ Jesus in the brow center is the eagle.


With regard to the counterfeit time line, the image of the personality that's cleaving to Satan in the heart center, does anyone know the name of that? Anybody? The personality who is not living out of Christ Jesus, but who is living out of Satan, that is the Devil occupying your heart center, and in the 5th center of the counterfeit time line we see the elephant walking on the ground. In the time line of Christ Jesus the ground is down underneath the heart center, at the bottom of the heart center, and all the energy has risen up into the heaven, but in the counterfeit time line the elephant is walking on the ground. So the earth is still in the 5th center of the counterfeit time line, and, of course, the earth is also in the brow center and the 7th center of the counterfeit time line. The earth follows all the way through, but in Christ Jesus' time line the earth remains under the feet of Christ Jesus in the heart center. And the time line of Christ Jesus is a spiritual, as compared to an earthen, time line. Also, the elephant in occult literature is white. The elephant in the 5th center is white, and the Lord has not yet confirmed to me....I perceive this elephant as a grey elephant in the throat center of Christ Jesus' time line, but we will see what the Lord says to me about that. I don't think he's white because white is the color of righteousness, and the occult has taken that color. I'm going to stop talking now because I don't have enough information about the two different elephants.


We know that there are two birds. We know that there is an eagle in the brow center of the time line of Christ Jesus, and the Phoenix is the bird that's associated with the counterfeit time line. I don't have all these details worked out yet, but in the counterfeit time line we have the Devil which is signified by a goat in the heart center. We have a white elephant in the 5th center, and we have a vampire bat in the 6th center. Does anybody remember the symbol of the ascended Fiery Serpent in the 7th center? We have the swine in the 7th center. Of course, down in the 3rd center....in the time line of Christ Jesus there is nothing below the heart center, but in the counterfeit time line we have the three lower centers, and the symbol of the ascended Fiery Serpent in the 3rd energy center is flies, and in the 2nd energy center she is a worm that is aroused, and in the first energy center she is a sleeping worm. Praise the Lord. Are there any questions or comments on this board or anything that we have discussed so far?


COMMENT: I just thought that the waves were like undulations in Satan's sea.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's true because Satan's sea is not water. Her sea is an energy sea so they are undulations, definitely. The concept of wave is one of the basic principles of Quantum Mechanics. I wish that I had all of this scientific knowledge, and I could probably do a lot more than I am doing now. But our carnal minds, when we hear waves, those of us who don't have a background in science, right away we are thinking of the waves of a physical sea, and this is a spiritual sea. It is an energy sea, and it is definitely undulations. That is correct.


COMMENT: I just want to throw out some things about the elephant. Before, you were talking about the grey elephant, and I know people that are really wasted on alcohol say they see pink elephants. And also, we were talking before about watching a man who deals with animals in the jungle, and he said that everybody thinks that the lion is the king of the jungle, but he said it actually is the elephant. Everybody fears the elephants. Nobody is his enemy.


PASTOR VITALE: All the other animals fear the elephant.


We know that the lion signifies the spirit of Christ. So in the spirit world, the lion is over the elephant. That is a spiritual thing.


COMMENT: I was thinking of the lion as Satan. On the flip side he's a roaring lion coming to devour. Then we were talking about Dumbo, the flying elephant, and I am not sure right now whether it is the African or the Asian elephant that is larger and has the large ears, but I know there is a difference between them.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is true that Satan's on the flip side. He's a lion also. What that means is that the elephant is signifying the ascended mind, but the spirit is always higher than the mind. Spiritually speaking, the lion is greater than the elephant. That's how that analogy went out into the world saying that the lion is the king of the jungle. The elephant is the king of the physical jungle, but, spiritually speaking, the spirit that the lion signifies is greater than the elephant. That's how the confusion came about. It is true in the spiritual world, but it is not true in the physical world if you can hear what I'm saying.


COMMENT: Being that we are on elephants, I am thinking of something that I read, I'm not sure exactly how it came to my understanding, but it talked about the African elephant, how they work for 6 days, they pick up all the lumber, and they work very steadfast, obey all the orders, and on the 7th day they have a sense of knowing it, they lay down and nobody can get them to move. I'm just wondering if there is a spiritual application behind that.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is very interesting to me, that's a witness that the elephant does represent Christ Jesus in the throat energy center. I would have never thought of the elephant of representing Christ Jesus, and my first reaction was, well, it is an animal. But as I told you before, the ram signifies Adam. So to me, that is another witness. Praise the Lord. Anybody else?


We have a few more points on this dream that I would like to cover. The person who had the dream said, I had a strange feeling from my chest upward, that's the heart center, I call it strange because nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It was like a vibration and it moved upward, and when it got to my forehead it stopped. Brethren, I would like you all and anyone listening to this tape to understand that Ezekiel says, it is the time of love for this creation. Mortal man is female to the spirit world, whether that spirit is Christ or whether that spirit is Satan, and the spirit inhabits our body. The fact that we have not yet communicated with the spirit within....if you are communicating with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is new in the earth. He's just been around for about 2000 years, but there is a spirit in mortal man, and that spirit is Satan, and she manifests the unconscious part of the carnal mind. She is with everybody, but she has not communicated with everybody. Satan communicates with the people who engage in pagan religions, the Hindus worship the Serpent, the Wiccans worship the goddess, and that is Satan. That's who it is. She is the female deity.


There are a lot of people that she has not yet communicated with, and even the people that she is communicating with, the people who worship her in the form of pagan religions, she has not communicated with them to the degree that could be likened to fully consummating their marriage. Satan, an invisible spirit that we perceive as a vibration or a stirring, wants to fully join with humanity and utterly possess them, and this is what Christ Jesus wants to do. So we see the two spiritual males, although Satan is not really a spirit, but she has taken on the role of a spirit, she is acting like a spirit, are fighting for the female ox which we are. We are the present day manifestations of Adam's primordial ox, and when she communicates with us sexually, spiritually, she will be active in our energy centers. She wants to possess our energy centers, and when she possesses our energy centers to this degree that it could be likened to full marital intimacy she will fully control what we think, what we see, what we hear, and what we experience. In this hour she is only partially controlling this.


So we see that this man had an experience of perceiving Satan stirring in his heart energy center, moving up to his throat, his brow energy center, and ascending into his crown energy center. Brethren, I'm telling you, it is a form of possession. It is a form of spiritual intimacy. I don't care whether you are a physical male or a physical female, you are a woman to the spirit, and that spirit is inside of you and wants to do whatever it wants to do. At this time, apparently, Satan is still very limited without the agreement of the personality. I believe that Jehovah limited her in the action that He took at the Tower of Babel. He separated the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan which union is necessary for Satan to fully possess the individual, and that separation has manifested in many physical forms in our world. At the Tower of Babel, we have no reason to believe, that the people looked like we look. I don't believe they looked like we look. I believe they were another race of people. They were another race. They were a race of people that were fully possessed by the Serpent, and in order for them to be fully possessed by the Primordial Serpent or by Satan, I don't know if she was called Satan at that time, the Fiery Serpent had to be fully joined to Leviathan and Leviathan fully joined to the Primordial Serpent, and that was the condition of that race. Jehovah busted it up, and the Primordial Serpent has never stopped from trying to restore her position of dominance over the personalities.


So this is what we are up against. The spiritual males want to consummate their marriage, or Satan wants to consummate her marriage with the personalities of humanity, and Christ Jesus is coming in to prevent her and to marry us Himself, to save us from this fate worse than death. And everybody is out there marrying and giving in marriage and playing games, and even a lot of people who have heard this message are just really not doing what they are supposed to be doing because Satan is overshadowing their mind. You have to stay in this message continually or you forget it. You may not forget the message, but you forget the implications of it. This is happening today, today, and the more energy you inherited when you were born, the more likely Satan is going after you. She is coming to you as an angel of light, telling you that she is God.


So this man who had this dream, he said that this was actually after his dream. This was not a dream, this was really an experience. It moved up to his forehead and it stopped, moved around slowly. Do you remember reading in the King James translation that Satan caught Jesus up to a high place. You know, I studied that inside and out. I could not believe that Satan could ever catch Jesus up, but that is what it says. Jesus, the man, see. Satan caught Jesus, the man, up to one of her higher energy centers. Sounds to me like this is what happened here. But this man said, I began to pray for the Lord to take this feeling away if it is not of His spirit, and he said, when I would fight it mentally the feeling would weaken, but it didn't go away. He said, then I stopped fighting and then when it got to the top of my head it got stronger. Now this is very interesting, it was like being on a boat riding on the waves. So all of these accounts we read about Jesus being in a boat....I know that I've had the revelation for a while, and we talk about it in the tapes on Gadara, that it was a spiritual experience. I am not saying that this man's report is not accurate, but if this is true of when the Spirit of Christ ascends in us then we would say that this experience of riding in boats and riding in the sea is an adventure into the seventh energy center. I don't know, I just know what the Lord teaches me. I know I ask Him a lot of questions when I hear things like this, and eventually the truth comes out. So I am just sharing the question with you. That is what it sounds like to me, that this man was given an experience by Satan that is characteristic of ascension into the crown energy center.


Now, of course, it has to be the crown energy center of the counterfeit time line. That is the only place Satan could take him up to. Now please note that he couldn't stop her. This is called rape. Satan entered into his higher centers and exalted herself and said to this man who serves Christ Jesus, you see, you could not stop me. That is what happened. I'm going by what he wrote to me, that's what happened. He could not stop her. Now all she did was test the waters, see. The reason she could test the waters was that he did not recognize quickly enough that it was not the Lord. He had a question in his mind. He said, Lord if this isn't you, take it away. He did not know, but he now knows that it wasn't God. The person who has such an experience and believes that it is God had better believe that Satan is coming back, and she's going to do it again and again, and each time she is going to take more ground. What ground does she want? I don't know. What ultimately would she like to have accomplished in a person who would not resist her? I don't know. I don't know what it means, but our defense is knowledge. It is not the spirit alone. It is word and spirit.


So if this happens to this man again or to anybody else, you have to say immediately, you are not the Lord, I recognize you, you are Satan, depart from me, Lord Jesus strengthen my arms to fight this war. So why didn't the Lord take it away when the man said, Lord Jesus if it is not you, take it away? Why didn't the Lord do that? Well, first of all we don't know what Satan would have done if Jesus' name was not called upon. We don't know how far it would have gone if he had not cried out to Jesus, but I believe that Jesus prevented any serious damage so that the man could learn from the experience, and we, too, are learning because he has shared it. Isn't that interesting? Even in the temptation as it is recorded in the King James or I've looked at it in the Interlinear Text, what would have happened if Jesus had agreed with these thoughts that came into His mind or if this man had not even resisted a little bit and called on the name of Jesus, what would have happened? I believe it would have been a total possession. Perhaps temporarily. For the people who don't resist, for the people who are deceived and think that it is God, maybe Satan would come back on a regular basis going a little further each time. What will these people be like when they are fully possessed, I don't know. And I am not too anxious to find out. If I have to face it in somebody else, fine, but I'm not finding out for myself.


We are in uncharted waters. Believe me, we are in uncharted waters. It was like being in a boat riding on the waves. And Jesus sat in a boat and taught the people. I've known for a long time there is no way He was in a physical boat, and I heard a teacher say once, look at this, this is strange, Jesus was sitting in the boat, and the people were standing. It is the exact opposite of the typical congregation where the preacher stands, and the people sit, but I've known for a long time He could not be in a physical boat. But it never occurred to me that the Scripture that says that Jesus sat in the boat and taught the people could mean that He taught them from His 7th energy center. That makes more sense to me than to think that He was tired, and He sat in a boat, and the King James translation says, I can't quote it to you, but the significance was that the boat separated Him from the people because they were pressing on Him, so He tried to get away from them and sit in a boat. No, He ascended to the 7th energy center to teach out of that high place. That's very interesting.


He said that this continued for several minutes and it went away. Even now, I feel that my mind experienced something that I didn't like or want to experience. So once again, the man, not knowing, not being educated in this area, did not put all of his will into stopping it.


Does anybody have anything to say? This is a very serious spirit here right now. This is very serious. Satan is coming for you, and the more power you have with God the higher you are on her list. Is this a threat? No. It is a wake up call. The more power you have with God the higher a priority you are on her list. She is coming to get you with lies and spiritual experiences, and your pride is your biggest enemy. It is your pride that wants to believe Jesus is giving you high spiritual experiences that will bring you down.


COMMENT: I found it interesting in the dream that he did not want to be there....


PASTOR VITALE: It wasn't a dream at this point. This was an experience he had after he woke up.


So, you see, a part of him knew that it was wrong, but he did not have enough information to rise up and really fight it. And this is what so many Christians do, I'm not putting anybody down, I'm trying to help you all grow up. This is what we all do even on other levels. We go through this stage in our walk where, no matter what our decision is that we have to make, we pray, well Lord open doors and close doors. Well, isn't that real easy. If the opportunity disappears we won't go that way. We will take the opportunity that opens, but we cannot continue like that. You will find out that as you mature in God that that kind of a prayer doesn't work any more. He wants you to start making decisions. He wants you to grow up, and we have had that kind of teaching here for years now, that the next stage of growth is that you look at all of the information that you have, all of the facts, and all of the spiritual knowledge that you have learned here, and you make a decision. You say, Lord, this is what I'm going to do. If it is a wrong decision, please deliver me, but I've done my part, I've decided. And if it is wrong He will correct you. If you say, Lord, I've decided to do it, if you don't stop me I'm going to do it, or Lord, I've looked at all the information, and I've decided not to do it. If you don't really convince me it is You, I'm not going to do it.


He wants us to make a decision, and I've seen this principle operate with somebody who called me for prayer, and I really didn't even have an opinion as to what they should do, but they weren't asking me. They might have wanted my opinion, but I had no idea, and I prayed this prayer for them. Lord, the person has done everything they can, and now they have to make their own decision, I don't even have an opinion for them. I pray that if they make the wrong decision you deliver them, and the very morning that this person was supposed to leave on this trip, maybe an hour or two before they were supposed to go, the Lord told me, gave me a word for them. I didn't call them and tell them not to go, but I had a word for them, and when I called them up, and they heard the word they decided not to go. So they had made the wrong decision, but the Lord came through at the last minute and brought the correction, but you have got to start walking, you've got to be making your own decisions.


So this man, never having experienced anything like this before, was not yet at a place in God where he could make a decision concerning what was happening to him. He had never experienced it before, and he had never heard of such a thing before. So if you can hear what I'm saying, in this circumstance this man was like a baby, and I'm not insulting the man. He said, close the door or open the door, if it is not you take it away. In this level of experience he was very, very, very, very, very immature, and he did what babies do, but Jesus honored it. As I said earlier, who knows how far this would have gone if he did not pray that baby prayer, and Jesus said, you must come to Me as little children. If you don't know what to do in a circumstance, you don't know what to do. If I don't know what to do in a circumstance, I am a baby in that circumstance. So the Lord Jesus let it go just far enough that lessons could be learned, not only for him but for us too.


How do we know what's coming tomorrow or next week or next month to challenge us? Those of you who have a weakness and a tendency to just follow whatever thought that comes into your mind, you had better wake up, you had better snap to it. Try the spirit, brethren, because every spirit is not of God. So we can give credit to this man that he did not assume that it was the Lord Jesus. He said, if it is not you....we have to give him credit for that. Most of the people in the church today would just assume that any spiritual experience was the Lord Jesus, and they just go for it. I will tell you that I, myself, have had a couple unusual experiences which I believe were of the Lord, but at the time I wasn't sure, and it was very nerve racking. I really don't feel to relate the experience to you at this time, but the one I have in mind, it was really distressing to me, and I just prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed, and I came to the conclusion it was the Lord, and I did submit to a spiritual experience, and the result of it was that the revelation here just went through the sky. We went into a whole new level of revelation here. I received this revelation of the Fiery Serpent. It was a couple of years ago.


I want to tell you that when you start getting this high, even with Christ Jesus, it really is a penetration. It is a penetration of your mind, and it is very humbling. You are female to this spirit, and I don't want anyone making something out of what I just said. It had nothing to do with any kind of physical sexuality. It was a spiritual experience that I just don't feel like getting into right now. So what I'm telling you is that as far as I'm concerned it was Christ Jesus because the fruit of it was that the revelation in the ministry went into a whole new realm. So I, therefore, believe that it was Christ Jesus.


I will tell you about two other spiritual experiences that I had subsequent to that with Him. On two different occasions I feel asleep at my computer which is very unusual for me. This is not a typical thing. And both times I felt myself getting very tired. Sometimes when I get into deep spiritual work I get tired. It drains my energy, and I go take a nap in the afternoon. I felt myself falling asleep, but for some reason I did not feel to go into my bed and take a nap. I just sat at the computer. It must have been the Lord telling me to yield to it, and my whole body relaxed, my head dropped down, my eyes closed, I could hear myself deep breathing. I was breathing very deeply, but my consciousness was fully awake, and all I could think about was Daniel saying, I was in a deep sleep on my feet, but I was awake, and the angel said to me...In the Song of Solomon, Chapter 5, the one speaking says, I was asleep, but my heart was awake, and it was the strangest experience. My consciousness was completely alert. Now who is my consciousness? It must have been Christ Jesus within me. My consciousness was completely alert, and I could hear this deep breathing. I was completely out, sitting up at my desk, slumped over, but sitting up at my desk, and I could see, but my physical eyes were closed, and I was aware that I was in an enclosed place. I was aware that I was in an enclosed place, and I was like sort of trapped. I didn't know where to go, and I really believe that at that moment Christ Jesus separated from my physical person, and I had full consciousness with my body in that condition. I prayed about it, and it happened again maybe a month later, and this time...see, you have to try and understand that my personality is interwoven with Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is my New Man, and Christ Jesus is being trained up, He's being educated. He doesn't have all knowledge. He has the potential for all knowledge, but He doesn't have all knowledge at this time.


Let me give you a physical example. I've been praying for someone to help me with my computer work for a couple of years. The burden has become crushing, and the Lord provided somebody who has the aptitude to learn. Everybody doesn't have the aptitude to draw, to do the illustrations. Everybody doesn't have the aptitude to do what I do on the computer. You are musical, you're a writer, you're an artist, everybody doesn't have the aptitude to do these advanced features on the computer, and the Lord provided someone with the aptitude, but I have to train them. I have to teach them. Christ Jesus is being trained up. He is our potential to ascend beyond the power of this world and completely cleave unto the glorified Jesus Christ and be liberated from this physical world. Christ Jesus is our potential to do that. Without Christ Jesus we have no hope of understanding the Doctrine of Christ for ascending out of this world.


So, Christ Jesus is my New Man. My personality is married to Him. Remember the teaching, He's joined to my Fiery Serpent who is my spiritual sexual part, and I'm in agreement with Him being my husband, and we are all one now. At least the Fiery Serpent has been apprehended, and my personality is given over to Him, and we are now a spiritual family. I am His household, you see. So that Christ Jesus having that experience is really me, it is the new me. It happened again, however long later, I don't remember, a few weeks or whatever, and I just went into this slump at my computer again, and this time, after having thought about my experience and prayed about it, there I was in this dark enclosed place again which is this body. I heard myself thinking. I was fully alert, and my body was completely out in a deep sleep just like Daniel said, and I heard my mind thinking, well, maybe there is a way out of here, and I perceived in the spirit, myself like knocking on walls you know? Maybe there is a way out of here, and I saw in the spirit in this deep sleep, it was if I were in a great airplane up in the sky, and I am sure that all of you have seem something like I'm trying to describe in the movies. A hatch opened in the bottom of the airplane. You see it in helicopters a lot, and a ladder was dropped down, and I saw myself climbing down the ladder. My body was almost snoring, in deep, deep, deep breathing, and I'm experiencing all of this. And the next thing that happened, I seem to have descended into the lower energy centers.


Now remember, Christ Jesus is up in my throat energy center, and I saw myself descending into the lower energy centers. I was in this dark cave because we know that the lower energy centers are called the lair of the wild beast, and I had a lasso, like a cowboy type lasso, and I knew that I was trying to lasso the Fiery Serpent. I saw the Fiery Serpent. She was a giant worm, but I only saw her for a second as I glanced at her, and I threw the lasso to catch her, and I came out of it. I believe that was not for me. I think there may be parts that I forget, I'm not sure, I may not be remembering the whole thing, but as I prayed it through I came to the conclusion that somebody was helped. You need to know that Christ Jesus does not give you spiritual experiences just to give you spiritual experiences. That's what Satan does. Every spiritual experience that you have in Christ Jesus is to do His work, and His work is to help people. So I did believe at that time, either from what He told me, but honestly I don't remember, was that somebody was helped, that Christ Jesus in me, in the spirit, did restrict the Fiery Serpent in somebody to give them the strength to pull away.


See, Christ Jesus will do that. Let me make that clearer. He will not treat us like babies, but if He knows that the Fiery Serpent who is joined to Leviathan and Satan is really too strong for us He will weaken Satan and Leviathan so that we can exercise our true will and not do what they are influencing us to do. Can you understand that? He's not going to do it for us, and this is good for you to hear because that's your tendency, to do things for people that you should not do for them. He's not doing things for us, but if He sees that we are really afflicted to the degree that maybe we really can't overcome, He will afflict Satan to release her hold on us so that we can do what we want to do. But if the personality really doesn't want to do it, Jesus can afflict Satan all that He wants, and we still are not going to do it. This is why he doesn't do things for us. We must really want to do it, and His assistance comes in the form of leveling the playing field. If Satan's opposition is too strong, He will level the playing field to weaken Satan, but He won't do it for us.


I'm telling you openly that I really do not advocate anybody seeking these kinds of spiritual experiences. They were very stressful to me. I have an intense relationship with the Lord, I've been through really hell many times over just bringing this doctrine forth. If someone doesn't believe it, it doesn't bother me any more, but in my early years I was terrified, I thought I was demonized. I prayed and I prayed, and it would not go away. I am definitely not encouraging anybody to have these kinds of spiritual experiences. It was stressful for me, but the relationship that I have with the Lord, it was very stressful trying to determine whether this was God or not. Stressful and scary, and I don't encourage any of you to do it until such time as you are where I am. I'm still very hesitant and leery over any such thing. I don't encourage anybody to be dabbling in this kind of thing. You have plenty of time to do that when your whole life is given over to Christ Jesus. You are playing a dangerous game, and if anyone is tempted please share it with somebody else. I don't want to tell you that you have to come and tell me. It is not that you have to come and tell me, but you really should go share it with somebody else. You should not be engaged in an experience like by yourself, and I'm the most likely person to come to if such an opportunity comes to you. But be very careful.


This is your information. Why is God giving us this information? My guess would be at this time to strengthen you to discourage any such opportunity because it is most likely going to be Satan coming to you in the first instance. And Satan has come to me. Satan has offered me spiritual experiences that I have refused so I overcame in that area. That's what this message is for, and that's what this information is for, to make you aware that if it happens to you, if Satan appears to you and says, oh, you are great, so now you know the Doctrine of Christ aren't you great? I want to move through you, I want to stir up in your heart center and open up your higher centers, I want to get in there. You should know that you don't have to say, Lord is that you? You should say no and resist with all of your strength.


Someone who came to this ministry years ago who was very spiritual. She had been in witchcraft before she came to us. She shared an experience with me that she did not understand. She heard a female voice say to her, can I pass through you? To this day, I don't really know what that means, but her response was, no, and whatever it was went away. But, of course, it is much more deceiving to have Satan come to you and say, oh, you great man of valor, haven't you done a great thing in Christ Jesus, let me pass through you. Once again, I am in no way criticizing this man, but because he didn't know, because he didn't stop her when she spoke to him she penetrated him. But now everybody here has this knowledge. You hear something like that, you stop it right there before the penetration comes. Brethren, we are getting into deep stuff. The party is over. Preschool is over. Grammar school is over. You are in the big time now, and there are only a very few people in Christ who are bold enough to listen to this kind of a message who will be available to help the thousands of Christians who have their head in the ground.


COMMENT: Your experience brought back to my mind, about 25 years ago, when the Lord began dealing with me about Maryidolatry. I had received the Holy Spirit, and I was on my knees attempting to pray the rosary. It happened again, and it happened again. It was early in the morning, I was tired physically, I fell off to sleep, and I asked the Lord, what's going on here? He started talking with me. I can't say that I was engulfed in any kind of atmosphere. I was just very aware of the Spirit of Truth that was coming at me constantly, for everything that I said to Him, why the miracles, why was she able to do this, and He came and gave me answer after answer that everything was for her honor, for her glory, and now I understand that it was Satan operating.


PASTOR VITALE: That it was Satan operating in who?


COMMENT: That it was Satan operating in me to make me think that she was of God. It was a spirit of Maryidolatry that the Lord had to deliver me from, and it was a tremendous deliverance. I was actually aching physically afterwards. I was drained.


PASTOR VITALE: Are you saying it was Mary who drew you to worship on your knees, and it was the Lord who put you into a deep sleep on your knees and spoke to you and opposed what the spirit of Mary was doing in your life?


COMMENT: I just realized that it was Mary drawing me to do it because I never gave it a thought until this moment when you said it because I went to worship the Lord. I thought it was giving glory to Him when I prayed the rosary.


PASTOR VITALE: Isn't that a wonderful testimony. You thought you were doing the right thing, and the spirit drew you to false worship, and the Lord Jesus intervened, put you into a deep sleep on your knees, and told you the truth.


As I've told you many times, the Lord Jesus is not in a power play with any human being. He is an educator. He is a teacher, and we who minister in His nature are teachers. We are to give the information that will help the person to make the right decision. If we give the information, and the person doesn't make the right decision, the glorified Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit, where ever they are in Christ, must deal with them. Sometimes we get into conflicts with people because they are trying to make us fit into their concept of what they think Jesus is doing, and we must resist that. So to the uneducated mind, it looks like we are striving with someone or that we are in a fight with someone, but we should withdraw from any striving or argument. We should withdraw immediately except on the rare occasion that the Lord continues to help the other person. Jesus is a teacher. He wants to give information, but it is a hard walk because we are up against high pride and rebellion in the people that Jesus has sent us to help. So it is difficult, and it doesn't always work out exactly as the way I preach it to you. Of course, I am speaking from my own experience, most likely because I am not yet perfect. I may be giving you the perfect vision of the way the ministry of Christ Jesus should be, but I may not be able to perfectly execute it yet. But I do tell you the truth, that Christ Jesus is an educator.


So we are to deliver the truth and drop it. We are the first witness, and the second witness, the Holy Spirit to them, or if they have the Spirit of Christ, has to be the second witness, the one that has the right to exercise authority over them. Although, from what I understand He doesn't even usually exercise authority over them. The person just keeps going....if they won't take the counsel of the teaching in Christ Jesus, the person just keeps on walking off in the wrong direction until they bump their head. What does that mean? They have an unpleasant spiritual experience, an unpleasant experience in life, and they cry out, and they say, Jesus what went wrong? When they ask Him, He will tell them, well didn't my servant tell you to do such and such a thing. Why didn't you listen? Your pride closed your ears and blinded your eyes. Jesus is not a punisher. Satan is the punisher. Jesus is an educator, seeking to deliver us from Satan's punishment. God help us when we first come under this training. We are so prideful and rebellious that we have all kinds of painful experiences. Obedience is the best place to be, but it is not easy to get there. To find out how to obey Christ Jesus is something that must be learned.


Any other comments or questions before we close?


COMMENT: I just thought about the beginning of that dream that the male that approached the man and questioned him about the sexual experience, I just felt he was a homosexual, that asked that question.


PASTOR VITALE: He didn't question him, he just said, I heard that you are not having sex with your wife. Well, what do you think that means? What do you think you are saying?


COMMENT: Well, that Satan is the homosexual.


PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the homosexual. Right.


COMMENT: When that conversation came about, it just struck me that it was very significant that he was a homosexual.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, so Satan was saying, I hear that you are not having sex with your wife. OK, if that is the way the Lord quickened it to you. We know that Satan is a lesbian homosexual. She is female, and she is acting as a male to the wife of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is not the male. The Lord Jesus is the male so that is true. (End of Tape 2)



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