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These are drawings by which I hope to show you the separation of the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan and then the separation of Christ from the Fiery Serpent, which are two completely different events. Right now I have the first drawing on the board and as I sat down to look at what I drew, I received a whole (I do not want to say it is a whole new revelation, but a deeper understanding and an answer to some questions that I have been asking the Lord.) This first drawing is Satan's Circular Timeline and I am showing the Seven Energy Centers of Satan's Timeline which is under the earth. At the very top at the apex, you see the right side of the Heart Center, which belongs to Satan's Timeline, and we see the progressive maturation of the Fiery Serpent. She starts in the 1st Energy Center, down at the bottom, towards your left, which is a stagnant, static Energy Center, the Fiery Serpent is sleeping; she is inactive in that Center. And then when she is stimulated, she starts to vibrate out of the Root Energy Center. Now the Fiery Serpent does not leave the Root Energy Center. She merely sends forth an aspect of herself. There was a time, I think it was a year or two ago, where I really pressed this concept and I pressed it concerning the Lord.

The word in the King James Translation that indicates the stretching out of, or the expansion, or the spreading abroad of, the Spirit of God, is to shine. In the Old Testament, He shined forth on you. Well, that is very nice poetry, but what does it mean. It means, that His Spirit stretched out and expanded and literally reached out for you. Remember that Spirit is not a particle, it is a wave. And if I reach for you, I can only reach as far as the length of my arm. But my mind and my words, which are Spirit, they can touch you across the room. They can touch you outside of the room. Wherever, as loud as my voice is, wherever you are, and if you are physic and you could hear in the Spirit, you could hear me preaching right now, because my words are Spirit. Mind is Spirit and words are Spirit. So the Fiery Serpent is Spirit. She is an Energy Stream and she never leaves the Root Energy Center. Brethren, because the Root Energy Center is her base, it is her nucleus. It is the place from which she weaves her web. And the web that she weaves is the human vessel that she occupies. Spiders weave a web and they live in that web. The Fiery Serpent literally weaves a physical body, an etheric body, and a mind for us. As horrible as that is, God did not make these bodies.

I was just telling the brethren at the church, people are going to need a miracle to receive this message, but it is the truth. It is the truth. The Lord Jesus or Jehovah did not make these bodies, He did not make this world, He did not make us in the image of an animal. He did not put us in a body, where we have blood that is polluted. Every disease flows in our blood. The diseases that flow in our blood are not necessarily turned on, praise the Lord. We have the potential for every disease, for every physical disease. Just as we have the potential for every spiritual disease, we have the potential to commit every crime known to man. Lord willing it will never happen to us. But the potential is in there, and it is turned off, if we are fighting against it; if we are trained up as children to resist certain activities and certain thoughts, that spiritual gene is turned off. We are resisting it, we are stripping of its power, we do not want it. But the potential is in there. The spiritual potential for every sin known to man, is within us and the physical potential, for just about every disease, flows in the physical blood of this body. We are polluted. That is why we must shower frequently, and clean ourselves. That is why we brush our teeth every morning, because our mouth, every orifice, every opening of the body, is dirty. The nose is dirty. The mucus that comes out of your nose is highly contagious. If you blow your nose and leave your tissue around and someone touches it, they could catch your cold, or disease or whatever you are carrying. We are dirty brethren, we are physically dirty, which is just an outward expression of our spiritual filth. Paul said that we have filthiness of the flesh and of the Spirit. We exist under the ground, which is under the sea of moral impurity. And the moral impurity flows through every aspect of our being, physical, spiritual, mental and intellectual, it is all there. We have the ability in Christ Jesus to weed it out, but we are living in a cesspool. We exist in a cesspool and the concept of Noah's flood is this, that, by the Grace of God, we are leading decent lives.

And we have been able to tread Satan under our foot enough, by a moral lifestyle, even though our nature is not moral, because we have the nature of the Serpent. But our behavior is moral, not by God's standards, but by the standards of this world. So because of that, we have been able to tread Satan under foot in a measure, so that we can lead a decent lifestyle in this world. The principle of Noah's flood is that the people who become subject to Noah's flood lose their control over Satan. You see, everybody that is leading a socially acceptable life in this world has Satan in the bottomless pit in a measure. Satan is under your feet in a measure, because I believe that the people who are completely possessed by Satan are engaged in all kinds of hideous acts, hideous to this world. To those of us who are going on in truth, the truth is, that the acts that we do, which are acceptable to us, are hideous to God. That thought of envy that you succeeded in killing, it is absolutely filthy to God. And some of the things that we say and do and think and are not even aware of, is pornographic to God. Okay. But for this world, (you see there is a different standard in this world), the Lord is marking us on a curve, if you know what that means. Do you know what that means, to mark on a curve? If the whole class fails the test, if the highest mark in the class is a 25, and the teacher may decide to mark on a curve, that means, she says a grade of 25 is equal to 100. You would have the highest mark in the class even though it was 25. Okay. And I am going to give you an A, because I am now making a grade of 25 on that test an A. That means the people that had a 10 on the test get a B or a C. And if you get a 1 on the test, you might fail. That what it means to mark on a curve. Did you not understand what I just said? That what it means to mark on a curve, and sometimes teachers do it.

I do not know when it is legitimate and for what teachers, but I know that sometimes teachers mark on a curve. So we, fallen humanity, dwelling under the sea and under the earth, the sea that we are under is an underground sea. So we are under the sea and we are under the earth, we are under both. Okay. The Lord has a different set of rules for us down here, while we are down here, because He will have to utterly destroy us, if He did not mark on a curve. We are incapable of living up to His righteous standards. So there is a morality of this world. You do not kill people, you respect and honor your parents and other elders, you do not steal, you do not bear false witness, you do not lie. You know you do not have to be a Jew or a Christian to know these rules. Pagan people in the back woods have societies where they have these rules. So there is a different set of standards for this world. For us in this world, those of us that are leading, or I would call it a decent life; we have some decency and pleasure in our life, you have a family life; you have raised children, you have grandchildren, you have food to eat, you have a house to live in, you have time to serve God and attend a meeting like this, you are not in jail, you are not a drug addict, you are not an alcoholic, your kids are all leading decent lives. Okay. To do that you must have Satan under your feet to a measure. Of course, if Satan had her way with you, she would not let anybody have any of the good things that anybody has. She would have us all acting like animals, acting out her nature, and that is the truth.

So the principle of Noah's flood is that this measure of Satan that you have under your feet, gets loose. Satan is likened to water, her symbol is the sea, and she starts to seep out of the pit that you have her locked in, and you enter into a spiritual decent. This is the principle of Noah's flood. Now, brethren, I do not know whether there was a physical flood over this physical earth or not. I have read that some scientists say, there was a physical flood that covered the whole earth. Other scientists say, there were several local floods. There are different opinions, but it does not matter to me, because I know this whole thing is spiritual. And whatever happens in the physical, it is just an outpouring, an expression an image of what is happening in the spiritual. It is just a photograph. What we see here in the physical is just a photograph of what is happening in the spiritual. And I know, without a question of a doubt, that the Lord has told me, and I do not care if I am the only person in this whole universe, that believes this, because at this point, I just know that this doctrine is of God.

And I look back over my life, and I am prospering and I am healing, and I am going forward and I have good fruit in my life. And I know this doctrine is of God and I do not care whether you believe it or not. It use to bother me, but I do not care anymore. I am telling you, that the flood that Noah experienced was an individual flood. It was a flood that occurred inside each individual person. I do not know what the beings on the other side of the flood looked like, but it was an internal flood, and it is already happening today. Noah's flood waters are rising rapidly and some people are already overcome. But because the floods are spiritual waters, the people have no idea that they are experiencing Noah's floods. The Interlinear Text reads that the flood came in, but Noah prevailed. His ark prevailed, he stayed on top of the waters, he stayed on top of Satan's influence. Now, Satan is coming in like a flood in the whole society. It is not just inside of me, it can be just inside of you. But what is happening today, is that she is flooding into the whole society, but it is possible for you and for me, to sail on top of her polluted filthy waters, if we are inside of the ark, which is inside of us. The ark is inside of us, brethren, and nothing that touches us, from the outside can hurt us, if we are in the right moral order on the inside. If we are living out of the ark, which is Christ Jesus, and we are doing everything that we can to keep Satan down in that bottomless pit, if we stay on top of Satan's waters, within our self, what is flowing outside will not hurt us. The danger is that we will be touched by the filth that is in the society today. And brethren, in my opinion, the only way someone cannot be touched by the filth that is pouring into our society today, on every turn; TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, advertisements; as you ride down the road, the advertisements are horrendous, the only way you will not be touched by it, is to have your mind fastened on something else. Your mind has to be stayed upon the Lord. And, brethren, your mind cannot be stayed on the Lord, unless it is stayed upon his Word.

I use to hear that preached, "Let your mind be stayed upon the Lord," and I use to think, well, my goodness, and I was actually told to just walk around with this and, I praise you Lord, I praise you Lord, and I praise you Lord. Well, how long can you go around saying, I praise you Lord, I praise you Lord? You keep your mind stayed upon the Lord by studying His Word, by thinking about His Word, by being fascinated by His Word and pursuing after His Word. And thinking and asking questions and learning and studying and reading and listening to messages. That is how you keep the filth out. It only comes in when there is an empty place. So, as I said, I started out drawing a series of drawings to show you the separation of the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan and the circumcision of Christ from the Fiery Serpent. But I will comment on what I see here. So we are looking at the board. Okay, the 1st Center, is the Fiery Serpent, she is sleeping there. The 2nd Center, she is aroused. You see, I use to wonder, I could not understand; I knew that Satan was covering over all the lower Centers, but I could not get it. How could there be flies, or moths, or, I guess I need to show you where the moths were; I guess the problem is, I am not really sure what Center the moths are in. How could there be flies or even a vampire bat or even a swine in the 7th Center in Satan's sea. Whoever heard of a pig living in a sea. Pigs do not live in seas. In the seas, vampire bats do not live in the sea. Flies do not live in the sea and it has been a question that I have not really addressed it with any vigor, but it has been in the back of my mind, that I was lacking some information here.

As I sat down, looking at the board, you may have noticed that it was an afterthought that I filled up all of the Centers with lines indicating Satan's sea. Because I now realize that Satan is filling up every Energy Center, even the one with flies in it, and the one with the vampire bat and the one with the swine in it. My problem was that I was thinking with my carnal mind, and I was thinking of Satan as physical water. Brethren, this whole world is under water. The atmosphere is laced with water. We are the world under the sea. So birds live in the sea, in the spiritual sea, and all kinds of animals including humanity; we are mammals; live in the sea; we all live in the sea. We are the fish in the sea. And as I looked at these Energy Centers, and I realized that every one of them was filled up with Satan's water, I realized that Satan's time-line is, or a least as I am drawing it these days, with the Energy Centers from 1 through 7; is a series of fetal stages. I just sat here and looked at it, and I realized that this is a diagram of generation. Now, brethren, I have been telling you for a while, I have been preaching for a while now, that the personality is a womb for spiritual life. The question is, which spiritual life will be born from us; a butterfly or a dragonfly. Will we give birth to the Christ Child or will we give birth to the beast? I have been preaching that for a while, but the message just gets deeper and deeper. I know that we are wombs for spiritual life. I know that every human being is either going to pass out of this world, or give birth to a spiritual child.

And ultimately on this earth, every human being on this earth, that is existing, will have given birth to a spiritual child. Either the Man-child in Revelation 12, or the unclean bestial spiritual female offspring of the Serpent. So, we the personalities of humanity, are pregnant and this time-line that is on the board, is within us, and this time-line is a series of fetal stages. Now, I just went inside to try to find in my computer's encyclopedia, the different stages of fetal development. I have heard, I have not really studied it, but I have heard that the fetus; the human fetus, as it develops, goes through a series of stages which can be likened to; the stages that the evolutionists believe humanity have gone through. I do not know much about it really, but the evolutionists say, we started in the sea. Now, humanity started in the sea; first it was blue-green allege, then humanity became fish, then humanity came up on the land and became crawling animals. Do you believe that Sheila? Well, I do not know, but I think that it is, now do not shut off the message, listen to me. I think that, that is a possibility that it is true of our exterior shell, but we are not this body. Humanity is a union. Humanity is a union of spiritual life with animal life. I do not think that is true of our spiritual life, I do not think that is true of the part of us that thinks and reasons and understands and speaks language. I do not think that is true of our mind; I do not believe that our mind developed that way. But I believe that there is a strong possibility that our physical exterior; the container that our spiritual life dwells in, developed that way, but I am not really sure. But I am convinced that our mind did not developed that way; no, our mind, I am convinced has descended from a higher estate. The mind that we have is a fallen mind, but in its fallen state, this mind has produced, well, for this world, greatness. Must she use that fly, all kinds of benefits to make the labor of this world easier. We have done some great things; there are people that are great artists, people that have written great novels, great books. This did not come up out of blue-green allege in the sea. No, no, no. This greatness is at the bottom of a decline, of a genius level mind, that became evil, when it left its father's house in its first estate. And somewhere along the line, this mind, or this potential to form a mind, this spirit, which is our potential to form a mind, cleaved together with the animal life of this world. So, that is the revelation that I got as I sat down there looking at it. That the Serpent time-line is a diagram of the fetal stages of the spiritual life that is growing in the personality. So, I see, it is just one stage deeper I have been preaching for a long time now; that we are wombs. The personality is a womb for spiritual life. And we have been talking about the different Energy Centers and the different types of entities that are in them.

And now the Lord has put it all together and taken us a step higher. All of these stages are the stages of fetal development of the alien life form that we are carrying. Brethren, look, we are the present day manifestations of the Ox that Adam formed before time began. We are made of the earth. Spirit is alien to us. Spirit and earth are as opposite as you can get. Spirit is light or white, earth is darkness or blackness. We are completely opposite from one another. And the earth is evil, because there is no good thing in it. There is death in the earth, and there is life in the Spirit of God. There is life. You see, even for this world here, Satan, which is the spirit aspect of this world; she is the spiritual blood of humanity. So, I do not like to say life, because we are not a life here. This existence is known as death, but we do have consciousness, we do have existence. So, it is the spiritual aspect of this world that gives us the consciousness and the existence that we have. So, it is from that point of view spirit is life and earth is death, because earth without spirit is dead. So, we are just really a hunk of earth that is incubating spiritual life. Now, brethren, I hope you have not shut off the message as yet, there is an up-side of this. If the Son of God is born in you, He will completely co-mingle your personality with His life giving Spirit and you will live forever. That is what happened to the man, Jesus, who was born of a human woman. His personality was completely co-mingled with the glorified man, named Elijah, and He lives forever, and He is the Savior of the world.

Let me review co-mingling with mixing. To mix something, for example, would be to mix raisins and nuts. You can take a box of raisins and a box of nuts and mix them up and you have a mixture of raisins and nuts. But the raisins can be identified and the nuts can still be identified. But if you make a cake, brethren, and you take eggs and flour and sugar and butter and all of your other ingredients and beat them together until they are smooth, you can no longer identify the eggs or the flour, or the sugar. You cannot identify any ingredients. You have a whole new creature; the batter for your cake. This is what happened to Jesus and this is what will happen to us, Lord willing. And this is the preservation or the salvation of the personality to be completely co-mingled with the glorified life that is growing within us. Does not the scripture say, "And they shall be saved by child bearing?" Well, how can having a physical baby save you, brethren. It cannot. And yet, I believe that every spiritual truth has some reality on the physical plane. It is very common that a young woman, who is not doing too well in life, has a baby and that experience changes her whole life.

My pregnancy with my daughter changed my whole life. I have been even a much better person for it. It was a wonderful experience; I am glad that I had it. So, there is life in having a baby, there is life in having a physical baby for many women. Some women; perhaps not that I think that the majority of women are enhanced in their personality for having a baby, it is a wonderful experience, but that is not what the scripture is talking about, you see. The scripture is talking about the spiritual child that you bear. When you bear the Christ Child, He will completely absorb you, co-mingle you with Himself, and you will become immortal. But you are not immortal; when the life of God is inside of you. That is just the nuts and the raisins. And the raisins live forever but the nuts do not, for just by a way of example. So, even if you are mixture of nuts and raisins, if you are the nuts and the raisins live forever; and you are locked in the same container with them, you are going to deteriorate and they are not. You must be co-mingled with life to live forever, because we, the personality, have no basis upon which to experience life. We do not even have a basis upon which to experience conscious death. The only reason we experience conscious death, is that the breath of life that Jehovah breathed into the creation before it fell, is still in the midst of us. So, even death is in existence because of the breath of life, which has been apprehended by Satan and re-engraved with our nature.

Well, the 2nd Energy Center is quite; as my understanding, is just water. It is the aroused Fiery Serpent, the awakened Fiery Serpent in an Energy Center filled with stagnant water, the beginning of the process, the beginning of the pregnancy. Then the Fiery Serpent ascends into the 3rd Energy Center, where Satan starts to manifests as flies. Satan is the Lord of the flies. You just have to bear with me, brethren, I go back and forth with these details. Believe me, your salvation is not dependant on these details. First, I said the Fiery Serpent became the flies, then I said Satan became the flies and now I say that the Fiery Serpent does increase into the flies. And Satan, the water that is filling the Energy Center controls the flies, and the Fiery Serpent continues her climb. But we see that something special happens in the 3rd Energy Center. When the Fiery Serpent gets into the 3rd Energy Center, she becomes targeted by Leviathan in the 5th Energy Center. Now Leviathan is beyond the individual. Every human being has their own personal Fiery Serpent, that is indwelling you. Every individual person has their own measure of Satan's waters inside of us. We were born with it. Leviathan is the single name of all of the Fiery Serpents of humanity acting as one man, under a superior intelligence. That is who Leviathan is. So Leviathan is beyond the individual mind. So we see that there is a consciousness that is beyond the individual mind. A consciousness that exists in another plane. I remember somebody told me once; somebody said to me; and not a particularly spiritual person but aware; they said, you know; this person happened to be interested in inventions; they said, you know; it is really strange, it is like 10 people, not at all related, spread out all over the world; get the idea at the same time, and whoever gets to the patent office first, gets it. But nobody had this idea 50 years ago. Nobody had this idea 20 years ago. But, like in the same 5 year period, all of these people get the idea, and whoever develops it first, gets the patent. And he said, it is like someone is just pumping the information into the world.

Brethren, there is a group mind. There is a collective mind. There is a higher mind of humanity. There is a mind that is beyond your individual conscious mind, and that mind influences us. The name of that mind is Leviathan. Now, if you are moving into Christ Jesus, if Christ has been grafted in you, if He is being formed in you, you now have two minds influencing you. And as I tell you, every time that I can, the biggest challenge of this Ministry is to learn to distinguish between the voice of the two minds. It is very easy to distinguish Satan, when she tells you to go murder somebody. But if God tells you to do something and Satan says, O, no, that was not the Lord, and you do not do it, that is not so simple to distinguish. So, the Fiery Serpent expands into flies, the Fiery Serpent is a worm; that expands into flies, because she is feeding on Satan, the spiritual amniotic fluid in the Energy Centers. And just like a human fetus, the Fiery Serpent feeds on the amniotic fluid, which is Satan, and she excretes right in that amniotic sac. That is what the fetus does. Somehow the excrement of the fetus does not pollute the nourishing and life sustaining value of the amniotic fluid. So, we see that there is a circulation process going on in the Energy Centers of the Fiery Serpent feeding off of Satan and excreting it to the Energy Centers and re-feeding; and by this method, Satan expands. And the higher that her waters flow, the higher the Fiery Serpent flows. The Fiery Serpent changes form in the different Energy Centers, just like the human fetus changes form in the different stages of fetal development.

Now, when the Fiery Serpent attains to the 3rd Energy Center, as you can see from the drawing, the 5th Energy Center is directly across from the 3rd Energy Center, because the time-line is a circle, it curves around. Leviathan is the collective mind which is beyond the individual. And Leviathan is seeking to enter into a relationship with the Fiery Serpent of every human being and bring that Fiery Serpent, at least, into the 5th Energy Center. Actually, if Leviathan can do it, she would bring that Fiery Serpent all the way up to the 7th Energy Center. But to ascend up to the 7th Energy Center, you must enter into a legal spiritual activity. And you must enter into some form of witchcraft or you must be an evil person, a rage alcoholic or an unusually envious person. You have to be engaged in serious sin to ascend up to the 7th Energy Center. But, you see, there is a world beyond the body. There are spiritual planes beyond the body. Leviathan and Satan and, of course, the Lord, dwell in these planes, beyond the body. And when they want to communicate with a human being, they enter in through an Energy Center. That is the door. The scripture talks about the door; right in Genesis; Jehovah is telling Cain, "Be careful, because sin lieth at the door." There are doors that enter into our spiritual being from worlds; actually there are worlds that are within us; from deep wells within us. When one of these beings want to enter into us, they well up within us. Now, the door that Leviathan enters in through, is the 5th Energy Center. And the door that the Lord Jesus enters in through, is the 7th Energy Center. They have different doors and both doors cannot be opened at the same time. Only one door can be opened at a time. If you have not noticed it, if you will, and you want to take the time to do this study, the scripture has a lot to say about doors and about keeping that door closed. It is the door to Leviathan at the 5th Energy Center. Did Jesus not say, "I knock at the door?" Jesus is not coming from the Serpent's 7th Energy Center. Jesus is coming from the 7th Energy Center which is above. The true time-line is a straight line. The time-line of the Lord is a linear time-line and He comes from above.

When the Lord comes from above; I am standing here for those who are listening to the message, and I am pointing at this board, and I am saying, "the Lord comes from above and I am pointing above the board, but that is not really the way it is. If you look at this circular time-line; this circular time-line can be likened to something that is on the ground here, like an air strip. And when the Lord Jesus enters in, He comes from the sky. He comes like, from out here, you know, and He comes down upon the whole time-line. Now, brethren, when you are up here, and there is a circle in the floor, it does not make any difference whether you hit the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ,6th, or 7th, Energy Center, because you are right up here and you are descending; you can hit anyone. Do you know what I am talking about? This is the whole principle of having power in outer space, although that is not such an issue right now. But when the United States and Russia first started the space race, it was really important to get a satellite up in space, because as the earth turns, you could just stand there and drop a bomb, as the earth turns. Just drop a bomb on whoever you want to. So, the Lord Jesus enters in through the 7th Energy Center of His linear time-line, which goes straight up. If you can imagine a circle and a pencil standing upright in the middle of the circle, the Lord Jesus is the linear pencil and He is at the top of the pencil and He can just descend anywhere that He wants to. So, we see Leviathan courting the Fiery Serpent in the 3rd Energy Center to seduce her and to also give her the strength to ascend into the 5th Energy Center. Brethren, if you are ascended into the 5th Energy Center, you are spiritual active.

Now, the problem seems to be, now a lot of people receive the Holy Spirit, and they do not have this instruction that we have here; that we are blessed to have here, and they wind up getting into trouble, and they ascend in the Serpent's time-line. Now, the scripture is not talking; in most of the scriptures, and certainly the ones that we studied, are not talking about the people in the world. It is not talking about the pagans and the heathens practicing voodoo. It is talking about Christians. It is talking about Jews and Christians. But, actually Christianity is just a branch that has come out of Judaism. If you are a Christian, you are really a Jew; in the Jewish religion; I do not want to say religion, but you know what I mean. If you are worshiping the God of Israel, you are a Jew. You are a spiritual Jew. And according to the studies that I have done over the years, I find the people that God is talking about, which are Jews and Christians, either in the 5th or the 7th Energy Center, are the ones that are in trouble. Now, why I have not found anything yet about the 6th Energy Center, I do not know, but I will know some day when the Lord gets around to teaching me that. But we have had some studies about a righteous Pharisee, being ascended in the 7th Energy Center, because the Fiery Serpent had shot up.

And then we have a lot of studies that show other people of God in the 5th Energy Center, which is not nearly as serious as being in the 7th Energy Center. But you need to know that if you are in the 5th Energy Center, you are a manifesting spiritual power. Now, look the problem is, that the Holy Spirit falls on us and even the people who do not receive the Holy Spirit; if they have faith in Jesus Christ, and they are reading the Bible every day, they have a relationship with the Spirit of God. I believe that with all my heart, that if you are reading that written word, and your heart is yearning to know the God of that Bible, He will meet you at the point of contact of that written word. Now some people read the Bible and they do not have an experience with God, I cannot tell you why, I would have to take it a case by case. But the scripture says, that if you seek Him you will find Him. Some people read the scriptures just out of curiosity. Some people read the scriptures out of curiosity and meet the Lord. Some people read the scripture out of curiosity and turn away from it. But, if you have touched God, you have some of His power overflowing unto you. You may not have as much as the person who has received the Holy Spirit, but you have an energy source touching you, that is beyond the energy source that you were born with. And that means that, that energy that comes from another source, touches your Fiery Serpent. Let us say you are a person that is not spiritual active at all and your Fiery Serpent's down there in the Root Center. You are a very peaceful person, you do not get angry easily, you are not touchy, you are very calm, well maybe your Fiery Serpent is just in a dead sleep. When the Spirit of God touches you, it touches your Fiery Serpent. That is the kiss that wakes up the sleeping princess. Did you know that? That the Holy Spirit is the prince that wakes up the princess. But the church is not educated. And the next thing you know, the Fiery Serpent's shooting up, not shooting up drugs, but shooting up into the higher centers. She is a fetus within you that is developing, and you do not even know what is happening to you. You do not know what is going on. You do not know how to deal with her. So, Leviathan is right there in the 5th Energy Center of the Counterfeit time-line, waiting to call to her. And Leviathan's intention is to raise that Fiery Serpent up into the 5th Energy Center and if he can, even higher. Why? So that the collective mind of Leviathan can have the use of that vessel that, that Fiery Serpent is in. Look, brethren, Satan and Leviathan want the use of our members, our mind, our vocal cords, and our physical bodies. They want to inhabit people and use us. Brethren, if you know anything about science fiction, we are just androids to them; that is what we are. They are bodiless and they want the use of our body.

So, you can go two ways - you can just follow the law - Thou shalt not, thou shalt be a good girl, thou shalt be a good boy, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not dishonor your parents, you shall not fornicate, you shall not cheat on your wife; you are just going to go to work and come home and be happy in your family. Well, maybe you will not have any problems in your life; will not try anything new, will not try anything different, you will just hide in the house and maybe you will not get into trouble that way, but you will be a dead person. Or, you can receive the kind of education that is coming forth here, which is very painful. You see, I am beyond that pain. I was telling the brethren here, off of the message; this intensified revelation, you know, that these are the fetal stages of the alien life that we are carrying within us. Brethren, we are pregnant with alien life. We are made of the earth and we are pregnant with a spiritual child. We are carrying an alien child. All of the science fiction is true. It is all true. Satan is laughing right in our face. She is boldly giving these stories to non-Christians, to non-Christian, science fiction writers, who are getting rich on them. Everybody thinks that they are just a joke and it is all true. Is that not something? She is just rubbing it right in our face, rubbing our ignorance right in our face. Praise the Lord. So, we see in the 7th Energy Center that Satan is overflowing. Okay. Now, what does that mean? Remember what I told you, that the Fiery Serpent, in whatever form she is in, she is a worm in the 2nd Center, she is flies in the 3rd Center, she becomes a part of Leviathan, she is a fish in the 5th Center, 6th Center she is a vampire bat, in the 7th Center she is a swine and in the 4th Center, she becomes a jack ass (that is the personality that is dwelling in the 4th Center), and when that personality is in full agreement with her carnal mind, she becomes a goat. So we see that as the Fiery Serpent increases, it is the Fiery Serpent that changes form.

The Fiery Serpent is the fetus, the Fiery Serpent is the seed, the Fiery Serpent is the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid that was stolen by the Primordial Serpent and engraved with the Primordial Serpent's image. The Fiery Serpent is the fetus. She is the embryo, and then the fetus. So she is changing from a worm into flies, into a fish in the 5th Energy Center. And in each Energy Center (now remember what I said) her food is the amniotic fluid, which is Satan. The Fiery Serpent is consuming Satan and voiding her waste product right back into the Energy Center. The Fiery Serpent feeds on Satan. The waste product that she gives forth is more than she takes in. The waste product, the urine, the discharge of the Fiery Serpent, as she gets bigger and bigger is greater than the amount of amniotic fluid she takes in. So, by the time the Fiery Serpent gets to the 7th Energy Center and becomes a swine, she is eating so much, she is consuming so much of that spiritual amniotic fluid, that her waste product, which is what she took in; she is literally reproducing what she took in; is now overflowing the 7th Energy Center. And she is a person with intense; and the personality that she is in; is a person with intense spiritual power. Now remember that the 7th Energy Center of the Counterfeit time-line is not parallel with the 7th Energy Center of the Righteous time-line. When Christ Jesus' Righteous time-line, the 6th Energy Center is as high as we can go, and still be in human form; when you ascend in the 7th Energy Center, you are no longer in human form; you are no longer in an animal body or in the flesh. But in the Serpent's 7th Energy Center, you are still in the flesh. Now, I know that the Hindu's talk about passing out of the flesh, but at this time I do not have any more information about that; the Lord has not taught me that yet.

I do not know whether that is theory in Hinduism or whether there are men who have actually experienced it in Hinduism, I do not know. I know that there is a teaching in the world called the Ascended Masters, where the people who teach this message are saying that, men who have lived in the flesh and passed out of the flesh, are now having an existence that is superior to this existence on an invisible plane where they do not need a physical body, but I do not believe that, brethren. I do not believe that; I think it is not a true doctrine and I believe that there are angels. I do not really have it completely straight yet. There are entities that are made from the earth and the water part of the seminal fluid alone that are in the spiritual planes that try to contact us, that want to live in the house of our body and feed off of us. And there are also Fiery Serpents; I am not really sure yet, whether there are Fiery Serpents, which are Jehovah's seed now, which are not incarnated. That is a real possibility, that they are not incarnated at this time and they are evil angels dwelling in another plane. And what they would like to do is incarnate without being born of a woman. You see, I am really thinking along those lines at this time. You see, for an un-incarnated Fiery Serpent to come into this world; up until now, he has to be born of a woman. And when he is born as a baby, he loses his memory, so he has to go through the whole process of growing up and going to school and finding out that he is a spiritual person. So, we have un-incarnated Fiery Serpents in an invisible plane, that right now, they are evil angels. And what they would like to do with incarnating existing human beings; like you and me, they would like to do, what the Lord Jesus is doing.

Did not the Holy Spirit come into you, after you were fully grown and of knowledgeable age? Did you not know what was happening to you, when you had someone pray for you for the Holy Spirit? And as Christ is formed in you, and you have a relationship with Christ in you, He was not born in you, He came into you a mature person. And these are what the evil angels would like to do, because they lose their memory when they are born as an infant, you see. They want to inhabit human beings with a full consciousness of who they are and all of the experiences that they bring with them. Are there any questions on this aspect before I go on with my original intention of this message, which is to try and show you the distinction between the separation of the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan and the circumcision of Christ. Are there any questions on this aspect here? Okay. Let me just tell you, as I close here, before I draw the next drawing, that on this board you see Leviathan courting the Fiery Serpent. And in many, many instances, if not in all instances, I am not sure, but it is common, that the people in God's church that have this overflowing energy; the scripture calls it the fleece; Jesus calls us sheep, and the overflowing energy that we have the energy that we receive, which we were not born with, the energy that we receive from the Lord, it is an overflowing energy. Leviathan and Satan want our energy and it is that energy that raises us up to the 3rd Energy Center where Leviathan is waiting to seduce us into the 5th Energy Center. Now looking at my own diagram, I honestly do not know, at this time, whether the Fiery Serpent has to pass through the 4th Energy Center. She does; okay, the Lord just reminded me, she does.

See, Leviathan here, sends forth an aspect of herself. See, Leviathan does not leave the 5th Energy Center, just like the Fiery Serpent does not leave the 1st Energy Center. They spread out, they spread abroad, you see. So, Leviathan stretches out and touches the Fiery Serpent and he takes her for a wife, you see. And Leviathan's energy joined with the Fiery Serpent causes the two of them to ascend into the Heart Energy Center. And once they get into the Heart Energy Center; that is where their literal marriage takes place. And from this Heart Energy Center, whatever entity they are; I guess they would be the goat. From this point of view, they start ascending into the 5th, 6th, and 7th, Energy Center together. You see, it is that double portion; the power of the Fiery Serpent, the power of Leviathan, plus the anointing of the Lord, that is being used, to generate this ascension, and this is the marriage of Leviathan to the Fiery Serpent. This can only happen through spiritual activity. You do not have to be doing a seance or touching a Ouija Board, and I really have no information as to how much power in this thing; reading your astrology in the newspaper every day; I know that you are opening the door to Leviathan, when you start following your astrology in the newspaper every day. But I cannot tell you how much you have to do that, for you to be joined to Leviathan and carried into the higher centers. But at some point, if you pursue the occult, it is an open door for union with Leviathan, which is the development of spiritual power in you.

But you could be a Pharisee, brethren, you could know not to touch this unclean thing. If you have got a problem with envy or a problem with anger, or any of those subtle Satanic manifestation, the door is open for Leviathan. The door is open. That is why it is so important to have your sin nature exposed. It is so important to put your feet on your pride and find out what is operating in you, because you have a fleece that Leviathan wants. And she is after you. And if you will not recognize your own pride; malignant pride, is an open door. Pride that makes someone else looks bad, so you can escape the spot light; that is an open door. If you will not face this, you are a prime candidate. Leviathan is going to marry you brethren, and you will not even know that it happened. You are going to be on your way, to be ascended in the Counterfeit time-line. But this message, I am having trouble getting to my point, this message is to demonstrate to you, as I said before, the difference between the separation from Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, after Leviathan joins with the Fiery Serpent and carries her into the 5th Energy Center, where they are married, when a Son of God comes to you, that Son of God wants to break up that unholy union. When we go to help people, one of the first things we have to do, when we realize that the Lord has put them; not in Living Epistles, but in this spiritual ministry, the first thing we want to do is break up this marriage that is in the 5th Energy Center. This marriage between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan in that person. Does anyone remember how we do it? Do you want to try?

COMMENT: I think it is when the Sons, the ones that are making it, are up in the brow, they will stretch down and pull those that are in the 3rd Center. Pull them up back over into the 4th Center.

PASTOR VITALE: How do they do it? And, of course, this is just a parable, you know.

COMMENT: I cannot remember.

PASTOR VITALE: Okay, we are going to throw ourselves over the right side of the Heart Center. This is the place where the marriage is planted. Leviathan manages to draw the Fiery Serpent up into the 4th Energy Center. I think the Lord is telling me right now, that this connection that I Am showing you here; this connection is Leviathan giving extra energy to the Fiery Serpent, so that she ascends into the 4th Center. And when the Fiery Serpent ascends into the 4th Center, Leviathan is right next door and Leviathan ascends into the 4th Center. And this is where the marriage takes place in the 4th Center. So, now everything is with mind, but spiritually speaking, this is the parable. The Sons of God throw themselves across the 4th Energy Center and separate Leviathan and drive the Fiery Serpent back to the 3rd Center and Leviathan back to the 5th Center and break up that marriage. And we do this with talking, and we do this with prayer and instruction and enlightenment. And the scripture describes it as, throwing ourselves across the right side of the Heart Center and separating those two. So, we see there is a separation between the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan, they have got to be separated. That marriage has to be broken. Now this Counterfeit time-line typifies some human being. Before they can start going on in God, you see; it is just another way of saying, you have to repent, you have to withdraw from your ungodly activities. Well, everybody knows you have to give up your physical ungodly activities, if you want to follow the Lord. But what people do not know is that we are engaged in all kinds of wickedness in our mind. We do not even know it, and it is this Doctrine of Christ and this education and this exposure of the sin nature, that reveals to you the mess that your mind is in. And you cannot understand the things of God when your Fiery Serpent is all spiritually sexually involved with Leviathan. You are not going to understand this message, because you, the personality, are female to Leviathan.

And women are easily influenced by their husbands, unless you are a very unusual woman in this world; that is just the truth of it. And we have a lot of unusual women today, we have a lot of professional women today, more than ever; but still the average woman is very easily influenced. And, of course, if you are not an average woman, then you are not really female anymore, you have become a spiritual male. But I will tell you, no matter whether or not you have a career, it is just my opinion, if you are hearing this message, you do not have to agree with me, if you do not want to; you can be a woman lawyer or a woman doctor, when you are together in a relationship with a man, you are not a doctor, you are a woman and he is a man. And it is just the physical laws of our physical body that most woman; unless they literally rise up to resist their husband, they will be submissive to their husband, or to the man in their life; that is just the natural order. So, if your Fiery Serpent is married to the Collective Leviathan, you are under that mind. You are under that mind and that mind is telling you, the Doctrine of Christ is a lie; there is no such thing. That woman who is preaching it, is crazy and the people who believe it, are being controlled by her and they are being victimized by her. And she is too negative and she talks about the dark side too much. And she is a jezebel and she is filled with pride and she is this and she is that. That is what the husband, Leviathan, tells them. She just wants to control you, do not go there, she is dangerous. Why do think there are not thousands of people coming for this message, because their husband, Leviathan is telling them to stay away. So, we, as the Sons of God, are assigned to break up this unholy marriage. And the scripture calls it the separation of the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan, which drives the Fiery Serpent back to the 3rd Center and Leviathan is in the 4th Center and drives Leviathan back into the 5th Center and shuts the door, because we do not want this door open. We do not want the door to these higher centers open. We want the door to the right side of the 4th Center open, cause that is how you get into the left side of the Heart Center. First you get into the right side of the Heart Center and you have to pass over the sea. But the door to the 5th, 6th, and 7th Energy Center of the Counterfeit time-line, it is supposed to be sealed. And if it is not sealed, you are open to all kinds of entities entering in, to feed off of you and to use you, in whatever manner they can.

Any questions on anything that I have said? Okay, we will take a picture of this and I will draw the next picture to show you; not the separation now, but the cutting away or the circumcision of Christ; the cutting away of Christ from the Fiery Serpent. This is the separation of the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan and next, I am going to show you the cutting away of Christ from the Fiery Serpent. Now, Christ cannot be cut away from your Fiery Serpent, when your Fiery Serpent is married to Leviathan. Everything in order. So, the Fiery Serpent is separated from Leviathan, but Christ is cut away from or circumcised from the Fiery Serpent. And then after that happens, well; I do not want to get ahead of myself; let us just stop here and take a picture here. We are looking at Drawing #2. I have split the board into 3 sections. You may recall the teaching on the Germ Seed. I did bring that forth about three years ago and the principle is that a fertile seed has two parts that are so completely joined to one another, that they appear to be in function, as one seed. I have been preaching this from the first day of this ministry; I said Adam was the zygote, he was the male and female, compressed into one cell. In human reproduction, the sperm joins with the ovum, and they join so completely, that they become the first cell of the new baby.

And this is the principle of the Germ Seed. Every fertile seed has two parts to it, although the two parts are indistinguishable. I have also told you that Cain and Abel are one entity, two sides of one entity; a positive and negative side of one entity. And depending upon who joins with that Germ Seed, determines whether Cain is on top or whether Abel is on top. You see, Leviathan is trying to join with Cain and put Abel under or Able/Christ under. And Christ Jesus is trying to join with Abel/Christ and put Cain and Leviathan under. This is the war that is going on. This is the exact situation of Revelation Chapter 12; the Dragon is standing there waiting for that Man-child to be born. I have not looked at it in the interlinear Text, but this is the principle. Leviathan is seeking to seduce the two-sided Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent can go in either direction. She has the potential to join with Leviathan and she has the potential to join with Christ Jesus. So, there are two sides to the Fiery Serpent. She is a Germ Seed. She is negative and positive. She can develop into a civilized man or a beast, depending on which side of her develops. So, I have drawn on this board to try to help you to understand the circumcision and the Lord has instructed me as I have drawn this drawing; He has given me some more information. I told you previously that the Fiery Serpent is separated from Leviathan and Christ Jesus is circumcised or cut away from the Fiery Serpent and apparently I did not have it quite right. The Lord is now telling me that the Fiery Serpent is both positive and negative. And when Christ Jesus in one man, joins with Christ in a new Christian, where neither Cain or Abel are developed; I should not even say that; because Cain can be very developed with Leviathan, joined with leviathan and very developed in the 5th Energy Center or higher. But when the Spirit of Christ enters into that person's mind, the Spirit of Christ seeks out Abel, who is under the ground. Abel is under the ground, Abel is under the authority of Cain, who is joined to Leviathan and defended by Satan. Abel is a dried up root and if you have Christ; even Christ is just lying there dormant, like a seed, under the ground of the union of Leviathan, Satan with Cain.

So, we see that the circumcision is in two stages. I know years ago, I preached that it was in three stages; wherever I was coming from three years ago, maybe I will find out. You see, what happens is the Lord brings the renewed revelation to me. And I know that I did find three stages of the circumcision, several years ago, but right now, today, as the Lord is bringing me into this revelation again, and making it real to me, so far I only see two stages. When I preached three stages of circumcision, maybe as much as four years ago, I did not know what it meant, I found three stages of circumcision in the scripture, but I had some vague understanding of what it meant and I could not really apply it to my life, so I did the best I could with it at the time and now three or four years later; the Lord is bringing us back to the circumcision again. And all that He has shown me as of today, is two stages, but I understand it today; I know what it means for me as a human being today. Three or four years ago, it was all intellectual, it sounded wonderful, but I really did not know how to apply it to the human being, you see. So, as of today, I see only two stages of circumcision. What I am perceiving is what the Lord is telling me right now, is that there is an actual division of the Germ Seed, Cain and Abel. When Christ Jesus comes into a fallen man; in that fallen man, Cain is already joined with Leviathan. Christ Jesus comes in; He either revives Abel, if he is there; if Abel is not there, He gives you Christ; and we will go into that a little more later. That was your question this morning, I think, was it not? Okay, we will go into that in a little while. And as the whole teaching is coming forth now, brethren, Jesus' plan is a discipleship movement. This is the way I see it.

Anyone hearing this message, you can call me any kind of names you want to, and you can say anything you want about me; that I am trying to make myself some great one or whatever, but this is the message that the Lord has given me; that He is bringing us into perfection through a Discipleship Program. That the Lord is setting up teachers and leaders of groups; people who have overcome Leviathan themselves; who have an intimate connection with the Lord Jesus Christ and who the Lord Jesus Christ is giving disciples to; so that; that overcoming person can enter into your minds through this kind of preaching and through the exposure of your sin nature; to reach down into your mind and touch Abel or Christ in your mind; if you do not have Abel and you do not have Christ; to give you Christ in your mind; and then to cut some part of that Fiery Serpent away. At the moment I have no problem with it being Abel at this point, so I am not going to talk about Christ right now. And cut that Christ away after Christ Jesus joins Christ Jesus in the teacher; joins with Christ in you, to cut that part of the Fiery Serpent away from Cain, who is joined to Leviathan. That is the intention. And then to raise up that part of the Fiery; it is literally a circumcision or a dividing; cause the Greek word translated circumcision; it means a division; it is a literal dividing; it is cell division. And it is cell division that creates nuclear power. It is the dividing of the Germ Seed of the Fiery Serpent, so that; the part of the Fiery Serpent that is joined to the Christ Jesus in the teacher, can be raised up into the left side of the Heart Center, to cover over the negative part of the Fiery Serpent, who is joined to Leviathan, and to dominate that negative aspect of your personality. That is the first step of the circumcision. The dividing of the potential in your Fiery Serpent to be positive, away from the negative aspect of your Fiery Serpent, that is developed in every mortal man. I do not care how nice a person you are, when you compare yourself to Jesus, we are all negative vessels. And our potential to be positive is buried underneath the domination of Cain, who is joined to Leviathan. And who is Cain? Cain is the female side of the personality. That is what we know ourselves to be. We are under the dominion of that Leviathan mind. It is our carnal mind. We are under the control of the carnal mind. Leviathan is the subconscious part of the carnal mind. We; the female side of the personality, we are Cain. We are under the dominion of that mind.

So, Christ Jesus in another man, comes in and touches that part of us, that part of our Fiery Serpent, that has the potential to increase into Elohim's civilized man and cuts that part away from Cain who is hopelessly embroiled with Leviathan. So, we see the dividing or the division of the Fiery Serpent. And then the part that is cut away; Abel/Christ that is cut away, ascends with Christ Jesus in the teacher into the left side of the Heart Center and is planted there by the teacher and sustained there and strengthened there, until the female side of the personality becomes strong enough to stand above Satan and Leviathan by herself. Now, that sounds like a very technical thing that I just said to you. But to put it in simple English, it is very simple, because it is already happening to all of you here. You have come in here, you have all had your weaknesses, your weaknesses in life, your weaknesses in the way you think, you have all had weaknesses, and you are being strengthened. I see all of you being strengthened. Strengthened morally, strengthened in your determination, strengthened in your own self confidence as a Son of God, strengthened in a knowledge; that you have a knowledge of the Word of God, strengthened in Christ Jesus. You are being strengthened on every level. Why? Because I have gone in with my mind, with the Christ mind in me, the Christ Jesus in me. I have touched the aspect of your Fiery Serpent that has the potential to be Christ Jesus; I have joined with it and I have lifted you up and set you in the left side of your Heart Center. And I am there with you. This is what the Spirit tie is. I am there with you in the left side of your Heart Center, strengthening you, even when you are not with me, until the day you are strong enough to stand there by yourself, and then you will go out and have your own disciples. It is the same thing as raising a child in the natural world. And I am doing that, because the Lord Jesus Christ has ordained for that to happen here. He is raised a Disciple Group and He is made me the head, and He is the great one. And that is what happening here. And this is the Lord's program, because nobody can get up there in the left side of the Heart Center by themselves. How did you get up there Sheila? The Lord knocked me off my horse one day, and He set me up there. What can I tell you? I certainly did not do it myself.

What I am showing you on this board is just a technical diagram of what you have been going through for years. Every time you have a wrong thought and I correct you, I am strengthening you, because wrong thoughts will pull you down out of the left side of your Heart Center. So, every time you think wrong or do wrong, and I reveal it to you and you receive it; another way of saying that is; that every time I cover your sin, I am strengthening you to stay in the left side of your Heart Center. And what is the benefit of staying in the left side of your Heart Center? The benefit of it is, when you are in the left side of your Heart Center, you can hear the voice of the Lord; you can hear Christ Jesus speaking to you. When you are down in the 3rd Energy Center, you are under the sea; you are under the earth. It is a miracle; anything that you hear from God at all; is a miracle. So, you see the Holy Spirit goes down there, into the 3rd Energy Center, so, maybe you can hear something, but you cannot hear this Doctrine of Christ. You cannot hear the wisdom of God, of the level that is coming forth here, when you are underneath the ground, and underneath the sea; you cannot hear it. This is the way the Lord is doing it. What I see very interesting is, in Section B; I got that by a vision; the Lord gave me a vision as I was writing that on the board. Does anyone know what that is over there? I show you Cain strengthened by Leviathan wrapped around, curving, wrapped around Abel/Christ linear Spirit. What does that look like? Yes.

COMMENT: Moses stake with snake around it. And also the Doctor symbol.

SHEILA: Yes, yes, that is what I thought about. Is that not interesting? I always knew that it was a; I think it was call a medusas or something like that. I think it is a mercury symbol. That it was a snake and the whole medical system here; all though they do a great deal of good; the Lord turned me over to them, and they did surgery on me and they saved my life, but it is the Serpent's healing system. And they are blatantly advertising their domination of the Lord's linear Spirit. Is that not amazing? This world is filled with evil symbols, brethren. We see the Lord's reviewing the principle of the Germ Seed and that the division; I had it wrong before; the division; the circumcision is not the Fiery Serpent from Leviathan; it is not Christ from the Fiery Serpent, but the Fiery Serpent is in two parts. And it is Christ, which is; maybe I should just give up tonight; I am sorry, I am just babbling here; I am going to try a little bit longer and I am going to have to end this message. We can pick it up again Thursday.

What I told you was that it was the cutting away of Christ from the Fiery Serpent. When I told you that I did not realize that the Fiery Serpent was a Germ Seed that had two sides to it. And that one side of the Germ Seed is positive or can be likened to the Y chromosome, which is the male chromosome. And the other side of the Fiery Serpent can be likened to the X chromosome, which is the female side, which is the negative side. And that the Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel, the single entity that is inseparable. Just like one time, the atom was indivisible. But somebody divided the atom and nuclear power was discovered. So, we see that a miracle is happening, that when the Lord Jesus comes in and circumcises Christ away from the Fiery Serpent, it is literally a division of the indivisible Germ Seed, but known as the Fiery Serpent. It is a miracle, and He is cutting away the positive side; so that the positive side can be strengthened and cover the negative side, and therefore neutralize the negative side. Is that awesome? He is literally dividing our root. You know, the Fiery Serpent is our mortal foundation. She is our mortal foundation. So, He is literally cutting our mortal foundation in half. So we have to really be plugged in; we have to really be plugged into the Glorified Jesus Christ, which is eternity. The Glorified Jesus Christ is eternity.

It is not enough just to be married to Christ Jesus within us, unless Christ Jesus within us is completely joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is immortal but He is not plugged into immortality; He is cut off from his source. So until Christ Jesus in us is completely unified with the Glorified Jesus Christ, it is not really safe to be cutting our Fiery Serpent in half, our mortal foundation. I do not even know what effect that would have on us. I do not even know whether it would kill us or not. So, listen, brethren, I am going to end with this. If the Lord lets me, I will pick it up again Thursday night. I really cannot go on. I am sorry, it is just been an exhausting two weeks for me, and I guess it caught up to me.

It appears to me at this time, that Christ Jesus in us can be ascended as high as the Brow Center and we are still not in perfection. It is, I believe, at this point, at this time that I am preaching this, that our consciousness can be in the Brow Energy Center and our sin nature can still be active, which means, we have not entered into eternal life. The only time we stop getting sick and die, is when our sin nature is completely de-activated. So, even if our consciousness is ascended in the Brow Energy Center; if our sin nature is still active, we are not in perfection. So, we can be in the Brow Center without being in perfection. But once we get into the Brow Center, and Christ Jesus in us is re-joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ; which means that our immortal foundation is now in place, we can go forth and begin the circumcision, the cutting away of Leviathan and Satan, who are interwoven with our very being. We have got to be cut away from them.

It is not enough to ascend; we have got to be cut away from the negativity. And you cannot start this circumcision until your immortal foundation is in place, which means, you have got to be in the brow center, and fully plugged in, fully woven together. So, we are the harlot of Revelation, brethren. We are woven together with two men. We are connected to two men. And at the risk of being vulgar, I am going to tell you the truth of the scripture. We are having sex with two men at the same time; one the right way and one the wrong way. We are penetrated by two men at the same time. One in the right channel and one in the wrong channel, so we have to disconnect. First you have to get connected to the Lord and be that harlot. And then get disconnected from your ungodly husband. So Lord willing I will pick this up on Thursday night. Are there any questions that I can answer before I leave. I did not answer your question. I cannot do it tonight, but I will try not to forget about it, but if I do, do not let me go, it is a good question. Anybody else? Okay.

8/20/00 je

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