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Alternate Translation II Kings 9:30, "And Jezebel, the mortal men who preferred Satan's nature perceived that Jehu had entered into Jezreel, the people who were sown with Jehovah's seed to revive Abel. And the glorified Elijah, Adam's captain within Jehu, completed the personalities of the people that Abel was sown in, and the Fiery Serpents the spiritual seaweed in the right side of the heart energy center, acquired the witchcraft of the brow energy center to lay violent hands upon Adam, who Jehu had regenerated within them, to cast him down." Let us talk about this Alternate Translation a little bit. First of all, can anyone tell us what it means that the glorified Elijah is Adam's captain, can anybody tell us what that means? Nobody knows what it means. Okay.

Adam is the mind of the ox, okay. The ox is just a parable, it is a hidden way, it is an esoteric way of talking about the part of the creation that is formed from the earth. The earth is negative, and Adam which is infused, Adam is infused with Elohim's light, he is positive. Adam has just a smattering of the surface dust, to make him visible, to make him that mixture, the creation is morning and night, light and darkness. So the darkness is the earth, and the morning or the light is the enlightenment of Elohim's spirit, and the mind that that spirit forms. Elohim is the spirit and the mind that he forms is Adam. And for this creation, Elohim who is forming it on behalf of Jehovah, joined together Adam and a creature formed from the dark earth, and the earth is not just dark in color, it is dark because it lacks light, and we are not talking about the kind of light we see in this world, we are talking about enlightenment, understanding, the wisdom that brings prosperity to the one who has that wisdom.

This world that we live in today, is a world underneath the earth, not just underneath some physical earth somewhere, but underneath the authority of the earth. Our world is a world that exists underneath the mentality of the one who lacks enlightenment. Brethren, everything is mind. Even in this fallen creation, the bottom line is mind, and the spiritual principles apply here in the world under the earth, as well as in the world above. Of course, the spiritual principles apply in different circumstances, but it is the same spiritual principle, what are you talking about Sheila? The enlightened ones of this world do not, it is not likely that they labor with their hands. The ones that are in darkness, the ones who are ignorant, the ones who have a very little education or skill or talent, they have to labor, this is, I am telling you the truth, I am sorry if I am hurting anybody's feelings. Is there anything wrong with working on an assembly line, is there anything wrong with digging ditches for a living? No, but if someone gave, does that make you a bad person? No. But if someone came to you and said, "I am going to give you the ability to become a lawyer or to become an artist, or a craftsmen, I am going to give you the opportunity to live out of your talents, and you were digging ditches for a living, would you say no?

Now I am not telling you that you should be looked down upon, or that you are less than anyone else, but I am telling you the truth of this world, that there are people in this world who are, whose life is the life of misery because they labor in the coal mines. They never see the light of day, and then they die young because of the coal dust in their lungs. Well are they bad, are you saying they are cursed Sheila? No, I am saying they were born into an aspect of this world that lacks enlightenment, and that in this fallen world, there are people who were born into an aspect of this world where without any question, they go to college and become a lawyer. And of course they work, we all have to work, but they sit behind a desk with a nice suit, and they have material comforts while they pursue their career.

Well maybe you are not intellectual, okay, what do you like to do? You are not intellectual, are you an artist? Are you a musician? Are you a builder? What would you like to do? Whatever you would like to do, would you not choose that over working in a coal mine? Brethren, the United States of America was the only country at the time, that we were conceived, that someone born into this world could be something other than what his father was. If your father was a coal miner, you were a coal miner, if your father was a lawyer or a judge, you were a lawyer or a judge or a doctor. If you were born into enlightenment, you led an enlightened life, and if you were born into the darkness of this world, you lived and you died in the darkness of this world. But this nation that if founded on the principles of the Scripture is the first nation ever that has made a way for people born into any aspect of this world, to at least hope that if they would get a break, it is possible to come out of that coal mine.

You see, in other countries it was just impossible, in this country well maybe you are born into the coal mine, and you say, well how am I going to get out Sheila? Well maybe, maybe if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, he will make a way, maybe there is a scholarship that you can get to go to school. Maybe you are be an athlete; that will get you an athletic scholarship. Maybe the boss will look at you working in the coal mine, and decide that you are very intelligent and innovative, and give you a position in the office. But in the world before this country, you could have been the most talented person in the world, and there was no way, you could have gotten out of the timeline that you were born into.

There was no way the boss would look at you and see how talented you were, and give you a position in his office, as a part of his office staff, and there was no way you could have won an athletic scholarship, there was no way you could have gone to college, or there was no way you could have pursued your talent. Whatever you are talent is, you do not have to go to college if you do not want to go to college, that is just an example that I use. So you see there is light and darkness in this fallen world under the sea. There is enlightenment here because this world is just a mirror image of the spiritual reality. So we see that Adam was the enlightenment or the light that was given to the conscious earth. Now remember the earth, the Primordial Serpent is the earth, and when Elohim's waters flowed over the earth, the earth received consciousness. I should say, the conscious earth is the Primordial Serpent. When Elohim's waters flowed over the earth, the Primordial Serpent came into existence. She received consciousness, she received being, and Adam, at Elohim's instruction, formed a creature with the nature of the earth, you see.

The nature of the earth is called Animal. The fact that a cat is an animal or a dog is an animal is not so much their outer appearance, as what they are inside. The nature of a cat and a dog is the nature of the earth. It is an animal nature that has produced the external physical cat or dog that you see. And we, humanity, we are animals. I do not think that anyone would deny that we are mammals, that we do everything that the animals, well we live as the animals live, we eat, we excrete, we need water, we reproduce as the animals do, we live in flocks like the animals do. Well brethren if you could just understand that what our appearance is, what our external appearance is, is a reflection of the nature within us, then you would have no problem believing that we are not the creation of God. But that we represent the primordial substance which has been engraved, which has been illegally engraved with the nature of the Primordial Serpent. See this is what gets confusing, it is the Lord God made the substance, the foundational substance of the creation, but we are malformed. We have the nature of an animal. We have the nature of the Primordial Serpent, which nature has caused us, the primordial substance to be formed as an animal.

So Adam formed an animal out of the earth, because Adam was a mind. And Jehovah's creation called for a creature to be formed, and Adam was to be the mind of the creature. Thus the creation is light and darkness, and day and night, light=spirit, and dark=earth, day=Adam, the enlightened mind, and night=the creature formed from the clay. But the creature killed the creator or the hand of the creator, Adam is the hand of the creator. Elohim was not killed, Jehovah was not killed. Jehovah's thought form was killed. The creature killed the representative of Jehovah and Elohim that was within the creature. Adam was the mind of the creature, and the creature killed him. Does that sound so strange to you? Is this not what we are up against today. Is not the creature our carnal mind continuously without rest, trying to destroy the enlightenment within us, or the enlightened mind within us, his name is Christ Jesus.

Brethren, there is nothing new under the sun. Elohim is still building a creation for Jehovah, and the creature is still trying to kill the creator that the glorified Jesus Christ is raising from the dead within the midst of the creature. So we see that the creation is earth and spirit. I gave that whole exhortation as a prelude to talking about Elijah, Adam's captain, you see. Adam is mind and mind contains spirit and earth. Adam is the thought form, the perfect representative of Jehovah's nature, the accurate representation of Jehovah's nature, which is characterized primarily by righteousness, and the spirit part of Adam is his strength. Because Adam is spirit and dust, and dust is evil, dust is negative, dust will always try to destroy enlightenment, that means this mixture that Adam is of enlightenment and darkness must be ruled by enlightenment for the creature to continue to live. Therefore the light or the spirit is not equal to the part of that creature that is earth, they are not equal.

He spirit is the high place or the pentacle or the mountain of the creature. Adam, the mind is the high place of the whole creature, which is Adam joined to an animal, a spiritual animal, and the spirit of Adam, because Adam is spirit and earth himself, the spirit of Adam is the high place or the pentacle or the mountain of Adam, and the spirit of Adam at the time that II Kings is dealing with, is the glorified Elijah. You see, at the beginning, the Spirit of Adam was Elohim, Elohim, pure spirit mixed with the dust, and Adam that creation that was formed from Elohim, mixed with the dust, was vulnerable, because he had no experience with the evil of the earth. But I cannot go into the whole context of the fall now, but we all know that Adam did not prevail over the witchcraft seduction of the Primordial Serpent. And who was the Primordial Serpent in this whole mess? The Primordial Serpent is the high place or the pentacle of the creature made from the clay that Adam was joined with. Adam had a captain, Elohim, and the creature that he was joined with, the Scripture calls her an ox, just to depict the animal nature.

We have no idea what she looked like, I have no idea what she looked like, and the creature, the ox had a pentacle or a high place, or a captain, whose name was the Primordial Serpent. And brethren, I want to tell you that this contest goes on today, it goes on in my life, in my heart, in my mind, I hear my captain, Christ Jesus telling me what to do, and Satan speaks out of somebody that I am having a conversation with and my will just breaks, and I change my mind, does that make that person evil? No. All that this means is that in that instance, that particular person was thinking with their carnal mind, Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind, Satan is good and evil. So that means the person that I stumbled over may have been doing a good thing by saying what they were saying to me, but it was the goodness of Satan that gave a different thought than the thought that my captain Christ Jesus gave me. So why did I buckle, why did I say, okay, we will go your way. Some weakness that is still in me that I have not overcome yet, that I must do what Christ Jesus tells me, that it has nothing to do with being reasonable, or being easy going or wanting peace, that I must stand like a rock hard as flint, obeying only Christ Jesus within me.

Brethren, why would I change my mind if Christ Jesus tells me to do something, and I say we are going to do it, and my associate says, "Let us do something else", and I say, "Okay", why? Because Satan is the seducer, because she speaks out of witchcraft. Does that make you a witch in this context? No, you are just a person that is living out of their carnal mind, and the burden of not being pulled down or seduced by Satan, the unconscious part of your associate's carnal mind, the burden is on the person who is in Christ Jesus. You must stand against other people's suggestions, from their point of view they were just being themselves. But you who are ascended must recognize that well-meaning people, for you who are in Christ, can be a manifestation of Satan.

This is a hard word. You see, somebody else on their own level, if they were two carnally minded people standing there, and one person said, "well I am going to do such and such a thing", and it was not Christ Jesus that told them to do, it was their own carnal mind that told them to do it, and then their friend said, "well no, why do not we do it another way". The first person would probably have the strength to say, "Oh no, I want to do it my way." Why? Because Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, does not have the same power of influence over another carnal mind, as she does over Christ Jesus, unless that person is a very weak person. The person in the carnal mind would stand against the suggestion with more strength than the person in Christ Jesus, why? Christ Jesus is very vulnerable to this kind of witchcraft. Why? Two carnal minds are both negative, they are of the same substance.

When the conflict is between Christ Jesus and the carnal mind, and Satan and the carnal mind, it is negative pulling against positive, and it is a whole different ball game. You have to learn, you have to become a little child, you have to start from the beginning, you have to learn everything over again. So Adam has a captain, Adam's captain initially was Elohim, but apparently, Adam could not gather enough strength out of Elohim to resist the serpent's seduction, and the creation fell. Yes, Jehovah knew the creation would fall, but he did not preordain it, he did not desire it, but yes he knew that it would happen, because he knows all things.

So in the fullness of time, Elohim went forth to strengthen Adam's captain, so that Adam could respond to and obey his own captain, rather than the captain of the earth that he was joined to. And the beginning of the process was that Elohim incarnated as the man Elijah, and was glorified. So now it is no longer Elohim, pure spirit, that is the captain of Adam, but a glorified man, is now the captain of Adam. Well, what is the difference Sheila? Brethren, spirit is very hard to comprehend, it is very hard to understand what a pure spirit is saying to you. To perceive him and understand him is very, very difficult. But a glorified man, you do much better, understanding and hearing communication from him. What we are talking about is the difference between the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind. Elohim was a manifestation of the unconscious part of the mind.

Adam was not, could not get enough strength from the unconscious part of his mind to stand against the seduction and the witchcraft of the Primordial Serpent. Now the glorified Elijah is the subconscious part of the carnal mind. Well I did not say that exactly correctly, I am way off on my message this morning. The glorified Elijah is still the unconscious part of the mind, but in the case of a glorified man, the glorified man puts his hand down into the creature. Just as we have Christ Jesus in us and the glorified Jesus Christ is beyond the body, the glorified Elijah was beyond the body in the times of II Kings 9, but he had a part of himself in Jehu. See, Adam had a captain, we are talking about Adam in Jehu, we are talking about Adam and the creature. So the difference between Adam when he was just connected to Elohim, and Adam when he was connected to the glorified Elijah and today, the glorified Jesus Christ, is that the glorified man actually dwells permanently in the creature.

Elohim was in the creature, but he was spirit, he was flowing through the creature. Christ Jesus today dwells in us as we might say our lungs dwell in us, and our heart dwells in us. We now have a spiritual organ that dwells in us. So in the days of II Kings 9, Jehu, the expression of Jehovah, had what the Scripture calls King Adam dwelling in him. He had the resurrected, Adam was resurrected in him, and Adam had laid hold of or I should say the glorified Elijah, had laid hold of that Adam and formed a strong tie, that is not easy to break. And the glorified Elijah is the captain or the head of the resurrected in Jehu.

The Lord told me, we identify this condition by the term King Adam. So there is an Adam and there is a King Adam. King Adam is Adam joined to the glorified Elijah. And King Adam in Jehu went to the men of Jezreel, and resurrected Adam in them. But Adam alone, is much more easily defeated than Adam intertwined with the glorified Elijah, which makes him King Adam. Brethren, the whole idea here, is that Jehovah has a life line that descends and penetrates into his creation. Jehovah's arm is Elohim, Elohim's hand today in this dispensation is the glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus in you and me is the finger or are the fingers of the hand of the glorified Jesus Christ. And by this man, by this tree, by this life line, Jehovah has laid hold of us, thank God. And when the process is fully completed, he will never let go of us. He does not let go of us, we depart from Him because of our seduction. You see, we must prefer Him to stay joined to Him.

So in the Old Testament, Elijah was the Savior of Israel, and he was glorified, and the glorified Savior of Israel incarnated in the man, Jesus, and perfected him and glorified him and today the man Jesus Christ is glorified and became the only mediator between God and man, the Savior of the world. And Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, is moving to put His hand in every human being as a spiritual organ that is capable of hearing him, and communicating with him through the Lord Jesus Christ, and understanding him. Because only an insane person would choose Satan and Leviathan over the Lord Jesus Christ, who is a representative over the whole Godhead. You have to be mentally and spiritually insane to do that, which we are. So the plan of deliverance for the creature that Adam formed out of the conscious earth, which we are, the present manifestations of, the plan of deliverance is to give us all, and every member of humanity, a new spiritual organ, that will be capable of holding hands with the glorified Jesus Christ, who is completely intermingled with Elohim and Jehovah, and Elijah too, Elijah, Elohim, and Jehovah at this time. Christ Jesus, well let me say Christ, that is being formed in you, is the hook that has been thrown down into this world underneath the sea, by the Godhead from above, and the message is, lay hold of that hook, wrap the line around yourself so that we can pull you out of there, you have fallen into a deep pit, lay hold of the life lines, so that we can pull you out. That is what is happening.

So the glorified spirit is the captain of the mind, and the mind that is in the creature is the king of that creature. The glorified spirit is the captain of the mind, and the mind is the king over the earth that he lives in. So if you are an average person and Christ is not formed in you, the spirit that rules, well let me put it to you this way, the mind or the king, the king of your earth is Leviathan, and Leviathan serves her captain, who is Satan, who is both good and evil. Do not get messed up when I tell you that Satan is in you. Satan is throughout this whole world. She is good and evil, and all of your good works cannot save you from death. All of Satan's good works cannot save you from death, only the good works that arise out of Christ Jesus, can save you from death. And we stumble when we try to distinguish between goodness and righteousness. And the problem of all humanity is that we all have the serpent's mind. So even when we hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, or when the Lord Jesus comes to us through a person or by the Holy Spirit, we respond to him with our carnal mind, and the unconscious and the subconscious part of our carnal mind wants no part of Christ Jesus, does not want us to be saved. So therefore we misunderstand or we forget, or we do the opposite of what even we would do if we could, and therefore Paul says, "You are the people who oppose yourselves."

So King Adam is the resurrected Adam who is joined to or married to the glorified Elijah, his captain, and in this dispensation, Christ Jesus, I feel there must be another name here, I just do not know what it is yet, I will say the fortified Christ Jesus, is Christ Jesus in you, who is married to the glorified Jesus Christ, and the glorified Jesus Christ is the captain of Christ Jesus, who is the King of your earth, and who is your earth? Your personality. Christ Jesus is the king of your personality, and the glorified Jesus Christ is his captain, and the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus together, we are calling the fortified Christ Jesus at this moment, for lack of a better word. So all that to explain to you what Adam's captain means, that is what Adam's captain means. Let us see what else shall we expound upon here. And Jezebel, the mortal men who preferred Satan's nature, perceive that Jehu had entered into Jezreel, and we determined that this means the people who were sown with Jehovah's seed, to revive Abel. Now this is a major issue in the spiritual world today. You are not born with Jehovah's seed, there are many in the world today teaching that we are all born with Jehovah's seed.

Well, that is not, let me take back what I just said, we are born with Jehovah's seed, but he is dead. We are all born with Jehovah's seed, who is captured by the Primordial Serpent, and who went under severe mind control, and had his nature completely changed into the nature of the Primordial Serpent, therefore separated from Elohim and Jehovah, and died. So yes, yes, we are all born with Jehovah's seed, but he is dead and he is become a new creature. He is become an expression of the Primordial Serpent. So just as when Abel died, the woman said, "The Lord hath given me a new seed, and his name is Seth", well who is Seth? Seth is merely, probably the same seed that Abel revitalized through union with Elohim and Jehovah, when he was raised from the dead, the Lord gave him a new name.

So the Scripture says, we must be sown with the seed, with the living seed of the almighty. So the living seed of the almighty must come to us and graft itself to the dead seed, and then the two become one living seed, something must be added to us, this is a serious lie in the church, because there is no way, Jehovah's seed in us, the one that we are born with, will live again, unless we are sown with the living seed of the almighty, which today is called Christ. Satan gives an illusion of life, but it is just that, an illusion, everybody dies. Everybody dies physically, and stays dead. Of course the Lord is leading is some new direction right now, I do not have much information on it, but I now understand that an ascended master is a personality that has been so completely mingled with his Fiery Serpent, and Satan and Leviathan, that he has ascended out of the physical body and dwells in the astral plane permanently. But he is still dead, you see, he may have ascended, that man, the personality may have ascended out of the physical body, but he is still dead, and he is still abiding in death, and he has attained to the immortality of this world, which is temporal, that means he will live until Christ Jesus closes down this whole criminal world. And I have trouble believing he will live in any kind of peace and contentment.

I know that is what the theosophists say, and from what I could see, the philosophy that is flooding over this country today, is primarily theosophy, that is what it looks like to me, I could be wrong but that is what it looks like to me. So even if you are glorified out of this body by Satan's spirit, you are still here under the sea and you sre still dead, and I do not think it would be a good life, but I do not really have any information about that at this time. Or even if it is a good life, even if you are content in your condition, you still will die when Christ Jesus shuts down this world. So, we see that Jezreel means that the people who have been sown with Jehovah's seed. Now in the time of the Old Testament, only the Jews were sown with Jehovah's seed, but today, any human being is eligible to be sown with the seed of Christ, and if he grafts to you and prospers, you will have immortality within you, which will give you the opportunity, if you are living, if you are alive in the right hour, and if you do all that you can do, you will have the opportunity to be permanently joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, and have your personality preserved or saved, and you will cease from dying at that time.

Okay, the spiritual seaweed, I just wanted to say a few words about that. We found out many years ago, from a study in Ezekiel, that Leviathan is the weed, Jehovah planted a garden, the earth is the, the spiritual earth is the earth of the garden, and he planted his seed, his sperm in the earth, and Elohim is the spiritual seminal fluid of Jehovah, the spiritual seminal fluid made up of water and seed. So the seed of Jehovah was planted in the earthen creature. But I think I said earlier that Adam formed, and at the moment, I cannot recall whether Adam or Elohim formed the creature that Adam was joined to, probably Elohim. So we see the seed was planted in the earth and the creature was formed, because the seed became Adam the mind, and the earth is what the Scripture calls the ox.

So, there is a garden, and there is earth, and there is a seed, and the Scripture calls it the garden. There is a cultivated plant in the garden, his name is Adam, and there is a plant that grew up that Jehovah never intended to grow up. The seed of Serpent came forth as a plant, and the seed of the Serpent, the seeds of the Serpent are the spiritual molecules of earth that are supposed to stay down and be the foundation that the seed of Jehovah's life is planted in. But because of the power of Elohim's spirit, touching the earth, or evil or a negative consciousness arose out of the earth, and desired to do the same thing, that Jehovah was doing. And therefore instead of being the secondary aspect of the creation that was designed to be subjected to the spiritual aspect of the creation so that all could live in prosperity, in spiritual prosperity. The evil consciousness that arose out of contact with Elohim's greatness went forth to do what Elohim was doing, what Jehovah was doing, to bring forth her own creature in her own image, and she needed a male seed to do it.

And I am sorry if this offends you brethren, but the Scripture clearly says, that the male organ, that the Primordial Serpent raised up to bring forth a seed that would planted in her own earth, is the excrement of the spiritual creature that Adam was joined to, that is what the Scripture says, I did not say it. The Primordial Serpent formed her male organ and the seed of herself out of the excrement of the spiritual animal that Adam was joined to. Brethren we are down here in a spiritual cesspool, I am sorry if that offends you. It is what the Scripture says. Do you know that there are bacteria in a cesspool, any cesspool that you open up, it is filled with bacteria, all kinds of microscopic deadly organisms; well mortal man is deadly. Our carnal mind is violent and a murderer, that is what we are without Christ. We are the spiritual micro-organisms in a cesspool. This world is not only under the sea, it is under the water of the spiritual cesspool, and we are filled with the excrement of the spiritual ox that was formed to be married to and cared for by Adam. God help us. So the Scripture calls the Fiery Serpents the seaweed, because the weed, this weed called Leviathan, it grows, it is growing and filling all of the lower energy centers. The weed, the Fiery Serpent is the extension of Leviathan in the individual. Leviathan is the Primordial Serpent's hand, and the Fiery Serpent is the fingers of that hand, and the Fiery Serpent is the extension of Leviathan in the individual. So the Fiery Serpent is in the 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, wherever she is ascended to, energy centers.

So the weed, Leviathan is in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd energy centers of every human being. But when that Fiery Serpent ascends into the right side of the heart center, which is where Satan's sea is flowing freely, that Fiery Serpent becomes seaweed, the weed that is under the sea, or the weed that is activated by the sea. The Fiery Serpent in the 1st, 2nd, and even in the 3rd energy center, she is pretty dry, Satan is at a very low tide, but once that Fiery Serpent starts ascending into the right side of the heart center, and higher, Satan's sea expands and becomes very active. And the Fiery Serpent becomes the weed, becomes immersed in the sea. So what does the symbol mean? The symbol of seaweed, is the Fiery Serpent who is very spiritually active. The seaweed signifies the Fiery Serpent who is very spiritual active. Every Fiery Serpent is not very spiritually active. The Fiery Serpent who is very spiritually active. What does that mean? Well, some, if your Fiery Serpent is in your 3rd energy center, she is all into lust, but the seaweed is the Fiery Serpent that is having spiritual experiences, and spiritual experiences include envy, and malignant pride and witchcraft. But it could be socially acceptable witchcraft, witchcraft in relationships. You may not even know that you are doing it, that is why we must be educated.

The whole world lieth in wickedness, everybody is manifesting some measure of witchcraft, but some people are manifesting it, to a degree that is criminal in this world. There are certain aspects of witchcraft that are acceptable in this world. What are you talking about Sheila, the Lord knows that we are fallen. But some people are much more manipulative than other people. Some people are much more controlling than other people, and the seaweed signifies the Fiery Serpent that is active in spiritually illegal activities in her relationships with other people. Satan is involved in lying. If you lie a lot, Satan, you are seaweed, am I insulting you? No. You have got to know where you are and who you are so that you can say, "Lord Jesus please help me to not agree with this, and let me change."

Verse 31, II Kings 9, "And as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, Had Zimri peace, who slew his master? I suggest to brethren that Jehu was not dealing with a single human woman named Jezebel, but with the people of Jezreel, a city of the separated northern kingdom of Israel. Jehu anointed by Elisha, the prophet, to be king, you can read about that in II Kings 9, verse 1-3, to be King of Judah, overthrew King Joram to fulfill his calling, and entered into Jezreel, to subject that part of the rebellious and idolatrous northern kingdom. Jehu's commission was to return the people to the true worship of Jehovah, but the Jezreelites who prefer the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan, ascended into the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline, to resist Jehu, but Adam peered out from Jehu, seeking the Jezreelites, who would respond to his call, to cast their own Fiery Serpent down from the brow energy center, and serve Jehovah.

Now brethren, these people, the Jezreelites, they were sown with the seed of the almighty because of Israel's covenant with Jehovah back in Sinai, see. And there are Jews today that still have that seed that may be still alive and that seed, we call it Abel, may still be alive in some Jews today. It is not every Jew, but it has been two thousand years, or longer. There had not been a prophet in Israel for a long time when Jesus appeared. But there are Jews today, where the seed can still be, is still capable of being revived, you see. And mortal humanity in general, which goes back eons, however many, however old this creation is, I do not believe it is 6,000 years old, I believe that there are 6 ages or 6 stages of the creation, but we have no idea how long each of those stages have been.

So the seed, Jehovah's seed that was sown into the creation at the time of the fall, is dead in humanity at large, they have died, those seeds have died. But the seed of Jehovah that was sown into Israel several thousand years ago, and that was probably vital as recently as three thousand years ago is still capable of being revived in a lot of Jews, but today we have the seed of Christ, which can be grafted to any person. Christ is capable of being grafted to any human being, Jew and Gentile alike. Thus Paul says, there is no more any Jew or Greek, well what does that mean?

Does it mean we are going to both speak the same language, does it mean we have the Bible in common? No. It means there is no more Jew or Greek, everybody is eligible to receive this seed of life, and once you start living, once that seed of life grows up in you, and matures in you, and takes his position of king of your personality, everybody becomes a Jew. You become spiritual Israel, and you become subject to the second stage of the covenant that Jehovah made with Israel. There is no one covenant for Jew and one for the Gentile, there is only one covenant in two stages. Jehovah made promises to Israel. One covenant in two stages. And of course Jehovah, or with Elohim, made a covenant with Noah and his sons and all of creation, but the covenant that Elohim made with Noah and Shem Ham and Japheth and all of creation, the fulfillment of that promise is in Israel.

What Elohim promised to Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, and all of the creatures of the invisible world is made manifest through Israel. And today there is no longer any Jew or Greek, which means any human being that has Christ grafted to him, can be a vessel of the fulfillment of the promise to the whole world. But we see the people today that may have a seed capable of being revived in them, are the Jews, and the Greeks or the Gentiles or the non-Jews, they are all eligible to have the living seed of Christ grafted, and they have it. The Holy Spirit is the beginning of that seed. The Holy Spirit is not the whole seed. Brethren, there are three different words translated 'seed' in the Greek. There are different kinds of seed. And the seed that produces the manchild, which shall save us, when he is born again, we shall be saved when we bear the child, when the manchild is born back into the heavenly planes of the higher centers of the upper window, when he is born again, we shall be saved. That seed, that virile seed, that produces the manchild, is really the double seed.

Just like in human reproduction, you have the male sperm and the female ovum so completely mingled, that they become the first cell of the new baby, that first cell of the new baby is the living seed, the virile seed. But there is two parts to it that are so completely joined, they become one, the Holy Spirit is only one part of the such a double seed, that a double seed is called a germ seed. The germ that has the ability to produce the child. The Holy Spirit is only one part of the germ seed, the Holy Spirit is not the germ seed. Christ is the germ seed. The Holy Spirit is the power, the energy, the spiritual strength of the glorified Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit has the nature of Jesus Christ, but the Holy Spirit, it is not his function to give you or me the creature, the nature of Jesus Christ. He comes and he imparts power to us. Christ imparts nature, righteous nature to us. The Holy Spirit is only the beginning. You have to have the whole virile seed. And getting the virile seed, getting the part, getting the part of the Lord that gives his nature to us, is the tough part. Brethren, it is no problem receiving the power of God. You go into a Pentecostal meeting, they are playing exciting uplifting music, somebody lays hands on you, you receive the Holy Spirit, you speak in tongues; everybody dances and sings, Hallelujah.

If you are sick, maybe you get healed, maybe you get delivered. Then you join a church and you read your Bible everyday, you go out and have chicken dinners together, everybody is happy, that is the easy part brethren, but having the Lord's nature engraved on you, that is not so easy. That is very painful, your carnal mind has to be exposed. Brethren I cannot engrave you whether I am tattooing you, or any other such procedure, I cannot do it, unless your skin is exposed. Well your nature is deep within your heart, and has to be exposed before the Lord can write his nature on your heart. Your fallen nature must be exposed, and you must decide that you do not want it, and you must overcome the pride that is defending it. It is painful and it is hard and it is a long process. The church has not even barely begun.

We have to have both aspects of the germ seed, if we hope to overcome death. Now why did I tell you that. I was talking about Jehu's commission was to return the true worship of Jehovah, but the Jezreelites who prefer the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan... Well they had the seed from Jehovah's covenant with Israel, but they prefer the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan, because their mind was still carnal. They have the power of God. Just like the church today, they have the power of God. And Jehovah sent Jehu to say to them, the party is over brethren. I put a seed in you, that seed belongs to me, and I have come to engrave it with my nature, because I planted that seed in your earth, and the nature of the earth has captured my seed, and is using the power that is associated with it, for her own purposes.

But it is mine, you see, and I have come to take what is mine, and I have not come to take him away from you, I have come to give him the nature that he was destined to have. And I have come to call him to war against the conscious intelligence of the earth that he is buried in, which has captured him and seeks to keep him captured, which situation is depicted in the book of Revelation as the whore riding on the beast. Abel, the seed of God or Christ in this testament, it is buried in the earth with the beast. You cannot tell the difference between Abel or Christ and the beast. Look at the people in the church, it is very rare that you see Christ there. You see the nature of the beast, they are doing everything that they are doing in the world.

So Jehovah sent Jehu to get what was his, Abel. Abel is not a germ seed, Abel is only half of the germ seed. Adam is the germ seed, so Jehovah sent Jehu and within Jehu was King Adam joined to the glorified Elijah, who is coming, the glorified Elijah, the fiery spirit of judgment, coming to engrave the righteous nature of Jehovah upon Abel, which process converts Abel into the resurrected Adam. Brethren, the same thing is happening in the church today, and the Jezreelites, the one who had the seed of the almighty sown in them, that is the church today, they have got the seed of the Holy Spirit, and they see the company of believers in whom the ascended Christ Jesus is appearing. The few believers who are having their nature converted into Christ, the company of believers that have the whole germ seed, they have the power of God, and they have, and the nature is being joined to them, or even if they themselves do not fully have the nature of Christ Jesus, they are joined in mind to the glorified Jesus, who is the nature of Jehovah. And they are coming to the church, saying, "The Lord wants what is his. You have got Christ in you, the Holy Spirit is Christ, but not the whole germ seed, only half of the germ seed. Christ Jesus is the whole germ seed."

The Lord is coming for the Holy Spirit, and he wants to join the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ to that Holy Spirit, and I hope I did not confuse you when I said the Holy Spirit is Christ. The Holy Spirit is a manifestation of Christ, but the term Christ refers to the virile seed, which is the nature of Christ. That is the spirit, the Holy Spirit, it is the Spirit of Christ. Well the nature which is in the seed of Christ, wants to be joined to his Spirit, and the nature always rules over the power. The nature of Christ, which decides what you are going to do with the power must rule over the power. Well your carnal mind has laid over the power.

Some of you are prophesying out of your carnal mind with the power of the Holy Spirit, many are counseling, exalting themselves with counsel out of their carnal mind, with the power of the Holy Spirit, well the Lord Jesus has sent a Jehu company in this day of people who are in the process of having their nature changed, and we are saying to the church, "The Holy Spirit is only the beginning, that is the power, it is time to deal with your sin nature." And in Jehu's day, and today in the church, the genuine, not genuine, but the true Jezreelites and the spiritual Jezreelites of Israel, and the spiritual Jezreelites of the church, see the Jehu company coming and they are saying, "Not on your life buddy, I will not believe your message, and I will not receive your headship, and I will not deliver up my sin nature to you, and I will not let myself be exposed, but instead, I will ascend in all of the spiritual power that I can muster through my rage, and I will cast down Christ Jesus in you, make you like me." That is what they are saying.

Maybe not with their conscious mind, I grant them that, but that is what their Fiery Serpent is saying. Their uncovered Fiery Serpent is saying that, because Christ Jesus in the sons of God is coming for the Fiery Serpent to cover her. Christ Jesus is coming to the church to give the second half of the germ seed to Abel, or to Christ in the New Testament, and to raise Christ up into the heart center, and to strengthen him to put that Fiery Serpent under him and force her to manifest the nature of the righteous Jesus Christ. So the uncovered Fiery Serpent who is spiritual, she is our spiritual potential, she understands all of this, even though your conscious mind may not understand it, and she sees the son of God coming, and she ascends as high as she can in spiritual power, to attack that son of God and cast down Christ Jesus in that son of God. And how does she do that? Does she start an outright warfare? Not on your life. She says, "Welcome brother, I am praying for you about that false doctrine that you are preaching. I know Jesus loves you, but I am praying that you do not go to hell." The words are soft, but the spirit behind the words are a knife that is trying to kill Christ Jesus in you, and cut him away from the strength of the glorified Jesus Christ, who is sustaining him.

I tell all of you who are in training for this glorious ministry that you must come to the place where your mind will understand that potential wickedness of everybody's unconscious and subconscious mind, no matter how much you like this person, no matter how nice a person they may be. When, you see, lots of people, they are nice people until Christ Jesus comes and says, "I am here to take the headship." No matter how much you love them, no matter how they are beloved in the church, or in society, no matter how many goods works they have done, good mother, good father, good husband, good wife, play in the band, tithe faithfully, never without a smile. They have been there to strengthen you in your hard times. You must know that this person, that I just described, has a Fiery Serpent that can rise up to bite you, and the worse part of the whole thing is that the average person in the church today, does not know this, they do not know, sometimes they know they are doing it, many times they do not know that they are doing it, they do not know that they have a spiritual weapon, therefore they do not do anything to restrain her, and they are completely oblivious to the fact that they have been a vessel of destruction towards the very son that has come to give them eternal life.

This is very difficult to look at a person, a beloved person, and know that there is something in their mind that wants to destroy Christ Jesus in you, and to not be mad at them, or to hold it against them, or to hold it against them, but to perceive them as the victim of their own selves, and to follow the Lord Jesus' instructions, which will result in their health, that is your challenge. So the Jezreelites who prefer the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan, what philosophy? Well if you do not believe in Jesus, you are going to burn in hell forever. You are perfected after death. Every human being that ever received Jesus Christ that has lived on the earth is going to be resurrected. All the bones in the garden out there, and the bones in the graveyard are going to be raised up and new flesh are going to be put on them physically. There is a physical building, a physical Jerusalem coming down out of the sky, heaven is on another planet. I am going to see my mother and father and my dead husband when I get to heaven. Once saved always saved. Satan is ashes under your feet, Satan is a wimp; there is no Satan or no demons. I was completely forgiven when the Lord received me, I have no sin, he who is born of God, cannot sin. I do not sin. I am incapable of it. I am the king's kid, and the whole purpose about our relationship is for him to bless me, nothing for me to do, no warfare. I cannot fail. Satan and Leviathan's philosophy.

So the Jezreelites who prefer the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan, ascended into the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline for the specific purpose of resisting Jehu, and Jehu represents you and me, when God sends us to someone. And we may just have one word to say to them, one little sentence to them. Brethren, this is a painful ministry, I recently had to tell somebody that it is not guaranteed that everybody who falls away from the Lord will come back. This woman, who, well first of all, she believes that everyone who is not in Christ is going to burn in hell forever. She has children who knew the Lord and walked away, and she believes if they do not come back, they are going to burn in hell forever.

So she is believing this lie, that once the Lord touched you, you have to come back, you will come back, you must come back. And I had to tell her it is not guaranteed. I broke her heart. And the woman who is communing with her dead mother thinking it is a gift from Jesus, I had to tell her it is not of God. This is not an easy ministry brethren, there is much pain in it. But we can do it, if we follow Jesus' instruction, and we receive the training which is largely dealing with our sin nature. We can do it, we have to be above our own sin nature to help these people, to tell them this truth in a spirit that will not hurt them; you have to tell them in the right spirit. If you tell them in pride, you are going to kill them. It is a glorious call, and worth everything you have to go to a far as I am concerned, but it is a hard walk, and it is an honor to even be in training. And we can do all things in Christ.

So we see that they arose in spiritual power to resist the son of God, who came to them, because they did not want to be engraved with Jehovah's nature, but Adam, and actually that should be King Adam, Adam strengthened by the glorified Elijah, peered out from Jehu, he looked through Jehu's eyes, spiritually seeking the Jezreelites, the people who were sown with Jehovah's seed, who would respond to his call to cast their own Fiery Serpents down. That should really be from the 7th energy center, and serve Jehovah. You see, brethren, the initial call, is that the Lord is looking for people who will agree with him, eventually there will be the remainder of the people who will be taken against their will, just like you take, you force your child to go to the doctor when he is burning with fever. But the initial company of sons of God will be the people who respond to the call, and with that call comes the power to cast down the Fiery Serpent. See brethren, this is a great mystery, but the church is filled with witchcraft, why? Because when the Holy Spirit comes into your life, he comes with power that touches your spiritual potential, and the fiery serpent is your spiritual potential, she is sleeping. The Hindus go through all kinds of machinations, diets, exercises, all kinds of procedures to stir up that Fiery Serpent and get her to ascend into the higher energy centers, so that they can experience spiritual power.

Well brethren, the Holy Spirit comes into your life, and zaps that Fiery Serpent, you do not have to do any exercises. Now I am not telling you not to exercise, I am talking about Yoga, and other exercises that are specifically designed to raise up the Fiery Serpent, I am not saying exercise, I am talking about spiritual things. People out there doing Yoga for years, trying to get that Fiery Serpent, and you walk into a service one night, and someone lays hands on you, and zoom, she wakes up and she jumps right up into the, however high she goes, the 3rd or 4th energy center right away, depends on a series of factors. And then because the church is not properly prepared, because the teaching is not available at large today, the church has no idea what is happening to them, they have no idea how to deal with it, and the Fiery Serpent just keeps ascending, and there are a lot of people in the church, and there were a lot of people in Jesus day, and there were a lot of people in Israel, whose Fiery Serpent was ascended into full witchcraft power in 7th energy center.

Were they lighting candles and casting witchcraft spells? No. It was coming out of their mind, in the form of manipulation and control and criticism and envy, and malignant pride, blaming other people for your own mistakes, and nobody even knows what is wrong with them. I have never had the problems in the world that I had when I came to the Lord. The Holy Spirit hit your Fiery Serpent, wakes her up, you become alive to sin, where sin becomes alive, well alive is not a good word, but I know Paul talks about it. He says, "I was alive once, and then sin revived in me." He is talking about the Fiery Serpent reviving. A lot of people in the church do not even understand what is happening to them. You see, the provision for an ascended or an active Fiery Serpent before Christ Jesus is formed in you, does anybody know what the provision is? Nobody knows. It is the deliverance ministry. If your Fiery Serpent is that active, that you have a problem or spiritual problems, you are supposed to submit yourself as the Lord leads you to deliverance ministry, to deliverance prayer, and if you have a demon, it has to be cast out.

Once Christ Jesus is formed in you, he moves to overcome the Fiery Serpent. The demons are the thought forms of the Fiery Serpent. The Holy Spirit cannot cover the Fiery Serpent, but he can at least cast out the demons that are causing you to get yourself into trouble. But once Christ Jesus is formed in you, Christ Jesus moves to actually cover over the Fiery Serpent and stop her from generating these thoughts. That is why deliverance comes to an end. Of course you can still need it, I am not saying you could not still need it, but the whole thrust of your maturity goes in a different direction. The head of the Fiery Serpent is now present within you to stop her from generating those thought forms in the first place. My goodness, my goodness.

So many, many, many in the church are spiritually active in the Serpent's nature, spiritually active in the Serpent's nature, and they need help, they do not even know what is wrong with them. I have met people, this is not typical, I am not telling you that this is typical, but I have met people who have become emotionally unstable after their initial experience with the Lord. One woman I met had to be hospitalized, it devastated her; that she gave her life to God and the next thing she knew she was emotionally unstable and she had to be institutionalized in a mental institution. Another woman, this is a personal experience of mine, that another woman said to me one day, it was in confidence, this was years and years ago, and I am not telling who this is, so it was in confidence, and she said to me, "You know, I went to that evangelist meeting, and I think that there is something wrong with him, because he laid hands on me, and ever since he did, I have got this serious problem." She said, "Sheila, I have got to tell someone I am filled with thoughts of killing my son. I must have caught something from that evangelist." No, no, no, that evangelist had power, and your Fiery Serpent shot and started whispering evil thoughts into your conscious mind.

So we see that the power of Christ is in the church, but the nature of Christ is not in the church, and the church does not have the philosophy of Christ Jesus, which is designed to help them to deal with what happens to us when we receive the power of Christ, and they are trying to apply the philosophy of Satan and Leviathan to the power of Christ and the church is in trouble. And there is fornication in the church, and there is character assassination in the church, and there is envy and extortion in the church, and spiritual murder through gossip in the church, and criticism which is also murder and judging out of their carnal mind, which is also murder. And today, the Lord Jesus is moving to put an end to this problem in his church. Because these problems render the church weak, and powerless. And what is out there today, except for a small remnant, is a false church, the message is false, the spirit is false, and the churches that do not have the false Holy Spirit are dead, because of sin, and because of lack of knowledge and lack of understanding, and yet, the church resists the true message. God help us, this is true of all of us on some level, you see.

So we see that the Fiery Serpents of the people see the sons of God coming, they rise up in witchcraft power, and they attack the sons of God for the specific purpose of separating Christ Jesus in that individual from the glorified Jesus Christ, his strength. The prefixes that signify Adam appear before the Jehu, opening signifies the revolving door or gate that spiritual beings pass through to enter into mortal men, to communicate with them. Well what are you talking about Sheila?

Well did not Jehovah say to Cain, "If you do not do well, sin is waiting at the door." Brethren, there are spiritual doors within us. The energy centers are spiritual doors through which spiritual entities from other planes of consciousness can enter into our etheric and physical beings, and sin, our agreement with sin, is the magic word, the password that opens these doors, and lets these entities in, to live through us, to cause us to become cruel, and to engage in destructive and self-destructive behavior. And our cleaving unto the Lord Jesus Christ and his nature, and his laws closes those doors and opens the doors to the world above, but these doors do not open and close as a natural door opens and closes. Once that door is open, and it has become a passage way for unclean spiritual entities to enter and leave or to go to and fro into your body to feed off of your spiritual energy at will, once that door is open, it is not very easy to close it. But all things are possible in Christ Jesus, but you have got a war on your hands.

And Jehovah was saying to Cain, do well, because if you do not, sin is waiting to come in at the lower energy centers, and cause the whole creation to fall down to the condition that we are in now, and even worse. That is what Jehovah was talking about. There are doors within us. Jesus said, "I stand at the door and I knock." Well what door? The doors within us, the doors, there are doors to the higher energy centers within us. And he is saying, open the door and I will come in, and I will sup with you, I will give you my philosophy, I will join with you, I will give you truth, and together we will close the doors to the lower centers. But when Jesus comes in, he brings his righteous nature with him, and the righteous nature of Jesus Christ exposes the unrighteous nature of the Serpent, in the way you think. Now most people know you are not supposed to lie, rob, and steal. A lot of people are lying and they do not know it, because they do not really understand what a lie is. A lot of people are envious and they do not know it. The righteous nature of Jesus Christ is in the way you think. It is in the thought pattern that arises out of the mind of Christ Jesus.

So when you open that door to the Lord Jesus Christ, what does that mean? How do you open that door? You say, "Lord, I confess that I am not, my life is not what I want it to be, something is lacking, something is wrong, and I want you to come in, and make me over into a new man, I want your nature, and I want everything that I do, I want my whole life to be a reflection of you. Now you cannot just say the words, but when you say that and you mean it, you open the door to Jesus Christ, but he comes in, and he starts to join with you, and give you his mind, and you start to think the thoughts of his mind, and then there is a war between the thoughts of the mind of Jesus Christ and the carnal mind within you. And when you overcome your own carnal mind, you are in a war between the thoughts of Christ in you, and the carnal mind of your family, and your friends, and everybody else, the man in the post office, and everybody else that you meet in life, and the war does not stop, until you ascend high enough to walk on the water, because all of this wrong thinking is underneath Satan's sea.

Eating always has to do with philosophy brethren. Jesus wants you to have his philosophy. And even if you think good thoughts towards people, brethren, if you do not have some measure of the Doctrine of Christ in your spirit, the chances that you are thinking with the Mind of Christ are very small. You are most likely thinking with the good side of your carnal mind, because the proof that you are thinking with the Mind of Christ is two-fold, that you, not only have some understanding of the Doctrine of Christ, but that you are pursuing it, because the Doctrine of Christ is addictive. You cannot just hear it once or twice and take or leave it. If the Doctrine of Christ has really touched Christ in you, you are pursuing it with all of your strength. You want to know, you want to understand, you want the truth. And you also must be submitting yourself to the exposure of your sin nature, because there are people in the church today, who think that they are dealing with the Doctrine of Christ, it is really not the Doctrine of Christ, because why is it not the Doctrine of Christ? They may have some esoteric knowledge, but the Doctrine of Christ is more than esoteric knowledge of Scripture, the Doctrine of Christ is agreement with the exposure of your sin nature and the understanding that you must die to the lifestyle produced by that sin nature.

So if you believe that and you are in a program where your sin nature is being exposed and destroyed, with your cooperation, and you also are pursuing the Doctrine of Christ; that is the sign that you are on the right path. Anything short of that, most likely, you are coming out of the good side of your carnal mind. Well I am not hurting anybody, you are saying, oh yes you are. Whoever you are spreading this doctrine to, which is a false doctrine, and of course you are hurting yourself. Because the Serpent's timeline is curved. You cannot get any higher than the right side of the heart center, and all of your ascended spiritual experiences after that, are just curving you downward. You have spiritual experiences but you stay in the spiritual moral impurity of the Serpent's nature; that is what it means to be curved downward. Israel was in rebellion, so Jehovah sent Jehu, an imperfect man, who murdered the house of Ahab, an evil king, to reconcile the people of Israel to himself. Jezreel was a physical city but the esoteric understanding of this account, is that Israelites who prefer Satan's nature, mocked and challenged the man, that Jehovah sent to save them, even though the Scripture is clear that the Fiery Serpents, the subconscious part of the carnal mind within them, knew that King Adam was risen within Jehu, and that Jehu came with Jehovah's power, to revive Abel, and regenerate Adam within them.

So we see that in the Old Testament, this account was probably fulfilled in the physical as well as in the spiritual. The subconscious part of our mind knows who the people are that we are talking to, knows the purposes of them, and you see as we penetrate through our conscious mind, and strip her away, we, the personality, begin to partake of, the spiritual knowledge of our subconscious mind. We understand people's motives, we recognize sin arising in their heart, we perceive their evil intentions or their pride that tries to cover up, and eventually when we get high enough, nothing is hidden, we know everything about the person, what they intend to do, what they have done in the past, and what they will do in the future. And how are we to use that information? Are we to use it to protect ourselves? Well, only to the degree that if the person is coming against us, we, such knowledge would give us time to seek the Lord as to how he would have us to respond. But basically we are to use that knowledge to help them. We are here to help people. But it is pretty hard to help people when we ourselves still have a lot of problems. But that is what we are called to do, and as we help people, when we see their problems, as we help them, and we help them in the spirit, you know, we only do in the natural what the Lord tells us to do. Most of the help is in the spirit, we ourselves heal, and we get healed. That is the way it works. Alternate translation, this is verse 31, "And as Adam appeared...

And as Adam appeared in Jehu's crown energy center, Jezebel, the personalities who prefer Satan's nature said, "Jehovah has sent you, Jehu? A man who murdered his sovereign, to restore us to peace with God?" Well this is an extreme case here, because the Scripture does say that Jehu murdered the house of Jehu. I assume that it did happen, I have not studied it out in the Hebrew. I am just going to take the history aspect of the Scripture as is, unless the Lord tells me otherwise. Brethren, that is no different, than the person in the church saying, "Well you who just had a fight with your husband, you are the one who is going to bring peace between me and God?" Because you see, the concept of bringing peace between someone and God, suggests the rebellion of that person, you see. All peace is between the individual, and God, you see. We would have no problem with our neighbors, with our families, when we are in right standing with Jesus Christ, everything just seems to work its way out.

So for Jehu to say, I am coming to restore you to peace, he was not talking about peace with the Jezreelites enemies, he was talking about peace with Jehovah, suggesting that they had departed from Jehovah and were in rebellion. But even today, of course in the church, they think that they answer an altar call, and that they are rejoined to Jesus Christ, which is ridiculous, because why is that ridiculous? Because to be rejoined to Jesus Christ, means that you are one with Jesus Christ. That means you have to be reflecting his nature, and the nature of Jesus Christ is not in the church. So that is why it is ridiculous. So there is lack of understanding, very, very immature teaching in the church. The present day five-fold ministry is made up of spiritual women and spiritual children, and I am sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth. The man Christ Jesus is not teaching in the church at large today, in what the world perceives to be the church, it is not the ministry of the man, Christ Jesus.

So, Adam appeared in Jehu's crown energy center. Jezebel, the personalities who prefer Satan's nature said, "Jehovah has sent you, someone who just lost his temper yesterday, someone who got angry yesterday, someone whose child is rebellious, someone whose wife is not happy with them, someone who comes late for church. The Lord has sent you to restore us to God. Brethren, it is happening today, and all that this is, is a manifestation of pride that says, "Do not you come and tell me what to do, do not you come and tell me you are going to expose my sins." But you see, brethren, this is the issue. God will send imperfect men to expose your sins, but those imperfect men must be facing their own sin nature, must be facing their own sins and dealing with them, as the Lord exposes it, or as the Lord or another man exposes it for them. So the Lord does use imperfect men who are in submission to the Lord's program to expose their sin nature on every turn. The Lord will use a man like that, and therefore if you say to that man, "Who do you think you are telling me what to do, I saw you speak nasty to somebody the other day, you are just depriving yourself of the correction that is designed to save your life. So we are not called to judge the men that God sends to us, but to receive from them what God has for us. What are you looking at the vessel for?"

You look at what men come with, you look at their message, you look at what they have to say to you, and you say, "Lord is that from you?" If it is, you say, "I want it, even if the vessel is imperfect." But that is not what you hear in the church, everybody is defending themselves, everybody is saying, who do you think you are, and especially if it is the pastor, well God would tell me directly, why does he have to send someone from another ministry for, why did not God tell me? And the church is standing still. And when I talk like that, the Lord always has a remnant that is moving forward, but at large, the church is standing still. So there has to be a big breakthrough. There has to be a big breakthrough where the present five-fold ministry is revealed to be not manifesting the power of God, and that their message is not of God. And of course this is a mocking spirit, God sent a murderer. Someone who killed his king to restore us to peace with God. But of course there is another side to this. It was the Lord who sent Jehu, assuming this history is true, it was Jehovah who anointed Elisha to send Jehu to do this deed. So not only are we dealing with an imperfect man here, but we see the people lifted up in pride to oppose the judgment, or to expose their sin nature, we see that they cannot distinguish the deeds that are done at the request of Christ Jesus. They cannot recognize that Christ Jesus can have a man do something that may not be acceptable or socially acceptable to the world.

It is not, in this politically correct society it is not acceptable to correct people if they do something wrong, it is not acceptable to confront people even in a godly spirit. Everything, this whole political correct mentality, is just brush it under the rug, do not tell anybody they did anything wrong, and do not admit that you did anything wrong. Do not say you are sorry, just do not deal with it. Do not tell me I did something wrong, and do not, and I will not tell you that you did something wrong. Even our accountant last week, he made a mistake, look anybody could make a mistake, he made a mistake on certain government papers that we had to file; he put down the wrong bank. We do not have an account with that bank, he put down the wrong bank. So I changed the name of the bank, and I mentioned it to him, because all of this information is in his computer, he has to change it in his computer. So I sent him a fax saying that I changed the name of the bank, you know, please change it in your computer. And the next time I spoke to him on the telephone, you know, I really was not even looking for an apology, because to me it was just a mistake that he made, but he mentioned it to me, and what he said to me was, "Oh yes, I got your message about that bank." That was all that he said.

Do you understand what I am saying, he covered himself, he did not say, "I made a mistake." I mean if you are going to bring it up, you should say, "Well I made a mistake, I am sorry and thank you for catching it." But he barely acknowledged it, you know. And he is a very nice guy, you know, he has been very good to us, he is a very nice man. This is the way of the world, do not admit you made a mistake, do not you show it up, and I will not show it up, and we will not look at my mistakes and we will not look at your mistakes and we will just keep on going. No good thing can come out of this, you see. So sometimes Christ Jesus will tell one of his sons to do something, or to say something that is not socially acceptable, and the carnal mind does not even guess that it could be Christ Jesus telling them to do it, but the carnal mind immediately comes to the conclusion that, that person has some nerve saying that or doing that or reaching that decision. The carnal mind does not even consider the possibility that the Lord may have told them to do it, even though they know the person to be a man of God, who lives for the Lord. But what that man of God does that pricks the particular person, that particular person just assumes it was the carnal mind of the man of God. Why? Because it hurt them, they did not like it. It embarrassed them, it made them feel bad; you told them they were wrong.

Well Jesus would never tell me I was wrong. Who are you to tell me I am wrong? Well Jesus would tell you that you are wrong. So this is how the carnal mind defends itself, it says, "that could not possibly be Christ." So we see that the Jezreelites not only said, "God would never use an imperfect man", but they completely denied that the deed that they were referring to, that the deed that they were criticizing, was something that God had told Jehu to do. And this happens all the time, I have been in this business if you want to say that for years now. The carnal mind accuses you, things that you do out of Christ, the carnal mind accuses you continuously of doing them for selfish motives. If you have to tell somebody no, for whatever reason, if you have to tell them no, you cannot do something for them, the carnal mind will never believe that God told you to tell them no. The carnal mind would never believe that. Why? Because if the Lord Jesus is telling you to tell them no, well that must mean that they should not have been asking you, which means that they must be doing something wrong or thinking wrong some way. And of course they cannot be wrong, you must be the one who is wrong.

This is what we are up against brethren. You have to learn how to deal with it. And you deal with it on a double level. You have to learn how to deal with it verbally, you have to learn what to do in the physical; you have to learn how to deal with it in the spirit. Because while you may not be saying anything in the natural, you may not be saying anything verbally, you have to be going after that wickedness with your mind. So we lead a double life. We are Jehovah's police of the Lord Jesus, and we lead a double life. Does that sound strange to you, does that sound wrong to you? Brethren the witches are out there leading a double life and all of the people that do not know what they are doing, or many of the people that do not know what they are doing, that Satan is manifesting through, hurting and doing all kinds of damage, under the guise of your ignorance, that Satan is the unconscious part of your carnal mind, and she is flowing through you in envy and competition and every evil work, that is not right either brethren. And as long as your warfare is out of Christ it is righteous. We are fighting and opposing the thoughts of the unconscious mind of mortal man which is Satan, in a very immature church, and a very immature society that has given free reign in most instances to that unconscious part of their carnal mind, which is Satan.

Verse 32, II Kings 9, KJV, "And he lifted up his face to the window and said, Who is on my side?" Who? The Hebrew word translated 'face', signifies 'the part that is in front", the personality, and the 'window' signifies, 'one of the two windows of creation', and the word 'who', the esoteric word symbol for Jehovah, who is this, meaning Jehovah, who is this, that word 'who', the esoteric word symbol for Jehovah, appears twice. Alternate Translation, "And King Adam within Jehu, carried Jehu the personality that he was appearing in, into the brow energy center, and Jehu said with the spiritual authority of the brow energy center, who is on Jehovah's side?" And I translated the 6th energy, window, I translated window as the brow energy center.

So we see that King Adam who was within Jehu had something to say to Abel in the men of Jezreel. He was calling out to Abel in the men of Jezreel, and to do this, King Adam carried Jehu, the personality up into the brow energy center, where Jehu spoke in a human voice, Jehu spoke the words of Jehovah, in a human voice. Jehu said with the spiritual authority of the brow energy center, who is on Jehovah's side? You see the invisible spirit is in the 7th energy center, and the man, the personality ascends into the brow energy center. Now this gets confusing because it looks to me at this time, that in the Serpent's timeline, a man can ascend into the 7th energy center and still be in the flesh, but in Jehovah's timeline, the timeline of Christ Jesus, the man in the flesh only goes as high as the brow energy center, when you ascend into the 7th energy center, you are out of the flesh, you are out of the body. So sometimes, King Adam or the fortified Christ Jesus within you, speaks through somebody silently, by the spirit. We saw that in the account of Malchus.

When Jesus came out of the garden and we saw that the Spirit of Elijah spoke in the spiritual realms, he spoke to the subconscious minds of the people that were present, the Sanhedrin guards that were present, and he told them that he was building his kingdom, and invited them all to join him, and Jesus verbally merely said, "Are you looking for Jesus, I am he." So we see that sometimes the spiritual man within us, speaks through the vocal chords of the physical man, and sometimes the spiritual man speaks silently, or silently on this plane, but speaks right through the heart of other men, and sometimes we have a simultaneous communication that the human man, that the personality speaks verbally saying one thing, and the indwelling spiritual man speaks in the spiritual planes saying something else.

Now brethren that is just spiritual, that was what happened to me, when that witch cursed my lifeline. He grabbed my arm and as he sliced my lifeline with his finger, he peered into my eyes with this nice sweet smile and seductive voice saying, "How long have you been a Christian?" And I did not even have the presence of mind to pull my arm away from him. He distracted me with his words and his eyes, as he sliced my lifeline. But Jesus saved me and the man repented, and came to the Lord. Brethren, this is a very subtle business you are in. You who are, you are already sons of God, just your ministry may still be on a very, your ministry have not really gotten off yet, in this area, but you are all sons, you see. You are called to a very subtle ministry. You cannot take people on face value. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you have to know that there could be something very unholy in them. The best people, the doer of the greatest good deed, the people that you love, when you come to engrave them with the nature of Jesus Christ, have a being inside of them that we are calling the Fiery Serpent, that will rise up and bite you.

We are not all that we appear to be. You see, even worldly people know that we never know what people are really like until they are under pressure. We do not know, those people in Hitler's Germany, they did not know the ones who were the turn codes and betrayed their fellow men; nobody knew that they would do that. I do not know what I would do if I was in that spot, I hope that I would not do something that would make the Lord ashamed of me. I saw in one movie, Hitler's troops were giving favors for people that turned in Jews or sick people, and this man turned in his relative who was being hid by other relatives because he was sickly and he knew that the SS troops were taking away the sickly people. His own relatives turned him in for some kind of favor, and listening to him scream as the guards took him away. No one knows what they are going to do in a spot like that. I hope I would not be one of those people, you do not know what you are going to do. So, someone that you have loved all of your life, that by all standards of our society, the wonderful person, they do not know, and you do not know what they will do, when Christ Jesus rises up in you, to engrave them with his nature. You do not know what they are going to do.

Therefore it is very, what do you mean Sheila, well what do you want from me, what do you want me to do? I want you to not be naive, and I want you to be aware that you might have something to deal with. I do not want you to lay down and say, "That is my best friend, I have known her all my life," and not protect yourself. How do, I do not mean protect yourself in your carnal mind, I mean in Christ Jesus. How do you protect yourself? You must be aware, you must know what is going on, so if you see the uprising, if you see the manifestation, you can go before the Lord and say, "Lord, my best friend, I love her so much, and I see a spirit of hatred rising there, what can I do?" Well I curse that spirit of hatred, I bless her and forgive her sins, and I rebuke that wicked Fiery Serpent and I tell you, your days are numbered, you shall surely be engraved with the nature of Jesus Christ, and serve him. That is what you do.

But if you stick your head in the sand and you do not want to see it, that spirit of hatred that has risen up in your friend of thirty or forty years, that you love dearly, that sin is uncovered, and she will reap what she has sown in hating the son of God, and in particular Christ Jesus in that man. She will reap destruction and her hatred could hurt you. It could cause you to have an accident or get sick, it depends it is possible. Grow up time. See eventually you can deal with all of this without having any ill feelings towards the people. I know because I am at that point. You can deal with this kind of thing without having ill feelings towards the people, but you have to fight with yourself. You have to fight your own rejection. If you feel betrayal, in such a circumstance, you have to rebuke your own betrayal because they do not know what they are doing. Probably she does not even know she had a spirit of hatred towards you.

Did not Jesus say to the Pharisees, "Why are you trying to kill me?" And they said to him, "What are you crazy, you must have a devil, we are not trying to kill you." But they were trying to kill him. You know, I use to think that they were lying to him, but now I do not think so. I think they did not know what was in their own heart, but Jesus knew there was a spirit of murder there. So the bottom line is this brethren, you have to get your sight, and when you get your sight, the first thing that you see is yourself. So if you are not looking at yourself, you know that you do not have your sight, and you have no business looking at sin in other people, if you cannot see it in yourself, and if you are not dealing with it, because this warfare is on two levels. You not only have to deal with that spirit of hatred in your beloved friend, you have to deal with your own pride and rejection and retaliation and everything else that might rise up in you, to hurt the one that you love.

So the warfare is two-fold, you have got with Satan and Leviathan in yourself, and you have to fight with Satan and Leviathan in your beloved friend. And what about, what happens if it is somebody that you really do not like, what happens if it is someone who has been your enemy for your whole life. Do you have to be aware, if something rises up in you that says, "Oh boy, hallelujah, I am glad that you are getting it." You have to be able to see that in yourself, and confess it as sin, and say, "Lord, please do not let me hurt that person." See, you cannot be in this kind of ministry, unless you are dealing with yourself, and you cannot deal with yourself, unless you are looking at yourself, and if you cannot see yourself, you just keep praying that the Lord opens your eyes, until he does. And you should know that until he does, you are not called to judge sins. Do not do that, you will hurt yourself, you will hurt everybody, do not do that.

It is a very hard ministry, it is a very gory ministry, but it is a very glorious ministry. The fruit of the mess of this ministry is life. And right now I am seeing an image of a doctor, of a surgeon cutting open somebody's body, all the blood and all the mess in there, the end of the whole, I mean there is a lot of pain, but the end of the whole thing is life. If you can just get a vision of the end of the whole thing, you can do it, it is a great honor, and a glorious ministry, and it does get easier. It does get easier, but you have got to see yourself. If care to see yourself, you will never see accurately if the other person, or if you do see their sins, you will condemn them. That is just what happens to the Pharisees, they, when you think that you are okay, that you have got your life together, and maybe you do not have any behavioral sin, maybe your surface life is okay, but your heart has to be filled with dead men's bones, because we are all in that condition.

But if you cannot see it, if you really think that you are okay, and you see sin in somebody else, it is very easy to condemn them, it is very easy to condemn them. Praise the Lord. Okay, and King Adam was in Jehu, carried the personality that he was appearing in, into the brow energy center, and Jehu said with the spiritual authority of the brow energy center, "Who is on Jehovah's side." Who is willing to answer the call, who will receive the power to cast down the Fiery Serpent within you, who has ascended through union with Leviathan, and what is the purpose of casting down the Fiery Serpent? Is it punishment? No, it is not punishment. The purpose is, separate that Fiery Serpent from Leviathan, cast her down, break her power, and let her be covered by Christ Jesus, and ascend in the power of Christ Jesus. Are you jealous someone might say, because I have spiritual power? No, I am not jealous, I want to give you the real spiritual power. You have to give that other stuff up. You have to give it up to get the real thing, because all false or ungodly spiritual power arises out of the union or the marriage of the Fiery Serpent with Leviathan. And the Lord wants to give you the real thing. But, spiritual power arises out of your Fiery Serpent and whoever, and the male that she is joined to. So before you can receive the power of Jesus Christ, your Fiery Serpent; your spiritual potential must be separated from Leviathan, so that you can join with Christ Jesus, who is joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, so that you can manifest high spiritual power out of his righteous nature.

Oh Sheila, this is a false message, I receive power when the Holy Ghost came upon me. Well that is true, but there are degrees of power. You received power to cast out serpents and scorpions. You received the power when the Holy Ghost came upon you, to cast down the Fiery Serpent, see. But then when Christ Jesus covers the Fiery Serpent and joins with her, then you receive the power of the Spirit of Christ, which is the power of God to cast down the Fiery Serpent, and cast out demons, plus the power to impart the virile seed of Christ, which gives eternal life. People that have the Holy Spirit die. People that have the Holy Spirit get sick. People that have the Holy Spirit have all kinds of tragedies in their life. People who are ascended in the Spirit of Christ, into the brow energy center, do not get sick, and they do not die, and whatever problem they may or may not have, I really do not have a full recognition of life from the brow energy center, because I do not have that life, I have it partially, but I do not have that life, I still have a lot of problems in my life. You definitely have victory over every problem. I would have to say that I have victory over every problem in my life, that I am ascended into the brow energy center enough; that there is not anything that I have not been victorious over in years. I cannot remember, I mean I have temporary defeat, but as soon as I repent I am victorious. My life is going forward, everything is good.

All of my relatives are prospering, things are getting better on every level. It is a war, but things are getting better. But I do not really know what it is like when you are fully manifested in the brow energy center. And for those who do not remember, I will tell you that in this spiritual plane, we are not single particle, we are energy streams. We are a stream of energy like a river that is made up of many particles, and we spread out like water. So part of us can be in the brow energy center, while part of us is still in the, we can be in the brow energy center of the righteous timeline, while a part of us could still be in the third energy center. I have experienced that, I have, I use to ascend into heights of glory with this revelation, there is a part of me that is in the brow energy center that is receiving all of this revelation, and then I will get hit with lust for something in this world. Well, that is a part of me that is down in the third energy center.

So we are all spread out, you see. And of course our preference is very important. If we prefer the high energy centers, we will move into them more quickly, but of course we are going against gravity. See, the more we long for what we are losing, in so far as the lusts of the world are concerned, the more we long for it, the majority of our spiritual being is down there in that third energy center. See, I mean, I went through that. I remember the day that I gave away all of my baking materials, and I was very bitter, saying, "I will never bake again," because my life had changed radically, and I kept all of those baking pans, and all of that paraphernalia that I had for a year or two, and I said, "I see now, I will never have time to do this again." And I gave it all away, and I was very bitter, because I did not understand what I was called to.

So understanding goes a long way. If in your heart, you are willing to give whatever it looks like the Lord is calling you to give up and leave behind, when in your heart, you could say, "Well I understand that I have to give it up because I am going forward and you cannot be in two ends of the spectrum at once." Either you are going to be a spiritual man or you are going to be a natural man, you have to decide what you prefer. So once you make that decision in your mind, then you move much faster. And one of the biggest problems in the church today is people wanting to get married. If the Lord is going to give you a marriage, well that is fine, but if all the signs indicate that he is calling you into a spiritual walk with him, and a spiritual marriage with him, so long as you are still lusting and yearning for a husband or a wife, your ascension is going to be twice if not four times as difficult.

So get yourself before the Lord and ask him. I mean if you are a single person and you are hearing this message, just tell the Lord, if you can say it, that you are really willing to submit whatever he wants for your life, but that he just helps you, if you are still young and you are still thinking about getting married, I mean that is understandable, but ask him to help you to just put it on the shelf, if he is not telling you now, what he has for you, just put it on the shelf and pursue the life that he is given you now. All of this longing and yearning for something that you do not have, directly opposes your spiritual growth. And this is the hour for the manifestation of the sons of God, so there are many single people that the Lord is not giving mates to. Because you see, in years past, most people got married, because that was life, it was a very rare person that would lead a single life. But in this hour that we are called to ascension in Christ Jesus, there are more single people than I have ever seen in the church, and most miserable and complaining, because they do not understand that the Lord is calling them unto himself.

Whatever is lacking in your life, let it go and turn towards Jesus. What does that mean? Listen to messages, transcribe, do whatever you have to do, get into that Word, if you have the time. Use every minute that you have, instead of feeling sorry for yourself because you do not have what you think you should have in this world. And I am not criticizing you, because I spent years doing that, and my life just gets better and better and better as I recognize that I am called to the kingdom and to spiritual ascension, and any natural fellowship that I have is just something here or there that the Lord gives me. But I am called to the high realms of the spirit, and I do not fight it anymore, the faster you ascend.

"And there looked out at him, two or three eunuchs..." Well I guess this is a part of verse 32, "And there looked out at him, two or three eunuchs. The Hebrew word translated 'to look out', is preceded by two prefixes, 'vav', which means 'nailed', and 'yod' which means 'mind', signifying Adam or Christ Jesus in the New Testament, the mind that is nailed to the primordial ox, the present day personalities of fallen humanity. Well we touched on that at the beginning of this message, that Adam is a mind that was nailed to a creature, a creature with an animal nature, a spiritual creature with an animal nature. I do not know what that creature looked like. But the Scripture calls it an ox. Why would the Scripture call it an ox? An ox is a gelded bull. The significance is that this spiritual creature made out of the spiritual earth, has the power of a bull, but that it is castrated. An ox is a castrated bull. What does that mean? It means that there is great power in the creature.

There is great power in our carnal mind. Our nature, the foundation of our nature is witchcraft. That creature, that animal nature that was formed to be joined to Adam at the beginning of time, today is formed into the many members of humanity. And that creature is made from the earth of the spiritual ocean bed, and the earth of the spiritual, or the clay of the spiritual ocean bed, is the Primordial Serpent. It is a form of the Primordial Serpent, who is that raging bull. But yet Adam took some of the clay from the ocean bed, and he formed a creature out of it, and he gelded that creature.

How did he geld that creature, how did he castrate that creature. And in case someone is listening who does not know it, when you castrate a bull, you break their power. Apparently it is that testosterone flowing through the bull that makes it such a raging wild beast. Bulls are basically untamable. They are ready to charge you and kill you in a second, if you just look at them wrong. That is our nature. So the gelding of the spiritual bull, is the cutting off of that creature's captain. The taking of that spiritual creature and putting it under the authority of Christ Jesus, rather than under the authority of Satan, or in the Old Testament, taking that creature, that spiritual bull, and cutting off, and the gelding is a cutting off, of the spiritual authority, the Primordial Serpent over the bull, and putting that bull under the authority of that bull under the authority of Christ Jesus. That is the gelding of the bull. And that bull becomes an ox, and that ox is an asset to society, frequently used, the great strength of the bull is used to pull the plow and to do good deeds towards society.

But you see, the creature came out from Adam's authority, and went back under the authority of the Primordial Serpent, and became a wild raging bull again. Brethren, do you have any personality problems at all? Do you ever lose your temper? Have you ever raged? Have you ever been nasty? Have you ever done anything that is wrong? Well where do you think it is arising out of? It is the nature of the bull. Have you ever bullied anybody? Have you ever been overbearing? Well I know nobody here, or the people listening to the message. Have you ever pressured anybody to do something? Where do you think this stuff comes from? It is the Serpent's nature. Not you especially, I know that. It is the Serpent's nature. And if you manifest these character qualities, your problem is, that that which was cut off before the fall, has been glued back on. And the Primordial Serpent's manhood, spiritual manhood has been restored in you. And it manifest itself as aggressiveness towards other people. That is what your problem is, you need to be circumcised. You need the source of your spiritual testosterone cut off again, and you need to come under the cover of Christ Jesus, who gives you strength, without sin.

Satan, the present day manifestation of the Primordial Serpent gives us strength and spiritual power with sin. We need power to survive in this world, because it is a jungle, this world is a jungle. Nobody walks around with guns on their hips anymore, at least they are not supposed to be doing that, in this society, shooting someone if you cheat at a card game, like happened in our Old West; that does not happen anymore. But people are at war with their minds, trying to cheat each other's business, trying to get someone to do their chores, trying to get someone else to do their job at work, manipulation, control, it is just laced through the whole society, some do it more, some do it less. Where does it come from? It is the serpent's nature, it is power to survive in this world, but when we utilize this power, it is sin. The Lord Jesus Christ calls it sin. Christ Jesus wants to give you power, and spiritual strength over all of the power of the enemy, both within yourself and within other people who would take advantage of you, Christ Jesus wants to give you the power, to walk above all of this wickedness without yourself being in sin. And to attain this power which is in Christ Jesus, that is called walking on the water, to attain this power, you must first give up the power of Satan that you are using to defend yourself.

Do not get mad at me because I say it is Satan, whoever is hearing this message. If you are screaming back at the person that is screaming at you, or if you are threatening the person that is making you afraid, or if you are being mean to the person that is making you afraid, or if you are passive and you are just refusing every opportunity to be kind to your husband or your wife who hurt you, if you are withholding sex, if you are making subtle sarcastic remarks and then saying, "Oh I was just kidding." That is Satan's power to survive in this world. And the use of Satan's power to accomplish your goals produces death. So die to the Fiery Serpent's lifestyle says the Lord, there will be a period that will be painful, but trust me to take care of you, and I will give you my power and with it, eternal life. In case you do not know it, that was a prophecy. Hallelujah. "And they looked out at him two or three eunuchs..."

Okay here is our Alternate Translation, "And Adam looked for two or three eunuchs, I guess that should be King Adam; that is King Adam in Jehu. King Adam looked for two or three eunuchs." The Hebrew word translated 'two', can also be translated 'second', and the Hebrew word translated 'three' signifies the triangle, the geometric expression of the Primordial Serpent. Alternate Translation, The one who is second to the Primordial Serpent's eunuchs. See, I made the word 'two' 'second', and the word 'three', which is the word symbol for the Primordial Serpent or for Satan, which ever negative I choose, that the Lord leads me to use. So the one who is second, that is two, to the Primordial Serpent, that is three eunuchs. So the correct translation is not, and looked for two or three eunuchs, or two or three eunuchs looked out, it is the one who is second to the Primordial Serpent's eunuchs. So what are we talking about here?

The one who is second to the Primordial Serpent's eunuchs. You may recall from previous teachings that Cain, the conscious part of the carnal mind is the eunuch that guards the Fiery Serpent, the subconscious part of the carnal mind against spiritual sexual union with Christ Jesus. So Cain is the earth that Abel is buried under. Well this is the latest revelation that is coming down here, and that is that the Fiery Serpent is Abel. So we will take a minute to explain that. Abel is Jehovah's seed. Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and the seed part of the spiritual seminal fluid is called Abel. And yes, the whole, all of humanity has Abel, but Abel is dead in most of all of humanity, but about five or seven thousand years ago, Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, and rejuvenated Abel in Israel, and today, there are still some Jews in which Abel is capable of being revived. This is what I have already told you, but he is dead and incapable of being revived in most of humanity. Christ is the new seed, just like the woman said after Cain killed Abel, "The Lord has given me a new seed, Seth." Well Seth died too, okay, and today there is a new seed in the world, his name is Christ, a new seed, a potential for the Primordial ox, we are the descendants of the Primordial ox, and this seed is our potential to be delivered out from this world, which is really hell, underneath the earth.

So that is sort of shocking to hear that the Fiery Serpent is Abel, but Cain and Abel are a symbiotic being, they are a two-sided being and they never separate. Abel is the seed of Jehovah, whether he be dead or alive, Abel is the seed of Jehovah, and Cain is the conscious earth that cleaves to Abel. See, just like I said to you, well Adam is the mind that is inside the creature with the animal nature, when Adam died, okay, Adam spiritually descended and became Abel, who is wrapped inside that same animal creature that became Cain. I am going to say it again okay. I will tell you this as many times as I have to. I know it is new. Adam is the mind that was inside of the spiritual ox. When Adam died, that mind that was Adam deteriorated into Abel and the spiritual creature, the spiritual ox that Adam was inside of, became Cain, an animal. Is the ox not an animal? Well Cain is the female animal, and Cain and Abel are the mortal residue of Adam and the primordial ox. You see, Adam is immortal. Adam is immortal, well what are you talking about Sheila? I thought you teach that the Primordial Serpent killed Adam. Yes, but Adam keeps rising from the dead, you see. There are different kinds of immortality.

I never said Adam could not be killed, I said he is immortal. Every time he dies, Elohim raises him from the dead. Okay. Every time Adam dies Elohim raises him from the dead. Every time Christ dies, the Lord Jesus raises him from the dead. Christ is immortal. Now, he may die in one man, and the Lord Jesus may raise Christ from the dead in another man, he may die in that man, and never rise again in that man, but Christ will never die again. Because the glorified Jesus Christ keeps raising him from the dead, but not necessarily in the same personality, see. So Adam is immortal and Christ in immortal, but Adam can die temporarily. Adam can die temporarily, and when he dies, he falls down and becomes Abel. How can that be Sheila? Who is Adam? Adam is Jehovah's seed, plus the dust, joined to Elohim. Adam is Jehovah's seed, plus the dust joined to Elohim. Well how did Adam die? What happens to him when he dies? He is cut off from Elohim, the life. Adam cut off from Elohim the life, becomes the seed with the dust. You are all looking at me, I think we are going to end this here, and we will pick this up tonight, I think you had enough for today.

Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner, and I have drawn the first of a series of drawings, by which I hope to help you to understand how I can say that the Fiery Serpent is Abel, okay. And if I caused you any distress because sometimes I know these revelations are very distressing, and your first reaction is, "Oh my God, how am I ever going to fit that into my understanding?" Just try and stay neutral, and listen to what I have to say, and the Lord will help you to understand. So we are back in Genesis, Gen.1:6, "And God said, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters." So we see that the creation is in progress and the firmament is the visible world that Elohim has erected in the midst of the waters of the lower window, and the waters of the upper window. And we see that Elohim, let us review. Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, which consists of water and seed.

The water part of Elohim, Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid imparts consciousness, or existence, or awareness, and the seed part of Elohim's spirit imparts nature. Okay. So we see that Elohim's waters are both in the upper window and in the lower window, and in the lower window is where the earth is. We see that we have an ocean bed that is made of thick earth, that is packed together or stacked together, and the surface particles of the ocean bed flow into the waters closest to it. I am sure you can all relate to that, you have all been to the beach. The waters, the part of the waters closest to the bottom of the sea that you walk on, it is thicker with sand than the waters that are higher up. So we see that the waters in the lower window are polluted. Why? Because they are, the particles of the earth are hydrated in the waters. They come alive, the particles, the particles of the earth which was dried, have been overflown with water, with spiritual water, that imparts consciousness. So the particles of the earth that is packed together in the ocean bed, or the surface, let me say it this way, the surface of the earth that is packed into the ocean bed, has broken off into some particles that are flowing freely in the waters of the lower window.

And this is the Serpent's seed. These are particles that are conscious. Now I know that it is hard for a lot of people to understand this, but brethren, you and I, and you and every human being in the earth, we are all particles of earth, in the flesh. You know I tell you all the time, we are not particles we are a wave; that is the spirit aspect of our self, but this physical aspect of our self, we are conscious particles of earth. Now those of us here who have the Mind of Christ, we are not talking about people like us right now, the people in the world that do not have Christ, each human being is a particle of conscious earth. See we have to get spiritual. Each individual is a particle of earth. Now I do not know what the particles of earth look like, at this, I do not want to say at this time, because this was beyond time, but I am doing the best I can to help you to stretch your understanding, and to understand on some level, that God is so great, that the power of his spirit and his initial creation is so enormous and immense, that for us to think that the particles of earth or the earth that the Scripture talks about can be likened to the earth outside our houses, is very immature.

I do not mean to hurt you but I am challenging you to start to come up higher and try, at least open yourself to understanding that each human individual is a particle of earth, of the spiritual earth, that has received consciousness apart from the righteous nature of Jehovah. So Elohim, who is the God of Genesis 1, it is Elohim that is doing the creating on behalf of Jehovah's command, Elohim said, "Well, all this water down here, where the particles of earth, are flowing to a density that makes the waters polluted, let us keep it down there." Why? Because the seed of Elohim's seminal fluid, the part of Elohim, Jehovah's seminal fluid, the part of that seminal fluid, the seed, that has the ability to be engraved with nature, and is still vulnerable at this stage. The seed, Elohim's seed, the seed of his seminal fluid, that can be engraved either with the righteous nature of Jehovah, or with this polluted nature of the earth, Elohim said, “Let us keep the children away from the earth, because they are not permanently engraved with righteousness yet."

We can liken them to young women. You know, women do not like to hear this but I am telling you it is the truth, it is a little different in this country today, or in certain aspects of this country, but over the centuries men just loved to marry young women. Why? Because they made them in their own image. They get them really young, sixteen, seventeen years old, they go right from their father's house, into their husband's house, and their husbands would train them up. That is the truth, that is the truth, you see. So these sperm, they are likened to young women, they are not developed, you see. These men that get these women at sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old, they will be in love with the guy, they will do anything he says, they are not interested in a career. Now I know things are different today, but up until fifty years ago, this is the way it used to be, women just wanted to get married and have a family, except for a very small remnant. And pretty much, the man would make them, teach them to do what makes him happy. Is that a bad thing? No, unless he is asking you to do something unrighteous, it is not a bad thing. It helps to have peace in the household. But you ask any man, once you marry a woman that is already established in her own personality; that knows who she is, marriage is a whole different ball game with a woman who she is.

Well the seed of Elohim, Jehovah's seminal fluid, can be likened to young women, they were not engraved yet. On a recent message I talked about the metamorph, they were all metamorphs. All of the seeds of Jehovah's seminal fluid had the potential to grow up to be a civilized man, in Jehovah's righteous nature, or an uncivilized man with the animalistic nature of the earth. So Elohim said, "Keep all the children in the upper window, until this creation is completely finished and finalized to the point that it cannot change anymore, we have got to protect these virgins. We do not want some unscrupulous man to get a hold of them. Okay, now, I am going into the natural now, as a parable. Young women, well unfortunately this is falling down in our nation today, but for centuries we have protected our young women. We did not want them out there, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years old, some unscrupulous man giving them a sweet story and getting them pregnant, and that girl would bring forth a child with the nature of her seducer.

Well this is in the spiritual. Elohim says, "Watch those children, because they have an equal potential to mature into a bestial band with the nature of the earth, the animalistic nature of the earth, or a civilized man with the righteous nature of Jehovah." But let us keep these virgins away from this lower window, because ever since Elohim's waters flowed over the earth, the earth received consciousness, and consciousness that is the exact opposite of the righteousness of Elohim, who has Jehovah's nature. The earth is evil. Now I know that is hard for our carnal minds to understand, but it is not really evil like fallen men think evil is. The earth is negative. This whole world, our individual worlds, the planets, everything is based on the atom, which has a positive center, and negative particles called electrons circulating around the positive center. And the positive center has to rule or control the negative electrons. Our sun, the sun of our solar system is positive, and her gravity, the gravity of the sun, holds all of the planets in their orbit. And the planets can be likened to electrons. Why? Because the sun is positive, the sun gives off energy, and the planets, we do not, the earth does not have its own energy, the energy of the earth is a reflection of the energy from the sun.

So the planets absorb from the sun, that is makes us negative, and the sun positive. And if ever if it were possible for the earth to replace the sun and put the sun, and for the earth to put the sun in orbit around the earth, not only would the sun die, the earth would die, and all of the other planets of the solar system would die. Why? Because the earth, who has now taken the position of energy giver, does not have the goods. The earth does not have the energy to impart to the other planets. And by taking the sun, and putting the sun in the earth's position, would kill the sun. So nobody would have any energy, and everybody would die. So we see that the earth is called evil, merely to indicate that it is the diametric opposite of the righteous nature of Jehovah, yet it is a part of the creation, just as electrons are a part of the atom, the earth has its place, it has its role, and the only potential problem is that if the earth gets in the wrong position or in the wrong moral order, she would kill the whole system, which is what happened.

So the earth is evil, but still she is a part of the creation, and her evil can work for the good of mankind, when that evil is submitted to the righteous headship of Christ Jesus, if you can hear it. This is the not the evil of a Jack, The Ripper you see, at least at this stage of course. The evil of the earth taken to its extreme manifests as a Jack, The Ripper; but we are talking before time began. It is the same principle as the Scripture saying, God hates this one and loves that one. God does not hate like man hates. All that it means is that the one that is loved is the one that is manifesting the Spirit of Christ; that God is cleaving unto in headship, and the one that God hates is the one that is made of the earth. God is not cleaving unto the earth. Thank God he is not cleaving unto the earth. All of us, we must seek to support righteous authority, because it benefits everybody. When the person that has energy to give off, it is in the headship. You put someone in the headship that does not have Christ Jesus, that does not have the energy to support a ministry, and everybody dies. So we see that the earth was evil, but not in the sense that our carnal mind would think of evil.

The earth was evil and hated by God because it is not capable of imparting life. It must be controlled, it must in submission to the life giving a part of the creation. That is what evil means. So you may recall that Adam is made from the dust of the earth, so we see just a few particles of earth, they have ascended into the upper window to make it visible, and all of the virgin children, all of the seeds of Jehovah, are swimming in the upper windows of creation, and we see that a firmament has been created, the firmament is the visible world. And the upper window is heaven, and the world in the lower window is hell. And Jehovah formed a man. The man's name is Adam, and he placed that man in the firmament. Now I did not draw it here, but I will draw it in a minute. Adam is the name, the collective name of all of the sperm of Elohim, Jehovah's seminal fluid. Adam is the collective name of all of the sperm that are in Jehovah's righteous nature. Just as if you want to think of this way, all of the cells of our body, we have got trillions and trillions of cells, there are trillions and trillions of cells in my body, and each cell, each type of cell has a name, I do not know, I am not a physicist or a biochemist, whoever would know the names of the different cells in my body, but I know that there is one single name that identifies the collective collection of cells that every single cell in any part of my body is a part of a whole that is called Sheila. And this whole of me, the cells my heart, the cells of my lungs, the cells of my skin, the cells of my legs, the cells of my mouth, okay, they are all under the headship of my spirit, and the nature that is engraved on my spirit.

Now in the Scripture, well let me say it, in the natural here, in our fallen world, Sheila the person that Sheila was when the Lord Jesus gave her the grace of receiving her, there were a lot of things wrong in my life, I was on the evil side of this world of good and evil, but my name was still Sheila. And the Lord Jesus had great mercy on me, and now I am on the good side of mortal humanity, but my name is still Sheila, you see. But my nature is changing, but that is spiritual, as far as the carnal person in the street goes, I was Sheila twenty one years ago, and I am Sheila today. But you see spiritually speaking, the collective name of all of the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid, is Adam when the nature that is controlling them is Elohim, but after all of these seeds, all of these children, all of these virgins fell down into the lower window, and I will draw this in the next drawing, were overcome by the earth, and received the nature of, they lost the nature of Jehovah, and were engraved with the nature of the earth, their name changed. And the collective consciousness of all of the seeds of Jehovah's seminal fluid, were no longer called Adam, but they were called Leviathan, the collective name of all of them was Leviathan.

So, I am going to, we are going to take a picture here, take a photograph of this, and I will draw the next picture of the seeds fallen down, and we will talk about that. Now remember this whole exhortation is to help you to understand how the Fiery Serpents in mortal man, are before the fall they were, these seeds, these fishes of the sea, these spiritual virgins, these children of Jehovah, that were sent forth to grow up and to be a civilized man in Jehovah's nature. And something happened to them, you see. Something happened to these spiritual seeds, and today they are appearing as the Fiery Serpents of mankind. They fell down, you see. They were fishes in the sea, and they fell down into the lower window and they became coated with earth, and they no longer were fishes and they became worms under the earth. We have a natural example of this, have you ever seen the newscast after an oil spill, have you seen the fishes that are floating dead on the surface of the water coated with oil, so that they cannot breathe? That is the natural example, except that in the case of the spiritual seed, it went even further than that.

The seed that was swimming in the waters up here in the upper window freely, became so laden with earth, that they were actually buried in this ocean bed, and we are, this world is a world that is under the ocean bed. This window here that says the lower window of creation, which is water, this is the astral plane, this is the spiritual part of our world, the world that we know is our world, our everyday world, okay, it is underneath, it is down here. I will draw it on the next line. This is the astral plane. So the seeds fell down into the waters of the lower window, and this earth started clinging to them, they were coated with the earth, but in our world, the fishes went to the surface of the water and floated dead, covered with oil, but in this spiritual account, as the more the earth that got on them, the lower they sank down, and eventually they sank right into the ocean bed, and became earth worms and pierced all the way through and this whole physical world came into existence. And this lower window is the astral plane, the heaven of the fallen world.

This is drawing #2, and I am trying to demonstrate to you that there are two windows, you know, the Scripture talks about the heavens, is that not a mystery, why are there two heavens? See, the word heavens signify spirit and spirit in the Scripture is signified by spiritual water. So we see clearly in this drawing that there are two heavens. The heavens, part of Elohim's spirit, that is engraved with Elohim's nature, that is where the virgin children were supposed to be, and were before they fell down. And then we have the waters underneath the firmament, which is the second heaven, the negative heaven. This is the Primordial Serpent down here, see. And as I told you concerning drawing #1, that what the Primordial Serpent succeeded in doing when drew all of these virginal children down into her lower window, she created another firmament, another visible world underneath the ocean bed. The firmament that was over here dried up and died, and the Primordial Serpent erected a new one. It is called hell, it is the world that we live in. But the point that I am trying to make with this drawing most of all, is that all of the seeds of Elohim's seminal fluid, are the cells of one spiritual man.

Now I have given you a New Testament Scripture here because that is what came to mind, okay, and of course this New Testament Scripture that Xxxx is going to read into the message in a minute has to do with what is happening today, how each and every one of us that Christ Jesus is being formed in are cells of the new man Christ Jesus, see. Now we are still divided in our physical bodies. At this time and of course it was before time began, there were no physical bodies, I just drew Adam as a physical man to help you understand. I do not know what Adam looked like. I believe he had a visible form, but I honestly do not know what he looked like. I did draw a man to try to help you understand that all of these virginal seeds of Elohim's spiritual seminal fluid appeared in the firmament as one man.

See, in the spirit they were all separate, but when they appeared in the firmament which is the visible world, they appeared as one man, called Adam, the tree of life. It is just another way of saying, if it were possible, and maybe it is possible I do not know, that the cells of our body, maybe on some spiritual plane, the cells of my body exist in some individual way. I know that there has been research done, and I do not have any problem believing it, that there is consciousness on the cellular level. Now that does not mean that one cell of my body can stand up here teaching like this. We are not talking about intellect, we are talking about consciousness. What is consciousness? Consciousness is awareness. It is called existence; that you are aware that you exist.

So there is some consciousness on the cellular level, on the individual cellular level of the cells of our body, but what we see in the position that we are in, is the collective consciousness of every cell of the body of the individual that we are communicating with, and I communicate with you as the whole know as Sheila, but the individual cells of my body have consciousness. Now this may be difficult to understand brethren, but we, in the condition that we are in today, are being drawn into a collective whole, which is the body of Christ. Now to be a member of the body of Christ, you must stop living out of your carnal mind, you see. It is the Christ in you; that is a single cell of the body of a superior being called the glorified Christ Jesus. And it is the program, you see, the Lord Jesus Christ, he is the King of all of the earth, but he is a king that has not yet brought his country and his countrymen into submission to himself.

So if Christ is in you or if Christ Jesus is in you, He is struggling with the earthen part of you, which is your carnal mind, and the spiritual aspect of the earth is our emotions, the spiritual sea within us. Christ Jesus within you is struggling with the tides of the ocean within you, and with the mentality of the serpent within you, your carnal mind, the nature of the Serpent. Christ Jesus within you is in a death struggle with your negative side to rule your negative side. And when Christ Jesus succeeds, and brings your negative side into submission to himself, He, Christ Jesus in you, will bring all of you, Christ Jesus, your spiritual sea, your carnal mind, your personality, He will bring all of you, back up into the upper window, where you will be fully engraved with the nature of Jehovah, or in this case the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah's representative, or in this case, not even Jehovah's representative. The Lord, Jehovah is manifesting himself to us today as the Lord Jesus. And the reason Christ Jesus is struggling with you to overcome your carnal mind, is to bring all of you back up into the upper window of creation, where you will be walking above the sea, and you will no longer be subject to hell and death.

But because we are all sealed with the Serpent's nature, we fight against the one who wants to deliver us from hell and death. And the Lord Jesus is into education. Only those who work with him are going to make it. Listen this is a radical word, it looks like I am not going to get to the end of my notes today, but the end of the Alternate Translation that we have worked up for this message, II Kings 9:30-37, that verse 37 says, that the end of this war between Christ Jesus and the carnal mind, the people who choose or who prefer Christ Jesus and work with him, see, in our translation of Jezebel, you may recall King Adam within Jehu is looking out of Jehu's spiritual window, out of Jehu's eyes, speaking out of Jehu's mouth saying, anyone of you that can hear me, Christ in any one of you that can hear me, I am now giving you the power, whoever hears my words, and stands up and cast down their ascended Fiery Serpent, and prefers me, and overcomes their carnal mind, you will be restored to righteousness and spiritual power.

But to those of you who still prefer your carnal mind after I have given you the power to overcome her, to you I will turn you over to the one you prefer. Brethren, this is a hard word, but it is the truth. You are not saved because you answered an altar call, or because you were baptized, or you are not saved because you read the Bible, you must prefer the Lord Jesus Christ. And to prefer him, that means you must prefer his nature, and his lifestyle. So what that Alternate Translation in II Kings 9 is saying, it is the same thing that we have been saying in studied in the New Testament. Once the Lord Jesus sets you up in the left side of your heart center, which is beyond Satan's grasp, and as far as this study is concerned, all of us exist under the sea, because we are fallen, we are all in the lower window.

Once the Lord Jesus raises your consciousness into the upper window which is the left side, we are all under the right side down here, we are in the right side of the heart center, which is under Satan's sea, and we cannot understand that our life depends on choosing Christ Jesus and his righteous lifestyle, we cannot understand that. So the Lord has mercy on us, you see, and he is going to send Christ Jesus in the flesh to stand us up in the left side of our heart center, which is the world above, which is the spirit world that has Jehovah's righteous nature. Once He gives us the ability to understand, and we still choose or prefer Satan and Leviathan, the Lord Jesus will say, "That which you have chosen, so be it unto you."

Brethren, this baby Gospel that is in the church today, is deadly. But praise be to God, He is faithful when our faithfulness completely fails, He is faithful and He is faithful to the church, to the immature baby church, that has been calling on His name for all of these years, and his faithfulness will be fulfilled in His imparting to us the ability to understand the choices that we have, and that is the end of His obligation to us. He is not obligated to save us, when with full understanding, we despise His lifestyle. He is under no obligation to save our personality, or to deliver us from Satan and Leviathan. Can you hear it? His obligation is fulfilled in seeing to it, that we have a choice and the power to choose righteousness. He gives us the choice, by setting us up in the left side of our heart center, and He gives us the power to choose Him by imparting Christ to us, and that is all He is going to do.

If you choose Him He will work with you, but if you do not choose Him, when you are in full understanding, He is not going to punish you, but He is going to let you pursue your choice. That is the truth of the Gospel of Christ. You are not saved because you answer an altar call. But then again, on the other hand, I do not think you will burn in hell forever, on the one hand you are not going to burn in hell forever, but on the other hand, let us get real, if you are a person who is pursuing spiritual things, or perhaps you do not even pursuing spiritual things, the hour is at hand that if we do not pursue Jesus Christ, Satan is coming to marry us. And marriage to Satan can be very painful. So if you prefer Satan because for whatever your reasons, she is giving you something that you are not willing to give up at the moment, and you prefer her and you pursue her, you can experience hell for a season. Brethren, I was experiencing hell when the Lord found me and picked me up and put me on his own ass, and sent me to a hotel where I could get clean and sleep.

Praise the Lord. So we are on drawing #2, and Xxxx is going to read Eph.4:16 for us on to this message. Eph.4:16, "From whom the whole body fitly joined together, and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love." Well I guess that is a little difficult to understand, but if you are listening to this message, you can look it up yourself. It is simply a New Testament witness to the fact that if your spiritual mind can hear it, each one of us, no matter how mature we think we are in this world, or how smart or how educated or how wealthy we think we may be in this world, we are merely one cell, in the body of an entity which is so much greater than we are, that we do not even comprehend its existence.

You see, before Christ comes into our life, we are cells in the body of Leviathan. We are the cells that are conscious on the cellular level of spiritual body. Stretch your mind, if you do not understand it, it is okay, just try and open your mind, the Lord will help you, you may not understand it until tomorrow, before Christ came to us, we, the members of humanity, are the cells of Leviathan's body. Actually the Primordial Serpent's body. We are the cells of the Primordial Serpent's body, and we have consciousness on the cellular level. Remember I said that the cells of my body, that the scientist say that there is consciousness on the cellular level. I do not know what degree of consciousness an individual cell has. I know that it knows what it is supposed to do, the liver cells know what they are supposed to do, and the heart cells know what they are supposed to do, but I do not know what it is like for them. Each one of us, each member of humanity, we are one cell of the body of a being that is so great, that we cannot even comprehend it, all we see is ourselves in our own little world. It is like the cells of my heart having a whole society and not even knowing about me Sheila.

Can you hear that? It is awesome, it is very exciting to have your mind expanded like this, but that is the truth of our existence. And then when Christ is formed in us, we begin to be drawn into the body of Christ, but no matter which way you twist it, we are real little guys, you see. We are single cells, each one of is a single cell in the body of the superior entity. That is what we are, and it is very important for our life and our health, and the preservation of all of our relatives and the people that we love spiritual and physical, that we understand who we are, and that we humble ourselves before our God, and walk in his footsteps so that we can be members of the body of Christ, and not the members of the body of the Primordial Serpent. Are there any questions on this drawing here? Now I remind you that the purpose of this series of drawings, is that I am trying to demonstrate to you, how the seed of Elohim which is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, the virgins of Jehovah's life, which has the potential to grow up into a collective civilized man with Jehovah's righteous nature, fell down into the worlds underneath the sea, and today are manifesting as the Fiery Serpents. They were fish swimming in the clear waters, and became so laden with earth, that they fell down into the earth and the Scripture calls them earthworms. Okay, we will take a picture of that. This is drawing #3, in which I am trying to show you, well let me start at the beginning. At the top we still have the upper window, and I have tried to show you with these dashed lines, that many seeds in the spirit...

So as soon as this spiritual force, which is the spirit of the Primordial Serpent, the negative nature of the creation, blew Adam apart, he lost his ability to hold the whole body together. It was no contest for this, you might even call it a blue hole, a force sucking downward, just sucked all of the sperm down into the lower window. Actually, the force broke up the whole firmament. Adam was the firmament, he was the reflection of himself, was the visible world in the midst of the seas, holding the line between the positive spirit and the negative spirit. And the power of sea underneath broke him apart, and the firmament ceased to exist because the firmament is Adam, and all of these seeds fell down into the sea. They fell down in the negative waters heavily laden with earth, and were seriously covered with earth and sank to the bottom, and became earthworms in this earth of the sea bottom.

So let us take a picture and I will do one more, in which I will show you the world that the Serpent raised up. You see brethren, this is the mystery, there is a true male in the earth, Christ Jesus, and a pseudo-male, Satan and Leviathan, and they are both trying to establish their own world in which they are God. So we see in drawing #4, that the force of the Primordial Serpent, which is the Primordial Sea, the gravity of her spirit, pulled so hard on Adam, and Elohim was pulling from the top, and the Primordial Serpent was pulling from the bottom and Adam blew apart and broke into pieces. Well what kind of a God is that, that would let him break into pieces? Brethren, the catch is that Adam broke into pieces because he was not in agreement with Elohim. He fell out of agreement with Elohim, he was tricked by the Primordial Serpent, he knew better, he had been instructed by Elohim, but when the force of the Primordial Serpent's power touched him, he was tricked and he forgot the law. The same exact thing has happened to me. He forgot his instructions and he obeyed the Primordial Serpent, and as soon as he was no longer in conscious agreement with Elohim, who is above, the conflicting forces pulled him apart, broke him into pieces.

Now brethren, to be broken into pieces is the judgment upon Leviathan, he is going to be broken into pieces. What does that mean? It means the whole process is being reversed. So we see that the Primordial Serpent established her own visible world, which is her own firmament, underneath the ocean bed. Now that sounds very strange to you, what are you talking about Sheila, underneath the ocean bed, what is this mass of earth here? Well brethren; that is just a carnal image that I have drawn to try and help you to understand, okay. The truth of the matter is, that we, each and every one of us are one of these seeds that came out of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and we are so completely covered with the earth, that we look like what we look like. We are bound to the earth. So there really is not any block of earth over here, this ocean bottom is covering us individually. We are covered with thick clods of earth, and spiritually speaking, we are under the sea. You see, our spiritual reality is not linear. The drawings that I have been drawing for you are linear, the top, the firmament, the bottom, one on top of the other. That is not the true reality, we need to see it that way to understand it, because we are carnal, but all of these planes of consciousness, they are all one, they are all interpenetrating. Did you ever see a picture of an atom, where you see the orbits, the many orbits all interpenetrating each other? That is what we are like, all of these aspects are in the same place.

So the earth is right down here with us. This flesh is the ocean bottom that is covering the seed of Elohim's seminal fluid, which is our true reality. That is our immortal soul. The seed of Elohim's seminal fluid is the immortal soul that Paul talks about. Jesus calls him the worm that never dies. The Fiery Serpent is the part of us that incarnates over and over and over again. The Fiery Serpent is the part of us who was the virgin that had Jehovah's nature, and today has the Serpent's nature, and is buried under the earth of our spiritual being. The Fiery Serpent is one of the many seeds that collectively was called Adam. It is the one Adam broke apart. He fell down into Cain and Abel. I was teaching that for a long time but never as explicitly as this. Adam was the collective consciousness of all of the seeds. When Adam died, all of the seeds became manifest, that they were separate. And the Scripture calls all of the seeds apart from the collective consciousness of Adam, Abel. And the Cain, that is a part of the Cain and Abel, is the animal nature that covers the seed. This seed that became wrapped in the earth, the earth cleaving to the seed is the animal nature.

Now when Adam existed, he had an animal nature which was under his authority, but when Adam blew apart and each of the seeds became covered with earth, Abel was buried under the earth. Cain is the earth that Abel is buried under, and the earth is the animal nature who is lying on top and ruling over the seed of Jehovah's life. I am not going to do Genesis all over again, but basically what happened is that Elohim reached down, pierced through the earth, contacted Abel, the many membered Abel, and set him up in authority over Cain. Did I say Elohim, Jehovah did that, we see that in Genesis 4, and Cain was infuriated. He said this is my turf down here, what do you mean you are giving Abel dominion over me? And Jehovah said to him, "You do well, and you will have good things too, but if you do not, sin, the Primordial Serpent, and her nature, lieth at the door, to bring torment to the whole creature, Abel, the seed underneath, and Cain, the animal nature or the earth on the top."

And brethren, this is who we are today in this world down here. Our external parts, including this physical body is Cain. This physical body is the expression of the spiritual earth, Cain, that Abel is buried under. And as I said earlier in this message, Abel in probably all, aside from those who are in a relationship with Jesus in any measure, this seed is completely dead to Jehovah's nature, so completely dead to Jehovah's nature, that it probably could not be revived, it can revived by the Holy Spirit alone. But approximately 7,000 years ago, Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, in which He revitalized that Fiery Serpent; that is the Fiery Serpent. You see, let me say it this way, Abel, Abel is the seed that has Jehovah's nature. As soon as Abel receives the nature of the Serpent, his name changes to the Fiery Serpent. He received the Serpent's nature, so his name becomes Serpent. Abel is the name in the Scripture that indicates the mortal seed that Adam deteriorated into when Adam died, but Abel is still of Jehovah's household. But when Abel is completely overtaken, that every vestige, every remnant of Jehovah's nature is completely wiped out and replaced with the Primordial Serpent's nature, Abel's name changes to Serpent, he is married the Serpent and now his name is Serpent, and he is the Fiery Serpent within us, our immortal soul, who is no longer a virgin, but is still in a condition of non-permanence. The Fiery Serpent in every man is not permanently formed in the Serpent's nature, in Christ Jesus he can be restored to the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has Jehovah's nature.

And therefore the Lord Jesus has come to find that which is lost, all of the seeds of Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid, who have been captured and completely reprogrammed to reflect the Primordial Serpent's nature, and buried under the earth in fallen humanity, waiting to be married to the Primordial Serpent who glorify them in her image, and bring them into an eternal hell, which would exist not in this world down here, but in the spiritual aspect from the Primordial Serpent's world, which we call the astral plane, that is what she wants to do. And Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to make contact with the Fiery Serpents in all of us, and completely erase the Serpent's nature from the Fiery Serpents, at which time the Fiery Serpent will become Abel again. And the way the Lord Jesus is doing this, is by sending the seed of Christ, that has the nature of the Lord Jesus who has Jehovah's nature, and that seed is cleaving unto the Fiery Serpent, and saying, "You have forgotten who you really are, but you are the seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid."

And the Fiery Serpent is saying, "Do not you come and take authority over me, I have the Serpent's nature, I have Satan's nature, and I prefer it, do not you cover me, Christ Jesus, I do not want your lifestyle," but Christ Jesus is coming anyway, you see, because every Fiery Serpent is the property of Jehovah, and for that reason, the Lord Jesus Christ can take you against your will in the day that He decides to do it, because you belong to Him, and you were kidnapped before time began, you were kidnapped by the Fiery Serpent, and the esoteric Scripture says that once she got you down into the lower window, she slammed the door shut and locked it, so that the Fiery Serpents could not, well at that point, they were not the Fiery Serpents, they were Jehovah's seed, they were still fishes.

They could not get back into the upper window, and then she drew them down, down, down, down, until they were so covered with earth, that they lost all memory of Jehovah's righteousness and became the Fiery Serpents that incarnate this animalistic formation of humanity. So the seed, when its, Jehovah's seed, when it is in Jehovah's nature, it is Abel, and when it is in the Primordial Serpent's nature, is the Fiery Serpent. And the Lord Jesus Christ is sent by Jehovah to reverse what the Primordial Serpent did, to erase the nature of the Primordial Serpent from the Fiery Serpent, and to engrave that Fiery Serpent with the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, through marriage to Christ Jesus. And thus we come to the place of everything that I have been teaching for years here. Christ must be grafted to you, Christ must increase into Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus must ascend above the Fiery Serpent and cover her, Christ Jesus must penetrate the Fiery Serpent, Christ Jesus must marry her, and Christ Jesus must carry that Fiery Serpent who is now called a Seraph up into the higher centers. The Seraph, the Seraphim, the Seraph become the Seraphim, and the Seraphim are the seeds of Jehovah that return to the upper window, and become Jehovah's civilized man. And the Scripture just calls them Seraphim, Serpents that now serve Jehovah. It is just a parable to deliver the message to you that the Serpent will eventually serve Jehovah, because Jehovah's seeds, they have become Serpents.

You see, the Primordial Serpent will always be a Serpent, okay, but the Fiery Serpent, in you and in me can change and will not always be a Serpent. And therefore I tell you, that Satan will cease to exist, who is Satan? Satan is Elohim's waters, all of Elohim's waters down here in the world underneath, which waters will be boiled, so that Elohim's pure waters can ascend in a form of distillation and separate from the earth, which is the restoration of the waters of the upper window. So first we see the waters of the upper window restored, and then the seed of the upper window have to be separated from the earth, re-engraved with the nature of Jesus Christ, and restored to the upper window, so the Lord Jesus' whole seminal fluid is in the upper window. Now this process has already happened in the man Jesus, and the man Jesus is glorified and one with Jehovah and Elohim. And the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, of the glorified Jesus Christ is now been delivered into the earth, the purified waters to enter in, to individual mortal men, to be the first part of the germ seed that will recreate Jehovah's image in the creation. So first we need to get the Holy Spirit, the purified waters, and then Christ must be imparted to us, the seed that is no longer in the Serpent's image, but the seed that is once again in Jehovah's image, and that seed of Christ grafts to that Fiery Serpent. It says remember who you are. You are a son of God, you are not a Serpent, you are a son of God, and the Fiery Serpent bites the one who tells them that and says, "I am a Serpent, and I choose to be a Serpent, and I prefer to be a Serpent, and I will kill you if you try to change me." But the Lord Jesus Christ is fearless, and will proceed to perform his promise.

He takes that Fiery Serpent, raises it up under the authority of Christ Jesus, into the left side of the heart center, and said, Now listen, this is who you are, a son of God. And the way the Lord Jesus is doing this, I guess I skipped a step there is by speaking, now this is a great mystery, first the Lord Jesus is speaking to Cain, the earth, the female part of the personality, the one who keeps burying Abel, versus, Now look, you the woman, I am going to educate you. Why? Because even though Cain, the woman that keeps burying Abel, even though she is the one that keeps burying Abel, the female part of the personality is the one that is suffering down here in hell. So the female personality, the personalities that cry out to Jesus and say, Help me, I do not know how I got into this condition, I cried out to the Lord for years, I do not know how I got into this condition at ten or eleven years old, but I was dying at eleven years old, and all of these terrible things were happening to me, but I heard there is a God up there, please help me, that was Cain in me, crying out, the woman, the spiritual woman in me. Because you see, Jehovah's seed; that has been engraved in the Fiery Serpent's image, has become very, very evil. I made a mistake a few minutes ago, the Lord is not setting the Fiery Serpent in the left side of the heart center, so I have to correct that right now, it is the female side of the personality that is being set up in there. Jehovah's seed is powerful, and that seed, became very powerful on the negative side, and very evil.

Some Fiery Serpents are more evil than others. The Fiery Serpents are evil and good, they are subject to Satan's world. They are evil and good. But even the people in this world that are not outwardly evil, once that Fiery Serpent starts ascending in you, she becomes evil. You see, maybe you are a decent person leading what this world would call a decent life, and your Fiery Serpent has not been active, she has been sleeping in the first energy center. But spiritual power coming into our world, both from the Lord Jesus and from Satan, spiritual power, negative spiritual power is pouring into this world, and the Fiery Serpents of all of the people are starting to be stirred up. And when that Fiery Serpent starts ascending under Satan's influence, she becomes exceedingly evil. I was preaching this for years, people who have led a decent life, you are going to be shocked at the things that you are doing. So you should not run to Jesus for fear of hell, but cleave to him for safety. Do not be afraid of hell after death, that there is nothing you could do about, but cleave unto him for safety, because you have a revelation of what life without Him is like, or will be like if it is not like that now, if your life is decent now. So the seeds of Jehovah's seminal fluid have become exceedingly evil, at least their potential is exceedingly evil, and it is Cain, the animal nature that is covering that seed, who is really suffering, the woman always suffers because of the man's error. That Fiery Serpent, Jehovah's seed, has become a male, has become a husband to the animal nature that is covering him.

Well, you know, that is really the same thing, Adam was a husband to the spiritual animal that he was joined to, but he collective Adam was in Jehovah's nature. So these Fiery Serpents, they are still doing what Adam did, they are a husband to the animal nature except that they are now under the collective consciousness known as Leviathan, who is in the Primordial Serpent's nature, and our spiritual husband is very cruel to us, he is living off of us, drinking our spiritual blood, and the more evil that spiritual husband is, the more we have a tendency towards sickness and disease and disaster in our life. Does that mean if you are sick you are wicked person? Brethren, you cannot think with a carnal mind like that. Sin comes down on the family line, it may be true that you have been wicked in your life, but sin is inherited, you cannot be thinking like that. Oh I am sick because I am a terrible, because I did this terrible thing. You cannot be thinking like that. The whole world is fallen, just think about that you are in trouble and you are asking Jesus to help you; that is what you think about. If you focus on, Oh my God I am such a terrible person, but it is not a true repentance it is just pride, you are not going to get healed, if you see evil in yourself you have to confess it, if you have done things that are wrong, you have to confess it, but to be walking around and saying, Oh my God, I am evil person, that could be a manifestation of pride that stops you from getting healed, because you are so worried about what you are, that no true repentance is coming forth.

So this is what is happening brethren, this seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, the revived Abel, is entering into human beings, into mortal men, and cleaving to the Fiery Serpents, like a virus, cleaving to the Fiery Serpents, and there is a war going on, if Christ is grafted to your ground, the Fiery Serpent is your ground, there is a war going on. And it is only in the case of the personality that hears this message and agrees with the Lord Jesus Christ, that the seed of Christ, which is the revived Abel, can prevail, why? Because in order for Christ to prevail, you have got to face your sin nature and turn against it, and try and kill it. Because if you prefer your sin nature, the Christ seed that is grafted to you will not survive. So is it a punishment that Jehovah says, "Well, if you do not prefer me after I have enabled you to understand this message, you will become an expression of Satan and Leviathan." Is that a punishment? No, you have chosen your own way. So have I done it, have I helped you to understand how the Fiery Serpent is Abel, do you have any understanding of it at all, or do you have to go home and listen to the messages? Okay. The Fiery Serpent is Abel whose nature was changed. This is the testimony of Darth Vader, if you are a Star Wars buff. He was the good one, Luke Skywalker is his son, but Darth Vader is the dark side, he became evil, he died to everything that was righteous, and he became evil, that is the truth of the Fiery Serpent within us, our immortal soul, our worm that dieth not. And those Fiery Serpents belong to Jehovah, who has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to recover that which was lost, the children of the kingdom.

So therefore we see that the worst sinner, the worst sinner has the potential to be a son of God. Why? Because there is something in that sinner that has the potential to be restored to righteousness, and that part of us that has the potential to be restored to righteousness is our Fiery Serpent, no matter how wicked or evil it is manifesting through any particular person. And that is the basis; that is the legal basis, for the Lord Jesus penetrating into this world, despite the protestations of the god of this world who does not want him here. The Lord Jesus Christ says, you have stolen the children of the kingdom and you use them to create this illegal world, and I have come to take them back. Now listen, all of the Fiery Serpents are going back. If you are a personality who prefers Satan's nature, even after you are set up in the left side of your heart center, and given an opportunity to choose, you, the personality will die, because eternal life is only in Christ Jesus, and when you, the personality die, your Fiery Serpent separates from you, because your Fiery Serpent is immortal, and you the personality are not.

So the Lord Jesus will still recover every Fiery Serpent that has been engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature, but you, the personality that has been so penetrated by Satan's nature, that even with understanding you do not want the Lord Jesus Christ, you that personality will live your life and die, whatever kind of death, you will either die a natural death, or whatever you die from you will die. But the end of the whole thing is that every single Fiery Serpent will be re-engraved with Jehovah's nature, and this negative firmament under the sea, will roll up like a scroll and cease to exist, and the true firmament that separates the lower from the upper window, will be recreated in a much stronger way, the tie between Adam and Jehovah and Elohim above, will be powerful enough to resist the electro-magnetic force of the Primordial Serpent underneath, and Jehovah's imagination will be manifested in the earth, a civilized man, a many membered civilized man, with Jehovah's nature, shall appear in the earth, and inhabit the earth, and after that I do not have any more information.

But we will be a very productive creation in righteousness, and the animal nature will cease to strive with the righteous nature of the Lord, and there will be peace in all of the Lord's holy mountain, upper energy centers. The mountain is the higher energy centers, and the holy mountain of the higher energy centers of the righteous time line. So we see brethren, that our condition today is really not that much different than Adam's condition. We are a little more difficult condition because we have already sinned, but on the one hand, we are in a more difficult condition because we have already sinned and we are subject to our carnal mind, but on the other hand, we have the power of Christ Jesus, which Adam did not have. He had the power of Elohim, he did not have the power of a glorified man. So we actually have more and better chance than Adam had, because Adam was the beginning of creation and he was not fully equipped. But the New Testament tells us that we are all fully equipped, in Christ Jesus we are fully equipped. So we are coming from a more difficult position. Adam had not yet sinned, so if he had what we have today, he would have never fallen, but he did not have what we have today. So things are harder because we have already sinned, but yet we have what Adam did not have, even though we have sinned, we have more power to make it back to the upper window, and stand forever in righteousness than Adam had. And that is the story, which brings us back to our notes on Jezebel, but I will not go on today, it is almost midnight. Any questions before we close? Lord willing we will finish up this message on Thursday. Did you have a question?

COMMENT: I was just wondering if in your opinion, the breakup of Adam was the Big Bang theory the scientist speak of.

SHEILA: Well I never thought about that, but it certainly does make a lot of sense to me. Now I have always thought that up until your suggestion, and this was a godly suggestion, I always thought that the big bang was Elohim separating from Jehovah, but I really think that you are probably right, because the Big Bang was the beginning of this physical universe, you know. So whether or not there was a Big Bang when Elohim separated from Jehovah, I do not know, but the Big Bang that we talk about is the Big Bang that started the universe that we are part of, and it really makes sense that it could have been Adam blowing apart. And anything else? Any other questions? There is just one other point that I wanted to make before we close. I want to show you a Scripture in Genesis 2, which very subtly reveals everything that I have just told you. Genesis 2 begins, "Thus the heavens and the earth, (please note that the heavens are mentioned first, meaning that the heavens have preeminence over the earth). Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all of the hosts of them, and on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all of his work which he had made, and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because that in it he had rested from all his work, which God, (that is Elohim), created and made."

Now verse 4 says, "These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens." Do you see the reversal from heavens and earth to earth and heavens? Now I have not looked at that in the Interlinear Text, but I am convinced that this verse reflects the reversal of the situation that I showed you, starting with drawing one, where the heavens were on top, and the heavens were prevailing over the earth, both the earth of the firmament and the earth underneath the sea, and now things have changed and the earth is on top and the heavens or the spirit is buried under the earth. And I believe that everything from verse 4 of Genesis 2, through to the end of the book of Revelation is the account of our existence in this fallen world, that there is an intermission in Jehovah's plan for his creation that was finished, or at least the first stage of it was finished. Adam was finished, but he was not fully completed. He was finished but he was not, he was finished but let us say he was not baked in the oven yet, he was not made permanent yet, and he blew apart. And everything that is happened ever since that explosion, is an intermission in God's plans for his creation, as an intermission that is going to be forgotten, when the Lord Jesus corrects the error, and restores us to the world above, everything that is happened down here, will be like a bad dream.

We will just go on with Jehovah's plans for the creation, and probably, the whole history of our fallen world will only have occurred in a split second. Of course there is no time in the world above. When we are restored to the world above, we are going to continue as if there were no intermission. I have spoken to many people that have some revelation from reading the early chapters of Genesis; that they were two creations, and they believe that Jehovah made two creations, but he did not. Jehovah made the one that creation blew apart, and the Primordial Serpent formed the second one. And I would have to look in the Interlinear Text and see if I could figure out why it reads that way, that the Lord God made the heavens and the earth, and the earth and the heavens, because I do not believe that the Elohim made the earth and the heavens, Elohim did not make the creation that put the heavens, that gave the earth preeminence over the heavens. The Primordial Serpent formed that world down here under the sea.

So yes there were two creations, but the second one is illegal, and is going to be wiped out, and the part of us that is immortal, the Fiery Serpent is the one that came down from heaven, and only the one that came down from heaven, can go back up into heaven. And we, the personality that we know each other as, we are the temporary formation of the earth, which is Cain. Our personality, our physical body, and our etheric body, just last for this life time. They dissolve. The Fiery Serpent ascends back into Satan's heaven, and reincarnates, and reforms and re-wraps himself in the earth of a physical personality every time he descends into the earth, reforms that same earth.

I want to pray for the church. Father in the name of Jesus, Lord we pray for your whole church, we pray for everyone who names the name of Jesus, Lord, that they should be delivered from spiritual retardation and arrested spiritual development Lord, we break that curse upon them, and we pray that they should be set up in the left side of their heart center, that their ears should be opened, that they should hear the truth of your glorious word Lord, and the truth of their condition that they might cry out for help, Father, and be restored to the glory of the kingdom that they are to inherit Lord. We forgive their sins, Father, we forgive the sins of everyone, especially the ministers, and especially the pastors, who know that this message is the truth of God and have rejected it, or refused to teach it. We just curse the carnal mind throughout your whole church, and we pray that everyone should rise up and hear your word and move forward and prefer Christ and fight this war, and be restored to the world above, in the name of Jesus, may your purposes in us be fulfilled, and may that fulfillment begin, and that right soon, in the name of Jesus we pray that, Amen.

7/21/00 rs

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