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I am going to let the group listen to this one message of Pastor Manning's that we are responding to. As a preliminary or prelude to your hearing him, I just started to remind you what anti-Christ is. Anti-Christ is a spirit. John tells us that many anti-Christs have gone into the world. The spirit of anti-Christ can be recognized by confusion. Confusion comes in when we hear a little bit of truth followed up by a lot of lies.


The spiritual lie does not mean that the person is consciously and knowingly planning and plotting to lie to you. The carnal mind is the liar. The way the carnal mind thinks is the liar. Any mind or spirit that thinks contrary to the mind of God is spiritually called a liar. The mind of God is the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit which manifests as thinking, which opposes the mind of God, is the lie.


We have a Scripture that says, "Let God be true and every man a liar." This does not mean that everybody that is in God will think exactly the same. This is a big misunderstanding in the Church. The Spirit of Truth is so great. The Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is so great that His truth can manifest through a million people in a variety of ways totaling a million different ways, but the root of the expression of that principle, of that Scripture, is the same. That may be difficult for you to understand, but any truth, spiritual or otherwise, can be understood on many levels.


We teach our two year olds, our three year olds, one way, and as you become an adult, the rules change, or the understanding changes. If your child is in school and learning algebra in the third grade, it is not the same algebra that the PhD in algebra is learning.


The mind of mortal man is the filter that the Spirit of Christ or the Spirit of Truth flows through. The message that flows through and out of the mouth of the vessel will vary depending upon the maturity and the degree of knowledge and understanding that the vessel or filter has of that particular spiritual principle.


It is one Spirit of Truth, one spiritual principle that the Spirit of Truth is flowing through. Let us say the Spirit of Truth is flowing through everybody in this meeting, and it is possible for everybody here to get a little exhortation on the spiritual truth that comes forth.


It will be different, and it will be creative. It will be different from everyone of us, but every exhortation that each one of us has to say would be arising out of a spirit of truth. Therefore, what that person says will be true, even though the words will not be exactly the same. Does anybody not understand that?


Therefore, when that Spirit of Truth hits the carnal mind, if Christ does not rise in the person, and the carnal mind lays hold of that spiritual truth, and gives it's exhortation on it, it comes out skewed from God's point of view. The carnal mind's understanding of the spiritual principle comes out skewed.


The way we read about this, and the terms that we are more familiar with is, "The letter of the law killeth." We talked about this earlier. If somebody kills somebody in self-defense, the letter of the law says you murdered, you killed, and you must be killed.


I heard this story down in Florida while visiting my daughter. I heard that there had been three deaths by crocodiles. Three people died from a crocodile attack recently. The church that I go to when I am down there made an announcement that one of those people, who had been killed by a crocodile, had been a member of that church. My point is that there is a problem with crocodiles in Florida right now, which happens from time to time.


One story is that a woman heard her dog barking, and came out to see what was happening, and a crocodile was attacking her dog. She ran in the house and got a shotgun and killed the crocodile to save her dog, and the government came and gave her a fine for hunting without a license. That is skewed thinking. This is a perfect example of what I was talking about earlier, and what I am talking about now. It is the reasoning of the carnal mind.


We have another Scripture that says the day will come that people will be doing evil and think that they are doing God a favor. What does that mean? I experience that a lot here. People send me e-mails from my web page opposing the message and doing everything they can to stop me from preaching this message. They think they are doing God a favor.


It just so happens that God is doing something here that they do not understand. That is why we should not be criticizing people, especially when they say that they are in Christ. We really have to leave people to God unless the Lord moves on you, and it is His mind telling you to do something.


The problem is that they think God is telling them that they are going to save the world by shutting down all the ministries that are speaking error. That is not how it works in God's kingdom. You do not shut down the ministry that is preaching error. Heresies must abound.


God's people will be taught to think for themselves. God educates people. He tells you His truth, and there is no way that anybody is going to come to a place in Christ, which is a level of maturity, where you can recognize false doctrine or error in doctrine, if you have not first learned the truth. There is no way.


If you think that something that you have never heard before is error, because you have never heard it before, then your thinking is skewed, and you are going by the letter of the law, because you are judging by your knowledge what someone is saying. Anybody that is brave enough to take a look at that will see that, that is the epitome of pride.


I was there. It is spiritual immaturity. I was in that place years ago. I never thought in terms of, "I knew it all." I do not think I ever thought like that, but if I heard something that was unfamiliar to me, I assumed it was wrong. How absolutely naive. Then for the longest time, I was very naive as a teacher. I really thought that the day was going to come that I was going to get this message, and I was going to have it down it pat, and I was going to know it from beginning to end.


We just worked so hard here. We just studied, and preached, and studied, and preached, and studied and preached, and we went through the spiritual sky. We found ourselves in another whole world at the bottom of the barrel. We went through the sky into the next level, and I found out that there are all kinds of spiritual truth out there that is in Christ, that the average people in the Church never heard about, yet.


I know there are people that know a lot more than I do, and that there will always be people that know a lot more than I do. Even if I turn out to be the most knowledgeable person in the world, which is not likely to happen, I still will not possess it all, because the Word of God is infinite. The mind of a man is not capable of comprehending the infinity of the Word of God. It is impossible. It is an ever expanding, ever increasing word.


If you stop to think about it, your pride would get upset. Pride would say, "I will never really understand it," but the mind of Christ says, "Is that not wonderful." Here we have the Scripture that you will never be begging spiritual bread, because the Word of God is infinite. No matter what degree you grow to, there will always be something to learn. Who wants to know it all? Then life gets boring, but we want to continue growing and learning. The Word of God is infinite.


Again, we come back to this basic principle of the mind of Christ versus the carnal mind. We see a lot of skewed thinking in this society today. I was shocked to find out that there are laws on the book in this state and a lot of other states, that if somebody physically attacks you, punches you, has a gun or a knife, and you have the ability to get a hold of them and hurt them, grab that knife away, knock them out, and bloody them, and break their nose, you can be criminally charged for assault. That is the law in this state and many other states.


You are not allowed to defend yourself. There is no legal justification for harming another human being, even if your life is in danger. What is happening here is that the thought process of Christ, which largely prevailed over this nation, is starting to dissolve and deteriorate into this kind of askew thinking. It is a national thing. It is more than national. It is a Christian thing. It is happening in the Christian world, across the board, askew thinking.


We had a situation right here in this country a couple of years ago where a man came from down South somewhere. He had a gun. He was an honorably discharged military man, a family man with a wife and children, working, a decent solid citizen. He had a gun and he moved to New York. He filled out the application for a gun permit. He had just moved here, and he had a gun.


It was part of his possession, and the license had not been granted yet. During this interim period, between the time that he filed the application, and the license had not been granted yet, a burglar broke into his house and came into his child's bedroom. The man took out his gun and shot the burglar. I do not believe he killed him. That Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in the Bronx, would not let this man go. He was determined to prosecute him for having a gun without a license. I do not know what the ultimate disposition was, but the man was a man of integrity, and he would not plea bargain.


I think there was so much publicity that the ADA really just wanted him to go away, but was trying to save face himself so he offered him a plea bargain. The man would not take it. He said that if he was not vindicated, he would go to jail, but there was no way he was going to compromise, because he had not done anything wrong.


This kind of skewed thinking, where the situation is not black and white, is starting to become more and more predominant over this country. It is frightening, if you can see what is happening. It is frightening when you start to see this kind of thinking in government. It is very scary when people with authority have skewed thinking.


What we are talking about here is the righteousness of Christ being in leadership to fairly judge between good and evil, and to recognize extenuating circumstances, and to have mercy. This is the definition of Christ. The law that Israel was under, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth gave no opportunity for extenuating circumstances. If you kill, you will be killed.


This is the law of sharia, that the Moslems are under. This is the Islamic law that these radical Moslems want to bring to this country. You steal, I cut your hand off. You commit adultery, you die. I do not know whether you know that or not, but that is what is behind 9-11. They believe that the West is very immoral, and they are not wrong. There is a lot of immorality in the West, but they want to physically, by force, bring their law to the Christian nation. That is what it is all about.


We have a middle column. We read in the Scripture that we should not go to the left or the right but walk that straight line. The straight path is Christ. The left side is the law, judgment without mercy. The right side is permissiveness, and the society starts to descend into chaos with permissiveness. In the Christian world today, we have seen the law. I mean really extreme cases of manifestation of the law without mercy in the Christian world, burning witches, for example.


I do not know, but I have a problem believing that, that is God, that people should be burnt alive. Maybe I do not know what I am talking about, but I have a problem with that, right now anyway.


We are going into permissiveness, but Christ is the middle ground. He is the combination of the letter of the law, the full enforcement of the letter of the law and permissiveness. He is the perfect balance. He is judgement. It is called righteous judgement with mercy. His judgment results in spiritual growth and life. Judgment on the left side results in destruction.


It is just what I was saying to you earlier about the man that died in Iraq after being bombed by our troops. He died as a result of righteous judgment. He killed and was responsible for many deaths. There was absolutely no repentance in his heart at all. He would have continued to kill with his dying breath, and it was right that he died under the law. That is a better example than burning witches. I do not know where that came from.


This was an example of the law that Israel was under, the sowing and reaping judgment. He killed, and he was killed, but in Christ the middle ground, righteous judgment, judgment that should fall, has compassion that makes a way of escape. The way of escape is that if we are blessed enough to be brought to conviction by the Lord, that we did do something wrong, He changes our heart, and the end of it is not destruction. The end of it is spiritual growth.


Anyway, I do not know how I got on that. We were talking about Pastor Manning. The spirit right now that is reigning through him is anti-Christ. He preaches a truth, and he follows it up with the lies. That does not mean he knows that he is lying. What that means is, it is his carnal mind. It is the reasoning, and the thinking, and the understanding of the Scripture as it filters through the carnal mind.


That is what the lie is, the spiritual lie. Let God be true and let the truth of God prevail, and let everything that the carnal mind man says be revealed to be the lie in the light of what God is saying. This is what is coming out of him.


He had a very interesting message that I watched for a few minutes the other day. He had the spirit of revelation, but it is skewed. He got the revelation that man can reproduce without a woman. There is spiritual truth here. First of all, all humanity is spiritually female in relation to God, and Adam, the creation at the beginning, was not a physical person in an animal body.


There is the first error right there, but he thinks, from what I understand from what he was preaching, that the original creation was a physical man.


He went through a series of steps whereby, logically, he proved that Adam, a physical male, was able to reproduce. He said this in terms of having a baby. All that he could say was, "With God all things are possible." That is ridiculous to think that a physical male can have a baby, but we know that Adam at the beginning was not a physical male. He was a spiritual male, and we know that spiritual beings reproduce in a multiplicity of ways.


Sometimes, they reproduce like ameba, and other single cell organisms reproduce by cell division, spiritual beings, now. I know there was a time I gave a whole teaching on this. The only other way that comes to my mind right now is what they call "the sweat born." Remember, these are not human beings. They are spiritual entities. I do not know what they look like, but they sweat out their young. Somehow, they just appear small.


When you have cell division, the entity divides in two, and you have two equal entities. You have one, and then you have two. With the sweat born, some small aspect comes out on the entity and then grows to full size, like a drop of sweat comes out, and grows to full size. Did I make that clear?


We see all of these realities in the atomic world, the smaller cell organisms and the plant life. We see that plants reproduce. Plants have both male and female aspects and they reproduce. All these different forms of reproduction exist in the world in some aspect of creation, but not in human beings. These forms of reproduction did exist, or maybe still do exist, on some spiritual level. I cannot go into the whole thing that Pastor Manning was teaching.


Basically, he was saying that Adam was male and he produced children. We know it was not human children. It is true that Adam reproduced without having an Eve, but how Pastor Manning said he reproduced, I believe, is inaccurate. We have the truth, that at the beginning of time, there was reproduction, but it was not human reproduction, because Adam was not in an animal body. An example of truth followed up by the conclusions of his carnal mind.


Pastor Manning heard in the spirit a truth about reproduction, about not needing a woman to reproduce. He heard that truth in the spirit, but because he was lacking knowledge, his carnal mind drew the conclusion that it is possible for a physical male to bear children, and that is impossible.


I believe it is possible for a physical woman to bear a child without a man. This may come as a shock to a lot of you, but in other parts of the world, in other spiritual communities of the world, they know about virgin births. I have a whole message on that called Mind Generation. An egg in a woman's ovary can actually be stimulated to reproduce and bring forth a child by a mind that is powerful enough to do it.


The only catch is it will have to be a female child. It cannot produce a male child without a male seed. I am telling you there are spiritual communities in the world that have all kinds of knowledge that I have not even tapped into yet. It is known in these communities that a woman can conceive without human sexual intercourse. I guess conceive is not the right word. She will produce a child. An egg of her ovary will start to enter into reproduction and will develop into a child, and the child can be born, but it will always be a female child.


The real miracle that you do not hear about in the Church is not that Mary was a virgin, and she had a baby, but that the baby was male, because mind generated incarnation always produces a female child. Wow, we are all over the place today.


My point is that Pastor Manning is manifesting a spirit of anti-Christ. He has a truth, and then he draws conclusions from the truth, and those conclusions are spiritual lies. He thinks they are true. Spiritual lies, meaning they are conclusions drawn by his carnal mind. Does anybody have any questions before I continue to play the tape?


PASTOR MANNING on tape: A couple of months later they move a little south to a city called Los Angeles on a street called Azusa, these same demons. The Bible says that when the earthquakes take place, many false prophets shall rise. In the year 1906, Azusa Street starts. It started because these demons that were released from the earthquake moved down to L.A. and up comes all of these false prophets and these Azusa Street tongue talking blasphemers and liars.


PASTOR VITALE: By way of review I preached on this already. He is equating the earthquakes which, according to the King James Translation, anyway, have to do with judgment and evil. He is equating that to the onset of the Christian Church today, the Pentecostal Church, that speaks in tongues. He is saying speaking in tongues is evil.


He comes to that conclusion, because he equates the earthquake in San Francisco to the appearance or the events that happened in Azusa Street, which happened to happen at the same time. He takes a truth like, "Earthquakes are not good because people die, and at the same time Azusa Street happens, and people started talking in tongues, so therefore tongues are evil." It is skewed reasoning of the carnal mind.


PASTOR MANNING on tape: It is contradictory to Paul's statement about the ministry of tongues in the Church. If one is going to speak, let another interpret and let it be two by two. If a prophet is going to prophesy, let one prophesy and the other interpret, or submit themselves to the will of the other. When you see what took place on Azusa Street, what happened in these churches with all of these blasphemers lying on the Holy Ghost, saying that they are talking in tongues, it is nothing but the rise of false prophets and false churches that came up out of the darkness of the earthquake of San Francisco in the year 1906.


Here is the thing that perhaps you all have to make a stand up on as I get ready to say this. This will give you the opportunity to be able to receive it. Take a stand for just a moment. Let me express to you as we go forward, and prepare ourselves now for the one thousand year peace reign, as we prepare ourselves for the last day of creation, as we began to understand the creation process.


As we get ready now to get ready to go before the judgment seat of God, and the power that the Book of Revelation clearly indicates will take place, I want to say this to you, that a woman as an entity was not a part or part of the original creation. In the first six days, God created a heaven and earth, all the seas and rivers and trees, the stars and the moon, the fish and the fowl, the cattle and every beast and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the face of the earth.


When God did that, He did it, and then at the last day He created man. Male and female, made He them, and then God sat down on the seventh day and He rested. He put Adam, the man that he had created, who was alone at the time, in the garden. He told Adam to keep it, to dress it, to oversee it, to replenish it, to stock it, and to subdue the earth. He gave Adam those specific commands.


He told Adam about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that he shall not partake of. On and on the litany goes of the things that God told him. This happened within the six days, and then on the seventh day, God rested. After the rest had taken place, Adam is moving about the garden.


I do not know whether it is a thousand years, or whether it is a hundred years, or whether it was a couple of days, or whether it was a couple of weeks. Adam is moving about the garden. Everything from creation is in place, and then God looks and says, "You know, man looks like he is alone." He comes back, and He puts Adam to sleep. Now creation is over with. The dust has settled, everybody is in their place.


The turtles are doing their thing, the chimpanzees are doing their thing, the fish are doing their thing, the cattle and giraffes are all doing their thing, and the plum, the pear, the apple tree are all doing their thing. Everything is in place.


God comes back. I do not know whether it was a thousand years or not. He said, "It looks like man is not as happy as perhaps he should be," so He puts man asleep. But creation is over with. Creation is over with at that point. He puts man to sleep, and He takes from man. He does not create another person.


PASTOR VITALE: I think I am going to have stop it here. Brethren, creation is not over with. Creation is an ongoing process. Creation will not be over with until the world is perfected. Jesus said, "I am the beginning," beginning of the creation of God. Creation is not over with.


I am sorry, but you will find that I change my mind a lot. It is not really that I am indecisive. It just looks that way because that happens sometimes when you try to follow after the Spirit.


I am not going to let us listen to the whole thing. I see on our notes from last week that I had not commented on false prophets yet. After false prophets come women, just what Pastor Manning is talking about now on the tape.


Just let me tell you briefly about the false prophets. I have some Scriptures for you. You may have heard Pastor Manning mention false prophets. The question is who is the false prophet, and how do we recognize the false prophet? There are two ways to recognize the false prophet.


Basically, you need to be able to discern the Spirit of Truth. You do have to try what the man says, but what do you do if you are listening to somebody who is saying things that you never heard of before? Say you went to this meeting, and you heard this crazy woman tell you that it is really possible for a woman to produce a child without having sexual intercourse. The only miracle was that the child was a male. You never heard anything like that in your life.


How do you try the spirit on that? Do you assume that because you never heard that, that it is impossible, and she does not know what she is talking about, and she is a false prophet, or do you look for the spirit that is speaking? You have to try the spirit.


You try the spirit by submitting your decisions to Almighty God. You have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You say, Lord, "Was that the Spirit of Truth talking? Could that way out thing that she said possibly be true?" You have to pray the prayer really wanting to hear the answer.


A lot of people pray that prayer thinking, "I know she is crazy, but I am going to ask the Lord. Lord, is she crazy? The Lord did not say anything to me, so she must be crazy." That is not how it works. You have to be committed to a knowledge of the truth. You have to want the truth badly enough to be willing to let go or to admit that what you previously believed was not correct. It may be an immature understanding of the truth, but pride will hold us back. We have to be truly committed to the Spirit of Truth.


You have to pray to the Lord all the time to reveal ourselves to ourselves. Are we really committed to the truth? Do we really want to hear the truth? Jesus said, "I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now." I do not hear anything in the Church today that I cannot bear. The truth is spiritually discerned.


I want to tell you, as I have gone on with the studies that the Lord has shown me these last four years, I have really been humbled. I thank God that I have been humbled to the place that I have been humbled. I have read things that outraged me. I said, "That is crazy, that is absolutely crazy," but I did what the Lord taught me.


I did it, and I really meant it. I said, "Lord, if that crazy thing that I just heard is true, I want to understand it, and I want to have a peace about it, and I want to believe it, knowing that you told me that it is true." That happened so many times that, at this point, I am not outraged anymore. If I hear something that sounds crazy, I just say, "Well Lord, if it is true, I want to know about it. If I do not hear from you, I am going to leave it alone."


I found out that I do not know everything. I found out that I know very little of the spiritual truth of this world. I also know that knowledge that comes out of the Christ within you comes with power, and my power is very limited at this time. That means I am definitely very young in God.


Anyway, who is the false prophet? The false prophet is the person who is speaking to you out of their carnal mind. Christ is the true prophet, and the carnal mind is the false prophet, and the human being that speaks out of the carnal mind is the false prophet. You can also be the true prophet one day and the false prophet the next day. You have to be continuously trying the spirit.


Of course, if you find the Lord has led you to a teacher after you have prayed, you have to believe that that person is a true prophet, and if any mistakes come forth that the Lord will correct them. Nobody is perfect today. I just want to give you some Scriptures on the false prophet.


Mark 13:22: "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise and, shall show signs and wonders to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect." That is the purpose of false prophets, to seduce you to believe the lie, if it were possible, even the elect. The King James Translation makes it sound like it is not possible, but it is possible to be seduced. If you are truly committed and sold out to the truth in your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, if you do hear something, and it turns out that it is a doctrinal error, the Spirit of Truth within you will work everything out. Eventually, He will bring other information to you, and you will find out that it is an error.


Everything is the spirit that you serve, the spirit within you, and the spirit that you serve. You pray continuously for truth, and you will have it. Every good thing that you pray for, you will have if you are willing to do your part to be corrected if you are wrong, and to be open to things you never even imagined could be true.


The question is, your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the bottom line. He will bring you into all truth if you dare to follow Him where He takes you.


2 Peter 2:1: "There were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you." Brethren, false teachers are not going to go away. These people surfing the internet looking to chase away all the false prophets, that is not a Spirit of Christ that does that. There will always be controversy. This is how God's people grow. There will always be false teachers amongst you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that brought them.


We see that the major damnable heresy is the denial of the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone that is teaching spiritual truth and does not teach the Lord Jesus Christ, but denies the role of the Lord Jesus Christ in it, that is heresy. We preach Jesus Christ here and Him crucified. They bring upon themselves destruction. Why?


This Scripture, 2 Peter 2:1, is not talking about the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is talking about denying that Christ could be in man. This damnable heresy is the denial of Christ in you the hope of glory, that the mind of Christ, and the knowledge, and the wisdom of Christ could actually be coming out of a man. That is the damnable heresy, because if Christ is not in you, what hope do you have of the resurrection of the dead?


That was what Paul was saying to the Corinthians, "if Christ is not risen in you." Christ has to be risen in you, and if He is not risen in you, you have no more hope in this world than everybody else.


The whole purpose that Jesus Christ was crucified and raised from the dead was so that He could raise up His life in you, and that His righteousness would be stronger than your sin nature, and bring you out of hell which this world is. That is the purpose He died and rose again for. That is the reason He rose from the dead, so that He could pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh with a drop of Him getting in all of you, that He could reproduce His life in us, so that we could have a similar experience to what He had. That is why He rose from the dead, and He went into spiritual form, to seed us with His life. He is sprinkling on us right now. He is seeding humanity with His life. That is the whole purpose of it.


If you do not believe that the Glorified Jesus Christ can sprinkle on you, that His sperma (that is the Greek word) can attach itself to you, and that His Son can be born in you, and that Christ, in you will be the hope of your glorification, your internalized Savior, if you do not believe that, that is a damnable heresy. That is the damnable heresy.


It is not that I just told you that a woman could have a baby without sexual intercourse with a man. That is not a damnable heresy. I could be wrong or I could be right, but I still believe in Christ in you, the hope of glory, and that our salvation comes from the internalized Savior, and union with the Spirit of Christ.


1 John 4:1 thru 3: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world." Everyone that preaches or teaches spiritual philosophy or spiritual doctrine (philosophy or doctrine means the same thing) out of their carnal mind is a false prophet.


Brethren, the Church is loaded with them today. What is more, the average person in the Church and the average preacher cannot even recognize it. That is what is frightening. What does that mean? It means the leaders in the Church are failing to try the spirits adequately. Why? The only possible reason is that either the mind of Christ is not formed in them or He is there, and they are not listening to Him.


They are listening to their carnal mind that is saying, "He is preaching all the right things, and people are getting healed." I hope that you know that lots of spirits can heal. It is not only the Holy Spirit. Lots of spirits can heal. Ungodly spirits can heal. Satan can heal. People say that he has all those thousands of people coming wherever he is, so he must surely be of God. That is what is happening in the Church today.


One of the most largely followed ministries is led by a preacher that has a spirit guide. It is amazing. I know some people recognize it, but very few. Some ministers recognize it, but a lot of them do not.


1 John 4: 2: "Hereby know ye the spirit of God." This is how you are going to be able to tell the Spirit of God. Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. Every person that is preaching to you that God appeared in a man, Jesus of Nazareth, and that He is appearing in me today, that is the Spirit of Truth. If you hear them preaching that, then you should seriously consider the other things that they are saying.


Beware of any ministry or minister that tells you that God did not come in the flesh, that Jesus was not Almighty God in the days of His flesh, that Christ cannot be in you, anyone that tells you that the word of God cannot be coming forth from your mind and your mouth, that you cannot be pregnant with the Son of the Lord Jesus Christ, and have the hope of Him growing up in you into a full grown man that will give you dominion over the powers of this world, which is the promise of power over all the power of the enemy.


We are not running away. We are going to take back the earth, and have dominion over nature, dominion over the carnal mind, dominion over the powers and principalities that bring sickness, death, and disaster into this world. That is the promise. That is the Spirit of Truth.


Everything else that I say that sounds crazy to you, you pray about it. If you believe it, you believe it. I do not care if you do not believe that a woman can be impregnated without sexual intercourse with a man. It does not bother me if you do not believe it.


1 John 4:3: "Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of God." Every spirit, speaking through a man that tells you that cannot be Christ in you, what you just said, that cannot be the Lord, I have to quality that because, it is possible that somebody will say something, and it will not come out of God. A preacher may tell you that was not the Lord speaking through you. We are talking about in general principle.


Every person, every minister, every teacher that believes and teaches that it is possible for Christ to be in you, for Christ to be speaking through you, for Christ to be manifesting through you, that is the Spirit of Truth. Every ministry, at its basic foundational doctrinal core that denies that Christ can be in a man, thinking through him, speaking through him, guiding him, get out of that ministry because that is a damnable heresy.


Even if he tells you other things that are true, if he prophesies to you, and it comes to pass the next day, if you see him praying for people, and they are getting healed, and he or she teaches that it is not true that Christ can be growing in you as your personal Savior, speaking through you, guiding you, get out of that Church. No matter what the signs and wonders are that you see. That is what this is saying right here.


1 John 4:4: "Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God. This is that spirit of anti-Christ whereof you have heard that it should come, and even now already is, in the world."


We see Pastor Manning is saying that the false prophets are the preachers that are saying that speaking in tongues is good. I know there are a lot of ministries that do not believe in speaking in tongues. I mentioned Harold Campion earlier. I like that man, and I have a lot of respect for him. He is definitely in God. He says that speaking in tongues are of the devil. That is okay. I have tried the spirit on that man, and I see a man of God there.


I see a Spirit of Truth there, but he does not have everything "down pat." He thinks that speaking in tongues is of the devil. I do not have any problem with him thinking that speaking in tongues is of the devil. We do not have to agree on everything. We agree that he is a man of God, and that God is in that ministry.


He started out in some little place, and he is all over the world. He is helping a lot of people, and he is preaching a level of truth that I do not hear anywhere in the Church. He has a real righteous spirit on him. I like him. Maybe someday I will meet him, and speak in tongues for him. (Laughter)


Luke 6:26: "Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets." If everybody likes you, and nobody is criticizing you, that is a secondary sign that you are a false prophet. The true prophets have a lot of enemies. The true prophets speak the truth. The true prophets say hard things that people do not want to hear. A lot of people get mad at them. The true prophets are not people pleasers.


Revelation 16:13: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. I do not know why I put that one in. That is very symbolic. It just means that the false prophet is someone who is speaking by their carnal mind. Let us leave it simplified at that.


Who will actually arise out of the earth? Pastor Manning was talking about demons arising out of the earth after the earthquake, and those demons going down to Azusa Street and raising up this whole phenomena called Pentecost, where we have millions of people speaking in tongues. In case you did not pick that up on this tape, that is what he is saying.


"There was an earthquake in San Francisco. Demons came out of the earth, and what the demons did was they started Pentecost." That is what he is saying. I have a few Scriptures for you about earthquakes.


Revelation 13:11: "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake like a dragon." What that means is that he had two horns like a lamb. He looked like a lamb. The horns mean power. He looked like a lamb. He looked like Christ, brethren. He looked like Christ, but he spake like a dragon.


Pastor Manning looks like Christ to some people, but he is speaking with the mouth of the dragon. We see that the false prophet is not going to be a Hindu. The false prophet is not Maitreya. The false prophet is not Benjamin Creme. The false prophet is not somebody that is obviously not Christian.


The false prophet is someone who looks like a Christian. They look like a lamb. "Behold the Lamb of God." They look like a lamb to the people in the Church who do not have discernment. The false prophets look like a lamb to people who are judging with these human eyes. The false prophets are in the Church.


Revelation 9: 2 thru 4: "And he opened the bottomless pit, and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. There came out of the smoke, locusts upon the earth and unto them was given power as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, either any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men which have not the seal of God in their forehead."


I think the reason I put this Scripture in is that it does not say anywhere in the Scripture that demons came out from under the earth after the earthquake. The locusts came out of the earth. I personally believe the locusts are the sons of God. The locusts are the sons of God. The reason they are commanded that they should not hurt the grass in the earth is because the grass symbolizes the young Christ.


I cannot explain it in this message, but the grass on the earth is referring to the Christ in you, the young Christ that is growing in us. "Neither hurt any green thing." That is anything that has the life of God in it. If Christ is not in there yet, maybe the Holy Spirit is in there. Neither hurt any tree. That is the mature Christ. The grass is the young Christ. The tree is the mature Christ. Do not hurt the mature Christ.


"Only those men which have not the seal of God in their forehead." What is the seal of God? It is talking about the mind of Christ. Only hurt the people that do not have the mind of Christ. What kind of hurt? Are they going to be punished? No! What do you do with your children if they have wrong thinking? If your twelve year old stands there with a pack of cigarettes and says, "Mom and Dad, I am going to smoke, and if you do not like it, it is tough."


What do you do? You have to hurt them. You have to stop them from doing what they are determined to do. That is the hurt, the chastisement of children, the spiritual children, who may happen to be physical adults. The Scripture also says, "If you are not corrected, you are a bastard." You are not His.


There are millions of people in the world. I hear people who are uneducated in God saying, "Why does God not intervene? Why does He not help that person? Why does He not do this?" Because the Lord only intervenes in the lives of the people that He is correcting, those people who are His children, those people who have a relationship with Him, those people who honor Him. That is a very, very hard word.


I have seen some carnally-minded people very angry at God for not helping them or doing what they think God should be doing. The truth of the matter is they have nothing to do with God. They want nothing to do with Him. They do not honor Him. A lot of them do not even believe that He exists until it is time to criticize Him. That is the truth.


This word, "hurt," is up to interpretation. The carnal mind says, "God hurts me. He is mean, and He hurts people, He is a vengeful God, but the mind of Christ says, "No." That is just a poor translation. He chastises us. Of course, we are His children, and He loves us. Those people who have the Holy Spirit, for example, who have not yet developed the mind of Christ and, for whatever reason, are not moving on, or pursuing a course of study that will result in the development of the mind of Christ in them, the Lord comes, and He sends His sons to hurt them.


We know that the truth hurts. Let us not understand this word, "hurt," with our carnal mind. I do not really even know what that word means. It just came to me now, so it must be a spirit of revelation. We get hurt when we hear the truth. We do not like hearing the truth about ourselves, like that thought that we just thought did not come out of Christ. It came out of your carnal mind. That hurts to have somebody say that to you. That is the hurt. The Lord just told me that is what the hurt is.


The hurt is not car accidents or disease. That is a part of the sowing and reaping judgment, but today, Christ is here to help us to circumvent the sowing and reaping judgment which end is only destruction. To help us to avoid the destruction of the sowing and reaping judgment, He sends a man, a true prophet, to tell us the truth. That way that you are thinking is resulting in disaster and destruction in your life. That hurts.


Whoever listens and believes that it is God, whoever listens and believes that it could be Christ speaking through a man, and says, "Lord, what must I do to be saved from this circumstance," will be delivered. Anyone who calls out, and cries out to God, will be delivered.


Everyone who calls on the name of God will be delivered in that circumstance. If you call out, and then you obey, and do what He tells you that you have to do to get the solution, you will be delivered from the destruction.


I believe these locusts mentioned in Revelation 9 are the sons of God. I believe that they are the human beings that have Christ internalized. They can hear God sending them to somebody to speak a truth to that person that will save their life.


Number five, tongues and prophesy. Tongues and prophesy are gifts of the Spirit. I am not really sure why I put that down, but obviously Pastor Manning is against tongues and prophesy. I believe that tongues and prophesy are manifestations of Christ, and they really are not necessarily the same thing. Prophesy is different than the gift of prophesy.


Pastor Manning is really against tongues and the gift of prophesy. I mentioned Harold Campion, that I have a great deal of respect for him, and he thinks that tongues and prophesy is of the devil. It is possible to be a person in God and have an anti-Christ spirit. It is very possible. You do not have to speak in tongues. The Lord has shown me clearly that we do not have to speak in tongues.


I used to think that Pentecost, and tongues, and the gifts of the Spirit were the next step up from denominations like Baptists, and that it was the next step up in the chain of maturity. The Lord has told me that is not true.


The Lord matures different groups of people in different ways. He meets us according to our need, and according to what He wants to accomplish in us.


The Lord did show me a long time ago that Pentecost, the seeding of the Holy Spirit, that we could have the Holy Spirit without receiving the Holy Spirit. I do not believe anybody today is baptized in the Holy Spirit, because we do not have any of the signs that the apostles had when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.


They were filled up with the power of God and became powerful men of God, and they spoke in other tongues and in languages that other men understood. We do not see that today, except on a rare occasion. We speak in unknown tongues, so we have received a measure or a taste of what the apostles received. This measure of the Spirit is given to people that need the power of God in their lives.


It is given to people that are sick or afflicted in some way. It is power that is given to people that need power to get on their feet. A lot of people were born in the Church, and served God all their lives, and their life is in order, and they never have tongues. They go right on to the deep teachings, and they have no problem with judging their own sins, confessing their sins, and for whatever reason they do not speak in tongues, but they do go on with the deep teaching and into spiritual maturity.


They start to develop wisdom, because the true spiritual maturity is wisdom in God. This is what the Lord has shown me. You can go on. People who speak in tongues and prophesy and are in that category in the Church, in that camp of the Church you might say, are frequently much less spiritually mature than some Baptist who has been studying the Word for years, and has developed the character of God.


Maturity in Christ is measured by character and wisdom, not by speaking in tongues or having a prediction of something that is going to come to pass. That manifestation of the power of God, prophesying or predicting the future or speaking in tongues, those are gifts. They are given without repentance. They have nothing to do with your character. They are not a measure of your character or how much your character has matured because of your exposure to the Lord. They are simply gifts given for the edification of the Church and to build up the individual as they pursue God.


I admit that I have seen a lot of people who do not speak in tongues, but who have integrity and character. They have a spirit of righteousness on them, and a deep knowledge of the Scripture, and they have never spoken in tongues. Maybe they did not need it. The Lord will mature people, and He will give them what they need to mature.


I think the Church has to be very careful to stop judging our brothers and our sisters, because God has different groups of people that He is dealing with differently. We should just leave everybody alone unless specifically sent to somebody to help them.


We are up to number six now, which is women. That is what we are up to on Pastor Manning. He is going after women, (laughter), and he has all this false doctrine about women, which false doctrine is arising out of his foundational mistake, that when the Scripture talks about men and women, the Scripture is talking about physical men and women. The Scripture, spiritually speaking, is not talking about physical men and women.


The whole of humanity is spiritually female in relationship to Christ Jesus. All of humanity is the woman. He has got some errors here that I would like to point out to you. We are going to continue listening to the tape to hear what he has to say.


PASTOR MANNING on tape: "Adam is moving about the garden now. I do not know whether it was a thousand years or whether it was a hundred years, whether it was a couple of days, or whether it is a couple of weeks, but Adam is moving about the garden. Everything from creation is in place and then God looks and says, Did you know man looks like he is alone. He comes back, and He puts Adam to sleep. Now creation is over with.


The dust has settled, and everybody is in their place. The turtles are doing their thing. The chimpanzees are doing their thing. The fish are doing their thing. The cattle and giraffes are all doing their thing. The plum, the pear, the apple tree are all doing their thing. Everything is in place. God comes back, and I do not know whether it is a thousand years or not. He says, It looks like man is not happy as perhaps he should be, so He puts man asleep, but creation is over with. Creation is over with at that point."


PASTOR VITALE: There is so much in those few sentences that he said. I may have to back it up again. First of all, creation is not over with. That is obvious. We have Scripture on that. Jesus said, "I am the beginning of the creation of God," so we see that we have more than one creation here.


If Jesus said that He was the creation of God, then there must be a creation that is not of God. If there is only one creation, why would Jesus modify the word, saying the creation of God?


The reverse inference is that there is a creation that is not of God. This creation that we are a part of is not of God. It is a malformation of the substance of God that was stolen by the Serpent when Adam sinned. I may have to back up a little on the tape to get exactly what he said.


His basic premise, however, is that God said in Genesis, "On the sixth day God made man, and He made them male and female." I am not really sure of what he is saying about that. I do not want to say something that is not true. Everything is the mind that you look at it with.


My understanding is that God made a being called Adam, and that Adam had both male and female attributes. Some of us here might know that Jehovah has both male and female attributes.


Jehovah has many names. Each name signifies an attribute or aspect of Himself or each name signifying an activity that Jehovah engages in. One of those activities or one of those names is "the breasted one." Jehovah calls Himself the breasted one, because one of His activities or of His responsibilities is to raise up the sons, the manifestations of Christ in the individual.


Jehovah is the name of God that was sent to Israel. Jehovah is the garment that Almighty God put on that made Him more recognizable to Israel, because Almighty God has no name. He has no name. He has no attribute. He is so great that we cannot even comprehend Him, but He wanted to help Israel. He made a covenant with Israel, so He had to do something that would make Himself accessible.


This Almighty God that no one could even comprehend had to make Himself accessible to the people that He wanted to make a covenant with, so we say that He put on a garment. He took on a name. He said, "I Am Jehovah." He was the aspect or the attribute of God that was sent to Israel, alone. Today, Almighty God that nobody can even comprehend or even have a way to communicate with, has taken on an additional garment. His name is Jesus Christ. That is how He is revealed to the world at large. He has expanded beyond Israel.


Jehovah is the God of Israel. The Glorified Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. It is the same God appearing in a different manner to people with different qualities, and different needs, and different comprehension.


The mind of Christ says to me that Adam, at the beginning, was not a human being. He was not an animal. He was a spiritual entity, and that spiritual entity had both male and female attributes, just like Jehovah who made him. He was in the image of His Father, Jehovah, who was male and female as a spiritual being. Jehovah did not go out and get a wife to produce Adam. He was male and female, and He brought forth a man. That man was in the image of Jehovah, male and female, until Adam messed up. Adam sinned, and he fell and that Adam is alone.


Everything is how you look at it. I am talking about the same Scripture that Pastor Manning is talking about. I am going to play what he just said for you again later on.


Adam was a spiritual being, male and female, and he was married to Jehovah. Then something went wrong. A spiritual adultery took place. Adam turned away from Jehovah, and started listening and taking advice from the Serpent. Jehovah said, "You cannot do that and be in the middle." Of course, this is not going to be realistic, and I am just trying to get a point across to you.


If you are in the middle, Adam, and Jehovah is on one side, and the Serpent is on the other side. "Every poison that you are getting from that Serpent that is coming into you is touching me, said Jehovah. I am a holy God, and I am not going to let the poison of the Serpent touch me, so I cut you off. You chose the Serpent, and you can go with her, but you cannot have both of us. Now you are alone." That was why Adam was alone. Jehovah cut him off.


That was why Adam was alone. Jehovah cut him off, and he went into a deep sleep. What does it mean to go into a deep sleep? Did Paul not say, "All of you people out there that are sleeping, awake to righteousness." Did Paul not say, "Arise and shine, because the day is coming. Wake up!" Adam went into a spiritual sleep when he was cut off from Jehovah. He was cut off from the day, he was cut off from the light, he was cut off from the truth. Spiritually speaking, he went to sleep.


Jehovah said to him, "You are in trouble. You have committed adultery. You got cut off from me, and now you are descending spiritually." That descension ultimately resulted in humanity as we know it today.


Jehovah said, "What am I going to do to save you? I am going to give you a help that is meet for you. I am going to give you what was lacking in you that resulted in your turning away from me, Jehovah, to the Serpent." Who would do that? Adam had to be tricked. No one in their right mind would do that. He was tricked. Jehovah said that something was lacking in you.


All these people out there in the world that cannot see the goodness of Jesus Christ and the benefits of having a relationship with Him, something is lacking in them that they do not want Him. I have a flash for whoever is hearing this tape or reading this book, Jesus is not killing them or putting them in hell forever, because they lack what they need to recognize His greatness, and the benefits of their establishing a relationship with Him when He permits it.


It is not even up to the individual. It is up to Him. It is a miracle that they have been granted the privilege of having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. All of these people are lacking the same thing that Adam was lacking after he was separated from Jehovah. We are the fallen Adam.


God said to Adam in the Scripture, "You are lacking something, you are sleeping, you are in spiritual death, and I am going to give you what you need." Jehovah was not talking about a little woman to cook and clean and give him sex. He was saying, "I am going to give you what you need so that in the future, you will not choose the Serpent over me." What did Adam need to prevent him, in the future, from thinking that the Serpent was Jehovah? Christ in you, the hope of your glorification.


The promise that Jehovah made to Adam, as Adam sunk into the sleep of this death that we exist in today is, "I am going to put myself inside of you, so that a drop of me is inside of you, and you will never ever again be tricked by the Serpent, who made you think that she was me." That is the help! We see Pastor Manning speaking a truth, that Adam went to sleep. Let us play it again so that I can more directly respond to what he said. We already know creation is not over.


PASTOR MANNING on the tape: "They put Adam, the man that He had created, in the garden. Now here is the thing that perhaps you all need to make a stand up on as I get ready to say this. This will give you the opportunity to be able to receive it. Take a stand for just a moment. Let me express to you, as we go forward and prepare ourselves now for the one thousand year peace reign. As we prepare ourselves for the last day of creation, as we begin to understand the creation process, as we get ready now to get ready to go before the judgment seat of God, and the power that the Book of Revelation clearly indicates will take place."


PASTOR VITALE: Right here, let me comment on that, the judgment seat of God. Many preachers preach the judgment seat of God is after death. In the Greek, the same Greek word is translated both "seat" and "throne" in the Scripture. We read about the judgment throne of God in the Book of Revelation. I believe it is Chapters 4 and 5. John said, behold, "I looked and I saw a throne."


We have an Alternate Translation on that. The throne is Christ in you. We are the throne. The Lamb sits on the throne of our heart. Judgment comes to the individual when Christ Jesus appears in our heart. He is your Savior, and He judges your carnal mind. That is not after death.


Judgment is now, here in the flesh. Judgment is here in the flesh. The day of judgment comes when the Lamb appears in your heart. When you mature to the point that Christ Jesus is sitting in your heart, Christ in you, the hope of glory, that is the day of judgment.


That could just be a lack of understanding on his part. What he is saying is not an error, that judgment is after death. It is the death of our carnal mind. He has not come into that understanding yet, but we will see how building on it is going to lead to true error.


PASTOR MANNING on tape: A part of the original creation. The first six days when God created a heaven and earth, all the seas, and rivers, and trees, the stars and the moon, the fish and the fowl, the cattle, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the face of the earth.


When God did that, He did it and then at the last day, He created man. Male and female, made He them, and then God sat down on the seventh day and He rested. He put Adam, the man that He had created, who was alone at the time, in the garden.


PASTOR VITALE: The "rest of God" is in us. God rested. He made the creation, and He entered the creation and inhabited it. Putting Adam in the garden, in this place of safety, is a symbolic way of saying that Jehovah was now integrated, was one, and had a union with Adam, that this was the provision.


This is the garden. This was the tree that was in the garden. It was the union of Jehovah and His creation. That was the provision. When Jehovah separated from Adam, Adam fell into the sleep of death.


PASTOR MANNING on the tape: Those specific commands told Adam of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that he shall not partake of. On and on the litany goes of the things.


PASTOR VITALE: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Jehovah said to Adam, "You have got the earth, you have got that mind that is a lesser mind than my mind. If you want to live, you have to cleave to my mind, but there is another mind in you. I am calling it the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but it is another mind in you.


Today, we are all the descendants of the fallen Adam. The Scriptures that Pastor Manning is reading is happening to us today. When Christ appears in you, and He becomes real to you, you are having the same trial that Adam had with one exception. We are already fallen. Adam had not yet sinned. We have something that Adam did not have. We have the internalized Christ. We have the help that Jehovah prophesied.


Even though we have a handicap, because we have a sin nature that has a lot of power, we also have the ability to acquire wisdom. It is the wisdom to discern between the Christ mind and the carnal mind.


Even though we are in a more difficult position than Adam was, because we have already sinned, we really are in a better position because even though Adam never sinned, he was lacking in wisdom, and he was deceived. He did not know that he was listening to the Serpent. He thought the Serpent was Jehovah.


We, in the Church, have trials as we go on to mature and enter into this process of learning to distinguish between good and evil, between the Christ mind and the carnal mind. We are Adam. He is still having his test, but from a different position. When he failed, he fell down into this world, but it is the same test, and the same process.


Adam, who we are, wrong indeed, is learning to distinguish between the Christ and the carnal mind. We, which means humanity, will become the creation of God at the end of the process. I do not really know if it ever ends, I do not really know. There is a lot I do not know, but as the process continues, we must come into the image of God.


We are not in the image of God today. We do not have the nature of God. The foundational attribute of God is Life. If we were truly in the image of God, we would never die. God does not die. How could we be in the image of God and die? We are in the image of the Serpent. The Serpent dies. Even in this natural world, the serpent sheds its skin every seven years.


God never changes. This is God's creation, and it must come into a configuration that is called, "The image of God." We are not there now, but we must come into His image because we are His. He is going to hurt us however He has to hurt us, break our leg, stick us with a hypodermic needle, hurt us in ways that will result in our coming into the image of God.


That is the truth, but let us see what Pastor Manning is doing with this truth. He is going to draw a conclusion that women are second-hand creations. I do not want to put words in his mouth, but he is going to be saying that the woman was not created with Adam. The Scripture says Adam was created male and female. He is saying that was just Adam, and the woman was not created until we see God taking one of Adam's ribs.


What happened over there was that originally Adam was one entity, male and female, in that high spiritual plane, and then Adam fell down to a lower spiritual plane. I do not believe Adam was human yet. I do not believe he was a physical body as yet, but his male and female attributes separated, because they existed in a lower plane. It was not that it was the first time that a woman was created.


All of this is doctrine. It does not really matter for our discussion here, if what I am telling you is true or what Pastor Manning is telling you is true, that woman was created or that was the beginning of woman when we read about Jehovah taking Adam's rib. That is just doctrine.


Like I was telling you before, I do not care if Mr. Campion does not believe in speaking in tongues. That is not hurting me. We want to see what Pastor Manning is going to do with this.


What is he going to do with it? He is going to draw a conclusion that human women are subservient to human men. He is going to say that human women cannot be used of God. He is going to say that human women cannot have Christ in them, human women cannot hear from God, human women cannot preach, human women cannot have the wisdom of God. This is the error that is going to come out of it.


Why is that an error? Because anyone who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is an anti-Christ. Let me say it again. This is really important. I am not against Pastor Manning. I am into truth. That is my job. I am not against anybody personally.


Listen, I have to say this again. It is really important. It really does not make any difference to me that Pastor Manning believes that woman was created not at the same time as Adam. For the point that I am making, it really does not matter that I believe that Adam was male and female at the beginning, and that when we read about Jehovah taking one of Adam's ribs and making the woman, that, that was the separation into two entities of the male and female because of the Fall. That is what I believe.


Pastor Manning says, "No, no, no, there was no woman at the beginning, but woman was created at that time when we read that Jehovah took Adam's rib." It does not make any difference that we have a difference of opinion here, but what is going to be built on what we believe? What is going to be built on what we believe?


What I believe is that Adam was male and female at the beginning, and at some point he fell out into male and female bodies, but spiritually it is the same Adam. We are the same Adam. Humanity today is the same Adam that has the potential to be male and female. All of humanity is female.


When Christ comes to us, He is the male. When Christ lives in you, you are now male and female, and you are a whole man. If Christ is not living in you, you are spiritually female, period.


What grows out of that? Physical women can have Christ living in them. Physical women can be made whole. Physical women can manifest the wisdom of God. Physical women can teach the Word of God. Physical women can obtain all of the benefits that we are promised through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is what comes out of what I preach.


What comes out of what Pastor Manning preaches is that woman was created on another day. What comes out of it, in his mind, is that physical women are not equal to physical men. Physical women are an inferior creation. Physical women cannot have access to God except through a physical man, their husband.


Look at what he is doing to it. Does anybody not understand what I am telling you? Do you need me to say this again? That is what he is doing with it. It starts out just being what appears to be not even a difference of opinion, just a level of understanding. There are little different levels of understanding in the Scripture, with no harm to it, but this is not really just a difference in the level of understanding. The spirit that is teaching him is not the spirit that is teaching me.


There could be another teacher out there who does not believe what I believe, but they have a general faith in Jesus Christ. They read the Scriptures simply, and they say, "Yes, God made Adam, and he was male and female. I really do not understand that stuff, and I am not into deep teaching, but I look at the Bible and the Bible says, there is no more male or female in Christ Jesus. That means that the person that is manifesting Christ Jesus, can be a physical male or a physical woman. That is okay with me, and I will believe that."


There is no harm in them not understanding the depths of what I have told you as long as they wind up in the right place. If that person really has a relationship with the true Spirit, they will wind up with the same truth. They may not understand it the same way, but they will wind up with the same truth. "I used to think that women cannot teach, but listen to that woman preach. Listen to the anointing on her. I must not have understood it properly." This is what is happening in the Church.


It used to be that a woman could not get anywhere near the pulpit. We have a lot of women preaching today, because men of God have recognized the anointing on that physical vessel called "a woman."


They said, "I do not care that I thought that a woman cannot preach. That Scripture that says a woman should be silent in the Church, I probably do not understand that, because I am looking at that woman, and I see the anointing on her. I look at that Scripture, and it says a woman should be silent in the Church, but I am not understanding something here, because that is the Spirit of God preaching through that woman."


That man has the Spirit of Truth. He did not understand what the Scripture said, but he recognizes God on that woman. Pastor Manning denies that any woman can preach. He is not looking for the spirit on the woman. We are both talking about basic spiritual principles of what happened in the garden. Who cares that we have a difference of opinion, but we are teaching out of two different spirits, and only destruction can come out of the spirit that he is teaching by. Let us hear the rest of the tape.


PASTOR MANNING on the tape: "On the seventh day God rested. After the rest had taken place and Adam is moving about the garden now, I do not know whether it is a thousand years or whether it is a hundred years, or whether it is a couple of days, or whether it is a couple of weeks, but Adam is moving about the garden. Everything from creation is in place. Then God looks and says, You know, man looks like he is alone, and He comes back, and He puts Adam to sleep. Now creation is over with. The dust has settled. Everybody is in their place. The turtles are doing their thing. The chimpanzees are doing their thing. The fish are doing their thing. The cattle and giraffes are all doing their thing. The plum, the pear, the apple tree, are all doing their thing. Everything is in place.


God comes back. I do not know whether it is a thousand years or not. He says it looks like man is not as happy as perhaps he should be. Then He puts man to sleep, but creation is over with. Creation is over with at that point. He puts man to sleep, and He takes from man, He does not create another person. He cannot. It is against the principle of God. It is against the principle of law. It is against the principle of the Almighty for God to create another man or another person.


Had He created another man, we really would have been in trouble. But He could not create another being. When He gave power and authority to Adam, Eve was nowhere to be seen, when He gave power and authority to man. Whether it was a thousand years or ten thousand years, I do not know, but I do know that creation as an entity was over with for that period. God had rested.


He comes back, and now He makes woman. I am simply trying to demonstrate to you that woman does not have a separate place and does not belong in creation as of the first six days. I simply want to demonstrate that to you that you owe your life to that of a man. You do not have a separate entity. I do not mean it negatively or try to make you feel bad. I want to preach the word of God, amen.


The cattle and the beast of the field have more of a significance in terms of creation as an entity, as a part of the first spark, the prime moving of God, than does a woman. Woman came from man, not from God creating you.


God took a portion that was already man, fashioned it and formed it, and called it woman and gave it to man, and He said this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. But took it from His side, the blood, the soldier pierced the side of Jesus, the blood and the water ran from His side and thus we have the Church.


I want you to understand something. We need to be clear about the designation, that we are going to become the people of God enjoying the power of God, that we know who women are. Praise the Lord.


That is why the Bible says there are not going to be any marriages in heaven. You can clearly understand now why the world is trying to get Jesus in bed with Mary Magdalene. You can understand why, because now that this truth is being exposed, they want to try and run ahead and discredit the fact and try to get Him in bed, try to get Jesus to submit Himself and get down into a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. Not so.


Jesus knows who woman is. He absolutely positively knows what a woman is. He knows what a woman is. Look at what the world is doing, but praise Almighty God, what are we going to teach here? We are going to teach the word of God.


We are going to teach God's word. The thing that we want to get clear about, every time you see a woman, you see something that does not belong to Genesis Chapter 1. You are not in this. We did not get woman until Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 18. That was days after the rest.


So when T.D. Jakes says, woman, thou art loose, he is actually going against the word of God. If you know the word of God, you can see clearly the man is blaspheming the word of God. How can you be loosed? You are not even a part of the creation process. What a lie. What a lie. Now take your seat."


PASTOR VITALE: I am going to comment on that, and we are going to call it quits for today. We see that Pastor Manning is drawing all of these conclusions that are resulting in his making women second class citizens, which is the antithesis of everything that Jesus Christ is.


There was one Scripture that I see I did not put down in my notes. The Scripture I was looking for is 1 Corinthians 11:10 thru 12. "For this cause, ought the woman;" this is the fly in the ointment. What is the definition of woman? Mortal mankind is the spiritual woman, and Christ Jesus is the man who is coming to join Himself to us, a physical woman with a spiritual husband. That is the fly in the ointment.


Pastor Manning does not get it. Most preachers do not get it today. That is the truth. Only Pastor Manning is taking it to an extreme, saying that women were not even present on the first day of creation. You cannot even respond to it, because he is dealing with the creation as a physical entity as he perceives it now, and it just was not that. There just is not really any response to it.


This is what Paul is talking about in Verse 8. "For the man is not of the woman, but the woman is of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman, but the woman for the man." We are talking about spiritual entities here. We were created for Christ Jesus. We are created to be vessels for Christ Jesus, all of mortal humanity. "For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels."


We see that Paul is talking about a spiritual man and a spiritual woman. The woman ought to have power over her head, and that is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Why? Because there are angels out there that are not of God, that will come to try to inhabit human beings who are the spiritual woman.


Physical males and physical women, we are all spiritual women that are female to the angelic realm. There are angels who are not of God who would come to prophesy through us. Therefore, the woman, male or female, who does not have Christ internalized in them, should not be prophesying unless someone who has Christ Jesus in them is present to cover them, and tell them what just came out of your mouth, "That was not an angel of God." That is what it means.


Then Paul says, nevertheless. Here he is explaining it to you that I am not talking about physical men and women. "Nevertheless, neither is the man without the woman, neither is the woman without the man, in the Lord." That means if Christ is in you, you are male and female as Adam was at the beginning. "For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman, but all things are of God."


It is hard to tell from the King James, but that is what Paul is talking about. There is no male or female in Christ Jesus. If you are a human being, and you are living your life in submission to Christ Jesus, whenever you are manifesting His mind, you are spiritually male. The conclusions that are being drawn here are wrong and he goes further. I do not know if it comes out on this tape or not, but I have heard a lot of his preaching, and he takes it a lot further.


I have heard him actually say, "A woman should not go to church without her husband." He said, "If she is in church with her husband, and there is a prophet or the Pastor in the church has a prophesy, you cannot give it to the woman directly. He has to go and give it to her husband, and her husband will decide whether or not she can hear the prophesy."


This is an anti-Christ spirit, because every man in Christ Jesus has the privilege, if the Lord will grant it to you personally, to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Your physical husband is not supposed to be in between you and your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Where he is going with this teaching or how far he would go if he had the people following him, I am not going to say, but I have some ideas that it could go pretty far. It could go to the complete repression and oppression of women. It is going backwards, it is going backwards for everything that Christianity has delivered women from.


Christianity is the most liberal religion towards women, for those who practice it. The teachings of Christianity are that we all have equal opportunity with God, male or female. That is the teaching of Christianity. It is probably the only religion in the world that does not make physical women secondary to men.


Pastor Manning, the Church needs you, and the black community needs you. You have an apostolic anointing. You have great potential, but you have ascended on the wrong side, and you have a spirit guide. I pray with all of my heart that the Lord should grant you repentance so that you may fulfill the call on your life, and help all of the people that you are destined to help, and all of the people that need you. I pray that prayer for you, in Jesus' name.


Are there any questions or comments before we close for today?


COMMENT: Pastor Manning says that creation is finished, but what about the Scripture that speaks about the old man and the New Man? Certainly, that is a creation right there, that a new man is to come into play.


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. The New Man is the creation of God. Actually, it is Christ who is being born again in the individual human being. The human being is the female. We are the vessel. If Christ is not present in us, spiritually speaking, we are nothing. That does not mean we do not have any value in our society. I am talking from a high spiritual principle, so please do not get upset or insulted over what I am saying.


From the context of God's creation, if Christ is not in us, we are nothing. We are empty vessels. Christ is the one who is being born again into humanity. That is what Paul says when he says, "The man is of the woman."


Let me explain that a little better. That is a good point. "The man is of the woman." Adam was male and female, and the male part of him was the aspect of Jehovah in himself. Remember, the male and female separated.


I just told you that when the Scripture says that Jehovah took Adam's rib, it was the separation of the male and the female that were together at the beginning. The separation resulted in the descendants of Adam, which we are, being only spiritually female. Unless you have Christ in you, every human being is a spiritual female, and only half a man.


The Scripture does not even refer to a human being if you are willing to see it as a man. To be called a man, Scripturally speaking, you have to be the person that you are, male or female, and Christ Jesus has to be sitting on the throne of your heart. That is your male side, that is your male nature, that is your male wisdom, and that is your male power. That is your male side, and if Christ is living in you, now you can have the same testimony that Adam had at the beginning. You are male and female, and you are a whole man.


You made a very good point with your comment. The creation was not finished. The creation is filled with human beings, thousands and millions of human beings that are considered, "not created." Do you know what they are, spiritually speaking? They are eggs in the ovary of God's reproductive force that have not been fertilized.


Those who have been joined to the Lord, and have entered into a relationship with Him, you are eggs in the ovary of God that are being penetrated or fertilized or maturing. That is what we are. That is the spiritual truth of our reality. Creation is definitely still in process. As long as there is one human being in existence that has not been fertilized by God, creation is still in process.


I will tell you what happened to Pastor Manning. How do I say this? He is getting all of this revelation without the correct foundation. He has not been prepared for this revelation, so when his spirit guide is giving it to him, he is comprehending it with his carnal mind. He was not ready for this revelation.


That is why the Church is not ready for this revelation until you come to a place of maturity in God where you start recognizing your sin nature, and then Christ begins to be formed in you.


This kind of revelation should only be fed to Christians who have the mind of Christ. That is how I can say it. That is what happened to Pastor Manning. This kind of revelation is being fed to him, I believe, by a spirit guide before the mind of Christ was formed in him. It is being fed to his carnal mind, and this mess is coming out. This is a big mess. This is very serious.


If this man had enough followers, he would be putting the whole female population of this nation in bondage. Do you see where this is going? It is very serious. That is what happened.


Let me say it again, because I stumbled when I first tried to tell you. He started to receive deep revelation before he was prepared for it. The preparation for this kind of revelation is the mind of Christ, because when you feed this kind of revelation to the carnal mind, that is what comes out, error that ultimately hurts people and destroys lives.


Before anyone can start studying deep revelation, you have to have the mind of Christ, at least the beginnings of it in you, and you need to be studying under a teacher that is going to tell you every time your carnal mind rises up, or you are going to wind up like that. That is, at least, one of the reasons why so few people are following this message at this time.


The Church, at large, with exceptions of course, has not yet really come to a place where they even understand that their sin nature has to be dealt with, so that the mind of Christ can begin to appear.


That is the real beginning of our education in Christ as Christians, because we can only go so far as long as we hold on to our carnal mind. You can only go so far in God as long as you hold on to your carnal mind. Christ being formed in you is the beginning of your potential unlimited. Any hope for immortality begins with Christ being formed in you.


I think you have all had enough for today. Anybody else want to say anything? Let me get over there with the microphone.


COMMENT: Why did you say that Pastor Manning has the anti-Christ spirit, and Mr. Campion, who is speaking against the Holy Ghost, does not?


PASTOR VITALE: I will try and explain that to you. First of all, where I think you are coming from is that Scripture that says, "He that blasphemes the Holy Ghost cannot be forgiven in this world or the next." The difference is the spirit that the person is speaking by. Whatever spirit it is, the Spirit of God, or a spirit of error, has to flow through the filter of the mind of the person. Therefore, because we are imperfect and immature, all of us to different degrees, when the Spirit of Truth flows through us, it cannot come out perfectly, because we cannot teach what we do not understand. Does that make any sense to you?


I stumble a lot as Christ in me meets your need. That is this ministry, and that is the way it comes out. I will keep trying. Just a minute. If the Lord wanted to talk to you today about some high principles in physics, He could not do it through me, because I do not have any comprehension of those principles of science.


The Spirit of Christ can move on me. He could press my buttons. He could turn me upside down. He could do anything that He wants, and there is no way that I am going to teach you about some very powerful scientific principles that I never even heard of.


For the Lord to move through this filter, this preacher right here, and try to teach you about what only a PhD in physics could understand, He would never do that. If a spirit of error came and decided to do it, all kinds of confusion and distortion would come out of my mouth, because I do not have enough knowledge in my own understanding to accurately reproduce what the spirit is moving on me to say to you. Does that make any sense at all?


That is exactly what John was saying in the first chapter of the Book of Revelation, where he says that he was equipped by God to fully, perfectly, reproduce what he heard in the spirit in human language. That is what John says to us. Of course, what John put down in his writing two thousand years ago, we do not know, because today we just have translations of what John wrote down. Even if we had the original of what John wrote down, our carnal mind would be comprehending what he wrote down only on the level that we are able to comprehend.


Am I making any sense? Pastor Manning has the Spirit of God. He is a man of God, but his mind has only progressed so far in his understanding. In that one particular area, he has resistance.


I am sure there are these areas every day. I could pick up a tape that I preached last week and hear a mistake on it. I say, "How could I have said that? I know better than that. Why did it not come out when I was preaching?" I do not know. Is it a blaspheme or is it something I just forgot to put in? It is not a doctrinal error. It is a level of mature understanding that I did not rise to when I was preaching that message.


Brother Campion, in my opinion, is a man of God. In that area of tongues, his mind has not progressed in understanding. That does not mean that the Spirit of Truth that is in him is not telling him, "Brother Campion, tongues are of God." The Spirit of Truth is whispering to him, "Brother Campion, tongues are of God," but in that area, he is so dead set against it that he cannot hear the truth, but he has a lot of truth in other areas. He has more truth than I have heard in any other church today, on the level that he can understand it.


Pastor Manning is not preaching by the Spirit of Truth. Pastor Manning is not a comprehension issue. It is not that the Spirit of Truth is flowing through him, but his mind cannot grasp it yet. He has got a spirit guide that is preaching through him, that is teaching him error. The Spirit of Truth is on Brother Campion. The spirit of error is on Pastor Manning. It is a different spirit. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, I listened this week to Pastor Manning. I think his whole problem is coming from a spirit guide from the Catholic Church, because he pulled down every Christian place, all of Martin Luther, right on down, and he said there is only one true church, and that is the Catholic Church.


PASTOR VITALE: He is not the Pope. How is he preaching that? I started asking that question one day. He is so pro Catholic. The answer is that he thinks he is the spiritual Pope of this age. You have to read between the lines. He has been bashing the Protestant Church for a couple of years now.


He has been saying the Catholic Church is the only true Church, but you have to ask yourself the question, "If the Catholic Church is the only true Church, are you going to Rome to kiss the Pope's ring? What is your relationship with the Pope? Are you a bishop? Do you have an office in the Church? Who are you? Where is your collar?" No, you have to really read between the lines.


This is the message He advertises at the end of his message, as the music plays, and he does not name himself. I do not know whether he says it or it is printed across the screen, but the message is, "Only one prophet per age, only one Christ per age." I may not have the right words, but what he is saying is that there is only one leader of the Church per age, and you are supposed to figure out that it is him. That means that even the Catholic Church is supposed to submit to him.


You have to ask the questions. That is where he is coming from. When something does not make sense, it makes sense if you are looking at it from the right point of view. If he is so pro Catholic, why is he not submitting to the Pope? It does not make any sense, except that he is saying he is higher than the Pope. Right? Can you draw any other conclusion from that?


What that anti-Christ spirit is trying to do, and it will fail, of course, what it is trying to do is break the power of the spirit filled Church. He is trying to get the people to turn against the spirit filled Church. When the people that he is trying to control, turn against the spirit filled Church, then he has got them. It is not so easy to control a spirit filled person that really hears from God. That is no easy thing to do. It is very hard to control a spirit filled person that is in right standing with God.


He wants to break the power of the spirit filled Church, so that he can capture these people, and fully control them. This is where this is heading. It is very dangerous. It is a very bad situation, very bad. It is no small thing. It is very serious. He is very powerful, but this is exciting. Jesus said, "This is the sign of the end time."


The rapture is not the false prophet out there. We all know that the rapture is a false doctrine, but that is not the false prophet that the Scripture is talking about. That is not the false prophet, the person that preaches the rapture. That is not the false prophet that Jesus said, "When he comes, it means your redemption draws nigh."


No, this is the false prophet, the one who is rising up in spiritual power to break the power of the spirit filled Church. That is what this is all about. You cannot hurt me if you preach the rapture, so you are not a false prophet. Prophets have power. You have to understand that prophets have power. This man has power. I would like to see him on the right side.


I do not know what is going to happen, but Jesus said, "These kinds of attack have got to come." It is really very exciting. The unfortunate side of it, the down side of it, is all the people that are believing him. I believe there has to already be people going into bondage because of this, but that is the way it is. This is hell. We are a fallen creation, and we are not going to get out of here without people getting hurt.


What makes God righteous is that in this country today, the truth is here for the people that truly want truth, for people that truly want the Lord. It is here if you are truly seeking God in your heart and your spirit. He will lead you to a place where truth is being preached.


Anyone in Pastor Manning's church, right now, that is truly seeking God for the truth will be led out of that church and away from that bondage. The unfortunate part is that the majority of people do not have that kind of drive. They are just floating along from day-to-day, from year-to-year. They do not really want to take the time to seek God for themselves. They are not motivated to do it, and they just follow along and come under the control of unscrupulous leaders. That is the reality of this world.


Jesus is not coming to say, "You are bad, and I want you to change and fix all." That is not what He is doing. I mentioned this earlier, do you want to be a preacher or do you want to be a follower of teaching that is doomsday teaching, that is telling you all that is going to be happening in this world? Or do you want to be a student of the message of life?


In the midst of all this mess that is going on in this world, Jesus Christ is bringing up a group of people that will have His power, in righteousness, to defeat the powers of darkness on a very high spiritual realm. When the powers of darkness are defeated on this high spiritual realm, the people down here in this world will be liberated, and they will not even know what happened. They will not even know how it happened.


It has taking all this time to raise up the sons of God, the representatives of God, who will deliver humanity from a very high spiritual place, and people are getting hurt. God is righteous, because everybody that gets hurt is subject to the sowing and reaping judgment, and we are all sinners.


Let us not look at the negative side. Let us look at the deliverance that God is bringing forth and be excited and be a part of it. That is how I feel about it. I am a part of it, and it is very exciting to me to see God's deliverance coming forth. I can see what He is doing on the high spiritual planes, because this is the message He has given me.


Every Christian or every man has to choose for himself what kind of a message do you want to follow? There is a lot of truth in what is being preached about, what is going on out there in the earthquakes, and the people are getting hurt. Is that what you want to focus on? It is your choice. I do not want to focus on that. This message is too exciting for me.


The false prophet has arisen. What does that mean? It means that the conglomeration of the powers of darkness of this world are focusing and manifesting themselves through one person at this time, powerfully. The Lord is raising up someone in Christ, and there is going to be a spiritual conflict between these two minds on a high spiritual plane. It is going to result in the destruction of the powers of darkness or, at least, the restraint of the powers of darkness, so that the people down here who are controlled by the powers of darkness will be released from their bands. They will not even know what happened.


What will happen when they are released from their bands? They will be able to receive Jesus. If you can hear it, what is happening is very exciting, the conflict between good and evil and righteousness. If you square root it down, deeply enough, there are only two elements in this world fighting for the control of the creation, because God has the right to control this creation. We are His wife. It is just like you have a right to control your minor children if they are in danger. God has a right to control this creation. His creation is out of control right now.


Someone listening to this tape might say, "That is it, she just hit error. This world is not a duality. There is no division. What is she talking about, a conflict between righteousness and good and evil?" That is what some spiritual people would tell you. In the high spiritual planes there is no division, there is no conflict. If you think of this creation as a plant, like a dandelion plant with a very deep, deep root, at the very root there is no division, at the very root there is no conflict. The whole purpose that I comprehend of this creation is that the Lord wants a visible creation.


In order for the creation to be visible, aspects of His essence had to descend into a lower plane where a visible world was possible. This kind of visibility is not possible in the high realms of the spirit where God exists, just like that dandelion plant comes up above ground, and manifests, and breaks out into many flowers and many petals.


This creation, although it has a singular root, in that part of the creation that appears, there is division. That division is in fact an illusion, but for the people that are a part of this world, it is very real. It is not an illusion for us. Your mother laying there paralyzed was not an illusion for you or her.


We are saying the condition that the root is in is singular. That same condition has to appear and prevail in this world. Singularity has to appear in this world, but it is going to be singularity of the spirit. There is even a Scripture where Paul says, "Be ye single." What does that mean? Was it Paul? I think Jesus said that. "Be ye single. Do not let your carnal mind be separate from your Christ mind. Let your Christ mind overshadow your carnal mind, and think with just one mind, the mind of God." Singularity.


Here in this world, there is going to be a manifestation of singularity that appears different than it appears in the high realm of the spirit, which is invisible. This is a visible world. We are still going to be separate people for quite a while. First our minds have to become singular, and our spirit has to become singular. Eventually, after every enemy is put underfoot, even the last enemy which is death, we will not be in the flesh anymore.


I do not know what we are going to look like, but as long as we are in the flesh, we will be divided physically, but we can have a single mind. It would be the representation of the singularity of the root, in the high realms of the spirit, if you can hear what I am saying. Anybody else before we leave?


COMMENT: Pastor Manning mentioned T.D. Jakes. I have heard it said that he preaches Jesus only. I did not pick up on that the few times I listened to him. Do you have any input on that?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not really know much about him. I heard him preach a couple of times. What do you mean, he does not believe in Christ in you? I do not know. I just heard him preach a couple of times. It seems to me that he lifts up Jesus, that he encourages his people. I really do not know him that well.


You have to understand that there are so many different needs, there are so many different categories of people in the Church, and he is preaching to a particular category of people that need to be encouraged on the level that he is encouraging them. Maybe he is "Jesus only." I do not know, but from the few times that I watched him, it seemed to me to be the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and that the people that he was preaching to needed that message.


A lot of people are not going to like this, but I believe this is the truth. The kind of teaching that is going on in the Church today is not the Word of God. They are not teaching the Word of God. We teach the Word of God here, the essence of the Scripture. Most of the teaching that you hear in the Church today is to prepare the people to be able to sit in a meeting like this. Most of the people in the Church today could not sit in a meeting like this.


Basically, what I am saying, until you get the mind of Christ, you could never sit in a meeting like this. God has offered His salvation to the whole world, so He has to prepare the people in the world to be able to really hear the word of God, because deliverance and salvation comes out of the development of the mind, and the intellect of Christ in you.


All of these people out there, they have to be prepared to go to school. They are like in preschool. I do not know whether that minister is "Jesus only" or not. The few times that I watched him, my discernment was that he was called to that group of people to hear that kind of preaching. From what I know, he is a man of God. Anybody else. I have enough problems. I do not have to be judging other ministers unless the Lord sends me.


This is a judgment of Pastor Manning, but it is a Godly judgment. It is the corrective judgment of Christ that I really hope and pray results in his deliverance. Anybody else?




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