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 Praise the Lord. I am going to do a brief overview of what we have preached on in Parts 1 and 2 and then go forward and continue to comment on Pastor Manning's comments on women in the Church and in creation.


Number 1 on your notes is an earthquake. I tell you that is a good thing in my estimation. Earthquakes signify Christ piercing through into this natural realm. When spirit pierces through from one world into another world, there are upheavals in the world that is being pierced into, in the same manner as if you would throw a rock or a boulder into the ocean, you can have a tidal wave.


We are having violent manifestations in the earth today, and that is why Jesus said, "When this happens, look up, your redemption draweth nigh." Christ Jesus is piercing through into this world, and it is His intention to fully dominate, and be the only reigning authority over this world. That is the intention of Christ Jesus, that people will continue to inhabit the earth, but no longer be ruled over by the powers and principalities that now control the earth.


This earth, and all of the people belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, and He fully intends to reign and rule over us. In order to do that, He has to unseat the principalities that presently rule and reign in this world. We went into this in more detail on Part 1, if you would like to get that tape or read the web site transcript.


Number 2 was Azusa Street. Do our guests know about Azusa Street? Azusa Street was the revival of Pentecostalism, the revival of the gifts in our world today. I am convinced that it was definitely of God, and a very holy happening. As I pointed out on previous parts of this message, one of the characteristics of anti-Christ is that he will take one truth and impute it or make it equal to another truth. The truth is that there was an earthquake in San Francisco. The truth is the Scripture says locusts came out.


Personally, I think the locusts are Christ, but that is another message. Pastor Manning equates what is a bad happening, in his estimation, to speaking with tongues. In the physical, an earthquake is a bad happening, but he equates it to speaking with tongues.


This is a typical anti-Christ message. He gets your mind running, believing bad, bad, bad, and then he follows up with something from way out in "left field." If you do not have a discerning mind, you are going to keep on thinking bad, bad, bad, is right, and speaking with tongues is wrong. Again, we expounded on that more on previous tapes. Then he went on about false prophets, and we revealed that the false prophet is the human spirit that is given over in spiritual adultery with the powers and principalities of this world. We expounded on that.


Apparently, I spent some time here on Number 4 on who will arise out of the earth. I did talk about the locusts coming out of the earth. This whole issue in the Church, of seeing the little horn as bad, and seeing the locusts and all of the plagues of the Book of Revelation as bad is the way the carnal mind views the message of God.


The reality of the message of God is that today, all of humanity and the Church are manifestations. We are the product of the Serpent's formation of the substance of creation. God created a substance and formed a creation out of it. When Adam fell, the Serpent laid hold of that substance. Think of it as clay, if you want to. The Serpent laid hold of it, and possessed it, and reformed it in her own image. We are made in the Serpent's image. That is why Jesus called the Pharisees vipers. He was not calling them names. He was telling them, "You think you have arrived, but you have not. All of mankind is formed in the Serpent's image. You are vipers." That was what Jesus meant when He said that to them. He was not insulting them.


The reason we are redeemable is that we are formed out of the holy substance of God. This substance of God is a substance that can create a conscious being, because it has Jehovah's breath in it. That is why we are redeemable, because Jehovah's breath is a part of our very makeup. We are formed in the Serpent's image, and we have a carnal mind, which is the Serpent's mind. We have to be adopted.


The reason we are being adopted is for the reason I just said. We are not of Christ's household. We are in the likeness of God, because we are made out of His breath, but we are not in the image of God until we have His nature and His character. Therefore, He is adopting us and making us His own, but we cannot stay in the nature of the Serpent. He is taking us back, but we have to change.


The example that I use is someone who breaks their leg, and it is put together in a way that you cannot walk on it. This creation has been put together after our ancestor, Adam, fell. We have been put together, and we have consciousness. We exist in a form that cannot continue. That is why we die from generation to generation, because we cannot live in this formation. It is like a baby who is born with its heart or its stomach outside of its body.


Everybody may have heard that we have these freaks of nature. Sometimes, unfortunately, children are born where something has gone wrong in their physical makeup, and they cannot survive. Humanity cannot survive in the present configuration. We cannot survive. That is why we die after a lifetime. Hopefully, we do not die prematurely. Hopefully, we live eighty or ninety years, but we are supposed to live forever. The people formed out of the substance of God are supposed to live forever. We die because we cannot live or breathe in this condition that we are in.


This concept of anti-Christ and the locusts coming up out of the earth, and all of these judgments are all judgments on the carnal minds of the saints. This judgment is the mercy of God which is judging and, ultimately, rendering idle the carnal mind. This judgment does not come to us until Christ had begun to be formed in us, because if the Lord renders the carnal mind idle, we will not be able to continue to exist.


Christ being formed in us is not enough. Bearing the Christ child is not enough. We already have a mortal foundation, the result of which we die. We die because of the result of our mortal foundation. First, Christ is formed in us, and then the warfare ensues for Christ Jesus to replace, to overthrow, render idle, and totally replace the spiritual mechanism that gives us consciousness.


I do not say that it gives us Life, because this world is not Life. Life is only in Christ. We have consciousness in this world, and Christ Jesus has to be standing ready to move into the vacuum immediately after our mortal foundation is rendered idle, or we would die. That is why it is taking so long for the Lord to bring His promises to pass. The carnal minds of the people have to be overcome. In order for the carnal minds of the people to be overcome, the people have to work with Christ Jesus.


It just does not work any other way. This is the plan. The people have to have their consciousness raised. They have to find out that we are in the image of the Serpent. Some people get very discouraged. Do not be discouraged because Christ is here. He is our Savior. He is here to give us a new Life, a new consciousness, a new character, and a new image. Each one of us has to turn against our own carnal nature. Offer it up as a sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord exposes its thoughts, and its thought process to us.


We are not talking about behavioral sin here. Of course, we all know that we are not supposed to engage in behavioral sin, but the destruction of the carnal mind will arise after we recognize and reject the thought process, the reasoning process, of the carnal mind. To do that, we have to dig very deep into our own subconscious and unconscious mind.


It is a process that can even be likened to psychotherapy. We have to really recognize what is deep inside of us, because Satan is in every human being, and the form that she is in, in each and every one of us, is our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the place where thought is generated.


I am not talking about people that have Christ in them, at this point. I am talking about the average person. Every thought that rises in our mind originates from the unconscious part of the mind. A lot of people do not understand that Satan is both good and evil. She is good and evil. She is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If someone looks around and says, "I am leading a decent life. I am raising my kids, I am good to my wife, I am good to my husband, what are you talking about saying Satan is in my mind?"


Satan is good and evil, so the comparison must be made between the good and evil of humanity against the righteousness of Christ. If you compare good against evil, and say, "I am good, so there is nothing wrong with me," then you are deceived, because it is still Satan. Satan is good and evil. You could be the best kind of person that you could be in this world, and a very good person in this world, although Jesus said, "Call no man good," of course.


For the purposes of this explanation, no matter how good you are, the test is that you die. Why do we die? We only die because of sin. That is the only reason we die.


If you are sitting in the sound of my voice, in this room or listening to the tape or reading the transcript, and you anticipate dying after seventy, eighty, or ninety years of existence, you are openly acknowledging that you are not the righteousness of Christ.


How can that be? After all, you answered an altar call, and you have studied, and gone to church your whole life. Your nature has not been changed. The only person that I know of, at this time, who had their nature fully overhauled is the man, Jesus of Nazareth. He is given to show us the way. He is given to show us what we can expect.


Even the apostles, to the best of my understanding, did not attain. Even Paul said, "I have not attained." What did that mean? For years, I asked that question. What did he not attain to? He did not attain to the salvation of his soul. The soul which, basically, without going into more detail, is manifesting as the personality. The whole personality of Jesus of Nazareth left His body and went on into a higher spiritual realm.


It was not just His human spirit, not just the worm that dieth not, that Jesus talked about which is our core, the seed of ourselves, the human spirit, which is without personality, that goes on. Jesus of Nazareth took His whole personality with Him. Everything that He learned, everything that He was, everything that He became in the flesh of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, went on when He dropped His body. That is the salvation of the soul, the salvation of the personality, who we are today, not our core essence that goes on and appears again in the last day.


This is the fruit of good and evil. We die. No matter how good you are, we die, so we are talking about a change of nature. The only proof that your nature has fully changed, the only proof that your soul is saved, is that you do not die. Jesus is the only one that has happened to, as of today.


I believe what happened after Jesus shed His body was that He ascended on high, and that in this hour He is sprinkling out His spiritual Life upon all flesh, and that spiritual Life is coming to believers in the form of spiritual seed. The Greek word is sperma, spiritual seed, male seed.


There is a female seed also. The spiritual female is in the Church today in the form of the counterfeit Holy Spirit, seeding God's people who are naive enough to not resist that experience. That is the truth I have been preaching for close to ten years. The counterfeit Holy Spirit is in the Church seeding God's people, as the Church is waiting to see the Manchild appear in a company of people.


I believe that manifestation will be a group of people with power that arises out of righteousness. It will not just be power to heal, but power over nature, power over political power, power over the forces that are bringing destruction to the world.


The Scripture says, "Saviors will come out of Mt. Zion." The bondages are to be broken on this world. The whole world is to be lifted out of bondage, all of the people that are in poverty, that are starving and suffering. By the grace of God, I had a cataract removed a week or so ago in a clean hospital, equipped with all of the modern equipment.


I have been to Africa where people are blind, because they do not have that facility. They have gone blind from cataracts, because there is no hospital or no way for them to have this really simple operation. We are to break the bondages on the whole of humanity, not just the people that are acknowledging Christ Jesus at this moment.


That is what we are waiting for, the manifestation of the fully mature man, Christ Jesus, but the Serpent is there in the eve watching this thing. She is not about to give up her domination of this creation without a fight. The Lord is bringing forth a champion that is typified by David fighting Goliath in the Scripture. The champion of Almighty God is being birthed in the earth to fight and overcome the powers and principalities in the earth, but the Serpent is also birthing her champion. She is birthing Goliath.


Why would the Serpent's child be Goliath and the Lord's child be David, smaller, younger and weaker? Because all of the power of the substance of God that the Serpent now possesses is in the arsenal of the Serpent. That is why the Scripture says that the children of darkness are always brighter than the children of light. Without a great manifestation of Christ Jesus, which I will describe in a minute, Christians, more often than not, most of the time, are overcome by the powers of this world. Christians are overcome all the time by the powers of this world.


All you have to do is look at a Hollywood movie. They are always showing the Christians being overcome, because it is the truth. Even those of us that have some wisdom are frequently overcome, because the substance of God that was breathed into the creation is in the possession of the Serpent.


This world that we see can be likened to a flower that appears above the ground. It has a deep spiritual root that goes deep into the spiritual worlds. This world is sustained by Satan, Leviathan, the Serpent and many grades of power in between that are rooted deeply down under the earth. It is not going to be overthrown easily. Christ in you, and Christ in me, unless we have had the more mature experience, is just a flower with a root just sprouting from the surface.


It is a new thing in the earth. It is like you would take a seed and just sprinkle it on the earth, and maybe it would put down some superficial roots, and the flower lasts for a season and it dies. Jesus even talks about that when He said it had no deep root. What is the answer? The answer is this. The seed of the Lord Jesus is sprinkling upon us. Hopefully, that seed has rooted in our spiritual earth, and when it is mature enough, the Glorified Jesus Christ comes and visits us and joins Himself to His own offspring. Incest in the spiritual realm is legal, so the Lord Jesus Christ is joining Himself to the Christ that is growing in us.


All of a sudden, we have a deep root. Jesus said, "I am the vine, and you are the branches. You have to abide in me." If you are Christ, alone, you can be seeded well, but if you are not abiding in the Glorified Jesus Christ, you will never survive. Christ in you will never survive, so we have to be grafted into His vine after we are conceived and growing. We have to first be grafted into His mind. It is backwards in the spirit. You would not think that, that would be the case in the natural.


First, the vine comes out, and then the plants come on the vine. No, first the seed, the superficial seed, sprouts. Then the vine comes to us and grafts us into Himself. The Glorified Jesus Christ is attached to the Father God. Jesus is our Father, but the God of all, Jesus, is attached to the God of all. I am simplifying this. Then we now have a powerful foundation.


There is going to be a conflict between the group of believers. I say men, but I use that genetically for both male and female. All of humanity is spiritually female, whether you are in a physical body or a male body. You are spiritually female, unless Christ Jesus is appearing in you. Wherever Christ Jesus is appearing, whether you are a physical male or a physical female, you become a spiritual male. You are still whatever your sex is in this world, to avoid confusion in the physical family.


Of course, the husband is still the head of the family, but a husband should always acknowledge the spiritual purpose in his wife, that wherever Christ Jesus is appearing, you have spiritual manhood. You have the power of God, but this entity known as Christ Jesus or also known as the Lamb who is sitting on the throne of your heart, is in a process of growth.


You would only know that He is full grown if you have power over nature and power over death. I do not have that yet. Maybe you have it, I do not have it yet. I believe I have Christ Jesus, or I never would have survived preaching what I have preached all of these years, but He is still very young in me because I do not have power over death. I only have power over nature that the Lord gives me from time to time, if it is a special situation.


That can, sort of, be likened to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These trees out there were dying, and I prayed over them, and they are regenerating. The Lord honored that prayer. That is what we see with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We pray for people. Sometimes, the Lord honors our prayer, and they are healed, and sometimes they are not. I do not know anybody today who has the testimony that every person they pray for gets healed. The reason for that is the only people who get healed are the people that the Glorified Jesus Christ is moving upon. He is honoring our prayers, and it is not really us.


I used to be in Deliverance Ministry. I spent about five years casting out demons. I was pretty anointed doing that. Demons used to scream when they saw me heading over to them in the church. I was known by the demons. Then one day I prayed, and the demons would not come out anymore. I said, Lord, "What is going on here? I have lost my power." The Lord said, "You never had any power. You were like one of these kids pushing the shopping cart, and you thought you were doing it, but I was behind you pushing the shopping cart."


That was a very interesting experience for me, and a very humbling experience. The Lord sent me to Africa right after that, and I was a part of a team of evangelists that was casting out demons. I was the only one on the team who had no power to cast out demons because that anointing had been taken from me.


Today, if the Lord wanted me to cast out a demon, He could move upon me and give me that power for His purposes, but I do not carry that anointing today. The anointing in me has matured. I am not going to go into that right now, but I call that "old order deliverance." For five years, I would walk into the church, and the demons would scream. They do not scream at me anymore. They are not afraid of me anymore. (Laughter).


Of course, I have not been in that situation for a while. My point is this, that was a gift. I did not realize it was a gift, but it was a gift. My attempts to exercise the power of God were only fruitful when my Father stood behind me and agreed with what I was doing.


There is a level in Christ Jesus where we have decision-making power. That is the level of power that Moses had. The first time that I read in a writing that it was not God who split the Red Sea, and that it was Moses, himself, who split the Red Sea, I was offended. I thought it was idolatry. I thought it was an anti-Christ message, but I thank God that I had the wherewithal to pray about it. I said, "Lord, if that is true, please explain that to me."


The result of that prayer was this understanding that I am telling you about today. There is a place in God where we have decision-making power along with the spiritual power to accomplish things. If you look in the King James, it says, "And God said to Moses, split the Red Sea." In other words, Moses had inherent internalized power, but he would not use it unless the Lord told him to use it. That was what Jesus was talking about when He said, "I only do what my Father tells me to say or do."


Jesus had power over nature, but He only used it as the Lord told Him to use it. Today, in the Church, we do not have any power at all. We are not using power that we have. We can only do the act after the Lord says, "Here, this is what I want you to do, and I am empowering you to do it. Now when you pray, your word is not going to fall to the ground, because I am telling you to do it." That is a level of power that we are waiting to come into, decision-making power along with the spiritual power to manifest it. It is a level of ascension in Christ Jesus. Also, on that level, is the power to call into existence all of the needs of your ministry.


All needs that you have that the Lord would agree with, the healing for your family, emotional growth, spiritual growth, etc. Of course, we need money to live on. That is the situation that we live in, but that should come naturally. The Scripture clearly says, "Pursue first the Kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you." This decision-making power that we are praying and hoping for here has to do with health, well being, and the ability, and the wherewithal to pursue God with all of our strength, whatever we need to do that.


If money is a part of what we need to pursue God with all our strength, we will have the power to call it forth in that day when we ascend up into that level of spiritual decision-making power. That is very exciting to me. In that day, when we see somebody that we perceive has the faith to be healed, that is the expression in the Scripture, we will be able to walk over to them, and lay hands on them, and know without a question of a doubt that they will be healed.


We will have inherent indwelling spiritual power. Today, I have passive power. Whatever I have, sometimes I do not know how to measure it. It is just no good unless the Lord agrees with me.


I am told that spiritual giants of the past have had that spiritual power, and they could use it for righteousness or for good or evil, without the Lord's approval. If they were to misuse it, there would be consequences, but people in Moses' category had the power within them, and then they had the choice of not using it until the Lord directed them, or misusing it.


I do not know whether you know it or not, but sometimes, in the past anyway, rabbis have had miracle working power. One of the accounts that I read along this line was a rabbi who had miracle working power. He had this inherent power. I guess he was over in Europe, and his sister had been captured, and was about to be put into white slavery. This is an interesting parable that I read.


It is supposed to be a true story. I often wondered why this man who was so spiritually mature that he had this ascended power, that it never occurred to him to call on Almighty God to help his sister. I just got the answer.


What had happened to him was that his pride was so exalted that he had this inherent power that, for all intents and purposes, he thought he was God, because he never called upon the Lord and said, "Will you save my sister from white slavery?" Instead, he went to the man who was responsible, a military person, and said, "If you let my sister go, I will give you this power." He should not have had to have done that, but because he had so much power, he did not think of calling upon the name of the Lord.


As the story goes, the guard took the power and released his sister. Nevertheless, the man was punished. Here is the moral. In the carnal mind of man, this rabbi did a good thing. He gave something to save the life of his sister, but he gave God's power away to a heathen, to a profane man, to save his sister, and he suffered the consequences. Why would he suffer the consequences? Because it was not necessary. He should have called on the name of the Lord. All of that power, that he had acquired, worked against him.


This is the danger that everyone in the Church faces today. This is why the Lord is only giving His power to people who prove themselves over and over again that God is first in their life. In addition to that, this is why the kind of education that we are offering here is coming forth.


Somewhere, in the back of someone's brain that has this temptation, there is going to be my voice preaching this message, saying, "Do not be carried away with your own power, because you should not misuse it. You have decision-making power to heal that person, to use it this way, to use it that way, as you know God would use it."


You have the power without permission. You can exercise that power without permission, but you are on an honor system to use it only as God would use it. As soon as you use it for your own purposes, you are going to lose it, and you will not accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. Why would you do that? Because you forgot who gave you the power. I repeat myself a lot, because I feel I have to do it. Please bear with me, I do repeat myself a lot.


You have received spiritual power along with decision-making power as to how you are going to use it, because the Lord had made a judgment that you have enough of a knowledge of how God thinks. We can never know completely how God thinks, but we have enough of a knowledge of how God thinks that we should be mature enough, and responsible enough to know when to use this power and when not to use it.


Also, we are supposed to be trained to know when the temptation to use it illegally should be resisted, where we need to recognize that the situation at hand is not responding to the degree of power that we have. The answer is not compromise. The answer is to go back to the one who gave us the decision-making power.


I would guess that this rabbi tried to influence the guard with his spiritual power, to try to influence him in a Godly way to release his sister, and it did not work. Maybe, the guard even recognized that the rabbi was trying to influence him with this spiritual power to release his sister, and that is why the guard said to him, "No, I will not let her go, but if you give me the power, I will let her go."


The guard must have known that the rabbi had the power. At that point, when we are challenged or tempted to use that power in a manner that we know God would not approve, this training which is in Christ needs to kick in, and say, "No, no, go back to the one who gave you the power." We need to recognize our limitations. When we rise to the limit of our limitations, we do not compromise, we go to the one who gave us the power. Pride risen up in somebody's mind will stop them from going to the one who originally gave us the power. There is no compromise in God.


I have gone way off, which happens to me a lot. I do not even know how I got started on this, but we were reviewing previous parts of this message. Are there any questions? Does anybody have a question to ask me about any of this?


We will just go on. We are responding to Pastor Manning. We responded about tongues and prophesy. I believe that we responded somewhat to his comment that a woman was not a part of the original six day creation. To answer that, I really have to answer from a very deep knowledge of spiritual philosophy. He does address the Scripture which says that God created man, male and female. I have it right here for you. It is Genesis 1:27. Adam, at the time of the creation, was not in a physical body. He was not in an animal body. These animal mammalian bodies that we have are the product of the Fall.


Adam had a body of light. He was a glorious entity that did not deteriorate, did not wear out, or did not die. That entity was both male and female. Our natural example is plants. We see plants with both male and female sexual organs in them. If you have any question about our spiritual life, take a look at the green plant life, and you may get your answer. Do not look at the animal life, because Christ is not an animal.


Adam, whatever form he took, he was male and female. First of all, the word "Eve" does not appear in the Scripture. We taught that years and years ago. I have a tape on it somewhere. Anybody who is looking for it, just type that into the search field on our web site. The word "Eve" does not appear in the Scripture. It is the woman. The woman is the female side of Adam. Everything that God made and makes is male and female, because to have just a male alone, or to have just a female alone, we have an unbalanced entity.


Paul talks about that. He says that the woman is not without the man, and the man is not without the woman, because to be complete, you have to have both a male and a female side. If all of mortal humanity is spiritually female, alone, that means we are all incomplete. That is why the Scripture says, "Ye are complete in Him." When the Holy Spirit comes to you, it completes you. You are spiritually female, and you have an aspect of God, and you are complete. Then in Christ, we are perfected.


When a man appears in us, we are perfected. Completion and perfection are two different things. The woman definitely was present at the time of creation, but she was a part of a dual entity. Male and female only separated physically after the flood. God did not put Adam to sleep for the reason Pastor Manning said. I forgot the reason that he said. Sleep is a type of death in the Scripture.


The reason Adam went to sleep was he had already sinned, and because he sinned, Jehovah separated from him. In that separation, Adam fell asleep. In that separation from Life, Adam fell into the sleep of death. What that means is that he started to descend spiritually. As far as God was concerned, he went to sleep. He lost his relationship with God. One of the results of Adam losing his relationship with God, that dual entity that was one, separated into a male and female.


We have a parable in the Scripture. It says, "Yes, God put him to sleep." God did put him to sleep through separation, and yes, He did take the Hebrew word translated "rib," which really just means "side." He took one of Adam's sides. Adam was male and female, so God took his female side and separated him. This is the result of the Fall.


This is not an ideal situation, to have male and female separated. In Christ Jesus, we are all being made independent in Christ. Even if we are married, we are supposed to be dependent on God. We are supposed to come together as two completely independent individuals, husband and wife, serving God, and coming together for whatever purposes of this natural world that the Lord has put you together for.


We are not supposed to be dependent on other human beings. Sometimes, that is difficult to understand. Yes, we need people, and God will send us people to meet our needs. If God sends those people to us, we are okay. When we go out and start to look for people for ourselves, it becomes idolatry, because we are trying to satisfy our own needs. God will meet our needs through other people when we put Him first in our life.


Adam was male and female. As a result of the curse, the male and female separated. The Scripture does not say that God created woman. God made woman. That Hebrew word translated "made" simply means "formed." Jehovah took one of Adam's side, separated them, and He formed the woman. It was not a physical woman. To take these deep spiritual truths and try to explain them as if the people involved were physical people just coverts the whole message.


This is what Pastor Manning is doing. This is what a lot of preachers do. They take the Scripture from the creation and before the flood, and they try to explain it in terms of physical humanity. You have to get a perverse message, because that was not the condition of humanity on the other side of the flood. For purposes of the curse, woman was made subject to man.


The New Testament clearly talks about the woman being the weaker vessel. This does not mean that she is physically, emotionally, or spiritually weak. All that it means is that it is for the purposes of having a Godly order. You have to have order. Wherever Christ is, wherever God is, we have a chain of authority that needs to be respected, if we want to lead peaceful and decent lives.


In the chain of authority in our physical social structure, the male is higher than the woman. You cannot have people fighting every day of your life or the whole family is going to blow apart. Hopefully, the woman and the man, will come to an agreement, and decide what to do together. In the event that this does not happen, the male is the head of the physical family. In the event that the woman is more anointed than the man, the woman still has to respect the man, but through her anointing, if she prays properly, the Lord will speak to the man. You have got to have a chain of command.


That is all that weaker vessel means. What it means is that the woman has to be in submission to the man. She is weaker, because he has the authority, not because she is weak.


It does not only apply to marriage. A Captain is a weaker vessel in relationship to a General. He is limited as to what he can do. If the General insists on doing something that the Captain thinks is wrong, he has no recourse in the natural. In the spiritual arena, our recourse is God. Of course, if the Captain is a man of God, he has recourse. That is all that weaker vessel means.


Then when you start looking at that from a spiritual point of view, whoever has the anointing is the spiritual man. That means everybody in this room is a weaker vessel in relationship to me. If you want to be a part of this ministry, you have to follow the rules. I am not leaving. You have to go. That makes you the weaker vessel, and me the stronger vessel. Whoever has the authority is the stronger vessel. That is all that it means, not that women are weak.


I do not know what is happening in Wisconsin, but we see more women coming into Christ than men, at least in this area of the country and other areas that I have been in. There seems to be a lot more women willing to make the commitment than men. We see that Christ is appearing very much in the women.


Knowing that Pastor Manning's whole message is an anti-Christ message, I see it as a way of binding up large numbers of believers, who could be manifesting a very powerful anointing, and telling them that they have no anointing. I say that the carnal mind has to be made idle, and this is Satan's way of making idle large numbers of believers who could be a great threat to Satan in this hour. It is binding up the women. It is just a spirit that brings bondage into the Church.


I am told that where Christ is, there is liberty in the Holy Ghost, liberty in Christ Jesus, and liberty to be all that we can be in Him. There should not be any bondage. I am very unhappy to hear him preaching that message.


Going on to Number 7, Pastor Manning says that Adam was alone at the beginning, so Jehovah decided to give him a companion. This is a teaching that is very common in the Church, that God gave man a helpmeet, and that is why the only role of women is to be the little wife and entertain their husband's guest. I have seen this a lot where anointed women are really heartbroken who are not allowed to preach, to get in the pulpit, and all they could do is be as assistant to their husband.


There is nothing wrong with being an assistant to your husband, but if you happen to be a woman that has her own call, and your husband is a man of God, he is going to recognize that, and somehow you are going to work that out. The Hebrew says, "Jehovah said, I will make a helpmeet for him." The word "meet," meaning sufficient.


In other words, Adam failed. Adam died, because he could not recognize the difference between the Serpent and Jehovah.


That sounds ridiculous until you stop to think that it was not a visible creation. It had to be a spiritual discernment. It is the same problem that we have in the Church today. Can you tell the difference between Christ and your carnal mind when a thought seeps into your mind? That is the closest understanding that I have to Adam's predicament.


It was not me saying, "I can tell the difference between this sister and that sister, or I cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman." It simply was not that simple. It was a spiritual creation, and the spiritual creation was dealing with thought.


We see the seduction laid out in the Scripture in Song of Solomon, Chapter 5, with the woman typifying the female. "There was a knock at the door, and I thought it was my beloved, and my bowels moved for him, and I opened the door, and it was not him." Then she was raped, and the next thing you know she is walking through the streets naked, because she opened the door to someone who was not Jehovah. That is talking about the female Adam that fell.


I used to say to the Lord all the time, how could she have been so stupid? I was not meaning to be irreverent, but she was perfect in an imputed way. She was not perfect in her nature, but she was given perfection, she was given dominion over sin, with the potential to lose it. How could she have not known the difference? How could she have not recognized the Serpent? Because the Serpent was not a snake.


She did not even have any eyes. This was the female Adam. She did not even have any eyes. It was all in thoughts. Spiritual communication, spiritual existence, spiritual consciousness is all in thought. There is no "Eve" in the Scripture. The female Adam misunderstood. The Serpent came knocking at her door, and she thought it was Jehovah. If you look at the Scripture in Hebrew, it says, "The woman said to the Serpent, but God said, I should not do that." The Hebrew says, Elohim, "But Elohim says, I should not do that." Elohim, being the power of God.


The female Adam thought that the one that was talking to her, the Serpent, she thought it was Jehovah. She knew that Jehovah and Elohim were a team. She thought that the Serpent was Jehovah, who had more authority than Elohim.


I believe that Adam had been fully instructed in a theory-type class. I always say we have theory here, we have a laboratory, and we have field experiences. Adam was instructed in theory. She must have known there was a Serpent out there, but when the Serpent came knocking, all the instruction did not do her any good. She fell. That test that took place, who knows, it was before time began. Who knows? Thinking in terms of time does not even make any sense. It was before time began.


That same test is still being manifested today in the descendants of that fallen Adam. We are the descendants of that fallen Adam, and we are having the same test today. Can you tell the difference between the Serpent, which is your carnal mind or which manifests through your carnal mind, and Christ speaking to you? Can you unequivocally say that you will never be deceived? I cannot. I would not dare say that, because the minute I said that, I would walk out there and be deceived. The Lord will not tolerate that kind of pride. As long as we are in the flesh, we can be deceived.


That is why Jesus said, "I only say and do what my Father says." Jesus, who was God in the flesh, knew that He had to lay hold of the mind of His Father, because His carnal nature was still present.


Oh, Jesus had a carnal nature? Absolutely! It is the mind that forms our physical cover. The body is a cover for the mind. The body is just a house that the mind lives in, so the mind forms the body. Jesus could not have been born as a baby without a carnal mind. We were talking last night about self-incarnation, that Elijah self-incarnated as an adult, but even Elijah had a carnal mind. To be in an animal form, you have to have an animal mind.


The mind of Christ does not produce an animal form. Adam, from the very beginning, when God first created him, was male and female. He was spiritual male and female earth. The creation is male and female. The whole point of the creation is to have a visible expression of Almighty God. That is what the creation is about. We are to be a visible expression of Almighty God; therefore, earth was added to Adam's spirit. Earth was added to his mind.


The Father said to him, "Now you have another side, and it is earthen, and it now has a consciousness of its own, because in order for me to mix this earth, this spiritual earth, with the spiritual substance of my breath, the contact has given consciousness to the earth. That consciousness, the earth being the exact opposite, the dark earth being the exact opposite of light, which you are, when that earth received consciousness, it became evil consciousness. It is your opposite, so Adam, you have to always be aware that you have another side, and live only out of the Christ mind that I, Jehovah, have given you." Adam said, "Sure, no problem, I will recognize the difference between the dark earth and the light," and bump, he fell.


I keep saying "he," because I go back and forth with the Church world, but it was the female aspect of Adam who fell. She fell. We are the descendants. We are the female aspect of Adam, and we are still having the same challenge today, to tell the difference between the Christ mind and the carnal mind, which rises up and says it is God.


Our carnal mind is that man of sin who sits in the temple of God, which we are, calling himself God, but the hour is coming that, that man of sin will be exposed when Christ appears in us and shines the light of Himself on that carnal mind, which is what we are doing today. We reveal the thought process of the carnal mind. You can try a thought at a time. That is good, if that is all you have got, but when you get a grip on the thought process, the way the carnal mind reasons, the way the carnal mind thinks, you are much more equipped than just trying to recognize a voice.


Whose voice is that? You are in a great disadvantage if you are just trying to recognize a voice. Was that the Lord speaking to me? What did the voice say? Would God say that to you? We talk about the process, the thought process of the carnal mind, and we challenge it with the thought process, the way Christ thinks. Most of the time, the issues are subtle, and not clear cut.


You might look at it with the carnal mind, and say, "What is wrong with the person thinking with their carnal mind? What is wrong with what they are thinking?" To this world there is nothing wrong with it, but the Scripture says, there is a way that seems right to man, but the end of it is destruction.


How do you recognize that it is the thought process of the carnal mind? Because Christ does not think like that. Christ does not think like what? You are coming out of your own experience. We are told in the Book of Isaiah, that the sons of God will not judge by what they see with these eyes or hear with these ears.


The average person, when they hear a story, judges by their own experiences. We do that here sometimes. I call it laboratory. I say, "This is the situation. Where do you think that person was coming from? Do you think their reasoning was right? Why do you think it was right?" The carnal mind always takes that, whatever the situation is, and runs it through their own life experience.


If that person, if that believer, is willing to face the truth about themselves, that they are in their carnal mind, the truth is that they put themselves in that position, and their reaction to, and solution of, or decision as to how they would behave in that situation, is based upon what is good for them or what is going to justify what they have done in their lifetime.


They do not know that when they are making the decision, but that is the reality of it. That is the carnal mind, because Christ is selfless. Christ makes His decisions based on righteousness, and what is good for the Kingdom of God. There is no way that you can enter into this thought process until you are willing to delve very deeply into your own motives, and recognize that kind of thing. That is what I call laboratory here.


I will ask everybody what they think. If they are reasoning with their carnal mind, I will tell them, "That is your carnal mind." If you are willing to be truly honest, and ask the Lord to help you to see what your motive really was, you will see that you have placed yourself in this person's position. You said what they did was okay, because you know that you did the same thing, or that you are capable of doing the same thing, and you are already covering yourself before it even happens.


We are in the same position that the female Adam was in before time began. The male Adam is the Glorified Jesus Christ. What happened to the male Adam? Everybody says, "Why is everybody blaming the woman? Why did the man not save her?" I have had several answers to that over the years. The man was inside of her. I do not know what the male looked like, but I know that the Scripture says that the woman is on the outside. I am going to do a new thing, a woman will surround a man. The woman is on the outside.


We even see that typified in the account of Jacob when he was returning to his home area, and he was about to confront Esau. Jacob was afraid that Esau would wipe him out or wipe out his wives and his kids, and wipe out their whole tribe, the whole family, which was a large family. What did he do? Jacob set the family out in array with the women out front.


The carnal mind looks at that and says, "Look at this guy. His brother is coming to kill them, and he puts the women out front." What does that mean? I do not know if Jacob actually, physically, put the women out front. I do not know, but I know, spiritually speaking, the woman goes out front. The man is inside, but the protection of the woman comes from the inside. I am talking about spiritual entities now.


The personality, Jesus of Nazareth, was female to the male Christ that was inside of Him. The man was inside. If you have Christ Jesus inside of you, your humanity is female to Christ Jesus inside of you. You are the woman that is surrounding the spiritual male, and He protects you from within, if you can hear that. He protects you from within. That is the position.


I was talking about Adam being alone. Jehovah said, "I am going to make a help that is going to be sufficient for you, a helpmeet. I am going to make a help that will meet your needs, that will be strong enough to protect you from within, because this woman who was on the outside of the male, the female Adam, who was on the outside of the male Adam, was not listening." Has that ever happened to you? Everybody here, we are all the female Adam on the outside.


Did it ever happen that Christ Jesus in you was telling you, "Do not go there," and you went there anyway. The woman was disobedient. I do not know about you, but it happens to me a lot more often than I would like it to happen to me. There is just a quiet thought in my mind, just a quiet thought, "No, Sheila, not that way."


One of the most traumatic experiences of my life resulted from my disobedience. Do you want to know why I did not obey? Because I was on my way to the gym, and I am always working up to the last minute, and if I did not get there in five minutes, they were going to lock me out. I am telling you this in all humility. I did not stop to hear what the Lord had to say. He called me, and I did not stop. "They are closing the gym, Lord." Before I got out of the house, I almost died. I never made it to the gym. I heard Him call me, and I actually said, "Not now." It was not those words, but I did not listen.


Whatever Adam looked like before time, he was a dual entity. He was male and female. We call him "he" when he was whole. The woman, who was outside, disobeyed the inner voice, saying, "That is not Jehovah out there." It would be like Christ, in you, speaking to you. Remember, earlier I explained, we have Christ, who is just the seedling, and once He is married to the Lord Jesus, this is not likely to happen, because the Father is with us as well as the Son. Even those of us that have Christ Jesus, you hear the voice, and you disobey. You do not sit there and say, "I am going to disobey." It is pride. Only pride disobeys.


Of course, I did not think this through. It was the pride of my mind that was saying, in essence, "I have this relationship with the Lord. I hear from Him all the time. He is there anytime I need to talk to Him, and they are closing the gym." In those days I was having an experience of some spiritual entity trying to choke me. I almost died a couple of times. This was the worst experience of that type.


I really almost died. I almost died all of those times, but this was really bad. I came through it, and I was utterly, utterly humiliated. I did not have to go through that, but we get caught up in this life, and it is our challenge to recognize and respond to the inner prompting of the Lord.


I used to read in the Scripture that the Hebrew children died in the wilderness because of disobedience. I could not get it. I used to say, "Lord, what could they have done that was so bad that they died in the wilderness? What could you have told them to do? Go left, and they went right, so you killed them in the wilderness?" I could not get it. Then finally, I understood, as I grew up a little bit. I understood that the Lord was telling them, "I am going to be the cloud in front of you, and I am going to be the pillar of fire at night, but you have to follow me."


The Lord was saying, "Go this way," but for whatever their reason, they did not hear Him, or they wanted something else, and they went that way. The Lord zigged and they zagged, and they died in the wilderness. You have to follow after the Lord. He will come back for you once or twice. Balaam is our example.


The Lord will speak to you, and say, "No, do not do that, it is not good for you." He will tell you once, He will tell you twice, and then He will stop telling you. He says that you will find out from your experience. You will reap what you sow. He is there. His hands are clean. He is righteous. He warns us.


Every bad thing that happens in our life, if we have this relationship with Him, that I think everybody here has, He has warned us about it. If something has happened to you that has been an unpleasant experience, and you do not have any understanding of how the Lord warned you, ask Him, and He will show you how He warned you.


He told you it was going to happen before it ever happened. Somehow, some way He warned you, and you did not recognize what your part was. You did not recognize it and, therefore, you did not do it and, therefore, you had the unpleasant experience. In this dispensation, because of Christ Jesus, we have the opportunity to be forgiven, cleansed, and to go on.


That is encouraging. No sin is unto death, other than outright rebellion against God, which is refusal to listen to Him. It separates you from Him. That is the only sin that is unto death. There is a sin that is unto death. That is to just go your own way, and say, "Who cares?" It may not be a conscious thought saying, "Who cares about you," but we just do whatever we want to do, and the end of it is death. Any other sin, all we have to do is repent, and deliverance is there, but who needs it?


Who needs the experience, and who needs to have to deal with the way we feel after it happened? Of course, if it happens, good will come out of it, because all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. Still, I would much rather not have it, between you and me. I would much rather not go through it. (Laughter) If we do mess up, everything will be okay. It will work for our good. We will learn, and we will grow, and we will be defended against that kind of thing in the future, and we will be equipped to help others be defended against it.


We are the descendants of the female Adam who fell. We were separated from the male Adam because the male Adam stayed with Jehovah when the sins of the female separated her. It is just like we are told in Isaiah that Jehovah divorced Israel. That was just a second or more playing out of what happened before time began.


Jehovah divorces us when we sin. He does not stay married to a willfully sinning believer. At some point, He is going to leave you. Jehovah divorced Israel, and Jehovah and the male Adam, who was righteous, divorced the female Adam, and the female Adam went to sleep and descended. That is what sleep means.


Ultimately, she fell down into this physical world, and we are the female Adam. When the Lord Jesus Christ comes to us, He is the male Adam that we left. We departed from Him. He did not depart from us. We departed from God, and He is coming to get us back.


Everybody says, "Where is the man?" He is right here coming to get us back, but you do not know that. All those people out there who do not want anything to do with the Lord, are saying, "What happened? Why did the man let Eve fall like that?" He is after her. This all happened outside of time. It has been thousands of years in this physical plane, but it has been only about three days, if you can measure time at all, in the realm where the man was. His wife ran away from him.


The truth is we are his wife, and we ran away from our husband. We married the Serpent, and we ran away, and we bore the Serpent's child. That is our condition. I have heard people say, "Why should I repent?" I said that at the beginning. "Why should I repent? What did I do?" I lost my memory, but I committed adultery, and I was unfaithful to my spiritual husband. I ran away with the Serpent, and I bore his child.


Every bad thing that has happened in my life is the result of my behavior. I just lost my memory. It has been so long, I forgot what I did. That is the spiritual truth. That is why we all have to repent. You cannot repent until you know who you are. This is who we are. We are the female Adam that bore an illegitimate child, but our true husband is adopting our child. The spiritual child that we bear remains within us. That is Christ, but also the spiritual child is the carnal mind.


Peter says the elements are going to burn and collapse. The elements of our spiritual being are going to burn, and collapse, and be reformed into the Glorious Christ Jesus that we are called to be. That is the judgments. That is the Lake of Fire. That is the "burning" that Peter talks about. The Lord has come, the male Adam has come to get his wife back. That is why He has to win this war, because we are His. We belong to Him, and He loves us with a love that we cannot even comprehend.


He will, in due season, change the minds of all of the rebellious manifestations of humanity. It is this teaching that really frightens non-Christians. I had a dialogue with a couple over the internet. I think they were part of an occult philosophy like Dow. It was this very issue that made them break off with me, that I believed that at some point, the Lord Jesus Christ will change the mind of every human being, one man at a time, as His purposes are fulfilled. I am not forcing anybody to believe. Spiritually, He will change the mind of every human being, one man at a time, as His purposes are fulfilled. They could not deal with that. That is a pretty hard thing to tell somebody.


That is what the Catholic Church tells Protestants, that you are coming back. Did you know that? That is what the Catholic Church tells the Protestants, that you are coming back.


That is witchcraft. That is mind control. It gets inside of your head, and it is very frightening to people who understand what that is doing. That is a seed going into your mind, saying, "You are coming back. It is just a matter of time. You will change your mind. You are coming back." It is very upsetting to Catholics who have left the Catholic Church. It does not upset me that much, because I am not a Catholic, but Catholics who have left the Catholic Church are very threatened by that.


These people that broke their dialogue with me were very threatened. They said to me, "Is that what you believe?" They asked me outright. I said, "Yes, that is what I believe," and I never heard from them again. It was too threatening to them. That is a manifestation of witchcraft, to tell people that you are going to do something that you do not want to do, and it is just a matter of time, and you are going to do it anyway.


There is spiritual power in that kind of thing, and you should not let anybody talk to you like that. That is a curse going at you. If you do not defend yourself against it, and if you do not become pro-active with it, it will overtake you. There is an excellent chance that it will overtake you.


It may not happen for twenty years. It may not even happen until the next generation. It may happen to your children. You should not let anybody talk to you like that, even about Christ. No one should talk to you about that, unless it is a prophesy coming out of the Spirit of Christ. You should not let anyone's carnal mind say to you, "You will come to the Lord, you will see."


If it is coming out of the person's carnal mind, they are putting a bondage on you. They might mean, "You are coming to my church, or you are coming to my cult." Just because the Church names the Name of Jesus does not mean that if someone or a pastor says that to you, that it is the Lord saying, "You have to be there."


If it is the Lord calling you, then you will come, and you will be in that church as long as the Lord wants you to be there. If He moves you out, He moves you out. If you spend your whole life there, you spend your whole life there. If it is a member of the church saying that to you, they are not calling you to the Lord Jesus. They are calling you to that church, and then you will not be able to leave. You will not be free to respond to the Lord Jesus wherever He sends you. They are calling you to themselves, not to the Lord Jesus.


Do not be deceived, because somebody names the name of Jesus Christ. It is a curse. You need to rebuke it and break the curse, whatever words you use. You have to resist. The words, in my estimation, are not all that important, whether you say, "I rebuke it or I break your curse." The bottom line is, in your mind, you have got to push it back with whatever words you use. You have got to know that it is a seed that is going into your mind, and you have got to push it back. You have to rip it out, uproot it, and throw it back because it is witchcraft.


That is all part of our education in Christ. That is why, in the spirit filled Church, there is a lot of witchcraft going on amongst God's people. It is really important that we train up the people to understand this, that just because you answered an altar call, and maybe you are speaking in tongues, that does not mean that you can go around prophesying over people. It does not mean that you are an elder, either.


I had an elder in the church that I was raised up in say, "That in his opinion, we should lock new Christians up for at least five years before we let them out because they are like little kids with spiritual power. They go running around, prophesying over people, and having meetings at home, and Satan speaking through them at will. There is no elder there to recognize that this is what is happening."


Then the Christians get all up tight, and they say, "The pastor wants to put us in bondage, and he only wants us prophesying in the church." The churches that I have heard this in, there was no explanation given. Just the commandment went out. "You will not have home meetings where you prophesy. You only do it in the church." The people rebelled against it.


You need to be taught about the danger that your carnal mind is going to rise right up. That is the man of sin sitting in the temple of God saying, "I am God." He is not going to say, "I am God." He is going to be talking to you and prophesying through you, and sending you to other people, and doing all kinds of damage. You can learn from your experiences. You can have a bad experience from that and wind up going before the Lord, and finding out that you should not have done that or you can learn from instruction.


Some people will be instructed, and still not listen, but it is really the responsibility of the pastors to educate the people, and it is not happening. It is not happening, at least, here on Long Island in New York. There is no recognition at all of any such danger. The whole push in the local churches here is evangelizing. Everything is outside of themselves. They are told, "No demon can touch a Christian. You cannot have a demon, nothing can happen to you, you cannot have a bad experience, you cannot fail, there is not anything that you could do wrong, and there is no ministry for the people in the church."


All that they are taught is go out and evangelize and get other people into the kingdom. That is what we are up against. Are there any questions before I go on?


COMMENT: The female Adam gave in to the Serpent. Did the male part of Adam not sin by allowing the female to do that?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I am sure that he told her. He spoke to her from within, just like Christ speaks from within you. He said, "That is not Jehovah. That is the Serpent." Either she did not hear him or she did not believe that was the husband talking to her, but his hands are clean. How do I know? He did not fall. Only the female Adam fell.


COMMENT: I am thinking of Genesis 3:17 here. It says that he spoke unto Adam. It says, "Because thou hast hearken unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life."


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question. I have a message on that. One of the things we are lacking here is somebody to catalogue all these messages. I sought the Lord on that, and this is the answer that He gave me. The woman married the Serpent. She thought that the Serpent was her husband. I do not know if I could do it again. The man was the Serpent.


Let me explain some basic principles to you. This was the condition or as close as I can explain it to you before the Fall. The man had the authority. Underneath him was the woman, and underneath the woman was the earth, and the conscious earth is called the Serpent. That is who the Serpent is.


The earth that received consciousness, when it was mixed, merged together, blended together with the spiritual entity, with the breath of Jehovah, became the spiritual entity known as man.


The woman was in the middle, and she heard the voice of her husband, and she also heard the voice of the Serpent. She had to distinguish between the two. For whatever reason, before time began, the female Adam here, believed that this Serpent was her husband.


Scratch that. I am sorry. I am trying to remember how the Lord explained this to me. That is true, but for the purposes of this understanding, I have to put it to you a different way. I have to use the condition of the people in the Church today to help you to understand this. Many believers do not hear the voice of the Christ within them. Christ can be formed in them, the Holy Spirit can be in them, and they do not hear Him. I have people right in this ministry that say, "I just do not hear from God," but they hear from their carnal mind, so they get confused, and they think that their carnal mind is God.


Although the man was speaking to her, she was not hearing him. She was not looking up. To hear the Lord speaking to us, we really have to begin to look for His voice. He speaks to us in many different ways, but the voice of our carnal mind is very loud. Sometimes we hear it within our own mind. Sometimes we hear it from our friends and our relatives.


People that we have the greatest spiritual respect for, sometimes, speak the words of the Serpent to us. This is what the Lord explained to me when I put that Scripture to Him. This is basically talking about Genesis 3. Jehovah really did not pronounce a curse upon the creation. He really just expounded on what the consequences of their transgression would be.


The King James Translation makes it sound like a curse, but it was as if you said to your children, "If you run out into the street, you could get hit by a car." The Lord was simply saying, "You did what I told you not to do, and this is the fruit, this is the consequences that you are going to experience. You are going to labor. You are going to descend into another world where you have to labor to have your needs met, etc. etc." He was not cursing them.


This was the condition. I have to believe that the woman, the female Adam, knew that there was a male Adam, because if she did not, then Jehovah would be unrighteous in letting this happen to her. She knew she had a husband, and she knew that she had another nature. As I have already said, she was deceived. Lord, help me to explain this.


From another perspective, in the Church today, we have a lot of people who they think it is Christ, but it is their carnal mind, and they think that they are okay. I will put it to you this way. The Church, largely today, is the bride Church. They are the female Church. They know that they are the female. They know they are the bride. They will tell you that. They know that there is a bridegroom coming, but they do not understand that the bridegroom is coming in other people that look just like them.


We have to discern the anointing on each other, and some people, some Christians, have a male anointing. I have a male anointing. I happen to be a physical female, but I have a male anointing. I am a member of the Bridegroom Company. When I go to other churches that have the female anointing, they do not recognize that I have the Bridegroom anointing.


They judge me by what they know, and decide I am a false prophet. We discussed this last night. I preached this years ago, back in 1991, and remember we are talking about a mind now. I was preaching that Christ Jesus looks so radically different. His mind is so radically different than the female thought process that He looks evil to the female. Therefore, the female church is running from the very Savior that she prophesies about.


It is the same experience as I just mentioned in the Book of the Song of Solomon. The Lord is knocking on the door of the female church, and the female church says, "You do not look like me, so you cannot possibly be my husband, because you do not look like me." The Bridegroom does not look like the bride. The male does not look like the female, but the female is ignorant and blind to the truth. We see in the Church today, a situation where the bride church thinks that she is the male.


If you stop to think about it, even though the Church is prophesying and preaching that they are the Bride waiting for the Bridegroom to come, when you look at the behavior and the attitude of the Church today, the Church thinks she is male. When Christ comes to the Church with the correction, does the Church say, "Yes, you are my husband, and I will submit."


No, the Church says to the Bridegroom, the Church says to the male, to the human being carrying the male anointing, "You are not of God. I am the man. I am in charge. I am a pastor here, I am a prophet, I am an apostle," whatever title they give themselves. "I speak the word of the Lord, and you are a false prophet. Get out of here."


We see the woman, the spiritual woman, overthrowing the authority of the male, and making herself male. Are you hearing me?


This was the condition before time began. The woman was rejecting the man, for whatever reason. I do not know what the thought process was at that time. She saw somebody underneath her like the Bride Church today sees the world out there. The Bride Church thinks it is her commission to go out and convert the world. I do not agree with that. I think that the commission of the Church is to study to show itself approved, to do everything we can to grow in Christ, and to find out what the specific call on our life is.


If the Lord sends us to somebody, we would tell them about the Lord Jesus, but to say that the sole function of the Church is to knock on doors, and give out tracts and evangelize, and not look at yourself, is a total perversion of the truth.


The Bride Church today is acting like the man. The man is coming to save the woman with the truth. The major thrust of the male ministry here is to receive the education of the Lord, and to educate the female Church in the aspect that the Lord sends us to, the specific area that He sends us to, to educate the female Church, specifically. The female Church does not want us, so we are recording all of this teaching, and putting it up on the internet for those who can hear the voice of the Bridegroom.


The job of the female Church is to receive what the male has to offer and to grow. You do not stay female in Christ. You mature from female into male. You cannot do that in the natural, but in the spiritual that is very reasonable to expect to go from a spiritual female to a spiritual male.


The female Church is supposed to be receiving the spiritual nourishment of the Bridegroom so that she can mature into the male company. This male company, at some point, is going to have a major galactic conflict with the powers and principalities of this world, which conflict will eventually unseat them, and save all of the people that do not have the strength to do what we are doing here.


The Lord wants the Bride Church to mature into the Bridegroom, but the Bride Church will not come to the Bridegroom. Why? Because she wants to be the male. She wants to be the one that teaches. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a situation with immature Christians where they will not let me talk.


Aside from the fact that I am the most educated person, the anointing is on me. Other Christians, they are just immature. They want to hear themselves talk. They think that they know so much. Even if they are educated, you are supposed to submit to the person in your group with the greater anointing.


I have been saying this for years, "The day the Lord brings somebody here with a greater anointing than me, I will sit back and let them preach. Maybe I will learn something." I do study with other teachers through written material. Immature Christians want to tell you what they know.


In the Book of Jude, they cannot recognize spiritual dignitaries. They cannot recognize who the authority is, and they just want to run their mouth. They think they are the male. If you go to people like that, and you say to them, "You think you are the male," they will say to you, "That is ridiculous. I do not think I am the male." That is because they do not understand what they are doing. If you look at their behavior and attitudes, and the way they are reacting, they have got themselves in the male role.


This woman, before time began, she wanted to be the man. We do have a problem, a generic problem, and it is not every individual. In the world today, we see a lot of women who want to be men. They compete with their husbands, and they compete with men. Everybody knows about it. It is the human condition. It is very common.


Jehovah had to instruct her that she was the woman. Either she did not hear or she forgot. I do not know, but she was ignoring that man, just like we ignore the Christ within us. I told you I ignored the Christ within me, and I almost died. She is ignoring this man, and she made herself the man.


The problems in humanity today, and the problems in the Church, are the same problems that Adam had at the beginning. Here she was, she wanted to be the man. Maybe she did hear the man. Maybe she was in competition with him, and she made herself the man. The bottom line is, she perceived, in her own self image, that she was the man. Is that not the original sin that Adam, who fell, perceived a thought that was not the thought of God? That was the separation.


How do we separate from God? We think thoughts that differ from the thoughts of God. We separate from God in our mind. Of course, we separate from God if we engage in behavior that is not acceptable to Him. Way before behavioral separation comes, we separate from God in our mind, in the way that we think.


This woman, she made herself the man, and she looked down. She did not look up, just like we do not look in. She did not look up, she looked down and said, "Look at this, there is someone underneath me. I could be the man to them, and this must be the woman."


Then at some point, illusion becomes delusion. The difference between illusion and delusion is that when you have an illusion, somewhere back there, even if it is in your subconscious mind, you know that it is not true. If you keep on believing the illusion, if you keep on believing the lie, at some point, you believe the lie, and then you are in delusion.


COMMENT: You are saying, basically, God gave her over to a depraved mind, and then addressed her as Adam.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. Even more than that, the woman did marry the Serpent in a perverse relationship. For all intents and purposes, for this fallen creation, the woman became the man. It was the female Adam that sinned. The English word, Adam, is a translation of Adam, but it really means "The creation." You have to dig to see that there was a male and a female Adam.


COMMENT: First, she sinned by not hearing Jehovah. Then she became the male Adam that went on to sin.


PASTOR VITALE: She married the Serpent and birthed a perverse child. We are it. This is very interesting. I have read this, it is not original revelation. I believe that the Lord has witnessed to it, that she had two seeds in her. She had the seed of the Serpent and the seed of her true husband. Cain was the offspring of the Serpent and Abel was the offspring of Jehovah.


COMMENT: We are like Eve, basically, today. The true Adam is the unseen. Your nature is the Serpent's nature, and the carnal mind is inside, of course.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we are the woman and the true Adam is Christ within us. The carnal mind is the perverse child that was born. The carnal mind is a manifestation of the soulish woman. It is the offspring of the Serpent and the female Adam with mere wisdom. Any wisdom that we have is devilish wisdom. That is what the Book of James calls it.


COMMENT: Relating this to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, it would be the earth Serpent. Is that right? Jehovah said, "Do not partake of the fruits of this tree." Is that how it would work?


PASTOR VITALE: That is the Serpent, who has a knowledge of good and evil. That knowledge came when the earth integrated with the substance of God, the breath of Jehovah.


COMMENT: It was almost like that free will or whatever. He said, "Take of the Tree of Life. That is what you can eat of."


PASTOR VITALE: That is the man that is above taking the Tree of Life, but she did not partake of the Tree of Life. Jehovah said to her, "Listen to the man taking the Tree of Life," but she did not. Why? Her pride wanted to be the man, so she did not look up. She looked down. Why are so many in the Church today not hearing the Holy Spirit or the indwelling Christ? Because they really do not want to hear it. They want to be the big shot.


Not many people would admit to this, but this is what is happening in the Church today. Why can the Church not hear this message, this life giving message? Because God did not tell it to "them."


Do you know how many ministries we sent these books to? They say, "If that is the answer, if it were true, God would tell me." This is a lack of knowledge as to how God works. Anyone who says that, does not know God's ways. God does not give this kind of deep revelation to everybody. He teaches, or maybe He will teach a few, but He raises up teachers. He does not teach everybody individually on this level.


The Scripture that says, "No man need teach us," means that Adam need not teach us. We do not need to hear from the carnal mind, but Christ can teach us through a teacher. That is the big error, especially in the ministries that are responsible to be teaching this message. They say, "God did not tell me, so you are off the wall."


COMMENT: You referred to two scriptures. You referred to one that is in Revelation 3:20, "Behold, I come at the door and knock, open if you hear me." The other one you referred to is the one in Song of Solomon, Chapter 5. In the Song of Solomon it was the Serpent knocking and in Revelation it was Christ knocking?


PASTOR VITALE: Right. They knock from different directions. Christ knocks from within and, frequently, we cannot recognize Him. I find in many instances, even Christ in the individual, they hear Christ, and they think that it is Satan.


I went through the same thing. I was raised up in a church that I was very attached to. I thought I would never leave there. I never had any desire to be a teacher or to have a ministry. I was very happy casting out demons, and would have done it for the rest of my life. One day the Lord said to me, "I am pulling you out of this church," and I said, "Get out of here devil, I am not going anywhere. You are not getting me out of this church."


For six months I wrestled with the Lord until He made it impossible for me to stay in that church. He had me reveal a truth to the Pastor. The Pastor did not take it, and he made it so hot for me I had to leave. I could not stay in the church anymore. The Pastor was persecuting me because I told him the truth.


COMMENT: When Paul talks about a woman remaining silent, it refers to our woman nature?


PASTOR VITALE: Right, the carnal mind. That is why he says the woman should not prophesy uncovered. What that means is, if you do not have Christ to cover your carnal mind, the raw spiritual power in you can prophesy. Once Christ opens you up to spirituality, either side can prophesy through you. If you are a person who cannot distinguish between Christ prophesying or the Holy Spirit prophesying, and your carnal mind prophesying, you should not be doing it unless there is someone present who could tell you, "You had better sit down, because that is not the Lord speaking through you. That is the angels." (Laughter) Anybody else? We seem to have gotten off our subject today, but that is okay. That happens all the time, anyway.


We were responding to Pastor Manning. Maybe this is what he needs to hear. Maybe this is the book that he will get.


We are addressing Number 7. Adam was not alone at the beginning. Adam was never alone. I see that I did not get the Scripture for you, but Paul does tell us that the male is never without the female, and the female is never without the male. Paul says clearly the male is never without the female, and the female is never without the male.


Even in our fallen condition, there is a male and a female, and that is Satan and Leviathan. For years I preached that Satan was the male, and Leviathan was the female. Leviathan, basically, symbolizing the pride nature of mankind, and Satan being the spiritual power. That was how I saw it, that Satan seemed to have more power than Leviathan or to be the power of Leviathan. That is the better way to put it. Then I read something that made me realize that "No, Leviathan is the male."


I also preached things that would indicate Leviathan is the male. Why did I think that Satan was the male? As the Lord explained it to me, I realized that Satan is in the male role because this whole fallen creation is a manifestation of the perversion that happened before time. Satan is the female of this fallen creation, but she is in the male role, and she dominates her husband who is Leviathan.


You have to have the mind of Christ to understand that one. (Laughter) There are many levels of understanding. It is the same word, but it appears differently to people, depending on where their level of consciousness is. Christians who are not open to having their consciousness expanded will never get it.


It is just really sad. What has happened to the Church today, the Baptist Church, the Pentecostal Church, is the same thing that has happened with the Jehovah's Witnesses. They have doctrine written out for them. They are no longer communicating with the Lord. This is what they hear preached, and they do not get anything individually or new. It is very, very sad.


There is revelation in this level. If you think of the spiritual worlds or the levels of consciousness as rings, there is revelation that comes forth within the Church or within the five fold ministry, within this world that we are in. In a way, it makes it worse. People say, "My pastor gets revelation or I get revelation." Yes, they do get revelation within this sphere of influence, but they never break through it.


Before we broke through here, for quite a long time, I think a couple of years, I would have dreams of myself in the attic of a house. I was walking with my head. I was not walking on my feet. My head was attached to the roof of the attic. I did not know what it meant until years later, that I had gone as high as I could go, and then, eventually, we pierced through into the next world, the next level of consciousness. Very interesting.


I used to be naive enough to think or to desire to translate this whole Bible. I thought, "Someday I am going to get the message. I am going to get the message, I am going to capture it, I am going to have it." Nobody can capture this message. This message is infinite, and we comprehend it more and more as our consciousness enlarges, but we will never capture it all. It is a word that can never be captured. Now I know that, and I accept that. We have to accept our mortality, at least in this condition. I believe the Scripture says that after Jesus was glorified that He understood every Scripture that prophesied of Him. Every Scripture prophesies of Him, the whole Word of God. Jesus is the Word of God, so the whole Bible prophesies of Him.


Every verse prophesies of Him, His person, not even of His coming, but His person. When we are told that after He was glorified, He understood all the Scriptures that pointed to Him, that meant that He had a perfect understanding. Now He was infinite, and He now had a perfect, infinite understanding of the whole word of God.


I have found, every step of the way, that it was traumatic for me to break with Church doctrine. I prayed myself until I could not pray anymore, because we are always concerned that we are being deceived.


The word of God is liquid, it is not solid. The Lord can use one Scripture in an infinite number of ways to fit any circumstance. As long as it is the Spirit of Christ doing it, the Lord can use the same Scripture to explain, or minister to, or give comfort in an infinite number of circumstances.


Asking is the whole clue to be able to discern whether it is the Spirit of Christ or the Spirit of Truth or the spirit of error manipulating the Scripture to meet your need. That is the whole thing, to be able to discern the Spirit. To me, some errors are easy, but not to other people. Even to me, I get to the point where the error is so subtle that I am not sure. I have to ask.


That is the whole clue. We need to know that we are never ever at the place where we have it so "pat" that we do not have to ask. That is the level of pride that destroys us, that we think we have arrived, and we do not have to ask. We always have to ask. He said that we can become as great as He is, but we cannot become greater. To live our life without asking Him means that we think we have become greater.


I go through this with so many people, because I look so deep into people's hearts that I will say to them, "This is what you said to me." They get mad at me, and say, "When did I say that?" I do not mean that you said those specific words. What I am doing is clarifying an attitude of your heart that maybe you were not even aware of.


We do things, and we behave in a certain way that indicates attitude. It is a mystery. What is truly in our heart is a mystery. There is a veil between our conscious mind and subconscious mind, unless that veil has been removed in Christ Jesus. The condition of the average human being, but certainly the average Christian, is that they just live out of their conscious mind.


I read an article in a secular magazine saying that the psychiatric opinion of ninety-nine percent of the psychiatrists today is that we live like ninety-five percent out of our unconscious mind. Ninety-five percent of human decisions are made out of the unconscious mind. What does that mean? It means our motives. We may think that we are thinking it through, but the motives that are influencing us are coming forth from our unconscious mind.


The way you fall in love with somebody, the way you choose a friend, you may think you just like that person, but you are really choosing them from something that is coming out of your unconscious mind. If your conscious mind does not have a relationship with your unconscious mind, that means you are a controlled person. The majority of the people in the world are controlled people. They are controlled by the Serpent who gives us pain and gives us pleasure, so that we should just stay and be happy with the status quo. She does not want us to get out of here, because this is where she wants us.


When Jesus comes, what He does is give us vision into our own motives. We are told in the Scripture that when Jesus hung on the cross, that the veil of the temple ripped from the top to the bottom. I prayed about that for years. It did not make any sense to me at all until the Lord told me that the Scripture is not talking about the veil of the physical temple that existed at that time. He was talking about the veil that was on Moses' face. It is talking about the veil that is between the conscious mind and the subconscious and unconscious mind.


The spies going into the Promised Land, that was a going inward into their own motives. Jesus has come with a very psychological message for those who have the "guts" to go on. He wants us to enter into our own motives and get to know them, and this is the end of control.


If we could really look into our unconscious mind, and only see the evil side of us, or the evil that Satan is contriving and whispering, the Hebrew definition of Serpent is "whisperer." The Serpent whispers to us. He just puts that thought in your mind. You think it is your thought, but it is not your thought. We, the woman out here in the outer world, we do not have the power to generate thoughts.


We do not originate thoughts. We just accept or reject the thoughts that ascend from underneath. The unconscious mind is underneath, and just ascends up like water vapor and just works its way into our subconscious and our conscious mind. We accept those thoughts, or we reject those thoughts. We do not originate anything.


A lot of people have a problem coming to the Lord, because they feel controlled. You are already controlled. Jesus is coming to break the control of the Serpent by tearing that veil in your mind, giving you the privilege of looking at your motives, of looking at Satan just sitting there.


I am seeing like a cartoon image, if I were to make a movie of this right now. Did you see the movie, Matrix? Did you see the Key Maker sitting there in his little room, all buried in the basement, with all the keys? That is Satan in the unconscious part of our mind, waiting, and contriving, and whispering, and doing whatever she does.


Of course, I am exaggerating to make it more human. Satan's purpose is to get these thoughts to just seep into our mind. We reject thoughts, those of us who are normal human beings. We reject thoughts of murdering somebody. If we are trying to live right, we reject thoughts of adultery, we reject thoughts of stealing, because that is obvious, but there are more subtle thoughts, and we think that it is us, but it is not.


In Christ, we have the ability to look in and see Satan at work, before these thoughts actually get into our conscious mind. That is the privilege that we have. I have never heard anybody preach about this.


They made a movie about it a couple of years ago. I do not remember the name. They had psychics and empaths in it. The society turned against these spiritual emphatic people and kept them in bondage, because these people could recognize crimes that were generating in the people's mind before they did them. Then the police would go out and arrest the person before they did the murder. That is a perversion of the truth.


In Christ Jesus, we have the potential to see spiritual crime or physical crime before it happens. Envy does a lot of damage. If I see somebody envying me in the spirit, or if I see envy in myself, I see it. I have a lot of vision. What percentage it is, I do not know, but I have a lot of vision. I can go after it with spiritual warfare, and say, if it is in me, for example, "I see you. You are still in the unconscious or you are still in the subconscious, and you are not going any further." I have to confess to the Lord, that, "Yes, this envy was rising in me."


"I am not going to make believe it is not there. It is there, but it is not me. It is sin that dwelleth in me, and I am going to kill you right here and now. You are going no further," and I bless the person.


That is a privilege in Christ Jesus because if we do not do that, and the envy or whatever the sin is rises to the surface and manifests in us, even if we do not act on it, if we do not resist the thought, we agree with it. There is no middle ground. You either resist the thought or the impulse, or you agree with it. If you do not resist it, even though you do not act on it, you will still reap what you sow. The consequence for that sin will fall upon you, because of the thought that was in your mind.


This is our privilege in Christ Jesus. This is how we make idle the carnal mind. You have to see it before you can make it idle, and the carnal mind is very powerful. The carnal mind is not going to sit by lightly and let you make it idle. Satan, the defender, the power of the carnal mind, is going to rise up and bite you.


That was what happened to Paul. It was not a physical serpent that rose up and bit him. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: I am thinking of the Scripture where it says, "Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." Does it matter which one you are taking captive? In that particular scripture, is it talking the unconscious, or the conscious, or subconscious mind captive? Are they all included in every thought?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because it is the same thought. It migrates from your unconscious mind to your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. The closer it gets to your conscious mind, the harder it is to deal with. You probably know this. There is always deliverance in Christ Jesus, but once you act it out, it is much harder to get rid of its effects in your life.


Yes, that is what Paul is talking about. You have to take every thought captive, and then it goes without saying, destroy it. In Christ we have the power to destroy it. If you do not take it captive, it becomes sin unto you, and you will reap what you have sown. You will have the consequences, but that is only the first phase.


The second phase is, we are not only worried about consequences, we want to nullify this mind. We want it to be paralyzed. It is at that point that it is paralyzed. That is where Jesus was. His carnal mind was paralyzed.


We read in the Book of Revelation, the locusts come out, and they sting with the sting of a scorpion. What does a scorpion sting do? It paralyzes you. Those are the Sons of God. That is Christ in you rising up from under the earth of your carnal mind, paralyzing your carnal mind.


Every plague in the Book of Revelation is a plague that attacks the carnal mind of mortal man. It is an internal happening to all of us. There is also going to be an external manifestation of it.


There will be an external manifestation of it, but the Lord told me years and years ago, not to worry about that. I sought Him and I said, "Lord, all these other preachers are preaching on the Book of Revelation, and I never preach on the Book of Revelation. I just have all this spiritual stuff. What does that mean?" I wanted to know. I said, "Lord, is this going to come to pass in the natural?" He would not answer me.


In eighteen years of ministry, and I have been in the Church twenty-eight years, He has never answered that question of, "Will these things come to pass in the natural?" His word to me is, "Sheila, you focus on the spiritual reality, and that will be your reality." Yes, but today I know these things will come to pass in the natural for the people who are out there. I am not out there. I am in here. It is like being in the eye of the storm.


My world and my reality says that the plagues in the Book of Revelation are wonderful. Come on and kill my carnal mind, and I am going to be okay. The people that are out there, waiting for destruction, and thinking that they are going to be raptured, they will experience these plagues in the natural.


The Book of Revelation is a very exciting book. It is the answer to the spies that came out of the Promised Land. Those spies that went in, they had a spiritual experience. They went in, and they saw the enemy. They saw Satan and Leviathan, and they said, "We cannot overcome this carnal mind. It is too hard for us." The Book of Revelation answers, "Oh yes, you can when Christ is imparted to you, you can overtake Anak." They came out and said, "We saw Anak, and he was too strong for us."


Oh yes, you can overcome, because Christ is our strength. You can do all things in Christ. What are the "all things"? We can overcome this carnal mind. Every problem that we have arises out of our carnal mind. We can do all things in Christ, but we must wage the warfare.


I am remembering a church not too far from here. I used to get upset over these things, but I do not get upset anymore, because there is nothing I can do about it. The whole Church was out there preaching in the pride of their mind saying, "The warfare is over." It was a very musical church, and they wrote a song, The Warfare Is Over. I would look at them and say, "What do you mean by the warfare is over? I am in a warfare every day. What do you mean it is over?"


They would sing, "The warfare is over, Jesus has won the battle, nothing for you to worry about, go out and evangelize the world, you are okay." That means you are completely given over to your carnal mind. You are completely captured. You are not even fighting. If you are not in the war, you are a captive. You need to know if you are not in a war, you are captured. You are completely captured, if you are not in the warfare.


If the mind of Christ is not formed in you, you do not even have a weapon, so you are definitely captured. Then if you have the mind of Christ formed in you to some degree, and there is no trouble in your life, you are still captured. You have got a weapon, but you are still captured. You are not using your weapon. You have to be in a conflict.


As Christ Jesus in you becomes stronger, the battle rages. The battle never stops, but you get hurt less and less. I hope I am not going to pay for saying this. (Laughter) You seem to get hurt less and less. Why? There is only one reason why. It is because you are able to implement the wisdom of God that has been taught to you, and circumvent the attack.


It is not that you are just so wonderful that you cannot be touched anymore, but your lifestyle, and the way you live, and the way you deal with the problem defends you. It is the armor of God. There are holes in your hedge if you get hurt. If I get hurt, if something happens to me in a battle, there has to be a hole in my hedge. I know there has to be a hole in my hedge for me to get hurt. I have not been hurt seriously lately, although we had a couple of people fall around here.


There were crazy manifestations over these last couple of weeks, but nobody was hurt permanently. I am grateful for that.


As soon as I get hurt, and that includes financial loss, personal loss in relationships, any loss that we experience, my immediate reaction to it is, "Lord, there must be a hole in my hedge." It does not have to mean that I did something wrong today. It could mean that there is an area in my life that has not been fully dealt with yet.


We all have areas that have not been fully dealt with yet. There is a hole in my hedge. As soon as any kind of trouble presents itself to me, the first thing I do is repent. I say, "Lord, if you are willing to show me what I did wrong, I would appreciate it. If not, what must I do? What is my part so that you can move to deliver me from these circumstances?"


The ideal is when Christ is fully ascendant in us, and our carnal mind is immobilized. Nothing is supposed to be able to touch us. "Nothing by any means shall hurt you."


What about that Scripture to the person who is dying from cancer? What do you answer them when they show you the Scripture, "Nothing by any means shall hurt you?" Their son just got hit and killed in a car accident. What do you say to these people? The answer is that Scripture is for the person in whom Christ is fully ascendant. Every Scripture in this book is not for every person at every time, at every minute of their life.


The teachers that tell you, "If you are sick, you have to be healed, because the Scripture says you have to be healed. Then if you are not healed, it is because you do not have enough faith." That is such a perversion. God does not appreciate that at all, because it is really condemning His people that are just desperate.


I was very ill when the Lord called me. I was a very sick person. That is really hurtful to somebody who is sick and has not received an instantaneous healing. "The Lord healed that person instantaneously, and you are not healed because you are not quite there." That is a terrible thing to tell somebody that is already suffering.


The truth is that the Lord has different purposes or different degrees of purpose. This may answer your question that I did not answer last night. The Lord is not dealing with everybody the same way in this hour. He has mercy on us if, sometimes, we are healed instantly from an affliction. That kind of healing that comes from the Holy Ghost is without repentance. It could come back on you, or you could get another disease. Why? Because all disease arises out of our sin nature.


The only complete and unconditional healing, where we are guaranteed that it is not going to come back, and we are not going to get something else, arises out of a changed nature. The Lord comes in, and He has mercy and heals some people. I have seen people healed of AIDS. I have seen people healed of all kinds of things, instantaneously. That really hurt me when I first came to the Lord, because my healing has been coming over a very long period of time, which is maybe the condition of your daughter.


The turning point in my life was when I was in another church. I was not in the ministry at the time. I was so sick, I could barely get up off the seat. All the people in the church were dancing. They were playing the song, If That Spirit That Raised Christ From The Dead Dwells In You, It Will Heal Your Mortal Body. Everybody was dancing around the church, and I could hardly get up. I prayed right in that seat, and I said, "Lord, what is wrong with me that I am not healed?"


He answered me right there on the spot. He said, "That Scripture is not talking about the Holy Spirit. If that Spirit that dwells in Christ, dwells in you, that is not the Holy Spirit. That is the Spirit of Christ. It will quicken your mortal body. It will make alive your mortal body. It is not talking about an instant healing."


The people for whom God has long range plans, frequently, He does not give you that instantaneous healing. He might do it to save your life. He might do it to stop you from dying, but in my case He had this plan for my life. My healing has progressed slowly as my nature has converted more and more into the nature of Christ, because there is no disease in Christ.


All disease and death are judgments upon your carnal mind. When you migrate away from your carnal mind, and enter more and more into Christ, Satan loses her power to make you ill. That is the answer that I have for people that are not being healed immediately, or whose children are not being healed immediately.


The Lord has a plan for this person, and it is not a matter of life and death. That healing will come as that person migrates more and more into Christ. He is using it to build His nature in you. We just really have to give it up to Him, and wait upon Him for the Lord's purposes.


He wants His wife back. We are His wife. The Lord Jesus Christ, He is the male Adam, the first and the last. We are the woman, and He wants us back, and that is all of humanity. He wants us back. His ultimate, long range plan is to possess us. People do not like to hear this, but we are possessed in the Serpent. It is the Serpent that gives us consciousness and existence. The Serpent is the mortal foundation of mankind. It is taking this long for the Lord to replace this mortal foundation with His immortal foundation.


The reason it is taking so long is that it is our mind. We have to be willing to give up that mortal foundation. We love our captor. That is true of most people in some area. We just do not do everything that is the best for us. I love my coffee. I do not know what you think about coffee. I try to eat healthy, but that is my vice. I drink coffee. I like it, and I am not ready to give it up yet.


That is just the way we are. We are human, and we are attached to this flesh. To live above this flesh is a supernatural experience. What Jesus did was a supernatural experience. It is inhuman to live beyond the cravings of this flesh. There is no way that we can do it without Christ. We have to be prepared to do it little by little, or it would kill us. He could not transport us immediately. We would probably just die.


In the Book of Revelation we read where the woman is moaning and groaning, because that great city is burning. That is our carnal mind. That is also who Lot's wife was, looking back. That was Lot's humanity looking back to Sodom. That is the children in the wilderness saying, "Where are the leeks and the garlic?" They were craving for the things that they did not have when they were in the process of being migrated from their humanity into the Christ nature. It is a complete opposite world.


We were talking about that last night, especially when you have a marriage, and one person starts to become spiritual. Spiritual reality tends towards isolation. Spirituality does not really bring you closer to other people. It brings you closer to God, and draws you away from relationships in this world, and that causes problems in marriage. The problem is not only in marriage, but in your family with your parents, and your sisters, and your brothers.


I get torn a lot. Sometimes I would really just like to be home studying, but we have other aspects of our life. We are supposed to be balanced. It is important that we are balanced. You cannot just be spiritual. You have to intermix with people, and give out what you have, and grow, and be developed in other areas.


The conflict is not only in our marriages, and our families. We have internal conflicts. I was like that for about thirteen years, where I was just spiritual. That is when I brought forth the bulk of this material. I hardly ever went out. I just worked twenty-hours a day, and slept a few hours.


Then it was just time to get back into the real world. You cannot stay like that. I think that you become an emotionally unstable person. You get to the point that you cannot relate to the real world. It is not healthy. We have to remember that our function is to be representatives of God to the people of the world. You cannot be emotionally unstable, and be a good representative of God. We have to be well balanced.


This is an interesting side message that we had. (Laughter) Let us see if there is anything else here. I covered the woman, and I think I covered the man, Number 8. I think that is all that I have in my notes.


"There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free." That is all nonsense that women are not even human. That is the third perversion that I have seen. There are people preaching that black people are not of the original creation and are not human. Then there is that other ministry preaching that God has cut off the Jews, and He is finished with them, and they are in hell or whatever he is preaching.


Now we have this guy preaching that women are not of the original creation. When you really are in a true message, it is almost funny. Right now, I really feel like laughing at this because this is so funny, but it is not funny to the people that are believing it. The saddest part of the whole thing is that Pastor Manning has women in his church saying, "Amen" to all of this stuff. That is the epitome of bondage.


Is everybody okay for me to go on? We will take a five or ten minute break, and we will listen to a little more of Pastor Manning's message, and I will respond to it.


This is the principle that is demonstrated when Jesus said, "A house divided cannot stand." If the good side of you is trying to fight the evil side of you, either the evil side will prevail, or you will have some kind of a mental breakdown. You cannot pit good and evil against each other. You have got to have the righteousness of Christ come in to oppose the good and evil, because it is one entity. It is a symbiotic entity.


Sometimes, I describe it as Cain and Abel. They are a symbiotic entity. They are inseparable. At various times, one is dominating the other. They may alternate which one can dominate the other, but they are a whole atom that really cannot be divided. If you divide it, you kill the person. It is only the righteousness of Christ that can come in to oppose it.


This is the big error that is through all the spiritual philosophy in the world today. They think that they can overcome their evil side by being good. I hear so many people say, "Well, I am a good person, and I have done this and I do that." You cannot overcome evil with goodness. That is a spirit of pride that says, "I can overcome evil with goodness." I have a message on that called Full Stature Of Goodness.


People ascend in spiritual power and pride, and they become the tyrants that put people under the law and cut their hands off if they break the law, and things like that. They become the self-righteous ones, the full stature of goodness.


Only Christ Jesus has the balance. If you think of it as two columns, either you ascend in power on the left side, which means you are like Hitler, and you become a monster, or you ascend on the right side, and then you become a tyrant like the Sharia law of the Moslems. They cut your hands off if you steal.


Only Christ is in the middle. He is the balance. Christ Jesus is the true balance of good and evil. What are the attributes of Christ Jesus? He ministers justice. He judges sin, and ministers justice with mercy. He is the balance, righteous judgment. He judges righteously, not because of any motive or gain.


People who are honest with themselves or if your mind opens to that degree, it is amazing how you will perceive people's reactions. They will not judge something wrong because either they have done it in the past, or they know that they have the potential to do it themselves. They will not judge something wrong.


Christ Jesus judges with no personal motive. He is completely impartial, even if His judgment condemns Himself. The person that is manifesting Christ will say, "Yes, the Lord just showed me that this is a truth, and I am guilty." That is a true Son. That is the true mind of Christ doing that.


Your motive cannot be based on your own personal gain or covering your own sin. He ministers judgment with mercy, and Christ in us is the mercy. A lot of the people in the Church preach and say that He paid the price for us. He did not pay the price for us. We have to pay the price for our own sin. The difference is, if Christ is not present, the only price we can pay is to die. His mercy enables us to migrate into His mind, but we still have to die. The carnal mind has to die. There is a judgment of death for all sin.


Either the sin nature dies alone, and we, the personality, migrate into Christ and live, or the sin nature, and our whole being dies, but the sin has to die. You do not hear that in the Church. He did not die in place of us. He definitely did not die in place of us. We have to die. Paul said, "It is good to die." The Church thinks he means physical death. No, we have to die. We, who we are today, this sin nature, has to die, because if it does not die, eventually, we will die physically. Our inheritance is eternal life. This sin nature has to die for us to enter into our inheritance. That is the price that we have to pay.


What did Jesus do for us? Why is He our Savior then? Because of two things. The Glorified Jesus Christ entered into the tabernacle above, and by faith in Jesus Christ, we now have access to the throne of God. Remember what I told you earlier, that God cut the female adam off. We were cut off because of sin. We lost our connection with God, and that is why we die.


It is like the account of Esther. The king has held out the scepter to us, so we can now make our petitions to God. We have access to the throne, communication with the throne of God because of Jesus Christ. The second thing He has done for us is that He is giving us the ability to internalize His life, which life is destined to replace the sin nature that is killing us. Still we have to come with the sacrifice, and that sacrifice is our own sin nature.


Every time the Lord dismantles our carnal mind, it is a thought and an attitude at a time. Every time we are thinking wrong, any true teacher in Christ will tell you that you are thinking wrong, and this is the right thought.


You have to be willing to seriously ask the Lord to help you to understand if that is the truth, and to make that change. When you make that change, it kills the power or that measure of your carnal mind, so we are literally dismantling this carnal mind a thought and an attitude at a time.


The majority of the people I see in the Church will not take the correction. They will not even pray about it, or they pray about it insincerely. They may not know that they are doing that, but they pray about it insincerely.


I have had this personal experience. They do not believe me. They take it before the Lord, because it is a religious spirit, and they want to do the right thing, but they are not listening for the Lord's answer, because they already know the answer. They believe I am wrong, and that they are right. You just cannot get anywhere like that. It is a very difficult path, but it is doable for those people who are willing to pay the price. It is doable.


We just listened through the end of this one message that Pastor Manning is preaching. Of course, he preaches twice a week on television, and he preaches every weekend in his church. As far as I know right now, we are just going to be responding to this one message that the Lord had me download. The last five or ten minutes of his preaching was excellent. This is the characteristic attribute of anti-Christ. There is a lot of truth in his message.


We are not going to walk into the Kingdom with our sin nature, as he puts it, as soon as we drop this robe of flesh. That is the teaching that as soon as you die, you are going to be present with the Lord in perfection. It is ridiculous. It is not going to happen. Of course, his solution to the problem is the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. After you drop the robe of flesh, you have to go into purgatory where you are purged.


There is a spiritual truth to this. I believe that there is a purgatory but not as the Catholic Church preaches it. I believe that those of us whose carnal minds are under the judgment and correction of Christ Jesus are in purgatory right now.


I believe the Scripture teaches all judgment is in the flesh, so that we can learn to live and walk after the Spirit. I believe judgment is in the flesh. Purgatory is a period of transition from whatever our spiritual position is when the Lord calls us. We could be a very evil person, and we have to go from evil to good to righteousness, so the Church is in purgatory. Purgatory is a spiritual position. Hell is a spiritual position.


I do not have as much information as I would like about what happens after we leave this physical body. I do not like to talk about it. If someone asks me a specific question, I will share what little information I have, but I am convinced of this, that all judgment is in the flesh, and that hell is a spiritual position. The people that I see who are addicted to whatever they are addicted to, to the point that they are sleeping and living on the street, or their life is in chaos, are in a spiritual position called "hell."


I am not saying that hell is in your mind. Some people hear this, and they misunderstand me, and they think that I am saying that hell is in your mind and, therefore, if you just change your mind, you are not in hell anymore. That is not what I am saying at all.


Our lives in this world are the outplaying of our spiritual condition. Kabbalah calls every human being a world. I call it a timeline. Each one of us is a world, a spiritual world. We have a sun and a moon. Our old man, the sun, is Leviathan and the moon is Satan. In our new man, the sun is the Glorified Jesus Christ, and the moon is Christ within us. Christ within us is reflecting the glory of the Glorified Jesus Christ.


We are a spiritual world. We are spiritual atoms of a larger creation, but each one of us is a world unto ourselves. Purgatory is a spiritual position. Hell is a spiritual position. Heaven is a spiritual position. Jesus, in the days of His flesh, was in heaven, yet He was in a physical world. The whole world is in a spiritual position, and each one of us within the world is in a spiritual position. Each one of us is maturing spiritually, individually.


The whole human race is maturing as an entity. That may be hard to understand, but the human race is maturing as an entity, and each one of us within the human race, each member of humanity, is maturing. It is the same principle as saying, the earth is spinning on its axis, and the earth is also rotating around the sun.


We are affected by each other. We are affected by the whole, but when Christ comes to dwell in us, He is another source of gravity that is pulling against the gravity of this world. Hell, purgatory, and heaven are spiritual positions. I believe that is in the Scripture.


There are several words that are translated "hell" in the Scripture. One word is Gehenom. If you look up the actual Greek meaning of the word, Gehenom, it means burning. There was a garbage dump at the time the New Testament was written where all the garbage was burnt. It was called Gehenom, the burning of purgatory, the purging of the Lake of Fire.


Christ Jesus is the Lake of Fire. When Christ Jesus is raised up in our spiritual world, Christ Jesus within us casts the false prophet, and the devil, and Satan, into the Lake of Fire, which is Christ. That is just another way of saying that Christ is consuming the carnal mind. The false prophet, Satan, and the devil, these are just the elements of our carnal mind. These are the elements that Peter talks about that will burn and come down with a crash, but that is not going to happen until Christ Jesus is prepared to sustain our life. Of course this is a process.


The sign that Christ Jesus is, at least, in the process of coming to the point where He can sustain our life, is that our carnal mind goes under judgment. Christ Jesus is the Lake of Fire. Of course, the King James sounds like it is a lake, and the false prophet, etc., are being thrown into it, but the reality is more like what you would see of a fire-breathing dragon.


When we speak this Word of God, when we speak by the Spirit of Christ, when we speak the Doctrine of Christ by the Spirit of Christ, when we speak the truth, this Word burns people. Everybody cannot sit in a meeting like this. It may sound to people, that are unschooled, like all I am doing is just speaking words, and maybe you cannot understand my words, and maybe you can understand my words, but it is much more than that.


For me to be speaking or preaching the way I am preaching, even though my words sound at the same decimal that they would sound if I was talking to you about my child or my grandchildren or what I am having for dinner, it may sound the same to you, but it is coming out at a different level of vibration. It is a different level of vibration.


Most of us know that dogs can hear what humans cannot. You can have a dog whistle, and the pitch is so high that your dog hears it, but human beings do not hear it. Even though my words sound the same, the spirit that is speaking these words is at a much higher, much more rapidly moving vibration than that of the carnal mind, or when I talk about my grandchildren, or my car, or what a nice day it is. It is a different level of vibration, and that is something that even I have to believe by faith, because I cannot explain it to you any better.


My voice does not get higher or lower, but the Spirit in me that is speaking is vibrating slower or more rapidly. For people who are in their carnal mind, they cannot tolerate this vibration. They cannot bear it. They would not be sitting here. They would not understand that they cannot bear the vibration. Their carnal mind would justify their leaving. They had to get home, or they needed a drink, or they were tired.


The people that did not show up today, there is a reason. Some are legitimate and some not legitimate. Some reasons should have been overcome, and other reasons could not have been overcome.


We have one member here whose child was sick. Her dependent child was sick, so she had to take off so much time to take care of the child that she could not get off of work. Unfortunately, Satan orchestrated that, but it is legitimate. There are non-legitimate reasons for not being here today. Satan kept some people away. This is part of the instruction of the Doctrine of Christ, as to how to discern what is a legitimate reason for staying away from a called meeting.


The people of God, who do not have this understanding internalized, will be kept away meeting after meeting after meeting. It is because Satan, or Satan in that person, does not want you here. Is it Satan outside of you or is it Satan in that person that cannot bear the vibration here? Something is operating.


Satan is in us. It could be Satan within us. It could be Satan within others. Satan is not out there flying around in the universe. She is in people. Satan is into control. Jesus is into control, but Christ Jesus has a Godly control over us. The motives of Christ Jesus are Godly. The motives of Satan are ungodly. The motives of Christ Jesus are tendered to our benefit. The motives of Satan are tendered to our destruction.


Therefore, it is definitely in our best interest to learn to distinguish between the events or the operation of Satan and the operation of the Lord, and the events that are acceptable to God. Satan is into control. There is no question about it. That control is coming through the mind.


If I do not get long winded, I would like to wind up this message today. I believe that there is a purgatory. There is a truth to purgatory that is perverted in the Catholic doctrine. There are people in this world that have that revelation. A man spoke to me once. He was a recovering drug addict, who the Lord delivered from drugs, and he spent the rest of his life nurturing and being a mentor to young men who were addicted.


His testimony was, "I spent the first half of my life being a "cutup," and now I am in purgatory." He was a pretty wild cutup, and he almost wrecked his life, and then the Lord helped him to stop, and he spent the rest of his life in purgatory. His words were, "I spend the rest of my life here in purgatory, serving and helping all these other young men to overcome their addictions, and then we die and go to heaven." That was his revelation.


There is a purgatory, and there is a service. I was dying. I started to die when I was twelve years old. My infirmities arose out of an inherited level of witchcraft that was very high. It came down on the family line. Did my parents drink blood and cast spells? No.


I do not know what my ancestors did, but there were certain manifestations in this life. As a child, I started to die at eleven or twelve years of age. In order for me to overcome the curse of premature death that was on me, the Lord put me in this service. I am in service.


All Sons of God are in service. It is a form of purgatory. I am healing slowly. I am in service, and I donate large blocks of time. At one point, my whole life was dedicated to bringing forth this word and, even today, I take a little time for myself, but not very much aside from sleeping and eating, and washing the dishes, and doing the things that you have to do.


The Lord puts us into service. Service to others is a purging, because if we are in trouble, all problems arise out of selfishness. The Lord is trying to bring us out of selfishness. When He says, "Think of others better than yourself," it is not a religious work. He is trying to help us to get out of our self, because all self-interest is narcissistic and tends towards carnality. The mentality and the lifestyle that is going to produce the greatest manifestation of God in your life is one of selflessness.


You do not want to be doing that out of a religious spirit. You have to be careful to not be doing it out of a religious spirit. We do not want to be doing penance. When your service to others is the Spirit of Christ flowing through you, it is that energy, that Spirit flowing through you that heals you. When you are interested in yourself, it is not flowing through you. It is a different spirit flowing through you.


It is really very practical to have the Spirit of Christ flowing through you because it heals you. Be selfless, and get healed. I have had three curses of death broken on me. I have been healed from a lot of illnesses, and I am getting better every year. For me, this is indeed purgatory, and my purgatory will come to an end when I stand up in full stature. I hope that we are going to see men and women enter into immortality in this lifetime. I am hoping and believing that it is going to happen. If it does not, we will see. When I pass out of this body, will my soul remain intact? I do not know, but it does not matter. It is not the end, it is the journey. That is what they say. It has been a good journey.


Still, that is my hope, that in this hour, we are waiting for individuals to start overcoming death. What does that mean? For individuals to start having the experience where Christ Jesus in them is mature enough to overcome their carnal mind, and not only kill it but sustain my conscious existence. I do not use the word Life, but to sustain the existence of this physical body after my carnal mind is immobilized and, for all intents and purposes, is brain dead.


The carnal mind cannot be completely dead, because for the carnal mind to be completely dead, this body would cease to exist. That was what happened to Jesus' body. The personality of the man, Jesus, which had married the Father within Him, shed this shell of this physical body. The body disappeared. It dissolved. The entity that inhabited it was no longer in this plane of consciousness.


We cannot maintain a physical body without a carnal mind, even a brain-dead carnal mind. As soon as that carnal mind is severed or circumcised from us, the body will dissolve.


This is the sign, this is how you tell whether the person who departed from this world was a righteous person, that means sinless, or a person who left this world because this sin nature of the person used up their flesh and the body died.


The person who died under these circumstances, that their sin nature used up their energy and the person died, leaves a carcass behind, a physical body that is buried.


This is the reason that Jesus' body disappeared. It dissolved. That is the sign of a righteous man. No one can find Moses' body. No one can find Elijah's body. No one can find Jesus' body because there was no body, because these three men did not leave this world, because death overtook them. These men left this world because the Lord took them. They did not leave the world because Satan killed them. When Satan kills you, there is a carcass. When the Lord removes you, there is no carcass.


I am not going to be able to do all this today. I hate to go by the time, but whenever we have guests, it is hard for me to discern the Lord. Is everybody okay. Can you take anymore? Then we will go a little further. We will do a little bit more, but I do not think I will finish this today.


Did anybody pick up the contradiction in the last ten or fifteen minutes of Pastor Manning's message about the world being created. Did anybody pick up the contradiction? He said initially, or actually he said it when we listened earlier that God had six days of creation, then He rested, and it was tough on the woman. She was not created yet, and the seventh day came and God rested.


Then he says creation is not over. It is a thousand year long seven day coming. He contradicted himself. I disagree with him on both points, anyway. Creation is not over. Creation will not be over until our appearance internally and externally lines up with the will of God. This creation is in the process of being created, because God willed a visible creation, and we are not what He had in mind. God had an imagination, He had an idea, He had a thought, Let us make man.


What man looks like today is not what the Lord had in mind. He did not have in mind a man that had an animal body and an animal mind, so we are still being created. What is more, from God's point of view, unless He has started to deal with us, He does not even recognize us as a part of the creation. That is a hard word. God's creation consists of the human beings that the Lord is in the process of building into His image. Everyone else is the clay that gets cut away and discarded. That is a hard word.


He is not against anybody, but if you do not have Christ being built in you, you live out this lifetime, and you are going to pass away, and there is no creation that has taken place within you. I do believe that, eventually, the Lord intends to get to everybody. He is not working on all of us.


If you think of us all as prototypes, as clay statues, and He is coming to us one at a time, and giving us Life, He just has not gotten to everybody yet, but He will get to everybody eventually. He is starting with a small group. He started with the Jew. Then the Jew was around for like five thousand years. Then He brought forth Jesus.


The Church has been around for two thousand years, and He is in the process of getting the first-fruits company into perfection, full stature, into a position where they stop dying. Then we are going to take all of this knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual strength that we have acquired, and we are going to take it out to the next layer of human beings that are going to receive not just this message, but this ministry, this power to overcome death. It is going to go in rings.


It is not that God hates anybody. That was terrible that Pastor Manning said, "God does not like you." God likes everybody. God loves everybody. He does not like what we do all the time. He does not like the way we think every time, but He loves us. He loves Lutherans, and He loves Methodists, and He loves all these denominations that Pastor Manning thinks God hates.


I do believe that God does not honor denominationalism, but I do not agree with the way Pastor Manning put it. God loves people.


Let me just mark this off. We talked about purgatory. We are all being created now. We are in the process of being created now. The day that the Holy Spirit comes to you, creation has come unto you. It is your first day.


This naming of the animals, we have to understand that Genesis is a parable. As Paul said, and as John said, "Spiritual truths are so high, you cannot explain them in human language, so God puts them in a parable."


We are told that Jehovah watched to see what Adam would name the animals. Apparently, it says plural in the Hebrew. I do not know whether some scribe changed it, or it is in the plural, because the Lord knew it would be a many-membered creation. I really do not know the answer to that, but I am telling you that the animal that Jehovah was watching was Adam to see what he would name his animal nature.


Adam was the spiritual being that was now completely integrated with an animal nature. What would be the name of this man? Would the name be Christ or would the name be Serpent? Adam named the creature, and he named it Serpent. Jehovah watched to see which nature the female Adam would marry.


Was the female Adam going to marry the male Adam, and be called Christ because her nature would be Christ or was the female Adam going to reach down? Was she going to think she was the man, out of pride, and marry the earthen creature and take the name Serpent? Adam named the creature, and he named it Serpent. We are still dealing with that error today.


Jehovah did not like the name that the female Adam chose, so the creation is in the process of having this name erased. Are we not promised in the Book of Revelation that we shall receive a new name? We are going to get a new name. The name or the nature of the Serpent is going to be wiped out, and we are going to receive a new name, the name of our new husband, which is Christ.


COMMENT: What about the names of the cattle, and the fowl of the air, and the beasts of the field. What does that refer to?


PASTOR VITALE: It is all the aspects of the creation. The fowls of the air is the spiritual aspect of the creation. The part of us that flies in the heavenlies is Christ. The moving creature has to do with the Serpent, the creature that crawls on the earth.


I do not have it word-for-word right now but, basically, there was one creation, there was one entity. Even in the days of the Tower of Babel, they were one. It was one creature. There is a Scripture, I believe, in the Book of Ezekiel that says there was this great tree and all of the birds of the air, and the animals nested in that tree, and were nourished by that tree.


That great tree was Adam in right standing with God. I see I am getting into heavy stuff here.


There are multiple planes of consciousness. They are all inside of us. Jesus called this world "outer darkness." This outer world, just like I told you before, the world is maturing on its own level and each one of us is spinning on our own axis, and the whole creation is rotating or orbiting around either the Lord Jesus Christ or the Serpent. The whole creation is moving, and each one of us is spinning on our own axis. This whole external world, both our personal externality, and external world is outer darkness.


All the spiritual worlds are inside of us. When Adam was created, before the Fall, Adam was conscious on every spiritual level. We could make it very simple by saying unconscious, subconscious, and conscious. It is much more complicated than that, but for simplicity sake, let us say that. Adam was fully conscious on all three levels, unconscious, subconscious, and conscious.


There are entities that dwell in these other worlds. There are entities that dwell in our unconscious, and in our subconscious, and in the unconscious and subconscious of the whole world. There is a collective unconscious. There is an individual unconscious, and a collective unconscious, and an individual subconscious, and a collective subconscious, which are other worlds. There really are demons and other entities that live in these other worlds.


Adam was conscious on all levels, and he had dominion over all levels. In other words, he had authority over the demons and the entities that inhabited these other worlds, just like he had dominion over nature. Of course, the world did not look like this, but by way of example, he would have had dominion over all the wild animals. No one would have been able to hurt him.


The trees, the weather, he had dominion over nature in this world, and he had dominion over all of the entities that existed in all of the other worlds. He nourished them because Adam was married to Jehovah, and Jehovah is a sun. He is a self perpetuating entity. Jehovah does not need our energy. We need His energy.


Today, of course, Jehovah is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam was joined to a self-venerating entity that was feeding Adam, that was generating and strengthening Adam. Adam, in turn, was giving life or the way the Scripture puts it, he was giving spiritual food to all of the entities that existed in all of these worlds. They were not evil, because they were being fed. Their needs were being met, and they were not evil.


When Adam fell, and he was separated from the spiritual food that was being generated through his union with Jehovah, Adam lost his ability to feed and satisfy the entities on the other planes of consciousness, and they turned on him. We read about that in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 14. I have a whole series on that.


We read where the denizens of hell sit. They watched Adam fall, and they say, "Wow, you are coming down, and you are going to be as low as we are." They were ready to jump on him and devour him, because when their source of food was cut off, they became evil.


The whole creation is good and evil. Take a look at this with human beings. This is really true of human beings. When you meet our needs, we are nice, we are happy, we love you, right? Take away or stop meeting our needs, none of us know what we would do if we could not find food, or if we could not feed our kids, or if we were deprived of sleep in some torturous situation.


None of us know what we would do. I do not know what I would do. All of these entities that were less, I do not want to say human, because human, to me, refers to Homosapiens.


Adam was the whole man. It is as if to say, our heart and our lungs had a consciousness of their own. We are the whole man. Maybe our lungs would have their own consciousness, and their own world, and their own existence. That is the analogy. The denizens of the other worlds were only partial beings, whereas Adam was the whole man.


When Adam lost the ability, it was as if we would lose the ability to nourish our heart and our lung. What would happen if we would lose the ability to nourish our heart? It would stop beating, and we would die, or the heart would dry up. Right? It would no longer respond to us in a positive way.


This is what happened. The denizens of these other worlds, the inhabitants of these other worlds became evil. They were good when their needs were being met, and they became evil when their needs stopped being met. They turned on the consciousness of the whole man. Everything was reversed.


The example of that is, we, the descendants of adam who fell, are now subject to nature. A mosquito bites us, and we get malaria. A little bug bites us, and it can kill us. Wild animals, if we do not have a gun, we do not stand a chance against wild animals. Nature has dominion over us.


We are doing pretty well here in the West because of science, and all the things we have discovered, but a man does not have any power against a tiger, or an elephant, or even a dog, if the dog wants to attack us.


COMMENT: Could we in such a situation be rescued?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean if we were in Christ? It could happen if the Lord does it. He has to want to do it.


It is a very touchy thing. I have heard all kinds of stories. The one that comes to my mind all the time is a couple that I saw interviewed on a Christian program. Their only son, a nominal Christian, was attacked and gang raped by a bunch of men. He got AIDS and he died. They were having trouble dealing with it. Why did the Lord not protect him?


This is the hard answer as I understand it. The protection that we have in a situation like that is directly proportionate to the strength and the maturity of the indwelling Christ. If the person just has the Holy Spirit, it would be an unusual circumstance that there would be a supernatural intervention.


In the event that there was a supernatural intervention, the reason for it would be, most likely, that the Lord knew that that person would be coming into a higher call that, that person would eventually be a host for His Son for a great manifestation of Christ Jesus. He would intervene supernaturally for the person that had the Holy Spirit only, but the Holy Spirit does not have the power to do what you are asking about. Only Christ Jesus has that power.


COMMENT: Would a child be under this mercy if his parents were at this spiritual level?


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. Yes, absolutely. Our children are under the same cover that we are under. The best thing that we can do for our own protection and the protection of our children is to serve God with all of our strength. The safest place to be is in the ministry. You cannot do it, unless God calls you, but if He has called you in, and you are being as faithful as you can be, then He has a reason to intervene.


This sounds very hard, but I really believe that it is the truth. Then He has a reason to intervene, because He has this plan that you are going to be a teacher, or you are going to do this, or you are going to do that. You are a part of His plan to save humanity. You are now an integral part of His kingdom, and He is going to do that extra supernatural thing to save you.


If you do not know the Lord at all, He does not even see you. That is why the Scripture says, "and God remembered so and so," because He knows you. That is why He said to the five virgins, "I never knew you." They may have had the Holy Spirit, but they did not have Christ formed in them. That is a hard word. You have to see it with the Christ mind.


God is not punishing these people that He does not know. It is just that He does not know them. He does not see them. If you think of His kingdom, there is this wall here, and everyone that He knows is on this side of the wall. The reason they are on this side of the wall is that they are seeking Him daily. They are on this side of the wall, and He knows them, but the people out here, God does not go there.


We have to go where God is. Years ago when the Lord first called me, I was a very young Christian. I was very sick, and I had a lot of problems in those days. One night I went to bed crying, and I said, "Lord, I do not understand it. You said you were going to meet my needs" or whatever, something like that. He spoke to me as clear as a bell. He said, "Sheila, I am not coming down there. You have to come up here. I am going to do all those things I promised you, but you have to get up here to get them."


The person that has Christ Jesus formed in them, you stand the best chance of a supernatural intervention. I have heard all kinds of stories. There is one mystery that I have never understood. The Lord has answered a lot of my questions over things that happened years ago, but this one I still do not know the answer to.


I used to work in Manhattan. We have a subway in Manhattan. Have you ever been on a subway? You know what I mean when I say a subway though? It was rush hour, and I was going home. There were lots of people on the train tracks. I was just waiting for the train.


This man came up behind me and grabbed my arm and literally dragged me down the whole length of the platform. I was just so shocked. He had my arm, and my legs were going under. I was just following him. We got to the end of the platform, and he released me and walked away. I turned around and all I saw was the back of a man. He must have saved me from something. Maybe someone was going to push me under the train tracks. I do not know. At the time I did not know Jesus at all.


We hear all kinds of stories like that. I think you have some kind of a story like that too. Almost everybody here that is really called has a story like that, where some kind of destruction or death was facing them, and they had a supernatural happening that saved them. Then as their life went on, they came into a deep walk with the Lord.


It is not that He does not like the other people, or that He hates the other people. It is that He does not even see them. That is a very hard word, but it is the truth. I think we had enough for today, unless you have another question. Does anybody have any questions?


COMMENT: Speaking about our lungs, and each having a consciousness, is that when Adam turned back to the dust? I heard you speak about this, I believe, in another spot where you talked about like each of us are a piece of Adam. Is that kind of what we went into, just the dust? Are we like energy lights, but we all went into these pieces? Each of us are made into pieces. Adam was one and that was when we broke down into all these particles.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is correct. I will try and clarify it for you. Adam was one. Adam was trillions of cells, but he was one. You are one person, but you are not only trillions of cells, you are systems and organs and that was Adam. He was one, and he broke down into each one of his cells. He completely broke apart.


Each one of us represents one of his cells. We are told by the scientists that cells are complete in themselves. That is why you can take a cell of a plant, or you can graft it in. I am not saying that right. With one cell or one seed of an entity, you can grow the whole tree. That is where the whole concept of cloning comes in with each human cell. You just need one cell, and you can grow a whole person. Each one of us is a cell that has the potential to produce the full manifestation of Adam.


We are the dust. You are absolutely right. Each one of us, even though we are the dust, we also have the seed of Life in us. We are the substance of God, and even though it is malformed in the image of the Serpent, it still has Jehovah's breath. We have that drop of breath.


We are like the fairytale story of Sleeping Beauty. That drop of Jehovah's breath in us, which I call Abel, is sleeping the sleep of death, completely dominated by Cain right now. Cain is married to Leviathan and Satan. Our potential, our hope of ever getting back to our true estate, which would line up with the will of God of what we are supposed to be, is completely dominated. That is who the whore of Revelation is, completely dominated. The Serpent is using that drop of Jehovah's breath to give consciousness and existence to this whole creation.


We see the whore of Revelation riding on the beast. This creation, or the animal aspect of humanity is the beast, and the woman, Abel, is just completely overtaken and became a whore, because he is having a spiritual sexual union with the whole Serpent's family in order to maintain this existence.


In the Book of Job, we see Scripture that says Adam was a great tree, and if you cut down that tree, but you just leave the stump in the ground, when it smells the scent of water, when the spiritual water of the Glorified Jesus Christ comes to a human being and kisses Abel in us, he rises from the dead, just like Sleeping Beauty. Then he has to fight to take back the land. You are right, we are the dust.


Anybody else before we go? (Laughter) It has been a good morning.






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