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Praise the Lord. This is the first issue I would like to respond to. We are still on the same message. We are responding to one twenty-five minute message of all the messages that Pastor Manning preaches just as a token, more or less, of response to his general philosophy. He has a lot of truth.


As I explained to you, on Part 1 of this message, anti-Christ would not be anti-Christ if the message did not have some truth. This is what confuses and captures a lot of people. They recognize that some truth is being preached, and then when they hear something that they are not familiar with, they embrace it, assuming that the first part was right, and therefore the second part should be right.


Once they see some truth, their defenses are down. Once they let their guard down, they stop judging the spirit on the rest of the message. We need to know that anti-Christ, and every spirit that is not of God, is very subtle. All of us can flow from one spirit into the next spirit without any warning, or any sign that we have changed.


In fact, Paul does that in the Scripture. I have been preaching for years that, frequently, Paul will go from preaching about our humanity and our needs in this world, and then flow right into saying something spiritual. Christians, frequently, cannot understand, that in one verse, Paul is talking about this life in this world, and in the very next verse, he is talking about something spiritual.


The people that this happens to, then take the spiritual instruction from Paul, and bring it down into the flesh, thus killing it, and killing the people who believe it. This is how we get such teachings in the Church that say a woman should not prophesy without a physical handkerchief on her head. Paul was not talking about a physical handkerchief at all.


As I was saying, the spirit just changes without any warning. Paul in one verse is talking about our life in this natural world and, in the very next verse, he is talking about something spiritual. Paul has changed course, and the people trying to understand the Bible who cannot follow his spirit, but who are just following the words that he is saying, keep going straight, when Paul turns.


We zig when Paul zags, and those are the people who get into a religious spirit and start putting themselves and other people in bondage, because they take a spiritual truth, try to make it a law, and the law will never save us. What are we being saved from? We are being saved every day from the situations that wreak havoc in our life, that hurt us, and then bring destruction into our lives.


We were talking about the anti-Christ spirit. The first issue I was dealing with was salvation. I was telling you that Pastor Manning has some good stuff. He has truth in his teaching. That is the danger of anti-Christ. The one thing that he said was that, "Yes, you are saved, but you are a sinner." This is a teaching that I have seen in some ways.


Pastor Manning, as far as I know, does not like doctrine. This same spirit that is teaching through Pastor Manning is teaching through other teachers also. There are kingdom teachers in the Church today. Actually, Preston Eby is one. I have responded to some of his writings. He teaches that, "Yes, you are saved, but you still need to be perfected, and that God is bringing trials and tribulations and painful situations into your life to teach you."


I do not believe that is the truth about the God that I serve, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Every painful situation that comes into our life is a manifestation of the sowing and reaping judgment.


We are Adam who fell. We are the manifestation of Adam, the creation of God who fell from grace, whenever that happened. We cannot even say that he fell so many years ago, because Adam did not fall along a horizontal line. He did not fall at a place in time. Adam fell from time. He fell from a vertical position. Adam was beyond time, and he fell down into time.


Time began from the moment of Adam's declension. Adam was in eternity. Adam was immortal. He was above time. When he fell, he fell down into this world and time began. Time began with Adam's fall, if you can hear that, however we describe that situation.


I am sorry, but this happens to me. I am getting short circuited in the spirit. There is some kind of interference in the spirit, and I lose my thought. Please bear with me. That is what happens sometimes when you preach by revelation. We have studied these things. The Lord has explained this to us with our studies in Quantum Mechanics, believe it or not. The study of Quantum Mechanics has given us a lot of understanding with regard to the spiritual life, because the spiritual life, mind, functions in accordance with the principles of Quantum Mechanics.


There is something in physics and Quantum Mechanics called "destructive interference." Quantum Mechanics is the study of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles have a whole recorded pattern by which they behave. Scientists have recorded it. These subatomic particles are moving at a rapid rate of speed continuously. These are our thoughts. Our thoughts are constantly moving at a rapid rate of speed. Every time somebody thinks something, you are sending a missile out.


It can be a destructive thought, if you are upset by something that somebody says, especially me. Things I say upset a lot of people. Frequently, the people do not even know they are upset. It is just that what I am saying is calling forth a reaction in them. Subatomic particles are constantly bumping into each other.


There are two things that can happen when they bump into each other. The first is called "constructive interference." The two subatomic particles interfere with each other. They are both traveling in the same direction, and then they interfere with each other. There is a contact. If it is constructive interference, the two join and become one and go forward in the same direction.


If I preach something, that is my thought going out, and it touches what is coming out of your mind. If you respond to what I am saying, our thoughts join and we continue on together.


If I say something that calls forth a reaction from you, you may not even be aware of it. It has to be somebody in this room. This is what happens. I am just explaining it to you. If you have an unconscious fear, or negative response, or you do not understand, your thought goes out and it contacts my thought, and sometimes, I lose my whole thought. That is what has happened. Somebody has had a reaction out of their conscious or unconscious mind. Something that I have said has distressed you, or whatever, and our thoughts, the spiritual subatomic particles that have emanated from our mind which we call "thought" have interfered, and I forgot what I was saying. (Laughter) Sometimes I have to go back and listen to the tape, but I really do not want to do that today. I am just going to try and go on.


I know that I was talking about Paul. I was explaining anti-Christ to you. I was explaining how Paul, or anyone of us, how our spirit can be flowing concerning natural things, and go into spiritual things without any warning. To be a spiritual person, in Christ, or in any discipline, but certainly in Christ Jesus, the big challenge is to be able to discern when Christ is speaking in another person.


When you are in the Church, and you are familiar with the gift of prophesy, someone speaks out from the floor of the church. They say, "Thus saith the Lord," everybody pays attention, and they wait to hear what the Lord is saying. That is the gift of prophesy. The function of the gift of prophesy is limited to exhortation, to encouraging people, and to edifying people.


There is no correction that comes forth from the Spirit of Prophesy, as far as I know. The Lord can do anything that He wants, but the true prophesy, which is an internalized Christ speaking through a person, does not announce that He is about to talk. The internalized Christ that wants to speak to somebody, that wants to impart information to somebody, or a warning to somebody, or an instruction to somebody, does not say, "Thus saith the Lord."


He just talks, and you are responsible to recognize that it is Christ. He talks in everyday conversation, not just from someone standing up in front of you like this.


This is also another manifestation of someone who carries an internalized Christ. When I preach, you may notice that I do not even have my Bible here. When I preach, I do not say, "Open your Bibles with me, please, to chapter, book and verse," as they do in the Church. I do not do that here, because you are supposed to be a mature group, and the Scripture reference has just come out of me as I speak.


I do not announce the Scripture to you, but if you read your Bible, you are supposed to know that I just quoted a scripture to you. You are a mature group, and we do things differently when it is the internalized Christ Jesus preaching, as opposed to a human being, a man in his natural mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It is a totally different ball game.


People are familiar with the way teaching comes forth in the Church today, which is the female Church. In most instances, the preachers are just natural men under the influence of the Holy Spirit. People that are used to that, sometimes criticize people who preach without a Bible in front of them, but you are supposed to know the Bible. You are suppose to recognize it when I use a Scripture. We are going to try and go on. I was hoping to finish today, but I see that I am getting long winded already.


I was responding to what Pastor Manning said about being saved, needing correction. I was telling you that there are writers in the Church today, kingdom writers, in particular like Preston Eby, who writes along these lines. I do not believe that our God is training us with painful experiences.


To whatever degree truth is involved, it needs to be clarified. We are the descendants of the original creation. Adam who fell was the prototype. He was the beginning. He was not completed, and he was not perfected. He would have been perfected, and he would have been perfected without painful experiences, through a spiritual marriage to Jehovah.


Adam, at the beginning of time, was not in a human body like we are now. He was a being of light. I do not know what he looked like, but he was perfect. He was immortal, and he was not in an animal body. He was, however, spiritually married to the spiritual earth or the animal nature. He was put in union with the earthen nature for the purpose of giving him form. Adam was invisible.


His function, as I understand it today, is that he was to be the veil that covered Jehovah. Jehovah wanted a visible expression of Himself, and Adam was that visible expression. It was the intention of Jehovah to indwell Adam, and live through him.


Today, is that not the promise of Christ Jesus, that He will live in us, dwell in us, walk in us, and talk in us? We are a living cover, a living veil of the Spirit of God. From that point of view, we are His wife. These are spiritual principles.


We are His wife. What does that mean? We are in submission, or we are spiritually weaker than the spirit that lives in us, that gives us our thoughts, our ideas, and our motives. That is all spirit. From that point of view, the one with the lesser authority, the one that receives is female, and the one that gives is male. That is a basic spiritual principle.


Christ Jesus gives us life, gives us the Godly thoughts that deliver us from the consequences of the sowing and reaping judgment. A human being is spiritually female in relation to the God that dwells within us. It has nothing to do with physical sex.


The male and female principle in God's kingdom has to do with authority. There is a male and a female in every relationship. If you have a job, and you report to a supervisor, you are female to that supervisor, and it does not matter whether the supervisor has a male or female physical body. We are talking about spiritual principles.


Then your roles could change. You can have a relationship with somebody, and in one aspect of your relationship, you are the spiritual male, and in another aspect of the relationship, you are the spiritual female. We are required, as mature believers, to discern our position in every relationship that we have. Of course, that happens in the world too. You do not have to be in Christ. You could be in charge of your family, and giving out orders and instructions to fifteen kids, or you could be in charge of your extended family.


You could be the head of an extended family, and everybody honors you and respects you. You have children and grandchildren, and a whole tribe coming to visit you every day, and you are telling everybody what to do in a Godly way. Then one day you need to get a job, and you have a supervisor, and you are no longer the boss in that relationship. With that supervisor, you have to submit yourself. We all have to find our position in every relationship.


As I said, some relationships change back and forth with the same person. For example, let us say that your parent becomes elderly, or your parent needs help, or your mate needs help in everyday life. That parent has helped you, and nurtured you, even in your adulthood. They give you advice, and then that parent becomes sick, and you have to be telling them what to do. We have to be able to make this switch. If we cannot make this switch, we have a spiritual infirmity, and we need to be seeking the Lord for deliverance, if you cannot switch back and forth.


I just had a cataract surgery on one eye, and I am having it on the other eye. I am told that my long distance vision since I had the surgery on the one eye is 20-25. That is great, but I am still going to need reading glasses. Why? Because the lens that was implanted cannot switch. It cannot flow like the natural eye. It is perfect vision in the distance, and then when I look close, the healthy eye readjusts. The lens readjusts, and now you have perfect vision when you are reading close, but the implant cannot adjust. I had to choose.


Did I want the perfect vision at a distance, or the perfect vision up close? I could not have both, because the implanted lens, the replacement lens, cannot adjust. We, as human beings, need to adjust to every situation that we are in, and to every relationship that we are in. If we cannot adjust, we have a spiritual problem. What does that mean? Are you bad? No, you are not bad, but how can you ever seek the Lord for help if you do not recognize that you have a problem?


I got way off my tracking, but I know that I am talking about the teaching in the kingdom that says, "Yes, you are saved, and God made you imperfect, and He is putting the finishing touches on you through painful experiences." I have messages on this, that I have made books out of.


To me, it is just an abomination to think that Almighty God whose perfect goodness would create people and let them get raped and incested, and molested, and tortured, and lose limbs, and experience all kinds of pain that we experience in this world, as a means of perfecting us. I would go to my grave saying that is a lie. I never believed it. I would never believe that.


God made His creation perfect but not complete. That is so interesting, because in our fallen condition, we are completed before we are perfected. The Scripture says, in Him, "Ye are complete in Him," but we are not perfect. Jesus said that He would be perfected on the third day.


Completion comes before perfection, because there is no way we could be perfected if we do not have all of our parts. To be completed means that we have all of our parts. What does that mean? We have a female part and a male part.


To be a whole man, we must be male and female. God said at the beginning when He made the creation, He made him, Adam, male and female. There is no way we can ever be perfected when we are lacking our male part because we died, and we are separated from Jehovah. We have to be completed first. Then we go through the process of perfection.


In Adam's case, he was perfect. He was created perfect, but not complete. He was perfect because he had no sin. He had never sinned, and he had all that he needed to not sin, but he had a potential to sin, because he was not yet complete. What was he lacking? He was lacking his internalized man or male mind, the wisdom that is associated with spiritual manhood, that wisdom, and that knowledge, and understanding, and everything that is associated with manhood.


I always have to clarify this. I am a human female preacher. I am talking about spiritual principles. Today, we know that it is very possible for a woman in our society, even outside of Christ, to be a doctor or lawyer. We are talking about spiritual principles here.


In this great nation or in the western world, physical women are acquiring many spiritually male principles because of the influence of the Holy Ghost on western Christian society. I do not see any other society, or know of any other society in the world today where women have become great and risen up to positions of wisdom and power outside of the influence of the Holy Spirit.


However, in ancient times, we see societies where women have prevailed. I declare to you that every time you see a society where women are manifesting these spiritually male characteristics, there is a spirit involved. We see that in previous times, with pagan religions, that they call the old religion, how women prevailed.


Whenever there is spiritual influence on a society, whether it be the Holy Spirit or the spirit of this world, which operates by many names, Satan is the female spirit. She has manifested through human beings with many names over the years; Gis, Astrid, the old religion, Wiccan.


Wherever you see spiritual influence, women are raised up to positions of spiritual manhood. When Christianity came into the western world at about the 1600's (I may have my years wrong) it knocked out the practice of witchcraft.


The whole of Europe was covered by the practice of witchcraft. They called it the old religion. Women were very prevalent in the practice of the old religion. When Christianity came in, and knocked out that pagan religion, women were physically put under men. Why? Because in order for the Spirit of Christ to save the fallen Adam, which we all are, and bring us back to our first estate, first He had to bring the society, physically, into right order. The female is subject to the male.


After this was done (do not manifest on me, women) listen to me. (Laughter) After this was done in society, after the physical creation was brought into order, the Lord then brought Christ Jesus into the society, and said, "Now women in Christ, get your wisdom from Christ. There is no longer any male or female in Christ Jesus."


Does anybody need me to repeat that? Is anybody manifesting in this room? That is the truth. It is the same issue of order in your marriages. The women is to submit to her husband. That does not mean that she is his slave. Hopefully, they will reach their decisions equally, but if ever there is a tie about family concerns, the male decision prevails.


Does that leave the woman powerless? Absolutely not! The woman that is made equal, or is made spiritually male in Christ Jesus, has power in prayer to go before the Lord and say, "Father, help." There is an order, just like the Captain is in submission to the General. Tell the Father, "That person is the General, and he is really messing up bad, will you help?" The Lord will speak to the person that has the authority. This is God's order.


It is the same thing in a ministry like this. If you really think I have done something wrong, or if you think that I have mistreated you, the first thing that you need to do is to discuss it with me. If after discussion with me, I have not changed my position, and you are convinced that I am wrong, you have the right to go before the Lord and say, "Lord, if she is wrong, show her."


You cannot go before the Lord arrogantly. You have to give the decision to Him. You have to say, "If I am wrong, help me to understand her, but if she is wrong, defend me, because someone that has authority over me is putting this restriction on me." You do that, and it does not matter what your physical sex is.


We have to learn how to deal with authority in every area of our life. If you have a job, and you feel your boss is unfair to you, you have the same option to go before the Lord and say, "Lord, I really believe my boss is being unfair to me. Either explain it to me, because I do not want to be in rebellion, or defend me. Fight for me with the person that has authority over me."


The Lord wants physical women to exercise the full power of righteousness in Christ Jesus, but there is a procedure that He gives us that He wants us to follow. With societies that honor Christ Jesus, the physical society has to be in right order. I am talking about the marriage now. I am not talking about women, in general, submitting to any man. Some ministries teach that, and that is ridiculous. We are talking about relationships, not the man on the street.


If you are a woman, you do not have to submit to the man on the street because he is a man. We really have to understand these things.


Christ Jesus is the spiritual male, and He is male to anyone that has a lesser anointing. There are also different degrees of Christ Jesus, of lesser anointings, which varies from person to person. If you are in a meeting, with several people that are manifesting the internalized Christ Jesus, everyone has the responsibility of recognizing who has the most mature manifestation of Christ Jesus, and submitting to them. This is not easy to do. We have to pray about it all the time.


I am trying to make a point here. This issue of saying that God has perfected us, that we are saved, but we are not, and we are still being trained with painful experiences, is a lie. It is a lie, but there is an element of truth in it, and that is what I am trying to dig out for you. I have not made my point yet.


Adam was created perfect, but not complete. He would have been completed when he was married to Jehovah. Through that spiritual marriage, Adam was to receive all of the male wisdom without painful experiences. Adam was tricked before the marriage and married the Serpent instead of Jehovah. The way of completion and perfection for those of us who are married to the Serpent is according to the Serpent's rules.


The Serpent's rules are, you become completed and perfected through painful experiences. That is our condition today. Is it not?


Do we not learn from painful experiences? We can tell our children when they are growing up, "Look, do not do such and such. If you take drugs, you are going to wind up making your life a mess. Even if you come out of it, and you are delivered from it, you lose all those years, and you can have permanent brain damage."


Our children can take our word for it, and not dabble in drugs, and they will lead a good life, because they will reap what they sow. From taking our instruction, they will not internalize the wisdom that would have told them, from within themselves, not to do that. They would just be following our instructions. They would not be perfected. They will be safe, but they will not be perfected, but that was not true before the Fall.


Adam would have internalized the wisdom that came from the instruction when he married, when his spirit was completely integrated with Jehovah. It was really us in another dispensation. If you cannot understand that, maybe you would rather think of it in terms of Adam as being our ancestor. Adam, knowingly at the time or not, chose to marry the Serpent instead of Jehovah. We are now being perfected according to the Serpent's mentality or the Serpent's nature.


The Scripture says that Jehovah watched. Elohim formed all of the reptiles and the animals, however it is described in Genesis, and then Jehovah watched to see what Adam would name all the animals. What that really means is that the spiritual being, Adam, was joined to spiritual earth to give him form so that he could become visible. At the time of the union of that spirit of Adam, which contained Jehovah's breath, when that breath was joined with the spiritual earth, the spiritual earth received consciousness.


The spiritual earth received consciousness, because it touched Jehovah's breath, but it received a negative consciousness, the consciousness of evil, if you will. That is why the Scripture says, or God says clearly in the Scriptures through the prophet Isaiah, "I created evil." The breath of Jehovah touching the spiritual earth created an evil consciousness. We see that Jehovah creates evil, but He never ever intended that evil should do evil deeds.


He created the evil, because we needed that dark element in us so that we could appear. The evil consciousness of the earth or the negative consciousness, the direct opposite of Jehovah's nature, was intended to be in submission to and bound under the authority of the wisdom of God, which was to be imparted to Adam.


So what am I saying? Adam had the earth joined to him, and the negative consciousness appeared before he was married to Jehovah, which would have imparted the wisdom to keep that negative consciousness under control. Adam was under the law. He had a negative consciousness, like we have. We have our old man, our carnal mind, and a negative consciousness. He did not have the wisdom of God. He only had the instruction of his Father.


It is like we say to our children, "Do not take drugs, or you are going to mess up your life." Before he fell, the only difference between Adam and us now, was he was beyond time up here, and we are down here in time, where we are really him. We fell down into a pit, and we have lost the memory of our consciousness in the high spiritual realm. We have set up a whole society down here in the pit.


The difference between the two of us is that we have already sinned. We have sinned, and the negative consciousness, the consciousness that is the exact opposite of the righteous consciousness of Jehovah, is now on top, exercising authority over Jehovah's breath in us. It is reversed.


Adam, when he was beyond time in the higher realms was complete. Elohim was joined to him. The power of God was joined to him, but not yet the wisdom of God, and he was created in a position with the negative consciousness bound under him so, therefore, he was without sin.


It was possible for Adam to not sin, because he was created with sin bound under him. All he had to do was obey the law until the marriage that would have internalized the wisdom of Jehovah within himself. We do not have that privilege.


What does it mean to be fallen? Let us get some definitions. Fallen means that the negative consciousness of the earth is now on top of Jehovah's breath in us. Therefore, we sin every second of every minute, of every day of our lives, in the unconscious part of our mind. That is what the "Fall" means. Adam was a creation. He was light. He had the breath of Jehovah, and the negative consciousness of the earth. The breath of Jehovah was ruling and reigning over the negative consciousness of the earth. He was without sin, and he already had power over sin, because he was created with power to not sin.


The definition of the Fall is that, that condition of nature was reversed, and the negative consciousness of the earth overshadowed and put the breath of Jehovah underneath him.


That is our condition today and, therefore, what does that mean? What does it mean that one or the other spirit has the authority? The spirit that is on top, the spirit that has the authority is the spirit that generates thoughts through men. Adam's original condition of completion was that the breath of Jehovah was generating his motives and his thoughts. Not only did Adam have the power and the authority to keep the negative consciousness of the earth bound, but the breath of Jehovah was generating righteous thoughts in him. That situation reversed at the time of the Fall.


Another definition of the Fall is that Adam went to the other side of the garden. He just turned over. He went to the other side of the garden.


Now it is the consciousness of the earth that is on top of Jehovah's breath. The spirit that is on top generates our thoughts and our motives. We have the negative consciousness of the earth, which is evil, generating our thoughts and motives way back in the unconscious part of our mind. There is nothing we can do to make ourselves righteous. It is impossible. That is why the Scripture says, "Ye are complete in Him."


I am not talking about people here. The reason there is nothing we can do to help ourselves is that the average person, before Christ comes to them, does not have the male nature. The male nature, Jehovah's breath, immortal man is completely overcome and captive to the evil consciousness. We do not have a righteous nature.


Getting back to the beginning again, Adam had a righteous nature, the breath of Jehovah, and an evil aspect of himself. Both were fully functional, the righteous nature and the evil nature. Jehovah's breath, having authority over the evil nature, did not kill the evil nature. The evil nature was there, alive and well, but it was all bound up and could not think through Adam, because Jehovah's righteous breath was fully functioning in the generation of thought.


When that evil nature of the earth overturned Adam and put Jehovah's breath underneath it, the situation was not the same, but reversed. The situation was not that Jehovah's righteous nature was fully functioning, but bound under the carnal mind. That was not what happened. If Jehovah's righteous nature remained bound under the carnal mind, then there would be hope that Jehovah's righteous nature in Adam could overthrow the evil of the earth. That is not what happened.


When the evil earth overthrew Jehovah's breath, Jehovah's breath was killed. I do not think, and I should not say "never," but to the best of my understanding, it was never Jehovah's intention to kill the evil nature. It was to be another side of ourselves. There is a Scripture that says, "I will not go to the left or to the right, but I will walk straight towards you, Lord."


Man, as a being, consists of many aspects. All our nature consists of many aspects, all of which are supposed to be integrated into a balanced form that makes us what we are. Again, the reason for the evil is that it is that earthen part that generates our visible being. The evil nature is not supposed to be dead. It is merely supposed to be so fully integrated with righteousness that it cannot do evil deeds, but still perform its intended function of giving us visibility, and perhaps giving us emotions.


Emotions are a part of the animal nature. Just look at your animals. They get mad. They get jealous. If you have animals, you know that. That is the animal nature in man. Being jealous, and all of these qualities that we call sin, are the qualities of the earthen part of us. When that consciousness of the earth overthrew Jehovah's breath in Adam, it killed him, as typified by Cain killing Abel. Therefore, the mortal man has no righteous breath, which would be our hope to overthrow the nature of the earth. Is there anybody not following me here?


That is why when we receive the Holy Spirit. The Scripture says, "You are complete in Him." The Holy Spirit completes us and is our ability to mature us. The Holy Spirit is our potential to develop the righteous nature or redevelop the righteous nature of Christ, and in that righteousness, the strength to overthrow the consciousness of the earth.


There is no way this situation that resulted in the condition that we call the Fall, can be reversed until that which died, as a result of the Fall, is raised to life again. That is why I have preached for years that Abel, within us, has to rise from the dead within us, in you and in me. That is the completion. That is what it means to be complete. No matter how immature our righteousness might be at the inception, it has now been given back to us. Christ is our righteousness.


Now we have a hope of overthrowing the evil nature of the earth, which is not to be killed or completely destroyed, because that evil nature of the earth is our whole potential to be a visible expression of God. We want to be visible. If we are not visible, what is our whole purpose? Does God need us? We are here. We are His veil. That is our purpose. We are suppose to be accurately representing Him in the earth, in our nature, in our motives, in our purposes and intention.


That is why the way we treat each other, and the way we relate to one another, is so important. Because the way we relate to people that we are in relationships with, people that we see everyday, the way we relate to these people is a reflection of whose nature we have. From that point of view, God is very involved in the everyday nitty gritty details of our life.


It is not because He is watching us, whether we are bad or good. He loves everybody, and He wants everything to be nice. Of course, those things are true. The basic reason that Jesus exhorts us to put others ahead of ourselves, to be selfless rather than selfish, is because all of these qualities are signs that the righteous nature of God is now rising up, and putting the evil nature of the earth underneath us. He is looking for these signs. That is the reason for the test.


God is not arbitrary. He does not get His kicks out of testing us or watching us get hurt. He is watching us, like the husbandman comes and watches the plant to grow, to see if the nature of God is growing in that person. He is watching that person who was completed when they received the Holy Spirit to see if the nature of God is growing in them.


Back to my main point here. The reason we have painful experiences in life is because the evil or negative nature of the earth took over the creation when Adam descended from the high spiritual realm down into this world, which is at the bottom of the pit. This is a society that has been formed at the bottom of a spiritual black hole because of Adam, our ancestor, if you need to understand it that way. We have painful experiences because Adam, who we are, in a different timeline, chose to marry the Serpent instead of Jehovah, and we are now under the Serpent's form of perfection.


The Serpent is forming us now instead of Jehovah. That is why we have painful experiences, but it did not have to be that way. Now, even though Christ Jesus is being added to us, there still will be painful experiences.


Yes, God is in it. Yes, as we mature into Christ, we have painful experiences, but only because of our position. It was never Jehovah's intention that we should become perfected through painful experiences. It was Jehovah's intention to perfect us up here in this high spiritual realm, which would not have been painful.


Because of our own transgression, the perfection of the creation is taking place in a lower world. That was not Jehovah's choice. Perfected, we must be, and the creation must be perfected. The issue is, will we be perfected up here in the high spiritual realm, or down here in the bottom of the black hole? If we are perfected in the high spiritual realm, it will be painless, but if we are perfected down here in the bottom of the black hole, it will be painful. Perfected we will be, because we are God's wife.


Why am I doing all this talking about Jehovah? Because I am talking about creation. Today, Jehovah is appearing to the Church and to the world with an additional veil. That veil is the personality of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we relate to Jehovah through the name Jesus. Why? Because that is the plan, and we are not making the plan. We are just functioning in it.


The Lord told me to tell you something twice, and it went through my mind twice. I wanted to finish my sentence, and I lost it twice. Maybe it will come back to me again. We are talking about these preachers that preach we are saved, perfect, created, but still we need painful experiences to perfect us. It is true that we are being perfected with painful experiences, but it was not Jehovah's choice that it should be this way.


I just remembered what the Lord wanted me to say. The Scripture says that Jehovah watched to see what Adam would name the animals. This understanding that all of the animals of this world existed, and Adam was giving them verbal names, is a spiritually immature concept. I do not mean to insult anybody, but we have got to understand that the Scripture is infinite, and can be understood only to the degree of maturity that the person's mind can function at.


It is just like the concept of Santa Claus. You believe it when you are a kid, but you do not believe it when you are an adult. You could learn algebra in the second grade, but you do not learn the same depth of algebra when you are studying for your PhD.


There was no physical world before time began. There was no physical world when Adam was created. The very concept of the Garden of Eden signifies an immortal plane, and time and immortality are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You cannot have both. There are immortals that exist in this age, but their immortality will come to an end when this age of time comes to an end. That is why Jesus is bringing in the age that will have no end, the immortal age.


What was Jehovah watching? Even if Adam was naming all the physical animals, what is the big deal that Almighty God is watching Adam to see what he would name a spider? It does not make any sense at all. Names signifies nature, especially in the Scripture. Jesus said, "I am giving you my name." He says in the Book of Revelation, I am going to give you a new name, a righteous name. It means nature. Our name is no longer going to be Serpent or Viper. It is now going to be Christ in our nature.


Adam was a spiritual man. Jehovah had now taken the man, Adam, who now contained the breath of Jehovah, and joined him to the earth for the purpose of giving him visibility and form.


This man that Jehovah created was no longer one hundred percent good. He now had a potential to be evil, and that potential was through the joining of the man with the spiritual earth. Jehovah watched the man, and He wanted to know whether this man, Adam, was going to continue to exist with the righteous consciousness of Jehovah's breath. Now that there was another influence in him, would he yield to that negative influence or would he continue to abide in the righteous nature that he was given?


Jehovah watched him, not to see what name Adam would give the animals, but whether or not Adam would acquire the animal nature for the whole man, which was the breath of Jehovah and the spiritual earth. What name would the whole man have? It was up to Adam then, and it is up to us today. Every time we have an opportunity we must choose between doing what God tells us to do, what Christ in us tells us to do, or what we know to be what the Lord would have us to do, or what our fallen nature tells us to do. We are naming the animal.


The Book of Romans talks about the creature that is being born. Jesus said, "I am the beginning of the creation or the creature." If you look in the Greek, it says "the creature of God." We are a creature. God has formed a creature, and we are it. We are designed. The blueprint says that we are to have the mind, the nature, the motives, and the instincts of God.


We are to have the form that can only be given to us by the spiritually animalistic nature of the earth, but that our spirit man, our nature of God, is supposed to prevail over the whole man. Jehovah watched. He put all the parts of the creation together. The name of the creation was Adam, and Jehovah watched.


Which nature will you acquire, Adam? It was not, "Which name will you give the animal?" I guess you could translate it that, too. "Will you, Adam, impress the nature of God upon the animal? Are you going to impress the nature of God upon your old man or your other side, or is your other side going to impress its nature upon the breath that belongs to Jehovah within you?"


Brethren, we are Adam in another form. What happened to Adam was that the nature of the negative earth impressed its nature upon the breath of Jehovah that was in Adam. Jehovah still has His breath. If you breathe something, and it departs from your mouth, it is out there. It is no longer inside of you. It was a drop of the Spirit of Jehovah that was imparted to the man. That aspect of Jehovah's breath that was now internalized in a form called Adam, had the potential to have the very nature of Jehovah changed by the negative consciousness of the earth that it was joined to. That was what happened.


That is who the false prophet is. It is Jehovah's breath in you that is now in the nature of the Serpent. Jehovah's breath has the ability to prophesy. If you are a carnal man, and you are prophesying, that is Jehovah's breath prophesying, but Jehovah's breath is the whore of Revelation. Jehovah's breath in you is the prostitute that is joining with the spirit of the Serpent to prophesy.


There is no hope for humanity to ever return to our righteous condition. We will be down here in hell, forever reaping what we sow, and continuously sowing ungodly thoughts, because the Serpent is in charge of generating our motives and our thoughts. Therefore, we must be completed before we can have any hope of getting out of here. That completion comes in the impartation of the Holy Spirit, which is our potential to raise Abel from the dead, to touch and strengthen Jehovah's breath in us, and restore thoughts of righteousness.


Now there is a conflict. Before that, there is no conflict. We may have some good thoughts in this world, because we are trained up, and we know that it is wrong to murder, and it is wrong to steal, but those abilities, those practices in fallen man, will not deliver us from hell. Only righteousness will deliver us from hell. Doing good things in this world will control our existence. If we do more good than evil, we have hope of having a better life, and not being sick, and not having bad things happen to our families down here at the bottom of the hole.


If you want to get out of the hole, you have to get the righteous thoughts of Christ. That is impossible until you receive the Holy Spirit, who will join Herself to your human spirit, which is Abel, which is the breath of Jehovah, and raise up and regenerate the righteous consciousness of Jehovah in you.


Once the righteous consciousness of Jehovah is stirred up in you again, then you can hope for perfection. What is perfection? It is the righteous consciousness of God coming out from under the domination of Cain, if you will, or the Serpent's mind, and overthrowing the Serpent's mind and coming back on top.


It is the reversal, or the restoration to the condition in which Adam was first created, with the righteousness of Jehovah on top of the negative consciousness of the earth, with the righteousness of Jehovah generating righteous thoughts and motives in us.


Then we ascend out of this pit into immortality without tears. There is an immortality of this age, which is a torment-free immortality. The promise of God is immortality without sorrow, having your every need met in this world without sorrow. That is the promise of God.


I am not suggesting to you that Pastor Manning is preaching what these preachers are preaching. What I am suggesting to you is that the spirit that is preaching through him is the same spirit as these teachers that are actually producing volumes of writings on this false teaching that God has not perfected us, but still we are saved. I do not remember exactly how they express it. It is something like, "He made us, and we are righteous, but we have to be perfected through painful experiences."


The god who is doing that is the Serpent. That is the Serpent's plan because Adam, in antiquity, named the whole creature that Jehovah made with the nature of the Serpent when he joined, or when he received the thoughts of the Serpent. The female Adam was engraved with the nature of the Serpent, and turned the perfecting of the saints of God or the perfecting of Adam, over to the Serpent rather than to Jehovah.


Brethren, the one that we submit ourselves to, that is the one that will train us up. We have a situation where it is very common that the believers the Lord brings here to be trained up, cannot recognize the anointing here. Although it is not happening so much lately, it used to happen a lot. They could not recognize the anointing here, and they would depart for another anointing that would train them up with the Serpent's nature.


There are ministries out there that will train you with the Serpent's nature, and they do not know that they are doing it. What is the Serpent's nature? It is the carnal mind. It is the carnal mind's concept of how God wants the people trained. In this ministry, it is Christ Jesus training us. I was just talking to someone on the phone the other day, who has been with me for years. She was reminiscing about how many times she departed from this ministry and went to someone in the Church who was training her up with the wrong teaching, but the Lord kept bringing her back.


This message is about Pastor Manning. Let me try and make my point here. Pastor Manning says you are saved, but you are still sinners. That same spirit that is doing all of this writing, that is teaching all that I just spent about twenty minutes explaining to you, that same spirit is in Pastor Manning. Even though he did not elaborate on that point, that is what that spirit means when it is preaching through him saying, "You are saved, but you are still a sinner."


What does that mean? Maybe there is a truth to that. Maybe he is saying, "You have been reconciled to God. Maybe you have the Holy Spirit." Maybe he means you have been completed, and you are reconciled to God, but you are still sinners, but that was not the way God intended it. I do not think Pastor Manning is saying that is the way God intended it.


The whole exhortation that I just gave you was a deeper explanation of what came out of Pastor Manning's mouth in those two sentences. It was the same spirit, that if it would expound itself through Pastor Manning, it would be saying something like, "God is perfecting you, even though He saved you, and that this is His intention for you." It is just like what we see in the Church, that the Church believes this was God's original creation.


Do you really think that Almighty God would make a creation that people die in, have cancer, suffer and have limbs amputated, and little kids are raped? Only a fallen mind could believe that God would make a creation like this. They look at the flowers and say, "Is that not beautiful?" The trees and the flowers are beautiful, but that is what you see when you go outside.


What about what is going on in the dark shadows of this world? What about the people that I hear about today? Little boys and little girls are kept in bondage and white slavery, locked in rooms, and you are looking at the trees and the flowers and saying what a wonderful creation God makes. You are missing most of the picture. This is not God's creation.


Of course, it all depends on what your definition of salvation is. If, by being saved, you mean to say, that "Yes, you now do have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and through that relationship you have hope of deliverance, not only from this world, but deliverance from every affliction that will come upon you every day of your life." If that is your definition of salvation, then you are saved, but if you think that because you have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, that is all there is, you are wrong. I do not think the Church distinguishes between the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and Christ Jesus.


If you think it means that you are not going to die, you are mistaken, because you are going to die like everyone else in this world. You are going to live for a season, and you are going to die. Immortality is not after death. The carnal mind, cannot comprehend why two thousand years after the resurrection, Christians are still dying, so the carnal mind in the Church says, "Well, immortality must be after death." No, that is not true. Immortality is here in the flesh.


You are not fully saved. Salvation is a process. We have manifestations and experiences of salvation continuously from the time that we are first reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, but the ultimate, the fullness of salvation is in the Scripture, if you can read it. I have it on a lot of tapes. Sometimes I do not remember what the King James says, and I just remember what the Alternate Translation says about salvation.


The ultimate end of salvation is the overthrowing of your soul. Your soul will be overthrown if you faint not. Your soul will be saved when it is overthrown. When your old man, when the soul of your humanity loses its power, when it is overthrown by Christ Jesus in you and is brought into the position of submission to the spiritual male, Christ, that is salvation. Salvation is when your soul is completely overthrown.


My world has been turned upside down. Christ Jesus is on top of my carnal mind, but my carnal mind has not been overthrown. It is still kicking. It is still functioning in an authority that is not hers. My soul, even though it is now underneath Christ Jesus, is still generating thoughts in me, and still generating motives in me. Sometimes, I mess up, and I follow after her instructions, and do things I should not do.


Even if I do not follow her instructions, from a spiritual point of view I am still sinning because Christ Jesus in me has not yet immobilized the production of motives and thoughts coming from my old man. My old man has been overturned, and is now underneath Christ Jesus, but it has not been overthrown. She is not bound to the point that she cannot function as my motives or my thought process.


At that time, in that day, when that happens to me, I will be without sin, and I will be immortal. That is what happened to Jesus. That was why Jesus said He could live forever. "No man can take my life," He said. That was because the carnal mind that produces death in us was completely immobilized under the power of the matured Christ within the man, Jesus.


Christ, within the man Jesus, was mature enough and functioning in a manner that utterly prevented the carnal mind that produced Jesus of Nazareth's body from even having one sinful thought or one sinful motive. It was controlled and that was why He could live forever.


If we physically die, it means that, that has not happened to us yet. That is the definition of the overthrowing of your soul, which results in full salvation. Salvation of what? Salvation of your personality. You do not have to die. The only reason we die is because Satan has the legal right to take our life because of sin. That is why when Jesus appeared to the world after the crucifixion of His body, He could say, "Oh death, where is thy sting, where is thy victory?"


Satan, the ruler, the prince of this world, who has the authority to take the life of everybody, she only has to obey certain rules. Some people, she could take their life prematurely. Other people, she has to wait until they live a full life, but she takes the life of everybody that is born into this world. She has the legal right to do it, because we have a nature that sins, but she could not keep Jesus. The grave could not hold Him. There was no sin in Him. She lost her power over Him.


The Lord is not removing Satan. The Lord is not removing Satan. Satan is the nature of the earth, which will be with us forever. What the Lord is doing is restoring to us the ability, through His nature internalized in us, to cut off all sinful motives and sinful thoughts. Then Satan will lose her power to kill us, because we will have been restored to righteousness.


Satan is not going anywhere. She is a part of us, but she has to stop moving in the authority of the male. It is the function of the male to generate motive and thought. Satan is a part of the female nature of the earth. Her job is not generating motives and thoughts. She has to stop doing other people's jobs. Satan will never find out who she is, and willfully go into her place. It will never happen. She has to be forced under the authority of Christ, and bound there. Bind her to the horns of the altar.


She has to be bound underneath Christ, and prevented by Christ Jesus, within us, from doing His job. Christ Jesus, in you, has to stop your fallen nature from doing His job. Sometimes, we see the carnal nature manifesting itself in very well-meaning people, who cannot stop doing other people's job.


If somebody reveals to you that you are doing somebody else's job, and it is more than once, if it is a pattern in your life, you need to get a revelation that saying you are sorry does not cut it. It is like an alcoholic saying, I am sorry, I drank and I am not going to drink anymore. You need to know, if you see this pattern in your life, that you have a spiritual problem, and you need to get a hold of God because you have got a serious problem.


If Satan has the power to do this in your life, she has the power to do other things in your life too. All of that in response to one of Pastor Manning's comments, that you are saved, but you are still a sinner. Does anybody have a question or a comment on this particular issue that I just preached on? If not, I will go on to the next one. I see that I am not going to finish this tonight. It still may be the last message. I made some notes here on the issues that I wanted to comment on.


This is so unfortunate that Pastor Manning says that God does not like you. God likes everybody. God likes everybody. God loves everybody, but He does not like or love all of our behavior. Sometimes, He does get mad at our behavior or at the nature of the Serpent that we manifest. He does not like that. He does not like to see the Serpent's nature in us. He does not like to see us behaving as the Serpent, but He loves us.


That is so unfortunate that anyone who names the name of the Lord Jesus Christ would be saying that God does not like you. That is really unfortunate. I am so sorry to hear that. At the moment, to the best of my knowledge, God is winking at denominations. He is not against denominations. Why? Because they are denominations and physical churches that appear on street corners. Large ministries are landmarks for people that do not know anything at all about God. People, at least, hear about faith in Jesus Christ, or whatever little bit of a message comes through these ministries to people, who are not even capable of understanding more. Few people could sit in a meeting like this.


They would not have a clue as to what I was talking about, and they would leave. I do not see God shutting down denominations. He can use anybody. The more carnal the person is, the more carnal of an institution, we need to reach out to them.


I think that there is an ulterior motive here that Pastor Manning is putting down denominations. I have never heard him say the words, but he has certainly insinuated that he is the Christ of this age, and even higher than the Pope. If you can read between the lines, that is what he is saying. He tells you there is only one anointed person in every age, and he is certainly indicating that he is it.


He is denying Luther, and he claims that the Catholic Church is the only true Church. He says that every Protestant manifestation is illegal, and he has never called himself Catholic, but he is now celebrating the holy Eucharist. He has not verbalized what I am telling you now, but if you can read between the lines, this is what he is saying, that he is Catholic, but he is higher than the Pope.


One thing that he did say that I wrote down, is the only way to reach God is through His Church and that, we know, means through Peter. We see that he is spouting the Catholic doctrine now that Jesus made Peter the foundation of the Catholic Church. That is a total perversion of the Scripture. Jesus was telling Peter, you are the little stone, and I am the Rock.


That was Jesus teaching Peter that everyone is subordinate to Him. Every spirit is subordinate to Jesus Christ.


There is absolutely no reason to believe that Peter went to Rome or Peter started the Church. It is just something the Catholic Church made up. It is not Scriptural at all. Christ Jesus is the foundation of the Church. We have a spiritual foundation. Every physical or man-made foundation is that corrupt foundation that Jesus told us about. It is the foundation that can be destroyed by moths and worms and, of course, there are spiritual moths and spiritual worms.


The true foundation is Christ Jesus, and the foundation of the Church is a spiritual foundation that is being built in each and every man, one man at a time. That does not mean that we cannot have a physical presence or a physical building.


Everything is lawful to us as long as spiritually, mentally, and through our understanding, we know that Christ Jesus is the Head. Once the Lord starts bringing a message to His people, there has to be a physical mechanism to distribute that message. We have a physical mechanism here. Right now it is still very humble, but we have a physical building, we have computers, and we have everything that we need to print the books. Maybe some day, I do not know, we may have our own print shop. There are all kinds of prophesy here.


As more and more people of the Church become ready to be able to comprehend this message, the physical mechanism that channels the message to them will have to become greater, but that does not mean that the foundation of God is in the building or in the mechanism. The foundation is a spiritual foundation. His name is Christ Jesus. As soon as He is left out of the picture, any building, or function, or organization that is channeling information, becomes idolatry and an anti-Christ.


Again, if you read between the lines, Pastor Manning completely leaves Christ out of his message. He names the name of Jesus. He says, "I am talking about God, and that is Jesus," but if you listen to the message, he is imputing all power to his father, Ham. He never mentions Christ. There is no mention of Christ in his preaching.


I can tell you I love you from today to tomorrow, but it is my behavior that is going to show you whether I love you or not. From a preaching standpoint, I could tell you that I preach in the name of the Lord Jesus from today until tomorrow, but if I do not preach the message of Christ Jesus, I am not preaching Christ to you.


How do you know whether someone is preaching the message of Christ Jesus or not? You have to be educated. You have to start somewhere, and you have to admit that there is more to learn. There is a preacher right here on Long Island that keeps saying how simple this message is. This message is not simple. This message is very complicated, and we all have to grow up into it just as we grow up from children to adults.


It is just as you teach your children to not take drugs, to not run in front of cars, that they are going to have to earn a living some day, just as you teach them how to have the hope of a good marriage through faithfulness and commitment, we have to be trained up in God to learn how to function as a spiritual man in this world. Part of our education is the doctrine or the philosophy of Christ Jesus. Until you have that education, you will never be able to recognize an anti-Christ message.


Until you have that ability, you should be a part of a fellowship, and you should have people in your life who will help you identify anti-Christ messages. That is what we do here. I am telling you, and I am going to say it again. I could tell you day and night that I honor the Lord Jesus Christ, but the proof of the pudding is that I preach His truth.


Pastor Manning can tell me that his God is Jesus but, of course, we know there is "another Jesus" in the Catholic Church. Aside from that, his message is not Christ. His message exalts Ham. Ham is one of the three sons of Noah, who survived the flood. All three sons fell, Ham, Japheth, and Shem. All three of his sons fell, and the physical descendants of all three of Noah's sons are fallen.


The only one that is not fallen is Christ Jesus, and He, today, is spiritually internalizing Himself in the descendants of Ham, Shem, and Japheth. The sons of Ham are not favored over the rest of humanity. There has been a lot of teaching along the lines of the sons of Ham, which are the black races, as opposed to the sons of Shem which, basically, he teaches is talking about Israel. It is not all of the sons of Shem.


It is true that Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, and Israel lost that national covenant. What kind of a covenant? The covenant that Israel would be the people that would manifest God to the world. If you wanted to learn about God, you would seek out a Jew or a Jewish rabbi, and you could learn about God. That was the covenant.


I am not saying that the Lord does not have relationships with individual Jewish people, but the Jewish nation has lost their commission of being the representatives or the ambassadors of God to the world. That national commission has now gone to the Church. That does not mean God does not love or have relationships with individual Jewish people that seek Him to the fullest degree that they can understand Him. There are a lot of people that say Jewish people cannot know God because they reject Jesus Christ. That is not true. The Lord is merciful and gracious beyond the ability of that kind of thinking. He wants His people so badly, not to the point of compromising righteousness, but He will bend over backwards to help anybody that is truly seeking Him the best that they are able.


Of course, I will never forget the testimony of a Hindu man. It was his job to wash the idols. It was a rich Hindu family, so they owned a lot of idols. They had a whole room for the idols. He was washing the idols one morning, and he was looking at all the idols, and saying, "I wonder which one of these gods is the most powerful god?" In the midst of all that idolatry, a voice spoke to this man, "The greatest of all the Gods is Jesus Christ." That man, today, has twenty churches.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of great limitation in the Church today. Our potential for greatness is Christ Jesus. There is no man that is our potential for greatness. Let us not misunderstand Jehovah's covenant with Israel. When Jehovah commissioned Israel and made His covenant with Israel, it was His intention to have a nation that would be the landmark nation of God, so people from all over the world would know where to find a knowledge of God. It is just as we are the veil of His Spirit in an individual.


He made a specialized covenant with Israel. They became a special people because of their commission to manifest God to the world. There is a lot of spiritual jealousy of the Jew in the earth today. It is such a lack of understanding.


God calls people every day, and He saves their lives. He did it to me. He saved my life, and made me a teacher. Why? Because He likes my eyes better than He likes yours? No! He was looking for somebody that would be useful.


When ever God deals with us, we have something to say about it. If we resist and fight hard enough, He is going to let us go. He found somebody in me, who was so beaten up, that it was reasonable to anticipate that I would not fight Him, and that I would go along with His will. He made me into a teacher, because His whole purpose in saving me from death row was that He would have a mouthpiece to the world. There was not anything special about me, except that I was dying. Apparently, I had a spiritual potential that met His criteria.


He did not like me better than He likes anybody else. His whole intention is to get His message to the world. He did not like Israel any better than He likes the rest of the world. He does not like Christians any better than He likes the rest of the world, therefore, this whole mentality in the Christian Church is wrong. We were talking about this before you all came in this morning. It is not about what we want from God. It is His will in our life. He knows if we are going to fulfill His purposes in our lives to be a landmark person or a part of a landmark ministry.


We have a web site, and there are people who are supernaturally brought to that web site because God wants to speak to them through the message here, because they cannot understand Him when He talks to them directly. That is His whole intention in us, that we should be manifestations of His nature in the earth. When we pray, "Lord, I need this or I want that," that is not how you get a hold of God.


We were having a discussion before you all came in about the sale of a house. I was told that the prayers that were going forth was, "Lord, we want you to do the best for us. We know you are going to do the best for us." My response was, "Maybe God is not going to do the best for you. Maybe He has got some widow woman out there, with no place to live that He wants you to sell your house to at a much lower rate than the market could bear."


Is the Lord taking all your money so you will not be able to live in this world? Of course not. If it is His will to provide for that widow woman through your sacrifice of obedience to Him, you would be amazed at what He has waiting for you. You have to be obedient.


All this nonsense about being king's kids, and the Lord is doing this for us, and the Lord is doing that for us, we had better get our act straight here. The Lord is healing us, and setting us up in a high place. He is doing all that so that we could veil Him, and He could manifest Himself through us. If we do not come into a place where we are useful, He is going to discard us. If you have some religious concept of God as this goody, goody guy, you are not going to get the benefits of His life, because there are definitely strings to His helping us.


"Where does it say that in the Bible, Pastor Vitale?" It clearly says, "If He gave you something, and you buried it in the earth, and you did not use it, it was going to be taken from you." You had better believe it, because you cannot function in a ministry on this level with these baby ideas.


The Lord is going to come to you, and He is going to come to you, and He is going to come to you. He is going to tell you what you are doing wrong, and He is going to tell you what you are doing wrong, and if you keep on doing it, one day you are going to wake up, and He is going to be gone.


He is winking at the kids in the Church. He is not winking at people in a ministry on this level. Thank God for it. Do you not want the nature of God? I want the nature of God.


You have to do what His nature directs you to do. If you do not have the internalized nature yourself, then somebody has to tell you. There is no crime in not knowing. The crime is in being told and still not doing, because that is how you learn.


I did not hear it today, but I do have a note from the last meeting that Pastor Manning says the Lord is not a polygamist. He said the Lord is not married to the Methodist, the Lutherans, and the Pentecostals. The Lord is only married to the Catholic Church and, of course, his implication is that he is the head of the Catholic Church. If he were here right now, he would probably say, "I never said that."


No, he did not. You have to read between the lines. If you only listen to words that people say, you are going to be in trouble, because words have meanings. Words have suggestions. Sometimes, if you listen to the words without the spirit behind it, you are going to be deceived.


He is definitely suggesting that he is the head of the Catholic Church. Wonder what the Pope would have to say about that? He probably would just laugh.


Anyway, Pastor Manning says that God is not a polygamist. He does not love all these denominations, but God is a polygamist. He most certainly is a polygamist. What is acceptable in the spiritual plane is not acceptable down here in the physical world. The physical world is the complete opposite of the spiritual world. In this world, if one physical man has multiple wives, it is illegal.


Of course, that was legal in the past dispensation. Today it is illegal. Marriage has a totally different connotation than it had years ago. I do not think I am going to go into that whole thing right now. God is a polygamist, because God is manifesting Himself to humanity by His Son, Christ in you, the hope of glory. Jesus is married to every human being that has His son internalized in us. He is a polygamist. He is not married, necessarily, to denominations, but He is married to potentially every human.


God has the potential to be married to every human being on the face of the earth, trillions of people. He has that potential, without one of us losing any attention or ministry or need. A physical man with many wives cannot possibly meet the needs of all of these wives. Even if the man is very wealthy, and he can physically meet their needs, there is no way he can meet their emotional needs or sexual needs.


God can meet our needs completely and wholly, no matter how many trillions of people. He is internalized, because He is a supernatural being. He is omniscient. He is all knowing, infinite knowledge. He is in and through every aspect of the creation. He is omnipresent. That means He can be everywhere at the same time. We have to be careful not to pull down the reality of God into our level of consciousness, because we then make a perversion out of it.


To try to understand God with our finite mind is an impossible thing. We can only understand Him to the degree that He permits us to understand Him. He must give us understanding of Himself. If we try to understand Him ourselves, we will have a concept of God made in our image. We will be understanding Him as our carnal mind perceives Him. That is idolatry. Who can understand God? We can only understand little aspects of Him that He will grant to us when He gives us the understanding.


The earth today is filled with false concepts of God, the product of the mind of man. The result of it is death. The result of a knowledge of God by His Spirit is life and life everlasting. Eternal life is the end of the process. I have life every day. Life flows through me, through my mind and my spirit. Life is here. Life protects me. Life goes before me. Life defends me against death every day.


I am looking over my notes concerning what I wanted to comment on or respond to in this one twenty-five minute message from Pastor Manning. I do not see any other issues that I considered to be anti-Christ. I do see some issues that I would like to show you a more mature understanding of, so we will finish up this meeting with my commenting on some other issues that he has preached on that are not anti-Christ issues. They are just issues that we have a deeper understanding of in this ministry. Maybe I need to expound on that.


There is a difference between an anti-Christ message, a message that is error, that is the spirit of error, and the message that is true, if that is the level that you are at. As we mature, we understand it deeper and deeper. Nobody has the whole truth. I can preach something today, and the very next day I can review the tape, and say, "Why did I say that?" That is not really completely accurate. The Lord will show it to me the very next day.


When we first started publishing the Alternate Translation Bible, I, in my naivety, actually thought that one day I would translate the whole Bible. The word of God is a living thing, so I could spend hours or weeks working up a translation of a particular chapter, and the next week or the next month look at it, and I say,"Oh no, that is not accurate, and I am changing it." The more I grow spiritually, the deeper I understand it. Was it a heresy the week before? No! We all can only understand in direct proportion to our spiritual maturity.


As we grow, our understanding deepens. It is a living, infinite word. It is impossible to capture it. At one point, I was going back and correcting all of the teachings that I had put down. Then finally I said, "This is an exercise in futility." I could spend hours or weeks fixing it, and then next month it is not up to where I was presently.


Then the Lord gave me the understanding that I really would not want all my teachings to reflect where I am today, because there are people in the body of Christ that need to read my teachings from where I was years ago, because that is where they are now. They could not follow me where I am today. They need my teachings the way they came forth years ago.


There are people at all different spiritual levels in the body of Christ. If everything I produced was where I am now, few people could understand it. There are so few people that can understand it now without any background. What I was preaching ten or fifteen years ago was difficult enough to understand.


To understand what I am preaching now, you really would have to have been studying right along, and be a very unusually spiritual person. If it was another person, outside of myself, I could not understand what I preach today, if I did not go along and learn from a lower level and rise into it.


I was explaining to you the difference between an anti-Christ message and preaching a message that may not offer an understanding that is as mature as somebody else's understanding. That is not a spirit of error. We are talking about degrees of maturity in understanding. What I was telling you, from the notes that I took down from this twenty-five minute message of Pastor Manning, there is only one more issue that I would consider an anti-Christ message.


The other issues that I will comment on, until this meeting ends, are simply degrees of understanding that I will impart to the body of Christ that is listening to these messages. There is one more issue that I see, that I call an anti-Christ message. We did not hear it today, but it was a note that I wrote down from the last meeting.


He says that our identity is the product of man. He was speaking to the black people. He said their identity is in their forefather or their ancestor, Ham. He is definitely preaching to the black people. I do not know where or how a white person would want to, or would fit into his ministry, the way he is preaching these days. Obviously, he is definitely preaching the spiritual supremacy of the black race.


This is very interesting. Once again, let me give you some background to what I am going to say. In order to recognize error, you have to know the truth. You will never recognize error if you cannot bounce it off the truth. You have to have some foundation that you are comparing it to. One of the things that the Lord is doing in this ministry is that He is bringing forth truth that may not have been commonly known in the Church. There may be other elements in the spiritual world community that knows about it, but the issues that he is bringing forth here are definitely new to me.


One of the issues that he brought home in the last year is that Israel of Bible days was not a European nation. We look at the Jewish people today, and they are basically European. Jewish people are basically European. They come from eastern Europe. We have some Jews called Ashkenazim Jews. They may be middle eastern. There are Arabic Jews and Iraqi Jews. Basically, when we think of Jews, we think of European people, at least that is to my knowledge. Maybe someone else has a different experience, but I believe that is the world view.


Jews come from the tribe of Judah. They are only one of twelve tribes. There are twelve tribes of Israel. There are ten lost tribes, and then Judah makes eleven. Who is the twelfth tribe? It is pretty much the Levities. The tribe of Levi has been historically mixed in with the Jew. To look at the Jew today, and say that all of Israel, all twelve tribes are European people, is not a realistic assumption, because we do not have a clue who the other ten tribes are.


Although in the pervious of our finite mind, we are thinking in terms of that family down the street, and all twelve kids are the product of the same parents. The parents are European and all the twelve kids look European, but that is not the case. Spiritually speaking, we do not know what mankind was like. We all came out of one ancestor. All of the races arose out of one ancestor, who was Noah. Every human being on the face of the earth is the descendant of Noah. The black people are the descendant of Noah. The white people are the descendant of Noah. The yellow people are the descendant of Noah. The Asian people, the Arabs, are all descendants of Noah.


We all came out of Noah. Noah's three sons came out of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Today, we are told that the dark races are the offspring of Ham. The Middle Eastern nations are the Semites, the offspring of Shem. The European nations are the offspring of Japheth.


We have three sons that came out of one man. One son produced the black races, and another son produced the Semite races, the Arabic type races, and the third son produced the white races. All came out of Noah. Therefore, it is very possible and feasible, if you are thinking along these lines, to think that the twelve tribes of Jacob resulted from the twelve sons of Jacob.


Jacob was not a European, anyway. He was a Semite. There could be different races intermixed through the twelve tribes. Jacob, who produced the twelve sons that produced the twelve tribes, was an offspring of Shem, who was a son of Noah, who produced three sons that produced all the races of the world.


To just assume, because you see European type Jews, that all twelve tribes were European, is a spiritually naive conclusion. Aside from all of that, after much prayer, the Lord has revealed that Israel was black. I have tapes on it if anybody wants to pursue this. After a couple of years, of initially resisting and then finally doing everything I could to test the revelation, I am convinced that the Lord has told me that Israel of Bible days were black. Israel was black. Not Judah, but Israel, the twelve tribes were black.


I am Jewish. I had a real problem with this when the Lord was first showing this to me. I had a fear reaction, and I cannot even explain to you why. I will not take the time now, but I had a fear reaction when I first started hearing people preaching that the Jews of today are not the Jews of Bible days. It took me a year to even read the book because I did not want to deal with it. I was shocked when I read it, in at least one of the books on the issue, that was actually written by a Jewish man who has tenure in a university in Israel. It was an anthropological study. It was very convincing that the Jews of Bible days were black.


The whole of Israel was continuously falling into idolatry. All you have to do is read the Bible. They were in trouble with God all the time, worshiping pagan gods under every green tree. They were continuously being chastised and rebuked by the Lord for running after and falling into witchcraft. This is according to the anthropologist from the university in Israel, who documents everything he says.


At some point, some little known European nation, which would be a descendant of Japheth, came in contact with the Torah, and all of the information that was given to Israel for safe keeping when Jehovah made His covenant with them on Mt. Sinai. They read it, their spirit responded to it, and they started practicing it. I hate to say religion. They started practicing the spiritual experience with Jehovah, while the Israel of Bible days was falling into idolatry and fallen away from God.


I cannot preach the whole message right now, but that is how the Jew of today became European or maybe they had European strains in there. I do not know, but I believe that the Israel of Bible days was basically black.


You have to realize that even if they were completely black, dark as this table, they still had genes for the white races in them, because Ham came out of Noah, who produced Japheth, who produced all of the white people. Can you understand what I am saying? Anyway, as far as I am concerned, that is a truth that the Bible days of Israel was black. I did not come to this conclusion easily, but I do believe it today.


Israel was rejected by Jehovah, because of their continuous attraction to witchcraft and idolatry, which if you open your eyes, you will see it is still being practiced all over Africa. Idolatry and witchcraft is still being practiced.


The ten tribes disappeared completely, and Judah was the only tribe that survived. According to my understanding, it is not the Judah of Bible days, but a European nation that the spirit that was in Israel transferred to when the physical manifestation of Israel went whoring after idols.


I am going to say that again. Listen to me. The spirit of God that imbued natural Israel at the hour that Jehovah made His covenant with Israel on Mt. Sinai, entered into Israel, and they became the people that reflected His life and His nature to the world.


Despite all of the correction, and chastisement, and attempts of Jehovah, Israel continued to run after witchcraft and idolatry. That Spirit that imbued Israel at the time that, that covenant was made lifted off of Israel, and entered into a European nation that heard about Jehovah, fell in love with Him, and started to practice the practices of the old covenant. That is where that Spirit abode continually until, of course, the advent of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Manning is preaching that the Israel of Bible days was black, and I believe that he is right. Probably every other Christian in America is saying, "That is not true," but I believe it is true. He has got a truth. You see, that is the whole genesis of anti-Christ. He has got truth.


I believe the Israel of Bible days was black, but what is he doing with this truth? He is now setting up, if you read between his lines, a competition between the descendants of Ham and the descendants of Shem. Now he is embracing all of the descendants of Ham. The Jew is just one branch of Shem. He is comparing and setting up a competition. He is comparing the Jew with the black person. This is not God's way. The Lord's purposes are not racial. The Lord's purposes are to manifest His nature, and His character, and His righteousness, through all of the peoples of the earth, every nation, every race, every color, every sex. The Lord is not setting up those kinds of divisions.


Pretty much, what Pastor Manning is saying is that he does not deny that the Israel of the Bible days, which was black, lost the anointing for good reasons. He does not deny that. At least, I have not heard him deny it.


Our message evolves. I have not heard him deny that recently. Israel lost their commission because of pride, and rebellion, and witchcraft, and disobedience to God. What he is saying is that they lost it, and it was given to Israel, and now it is coming back to Ham. That is what he is saying. That is where the error comes in.


I am going to say it again. Pastor Manning is teaching that the original Israel, the original nation or peoples that had a covenant with Jehovah were Ham's descendants, which I believe is true. They lost that commission because of pride, and witchcraft, and idolatry. Jehovah now made a covenant with Israel, but now because Israel is no longer recognizing Jesus Christ, they no longer can be God's representative to the human race, because they are denying that Jesus is Messiah.


Pastor Manning is saying that anointing is now going back to Ham, back to the descendants of Ham. That is not true. In Christ Jesus, this is what Jesus did for us. This is what the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ did for us, or the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth did for us.


Jesus of Nazareth is now an ascended spiritual man, who has the ability to sprinkle upon all humanity, and put His seed, His male seed, in each and every one of us, so that the Glorified perfected perfect life of Christ Jesus grows in each and every one of us, black, white, green, yellow, orange, male, female. Christ, in you, is the hope of glory.


The Lord wants the whole human race. The only reason that He picked a people, and I do not know that it was all of Ham's descendants. Maybe it was just Ethiopians. Maybe that is why we see Ethiopians mentioned in the Scripture and not other black nations. Maybe it was just the Ethiopians. I do not know if that was the Israel of God. I do not know.


The only reason Jehovah picked a people, the Ethiopians or the Jews, was because the way He deals with us is that He does not take everybody at once. He takes a representative of the human race, and prepares them to be His ambassador, His spokesperson to the rest of the human race.


He started with one man, Abraham. Then He went to Isaac. Then He went to Jacob. From that point, the Lord proliferated the number of men through which He was communicating to the world. He went from Abraham, one man, to Isaac, one man, to Jacob, one man, to the twelve sons of Jacob. Now He is expressing Himself to the world through twelve men.


From there, each of the twelve proliferated into a tribe. Jehovah made His covenant with the hundreds of thousands of however many Jews there were, which were the descendants of Abraham, through Jacob.


For what purpose? To reach all of the peoples of the world. It was not because the descendants of Ham are special, or because God likes black skinned people more than He likes white skinned people. Why the Jew? What were the Jews? They were not Jewish before they made their covenant with Jehovah. Was it because Jesus liked them? No! Jehovah picked a people that He had reason to believe would respond to Him, and had the characteristics necessary to manifest His life to them. I am sure there were multiple reasons that the Lord picked me, but one of the main reasons was that I was so broken and ready for death that I completely responded to Him.


One of the characteristics that I had for the job that He was looking for somebody to do, was that I have always talked a lot. I am good at expressing myself. A lot of people can understand and not give it out to explain it to other people. I had that potential. I had the potential to write. I had the potential to do whatever you see happening in this ministry today.


Why would the Lord pick somebody that has no potential at all, and then first have to build that potential in them? Although, He does that sometimes. He looks for people that have the qualities that He is looking for to perform His purposes in the earth. Then if you have enough of those qualities that He is looking for, and He gets a hold of you, He breaks your pride, and He brings you into the condition He wants you into and, hopefully, you become a mouthpiece for Him.


That does not mean you are special. It does not mean Israel was special. It does not mean that the black people were special. It does not mean that.


God's call on your life is a responsibility to carry His nature to the world. This is what is happening now through Pastor Manning. He makes it clear by saying all the time he has nothing against white people. I believe that, but based on all of the knowledge that I have right now, and I believe that the Lord has raised me up to respond to Pastor Manning, I cannot see our God preferring one race.


In this hour, the provision for people of all races to manifest the nature, to be the spokesperson of God to the world, is in place. Adam died after he chose the Serpent, because he could not distinguish between the Serpent and Jehovah, who were both invisible. The help that Jehovah promised Adam, that which Adam was lacking, is now available to all of us, Christ in you, the hope of glory.


It is no longer a nation that God is picking, not a physical people to represent His nature to the world, but individuals from every tribe. Is that not what we are told in the Book of Revelation? From every tribe, from every nation, from every people, from every tongue, He is taking people and putting His nature in them, Christ Jesus, the Son of the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is no longer a specific nation that is being called, but individual people that will receive, become pregnant with, and birth the nature of God.


It has gone from one man, Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, individual men to twelve men, to the thousands, if not millions of people, that are the descendants of the twelve men. All of these people have failed. Mankind that has received a knowledge of God, through the flesh, has failed.


The descendants of Ham failed. The Jews have failed. The Church is failing today that preaches the whole message of God is where will you be when you wake up after you die? That is not the nature of God saying that. The Church has failed to manifest the nature of God to the world. I repeat myself a lot. Bear with me because I just yield to the Spirit. I need to say this again. It may not be for those of us sitting here. It may be for someone listening to the tape or reading this.


The first stage of God preparing a people to manifest His nature to the world has failed in every step of the way. Abraham did not manifest the nature of God. The seed only appeared in Isaac. Abraham received the promise. Isaac did not manifest the nature of God to the world. Isaac was going to give the anointing to Esau instead of Jacob. Isaac was confused. He was following after the principles of humanity, and he was ready to impart the seed, the holy seed to the oldest physical son, and he did not recognize that it was Jacob who had the spiritual preparation to receive that seed to carry it on.


Eau would have killed it. Isaac failed, and Jacob produced the twelve sons. Did Jacob recognize Joseph's anointing? No, he did not. We have a whole teaching on that. One of these days we will get these tapes processed and out to you all. Hopefully, it will not be too much longer. I preached that series in Africa.


Joseph had the anointing. He had the coat of many colors. He was the Savior of Israel through his position in Egypt. Someone right in this ministry called me up and told me, "Pastor Vitale," you made a mistake, because the anointing went to Judah, and it did not go to Joseph. Judah initially produced King David and, eventually, Jesus.


In the Church, Judah produced the physical man that would receive the glorified anointing. Joseph was the one that received the seed that was originally imparted to Jacob. Then he gave it to all of Israel. He did not just give them physical seed. He gave them spiritual seed. Joseph disseminated the Holy Seed that came down from Isaac and Jacob and the twelve sons.


Out of the twelve sons, Joseph was the one that received the Holy Seed that was imparted to Isaac. Then Joseph, when Jacob came to him, in the days of famine, imparted that spiritual seed to all of Israel. It came down through Joseph before it got to David, and before it got to the physical man, Jesus.


That seed did not succeed in physical humanity. Israel dropped the ball. The Church has dropped the ball. The only one that is not going to drop the ball is Christ, in you, the hope of glory. He is going to have seven thousand that have not bowed their knee to Baal, that are going to die to their carnal mind, and submit to the process that forms the nature of Christ in us. As many human beings that have failed, Christ Jesus is raising Himself up in five other people for everyone that fails.


He will have a people in the earth that will manifest the nature of God, and deliver the true message of God to the people. It will not be because of the color we are, not because of who our ancestor is, not because of our physical sex, but because the Glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ has internalized Himself in that person, and equipped them, and enabled them to manifest the nature of God.


We are way beyond a physical representation. We are way behind a nation of people that have physically inherited something that is supposed to qualify us to manifest the nature of God to the world. That did not work. It did not work with Adam, although Adam was not physical. It did not work with Seth. Seth was not physical either. Seth failed also. The descendants of Seth failed. Noah failed. Shem, Ham and Japheth failed. Israel failed.


Let us just assume, and if you do not believe me, just try and flow with me. It was the black people who were the original Israel. Ham failed. Then the Lord went to Shem. Shem manifested Israel. Israel failed, so Shem failed. Ham and Shem failed, and Japheth is the European nations, which is Christendom. Now Japheth has failed. All three of them messed up. No physical descendant of anybody has made it. The Lord is finished with His attempts to manifest His nature to the world through men that do not have the nature of Christ added to them. There is nothing in men. There is nothing that men are born with that will equip them to manifest His nature to the world.


We see what has happened, in both Israel and the Church, even when something is added to people. Israel had a high anointing. They had a higher anointing than is in the Church today, but they did not maintain it. Why did they not maintain it? Why did they lose it? Because even though they had a great anointing, they did not succeed in recognizing, acknowledging, and warring against their human nature.


They did not understand that the nature of God was something added to them. They thought it was them. They thought that Jehovah raised them up, and they had become great, which is a manifestation of the pride of one's own mind. That pride, that failure to recognize that Christ was another entity in them that they had to submit to, that belief that it was them, killed the Christ in them. Then once the Christ died, they lost their power.


The same thing is happening in the Church today. The Church acknowledges the Spirit of God, depending on what element of the Church you are in. Even though the Church acknowledges the Holy Spirit, by and large, the members of the Church, the Christianity Christians, follow after their human mind or their human concept of what they learn about the Scriptures. Therefore, they fail.


The only answer is the impartation of the Glorified Life of Jesus Christ to a man, which man is willing to believe Christ and not his human mind. That is no easy thing to do. You might be willing to do it in principle, but can you distinguish between the mind of Christ and your carnal mind? Very few can. You cannot distinguish between the two by the sound of a voice that you hear. You distinguish between the two minds by recognizing the thoughts of those minds.


We need to be educated as to the thought process of Christ Jesus, how He thinks. Then, of course, we have to bounce everything off of Him. Even bouncing everything off of Him, if you are not educated in this way, you cannot have a knowledge of how He solves problems. I have seen the Lord solve problems over the years. When someone comes to me with a particular kind of a problem, I can have a good idea of how He might deal with this problem.


We need wisdom, and we need understanding. It is very important that we get understanding, but it is Christ in me. It is not me. It is not the color of my skin. It is not my humanity. It is not my sex. It is not the color of my eyes. It is Christ in me. The Lord is beyond hoping that humanity, even when helped with the Holy Spirit, can manifest the nature of Christ. We cannot do it. That is why He sent a Savior. That is why we need a Savior. We are incapable of manifesting the nature and the wisdom of Christ, even with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is not made unto us wisdom. Christ Jesus, that man, Christ Jesus, is made unto us wisdom and righteousness. It is not the Holy Spirit. They are not the same. The Holy Spirit is the bride, and Christ Jesus is the bridegroom.


This is the last error in Pastor Manning's teaching that I will manifest to you right now. He is promoting Ham, and the descendants of Ham, and the black races. In order to do that, he must deny Christ Jesus. When we promote ourselves, or our own motives, or our own need, or our own best interest, it is sin. The reason it is a sin is, because in order to do that, we must deny the motives and intentions of Christ Jesus. That is why self-interest is called the sin of pride, because it cuts off the motives and intentions of Christ Jesus. It kills Christ, and pride is an anti-Christ spirit.


I mentioned that earlier today, by example, this thinking that is beyond the carnal mind. If selling a house, would you really be willing to sell your house for fifty or a hundred thousand dollars less if you were absolutely convinced that the Lord told you to do it? If there was somebody that He wanted to have that house that could not afford the price you were asking for, could you do it? You know, I do not know if I could do it, but in principle, I would be willing to do it. I have told the Lord, time and again, it would scare me that I was hearing another voice.


If I knew it was the Lord, I would desire to obey Him, because I have a revelation, you cannot beat obedience to God. You cannot beat the prosperity that will come into your life when you obey God. My whole problem is that I do not have the faith that I am hearing from Him. My physical father is dead, and he would never lie to me in a situation like this. If my physical father were to come to me and say, Sheila, I want you to sell your house for a hundred thousand dollars less than it is worth, to your sister, because she cannot afford a hundred thousand dollars more. If you do that, if you suffer that loss, I am going to buy you a mansion in Tin Buck Two.


Now your sister cannot move to Tin Buck Two because her husband earns his living here in New York, but you can live in Tin Buck Two, and you will like it there. You will be happy there. You give her your house for a hundred thousand dollars less, and I am going to buy you a mansion in Tin Buck two. I would be right there, Johnny on the spot, to put my signature on the dotted line, because my father would never cheat me in a situation like that. He would have never cheated me.


I have confessed to the Lord that I do not have the confidence that if He came to me, and told me to do that, I would want to do it. Do you want me to be honest with you? I hope I am never in that position. I do not want to ever be tested like that, but if I was tested like that, it would be my heart's desire that I would hear from the Lord, and if convinced that it was Him, I would do it.


If we get to that spot, if you are following me in your thoughts, and now you are thinking, "Oh yes, if I was convinced it was the Lord, sure I could do that, sell my house for a hundred thousand dollars less and get a mansion in Tin Buck Two. I could do that if I could just believe it was God, but it is not that easy, because the Lord does not come to you and say, "Sheila, sell your house for a hundred thousand dollars less, and I am going to give you a mansion in Tin Buck Two."


The Lord comes to you, and says, "Sell your house for a hundred thousand dollars less." He does not tell you any more than that. He says, "Just do it." He says, "Do it. I want you to do it, and I do not have to tell you why. I want you to do it."


Here is the next step of the test. If you are convinced that you are hearing from God, and He is telling you to sell your house for a hundred thousand dollars less, without promising you the reward, were you willing to do that because you love Him? Do you see? What if He told you to do it, and He did not promise you any reward, but He wanted you to share what you had with the woman who could have never gotten a house without your sacrifice? Do you love Him enough to do that? We are all tested continuously.


I am just as human as you are. I just have this knowledge, and what I am telling you here is an expression of the mind of God to you. Money means nothing to Him. He has all the money in the world. He could make us all millionaires. In the hour that His nature is ruling and reigning through us, we probably will be all millionaires, and give most of it away. Everything is motive, but that is what He is seeking to develop in us. You should not feel guilty because you are hearing this message, and you are saying, "I do not think I could ever do that."


That is what the Lord was saying to the rich young man, who said, "Lord, I have done everything. I have kept all of the law. I have done everything. What must I do to follow you?" This is what Jesus was saying to him. Jesus was not telling him to give up all his money. He was talking about a condition of heart. "Are you willing to give up anything that I ask you to give up because you love me?"


We have to understand what that means. What does that mean? Are we supposed to be in poverty, because we love the Lord. No! No! "Do you love me enough to trust me that I will meet your every need, that my desire, my character (God speaking) desires to bless you beyond your ability to comprehend it? " The only reason you do not have every blessing known to man is that your fallen nature would rise up as a result of it and kill Christ in you. You could not handle it. That is the only reason you do not have it.


To Jesus, love is trust. He says, "If you love me, you will obey me." What is obedience? It is trust. Do you know enough about the nature of God to believe that it is His heart-most desire to prosper you in every area of this existence and beyond, spiritually speaking? It is His nature to give to you. Do you love Him enough? Do you trust Him enough?


If He tells you to make such a sacrifice, and you do it, purely out of obedience, not thinking about getting anything back, that the result of your obedience with a right heart, obedience for the sake of obedience because you love Him, and you trust Him, He will never let you go into destruction because you obeyed Him.


Do you trust Him enough to be in control of your life, and to meet your needs, to do that for Him, because you are the vessel that He has chosen to prosper that little widow, who would never be able to afford a house through the natural means of this world?


You need to understand that when you come to this place, it cannot be something that you do with your carnal mind. It has to be a condition of your heart. He has to build this condition in you.


We are not capable of thinking like that. Natural man is not capable of selling their house for a hundred thousand dollars less. It is only the heart of God in a man that can trust Him enough. Trust Him how? That God is in control of your life, and that nothing that you can do that He has asked you to do, could ever result in your harm, and it is just your carnal mind that is trying to provide for yourself in this world, that is unwilling or afraid to let go of what you have. The end of it is being brought to that place, in your heart, that you could give away anything, and I am not there. I am preaching it, and I am not there.


The end of it, where you could give away anything, could result in a level of prosperity in this world that you cannot even imagine. I tell the Lord all the time, if He came to me, and told me to give away this condominium, I do not think I would do it. I do not have the faith, to say, "Where am I going to live?"


Yet, there is a preacher going around and that is his testimony. He has already given away three houses, and gotten a better one each time. I am not up to that right now. The Lord knows what we are capable of. He does not ask us for more than we are capable of giving Him, emotionally and spiritually. I am not talking about money. He does not ask more of our human ability or inhuman ability in Christ to follow Him. He does not ask more of us spiritually, and emotionally, and mentally, than we are able to give Him.


If He wants us to follow Him, and He asks us to give of ourselves something that we are not capable of, we will never do it, and we could be discouraged, and that will be the end of our following Him. He knows what we are capable of, but you see, everything is relative. What does that mean? That means that if He is asking me to give five dollars, and He is asking you to give a hundred thousand dollars, it could be just as difficult for the person that He is asking to give five dollars as the person that He is asking to give a hundred thousand dollars. He is looking at our heart.


I do not know where that came from. I was talking about Ham. I honestly do not know where that came from, other than that I preach under the anointing. Still it is the truth. It is the truth of God's nature. I guess that was where I was coming from, Christ in you. He wants to build His nature in us.


He wants us to trust Him because love is trust. We could say, "I love you, Lord," but what is our definition of love? It is not a human emotion. It is not a human emotion. The love that God is talking about is not a human emotion. First, He instructs us with the information, and then He builds His nature in us. That is what is happening here. I am telling you outright I do not have that kind of faith. I hear stories of people that have that kind of faith.


I believe it was John Lake who went to Africa. He sold everything he had, and took his wife and ten kids on a boat to Africa. He did not have the money to pay the fee that you had to pay in those days to get off the boat. He did not have the money to get off the boat. I cannot do that. I could not do that now. I absolutely could not. Then someone on the boat gave him the money, so he and his wife and ten kids could get off the boat in Africa.


I probably have the wrong number of kids, but he had a lot of kids. They got off the boat in Africa and had no place to go. Some woman came along and said, "Are you the evangelist from America with ten kids?" There was another evangelist there with less kids than him, and said, "No, I only have nine kids." The woman said, "It is not you." She went down the line. "Are you the evangelist from America with ten kids?" John Lake said, "Yes, that is me." She said, "I have a house for you to live in. Come with me."


I do not have that kind of faith. Not me. You are not getting me to go to Africa without a dime in my pocket, not knowing anybody. That trial that John Lake went through is the same spiritual trial as somebody else that the Lord is asking him to do something that we might consider simple. It depends on the person.


This whole teaching came forth as a result of my response to Pastor Manning saying as he says it, "that the black kinky haired people are the new Israel of God." He says that they are being returned to their original state. and that they are going to be the landmark people of God, now that both the Jew and the Church has failed to manifest the nature of Christ to the world. I disagree with that. My position is that every race of humanity has failed, and it is no longer a nation.


The only human beings that will succeed in manifesting the nature, the mind, the thought process, the rationale of Christ to the world, are the people who have internalized Christ Jesus, because of the sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, and who have overthrown their own carnal mind.


I think I did not complete that point. Israel failed even though a high manifestation of Christ rose up in Israel. Israel failed, because they did not overthrow their carnal mind, and their carnal mind overthrew Christ in them.


The prophet tells us that Israel is like filthy rags. If you look at that in the Hebrew, the Scripture is saying that the filthy rags are rags covered with menstrual blood. The significance of that is that all human beings are spiritual eggs that have the potential to bring forth the Christ child, to bring forth Christ in the earth, from the form of the offspring of humanity and God. In the Old Testament it was Jehovah. Here it is the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Israel menstruated. They did not bring forth the child. They had the power. They had everything they needed. They had the glory of God. They had an imputed Christ, the Christ that was not permanently grafted to them. They had supernatural power, but they did not bring forth the baby. Why? Because they had two babies. They had twins in their spiritual womb.


That is a principle that goes through the Scripture. They had twins in their spiritual womb, the offspring of the Serpent and the offspring of Christ. Because the personality did not agree with the side of Christ to overthrow the offspring of the Serpent, the offspring of the Serpent succeeded in overthrowing the mind of Christ in the individual, and in Israel. The collective manifestation of Christ was aborted.


The filthy menstrual rags represent the blood of the spontaneous abortion of the Christ child in Israel.


The situation in the Church today is not the same. I am going to finish this up. The situation in the Church today is not the same as that in Israel. Israel brought forth a high level of the Christ child, but He was not grafted into them, because they would not give up their human mind, the pride of their mind.


The Christ has not come forth in the Church today. They have the Holy Spirit, but it is not a manifestation of the Christ child, the wisdom of God. The high level spiritual wisdom of God is not appearing in the Church today, at large. The Church has not even gotten there. They have not even gotten off the ground. That is another whole message. I am past my time. I do not want to go into that now. The tape is going to run out anyway.


Just to sum up again one more time. This whole exhortation is opposing and revealing, as error, Pastor Manning's teaching that the descendants of Ham, the black and kinky haired people, as he preaches, are the new representative of God to the peoples of the earth. The truth is the Lord is no longer manifesting Himself through a specific nation, but through individual people who have internalized Christ Jesus. Any questions or comments on this issue?


COMMENT: I do not understand that they are now the people of the light.


PASTOR VITALE: That is one of the things that Pastor Manning is saying, that they are the people of the light, the people that have the light. The only people that have the light are the people that have Christ Jesus. It does not matter what color your skin is. Anybody else? God bless you all.




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