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We have been listening to a message preached by Pastor Manning. He is now manifesting a spirit of antichrist and I think it is most unfortunate that this has happened to him. I am not picking on this man. The truth is that what is happening to him, and the words that he is saying, and what he is preaching is a perfect example of antichrist in someone who claims that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We have been listening to his message and analyzing it, which is a perfectly legitimate thing to do. At some point he will get this message. We have four other messages in which we respond to what he is saying. It is taking us a lot longer than I expected to get the books ready for him. Whenever I speak about somebody else, I send them a copy of what I said. I will get this to him eventually.

On Part 1, I mentioned the date of the message. It was preached on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006, by Pastor Manning and his website is www.atlah.org. Anyone who wants to go to his web site to download the message can do so, because we are not going to put the message on this tape.

This is Part 2 and we are going to continue to watch the message now and analyze it. Unless there any questions or comments concerning this issue, we are just going to turn on the tape. We are going to stop the tape when we get to a part that I think I should comment on, then we will turn the tape on again. Are there any questions or comments at this point?

Pastor Manning is saying that, according to the Book of Revelation, there will be twelve elders who will sit on thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel. His suggestion is that the black race, who were the original Israel (which I agree with), who came under the judgment of the Lord, are being restored, and that they are the twelve judges who will judge the Jews. That is the suggestion that he is making.

I direct you to the apostle Paul, who clearly said, that he who is a Jew according to the flesh is not a Jew. A Jew according to the flesh means that you have been born to physical descendants of Judah, and you are a male, and you were circumcised on the eighth day. Paul says that is not the true Jew. The true Jew is the one who is circumcised in their heart. All Jews are not Jews; those who are circumcised in their heart are the true Jews.

There are physical Jews who have been circumcised in their heart, and there are other people who are not born of physical Jewish parents who are circumcised in their heart. If you put all of these physical Jews together with the people who are not born of Jewish parents but who are circumcised in their heart, you have, as Paul tells us in the Book of Galatians, the Israel of God.

The Israel of God is the true Israel. Israel is a spiritual entity. The name Israel signifies the people who manifest the Christ, Christ Jesus, the true Christ, not the Christ consciousness. The people who manifest Christ Jesus to the world are the true Israel. We know who they are because they are circumcised in their heart.

What does it mean to be circumcised in your heart? Before you can understand that, you have to understand that our heart center or our heart is our mortal foundation. Our mortal foundation is Cain and Abel. Does everybody remember that our mortal foundation is Cain and Abel, collectively known as the fiery serpent? That is our mortal foundation.

PASTOR VITALE: Where is Abel today?

COMMENT: He is under the ground.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he is under the ground. How come he is under the ground? How come Cain is covering him? What did Cain do to Abel?

COMMENT: Cain killed Abel

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Cain killed Abel, and now Abel is buried under the ground. He is buried under Cain’s ground, because the two of them are together. Cain and Abel are a spiritual entity. Cain signifies the spiritual ground, and Abel signifies the breath of life, the spirit of the man that is formed from the ground.

The part of the creation with the breath of Jehovah is supposed to be ruling over the earth which has the consciousness of the Serpent, but because Cain killed Abel, the reverse is in effect, and the animal nature, the consciousness that comes from the earth is ruling over mankind.

What is spiritual circumcision? It is the circumcision or the cutting away of Cain, who is laying over Abel.

There is nothing new under the sun. We see this example in our human relationships. A lot of women do not like to hear this, but the truth of the matter is that if you are married, your husband is the legal head of the physical family. It is an office. Husband is an office.

Let us say you are a woman and your husband is not functioning; maybe he is a drunk or a drug addict, or he just likes to sleep all day, or whatever his problem is, he is not functioning. You are running the family, and you have been very valiant to run the family. After you have been running the family for twenty years and have been crying out to God to do something, at some point, Jesus Christ comes into your life.

When He comes into your life, He is going to pick that drunk up off the floor. He is going to get that lazy guy out of bed and He is going to send him to work. He is going to make him the head of the family because the family is a physical entity, and it is necessary that it functions, primarily, for the raising of children. I am not going to talk about any other reasons right now.

A lot of women that have been running the family very valiantly for twenty years, and praying to Jesus, get upset when the Lord moves on the family, and raises that drunk up and puts him over the woman. It is a real problem. It is an adjustment to make. That is the way it goes.

The truth of the matter is, if you are the woman, and you are running the family and the man is sleeping all day because he does not like to work, or for whatever reason, when the Lord stands him up, and gets him on his feet, cleans him up, dries him out, and he starts to want to take his place in the family, more often than not, the woman who has been running the show valiantly for twenty years, is not quite ready to step down.

Now we have a new problem in the family. That woman, if she is in submission to the Lord, has to be circumcised off of the man so that he can come into his rightful place in the natural. I am talking about the natural physical family now.

This is our example of what happened to Cain and what happened to Abel. Abel is down under Cain’s ground. The Lord Jesus Christ has come into a person, and joined with Abel to strengthen him, and Abel is standing up on his feet, and starting to function as the head of the spiritual man, but Cain is too strong.

This is so because Cain is strengthened by Leviathan and Satan and the Serpent. Cain is stronger than Abel, but Abel has to climb out from under that ground, and stand on top of Cain again, and that is the spiritual circumcision.

Cain lies over our heart, lies over Abel, our true spiritual being, like a veil. What does that veil do? That veil is standing between the regenerated Abel, whose new name is Christ, and the Glorified Jesus Christ.

Those of us that study the Bible know that when you have a spiritual change of position, your name changes. Abram became Abraham. Sarai became Sarah. Abel has a new name now that he is regenerated. He is Christ.

He has been kissed by the Prince, the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is now awakened, and wants to stand up, and be the man of the person, but Cain is not too happy about it, and determined that it will not happen. Cain is the veil between that regenerated Christ and the Glorified Jesus Christ.

The whole purpose of raising Christ from the dead in us is that we should have something within us that is capable of reconnecting to the Glorified Jesus Christ. We need to reconnect to the higher spiritual realms, which give us an unlimited, unending, unabated source of energy. We die because our body runs out of energy. We come into this world with a measure of energy, and we start to discharge that energy immediately.

It is this reconnection to the infinite spiritual realms that will return our immortality to us, but Cain lies between the regenerated Abel and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our connection to the immortal realms, as a veil over Abel, and blocks that reconnection. Cain has to be circumcised off.

The true circumcision is a spiritual circumcision. The Lord is telling us in the Scripture that the person who has Abel regenerated in them, is the person who is manifesting Christ, has overcome Cain, has overcome their carnal mind, and is now standing on their carnal mind.

When you are standing on your carnal mind, and you are thinking and living out of the Christ mind, you are a member of the Israel of God. It does not matter whether you were born of a physical Jew or what your physical parents were like. It does not matter if you are a physical woman or if you are a physical man. There is no male or female in Christ Jesus, no Jew or Greek.

If you have had this experience of spiritual circumcision, you are a member of the Israel of God. There are twelve spiritual tribes, but I am not going to get into that right now because that is not this message.

Pastor Manning is assuming that he and the people that he is teaching will be judging physical Israel. He is talking about physical Israel. One of the subtleties of his message is that he is saying the black people were the original Bible day Israel. I agree with him on that.

He says that they are being restored, and now they are going to put the physical Jew under them by judging them. I do not even know what he means by judge. To me, the scriptural understanding of judgment is that you distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind, and that the carnal mind gets put under Christ and righteousness in the situation prevails.

Judgment is a good thing. We see the psalmists crying out all the time, Judge us, Lord, that we will be delivered from our affliction. Judgment is a good thing. I do not get that perception, at all, that he is saying that judgment is a good thing. In this message I have not heard him clarify what he thinks that judgment will be.

I definitely perceive in his preaching a competition between the black people and the Jew. Now I do not believe he is anti-Semitic. I think he made it very clear that he is not anti-Semitic, but it is like a sibling rivalry for whether it is going to be the black people or the Jewish people who are going to be ascendant in the program of God.

COMMENT: I noticed that he said judgment so many times. I believe it was twelve times, representing the twelve tribes.

PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting. I had not realized that was why he was doing that. We will listen to the rest of the message. This is the third time I am listening to it and I have no recollection of him defining judgment. As I just said, I perceive it as a sibling rivalry.

It is true that the twelve tribes of Bible days went under judgment, and the Jews as we know them today, took their office. That is true. It is also true that the Jew of today went under judgment and the Church has taken their office. Today we have a spiritual judge.

In the Bible days, they had physical judges. We have a book of the Bible called The Book of Judges. Every time Israel got into trouble, the Lord raised up a judge. What does that mean? It means He raised up someone to fight for Israel, to throw off the yoke of their enemies.

Today we have a spiritual judge. His name is Christ Jesus. I have a whole message on that, Christ Jesus, The Judge Of Israel. It is Christ Jesus manifesting through a man who is the judge. He is a judge of righteousness. He is not a judge of condemnation. I think we explained that.

Are there any questions or comments? Let us go on then.

There it is right on the tape, I did not remember him saying that. He is saying that judgment will be a determination as to whether or not you can get into heaven. That is really heinous. (Laughter) I cannot even think of the word that I want to use to express the arrogance of it.

Remember now, Pastor Manning is not preaching Christ in you. He is saying that human men will be making judgments as to whether or not someone can get into heaven. This is basically very Catholic. It is just like they say a Catholic priest can forgive your sins. He will then tell you to say a couple of Hail Marys. I do not mean to mock people’s beliefs, but I do not believe that is of God. Only God can forgive sins, and only God in a man can forgive sins.

Judgment is not a judgment as to whether or not you qualify to get into heaven. Judgment is the judgment of your carnal mind, which weakens your carnal mind so that Christ can arise and be the savior in the midst of you.

There is a lot of arrogance on this message. I must admit I am getting offended, so I rebuke my own pride. Offense is just pride, you know. We are supposed to be dispassionate.

Did you hear what he just said on the tape? He said, the judgment seat of the twelve apostles. Who are we told is the judgment seat? Who does the judgment seat belong to in the Book of Revelation?

COMMENT: It is the Lamb, Christ Jesus. It is the judgment seat of the Lamb.

PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely. He just changed the Scripture. He made it the judgment seat of the twelve apostles. Who are the twelve apostles? If he is preaching to the whole black race, who is going to be the twelve apostles? I do not recall him designating the twelve apostles. This is just getting more and more interesting.

This antichrist spirit just completely messes up the Scripture. The foundation is pride. Of all of the messages that I heard him preach, the pride and the arrogance on this message is afflicting Christ in me. It is so serious for him to take the glory away from Christ Jesus, and give it to men. Of course, in his own estimation he is probably the head of the twelve apostles. I would just guess that he thinks he is going to appoint the twelve apostles, whoever he is going to make them.

It is horrible. It is an absolutely horrible message. This is not something to say like it is just words. It is not just words. First of all, he is cursing the Jews. What does the Scripture say about the Jew? They will be grafted back into their own tree. What does that mean? It means that originally the Jew came out of the tree of life, but those branches were broken off. They will be grafted back into their own tree. Oh, this is so ugly. Let us go on.

Who says Jesus is not sitting on His throne yet? What do you mean Jesus is not sitting on His throne yet? He is sitting on the throne of my heart, and He is sitting at the right hand of the Father. What is he talking about? If you do not know the Scripture, you are really going to get swept away with this flood. This is a spiritual flood.

The Lord told me quite a few years ago, what the flood is. I do not know what happened in the natural, and I am not getting into that today, but there is a spiritual flood. The spiritual flood is Satan’s spirit flooding over the heart center of believers, washing them away. I cannot get into the whole message, but it has been taught here that when Christ is regenerated in us, He ascends into our heart center, and stands on the dry ground of our heart center.

Do you remember that teaching here? When the heart center is under water, it is under Satan’s influence. For everybody that has had Christ regenerated in them, Christ ascends to their heart center and stands on dry ground. The significance of the dry ground is that you are eligible to form a union with the Lord Jesus, who is going to come down from the higher spiritual realms. That is the significance of being on dry ground.

This is the flood of Satan’s spirit. Some of you may recall the teachings that Satan’s spirit is the spiritual urine, and she is utterly polluting the heart center of any Christian that believes this. He has got people that believe this. People that have been serving Jesus for years are believing this, and the flood is coming and taking them away. That is what is happening here.

This Scripture says twelve elders. It does not say the twelve apostles, Peter, James, John, Matthew, etc. It is not talking about the apostles. It says twelve elders, and they are spiritual elders manifesting the government of Christ Jesus. It does not say apostles. It says elders.

The Scripture does not say anything about coming through the gates of Peter. As a matter of fact, we are going to put that scripture on the tape. This is the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20. I will start with verse 10.


Revelation 20:10 And the devil that deceived them (who is on our TV right now) was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. KJV


The devil, brethren, is our old man. The devil is the personality that agrees with the Carnal Mind. Our new man, Christ Jesus, is the personality that agrees with Christ Jesus. The devil, our old man, is going to be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. Our God is a consuming fire. That is the judgment that will cause the personality to let go of the old man, and convince him to join to or marry his new man.

The beast and the false prophet are in the lake of fire. The beast is our old nature. It is the beast nature. The false prophet is Abel, who is under the influence of Cain, and speaking the words of the Serpent. Abel is the prophet in us, and he is speaking the words of the Serpent, so he is a false prophet because he is under Cain’s ground, and completely taken over, like Patty Hearst was, if you remember her story.

The devil, the beast and the false prophet shall be tormented day and night in the lake of fire. The Greek word translated tormented means to be driven down under. That means the carnal mind, and the whole old man, which is the devil (the carnal mind and the personality together are the devil), are being driven down under Christ.

They are not being tormented with pitchforks forever, but it is painful to be driven down under Christ. The motive behind the driving is the deliverance and the salvation of the person. The motive is not eternal punishment forever and ever. God help us. Jesus!

Some of us here have been students of the Bible for a long time. The Greek word translated ever is the Greek word eon. It means age. This is going to happen for the rest of this age, from age to age. They will be driven down under Christ Jesus from age to age. That means from this age until the next age, which is the new age of Christ Jesus, the eternal age of Christ Jesus. The devil will be continuously forced down under Christ Jesus.

This will never happen to humanity again, that the devil or Satan or the Serpent will come out and overshadow Christ in us and cause us to die again. It will never happen, because from this age until the next age, Christ Jesus in us, who will be joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ, who is joined to Jehovah and the whole hierarchy of God above, will be strong enough to keep the negative aspects of the creation, our own negative potential, down under the authority of ChristJesus.

We see that the lake of fire is a good thing. This is the doctrine of eternal judgment. It is the eternal judgment of our negative parts, which are evil. Jehovah says through the prophet Isaiah, I created the evil. I have a purpose for the evil, but it was never my will that the evil one should perform evil deeds.

The evil one is the dark part of the negative, and we need this negative aspect to be visible. That dark aspect of our creation, from age to age, will be policed by the fire, the consuming fire of Christ Jesus, who will prevent our dark side from performing evil deeds.


Revelation 4:4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold. KJV

This Scripture says nothing about apostles. It says elders. Elders means mature spiritual men. Their white garments signify that they are clothed in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the gold crowns on their heads signify their high spiritual rank.

The significance of the words to sit, according to the Old Testament usage, is that these elders are married to the throne they are sitting on.

The throne signifies the heart, or the spiritual center, of the believer, the place where the Lord Jesus Christ descends to, to join with Christ in the believer. The union of these two elders, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ in the believer, is the Lamb of God, who sits in the midst of the throne (Rev. 7:17), which is the heart of the believer.

Revelation 20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was no place for them. KJV

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it…. It does not say anything about twelve apostles. It does not even say anything about twelve elders. It says, I saw the one who sat on it. It is Christ Jesus, brethren. ….from whose face (or whose personality) the earth and the heaven fled away.

Good and evil fled away from Him. Righteousness is higher than good and evil. There was found no more place for good and evil, because the problem with good is that it can always turn to its evil side. In Christ Jesus, we have the opportunity to ascend to a higher place, to a place of righteousness. There is no dark side to righteousness. In Christ Jesus, there is no shadow of turning, so we will never see evil or good again. Good has a hollow foot.


Revelation 20:12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. KJV

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand…. before who? Stand before the elders? Stand before the apostles? Stand before Peter? Stand before the keys? No, it is God. I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

According to their race? According to their nationality? According to their being Jews? It was according to their works. It is the sowing and reaping judgment. Who is being judged? The dead were being judged. Who are the dead? Who is dead? It is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment. Who is dead? Who died? Adam died and we are it.

The dead adam, you and me, and every other human being, will be judged. Judged for what? We would be judged to find out if Christ has been formed in us, because if Christ is not formed in us when we are judged, we will die from the second death.

What is the second death? The second death is when we die to this existence. That is the second death. The first death is when Adam died. Adam already died, and that means we are born dead. The second death is when we die to this existence.

We will be hurt by the second death if Christ Jesus is not formed in us. The dead are going to be judged with the line and plummet, to find out if Christ Jesus is formed in them to a sufficient degree to sustain their existence when Satan comes and says, it is time.

After eighty years, ninety years, a hundred years, whatever, on this earth, Satan can say, You blew it, and now I have a legal right to take your life. Will we cease to exist in this plane of consciousness or will we continue to exist because Christ Jesus will take over our life functions? That is the judgment.

That is the judgment, brethren, and God is the judge. It is not the elders. This is the white throne judgment. It is the dead who are being judged.

Matthew 19:27 Then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore? KJV


What is going to be our reward?


Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto you, that you which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon the twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. KJV


It is not the twelve apostles, but all of us who follow him in the regeneration. It is referring to those that follow him and are regenerated. What part of you is being regenerated? Abel is being regenerated. Abel is the root system of Adam. When Abel is regenerated, hopefully Adam will be rebuilt in us.

Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam. We, everyone who follows Him and is regenerated, are hoping for righteous Adam to be rebuilt in us. If you have the Holy Spirit alone, you are not regenerated. You have to follow Him and be regenerated.

….when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His glory…. What is the throne of His glory? It is the throne of our heart, when Christ Jesus sits on our heart center.

He says, when the son of man, when the son of Adam, when the last Adam is in you, when the regenerated Adam is in you…. Who is the last Adam? The Glorified Jesus Christ is the last Adam. When the son of Adam, Christ in you, sits on the throne….

Let me read it again. ….in the regeneration when the son of Adam, that is when Christ in you shall sit in the throne of His glory….

The throne is in our heart. Actually, it is the Lamb who sits on the throne, and the Lamb is the offspring of the union of the regenerated Christ in you, and the Glorified Jesus Christ. When they meet, the mediator, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, sits on the throne of your heart; He is the savior in the midst of you. He connects you to the eternal realm.

In the regeneration, when the son of Adam shall sit in the throne of His glory in your heart, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones. When the Lord Jesus Christ is sitting on your heart, and Christ in you is sitting on your heart, you too are going to be sitting there.

It is just what I said. When Christ in you ascends to the heart center, and joins with the Glorified Jesus Christ, the Glorified Jesus Christ is going to be sitting on the throne, and Christ in you is going to be sitting on the throne. Those two collectively are called Christ Jesus.

Jesus rounds it up. He says, Ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones. I do not know what it says in the Interlinear Text, but I am telling you it means Christ Jesus is going to be sitting on the collective throne of the innumerable members of the body of Christ.

Twelve is a rounded number. Twelve is the number of government, and this is talking about Christ Jesus in an uncountable number of human beings, manifesting the fullness of the government of God through the people who have followed Jesus, and been regenerated.

The number twelve is the government of God. Christ Jesus, in all of these people, will be judging the twelve tribes of Israel. We do not even know if that means the tribes of natural Israel or the spiritual Israel. I am going to say it means the spiritual Israel. We are going to be judging spiritual Israel, but you can say natural Israel, if you want.

Judgment has nothing to do with the keys to the kingdom or getting past the gates of Peter. It is the judgment of the carnal mind.

Remember what I just told you. The doctrine of eternal judgment means when Christ Jesus is formed in you, in this age and in the next age, He is going to be a consuming fire within you. He is the lake of fire within you that continuously consumes your old man, the devil (your personality which would agree with your carnal mind), and the false prophet which is Abel, when dominated by the Serpent’s family.

When Abel is regenerated in you, when Christ Jesus rises up and marries the Lord Jesus and sits on the throne of your heart, they will continuously burn, in a continual eternal flame, every potential in you for you to turn back to a manifestation of the devil. We were good and we became evil. We were good and we turned, and became evil, but there is no shadow of turning in Christ Jesus. We will not turn again. That is what this is all about.

The number twelve signifies the government of God. That means everybody that is manifesting this experience, everybody that has Christ Jesus sitting on the throne of their heart, will be a part of these twelve elders which are judging the tribe of Israel, keeping them, keeping us, in Christ. Did I make it clear?

That is the doctrine of eternal judgment. I just recently translated those few verses in the Book of Hebrews chapter 6, so unfortunately translated in the King James Translation.

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection: not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith towards God,


2 Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.


3 And this we will do, if God permits. KJV


It makes it sound like the doctrine of eternal judgment and laying on of hands, is the foundational doctrine, and that if the Lord lets, we will go on to perfection.

That is not true. I am going to have to get that translation out to you. When I looked at that scripture in the Greek, what it really says is that the foundational doctrine is repentance from dead works. Once we repent from dead works, then if the Lord permits, the scripture says, let us go on to study the doctrine of the laying on of hands, and the doctrine of eternal judgment.


Hebrews 6.01 Therefore, let us lay aside the principles of Satan, [the unconscious part of the carnal mind], and go on, rather, to the Doctrine of Christ, which [has the power to impart] the faith that is founded on God, the one who perfects [us] after we repent of dead works. AT

When you repent from dead works, then you get the mind of Christ. You cannot understand the doctrine of eternal judgment with your carnal mind. The Church today preaches the doctrine of eternal judgment with its carnal mind. They are out there either scaring the world half to death or driving them away.

The doctrine of eternal judgment is the eternal judgment of our negative aspect, so that it can never rise up again and cause us to die. That is the doctrine of eternal judgment.

The doctrine of laying on of hands is spiritual. Our hands are our mind. Our mind can grasp. If you are grasping what I am saying, if you understand what I am saying, your mind is grasping what I am saying. When we are spiritually developed, our mind can grasp something and bring it to us. We are going to have supernatural powers. Our mind is our spiritual hands.

The doctrine of the laying on of hands teaches us that Christ Jesus, in us, will be continuously laying upon Cain and our negative potential, keeping it under eternal judgment so that it will never rise up again. The message is positive, brethren.

This is a hard word and I do not mean anything personal, but I have to tell you the truth. The preachers that are preaching this kind of message (that eternal judgment is burning in hell for ever because you did not accept Jesus) are Satan’s preachers. That is not God’s message. I hope that they understand that and repent.

Everybody is confused because the Holy Spirit is present with the preachers that are preaching Satan’s message. It is confusion. It is antichrist. What is the Holy Spirit doing in the meetings of the preachers that are preaching Satan’s message? He is reconciling Christ, trying to call the people out, trying to reach them, and trying to point them to Christ.

It is very, very rare for me to be in a service where there is an anointing on the music and an anointing on the message. The anointing is on the music; the anointing is rarely on the message. It is very rare to have the anointing on the message because it is the wrong message, and it is not being preached out of Christ.

An attribute of antichrist is a mixture. This vision that Pastor Manning received is an accurate vision, but it is not the vision of the Protestant Church. It is a vision of the man-child that we read about, that is being born in Revelation 12. That is his condition. There is no meat on his bones. He is starving to death because the Church is not feeding on the Doctrine of Christ.

The man-child is there. That would mean that there are other believers in other parts of the world that have Christ conceived in them, but He is dying on the vine because He is not getting the food that He needs to survive.

We see that Pastor Manning received a true vision, but interpreted it with his carnal mind. What was the source of the vision? I do not know. Does he still hear from the Spirit of God? He might have received a true vision from the Spirit of God.

I just want to read you a scripture about the blood because he is claiming that the blood on the infant means that infant is covered with the blood, but I do not think it means that. This is Ezekiel, Chapter 16 Verses 8 and 9.

Ezekiel 16:8 Now when I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold thy time was the time of love; and I spread my skirt over you and covered your nakedness:


Yea, I swear unto you, and entered into a covenant with you, sayeth the Lord God, and you became mine. KJV


This is Jehovah talking to Israel.


16:9 Then I washed you with water, yea, I thoroughly washed away thy blood from thee, and I anointed thee with oil. KJV


The blood on this baby, I suggest to you is not good blood. It is the blood of birth. We have a lot of Christians that have Christ born in them, but they do not even know He is there. They do not recognize Him and they are not feeding Him.

Have you ever heard of a very young lady that had a baby and did not know what to do with it? She did not take care of it, and the baby died. This baby is going to die. There are many manifestations of Christ that have been born to the body of Christ. The mothers (physical men or physical women) do not even know they had a baby or if they do know they had a baby, they do not know how to feed it, and it is dying.

Who gave Pastor Manning this vision? I do not know. Maybe the Lord came to him in the hope of convicting him, saying, Look, this is the condition of the Church and you are not feeding the Church. It was just a vision. The interpretation was open to the one who saw the vision. He interpreted it with his carnal mind according to his own motives and his own purposes.

Maybe it was his spirit guide that gave him the vision. I do not know, but it was a true vision of the condition of Christ in the Church. I think the Lord just said to me that it was the Lord who gave him the vision. What the Lord was saying to him was, Son, you are not preaching Christ Jesus and you are killing Him.

Do you remember what I said at the beginning of this message? Antichrist is the spirit that denies that Christ is in the flesh. Antichrist is the spirit that denies Christ is in you, and Christ is in you, and Christ is in me. Antichrist can say, Jesus Christ is Lord, alleluia, Jesus Christ is Lord, but Christ Jesus is not in your flesh.

Christ Jesus, the savior in the midst of you, Christ Jesus the only mediator between God and man is valid. My father Ham is not a valid mediator. Peter is not a valid mediator. The only, only, only mediator that connects man to God is Christ Jesus and Pastor Manning denies His very existence.

It could be that the Lord came to him and showed him this vision, to tell him that he is killing His son. If there is no prophet to interpret the vision, it is wasted. Now I do not know what I am supposed to do. Should I get this message transcribed? If I call him up, he will not even talk to me. I really have to try and hear from the Lord as to what to do.
Maybe I have to send these messages out without them being edited. I do not know. I just pray that he talks to me and helps me. Whether or not Pastor Manning reads what I send him is not the issue. I have to do what I have to do. I just have not been able to work on editing those transcripts. I think I am going to have to send them just as they are. We will see after the meeting. Are there any questions or comments on this point? Let us go on then.

Pastor Manning says the Protestant Church is not the Church, and his implication is that the holy Roman Catholic Church is the Church. Can anybody tell us who the Church is? Who is the true Church?

COMMENT: The people who have Christ Jesus formed in them.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The Greek word in Strong’s Concordance #1577, is the ekklesia, the called out ones. We are the Church. It is not a building made with hands. That is what Peter said, it is not a building made with hands. It is not a denomination. It is not an institution of men. It is a spiritual Church made up of the bones or the spiritual body parts of the Son, the male offspring of the Glorified Jesus Christ.

Wherever we gather together is the Church. The only Church is the building that the Lord Jesus inhabits. What does the Lord Jesus inhabit? The praises of His people.

He does not inhabit a building. David was rebuked by the Lord through the prophet Nathan saying, who do you think you are that you are going to build a building for me? You will not build it. Your son will build it. Some people say that Solomon built the temple, but I say that the Lord Jesus Christ is building the temple without hands, the only temple big enough (if big is even an adequate word), to house the glory of God.

He does not fill a physical building. He fills the many members of the body of Christ. He lives in us. A lot of the teachers of the Church today teach that we are inheriting a mansion because Jesus said, In my Father’s house there are many mansions. That is a poor translation. The correct translation is, You are the many mansions that form my Father’s household.

We are the mansions that He lives in. He lives in us. That is the promise. He is going to walk in us and talk in us, and live through us. That is the promise. Christ in you is the hope of glory. It is not in a building made with hands. We are a holy temple. We are each a block or a brick or a stone in a holy temple of God. It is described in the Book of Ezekiel. The last temple is a spiritual temple made up of human beings. Are there any questions or comments?

This is a very hard one. Pastor Manning is now saying that a womb is just a vehicle that produces a child, and that it will receive any seed, but that the man can produce only one seed. It does not make any sense to me. This is very confusing. I am going to try and pull it apart.

First of all, a womb produces a child when the female seed is fertilized. He is completely ignoring the female seed. At the moment I do not know why he is doing that. I do not know if there is anything behind it or he just left it out. I am sure that there is something behind it, but I am not seeing it right now. He is denying the female seed.

To the best of my knowledge at this time, the female seed is the Holy Spirit. Maybe he is denying the Holy Spirit. I know he denies tongues. Then he goes on to say that the womb is indiscriminate and a man has only one seed. I am not sure who he is talking about here.

We know that a physical, human man has two seeds. Either it has the X or the Y chromosome. The female seed is always female. When a male seed with the X chromosome joins with the female seed, it produces a female. All the female eggs are X. When the man produces an X sperm, it joins with the X egg and a female is produced. When a male produces a Y chromosome, and mixes with the X female egg, a male is produced.

This is really confused. A human male has two seeds to start with. Talking about the spiritual male, the Lord Jesus Christ has only male seed. That is true, but there is a pseudo male in the world today. There is a spiritual female that is acting like a spiritual male, and her name is Leviathan.

Leviathan has a female seed, so for all intents and purposes as far as the Church is concerned today, there are two males trying to bring forth their offspring in the people of God. Leviathan has a female seed and the Lord Jesus has the male seed. Let us see where Pastor Manning takes it from here. This is really a very confusing aspect of what he is saying. He is very confused. Out of all the messages that I have been listening to, he is very confused in this particular message. Are there any comments?

COMMENTS: I really feel that what he is saying is that he is the male seed.

PASTOR VITALE: You are probably right. He is saying that he is the Christ of this age. He is the male seed, huh? Let us see if he clarifies this for us.

Now Pastor Manning is saying, if a woman has one child by Charlie and another child by Johnny, those children are not brothers because only the male seed makes you brothers. The womb does not make you brothers. Well, the womb is just the holding tank, but there is a female seed.

If the woman produces two female seeds, each of which is fertilized by a different male seed, the boys are brothers. We call them half brothers. I still do not know what the Serpent is getting at or where this spirit guide that is talking through him is getting at, but this is totally confusing.

This man is a very educated man. He has to know that this is not true. He has a master’s degree. He is very, very bright, and sharp in all areas, and well read. He has to know that this is not true. At the moment, this is beyond me. Maybe it will come to me as we continue to watch his TV program.

What he is doing is totally confusing the natural with the spiritual. He quoted a true scripture. Remember the definition of antichrist. Antichrist gives you some truth, and then totally messes you up. It is truth followed by a lie. It is true that Jesus said, the one who is my brother and my mother are the ones who do the will of my Father. However, that is not true in the natural.

I think you are probably right in what one of you said a few minutes ago. At some point, he is going to make his point that you have to be a disciple of his to be in the faith or something like that. Jesus said, for spiritual purposes, he who does the will of my Father is my mother and my brother. We do have brothers in the natural and there is a female seed. I still think that very subtlety, he is denying the Holy Spirit, which is the female seed. He is denying that there is a female seed. This does not make any sense. It is a very confused message.

Apparently, where he is going is that the only male seed is the holy Roman Catholic Church. That is where he is going. He just said that if you have a church that professes or claims to be the door and the power of God, it does not make sense that you would have two. Well, there are a lot of churches and religions that profess to be the door.

Hinduism professes to be the door. Buddhism professes to be the door. What makes the Catholic Church the only valid professor out of everyone that is professing to be the door? That does not make any sense at all. The fact that I go out and say I am the door does not mean that no one else should say that they are the door. It may be that I am not telling you the truth. May be it is not the truth that the Catholic Church is the door. It is just absolutely incredible what the man is saying.

There are two other things I want to address. I am going to have to roll it back again.

He was talking about people not being enlightened, that their mind cannot understand this, and yet, he denies the mind of Christ. He denies Christ in you, the enlightenment, our enlightenment, your enlightenment. Your potential to be enlightened is the mind of Christ formed in you.

He does not mention the mind of Christ. He is saying that if you are Catholic, your mind is enlightened. Who is it that witnesses the true Church to us? The Catholic Church is professing to be the true Church and the door. His own words trip him up, professing, professing, claiming to be.

Where do we get our proof? Where do we get our witness? How do we know which entity professing to be the door is the correct Church? How do we know? How do we know where we find the true Church?

COMMENT: I would say the witness in us.

PASTOR VITALE: Who is the witness in us?

COMMENT: Christ in us.

PASTOR VITALE: Christ in you, your hope of glorification. You have to have the anointing in you that says that is the place you should go, that is the true Church, that is the true message, that is the true anointing. Christ in you is your hope of glorification. Christ in you is your guide, your teacher, your parent.

Although you do not hear this preached very often, the Holy Spirit in you (actually it is Christ in you), is your nursemaid. Do you know the Greek word for Holy Spirit is paraclete? Paraclete means nursemaid or babysitter. We are all spiritual babies. The Holy Spirit is supposed to be pointing us into all truth.

Who is the Spirit of Truth? Christ Jesus is the Spirit of Truth. Christ in you, Christ in you, Christ in you. What is the man talking about? He got to me today. What is the man talking about with this professing Church? Because someone stands and dresses up, has a lot of money, power and people and says I am the Church, does that mean it is so? It makes no sense. I do not agree with you. What is he talking about?

Brethren, this man is a flood spewing out. I just thought of a scripture in the Book of Revelation that says the woman escaped and the Serpent ran after her. It is Revelation, Chapter 12 starting with verse 13.

Revelation12:13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man-child.


14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, which she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the face of the Serpent.


15 And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he
might cause her to be carried away of the flood. KJV


I believe that the Lord just told me that this is a manifestation of that scripture. I never really understood it. I had a general idea of what it meant, but I never understood that that flood coming out of the mouth of the Serpent was this kind of spiritual urine coming out of a man’s mouth, a man that is claiming that Jesus Christ is Lord.

This is specifically directed towards the spiritual women, which could be a physical man or a physical woman, and in particular black people that may be drawn to him, because they have suffered persecution for so many generations, and feel that this man is a leader of the black people.

This is the flood. This is Noah’s flood. This is so interesting. I just love it when the Lord does this, when He teaches us by revelation something that I never even knew myself.

I told you earlier in this message that the spiritual reality of the flood is the rising up of Satan’s waters in the individual, covering the heart center, flooding the heart center, therefore making it impossible for the Glorified Jesus Christ to join with the Christ in you, which union produces Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. It is the Christ child that will save you in child bearing when it is born in you.

Therefore this flood is very serious because it is wiping out our hope of the mediator coming to reside in us. This flood came out of the Serpent’s mouth. I never saw it as this kind of preaching before. It is spiritual filth. It is a spirit guide that is operating and the Lord tells me it is more than one. It is a community of unclean spirits operating through this man, specifically focusing on the black community, to destroy what God has done in them, to destroy God’s intentions to raise them up again.

That is the Serpent, and the flood came out as the woman tried to escape. The black people that are being seduced by him are a manifestation of the woman, the spiritual woman. All of humanity is the spiritual woman but this is a particular local group, the black community of the spiritual woman. Even here it says the woman had the baby. This woman had the baby. There are black people that have produced Christ. Christ is in them. The Serpent is chasing after her with this man.

At some point we have got to understand that every spiritual thing that we read about or know about manifests through a human being. Every good thing that Christ would do for us manifests through a human being, and every evil thing that the Serpent would do manifests through a human being.

I remember the first time that I met a really evil man. He was in this ministry for a season. His witchcraft was very high. I was very confused. It was an incredible lesson for me. I was confused for quite a while. The Lord asked me, Do you believe that Christ Jesus could be in a man? Do you believe that you can ascend into spiritual power when Christ Jesus arises in you? I said, Yes.

He said, Do you believe there is a body of Christ, the collective spiritual unity of which everyone of us is a part? I said, Yes. He said, The Serpent has a body, and just as Christ Jesus is appearing in human beings, and growing and learning, and increasing in spiritual power in all wisdom and knowledge, there are human beings who are not bearing the Christ child. They are bearing the Serpent’s child and they are ascending in spiritual power.

We need to know that. We need to know this because we have an enemy. If you are a Christian, you have an enemy. Well, if you are a human being, you have an enemy, but if you are manifesting Christ, Satan wants you out. She wants to knock you out before you come into your power. She wants to knock you out when you are still young.
Wow! There is a whole emotional reaction in my heart center that I know I have heard from the Lord, and that what this man is doing is the fulfillment of this scripture.

I do not know if I made it clear. This is the Serpent’s waters that have come out of his mouth, and they are chasing after the black community that have already birth the Christ, which, he prophesied himself, is starving to death. Even more than that, this is a manifestation of Noah’s flood.

Noah’s flood is coming in all over Christendom in different ways for different people. Satan is pouring in through all different corners and cracks in whichever way she can get to anybody. There is only one way we are going to survive this.

I do a lot of studies that I do not write up because I just do not have time. I had done a study on Noah and the flood in the interlinear text. I was just reading through the interlinear text, and the revelation that I got, or at least stuck with me, was that the flood waters kept coming in higher and higher, but the ark always stayed on top of the waters. As the waters ascended, the ark ascended too.

The Lord told me a couple of years ago that Christ Jesus is the ark. I have known this for quite awhile. Our spirit, our consciousness, has to get inside of Christ Jesus to be protected. We get into Him by agreeing with Him, agreeing with His message, agreeing with His thoughts, and agreeing with the Doctrine of Christ.

You cannot agree with Him unless you have knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ. We get inside of Him by pursuing Him in studying, and learning and agreeing with Him. Today, He tells me that Satan’s waters are flooding in all over the whole Christian world. The only way we are going to stay on top of those waters is to continue to pursue Him through the Doctrine of Christ.

As Satan’s floods come in, and we continue to pursue Christ Jesus through the Doctrine of Christ, we ascend, and that ascension is our consciousness rising and rising and rising until ultimately it comes into the center between the eyebrows, which is the supernatural place. I do not think many of us are there.

For a long time I thought that my consciousness was in my throat center because of all this revelation that I have, but today I know that it is not true. I am still in my heart center or, at least, I am somewhere between my heart center and my throat center, because when your consciousness is in your throat center then you have the power to call into existence the things that do not yet exist. We do not have that here yet.

As Satan’s floods come in, and we continue to pursue His Word and His Spirit, and, of course, Him, we will always ascend because Christ Jesus is our ark. The scripture that I have heard for years, but never understood was, When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard. Are you familiar with that scripture?

Isaiah 59:19b When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. KJV


I never knew what it meant. This is the message for today. I think we had it on the exhortation, which is probably not a part of this message. When someone comes against us, when Satan’s venom comes against us, and the flood comes out of the Serpent’s mouth (even if those people do not know they are harming us, harm is still the reality when the Serpent comes against us), the Lord raises up a standard against them.

The standard that the Lord raises up is His Spirit. He does not attack back. He pours out His Spirit and then the two spirits strive. He pours out His Spirit, He pours out revelation, He pours out truth, and He manifests His Spirit. His Spirit, which is in a higher plane, covers over the evil that is coming out of the person, whether they know they are doing evil or not. That is the standard that He raises up.

The enemy coming in like a flood is this mental and sometimes verbal poison that comes out towards people that are manifesting Christ Jesus. We have a spirit of revelation flowing today. This is very exciting. Does anybody have any questions or comments on this? Let us go on and try this again.

Pastor Manning just had a very passionate outburst about there being only one God. He says that it does not make any sense having different gods for different areas of our lives. The reality is that there are many gods. Jehovah clearly said that He is the greatest of all the gods.

It is a reality that there are lesser gods in this divided creation. God is a unity in the highest realm of the Spirit, but as we descend into the lower worlds, the creation is divided, and it is the mind of man, fallen adam, that has created all of these gods. Pastor Manning is right about it being irrational that there should be so many gods, but there are. We do not want to deny the truth. There are many gods. People worship many gods.

It is irrational and it is wrong, but who is determining who the one true God is, and what is his proof that the one true God is in the Catholic Church? What is his proof? His proof is that he misunderstood a scripture that makes him think that Peter received the keys to the kingdom. That is not proof. That is his intellectual understanding of the Scripture.

What is the only proof? What did Jesus say to the Pharisees? What is the proof? Jesus said to the Pharisees in Luke 11:20, But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.

What is the proof? The proof is healing and deliverance of the people. Healing and deliverance of the people, the feeding of the poor and the hungry, is the proof. What proof does the Catholic Church have? The reality is that the peoples of the country that are basically Catholic are the poorest, most uneducated, and most oppressed peoples of the world.

Does anybody not know that? That is true. The Catholic Church does not promote healing and deliverance, and the education and liberty of the people. It does not. For centuries the people were forbidden to read the Bible. It is only in modern days that they were allowed to read the Bible.

What is Pastor Manning talking about? If you try to make logical sense out of it, you will hurt your mind because it is antichrist, and antichrist is confusion. What he is saying is true, talking philosophically, using the rational mind. He has a very rational mind, but it is a rational manifestation of the carnal mind. It is not the mind of Christ. It is not the rationale of the mind of Christ.

It does not make sense to him that we should have all this division between the Pentecostals, and the Baptists, and the Mormons. My Bible says where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty. Let me clarify that. Every church has error in their doctrine including this one. I just do not know what it is right now.

Every church has error in their doctrine because wherever the carnal mind is present, there has to be some error. At least in the Protestant Church there is movement, there is change, and there is growth. There is movement and manifestations of the Spirit. It is the Spirit of the Lord striving with the mind of man in the Protestant Church trying to help us to get it right.

The Catholic Church is rigid. It is set, unchanging, and it is ruled by man, and there is no room for the Spirit of God in it. There is no room for the Spirit of God in Pastor Manning’s teachings. He leaves no room for the Spirit of God either in the people or in himself.

I do want to do a drawing for you, showing how God is a unity at the highest place. This is drawing #1. I am trying to show you that at the top, this is a high spiritual place, where God is a unity. God steps down because His purpose is to produce or bring into existence a visible creation. He steps down. I do not want to get into explaining that too much. Let me just leave it at that.

Each level that He steps down becomes less and less unified. Just below God is a spiritual world with the unformed creation. Underneath that is the level at which Adam was created. He was the only man at the time. The next level down is the astral plane where there are many demons. Below that is this world. This world is the Serpent’s divided world. We are divided down here.

Those of us who are joined in mind to the Lord Jesus Christ are in heavenly places with Him. That is what the Scripture says. We are with Him in heavenly places. That means if we are in unity of mind with Him, our mind is in the highest place even though our body might be down here.

The Scripture says that Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time. This is what the Scripture is talking about, and it is true of us, if our mind is in union with Him. Our mind is in heaven, a high spiritual place, and our physical body is down here in hell. There is more I could say, but that is not this message.

We see that Pastor Manning has a truth, that God has a unity, and it makes absolutely no sense to have more than one Church or to have a Church that is all divided and fighting with itself. It makes no sense at all. Where is the error? Where is Pastor Manning’s error?

His error is that he does not recognize that everything that God does or has, has a negative counterpart. There is a unity in God, but there is also a unity in the Serpent. The Catholic Church is not a manifestation of the unity in God. Pastor Manning is saying this single physical Church is the unity of God, but it is not.

The unity of God is spiritual. The spiritual mind of Christ is in the spiritual body of Christ. The unity of God is not manifested in an institution. Even when the whole world is under the law of the Lord Jesus Christ, the spiritual law of God, we still will not be clumped together. We are going to be individuals, and the Spirit of Christ will be flowing through each of us.

The Spirit of Christ will be expressed through each of us in a different way because each of us is an individual,. Each of these expressions will flow together. We will be like musicians in a very large orchestra. We will be making one song. When the Spirit of Christ is flowing through everybody, we can each be individual manifestations, but we will flow together like one orchestra.

The unity is in the Spirit, not in the flesh. Right now, in this meeting, we are all in unison in our mind. There is not one mind that is flowing against me (I could tell if it was), but we are separate physical people.

I am commenting on two points in response to what Pastor Manning has said here. The unity is not in the flesh. The unity is in the spirit. My second comment is that it is really important to recognize that there is two of everything. There is what God is doing and there is Satan’s counterpart. There is a unity in Christ Jesus, and there is a unity in the Serpent.

Did I make it clear that I am disagreeing with Pastor Manning on two points? First, the unity of God is spiritual, and is not in the form of an institution. Secondarily, there is a counterfeit of God’s unity.

This message is confusion from A to Z. This is one of the things we do in this ministry. We pick confusion apart. It is really a great privilege. We have been doing it for a few years on and off. It is a great privilege to be able to cut through antichrist and identify and expose it so people can think about it. Praise the Lord. Let us go on.

We have heard the tape through the end. I have a few closing comments. Pastor Manning is taking the position that the holy Roman Catholic Church is the first Church, and wonders why there should be a second Church. He did not say those words, but that is the impression that I get. I just want to remind everybody listening to or reading these messages, that the holy Roman Catholic Church was not the beginning of the Church.

The initial Church began with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the foundation of the Church. It is not Peter. The Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Church, and the Church existed, and was led by the apostles for a season. The holy Roman Catholic Church came in with Constantine quite some years later. If you want to talk from that point of view, the original Church was by the followers of the Lord Jesus. It certainly was not the Catholic Church.

Secondarily, he closed this message with a scathing attack upon homosexuality in the Church. That scathing condemnation really went right through me. All that I can tell you is that condemnation is not of God.

What I believe he is doing is that he is setting himself up, without saying the words, as the head over the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, and the head over the Protestant Church.

The one issue that he pushed was who is right and who is wrong. If the Baptists are right or wrong, what about the Jehovah Witnesses, etc? He is saying they are all wrong, and he is right. They are all wrong, but that does not mean that the Catholic Church is right. The bottom line is that Christ Jesus is the head of the Church. We have a spiritual head of the Church.

I do not really know what it means, but he is only preaching twice a week. On his two messages, Monday and Tuesday of this week, he completely got off the spiritual bandwagon, and preached a political message. I do not know what that means at this point, but he went from something like this to a political position.

His political position is very interesting. I think that he probably knows what he is talking about. He said that Harlem is now become a very valuable piece of property, and it is being sold out to the developers just like the witch doctors sold the black people in Africa into slavery. He is probably right from what I heard.

Again, this is antichrist. We go from the most confusing spiritual message I have heard him preach yet, to politics. He dropped his corrupted seed in the minds of the people, and then he ran. For a while now, he is not doing anything spiritual. He is now the hero of the black people in Harlem. He is helping them fight for their land. He is preaching in a manner that he is fighting for their land, and for their rights.

This message dropped a load of corrupted seed upon whoever is listening to it. What is coming to me now is that this was the culmination of everything that he preached up to that point. It is almost like in the sex act, it builds up and it builds up and then there is an explosion. This was an absolute explosion of seed that went forth to the spirits of the people that were listening to him.

The second thing the Lord told me is very important, and this is the first time I ever heard Him say this. This man has a very good knowledge of the Scripture. His testimony is that when he was in jail, he would write a chapter every day. Writing it down is a really good way to get the Word into you.

Transcribing these messages is a very good thing for the people who transcribe here. The message gets right down deep into your spirit, much deeper than when you just read it.

He has a very good knowledge of the letter of the Word. This is what the Lord said to me. This knowledge of the Scripture (not the Bible), the knowledge of the written King James Translation and its sisters, is like learning to read in school. It is like children going to school and learning their letters.

Once you learn your letters, you have to put your letters together to form words. Then you put words together to form sentences.

He told me that knowledge of the letter of the Word is just like learning to read or write. It is just the beginning. However, you have to learn your vocabulary as you go to school.

My grandchildren are in school. I see their homework. They get ten vocabulary words every week. You have to learn how to put the letters together properly. You have to learn how to form sentences properly.

I am having trouble getting this out, but what I am trying to say to you is that this excellent knowledge of the surface of the Word is preschool or first or second grade. It is what you do with the letters that count.

A child that is not trained under a teacher could make up its own words, and put letters together that mean absolutely nothing. They could form words that mean absolutely nothing, and then form sentences that mean absolutely nothing.

This Bible is designed to equip us to attain knowledge of God’s message to us. It is His Word. He has something He wants to say to us. What He wants to say to us is the whole Doctrine of Christ.

The people that have an accomplished knowledge of the letter of the Word have just learned their letters. If the Spirit of Revelation is not putting the words together in sentences, they are just children making up words and sentences that are just gibberish. That is so interesting.

A long time ago the Lord told me when the carnal mind talks to God it is just noise. It makes no sense. He does not even hear it. It is just noise. He now put this to me in a different way that is very interesting.

Somebody that has an intense knowledge of the surface letter of the Word, and is putting these letters together into words and sentences, but is not under a teacher, and is not doing it by the Spirit of Revelation or under a teacher that has the Spirit of Revelation, such a person is just writing and talking gibberish. It is confusion, just pure confusion.

The most incredible part of the whole thing, though, is that the man has a church, and a following, and money, and he is on TV twice a week. That is the unfortunate part of the whole thing. This is one of the areas that sometimes I come very close to stumbling over (but I do not), because I say, Lord, it just does not seem right.

There are all these Christians out there, and here is this man. This man is the most charismatic preacher I know. He is passionate. He is powerful. He is incredible. His charisma is incredible, except that he is the Serpent’s servant.

I say, Lord, how does some little person trying to find God survive this? The answer is always the same, and it is hard for me, but I must remember that God is always righteous. The answer is always the same, Anybody, anyone, who truly seeks the Lord Jesus, will be led into all truth.

The people who serve their pride, the people who are being fed by this message because it builds their confidence or heals some wounds that they have received as black people, they will fall prey to this. Whoever is amongst the virgin company, the ten virgins who follow the Lord anywhere, they will be led into all truth.

If you love the Lord Jesus more than you love your pride, you will find Him. He said, Whoever seeks me will find me. If you find a message or a preacher or a teacher, and it is not Him, it is because you were not really seeking Him. That is a hard word. It hurts me every time I think about it.

What else does the Scripture say? It says heresies must abound. They must come and they must be plentiful. They must be bountiful. Heresies must abound. Why? What is the rest of the scripture? That those who are approved of God will be revealed.


1 Corinthians 11:19 for there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you. KJV


The Lord teaches us with contrast. How are those who are approved of God being revealed? Pastor Manning said what he has to say, and I say what I have to say, and let every man that names the name of Jesus decide who has the true word. It is as simple as that.

I would like to pray for the people that are falling prey to him.



Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray, Lord, for these people, Lord. We pray that they should seek the one and true God. We pray that they should seek you, that they might find you. We just pray that you help them, Lord, and that you should be glorified in this situation. You said you would separate the sheep from the goats, that you would separate those who truly desire you, and those who desire the loaves and the fishes, those who desire to be fed, to be healed.

Is there anything wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with following Jesus just because you want to be fed or healed, but if you are getting messed up with this kind of stuff, it is not going to carry you through. Seek the Savior. That is the word I have for the whole Church and the world.

Seek the Savior, not for what He can do for you or give you, but seek Him because He is God. He is righteous, and He has the answer to everything, and because He loves you. If you do not love Him, if you follow Him, eventually you will love Him. Seek Him for Himself, and not for what He can do for you, and you shall be saved.

I just ask for mercy in this situation for everybody concerned, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

COMMENT: I was just thinking about the female prayer warrior in his church who did not want to go to Rome, that the anointing would fall upon her, that she is trapped because her family is in the church, and that she is really in bondage, and crying out to the Lord.

PASTOR VITALE: Really, you got that much out of what he said? Praise the Lord.

09/24/08 Jo Reformatted

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