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             The Lord has told us that a spirit of the Greek god Atlas (one of the Titans) is attempting to incarnate in Pastor Manning, and that this spirit of Atlas is the true source of the name Atlah. 

            Pastor Manning has a community of spirit guides which are the family of the Greek god, Atlas.  To prove what I have said, the Lord has given us some information on the Titans which I think we have set forth in Part 1. Also, we are doing an Alternate Translation in Genesis 4:17-24, to show what happened to Cain after he fell into disrepute with the Lord and was put out of the Garden of Eden. 

            We see that Cain’s line of descendants is described in Genesis 4, in particular, Verses 17-24, and I hope to show you a parallel between the descendants of Cain and the Greek Titans, of which Atlas is one. 

            Please bear with me, because if I feel in the spirit that someone is not following me, I can repeat myself two, three, or even four times.  This is a difficult concept. 

            Pastor Manning heard a word in the spirit, Atlah, and he was told that the letters of that word stood for, all the land anointed holy.  He was told, and he believed that God gave him that word, that it was to be the name of the renewed geographical area, known as Harlem, and that the Lord was going to renew that area.

            He was going to build up the black population in that area, deliver them from the curse that is on the black people and make them outstanding, productive, prosperous, citizens of Atlah, of the state of New York, and of the country, United States of America. That sounded good to me. 

            It sounded right, I had no problem with it until about three years ago.  This community of spirit guides started appear in Pastor Manning, and at this point he has expanded a concept of Atlah to a concept of world dominion, and he is setting himself up as the Christ of this age.  He has exalted himself in word about the pope and is exalting himself above the rulers of the nation.

            It is true that when God raises up a man to the stature that Pastor Manning is claiming, when God raises that man up, He does have authority, the secular authority of the world.  That is why the kings of Europe always answer to the Lord, the Protestants, the kings and queens of the Protestant nations answer to the Lord Jesus, and the kings and queens of the Catholic nations answer to Mary.

            As far as I know, I believe she is the head of the Catholic Church. We see that Pastor Manning has gone way beyond the initial introduction of his concept of Atlah.  The Lord told me, initially, that he was being possessed by a spirit guide, and then the Lord told me that there was a community of spirit guides possessing him. 

            Then, the Lord clarified that even further by showing me that the ten Biblical characters who are analogous to the Greek Titans are the community that is incarnating in Pastor Manning.  What is the reason for it?  The reason for this is that Cain’s line died out. 

            We established in Part 2 of this message that it was Cain’s line that had devolved, not evolved, but devolved from a high place to a lower place and appeared in the earth as what we know to be the cavemen.

            This is why the scientists have not been able to find the missing link between the cavemen, the bones of which they have discovered, and modern homo sapiens. The scientific opinion that I have heard is that the missing  link between man and animals either is the orangutan or the chimpanzee. 

            The scientists have not been able to establish how we got here today from either caveman or primate roots. The chimpanzee  may be  the physically closest animal to humanity.

            The chimpanzee does not have the mental or the spiritual capacity that mankind (which is homo sapien) has and, basically, the difference between animals and homo sapiens  is that mankind has a spirit.  On the other hand, both animals and homo sapiens have a soul.  The bodies and emotions of mankind are similar to that of the chimpanzee; but what man has that animals do not have is spirit.

            The spirit that is in mankind comes from the breath of Jehovah and it is that spirit that gives us the ability to reason, communicate verbally, and, in particular, to communicate with God. The ability to communicate with other human beings in a positive way intensifies as we get closer and closer to God.

            Humanity, out of all of the mammals on the planet, is the place that the Living God enters into when He appears into this world.  Animals can be a doorway for spiritual life, but mankind is the only legal doorway, and the only doorway that the Lord enters through.

            Of course, someone is going to call me on this and say, Well, the Lord spoke through a donkey when He spoke through Balaam. I am not going to get into that right now, because that is another message and, in any event, the Scripture is a parable and, Scripturally speaking, mankind is a wild jackass. 

            That is what the Scripture says we are, a wild jackass.  We are stubborn, and sometimes we are unteachable, and sometimes in order to save our lives, the Lord has to drag us where He wants us, because we just will not go. 

            This is an extremely unusual and difficult. . . . personally, I am just very excited at the translation that is coming forth concerning Cain’s descendants, and what is really interesting to me is the Lord is running a parallel message in the Christ Centered Kabbalah meetings. 

            This is very deep for Living Epistles meetings, but we are going to go forward with it. I cannot even wait to see what the Lord is going to bring out of this, because in the CCK meetings we are going to go on with the Scriptures leading up to the flood and Noah, who Noah was, and what he was. It is just very exciting to see what the Lord is doing.

            He is even paralleling the message in Living Epistles to CCK.  We will see what comes out of it, and we are going to go on today with Genesis 4, and we will do as many as we can.  We have an hour and a half, we will do as many verses as we can.

            This is a pretty difficult translation, so if I am losing anybody, I really suggest that either you say something to the Lord, or just raise your hand and do not talk, because when you talk, it breaks the spirit on me.  When I see your hands, I will be glad to go over it as many times as necessary, because it is a very difficult translation.  The spiritual principles are very deep. 

            Basically what we are talking about here is incarnation, we are talking about incarnation. Initially, both Cain and, we know that Abel died, and Seth was the reincarnation of Abel, so both were the lines of Cain and Seth.  We are all here, we are descendants of Seth. 

            With regard to both lines, the initial incarnation was not a physical incarnation. The initial incarnation or formation of the consciousness. . . . what does the initial incarnation mean?   I am talking about the formation of the consciousness.  The initial formation of the consciousness.  Consciousness existed before a house for that consciousness came into existence. 

            The Scripture clearly states that we are the temple of the Holy Ghost, we are the household of God.  We, the personality and the physical body that is the expression of the personality, is the house for the Living God.  Does Jesus not live inside of us?  Does the Holy Ghost not live inside of us?  Does the mind of Christ not live inside of us, or whatever manifestation of Christ we have? 

            If you are listening to this message, you have to have something of God or you would never be sitting here.

            We are the house that, that spirit lives in.  We are told in the Book of Thessalonians, that there is a man of sin who sits in the temple of God calling himself God.  That is our carnal mind sitting in this temple saying, I am God, ignore that other thought (that is Christ), Listen to me, your carnal mind.

            We are the house, and spiritual life can dwell in us.  This is what is happening to Pastor Manning.  He has both.  The man had an apostolic anointing, he has a manifestation of Christ, and he is also possessed with a household of Cain, and the two camps are fighting for who will possess the person.  The body of the person of Pastor Manning, who will he serve?  Will he serve the Lord Jesus, or will he serve the Cainites or the Canaanites who are inhabiting him and possessing him in his mind? 

            He thinks he is serving God.  He is deceived as the woman was deceived in the garden.  He has been seduced, or, as the woman that we read about in the Song Of Solomon opened to the door to the wrong man, He has opened the door to the wrong spiritual male.  He thinks that he is sleeping with the Lord Jesus but he is not, he is sleeping with the Serpent.

            We are talking about incarnation. Principle #1, the initial incarnation, whether it be of Cain, or whether it be of Seth, was a very thin, probably still invisible, a very hard to see, a very basic sketchy image.  There was not a physical image like this, and I am not really even sure the initial incarnation. . . . actually, I do believe the initial incarnation was in the form of dust, and in the form of unformed dust.

            We are told that Jehovah formed the man from the dust, so the man was a. . . . the consciousness was already a man while it was still unformed dust, and Jehovah formed the man from the dust of the ground. 

            The consciousness was in the dust before it was formed into a man.  This is consciousness raising time, brethren.  We are spirit, we are consciousness, we are mind, we are who we think, and how we think, that is who we are.  How we feel is not who we are, because the animals feel.  Our emotions are animal emotions.  That is not who we are, that is our other identity, that is the identity which is part of the house that is given to us for this season. We are spirit, we are rational thought, we are the counterpart in this world of God. 

            We are supposed to be reflecting the mind and rational of God in this world.  Consciousness, invisible consciousness came into existence before it was imbued into the dust.  Consciousness was joined to the dust before the dust was formed, and then this incarnation, this creation, the creation is a creature, this creature. . . . is that an insult to call us a creature?  No, because the creation of God really has no identifying name.

            It is the creature with the imagination that Almighty God imagined.  We are not pure spirit, and we are not pure soul, and we are not pure flesh, but we are a mixture of spirit and soul.  We are a mixture of spirit and soul. According to the blue print of God, the spirit is ruling over the soul, but according to the blue print of the Serpent, the animal nature is prevailing over the spiritual nature, and that is our condition.  That is the condition of fallen humanity.

            Brethren, if it were true that our spiritual nature was Christ, and that Christ was prevailing over our animal nature, we would not age, we would not get sick, we would not die, we would not have to labor.  We would be serving God with our mind and our spirit, twenty-four hours a day.

            We are formed in the image of the animal called the Serpent.  That has to be reversed and is in the process of being reversed.  That is what salvation is all about. It is the reversal of our formation as an animal.  We need to be broken apart from the domination of the Serpent’s household, and our dust needs to be reformed into the glorious image of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That is what salvation is all about.

            We are not really being saved from this world. Well, yes and no. The only reason we are being saved from this world is that we are bound to this world, and we are bound to this world, because our dust is malformed.  As soon as our consciousness is converted to the consciousness of the Lord Jesus, we will immediately be free from this world.  The only reason we are bound here is because it is a part of us. 

            We cannot escape from this world, because our mind holds us here.  We do not hate it enough to want to escape from it, and the promise of the Lord is a promise largely of gratification and pleasure that is not of the flesh, That is hard for us to comprehend, that there could be a gratification and a pleasure of spirit that could not only be equal to but could far exceed the pleasures of the flesh. 

            It is hard to comprehend what you have never experienced.  It is just words. Do we believe the words, or do we not believe the words?  No, a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush. I know what it is like, the pleasures of the flesh, I know what they are like. 

            I do not know what this pleasure of the mind is, and I am not letting go of what I have got, because the life without pleasure is painful so I will cleave to what I know about.  That is just the human mind, that is the human mind.

            In these first verses, we are talking about the initial incarnation of Cain.  When the Scripture says that Jehovah put him out of the Garden, it means that Cain started to descend, and, as I have taught you in the previous parts of this series of messages, there are multiple levels of consciousness that can be called worlds

            Cain started to descend into the various planes of consciousness.  This is the same thing that happened to Adam when the Scripture says, And God put Adam into a deep sleep.  Adam began to die.  Sleep means to slow down. Adam’s vibrations slowed down.  We die when we slow down completely and do not  engage in any physical activity.  We become inanimate, and die to this world.  In the same manner, Adam departed from the spiritual and mental activity of the Mind of God, and died to the spiritual plane where the Garden of Eden exists. 

            To slow down is a sign of death.  People lose their energy and slow down when they begin to die.  I am sorry to say, but when you get on in years, and you start to slow down, you have begun to die. Actually, we begin to die as an infant, as soon as we come out of the womb. 

            The verses that we are going to look at now speak about the incarnation of the line of Cain. Cain and Seth had parallel incarnations. The descendants of Seth were given authority over the line of Cain, who had the spiritual wisdom and power of the other side

            Cain was a very high-level sorcerer in his early forms of incarnation.  Lamech, the third generation of Cain, is the first generation that Cain’s descendants appeared in the flesh. This means that Cain descended pretty fast after the flood.  The descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, appeared in the flesh in the fifth generation. 

            If I am not mistaken, I think Lamech is the third, and I could be wrong about that.  Let us just go on with this. Genesis 4:17, King James Translation:

Genesis 4:17, And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bear Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son, Enoch. (KJV)

            Remember, this is a parable.  How do you put down in words what I just explained to you?  That incarnation is a series of devolving spirit.  Man does not evolve, man devolved.  Cain was very high up there with Jehovah, he was put out of the Garden, and he started to devolve.  He started to descend, to come down lower and lower, and the more he devolved, the more he descended, the more physical and material he became.             

            This is a parable.  How could you put in words what I just said?  You could transcribe this message, and put it in words, but who is going to understand it?  The average person cannot understand it, the average Christian cannot understand it.  The Lord is reaching to people of all types of intellect, all ages. The Bible is in a form that you can read Bible stories to a very young child, and when you get to this level of understanding that we are blessed with in this ministry, it is only for the people who can comprehend it at this time.

            We are called the initiated ones, we are called, we are being initiated into the mysteries.

            The Scripture clearly says that the whole message of the Bible is a mystery.

            Behold, I show you a mystery, Paul said, Behold, I show you a mystery, we shall all be changed, in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we shall be a whole new creature. (KJV) 

            The secret is that the twinkling of a spiritual eye, or the twinkling of a cosmic eye is a whole human lifetime.  It will take a whole lifetime, but we shall be changed in our innermost nature.  That is the promise of the Scripture, that the impossible will be made real to us, that our fallen nature should be made righteous by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are promised the impossible.

            The translation, you have to pray about it, just pray in your seat right now. Be open to this, because this is the translation the Lord gave me. As I told you in last week’s message, when I started to translate these Scriptures, I was at a stand still, and these days, I get the Alternate Translations pretty fast.

            Years ago, I would have to study a long time and pray a long time to get an alternate translation.  Today, I get the spiritual meaning of the Scripture very quickly, but, I could not make heads nor tails out of this verse until the Lord related it to the situation at the Tower of Babel. 

            We are told that the human beings who lived at that time desired to build a city and a tower.  They desired to build a house, a city, a house to live in, because each one of us is a city.  Each individual one of us, depending on the context of the verse, could be called a world, because we are complete in ourselves when we have Christ.

            We are definitely complete, but I mean we are an enclosed entity.  We all have a spiritual sun and a spiritual moon.  If we are not in Christ, that spiritual sun is Leviathan,  the spiritual moon is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and we are not complete.  We may be an enclosed entity, because we have a sun and a moon, but it is an incomplete sun and moon. In Christ Jesus, we then become a complete entity.

            For the purpose of what I am trying to tell you now, each one of us is a world, and each one of us is a city.  We are all intact, because this whole world is made up of water and dust particles.  If you want to think of it, think of it as seminal fluid.  It is all water, but if you put it under a microscope, the sperm is in a water medium.  There are many sperm in a water medium.  Each one of us is not a sperm, but an egg, a spiritual egg, and is capable of being fertilized.

            We all exist in this spiritual watery background, and we cannot see the water.  It looks like air to us, but the air is filled with the moisture.  We are in a water world.  I will just go on.

            I am saying that we are all a world, we are all a city, we are cities, we are spiritual life.  That which is called a world now is called a city, because we are talking about ourselves in the context of being a containment place for spiritual life, so now we use the word city to describe ourselves, or the Lord uses the word city to describe us. We are a house for spiritual life. 

            We see that beings that try to build the Tower of Babel, try to build a city. They wanted to incarnate, they wanted a garment to wear, and they also wanted to build a tower.  They wanted to build a spiritual male organ that would gain them access to the higher spiritual planes, because if they do not have access to the higher spiritual planes, they (or we) are cut off from the spiritual power of God.  They were trying to re-access the spiritual power of God.

            In the New Testament we read Jesus saying, The Kingdom of God suffers violence. (KJV)  The Kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, the Kingdom of God suffers violence we are told, and the violent try to take it by force.  That is what the beings at the time of the Tower of Babel tried to do.  It is like somebody being under the law and being told, A jail sentence has just been imposed on you, you have to go to jail for a month, and the person says, No, I am not going to go, and he busts his way out of the court room.  Even more accurate is somebody being told, You have misbehaved, and you no longer have the privilege of sitting in a meeting like this, and they force their way in anyway.  It is called rebellion. 

            That was what these beings at the time of the Tower of Babel were trying to do. They were trying to incarnate, build a city, and build a tower trying to reconnect themselves to the power of God after Jehovah put them out of the Garden.

            We see that Cain is the forefather of these criminal beings.  Cain was in rebellion, Cain was a murderer, Cain envied his brother, Cain hated his brother, and today, spiritually speaking, we are all the descendants of Cain, because there was a corruption.  The Lord separated the line of Cain and the line of Seth. 

            Seth represented Abel who was destined to reincarnate righteous Adam, and the two lines were to be kept apart. However, we read that cryptic Scripture in the Book of Genesis that says,

And the sons of God, they saw the daughters of men, and to them they were fair, and they took as many wives as they would like. (KJV)

            That is talking about the mixing of the descendants of Cain with the descendants of Seth.  That is how the descendants of Seth became corrupted. It was the descendants of Seth who became corrupted who were the cause of Jehovah wiping out the world on the other side of the flood, because the line of Seth was destined to bring forth Messiah. The Sons of God were destined to bring forth the Life of God in the individuals, but the line was corrupted by Cain’s descendants for the second time.  Cain corrupted Abel.

            Then it happened a third time.  I call it the third stage of the fall.  Jehovah saved Noah,  Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  Eight souls were saved by water, and they were  destined to bring forth a race of people or a community of people whose spiritual internal works would be in the image of Jehovah. 

            Noah was corrupted, Shem was corrupted, Japheth was corrupted. The curse went forth to Ham, so he was corrupted, and everybody on the face of the earth today is either a descendant of Shem, Ham, or Japheth.  We are all the descendants of Seth who have been corrupted. 

            Externally, we are Seth but, internally in our mind and our spirit, we are Cain, our carnal mind.  We are Cain. 

            Jehovah’s third attempt to bring forth a line that would produce a race that was in the image of God, a race that would line up with the imagination of God who imagined us into existence, failed three times.

            Then Jehovah tried again with Israel.  Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, and the covenant was,

I will be your God and you will be my people, and I will put My mind and My laws in your hearts, and I will defend you and you will be great in the earth, you will be safe and great in the earth. (KJV)

            Jehovah’s covenant with Israel, I do not believe that it has failed.  It is only a temporary set back, because Jehovah is not accepting more than three defeats.  It is not over until it is over.  It is not over until the fat lady sings, as they say.  It is not over. 

            We read in the Book of Romans, that the Jews will be grafted back into their own tree.  That is a prophecy, it has to come to pass.  I do not care if it takes ten million years, it has to come to pass, but it is not going to take ten million years I hope. I do not believe it will, but it has to come to pass.

            We have to be trained as Christians to be spiritual people, and that means to be a spiritual person, we have to understand that the promises more often than not, do not come to pass instantly. Sometimes, promises of God could take years to come to pass, and sometimes generations, depending on the degree of the promise, what it is that is promised, because the Lord has to work with us.  

            We are His problem.  He can only go so far so fast with a disobedient, rebellious, stiff-necked, prideful people which is what we are.  That is what it says in the Bible. 

            That is how we are described in the Bible, including me.  I am just one of you.  The process is slow because of us, because we are fallen.  The deliverance and the reconfiguration of the creation into the promised image of God, because we are not in the image of God now, we are in the image of the Serpent, it is happening and basically in two stages. 

            Stage one was with the Jew, and what arose out of the Jew?  The Bible. What do we have as an inheritance from the Jew?  We have the Bible, and we have Messiah.  The second stage is what the Lord is doing with the Christian, and what is coming forth from the Christian?  The finished product, the accumulative effect of the Bible, and Messiah is producing what Paul calls, a new man, a new creature inside of us. 

            Just like The Body Snatchers, baby, just like. . . . I do not know why I called you babies, where does that come from?  I do not know.  Maybe you are all spiritual babies, maybe you all experienced baby Christ in there.  I never said anything like that in all of these years of preaching, I guess you are all the babies of the kingdom.

            It is just like The Body Snatchers, you are getting new spiritual guts, a new man, Paul says, a new man. There is a New Man, and there is an old man.  The New Man is in the righteous image of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are just the skins.  Our personalities and bodies are the skins of the spiritual man that lives inside of us. 

            We are told in the Book of Genesis, that Jehovah said to Adam, What are you doing Adam, you are naked, what happened to you?  Then the Scripture says, And Jehovah made them skins.  We are the skins.  When Jehovah makes skins, everything Jehovah touches has life.  We are the skins that cover the spiritual man, we have consciousness, and we have an old man which is formed in the image of the Serpent, which we are getting divorced from. 

            If Christ is in you, we are the New Man who is in the righteous image of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The New Man has to kill the old man, and that is how we, the skins which are a reflection of the inner man, will be righteous.  This is what salvation is all about.  It is the salvation of the skins, the soul skins, if you can hear that. 

            We are talking about the descendants of Cain.  I am telling you that the Lord has told me that these are the same beings as the Greek mythology called the Titans, and it is these descendants of Cain, the whole community, the whole family of Cain that is incarnating Pastor Manning right now. They have given him the world Atlah, telling anyone, announcing to anyone out there who has ears to hear that Atlas is appearing incarnate again. 

            That may sound strange to you, but I am telling you that this is how spiritual things work.  There is a message coming from Pastor Manning’s mouth that he does not even understand.  The message is going out all over the world to practitioners of Greek pagan religion that are waiting for the Greek gods to reincarnate.

            Brethren, does that sound so different than what Paul said, that the man of sin is sitting in the temple of God calling himself god dishonoring the Lord?  Cain is sitting in the temple, the manifestation of Seth, calling to his brethren, wherever they are all over the world, and saying, Look, I have got a Christian, and in the Christian I have got the power to incarnate. 

            What is this big deal about Christians?  The power to incarnate is resident in Christ.  It takes a lot of power to incarnate, it takes energy to incarnate.  Cain’s descendants in the higher spiritual realms are not incarnate.  They are disembodied, they are seeking to incarnate in Christians, because we have spiritual power that is greater than the average man.  We have something added to us.  We have the energy of the Lord Jesus Christ added to us, and we are prime targets.

            Let us see if I can help you to understand these translations.  Hear the parable, And Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bear Enoch, and he builded a city and called the name of the city and the name of his son, Enoch.  We know because I just explained to you that there is such a thing as a spiritual city. Since this series of verses is talking about incarnation, we should know the word city is referring to the spiritual house, whatever it looked like in those days.  It did not look like we look now.

             The parable says, And he called the name of the city, the name of the house, the name of his son, Enoch.  Enoch was his house. 

            Brethren, in this last stage, in this third stage of the fall. . . .  when a child is born, it comes out from between the legs of a woman and separates from the her.  It is a separate being as far as our carnal eyes can see.  Sometimes our children move geographically far away, but spiritually we are very close. In the higher spiritual realms before the spiritual beings incarnate, when a child is born, if a child is the right word, they stay together.

            This is the example.  When a human fetus is being formed, and new cells are generated and new organs come into existence, they do not depart from the fetus.  I am told the heart is the first organ that is formed in the fetus.  When the lungs are formed in the fetus, the lungs are not born by themselves.  They stay as a part of the whole fetus that is being born. 

            This age, this world, is the world of divisions, the divided age.  In the spiritual planes, everything that comes forth stays together as a part of one mass, and we are told again in the account of the Tower of Babel:  And in those days, the whole earth was of one speech, and one language. 

            What does that mean?  I do not know, but they may have been just one entity at that point, one massive entity that eventually broke down into the many people in this visible world.  I do not know, but that is what it sounds like to me That humanity at that time, at least that line of humanity, the descendants of Cain at that time were still one massive entity.  It had not yet divided into the kinds of people like we see here.  Everyone who was born into that line was sticking together.  Why?  They were all Cain being born as one entity. 

            Division is a part of the curse.  When we ascend and when Christ Jesus is formed in us, we are going back into unity.  A lot of people get upset when they hear that, and they think that it means the end of creativity and our freedom, we are all going to be part of one.  It is not like that at all. 

            Our spiritual parts are going back into unity with the Lord.  The whole body of Christ is going to be of one speech and one language.  What does that mean?  Speech has to do with thought, because language is just like the physical body.  It is just the end result of thought, and when you become spiritual, sometimes you can hear in the spirit. I can hear in the spirit. 

            I cannot choose whose thoughts I am going to hear, and usually the thoughts that I hear, with only one exception that I can think of in all of my years in the Lord, I usually hear evil thoughts, thoughts of people that are sinning against me, or that have ungodly thoughts towards me. The Lord will also let me hear someone’s thoughts to help them, but He, the Lord, is still opening my ears.  I do not have that resident power to tap into your minds and hear your thoughts, but I do hear in the spirit.

            The Scripture says, Jesus knew what they were thinking.  Not a hundred percent of the time, but I frequently know what you are thinking.  The higher we ascend spiritually, the more we are able to perceive the speech of the person, the thoughts. Not even the thoughts of their mind, but the thoughts of their heart. 

            Sometimes the carnal mind of the individual does not even know what their own heart is thinking, but the spiritually-ascended person might know, might hear the speech of that person’s heart.  The heart speaks.

            Division, as we see here, individual division is only down here in the World of Action, but in the higher spiritual planes, and Cain was still pretty high at the Tower of Babel.  At the incident of the Tower of Babel, he was one fetus.  Is that not an interesting thought? 

            What I am suggesting to you is that the child, Enoch, that Cain brought forth was inhabited by Cain.  Do you know that today, there are religions that believe in ancestor worship.  The Chinese and the American Indian worship their ancestors, because they believe their ancestors live through them and, you know, if you understand it correctly there is a spiritual principle to that. 

            We are told in the Book of Hebrews, I think it is called the Hall of Faith of the Book of Hebrews, and it talks about all of the heros of the Scripture. All that has been done to bring the Church to the place that it is at today. Paul says, But we could not enter in without them, and they could not enter in without us.  Everything that the heros of the Bible have done is a living thing today in the hearts and the minds of the Church. 

            Christ in you, the hope of your glorification, is the incarnation at the very least of Elijah, and Moses, and Jesus.  Elijah and Moses was incarnate in Jesus, that is how they appeared on the mount of transfiguration.  If Christ is in you, that means Moses and Elijah are in you too. 

            Christ Jesus in you is the accumulation of the spirit.  We are talking about the spirit now, we are not talking about physical bodies.  I am going to say for this message, we are not talking about personality, but I cannot get too technical right now. However, the spirit of Moses, and the spirit of Elijah, and the Spirit of Jesus is in Christ, and if Christ is in you, you have all of them. 

            There is a truth to all of these false teachings in the world, there is a truth to them, if we could find out what it is. 

 . . . . a son, but he was not physical, he was still spiritual, and then he was joined to and lived inside of that son, and then Enoch went forth as an offspring called Irad.

            We see that this is a spiritual man.  Are we not told that Jesus is our foundation? He is our new foundation, He is our immortal eternal foundation.  We are told that He is the only foundation that can be laid.  What that means is, Jesus is the only foundation that will endure forever.  Every other foundation deteriorates. 

            What does that mean - the deterioration of the human foundation or the spiritual foundation of a human being?  It means you die, it means that we die.  Jesus is the basis and the foundation for immortality and righteousness, which means immortality without pain and suffering - immortality, a positive immortality. 

            He is the only foundation that will endure forever, but we see that Cain is the foundation of his line, and his line became extinct. I believe the cavemen were the last descendants who devolved from Cain. 

            Then the line of Seth, the descendants of Seth, have now been corrupted by the disembodied incarnations of Cain. We too will devolve into extinction if Christ does not arise within us and save the skins of humanity.  We are the skins, that is who we are.  We are nothing by ourselves, but with Christ Jesus we are great.  When we submit to the inner man, honor Him as our head, and live His life that He wants to live through us, we are great, we are immortal, we are eternal, we are Saviors, and we are righteous.

            We have to be changed at our very core. Today, our foundation is Cain, and Cain is connected to Leviathan, he is connected to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and he is connected to the Serpent. We will not live forever so long as Cain is our foundation. However, Jehovah sent Jesus to give us a new foundation, and in Him is life eternal, peace, joy, and immortality in Christ Jesus.

            We see Cain, he is the foundational ancestor, he is the foundation of the house.  The Scripture talks about the household of God, does it not?  What did you think that, that meant?  You thought the household of God meant all of these physical bodies who go to Church?  No, that is not the household of God.  The household of God is Christ in you, the household of God is Abel in you, instead of Cain, Christ in you instead of Enoch.

            I have to work this out, so I may not have the exact comparison.  Christ Jesus in you instead of Leviathan, that is the household of God in you.  The whole household of God is in you if you are complete in Him. 

            Then, on a spiritual plane, we are all one.  We just have separate bodies down here.  We see that Cain got inside of Enoch, and Enoch was the first layer of incarnation, probably just dust, unformed dust.  I am just guessing now, I have not worked this through, probably just unformed dust.  The first three levels came being the foundation and unconscious part of the mind. The first three levels are mind, unconscious, subconscious, and conscious.  We have that in the Alternate Translation, in the beginning, God formed a mind.  The first thing that was formed was the mind.  That is the same thing as my saying, consciousness, unformed consciousness.  The mind is spiritual, the mind is spiritual.  We have the mind, Cain, Enoch, Irad, that is the mind.  Mehujael is the spirit, and the Methusael is the soul, and remember Methusael’s counterpart in the descendants of Seth is who? 

            Methuselah is the level of soul. Lamech is the physical body.  We see six layers of consciousness here, number six is the number of man.  I remember years ago when they were teaching about the number of the beast, six, six, six, and I was told that six is the number of man, so where did they get that from, that six was the number of man?  This is where it comes from, six layers. 

            That is going to bother me, that for some reason I was saying that Methuselah was the soul.  I will have that next week for you.  Any questions on this board?  

            We are working on Genesis 4:17, and drawing #1 on the board, I guess I commented on this already.  This is the household of Cain.  Cain is at the foundation, and we see that there are six layers total when the physical body appears.  At the time that the physical body appears in the line of Cain, there are six layers. What I said earlier was incorrect. 

            I said I thought that Lamech appeared in the third generation, but I was incorrect. He was the fifth generation, Lamech, the physical Cain having devolved into physical bodies.  In the generation of Lamech, he was the fifth generation, the same as the generation of Peleg, the fifth generation after Shem, Ham, and Japheth, that fell into physical bodies.  We are the descendants of Seth who fell into physical bodies.

            We see that the first three inner layers are mind and, actually, I have Mehujael is spirit and Methusael is soul.  It may come to pass that I find out that these are reversed, I do not know.  I am doing this on the fly.  I had no intention of doing this.  I am preaching by revelation, so it is not uncommon for me to correct myself in a subsequent meeting after the Lord has corrected me, but that is how I have it for now, spirit, soul, and physical body.  The descendants of Cain devolved.  Evolution is not true. Devolution is a reality,  a spiritual reality. 

            We can liken ourselves to this today.  We have a physical body, our soul is close to our physical body, because the soul that we call our soul is the animal nature, and then we have a human spirit which is Jehovah’s breath in us, and then we have  the three part mind.  Either it is the carnal mind, or it is the Christ mind. If we have both minds, James says, We are unstable in all our ways, so one of those minds has to prevail over the other mind.  Hopefully, it is the carnal mind that will die.  Any questions or comments on this board?

            Let us go on then, let us finish up with Verse 17.  We only did one verse today, and we will go on from here.

            We are going to do the names.  Enoch, according to Strong’s the name Enoch, means, the initiated one. If you look up the word initiate in the dictionary, the meaning, the definition of that word that is appropriate here is a spiritual initiate which is someone who is being introduced or has been introduced to the spiritual mysteries.

            Initiate means to introduce into some knowledge or art, so everybody here is an initiate.  We are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are an initiate, or we are being initiated into the mysteries.  That means we are all candidate to acquire spiritual power in Christ Jesus. 

            It is much easier to acquire spiritual power from Satan.  She does not care about your morals, she does not care how you use that power.  She wants you to have spiritual power so that she can use you for her own gratification. However, to acquire spiritual power, to receive spiritual power in Christ Jesus, our soul has to be in submission to our spirit, and our spirit has to be in submission to the Lord Jesus. There are a whole bunch of rules and regulations that we have to adhere to, or we will lose the power that the Lord has given us, or at least we will lose the power in His kingdom.

            Once we acquire power in Jesus, if we become disobedient we become a pretty powerful witch in the kingdom of darkness.  Everybody here is an initiate.  You are being initiated into the mysteries, the spiritual aspect of the Kingdom of God, and of the Scripture.  These are my comments, and I say Enoch of Cain, because there is also Enoch of Seth.  Enoch of Cain was Cain reincarnated, that is Cain in another form.  That is the unconscious part of the mind in another form, the subconscious part of the mind.

            What is the difference between unconscious and subconscious? The subconscious is partially aware, the unconscious part of the mind is completely hidden from a human being.  It is not completely hidden from someone who is in Christ Jesus, that is the privilege.

            One of the privileges that we have in Christ Jesus is the ability to look into the unconscious part of our mind and rebuke Satan when she is first formulating sin.  Do you know that stereotype of a witch sitting there with a kettle brewing something?  That is Satan, that is a parable of Satan in the unconscious part of our mind, just brewing, and putting together, and formulating every evil thought that she could possibly come up with, and then she sends it forward to the subconscious part of our mind. 

            We are partially aware and partially unaware, and if there is sin in our heart, we will receive that thought.

            In other words, let us say, there is somebody who we are jealous of, and we are taking the victory.  We are saying, No, I am not going to be jealous of that person.  Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is in our innermost being with her kettle and her stick brewing all of her spiritual ingredients, practicing her spiritual alchemy, to bring forth the sin of envy. That sin of envy rises like vapor into the subconscious part of our mind, and if we really have a tendency towards jealousy towards that person, we will be blinded to the sin that is rising there, and it will become a part of us. 

            We will agree with that sin on the level of our subconscious mind. Then, by the time it gets into our conscious mind, it may be too late, at least at that moment, or it may be more difficult for us to fight it off.

            It is a privilege in Christ Jesus to be able to see the trouble that Satan is stirring up for us in our unconscious. It is a privilege to see her desires to hurt other people through us, because we pay the price if we do not stop her from hurting other people through us.  We reap what she has sown through us, because she is us.  It is a part of ourselves that we must police. 

            Just like we grow up to be adults, we have to be taught not to steal.  I was with my granddaughter a couple of years ago, she was still a very young girl.  We were in a shop, and she just picked something up, she liked it.  She had to be taught that you cannot do that.

            We have to be taught that we cannot let Satan in the unconscious part of our mind do whatever she wants.  We are responsible to stop her, or we will reap what she has sown through us and, ultimately, when sin touches our spirit and our soul it makes us sick.  It touches our physical body.

            Enoch of Cain was Cain reincarnated in another form.  We are being told that Cain has all of these different forms, just like Christ in us has all of these different forms.  When I first started doing the Alternate Translation, it was driving me crazy.  I saw Adam in all of these different situations, and I did not know what to call him.  At one point, I called him the fortified Adam, and the simple Adam, the complicated Adam, because Adam exists on every plane of consciousness.

            Cain exists on every one of these six planes of consciousness, except he takes a different name on each plane, so Enoch of Cain is really Cain on the level of the subconscious, and Irad of Cain is really the conscious mind of Cain manifesting on that level of consciousness, and Mehujael is the spirit of Cain.  It is Cain appearing as spirit in this entity which is a descendant of Cain. 

            Methusael is Cain manifesting as soul, Cain manifesting as spirit, Cain manifesting as soul, Cain manifesting as the skin, Cain manifesting as the subconscious.  It is all Cain, and this makes it easy when they each have a different name. We see the same thing in Christ, that it is not so easy finding the individual names, and it is harder to identify what I am talking about. 

            I hope everybody is following me.  Enoch of Cain was born, with Cain’s. . . .  he was just born with spiritual wisdom, knowledge and power. Why?  He was an initiate of Jehovah.  Cain was present.  Actually, Cain is female.  She was present when Jehovah was instructing Adam on how to survive the wiles of the Serpent.  Cain was hearing the whole thing.  Cain was a part, and is a part of Adam. 

            Cain is a part of fallen adam, and she is also a part of the regenerated Adam. The only difference is, in the fallen adam, Cain has power through Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and Leviathan and influences us to do evil, but in the regenerated Adam, Cain had a different role.  She is just a part of Satan’s kingdom, the darkness which gives form to the creation, and her ability to do evil deeds is restrained.

            Her influence is restrained by the eternal Lake of Fire that will burn inside of us. Restraining the eternal judgment that we read about is upon the powers and principalities that today have preeminence over us.  They are not going to be destroyed, they are just going to be put down under Christ Jesus who is the Lake of Fire, who will burn them in the Lake of Fire forever and ever, so that they cannot influence us to do evil deeds anymore.  That is how we will be righteous.  There will be eternal judgment dwelling inside of us, eternally judging the parts of ourselves.  They are now the potential to do evil, and only Christ Jesus will be predominate.  Our righteousness, Christ Jesus, our righteousness, will be the only one that will be predominate through our mind, and our behavior, and our attitudes.

            Number 4, Enoch of Cain was the antithesis of Enoch of Seth, who was a reincarnation of Abel.  We see that Cain produced an Enoch, and Seth produced an Enoch, but they are the complete opposites.  The antithesis is the complete opposite of each other.  One came out of the side of good, and the other came out of the side of evil.

            Number 5, Enoch of Cain was the city that Cain dwelled in.  Cain dwelled in Enoch just like believers are the temple of God and Jesus dwells inside of us. 

            Here is our Alternate Translation. I removed the words, after mysteries. I removed by Abel, because that was incorrect. This is the Alternate Translation.

Genesis 4:17, And knew his wife and she conceived and bear a spiritual city for Cain to dwell in, and Cain who had been introduced to Jehovah’s spiritual mysteries named the city that he built, Enoch.  And Cain declared Enoch to be the reincarnation of his own fallen nature.

            I think I need to go over the translations. Back on Page One, we see the word called, we are translating declared.  The Hebrew word translated name appears twice, one time we are translating it nature, and the other time, he declared Enoch to be the reincarnation of his own, and he named the city he built Enoch, and Cain declared Enoch to be, I think I left a word out there.

            I will have to work on that for next week, I left one word out, I will have to see where it fits.  One translation of the word name is missing from there. And Cain knew his wife and she conceived and bear a spiritual city for Cain to dwell in, and Cain who had been introduced to Jehovah’s spiritual mysteries, named the city that he built, Enoch, and Cain declared Enoch to be the reincarnation of his own fallen nature.  Verse 18, King James Version:

Genesis 4:18, And was born unto Enoch, Irad, (Irad means the separated one), and Irad begat Mehujael, the mighty one who was erased,

            I am not too sure about that, but I am thinking that it was Cain, because Cain was the one who was erased from the plan of God and, eventually, his line died out.  Irad represented. . . . These all represent Cain.  Irad represented the manifestation of Cain that was separated from Jehovah, and he was also separated from Abel, the priest who connected Cain to Jehovah. He was separated from his priest.

. . .and Irad begat Mehujael, the mighty one who was erased,

            That is Cain in his position as being wiped out, so we see Irad represents whatever experienced by being separated from Jehovah, and Mehujael represents whatever Cain experienced by being wiped out.


. . .and Mehujael begat Methusael, a mighty man,

            I suggest to you that with each generation, these generations are getting weaker. Remember, Cain, initially the unconscious part of the house, is immortal.  When the line of Cain was wiped out as the cavemen, it was just these outer layers that were wiped out.  Cain still exists.  He is incarnating in Pastor Manning. 

            The physical body was wiped out.  There are no more cavemen, the soul was wiped out.  I do not know of any cavemen around. Although they found some pretty primitive people in Africa recently. Generally speaking, although some of us might have a soul of a caveman, I do not know, but the spirit of Cain still exists. 

            The carnal mind certainly still exists.  It is in humanity today, and I guess there are people today who have the soul of Cain, an evil soul.  Cain is very evil.  We see Cain is existing in our society today.  Cain has swallowed up the descendants of Seth.

            One of the first messages that I preached was Satan Swallowed Up. The Spirit of Christ will swallow up the spirit of Satan.  The reverse happened over here.  Humanity today is a manifestation of Cain.  It is not a manifestation of Seth, or Abel.

            Those of us who are having Christ formed in us are a manifestation of Seth or Abel starting to swallow up the manifestation of Cain. The skin stays the same.

            Before the Lord called you, you were a manifestation of Cain.  Today, if Christ is appearing in you, you are becoming a manifestation of Abel, and one identity must swallow up the other identity.  Either you are Cain or Abel, you cannot be both, you are both for a season, but it is a perversion. 

            We see that this diagram of the household of Cain is the diagram of us today, except for those of us who are in the process of being converted.  The Scripture talks about us being converted.  Converted from what to what?  Converted from this to a member of the household of Seth.  How are we converted?  In the spirit of our mind,  Cain. The spirit is up here, but we said the spirit of our mind, so the spirit of the mind is right here at the center. Cain has to become Christ. 

            It becomes Christ, and we start to be renewed from this deep point outward, our bodies are the last part to be renewed.  We start with our inner man.  We start with our mind, it all begins with our mind, renewal begins with our mind.  I do not really know if this is right for spirit, that may not be right.  I have to pray over this drawing, because it is the spirit of the mind which is really in here.  I will have some comments for you on that drawing next week. 

            We said that Enoch was the manifestation of Cain, the reactions that Cain experienced being separated.  Does anybody here have rejection?  Has anyone been separated from their parents or loved one as a child, and you are feeling grief?  You are experiencing what Cain experienced when he was separated from Jehovah.  Christ does not have that kind of pain. 

            Then Irad begat Mehujael, the mighty one, who was erased.  That is the rejection, the one who was erased, or the one who was separated.  I guess that is not rejection. It is just a loss of parents; although, I am told that when children lose a parent, it registers as rejection. However, the mighty one who is being erased - that is a whole different experience.  That is like feeling like you are just nothing, that you have no value whatsoever.

            We know that Cain experienced that because his line was wiped out, the only thing that is. . . . I am getting myself into trouble here.  His line was wiped out, and when we experience being nothing, what Cain felt when he lost. . . . I got it, we experience what Cain felt when he lost his line, when his line devolved into cavemen and was wiped out, and then Cain incarnated again after his line.  He incarnated again in Seth’s houses, we are the houses of Seth which Cain has invaded. 

            The original line of Cain, Lamech was wiped out.  Today, the first three layers here, the carnal mind, and I am not sure about this, I will have to pray about this, is incarnating in Seth’s houses.  Remember, the sons of God found the daughters of men, found them fair.  That is not a good translation, it is backwards. 

            It was the daughters of men, the daughters of Cain, Cain being spiritual, who invaded the vessels of the Sons of God who were the descendants of Seth at the time and corrupted them through intermarriage. 

            Cain lost his line. The line of Lamech died, and then Cain incarnated in Seth’s line, and most human beings today on the face of the earth have the mind of Cain, but they do not have. . . . There has to be something here, they do not have the completed spirit, soul, and body of Lamech. 

            I do not know how to explain that to you right now because, as I said, this is coming forth by revelation.  I will tell you this, that what is happening in Pastor Manning is that these inner elements are ascending, because we all have the carnal mind, the first three layers, but they are rising into the resurrection of damnation, which somehow is identified by the names Mehujael, Methusael, and Lamech, but I do not. . . .

            I cannot relate those three names to you to what is happening to Pastor Manning, but I can tell you it is the resurrection of damnation, and his soul is increasing in Cain. He is standing up in a full stature of Cain. The powers and principalities of Cain which are in him are planning on raising up a Goliath in the earth, a mighty one that would be likened. . . . In order to understand him, what we are expecting to see is Christ Jesus standing up in human being, someone in great spiritual power, who will contend with the Sons of God.

            When we get up there, we are not just going to be feeding the hungry and healing the sick, brethren.  There is a warfare waiting for us, there are giants on the higher spiritual realms that we are protected from right now. When we get up there and open our eyes, you better have your weapons ready, because when you open your eyes, you are going to be in a war. 

            We war as we ascend, we war daily.  I am almost in a continuous war. I am in a war almost continuously, some a little worse, some times a little more.  It is not an easy life.  Paul said that we should war like a good soldier. 

            I look at all of these Christians dancing and singing and being taught that life is wonderful, and that they are supposed to be happy.  That is what you tell the kids, you know, they are children.  When you grow up, and you become a spiritual man, when you are seeking and hoping for spiritual power, you go to the front lines and whatever comfort you have, you are grateful for it, but it is not an easy life. 

            We see that all of humanity today has the carnal mind, the first three layers, but they do not have the second three layers, Mehujael, Methusael, and Lamech.  They do not have that, those three layers represent Cain in full stature, a mighty one of God, someone with great spiritual power who is a tyrant and an enslaver of humanity. 

            Like I said, I will pray about this and see if I have any more information for you next week.

            Then Mehujael begat the Methusael, the mighty man, and each layer. . . . Now remember, Cain is devolving.  He is devolving, so we go from the separated one, to the one who is erased, to the one who is a mighty man that would be sort of likened to Goliath, a powerful spiritual being. I perceive that each layer is getting weaker and moving further away from immortality. 

            Then finally, Methusael begat, Lamech, a strong young man who tasted death.  We find Lamech to be the fifth generation from Cain, the one who fell out into a physical body and experienced death.

            Irad, Mehujael, and Methusael are all aspects of the spiritual Cain that still exists. It is just. . . . Maybe not Mehujael.  The physical body of the descendants of Cain experience death, and the soul of the descendants of Cain experience death, but Cain still exists, and Enoch still exists, and the elements that they stand for still exist. 

            They have infiltrated the line of Seth, which was the line that was destined to bring forth Messiah, and did in fact bring forth Messiah.  Seth brought forth Messiah through Israel, and now this is the battle of the ages.  You have heard of The Battle of the Ages but nobody understands what it is. 

            There may be battles between nations down here on the earth, there may be, what do I know?  I am telling you that in the high spiritual planes, Cain is trying to kill Abel again.  Abel is rising in the person of Christ, he is rising in the skins.  Abel is rising in the skins, and Abel is the root system of Adam who was righteous.  Adam was a mighty powerful being before he fell, and Abel is the root system of Adam. 

            Adam is being built again on the foundation of Abel who is now strengthened by Christ, and his name has become Christ.  Adam is rising again, and Cain is rising again. There is going to be a big battle in the high spiritual planes for the souls of all of humanity. What happens down here in this world is just going to be the outplaying of the conflict as Cain tries to kill Abel once again. That does not mean you have to die, because we are all Abel here, but your spiritual life is hanging in the balance.  Cain, in the person of your carnal mind and all of those who love you, who ignorantly have been drafted into Satan’s army, are trying to kill Abel who is rising in you.  That is just so exciting.  The truth is so exciting. 

            Who wants this stuff that they are feeding to the babies?  I am telling you, the war is a hard life, but I could not go any other way.  I would be bored silly.  Really, this is just so exciting. 

            The fifth generation from Cain died.  All of these other generations did not die. Lamech is the one who descended into what we know to be the cavemen. In the same manner, when the Scripture says, concerning Noah’s flood, that everything in the earth died.  It does not say that everything in the sea died, it does not say everything in the air died, it does not say everything under the earth died. 

            It says everything in the earth died.  It is talking about the outer layer.  That was all that died, only the outer layer died.  Everything else still exists, and they were all looking for bodies to get into, and I still do not have an understanding that satisfies me of why.  I am convinced that there is a whole realm of disembodied spirits that really want to incarnate, and it is very beneficial for them to incarnate. 

            I have some understanding that they have to be incarnated to get food.  I am not completely satisfied with the understanding that I have, but they are fighting to incarnate.

            On the one hand, we hear about people passing out of this world. I do teach the physical body dissolves, the soul dissolves, and the spirit goes back to the Father, so who is that?  That is the outer man, that is what happens to the skin.  We are a skin, we are the spiritual female.  That is what happens to the spiritual female, the skins, the spirit goes back to the Father. However, the spiritual male. . . .  there is a spiritual male, and there is a spiritual pseudo male, someone who is female who thinks they are male, who is fighting for the dominance of the whole creation.

            We can say it is the battle between Cain and Abel. We can say it is the battle between Adam and Leviathan.  This battle exists on multiple levels, and they are fighting over us, the skins. They are fighting over who will be our nature, whether we will be good and evil, or whether we will be righteous, whether we will be vessels of honor or whether we will be vessels of dishonor.  This battle exists on multiple levels.

            Everybody sitting here. . . . I do not know about you, but I was a vessel of dishonor, and today I am a vessel of honor, most of the time, but not all of the time, because we are not finished yet, so we go back and forth.

            This creation is going to be finalized.  I love that episode about the metamorph. Anybody see the episode about the metamorph?  She was a gorgeous, sexy, voluptuous woman that men just passed out when they saw her, and she was a seductress.  She would stay in that condition until she got married, and when she got married, she would settle down with that one man. 

            That is what we are, we are like up for grabs.  The skins, we are up for grabs. Which man is going to get us?  The permanent nature that we will have depends on what man gets us. 

            You read in the Book of Genesis that God watched the man to see what he would name the animals, and you think he was naming the giraffe and the camels and everybody else out there.  No, he was not.  God was watching to see what name, what nature Adam would give to the skins, or there were no skins at that time, so let me say it another way. 

            God was watching to see what nature (name means nature) what nature Adam would give to the animal aspect of his being.  Adam was spirit, male, and animal conscious, female, and the whole creature would live if the male dominated the female, but when the female dominated the male, the whole creature died.  God watched Adam to see what nature he was going to give the female earthen animal nature. 

            Was it going to become a permanent animal nature, or was he going to give the nature, the righteous nature of the male, to the earth?  It is the same battle going on today.  God is watching, and the Lord Jesus is watching.  He is watching you, and He is watching me, and each of us is Adam, and He wants to see. . . . The Lord is watching to see what nature we choose.

            Do we choose the nature of Cain through the carnal mind, or do we choose the nature of Abel through the Christ mind?  If you think that is easy to do, you are mistaken, because before you can choose, you have to be able to tell the difference between the two natures. What seems right to a man, what seems right to the carnal mind, the end thereof is death. 

            How do you know which thought is Christ and which thought is your carnal mind, how will you know?  You have to be instructed, there is no other way to know. Without instruction, we are all finished.  You cannot be instructed unless you are willing to be taught, and you are not willing to be taught if you think that you do not need to be taught anything. 

            The Church is in a lot of trouble, but when we get up there we will be in a position to help them - those of us who have understanding, those of us who are wise through these teachings, through the Spirit of Christ teaching us.  Those of us who are wise and submit ourselves to God, are in a position now, on a particular level, but the more we ascend, the more power we will have over larger numbers of people to do what Elijah did on Mount Carmel, to overshadow the carnal minds of the prophets of Baal, because the whole Church is the prophets of Baal.  They are serving their carnal mind.

            That is what Elijah did.  He overshadowed their carnal mind, their Christ mind came to the surface, and each false prophet slaughtered his own prophet of Baal.  What does that mean?  They broke up the union between Cain and Leviathan and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, slaughtered them, blew their carnal mind away.  The only problem was, Elijah could only maintain them for a limited amount of time. Then, when Elijah let go of their minds, they all went back to their carnal minds.

            That is why Jesus cannot do it for us.  That is why Christ has to be rooted and grounded in us.  He has to be built in us from the bottom up. That is what happened to Judas.  All of the twelve disciples were under Jesus’ dominion.  He had His spiritual hand on their carnal mind so that Christ could be formed in them, and they could learn.

            When He selected Judas to be the one who would betray Him, He just took His hand off of Judas, the carnal mind rose to the surface, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, entered in, and he did what any carnal man would have done under the circumstances.

            Listen to this really carefully, these are my closing remarks. In this hour, the Lord is in the Church, covering over the carnal minds of His people.  It is called grace, it is called the forgiveness of sins.

            I am going to restrain your carnal mind,  you have had two thousand years to develop Christ in you, and root and ground Him in you so that when I take my hand off of you, you are not going to be without Christ.  When I take my hand off of you, who is going to be in there?  Just the carnal mind, or the carnal mind and the Christ mind? 

            Because I am taking My hands off of you, saith the Lord, I am taking My hands off of the whole Church, and we are going to find out who is in there.  There are  going to be two resurrections when I take my hands off of you, says the Lord. It is time to go up, and either you are going to go up into the resurrection of life or the resurrection of damnation. It is very soon and it is already happening, it already is, says the Lord. 

            That is a serious note to end this message on.  Any comments or questions? 

            COMMENT:   This is just a natural practical application of this. I was watching a documentary last night on sleep disorders, sleepwalkers, and this is very important to me because my son, XXXX, deals with this. 

            It showed, in this documentary, one man got up and got into his car, went a couple of miles and actually killed his mother-in-law in his sleep.  It showed another one where a man almost killed his wife. She said his eyes looked glassy. 

            He was never a violent man before that, and she could see he was like a zombie, and it showed all of the different times of terror by night, the patterns that even led up to that. 

            It was interesting where he spoke about there is a part of the brain that paralyzes you from acting out anything that you are dreaming about, and in this one particular person it did not work. There is actually a gene that they could find out, which was in these people who were sleep walking. 

            I can remember my son, XXXX, he is a fireman with my husband, and he answered a fire call in the middle of the night, and at the fire scene, he walked up and said, Dad, How did I get here?  He rode the whole time. 


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