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Praise the Lord, this morning we are going to be looking at the account of the virgin birth in Matthew chapter 1, verses 1-17, is a physical genealogy of the house of David that actually goes from Abraham unto Christ, and that is in verse 17. We will be taking, well let me just take a look, I want to read the verses we will dealing with basically which will be verses 18-25, but I also want to read verse 1, because verse 1 I think has been misunderstood by a lot of scholars. Matthew 1:1 says:

Matthew 1:1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. KJV

I always though the Greek word translated generation was talking about the physical descendants, the line of physical descent of Jesus Christ, but after doing a study in this chapter, I realize now that it means more than the physical line of descent, and following verse 1, verses 2-17 do declare the physical descent, but verses 18-25, declare the spiritual descent, and spiritual descent means nature.

I am suggesting to you that chapter 1 of the book of Matthew is a complete chapter in two parts, declaring the physical descent of Jesus, through Joseph, okay, and the spiritual descent meaning that Jesus inherited the nature of God. We are going to do a brief study on some of the definitions of some of the Greek words, but first I will just read you verses 18-25.

Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man and not willing to make a public example, was minded to put her away privily. But while he thought on these things behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost, and she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins. All of this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying, Behold a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us. Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him and took him unto him his wife, and knew her not until she brought forth her firstborn son, and he called His name Jesus.

I have not finished my research on these other verses yet, but I just find it very interesting that the angel addresses Joseph as the son of David. It is as clear as the nose on your face, Mary is never ever identified as the descendant of David, Joseph is the physical descendant of David. We are preaching here that the physical baby, Jesus was the son of Joseph, and that Joseph and Mary had an active natural intercourse that resulted in His birth, however we are teaching that the Scripture tells us that Mary was visited by an angel, which impregnated her, or which entered into her and incarnated in that baby, Jesus. The conception that came forth before she knew Joseph, as a husband, was a spiritual conception which was really an entering into her of a spiritual being that was to incarnate in that baby. This word conception, the way that it is used, simply means that the soul that was about to incarnate in this baby, entered into her before the act of physical intercourse. Is everybody okay? Okay, it is time for the church to grow up. It really it time for the church to grow up, and spiritual beings incarnate in human babies, there is more than one level of soul, there is more than one part of us, we are soul, we are mortal soul, we are immortal soul, it is just time for the church to grow up.

Reincarnation is real, and the incarnation of spiritual beings into human beings should be obvious in as much as the glorified Jesus is doing that today, is He not incarnating in us? I have never heard what the work of Jesus Christ expressed in that way, but that is the truth of the matter, He is glorified, He is in another world, He ascended into another world, and He is returning to this world by His Spirit while His whole person remains in the ascended world that He is in, He is reaching down by His Spirit, because He is no longer in a physical rigid body that must stay in one place, He is no longer a point, He is now a wave, spiritual things are designated as waves, His whole person remains in a high world while He stretches down by His Spirit and He is incarnating in us, and intends to incarnate in every member of humanity. It is a supernatural work, and it is time for the church to recognize incarnation, if they ready to recognize reincarnation, at least they need to understand this concept of incarnation of a high spiritual being into a lower spiritual being, and just as Jesus is doing to us today, or similarly to what Jesus is doing today, the angel Gabriel entered, spoke to Mary, and entered into her in preparation to be incarnated in that physical baby Jesus.

The angel Gabriel was not of this world, he did not come in a physical body, he was a spiritual being, and spiritual beings have the ability to take on the flesh, that is exactly what happened, and that is exactly what happened between Jesus and Paul, Jesus’ ministry was not cut off after His third year, Jesus of Nazareth, the ministry through Jesus of Nazareth ended after three years, but the same spiritual being, Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus who was in full stature, fully married to the spiritual man that incarnated in him, shed the body of Jesus of Nazareth, and took on a new body, the body of Paul of Tarsus.

This is supernatural work, and the church needs to open up their mind to supernatural things, or they will not be able to go on, it is my hope and prayer that the church goes on, that every last person in the church goes on, but those who continue to cleave to their own carnal understanding of the Scripture, will be bound in this world. The church talks about the rapture, the church talks about going to heaven, but they simply do not understand that the ascension is at least initially an ascension of mind. Your mind goes first, then your emotions follow, and then your body follows in conversion.

You have to get the truth, Jesus said the truth will set you free. There is not going to be any ascension for the people who cannot ascend with their minds. We have people who are in spiritual wheelchairs, but the good news is, that I believe that the day is coming that the Lord is going to rip the veil off of His church, and off of all of humanity, and Abel will come out from under the ground of Cain, there will be great earthquakes and Abel will rise and overshadow Cain and large numbers of people, large, large numbers of people will be able to recognize this message, and the truth of it, and be able to discern the Christ where He is appearing, and go forward. I believe that, that day is coming. I have been asking the Lord if He will give me a message, I have a few little ideas about it, but right now not enough for a message, in any event, we will not be finishing this message of the Virgin Birth today, although I had hoped to do so, so there will be at least one more part. Then after that, we will see if the Lord gives me a message on this great coming event of the veil being stripped off of the minds, thousands if not millions of people, stripped off of their mind, stripped off of their eyes, so that they will be able to see.

We are told in the book of Revelation, Jesus said, All those who pierced me shall see me. All those who pierce into me shall see me, or all those who are, that is the King James translation, we can turn it, we can say, all of those who are pierced by me, that is a legitimate translation, we know that Paul said, I am crucified, yet I live, he said, I am crucified in Christ, and I am not dead, the crucifixion did not kill me, it raised me from the dead, and the Scripture says in another place, of the twain, of the old man and the new man, he made one new man, Christ Jesus. That is what Paul is talking about, he had that experience, he was crucified by Christ Jesus within him, and his old man, Paul, the old man that used to kill Christians, and the new man, Jesus, the glorified Jesus was literally possessing him, became one new man, that is the crucifixion of the soul. There is a crucifixion of the physical body of which will not have to endure.

There is a crucifixion of the soul which all of us will indeed endure if we are to go on to salvation. The old man must die, he must be joined to the new man in an underneath position and die to all of the power and authority that he has exercised in this world. The old man is not going to lose consciousness, he is not going to die to the point that he will not exist, the old man will continue to exist, in a position of servitude, and that is not the servitude of this world, it is the servitude that will bring the whole creation into right order, the new man will prosper, the old man will prosper, the horse which we are will prosper, the whole creation will come into right order, the horse, the cart, and the man, the real man, that last Adam, the resurrected Jesus Christ who sits in the cart, the cart signifies the soul, or we can call it the thrown, sometimes it is called the throne, and the horse is the animal that pulls the throne, that is what we are, we are the animal that pulls the cart, or that carries the throne.

That word throne, when you read about it in the book of Revelation, it is not talking about the kind of throne that we see by the European monarchs, it is more closely referring to the kind of throne that we see in orient, I am sure that you have seen movie pictures of some dignitary in, it is like a seat with a cover over it, and there are bars, and the bars are carried on the backs of slaves. Have you seen that in movies? That is basically the term that is being discussed, that is being talked about in the Scripture. The man, the king is Christ Jesus, which is the name of the glorified Jesus Christ in the earth, he is the same man, but depending on where He is located, His name changes.

When He is in the high spiritual world, I would not call it heaven at this point, but if you want to call it heaven you can, He is in the highest place, His name is now higher than ever other name, He is higher than heaven. Do know there is a heaven of heavens, He is higher than heaven right now. That is the glorified Jesus Christ, and He has stretched Himself out, and is existing in another form, it is still Him, He is existing in another form, He is incarnated in human being. The incarnate name of the Lord Jesus Christ is Christ Jesus, and the, I do not know what the reverse would be, the unincarnated form of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is just like saying, I am Sheila, and I am always a mother, the woman is pregnant, that is the pregnant Sheila, only He is pregnant in all of us, and He is completely reproducing Himself in humanity, and when He is fully born in humanity, that baby stays with the human. When that baby abides with the human, and the human is in submission to that baby, that human being ascends to a level of Christ Jesus. We will never be equal to the glorified Jesus Christ, whose higher, His name is the highest name, we will never above Him, He will always have the preeminence, I think He said we could be equal to Him, but He said, we will never be above Him, He will always have the preeminence.

That word equal to Him, it is really, it is not an accurate because we are really not equal to him.

What it means is, that we are Him in humanity. We are a reflection of Him, we are an alter ego with Him, but to say that we are equal to Him, I really do not think that goes because, any dignitary, any spiritual dignitary is more powerful when they are not in the flesh, then when they are in the flesh. Incarnation in the flesh has its dangers and its weaknesses, incarnation in the flesh, I can liken it to going into enemy territory, and maybe an embassy of the United States government, in the midst Iran right now. The embassy is just a piece of the nation of the United States, and that embassy, the people, the American citizens within it, exists in safety, but they are so completely surrounded by the enemy nation of Iran which is our enemy today, who knows what will be tomorrow, and at any moment the Iranians could storm the United States embassy and tear it down and destroy it, if they can break through its walls. Do you all hear what I am saying, that is Christ Jesus in the midst of us, He abides in enemy territory, and the enemy territory is the consciousness of the animal that He lives in, that is what we are, we are an animal, and our flesh has its own consciousness, which is exactly opposite in nature, the consciousness of God.

Actually you might express it this way, that Christ Jesus in the midst of us is a manifestation of the law of life, and the flesh outside of Him is a manifestation of the law of sin and death. The law of sin and death is continuously trying to invade the law of life and convert it to the law of sin and death, and that should not surprise you, because the law of life is continuously trying to invade the flesh and convert it to the law of life. We have two completely antagonistic natures and the very substance also is different, because each nature manufactures a substance that represents itself. The law of sin and death manufactures this physical body, and the emotional, and the nature of the emotional soul. There is a soul that comes from God, and there is a soul that is a part of this flesh. The law of sin and death manufactures a physical body, and an emotional nature that is female. The Scripture calls it the emotional animal, and emotions that make you weak.

The emotions that are associated with the carnal mind, are emotions that make you weak, and that cause you to think in a way that is directly opposite than the way the mind of God thinks. There is a substance, the carnal mind is made out of a substance, a spiritual substance that produces this flesh and female emotions, but Christ Jesus in the midst of us is made out of a different quality of substance, one is gold and one is brass, one is gold, one is led. You need that to understand what I am saying, a different substance, a different element, and the mind of God produces emotions that are male emotions. The emotion of Christ Jesus, does anybody not know what the emotion of Christ Jesus is? Compassion, but true compassion, we have human beings that think they are compassionate, but they are not compassionate, compassion is something that arises out of Christ Jesus. The average human is not capable of the compassion of God. A human being is capable of empathy, of sympathy. Sympathy makes the other person weak. You have to be very careful with sympathy, if somebody experiences a loss, you express your condolences, you say you are sorry, and then do what you can to strengthen the person, you do not want them to be wallowing in the pain of their loss.

Empathy means that you are feeling what the other person is feeling, but it does not do them any good, you are just suffering because you are feeling what the other person is feeling, but the compassion of Jesus Christ, recognizes the problem, empathizes with the person and heals the person. The emotion associated with Christ Jesus is compassion, and it is not the compassion of the carnal mind. If you think that you have had compassion on somebody and that person is healed, you have not had the true compassion on them. As always we are looking into our motives here in this ministry. If you do not have your definitions straight, you will never understand the program of God, you have got to get your definitions straight. This is one thing that I notice about a lot of people that I talk to, it just amazes me how their definitions are so screwed up. If someone tells them the truth, they accuse that person of accusing them, or attacking them. Accusation is a spirit, accusation is an intent of your heart, it is a motive, so two people can say the exact same thing, and one person can be accusing you, and the other person can be telling you the truth in hopes, out of compassion in the hopes of helping you.

Compassion, the compassion of Christ Jesus does not always make you feel good, especially when it manifests as truth about something about you, that you would rather not hear, because nobody would like to hear, nobody wants to hear these things about us, whatever it is, we all have, believe me we all have a lot, the Lord just reveals a little bit at a time.

Anyway, that was my introduction to this part 5 of The Virgin Birth, the message is spiritual brethren, and to whoever, the church at large, or any individual that continues to comprehend or attempt to comprehend this message on the level of the carnal mind, which is what has been happening in the church today, will never receive the measure of truth that is necessary to ascend because we ascend initially with our mind. I remember years ago when I first came to the Lord, and I was physical ill and dying and I had so many problems, I had a very profound dream that I have never forgotten, it was like thirty years ago, and it was a big pit in the ground, and I could see the highway like a six lane highway in the distance, and two hands had ascended out of the pit and the hands were like flat on the ground, as if those hands were about to pull the body up, but you could not see the body, you could not see the head, you could not see the body, you could not even see the arms, you just saw the hands, and the hand signifies the mind. The mind ascends out of the pit first, then everything else follows.

Even when a baby is born, the head comes out first signifying that the mind is born first, the mind if renewed first, then everything else follows. The mind controls. The mind has to start to understand the spiritual reality of what we are being told in the Scripture, and I am just going to say it again, and just in case somebody is hearing this message for the first time, Mary was impregnated with the soul, every baby that is born to a woman, is born with a soul. There is a soul of the flesh, every human baby that is born has a soul, but it is possible to have a higher soul, we call that the mind of Christ, you know, Christ grafted to you, at the moment I do not know exactly what I would call it right now, but it is a higher soul.

Basically the New Testament talks about spirit, and soul, but what it really means is our spiritual soul, or our immortal soul. Paul says, if the spirit that dwelled in Christ dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body, the body that holds your spirit, that is a soul, the soul holds your spirit, it will quicken your mortal soul. Paul is talking about a mortal soul, that means by reverse inference, there must be an immortal soul. These spiritual principles are so guarded and hidden in the New Testament, why? Part of it may be by the Lord’s design and part of it not by the Lord’s design, but I do know that the Scripture, the way that it is written, it is so simple that it could be taught to children. It could be taught to people that do not read, it could be taught to people that do not have much intelligence. For years the intellectuals of the Hebrews were basically the priests that did the studying, they did the studying, but the average man, I do not know how much the average Hebrew knew, and certainly they did not educate the women, it was just the men that were educated.

What I am trying to say is, that, well let me just go on and say, this message and this dispensation is for the simplest person that could ever be born of a woman, the Lord wants to touch them with His Spirit, but those who are capable to go higher, He wants you to go higher. To go higher, you have to be able to go beneath the surface of the message which is written for the simplest person. Sometimes the simple people can develop in Christ and become more sophisticated. Honestly, when I first came to the Lord, I really was not spiritual at all, it is my understanding today that there are lot of people in this world who are highly spiritual apart from Christ Jesus, and they were just born that way. I was not born that way, honestly I was not, but because of my deep and intense pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is what has happened to me.

I started with the surface of the word, and that means anybody who is not spiritual who is starting with the surface of the word, if you are willing to make the commitment and do that work, you have to make the effort, you have to put in the effort, you have to put in the time, you have to be panting after God, you have to want Him with all of your heart and soul, and you will become spiritual.

Probably there are people in the earth, a lot more spiritual than me right now who were born that way, so I have to work for what I have received, but I am working for it. To get the fulness or to receive the fulness of the promises, we have to understand the spiritual concept of the message, and this is now the truth about the virgin birth. Mary was an unmarried woman, she had not had sexual intercourse with Joseph who was her husband, I believe that they did not have the word fiancé in those days, he was just your husband, either you consummated the marriage, or you had not consummated the marriage, but the commitment was there, that is what the engagement meant. She was possessed, just like Paul was possessed of the glorified Jesus, Mary was possessed by the angel Gabriel or whoever he represented, and that soul, now that is not the soul that a human being is born with, it is an additional soul, it is a spiritual soul, are you all following me, that additional soul that came from God, which is like saying Christ is being born in us, Christ is an additional soul in us, He is a soul that comes from God, that soul that came from God entered into Mary and possessed her in preparation to being born as a spiritual soul of Jesus of Nazareth. We are told Jesus of Nazareth was born alive, because He was born with a spiritual soul that came from God, because every human being is born with a soul of the flesh, and we are all born dead.

That is the truth of what happened, and then she had intercourse with her husband Joseph, and the physical baby was born, the physical baby was born alive because the living son of God was in Him. Gabriel was in Him, the Holy One was in Him, I think that would be the best way to express it. He was an incarnation of the Holy One. Jesus is coming to people today after they are born and grafting Himself to us, but the day will come that human beings will be born with the Holy One already in them. That was one fo the first messages that I ever preached. They will be having a similar experience to Jesus, they will be born as a incarnation of the Holy One, which means they will have a leg up on us who we may not have heard from the Lord until we were in our twenties or thirties or forties. Are there any questions before I start with Matthew?

This situation with Matthew with these Greek words, it is really amazing how confusing it could be, it took me a long time to put this together, and I decided this was the way to start, because we have various Greek words suggesting birth, either birth or nature, and the way they are used in the Scripture and the way they are translated could be very confusing. We are starting with definitions. Strong’s #5605 means to travail in birth, it means to literally give birth. This word is found in Galatians 4:19:

Galatians 4:19 My little children of whom I travail in birth again, until Christ be formed in you. KJV

Galatians 4:27 For it is written, rejoice thou barren, that bearest not, break forth and cry that thou travailest not, for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath a husband. KJV

Revelation 12:2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth and pain to be delivered. KJV

Strong’s #5605 means to give birth, physically give birth. Strong’s #1078 on the other hand means nature, it means the nature that you are born with, it means the nature of the one who is birthed. I printed out that definition for you right from my Bible program, and it says it means nativity figuratively nature, not a physical birth, but that nature that you are born with. We have two different sources of the Interlinear Text, one is called the Textus Receptus, and the other is called Nestle. Nestle is the translator who is responsible for most of the new translations that have come forth, the NIV, and all of the New International Standard, all of these other renditions of the Scripture, that leave out, they leave out the blood of Jesus, they leave out the warfare, they leave out His deity, in many, many, instances. I am not too swift on nestle, and I usually go to the Textus Receptus, but in this case, we see an interesting discrepancy here, what I have done with regard to Strong’s #1078, I have given you some references where the Textus Receptus translates it, and others where Nestle translates it, so let us see what we have. The Textus Receptus Strong’s #1078, the word means nature, now, Matthew 1:1;

Matthew 1:1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Sometimes when you look in the Interlinear Text, there is a disagreement between the Textus Receptus and Nestle, in most cases they are in agreement, and in my Bible program you can get an idea of what my Bible program looks like, if you want to look at page 6, let us go there. Normally when I study, I can configure that program, do you see the two rows of numbers there, there is two rows of numbers underneath the words, normally when I study, I just leave one row of numbers, but if I see a word that has those pointed brackets as the word that is in red on the first line there, that means that Nestle and Textus Receptus have a difference of opinion, then I reprogram the program to print out the two lines of numbers so that I could see what the difference of opinion is.

Sometimes if you look in the second row there, where the English word is when as, you see the number #1063, and underneath that #9999, whenever you see those four 9s, it means that in that translation, that translation says that, that Greek word does not even exist. The Textus Receptus is the first line of numbers, and Nestle is the second line of numbers. I find the Textus Receptus much more accurate and many times Nestle says the word is not even there, but the Textus Receptus says that it is there. Right now we are dealing with this word birth. As you can see, in the first line, I put it in red, so you could see it, the Textus Receptus says, that the Greek word is Strong’s #1083, and Nestle says that it is Strong’s #1078. I almost always agree with the Textus Receptus, but sometimes you have to look at both opinions and pray and see what the Lord says, and you can never take one verse by itself, you have to take the whole concept of what the Lord is bringing forth. This is basically where all of these definitions are coming from. Right now we are back on page 1, we are looking at #1078, and this is what Nestle, this is how Nestle uses, Nestle says that, that word birth in Matthew 1:18, should be Strong’s #1078, and here is how that word is used. The Textus Receptus uses that word in Matthew 1:1, The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. That same word in the Textus Receptus, is used in James 3:6.

James 3:6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity, so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and set on fire the course of nature. KJV

It sets on fire your carnal mind or your whole carnal nature, course of nature, carnal nature, and it is set on fire of hell. I think that, that Scripture is just, if I have time I will give an alternate translation on that next week, I do not know if I will have time to do it. That verse makes it very clear, both Textus Receptus and Nestle agree that, that Greek word translated nature over there, is Strong’s #1078, so there is our key proof, okay, in James 3:6, both translators agree that the word means nature, it does not mean birth, because the word birth would not fit in there at all. Is everybody okay? I know this is very confusing, so I am going to go very slow, are you all okay, is everybody okay? That is our text or our proof text, James 3:6, where Strong’s #1078 is translated nature, and to translate it birth would not even fit in at all, or to translate it genealogy would not fit in with that context at all. Both translators agree that in the Greek the word is Strong’s #1078, so therefore I think that we have to apply this translation of nature to the other Scripture where there is a controversy, where there is a disagreement with the two, is everybody okay?

We look at the book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham, we cannot really translate then, the book of the generation of Jesus Christ, but it is not talking about the birth, well we see the King James does not even say the birth, but the generation, sounds like it is the physical history or, it sounds like it has to do with the physical person of Jesus Christ, but we see that same word that is translated generation translated as nature clearly in James 3:6. We see Nestle also translates Matthew 1:1 as the word generation. It is like this word nature, it is like either it just bypassed their carnal mind, or there was such a manifestation on this word, there is a reference book that I use, it is called the Englishmen’s concordance, and you can look up, I have it in a book, and I have it on my computer, so you can take a Strong’s number, with this reference book, the Englishmen’s concordance, and look it up and it will show you all the Scriptures that use that number.

It did not work on my bible program. According to my Bible program, there were no verses for Strong’s #1078, so I said that is just really strange, and I started to try to pursue it to see if it was a wrong word in the Interlinear Text, so finally I was so confused, really Satan put such confusion on me this morning, between that and the program refusing to cut and paste, that I pulled out the book and what is really interesting, is that we just got my books up on the bookshelf in my new study that is being set up for me, so at least now I can see all of the books that I have, otherwise I would have never been able to get this book down, it just happened to be up there, so I pulled the book out, and there it is, my Bible program is wrong.

There are two Scriptures that use this word, #1078, and these are the two Scriptures, Matthew 1:1 and James 3:6, they are the only two Scriptures in the New Testament that use that Greek word. I know I am repeating myself a lot but please just bear with me. These are the only two Scriptures in the New Testament that use the Greek word identified as Strong’s #1078 and in one of them James 3:6, both Nestle and Textus Receptus agree that the word should be nature.

In Matthew 1:1, Textus Receptus and Nestle disagree as to whether or not that word should be #1078 or I think it is #1083, they disagree as to what that English word translated generation should be. I am trying to make this as uncomplicated as possible. If you want to jump forward to Strong’s #1083, it is at the bottom of page 3. Strong’s #1083 is translated birth, meaning physical birth. In this case, Textus Receptus says the word translated generation means physical birth, and that is how I always heard it taught, Matthew 1:1, and this is the book of the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of David, but Nestle says otherwise, Nestle no, that word should be Strong’s #1078, which we see translated in James 3:6 as nature.

We are going on to Strong’s #1080, this word means to be born, and the reason I put this definition in, is to show you the word, the Greek word in the Scripture that actually means to be born, because I am telling you that the Greek word translated generation in Matthew 1:1 does not mean to be born, it does not mean to be physically born, this is the book of the birth of Jesus Christ, it does not mean that. The book of the generation of Jesus Christ does not mean that this the book of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Greek word that means birth is Strong’s #1080, that is a third word. Nestle and Textus Receptus had a disagreement as to what the Greek word translated generation means, but neither one of them thought that it meant #1080, which really means to be born, that is the word, if the Scripture was really saying this is the book of the birth of Jesus Christ, we would be using #1080, not #1078, and not #1083. Everybody okay? #1080, to be born. Matthew 1:2;

Matthew 1:2 Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat Jacob, and Jacob begat Judas, and his brethren. KJV

This Strong’s #1080 is the Greek word that is translated in Matthew 1:2-16, through all of the begats, this is the word that means begat. In Matthew 20 we read;

Matthew 1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. KJV

That is really interesting because the word does not mean conceive, the Greek word in Matthew 1:20 is Strong’s #1080, and it does not mean to conceive, it means to be born. I will go over that with you more when we translate verse 20, but basically I will just tell you what this is saying to me. For that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost, that which is born in her is of the Holy Ghost. What that means is that as soon as the angel entered into Mary in preparation to reincarnate into the baby that she was about to conceive, or with the baby that she was about to conceive, the Scripture says that which is born in her, was born, the reality of what was being born in her was accomplished as soon as the angel entered into her, in the spirit, it was accomplished even before the baby was, the physical baby was conceived because the spiritual reality was that the soul was standing ready to enter into the physical baby that would formed as soon as the sperm hit the egg.

To me this is a witness to what we are saying here, that the true, the spiritual birth took place before the physical intercourse, but the King James translators, it just was not in there, they just did not conceive of it that way, this is not a spiritual translation of the book, but I believe that it witnesses to what we are teaching here. Is everybody okay? Okay. Matthew 2:4, these are also verses that are using the Greek word Strong’s #1080 meaning to be born.

Matthew 2:4 And when he had gathered all of the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born. KJV

He wanted to know where Christ would be physically born, Strong’s #1080. Matthew 19:12

Matthew 19:12 For there are some eunuchs which were so born from their mother’s womb, and there are some eunuchs which were made eunuchs of men, and there are eunuchs which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. KJV

These are physical eunuchs that were born that way. The first category was born from their mother’s womb a eunuch, Strong’s #1080, and last but not least, Luke 23:29;

Luke 23:29 For behold the days are coming in the which they shall say, blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bear, and the paps that never gave suck. KJV

I am just trying to say which, blessed are the barren, I did not write down which word means to be born, most likely that word barren, when we go on break, I will check it out, it is probably a translation of two words which means not born, but I will check that out for you, so that we get it on the message. Next is Strong’s #1083, and in all of the instances in the Scripture, concerning this concept of birth, where Textus Receptus disagrees with Nestle, this is the word that is usually, that the Textus Receptus claims is in the original Greek Scripture, Nestle says No, I have a different copy of the original Greek Scripture, and I think the word is #1078. This is now #1083, this is the word that Textus Receptus says is the right word, and this is the one time that I think I disagree with Textus Receptus, but we discussed that how we had a proof text from James. In any event, the Strong’s #1083, this Greek word is translated birth, and it appears in only two verses in the whole King James text, so we discussed that already, and I disagreed with the Textus Receptus because we had a proof text in James 1:23, I think that is one that we talked about where it said, where it talked about nature, I thought that was 3:6, hold on, James 3:6 is the one that is the tongue that is translated nature. James 1:3 and I see I do not have the verse here. I will check these two things out on the break and I will let you know what the problem is.

I told you that I was having all of that trouble with cutting and pasting, I think this James 1:23 just does not belong there. This Greek word translated birth appears in only two verses in the whole King James version text, and those two verses are Matthew 1:18;

Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. KJV

Luke 1:14 And thou shalt have joy and gladness and many shall rejoice at his birth. KJV

It is time to take a break, and this last section here is confusing me so it has to be confusing you. I want to be reviewing it before we go on. When we come back from the break, I will pick up with this #1083.

This is verse 18 of Matthew 1.

Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. KJV

Brethren I have taken alternate translations and I have moved the words around and this is what the Lord has given me. The English word birth, we are translating nature, and the phrase found with child we are translating impregnated. This is what we have got. Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One, and again it is not, if it is in the Greek, if it is talking about the Holy Spirit, there is a Greek word Holy, and a Greek word Spirit, but in this case it says, spirit first, a Greek word that says Spirit, followed by the Greek word that says Holy, which we are translating as the Spirit of the Holy One. What is the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of the Holy One. The Holy One is the glorified Jesus Christ, and He is in His Spirit, His glorified Spirit down to human beings who had no ability to connect with God, He sent His Holy Spirit to live in us, so that we can have something in us, which would be likened unto the resurrected Abel, the part of us that is supposed to communicate with God is the resurrected Abel, and he is dead, he is born in all human beings, he is born dead, and that is why the Lord sent His Holy Spirit, to replace Abel who is dead, so that there would something in us that the Spirit of the Holy One could communicate with. The Holy Spirit is female, it is the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ. The creation was made, male and female, the Scripture says we are complete in Him, He is our spiritual manhood, we are the spiritual female.

The glorified Jesus Christ is both male and female. He sent forth His female aspect to us, to human beings that had no means of communicating with God. If you stop to think about it, I really think it is self evident that He is looking to take human beings that have no means to communicate with God and give them a means to communicate with God, He is going to give them an aspect of His female self, He is not going to give them an aspect of His male self. We are talking about human beings that have no way whatsoever of communicating with God. First you have to become a spiritual female, and then Lord willing you will mature into your spiritual manhood, you do not start with your spiritual manhood and get your spiritual female aspect later. The Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ, that is sent to replace Abel, who cannot function because he is dead.

Then, after that, the Spirit of the Holy One, which is the Spirit of Christ, comes, the male aspect of Jesus, and communicates with the female aspect of Himself, that He gave to you. In other words, He is both the egg and the sperm. We are completely incapable of attaining to any measure of spirituality in Christ Jesus, or any relationship with God for that matter. The Lord Jesus came, and He gave us the female seed, and then He gave us male seed, and He is bringing forth the son who will save us in childbearing. The Holy Spirit is the female seed, and the Spirit of the Holy One is the male seed, and they are not the same thing. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ, they are not the same thing. The Greek here says, not the Holy Spirit, it is the Spirit of the Holy One, and this is alternate translation.

Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary with the nature of the Father, as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. AT

This engagement present, that is a translation of espoused, it can be translated engagement, it can be translated engagement present. I refer you to Ephesians 1:14, it says;

Ephesians 1:14 Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of His glory. KJV

This praise, the earnest of our inheritance, that means down payment. We were taught that years ago, when we were disciples in Gospel Revivals. The earnest of our inheritance, it was a down payment, it was an engagement present, and this down payment that we were given betrothed us to the Lord Jesus Christ, we are waiting for the marriage.

I switched the subjects around, and when I come in next week, I know this is a radical translation, and you are certainly entitled to see the exact wording in the Interlinear Text and how I put it together, so Lord willing I will do that for you next week, I will do as many of the subsequent verses as I can. This is the only difficult verse.

Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary with the nature of the Father, as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. AT

How was Mary impregnated with the nature of the Father? We discussed this last week, Abel was raised from the dead in her. Abel was awakened. She had the equivalent of the female seed, and the female seed is given to prepare us to receive the male seed. We will pick up next week with verse 1 and we will go through Lord willing all of those verses and I will have it all printed out for you, so you can see it. Does anybody have any questions or comments about this message.

COMMENT: You had said Joseph was part of the lineage of Judah, and then I said, Mary was part of the Levi lineage, and so that Levi one of the priesthood, and Jesus was a priest also, was He not? Because He was the royal priesthood, so I feel that Mary had something to do with Jesus in that respect. I just thought that, that had some meaning.

PASTOR VITALE: Jesus was not of the royal priesthood, in His glorification He is high priest, but not Jesus of Nazareth. We drew a conclusion that Mary was a Levite, the Scripture really does not say that, what I said was, her cousin Elizabeth was a Levite, now there could have been an intermarriage between someone of the tribe of Judah and the someone of the tribe of Levi, and one of the priest, I do not know, but she may very well have been a Levite, and I do not really see it, but if the Lord shows it to me, I do not really see any, you have not drawn any conclusion, what you said was, you think that something should be there, but if there is something there I cannot see it. Jesus was definitely not of the royal priesthood, the royal priesthood was the glorified Christ Jesus, the inner man.

If you are talking about Mary’s contribution, it would have been only part of the physical man, her contribution was to provide the female physical seed, and to be the vessel for the incarnating Holy One. I do not see it, but if the Lord shows it to me, I do not know what you are saying, it is like you brought out this point, and you are waiting for me to draw the conclusion but I do not see any conclusion.

COMMENT: I felt like you said, she is a vessel, she would be also considered then if she was from Levi, that she would be also a priest and a king, and in a similar way, we are birthing the Christ. We are like Mary, and we are priests, and there is a similarity between what she was going through and what we are going through now. It is, I mean we are kings and priests, would she possibly be a king and a priest, and her vessel brought forth the son of God, and we are bringing forth the son of God also in our physical body.

PASTOR VITALE: I do not think Mary was a king and a priest, that is the designation for the people who are pregnant with the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ. I could be wrong, but from what I could see, that she did not inherit that, at least at that time, so she was a believer in whom Abel was awakened, and she received an incarnating spiritual soul that came from the kingdom of God, but she was not a king and a priest, I do not know, I am not getting any witness to it, but like I said, well there was a similarity between her and us, okay, a similarity but not the same because we are not bringing forth a physical seed, in that way, you know, I see where you are going, but I do not really, it is not getting anywhere, it is not, nothing is being born out of it, but if I make any sense out of it, I will definitely let you know. Anybody else?


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