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Praise the Lord, we have the alternate translation of Matthew 1:18-25 completed today, we are going to start this message by reading the alternate translation of Luke 1:26-39, followed by our alternate translation of Matthew 1:18-25, and then we will pick up with out notes. The alternate translation of Luke is on pages 15 and 16 of your notes, the alternate translation of Matthew is on page 14 of your notes, after that, we will go to page 7, to begin studying in depth Matthew 1:18-25. Beginning with alternate translation Luke 1:26-39;

Luke 1:26-39 And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of the heathen circular world named Nazareth, to an unmarried woman and to Joseph who was of the house of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary. And Gabriel said to Mary, You are endowed with the good mental faculty of spiritual women, wherefore the Lord shall enter into the midst of thee, and you shall experience the calm happiness promised in the Scripture. Cain within Mary was alarmed, because she had received the Lord from above, but Abel within Mary was wondering what such a greeting might mean. So Christ the regenerated Abel, the angel within Mary said to her, do not be afraid Mary, the divine influence that comes from God has found you. Now Look, and I will show you what will soon come to pass. Your womb shall conceive and a son, a human son..., that Greek word signifies a human flesh son. ...shall be produced from the seed of..., I suggest to you Joseph, ...and the name that you shall call him by is Jesus, and He shall be called the son of the Supreme God, and He shall be great, and the Lord God shall give him the throne of David his father, and He shall rule over the house of Jacob in the age to come, and His kingdom shall never end. Then Mary said to Christ, the angel within herself, How can this happen to me, since I do not have an intimate relationship with a man? And Christ the angel within Mary said to her, The Spirit of the Holy One has visited you from above, and the supernatural power of the Supreme God has enveloped you. And the result of these events, is that the Holy One shall come into existence and He shall be called the son of God. And Look, your cousin, Elizabeth, who everyone thought was barren, has also conceived a son in her old age, and is in her sixth month of pregnancy, because nothing is impossible to God. And Mary said to Christ, the angel within herself, Look at me, I am a voluntary slave of the Lord, so I will do whatever you say. Now Mary was eager to stand up in those days, so she died to Leviathan, the mountain of pride in the midst of the spiritual cities brought into existence by the patriarch of Juda, the son of Jacob.

Page 14, Matthew 1:18-25. Now this is the reason that all of that happened that I just read to you about in Luke.

Matthew 1:18-25 This is why the Spirit of the Holy one impregnated Mary, the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father, as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male, and therefore was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience with Gabriel, rather than expose her to public ridicule. Nevertheless, Joseph was encouraged by these things, and behold an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s dream state, or the trance state that he was in, as he prayed about everything that Mary told him, he went into a deep meditation, and an angel shined into that deep meditation and entered into his thought process, as he sought God. Nevertheless, Joseph was encouraged by these things and behold an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s dream state saying, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to learn from Mary your wife, because the Spirit that is regenerated in her is Holy, it is not Cain regenerated in her, it is Abel regenerated in her, and the regenerated Abel is Christ. And she shall produce a human son from your seed, and you shall call him by the name of Jesus because he shall deliver His people from their sins. All of this happened to bring to pass what the Lord spoke by the prophet saying, behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David, and they shall call His name Emmanuel which is the translation of God in the midst of us. Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him to do, and learned from, or believed his wife. But Joseph did not have the same experience himself as Mary did, until Mary gave birth to their son, and they called Him by the name Jesus.

Obviously some of the alternate translations of these words are essential in this translation, so I have printed out the alternate translation for you, I do not have any notes written on it, but at least you have the Strong’s numbers if you want to check them out for yourself. I think that even if we do get all of these seven verses done today, which we may or we may not, I think we will do another part of this, because as I read the alternate translation to you, I saw so many comments that I would have like to have made to you, and so many issues that you really cannot see until you look at the alternate translation. In other words, the house of David, and the fact that the seed has to come from David, I think there were two or three references in those verses that we just read.

I myself have been believing that, that seed was planted, was the seed of God, but it was not, the seed was the seed of the human child that would be Messiah, the human child that would come forth from the house of David, but He would be anointed with the Holy One, the Holy One would be inside of Him, but the seed, the huis, Greek word, the seed sometimes used as animal, sometimes used of humans, was talking about Messiah, the descendant of David, of the house of David. Messiah has to be a human physical person who was anointed of the Holy One, like David was. David was indwelt by the Holy One of Israel. He was not perfect, he was very imperfect, we have a, well these is a message from our other site called Christ Centered Kabbalah, talking about how very imperfect David was, but in his favor, is that he did, the Scripture tells us he did everything that the Lord wanted him to do. The only thing that, of all of the things that he did, the only thing that the Scripture mentions that was really, that the Lord indicts him for, that I can see in the Scripture, the only thing that I can see in the Scripture that he actually indicts David for, is killing Uriah, the husband of Bethsheba, but David did lots of bad things, so why is he not indicted for them? I think the reason that he is not indicted for them is because the Lord knows that David was just a human being. David was not called to perfection in the days that he was on the earth, he was called to obedience, obedience to the indwelling Holy One, that was what he was called to be, obedient, he was not called to be perfect, he was anything but perfect.

David himself came under judgment more than once. Messiah is going to be in a similar condition, and all of us today that are receiving the cutting of you know the life of Jesus Christ, so that we too can have a similar experience, to what king David had. We are all manifestations of Messiah, we are all manifestations of the collective Messiah who is the Holy One whose is indwelling all of us, and the days of king David, king David was the only one that was indwelt by the Holy One. Today, as the new covenant begins to appear in people, we see many having similar experiences to David being indwelt by the Holy One, but being ever so imperfect, repenting and having our sins forgiven, but that is not the end of it, the end of it is that now in this dispensation, we do have the opportunity to go into perfection, David did not have the opportunity to become perfect.

The mechanism that will enable human beings to ascend into perfection was not set in place in the days of David. He was brutal. I pointed out in a recent message how he burned the citizens of the people that he was at war with, he was a brutal man. You know when I used to read in the Scripture that the Lord said to David, You cannot build my house because you are bloody man, you shed too much blood. To me, I just thought, Well he was a bloody man, he went to war. It did not occur to me at that time that he not only was a soldier, he was brutal, and I do not believe that the Lord told him to be brutal. I believe that the Lord raised up a soldier and he was human, with certain qualitites that you would associate with a soldier. You cannot expect someone who lives their whole life on the battle field killing people legitimately to have perfect discipline and never go over the line or doing anything wrong, am I saying it is right? Of course not, I am just being practical.

He was a soldier. He was raised up to break things, kill and break things. That is what soldiers do, and that is the way society was, in that time, in that time period, and the plan of God for the salvation and deliverance of humanity, was not perfected at that time. This is a violent world. We are in a criminal world, and Israel was a source of righteous judgment at that time. David made mistakes, he went over the line and he was disciplined for it, but he was not perfect, the Lord did not expect him to be perfect. In this dispensation, now that Jesus Christ is resurrected, we all have the opportunity to ascend into perfection, but not before we kill our old man.

You cannot be in perfection and have the Serpent’s child alive and well in you. We will be in imperfect, and we will be a double minded man, and we will be conflicted people until the process of deliverance is completed. This concept of what Jesus the Christ did for us is very unclear. I never heard it until the Lord brought to me directly. We are not saved from our sins because Jesus Christ exists in a heavenly place. You see, brethren, look, we are teachers, we are called to be teachers. People have questions. Jesus Christ was raised 2,000 years ago, look at the world, look at Christianity, what is the problem? I do not anybody out there that has the answers brethren, this is the answer. The resurrection of Jesus Christ does not bring us unto perfection, and it is the perfection that will bring righteousness to the world, we are talking about the conversion of the fallen nature of mankind, that is what we are talking about. The resurrected and ascended Jesus Christ does not bring that to pass, everybody knows that, it is 2,000 years, where is the promise of His coming, right? What is going on here, the church is slipping and sliding, they have all of the qualities of the nature of the world and the people of the world, sometimes people in the world are more righteous than the people in the church, much too often, that is the case.

The resurrection and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has not saved us, neither has His return to the earth in the form of the Holy Spirit saved us, saved us from what? From our sins. What does that mean? Our sins produce death, and the environment of death which is hell. I am still in hell, I have a pain right now, still have this infection, cannot get rid of it, I am in hell when Satan attacks me, Satan in my own mind probably attacks me as I try to bring forth a message like this. We are in the process of being saved, but to say we are fully saved, I want to be fully saved, is this fully saved? I am not satisfied with what I have. My understanding is that full salvation is deliverance from all forms of torment, pain, sickness, death, mental torment, physical torment, emotional torment, and that all of those qualities should be replaced by peace, and calm, and sanity, and every consistent calm sanity in my life.

If you want to say you are saved, God bless you, I am not saved, because I do not have those things, and if you think you are saved and you do not have them, you are deceived. If you think you are saved and you will get them after you physically die and go to some other place, you are deceived. What is the story here, is the Scripture a lie, is Jesus unfaithful? Has He not kept His word? No, no, brethren, this is the essence of salvation, I shall put my laws in your heart, I shall give you a new heart, I shall circumcise your heart of flesh, and deliver you from hardness of heart. I shall make you a man after my own heart. The promise is a new nature.

The promise of salvation is manifested in the form of a new nature that is incapable of sin. So what is the problem, where is it? It is right here, salvation is right here, even closer than you could even imagine. What is the problem? A squatter is in His place. That man of sin is sitting in your temple, in your mind and in your heart and in your emotions, and it is taking so far 2,000 years and it is obviously not completed yet, 2,000 years since the resurrection, since the power and the mechanism came into play, actually since the day of Pentecost when He returned, 2,000 years that the mechanism to bring us into perfection has been in place, 2,000 years that mechanism called Christ Jesus or called Christ in you the hope of glory, has been struggling with your sin nature and my sin nature, and demonstrated or typified by the struggle between Jacob and the angel, the night before Jacob was to meet his brother who he expected to try to kill him. There is a squatter in the house brethren. The trick is to get him out without killing us, that is the trick, to get him out without killing us. What am I saying? I am saying that Jesus is faithful, we are the problem, 2,000 years of suffering, torment, wars, killing, death torture, that did not have to be, except for the sin nature of mankind, but it is not over yet, it is not over yet, it cannot be over yet because God cannot lie.

It is impossible for God to lie, therefore, we need to know as surely as we know that we are sitting here right now, that, that man of sin will be ejected from the temple of God, and he will be replaced by the son of God, Jesus. It is going to happen, and it is going to happen without killing us, we may feel like we are dying, but it is going to happen without killing us. We will not die. That is the bottom line.

Salvation is Christ in you, salvation is not some place in the by and by. Forgiveness of sins means, that a mechanism that will wipe sin out of your life is in place. How do you wipe sin out? You have to replace it with righteousness. The mechanism to put righteousness in your heart is in place, and salvation is the actual impartation of righteousness to you, step #1, step #2, the destruction of the squatter, and he shall be destroyed by the brightness of His coming, Paul said. Amen? The church does not want to hear that. That is the story, nobody is saved except Jesus, as far as I know, nobody is saved, we are in the process of being saved, and the Scripture says that if Christ is grafted to you, you are this day alive, because Jesus is the life, if you have His seed, or His son grafted to you, you are considered alive because you have life grafted to you, but it is a life, it is being alive by faith brethren, because anybody that is truly alive cannot be killed, you cannot die if your essence, if your inner core is life, how can you kill life? Life cannot die. You shoot it, it stands up. Is that not what happened to Jesus? Did they not crucify Him and He stood up? He stood up in another form. You cannot kill life.

The only reason we die is because we are already dead. Life is grafted to us, so we have the benefits of life, well some of the benefits of life in this existence. What are the benefits of life, or what are some of the benefits of life? That we have relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we have an advocate that will fight for us. Who is against us? What do you mean fight for us? Satan, the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment claims that we all deserve death, because we sin of every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, from the unconscious part of our mind. Satan would like to kill us. Brethren, we are Cain, we are the descendants of Cain, who the Lord put a mark on his head. Do you know how long, how many years I asked the Lord that question? Why did Cain think that someone was going to kill him? When Jehovah put Cain out of the garden, Cain, said, Oh, boy I am in trouble, everyone that comes by is going to kill me. The Scripture says, Jehovah put a mark on Cain’s forehead and said, nobody can kill this Cain. For years I asked what that was all about. Who was going to kill him?

Brethren, man was formed on the sixth day, well first of all, you must know that Cain was the residue of the fallen Adam, Cain and Abel were the residue of the fallen Adam, Cain killed Abel and Cain was put out of the garden. Cain is the residue of Adam who fell. Adam was formed on the sixth day brethren. Adam is the whole man. Just as there are many parts to us, so if you want to take yourself as an example, we have a heart, we have a spleen, and we have lungs, it is an illusion that you are one person. It is an illusion that I am one person, there are all kinds of organs inside of me and blood and trillions of cells that form the different parts of my body.

In the same manner, there are parts, inner parts to the whole man, Adam, many trillions of cells, of different specialized cells, and they manifest as different species, and they exist in the invisible planes, some of them friendly and some of them hostile, many of them hostile, it is my understanding that most of them are hostile, and they need to be kept under the authority of the one that God gave the authority to. That is why Jehovah said to Adam in the garden, He said, I am putting you in the garden, now you have got to keep it, but that Hebrew word translated keep means militarily guard. Brethren, I have been teaching this here for years, when God gives you authority, you better hold on to it, in the most godly way that you can with all that you have got, because if that stick is taken out of your hand, you are going to have one bunch of trouble getting it back. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?

Once you give that authority away, now you have a warfare to get it back from the person that took it, when you lay down your rod of authority. Over the years, sometimes I have been too hard on you all, but that is where I was coming from, better to be too hard, then to give away what God gave you. You would not want to be there, you would not be there, not only spiritually, in the natural, you would not live an existence where you are ten year old children were riding mug shot over you, you all have children here, well most of you have children here, you would not want that, you would not want your teenagers running your household, only disaster could come out of it. It is a very real analogy, any authority God gives you anywhere, not only over a meeting like this, if you have authority in your job, anything. If you are a cashier brethren in the supermarket, you have authority over the people lined up that want to check out. Are you going to let them walk up to you and tell you how to run your register? Would you really let that happen? Anybody? I cannot think of a simpler explanation than that. If I walked up to a cashier and said, You are pushing the wrong buttons, you are doing that wrong, and I want to show you how to operate your cash register, what would you say to me? If I was the cashier, I would say, Your nuts, hold on I am going to get my boss, you cannot touch my cash register!

Adam is the name of the whole man, and Adam’s name of the singular consciousness that rules over the whole man, which means all of the species of the invisible planes that were created to be a part of the inner workings of the whole man. Is anybody not following me? When Adam fell, you know he did not cease to exist. What does it mean that Adam fell? It means he gave away his right of authority. He gave away his right of authority brethren. Can you imagine the skin of your body dissolving and your heart going that way and your lungs going that way, and all your blood cells going wherever they wanted? That is fantastical example of what happened to Adam, and all of these parts of himself consists of other species, that now possess the authority of the singular Adam who is now under their authority in the person of whom? Who are we talking about here, who is the residue of Adam?

Cain. The authority of Adam is now existing in the authority of Cain, and all of the species that were inside of him that were really not happy about not being the number one, now have picked up Adam’s rod of authority, and Cain said, They are all going to kill me. I have ruled over them, I have said, You are a heart cell, and you stay over there, and you are a lung cell and you stay over there, and I have said, You, you are out of line, you want to be bigger than you are, you stay down where you are, I have ruled over all of them, and now, we are told in the book of Isaiah, even hell, hell has seen his fall, I think it is Isaiah 14, and those in hell watched him fall and they said, Now you have become as weak as we. That is the alternate translation, Isaiah 14.

That is us, we are Cain, and there are many, many species in the invisible planes that not only can but do kill us, they kill us from lifetime to lifetime. They drink our spiritual blood, they seduce us to sin, they hate us. That is what Cain was talking about, that is who is going to kill him, that is who is going to kill you and me, if we do not win the race in this lifetime, what race? The race against all the entities of hell that are trying to kill us. Our inner core will survive if Christ is grafted to us, but of course the inner core always survives, but we will survive with life grafted to us, if we pursue Him with all of our strength. That does not mean to put you in bondage, if you pursue Him, you have to chase after Him, you have to pant after Him, if you want His blessings, if you want the benefits.

That is the reality of salvation, that is the reality of who we are, we are Cain with a mark in our forehead. This is groundhog day, you die, you are born again, you die, you are born again, why? Because Jehovah said that, they cannot kill us, so we just keep getting born again, until we get it right, but we will never get it right, because we do not even remember who we were in the days of our glory. As a matter of fact, we have the mind set of Cain, which is a mind set of a murderer.

Brethren, we are Cain, do you know what that makes us murderers. Who did we murder? We murdered the Christ, Abel the high priest of Jehovah. What does that mean? It means our natural inclination is to kill Christ wherever He pokes His head out from under the ground that we put Him under, and that anti-Christ spirit is in you, and it is in me, and it is in every human being born of a woman, a murderous intention towards Christ. I am telling you the truth, I do not know where that came from, and I do not know what it has to do with today’s message, but somebody needed to hear it, I just gave you the truth of our condition, and who we are, murderers, and there is a death sentence that is being dispatched against us, and Satan lusts to execute that or enforce that sentence, but it is only a temporary sentence because we cannot die, why? Because Jehovah intends to restore us to righteousness. That restoration entails the death of Cain.

Cain killed Abel and now Abel has to rise up and kill Cain, not that Cain should cease to exist, but that Cain and all of the entities of hell, all of the other species in the astral plane, or wherever they are, should come under the authority of the singular mind of the last Adam. All of our blood cells and all of our organs that are floating around all over the place, having an existence of their own, have to come back into the right configuration that is called the last Adam, they all have to bend their knee, and agree that whatever he says, if he says you are liver cell, you are a liver cell, if he said you are a heart cell, you are a heart cell, if he says you are a toe, then you are a toe, and if he says you are a brain, then you are a brain, and we should all be content with what we have, you know you should content with your poverty. If you have a cup of corn to eat today, you should be content with that. Do not try to get any more, do not pray, you prayed once, do not pray again. Remember that nonsense, you prayed once, do not pray once, and God did not heal you, do not pray again. All of this crazy teaching in the church. Paul did not mean be content with your poverty, he did not mean be content with your physical or mental or emotional infirmity, he meant if you are a soldier in the army of the Lord, and not a general, be content with what you have. May everybody fulfill the call on your life, everybody is not called to a public ministry, everybody is not called to teach.

Some people are called to be helpers, and you are just as important as the teacher because this is a team effort. That is what Paul said. Over the years lots of people have come in here, come in here and passed out of here and their whole purpose was to build their own ministry, usually they do not last very long, because if the Lord brings you here it is to help you to be a part of this ministry. If at some time in the future He gives you your own ministry, that is fine, but to come here with a mind set that you are treading water until you get your own ministry, is not a right spirit and you are not being content with what you have. That is what Paul was talking about. Be content with what you are called to, and if the Lord brings you here and in a few years it is His plan that you would have your own ministry, He will replace you, He is not going to create a lack in this ministry so that you could have your own ministry.

You have got to get out of the me, me, me, me, me, if you want to fulfill that commandment. Be content with what you have, not with poverty, or with any kind of affliction in your life, you never stop praying from deliverance from something that is wrong in your life, or that is causing you discomfort in your life, and you could always ask for a miracle, and if you cannot teach, but you would like to teach, you can say, Lord I would like to teach, and then you have to let it go, if He does it, He does it, if He does not do it, He does not do it.

I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to be a musician, with all of my heart, I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed until the Lord got tired of hearing from me, and He raised up a family in the church to turn their whole home over to me, and I just wanted their piano, but they left, and I fooled with that piano for a whole evening and the anointing came down, and He did something when I walked out of the house, and He said, That is it, girl, I have had it. You do not have time to practice an instrument, you are called to study and teach, be content with what you have.

Even if He could have just turned a screw and made me a great musician, which He has done, we saw it in our church, that is where I got the idea, someone just lay hands on me and let me all of a sudden be a musician, well the Lord does not give you a skill for you to not use it. If you are a musician, then you need to be playing for the people. I do not have time to play for the people, I do not have time to do what I do here, I do not have time to get my notes out, I do not have time to study, how am I going to even take an hour playing a musical instrument for you, let the musicians play the music, be content with what you have Sheila, you are a teacher, you are not singer, you are not a musician, you are not an artist, you are not good at figuring out how to make more space here, you all do that for me.

Everybody is not always envious of the teacher, sometimes people want to be anything else, be content with what you have, in so far as your talents and your skills and what you can contribute to the work of the Lord in the body of Christ. Do not be content with poverty, do not be content with physical, emotional, or spiritual illness, and do not be content with anything that is unrighteous or wrong, in your life. All I could say is, I thank God, and this is completely apart from me personally, I thank God that there is a teacher in the church today that is enlightening people as to the truth of what Paul was talking about, or what the whole Scripture is talking about, even if not many people want it right now, some day they are going to want it, because the understanding of the Scripture that is available today in many cases just brings death and destruction, the understanding is deadly. To understand the Scripture on a carnal level, it will kill you, is that not what the Scripture says, the Scripture says that, to take a spiritual work and interpret it on a carnal level is death to your soul, and it is certainly death to Christ in you.

Like I said, I do not know where that came from, I am not going to ask for questions or comments because we have all of this work to do, somebody had to hear that somewhere. I just want to give you a short testimony, I preached an exhortation on Sunday, I think it lasted for at least an hour, and I said I had no idea where this is coming from, and then a couple of days later, I went to answer an email that had been sent to me by one of the brethren out of state, and there was that question that I had answer before, before I read the question, and I answered it and it was a very excellent message, I think it was called Strength To Ascend, I have preached so many messages I do not know which one it was, I do not even remember what is in them, until the Lord reminds me. That exhortation although it did not seem to fit in with this message at all, was for somebody, somebody that most likely will be hearing this message needs to hear it, or maybe not, maybe it just went out in the spirit for somebody to hear it. This is the supernatural ministry of Christ Jesus. People have to be ministered to supernaturally as well as naturally, because no matter how many teachers there are, eventually there has to be more teachers of the doctrine of Christ, and ministry of reconciliation, but that is not enough, it has to be a supernatural ministry that goes forth. What I mean is, it can’t be the ministry of the individuals, it has to be a ministry that is greater than the individual. We are on page 7. Matthew 1:18, King James;

Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise, when as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. KJV

I call this a work up, I am just telling which words I am giving different translations for. The word birth, we did this study on part 5, that this word birth means nature. What I wanted to point out to you, and I see it is in the wrong place, if you just go down a little bit pass Ephesians 1:14, you see my comment there, it says, well first of all if you look at your Interlinear Text, you will see that the word birth, it is translated differently by the two translators, and I explained all of that on part 5, one is the Textus Receptus, and the other is the Nestle, and you could take either words, two men, well Textus Receptus is not even a man, that is document, two legitimate sources of the alternate translation disagree, so that means you can choose either word that you want, I could choose either word that I want, you do not even have to be a translator, you can take either word, both words are considered legitimate. Where it says comment, Strong’s #1078, actually both words initially mean nature, Strong’s 1078 and Strong’s 1083. Strong’s 1078 is from is derived from another Greek word, Strong’s 1074, which means a generation or an age, and that is how the King James used it, they took 1078 and they are saying these are the generations of Jesus Christ. That is how most Christians would take it, that is the concept that the King James translations send forth. Strong’s 1083 means nativity more than nature, but that which is inherited, nature which is inherited, and it is from another Greek word that is Strong’s #1080. Strong’s #1080 means to procreate or properly from the father, meaning the nature of the father as opposed to the nature of the mother. We are going to be translating that word the nature of the father.

The English phrase on this wise, the Greek word translated on this wise can also be translated after that, and the Greek word translated espoused, it means if you look that up in the King James yourself it means souvenir, and I thought I wrote that up somewhere, souvenir on the top of page, if you look up souvenir in the English dictionary, one of the words, one of the synonyms, I guess I did not put it in, I think I put it in and it was one of the things that Satan just was deleting things from my notes this morning.

If you want this you will have to look it up yourself, if you look up the word souvenir in an English dictionary, it means a remembrance, something to be remembered by, and that is the Spirit of God, He gives us His Spirit, so that He will remember us. This is interesting because you may have heard this preached in the church, that we are given the Holy Spirit so that as a remembrance of God, but He puts His Spirit in us so that He will remember us. I do not know if I said that clearly enough.

I was talking to somebody the other night and I said to them, you know I have known for a long time, there are some people that the Lord will let walk away, and other people cannot walk away from Him, He will plague you until you come back to Him. This is what happened to the Hebrew children in Egypt, and we are doing this study in the CCK classes right now, it was Jehovah plaguing Pharaoh in the Hebrew children, why? Because His life was in them.

Once His son is in you, if you the personality, we the personality, we have the power to be disobedient to God, and to do or to engage in a lifestyle that will literally kill the Christ within us. That is when the Lord goes after you, if His son, if you are a personality, if you are a human, which technically is half a man, you are not a whole man until Christ is grafted to you, Christ is in there joined to your female part, which we are the female part, if you are pregnant with His son, He is not going to let you walk away, He is going to plague you until you cry out to God to help you.

Most of the time, we are all so ignorant, brethren, I am not insulting you, including myself, we are so ignorant when it comes to the things of God, I mean I was called at ten years old, did I know I was walking away from Him? I did not have a clue, I did not have a clue, but I was rebellious and disobedient, and I was filled with pride, and I walked away from His provision for me, I could have been studying Hebrew, I could have been speaking Hebrew by now, I gave up that study, for no intelligent reason. He plagues us until we call out to Him and says, Jesus help us.

I do not know what I did in a previous life, but as a young child, ten or twelve years old, I was saying, God I do not know what I did but I am sorry. That is how I was plagued, to that point! I used to sit on my bed and say, I do not know what I did but I am sorry, please help me. I did not know Jesus at the time, I said, God, I do not know what I did, that this is happening to me, but please help me. He plagued me until I came back to Him. So a souvenir, is He puts His Spirit in us that He should be able to find us down here, now I am just speaking in terms of a parable, because we know God is not human, but when He looks down on us, that is my parable, when He looks down on us, and He looks at all of mankind, He is going for the ones that He remembers.

This may be a hard word brethren, but it is time for everybody to grow up, and it is not that God is a respecter of persons, because if you pant after Him long enough, He will remember you too. The reason that He does not remember you is that you departed from Him, whoever you are, you departed from Him and you went away from Him, so He does not remember you.

As soon as the plagues on your life become severe enough, and you start yelling, screaming, that is what you have to do, you have to scream, Jesus, Jesus help me!That is how I survived, I should have died multiple time, I must have yelled very loud because I am here today, then He remembers you. He remembers you when you remember Him. When you remember Him, He gives you a remembrance of Himself, to connect you to Him so that He knows that He can come back to you. That is what this word means. She was espoused but not to Joseph, she was espoused to the Lord. We have talked about this, Mary was a holy woman, she was a prophetess, she was a woman of God on her knees like Daniel was in his day, crying out to God, saying, How long will my people be in this condition, when will the promises of the Scripture come to pass, and an angel visited her, actually an angel rose up in the midst of her dream state or her trance state, or her deep prayer with God. That is what we just read about happened to Joseph.

People that go into deep prayer, do you not close your eyes when you go into deep prayer, most people close their eyes, I am different than everybody I do not know where I came from, but anyway, you go into another state, when you are in deep prayer crying out to God, banging on the walls, banging on the floor, you are in another state of mind, you are in an altered state of consciousness. Some people call an altered state of consciousness a trance, some people call it a dream state depending on what spiritual philosophy, the terminology of which spiritual philosophy you are using.

That is what happened to Joseph, he heard what Mary had to say to him, and he went into deep prayer, he got all excited, he said, Wow, could this possibly be true coming out of woman? We are told in our alternate translation that there was something inside of him that was excited. What inside of him was excited? Abel inside of him was excited. Cain in him was saying, No, what good thing could come out of a woman? I do not want her telling this story to all of our society because they are going to mock her and ridicule her, not that she was pregnant, that the angel Gabriel visited a woman. Brethren that is not at all very far from the Pharisee saying to Jesus, How come God visited you, did you go to school? Are you a member of the Sanhedrin? Are you a member of the priestly class? Who gave you your authority? That is what the Pharisees said to Him. That is what Cain always says to Abel. That is what Joseph wanted to protect Mary from, all of the Pharisees that would have condemned her. I had a Rabbi say to me once, when he was trying to evangelize me and bring me back to Judaism, and I told him at one point that I prophesied, and he said to me, Go ahead prophesy.

Of course I could just prophesy at will, you prophesy when God has something to say to you, and the Lord will never speak to an attitude like that. That is what Joseph was protecting her from, all of those Pharisees. When I first came to the Lord, and I gave my testimony that God met me in a Jewish synagogue at ten years old, all of the Pharisees in the Pentecostal church rose up, especially the Pharisees who were daughters of a pastor, that made them special, they were daughters of a pastor, and they told me that it was impossible, I could not have had that experience, that it could not possibly have been Jesus.

They threw me into confusion, but I prayed. The one thing nobody could ever take away from you is your own experience or your own personal relationship with the living God. I prayed and I said, Lord, what do I do? I went back to them and I told all of those three daughters of that holy pastor whoever he was, I never met him, it was not the pastor of that church, and even if he was a holy pastor, I do not know how that makes his daughters experts, that I had my experience, the Lord found me in Jewish synagogue, and he touched me there and He has not let go of me since and He is the only one that could change my mind. That is what I believe, and to this day, that was thirty years ago that I had a confrontation with these three well meaning women.

I was a beginner and a new comer and they were going to fix me up in accordance with their doctrine and their carnal understanding. This is why nobody should counsel, nobody unless it is the spirit of counsel coming from Christ Jesus within you, be quiet, you can really do damage.

That is what Joseph wanted to defend her from, not that she was pregnant before they were married. Cain said, that is Cain’s doctrine, that Joseph wanted to defend her from the condemnation of being pregnant before they were married, but Cain, what is the overriding characteristic of Cain who is the female animal? No, that she is a liar, but no, Cain is confused, she is always confused, Cain is always confused, she gets most everything backwards. Mary was engaged to the Lord. What does that mean? Brethren, the fulfillment of the promise of marriage to the Lord, is complete salvation, that is what happened to Jesus, he completely integrated with the inner man that was sent from God, with the inner man that incarnated with Him, the two of them were so completely integrated, that of the twain He made one new man. That is in the book of Ephesians. Jesus, the personality and the man, the aspect of God that was sent to Him, became one whole man.

Jesus was the female aspect, I can hear the church screaming. Jesus was a human being born of a woman, he was spiritually female, and the spiritual male incarnated with him just like Christ Jesus is trying to get inside of you and marry you. The spiritual male incarnated with Him and married Him. Jesus in the days of His flesh was female, until He stood up, when He stood up, He was male, and they became one spiritual being called Christ Jesus, and together, they departed from the confused animal, they shed His physical body, and left for other planes of consciousness, and the body, the physical body dissolved, that is why they could not find it, it dissolved.

All of us brethren, including me, we are engaged, I hope you are all engaged, I think everybody here is engaged, nobody is married. To be fully, we are in the process of being married, and the level of the process or the degree of the process that were up to is engagement, but engagement means at least Scripturally speaking, that the marriage has not yet been consummated.

We are all widows, do you understand? We are all widows, I guess we are not widows because we are engaged, I do not know whether we would be called widows or not, but we are engaged, we are not married, we are engaged to the Lord, we are waiting for Him to come and marry us, join completely, join us completely to His manhood, His spiritual manhood and depart from this flesh which is a pain in my back side all of the time, I got a pain here and a pain there, it is always bothering me, it is in my way, this body is in my way, this body is not me, but I am still attached to it, that means I am not married yet, but I am engaged. I know I am engaged because my fiancé talks to me all of the time, He is talking to me right now, so I know that I am engaged, and He is very active in my life, but the marriage has not been consummated yet.

In Bible days you just, you know just, I do not even think there was a ceremony, it is just that both families knew about it and there was a marriage contract, you know, you had to pay a bridal price, and then the woman just went into the man’s house, and as soon as the marriage was consummated, that was it. What is it going to be like to have the marriage consummated? I do not really know, but it has to be better than this. This horse of mine is giving me trouble, I am complaining to the Lord about it. Mary was engaged to the Lord, she was a prophetess, she was a holy woman. Gabriel did not come to visit her when she was baking cookies. There is nothing wrong with baking cookies, but I would be lying to you if I told you that you should expect a visitation from an angel when you are baking cookies.

If you have hopes of being visited by an angel, then read your Bible or pray, do something spiritual, and hope that you will be visited, but not while you are baking cookies, it is not likely. Unless, there is an exception to that, unless Christ Jesus is already formed in you, the Lord talks to me no matter what I am doing, He talks to me, but most times He talks to me when I present myself to spiritual work, but sometimes He talks to me, but He is very prominent in me.

Remember, Mary existed before the resurrection so she did not have an internalized Christ Jesus like we can have. The angel appeared to her through Abel, her mortal foundation. In those days there were people in that condition, people who were still pretty carnal, just starting out with the Lord. Do not expect the Lord to speak to you while you are baking cookies, you have to run after Him. In my condition the Lord knows that I am only baking cookies, well not baking cookies, that is supposed to be a joke, that I am cooking and doing these things because I have to eat and live, otherwise I would be with Him all of the time. I hope I made that point.

It was Mary who was espoused to the Lord, she was the handmaiden of the Lord, we read that in the translation from the, she was the Lord’s handmaiden, His fiancé. The Greek word translated when as we are translating for and the Greek word came together we are translating cohabit, and this Greek word translated with childmeans holding in her womb, and we see spirit, spirit, if you are looking at the Interlinear Text, of the ghost meaning spirit, and that word holy is translated holy one,the spirit of the Holy One, it is different than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in the church today is the Holy Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ, it is the lowest part, if you want to think of the glorified Jesus Christ as a ladder, the Holy Spirit that is in the church today is the lowest rung on that ladder, and it is of Him, it is the lowest rung of His glorified being, He is the ladder that we are climbing up on, so He did exist yet, the man Jesus was not even born yet at the time we are talking about.

This could not be the Holy Spirit that is in the church today, so it is the Spirit of the Holy One. The Hebrew name for Him, today we would call Him Christ Jesus, but the form that the Holy One was taking in that day, well we will just call Him the son, you know, there is a Hebrew name, but there is no point in mentioning it here. I gave you a reference here, Ephesians 1:14.

Now after that, the Spirit of the Holy One gave the nature of the Father to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, for an engagement present. AT

That must be a translated of the Greek word translated espoused which means souvenir, you can see it in Strong’s that it means souvenir, and if you look it up in the English dictionary, it can be translated engagement present. We are translating the Greek word translated espoused as an engagement present. As a reference I give you Ephesians 1:14.

Ephesians 1:14 Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession unto the praise of His glory. KJV

What that means the earnest of our inheritance, that means down payment, and it is talking about the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that is in the church today. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that is in the church today is the down payment of our inheritance. I do not understand how any Bible reading Christian can say that nothing comes after the Holy Spirit, unless you believe it comes after you physically die. The Holy Spirit, if you want to look this up yourself in verse, in the previous verses, it is telling us that this verse is talking about the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, it is the down payment, look up that word earnest, in Strong’s it means down payment of our inheritanceuntil the redemption, until we are fully redeemed, until the redemption of the purchased possession. We humanity, Cain, we are the purchased possession, we went into slavery, when Jehovah put Cain out of the garden, we went into slavery, and Jesus Christ has bought us back. He bought us back, but the only way we will be restored is if we die to what we became. Cain wanted to be the big shot, so she killed, the one who had authority over her, and then she died herself. The only one Cain can be restored, is to submit to the authority that we killed. First that authority has to be raised from the dead, and then we have to submit to it, and we all have to learn submission in every area. This country is just filled with rebellion today, so we have a lot going against us, a lot of things that are considered normal and natural in this country, are considered rebellion by God.

This is it, Ephesians 1:14, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, the down payment of our inheritance until we are redeemed, and to be redeemed means to be brought back. How will we know that we are brought back, when we are restored to the place where we fell from. We will know that we are fully redeemed. Alternate translation Matthew 1:18;

Matthew 1:18 Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. AT

Brethren, that is the perfectly legitimate translation, of the Interlinear Text. What does that mean, what is the nature of the Father? Brethren, the nature of the Father that was given to Mary was the incarnating being that entered into her, it was the Holy One of Israel incarnated with her. You know the Bible says we are half a man, there are different words in both the Greek and Hebrew for Adam and for mortal man, because mortal man if you look up the definition, it is not, we are not a whole man, we are spiritually female, that is why the Scripture says, we are complete in Him, when Christ Jesus joins Himself to us, and when Christ joins Himself to us, He is our spiritual manhood, and He is our potential for Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, to sit on the throne of our heart, and be a continuous source of the power and energy and wisdom and everything that we need that comes from God. The nature of the Father was in the angel that entered into her and incarnated with her. What does this mean? It means that Jesus of Nazareth was born as a completed man, even though he was an infant, His humanity was completed by the incarnated angel, He was male and female at the time of His birth.

We are all doing all that we can do to become male now after birth, but Jesus of Nazareth was born as a spiritual male because of the incarnating Holy One, the Holy One incarnated with him, the Holy One of Israel, the son of God. Matthew 1:19, King James;

Matthew 1:19 Then Joseph her husband being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily. KJV

If you want to follow along with the Interlinear Text, we changed a few words here, we chose other translations of a few words. The Greek word translated husband, it specifically means male. That is very important because all physical human beings are spiritually female. This word male is indicating that Joseph was a spiritual male, now it was an imputed male, he had to be an imputed male. To be an imputed male, that means he was someone who had a relationship with the Lord, he was a serious believer.

We are back from the break, and there is a mistake in your notes, at the very bottom of page 7, where it says work up, Joseph now, I put the paren in the wrong place, it should the word then should be in parentheses, and there should be no paren around the word male. What I am saying here is that the Greek translated then meansnow, and the Greek word translated husband, it simply means male, and I found that word used in many of my studies to designate a spiritual manhood. The Greek word translated just can also be translated holy, innocent or equitable, and equitable is the English translation of the Hebrew word that is used to mean justified before God. We are going to keep the word just, I just want to explain it to you, it does not just mean that Joseph was a just man, meaning he had morals, but Joseph was justified, he was in right standing with his God. That is the only way we can be justified, he was in right standing with his God, and he was a spiritual male. The Greek word translated and, we are translating therefore, and then we read he was not willing to make her a public example. The Greek word translated willing we are going to translate it preferred, so it should really be willing should be in parentheses, because the English word in your King James, the other word is in parentheses.

This word translated not, we are translating rather than, and the Greek word translated public example, I think that is a double Greek word there, public, yes if you look at the Interlinear Text, you will see that Nestle disagrees with the Textus Receptus, the Textus Receptus says the right word here, or the word in the Script, in the Greek Interlinear Text, called the Textus Receptus is Strong’s #3856, but Nestle says that, that word should be Strong’s #1165. I think that is very interesting because Strong’s #1165, let me see if I wrote it down, well I did not write it down, here, okay I have it for you right over here, public example, I believe it is what the Textus Receptus says, but Nestle says that, that word Strong’s #1165, I hope I have it right because I did not write it down. If anyone wants to check me out on this, the two words here that are translated to make a public example, are Strong’s #3856, and #1165, and they have the numbers reversed, but I believe that, it is Strong’s #3856 that means to exhibit or to make a public example, but it is Strong’s #1165 that can also be translated a specimen. I have a definition from an English dictionary as to what specimen means, it can mean one of a number of things, something taken to show the character of the whole. For example this painting is an example of display work, it can also be a pattern or a model, or something that is to be imitated or avoided. What I am suggesting to you here, is that Joseph did not want Mary to be a specimen or an example, signifying something that never happened before. He did not want, let us say, okay, here is the example that I give you, this will help me explain this to you. John 12:9 says:

John 12:9 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that He was there, and they came not for Jesus’ sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom Jesus raised from the dead. KJV

Lazarus was a specimen, he was an example, he was something to be exhibited, he was one who was dead and now he is alive because Jesus raised him from the dead, so we see that the word specimen means to be an example of something unusual, if it is a common thing, you would not be an example, or you would not be a specimen. Joseph did not want Mary, did not want everybody coming to look at her either to mock her or in awe of her saying, Oh you have been visited by an angel, ooh, what happened to you, what did it mean? He did not want it from either side, did not want her to be ridiculed, did not want her to be praised or adored, did not want her to be the object of pleasure or pain, if anyone can hear what I am saying, Satan controls us with either pleasure or pain. Joseph did not want Mary to be persecuted, which would have been painful for her, but neither did he want to risk her pride being inflated by people coming to her and saying, Ooh, did an angel really visit you, what happened to you, what were you doing, how did it happen, what did you do to bring it pass? That is more dangerous than being persecuted in case you do not know it.

If I had my choice I would always take the pain. Flattery is dangerous, avoid it, it is very dangerous. Pain I live with. We see that Joseph was concerned and protective towards Mary on these two points of view, and because of that, the Greek word translated privily means privately. In his heart, privately he was minded, the Greek word translated minded can mean disposed to. Privately in his heart of hearts he was disposed to, the Greek word translated to put away means to dismiss. In his heart, what does that mean he did not tell her? It means he did not openly show her that he really wanted this thing to go away, he wanted to dismiss it, he wanted it to not be true, because he knew that if it got out there, there would be that crowd that would persecute her, and the crowd that was flattering her and trying to use her for their own goals. I do not know about what society was like then, but by a way out example, put her on display, made money off of her.

He said, I do not want any part of this, I wish it would go away. Did you ever wish that something difficult would just go away? Joseph wished that it would just go away. Alternate translation Matthew 1:19;

Matthew 1:19 Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male, that spiritual should be in brackets, I hope you all know that square brackets are my amplifications and round brackets mean that, that is the word in the King James translation. Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male, and therefore was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience of Gabriel rather than expose her to public ridicule. AT

Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male, and therefore was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience of Gabriel rather than expose her to public ridicule or flattery. I am going to add or flattery. AT

Matthew 1:20 But while he, Joseph thought on these things, behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream saying, Joseph, thou son of David, Fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. KJV

We have some interesting alternate translations here. We are in verse 20 if you would like follow with me. First of all the English word while has no Greek root, so if you are looking at the Interlinear Text, you can see a perfect example of how the King James translators added words in, and there is nothing wrong with that, I am just trying to tell you that is legitimate translator’s license to do this. The Greek word translated these things, we are keeping that, but the Greek word translated thought, orthought on them is Strong’s #1760, if you look them up in Strong’s, you will find that one of the translations of that word is inspirited, I do not know about you but I never heard of that word, so I have written in parentheses there thought on equal inspirited, that is in Strong’s dictionary if you want to look it up yourself. Then I looked up inspirited in an English dictionary, and it means to be encouraged. Joseph was encouraged, Joseph was a justified man, Joseph knew what the promises of the Scripture were, Joseph was just as concerned as Mary about the condition of the Jewish people wondering what happened to their God and how long He would hide His face from them.

It was not a common everyday event that anyone would be visited by an angel, let alone a woman. Joseph on the one hand, Cain in him let us say, really wanted this to go away because he was looking into the future and he saw the potential problems for it, but Abel in him was secretly privily very encouraged that maybe deliverance was coming.

The word dreamin a dream, those two prefixes in a, we are just going to say dream, and the Greek word translated appeared, it really means to shine, it does not mean to appear, that is Strong’s #5316, if you look it up in Strong’s, you will see that it means to shine. The reason we are leaving, in the phrase in a dream, the reason we are leaving in a out, is because they were probably added by the King James translators, because they could not make any sense out of that sentence with the word shine, so they changed dream to in a dream, and they translated the Greek word appeared, instead of shine. I explained to you earlier, I believe that Joseph was in a mediation, he was in a trance, he was in a dream state, he was in an altered state of consciousness, and an angel into his thought pattern, that is the point that I was trying to make to you, when I said Mary was not baking cookies when the angel spoke to her, my point is that for an angel to speak to you most of the time, of course God can do anything that He wants, He could send an angel any time He wants, but under most circumstances, you are most likely to be visited by an angel or hear from God when you are meditating on the word of God or prayer is a form of meditation. When you are in some sort of concentration, concerning the word of God, those of you who transcribe, God can speak to you while you are transcribing, when your mind is focused on the word of God, you are in an altered state of consciousness that makes you susceptible to hear from the Lord.

Joseph was in that altered state of consciousness, but the King James says, it was a dream. There are whole societies if I am not mistaken, I think the Haitian society calls a dream state, I may be wrong about that, but I know there are whole spiritual societies that call what we call being in the spirit being in the dream state, or being in the dream world. You really need to know this because when the day comes that you will be called upon to impart what you know or share what you know with other people, you need to know that you have to, in order to successfully communicate, you have to get your definition straight, you have to listen to what the other person is saying, and relate it to your word in the doctrine of Christ, and as soon as you make that connection then you can minister whatever the Lord wants you to tell them. If you are arguing over whether someone is in a dream or whether someone is in a trance, the whole purpose of the communication goes into the trash can.

We have got to reconcile the differences of language. We have all of these different languages, different spiritual philosophies, these different languages, even though it is all English, it like a different dialect of the same language. The most important thing is that you communicate from your heart, that you find out what you and the other person are trying to talk about, or what the Lord wants you to talk about, and everything else you have to be willing to suffer the loss and say, Oh, you call it a dream state, okay, we will call it a dream state, that is fine with me.

I want to communicate on the level of this particular idea of spiritual communication from another plane of consciousness to human being. You want to call it meditation, that is okay, you want to call it a dream state, that is okay, you want to call it a dream, that is okay. We are all talking about the same thing, a visitation or a connection to an altered state of consciousness in which an entity from the realm of God, from the world of God, either God Himself, either Jesus Himself or an angel speaks to your consciousness. I will call it anything you want to call it so that we can on with the discussion about what we are talking about. Everybody got that? Do not strain at the gnats, that is what Jesus said, Do not strain at the gnats, do not strain at the little things, or you will never get to the important issues.

An angle shined, now what does it mean an angel shined into Joseph’s dream. Brethren, angels are a bodiless, angels are spirits, I have never seen an angel, and for years I questioned whether people who had those experiences, whether those experiences were of God, and my position was, Well, Jesus is glorified now, and why would an angel be coming to us, and for years I did not believe it. I have just recently come to start to take, to deal with it. I have never had that experience, but I will no longer say, if someone says that they have seen an angel, that I do not think it was of God, I do not know, I do not know, but of course this was pre-resurrection, and angels appeared all through the Old Testament, before Jesus was glorified.

Anyway, when an angel appears, it is an illusion, they take on the form of this world, so that they can complete the communication that they were sent to communicate, the angels are spirit, they are pure consciousness, and the way that they travel is like they travel like light waves, they are light, they are pure light consciousness. To describe their consciousness is light, the consciousness of God is light, the consciousness of the Serpent is darkness. They behave as waves behaves, as energy waves behave, that is why we have done several studies here on quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics, the science of subatomic particles has rules that seem to explain spiritual behavior.

Just like a light wave travels, so you could see that light over there because the bulb emitting light waves that are traveling.

I am no physicist but I think it is something like that, light travels, and it travels as a wave. Spirits and bodiless beings travel like light waves, and just like you said, that light shining, that is why they shine because they are light waves. The cells of their consciousness emit light, the cells of the light stream are called photons. The angel shined into Joseph’s consciousness, and then appeared, took on the form of an angel so that Joseph would know somebody was there, and wanted to talk to him.

Or, maybe it was just a voice, I do not know, but this is what I read in the Bible, entities from the world of God that want to talk to us, sometimes they take a form. I have never had that experience, the Lord talks to me face to face, He talks to me directly, actually I have been asking him for years why He relates to people in different ways. I am still not sure that He is appearing, that He is sending angels today, you know angels that are spirits that will take a form before you. The reason I am not sure that He is doing that today, is because today Christ is living in enough people that He could send a human being with Christ in them to tell you what He wants to tell you.

That was very, very, very rare pre-resurrection, the anointing was in David alone, the anointing was in Moses alone, one person. Today, the anointing, the glorified Jesus Christ in the form of Christ in the individual is in so many people that have the gifts of the Spirit, maybe some people have true prophecy, you know, that He can send a person to you. That is my opinion and I certainly do not know everything, so if the Lord should want to send an angel to somebody, that is certainly His business, I am really asking Him, I have been asking Him for years to understand this topic better so that I can put it more clearly to you all, but that is the best that I have right now.

This bodiless entity called an angel shined into Joseph’s consciousness. What is interesting is that, well actually I would have to go back into the Luke translation and see if it is that same word used concerning Gabriel when Gabriel appeared to Mary, I do not know, but Lord willing, I will look that up, for the exhortation on the alternate translation, we will do Lord willing next week.

Anyway, the angel shined into Joseph’s consciousness and he spoke to him and he said, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid. This is very interesting, the English word to take, the Interlinear Text, it is Strong’s #3880, a legitimate translation, you can look it up yourself in Strong’s concordance, means to learnDo not be afraid to learn from your wife. It is as legitimate a translation as to take unto you, and of course you can see there in your notes, the words unto thee are not in the Greek, so if the translation of Strong’s #3880 was really supposed to be to take in a form of sexual intercourse, to consummate the marriage, the words unto thee should be there in the Greek, but they were not there, and the King James translators did not know what to do with this so they added the words. That is legitimate translator’s license, except that is not what the Scripture means, that was the best that the King James translators could do. Do not be afraid to learn from your wife. Paul talks about you know, all you women in church, be silent in the church, if you have question, go home and ask your husband at home, nobody is supposed to learn from a woman, except we are not talking about physical women. None of us should be learning from a spiritual woman. You should not be in a church where a spiritual woman is preaching. Spiritual women take, sometimes take physical female form and sometimes take physical male form, all of mortal humanity is spiritually female.

In this case, Mary was also a physical female, and the angel said to her, now remember Joseph was a spiritual male, the angel that spoke to him was probably the imputed Christ within him, said, Do not be afraid to learn from Mary, not only because she is your physical wife, but because she now has the spiritual male mindShe has been visited by the angel of the Lord, she has been completed in her spirit, she has been justified just like you, and she is speaking out of her male mind, she had a true experience with God, do not be afraid of what she is telling you, do not be afraid of this doctrine.

Everybody that studies the doctrine of Christ has had a similar experience only with different words, the Jesus Christ or the aspect of Jesus Christ that you have a relationship with, has told you not to be afraid of me, or to not be afraid of this doctrine, it is of God or you would not be here. You are all having a similar experience to what Joseph had. I am the one that has had something similar to Mary’s experience, I am the one that is having the experience with Jesus Christ that has given me this awesome message to preach, and you all are in the Joseph company, and you are hearing from the Christ within you saying, Do not be afraid to learn from Sheila, it is of Me. Interesting huh? Alternate translation Matthew 1:20;

Matthew 1:20 Nevertheless, Joseph was encouraged by these things...AT

First he is saying, I wish it would all go away, but nevertheless he was encouraged by these things.

...and behold an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s dream state or his trance or his meditation,

I think we will translate it meditation, that would be easier for the church to swallow,

saying, Joseph, son of David, Do not be afraid to learn from Mary your wife, because the spirit that is regenerated in her is holy, or because the Spirit of the Holy One has regenerated her.

I am going to have to work on that,

because the Spirit of the Holy One has regenerated her, or has regenerated Abel within her.

Remember we talked about this a lot, in this very series and through other messages, that even Cain can be regenerated in us, or was not regenerated, but Cain would be ascend in us, Abel is the one that has to be regenerated in us. Of course I think I did not tell you, the Greek word translated conceived can be translatedregenerated, that is in Strong’s, you can look it up if want.

Nevertheless, Joseph who just wanted this whole thing to go away, was encouraged by what he heard, and behold, an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s dream or into Joseph’s meditation, saying, Joseph, son of David, Do not be afraid to learn from Mary your wife, because the Holy Spirit has regenerated Abel within her. AT

Most likely I will translate it that way. Brethren, the angels calling Joseph the son of David, Mary was not called daughter of David, Mary was not called son of David, I could not find any Scripture that relates David to Mary, Joseph, son of David, Joseph, son of David, brethren, Joseph a descendant of David, is the father of the physical baby and man named Jesus of Nazareth, born of Mary. Joseph, son of David, it is as plane as the nose on your face, as soon as the blindness is removed from your eyes. Matthew 1:21 King James;

Matthew 1:21 And he shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins. KJV

This word son, I mentioned it earlier, it means to produce from seed. I have been studying the Scripture for years brethren, there is a difference between the word that means to create, and the word that means to produce. Create is when you take a piece of wood and you carve something out of it, make something brand new. To produce is likened to manufacture, you take materials that already exist, and you make something out of them, and that word is used consistently through out the Scripture, to the formation of human beings, to be born. I put in parentheses sometimes in animals it means king. This is talking about a human son, it is not talking about a spiritual son. And he shall call Him by the name of Jesus for He shall deliver is a translation of the Greek word translated savepeople from their sins. I prefer the word deliver because I think it is more explanatory, and you know we just have so much to tell the world, you cannot be teaching people that are not ready to listen, but we have so much to say brethren, even to say you will be delivered from your sins, people will look at you, people in the street will look at you and say, What sins? What sins? They do not know what the Scripture is talking about.

Sin brethren, equals hell and death. It is just like Jesus said, What is the difference between me saying, your sins are forgiven or you are healed, what is the difference? There is no difference because you cannot be healed unless your sins are forgiven. There is really no difference between saying I am going to deliver you from your sins, and I am going to deliver you from hell and death, because hell and death are the product of sin. I am going to deliver from the hell, the physical hell that you are in, with your illness, I am going to deliver you from the spiritual emotional and mental hell that you are in, I am going to deliver you from the hell of hunger, or homelessness, I am going to deliver you from the hell of trying to hold back your rage because you know you are going to get fired if you open your mouth again. All of that is hell, so to say I am going to deliver you from your sins, of course this is the way the Scripture, I am not criticizing the Scripture, I am just telling you, that we really need it explained, that who knows, the Greek is really not reliable, it was chopped and botched, and baked, and cut up, and everything by the Jesuits, we all know that.

Even if that was the original word, He shall save you from your sins, much more accurate is He shall save us from our sin nature. Everybody says, What kind of sin, I did not anything. We have a sin nature that is making us sick, well maybe that will get their attention, and you will be saved from the result of your sin nature which is hell, and ultimate death, two things you cannot avoid right, death and taxes, (chuckle). Alternate translation verse 21;

Matthew 1:21 And she shall produce a son, I am amplifying in there your seed, angels talking to Joseph. And Mary shall produce a son from your seed Joseph, son of David, and you shall call Him by the name of Jesus, because He shall deliver His people from their sins, from their sin nature. AT

Matthew 1:22 Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying,

23 Behold a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. KJV

On page 10 I printed out Strong’s definition of virgin, Strong’s #3933, and according to Strong’s it is of unknown origin, and it means by implication an unmarried daughter. This is Strong’s, and Strong’s, the reason I am saying it like that, that this is Strong’s is that Strong’s lexicon or Mr. Strong, when he created his lexicon of Greek words, he created it out of a Christian mind set, he already had a doctrine in his heart when he wrote up this dictionary, so there are other dictionaries, Thayer for one, but I get most of my revelation from the Old Testament, there are dictionaries that were not compiled by someone who was doing this specifically for an understanding of the Scripture and in accordance with their revelation.

In the Old Testament, in the Hebrew and the Chaldee, Babylon, the Chaldee is Babylon. When the Jews were in Babylon, the Chaldean language makes the Hebrew language, so the dictionary is called a Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon, written by Gesengus, although it has all of the numbers and all of the words that Strong has, it has additional definitions because Mr. Gesengus, and I do not know much about him, other than his lexicon contains possible definitions other than the ones that satisfy the King James translation. Do I make that clear? Okay. But this is Strong’s, Strong’s, who is prejudice towards the King James translation, his definition of a virgin, is an unmarried daughter. That is crucial, this was the Scripture that you challenged me on. Strong’s definition, unmarried daughter, nothing at all, about being a sexual virgin, where did all of this come from. I want to suggest to you that there are virgins in the Scripture that are male virgins, Revelation 14:4;

Revelation 14:4 These are they which were not defiled by women, for they are virgins...KJV

They are not defiled with women, but they are virgins, so they must be talking about male virgins right, right? Anybody not see this? Right? These are they which were not defiled with women, therefore they are virgins, male virgins.

...these are they which follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth, these are redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the lamb. KJV

Isaiah 37:22 This the word which the
Lord hath spoken concerning him, or concerning himself, the virgin, the daughter of Zion, 
talking about Israel now, this is talking about the collective Israel, the virgin, the daughter of Zion hath despised thee, talking about Jehovah, and laughed thee to scorn, the daughter of Jerusalem has shaken her head at thee. KJV

That means the betrothed of Jehovah, the virgin, the daughter of Zion, Zion is the place from which David ruled when he first became king, he set up his headquarters in zion, which signifies Israel, the virgin, the daughter of Zion. He is saying Israel first of all is female, but that is what he is talking about spiritual Israel, he is talking about natural Israel, but her spiritual condition, she is a daughter, she is female, because the daughter of Israel was designated to marry Jehovah, but instead of marrying her God, she has despised you and laughed you to scorn, the daughter of Jerusalem, that is the other location from which David ruled. David ruled when he was Judah, and then he ruled from the united Israel, when all of the twelve tribes were unified, they would rule from Jerusalem, the separated Judah was ruled from Zion.

When Israel was under David, when Judah was under David, she despised Jehovah and laughed Him to scorn, and then even after the whole twelve tribes were unified, all twelve of them shook her head, and that means pride, shook her head at Jehovah. The virgin, the daughter of Zion, that means the Lord’s church. We see that Mary physically speaking was a virgin in that she was unmarried, but there is also such a thing as a spiritual virginity, and that refers to the Lord’s church today. Virgin means unmarried woman, it means the church is unmarried today, it means Judah was unmarried, Zion was unmarried and the unified Israel in Jerusalem was unmarried, they never fully joined with Jehovah, and therefore we see that expressed in the Psalms as, Ye are gods, you have my life in you that makes you gods, but you shall die like men because you never consummated the marriage. Engagement to Jehovah or engagement to the Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah is appearing to the world as the Lord Jesus Christ today, there is an engagement, for those who have a relationship with Him, you are engaged to the Lord, but you have to marry Him, and give birth to His child, although I think spiritually it is different, you have to give birth to His child, and then you marry the child that you give birth to, that is the way it is happening in our reality. One more witness, Lamentations 2:13;

Lamentations 2:13 What thing shall I take to witness for them, what thing shall I liken to thee, O daughter of Jerusalem, what shall I equal to thee that I may comfort thee O virgin daughter of Zion? For they breach is great like the sea, who can heal thee?

Brethren, today the church is the virgin daughter, she is unmarried, she is engaged to the Lord, how do I know she is engaged, she has a big rock on her finger, a big diamond on her finger, and it comes in the form of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, she has a very valuable commitment, and she is despising her fiancé and laughing Him to scorn. How is she laughing Him to scorn? By preaching this nonsensical doctrine, that is filled with holes if you just look at it with unfettered eyes. It makes no sense, I call it nonsensical, because it makes no sense. Joseph is the one who is the descendant of Judah, not Mary, and in many, many others ways that we are exposing here. I am not knocking the Bible, I am knocking the doctrine, it is not the truth, it is not the truth, and any reasonable person can see the holes in it, except that we have been taught that you have to believe it by faith, and if you do not believe it you are unfaithful, and you are going to hell. The translation is in great error, in crucial areas, and the whole Christian church is dancing and singing Christmas carols, and going to Sunday services for the resurrection that took place on a Saturday, and baking cakes to Ishtar. How long do you think this can go on brethren?

How long can this go on, it cannot, it cannot continue for much longer. Already the pagan forces in this nation are clobbering Christians through the ACLU, through the United States Supreme Court, they are ripping Christianity to shreds, because we are on a false foundation, and it is a great paradox, that Christmas is one of the major issues that Christians are fighting in the courts for. Do you realize that there a couple of organizations that provide lawyers that fight these issues of organizations that tried to tell people they cannot have their Christmas tree out unless they have something from Islam also. There are major battles going on to maintain and sustain and continue the public practice of Christmas. That is called a paradox brethren, an oxymoron, it means it makes no sense at all, it is a contradiction of itself. How long brethren? How long? It cannot go on, it cannot.

There have been ministries preaching against Christmas and Easter for years, and years, and years, and years, so how come judgment has not fallen yet brethren? I will tell you why, because judgment can only come through the son of God, Christ Jesus must appear in a group of believers to execute that judgment, and it is going to fall and it is going to fall swiftly, as soon as somebody gets up high enough to do it, power would fall, what form would it take? I do not know, I do not know. Matthew 25:1;

Matthew 25:1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom. KJV

It is likened unto ten virgins, brethren, you know, to reduce the concept of Mary being a virgin to a single woman who has not had sexual intercourse is not even Scriptural, it is not even Scriptural. Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins which took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom, ten male virgins brethren, ten unmarried spiritual people, ten people, and of course ten a round number, it is not suggesting there is only ten people. Ten people in whom Christ was ripe and ready, Christ in them was ready for marriage. They went forth to meet the bridegroom. Even though it is couched in terms of them being female, going forth to meet the bridegroom here, it is a great mystery that everyone in God’s kingdom is male. The male glorified Jesus Christ is marrying the male, Christ in you is male to all of the rest of your spiritual being. I have touched on this, let me just give you a minute on this, I know that I have touched on this on other occasions, Christ in you is the son of God, but the, Adam is male and female, so Christ is the female aspect of the male Adam, if you can hear that, Christ in you is male to Cain, Christ in you is male to people who do not have Christ, Christ in you is male to believers who have the Holy Spirit, Christ is male to the Holy Spirit, but the Lord Jesus Christ is marrying His own son, Christ, He is marrying the female part of Himself, so that He will be whole in you, and in me, as well as He is in His glorified state.

It is interesting because it is spiritual thing that are legal in the spiritual world are illegal in this world, so technically it is an act of homosexuality, the Lord Jesus Christ is marrying His own son. That is in the spiritual world, so we see that in this world, things that are legal in the spirit, are misunderstood down here, or taken to be played out in this world. Continuing with Matthew 1:23;

Matthew 1:23 Now all of this happened to bring to pass what the Lord spoke by the prophet saying, Behold, the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which is the translation of God in the midst of us. AT

An unmarried woman shall produce a physical son who will be a descendant of David, and Joseph is the son of David, Mary is not the offspring of David. An unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David. Joseph has the seed of David, it is as clear as the nose on your face, and they, who? Mary and Joseph, the parents of the baby, shall call His name Emmanuel, which is a translation of God in the midst of us because it is the destiny, it was the destiny of Jesus of Nazareth to be crucified, to be resurrected and to pour out of His glorified state and see all of humanity with His life, that we should all have, we, humanity, fallen humanity that Cain should have in the midst of us, God, God in the midst of us, the resurrected Abel, Christ in the midst of us, that we should be whole. Right now, in the majority of human beings, Abel is completely dead, although he is conscious, what makes him dead is that his mind set, and everything about his mental and spiritual faculties are given over to be reproductions of Cain.

Abel is completely following after Cain, doing thinking, saying, acting like Cain does, so even though Abel is conscious, who he is supposed to be, is nonexistent, so Abel has to be restored to us, the male aspect has to be restored to the mortal foundation which is called Cain and Abel, and then eventually their mortal foundation will be overlaid with gold, as we read about in the book of Daniel, and that gold is the anointing of the glorified Jesus Christ. There will be a union between the anointing of the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ in us and out of that anointing or that union, Christ Jesus will come forth, the only mediator between God and man.

He sits on the throne of our heart, and I just learned recently that he stands up in our brain, and that is really interesting because years ago, years, a long time ago, someone asked a question or pointed out that in some Scriptures, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of His Father, and in another Scripture He is standing at the right hand of His Father, it was not my question but it never left my mind, and also, I have been preaching for a long, long time that the anointing has to laid hold of our brain, of our physical brain, that our physical brain is a control panel for this whole body. I believe Christ Jesus rules from my heart, but I do not think He is ruling from my brain yet, because if He had control of my brain, my body would be healthier than it is, if that makes any sense to you, the brain, everything that we do, He must have control of some parts of my brain for me to be preaching a message like this, I have to change that, but He does not have full control of the control panel.

That is a very exciting revelation, as I moved all of my books into my new study, I was looking at all my books and I said, maybe some day I will have time to study like this again, like I use to, for hours and hours and hours, and I opened a book, and there it was, Jesus sits on the throne of our heart, but He stands in our brain, He stands up in our brain. That is when He takes full control of every aspect of us, including our physical body, and I have been preaching for years, that as soon as Christ Jesus within us is capable of taking control, or sustaining the life supports of our physical body, then that same question, Jesus will circumcise, cut off, Cain and Leviathan, and the whole Satanic kingdom, that is entered into us, that is penetrating us, we are penetrated brethren, in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse by the Serpent, and just like I have been preaching for years, that Adam, the resurrected Adam is Christ Jesus, is the male spiritual sexual organ of the Lord Jesus Christ, He is penetrating us in the same manner, Leviathan is the male spiritual sexual organ of the Serpent.

Paul said, I am crucified in Christ, yet I live, crucified, penetration, same thing, I am just putting it in spiritual sexual terms. Paul said, I am crucified by Christ, and yet I live, Paul said he was penetrated. Every human being born of a woman is penetrated, is born penetrated by the Serpent. When the Lord comes into our life, He penetrates us. Hopefully He penetrates us like He penetrates Paul, and therefore we have two husbands. Paul clearly tells us in the book of Romans, that we have two husbands, and James tells us we are double minded. In the hour that our new husband, Christ Jesus stands up in our brain and takes full control over the life support systems of our existence, not only our physical body, our emotional, mental, physical, psychological, everything, He has to take full control of us.

We could physically survive and be brain dead, as soon as He stands up in our brain, then Leviathan can be withdrawn. Leviathan is connected to Cain. Christ Jesus in us is connected to Abel. We have a dual mortal foundation. I am sorry if this sounds crude to you, but Christ Jesus, the male spiritual sexual organ of the Lord Jesus Christ is penetrating us in the female, in the spiritual part that can be likened to the female part that is supposed to receive a man. Leviathan, the spiritual male sexual organ of the Serpent is penetrating us in another opening which is illegal. We have a spiritual anus brethren. I am telling you the truth.

In the book of Judges, you can find an account of, I am not sure of the name, I think it is Ehud, a judge of Israel, and there was a king of Moab, and Ehud went in and killed him because he was tyrannizing Israel, and at least the King James translation says, when they put the knife in, all of the dirt came out. I know the spiritual interpretation of that is that the connection that Leviathan had with that tyranny, that meant that tyrant, that man who was tyrannizing, the connection that, that tyrant had, I think he was a Moabite, I am not sure, that was giving him the power to rule and reign over Israel, came from a spiritual marriage to Leviathan, to the Serpent, through a mediator called Leviathan. Are you following me, is everybody following me? The judge of Israel, Ehud, went in and killed that tyrant, and the dirt, Leviathan who was penetrating that tyrant in the wrong opening pulled out with all of the dirt, and the tyranny over Israel was broken. Did anybody not get what I just said?

I am just really excited at this revelation, because as I said, what I just told you, I have that on other messages, I am preaching it for years, that as soon as Christ Jesus can support our life systems, the Serpent will be cut off and the way the Serpent will be cut off, is that the union between Leviathan, the male spiritual sexual organ of the Serpent and Cain in the individual, will be cut, it is called spiritual circumcision. Verse 24, King James.

Matthew 1:24 Then Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him and took unto him his wife. KJV

I want to tell you that I looked at verse 25 when I was rushing to finish this morning, and initially I did not know what to do with it, but the Lord came through. We are up to verse 24 now. The first word being raised from sleep, that word Strong’s #1453, if you look at the Greek, for the English translation being raised, we have two different opinions as to which word it should be again. Textus Receptus says, #1326, and Nestle says #1453, and we are going to take #1453, which is the secondary translation, which you would not even see, if you notice I have two sets of Strong’s numbers there. I had to program my program to show these two sets of numbers, otherwise if I just had the standard set of Strong’s numbers, it would have just shown #1326.

Strong’s #1453 we find out, in addition to meaning to be roused from sleep, really means, not only in addition to it, but it really means to be roused from death. We know that sleep is associated with death because Jesus said that Lazarus was just sleeping, and then eventually He said, Lazarus was dead, but I believe that Joseph was roused from death, he was justified, an imputed Christ was in him, and that angel, the imputed Christ in him shined into his consciousness when he meditated or sought the Lord, for counsel or wisdom. The second word sleep, we have an English being raised, and then we have English sleep, #5258.

I want to go back over that, I do not know if I made it clear. Being raised, Strong’s #1326 can be translated to be roused from sleep, Strong’s #1453 is to be roused from death, so we see in the King James translation, the top Greek word, #1326 is translated being raised, why did they leave the sleep out? Why did the King James translators not translate this word being raised from sleep? The reason that they did not do it is because there is another word that means sleep, just a few words down the road there, Strong’s #258, so why would the Greek say sleep twice? So Joseph being raised from death, was now in a state of suspended powers.

That Greek word translated sleep, Strong’s #5258, can be translated a state of suspended powers. Brethren, this whole humanity is dead. Even the church is dead. Even we are dead, our powers are suspended. We may have a little power, I think Jesus said that, in the book of Revelation talking to the churches, He said to one of the churches. You have a little strength, sometimes we pray for you, you get healed, sometimes we pray for you, and you do not get healed. We have a little bit of strength. Some prayers that we pray get answered, others do not get answered, but the powers that we should have because Christ Jesus is in us, are suspended, we really do not have any power, significant power.

We have power to have needs met in this life and to help a few people out there, but I am talking about power, talking about raising the dead, I am talking about healing severe diseases, but you know even more than that, you know the Lord keeps correcting me on that, He just corrected me on that last night, brethren the power that is about to be imparted to us, although people will get healed from it, the main source, the main reason for the impartation of power that is already on the way to us, is to rip off the veils on the minds and eyes of God’s people, that is what the power is coming for, and as I said that to you, I saw in the spirit, I cannot tell exactly what I saw, I cannot describe it, but what it meant to me was, again that this power is spirit, and it travels like light waves, and some of you might know the stars that we see in the sky over here, are trillions of, well they are light years away, and it takes light years for the light of that star to get to our, to get into a place where we could see it. The power to rescue the church, and then ultimately the world, has already been dispatched, it was dispatched two thousand years ago, it has taken all of this time to get here.

It is the power to overcome Cain, it is the power to manifest what we read about in the book of Thessalonians, the exposure of that man of sin, sitting in the temple of God calling himself God, and to destroy him by the brightness of the coming of the light of the power of Christ Jesus. People will get healed, but that is the secondary purpose, why? Because if you get healed but Christ Jesus is not raised in you and therefore Cain is not destroyed in you, you will get another disease. Even if you are healthy for the rest of this existence, you will still die. Brethren, death is not a part of life. All of you Buddhists out there that like to believe that, read my lips, death is not a part of life! Death has no part in life, you are a liar! Therefore, therefore, the most important thing when the power comes is to rip the blinders and the veils off of the church, and off of the Jews, that veil that was on Moses, that is still on them to this day. Brethren, this is like the third or fourth time I am preaching this recently, the full power of God will only come through reunification of the church, of the true church that is within the church, and the true Judah that is within natural Judah today. The veil has to come off of the eyes of the Jews, and the church, the called out ones, the true church, the true Israel of God.

Joseph was roused from death and one of the manifestations of that death was that his power was suspended, he had no power. The Greek word translated sleep, if you look on your Strong’s, I printed it out for you because this is significant, Strong’s #5258, from an absolute primary verb, through the idea of subsilience, and it means spiritual torpor. On page 12, I have a definition of torpor for you, and the definition of torpor, is sluggish, inactivity, or inertia, that means lack of movement, lethargic, indifference, apathy, a state of suspended physical powers, and activity, and of dormancy as a hibernating animal.

I think most of us would know that the bear hibernates, he goes into a cave in the winter time, and he sleeps for the whole winter. We are in a spiritual state of sleep, we are sleeping in relation to who we really are in Christ Jesus. As long as we exist and live out of our carnal minds, we are sleeping, the carnal is asleep, but Christ Jesus is alive and awake. Paul said, Awake to righteousness. Jesus said, The kingdom of heaven at hand. Awake to righteousness, what does that mean? In order to awake to righteousness, you know we have to, let me put it another way, Abel is our righteousness, our potential for righteousness, and Abel is asleep, and the one that is awake is Cain, the murderer, so in order to awake to righteousness, the murderer has to be put down. Awake to righteousness, let Abel awake to righteousness, and cover over the murderer, the murderer has to be silenced. Cain has a mother and a father, Cain is a part of the personality, she is really a female.

Cain’s mother is Satan, her father is Leviathan, and Satan is always talking to her daughter telling her evil things and stirring her up to believe them. Satan must be silenced. We must come out of dormancy.

The rest of that verse 24, we have the word had bidden, and that means to enjoin, in other words, the angel was joined to Joseph, and again we have the word took, which we are translating learned, and again this English words unto him, are not in the Greek, the Greek word translated tookwas supposed to be translated to take as a wife, then there should be Greek words to be translated unto him, but there are no such Greek words, so I believe that the angel told Joseph to be willing to learn from his wife.

Again, I do not believe that was because of any prejudice against women, but the angel was telling Joseph that yes, what she heard is from God, what she experienced is from God, and she is spiritually male just like you are, do not be afraid to learn from her, because learning from a spiritual female can destroy a spiritual male. I mentioned that earlier. Alternate translation on page 13, verse 24;

Matthew 1:24 Now Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him to do, and learned from or believed his wife. AT

I think believed is a more a accurate translation, but I put both in there to make my point.

Matthew 1:24 Now Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him to do, and learned from or believed his wife. AT

I have a witness to that in Genesis 21:12;

Genesis 21:12 And God said to Abraham, Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, talking about Ishmael, and because of thy bondwoman, talking about Hagar, and all that Sarah hath said unto thee, hearken unto her voice, for in Isaac shall thy seed be called. KJV

That means the Lord was speaking through Sarah. Verse 25, this is the last verse, King James;

Matthew 1:25 And knew her not until she had brought forth her firstborn son, and he called His name Jesus. KJV

I want to tell you I looked at this verse while you were all out here waiting for me, and I said, Lord, if you do not come through, I am cooked. (Everyone laughing). This is what He showed me. First of all, we have a difference of opinion on the words her firstborn again. Nestle says that those words were not in the text. Let us see what we have here. The Greek word to know is Strong’s #1097, that is the key word, that word means to know Biblically, meaning to have sexual intercourse, however there is another translation of that word, and it is to have the same experience.

I went into what is called an unabridged dictionary, so you will not find this in the regular Strong’s, but there is an unabridged Thayers, the book is available if you want to buy it, or you can look at it here. It gives you more information under this number, and the information that I received from Thayer, was that this Greek word was a translation of the Hebrew word, Strong’s #3045. This is not the first time I have done this, it has happened a few times over the years.

I went into Strong’s #3045, and my Gesengus Lexicon, not Strong’s, my expanded Gesengus Lexicon, which is not specifically for the Bible, it is just a Hebrew Lexicon, and I found that, that word can mean, could be translated, to have the same experience, not necessarily to experience the other person, which is can be translated that way, but to have the same experience, so we are going to translate the Greek word translated knew as to have the same experience, or we might translated it to know oneself, and the witness to this, is that the English word her, the Greek says, he knew her not, but that English word her is a translation of Strong’s #846, and you can see that in your Interlinear Text, and that Strong’s #846 really does not mean her, if you look it up, you can find it in the Strong’s, it is a reflexive pronoun, which means it goes back to the person that is talking, it really means himself, or herself. We can say then, and he did not know himself until afterwards.

In the Scripture, and I have seen this over the years, that the personality is himself, if it is the personality talking, Christ in him is himself, if it is Christ talking, the personality is himself, it is another side of his self. Did you other hear someone say, my other half, referring to a husband or a wife, that is the significance, and we have had that translation over the years, mostly when we did Old Testament translations, Christ was talking about Himself. In other words, the personality was a reflection of the inner man, so He was therefore talking about Himself. We even see David, talking to his own soul, in the Psalms, he says, Oh my soul, why are you cast down.There are two parts of the same self, one male and one female, and the two make one whole man, that is the principle. This word translated her, Strong’s #846, it really does not mean her, it means himself, or it could mean herself, but he is a man, so he did not know himself, Joseph did not have an intimacy with the Christ within himself until after the baby Jesus was born.

We do not have any record of what happened to Joseph, we do not know what happened to him, he might have been amongst the people, who received the Holy Spirit after Jesus was crucified and returned the earth as the Holy Spirit. Joseph may have had an association with himself, with an internalized Christ, he may not have had it until after Jesus was glorified. Do you follow what I am saying, we do not know, but this is what the Greek says, he did not know himself until produced from seed, that is a translation of brought forth, and you could say, let us leave her firstborn out for right now. He knew not himself until produced from seed, the son, and called his name Jesus. We could do this two ways, and again I am going to have to work this through when I do the exhortation on the whole translation next week, I should have some more information on this, but we could do this two ways right now. And knew not, he did not have the same experience as Mary until after Mary brought forth the son and called His name Jesus. Joseph did not have the same experience that Mary had until after the physical baby Jesus came forth, or we can say, And Joseph did have an intimate experience with an indwelling Christ within himself until after the son called Jesus came forth. To be honest with you, when I worked this up, I did not realize, I thought that those words, her firstborn were not there at all, but I see that Textus Receptus puts them in, so I have to do some more work on this verse, before next Thursday. For now this is my alternate translation;

Matthew 1:25 But Joseph did not have the same experience himself as Mary did, until Mary gave birth to their son, and they called by the name Jesus. AT

That word experience that the church and the King James uses to imply sexual intercourse or consummation of the marriage between Mary and Joseph can also be legitimately translated two ways, to have the same experience, Joseph did not have the same experience, or that Joseph did not experience or did not, the marriage between Joseph and his inner man was not consummated until after Mary gave birth to their son. I just want to make sure that you all understand that the Hebrew controls the Greek translation. The original Scripture was written in Aramaic which is just another way of saying Chaldee I told you what Chaldee was just before, it was the dialect of the Hebrews that came out of Babylon, so everything in the New Testament was based upon a knowledge of the Old Testament, it was written in Aramaic, which is a form of bastard form of people, it was really Babylonian, for what I am saying now, the original Scripture was written in Aramaic, which is a form of Hebrew, or an offshoot of Hebrew, then it was translated into Latin, and then Greek, and then English.

If there is a Greek word, or even if was not for all of those translations, the Hebrew is much richer, I guess I am making two different points, the Hebrew was much richer than the Greek, in other words, a Hebrew word has many more translations than a Greek word. The main point that I am trying to make that is not coming out of my mouth right now, is that, the Scripture was originally written in Aramaic, so if the Greek word that we have does not sit right with the translator, if it does not sit right with me, the first thing I do, is go into the unabridged version of Thayers Greek English lexicon, which gives you all kinds of information, and I hope to find a reference in Thayer telling me that this Greek word was translated from such and such a Hebrew word.

Here we have a Greek word, not only are we dealing, not only do we have a Greek word, that can have multiple translations in Strong’s, but the actual Greek word was the choice of the one who translated the Hebrew word into Greek. Let me say that again, the Greek word in the Scripture, not only can I look at that Greek word, and go into Strong’s and say, Well there could be two or three meanings of that Greek word, the Greek word in the Interlinear Text itself, some translator shows that Greek word from multiple words. Actually it would come from the Latin, I am sorry, some translator who translated the Latin into Greek, we do not know how many Latin words they had, and the Latin from the Hebrew. We have translators choices all down the line. When I see a translator like Thayer tell me, this Greek word is translated from, although it is not a direct translation from the Hebrew to this Greek word, but that this Greek word is the equivalent of a Hebrew word, I go back into the Hebrew lexicon, and this particular word had two pages of definitions in the Hebrew.

Every time this has ever happened to me, it does not happen that often, but over the years, every time this has ever happened to me that I looked at the Greek, and I said, It just is not sitting right with me, I do not know what it is supposed to be, but it is just not sitting right with me, and I start digging, and if I can find a reference to the Hebrew word that is supposed to be equivalent to, and I go into the Hebrew, I find something that sits right with me, and that is how I translate it, it is all by the spirit of revelation. I am going to read this alternate translation of verse 25 one more time, and then I am going to read the whole alternate translation, verse 25;

Matthew 1:25 But Joseph did not have the same experience himself as Mary did, until Mary gave birth to their son, and they called Him by the name Jesus. AT

Alternate translation verses, Matthew chapter 1, verses 18-25;

Matthew 1:18-25 Now this, everything that we read about in Luke, this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary, the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male, and therefore was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience with Gabriel, rather than expose her to public ridicule, or flattery, nevertheless, Joseph was encouraged by these things, and behold, an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s meditation saying, Joseph, son of David, son of David, not Mary, Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to learn from Mary your wife, because the Spirit that is regenerated in her is Holy, or the Spirit of the Holy One has regenerated Abel in her, I have to pray about that. And she shall produce a son from your seed, your physical seed, which is the seed of David, and you shall call Him by the name of Jesus, because He shall deliver His people from their sins. Now all of this happened to bring to pass what the Lord spoke by the prophet saying, Behold, the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which is a translation of God in the midst of us. Now Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him to do, and learned from or believed his wife. But Joseph did have the same experience as himself as Mary did, until Mary gave birth to their son, and they called Him by the name Jesus. AT

We see what the angel told him to do was to believe his wife. The angel did not tell Joseph to marry his pregnant finance, he told him to not be afraid to believe the experience that she had. Any questions or comments before we close this message? This is very exciting brethren, and as I have explained to you, each error that is corrected, raises us up to a higher place, each spiritual truth that we actually believe and internalize after you get your own witness, from your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, each revelation is nailed to a particular rung of Jacob’s ladder, and when you fully internalize and believe it and understand it, you are ascended to that rung of the ladder.

I have no idea what rung we are on, I have no idea how many rungs there are, but I know that we are going up because the revelation that has been coming down is absolutely liberating. God bless you.


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